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    • I finished watching Gotham. im in the middle of Riverdale.   Im about to start watching The last season of Fuller House of Netflix.
    • I’m listing to NF- The Search album right now.
    • Down here in Gotham a City, a boy who dreamed to be a hero and find out who killed his parents in an ally would come close to finding out. Bruce Wayne aka Batman. Bruce had many friends. He had a girlfriend named Selena who would become Catwoman. And the Captian of GCPD.   Now it was a normal day for Bruce at the Wayne Household when then his Butler Alfred asked him you wanna save the world and find who killed your parents? Bruce said yes so then Alfred gave Bruce his suit to go out at night and stop crime.    While Bruce was doing that, Alfred was shot to the ground by Jeremiah. Jeremiah wanted revenge of what happened to his brother Jermey. So he wanted to get Bruce. But then Bruce and Selena went to find Afred. He was no wear to be seen so they had to go to GCPD. Bruce told Jim Gordon..    On the other hand, Selena went to go find Alfred herself and she found Jeremiah’s church where people will worship him. She found Alfred but something terrible would happen inside there..   Edward Nigma one of Jim Gordon’s friend’s wanted to help Gordon find Alfred and he made everything for the GCPD he was a good guy until he was fired because of his girlfriend that he killed.. So then Nigma was BEST FRIENDS WITH COBBLEPOT. Cobblepot was rich, he had a nice friends. Damn as hell he had nice house too. Best Security.. but Nigma and Cobblepot were both locked in Arkham prison.. They wanted bad revenge on Gordon. So they met up with guns and there army’s. Then a war broke out..  
    • Prologue: We are live on Inter-Dimensional Cable, an internet cable service available to all beings in the known multiverse with the available equipment to view it. We cut to a quick commercial break, showcasing one of the hottest upcoming television sports series. “Are you sick and tired of the same boring shit? The Inter-Galactic Federation For the past millions of known years has attempted to subjugate you, the masses to what has been consistently boring or awful forms of entertainment. No longer is “true” entertainment allowed without being bogged down by the IGF’s own strict rule system. Well today I am here to announce a new form of entertainment that will change the multiverse forever!”  A man stands before us, all black hair, and an emerald green suit. A slick smile, charisma oozes out of him. He continues his monologue, his confidence growing with every word spoken.  “My name is Jeremiah Flynn, and I’m here to bring you the Inter-Dimensional Wrestling Federation. A sport for Kings. Here we will take the multiverses greatest warriors and pit them against one another in a battle.... to the death! All for your own entertainment. Taking place all in the Void Arena, this sport will look yo provide true entertainment to the multiverse as it has never been seen before! It will take place live outside the cosmos of space and time, THE IDWF IS COMING SOON!”   

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