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    • NWGP World Heavyweight Title: Sameer ©  vs Slim NWGP United States Title: Hans © vs Mikey NWGP Intercontinental: Julius © vs Arius vs Bashka NWGP Tag Team Championship: Royal Flush (Sheridan & Johnny Kills) vs Godsent (Jay Sellers & Brett Storm) vs Brad/North vs Killer Machines (Bubba & Beastly) 8 Man Tag Team Match: Natedog, Ross, Kenji, and Kyle Pain vs Ropati, Lunatic Ginge, Bob Sparks, and Sandman 8 Man Tag Team Match: Bart, Cody Cage, Prince, and Echo Wilson vs Raven, Hollow, Marker, and Buddy Ace Tag Team Match: George & Kieron Black vs Maasa & Evolution
    • They took the original formula of the first game and were able to build upon it wonderfully with some quality of life changes.  At the end of the game, you find out just how important the things you say can be and the impact it can have, even in a fictional world. Looking forward to their third instalment now.
    • Yelich sits in a black chair in the middle of the screen in what looks to be an interview area. There is a black wall behind him but there is enough lighting to make Yelich easily visible. However there is no interviewer. Just Yelich, sitting on the black chair, a microphone in his hand. He's running his hand through his hair, almost like he's baffled at something. He starts scratching his head before he stops fidgeting as much so he can start speaking. I don't- I don't get him. I don't get Arius, and he doesn't get me. We don't understand each other at all. He sees me as this man who believes that everything should be his for no reason. But in reality, I am a man who has been wronged time and time again, I have deserved many victories that I never got. I deserved to beat Flynn at the Royal Rumble, I deserved to become inaugural North American Champion at World at War, I deserved to beat Julius at Judgment Day, I deserved to beat Hans in round one of King of the Ring, and I definitely, undoubtedly deserved to win To The Top. Hell I can go back further. I deserved to beat Echo Wilson at the original Emergence, I deserved to beat Brad at Redemption, I deserved to beat Julius at last years SummerSlam, I deserved to beat Flynn at the first Night of Legends, I deserved to win the Carnage Scramble at the second Night of Legends. When it happens once or twice you can chalk it up to bad luck. When it happens three to five times you can say it's an unlucky slump. When you're me and this happens constantly, you have reason to believe something is up. People think it's funny that I say my goal for this year is to win a match that matters. Win one match that matters, that's all I want. I beat Kieron Black in round one of the Power Trip Cup... that match didn't matter. It didn't change anything. Everything stayed the same after I beat Kieron, nothing changed for me. It's August. I'm still searching for that match. They laugh at me when I tell them my goal. It makes me sound sad, it makes me sound like a lowlife, it makes me sound like a joke. So they laugh. They laugh and they laugh but I don't. I just want to win a match that matters. I've busted my ass in every match that has mattered that I've been in and I'M NOT ABLE TO WIN ONE. It's not me... it can't be. It's someone else, it's something else, it's anything else. But what? I don't know. I don't think I'll ever know. But I do know is that it is unfair to me. I put in the same effort as everyone else if not more at times, and I'm given nothing. You were right Arius, I was wrong last week when I said I was simply better than you. That I train more that I entertain more. That was wrong of me. You do everything you need to do... However I do so as well. SO WHY ARE YOU ALL OF A SUDDEN WINNING EVERYTHING AND I'M HERE? I don't understand you Arius, you call us similar because we are similar. Both former NXT Champions. Both former US champions. Both of us were inaugural champions of some sort. But that chapter of my career ended Arius. Why won't it end for you? Why can't my third act begin yet? I don't understand it. I need to understand it. Arius... help me understand it. I'm not ending this how I usually do. Usually I like to end off my segments with a message conveying strength, a message conveying confidence in myself. But all that's left in me is doubt... all that's left in me is questions. I don't think anyone can answer them. Not unless something ever changes. And it hasn't yet, so why would it start now. I dunno how to end this... It's weird to convey weakness to you guys. But I'm weak, and I'm confused, and I'm tired. I'm oh so tired of my career kicking me while I'm down. I just want to win a match that matters. Just one. But I'm not allowed anymore it feels. I don't get it. I don't get you Arius. Yelich gets up from the chair in the middle of the room, sets the microphone on the chair, and walks off the set. All the while repeating the phrase "I don't get you" to himself. Once he is fully off screen for a good three seconds the screen fades to black, and Carnage goes to a commercial break.
    • Definitely would've crushed Arius in that match if Mel never interfered. If only... Great show Marker, I know the diary is still new but I already like how you're building up people and I'm excited to see what feuds you've got in store. Keep up the good work.

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