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    • According to the chart my name is Hammer Steel. Only slightly worse than the others honestly.
    • BPZ Wrestling | Monday Night Carnage (September, Week 4) ________________________________________________________ Carnage's go-home show begins with Sheridan in the ring. Before her is a table, with contract upon it and two chairs on either side. Sheridan says she wants Carnage's first event under her leadership to be a success, and for the sake of also being professional, she believes holding a contract signing for the match between Jeremiah Flynn and Sameer is the best way to go about things. She talks about the history of the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship and hopes that, whoever wins their match come BPZ Carnage: Bad Blood continues its rich legacy, as well as takes on a representational role for the brand. Without delaying things any further, Sheridan invites Jeremiah Flynn and Sameer down to the ring so that they can make their match at BPZ Carnage: Bad Blood, official. Jeremiah Flynn is the first man to come out. He sites Sheridan as intelligent, and tells her that she's doing the right putting his match with Sameer into writing. Jeremiah Flynn stresses that the worst thing that could happen at BPZ Carnage: Bad Blood is for unexpected problems to arise. Sitting down, Jeremiah Flynn recalls being the first pick of the entire draft and Sheridan's first pick, and the customs and benefits that came with his contract. Jeremiah Flynn tells Sheridan when he wins at BPZ Carnage: Bad Blood she won't have to worry about anything, he'll be a fine representative for the brand. After all, both Sheridan and Jeremiah want the best for Carnage. Talking about Sameer for a moment Jeremiah Flynn says that Sameer is a fine wrestler, and a good brother of Creed. But ultimately time has proven, and will prove in their match that Jeremiah Flynn is just the better man. Jeremiah Flynn signs the contract, and awaits Sameer to come down to the ring. Sameer comes out, and he acknowledges Jeremiah Flynn as perhaps the best man to ever step foot into BPZ Wrestling. He talks about Flynn's achievements and also sites the fact he was picked as the number one wrestler, the guy, in the draft. But Sameer points out that he's been on a tear throughout 2020. Winning all these championships and reaching another level, being on the hottest streak throughout his career. Sameer reminds Flynn that those streaks don't die out because of a roster shake-up and that Jeremiah Flynn has everything to lose at BPZ Carnage: Bad Blood. Sameer enters the ring and tells Jeremiah Flynn that he's excited, excited to test himself against not only his brother but one of the best wrestlers of all time. Signing the contract, Sameer says may the best man win. Extending a hand, Jeremiah Flynn shakes it and the two members of Creed have an intense stare down, one Sheridan is eager to slowly peel apart, as the main event of BPZ Carnage: Bad Blood is made official. ________________________________________________________  Angelo Caito (0-1-0) w/  Christina Caito vs.  Joshua Scott (0-1-0) The opening match of Carnage featured two men who'll feature at BPZ Carnage: Bad Blood, and two men who're yet to claim a win on the brand. Angelo Caito, engrossed in a rivalry with FDS for the moment, took control early on against Joshua Scott, who has been having issues with Epic since before the brand split. Both men were looking to gain a win heading into the event in hopes of picking up some momentum. Joshua Scott managed to make the affair more open after his opponent controlled the opening few minutes of the boat, however it eventually was proven to be futile. Christina Caito was able to distract Joshua Scott long enough for her husband to usurp his momentum and as the bout approached the ten minute mark, Angelo Caito hit a Spear onto Joshua Scott, putting the Englishman down for the three count. Winner via Pinfall: Angelo Caito ________________________________________________________ Post-match, FDS appeared on the entrance ramp, applauding his opponent for his win. Angelo Caito, perhaps with adrenaline pumping through his veins goaded FDS and taunted him telling him to come down to the ring. This enraged FDS, who obliged the Italian. Sprinting down, FDS slid into the ring and he and his opponent this Sunday began to wildly brawl to the excitement of those in attendance, in the arena tonight. FDS was the fresher man and despite Christina Caito screaming at him was able to get the upper hand, using strong style strikes to put Angelo with back against the turnbuckle where he proceed to fire off. That was until Joshua Scott, having recovered from his loss and seeing the altercation, came from behind FDS and hit him in the balls! The cock shot from Joshua Scott, seemingly happy to help the man he lost to tonight for the sake of pissing off FDS! Joshua Scott offered a nod to Angelo Caito, and left the ring, leaving Angelo Caito to measure up a hapless FDS and connect with a vicious Spear to gain an advantage ahead of their match on Sunday. ________________________________________________________ Chimera are backstage, discussing their recent issues with Jeremiah Flynn and Sameer. Jonathan begins by saying that it doesn't matter out of Jeremiah Flynn or Sameer who walks out of BPZ Carnage: Bad Blood with the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship, because the pair are officially on Chimera's watch list. Tamer says that Jeremiah Flynn got the better of Jonathan last week, but in the main event tonight, he's going to soundly defeat Sameer. Turning their attention towards Aces High, the team consisting of Buddy Ace and Isaiah Carter, Chimera state that at BPZ Carnage: Bad Blood, they're going to wipe the floor with them. Chimera have ambitions to become the first ever BPZ Tag Team Champions under this new layout, post-draft with three brands. Chimera finish off by saying that Aces High, Jeremiah Flynn and Sameer better watch their backs because Chimera aren't finished with them. ________________________________________________________  Epic and Gunner Flynn (0-0-1) (1-0-0) vs.  Kieron Black and Maestro (0-1-0) (0-0-1) Our second match of the night featured two seemingly mismatched tag teams. But Epic had faced Maestro, and Gunner Flynn had faced Kieron Black, prior to this match being made and of course, at BPZ Carnage: Bad Blood we'll witness Gunner Flynn and Maestro face off for the BPZ Intercontinental Championship. Kieron Black and Epic began this one off, their contest open until Epic was able to tag in Gunner Flynn. As we saw last week, Gunner has the formula when facing Kieron, being able to control most of the action and even hit a signature move on Kieron Black for the two-count. Maestro was able to find his way into the match late onwards. Gunner Flynn and Maestro building anticipation for their bout come Sunday. Seemingly from nowhere, Maestro connected with a 'Best Endeavours' Saito Suplex, however Gunner was able to kick out dangerously close to the three count. In the end, Epic and Kieron Black ended up in the ring. Epic the more energetic of the two, he was able to counter an attempted Rainmaker into a cradle pinfall, winning the match for himself and Gunner Flynn. Winners via Pinfall: Epic and Gunner Flynn ________________________________________________________ Immediately following the bout, broadcast transitioned into a video package, highlighting the history of the BPZ Intercontinental Championship. We hear how the belt has always played a secondary role in the promotion, being held from one workhorse to another, with many of its former champions noted to then win the biggest prize in BPZ Wrestling, the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. Video then shows us the highlights from both Maestro and Gunner's times on Carnage thus far. With Gunner Flynn holding an impressive record of two wins, and zero losses, while Maestro concedes a loss alongside a no contest. However, we see what impressive moves both men have been able to pull off in their short time on the brand, before graphic appears once more confirming the bout for BPZ Carnage: Bad Blood. We will see Maestro and Gunner Flynn fight over the BPZ Intercontinental Championship. ________________________________________________________ Josh Trenton is backstage with Joshua Scott, who is coming off the back of a second loss in three weeks. Josh Trenton asks Joshua Scott how he feels he fared against Angelo Caito tonight. Joshua Scott doesn't understand why Sheridan and Poidust continue to put him against experienced and better opponents. He tells us that both Ropati and Angelo Caito are at a higher level than he is right now, he felt he could have beat Angelo Caito if not for his wife, Christina at ringside. Josh Trenton then asks Joshua Scott how he's feeling ahead of his match with Epic. Joshua replies, saying again that he's had a rough start to life on Carnage and has faced some difficult opposition but feels his experience should serve him well against Epic. Joshua says that Epic was fortunate enough to be teaming with Gunner Flynn tonight and that when they share a ring at BPZ Carnage: Bad Blood it'll be a different story. Joshua Scott finishes off by saying that he's going to defeat Epic come Sunday and that after their match he can begin focusing on turning his career around on the A brand. ________________________________________________________  Sameer (2-0-0) vs.  Tamer (1-0-0) w/  Jonathan Our main event of the go-home edition of Carnage featured Sameer, who will be challenging for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship this Sunday, taking on one-half of Chimera in the form of Tamer who, alongside Jonathan will be competing against Aces High at BPZ Carnage: Bad Blood. With the winners of that match gaining the opportunity to feature in a bout at Survivor Series for the BPZ Tag Team Championships. From the off, this was high-octane, unlike the bout we saw with Jeremiah Flynn and Jonathan the week before, neither Sameer or Tamer were interested in feeling one another out. This bout was a car crash, punches and leg kicks exchanged alongside brutal sharp moves. Sameer and Tamer threw whatever they had in their arsenal at each other. The climax to the match would feature Sameer gaining the upper hand and keeping Tamer grounded, however as he began his ascent to position for a Phoenix Splash, Jonathan hopped up onto the apron in full view of the referee and pushed Sameer down to the outside, causing the bout to end without a clear winner. Match ended in a No Contest via Jonathan attacking Sameer. ________________________________________________________ Like sharks smelling blood, Jonathan and Tamer circled around the fallen Sameer. However, before being capable of hitting a move Jeremiah's entrance music hit and he was like lightning in running down the entrance ramp, and igniting a full-on brawl with Chimera! As Sameer crawled to the corner to recover Jeremiah Flynn took like a duck to water in beating on Jonathan and Tamer, throwing punches and kicks at both members of Chimera who had little defence to the assault. Separating the team Jeremiah was able to knee Jonathan in the mid-section and club him down, proceeding to do the same with Tamer, although catching him with a brutal kick to the stomach. As Jeremiah Flynn went to hit a 'Legacy Killer' Running Knee onto the standing Jonathan, Jonathan ducked, and Jeremiah Flynn tumbled into a defenceless Sameer! Jeremiah Flynn inadvertently hit Sameer with a Running Knee to the shock of the audience! Jeremiah Flynn instantly realises what he's done, and tries to speak to Sameer who is down and out however Chimera pounce, beating Jeremiah Flynn into the mat. Aces High! Chimera's opponents for this Sunday are here and they look hungry! Aces High sprint down to the ring, Chimera's attention turning from the fallen members of Creed as the two tag teams begin to brawl! Isaiah Carter and Jonathan, Buddy Ace and Tamer absolutely laying into each other relentlessly! It didn't take long for Aces High to garner an advantage, be it to a lack of fatigue, while Tamer just went to war with Sameer and of course, both members of Chimera just suffered the brief wrath of Jeremiah Flynn. Aces High are able to isolate Chimera, before throwing them both to the outside. Jonathan and Tamer hit the deck, and Aces High are in fine form taunting them and shouting explicits in their direction. Attention turns towards Jeremiah Flynn and Sameer, now. Jeremiah Flynn is able to help Sameer to his feet however, Sameer pushes Jeremiah Flynn away! Jeremiah Flynn looks shocked, albeit understanding, after all he did hit Sameer with a Running Knee moments ago. Sameer is obviously pissed off, and he rolls out of the ring and shrugs off Flynn's attempted apology. The show ends with Aces High looking on as Jeremiah Flynn attempts to cool Sameer down who has no interest in talking to his upcoming opponent this Sunday, at BPZ Carnage: Bad Blood.
    • I’ll fuck you up, I’ll fuck Tom up, I’ll fuck Danny up, and I’ll even fuck up Xenu.
    • Episode 80 JCW Sentiment Match 1 (JCW National Championship): Wade Barrett (c) vs HARPER In a hard hitting and grueling match, Wade Barrett defeated HARPER in 17:31, making the 7th defense of the JCW National Championship   Match 2 (JCW Breakout Championship): Tetsuya Endo (c) vs Lince Dorado Tetsuya Endo defeated Lince Dorado in 14:17, making his 1st defense of the JCW Breakout Championship   After all the competitors clear the ring, General Manager Jushin Thunder Liger takes their spot. He is still bandaged up from Lesnar's attack at the beginning of the month, but he says that he is doing well and thanks everyone for attending the show tonight. He goes on to announce that at JCW Showdown II, there will be a new event exclusive match, the six team tag championship turmoil. Liger says that throughout these next few weeks, starting tonight, five teams will qualify by winning a match in order to challenge for the JCW Tag Team Championships at the biggest show in the JCW calendar year in a tag team turmoil match. And he announces that the first qualifying match is up next.   Match 3 (JCW Tag Team Championship Turmoil Qualifier): Motor City Machine Guns vs New Day (Big E & Xavier Woods) The Motor City Machine Guns defeated New Day in 16:43, qualifying for the six team JCW Tag Team Championship Turmoil at JCW Showdown II next month   Match 4 (JCW Lightweight Championship): Adam Cole (c) vs Matt Sydal Adam Cole defeated Matt Sydal in 12:12, defending the JCW Lightweight Championship for the 3rd time   Match 5 (JCW Tag Team Championship Turmoil Qualifier): Nexus Reborn (Ren Narita & Naoya Nomura) vs Los Colons (Primo & Epico) Nexus Reborn defeated Los Colons when Ren Narita submitted Epico in 9:23, qualifying for the six team JCW Tag Team Championship Turmoil at JCW Showdown II next month   Match 6 (JCW Tag Team Championships): New Generation Combination (c) vs American Wolves The New Generation Combination defeated The American Wolves in 19:16 when Konosuke Takeshita pinned Davey Richards, retaining the JCW Tag Team Championships for the 1st time   Match 7 (JCW World Championship): Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) vs Kenoh Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Kenoh in 21:46, continuing his record setting title reign with his 8th defense of the belt   Main Event (Winner faces Hiroshi Tanahashi in the main event of JCW Showdown II for the JCW World Championship😞 Jay White vs Brock Lesnar Brock Lesnar defeated Jay White in 13:16, cementing his spot against Hiroshi Tanahashi for the JCW World Championship at JCW Showdown II

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