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    • Sorry to be a buzzkill but I hate that this match is even happening. MVP should be sticking to the manager role to get other guys over. I was actually kinda pissed they had MVP win his first singles match in a decade by beating the United States Champion in a non title match! Like god damn WWE, why do the champs lose non title matches so often, you didn't even have to set this match up that way. I feel like WWE over the past 4 years has teased doing something with Crews over and over just to abandon it for no reason. Why not try to make a new star, especially during these strange times for wrestling. If they actually invested a little bit into Apollo they could make both him and this reign actually mean something. I won't even say this match is to build Crews because he shouldn't have lost that previous match if you're tryna build him. Hopefully Crews retains and WWE doesn't get scared of using Apollo Crews cause I wanna see him succeed.
    • Money in the Bank Matchcards for Pro Wrestling Universe 2020: (More will be added)
    • This has got to be one of the dumbest stipulations I have ever heard of. You win by taking someone's eye out of their head?? That's just completely disinteresting to me because it's one thing to do blinding angles but it's another thing to have a match based around the idea of permanently maiming someone in a gruesome way like this, as if it's believable that this would be allowed. I'm afraid this match is gonna flop because of them having this weird stipulation and the finish will probably be some hokey crap. Coulda just let them hit each other with kendo sticks and I wouldn't complain.
    • Hello everyone, and welcome to BPZ Commentaries. My name is Gekyume Sins, the long lost son of XXXTentacion and Johnny Sins. You see this? Yessir that is none other than Bailey. The Bailey, Bailey Justin, bailey14, whatever you call him, you know him if you watch BPZ. BPZ Hall of Famer, multiple time world champion and debatably the greatest superstar in BPZ. But recently, we haven't seen a whole lot of the legend. Questions have arisen if he's been taking a break, biding his time, or hell maybe BPZ made him a full time management guy. Now he seems prepped to be facing Jeremiah Flynn, and honestly I'm all for that. But other than that, who really who knows what BPZ is planning? I don't, but I'm going to write a little bit on what I want to see from Bailey in the future. My good friend Manny Moleman inspired me with his most recent segment, and yeah, let's get on it shall we? What's Next for Bailey? Feuding with Jeremiah Flynn We all know the story by now, don't we? These two went toe to toe in the main event of BPZ Mania IV last year and that was one of the greatest feuds I have ever witnessed in BPZ. Both guys were putting out top notch stuff week in and week out and you can't make up how iconic this feud was. Admittedly, it was a little bit obvious after Bailey won the rumble but I'll let it slide just because of how good both of these guys were. But obviously that feud has passed and the world moved on, but now seems like the perfect time to bring back one of the greatest matchups in recent BPZ history. Bailey has been in control of the Death Riders for quite some time now, and as one of the leaders of Mafia, his presence has always been felt no matter where he's been or how long he's been gone. As for Flynn, he seems to have aligned with Creed, creating a very interesting dynamic between the two factions as there are now members on both brands. I think a bit of warfare between two of the biggest stars would be riveting (please no Creed vs Mafia yet though). Here's what I propose: a feud that lasts until the later months of 2020 at least. The opportunities are endless here, and BPZ could go with Bailey trying to capture the BPZ Universal Championship, the leadership of Carnage, or just eliminate Creed once and for all. But what I think would be best is for Bailey to pursue the BPZ Universal Championship for the next few months until the next Carnage exclusive show (god knows when that is if Valor's is in August). There's plenty of time for the rivalry to boil up, and eventually I think BPZ could make a play with Death Riders/Mafia vs Creed at Survivor Series which would be absolutely sensational. Having Flynn who was in Bulletproof last year switch sides would create such an interesting dynamic and I can already picture the promos. Needless to say, I think this may be the option I'm most excited about.   Trouble in Mafia I have just received word that Bailey has been released from Carnage! Wow, uh, this was a very unexpected turn of events BUT THE SHOW MUST GO ON! Another option for Bailey that I think would be interesting (hopefully he gets resigned cause releasing him pretty dumb) would be some inner stable warfare with the Inner Circle. We already saw some battles when Bailey challenged Slim for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship, and I think another encounter with the two could be very interesting. While I do believe Mafia should stay a collect group as I think having a stable that extends to both brands (Creed doesn't count yet, come on now) is a good thing to have incorporated, having the two sides of Mafia square off could build some very interesting ideas. Case and point, who's the true alpha of Mafia, Bailey or Slim? Who's right beneath them, Ropati, Mikey, Amai? And of course, one that I would look forward to, who is the best talker in the group, Jason Ryan or Addy? There's a lot of ways to approach this idea and while it may not be brand warfare given the most recent events, it's still stable warfare which is something we haven't seen to a full extent in a very long time. Obviously teams like the First Class Express and the Firing Squad have come and gone, and while they were all apart of Bulletproof, those felt like separate affairs while this would be one that involves the entire faction. Again, just some food for thought and I'm really not sure how BPZ would pull it off without Bailey on a brand but a man can dream dammit!   Bailey vs Arrow Manny Moleman made a great point: this match needs to be seen. Arrow has been absolutely off the chain recently, making clones, being trapped in Bailey's basement, hell even having some of clones turned against him, and this match would be one for the ages given those circumstances. Think about it: Bailey vs Arrow in a 1 on 5 handicap against all of Arrow's different clones, comedy gold! These two have had a running story or something like that where Arrow was trapped in Mafia's basement. If I'm being honest, I switched the channel whenever the segments popped up so I have no idea what happened there. All I know is there is history between Arrow and Mafia, and who better to face than the top dog of Mafia's Carnage group than the leader himself Bailey. Well, former Carnage leader. Flynn, please resign this man or I'm gonna have to call you a jobber again. Anyway, the match basically writes itself and I know when I speak for the entire BPZ universe when I say I want this on my TV come Summerslam.   ??? Or who knows? Maybe Bailey will pull an Eli Smith and leave the company for a while, take a break and come back better than ev- what's that? Bailey's back on Carnage?! Well that's highly unfortunate, so just scratch what I said and let's just get to the end. I was improvising this whole bit anyway and I was starting to lose it if I'm being honest. And that does it for now. Bailey, Bailey Justin, The Bailey, bailey14, The GOAT of BPZ, has lots of options for what he can do next given his now fixed circumstances, and I stand by all of these, especially his match against Arrow. I think all these options offer something unique that isn't usually seen in BPZ and hey, making management will take notice. As always, this has been Gekyume Sins from BPZ Commentaries, and I hope you enjoyed my little bit. Until next time, Gekyume out.
    • I know this was a move to stop me from posting my Bailey commentaries post but we're gonna get it out anyway

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