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    • At least the match wont be a trainwreck. Obviously the biggest draw isn't going to be the womens title match. Although we all want the match to be good, we need those bathroom breaks. Natalya is better than people make out she is, and working with Becky, they for sure will be able to have a decent match.
    • Oh boy this isn't what you want to see for a Summerslam match. This is a post-Summerslam feud. I can sit here saying that Natalya is technically very proficient in the ring and emerged from a time in WWE where that wasn't needed in a women's wrestler. So it has been good to see her the past few years utilise her skills more, especially as a member of the Hart family it's cool to see the lineage continue. But i just can't find her interesting. I remember when she was teaming with Beth Phoenix i was happy because she had someone to work off - I'm almost sad that ended so quickly. I'm not sure what to expect from this feud but at least it is a RAW wrestler? I'll say this, I really liked how Natalya ended that back and forth on RAW with Becky but I’m probably in the minority though because I’ve always wanted her to have more of a personality.  
    • Your shows are really well written. Im a bit disappointed that after reading the "and his name is John Cena" line that no music started blaring out. On a serious note however, ur shows are well written and ur storyline development is really good. I like how you are using news snippets to advance storylines as that is something I have done in the past. Keep it up.
    • Great signing for you to pick up MJF, with how well you've booked some people such as Almas I think you'll do some great stuff with him. 
    • How I Would Book: King Of The Ring 2019 by Dave Jones  July 16th, 2019, 11:09 pm AEST ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ With only a few nights remaining until King of the Ring, live from Wembley Stadium it's time for a new series that I like to call, "How I Would Book". My name is Dave Jones and welcome to How I Would Book: King Of The Ring 2019, and I'm going to do it better than everybody else that works for Smarks Daily     NXT Championship Raven (retain)   Putting the NXT Championship on Raven was a good idea, and I believe his reign shouldn't come to an end just yet. I was debating on whether or not to give the NXT Championship back to Bob due to his impressive performances in his two King Of The Ring matches but I don't think a month would be doing Raven justice yet.     United States Championship Hans (retain)   Another man who's reign shouldn't come to an end just yet is Hans. He took the United States Championship away from the dominant Arius and for him to lose the belt already would be extremely disappointing. As of this writing he is in the King of the Ring semi-finals and has a great chance of winning it all.     Intercontinental Championship George   After an extremely surprising win against Arius, George has proven to be on a roll since making his return to BPZ and an Intercontinental Championship reign is what he deserves. Julius is a good champion however what he needs will be discussed later in the article. Bashka is old and doesn't need the belt despite him being my favorite superstar of all time. George definitely deserves to leave Wembley with the gold.   Tag Team Fatal 4 Way United Nations   Due to Sameer's recent uproar in BPZ and him becoming a triple champion, along with Brenden declaring himself going into a singles match at SummerSlam, it's only a matter of time before Big Ballers separate to focus on their own individual careers. With this match, we are arguably crowning the next Tag Team Champions and I think they should go to the most entertaining team at the moment, United Nations. A team consisting of three legends; Angelo Caito, Joh and Monda, I think they should pick up the win here. Joh and Angelo should compete with Monda watching on as I believe he has that manager presence.     Undisputed Championship Flynn (retain)   Two Hall of Famers, two of the best ever collide in Flynn vs Jonathan. After beating Jonathan's partner, Flynn goes one-on-one with the other half of Royal Flush and I believe it should be the same result in Wembley. After this rivalry, we still have to witness Flynn vs Julius IV which I think is what they are building up to so it wouldn't make much sense to take the belt off Flynn here.   World Heavyweight Championship Sameer (retain)   The ultimate opportunist Sameer claimed his first ever world championship at Judgement Day and his first defense? Against former friend The Bailey. I believe Sameer still has plenty more to do with the belt rather than giving Bailey his seventh reign. It's time for something fresh, and Sameer is a fresh face to the World Championship scene.     Premium Championship The Bailey   Sameer will be competing twice on the night, against Bailey twice. With Bailey unable to face Sameer for the World Championship at SummerSlam, I think the right call would be to give Bailey the Premium Championship and let him rule that division. Sameer three belts was fun while it lasted, but I think it's time the fun is shared.   King Of The Ring Final Julius   Julius will be performing double duty and I think he deserves to make history by becoming the first ever two-time King of the Ring winner and then go on to defeat Sameer at SummerSlam, winning his second World Championship. As for his opponent, I would be fine with either Hans or Nate. I believe they'll give it to Nate from preventing Hans from performing double duty and risking an injury.   Now...where does Brenden fit in?   As the folks here at Smarks Daily have already discussed twice, BrendenPlayz himself will be competing in a singles match at SummerSlam, and King Of The Ring is where he gets fit in. Brenden only comes in for the big time matches, so that includes wrestlers like Flynn, Bailey, Sameer and Julius all possible targets. Due to them still holding the belts, I think that rules out Sameer. Flynn is possible but we believe Julius will be challenging for the belt after Jonathan so that rules both of them out. It is unlikely that Brenden will be challenging for any championships so if Bailey wins any gold on this night, rule him out. We are uncertain where Brenden fits in, but we are certainly looking forward to what 'The Boss' has to say.   ______________________________________________________________________________________________________        

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