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    • Since i'm stuck with an injury i thought heading into TLC coming soon maybe we could watch some themed content if people would like to come along for another edition of BPZ Network Night. I'll gauge general interest (message below) since i know midweek consideration is a little later as far as timing. Still here is a poll     Loading poll...
    • We are live on Carnage where all night, tonight’s main event has been hyped up as a big open challenge for Flynn’s Undisputed Championship, many of the fans speculating who could be accepting the challenge here tonight.    The excitement begins, as we are greeted by the BPZ Undisputed Champion himself, the leader of the Firing Squad and member of Bullet Proof, Jeremiah Flynn. He steps out sporting all black trunks and boots, his championship glistening firmly around his waist. The current longest reigning champion on the roster steps down the stage, a cocky smile firmly across his face. Flynn is coming fresh off two brutal wars back to back, one with his own brother Gunner Flynn, the other with BPZ’s newest power trip, Creed.    He hops down from the top of the top turnbuckle, circling the ring to a mixed reaction. Obviously one of the most respected men in the business today, his means of accomplishing his own goals have always been widely touted as controversial and brutal in some ways. A microphone in his hand, the entire world watching, Flynn appears to have something to say about tonight’s challenge.  “I would first like to issue an apology to every single man, woman, child and infant tonight who sat through tonight’s show all to watch me lose my Undisputed Championship right here in the middle of this ring tonight. You see as much as it does pain me to say it, there is no open challenge for the BPZ Undisputed Championship, there never was.....” Flynn is barraged with an encore of boi’s, the fans extremely disappointed with the revelation playing out currently. Flynn awaiting the boo’s to slightly die down, continues his statement.  “The truth is, it would only be a waist of my time. There’s not a god damn person in that locker room that deserves a title shot at this championship...... except one man. I will get to that man shortly however I have some things I’d like to get off my chest. You see to the contrary of what many believe I watch the BPZ product. More importantly I keep up with every champion in this company, there every move, their upcoming title matches, their past title matches. So I say this with the up-most confidence when I say there’s not a damn champion in this company that can lace my boots. More importantly there’s not a damn championship that can match up with my Undisputed Championship. It is by far the top tier championship of BPZ, and it is held by the top of the food chain in BPZ. I am the best, I am the greatest.”  “I have watched five different World Champions come and go as I have held the fort down. First there was Bailey, who’s own ego and confidence clouded his judgement in who he chose to trust. Then there was Sameer, who showed that he couldn’t handle the long term grind of being a champion. There was Slim, who showed he couldn’t stay between the lines to remain champion. Isiah Carter who was robbed of being champion and now Julius who we all know he will prove to be too dull and stupid to remain champion. However no matter how many accomplishments I earn, or how impressive of a feat I accomplish, I remain the most overlooked man in BPZ history. Forever disrespected and disregarded. A modern day tragedy.”  “You see tonight I faked this entire little open challenge, I lied to officials in the back, I pulled this massive stunt for this moment, this spotlight, this opportunity to speak to everyone with everyone watching. I wanted ALL EYES ON ME! As I keep saying there’s not a damn man in the back that can go toe to toe with me in this ring. No one. But years ago, there was. My own student, a man I took under my wing, over threw me as “The King”. He took my mantle, he took my pride and he took my image. I was never the same again after what he did to me. However something he never got out of me, was my respect. I do not respect you, Slim.”  “At Night of Legends in January I face the inaugural winner of Survival Games, the man who defeated the likes of Sameer, Bashka, Hans Clayton, Eli Smith and Julius to reach this moment. He put himself through the damn gauntlet...... all for it to mean nothing. Impressive, I will give him that. I applaud him, and I envy such an accomplishment but I do not envy him. When I came to BPZ I dreamed of being the white knight, the hero that could save this place. Slim was the first man to ever make me truly realized what a fantasy that is. What he did to me all those years ago taught me that you gotta do whatever it takes to make it in this business. No longer could I just be better in that ring, I had to be smarter then my opponent.” “I apologize again tonight for those who at one point in this companies history looked to me as a hero, an inspiration to them. The truth is I don’t give a damn about any of you people. I am an honest man, I tell the truth. I don’t hide out on video sets at my stupid gym week after week or in some disclosed location. I don’t do stupid segments to help further a boring story that no one gives a damn about. I do what a real champion does, I walk to this ring and I lay it ALL OUT ON THE LINE, ON THIS MICROPHONE, IN THIS RING, FOR THIS CHAMPIONSHIP. I AM THE BEST, THE GOD DAMN BEST AT IT. I look at your stupid online lists, and your power rankings and the truth is, I am an extremely petty individual, I am bothered, I am fazed because it’s like I said I AM OVER LOOKED AND UNDER VALUED! You wanna look to four boring mediocre talents like Creed for entertainment until next month when you are hooked on the next big thing like Arius and KENJI. It’s disgusting, it’s perverted and it makes me sick. I watch as there is a consistent revolving door of individuals rising and falling in this company, the entire time I remain ON TOP!”  “This all brings me to Night of Legends. At Night of Legends, I face Slim. Slim, I have watched you extremely closely since your grand return at Summerslam. You have been absolutely fascinating however despite all you’ve done in such a short time, all the individuals you’ve defeated, I just have to ask you.... what is it that makes you special? You see over these next few weeks I’m going to discover exactly what it is that makes you tick and much like what you’ve been doing to your opponents all through the Survival Games tournament, I’m going to psychologically break you. I’m going to them physically brutalize you, and I’m going to earn retribution for all those years ago. You see Slim at Night of Legends I have to beat you because if I don’t, everything I have worked for in the year 2019 will have been for nothing. I pray god saves you from me Slim I really do, but I am beginning to feel like your recent string of luck has worn out. I will be seeing you very, very soon. Flynn drops his microphone, holding his Undisputed Championship high above his head. A message sent straight to his next challenger, possibly his greatest to date, “The King” Slim. 
    • Stables are an integral part of wrestling and in the past decade we have seen many different groups and stables emerge in the wrestling world. Which wrestling stable do you think had the biggest impact not only on their company but in wrestling in the 2010's?
    • The GOAT plays as Bailey walks out through the crowd and makes his way to the ring days after defeating Josh and Kieron by himself in what was supposed to be a tag team match. But Slim decided not to show up for the match. Did I need to earn your approval or something? Slim? Was me not kicking ur ass again and again not enough proof for you that  I am not to be messed with? You had to coward out of the match and let me take out 2 Men by myself? Well I did it Slim. I beat them and hell I didn't even Break a Sweat doing it. I was looking for a fight and ended up with an Easy victory. I am not playing these Games Slim. You don't wanna show up. You don't wanna fight. Thats On you.  But Im always gonna be ready to fight. And to Hell with you. I don't need you and i certainly don't wanna team with you. I'll keep doing it on my own. I'll fight on my own. Ill show up this weekend alone by myself.  And I'll go toe to toe With Arius and Kenji by myself. You wanna sit in the back and play with yourself in the locker room. You go right ahead and do that Me I'm Gonna come out and bring the fight to them. I ain't ever back down and I'm not starting now. Partner or no partner, Ari us and Kenji Ill be there. I'll be ready and I hope you guys will be too. Because I am a man on the hunt. A man on a mission. I'll fight you guys by myself. I'll fight everyone by myself! I'LL FIGHT THE WHOLE FU**ING WORLD BY MYSELF!  Bailey drops the microphone and proceeds to leave through the crowd again after a sweet and short message to Slim, Arius and Kenji
    • It's about fucking time with this Rollins heel turn. He should have been Heel after the Fiend stuff and maybe even before that when he beat Brock at Mania. Will this make me enjoy Rollins on TV? No, I still find him terribly annoying as a character and just very forced so we will see how this new Heel direction goes. The thing I am more interested in is the rise of AOP. Right now I don't care about Rollins I just hope that AOP come out of this looking great, winning the Raw Tag-Titles and having a devastating reign with them which takes them through Mania and even up to SummerSlam. AOP have tons of potential, they have the look and are a legitimate force in the ring so I guess there is some good here with the Rollins Heel turn 

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