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    • ENTRANTS REVEALED FOR THE 2020 WINTER BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES This is what was promised, and Pro Wrestling Guerilla has delivered yet again. They have not failed to disappoint us today as ALL of the entrants have been revealed today for the upcoming Winter Battle of Los Angeles. We will break down the bigger names one by one but this list shows us everything we love about pro wrestling. It has those like Joey Janela, David Starr and Bandido who are looking to defend their home turf from the invading indy darlings. We have guys like Keith Lee, Donovan Dijak who only recently left for WWE and are now returing after a short period of time. But then we get to guys like AJ Styles and Samoa Joe as well as Bryan Danielson and Tyler Black who all are monumental main event talents in WWE and are looking to flood the independent scene with their incredible skill and history. The ranks here have guys from all nations, USA, Canada, Mexico, even WALTER hailing from Europe. One thing in common with everyone here is they all hold PWG closely to their hearts, they all have history making moments with this company. Each have played their own parts in making PWG the phenomenon it is today. First let's take a look at the major names of Ciampa and Gargano. These two men have history both here in PWG but also in NXT which has blown up, creating some of the greatest wrestling matches WWE as a company had ever put on. But now they come back to where they perfected their craft together, if they somehow get matched up down the line, it could be a massive story. Let's now take a detour and talk about some guys who may be flying under the radar such as Darby Allin. Recently discovered Allin, is now under the limelight in AEW but PWG is the place where AEW found him and Allin is looking to make a potentially shocking run in this tournament against the odds. One cannot mention this tournament without looking at AJ Styles, and Bryan Danielson, two undoubted favorites in this competition. They were main eventers in the most difficult place to thrive and now they're looking to take their own places on the throne again.
    • It’s time for the NXT Title match, first of all, it’s Steph making his entrance, who has already had a tough enough time watching as his brother takes a loss to Josh on the pre-show; so he’s out for vengeance.     Next up it’s Jack Bishop, coming out to a flurry of cheers from the crowd, he’s ready to win it all as he walks out with nothing but pure confidence as he knows that he is the favourite to win the big prize here tonight.     Then it’s Epic’s turn, who enters to a standing ovation, although he is the underdog of the match, he could be the one to steal the win here tonight and become the champion.     Mecko comes out next, despite not being the favourite, he also walks out with confidence, even to the point where he’s wearing Amai’s signature scarf around his neck, before taking the neck off and stamping all over it, as a sign of disrespect.   Finally, it’s Amai, the former NXT Champion ready to take his baby back home. He walks down the ramp, as cocky as one can be, and there is nothing and no one that can stop him from winning the title for a second time.     The bell rings and everyone starts going after each other, it’s nothing but a brawl in the squared circle, everyone is getting shots in, left right and centre, Amai & Mecko back away into separate corners, staring each other down while the other 3 fight away, Jack Bishop absolutely dominates as he sends Epic & Steph flying into the other corners. He then turns to Amai, who he starts hitting with big strikes left right and centre, before then turning his attention to The Tiger, to who he does the same as he did to Amai; Bishop has so much momentum and the crowd goes wild for him. Uppercut train time! Bishop runs around every corner, uppercut after uppercut, the crowd is going crazy! He then grabs Steph out of his corner, and hits him with a huge Black Ice Powerbomb! He goes for the cover, 1..2.. But Steph manages to kick out at the count of 2, but not too long before Jack can lift him back up, set him up for the big strike… Sleeping Pill! 1..2..3! Steph's gone! Just 3 minutes in and the first elimination of the match has occurred!   STEPH CARWIN HAS BEEN ELIMINATED   The brawl resumes as the other men get out of their corners, and battle it out in the middle of the ring. Mecko is the first one to be knocked to the floor, he rolls out of the ring, thinking he is safe from the fight; but Epic goes straight after him. Bishop and Amai are left in the ring to go all out on each other, hitting each other with mainly big strikes, and the occasional slam and rest hold, but after a while, Amai throws Bishop out of the ring to where Mecko and Epic are fighting… Suicide dive! Amai takes out the competition! He throws Epic back into the ring and goes for the cover! 1..2.. Epic is still in it! He’s not giving up just yet, Amai lifts him up and he begins to lay into his opponent, throwing him across the ring, showing his dominance. That is until Mecko gets back into the ring, raining down on Amai with strikes, just to top it off with a huge powerbomb for good measure, 1..2.. Amai kicks out, and he has enraged The Tiger, the much bigger Mecko heads into the corner, setting up for what looks like a huge spear, only to get interrupted with a huge Superkick from the returning Jack Bishop, who hits Amai with a huge spear of his own! But instead of going for the cover, he lifts Amai up and hits him with a piledriver. Jack attempts the cover but is instead rolled up by Epic, but the powerhouse kicks out with ease at the count of 2, both men get right back up to their feet and- Candian destroyer by Epic! He goes for the cover on Jack Bishop, 1..2.. Kickout! Epic has his hands on his head as he is in complete shock about what just happened! He goes to the top rope, and hits a death-defying Shooting Star Press, he tries to go for the cover, but he’s caught by The Tiger, but it’s no use, as Epic hits the much larger opponent with a low blow as the ref is checking up on Bishop, he goes for the pin but Mecko kicks out at 2; Epic heads back up to the top rope, he soars through the sky, but he’s caught by Amai out of nowhere!  Painkiller! 1..2..3! 8 Minutes and the next competitor is gone from the match!   EPIC HAS BEEN ELIMINATED   Amai laughs at Epic, before throwing him out of the ring just to add insult to injury. But the cockiness backfires as he gets rolled up by Mecko, 1..2..3! Amai’s gone from the match, he’s gone in the blink of an eye! He looks up at his rival, but no blows are given, Amai calmly walks out of the ring, but he stands there, he doesn’t walk up the ramp, but just eerily waits, the crowd are in confusion, but the match carries on.   AMAI HAS BEEN ELIMINATED   The final two men stare each other down, two behemoths standing in the same ring, but there was only room for one of them, they head to the middle of the ring and strike it out, before Bishop pushes his opponent to the ropes and hits a huge clothesline, but it doesn’t work, Mecko is still standing on his feet, so Jack goes for another one, still nothing, then Mecko goes for a clothesline of his own, to no avail; neither of these two men are giving an inch in this match, they then both run against the ropes- They take each other out with a groundbreaking double clothesline, the crowd begins to chant “This is awesome” as these competitors are putting on an absolute clinic of a match. They both begin to stagger to their feet, and The Tiger hits Bishop with a huge big boot, but he lifts him up instead of going for the pin, hits a fisherman’s neckbreaker, and then goes for the pin, but a kick out at 2 from Bishop, keeping the match alive. Both men begin to get up to their feet after an absolute war, they start to trade blows, strike after strike, elbow after elbow, kick after kick, the crowd getting more hyped after each one; and out of nowhere, Bishop hits a huge backhand, turning his opponent around and setting him up for a Lion-Plex! 1..2.. Kickout! The match isn’t ending just yet, and Bishop is on fire! He throws Mecko into the corner, and it’s time for another uppercut train! Uppercut after uppercut after uppercut, the crowd goes crazy! Bishop then moves the weakened Mecko into the middle of the ring, setting him up for the ultimate finish, the Sleeping Pi- counter! Mecko moves out of the way, he goes for the Discus clothesline, but another counter from Bishop, an elbow dazes his rival, and Jack goes for another sleeping pill, but another counter-  DISCUS CLOTHESLINE OUTTA NOWHERE! IT’S GOTTA BE OVER! 1..2..3!    JACK BISHOP HAS BEEN ELIMINATED   Mecko has done it, he’s won the NXT Championship, the crowd starts cheering for the champion, he lifts Bishop up, and shakes his hand, before Bishop leaves, but Amai is still there, with a chair in his hand; but Mecko pays no attention to him as he goes up the turnbuckle to celebrate his well deserved victory, but as he heads back down and turns around…   Oh my days! Chair shot from Amai, Mecko is busted wide open, completely ruining the celebratory moment, Amai goes out to ringside to pick up a mic, before heading back into the ring, and slamming the chair onto Mecko’s head a few more times, the celebration is over, Amai stands tall over over his nemesis, the fans are pissed. Amai has ruined it all.  
    • I don’t care what Superman it is it’s not going to be called the other Superman....

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