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    • Maasa after last nights beatdown has come back out to the entrance ramp for a special announcement but he is being moved through a wheelchair with bandages wrapped around his head and bruises everywhere around his head. Somehow so way he can make today because all last night he was motionless all the way through but miraculously he is able to move his arms and head slightly and the doctors say in 3-7 months he should be able to make a recovery to a unknown extent. So time will tell if Maasa will be able to come to the ring ever again but that doesn’t right now what Maasa has to say does though. “I have loved and hated every single thing I have done in BPZ there has been no In between and.. and.. I didn’t cherish anything I had but I regret nothing. So what Julius did to me was destroy thinking I wouldn’t comeback and I won’t get stronger I will do what is needed to be done I will get my opportunity at you and when do I’ll make it in Hell, in ring or on the streets. It won’t matter but right now I can’t so you are very lucky you were scared and took a cheap shot at me and you couldn’t do back it up. Instead of doing the same thing back to you I would destroy everything you ever trusted because you never loved anything in your life. You have never lost something that you loved you have so called friends in this company that you trust but there never loyalty. I am going to move on and say to all of my haters and fans this is not the last you’ll see of me but for now I have a replacement to continue my legacy.” “This is my sister Miracle, or “Mira” as I like to call her is going to be my replacement for the U.S Title Match and for the rest of matches going forward till I heal or she is going stay if she thrives out here these conditions. I have no doubt she going make a name for herself here and will dominate.  Maasa rolls out to the back with his wheelchair to let Mira speak for herself and to see what she is made up in her first go around in this business, he will not return to her side and from this point forward Maasa is gone. Mira walks into the ring looking excited for what she has to bring to the U.S division, she begins to speak. Mira: I am now here and ready to do what my brother Maasa couldn’t do in 7 months and do in half a month and thats to win a title and not just the NXT Title the step up from that and that is the U.S Title. I have a bit a competition to go through but its nothing I can’t handle but if you take me lightly things won’t go well for you I am a legitimate contender to win anything I stride for. There is something special in me that no one understands I am new no knows who I am and I am going use that to my advantage I cam align with anybody I don’t have any ties to SSW Club I could careless I am not against Alex Costa because I have never met the guy. My point is I am not my brother I am related to him but not personality I follow my own orders so don’t get it twisted. I can be your friend at one moment and then be your enemy the next so if you betray I will do it right back on you.  Mira drops the microphone and structs out of the ring and throwing the middle finger up right before she goes to the back.
    • I'm very excited for a Bournemouth career mode, I've played with them before and they have a great team's of players including Wilson, King and Brookes, I hope this goes well for you. 
    • CHERRIES SACK HOWE Shocking news coming out of AFC Bournemouth FC tonight. As long time boss Eddie Howe has been sacked as manager. In a shocking move, the Bournemouth board have sacked their 2x manager Eddie Howe. Howe had two stints with the club. Being in charge of the side from 2008-2011 before having a one season period at Burnley. He returned to the Cherries in 2012 but now has been relieved of his duties for the second time. In his time with the club, he has seen a momentous rise to stardom occur under his leadership. As the club have transitioned from a lower league side to a stable team in the Premier League. However, it seems that this move was in the offing for a while, as a new manager has already been aligned to step into take his place. A literal unknown in the footballing world, who had been floating around managing non-league sides, Chris White has took the wheel at the club with immediate effect.
    • I mean, Reigns is right. WWE are much better than AEW. Only hardcore fans will know AEW, and no casual fans will watch the show. As per usual with indie shows, I feel like they are being overhyped and altough there is good wrestling. Freelance contracts kind of ruin any feuds, as people could be feuding in one company and partners in another.

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