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    • Extremely excited for the draft. I’m guessing champions will be brand exclusive from this? That or tag titles and women’s titles will just have to be traded/vacated which sounds like it could really make things confusing and complicated.  Anyways a few things I would love to see:  1. Brock Lesnar’s return to Smackdown. If I’m not mistaken, Lesnar has not been on Smackdown since his original stint in WWE in 2004, which means he has not appeared at all on the blue brand in 15 years, which is pretty insane to think that he just never showed up once during his most recent stint. Anyways I think it would totally freshen Smackdown up and the Brock Lesnar character to move him to Smackdown.  2. A total shakeup of the rosters. I want the entire card for each show to come across as fresh. No more Baron Corbin vs Seth Rollins, McIntyre vs Rollins, Reigns vs Joe. I feel like I’ve been watching the same matches/feuds on repeat for three years now, despite the brand split existing. Hopefully this keeps things new and interesting.  3. Tag divisions restored. This goes more for the RAW Tag division rather then Smackdown which has always been treated rather well aside from a few dry periods. RAW’s Tag division needs to be treated more fairly and the TAG TEAMS of the division need to get more title opportunities aside from the same random singles stars that pair up. I’d start this all by building around Ziggler and Roode going forward.  4. Don’t split the Club up again. Like don’t, it ruined Gallows and Anderson being away from Styles. Dividing and conquering didn’t work. KEEP THE OC TOGETHER. 
    • Went with Steve Austin here. He was the hottest act and top babyface going into Wrestlemania, where he had a stellar main event against the Rock, before going on to be the hottest heel in wrestling as WWE Champion. You gotta remember that while a heel, he was still the most popular thing going in the company so he wins 2001 for me by far. 
    • Three big matches announced for Pilot! It has been officially announced by NXT, that their pilot episode will feature three big matches. The first announced being the returning Neville going head to head with a Lucha Libre legend in Rey Mysterio! Not just that, but later in the night Kota Ibushi for the first time ever will take on Drew McIntyre. These two matches are not just first time match-ups but they reveal four more additional members of this NXT roster featuring Mysterio, Neville, Ibushi and McIntyre in what is a mix of entirely different styles of wrestling.  Finally in the Pilot episodes main event, Adam Cole will defend his NXT Championship against none other then Johnny Gargano! These two have a largely heated past and a plethora of historical moment for that NXT Championship, so is there any better way to kick off this new era then with some old rivals? This will all premier October 2nd on the FOX Network!

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