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    • RUMOR ROUNDUP: OCTOBER 19TH, 2019 EDITION The Jeremiah vs Gunner Flynn is expected to pay off with someone being revealed as hiring Gunner to sabotage Flynn. It is believed it will be the duo of Slim and Necce, unless Julius turns heel as a likely conclusion to this storyline will have the Survival Games Tournament winner reveal themselves as the man who hired Gunner. As for the Survival Games Winner, the current plan is for Flynn to lose the Undisputed Championship via the hand of Yelich at December to Dismember, which will lead to Flynn vs Yelich at Night of Legends. Sameer and Smith have definitely caught the vibes of Triple H and Shawn Michaels in terms of their friendship, but you have to wonder where it all ends and if they can sustain the friendship. Success leads to jealousy in BrendenPlayz, and you have to wonder with Smith's white hot return, and Sameer slowly falling down the card, going 2-4 in his last six matches, arguably losing the four biggest, you have to wonder if jealousy creeps in as Smith rises his way back to the cream of the crop. That's why it's not surprising there are rumors circling that Sameer will turn on Smith in the leadup to BPZMania V, after Smith wins the Royal Rumble. Sameer would challenge the World Champion, most likely Julius at SVDM, before winning the title, with one of the 3 main events at BPZMania V being Sameer vs Smith for the BPZ World Championship. Speaking of BPZMania V, the early "main events" planned are Smith vs Sameer for the BPZ World Championship, Flynn vs Slim vs Necce for the Undisputed Championship, and Bailey vs Julius, which would mean Slim would most likely go onto defeat Julius before winning the Undisputed Championship in January at Night of Legends. Bailey and Julius would be a passing of the torch match, with Bailey handing over the reins of the company to Julius as management looks to freeze Bailey out of so much power, which has lead to a lot of backstage tension. There has been a lot of backstage tension lately and sides are beginning to form. Bailey and Brenden have been at odds ever since Keeley and Bailey got into a groundbreaking argument months back, with Bailey calling her a "whore". Bailey was nearly fired, and the relationship between the two has been tense ever since. The creative team, consisting of Bart, Flynn, Smith, Julius, Ropati, and Arius & Sheridan as advisers, is very tense, as a lot of creative members believe Sheridan has no place being there. Bailey is still involved in under the table dealings with creative, while the re-emergence of Slim has put a lot of pressure on the creative team as they have been the target of many shots by the now former BPZ World Champion. The regular wrestlers must do nothing, most likely have to choose a side, and sit back and watch as a power struggle is nearing.  
    • Steph vs Hans vs Bic The category is a Hiac 2019 Poster. Good luck to all above!  
    • I just wanted to say that I love the creativity of this diary. You've approached the usual forums wrestling diary in a new manner which I really appreciate. I'm interested to see how you develop each character and how you style the shows themselves.   Festival Of War Predictions Eli Smith vs Sameer  Flynn vs Slim The Mob (Bob Sparks, ICON) vs The Kingdom (Alex Costa, Mikey Dikey) FDS vs Arius James Ropati vs Bart Hoogveld
    • Name: Alexio Gender: Male Superpower: As a demi-God, the son of Jupiter, Alex has similar powers to that of his older brother, Hercules. Backstory: A normal teenager's world would be flipped when Alex Price would be greeted by Mercury, the messenger of the Roman Gods, who would tell Alex that he is in fact the son of Jupiter, birthed by a human woman which explains why Alex never met his father. Then, Mercury would tell Alex that he was given the name Alexander by Jupiter his self as his fate is to become the protector of mankind. After coming to terms with the obscure reality that faces him, Alex starts donning the name Alexio as he embraces his life as a demi-God and role as the guardian of Earth. Alignment: Hero Other information: He is very caring. Note: Alexio has to overcome not only the usual struggles of a teenager but also those of a demi-god and build himself into a fearless and brave hero.

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