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    • @Smith - A guy with one of the coolest story archs in the entirety of the forums, I feel like me and Smith could create an amazing story. We are both baby faces right now, and I feel like if one of us turned heel it could open up a potential for a really good feud. We've faced once before and I was able to top him for the Premium Championship, so that adds to the history and could make it a lot more interesting and would be a fun challenge.  @Hans - My tag team partner, me and Hans have no plans at all to turn on eachother (Not that I know of anyways), but I truly believe he is the future of the forums and will be a huge thing, and I'd love to do a mentor vs protege gimmick with him, with all the story I've built and the characters we have created. It would be a fun ride if it ever comes around.  @Gwynfro - Easily one of the best kayfabers from the new class, Gwyn is really good, and me and him could create an atmosphere I feel, a great feud that revolves around the characters we've created.  Some HM: @FDS - One final feud, @Sheridan - So i can beat up a girl, @Arius - So I can take his oreos
    • Smackdown Episode 34 CM Punk VS ??? (US title) SmackDown kicks off with CM Punk for his usual US title open challenge. However, Punk notes that aside from Lashley, all heavyweights have answered his challenge and lost. Punk then decides now's the time to open the challenge to the entire roster, Cruiserweights included. As he says this, half the roster rushes out, and the ring is soon filled by MVP, Mr. Kennedy, Chris Masters, Ric Flair, Chavo Guerrero, Marcus Cor Von and King Booker. Teddy Long comes out and breaks up the chaos, noting that all seven of these men clearly want a shot at the US title. Teddy decides that tonight, all seven men will compete in three separate matches against each other, and the three winners of their matches will face CM Punk for the US title at Armageddon. Long also announces the first of these matches, Marcus Cor Von VS Ric Flair, is right now. . Marcus Cor Von VS MVP (US title qualifier) After helping Elijah Burke win the Survivor Series elimination match, Cor Von continues his momentum and receives another shot at Punk, beating MVP with a Pounce. Cor Von is the first man confirmed to face Punk at Armageddon, but he doesn't have to wait long to learn his other opponents, as the next match happens after the commercial break. . Chavo Guerrero VS Ric Flair (US title qualifier) In a fantastic match between two of SmackDown's best technical wrestlers, Chavo Guerrero puts away Flair with a Frog Splash. Chavo now joins Marcus Cor Von as opponents for Punk at Armaggeddon, and the final US title qualifier is next. . Mr. Kennedy VS Chris Masters VS King Booker (US title qualifier) After a disappointing loss to Lashley last week, King Booker earns another shot at regaining his US title, putting away Kennedy with a Scissors Kick. The Armageddon US title match is now set, as King Booker, Marcus Cor Von, Chavo Guerrero and CM Punk will battle it out for the US title. . Time Fault/Elijah Burke VS Rey Mysterio/The Hardy's In a preview for Armageddon, and a mini-rematch from Survivor Series, Time Fault and Elijah Burke team up to face Rey Mysterio and The Hardy's. The trio of cruiserweights come out on top tonight, as Rey Mysterio puts away Gregory Helms with a 619. . Johnny Nitro VS Bobby Lashley Finally, we get to tonight's main event, where Bobby Lashley looks to continue his streak of destruction over Johnny Nitro. However, in the upset of the year, as Lashley charges in for what would certainly be the match-winning spear, Nitro sidesteps, rolls up the World Heavyweight champion, and scores the victory! Johnny Nitro has just handed Bobby Lashley his first pinfall loss in his career! Nitro immediately flees the scene, and Lashley is left livid in the middle of the ring, with Nitro celebrating the biggest victory of his career so far as SmackDown ends.
    • So a few dream feud.  Maybe a feud vs Brad that isn't a contenders match up with other people involved.  Another would be Arius, but that feud would I'd prefer to working with my Hollow gimmick.  Feel like that could be some good work there.
    • SmackDown Episode 20 Dolph Ziggler VS Pete Dunne Last week, Dolph Ziggler revealed that he was the one who attacked British Strong Style three weeks ago, costing them a shot at the SmackDown tag team titles. Tonight, Pete Dunne seeks revenge on Bate and Gallagher's behalf, and in a fantastic match, Dunne continues him impressive roll with a Bitter End to Ziggler. After the match, Dunne is joined by Bate and Gallagher, who attack Ziggler. However, Dillinger and Nakamura run out to make the save, chasing off the British trio. Dillinger and Nakamura help Ziggler back up, seemingly forming an alliance to take out the invading British Strong Style. . SmackDown then cuts backstage, where we see The Hardy's approach the New Day. Matt says they've conquered the rest of the division, and feel it's their time to challenge for the tag titles and complete their expedeetion of gold! The New Day accepts the challenge, feeling The Hardy's are the other top team on SmackDown, and the match is now set for SummerSlam. . Baron Corbin VS Aiden English The new Intercontinental champion, Baron Corbin, makes his first appearance since winning the title at No Mercy. In only 10 seconds, Baron Corbin puts English away with an End of Days, showing exactly why he's champion in the first place. . SmackDown then cuts backstage to the women's locker room, where we see Charlotte and Maryse brawling. Security tries to break up the two ladies, but before they can, Charlotte smashes Maryse's leg with a steel chair. Security is able to pry them apart, but the damage is already done to the SmackDown women's champion, with Charlotte marking an early target for SummerSlam. . Finally, just before tonight's main event, we cut to Shane McMahon, who announces that the SmackDown women's tag titles will be defended in a four corners tag team match. The champions, The IIconics, will defend against former champions, The Bella Twins. They will also be joined by the new duo of Naomi and Lana, as well as the duo of Becky Lynch and Kairi Sane. Shane wishes all four women luck and trusts them to represent the division well at SummerSlam. . Rusev VS AJ Styles VS The Miz VS Randy Orton (WWE title number one contender's match) Finally, we tonight's main event for the right to face John Cena at SummerSlam. Ultimately, the match would be won by the former Intercontinental champion, The Miz, after reversing an RKO into a Skull-Crushing Finale. The WWE title match for SummerSlam is now set, as The Miz will take on John Cena, and SmackDown closes with the A-Lister celebrating.
    • Unfortunately the prophecy have broke up, cry. 🙁🙁

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