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    • This new era of RAW and WWE in general had some rocky moments but you can't say that it hasn't worked out for stars like Buddy Murphy, Heavy Machinery and now of course Andrade has been presented as a great competitor (despite some loses) all the way to a victory over Rey Mysterio for the United States Championship. Truth of the matter is despite some good matches against Styles, Rollins ect in the past I don’t think Carrillo has been built up as a viable challenger just yet and this feels rushed as a result. I mean hell he only returned a weke before the event and suddenly he has a championship match? A confrontation in the Rumble where Carrillo tosses Andrade, a brawl on Raw, and then build up to the match at the Saudi show or another PPV after could've worked. But yeah as i said it feels rushed and it doesn’t feel like the time for Carrillo to win the championship.   It very well could be a non-finish or DQ but I think that Andrade retains and will probably be involved in a multi-man match at Wrestlemania when the time comes. I am in total favour of this being on the Pre-show if it gets them more time which should be a good match either way.
    • {The Don Dada Slim turns his attention to the entrance ramp as the lights in the Carnage Arena immediately cut to black. We then see a sole spotlight shine at the very top of the entrance ramp as the music of the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion Julius begins to play. The camera focuses on the sheer size of Julius, trailing him as he walks out from the back to stand in the spotlight. The crowd are in awe with what they're seeing as Julius raises his World Heavyweight Championship in the air before the lights return to normal and Julius makes his way down to the ring} {Julius wastes no time in getting to the ring, immediately taking a microphone and going face to face with one of his most common rivals. He takes a good look at Slim before snarling and taking a step back, raising the microphone to his mouth in the process} "I'm sorry, but last time I checked I don't remember anyone really giving a fuck about anything you gotta say. Arius this, Arius that will you just shut your mouth already and take a look at the absolute monster that stands in-front of you. Every single goddamn time I tune into this show all I see is such praise for this man called Arius. Everyone say's he's so dominant, he's the future, he's going to be the King of this place. Well I'll tell your right now motherfucker there ain't no body in this company more dominant than me and I think it's about damn time all of you show the World Champ some respect" "I didn't work my damn ass off every single day to be treated as the second best, I've been the best since I've got here and I will continue to be the best until I decide it's over. He didn't want the smoke at King of the Ring and he doesn't want it at BPZ Mania because I'm going to make a fool out of him and once again prove all of you fanboys wrong. I am that dominant force and I will always be THAT DOMINANT FORCE" "But you Slim, you're a threat to my dominance. You and your family. I made the mistake one year ago of taking it easy and it bit me in the ass. I lost this World Championship just one month before the big show and I didn't get my Main Event. I consider each and every person on this roster as an enemy because NOW I'M GETTING MY FUCKING MAIN EVENT WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT" "Send this message to your family, if any of them try to step to me, try to be that roadblock to my BPZ Mania Main Event, I will consider it an act of war and I will strike every single one of you down until there is no breath left in your bodies. Whoever is involved in this little game of your's, make sure you tell them not to mess with this Bad Motherfucker because I will end them right there and then. Whoever it is you throw at me whether it's Bailey, Bart, Smith, Sameer, Isaiah Carter, Hans Clayton, Flynn the whole goddamn world nothing is going to stop me from getting what I want. Right now it's Julius vs the world and I'm going to come out on top" "I've set that goal and I'm going to achieve it, I will Main Event BPZ Mania and if you want your little Mafia to have any sort of success in this company you better make sure that they stay the hell away from me because I will crush them, I will humiliate them, I will destroy them, I will hurt them and I will hurt you" {Julius and Slim go face to face as the energy in the arena increases when suddenly another familiar theme begins to play, sending the roof off of the Carnage Arena}
    • APPLE PIE! The strap is back brother. I'll give WWE some credit here for bringing out a unique stipulation as in we haven't seen it on television or PPV for quite a while. I’ve always liked this match because it’s something different in a wrestling reality where we get a falls count anywhere match once a month.  Now down to the tax of the match...bare with me. The Fiend has no sold hundreds of Curb Stomps, being thrown into production areas, multiple chair shots to the face and other attacks that would take out 99% of the roster for the count. Keeping all of that in mind they've put themselves in a corner haven't they? I understand for Daniel Bryan that this is to make sure The Fiend can't escape him but i don't know. Regardless if anybody can make that work it’s Daniel Bryan. He did so at the Survivor Series in a good match and now that they had the first match, I think that this one will be better especially when you consider Bryan is the only man to have a great singles match with Wyatt during his WWE run in my opinion. Character has been great, matches have been fine but Bryan pushes it to the next level. As FDS said back in 2014 they tore it up and now in 2020 they can do it again. It's actually nice to think that Bray Wyatt has been an important character/wrestler in the WWE career of Bryan during their time in the company. Wouldn't know who else tops that for Wyatt outside of Orton. Who do i see winning? With no doubt in my mind The Fiend. He is still strong as a character and going in Wrestlemania having him lose today at the Royal Rumble would make this whole journey a waste of time in my opinion.  WWE really have to evolve the Fiend past “guy that no sells 18 finishers and wins” into something else similar to The Undertaker during his Ruthless Aggression years where yeah he was a undead machine but he could take a punch, take a loss when he needed to. I guess the WWE need to figure that out but i'll allow baby steps and just for my sanity get rid of the red lighting. 
    • -Men's Royal Rumble- Men's Rumble - First Pick (2 Points If Correct) Seth Rollins Men's Rumble - Second Pick (1 Point if Correct) Roman Reigns -Women's Royal Rumble- Women's Rumble - First Pick (2 Points If Correct) Charlotte Women's Rumble - Second Pick (1 Point if Correct) Sasha Banks The Fiend (c) vs. Daniel Bryan (Universal Championship strap-on match) Bayley (c) vs. Lacey Evans (SmackDown Women's Championship) Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin Becky Lynch (c) vs. Asuka (Raw Women's Championship) Sheamus vs. Shorty G Andrade (c) vs. Humberto Carrillo (United States Championship) Bonus Questions: Second to last match on the card? Bayley vs Lacey Evans First match on the card? (No pre-show) Roman Reigns vs King Corbin Men's Rumble - Entrant #7 Mojo Rawley Men's Rumble - Entrant #27 AJ Styles Women's Rumble - Entrant #7 Lana Women's Rumble - Entrant #27 Sasha Banks
    • Roman Reigns  Aleister Black Shayna Baszler Ronda Rousey  Fiend Bayley  Roman Reigns  Lynch  Sheamus  Andrade  Fiend vs Bryan  Lynch vs Asuka  7: Bobby Roode 27: Baron Corbin 7: Natalya  27: Alexa Bliss

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