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    • https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tcvdIFEsEWA The video won’t embed for some reason but this segment may be one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. The look on the guy’s face when the cloth is lifted and the dead silence afterwards just adds to the humour of this.
    • Really enjoyed this show and for the whole 2 hours I was thoroughly engaged. It started off hot with the Kofi attack which was terrific and then continued with some really good matches with Andrade and Crews in the King of the Ring and then of course Buddy Murphy and Daniel Bryan. I was legitimately shocked that Murphy got the clean win over Bryan and this can only do wonders for his career. A good showing in the King of the Ring tournament will further help him and then solidify him as an upper-midcarder in the company. Love the treatment he has received in the last month and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what he can do next 
    • Breaking News: It had been rumoured and speculated for weeks but now it has been made official, the Yellow Brand of WWE will now be moving to the home of WWE RAW the USA Network! NXT has featured on the WWE Network for many years now but it is now time for the whole world to experience how talented the next generation of superstars truly are. In addition to the move, NXT will now be extended in length to 2 hours meaning more of your favourite stars will be featured on week to week TV. All those in the WWE are excited to take on this new challenge. The series will continue to emanate from Full Sail University in Orlando the long standing home of NXT. NXT is now truly Reborn  
    • The Women already have one tournament with the Mae Young Classic so I don't think they need two 😀 In all seriousness though it wouldn't be a bad idea because not many women on the roster are actually positioned as stars so having a tournament to boost a few of them wouldn't be the worst thing to happen. They'll probably go with it next year because you know it's good PR but the Women's Division is just so bleak and stale at the moment, they're really losing the star power that Rousey had 
    • Would be a great time here to end Bayley's lackluster run with the SD Women's Championship and give it to Charlotte. The SD Women's Division isn't very stacked at all and with Bayley as champ it's probably descended into being one of the worst division in the company. Her match with Moon at the PPV was very miss able and her feud with Bliss and Cross got really boring and unnecessary at times. Charlotte is a safe pair of hands who can immediately elevate the division just because of the sheer star power she possess. They tried again with Bayley but it just hasn't been able to work out 

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