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    • The scene opens to a bar counter and the camera pans across several empty seats until Buddy Ace is shown sitting on a stool drinking before turning around to face the camera.      “It seems that I am in luck as I will be facing Raven in a Bar Room Brawl, which as a matter of fact will be taking place right here where I am today. It’s true that this could be considered a home field advantage for me because with all the time I spend in bars it’s basically a home away from home. Going out for a drink at a bar fits literally any occasion, whether you want to celebrate a major success or drown your sorrows after a bad day, it’s the perfect place to be. Not only that, but there is pretty much a bar anywhere you go. No matter where the road takes me I never fail to find a nice watering hole nearby. London: check, Honolulu: check...all these wonderful cities I get to travel to but I see the inside of their bars more than any landmark or tourist destination they have.”   “Raven though, he pitched a an over the top rope challenge which at first I thought was stupid but then I heard Raven’s explanation and thought it was really stupid. I look back at the Royal Rumble and while you could consider it my greatest moment the fact is that anyone could have been in that spot. I’m sure that’s not what Raven would want to hear because it would be disrespecting the 27 other men I outlasted or something but it’s the truth.  I got a couple eliminations, I got to hang with the best of them in the end, and I had people believing that night. Raven wants to know if he could have been in that spot and absolutely. Despite competing twice in big time matches earlier in the night he still came out and tore it up in the Royal Rumble so just imagine if he had been at one hundred percent. The Royal Rumble is a unique type of battle royal that maybe requires a bit more stamina, more strategy, more luck than a regular battle royal but it’s still a battle royal. A battle royal isn’t exactly the best measure of skill in my opinion.”   “Earlier this year I was red hot on the road to BPZMania but that spark has seemingly died. It’s funny how easily the term ‘rising star’ can be applied or taken away from a star because for a bit there I had the fans, the media, tons of talk about it being Buddy Ace’s time. BPZMania though I stumbled and left the arena without a belt in hand. I felt like everything had been ruined but Isaiah Carter walked into the picture and I made a shift into partnering up as Aces High. It seemed like he was saving my career and we went on to have our big victory alongside Nebakos in War Games only for me to be left to my own devices again once he went for surgery. From there the talk died as I’ve failed to stick out so yeah, obviously I want that back. It felt good to have all that love being shown towards me, to put on performances I could be proud of, to be a star. Hopefully that ‘endless potential’ of mine can make an appearance in this qualifying match. All I can say for certain is that win or lose, I’m staying right here at this counter after the match for a cold one.”   Buddy Ace turns back to his drink as the camera fades to black.
    • As Jason Ryan turns around, Prince smirks before leaping up from the chair and to his feet. He notices how Ryan is too busy up his own ass which gives him time to grab a bat nearby, he runs up to Ryan and swings it to the back of his head. “AHHH!” Ryan lands on the floor with a thud and yells in pain. Prince shakes his head slowly before swinging once again and targeting his right knee. “OUCH!” Prince simply laughs in response before proceeding to stomp repeatedly on the knee as Jason Ryan continues to cry out in pain. Quicky, he takes the cigarettes packet from Jason Ryan and shows it off in front of him. “NO PLEASE!” Prince doesn’t even care to respond before he throws the cigarette’s in a nearby trash can before taking the lighter from Jason and setting it on fire. “NOOOOOOOOO” Jason tries slowly to get back to his feet but Prince simply swings at the knee again to keep him down. Prince then proceeds to kick him in the gut as Jason leans up against the rule, with Prince leaning the bat against his neck. “Now it’s your turn to sit there and listen to me talk, got that mate? You think that YOU made me sit there obediently and listen to you ramble on? Nah man, every second during that I precisely thought out every thing I wanted to say to you that you’ve REALLY pissed me the hell off. You want to come up and try use big words? Who do you think you are impressing? Maybe your second grade teacher, trying to not justify why they were right to hold you back for a few years. You seriously think I’m scared of you Jason? All I see is a pathetic, insecure excuse of a man who is just way in over his head.  But alright, I didn’t enunciate properly? I didn’t show enough emotion in my voice? That’s man bad man, I’ll make myself perfectly clear for you now. I’m going to fucking destroy you.” Jason Ryan can very clearly be seen to be struggling, which Prince laughs at in response and looks set to stomp on Ryan’s knee again which makes him flinch. Right before Prince connects however, he sighs before locking eyes with Jason Ryan again. “You want to come up here and tell me I’m not being intelligent, you’re right I’m not intelligent, I’m just real. Just as real as one can fucking get, you wish you could be as free as me. Instead you’re too far up your own ass that you can almost touch your brain and you have to hide behind this fake, tough exterior. If you’re such a true intellect mister most dangerous man, maybe you understood what I just did. I made you expose your insecurities, what inside you really tears you apart. Addiction, relationships, having to go to rehab and talking with others to save yourself. Can that really be the backstory of someone who is meant to be a dangerous man? Or is it a backstory of someone you wish you could be but deep down inside you, know that you will never be? That’s the difference between you and I Jason. You’re stuck in a dreamland and one day you are going to have to wake up, and when that happens where is your place going to be in this company? No one is going to love the real Jason Ryan, no one will fear him either.” Prince’s words begin to get more intense, as does his actions as he holds shoves the bat even further against the next of Jason Ryan which leaves him gasping for air. “You’ll be nothing, obsolete, a zero. You’ve never truly recovered from the past and you’re going to be dealing with the consequences that you try SO hard to run away from by playing this persona. Sure ok, maybe I do get some sympathy and apathy, but you know what? That’s the price tag of what it means to be a real man, a real person. It honestly doesn’t even begin to surprise me that it’s such an alien concept to you when you’re one of the most disingenuous people in this company. All I ever do is fight with heart, with passion…fighting for ME and nobody else. That’s why I give it 110% whenever I go out there. All you ever do is fight for this character, this lie that you’ve created…that’s why you struggle to admit your flaws. That’s why you truly care about nothing, because this never effects the REAL Jason Ryan. While this is me, this is all I have and that’s why losses hurt because everyone knows I put my heart and soul into this!” Prince sees Jason struggling and looses up the bat before slapping him in the face. He does a gesture for Jason to keep his eyes on him before smirking. “You wanna play down my championship accomplishments but I got those from being true to myself which is something that you can never live up to. You won’t be the man that makes me leave. I’m going to be right here, I’ll be the catalyst to your downfall. Or perhaps the catalyst to your awakening. By the way you carry yourself though, I think it’s pretty damn clear that you’re going to be heading down the path of the first option. You are simply too far gone but you fail to acknowledge that, or you just continue to fight it.” Prince lets off the pressure on Jason Ryan and sits up, before turning around. Jason Ryan tries to attack but it seems Prince was expecting it as rests his foot against his cheek to keep Jason down on the concrete floor. “When we face in the strap match, the only thing I expect from you is a thank you. A thank you for me knocking even a little sense of hope into you, because trust me when I tell you Jason that no one else is going to do it for you. It doesn’t matter how great your title accomplishments were in your eyes, because that is the problem – they’re simply all in your eyes. In this falsehood you created for yourself you think that they were amazing and helps make you a legend, but here is the thing Jason; you are still capable of being chewed up and spit out in an instant. I suggest that you go and get ready oh mister dangerous one, or chill and watch some Rick & Morty since you seem to be such a massive fan! Perhaps go watch the Mr. Mine episode, you should relate to it; seeming as you are nothing more than a carbon of so many guys like you who thought that they were the big shot only for reality to strike and when shit hit the fan they didn’t know where on earth they could go. All I can say now is, good luck because now you are really going to need it.” In one final swift motion, Prince kicks Jason in the gut before and shoves him against a crate. Before turning around and loudly singing Sweet Caroline.
    • The figure lunges at FDS, clobbering him with a barrage of rights and lefts. The camera being knocked out of frame, we are left with the sounds of a clear scuffle before finally it focuses. Jeremiah Flynn is revealed to be the attacker and he is beating the hell out of FDS. FDS quickly with a jab to Flynn’s ribs sends him back, before he quickly grabs ahold of the chair that was previously used by the Universal Champion and swings it straight into his skull.    He now quickly grabs ahold of him, before throwing him face first into the TV mounted on the wall, blood now splintering down the face of the champion. Flynn looking like a mad man, takes the chair before setting it up once again, before refocusing on a stunned FD. He quickly grabs ahold of him, before laying him out with an FKO onto the chair!  Suddenly Flynn’s eyes widen. A look of worry washing across his face.  “Somebody get this guy some help. HEY SOMEBODY GET THIS GUYS SOME FUCKING HELP..... FD this is what you wanted. You beat me FD. We could of just went our separate ways. Get your ass healed up brother. Get patched up, I’m sorry man..... but this shit ain’t over. We are just getting started boy.    Flynn’s look of worry seemingly runs serious. A clear message sent and seemingly everything FDS has asked for. The war between the champions has begun. 
    • God my music taste is so much different than everyone else on the forums.
    • Only a hour away from the match vs Jo Nathan we cut to Epic carrying two paint buckets. Josh Trenton drives in his 1999 Subaru Impreza WRX into the alleyway where Epic is . He leaves the car and Epic looks at him pissed.   "Yo piss off fam, go interview FD-Gun or something I am busy." - Says Epic who is pissed off. "You haven't learned yet? I always show up. So I have a few questions." - Says Josh Trenton. Epic looks at Josh and says "Go on then." trying to finish the interview quickly. "What are you doing with those paint cans?" - asks Josh Trenton "Something to win this upcoming war." - Says Epic "Yeah but what are you going to do with those? Bash him with them, throw paint over him or pull a home alone?" - asks Josh "I can't say cause Jo is probably watching the show dumbass. All I can say is that the revolution is underway." - says Epic confidently. "On the way?" - asks Josh "No it's underway." "Under where?" "Ha I made you say Underwear." - Says Epic who is laughing at Josh's incredible mistake.   Josh stares at Epic then notices Epic staring at something behind him. 4 Cadillac CT6 Blackwings pull up in the alleyway and eight men wearing masks leave the cars. The leader of the masked men walks up to Epic and whispers in his ear. Epic opens the nightclub door for them and then goes back to Josh. "Josh I need you to wrap this up cause I need to finish my plan." - Says Epic who is grinning.  "Um no, I need 3 more minutes. Flynn asked for 5 minutes of interview at minimum" - Says Josh. "Okay I know what to do. Come with me Josh." - Says Epic. Epic and Josh walk into the Nightclub and head to the bar. "So Josh you remember my Whiskey?" - Asks Epic "The best selling BPZ wrestler merchandise of 2019? Of course I do I drank so much of that!" - Says Josh. "Yeah we are making Epic Whiskey now!" - Says Epic while holding it up to the camera. "Woah!" - Says Josh who is very excited. "And you can buy it at BPZSHOP.com." - Says Epic while winking at the camera. "What a shameless plug." - says Josh who is impressed. "Would you like to try some Josh?" - ask Epic "Hell Yeah!" - says Josh Epic grabs the champagne bottle and fills two glasses. He slips something in Josh's drink. Epic grabs the camera from the Camera Man. We come back 2 mins later and Josh is unconscious.  "Wow he drank so much he fell asleep! So anyway I gotta prepare for war. So 2 take out the trash!" - Says Epic who is very excited. One of the masked men come over and grab Josh. He drags Josh out the nightclub and chucks him in a bin.  

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