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    • Itami could help the show massively, and hopefully he beats Enzo for the title soon
    • John: My guest tonight, JoshsNow. Welcome Josh. Josh: John, good to see you. Well, it's not really but I'm here, let's talk John: So, the world was shocked to see the announcement of Ross and Smith as a team. How does that affect you Josh Josh: Now, it doesn't. Look, I could complain about how unfair it is they are even being added to the match. They can't join just now. But it doesn't matter. I can still win, regardless of their last minute entry.  John: But The Order have beaten you before. Are you not worried Josh: John, Pride showed the downfall of the Order. Slim and Nate both lost, and I'll be surprised if they even show up on Sunday John: Ok, let's move on. You face Peter Wilchester at December to Dismember. Now, he is the current Canadian Championship. Is that a title you may set your sights on? Josh: I don't know John. Maybe it's time for me to move on from that title and move onto the bigger picture. Let's move on. John: It seems like you are favoured to lose both matches. The favourite for the NOC is BiC... Josh: BiC is a very strong competitor. A man who trained me to be his protoge and then turned on me and injured me. What he forgets though is that if our last contest was a normal 1 on 1 then I would've won. And when I scale the ladder let the world know. I'm coming for the guy John: Flynn? Josh: The man who claims he has saved Carnage when in fact he's destroyed it. There is only one Saviour of Carnage and it is the most Awesome star in all of BPZ. The man who will walk out in 3 days time with 2 Tag Titles and a shot at Flynn. "Moi" is the Saviour of Carnage and it will be proven in just a few days time. Goodnight John
    • So with me ending Season 2 Of XVCW and Re-branding it to RXW Revolution Xtreme Wrestling Here are the RXW Ground Zero Champions RXW World Heavyweight Champion : Bullet Adams (Defeated Erek Colon Who Beat Sean Nova) RXW Internet Champion : Tom Doyle (Brought in and will be defended every night and uploaded to a community channel) RXW Hardcore Champion : Vacated Due To Nic Virtue "Retiring" RXW Pure Weight Champion: Laurence Wyld (Brought in) RXW World Tag Team Champions: MK-41 (Nate Hunter, Steve Fox and Ryan O'Reilly) Here are The RXW Diamonds Of Honor RXW Women's Champion: Eve Heron RXW Diamond's Champion: April Cortex RXW Iron Maiden Champion : Vacated (Brought In) RXW Women's Tag Team Champion: Vacated RXW Ground Zero Male Roster Bullet Empire Faction: Aaron Shields Alex Xander Austin Wolf Bullet Adams (Champion) (Current Rivalry With Cameron Bash) Erek Colon Ethan Wyld Hunter Evans(Current Rivalry with MK-41) Kota Shibuya Laurence Wyld (Current Rivalry with MK-41) Tatsuya Shibuya Christian Tracey Cody Hagen Eli Robledo Jack Hunter Ryan Riley S.E Hero Sam Oxley Tom Doyle (Champion)(Current Rivalry With Black Heron) Tyson Cage AC Arthurz Alex Jester Bald Bison Benjamin Cage Black Heron (Current Rivalry With Tom Doyle) Cameron Bash (FAM Champion) (Current Rivalry With Bullet Adams) Anarchymus Arik Chase Barker Christian Payne Cody Jones Jr David Dawn Ethan Everdeen Havok Jacob Anderson Kobayashi Still Recruiting Nate Hunter (Tag Champion)(Current Rivalry with Bullet Empire) Nick Styles Obelisk Pentagon Psyanide Rom Buster Ryan Aryes Ryan O'Reilly (Tag Champion)(Current Rivalry with Bullet Empire) Simon Bowers Sinister Violent Spike Severn Steve Fox (Tag Champion) (Current Rivalry with Bullet Empire) Sylar Jordan Still Recruiting RXW Diamonds Of Honor Roster Alice Xander (Bullet Empire) April Cortex (Bullet Empire) (Champion) Dawn Marie Adams (Bullet Empire) Illya (Bullet Empire) Jessica Andrews (Bullet Empire) Kenna Wyld (Bullet Empire) Kylie (Bullet Empire) Miyuki Shimizu (Bullet Empire) Sakura Asahina (Bullet Empire) Violet Akane Adams (Bullet Empire) Alice Black (SER) Charlie Baker (SER) Elle (SER) Gloria Rose (SER) Marissa Diaz (SER) Ruby Rebel (SER) Samantha Beauchamp (SER) Skyler Carter (SER) Angel Elliot Domina Wyatt Eve Heron (Champion) FEM Balor Gin Merano Pixel Evie Amy Phoenix Annemuniton Ashley Brooks Belladonna Thorn Brittany Bee Brittany Brooks Cassidy Vader Christine Empress Tyranna Eveyln Ivy Gorgeous Georgie Hinata Yoshida Jenna Talia Kaiva Webb Kimberly Briggs Lexi Bilthe Misa Power Miya Ito Pamela Slamderson Rachel Walker Ryan Quinn Sara Synder September Blade Sue Plex Tiffany RXW Ground Zero Tag Teams A.W.O.L Beast Incorporated Britmen CHAOS MK-41 The Bullet Empire Straight Edge Revolution RXW Diamonds Of Honor Tag Teams Les Femme Fatales Orgy Outlaws Pacific Tide R.I.S.3 The Brooks Straight Edge Revolution Truth Bullet Club/Bullet Empire
    • Could lead us to spin off's of X-Men vs. Avengers bro 
    • I have no idea if this was the right choice for 20th Century Fox but it seems as though Murdoch was confident that he made the right decision. Nevertheless, I just hope we don't lose the iconic intro at the start of their movies despite them being bought out.

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