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All Elite Wrestling: "Big Television Ratings" #45 (TEW2020)

It's the final episode before The House That Always Wins and we're looking to pop a big rating as we put our top stars on the card for one last chance to increase our storyline heat before the PPV. Can we achieve one of our best Dynamites to date?
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AEW Double or Nothing 2021

All Elite Wrestling is heading back to pay-per-view this month with Double or Nothing. This is the third year for the event, which served as AEW's inaugural pay-per-view event in 2019 and has featured some of the young promotion's most exciting moments!
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Wrestlemania Backash

Backlash is once again taking the position of the first major WWE wrestling card to take place after WrestleMania this year. And the wildest part about that development is how both shows are getting mashed together to produce a “new” event altogether – WrestleMania Backlash. Discuss it here!
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Valor Chapter V: Paramount

Join us on May 14th live from Madison Square Garden and on the BPZ Network for Chapter V: Paramount!
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    • Special Prize Ladder Match: Ace Austin vs Big Callux vs World Famous CB vs Daniel Makabe vs Jaxson Ryker vs Tyler Breeze vs Tony Deppen vs Trish Adora (during the match, Big Callux throws Jaxson Ryker off the top of the roof of the arena, ending his life. "Supercop" Dick Justice is appalled and attempts to arrest Big Callux for murder, but Callux is able to get away from the cops. This leaves the other six in the match, and in the end it comes down to Tyler Breeze and Tony Deppen. Deppen would end up in the winners circle this time around. Throwing Breeze off the ladder for him to fall through another ladder, before reaching up and getting the contract for the "Special Prize." It would be announced that Deppen's prize will be a new championship! The WRAXLIAN Special Championship!) Maria Manic vs Hyper Misao (Maria Manic is able to get the handcuffs onto Misao, and absolutely brutalizes her on the way to her victory) Brian Johnson vs Kylie Rae - Special Guest Ref: Lulu Pencil - If Johnson wins Remsburg is FIRED from WRAXLIAN (Lulu Turns on Johnson in the match, done with his shit as he yells at her in the match) Eli Isom vs Rory Coyle (Coyle Kidnaps Isom post-match, dragging him backstage by one arm as he is knocked out. He leaves the arena in a truck, Isom stuffed in the closed roofed bed.) Aaron Henare & Griff Garrison vs Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo) (c) - Friendship Bracelets (Post-match, Henare hugs Griff as they celebrate with the Friendship Bracelets. Henare grabs his matching shirt with Griff saying "Best Wrestling Friends Forever!" and puts his on, and Griff puts his on. They go into the crowd and celebrate with them with their Friendship Bracelets. Happy as a team can be.) A Very Good Professional Wrestler vs Boomer Hatfield - Baseball Brawl (Boomer just wants to play catch with his dad, he doesn't want to fight. He has a baseball in his hand, a baseball glove on as A Very Good Professional Wrestler walks his way onto the field, having just driven here. Boomer throws the baseball to A Very Good Professional at beginning of match to try and patch things up. Leave everything in the past, and just be father and son, playing catch. A very Good Professional Wrestler sneers at Boomer, and throws it full force back at his son and the match starts. The match would be amazing, Boomer even scaling up to the top of the chain link backstop and jumping off of it onto A Very Good Professional Wrestler. In the end it would be Dasher tying Boomer to a lawn chair, mockingly putting a baseball helmet on his head, before setting up the pitching machine. He would torture Boomer with fast pitches from the mound hitting Boomer in his body, causing large bruises and welts, all the while A Very Good Professional Wrestler chuckled and watched, telling Boomer, "the failure," to quit. When it became apparent that that would not occur, A Very Good Professional Wrestler hit Boomer in the head with the pitching machine, and then untied him from his chair, just to hit him with the Jackhammer right onto home plate. 1... 2... 3. A Very Good Professional Wrestler has won the Baseball Brawl. Post-match, A Very Good Professional Wrestler drops the baseball that Boomer tried to play catch with on his body, one final baseball hitting his body, before leaving back to his car he came here in. And leaving Boomer to writhe in pain on the baseball diamond, his father abandoned him.) Joe Hendry vs Matt Makowski (c) - WRAXLIAN Wrestling Championship (Makowski would refuse to allow a man from another company steal his WRAXLIAN Wrestling Championship from his company. Hitting a Spanish Fly transitioned midair into an Armbar onto Hendry to make him tap out to win (this is a real move he's done before, Matt Makowski rules)) Mad Kurt vs Unsocial Jordan - Monetization of WRAXLIAN (Matt Taven interferes and helps Unsocial Jordan win during a referee bump. Pacitti tries to stop Taven but is hit with The Climax and knocked out. Taven attacks Kurt with a Steel Chair before hitting him with The Climax onto the chair. Unsocial Jordan then gets up from the hurt, prone, bleeding state he was put into earlier in the match, before simply putting his foot on the chest of Mad Kurt, Matt Taven on the outside grinning madly, the crowd looking on horrified.... 1... 2... 3.) (Everyone is shocked... the world goes still.... Unsocial Jordan won..... WRAXLIAN lost monetization... WRAXLIAN lost it's ability to exist.... WRAXLIAN is dea-
    • Episode Sixteen: “Demonetization” Unsocial Jordan says that WRAXLIAN has three strikes, and now, he will shut it down. Pacitti talks him down, and asks for his demands to keep them in business and not demonetized. He says he will not shut down WRAXLIAN if he is given the main event of World WRAXLIAN Entertainment I, and defeated in the main event in a singles match. He is a fair man and he is giving Pacitti this opportunity. Pacitti announces World WRAXLIAN Entertainment I, and the main event is Unsocial Jordan vs the winner of next week’s Total Anarchy Match (a match that includes the entire roster, falls count anywhere, one fall to a finish) to combat Unsocial Jordan in the main event. The Outfielders (Boomer Hatfield & Shea McCoy) vs The Hotshots (Dak Draper & Danny Limelight) w/RJ City & Rocco (Thanks to interference by A Very Good Professional Wrestler) (Post-match The Hotshots claim that they deserve a shot at the Friendship Bracelets, but Aaron Henare & Griff Garrison come out, Griff in front and Henare very much going out as almost an obligation. Griff throws their name in the hat and says they should have shots at the Friendship Bracelets. Hotshots says Henare & Griff aren't even friends, to which Griff takes great offense. Friendship Bracelets holders, The Sea Stars, come out and say WRAXLIAN Owner Adam Pacitti has given the go ahead for a #1 Contendership match between The Hotshots and Henare & Garrison on Episode Eighteen, with the winners getting title shots on World WRAXLIAN Entertainment I. Pacitti announces Special Prize Ladder Match. Has 8 participants, and autobid in are Tyler Breeze and World Famous CB due to their wins on Episode Fifteen. 6 Qualifying Matches will take place over the next 3 weeks to determine who gets in the other spots. Daniel Makabe vs Spike Trivet - Ladder Match Qualifier Kurt thanks Misao for saving him in his 7 Minutes in Hell match with Manic. Misao says she is here to protect the world from the villain Maria Manic, and throw her in jail! WRAXLIAN Security Guard “Supercop” Dick Justice perks up at this, and gifts Manic his handcuffs. Saying he trusts her with them and they will be of great help in the fight against “The Maneater” Eli Isom vs Brian Johnson - Special Guest Referee: Lulu Pencil(Post-match, Eli Isom complains about the end of his match with Matt Makowski and wants a rematch, Joe Hendry comes out and says he won the tournament he is owed a one on one title match, and he is getting that. Pacitti makes a match between the two where if Isom wins he will be added to the match. This match is in two episodes time.) Episode Seventeen: “Total Anarchy” Ace Austin vs Colby Corino w/Steve Corino - Ladder Match Qualifier Move Man (Daniel Garcia) vs Jaxson Ryker (c) - Participation Trophy - Ladder Match Qualifier Shea McCoy vs A Very Good Professional Wrestler - No Rules Tony Deppen vs Von Wagner- Ladder Match Qualifier Pacitti post match has Ryker meet with him, says Move Man disappeared into the shadows after their match and did not fill out the winners paperwork. Therefore not only does Ryker get the winners share of the the money, he gets Move Man’s spot in the Special Prize Ladder Match TOTAL ANARCHY MATCH FOR THE RIGHT TO FIGHT UNSOCIAL JORDAN TO SAVE WRAXLIAN FROM DEATH: Tony Deppen vs Maria Manic vs Hyper Misao vs Mad Kurt vs ELIJAH vs Charles Crowley vs Eli Isom vs Matt Makowski vs Brian Johnson vs King Crab vs Big Callux vs Travis Huckabee vs Pastor William Eaver vs Rory Coyle vs Edith Surreal vs Rok-C vs BLANK vs Miranda Alize vs Dak Draper vs RJ City vs Danny Limelight vs LSG vs Dan The Dad vs Allie Kat vs A Very Good Professional Wrestler vs Boomer Hatfield vs Will Ferarra vs Jaxson Ryker vs Ashley Vox vs Delmi Exo vs Literally Everyone Except Matt Taven and Unsocial Jordan that has debuted already - Two Referees are Lulu Pencil and Bryce Remsburg. Unsocial Jordan on commentary. Episode Eighteen: “A Chance At Redemption” The Hotshots w/RJ City & Rocco vs Aaron Henare & Griff Garrison - Friendship Bracelets #1 Contendership (Henare & Griff would work surprisingly much well together in this match as they fought off basically four men in one match and overcame the odds. Henare post-match seemed impressed with Griff, and almost... happy. They hugged post match as Griff raised their arms up high, #1 Contenders to the Friendship Bracelets.) Adam Pacitti is talking to Mad Kurt very stressed, very much hitting it home how important his upcoming match with Unsocial Jordan is. The fate of the entire company is in his hands. If he loses the entire company goes down. A knock at the door, and Pacitti annoyedly lets them in. Matt Taven walks in to Pacitti and is confused, he is on the roster and was not in Total Warfare, but everyone else was. Pacitti yells at him to get out, and that he doesn't care about him, no one cares about him, he’s fu… (he stops himself from saying fucking due to Unsocial Jordan’s actions on Episode Fifteen), he’s Matt Taven. And he will always be nothing. Now get out of my office. Taven leaves hurt and a bit bitter at his treatment. Big Callux vs Hyper Misao (Callux wins due to Manic interference) - Ladder Match Qualifier (Post-match brawl between Misao & Manic, Misao actually gets upperhand thanks to handcuffs, handcuffing her to the ropes and is able to run her over with her bicycle. After this a Street Fight is announced for the two of them at WWE I) Trish Adora vs Brian Johnson - Ladder Match Qualifier - Special Guest Referee: Lulu Pencil (Johnson flips out post match at Lulu Pencil, Bryce Remsburg is disgusted on commentary) Boomer lays down challenge to A Very Good Professional Wrestler for the Baseball Brawl, taking this fight to their family’s roots Eli Isom vs Joe Hendry (Rory Coyle who has been stalking Eli Isom over the past few months gets involved after a ref bump, Coyle beats down Isom and Hendry is able to pin Isom. Makowski is on commentary for this and after all that ensues in the match, he and Hendry have a staredown to close the show) Episode Nineteen: “Prelude To Entertainment” Eli Isom promo, angry af, wants the assailant in a match on WWE I. Rory Coyle introduces himself, says he finds himself fascinated by Isom in the… months… he has been following him. And he’d be honored to have a match with him. Brian Johnson vs LJ Cleary w/More Than Hype (Nathan Martin & Darren Kearney) - (Post match Johnson is angry at Lulu once more and nearly hits her when Bryce Remsburg steps in and stops Johnson, pushing him out of the ring. Brian goes apeshit, yelling that the contracted official without reason just put his hands on him. Bryce offers an ultimatum, Brian can face  anyone of Bryce’s choosing, and if Brian wins, Bryce will leave WRAXLIAN forever. But if Brian loses, he must have Bryce return as his referee and can no longer have this Special Guest Ref bullshit. Brian agrees and the match is made for WWE I). A Very Good Professional Wrestler agrees to Boomer’s Baseball Brawl challenge. Says he can’t wait to finally put down this supposed “son” of his, so he can finally leave him in the dirt where he belongs, and focus on being himself. Focus on being A Very Good Professional Wrestler. Aaron Henare & Griff Garrison finally seem to be on the same page for once. Griff gifts Henare a matching shirt with his, “Best Wrestling Friends Forever!” it says, Henare actually smiles and puts it on. They are on the same page and… buddies, going into their Friendship Bracelets shot against The Sea Stars on World WRAXLIAN Entertainment I. Joe Hendry, Tyler Breeze, Tony Deppen, Ace Austin, & Jaxson Ryker vs Matt Makowski, World Famous CB, Trish Adora, Daniel Makabe, & Big Callux Unsocial Jordan vs Mad Kurt contract signing. Jordan puts their fear of god into Kurt, promises to win by any... means... necessary. He wants WRAXLIAN off the air. Gone for good. There is no room for explicit nature and smut that WRAXLIAN is on God's Green Earth. He promises victory. Kurt says he may have come up short due to Pacitti on Episode Ten, and he may have been sued by him and taken to court by him. But he respects him... because he has created a company where people can live their dreams, working as professional wrestlers. And if it's up to him to save that for everyone, he is going to fight as hard as he possibly can for the ginger bastard. He is going to win the main event of World WRAXLIAN Entertainment I for everybody. Good will defeat evil. The two sign the contract and have a tense staredown as the "Prelude to Entertainment" comes to an end. Less than a day remains until the fate of WRAXLIAN is decided. Everything is on the line when 
    • Being the only match with a stipulation on an entire show centered around being extreme, I expected this match to make up for it, but it did not. This was the same No DQ/Street Fight/Extreme rules we've seen many times over but a bit more boring. It wasn't a bad match, but I think it was one of the worst of Roman Reigns current run. I am in the minority with this but I actually liked the ending, the smoke, the red lighting, etc. I liked all of it and even though the stupid flopping made me laugh out loud, it was cool. My prediction is that the broken turnbuckle was because of Paul Heyman, Lesnar wants the Universal Championship, so Heyman rigged the match so Reigns would 100% win. If they do go down this route, it is brilliant.  I don't think this ruined the demon, or a waste. It made this match feel special going into it, and the ending bit made him look incredibly strong. Overall I'd give this match a 6/10.
    • JCW Resilience Matt Sydal defeated CIMA, and Humberto Carillo in 9:01 via Pinfall; Sydal retains his JCW Lightweight Championship Nightmare Family (Cody, Dustin, and QT) defeated Nexus Reborn (Barrett, Theory, and Kenoh) in 11:52 via Pinfall. Dolph Ziggler defeated Carlito in 10:23 via Pinfall. Dolph Ziggler retains his JCW National Championship New Day defeated Nexus Reborn (Narita and Nomura) in a Tables Match in 14:01. It was an elimination style Tables Match with Kofi being eliminated first, then Nomura, and then finally Narita. Big E wins it for his New Day brothers, as they retain their JCW Tag Team Championships. Finn Balor defeated Sheamus in 16:23 via Pinfall. Finn Balor still remains as the holder of the Case of Glory briefcase Tetsyuo Endo defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi in 24:12 via Pinfall. Endo would hit his finisher not once but twice to put away the veteran Tanahashi here tonight. The two would embrace post-match as Tanahashi puts over Endo big here as JCW Resilience fades to black
    • Episode 155 JCW Thursday Night Punishment Endo cuts a promo, Tanahashi interrupts. He respects Endo but wants that championship from him. Balor interrupts, teasing with the briefcase, Sheamus then interrupts, telling Balor he’s a coward for tricking him to win Case of Glory. Match made later tonight Carlito defeated El Lindaman in 8:34 via Pinfall. Carlito challenges for National Championship post-match Cody Rhodes is attacked by Nexus Reborn, a vicious assault on him backstage. New Day (Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston) defeated Team WhiteWolf (A-Kid & Carlos Romo) in 7:33 via Pinfall. Narita and Nomura attack New Day with kendo sticks. Sydal promo, wants all challengers. CIMA answers, saying he wants another crack at Sydal. Humberto steps up, as he wants Sydal as well. Tetsuya Endo & Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Balor & Sheamus in 14:03 via Pinfall. Balor and Sheamus argued during the match, thus costing them the match. Tanahashi and Endo face off, and an intense stare closes the show.   Episode 156 JCW Thursday Night Punishment Cody Rhodes promo on Nexus Reborn in the ring, gets attacked once again but Dustin Rhodes and Q.T Marshall come to make the save! Match made for Resilience CIMA and Humberot Carllio match ended at 11:34 via Double Countout. JCW Lightweight Championship is now a Triple Threat at Resilience Dolph Ziggler responds to Carlito’s challenge, says he’ll accept it and will make sure he is defeated at Resilience Big E defeated Ren Narita in 7:55 via Pinfall. Post-match would see Nomura attack New Day with a steel chair, as he and Narita place Xaiver Woods through a table Sheamus issues a challenge towards Finn Balor, and wants that Case of Glory from him. Finn Balor calls Sheamus a complete joke but accepts it, telling him he’ll kick his head in. Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Robert Roode in 12:55 via pinfall. Endo confronts Tanahashi post-match, as he cuts a promo on him and why he’s still walking out as JCW Heavyweight Champion   Episode 157 JCW Thursday Night Punishment Sheamus defeated Drake Maverick in 7:14 via Pinfall. Balor attacks Sheamus post-match, planting him with a 1916. Balor tells Sheamus that this Case of Glory will still be his. Sydal promo on CIMA and Humberto. Promises he’ll still continue to reign as Lightweight Champion Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode defeated T Hawk & El Lindaman in 8:23 via Pinfall. Post-match saw Carlito cut a promo on Dolph Ziggler on the titantron Tetsuya Endo cuts a passionate promo on Tanahashi Nexus Reborn ( Barrett, Theory, Kenoh, Narita, and Nomura) defeated Nightmare Family (Cody, Dustin, QT) and New Day (Big E, and Kofi Kingston) in 13:55 via Pinfall. Theory would pin QT to get the win for Nexus Reborn Tanahashi cuts a promo on Endo as we end this week’s edition of Punishment   Episode 158 JCW Thursday Night Punishment Narita and Nomura defeated Team WhiteWolf (A-Kid & Carlos Romo) in 8:01via Pinfall. New Day gets payback, as they set both Narita and Nomura through tables Nexus Reborn promo on Nightmare Family, says they’ll tear this family apart bit by bit Mendoza & Carliio defeated Matt Syal/Tre Lamar and CIMA & T-Hawk in 9:45 via Pinfall. Carllio gets the momentum going into Resilience Sheamus and Balor brawl in the backstage area, JCW officials break them apart! Cody Rhodes defeats Austin Theory in 12:34 via Pinfall; Nightmare Family have the momentum going into Resilience Endo and Tanahashi press conference before their big title match. They make last minute comments before going to face to face as Punishment comes to a close

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