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    • I watched this movie a while back and I watched it again the other night, but I highly recommend "We need to talk about Kevin". It's a very confronting movie, it deals with a lot of real life issues and I think it's very well done from the story to the acting. You won't leave the movie feeling happy or entertained but rather questioning what the fuck actually happened. It raises heaps of questions and for that I applaud it highly   
    • Part 6 Nuzlocke Rules 1. Any fainted Pokemon is considered dead (cannot be used again) 2. Can only catch the first Pokemon the appears on a route (with species and shiny clause) 3. Must nickname all caught Pokemon 4. No legendaries/traded Pokemon (can only catch) 5. If all Pokemon in the party faint, they are considered dead, but others in the PC can still be used to continue the playthrough 6. These rules are not enforced until the first Pokeball is obtained Yessir, yessir I am finally back. That US title is looking mighty fine, and the diary grind begins today. We last left off right outside Eternia Forest, and today we will not only be clearing the forest, but attempting to defeat the second gym. So I enter the forest, and right away I am greeted by Cheryl, some random lady with a Chansey. She says she needs help going through the forest, and being the gentleman I am, I help her get through it (AKA I have no choice). But no complaints here, because not only do I get full experience for double battles, but she heals my Pokemon at the end of every fight. The catch? Well, no pun intended, but I can only catch Pokemon when there's one left. So for my first encounter, I find a Budew and a Hoothoot, some great luck. I have neither and can choose between the two. I go for Budew to upgrade my coverage if need be, and I catch it without much trouble. Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming Spud to the team! Unfortunately, I'm going to keep my team for now, so Spud will have to remain on the DL for now. I keep making my way through the forest, getting some pretty good experience for both Wukong and Star Squared with all the bug types. I had one somewhat close call with these two Abra. I killed the first one in one shot with wing attack, but the second one hit me with a hidden power, a move that has a random typing. Even though it was neutral against my normal/flying Star Squared, it still did about half which was frankly terrifying. Abra's can hit hard, and I'm lucky to not have found a Kababra instead (but not lucky enough to own one for myself). But anyway, we keep pushing through the forest, which honestly was no hard task for my team and reach the end. Cheryl sends me on my way with a thank you in the form of a soothe bell, an item we'll definitely be using to boost Zing's happiness for when I eventually evolve him into Crobat. And with that, the team is looking pretty solid (at least our main three). I then step foot onto Route 205, an extension of the one before the forest. This place contains a nice patch of grass for some grinding pre-gym match, a row of berries, and best of all, fishing trainers. With Current falling behind Wukong and Star Squared a bit, this was a great chance to get him back into the mix. But there's one issue. Most of the trainers on this route are great, having Pokemon like Goldeen that aren't an issue and give a solid amount of experience. But there's this one guy, Fisherman Andrew. A guy like him pops up every single game. Not under the same name, but his idea is the same. Those six Pokemon are bad news. They're definitely not insanely strong, but rather the opposite. This motherfucker has six Magikarp, probably the weakest Pokemon in the game. This wouldn't be an issue, but they give like a fourth of the experience you normally get from a Goldeen. So all in all, this fight is a waste of time. And if you don't have a grass or electric type to one shot these guys, it's going to be a rough time. Luckily, we have a Current, and she easily wipes the squad in six sparks, allowing us to go on our way in peace. We enter Eternia City and quickly make a pit-stop to heal up the squad. I then go right, and Mama crashes into me again. He takes me to his statue of...something. Honestly, I have no clue what it is. It looks like a mutation of both Dialga and Palkia (two of the regions legendaries), but it still looks really cool. To nobody's surprise, Cyrus is standing in front of it talking to himself. And then he leaves, cold as ice. Left a bit of a freeze mark on my arm if you ask me. After he's gone, Mama says a little bit more gibberish, and I'm on my way again. I go right and enter Route 211, a new route with a new encounter in store. I run into a Machop right away, definitely one of my favorite Pokemon period. Machop is decent, but its evolutions Machoke and Machamp are actually pretty nice. He breaks out of a ball with no wiggles, but succumbs to the next one right after for some unknown reason. I probably won't use him any time soon cause I'm trying to take this weak ass squad to the end game, but say hello to Tuff. I then travel slightly more east, right into Mount Coronet. I only have one motive here: get another encounter. I can find a lot of stuff here. Bronzor, Meditite, Cleffa, another Machop, and who knows what else. But sadly I get stuck with something I REALLY don't want: Nosepass. This thing is a weak rock type that evolves with some ridiculous criteria that does not appeal to me at all at this stage. To the box with Brick! And with that all out of the way, I head back to town, heal up, and go right to the gym. Gardenia is waiting outside for me, and she delivers a cocky message before going inside to wait. I enter the gym right after, and I must say, this might be my favorite gym in the game. The bright colors, interesting design, and overall mechanics of it are something you never really see in games anymore. It looks so simple yet so intricate, and it pays off well for a grass gym. I mean, just look at it. Beautiful. Anyway, the premise is to beat a trainer, and the petals on this flower clock spin, moving you to the next area. I beat everyone in there with ease, destroying their teams in one or two hits with Wukong and Star Squared. I go back for a quick heal, and now it is time for Gardenia. She has an interesting time, containing Turtwig, Cherrim, and Roserade. These three can do some damage together, and it's essential to play your cards right. Luckily for me, just sending out Wukong is enough to deal with Turtwig and Cherrim. However, Cherrim takes two hits to kill, and therefore she hits a leech seed, forcing me to switch to Star Squared once it faints. Here's the battle I was looking forward to: Roserade versus Star Squared. Star hits a wing attack right off the back, knocking Roserade into the red, forcing it to eat its sitrus berry. This restores its health a little bit, and it follows up with stun spore, paralyzing me. Now the AI can't heal Roserade, and I have an easy win if I'm not fully paralyzed. Roserade is now faster and hits a magical leaf, doing nearly half of my health, a cause for concern. But Star Squared powers through the paralysis and lands the KO blow, taking the victory despite being a level lower. And yeah, it was really that simple. We get the badge, get grass knot (hate that move), and get out of the gym, healing our Pokemon. Stay tuned for next episode, because we have some interesting Team Galactic business to deal with. Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed! Next episode coming soon!    
    • THE GREAT WAR WBW 2.0 WWE - ICON EVOLVE - Smith NXT - BobtheBomb AEW - Slim & Bart RevPro - Alex Costa Blackcraft Wrestling - Aaron North NJPW - Meko Stardom - Gwynfro    
    • I’m excited for Bucks vs Omega and Page, if omega and page lose, I think page  will turn heel. Also, Hager vs Rhodes I think will just ok. Nothing special.Jericho vs Moxley will be great too, I’m 50/50 on this however, and Darby vs Sammy will be a great match, and Cody vs MJF! I actually think MJF might win this one, because it will kill him if he loses, because I don’t think he can rebound from this. Cody can probably rebound better, that’s why I think MJF will win and should win Bc it benifits him more and the long run.
    • Saw Jumanji on Friday and it was pretty good, better than the first. Very funny and wholesome movie that the Rock and Kevin Hart stand out in, it's nothing that will keep you on your seat but if you wants some laughs then go see this movie.

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