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    • "What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly"   A week away from BPZ Royal Rumble the live crowd for this episode of Carnage are taken back by familiar music echoing throughout the arena, underneath a blanket of darkness as cellphone lights and the light emitting from the titantron above lights what it can. Slim and Raven stand idle in the ring hoping to have a quick response to the Wildcard challenge and gladly to the audience The Revenant has reciprocated. ♪♫ If thine is the glory then, Mine must be the shame ♪♫ Elated screams from the crowd begin to co-exist with the music as they see the name Arius transition over a black background on the titantron. Silhouettes of ghouls move across the screen as  suddenly a spotlight appears at the top of the ramp.  No one else but Rin Akane stands under the spotlight in a black long-sleeved maxi dress. She takes in the triumph as she holds over her shoulder the BPZ Intercontinental Championship as she raises her free hand to aid the eyes and focus to The Revenant. who ascends to the sight of the audience. ♪♫ You want it darker, We kill the flame ♪♫ Arius steps froward microphone in hand as he glides across the stage under his clock. Everyone waiting to hear his thoughts on the challenge placed forth to him tonight. Arius lifts the microphone, an intense look through the cracking paint of his forehead but it quickly relaxes as a smirk leaves the face of the champion, beginging to speak. This business...it’s certainly strange. In most professions, co-workers usually all work together to try and achieve one collective goal...but here...teamwork is always very fleeting...if you're not in the tag team division you're taking a risk forming bonds..and even then.Arius stares up at the two men watching from the ring..I'm sure the wounds of your experience are very fresh as we stand here today Slim. I’ve been around for a while now even if compared to your career it might seem infant. A lot of lessons and experiences can go into a year of wrestling for a single company. No longer the journeyman. I’ve seen a lot of people come and a lot of people go. And the one constant for everyone is that they all want to be the best. In this business, I once thought it was important if you considered yourself a journeyman like myself, to be open to new experiences, competitive culture, you need to stay topical. So as a man of intrigue I'm always looking for projects that are challenging, that put me in a light that's different from anything I've ever done before. But the truth is some people are just better at it than others. There’s many different ways to go about achieving success in this industry and sadly some people never figure out any of them and it manifests in a deep disgust for achievements of any nature.  Arius takes a hold of the BPZ Intercontinental Championship from Rin Akane as he paces around the stage So here we are. Like clockwork the heretic rises from the ashes and shadows..but their time has come. They are lead astray, burning bright in cinders of ash to the pyre. Their desire is written in blood, dragged and pulled by a lifetime of venom in which it feeds. Don Dada..savaged by the guilt of previous incidental failures wishes to trial his might against The Revenant. The leader and idealist of Legacy stepping to me is a sweet sight, alluring almost. The godfather threatening through the brutality of his beliefs but devoiding the thought of reason. May i ask, why does my presence disturb you? Enough to want The Revenant under your thumb. The truth is I’ve listened to your offers Arius shows the armband given to him by Slim, retrieved from under his coat pocket Invited you to my home, showed a respectful ear to your ideas but the legitimisation of your senseless demands are in fact the act of war, matching nothing but rage and fury. This appointed purity you’ve found within yourself amongst the horseman is the blind leading the blind, begging for the relevance of superiority. Four men are now two and yet my decision is questioned? I saw the writing on the wall as the prophecy was revealed and steered away to greener pastures. Slim, you stand oblivious and far too seduced to escape your predicament - You come seeking the land in which The Revenant roams and rules? Arius chuckles to himself It is said to never awaken a sleeping giant, but The Revenant has never backed from the conquests of a challenge. So here you stand, bestowed with the burden of conquering my reign while having the morale of a pauper. Lost. But in this challenge he is found perhaps? Arius lets the question linger for the audience before continuing   You can foolishly call my decision a career ending mistake but let it be known that it is The Revenant that moulds his world's fate. The Revenant is the orchestration of the wheels in motion, releasing the floodgates and oppressing the egos of man and immortal alike. It is The Revenant that ties the noose around the neck of the unforgiving, seeding the ruins to the masses, and harbouring all the glimmers of hope to the means of himself. This is the path you're setting yourself on. There is no room for the wretched form of this Don Dada of wrestling to soak himself in The Revenants prosperity, nor the room to follow the ground in which The Revenant walks. I would rather watch the horizon burn with a sky of fire and paint myself as king of the ashes, than see the land of Brendeplayz Wrestling left under the umbrella of Legacy, nor this championship return to the hands of yourself...   The Carnage audience are audibly riled up at the thought of these two stars clashing over the Intercontinental Championship as Arius pauses, listening to the legion before asking them to quiet down with a single finger to his lip Through the actions of insulting my very character. Taking credit for my acclaim, my achievements, was it perhaps one of the unknown rules of the underworld, “thou shall not reject an offer from thy Slim or thy Don Dada shall get pissy”? Arius moves to the edge of the ramp as his cloak drops to the ground below him with a single brush off Along this path I've seem to have struck a nerve, gaining a permanent residence in your psyche. So it is decided, between now and February, while Slim mulls over these words, biting the bullet and monitoring The Revenants every move as is his nature..you shall prepare. As you continue feeding yourself to the structure, the landscape in which The Revenant maintains. Before tonight no one had decided to step to myself but here you are, a man escaping persecution to bring me the dance I so crave? Though I have survived much harsher storms, onslaughts that have crafted my own mind and nature, i do in fact respect the decision to enter forward into the unknown. This didn't need to end like this but now for you Slim there is no return. Arius places the championship over the shoulder of Rin Akane as she holds tight, Arius grabbing the microphone by both hands The time until BPZ Wildcard is on the horizon, this proposal seemingly months in the making. One upon a time our ideologies were fated to meet in more glorious battlefields. First the Elimination Chamber where i first one the covenant prize of the BPZ Intercontinental Championship. Second, two gladiators thrown into the pits at the Royal Rumble where i will secure my ticket to the grandest stage offered in professional wrestling. Not even I could’ve predicted how this story might’ve unfolded but make no mistake that this story tells of a man who basks in the glory of the riches that are upheld while you now falter in contempt for The Revenant.  Suddenly the arena lights shut down as the audience make a mild commotion in the confusion before a flood of lights hit only the stage in which Arius stands upon Time is imminent, and forever on the side of the keeper of the reign. The Revenant shall use the stage of BPZ Carnage: Wildcard to replicate the natural order of my shadow over the competition. Slim, look around, look inside even if you must, my friend...and all these attempts of contempt and peril will leave your words without merit. Arius moves backwards into a spotlight as he reaches his final words The hunger in which I view down upon, men like you who try to sprinkle in their doubts. They will learn again that I am the The Seeker revitalised, hungry with a lust and The Seeker feeds on the lion's share. Arius leans his head back into the light with a smile I eagerly await this dance. You've got your wish.  Hineni, hineni  
    • PRINCE PRESENTS - NEW YEAR, BACK TO THE OLD ME? As Kieron looks on with intensity towards the top of the ramp, we hear the sound of stopwatch ticking and it goes down from five seconds; the audience look with curiosity as it gets to zero before a theme song gets blasted throughout the arena. Kieron has a face of confusion before a face comes out that he is all too familiar with; Prince. Prince comes out with a look in his eyes of absolute hunger but still with a signature smirk on his face; instead of looking at the crowd his eyes are firmly fixed on Kieron. He steps forward a little bit before extending out his arms as pyro sets off in the back. The crowd is transfixed with the new look of Prince who now stares at the crowd to witness their astonishment; only making his smile bigger. He lifts the microphone to his mouth. “That, ladies and gentlemen…is how you make a damn entrance. You see, The Prince thought that there was simply no other way for him to make a comeback; I managed to make you people astonished before I even said a single word for these lips. That is a representation of how The Prince wants 2020 to go, he wants to be able to come out here and make it so that people know before he does a single thing that they are in for a show, a performance, an absolute SPECTACALE. Yet the Prince looks at you Kieron and he understands the pain and frustration because The Prince feels the exact same way.” There is a slight nod in agreement from Kieron to which Prince acknowledges before he continues on. “The Prince doesn’t hate you Kieron, in fact not so long ago we promised to help each other get better. Yet the biggest opponent of both of ours careers seemed to have found a way to defeat us again, the lack of ambition. The feeling that we can’t take the next step, it’s a bridge that we can’t walk across. The Prince is telling you now Kieron, that bridge is still intact, a journey can be made but the problem that faces us is that it seems that it can only hold one of us before it collapses. Now, The Prince understands that you see yourself as the one who is gonna walk across it, to which he simply shakes his head. Because Kieron, you’re looking into the eyes of a man that has made a commitment to not only talk to talk but also, for the first time in a few years, he is gonna walk the bloody walk!” Many of the crowd seemed to have gotten hyped by the comment made by Prince which he embraces for a moment. “To do that though, The Prince has to stop the determination of a man trying to make that same journey. He has to stop a man who has come out and made a promise that things will be different, while The Prince and yourself may be similar in some ways Kieron in others you’re not. The Prince has felt what it can mean to be one of the big stars, the respect it gives you, the feeling when you walk into the arena and you know that the show can’t go on without you. When The Prince looks at you though Kieron, he doesn’t see that. All he says is a man with fuzzled memories that The Prince is going to make clear when he slams you on that canvas and sends you away once and for all.” There is an uproar from the crowd as Kieron looks ready to respond.
    • Man if Morant's such a monster, I really want to see a simulated season (pretty please)
    • Premium and US title matches added!
    • WWE Championship Match: Daniel Bryan vs Jeff Hardy      Universal Championship Match: Dean Ambrose vs AJ Styles

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