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    • Ferocious Taboo Wrestling Empress Ballroom (Blackpool, England) Roster: Brock Lesnar reDRagon British Strong Style PAC Matt Riddle Bobby Lashley Tom Lawlor Drew Gulak Chad Gable Timothy Thatcher Toru Yano Colt Cabana Jay Lethal Jonathan Gresham Grizzled Young Veterans Ryusuke Taguchi Rocky Romero TJP Shelton Benjamin Cain Velasquez Kurt Angle KUSHIDA Jack Gallagher Chavo Guerrero Austin Aries Chris Hero Tony Nese
    • All Star Wrestling | Episode 71 | Paramount Theater  Chris Jericho is coming after the Gold  The first show of the month kicks off with Chris Jericho and the rest of the Painmaker Posse including the new Tri State Champion Brian Cage out to the ring. Jericho announces he’s officially going for the World Heavyweight Championship after beating Dolph Ziggler last PPV and considering the fact that 5 men all got a shot last PPV that puts him next in line for an opportunity. Shawn Spears comes out and tells Jericho whether he’s really deserving or not after just 1 match. Shawn Spears accepts his challenge because he wants revenge for the sneak attack by Chris Jericho. Spears also admires thar Jericho is a legend and that to be the best you have to take down the best. Chris Jericho tells Spears he isn’t even close to being the best and that he’s only Champion cause Chris Jericho wasn’t in ASW.  Jungle Express vs Forgotten Sons  In the opening match of the night Jungle Express defeated the Forgotten Sons when Luchasaurs pinned Steven Cutler.  Finn Balor vs Kona Reeves  Finn Balor defeated Kona Reeves making quick work of him. But after the match was attacked by Damian Priest  Welcome to the Robert Stone Brand  Next we see James Storm and Eli Drake backstage after a tough loss at Leap of Faith to Dunne and Dijakovic. They are walked up on by Robert Stone who introduces himself. He says Storm and Drake are so close and have come so close to beating Dunne and Dijakovic. That they just need the right guidance. That extra push and that he could be that for them. That they can be the first 2 men In the Robert Stone Brand. Storm and Drake at first are not interested but Stone convinces them to let him get them a match for next week and to be at Ringside. He says he can be the difference maker for them. They give in  ASW Tri State Championship Match: Brian Cage vs ???  Brian Cage decides to have an open challenge for his new Tri State Championship which is originally answered by The Golden Party’s Shelton Benjamin but Hybrid3 attack the Golden Party and Ali instead takes his place. Cage would ultimately throw Ali around. Ali gave it his best Effor but Cage was to dominate and wins the match retaining his Tri State Championship    Dolph Ziggler is disgusted  Dolph Ziggler comes out to the ring and talks about his disappointing lose to Chris Jericho but then he brings up another point about how he is disgusted with Dexter Lumis actions. He questions how Lumis could even live with himself after attacking and taking out a legend of this wrestling business in Tim Storm. Ziggler wants Lumis to speak up for his actions. Lumis comes out to the ramp and just stares at Ziggler without saying one word. Dolph Ziggler says next week I’ll be in this ring ready to fight you. You can show up if you want.  The War Machine vs The Cartel (Andrade, Sammy Guevara, Rush)  In our main event we see The War Machine defeat the Cartel in a 6 Man Tag Team Match when Aleister Black pinned Rush to pick up the victory. After the match though The King’s of Wrestling (Roderick Strong, Flip Gordon, Kip Sabain) led by Tully Blanchard attack Black and War Machine Beating them up with a Sneak attack to close the show. King’s of Wrestling Stand tall 
    • I love Bret Hart though I never really gave much thought to the idea of his career trajectory had he not been injured, at least not past the death of WCW. I definitely don't think he would want to have anything to do with WWE at this point. Bret Hart to me has always seemed to be one of the most passionate guys towards the business though I do wonder if the family deaths and the way WCW mishandled him might have at least pushed him to step away from the ring for a bit, I don't think he would outright retire though. Working in TNA definitely seems to be the most likely option. As far as I know Jeff Jarrett is friends with Bret on some level and Jeff brought in a lot of his fellow WCW members early on. There's an alternate universe out there where Bret Hart was a pillar of TNA alongside Sting which sounds awesome. As far as wrestling greats go, I always feel like Bret gets somewhat neglected. To me he's pretty much the total package and if we had like an extra decade of Bret working TNA that would be incredible. This is a huge what if that I'd love to see explored more in maybe a diary or something. 
    • As the third match on Valor wraps up, the camera fades to a black screen. Eventually, a message plays, advertising Valor Chapter 2: Exodus. "Inside this Temple on August 15th, 2020 at Exodus, men lead by temptation will continue to be tested. As Valor superstars hand over their safety, their careers into the hands of Shai at a chance to reach that destiny. Inside the temple hangs two prizes, two medallions. In its true exchange, one cannot gain a great deal unless one is willing to dare losing all." On the screen now appears the graphic for the temple match, displaying all the contestants. In the top right of the picture, Gunner's face is crossed out with a black, inky X. On the top left of the graphic, Yelich's face is crossed out in the same manner. The camera now zooms in to the bottom left of the graphic until Arius' face fills the frame. The screen slowly fades out to show none other than Mikey standing in a gallery walk. Without saying a word, Mikey beckons the camera forward as the cameraman begins walking with him. It's only fitting I save the best for last, right? Or second to last if our mystery opponent decides to reveal himself, but alas my next subject is Arius. You know Arius, I've met a lot of people in my short career so far. I've collided with some of the best in the business. Bailey, Slim, Flynn, Sameer, you name it. But ever since day one, the day I stepped foot into this business, there's always been one man who's been able to catch my eye more than them. That man is you. I have a hell of a lot of respect for you, Arius, more than the rest of the guys in the back. You succeeded where I failed, and that's ascending to the top. I won't deny your greatness, it's plain to see. Your accolades speak for themselves. Hell, you're even the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion currently. And for the second time this year? Bravo, bravo. But let's forget about now and take a trip to the past, if you will. Mikey stops walking and points upward, the camera following his finger. Above where he is standing is a large framed picture. In this picture is the then BPZ NXT Champion Arius gripping onto the shoulder of Mikey, staring at him intently with the microphone raised to his mouth. Mikey meets his eye contact, standing off with him to create the moment. I look back on this occasion fondly even to this day. This is where it all began. This is when NXT was revolutionized. Out were the undeserving champions before us and in were a new breed of stars, stars who would go on to succeed in the business. A rare quality, but our era was loaded with them. We drove that change, Arius. The critics were buzzing, saying maybe it was finally time for BPZ to make NXT mean something. They were wrong. We made that division mean something. But it's all changed, hasn't it? The fire, intensity, mysteriousness, what happened? You're a changed man now, but I suppose I can say the same thing about myself. Out is the jittery rookie who was just looking for a chance to prove himself and in is a man who's had the spotlight and understands what it's all about. You've never faced that man, Arius. The past may be something we both hold dearly, and while it's important to never forget where we came from, it's important to look at where we are now. And right, now I'm a bigger threat to you than ever before. Mikey once more waves the camera forward and he continues to pace onward. But this time, he doesn't make a remark, rather walking around with his hands clasped behind his back while admiring the artwork. Eventually, he pauses once again, backtracking a few steps. The camera rises upward once more to reveal yet another picture. This one depicts both Arius and KENJI, Invictus, standing in the ring with the Clapspiracy Tag Team Invitational trophy held between them. Just in the frame on the outside of the ring is Mikey and Alex, the Firing Squad who are lucky up at the victors. And so we met again. This was the moment it all set in. Just like with Yelich, I realized I wasn't invincible. Even alongside my partner Alex Costa, I was still not able to overcome you. We had all we needed to get it done, but yet something stopped us. Was it Alex? Or was it me? I've been wondering this for a long time. Defeating Alex was the justification I was looking for. But yet it was not the truth. That night, I lost us that tournament. I still didn't understand. I was riding high off my main event performance at Survivor Series and failed to realize the challenge put in front of me. But that will not happen again. I've become acclimated to challenge. I've faced some of the best in the business like Sameer, FDS, Bob Sparks, and many many more. You are just like the rest of them, Arius. An obstacle in my way. You may be different in everyone else's eyes. A soul who wonders the Earth, speaks wisely and tries to influence his way through the world, but to me, you're just like every other guy in the back. Every other guy I've had to defeat in my career. In that tournament, you had KENJI by your side and I had Alex Costa at mine. At Exodus, there's no help from anyone. You will be locked in that temple with myself, Gunner and Yelich. At that point, you're free to be decimated by me. I've been working nonstop since our last few encounters, trying to get better than you. You are that benchmark I've never been able to pass, and believe me when I say it's one I want to pass so damn bad. I'm ready for whatever you may bring to our fight. This illusion you hide under, this mysterious character, the intention behind it is the same. To win at whatever cost. That's an intention that I posses and can't blame you for having. But my question is, why hide it? Break through, Arius, show the world who you really are. And if you don't choose to do so, I'll have no choice but to do so at Exodus. With these words, Mikey turns his back to the camera and slowly walks out the exit, hands in his pockets as he looks at the last few pieces of art. As he does so, the screen slowly fades out until nothing is left but black. Soon enough, the same fiery words appear on the screen. "Valor Chapter 2: Exodus. Two will meet their fate. Two will achieve their destiny." After this message, the graphic for the temple match appears once more. But now, Arius's face in the bottom left is crossed with the same black, inky X that covers both Yelich and Gunner's face. The only man that remains now is Mikey.
    • The concept of Tag Team Appreciation Night was a great one but I think the execution was subpar. One thing I thought was why not have some of those Deadly Draw matches on this episode of Dynamite? I mean as far as the women's division goes, they literally only got like a two minute match on this episode of Dynamite. The neglect of the women is embarrassing and the Deadly Draw matches would have been more meaningful than the matches we did have. Like Jurassic Express isn't exactly a credible tag team in my eyes and I would want a bigger challenging team for the TTAN than that. Oh yeah The Young Bucks got a roll up win over The Dark Order in the opener. Dark Order is so ass right now and when they aren't winning at all it doesn't help them. Then of course there was the big segment with FTR and the Bucks sharing the ring with two legendary teams. I guess it sorta makes sense to have the older guys on the show to put over the current generation but it came across EVP's sucking themselves off. FTR attacking the Rock N' Roll Express was cool but that was really the only thing I liked outta the whole TTAN.    How about that TNT Championship match? Cody came out with the whole squad for some reason. I like the idea of managers being utilized more but one man doesn't need 5! Mike Chioda appearing was exciting as I was pretty bummed when he was let go from WWE. As far as the match itself goes, it would have meant a lot more if Cody didn't go ten minutes with literally everybody he faces. Like you are not getting any of these challengers over when you try to make them look equal. At one point Sky kicked out of the Cross Rhodes and they said some shit like "Who kicks out of that?" which made me laugh because I feel like it gets kicked out of all the damn time. So yeah, Sky wasn't elevated anymore than any other challenger and that's just sad. Now Brodie Lee is going to be the next challenger for the TNT Championship and I am just baffled at that choice. Brodie Lee already came in and lost the World Title match and now are they gonna have him lose a midcard championship match too? He's gonna look like a chump just like the rest of the Dark Order at that point. Also this will only leave like 2 weeks to build to All Out so the TNT Championship match then is probably gonna feel thrown together.    Main event was the big rematch between Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy. This actually made me mad because I do not believe that Chris Jericho should have even been in this feud in the first place, much less actually losing to Orange Cassidy! Chris Jericho could be helping the star of tomorrow and instead he's dicking around with Freshly Squeezed. Don't get me wrong, I actually like Orange Cassidy, but he's undercard as undercard comes. He's a funny little act that shouldn't be beating your inaugural world champion even if it's a small package. Chris Jericho should be working with the guys who could someday be world champions themselves which Cassidy certainly is not. Hell, if the matches hadn't been so competitive, in the main event, and Orange Cassidy hadn't won one of them, I would probably have a bit more favor toward the whole feud. Dumbass decisions here in my opinion and overall not a Dynamite that I enjoyed.

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