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    • We are seen at a local Gym in the area where it cuts inside to Bailey and Ropati working with Trainers on Wrestling mats. As Ropati is working on his Kick Boxing we can see Bailey is setting up and putting a man into a guillotine lock. a MMA submission move of course. As they are both practicing Ropati ask Bailey what are they gonna do about Buddy Ace and Jason Ryan. Bailey just simply says they’ll figure their shit out. As both men keep working as Bailey continues to work on perfecting this Guillotine Lock. The Cameras Cut away..... Later in the show the cameras cut back to Ropati and Bailey again still working in this Gym. Ropati is working on his forearms and elbows while Bailey has a man in a guillotine lock. Eventually a whistle blows and both men stop. Ropati walks away to get some water as Bailey walks straight to the camera looking directly at it. He begins to speak    If you saw what we were working on today then you are getting a sneak peak of the newest move to my arsenal. I call it the Ride or Die because simply you either Tap out and get to ride on in life. Live to see another day or you Pass the fuck out and die. Ride or Die the choice is yours. I will be giving men the chance to live and see another day. Or you could let your pride get to you and die. This move is going to be my last trick up my sleeve. The move that I pull out of nowhere to get the finish. Because I guarantee to you no one is getting out of the Ride or Die when it’s locked in.    Kenji you are saying I’m brushing you off. Looking towards bigger and better things. No I’m looking right at you pal. I’m looking right at you. Hell the Ride or Die was made for you. Like I said you’re hell of Star in this industry I needed to add something to my game. Spice it up a bit because I know I’m gonna have to throw everything at you. I didn’t wanna bring up the NOL Comments but you questioned the man I am today and what I’m capable of still. So I had to remind you exactly who I am in this business and where I stand. But that’s besides the point because that’s old news. We’re talking about now. We’re talking about Summerslam. I’m more ready than ever to fight you. But are you really ready to fight me? I see you having these self battles within yourself. Struggling to answer the question whether or not you should like that killer instinct out. You’re confused. Let me enlighten you Kenji. I know you have guts. I know you got pride but if your way isn't the way to win these types of matches. I had an old saying you either adapt or you perish. You adapt to the climate you are in. You’re not just gonna be in a wrestling ring with me. You are gonna be around the whole entire arena. There are going to be weapons flying all around the building. I promise you that. And if you aren’t willing to adapt to those situations you have no chance against me. I’ve adapted my whole career because I refuse to perish. Kenji you need to unleash that killer instinct in you. You need to stop with this pride thinking that you lose no matter what if you give in. No you need to give in if you want any chance to survive Kenji. Because if you come into my world with your ways you will suffer badly and I won’t let up. I am not afraid to take a man's career from him. It’s the nature of the business of what I do.    But when the time comes Kenji. When we’re both on that last gasp of air and I lock in Ride or Die on you. Are you going to let your pride get in the way of having a future. Are you gonna refuse to tap out? Have your whole career thrown out the window because you refused to give in or tap. I’m a generous man Kenji. I'm giving you options. I’m giving you ways to succeed and live another day in this industry. You just need to make the right choices. You need to think carefully about what mindset you are going to have coming into my world. And Kenji you need to figure out if you will ride or die.  Let's get back to work  The whistle blows and both men immediately get back to work as Bailey hits a set up to lock in now what we know as Ride or Die. As Bailey has the Ride or Die locked in Ropati hits one kiwi kick as the camera fades to black. 
    • The stage is now set for the Undisputed Championship contract signing, as the champion, Slim will defend his title in the main event of Chapter 2: Exodus against PowerTrip Cup Winner, Sameer. The table is lined up with two seats, as Josh Trenton will oversee the proceedings. First, he introduces the man who brings the contract, the champion himself, Don Dada, Slim, as 'Many Men' by 50 Cent plays throughout the arena. Slim walks out onto the stage, his hair tied back behind his head, as he wears a burgundy suit with his usual chains, and of course, his Hall of Fame Ring. He grabs the microphone from the table... BEFORE BLASTING JOSH TRENTON IN THE HEAD WITH IT! As Trenton lays on the floor, Slim sits down, adjusting his suit before raising the microphone and beginning to speak. Tonight, there will be no need for an overseer, no need for a third party in this contract signing. This championship match is between two men, two men who simply refuse to lose, which has created an interesting dynamic. It's so cliche to say, but this match, to me, truly is an unstoppable force meeting the immovable object, because for months, myself and Sameer have ran through the various members of the BPZ locker room, pulling double duty every opportunity we can. However, despite the glaring similarities, Sameer would have you believe that we are two vastly different people... And I simply do not agree. Sameer would have you believe that I am a bad man... No, no, no. I am the realist man in BrendenPlayz Wrestling. With that being said, I will admit that yes, I didn't want you to win PowerTrip Cup. I didn't want you to win, because quite frankly, you got your ass handed to you on a silver platter on this microphone so many times throughout the tournament, even the people that you claim to be your "army", wanted to see you lose. While you came out and cracked jokes about bad breath, smiling into the camera, every single man in that tournament exposed you for the fraud that you have been ever since BrendenPlayz signed you to a contract in 2014. Sadly, they couldn't get the job done, which leads us to this very moment. The final stop before Exodus, where one of two things will happen. I will end your cancerous run at the top, and give closure to all those men that you stepped on to get here... Or you will end mine. Either way, one of us falls while the other triumphs, reigning supreme as THE Undisputed Champion of BPZ. Slim now stands up, as he faces the crowd and looks into the camera, beginning to talk. For months, I have beaten the best of the best, and The Mafia, call it an insurance policy, because I don't need them to win matches. I've proven that, time and time again, but why expend the energy I don't have to? That has allowed me to achieve accomplishment after accomplishment, championship after championship. I guess you were never told in life Sameer to work smart, not hard. To be quite honest with you, Sameer, I don't give a damn about how you won your matches. I don't give a shit if Creed was involved out in the ring, we all know where the involvement stems from, and it ain't in the squared circle. You have no problem exposing the confines of the backstage when it comes to me, but when it comes to your Creed buddies, the fourth-wall breaking stops, right? You're a hypocrite, but you proved that when you called me a leech. Make no mistake about it, Sameer, I am no leech. However, you are indeed a leech. Possibly the biggest leech BPZ has ever seen, I mean, the proof is there. You have relied on a Creed member almost every single time that you have decided to open your idiotic mouth about me, the god damn champion of your brand. Do you need the proverbial 'rub' that they give you, the sign of endorsement from them that you can do it? Do you need them because you're boring? Or wait, is it because everything you say is something that a 5th grader would say? I mean, come on, I faced Tamer. Hans Clayton. Eli Smith. All extraordinary microphone performers, and Sameer, you just feel like a step-down from the competition that I challenged myself with every month. But there is one thing that caught my eye, Sameer. Julius' speech was very eye-opening, it showed me how unfocused you truly are. Julius is a very dear friend of mine, and everytime we stepped into that ring, I gave him the benefit of the doubt, yet he is still scarred to THIS DAY at what I did to him. I respect Julius, I love Julius like a brother. You, however, I hate. I hate everything you claim that you stand for, I despise how you appear to be this man with so much heart, but in reality, you are a man who sold his soul to become a star. With that being said, if I can scar a man I love and respect, what am I gonna do to a man who I absolutely despise? I asked you if you were ready this past week, and clearly, based off your little 'training session', with Julius, you gave me my answer. You aren't ready. And look at that, we're days away from the match... Looks like the time has ran out on the hourglass for your little 'superstar' run at the top, Sameer. Slim now turns his attention back to the stage, as he faces the entrance and now begins to speak again. I know you're back there, and I'm really just wondering, what's the hold-up, Sameer? Where are you at? Have you tucked your tail between your legs? Have you realized who the FUCK I am, and what you're walking into in Egypt? Unfortunately for you, I don't think you have... ah yes, here he comes. Right on cue, Sameer's music hits...    
    • This has been a great final build up to the PPV! Well done 
    • Can u atleast give me ur sisters ig before u leave

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