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    • Thursday Night Smackdown       The King Of Strong Style Before the opening intro would play, Smackdown would open up with a cold open, showing Smackdown superstar Rey Mysterio walking backstage, but as the camera follows his movements, he is soon cut off by a knee to the guy. The knee came from nonother then Shinsuke Nakamura, who attacks Rey Mysterio and throws him back first into a car before hitting a Kinsasha. Shinsuke Nakamura laughs at his Under The Dome opponent, as he walks out of camera view, leaving Mysterio knocked out cold.    Braun Strowman vs Rusev - United States Championship Braun Strowman would kick off the show officially as he is going to be taking on yet another superstar on his "Monster Tour", where he will defend the United States championship every week on Smackdown Live and the whole roster wants a shot at the monster. This time around, it would be Rusev who would walk out from the back and attempt to take down Braun. The match would be fast paced and brutal, as Rusev would nearly kick the head off of Braun multiple times and even get a near fall. But the raw power of Braun Strowman would be too much for Rusev to handle, and he would be hit with a running powerslam before being pinned. Braun Strowman taunts, as he beats his chest and raises his title in the air. He walks up the ramp, nearly unstoppable as he may be United States champion forever.   Becky In The Bank Kairi Sane would come to the ring with a microphone in hand, and would cut a very to the point promo, saying she is hear to take championships and last week she had to make an impact. That is when Toni Storm would interrupt her, and come to the ring, challenging her to a match, saying that this is her brand to conquer.  But before she could answer, the music of Becky Lynch would play, and out would come "The Man" to a large number of chants and cheers. She would also come to the ring, and begin to cut a promo on how none of these women will be walking away with her title in the future.  Nia Jax would come out next, followed by Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. Each woman cut their respective promos, and that's when the final entrant would be made, which would be the general manager of the womens division, Paige. Announcing that she loves the talent in the ring, and she wants to see a good fight. So in 9 weeks at Money In The Bank, Becky Lynch will be defending her womens championship in a ladder match. Against the 5 other women in the ring .Paige would also make a 3 v 3 womens tag match tonight.   Ali vs Finn Balor In a match simply to see who is better, Finn Balor and Ali would have a stellar 20-minute matchup which showcased everything both men had, Ali would hit moves never before seeing and Finn Balor would be on the top of his game as the two go back and forth and the crowd gets into it. Both fan favorites would hit everything, but it would be the coup de grace that would put away the young Ali, but take nothing away from either men as Finn Balor shakes the hand of Ali, and Balor walks away with a huge victory.   Elias Concert Elias would return to Smackdown Live for the first time since the night after Wrestlemania and would throw a huge concert, including flashing lights and an entire set up stage. Elias would begin to sing his song, before he would be interrupted by the word "TEN" and the crowd would erupt into cheers, as Tye Dillinger would make his Smackdown return since the Royal Rumble and would come to the ring to confront Elias, challenging him to a match.   Elias vs Tye Dillinger With the crowd in full force "TEN" chants, Tye Dillinger would take the fight to Elias and vice versa, as both men would attempt to make there returns worth while, and we would even see Tye Dillinger hit a new springboard moonsault move for a nearfall. Dillinger would look impressive, but a hidde low blow from Elias would allow him to ruin Tye Dillinger returns. As Elias walks up the ramp, as tonights winner, you can only imagine that this feud is not close to over.   Shinsuke Nakamura Speaks Shinsuke Nakamura would be interviewed, where Renee Young ask him why he attacked Rey Mysterio earlier in the night. Nakamura would simply reply "Because I can", Nakamura and Mysterio face off at Under The Dome, and it may very well be Nakamuras biggest match yet.   Inside The Office We would be taken inside Ethan Carters office once again, where he would be on the phone, talking about how it is great to have you signed and that he can not wait for him to join the Smackdown Live roster, the fans are left to wonder who it is as Carter hangs up the phone and speaks to the crowd, announcing that next week is going to be "Viewer Choice" Smackdown, where you will be able to decide on match types, opponents, and more! All, NEXT WEEK!   Becky Lynch, Toni Storm, And Kairi Sane vs Mandy Rose, Soyna Deville, and Nia Jax. After the announcement that Becky Lynch will have to defend her womens title in a 6 women ladder match at Money In The Bank, a 6 womens tag match was made for our main event and it would be a fast paced one. As the 6 women would all hit there finishing moves, and even brawl on the outside. The ending pinfall would come when Toni Storm would hit the Storm Zero on Mandy Rose, and pin her in the center of the ring. As the ring clears out and Nia Jax is laid out on the outside, while Soyna Deville tends to Mandy Rose, Becky Lynch would come into the ring, only to get hit by a Storm Zero of her own. Becky Lynch would roll out of the ring as Toni Storm and Kairi Sane stare down, two of WWEs top women rookies, standing tall on Thursday Nights.   Respect Andrade "CIen" Almas, the reigning WWE champion would come to the ring with Zelina Vega and cut a brilliant promo, as Vega would explain how he is going to be WWE champion. Andrade would call out anyone that think they can beat him, and when the music of 16x world champion John Cena hit, Andrade would be in shock. John Cena returns for the first time since One Night Only: UK, and would stare down Andrade. The show would come to a close, with John Cena starring down Andrade. The WWE championship on the mind of both men.       
    • Welcome to BrendenPlayz FC, the diary will be a focus on Football Manager 2018 and a little bit of story and drama mixed into it, the game will focus on a BrendenPlayZ Football Club (Soccer Team) who will try to climb up the ranks in the English leagues, starting in League 2 and trying to reach the Premier League spotlight, the team will be based in England due to the amount of leagues it has and how the whole organisation operates, the team's main goal would be to win the Champions League and the Premier League title and also gain many other accomplishments.   What I will need from you is: Full Name: Date of Birth (1988/01/01) - (1999/01/01): Ethnicity: Skin Colour: Place of Birth (City and Country): Languages Spoken:  Positions Played (Any up to three): Best Stats (Choose four): Worst Stats (Choose four): Relationships with people (Positive or Negative): If you're unsure about which stats to pick then here's a website talking about stats and what they do, I recommend not choosing mental stats and rather choose physical or technical stats as they are the ones that matter the most. https://www.guidetofm.com/players/attributes
    • Someone played this in song request, its fire. And it brought me to a whole new level of rap, such as people like "Kota The Friend" who has a couple of great songs, another good one is Joyner Lucas most recent song, "Devil's Work" which I highly recommend. I've just been obsessed with finding some new rappers and new rap songs, making a new playlist currently and thats been fun, but I've just been trying to broaden my song out reach and if you guys got anything good, let me know
    • [ Bulldozer waits for the crowd to calm down ]  Oh Bob why am I not surprised you continue to be in denial however make no mistake Bob for I see the real you and recently you spoke of what you’re going to do to Bic and when you approached the casket with the statue of Bic in that church well let me make one thing clear Bob I saw the look in your eyes when you stared at that casket and Bob that was the look of satisfaction and enjoyment.  [ the crowd then boo Bulldozer more as they don’t want to believe it’s true ]  You see Bob these people much like you are in denial and that’s ok because at Mayhem if Bic doesn’t expose the monster you truly are then I will and my holy light will cleanse the NXT championship and this entire division, but what happens when these people see the monster you truly are i’ll tell you what happens because it’s already happened to me they will turn on you because they are nothing but fickle.  [ the crowd then erupt into even more and louder boos but this doesn’t phase Bulldozer ]  Make no mistake Bob I see the monster in you and I respect the desire that said monster has and I respect your power and you would make an elite level security or body guard but with that being said at Mayhem two sayings will be proven true yet again and those two sayings are firstly speed kills, and secondly there is a monster that lays dormant in us all and it’s up to us to let it free.  [ the crowd continues to boo Bulldozer who is still unphased by it all ]  So Bob if you truly want any real chance at stealing what is rightfully mine you’ll have no choice but to set your monster free and if you don’t then i’ll just take what I should have won at BPZ Mania and that’s the NXT championship.  [ Bulldozer then smirks as the crowd boo even more ]  Oh and speaking of which at BPZ Mania Hans, you got lucky I lost focus because we all know at BPZ Mania it should’ve been me that won not you do you understand me Hans?   It should’ve been me!  [ Bulldozer then does his signature pose in the ring before getting out of it and walking backstage as the crowd shower him in boos despite him showing it not effecting him at all as he is completely focused on the battle royal ]   

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