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    • So here we are for NWA Powerr. Outside of that old school intro the first thing that comes to mind after this episode is that NWA has magic in their promos for being unscripted and having an intimate feel with the smaller studio audience. Nick Aldis has come a long way hasn't he? Never would i have i imagined 1/3 of British Invasion would be the future NWA Champion in the revived company owned by the lead singer of Smashing Pumpkins. Wrestling is truly a series of weird events.  But that opening promo really reminded me of an old Ric Flair/Dusty Rhodes hybrid promo. I'm not trying to compare the two of them but he had a lot of heart in it and it used the same idea of reaching through the screen into the audience. Nick Aldis might've pulled off one of my favourite promos of 2019 in the opening to me. Introduced the resurgence of the NWA, put over the 10 Pounds of Gold as the real world championship, and got himself across the fact that he was a classy and passionate champion.  But what I really love about the promos is how the (almost) entire roster go out of their way to put over their opponents and the titles. Even heels are respecting the talents of who they wrestle. It’s super refreshing, makes the championships feel like much more than props, and makes it feel like people are fighting hard against legitimate threats instead of just blowing each other off. Right off the bat they did well in terms of establishing that Aldis, James Storm and Eli Drake were three of the biggest stars in the company mainly because most fans watching will know them from their days in TNA and elsewhere. But Tim Storm is also positioned as the shining veteran star which i like. Billy Corgan and the company have showed an incredible respect to Storm where they could've stripped him of the championship during the re-branding and Tim Storm has stepped up to the opportunities given to him. I’m a big fan of doing the promos on the side staging area. I like doing them right after or before the match as well since the wrestlers themselves are fueld by the energy of the moment. Some of the characters need more of a background given to them, example being The Dawsons who if like me you were seeing for the first time then you would have had no idea what each of their names were. I liked the announce team of Galli and Cornette so it is a shame what will eventually happen with Cornette leaving. Same with MLW losing Cornette..he is a talent that makes the show engaging even this far into his career but i have my doubts we'll see him on any television product any time soon. Cornette has a lot of credibility as somebody with over 30 years of experience in the wrestling business and on a show like this, he’s perfect for what the NWA is.   Talking about former Impact Wrestlings it was nice to see Tom Latimer aka Bram aka original Ascension member. Though talking about controversial roster members he would be one of them. After the match (which was a squash) Eddie Kingston showed up and said that they know for a fact that they don’t speak for the outlaws of the world. During the argument Homicide showed up as Kingston’s tag team partner which hell yeah! I like Kingston and Homicide as a team since they’re veterans with a lot of experience. All we need is Hernandez and we would have an OGz reunion. Eddie Kingston in the ring, on the microphone is a true asset for any company and in 2020 i hope that he is able to catch a break in a bigger company but this is a nice start.  The main event was all i wanted it to be following their past encounters. Part of me remembers really wanting Tim Storm to have one final run as the champion during this new era of NWA but the time for Aldis is now so i'm not slighted by the expected result.  The championship match was very good with who was involved with some cool moments like the Cloverleaf submission that nearly ended the match, Storm hitting the surprise low blow that almost led to the win, the spot with Kamille getting knocked down on the floor and then Aldis countering with a perfect inside cradle to win the match. I think this was smart to have as a main event match on the first show. It firmly shows that Aldis is the top dog now and that Storm still had something left even as an older guy of the company. This respect between the two of them is obviously complicated but it is a relationship and history that NWA can use for their storytelling time and time again.  I think the ease of availability by putting the show on Youtube and Facebook has bee great for the show. They are averaging 200-300k an episode each week. Word of mouth can go very far in the world of pro wrestling. I hope that can continue to grow, get on some local television stations and grow their reach despite the recent road bumps but i'm looking forward to catching up on the rest of this series so far. The poor set is going to be destroyed each week.     
    • This was a good Smackdown once again but this week, RAW felt a little better. Morrison's in ring return was great, Kane coming back to support his old friend was great because back in the day i was a big Team Hell No fan. These heel "stables" that Smackdown currently has are both pretty okay. I'm sure you could find a better use for everyone in these stables but right now this seems pretty okay to me. I'm growing tired of this Corbin vs Reigns feud since it's the same shit almost every week, i decided to skip most of it this week and i found myself enjoying Smackdown a lot more.
    • Over the Christmas and New Year break i've been able to catch up on some wrestling including MLW so i thought i'd comment on the episodes and hopefully spark more people to watch week to week because honestly you won't find a more satisfying product at the moment. It could convince you that under an hour is a great format for a wrestling show though NXT convinced me previously. Episode 67 of MLW Fusion was wild, how else do you describe a show that features summoning a devil? Bestia 666. The wrestler i used to call Batista 666.  Salina de la Renta continues to be my favourite power figure in wrestling and the spiritual spell was something to behold. The black and white visual was fantastic and they nailed it with a creepiness factor.  This ongoing feud with Mance Warner was one of my favourite parts of the week to week programming before i had to stop watching so i'm looking forward to seeing where it goes. Leave it to Mance Warner to have a unique reply with his kill board, which as it sounds was literally a whiteboard with the word kill written over and over. Mancer has no fear. That should result in glorious chaos against Bestia 666. "Do you know how many photos, how many pictures i have that could go viral" Ah, Konnan? Wrestling truly is in the modern age of blackmailing.  The promos for the Von Erich and Contra Unit feud were engaging. The Von Erichs’ delivery was dry, but their words were good. It reminded me of the old Texas Ranger television show but i feel this "straight forward, no exaggerated emotions" type of promo really suits them well and helps them stand out. It felt real in an era where other wrestlers try to act real in a promo. The music had an epic feel to set a mood toward the final showdown in a Western.  My favourite match of the night, the hoss fight between Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Alexander Hammerstone was satisfying on all levels. They fought it out with muscle with only hints of athleticism such as when DBS lept forward for a unique pin. Their German suplex exchange was badass. It is too bad no definitive winner was crowned but i feel these two are going to be long term enemies in Major League Wrestling outside of even the Openweight Championship so i'm okay with it. It is surprising you don't see many "disrespecting the flag" moments these days but MJF of course pulled it out, followed by a perfect shock face of, “Oh no, what have I done?” when being tossed into the ring by Davey Boy. My favourite line of the show was Alexander Hammerstone being called a meat castle by Richard Holliday. Braun Strowman might have an issue with it since i think his new clothing line has something like that but it is a perfect descriptor for Hammer and his attitude.  The lucha libre main event between the Parks and the Wagners was quite entertaining. Cornette did his best to give a history lesson but it was more about the original Dr. Wagner than his family members who were actually in the match.   The video teasers in the weeks leading up to Wagner Jr.’s debut were nice, but MLW can do more to bring all of their viewers up to speed like AEW have done in the past for their product with subtitled interviews or small history lessons. I do love that they were able to use an instrumental version of Bad Mediciene for the Wagners because either they paid for it or they're following WCW in blurring the lines.  I do have to question the attempt at a shocking moment when LA Park yanked off Dr. Wagner’s mask. You're introducing these wrestlers, though rich with history to people who know them, to the new audience are unaware of that history. Wagner made a face like it was supposed to be a big deal but lucha libre fans already know what he looks like and those unaware are not invested enough to care outside of "Damn he lost his mask".  I’m not sure it was sold well enough to non lucha libre fans. The regular reaction from a luchador is to fall to the ground and cover his face. That nails the point home that their masked personas are sacred. Add in Jim Cornette quickly explaining how Wagner already lost his mask officially and it felt like a failed attempt at making a moment. Maybe it will be followed up upon next week or later on? We'll see. Fun episode of MLW. Worth it for the continued angles and if only one match then Hammerstone vs DBS Jr
    • Ah this sucks. I really liked Gabert's look and she really could have been a dominant bodyguard for a Heel character and would have excelled there. She has a presence which turns heads, something that only a few female athletes have so her and WWE moving apart is an interesting situation. I think she'll find somewhere to work soon if she wants to that is, she's too talented to just be working the independent circuit. AEW could use her, they need something to strengthen that division  Maybe a break for her is what she wants. We'll see what happens 
    • You guys remember when Simon Grimm once told Chad Gable he would be in the Hall of Fame one day? We were full of hope back then. Now look. Just fucking look

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