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    • FDS makes his way down to the ring frantically after Flynn has delivered a vicious beating to Isaiah Carter, FDS moves past Flynn ignoring him as he goes straight to Raven helping his stablemate up. FDS helps Raven out of the ring as medical staff helps carry him to the back, FDS turns to Flynn as he nods at him and he goes over to one of the crew members as they hand him a microphone.  “Before I get into anything else with you, I just wanna say thank you for getting rid of the trash out of the ring. It was really not good to see that here.”  The fans cheer as FDS smiles while lowering the mic and the fans begin to chant “Thank you Flynn!”, Flynn shrugs it off and FDS then raises the microphone back up.  “As for your place in line, you are damn right that you’re in the front my friend!”  The fans cheer as the impending battle between FDS and Flynn continues to heat up.  “You beat the hell out of me when I was in an interview, you threw me around and you tried to end my career before we could even face each other again and I'll admit, I'm a little beat up still. You did a good job “Painmaker”. I’m glad to see that you’re back to your normal self… because that means I get to experience exactly what I want from you.”  FDS smiles as he lowers the microphone for a second, Flynn smiles and says “YEAH? THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT?” FDS says off mic “YEAH THIS IS WHAT I WANT!”, Flynn just looks at him and goes “Why?”, FDS lifts the mic back up  “I’ll tell you why. If I don’t get to fight you like this, then I didn’t really fight you. You don’t need to do the right thing. You are Jeremiah God Damn Flynn and therefore you can do whatever the hell you want right? That’s how it’s been and that’s how it should be. You are often imitated but never duplicated as we saw with that man coming out here and trying to do what you do but he just doesn’t have it. That’s why we need you like this. That’s why we need this Jeremiah Flynn. We need that part of Carnage because you embody that word. Carnage. Every time you step in the ring it’s not supposed to be a technical masterclass, it’s not meant to be an athletic demonstration, it is meant to be a war. An example of how violence can be so… so…” FDS pauses as the fans are in suspense of what he’s going to say next  “Beautiful.”  The Fans go “AYE!” FDS laughs for a moment  “In a way, I can understand that beauty. The pain of others is something that should be cherished somewhat, the pain of yourself as well. You and I know that better than anyone Flynn. We know what it's like to be in pain and we know what it’s like to deliver pain. The Painmaker is a fitting title for you in this state… but i do have to wonder, can you keep it up? Can you stay like this? Can you remain in this form? Or is this all just a front? We will see. I plan to bring you the pain, Painmaker. I just hope you do as well and when I do I will leave you… silenced.”  FDS drops the microphone as he looks dead in the eyes of Flynn for a moment, Flynn seems confused by the final remark made by FDS, FDS just smiles slightly before leaving. The fans also unsure of what the remark FDS made means as this chaotic segment draws to a close as FDS exits the ring, leaving Flynn unsure as the two men’s rivalry continues to heat up.
    • The theme of the BMF Champion rings time the surprise of many in attendance. Jeremiah Flynn steps onto the stage, a sly smile and wild eyes. Flynn carries his gold over his shoulder before strutting down to the ring. He pauses half way down the ramp, staring Isiah straight into his eyes before continuing. He climbs to the top turnbuckle, posing, seemingly taunting Isiah Carter.    Flynn now steps down into the ring, microphone pulled from his boot. The crowd in anticipation before finally he begins to speak.  “Well you certainly have my attention.”  A sinister smile now grows across the face of Flynn as he continues to speak.  “You have a set on you son I’ll tell you that. Coming down to this ring, attacking that man right there who we all saw put your ass out of commission for two damn months. So what’s your genius plan but to actually go ahead and puss him off? He didn’t even care about what he did to you. But I get it Isiah, you want to make a big statement and challenge for that Universal Championship. Now whether your owed a shot or not well that’s up for debate I mean look at your lack luster record in the last two Championship matches that I add you were handed. Plus you gotta think about how you spent half of the last year as my personal bitch..... and then the other half either nursing a little booboo or getting your ass handed to you by Hans Clayton. I mean hell I’d be pissed off too I guess. Hottest thing on Carnage. That’s bold. That’s actually incredible for a guy who hasn’t been here since getting his ass laid out by once again, that man Raven right there.”    “You know what listen I’m just going to cut the shit. My name as you know is JEREMIAH FLYNN. I AM THE BMF OF CARNAGE. I’m the King of this bitch and you’ve caused a ruckus in my Kingdom. Isiah Carter there’s a solid reason I had that trigger pulled on you oh so very many months ago and that’s because you are more of a problem then an asset. You always have been. So following you saying my name I made the executive decision I’d come down to this ring, and show you this championship right here. It’s the BMF Championship. It’s the top belt on the Carnage brand because I said it is. Take a good look, get in close buddy it’s as close as you’ll ever get to it.”    Flynn holds the championship out on his shoulder, Isiah mockingly leaning in BEFORE GETTING CLOCKED BY THE BELT! Flynn just ambushed Isiah Carter. Carter collapses before Flynn quickly speaks again.  “Oh I also came out here to beat your ass.”    Flynn drops the microphone before falling on Carter, laying into him with rights and lefts. Before lifting up Carter who despite trying to fight back, is completely overpowered and slammed down hard into the mat.  Isiah now within seconds lays dead on the mat, Flynn looking down on him. He slowly circles around, lifting the microphone back up before speaking.  “Well you certainly caught everyone’s attention Carter. Welcome to Painmaker City. Carange bitch. FDS is gonna get his trust me, but I’m first in line son.” 
    • Lmao i didnt even vote, didnt know this existed lol  

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