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    • Glorious Domination by CFO$ hits. Welcome to Free Agent Corner 111 where me and Gary Green preview Carnage Power Trip Redemption for the ownership of FAC.  Opening Match: Brother vs Brother: Bailey vs Monda Josh: Brother faces Brother as Bailey takes on Monda. Monda revealed his relationship to Bailey however Bailey denied it. Today it’s time for Monda to get redemption, will he? I say no, Baileys winning Green: I’m saying Monda Josh: Split decision  Champion vs The Return: Apex vs George Josh: Although George has been under the wing of Josh he has been successful, winning the NXT Championship. His next challenge is a very experienced man, the beloved Apex who is making his return. Will the champ prove himself, or can the fans power Apex to a return win? I say George will win Green: I agree George Josh: Full house for George  Grudge Match: Brad vs Peter Wilchester Josh: It all started when a bored Peter Wilchester who had recently been suspended, began brainstorming ways of how to beat Echo Wilson. After calling Bret Hart, Edge and his Mum, he came to the conclusion the best way to get to Echo was through his partner. Can Peter get to Echo? Or will Brad step up for his partner? Saying Brad Green: Going with Peter Wilchester Josh: One vote for Brad and one vote for Peter United States Championship Match: Echo Wilson (c) vs JoshsNow  Josh: It’s time. The US Title is defended on a rare occasion on a Carnage show as JoshsNow looks to gain redemption on Echo Wilson, who beat him twice at Halloween Havoc and took everything away from him. Will he do it? Or will Echo make it 3-0? As you could guess, I’m going with myself  Green: Saying Echo  Josh: We’ve got a third split decision  Grudge Match: FDS vs BiC Josh: After a lauded feud between the two we finally get the grudge match we’ve been waiting for. It started when BiC stole JoshsNow from FDS, and then proceeded to use these mind games to beat FDS and knock him out of KOTR. FDS, set to leave Carnage, chose his last match on Carnage to be against rival BiC. Will he go out on a bang. Or is BiC too good? Thinking BiC here Green: Going FDS Josh: One vote for FD, one vote for BiC Grudge Match: Fear vs Bash Josh: It is time for the debut match of Fear. On Evolve he picked up a feud with Bash and now it comes to a conclusion tonight? Can the OPG prove his worth on Carnage? Or will the OGM prove it’s still his brand? Saying Bash Green: Thinking Fear Josh: A fifth split decision  Main Event: Universal Championship Match: Flynn (c) vs Ross Josh: The main event is arguably the biggest main event in Carnage history. Flynn takes on his former friend and partner Ross, who betrayed him at Halloween Havoc for the biggest prize on Carnage TV. Will Flynn defeat his new nemesis? Or will we finally see a new Universal Champion? I say Flynn Green: I agree  Josh: Two votes for Flynn ••••• Now time for the results. I won 6-4, which means I’m finally back to being full host of FAC. Join me tomorrow for a review of his show. Goodnight 
    • As the face of the Global Champion emerges on the Titantron and “One True Villain” starts to play, boos are heard throughout the arena as the fans show how much they despise the Triple Champion. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by it as he walks down the ramp, wide smile on his face as he stares at Kills while making his way to the ring with the Global and US championships around his shoulder, while having the Tag Team Title around his waist. . He walks up the stairs before speaking through his microphone. 
      When will you learn it Johnny. First, I defeat you at BPZMania, then I, I take your tag team title, the only piece of power that Ruin had left in the BPZ, and yet, you will continue to challenge me. I get it, you were forced to face me. You had a qualification match against some random local talent and therefore are forced to once again step inside the ring with me, but what thrives you to continue to act like you stand a chance? Is it proud Kills, is it the inabilty to accept that I am superior to you? Or is it just that you are just delusional. I think you know that I am better than you, I think that you know that I will beat you. I think that you have given up, and that’s the right thing to do. But be honest about it, tell them that you will try your best but that it won’t be enough, because that’s the reality. I know that this will be hard for you, but instead of putting fake hope into your body, why don’t you just admit to it. We can still promote the match, it won’t hurt anybody. But it will make you feel better. 
      I see that you wonder why the crowd doesn’t like you, and if I am being honest, I am surprised about that myself. Normally, the fans love to root for losers, people who they can relate to because just like them they won’t succeed. They might not pretend to be some spooky individual, but they can all relate to you as a guy that will never have his big moment. 
      Frustration is seen on the face of Kills, but Bart does not give him a chance to interrupt, as he continues to talk.  But Kills, I don’t have an issue with you being in this match, you will just lose and claim that you will win it the next night, no matter how many times you lose. But for our other participant in the match, I am not so sure. I feel bad knowing that I will beat him because as the Face of Evolve, I will responsible for the brand in some way, and then when I look at the history of mister Wilde, I am scared that Evolve will not like the aftermath of this match. The former management of Evolve signed him to a very generous contract, around 3 times what I am earning. But Alyx Wilde has the habit to disappear when something doesn’t go his way, he lost in a US title match and all of a sudden we didn’t hear from him in months. We will see those same events occur after Fallout, when Alyx Wilde once again leaves the BPZ, with all of his fans wondering why their favourite has quit on them again. It’s crazy when you think about it, time after time leaves the fans and yet they continue to root for him, it’s a sad story. But trust me, he will quit on the BPZ again, he won’t see it coming, being on holiday for 11 of the 12 months makes you forgot about your own weaknesses inside the ring, it makes Alyx think that he is untouchable, but in reality, he is a prone target for anyone who tries. I am not going to say this match will be a battle, a blood bath, because it won’t be anything like that, it will be simple domination. I know you won’t believe me, but I will proof you that I am right every single time. 
      Kills wants to respond, but before he can, Bart is walking down the stairs, on his face back to where he came from as he taunts Kills with the Global title before disappearing from the sight of the camera. 

    • I think its Awesome that WWE have all 3 members of British Strong Style holding championships in the WWE, it makes the NXT United Kingdom brand look amazing with 3 of their top guys already holding gold but what this makes me question is who are they going to put the NXT UK Tag belts on? Should be interesting but for now i can't wait to get to watch this match. 
    • Finished this early so decided to drop it early. Mythical Beast Battle Season 1 #1 Cerberus Origin The Cerberus was first depicted in ancient greece as the 3 headed hell hound guardian of Hades, offspring of Echidna (not the australian animal) a half woman half snake and Typhon a monsterous serpentine giant. Location Greek Underworld aka Hades Most Common Myth Surrounding it The cerberus is most commonly known as the guardian of the river styx and first appears in the 12 trials/labours of hercules with the Cerberus being the 12th trial being subdued but not killed by hercules. Strengths Mane of Snakes, most likely venomous Heightened strength Venomous bite in some accounts Long, sharp teeth Immortal Control over Fire Weakness(es) Weakness is being overpowered That's it. You can’t kill it. Werewolf Origin A shapeshifting Human that when under a full moon transforms into a lycanthrope or werewolf usually due to being bitten or scratched by another lycanthrope or via being cursed by a witch. Emerged in early nordic folklore. Location Most of Europe Most Common Myth Surrounding it No most common myth, demonstrated in multiple different myths and mediums. Most common pop culture depictions include The Harry Potter and Twilight franchises. Strengths Superhuman Strength, speed, reflexes, agility, dexterity, coordination, balance, durability, stamina Heightened senses Ability to inflict lycanthropism onto other humans Regenerative healing factor Weakness(es) Vary depending on werewolf but usually silver If the moon becomes covered or is no longer full then the transformation ceases Not immortal. Overall Decision I forgot how overpowered the Cerberus actually is when i came up with this battle to be honest. All things considered with all the abilities stacked up they seem equal… until we get to the weaknesses. The Werewolf’s list of weaknesses while not long is still quite a problem for the beast compared to the cerberus. The werewolf would be on a timer as once the moon disappears from the sky he’s back to being a human and if the werewolf hasn’t overpowered the cerberus by that point he’s dog, snake thing food. I’d say the cerberus would have this battle won quite decisively with its venomous bite not even needing to being considered which could easily kill the Werewolf within one bite as well as it possibly being set on fire and burnt to death as we are unsure of the effects of fire on a werewolf however i believe the cerberus’ animal like tendecies and nature would cause for it to defeat the werewolf within this first fight.   Winner: Cerberus
          Next Battle: Horses… Kinda.   Unicorn   VS   Pegasus

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