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Video Games

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Discuss all non-wrestling related video games in this section.

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  1. PlayLink

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  2. E3 2017 Discussion

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  3. NBA 2k18 Discussion

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  4. Fifa 17 World Cup

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  5. Battlefield 1 Discussion

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    • So this isn't getting updated ever again I'm guessing.
    • Someone else could prob do better but I did this. I like to think it's okay.
    • For a BPZ legend If y'all do want a custom shirt, I'm sure y'all don't have to do much to ask us. Hit me up here or in the dms for a shirt of your own. 
    • When Carnage returns from commercial break the lights in the SAP Center dim and the titantron shows Yelich in a dark room with a spiral notebook in hand, he flips through the pages before landing on one he apparently likes and looks up in glee as he begins to talk to the camera. When I found out about my condition, I wanted to know who I was better, so I made a journal, a journal that when I became that persona allowed me to describe myself, and remember who I was when I wasn't them. I eventually figured out the lengths to my condition, there are 26 versions of me, at least 26 versions of me I know about. That journal allowed me to figure out my behaviors, my tendencies, what I liked, what I hated, it allowed me to figure out who I really was. Out of the 26 versions of me there are, I have shown nine of them so far in BrendenPlayz Pro Wrestling programming and recently I unveiled the tenth. To hype him up I gave him a cool nickname, The Lonely Warrior. The Lonely Warrior just so happens to also be my favorite persona of mine. That is because in my journal when I wrote what I felt as him, I wrote happy... I wrote happy. Out of all 26, I didn't write happy for any other one of them. I wasn't happy when I was God's gift to the earth, I wasn't happy when I was the voice of the people, I wasn't happy when I Canada's favorite child, I was happy when I was alone. I was happy when I was a man who worked independently, lived independently, I was doing things I wanted to do and no one could stop me, because there wasn't anyone. I just did what I felt like doing, no audience to influence me, no friends, no family, no therapists, just me, and that made me feel joy. And what I want to do right now, is beat the crap out of some people because I feel like doing it, and there's nothing wrong with that because it will bring me joy, it will make me happy, and I haven't felt that way for a long time. And I found out that I will be able to do that at Halloween Havoc. Because at Halloween Havoc I will be in an Elimination Chamber match. It doesn't matter what it's for, it doesn't matter if I win. If I happen to win that just is a byproduct of me doing something for me, for once in my life, I am not driven by an unattainable goal, I am driven by just doing things to do them, because they give me a rush, they give me emotion, they give me happiness. In Elimination Chamber I face five other men, and if I win, I win, and if I lose, I lose, I don't care. But inside that chamber, I will wrestle, and let myself feel joy again, and no one can stop me from doing that because I am now my favorite persona, and that means there is no one to stop me from attaining happiness. Yelich then closes the notebook and puts it in a black drawstring bag as he leaves the set, which is now just a chair, in the middle of the room alone, not being influenced by anything, like Yelich is now. The titantron then fades to black and the lights in the SAP Center brighten as Carnage rolls on.

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