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    • Maverick has been fantastic in his role making his own opportunities is what I like seeing, and more antics between him and truth would be lovely.
    • Is CR7 the greatest of all time now that he has become the first player to win 3 major leagues Only behind Lionel Messi as the greatest player to grace this planet. 689 goals in 1 career. That is insane. He was won Supercup in 4 countries, the league in 3 countries, the Club World Cup In 2 countries, the domestic cup in 2 countries, the Champions League in 2 countries and he has also won 2 Super Cups and 2 League Cups. He has also won 2 international trophies, he has won the Ballon D’or in 2 counties, 3 Best Player in Europe awards, the European Shoe in 2 countries, the Onze D’or in 2 countries, winning a FIFA and FIFPro World player awards in 2008, winning best UEFA Footballer and Forward in 2008, named World Soccer POTY in 2 countries, has a Bravo Award, a Puskas, 2 Portuguese POTYs, was named in FIFPro World XI in 2 countries, named in UCL TOTY in 2 countries, he has won best player in 3 countries, in the Prem he was also named Young Player of the Year and won the Golden Boot, and at Real he won La Liga Best Forward, and got awards by the BBC and Globe Soccer. He has also been named in 2 leagues TOTY and was named in the top 2 players at the Club World Cup for 2 countries. He is the top scorer in 6 competitions, has been named in a TOTY at 3 international competitions, was second highest goalscorer in 1 international competition and was named in UEFAs Ultimate Team He has won the most Ballon D’ors and made the most appearances in the FIFPro TOTY (both tied with Leo Messi.) He has scored more goals in the Club World Cup, UCL (including most goals in 1 calendar year, in a season, in the knockout stages, in the quarters, in the semis, most scored in 1 Group Stage campaign and most scored in 1 knockout campaign, as well as scoring 8 hat tricks in the UCL), the Euros (where he has also made the most appearances and scored in a record 4 Euros), scored more goals than anyone in both the Euros Qualifiers and WC Qualifiers. He is the record scorer for Portugal and Real and the record appearance maker for the former. He was the fastest player to score 100, 150 and 300 in La Liga history and has scored the most hat tricks in La Liga history He is one of the best finishers in the world, and is talented at dribbling, passing, shooting from range, using his physicality and winning aerial duels. Contrary to popular belief, he isn’t selfish, he makes an insanely high amount of key passes. In case you want to know my Top 10, it is Rummeniege, Keegan, Di Stefano, Ronaldo, Beckenbauer, Van Besten, Cruyff, Platini, CR7, Messi Please send in questions. Tomorrow the question is, who is the best English goalkeeper ever?

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