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    • Count me in.
    • We are live on Carnage, and suddenly the lights go off. The crowd murmer in anticipation. A spotlight shines in the ring, showing a run down skateboard, sending the crowd into cheers as it seems Alyx Wilde is here. Suddenly another spotlight shines, showing just the half painted face of Alyx Wilde.  The crowd chant his name as he begins to speak, however they notice Alyx sounds different to normal I am the sickness. I will spread the disease. This sounds cool doesn’t it. I will infect you. Limb to limb. You will be Patient Zero. Because I am definitely a sickness. You should all be scared of me because I’m edgy. I am the sickness Alyx Wilde... HAHAHAHA sorry I can’t do this anymore TURN ON THE LIGHTS The Mancunian accent sounds loudly now and the crowd boo as they realise who it is. The lights turn on to reveal Joshua Scott, a skateboard in one hand and a half mask that shows the face paint of Alyx Wilde. The crowd begin to chant numerous insults, the main phrase being used seems to be “f*ck you” Alyx, do you think I take you seriously. Do you think anyone of an IQ above 10 takes you seriously. I know this rules out these bell ends who call themselves wrestling fans sat around me, as they seem to quite like your stupidity The crowd choose another chant, starting to chant “we are bell ends” which clearly pisses Josh off AGAIN WITH THE STUPIDITY. Now Alyx, when I mentioned your name in my promo the other day I didn’t mean it personally. I just used it as an example. You made it personal. Your pathetic cheap attack made it personal. So on the 19th August episode of Carnage, it’s official Alyx, me vs you You’re going to regret this Alyx. You say I made a dumb mistake, you’ve made a dumber one. For I am going to expose you of everything you are. And yes Alyx, you’re a failure. I’m a failure, I take that for granted. 12 wins in 4 years here is not a record I’m proud of Losing to a blindfolded man isn’t something I’m happy to have on my CV. But whilst I am a failure, I have the balls to admit it. You on the other hand, pretend you’re not a faiiure. And to be fair to you Alyx, these morons actually believe you’re not a failure.  So I am here to remind you and them exactly who you are, Alyx Wilde. THIS IS YOUR LIFE As he says this a few unknown stage hands run into the ring and begin setting up something, as the crowd boo louder and louder at this. One puts a gold sparkling jacket on Josh, the other puts up a monitor that displays “Alyx Wilde, This Is Your Life”, whilst another sets up a table before putting a plastic bag on it All 3 stagehands scatter out of the ring as soon as they are done, with Josh standing there looking smug and enjoying the boos raining down on him Are you done yet? Anyway let’s begin. Here Alyxander, let’s look at your life and all your great accomplishments. Now for my first demonstration I will bring out a guest. Come on out The crowd look on in confusion as “Tiptoe through the tulips” hits. A goofy man in a mask saunters out giving hugs to all the fans. He tussels a young fans hair and gives him his hat and a hug. The crowd are realising what is happening here and boo Josh as he hugs this weirdo Look everybody, it’s Alyxander Cuddlezworth. Now Alyx, what do you think of Alyx Wilde The man pretending to be Cuddlezworth begins to speak MPC: I think he’s a rough and tough scoundrel who makes me want to faint Josh: That’s a good point “King of Soft Style.” What do you think I should do to him  Give him the old razzmatazz and Cincinnati jazz! Rawr, Snarle and Grrr! Thats enough from you Alyx. Your gimmick grew boring about 4 years ago let’s get you out of here “Alyxander Cuddlezworth” leaves, with a hysterical Josh in the ring. Josh eventually stops laughing People used to find that entertaining. And you wonder why I think wrestling fans are stupid? Now people often tell me, how Alyx is the best talker in the business. How his gimmicks are so unique. I’ll give him one compliment, that is unique. But it’s not good is it Alyx Do you think acting all goofy and nice does what Alyx? I don’t really know what you thought you would gain from that other than looking like an idiot. Alyx, so often is Cuddlezworth referred to as a success but look at that. There’s only one word I can use to describe that shithole of a gimmick and that’s failure Josh begins to look around in the bag before picking out 3 replica title belts. The US Title, one half of the Tag Titles and the European Championship Now what’s next. Oh yes these. Alyx, you like to mention so much about how you’re a Triple Crown Champion, holding the 3 belts in front of me. But you don’t mention how you got there, you betrayed your tag partner and sold your soul to Slim. And you don’t mention what happened once you won the belts either  Your US Title? Oh yes, you lost that to a man who isn’t even remembered anymore. The Tag Titles? You lost them on your first defence if I recall correctly? And The European title? Alyx, your reign was so shit they retired the championship during your reign Once again, another example of success people give me about Alyx when in fact it’s just another failure. Let’s have a look what’s next. Oh yes it’s my favourite  Josh now pulls out a poster for BPZ Mania II, showing the 4 former Top Guys members who were set to collide in a Fatal 4 Way main event for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship, Natedog, Flynn, Slim and of course, Alyx Wilde Now the reason this is my favourite is because I hear it all the time. Alyx Wilde. BPZ Mania main eventer. In fact you said it yourself the other day when you confronted me. Something along the lines of how me and you shouldn’t be compared because you “had one of the greatest performances in the history of BPZ Mania.” I agree Alyx it was a great performance. But what was the end result? You put on one of the greatest performances in the history of the show, and still you lost. You didn’t even make it to the final 2 of that fatal 4 way. One of the greatest performances ever Alyx and you still lost. Another perfect example of another Alyx Wilde failure. What’s next. Oh get ready guys ITS T SHIRT CANNON TIME. Josh gets out a T shirt cannon from the plastic bag and looks as if he’s going to fire it into the crowd, before deciding against it and shooting it at the floor. It spits out a T shirt and Josh smiles as he holds it up, the T shirt clearly being a Wilde Club one This is different to the rest Alyx. You see, every other thing I have mentioned about you is often used to describe you as a success. But this one, everyone knows this is a failure. I can still remember you, Ross and Summer debuting as a team together the night after BPZ Mania and laying out the World Champion Slim And then you left. You understood once and for all who you were for the first time. You knew you weren’t good enough. You knew you were a failure. So you fucked off and destroyed your own stable. I remember reading the news you had gone and I was delighted I thought to myself, finally that’s it. Surely everybody sees what Alyx is now. And yet you returned a year later, and everyone had forgot. They remembered Cuddlezworth, they remembered you being Triple Crown, they remembered the Mania main event but they forgot the only thing in your career that was a blatant failure Yet you returned in 2018 and how did that go for you. You offered to team with me funnily enough and boy I am I glad that never materialised. You ended up beating me for the Intercontinental Championship, and suddenly everybody was raving about you But what really happened. I was on my second match of the night that night, it was no accomplishment beating me. You lost the belt on your first defence and just under 2 months after you had first returned, you left again, once again a failure. Now you return here, with your stupid half paint, your stupid talk about a sickness and your stupid skateboard But we all know what will happen. I will beat you. If I by some miracle don’t, someone else will very quickly. Then Alyx you’ll do what you always do, you’ll fuck off back home crying. I see right through you Alyx. Alyx, that was your life. And look what you are You are a man you holds onto 4 things in life, Cuddlezworth, Triple Crown, IC and Mania. You forget your other failures and sweep them under the rug. Because you act all cool and edgy, everyone else seems to have forgotten all those other failures too. But I see right through you Alyx. As I demonstrated there, I remember your failures. I also remember your successes and how they truly were failures. You’re just an overrated shittier version of me, who is still reliving one Ok spell he had in this company 3 years ago and pretending it makes him still a star You don’t scare me Alyx, your disease talk doesn’t scare me, your threats don’t scare me because I know you. You want to see blood? You’re going to see it. I know 90% of these morons arent going to take in a single word I have said tonight about you so I will show them exactly who you are by beating the crap out of you and making you bleed I am sick too Alyx. Sick of hearing about how great some people are when they don’t deserve opportunities in this company. Sick of losing. Sick of wrestling fans. You are an unfortunate victim of this sickness Alyx. You won’t be hearing anything about “The Sickness” after next week because he will be taking another 2 year hiatus  All you will be hearing about for a long time is SSW Club and about “Manchester’s Number One”

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