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    • Number 1: Kenny Omega vs Kazuchika Okada- Dominion 6.11 This was insane. I absolutely loved this match and it was my 2017 MOTY, besides Shibata/Okada.  They had a slow start, with Okada looking to ground Omega early. Omega starts to fight back, shoving Okada around and then they pick up the pace, working takedowns, and working to the ropes. Okada looks to pick up the pace, but Omega counters the slingshot senton. They both tease their finish, and Okada hits the dropkick, and starts to favor his knee. Okada slows things back down, working the chinlock. Omega hits the snap Poison 'RANA, teases the rise of the terminator but Okada cuts him off with the big boot. Okada wipes him out with the tope, but lands on the left knee and clutches it right away. Back in they go, and Omega attacks the knee right away. Omega then hits a springboard dropkick, taking out the knee and continuing his attack, locking in the figure four. Okada fights through the pain, and works to turn the hold but Omega keeps control. Omega stops Okada from grabbing the ropes, but he finally does and Omega takes him to the floor, slamming the knee off of the apron. Omega then slams Okada knee first onto a ringside table. They tease the countout, but Okada makes it back in. Omega lays in chops, and then goes back to the knee. Omega then lays in kicks to the face, Okada fires up an lays in uppercuts. Okada hits a sliding dropkick, but can’t follow up. Omega charges, but runs into a flapjack. Okada tries to pick up the pace, but Omega is too fast; Okada hits a victory roll into red ink. Omega tries to power out, and crawls to the ropes for the break. They brawl to the floor, Okada shoves Omega over the barricade and hits a running cross body, wiping out Omega. But again, he can’t follow up due to the knee. Okada drags Omega back into the ring, heads up top and Omega avoids, they tease tombstones, but Omega gets a roll up for 2. Okada hits the neck breaker over the good knee. Okada then misses the top rope elbow drop, allowing Omega to hit a pump handle neck breaker and sends Okada back to the floor. Omega then hits a top rope asai moonsault to wipe out Okada. Back in they go, and Omega up top and hits a missile dropkick to the back of Okada’s head, covering for 2. Omega follows with a powerbomb for a good near fall. Omega then looks for the dragon suplex, teases the one winged angel, but Okada escapes. Okada counters the moonsault with knees, hits an uppercut but is down again. They trade strikes center ring, just lighting each other up. Omega now follows with chops, and Okada falls to the mat. Omega charges, to the apron and looks to go up top. Okada follows, Omega teases a powerbomb but Okada fights. Omega positions him backup top and looks for a top rope dragon suplex. Okada fights, shakes Omega to the mat but Omega is up again but Okada sends him to the mat again. Omega lays in more chops, they go to the apron and Okada hits a DVD on the apron and both men roll to the floor. Okada musters up some energy, hits a shotgun dropkick, sending Omega to the barricade. Okada now grabs a table, sets it up as he’s getting desperate. Back in they go, Okada lays in uppercuts. Omega fights back, teasing a powerbomb to the floor but Okada fights out. Okada tries to backdrop him through the table, goes for a springboard but Okada cuts him off with a dropkick and heads up top. The elbow drop connects, but Okada doesn’t go for the pin. Omega fights off the rainmaker, lays in elbow strikes and sets Okada up top. He follows, hey battle up top and Omega hits the superplex! Omega covers, but Okada kicks out. Omega now starts to focus on the head and neck, hoping to finally hit the one winged angel. Omega then hits V trigger, one winged angel countered, rain maker countered and Okada blocks the knee and head drops Omega with a German, hits another and RAINMAKER connects, but Omega survives for a great near fall. Okada looks devastated that he didn’t finish Omega. Omega then counters the dropkick with a powerbomb! Omega lays in chops, avoids the rainmaker and hits the snap dragon suplex! Okada hits a dropkick, sending Omega to the floor. Okada lays Omega on the table, and heads up top, and hits and elbow drop through Kenny but the table didn't even break! Both men are down as the count starts, they make it back in and Okada hits a missile dropkick, but Omega kicks out at 2. Okada follows with basement dropkicks, just brutalizing Omega, covering for 2 as Omega had a hand under the ropes. Omega tries to fight back, but Okada is just walking him down. He grabs the wrist, RAINMAKER! Okada holds on, but Omega grabs the ropes, but Okada hits another RAINMAKER! Okada stalks Omega, but here comes Bullet Club, and Cody teases throwing in the towel for Omega. He and the Bucks argue, Omega comes back with the V trigger and Poison 'Rana off of the distraction. Bullet Club tries to rally Omega, but Okada cuts off the V Trigger with a dropkick, another knee strike and Omega covers for 2. V trigger again, One Winged Angel, but Okada has it countered, huge knee from Omega! THE One Winged Angel on Okada! But Okada gets a foot on the ropes at the very last minute.! NOOOOO! Omega looks for V trigger, but Okada grabs the hand and hits a RAINMAKER!  They struggle to their feet, trade strikes center ring, Omega drops Okada, snapdragon suplex but as Omega fires up for a V trigger, he runs into a dropkick. Okada with strikes now, but Omega hits a knee strike and another, the cover gets 2 again! This crowd is so into this, Omega then hits a V trigger to the back of Okada’s head. Okada counters the one winged angel into a tombstone! Okada is fired up, drags Omega up but Omega collapses as Okada wound up for the rainmaker. Omega looks dead. Okada looks for another tombstone, but Omega keeps fighting it off. Omega with strikes now, and crushes Okada with a knee strike. We’re in the final five minutes, and Omega hits another running knee strike. Omega hits another nee strike, picks Okada up and Okada hits a desperation dropkick. He then follows with a tombstone, but is slow to cover, as both are exhausted. Okada then hits a bridging German, but Omega survives. Omega gets a small package, but Okada dropkicks him to the corner. They struggle to their feet, but Omega grabs the ropes to stop the rainmaker. Snapdragon by Omega, dropkick by Okada and then the rainmaker destroys Omega! Both are down, Okada crawls for the cover, but time expires! DRAW! DRAW! NO! This was absolutely insane. I definitely recommend watching it on NJPW World. Every Minute felt important, and the fact that 0 Falls were made made it even better. My Rating: 6.25
    • Breaking news as everyone was leaving the arena Chris Bey was attacked and nobody saw who did it but we have a feeling that MJF attacked him Chris Bey was about to get into his car and drive off before someone snuck up behind him and attacked him at this moment we have no medical update on Bey we will keep you updated when we get more information on the situation.
    • The past is deceased, and the future is now. Be aware.
    • Number 22: NXT Takeover: Toronto II I was not a big fan of this Takeover, due to it just being full of average matches, besdies Io/Candice, and the spotfest between Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano. I felt that match was just too long, and that it could've benifited from that first fall going 8 Minutes, then the 2nd Fall going 8, and the 3rd and final fall goes 25. They had the same problem Shawn Michaels and Triple H had at Armageddon 2002, meaning that first fall was too long. Also, instead of a wire, they should've used thumbtacks, and blood as well. Undisputed ERA vs Street Profits was solid, but I felt it was flat in some spots. Mia vs Shayna was put after Strong vs Dream vs Dunne, which wasn't smart, as the fans were dead. The Aforementioned 3-Way Match was good, and I enjoyed it very fun. Dream went 3/4s of the ring and hit the elbow drop, and they had some great nearfalls. The Match of The Night was newly turned heel Io Shirai, taking on her former friend Candice LeRae. They had some great nearfalls and spots, such as a Suplex onto an Announcer's Table, and inverted 619, a Tornado DDT to the outside, and a perfect moonsault from Io, but that didn't even get the match done, Io then locked in the Koji Clutch for the win by technical submission. This was a solid NXT Takeover, but some of these matches were just average, and 2/5 Matches were just average, and the others were good. I definitely recommend watching Io Shirai vs Candice LeRae, and Gargano vs Cole if you have time. 
    • I listen to Spotify a good bit, much more than I used to that's for sure. And the main playlist I listen to is called "Music I Like" because... I'm not good at naming things frankly.  There are currently 133? (I think at least) songs on the Music I Like playlist adding up to over 7 hours of music (I've added about 30 minutes worth of music while making this post... just making more work for myself), and I'm gonna go through it artist by artist on posts here because... I think that sounds fun and it gives me a reason for talking about a bunch of bands I really like that I don't think anyone on the forums have ever heard of. I'm gonna go through them by the band/artist that has the most songs on the playlist to the least by the end. I'll likely update past posts if I ever add songs to it from artists I've posted about before as the playlist is ever changing and I probably won't ever stop adding Music I Like until the total playlist adds up to 24 hours worth of music. AJJ: 26 Songs in Total Knife Man: I have six songs on my playlist from the Knife Man album, those being in order of the playlist that they appear in: "Big Bird" "The Michael Jordan of Drunk Driving" "Gift of the Magi 2: Return of the Magi" "American Tune" "Sad Songs (Intermission)" and "People II 2: Still Peoplin'". To be fair, this should only count as five songs as "The Michael Jordan of Drunk Driving" lasts like 22 seconds long, but it technically is its own song on the album, so in my playlist it also counts as its own song. The song "Big Bird" is simply amazing, and is one of my personal favorite songs on the playlist altogether, especially when not considering my current flavors of the month (looking at you The Scary Jokes and Apes of the State). I believe "Sad Songs (Intermission)" is a cover of some sort but I'm unsure and too lazy at the current moment to look it up to make sure it is, but I really do like that one as well. "People II 2: Still Peoplin'" has a similar pace to "Sad Songs (Intermission)" minus the great ending to "People II 2: Still Peoplin'" which is a contrast. Finally, the last song I haven't gone over yet is "American Tune" which is about the inherent head start in America straight white males have, and is 100% truthful in the lyrics and also has a cool kazoo in the background. People Who Can Eat People Are The Luckiest People In The World: As you can see on the cover art for this album, you are probably saying: "hey wait a second, that doesn't say AJJ, that says Andrew Jackson Jihad!" and firstly, why are you talking to your computer, it's inanimate. And second, you would be right, because originally the band was known as Andrew Jackson Jihad but they later on shortened the name to AJJ. Do I know when they did this? Yes, but I forgot, and am too lazy to Google at this current moment. Anyways, this album is tied with Knife Man for most songs from an album on my playlist, that being six songs. Those songs are in order of when they appear in the playlist: "Rejoice" "A Song Dedicated To The Memory of Stormy The Rabbit" "Personal Space Invader" "People Ii: The Reckoning" "Brave as a Noun" and "Survival Song". Fun fact, I've actually written a promo using the song "Rejoice" before in a feud earlier this year against Ark. That song is also my personal favorite out of these six, and I would definitely recommend a listen. Other songs I am a really big fan of of these six are "A Song Dedicated To The Memory of Stormy The Rabbit" and "Brave as a Noun" because they're really good and I like them, I don't need anymore reasoning, I just think they're damn good songs. The other three songs I have from this album on this playlist are good too but I definitely prefer those other three I've just mentioned to the other three. The Bible 2: The Bible 2 features five songs on this playlist, those being in the order of appearance on the playlist: "Golden Eagle" "No More Shame, No More Fear, No More Dread" "Goodbye, Oh Goodbye" "White Worms" and "Cody's Theme". These songs include much more electric guitar than the other albums from AJJ do, with "Golden Eagle", "Cody's Theme", and "Goodbye, Oh Goodbye" being prime examples of this and "White Worms" also showing this quite a bit. However despite this, one of the songs I selected from this album is more of a ballad esque song in "No More Shane, No More Fear, No More Dread". My favorite song from this album changes constantly, sometimes it's "Golden Eagle", sometimes it's "Cody's Theme", and sometimes it can even be "White Worms" or "Goodbye, Oh Goodbye". However I will say, the best section that The Bible 2 has in any song is likely the ending of a song that I don't even have included on my playlist, that being the last minute or so to "Small Red Boy", but I don't really jibe with the opening half to the song, so I don't have it on the playlist. But the second half is great. Good Luck Everybody: The most recent album release by AJJ and most political album yet (which is saying something for a band that is already pretty damn political in their music), Good Luck Everybody includes three songs in my playlist which are listed in the order their appearance in the album, them being "Psychic Warfare", "No Justice, No Peace, No Hope", and "A Big Day For Grimley". This album is a definite take back to their original style, and is much more laid back and relaxed, with no electric guitars used on the album at all I believe. I will say that there is a lyric in "A Big Day For Grimley" which hits a bit too close to home, that being: "Even though everything's bullshit now, here in 2019. And you can bet it's gonna be a bunch of bullshit too out in sweet 2020", which... yeah it really is, like REALLY is. "Psychic Warfare" has some really good string sections in it (unsure if its violin or cello or whatever, but it's strings). And I like "No Justice, No Peace, No Hope" and right now as all of this is happening, the song feels much more poignant. Can't Maintain: Can't Maintain is a really underrated album to me, and I am actually a pretty big fan of this album over some other ones from AJJ (Christmas Island, Good Luck Everybody, and even The Bible 2 depending on the day). But I do only have three songs from Can't Maintain on my list of songs on my playlist, them being these songs in the order that they appear: "Heartilation", "Olde(Y) Tyme[Y]" and "Who Are You?". One of my favorite one minute long songs I've ever heard is "Olde(Y) Tyme[Y]" and I would definitely recommend that song. "Who Are You?" is also another very good song, it being about Sean Bonnette's (the lead singer of AJJ) relationship with his estranged father. "Heartilation" is also a really cool song that I like to listen to often. Christmas Island: And finally we come to Christmas Island, which like Good Luck Everybody and Can't Maintain includes three songs in my playlist, those being these in the order of their appearance in the playlist: "Children of God", "Getting Naked, Playing With Guns", and "Kokopelli Face Tattoo". I really like all of these but for different reasons. "Getting Naked, Playing With Guns" is a nice slower pace song and I think it sounds good, "Children of God" goes hard and is cool as fuck, and "Kokopelli Face Tattoo" is just a great song. I will say however, Christmas Island is my least favorite album of the six albums I've listed here, but it's still a really good album with good songs, especially to me the three songs I've mentioned here. If anyone would like to look at the playlist here it is: Music I Like I hope someone enjoyed this post because this took forever, next one will likely be a lot shorter because there is no other band that has 20+ songs on this playlist.... I'm like 99% sure about that at least. Anyways, if you read all of this OH MY GOD! DM ME, PLEASE I WANT TO PRAISE YOU FOR YOUR EFFORTS! Anyways, bye!

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