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    • Episode 7/15 We see the First Class Express pull up outside a hotel on the outskirts of Melbourne. A porter comes to the bus and helps them get their bags in Porter: Ah the BPZ party. You’re early, and 2 members down BiC: Long story Porter: Ok, here are all the keys for your rooms. Enjoy  1 hour later Everyone is sat in the hotel restaurant, talking. Hans, Bash and BiC are talking but BiC is clearly distracted. Toxik takes a seat next to them. Bob and Meko come down, looking surprisingly sober. The champagne girl offers everyone a drink which nearly all take, as Brenden and Keeley arrive dressed fancily. The two mingle with Sheridan before everyone takes their seats. Nathan arrives late, snatches champagne off the girl and sits next to Sheridan, who looks devastated. Brenden stands up and hits the champagne glass with a spoon Brenden: Today we lost a legend of BPZ and we also lost Bailey. I am going to buy a candle and light it for them both. Who’s with me? Everyone raises their glasses as Brenden smiles sympathetically Brenden: That will be $10 from everyone. Everyone looks guilty as Brenden stares them down until they hand the money over to Brenden.  Brenden: Where is Arius, I haven’t seen him? I will look for him outside Brenden leaves as everyone engages in conversation. However BiC looks around, seeing everybody in the room as a suspect, until suddenly a loud thump is heard. This wakes BiC up from his trance who looks to see everyone standing up BiC: What’s going on? He pushes past everyone and opens the door to see everyone looking down at Brenden, who was sprawled unconscious on the floor with a brick next to his head 
    • (Never feuded with Brenden and I can’t remember Brenden feuding with Flynn but whatever) Flynn vs Bart
    • Tyrell's POV   It doesn't get any more stereotypical than an African American male teen living in the slums and being part of a gang. Tyrell Roland was well aware of that. Each and every day he spent in the slums he could almost hear the racial comments others spoke. Tyrell was sitting down on some cement steps smoking and checking his phone. One of his fellow gang members had just texted him, telling him to meet up at the local gas station fifteen minutes away. Tyrell stood up and started walking towards his destination after making sure he had his Glock tucked in the waistband of his camo pants. Once he came across the gas station he was greeted by the only family he ever truly had. Fifteen teenage males varying in race, all wearing white tank tops and camo pants. They were the street gang that called themselves The Blood Syndicate. Tyrell greeted his brothers with a big smile on his face. Life in the slums was hard, you could be walking down the sidewalk minding your own business and get a bullet to the back of the head all in hopes you were carrying a decent amount of money. Sometimes it wouldn't even be about that, it could be as simple as a show of dominance. With a threat like that, Tyrell was grateful to have people watching his back. " We got a problem G," one of his brothers said. " We've got a turncoat. Marcus has sided with the Fatherless Disciples. We've got to go get him." Tyrell furrowed his brow. Marcus huh? That was unfortunate, Tyrell always liked and looked up to him. He had been the run to induct him into The Blood Syndicate but business was business and no matter how much Tyrell did not want to get involved, he had to be taught a lesson. " Let's do it," Tyrell said and together the Blood Syndicate went to perform their unholy deed. Tyrell walked until he came across the gravel driveway of Marcus's driveway. The hot afternoon sun burned into his skin, Tyrell wondered if God was looking at him with such intensity as well. Forget about it, just do your job Tyrell told himself heading to the garage where his friend would no doubt be working on his car. Sure enough, his Hispanic friend was polishing his Corvette and looked up when he saw Marcus. " Hey man," he said. " Hey" Tyrell responded. " What's up?" Tyrell briefly considered just turning around and walking away. But doing that would be turning on his family and he couldn't do that. " Something's come up, there's an emergency meeting. Jasper is meeting us here to pick us up." " What's happened?" Marcus asked narrowing his eyes. " Don't know, I just got the call." " Alright, let's go." " I'll let Jasper and know we're ready to go," Tyrell said taking his phone out of his pocket and texting Jasper.  Marcus and Tyrell walk to the end of his driveway and waved as a gray Sedan pulled up. Tyrell got in the passenger seat and Marcus got in the back, sitting next to the leader of The Blood Syndicate, Yankee. After a few moments, Yankee lunged for Marcus and began strangling him. Jasper kept his eyes on the road and Tyrell put his earphones in trying to block out the sounds of Marcus's frantic choking. They drove to a broken down decrepit building and parked. Yankee and Jasper carried the passed out Marcus into the building and tied him to a chair. Once they were done they nodded at Tyrell who was smoking a cigarette to help calm his nerves. " You know the drill Tyrell," Yankee said in parting as he and Jasper got back in the gray Sedan and left. Tyrell sighed and silently waited for Marcus to wake up. Marcus woke up a short while later and looked around frantically. ' What the hell is going on here?!" he demanded angrily while squinting in the singular bulb hanging in front of him. Tyrell approached from behind and stood to the left of Marcus " you know what this is about man," he said softly. " Tyrell? Yo man, this isn't funny. You better let me go!" " We both know I can't do that. Yankee will kill me" Tyrell said now standing in front of a man he once called brother. " Yankee? I don't understand, why did Yankee-" " We know you turned on us dude," Tyrell said cutting him off. " What, no I didn't! I'd never turn on you guys!" " Joel told me and we both know Joel's intel is always credible," Tyrell said. " You know what this means Marcus. I don't want to do this man but orders are orders." " Wait... is this about what went down with the Fallen Disciples?" Marcus asked puzzled. " Exactly. Siding with our bitterest rivals... what the hell were you thinking?" " Look, man, it wasn't like that! I was just-" Whatever Marcus was going to say next was interrupted by a cry of pain as concrete shot into his legs. " What the hell?!" he demanded, tears of agony running down his face. " Yeah, I'm told that hurts," Tyrell said, unwilling and unable to look at his former mentor in the eyes. " What the... are you a Deviant?!" Marcus demanded. More concrete was drilled into the legs of Marcus. " You remember when I was in the hospital for a few months after getting shot in that driveby?" Tyrell asked. " Yeah," Marcus said through gritted teeth. " You know how I more or less disappeared for a few weeks after that?" " Yeah, what are you trying to say?!" " What I'm saying is, that drive-by was no surprise act, I saw it coming. See I ran into a few of them a few days before that and they were going to kill me for my wallet. I was so desperate to defend myself that... I somehow managed to bury them alive by manipulating the earth. Then, I was healed in half the time it would take for a normal person to heal from that. I knew then and there what I was but I had to hide it so I kept injuring myself so the hospital wouldn't get suspicious. After I was released I went looking for the bastards that sent me there and took revenge on them with this power." Marcus was silent for a long time, his head bowed. " You should have come to me man." " What would that have done?" Tyrell demanded, causing the concrete to cover the lower legs of Marcus. He grunted in pain and struggled to free himself to no avail. " Come on Tyrell, you can't do this to me. Please man, I've got a daughter, you know Adriel. She loves you to death, how do you think she'll react if she knew you were doing this?" " With any luck, she'll never find out. Don't worry, I'll never tell her that her father betrayed his family, I respect you too much to tarnish her image of you." The concrete went past the knees now and kept spreading. " I didn't betray anyone!" Marcus said. " Here's what happened. I gave some of the supply to the Fatherless Disciples to help out one of their members." " Sounds like treachery to me," Tyrell said. " Normally it would be but, that Fatherless Disciple was my brother man!" Tyrell stopped and looked at Marcus sharply. He remembered the day Marcus's brother had gone missing. Vanished as if he never existed. No one knew anything and the Peacekeepers had done very little to investigate. It had been assumed he had been abducted and killed. " What did you just say? You saw Pete?!" " Yeah, his biological mother kidnapped him and moved with her boyfriend. We ran into each other recently. He's a drug dealer for the Fatherless Disciples and is in deep shit. So I've been helping him out." Tyrell searched Marcus's face for any hint of deception but found none. Could it be true? It sounds a little too convenient but honestly, I've heard worse stories that turned out to be true. " Come on man, you understand right? What if it had been Reggie?" " Don't bring up Reggie!" Tyrell snapped, the concrete spreading faster. Marcus grunted in pain and gave Tyrell an imploring look " I'm sorry. Just let me go, do me this one solid!" " I really wish I could but what if Yankee were to find out? Besides, you might snitch on me now that you know the truth." " I'd never snitch on you!" Marcus protested hotly. " Look , I'll take my brother and daughter and disappear, you'll never see me again. I just want to be with my family. Surely you know what it's like." Tyrell bit his lower lip as he contemplated what to do. He sighed and freed Marcus from the concrete " you better not get caught. If Yankee sees you again, I'm dead too." Tyrell freed Marcus from his confines and helped him outside the building only to remember they had no car. " Shit!" Tyrell swore at Marcus. " Sorry man, there's no one I trust to call, we may have to walk." " It's fine, you get out of here. I'll call my brother. And don't worry. Your secret is safe with me. I owe you my life brother and I'll make good  on that debt one day." The two young men shook hands and Tyrell ran off. He had mixed feelings about what he had just done. On one hand, he was scared of what would happen should any member of The Blood Syndicate learn of what he did. But... he owed Marcus a lot and it felt good to repay him in some way. He trusted Marcus not to betray his secret. Tyrell's thoughts were interrupted as he arrived back to his area of the slums. Black armored vans were everywhere and Peacekeepers were stopping everyone they spotted, checking to see if they were Deviants, causing many to cry in despair, their wails splitting the night sky. A Peacekeeper approached Tyrell gun drawn. " Got any weapons or anything on you?" he snarled, eyeing Tyrell with undisguised contempt. Tyrell gave him a cold look " maybe there is, maybe there isn't. None of your business." " Looks like you're another run of the mill thug," the Peacekeeper said coldly before aiming his gun and shooting both of Tyrell's kneecaps. Tyrell let out a cry of agony as he collapsed on the ground. The Peacekeeper took out his device and pricked his finger. He looked at the result and smirked " And it looks like you're a dirty Deviant as well. Looks like I'm going to fill my quota after all." He placed Tyrell's hands behind his back and hauled him to an armored squad van with ten others. Tyrell's thought was solely on the pain he was in as the back door was slammed shut and the van drove off.
    • Hey buddy how about you stop getting over yourself fool why do you say nobody cares what I have to say. If they don’t they want to hear what I have to say then they can leave the arena oh yeh how is the dolphins Miami? Oh wait my bad there losing games. Corey you say nobody cares what I have to say well that’s why I rant but why should I rant when I can roast you and make you cry but I’m afraid you’d be too scared to fight me. You say you gonna pin me 123?    News flash that’s not really happening so when I win 1 2 3 and my hand will be raised.    Arrow leaves the ring yelling Corey we’ll see at HH.

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