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    • Made for First Class Express   
    • I think now that he pretty much is under that WWE Umbrella once again, an in-ring return looks very very plausible. I see Punk returning to the ring, not for another run with the company but just a one-off Mania match where as fans we can get closure about the whole Punk situation and see him go out the right way. There are so many people right now that you can put against him like Reigns. Rollins, Styles, Nakamura, Bryan and maybe even someone like Adam Cole. I really hope he does and I'm looking forward to closely monitoring the situation 
    • 1. Authority  2. The Order  3. The Kingdom 4. Bullet Proof 5. Evolution 
    • BPZ Carnage is live and sold out at the Garden. But their is an eerie feeling lingering in the shadows. Last week, Aaron was taken to a disclosed location, where who knows what "The Cure" are doing to him at this moment in time. The cameras now focus on that disclosed location, as it looks to be an Asylum. Only Gunner Flynn is seen, as he is burning the t-shirt he handed Aaron North earlier tonight. As he lifts his head back up the burnt trash can, you can see a wound transforming into a scar on his right cheek, as he trys to cover it up. This place is very special, a place full of memories. I took Aaron North here to cleanse him. See, he is poisoned with this thought of the devil. You can not believe in yourself if you rely on a fictional figure. So tonight we cleanse him, we make him whole once again, and we begin our mission. A very special mission in fact, the purge of BPZ. As my brother in arms, Jason takes care of the problem. I would like to address one man, Bob Sparks. A man that thinks he can step up to a star like me, a natural bloodline of a Flynn, but yet Mr. Sparks thinks he is the next Premium Champion. Everytime I step in the ring it is with a purpose, I am performing the best I have ever been, and yet I continue to be disrespected. Why is this? It is fairly simple, I inherit the Flynn name, a name that has a legacy in BPZ. Everyone fears this name, yet no respect is given. I want you to hear me out Bob, you will not win this war. I am on my rise to the top, and I will be damned if I am cut down to size by Bob Sparks. But now we have another competitor joining the race, an old folk in Marker. A man I have had my troubles with over the years, finds his way back to me in the pursuit of gold. Gunner sits down on the car behind him, reflecting on his thoughts. He sits still for a few moments, before hopping off. Old memories turned into new ones, it really is a turn of events isnt it? Marker joined BPZ about a month after I signed here, and tried to take what I built for myself, and he was successful in doing so. And now two years later, he is trying to do the same thing. I will not be subjected to your return victory, you will not come back, months away from the ring just to try and take back my "baby". I am Gunner Flynn, nothing more, nothing less.  After Gunner finishes his thoughts, he calls Jason Ryan over. He follows his orders, bringing Aaron over. Gunner pats him on the head, cheering him on for his cooperation. The cleanse has begun, Gunner shouts. Before Jason brings their patient back to the cleanse area. Last week, we purged. We showed out dominance with the kidnapping of our dear friend Aaron, as he becomes cleansed, he is reminded of the awful demon like forces he embodies everyday. He joins a new family today, a better one. A family with a sickness that will cure him from any doubt he currently has. And forever will be with us, day in and day out.  Many people have come up to me and asked, "Did Flynn Break You". They ask if im purging because of the self doubt i endure. But that just isnt it, Flynn is my brother , a man I love. He has ruined me, but maybe It was for the better. I grew up thinking I was nothing, I could never be anything. That I had no potential, but I proved him wrong, I proved everyone wrong by winning the Premium Championship. And I will not give up that dream until the day I die.  As Gunner gets all his frustration out, his plan is revealed. Aaron has transformed into a whole new being, a cured one. Before an unknown visitor, is here in the Asylum.  
    • I believe he will, of course WWE Backstage is run by Fox, but just look at the name. They would not let someone on there, if their was still beef between the two parties. It seems to have simmered down, which is very nice. I feel he could have one more world title reign and then be done. Or even just one last match of sorts. I would love to see one more match between CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan. 

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