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WWE Universe Mode: #37 is now available to view on BrendenPlayz Youtube! It's time to finalize Wrestlemania. Tonight, we will have two big matches to determine our championships matches for the big event. Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura will battle Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin to determine our number one contender's for the RAW Tag Team Championships. Plus, Buddy Murphy, Sheamus and Austin Theory will fight it out in a Triple Threat match to determine Robert Roode's Intercontinental Championship opponent.
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All Elite Wrestling: "Back Together Again" #19

After spending the last couple of months fighting alone, tonight Hangman Adam Page will finally reunite with his tag team partner Kenny Omega as they take on Proud 'N' Powerful. Will the former champions be able to coincide to defeat Santana and Ortiz?
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Streaming live on the WWE Network, its NXT TakeOver: WarGames! Discuss it here!
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NJPW World Tag League 2020

The winners of World Tag League will set themselves up to challenge for the IWGP Tag Team Titles at Wrestle Kingdom 15!
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    • BJPW Ikebana Matchcard Predictions IWGP Womens Championship Match: Toni Storm vs Konami vs Mayu Iwatani vs Paige VanZant   IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship: Hiromu Takahashi (c) vs El Phantasmo   Miro vs Tomohiro Ishii   Jay White vs Bad Luck Fale   Never Openweight Championship Match: KENTA (c) vs Shingo Takagi   IWGP Intercontinental Championship Match: Tetsuya Naito (c) vs Toru Yano   Will Ospreay vs Kazuchika Okada   IWGP World Championship Match: Minoru Suzuki (c) vs Juice Robinson
    • BOB JAPAN PRO WRESTLING “COOCHIE CROWN CUP”: Round 2 Night 2 Match One: CCC Round 2 Match: Paige VanZant vs Angela Lee In the first of our CCC Round 2 Matchups tonight, Paige VanZant defeated Angela Lee in 5:06 after Paige VanZant was able to put away Angela Lee with an uppercut. Paige looked dominant here as she has earned her spot in the fatal fourway that will decide the first IWGP Womens Champion at NJPW Ikebana. Match Two: CCC Round 2 Match: Chardonnay vs Mayu Iwatani In a great match, Mayu Iwatani defeated Chardonnay in 16:06 after Mayu Iwatani was able to put away Chardonnay with a Bridging Dragon Suplex. Mayu Iwatani has earned her final spot in the CCC Finals as it will be; Toni Storm vs Mayu Iwatani vs Konami vs Paige VanZant to crown the first ever IWGP Womens Champion. Match Three: Jay White vs Chase Owens In a good match, Jay White defeated Chase Owens in 12:42 after he was able to put away Owens with a Blade Runner. Jay White looking to get him revenge on the Bullet Club for kicking him out of the group and a win over Chase Owens tonight is a good start to that. Match Four: Will Ospreay vs Hirooki Goto Continuing to roll along with the matches tonight, Will Ospreay defeated Hirooki Goto in 13:05 after a quick roll up to pick up the win. We would see a botched interference from Kazuchika Okada allowing Ospreay to pick up the win. The tensions between Ospreay and Okada are no doubt at an all time high and we will have to see what is next for these two. Match Five: Kota Ibushi vs Robbie Eagles In a solid match, Kota Ibushi defeated Robbie Eagles in 14:42 with a Golden Star Powerbomb. A good win for Ibushi as he looks to get some momentum back from recent losses. He will now look to move forward and get back in his groove. Main Event: Minoru Suzuki vs David Finlay Jr. In an excellent match, Minoru Suzuki defeated David Finlay Jr. in 13:06 after making him submit to the rear naked choke. We would see Suzuki go to beatdown but would be interrupted by Juice Robinson. Robinson though trying to save his tag partner would be beatdown by Minoru Suzuki along with the rest of Suzuki-Gun to close the show.
    • This should be a cracker of a contest, and I'm very happy that this was the option WWE went with out of the three choices. Styles has been great since moving over to RAW and I personally think that his act with Omogbehin is second to only Fiend and Bliss on the Red Brand. I think another big win for Drew would once again solidify how good of a 2020 he's had, where at stages he was really putting the company on his back and putting out the best bit of programming every week. I don't think they need a stipulation although it could create some shenanigans during the match which is always fun to see. Great decision, very excited for the eventual match
    • ESPN First Take comes back from commercial break as they show Molly welcoming everybody back in. Hans and Bob are still there as they continue from the questions coming from the First Take crew, the segment pouring in great ratings so far as First Take viewership is at an all time high. Sports fans’ clearly wanting to hear what Bob and Hans have to say here live. Bob Sparks: Well first things first we will be making it past this first round there is no doubt in my mind about that Stephen A. Addy and Gunner Flynn simply put, are losers. They are just kind of another minor roadblock along the way. Now they are solid pieces of the roster I will give them that but they certainly are not on the level of Bob Sparks and Hans Clayton. I mean looking at Addy first both Hans and I have kicked his ass before in round one matchups and will simply do it again. As for his teammate Gunner Flynn well he did beat me back in the day although never pinned me in that matchup, everytime we have stepped into that ring since I have ran through him no problem. At King of the Ring I told him I was ending the chapter of our history and I did just that. So heading into this match he is just another guy that I already beat and I will repeat that once again. As for the rest of the tournament looking at the Valor side of the tournament we have Mikey and Brandon Hendrix taking on Chimera. Now I have never shared the ring with Hendrix but we have had our issues backstage, and with Mikey he is one hell of a competitor. A former teammate of ours in fact. But I think that just like usual Brandon Hendrix will drag that team down just as his quote on quote friend Angelo Caito has done with this entire division just a few months ago. Now they will be taking on Chimera who it would take too many words to describe how I am feeling about that. But let’s just put it in a simple way, I just beat them in a tag team match and I will do it again if they as well as us make it to the second round of this tournament. With the Carnage side of things I am not too worried to be honest. At the end of the day we will have to deal with one of the four teams and when we find out what team that is I have no doubt that Hans and I will be able to deal with it. So I won’t waste my breath on the Carnage side of things for now as I have no doubt I will be speaking about them later down the line. But overall, yeah I’d say it is a fairly competitive tournament and it will be interesting to see who we have to run through to win it. Max Kellerman: Well Bob you seem very confident in your ability to come out on top in this tournament which I don’t want to seem disrespectful but that is a bit surprising to me. You see Bob, it was not long ago that you found yourself in another tournament, Survival Games. Now it is no secret that you struggled in that tournament so it might be foolish of me to ask this but what makes you so confident that you can come out on top in this one, after your latest tournament performance? Stephen A Smith: Max how could you ask something so blasphemous. This man is the god damn BRACKET BUSTER, the man that you so rudely questioned on tournament performance? How stupid can you be, unbelievable Max Kellerman, I apologize of the ignorance of my co-host Bob. Bob Sparks: No it’s quite alright Stephen A. Max has a point, Survival Games no doubt is a stain on my career that I will have to carry with me for my entire career. But if you want to know why I am so confident because I have Hans Clayton by my side. I finally have my chance to write the wrong this company made when they cast the Cut-Throat Crew away like we were nothing. Everyone wanted to see Cut-Throat Crew taking on Creed but after bad decisions we saw the devastating effects it had on the Valor brand. So to write this wrong is one of the next steps I want to take in my career. But I know that overall my history in tournaments has been impactful to be the least, I am not a man you can just count out and with Hans and I back together I can assure you that we will come out on top when the finals come around. Stephen A Smith: Well Bob I have one more question for you. Recently we saw you and your wife Alexa have your first child, congratulations on that beautiful family that you have first off. But I have seen in my time two things happen to athletes after having their first child. They either succumb to the pressure of trying to make their child proud, or they flourish with that child made as their new driving point. So I want to see what type of man you are Bob, are you going to rise up or crumble? Bob Sparks: Well I think I proved what type of man I was at Survivor Series Stephen A. I had Chimera and the men on their side talking about my wife and my child. They told them I would disappoint them, that they would send me home crippled. But spoiler alert none of that happened. I came out on top when I had a target on my back. Every single one of the men on that team had a reason to want me down for good but they were not able to do it. Nothing in this company has been able to keep me down, not people stabbing me in the back, not post match assaults, not even hitting rock bottom. I have always found a way to bounce back from my hardships and will continue to do so not only throughout the rest of my wrestling career but my life. Not just for me, but for my family, my wife Alexa, and my daughter Sydney. Stephen A Smith: Now I have one final question for you Mr. Hans Clayton. With this year almost finally being over, do you have any particular plans for 2021?  Hans: To be quite honest with you Stephen A, I really don’t know what 2021 will have in store for me. Of course I have few things I want to achieve but you can’t really predict what’s going to happen in the world of wrestling, you may never know how the year is going to turn out. Being the World Champion is something that's on the top of my list of course, being Tag Champions with my brother Bob, lot’s of things I want to accomplish but we shall see when that year ends, and where I'll end up.  We would see Hans flash a grin as we see the segment wind to a close. The interview is no doubt one of the best to ever grace First Take as this will likely not be the last time that we see either Bob Sparks or Hans Clayton on the show.  Max Kellerman: We Appreciate you guys being here on First Take. Molly Qerim: Yeah really glad we were able to talk to the both of you. Bob Sparks & Hans Clayton: Pleasure was all ours. ESPN First Take would go to commercial as Bob and Hans made their presence felt going into this year’s Clapsiracy Tag Team Tournament. Both making their intentions very clear.

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