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    • Squad Analysis 2019/20 - Part 1 Goalkeepers Let's look at all the positions in the squad starting with the Goalkeepers. Maarten Stekelenberg At 36, Stekelenberg is past his prime. The former Dutch International has really fell off recently and with his contract coming up at the end of the season plus the interest of several Middle Eastern Teams makes him unwilling to sign a new deal meaning he will probably be transfered during this pre-season. A shame since he's got a great personality for tutoring but this is our only chance to potentially make a profit on him. I won't actively seek to move him out but if the offer comes he will likely be gone. Jonas Lossl Lossl is in a similar situation to Stekelenberg stats wise but he is 6 years younger and would probably have been my backup if it wasn't for the fact he's currently out on loan at Championship side Huddersfield. As it stands he will likely be sold after this season depending on who I get as a backup keeper during the current transfer market. Solid keeper but perhaps not fully Premier League quality. Jordan Pickford Our undisputed starter both in the game and in real life Pickford is looking pretty good in this game. He will more than likely be our #1 Keeper for a while however he does have the concern of wanting to potentially move to a bigger club so we gotta keep an eye out on that. Other than that he should be our top guy here. The Youth Looking into the future there are 3 names that deserve a mention Nicolas Hansen, Jack McIntyre and Zan-Luk Leban. All 3 of them have great potential and I am looking at Hansen as a potential future #1 if he can fulfill it however it will be a long time before he does it. In the shorter term Virginia is coming up and while I will probably give him some games in this Pre-Season I feel he doesn't have the quality to make it unless loans really help him. He will be definatly be loaned out this season. General: In general I feel the plan here is to look into a backup keeper to be there for a couple of seasons someone who can shadow Pickford and help transition before Hansen and either McIntyre or Leban get there. Ideally I'd like to get an English keeper with a good personality but we shall see what the transfer market dictates there. Of course if you got any sugestions feel free to post it. Next time we will be looking at the Defenders. Thanks for reading!
    • Man, what an ending. Little backstory for myself, but I didn’t start watching NJPW until the BOSJ of last year, and from then to now, I’ve had a massive love-hate relationship with EVIL. He was my least favorite LIJ member this time last year, and I’ve grown to appreciate him so much as I’ve seen more of his work, to the point where he had become my favorite LIJ member, no question. Obviously, I was rooting for him to beat Okada hard here, and I know I wasn’t alone. A lot of NJPW fans saw this match as one Okada didn’t need to win and EVIL became the de facto face because of it. EVIL was hot, him beating SANADA was surprising, and the prospect of a Naito/EVIL match was fresh and enticing. The fact that EVIL turned at the height of his popularity and joined Bullet Club, despite being a founding member of LIJ, was always gonna be shocking, but the fact that the did it when NJPW did so much to heat him up during the NJC made it even more impactful. On the other hand, the turn makes so much sense. With White and KENTA stuck in America, Bullet Club needs a top heavyweight, and with LIJ basically being faces at this point, EVIL doesn’t really fit in anymore. With this turn, they’ve made EVIL a massive deal, made Bullet Club hot again and made a Naito/EVIL match way more interesting than it already was. Absolutely brilliant stuff.
    • Oh this is brilliant Flynn. Hope to see more of this
    • AIRED ON BPZ YOUTUBE Who Attacked Josh Part 1/1. A very familiar theme hits and we see Ryan Red and Barry Blue stood outside a hospital. The theme from Who Attacked Bulldozer is cut short as Ryan takes his phone out of his pocket and turns off the music. Barry: I was wondering why that was playing. Is that still your ringtone? It’s been that since last season Ryan: Last season? Barry: Yes, you know, Spring. The last season Ryan: Oh of course, now let’s go check on Josh Barry: Yes. Come on Ryan. A hooded man who we can’t quite see the identity of suddenly appears behind Barry and Ryan, but they don’t seem to notice. They walk into the hospital, followed by the hooded figure. ———————————————— We now cut to the hospital room where Josh is after being hit by a car following his return last week. He’s moaning in pain when Barry and Ryan arrive.  Barry: Hiya Josh Ryan: How are you holding up? Josh: Not good. I got hit by a car at 100mph apparently, twice the lethal force. Normally a wrestler should be able to wrestle fine a week after getting hit by a car but the doctors have told me it could take me up to 3 weeks. Barry: Ooph. Must be bad Ryan: We bring news. We’ve been drafted to Carnage Josh: But... but I’m “Mr Evolve.” I can’t be on Carnage Barry: Evolve doesn’t exist anymore Ryan: Well... Barry: The other brand is called Valor Josh: Valor. The brand is called Valor? Thank god I’m on Carnage. Josh turns over and moans in pain leading to Ryan making an awkward sympathetic smile Ryan: Don’t worry Josh, we will find out who did this. Me and Barry will search for Who Attacked Josh. I’ve signed a 20 episode contract with Netflix to broadcast, invested all my money in merch including Who Attacked Josh T Shirts, and... Josh: I know who did it Ryan: Are you f*cking kidding me Josh: Well that’s a lie. I don’t know who was behind the wheel. But whoever did it won’t have done it themselves, like how I hired George to run Bulldozer down. And I know who wanted me mowed down. Think about it. Here’s a clue. Restraining order Ryan: Who has a restraining order against you? Barry: Ed Sheeran Josh: Well yes he does but... Ryan: Lady Gaga Josh: Lets not get into that one but... Barry Blue: Barney The Dinosaur Josh: NO. Whilst all those are true, I meant, who do I have a restraining order against Barry and Ryan: My brother Josh: Thats right. Gary Green. And who does Gary Green work for. The Master. The Master is the one who ordered me ran down and Gary is the only one who knows his identity  Ryan: Don’t you care about who hit you Josh: Not really. And if I was to hazard a guess, I would say the guy that actually hit me is the hooded guy who’s been sat in the corner of the room since you guys came Barry and Ryan turn to see the hooded guy in the corner and jump back in surprise Ryan: Unmask yourself The hooded man unmasks himself and the 3 friends mouths drop open in surprise Ryan: It’s Toxik Barry: You mean Mirage Josh: You mean Bulldozer Austin Mirage: Barry was closest. Austin Mirage. Barry: What are you doing here? Ryan: Of course. It was Austin. He was upset that Josh ran him over last year and was seeking revenge. So The Master offered him a deal. Austin would get to run over Josh, The Master would get Josh out of the window. And now he’s come here to taunt him Austin Mirage: None of that is true. I’ve forgiven Josh. I came here to check on him. I know what it’s like to get hit by a car. It hurts. A lot. And you’re filled with a longing sense to know who did it. But we are stronger together, so I came to offer my services. For old times sake partner. I will search Valor, you search Carnage Josh: No. Austin Mirage: Oh. Then I guess see ya guys. Give me a call if you need anything Mirage leaves and Barry and Ryan turn to Josh Ryan: Why would you turn him down. Strength in Numbers and all that.  Josh: I don’t need him alright. We have our first lead, let’s just go and investigate Gary Green. Does he still live in that crappy apartment? Ryan: Are you being serious. You haven’t looked up Gary Green in a while have you. Check his Wikipedia page  Josh: Ok. Gary Green is an English billionaire. BILLIONAIRE.? Ryan Red: Keep reading Josh: Who rose to fame in BPZ wrestling alongside Joshua Scott, his former best friend from college. In a recent interview he said that Josh was “the worst person he’d ever met” and laughed at suggestions he missed Josh. Harsh. Following Josh’s retirement from BPZ, Gary rose to fame when he and Pablo did a cover of “Barbie Girl.” BARBIE GIRL. Barry: It’s catchy to be fair Josh: It bought Gary international fame, and he took advantage, releasing the Gary Green App which rocketed to Number 1 in the App Store charts. He has since starred in numerous movies, been a sponsor for many things, and presents two TV shows, including becoming the new host for Play Your Cards Right, starring Pablo as the Dolly Dealer, and also presenting his own garden renovation show; The Grass is Always Gary Greener On The Other Side. He is currently training to be a wrestler and is currently the head of recruitment at BPZ. Wait Gary is Head of Recruitment now? What about James Cunner Ryan: He got sacked after it was ruled the two clauses he put in your contract that got you fired were illegal. Also he had a clause in everyone’s contracts that they could change race and size at will, and that takes a lot of illegal drugs Barry: He lives in a high security mansion and has Pablo with him at all times. You’re not going to get close to him. So how do we figure out who the Master is Josh: Don't worry I have a plan.  Ryan: This won’t end well Josh: It involves breaking and entering Barry: Yes Josh: Hacking and IT Ryan: Yes Josh: And it will result in us finding out Who Is The Master. And by default, Who Attacked Josh TO BE CONTINUED
    • This show was something else, the ending had perhaps the biggest twist I never saw coming. EVIL joining Bullet Club is insane and I can't wait to see how much both that and this win will help capitulate EVIL's stock in New Japan. Other than that I enjoyed Wato vs DOUKI for what it was, I feel both men had a good showcase here. The rest of the matches were ok and a good way to setup tomorrow's show further.

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