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    • FM 20: Awaken a Fallen Giant - Deportivo La Coruna  Episode 20 League Table & Fixtures Review: We’re currently 9th in the league table, which is very good considering we weren’t expected to do much in the league. Although I’m really disappointed because I feel like we’ve had a golden opportunity to be right in those European places but we’ve slightly bottled it. With 5 games left in our season the aim is to try and somehow get into the top 6, but when you look at the table and the teams in front of us we can’t allow any more mistakes. As you can see the form has been all over the place, but it started off extremely well as we defeated Real Sociedad 1-0. Despite them being one of the best teams in the league this season I thought we controlled the game completely and they couldn’t create anything. Any time they attacked us we just hit them on the counter and our hard work finally paid off with a Mollejo winner in the 76th minute. After that game we had won 5 in a row and everything looked well. Then we suffered a 2-0 defeat to Real Betis who are up there with us challenging for Europe. It was expected though, both of our centre backs were out due to allocating too many yellow cards and the two replacements just weren’t up to standards. Then a disappointing 0-0 draw with Levante where neither side really deserved to win it. It was a dull game with not much going on at all and I expected better from us considering the magnitude of the game. Then another draw which was 1-1 between us and Getafe which was really frustrating. Getafe were bottom of the league when we played them and they scored within 2 minutes of play. They were so hard to break down but we finally got a goal from Keko in the 77th minute. I was hoping to find a winner but we didn’t create anything after the goal and that was a real dagger in our European dreams. Then there was a 4-2 loss to Atletico Madrid which was also expected. Correa scored for them within 3 minutes, but Shibasaki scored a great goal from outside the box in the 17th to find the equaliser. The goal didn’t change too much though and Atletico Madrid mostly dominated us as it ended 4-2.  La Liga: Eibar (H) VS Deportivo La Coruna (A) Game Preview: Deportivo La Coruna are currently defying the odds in La Liga after just being promoted, but this is a very important game for them to try and make this season even more memorable. They come up against 19th place Eibar away from home, whose league form has been awful in the 2nd half of the season as they’ve only picked up 3 points since the start of January with 3 draws. Deportivo have been on a rough run recently but they need to put that behind them if they’re going to have a chance at their European dream.  First XI: There have been a few changes in the squad due to injuries and suspensions but I’m pretty happy with this starting 11. Luis Diaz has been injured recently but he’s returned to the squad and hopefully he can pick up his form from before. Azeez hasn’t been good since his return from the African Cup of Nations so I’m giving Diaz more time in the squad to prove himself. Jonathan has had injury problems as of late so I’ll be playing Ruiz instead at left back.  KICK OFF: 9th minute: Keko has the ball in the Deportivo half, as he plays a long ball forward into Matheo Martinez. Martinez makes a run in the box and tries to get past his defender...PENALTY! Martinez was fouled in the box and we’ve been given the penalty to take the lead early on. Diaz is stepping up to take it and he has a chance to prove himself now...GOAL!!! Deportivo go ahead early as Diaz slots it into the bottom right corner.  29th minute: Eibar are playing around with the ball in midfield as they try to create something. Exposito tries to play a short pass but it’s intercepted easily by Shibasaki who finds Martinez making the run through the defence, as Martinez has a chance to make it two...Saved by Dmitrovic. Finishing needed to be better by Martinez to score then.  47th minute: Enrich has the ball in midfield for Eibar as he attempts a run down the right side of the pitch. He gets tackled but wins the ball back and passes it forward to Tejero. Sadick misses the tackle Tejero has space to run into on the right wing. He crosses it into the box to De Blasis who has a header...Over. Good play from Eibar and Deportivo looked in trouble for a moment. 65th minute: Keko has the ball on the right in the Deportivo half. He attempts a ball across to Diaz but Arturo intercepts and gets in the way. He looks to play a ball to Enrich but Sadick puts in a great tackle and the ball is cleared. It only reaches Sergio outside the box who plays a lovely ball to Quique in the box who hits it on the volley first time...OFF THE BAR! That was the chance for Eibar to grab something from this game.  78th minute: Luis Diaz has the ball on the left and makes a run on the inside. He plays a ball out to the right to Keko, who passes the ball to Martinez in the box who finds Diaz making a run to his left...Saved! That was a great play from Deportivo with the quick passing but the Diaz’ shot was weak.  FULL TIME: EIBAR 0-1 DEPORTIVO LA CORUNA We finally got a win and it was pretty deserved as we defeated Eibar 1-0. It could have been more but I’m just happy we got the job done, and there is still a slight chance we can European football with 4 games left to go. I’m going to do a double game episode for the last two games assuming everything is still close. The situation is crazy because even Real Sociedad have been drawn into this with their poor form recently, and there’s still a chance we can get Champions League football. Here’s the crazy situation we’re currently in.
    • FM 20: Awaken a Fallen Giant - Deportivo La Coruna  Episode 19 League Table & Fixtures Review: After some not so good results from the last episode where we lost 4 games in a row, we’ve managed to pick our form back up again and we’re currently on 40 points not too far from European football once again. Once you get 40 points it’s basically a guarantee that you won’t get relegated, so I’m delighted with the team that we’ve managed survival with 11 games left in the season.  As I said we’ve been playing really well recently and it shows in our quality form over the last three games, winning every single one. It started off with a 1-0 win over struggling Leganes. Matheo Martinez scored the goal in 7 minutes from a Shibasaki free kick to put us ahead and that was that really. There were a few chances for both sides during the game but we managed to hold on to the 1-0 scoreline. Then a great result against Sevilla where we won 2-1. Cartabia scored in the 7th minute with a header provided by a Jonathan cross in the box. Although 5 minutes later Ocampos scored for Sevilla to find the equaliser and I had a bad feeling the game was going to turn. Luckily that wasn’t the case though, as Luis Diaz managed to score his 2nd goal of the season with his last coming against Sevilla funnily enough, in the first game of the season. After that I felt like we dominated the game, we had even more chances to score after that but it was an entertaining game that went right to the end. Then we racked up a 1-0 win over Sporting de Gijón when I was forced to make some changes in the side since Keko and Cartabia were both injured so I had a lack of wide players. I decided to play a more narrow formation and went with a diamond instead. It worked defensively but we weren’t creating any chances. I changed it back to the old tactic and brought on Luis Diaz and we managed to score a few minutes later in the 87th minute. Shibasaki once again being the provider from the free kick and Montero scored the header to win the game for us. La Liga:  Villarreal (H) VS Deportivo La Coruna (A) Game Preview: Although Villarreal have usually been one of the better sides in Spain over the last few years, they currently sit in 13th place; 10 points behind Deportivo. This could be put down to the fact that they could have gone through a lot of rotation this season due to their involvement in the Europa League, and they were recently knocked out by Mainz. When the two sides met earlier in the season Deportivo had one of the best results of their season with a 3-0 win at the Riazor. This should prove to be a tougher game though with Villarreal’s focus being completely set on the league now whilst also playing away from home. It’s a tough game to call as Depor have been in top notch form as of late, but Valencia definitely have enough quality in their side to change that.  First XI: The only real change in the tactic is that I’ve gone back to the more cautious mentality. It worked against Sevilla and I feel like it has to be implemented when we’re coming up against bigger sides. Keko is out with an injury and won’t return for another 5-11 days so Luis Diaz has taken his place in the squad. Azeez has finally made his return to the squad after his appearance in the African Cup of Nations, I hope he can pick his performances back up because he was one of our best players before he left us for that one month period. KICK OFF: 18th minute: Ontiveros has the ball for Villarreal from a free kick position. He steps up and takes the shot from about 25 yards...SAVED! Badia makes a terrific save to tip it away, as it looked like it could have gone top right. Corner is taken but the ball is headed away, although it only reaches Gonzalez outside the box who shoots...OFF THE BAR! Villarreal had two great chances in a matter of a minute there as Deportivo cleared the ball away. 24th minute: Villarreal are on the attack as they play a lofted ball forward, although Sadick heads it away to Shibasaki. Shibasaki makes a short run before playing it ahead to Martinez who finds his way into the box. He tries a cross but it ends up going over the Deportivo players. Garcia runs to save it from going out and he passes it to Cartabia in the box who plays a quick cross to Luis Diaz...GOAL!!! Diaz scores the header to put Deportivo 1-0 and he’s finally finding some form.  51st minute: Deportivo have been playing around with the ball magnificently and Villarreal can’t seem to get close to them. Sola and Montero are passing the ball nicely around the back. Montero suddenly plays a long ball forward that reaches Cartabia on the wing. He hits a beautiful weighted pass to Diaz once again...Over! Great football from Deportivo but just needed a greater finish from Diaz.  68th minute: Morlanes has the ball in the Depor box for Villarreal. He tries a cross but Sadick heads it away to safety as it reaches Cartabia. Cartabia holds the ball up well as he spots Martinez making a run and hits a lovely ball into his stride. Martinez takes a good first touch and has a chance for himself in the box...GOAL!!! Martinez scores a lovely goal with a composed finish as he hits it under the goalkeeper. 2-0 Deportivo now and Villarreal are in trouble.  79th minute: Villarreal have a free kick from far out on the right side of the pitch. Trigueros takes it and tries to find a player in the box, as it reaches the head of Chema...WIDE! That was a decent chance for Villarreal to get back into this game and their best of the half.  FULL TIME: VILLARREAL 0-2 DEPORTIVO LA CORUNA Even though the amount of shots taken would make you think Villarreal deserved more, they didn’t create any big chances at all during the game. We played our game to perfection with our short passing and patient build-up play, catching them out on the counter twice for our 2 goals. That was an incredible result for our season and we’re currently in 7th place, which would mean we’d play in the EURO Cup II, which I don’t really care for considering it’s a worse version of the Europa League but it’s still impressive for our standards. Only negatives is that Jonathan is out injured for 5 weeks after the game along with Diaz who got injured for a month after finally starting to perform for us, so they're both big misses.
    • FM 20: Awaken a Fallen Giant - Deportivo La Coruna  Episode 18 I did say that after the signing of Jonathan we probably wouldn’t be making any more moves, and I was correct. None of the players my scouts were bringing to me interested me or were currently affordable, there were a few youngsters we loaned out but those are the only outs. League Table & Fixtures Review: Since the last episode we haven’t really progressed much in the league table, but that’s mostly down to a run of tough games. We’ve only fallen down slightly to 10th place, which is still pretty good considering expectations. Europe seems off at this point so I’m not that concerned about it anymore, safety in the division should also be wrapped up in no time. We’re not really fighting for anything now except a good mid-table finish, but I still want to perform well to build momentum and maintain team happiness. Here are the results since the loss to Osasuna where you can see we’ve had to play a bunch of games over the course of 2 weeks. We started off with a great 2-1 win away from home against Athletic Bilbao. They scored in the 7th minute through Inaki Williams to go 1-0 up but we responded brilliantly afterwards. Keko scored in the 26th minute to grab the equaliser and then the youngster Matheo Martinez got his 2nd goal of the season for the game winner. After that I went to a more cautious style because I didn’t want a repeat of Osasuna and it worked as we held on for the 2-1 victory. Then we faced off against Espanyol in a Copa Del Rey game where we came out 1-0 victors. Aketxe scored the penalty and we managed to hold on to the lead despite a rotated side and advance to the last 16. Then in the league we had a game against Real Madrid and we lost 1-0. We managed to hold on for a while, Badia even saved a penalty from Ramos in the first half. It didn’t stay level for long though as Ramos scored a header in the 56th minute which was the game winner. In the last 16 of the Copa Del Rey we were hammered by Bilbao 4-1. They scored early on but like the last game we found an equaliser through Aleix Garcia. They scored again in the 60th minute to make it 2-1 and I tried to play more positive football to get a goal, which just led to them scoring 2 more to make it 4-1 the final result. Then we faced Barcelona in another extremely tough game, which ended 3-1. They went up 3-0 after 35 minutes and they were all over us. I played a lot more cautiously just so we wouldn’t get completely embarrassed. We managed to weather the Barca storm and Mollejo scored a goal in the 61st to make it 3-1, but there were no more big chances in the game after that.  La Liga:  Deportivo La Coruna (H) VS Valencia (A) Game Preview: Like Deportivo, Valencia were one of the best sides in Spain during the 2000’s winning 2 league titles during the decade and regularly featuring in the top 3. They still are a massive side featuring regularly in European competitions. It’s not been one of their better seasons as they currently sit in 8th position, despite their manager being Zidane and boasting a lot of great talent. These two sides met in the league just a month ago when Deportivo came back from a goal down to win the game 2-1. It’s a difficult game to call because both teams are pretty close to each other in the league and even though Valencia have more star power, Deportivo have already proved they have what it takes to beat them. At home as well, you’d maybe have to give a slight edge towards Deportivo, they’ve been on a dodgy run recently but they’ll be hoping to put that to bed tonight.  First XI: The line-up is mostly the same as it has been all season. Azeez is still missing because of his international duty with Nigeria, but he’ll be back next game. I’ve played Garcia as a box to box midfielder recently and he’s done really well there surprisingly. Ruiz is also playing wing back because Jonathan took a knock in training so it’s too much of a risk to play him.  KICK OFF: 8th minute: Cartabia has the ball on the right side of the field for Deportivo. He makes a run through the middle of the pitch and passes it to Keko on the left wing. He crosses the ball into the box and he finds Matheo Martinez...OVER! Martinez hits it over the crossbar, good chance to score there. 14th minute: Parejo has the ball in the final third for Valencia. He finds a ball out wide on the left wing to Gayá, who tries to find a cross into the box. It’s cleared away by Salva Ruiz and it falls to Vazquez on the volley...GOAL!!! Valencia have scored with a terrific strike to find the opening goal.  45th minute: Shibasaki has a free kick from 30 yards out, and he looks like he’s taking on the shot. He steps up and hits it...GOAL!!! Shibasaki has gotten the equaliser for Deportivo just before the end of the first half with a quality free kick that found the top left corner.  55th minute: Chambers has the throw for Valencia and gives it to Rodrigo. He passes it back to Parejo, who finds a lovely ball out wide to Gayá on the left. He gets past Sola and crosses it to Gomez...saved by Badia. He didn’t have too much trouble catching that one.  67th minute: Keko has the ball on the left wing, but is tackled easily by Chambers. Chambers plays a short pass to Rodrigo, who plays a great ball across to Gayá to switch the play. He runs out of the Deportivo half and plays a lofted ball towards Vazquez who runs into the box. He hits the ball with his left foot...GOAL!!! That was a very well worked goal by Valencia and a brace for Vazquez. 2-1 now and Deportivo are going to need to do a lot of work to come back again.  88th minute: Guedes has the throw-in for Valencia from a dangerous position. He throws it to Kondogbia who gives it back to Guedes. Guedes makes a run into the box and takes a shot...SAVED! Good save from Badia to tip it away for a corner. The corner is dealt with, and the game looks over for Deportivo.  FULL TIME: DEPORTIVO LA CORUNA 1-2 VALENCIA That was definitely up there as one of our worst performances this season and we probably deserved to lose by more. I tried to make changes during the game, even going to a 4-4-2 near the end but we just didn’t create anything. It was good to see Shibasaki score again but that’s about it really. I thought we could get something out of this game because of the previous result against Valencia but they completely dominated us this time around. I hope that now that we’ve gotten a lot of tough fixtures out of the way the team can pick up some results again because we’re going through some rough form as of late.
    • My Favorite Undertaker Match or Moment isn’t the End of an Era, or even against HBK at Mania 26, in fact, my favorite Taker Match happened 13 Years Prior, which was his HIAC Match against Shawn Michaels. Even though the two hated each other, they had amazing chemistry in the ring. This is probably still the 2nd best HIAC Match to date. It was filled with chairs, blood, piledrivers, steel steps, and even Michaels flying off the side of HIAC. Great Match, and really was the match where I became a big fan of Undertaker.  
    • FD-Gun (FDS, Raven & Alex Costa) all walk backstage into the media skirmish area, there are a large number of camera flashes from taking pictures of the newly formed unit. FDS has a smile on his face, Raven looks intensely and a cocky smirk is on the face of Alex.  FDS stands in front of the other two men and begins to address the media  “You all seem shocked. Are You Shocked? Why? Think about it, why wouldn’t we all group up together? We are the guys who the fans know are some of the best of the best in terms of wrestling and thus they support us and it’s so much more meaningful than all of those other groups that get supported by this company. There’s no sincerity in that support because they are all nothing but a bunch of corporately produced groups and wrestlers that the fans have been told to support, wrestlers and groups who we have been told to make look good, where as we have a genuine connection with the fans, we genuinely look good each and every single night we step into that ring and we genuinely have succeeded not because the company has wanted us to but because the fans wanted us to and we became undeniable. So now, we are done making those people who the fans have been told to like look good, we are done allowing the company to put people ahead of us because it is time for us to light our way through BPZ and take what is owed to us in the form of breaking down the company favourites. Nebakos that starts with you next week on Carnage. Call yourself “The Messiah” or Call yourself “The Foundation” it really doesn’t matter. We both know for a fact you are still the man that for the last six years whether you were here every single night or only making appearances every few months or hell just not even showing up at all for a full year you would still be positioned as the guy and the face of this company and frankly I am sick of that. You have been pasted onto billboards, posters and every single piece of BPZ Merchandise possible and shoved down these fans throats. They’re sick of it and we’re sick of it, so next week when we face off, I can’t wait to drive my knee into your little marketing tool of a face. As for all the other groups in BPZ that are probably afraid of us after what we just did, I'm glad you’re all afraid. You have each claimed to be the strongest in BPZ and that is probably one of the biggest deceptions to the fans of this company that has happened in recent memory. If you are all the best then answer this one simple question for me: How can you claim to be the best when you are unwilling to fight a specific group of people? ? The simple answer is you can’t and that is how we’re different from these other groups in this god forsaken company. The three of us are willing to fight each other because we know that we cannot claim to be the best if we do not fight every single person possible. If we refuse to fight somebody simply because they are in the same group as us then we are weak. It’s fight or flight in this jungle my friends and this army is perfectly happy to fight anyone and everyone. Now i’ve said enough tonight so let me allow my new allies to speak their words of wisdom and tell you why they are here with me tonight." FDS steps back and gives the floor to Raven and Alex Costa, the media clearly very interested in the declaration by the leader of FD-Gun and now look to listen to the words spoken by the first recruits to this so-called Army.  (Reply Planned, duh) 

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