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    • Despite only existing for a few years, NXT has seen many different era's in a relatively short period of times, as a result of the developmental status of the program. We have seen many faces in NXT, almost evenly spread out across the history of the show. Now the question that I want to you ask you from this is as following: What is your favourite year in NXT History? What year has provided the most memorable moments, which has seen your favourite group of wrestlers?  For me, it is 2018. This year saw my favourite NXT match of all time in Almas vs Gargano, along with classic matches such as Black vs Cole, The NA Ladder Match and of course the classic Gargano vs Ciampa feud. I believed throughout 2018, NXT saw it's strongest roster of all time with the previously mentioned names, along with guys like Ricochet, Dream, Strong and others providing the show with constant amazing storylines and matches. 
    • I think that in his prime, Punk out does Cole at basically all aspects of Pro Wrestling. I however do no think that Cole has reached his peak yet, so maybe this will change as time goes on, but for now, Punk is surely my pick. 
    • -Men's Royal Rumble- Men's Rumble - First Pick (2 Points If Correct): Roman Reigns  Men's Rumble - Second Pick (1 Point if Correct) Drew Mcintyre  -Women's Royal Rumble- Women's Rumble - First Pick (2 Points If Correct) Shayna Baszler Women's Rumble - Second Pick (1 Point if Correct) Sasha Banks The Fiend (c) vs. Daniel Bryan (Universal Championship strap match) Bayley (c) vs. Lacey Evans (SmackDown Women's Championship) Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin Becky Lynch (c) vs. Asuka (Raw Women's Championship) Sheamus vs. Shorty G Andrade (c) vs. Humberto Carrillo (United States Championship) Bonus Questions: Second to last match on the card? Fiend VS Bryan First match on the card? (No pre-show) Roman vs Corbin Men's Rumble - Entrant #7 Aleister Black Men's Rumble - Entrant #27 Randy Orton  Women's Rumble - Entrant #7 Natalya Women's Rumble - Entrant #27 Alexa Bliss 
    • We are live on Carnage the night following the BPZ Royal Rumble, am extremely impactful event that saw the likes of multiple twists and turns, with what felt like a massive culmination of the past year when Arius would go on to win the Royal Rumble. However as we come off a massive night, we are now officially on the road to BPZ Mania, a road that continues directly into next weeks BPZ Carnage Wildcard, where we will discover a brand new BPZ Undisputed Champion. More importantly, tonight marks the return of the former champion himself..... Speak of the devil himself and he shall appear. Jeremiah Flynn, the self proclaimed “Ringleader” of BPZ, makes his official triumphant return from his suspension. Over the past month it was revealed that in just a few days Jeremiah would face CJ Sellers in his first match of the new decade. In a shocking turn of events Flynn would make it his mission to consistently insult and belittle his opponent, even breaking his suspension and facing a fine just to assault his opponent.  With a smirk across his face, he steps onto the stage, all eyes on the man himself. He no longer sports the similar trunks and T-Shirt, completely abandoning the simplistic look that he had come to own throughout all of 2019, instead now sporting a black leather jacket and pants. His eyes scurry across the thousands in attendance as he enters the ring, a place he had come to call his one true love, his life. With a microphone in his hand, he pans around to the thousands in attendance, nodding slowly before finally when the music cuts off, he speaks.  The landscape of BPZ has shifted. Battle lines have been drawn and the road to BPZ Mania has finally begun. So how fitting is it that I am the first face all of you people see the night after the Royal Rumble. I at the very least found it to be oh so very ironic. Three weeks ago I was stripped of my BPZ Undisputed Championship. Three weeks ago I watched as seven months of blood, sweat and tears were taken from me by the exact same people I took it from in the first place. Because you see seven months ago I went against the system, I went after the next golden boy of this company, the man known as Bart, praised by management, destined for success..... and I beat him. But you see when I did that I didn’t just take the title from Bart, I took it from BPZ’s management, I took it from those corporate fucks in the back and I ran this show with that piece of gold over my shoulder. Hell, I became the god damn management around here. Until three weeks ago, when I was stripped of my championship, handed back to the management in the back, and left a man without a title I had never lost.    You see most of you have most likely seen it, I was forced to come out and give a formal apology for my actions to you people and to the company itself. I’m here now to say, THAT I MEANT ABSOLUTELY NONE OF IT. I am not god damn sorry for a DAMN THING I have done. The only thing I’m sorry for is not fighting back harder to keep that championship like I know I should have. This is all fine because next week everything in BPZ has the ability to return to how it should be when Bullet Proof and all of the Firing Squad wall into Wildcard and walk out with all the gold. However that is next week and tonight is tonight. CJ SELLERS, do not believe I have forgotten about you. You my friend have severely fucked up when you signed the dotted line to step foot in the ring with me. Bold claims that I require others to handle someone like yourself? Sellers, have you not been watching for the past five years. I battled with titans, I do not need a damn person to handle a bug like yourself.    Last night I took great liberty in witnessing first hand in you fail so miserably yet again this time at the Royal Rumble for the NXT Championship. You make such a bold claim that I am some sort of clown to you, how you plan to bludgeon me in a multitude of violent ways. I must admit that excites me because I plan to brutalize you as well buddy. In fact I’m willing to take a bit of a step forward just for you, just to show everyone in that locker room exactly what I have planned for them this coming decade. I’m going to end you CJ. I’m going to break you down until you are a shell of your former self, and then I’m going to make you snap for the entire world to see. Just as this company has done to me, I shall take everything from you in one night.    As for what comes after, stay tuned....

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