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    • Jack laughs. “Oh, yeah, hate to break it to you, but the deletion thing, that’s not happening.” He grabs the pen and signs the contract before handing the contract to Sheridan, who walks out of the ring. “Right, now that that’s finished, there only one other thing this table’s good for.” Jack reaches across the table and smacks Mirage down, sending him and his chair backwards into the floor. Mirage attempts to get up, but Jack kicks him down. He picks Mirage back up, and drives him through the table. He then reaches inside the unconscious Mirage’s coat pocket, and pulls out what he was carrying. Bishop turns the pocket knife in his hands and chuckles. He then sits Mirage up, and drags it across Mirage’s cheek slowly, creating a cut across the side of his face. He puts the knife back in Mirage’s pocket. He lifts a mic from the Carnage, and simply says: “See you next week.”
    • Preseason week 1 Denver Broncos @ Seattle Seahawks  yes the broncos are coming to Seattle to lose but Seattle has signed Ab and Kelvin Benjamin and a backup qb in Andrew Luck. Enjoy when I post this first game of preseason leave your predictions down below.
    • (The lights in the arena go out as we first hear nothing but the sounds of a piano but quickly see Alice appears on the titantron playing the piano however this time she is heard singing.) Alice: He's in your head Jack, he's in your head, oooh he's in your head, he's got you doubting yourself for now you know that your deletion is soon at hand. (Alice then sops singing and faces the camera while still playing the piano but now much more quietly.) Alice: You see Jack Mirage is far too kind to ever admit it but you're not equals, in fact he does the things you would and can never do such as he takes more risks than anyone in BPZ yet they still remain calculated to the smallest detail, amd thhis Jack is why you will never be equal. (The camera then pans over to Mirage staring at a candle.) Mirage: Oh Jackie boy my eternal rival I am looking most forward to our war which must sadly end in your deletion. (Mirage then blows on the flame on the candle as all the lights at the Mirage Playhouse go out as not only it but the entire arena are left in complete darkness as it seems that is all we will hear from Mirage this week when suddenly we hear MIrage's voice play throughout the PA system as he yells " I will delete you "  as his entrance music and titantron begin to play bringing the entire crowd to their feet as they all begin to chant delete.)   ( As we now see Mirage slowly walk down the ramp clearly enjoying the fans' warm embrace of seeing him live as he steps into the ring now with all the lights in the arena back on as Mirage is leading the crowd into another wave of " delete " chants before grabbing the pen and signing his name on the contract however Mirage then strangely reaches for something within his jacket however we never see what he is reaching for as he stops and sits down in the chair repeating to himself " conceal don"t feel " was he reaching for some kind of weapon? )
    • WWE Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic | January 13th, 2020 | Rupp Arena | Lexington, KY Moustache Mountain vs The Street Profits In the very first match of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, two fan favourite tag-teams in Moustache Mountain and The Street Profits face-off. With the crowd split between the two duos, the support for the two teams is just as competitive as the match itself as the tournament gets off to an exciting start with a thrilling match-up. Winner: Moustache Mountain, at 16:02 via pinfall! Grizzled Young Veterans vs The New Day In the second match of the tournament, the atmosphere is somewhat different as the crowd is definitely in favor of the current WWGP Tag Team Champions, The New Day, as they take on the distasteful pairing of the smash-mouth Brits, Drake and Gibson, known as Grizzled Young Veterans. Winner: The New Day, at 10:22 via pinfall! Econtra vs Ichiban Next, two brand new pairings that are competing together for the first time ever tonight come up against each other as Akira Tozawa and Kushida of the newly introduced Ichiban faction take on possibly the most unusual duo of the tournament, Aleister Black and The Velveteen Dream, who have dubbed themselves 'Econtra', a Latin term meaning opposite. Winner: Ichiban, at 12:05 via pinfall! Good Brothers vs The Viking Raiders To end the final night of the tournament and the first series of Block A matches, Good Brothers of The O.C. take on The Viking Raiders. With both of The Viking Raiders being considerably large athletes, Gallows is the only member of his team that is able to match their power and strength but it's Anderson's speed and agility that provides an additional factor in favor of his team. Winner: Good Brothers, at 15:49 via pinfall!   WWE Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic | January 17th, 2020 | Greensboro Coliseum | Greensboro, NC Glorious Perfection vs The Revival With the first night of the tournament having passed, we now head into the first night of Block B competition and we kick-off with one of the most experienced teams in the competition, The Revival, up against a team that has only been together for a few months now, Glorious Perfection. Winner: The Revival, at 16:06 via pinfall! Authors Of Pain vs Bald Brutality Next, the two behemoths that are known as Authors Of Pain and have recently been serving as the henchmen of the self-proclaimed messiah, Seth Rollins, take on two much smaller competitors in Bald Brutality but the hard-hitting strikes and relentless offense of Burch and Orcan make up for what they lack in size. Winner: Authors Of Pain, at 9:31 via pinfall! Gallus vs The Usos After being stripped of the NXT UK Tag Team Championships due to the installment of the WWGP governing body and introduction of the WWGP Tag Team Championships, Mark Coffey and Wolfgang of Gallus take on the iconic WWE tag team, The Usos, of the legendary Samoan Anoa'i family. Winner: The Usos, at 11:57 via pinfall! Limitless Bros vs reDRagon Finally, to end the first week of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, the brand new duo but long-time friends of Keith Lee and Matt Riddle, dubbed as 'Limitless Bros', take on one of the most experienced and fluent tag-teams in the whole tournament, reDRagon of Undisputed Era, who was stripped of the NXT Tag Team Championships just like Gallus with their belts. Winner: reDRagon, at 17:58 via pinfall!  

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