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    • Hello today jow had an update where it added multiplayer and me and Jo were talking about doing a jow diary when multiplayer came out and today that is today so I will be doing SCW and @Jo Nathan will be WWE it will just be between me and him nobody else because of the rating war which is annoying and don’t worry I’ll be adding some people into the save when it’s officially started! Enjoy your day.
    • WWE '17 The Network Era SmackDown Live: July 4th, 2017 PREVIEW - The Finals of Queen & King of the Ring get decided.. tonight! - Tale of the Tape: Aleister Black vs. Pete Dunne - The Ascension takes on American Alpha    
    • Round One Predictions: Kenta defeats Karl Fredericks Jeff Cobb defeats Tanga Loa David Finlay defeats Chase Owens Tama Tonga defeats Brody King
    • One week before we see the qualifying matches for the North American championship match at SummerSlam, we see one of the eight men looking to earn a shot at the prestigious prize in Raven come out to the arena. Raven is decked out in a fancy suit, bright red sunglasses and a new entrance theme backing him to boot. As Raven enters the ring, he does a brief taunt to the crowd, mouths the word "Ichiban," and returns to the center of the ring with microphone in hand. Seven more days, everyone. Seven more days until we learn the field at SummerSlam. Seven more days until I see who I have to bowl through to claim the championship I've so eagerly craved for over a year. It may be current tag partners, former rivals, or the future of this very industry, but at SummerSlam, their status means nothing. They're just lambs to the slaughter, and the Meatcastle is ready to feast. That's getting ahead of myself, though...Next week, I'm set to face Buddy Ace in my qualifier, and I've already expressed my feelings on the man. I see a lot of talent in him, endless potential, and a similar hunger that I feel for the North American championship. We both had a chance to be the first ever North American champions, and we both failed. However, Buddy...That's not what people know us for.  What people know me for is pretty obvious. Making history, being a three time NXT and US champion...And more recently, putting your tag partner on the shelf indefinitely. But you, Buddy...Your greatest moment is a bit more defined. The 2020 BPZ Rumble. It was you, Arius and Bailey as the final three, and you never looked out of place. Not for a moment. You had the crowd firmly behind you, egging you on, praying for that underdog victory...And even though it never came, that was the spark you needed to finally start putting things together. You won the US title from me the next month, and you were given the honor of competing for the North American championship at BPZ Mania...But what happened, Buddy? Where did the spark go? From what I can tell, since BPZ Mania, you've been desperately scratching for another moment to propel you forward...And from the looks of it, you want that moment to be next week in our Bar Room Brawl. People have asked me why I chose the Over the Top Rope Challenge, and it isn't just because I've been known as the "Battle Royal Master..." It's much deeper than that. Much more symbolic. You had your greatest moment six months ago in the BPZ Royal Rumble, and you came so close to making headlines and main eventing BPZ Mania...It didn't happen, but that was still a moment you can take pride in for the rest of your career. I didn't have such luck. I make no excuses, it was my fault for signing up to compete in three different matches that night and drawing the ire of Bulletproof...But I wanted to test something. I wanted to know if it was me in that situation, would I have fared better? That's why I wanted this Over the Top Rope Challenge. To take us back to your greatest moment, and to see if that's the spark you needed to get back on track, or if I should've been in that spot instead six months ago. But ultimately, it doesn't matter now. The fans voted for the Bar Room Brawl, and I can't say I blame them. When given the choice between beating someone with symbolism and beating them over the head with a beer bottle, I guess I can see why the second option is more enticing. But now, Buddy...There's no excuses. Your home field. Your advantage. A bar room brawl, the very same venue where you showed your true colors and aligned with the Death Riders...That's where we settle this dispute of ours once and for all. It's gonna be a hell of a fight, and I hope to god that you bring your best, because if you don't...There's a nice hospital bed sitting right next to Isaiah Carter. And I'm sure the two of you would just love the chance to catch up. (Reply Planned)

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