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    • You really can't expect anything less than an exciting encounter whenever Styles and Ricochet are sharing the ring and that's exactly what this was even if it wasn't the "dream" one might've expected since Styles seems to be a step behind what he was before his break. I was glad that the interference from The Club was kept to a minimum because i thought it was going to end the tired but true "Oh no, his brothers cost him the match" but they did end up aiding Styles to his championship victory. After losing to Ricochet on RAW this is the way it needed to go to make the reformed Club look like  threat for WWE. Sad to see the reign of Ricochet end so soon but this won't be the last time we see gold around his waist i'm sure. Being able to chase the championship now might do well for him.
    • Since Daniel Bryan & Rowan were able to win the Smackdown Tag Team Championships it has turned into a blessing for the blue brand tag team division, especially over the last month or so. Daniel Bryan has been able to help make Heavy Machinery feel like a legitimate tag team during this feud and it highlights the importance of someone who is proven with the crowd to be used to help build stars. He was doing it for Ali before his injury and Kofi Kingston becoming WWE Champion was his work as well. The biggest surprise though was actually Daniel Bryan taking the painfall and not Rowan. Seemed like it was unnecessary? New Day didn't need that rub and i don't want WWE to get over excited with having people pin Daniel Bryan at any given time. Regardless of that the match itself was a thrill. All teams were on their game, you didn't get a moment to rest and a lot of impressive moments. I would have liked to have seen Heavy Machinery win the titles if they needed to change hands because I don't know if they'll get this type of push again against New Day. Can't exactly have face vs face and now i imagine Bryan & Rowan are going to be looking to regain them which leaves Heavy Machinery where? New Day wasn't a bad choice either just feels it wasn't their moment. At least i guess that means Kofi Kingston is a dual champion at the moment?
    • Funaki died for this. I'd quite happily have Braun vs Lashley every month, in matches with increasingly ridiculous stipulations given how entertaining their matches have been so far. I was worried after Lio Rush left that Lashley would flounder but this feud has been the best we've seen from him physically since his return. He showcased his athleticism, aggression during the times he had control of the match. It's a pity that he stumbled slightly during that jump over the barricade because that was a potential highlight reel moment.  Braun Strowman was great as well during the power moments. Honestly...at the end of the match i felt Bobby Lashley should of won. Story wise Strowman wasn't cleared to appear on RAW last week but Lashley was and then you had Lashely absolutely destroying Rey Mysterio making him look like a beast. Then he just loses after proving his more resilient and equally powerful last week. He did look credible in defeat after being dropped from a high fall but still. I would say "They better commit to Strowman now" but he lost his chance at the Universal Championship on Raw so who knows what's next.
    • This story lost quite a bit of steam in my opinion after Stomping Grounds with how WWE have handled Cross on Raw & Smackdown. The story in general. For one losing the match to Bayley really muddled the whole "Well Cross might just have what it takes here". Didn't help Bayley look any better in that moment then she already did but did damage to Cross as she tries to gain a momentum on the main roster. I've got to say though, Bayley looked badass beating both Bliss & Cross in one night which is a long way from what she looked like as RAW Women's Champion I was happy to see as well that it  wasn’t through her simply overpowering because that would've just made Bliss & Nikki look like chumps, No Bayley had to be relentlessly to wrestle smart and efficiently towards the end. As soon as Nikki would be down she’d have to immediately ensure that Bliss wouldn’t be a problem and vice-versa. She had to constantly be on the move fighting off these two. It was one of my favourite matches of the night. By the ending of the match i imagine that this is possibly going to continue and conclude at Summerslam (At least as far as Bayley involvement) which i'm not against. We are this far into the feud and compared to Bayley vs Ember, Liv ect as much as i want to see those feuds i don't think they fit Summerslam (Then again Natalya is facing for the RAW Women's Championship so who knows). Right now, to me Alexa and Nikki have great growing chemistry with one another and make for a wonderful odd couple on screen. This feud helped establish these two as an effective duo and now that Alexa didn't turn on Nikki after their handicap match this can go in different directions even now. If maybe this ends up with Nikki and Alexa refocusing on the tag team championships i wouldn't be mad either. They showed off some tag team instincts in them with the constant multiple tags and double team attack methods so it's possible.
    • I've come to accept Cesaro's status as stepping stone on Raw & Smackdown, similar to Kassius Ohno on NXT (Funny how that happened for the Kings of Wrestling). I'm becoming content that WWE will likely never give him a chance higher up on the card unless another mass injury plague happens again in the future. I mean the best chance for it was during the "Cesaro Section" phase but that has passed. At least we can also be contest that he won't ever fall too far the card either. Just someone who can look dominant, take some random victories and then help someone pass him. It was a battle of one-upmanship between these two and for a match that was basically announced a week ago it was exciting as you could've imagined between two of the companies best workers. Black took everything Cesaro could throw at him and overcome it with the victory which i think helped a lot in solidifying that he is a future contender for the Smackdown brand (which barley exist). Black Mass looked brutal. Also a bonus is that Cesaro looked just as good as he did entering the match in my opinion. Now with Shinsuke Nakamura as Intercontinental Champion we could see a feud between the two of them? 

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