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    • It's kind of cool that Dominik gets to debut at Summerslam, same as his father (and also 15 years after they had a match over custody of him). Honestly though I'm not really looking forward to this in large part because I feel like Aleister Black has been shafted by this feud. The man hadn't been pinned or submitted in proper singles matches and when he finally does it wasn't treated as a big deal like it should have. Aleister was turned into an afterthought when really I think he should have been in this spot against Seth Rollins instead as their rubber match. Dominik better be a prodigy if he's getting a singles match against a multi time world champion at Summerslam because I don't think he deserves this simply because his dad is Rey Mysterio. Even so, I wish him the best and hope that he does a good job. 
    • The scene starts with the sounds of rain hitting the ground and something else we can not make out yet. We see the scene begin to grow lighter as we see a bus stop, a dim street light providing some light on it’s side, enough light though for us to make out a man sitting there. It’s Bob Sparks as he is just sitting there, wearing a Cut-Throat Crew hoodie just staring at the ground. He seems to have been on some sort of run here, a bit of a late night jog at least. The camera is far enough away that we can’t really make out his expression but we can take a guess by the surrounding setting. Dark, cold, but a bit of light still making its way showing some hope for Bob Sparks. We can begin to confirm Bob’s mood as he begins to speak. I hope you’re good, like honestly. I miss you, but I understand. I know this is what you both felt like you needed to do, and that...that is okay. I would say that things are going fine, but I can’t lie to either of you. Your departure broke me, broke me into a million pieces. But I know one day I’ll get them back together, get my pieces back as a whole. I know it won’t be today, or anytime in the near future but eventually it’ll happen. I never knew how much y'all meant to me before you were gone, but I realize just how lucky I was now. Lucky to be in something like that. Lucky to have people like you by my side. Now even though doing this without you is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do….I’m doing it. I’m going to keep pushing through just like you would have both wanted me too. I’m going to keep trucking along for the both of you because I know you both would want to see me thrive not fall. But rest assured when I do get that success I want you both to know, I will think of you first, because you are the reason I kept moving to get there. I will be forever Cut-Throat. Bob would look off into the distance as there is clearly no bus anywhere around. He would then get up and begin to walk back the way he came, the rain pouring as he does. He does not seem to care though as the big man just strolls his way along down the street. The rain, although wet and cold, has a calming tone behind it. Bob’s broken voice would begin to rain in as he begins to speak, continuing to walk along down the road. You know every step of my life, there is a question that has come with me. Someone always wanted to know what makes me different? What quality do I possess, what factor do I have that makes me different from everybody else? Well it’s something I never really knew the answer to. You know I always gave the generic answer that my size was my x-factor which put me above everyone else I had come across. But now that I have grown, matured a bit I know those answers were not true. No although those are positives that I know help my case. The answer to that question is how relentless I am. How I have always fought for what I believed was right or the better option in this company even when others called me crazy or tried to shut me down.  Sheridan and Hans though they had the same thoughts as me and they had that relentlessness no doubt. I mean I am sure you have heard about what Sheridan was up to backstage and her rants and all the times she yelled at some of the other producers. She was a fighter that was for sure, always trying to make this place better. One thing led to another though, and she is gone now. I can’t blame her with the way things were going around here. Undeserving title matches, and the Cut-Throat Crew just being cast aside like we meant nothing to Valor. And hell maybe they will begin to realize the mistake they made, when this shitty brand fails. There would be a bit of a pause as we see Bob think for a moment, even stopping his walk as well. He would eventually carry on though both with his walk and with his words. Bob clearly wanted to choose his words carefully. Bob on the Valor brand although not happy with the way that it has been going as of late. Not happy with it’s recent decisions and trends. He would begin to speak once more, continuing on his thoughts.  I know I am probably not supposed to talk about Valor like that but I would much rather be honest about what is going on, instead of just watching the ship sink. People coming back and trying to salvage anything they can get out of it, even if it means Valor dies. The vultures are circling and they just keep pecking away, taking the scraps and the flying off. Fitting, isn’t it. But I won’t fault Necce on that, I mean at this point it seems like no one wants to stick around here anyways. Whether it be Necce himself, or my Cut-Throat comrades. It really is just a waiting game to see who leaves next. Would be fitting for some more people to leave after Chapter 2, it is called Exodus so I mean the story writes itself right? When I look around the roster, I really don’t want anyone else to leave. I like alot of the people around here, in all honesty. Sure I have had my differences with a lot of the guys in this company, but I would like to hope when it comes to a personal level, there is some respect still there. I would like to hope that this time around Necce takes me a bit more serious, even in this broken state I am in at the moment. I’ve proved that I am dangerous, proved that I can hang with some of the best that this company has to offer over my tenure. I can honestly say I do respect Necce, I mean how can I not. I know he will probably say this himself, but looking at the facts he did make me. He got all of the eyes on me from the jump after our match. He gave birth to the Bracket Buster, he put Bob Sparks on the map here in BPZ Wrestling. Necce, I know they want to see us go at each other's throats, want to see us be Cut-Throat as such. But that part of me just ain’t there, the word only brings me pain and sorrow in the end...  Bob would go to continue talking but would be cut off as we begin to hear two people screaming. Bob’s expression is in utter shock as he is frozen still, the yelling clearly coming from the alleyway but Bob not daring to look and see what is making it. The two are clearly arguing not getting along, as Bob just stands there not knowing what to say or do. Looking as if he is about to say something at points but keeps his mouth shut, but listening in on the conversation. Man: After everything I’ve fucking done! You go and do this! Dumb Bitch!  Woman: All we did was talk! I have other friends than just you, you know!  Man: Yeah I bet you do, dumb whore. You really want this to end just like that? We would hear a pause as Bob grabs onto the street light next to him while placing his other hand on his head clearly the conversation having an effect on him mentally. We would hear the conversation pause for a moment as the woman clearly does not know what to say. Bob himself is not in the condition to say anything either but eventually we see the woman speak up, clearly choked up herself, the situation clearly not good here. Woman: I never said that! What do you want? You are the one with the problem! Man: I just want...nah don’t turn this on me. We are done! Woman: Fine then. We would then hear everything go quiet, as Bob would get up the courage to peak into the alleyway but no one is there. Bob would then collapse in the alleyway, sitting down and leaning up against a wall. We see his eyes glossy as ever, clearly Bob not in good condition here tonight just as we have seen him in recent times. He would rest his head in his hands as he begins to speak once more. Necce, just speak your words and I’ll listen. Speak them clear, and speak them well. Let your words flow, and let your thoughts pour out. I’ll be waiting, I don’t know where or how. But I will make sure to listen and do my best to take them in.  We would then see Bob look up, his face red, and a few tears pouring down his face. We would then see the camera slowly fade away, before reaching a black screen. Bob clearly still is not over the fact that the Cut-Throat Crew is dead which is having devastating effects on the big man. Hopefully Bob is able to recover from this sometime soon, cause if not well then a fight with Necce might not be good for Bob, with him in this state of mind.
    • A Promotional Message From Gary Green: Congratulations to Josh who got 8/8 for predicting the KOTR First Round Matches. He now holds the Unretirement Corner Unofficial Championship. Now for the episode Glorious Domination by CFO$ hits Joshua: Welcome, to Unretirement Corner Episode 3. Today me and Gary Green look back at the 5 biggest underachievers in BPZ history. Let's have a look HERE ARE THE TOP 5 GREATEST UNDERACHIEVERS IN THE HISTORY OF BRENDENPLAYZ WRESTLING 5. Joshua Scott Green: Not sorry Josh, we knew this was coming up. For someone hyped up in 2016, and who has nearly always been around, and who has won 4 championships. HE HAS NEVER MADE A SINGLE SUCCESFUL DEFENCE OF A TITLE IN 4 YEARS. He also hasn't won a championship in over 2 years, and saw his name dragged through the mud in 2019 when he became the leader of SSW Club, and mismanaged them. His constant losses for the World Championship last year further damaged his reputation, and you cant help feeling, had he managed his career better, he may be in a better place 4. Blade/Hollow Josh: I don't agree with that entry but anyway. He arrived here 5 years ago and often works so hard, but gets so little in return. The best example was at last years Mania, when he was so so close to winning Money In The Bank and getting himself so close to becoming the top man of the company, only to end up losing to Sameer. As one of the best promoers around and a true underdog, the fact he is yet to win a World Championship is surprising  3. Prince Green: When people say to me, who is the best you have seen who has never won the World Title, my answer would be Prince, although no one has actually ever asked me that question. He is one of the best promoers and workers EVER on his day, but we just dont see him on his day enough. If he hits form, he will be a top champion in this company 2. BiC Josh: Yes he is a 2x World Champion, and it is hard to call that underachieving but it is. He has worked so hard and deserves even more than he has already won. Many list him as one of the BPZ greats, and its fair to say he could have had even more World Championship reigns. However, one man has underachieved more .... 1. Nebakos Green: Thats right, topping our list is the 3x World Champion, Nebakos. Neb is listed by many as the Number One BPZ Wrestler of All Time, however he doesnt hold that distinction as much anymore. And whilst 3 World title reigns is impressive, the manner he was champion wasnt so. His longest reign comes in at 28 days, his following 2 didnt even last 10 minutes. For someone so well respected (and rightfully so), its surprising a GOAT contender hasn't even had 1 good World Championship Reign Well thats our list. What do you guys think? And join me and Gary Green next week for an interview. Thank you and goodnight. 
    • Name - Prince Curry Age - 16 Nationality - Bangladeshi Club - Bolton Skin Tone - Brown Height - 5'6 Weight - 63kg Position - LW  
    • Number 16:  ROH FINAL BATTLE (2016) Adam Cole vs Kyle O'Reilly This former tag team went to war in a No Disqualifications Match for the ROH World Champinionship. Their rivalry had started 2013 back in PWG, where Cole turned on O'Reilly. Cole would then win the PWG Title in December 2012, and was champion until May 23, 2014, and he lost the title to Kyle O'Reilly. Cole was champion for 538 Days. Cole would go to ROH, win the TV Title, then would become a 3x ROH Champion, the most reigns in history. He had this defense against KOR during his second reign, on his 105th day as champion. They brawled to start it off, but when they returned to the ring O’Reilly hit knee strikes before being sent to the floor by Cole. O’Reilly landed on the previously injured shoulder. They would brawl again, KOR would lock in submissions, and Cole would fail the "Adam Cole, Bay Bay" Taunt many times. O’Reilly was fired up, landing a series of kicks, and then ran off the apron for a knee, but Adam coutered and hit him in the face with the ROH title. KOR would start to bleed. Cole would then irish whip him, but KOR fell down. KOR tried to fight out of a German, got a little momentum, but Cole hit a Snap German, but KOR no sold it, before falling outside. Cole got in shots with a trashcan, put it on O’Reilly and then superkicked it. Cole then laid in some chair shots, but it only fired up O’Reilly, who connected with elbows, knee strikes, then kick. O’Reilly then suplexed Cole onto the chair, before locking in a Heel Hook.Cole kicked his way out of it. Cole flipped spit at O’Reilly, who jumped into the arm bar. O’Reilly then beat on Cole with the trashcan, laid it in his lap as he sat in the chair and hit the running dropkick off the apron. O’Reilly set up a table in the ring, laid Cole on it and went up top only for Cole to cut him off with strikes. They went back and forth on the top, before O’Reilly hit the belly to back suplex through the table! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! They then brawl on the apron, KOR tries to pick him up, but Cole reverses with a Low Blow! Cole tries to put him through the table, but O'Reilly reverses with a Lbow Blow! Then a Guillotine Attemotby O’Reilly, but Cole jumps off the apron and they go through another table!  O’Reilly then got the chain from under the ring, and we see Cole is busted open here. Low blow by Cole, and then hits the Kneecap Brainbuster for a near fall!  Cole then got a brown bag, opened it up, revealing thumbtacks, while flipping KOR off. Cole tries to German Suplex KOR onto the tacks, but he fights out. KOR then lit him up with Kicks, tried for a Roundhouse, but Cole caught the foot, but him in the Fireman's Carry, but O'Reilly transitioned into a Guillotine, but then transitions to the triangle, but Cole then powerbombs O’Reilly into the tacks! Cole tried to Superkick him, but KOR caught his foot! O’Reilly then hits the BRAINBUSTAAAAAA INTO THE THUMBTACKS! HE THEN LOCKS IN THE ARMBAR WHILE THEY ARE BOTH ON THE THUMBTACKS! After about 30 Seconds, Cole finally taps out, ending his title reign at 105 Days. KOR was finally ROH WORLD CHAMPION! However, after just a mere 33 Days as Champion, he would lose it back to Cole at Wrestle Kingdom 11. This Match was great, and I definitely recommend watching it, as they tore the house down. All 20 Minutes felt Special, as I was on the edge of my seat, hoping KOR would get the job done, and he finally did. The pop KOR got when Cole tapped was insane. 4.25/5

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