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Discuss the popular wrestling booking game, Total Extreme Wrestling here! Including all of the various versions of the series.


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    • Batista VS John Cena (c) (WWE Championship, I Quit match) Cryme Tyme VS The Straight Edge Society (c) (WWE Tag Team championships) The Miz VS Big Show (c) (United States championship) Mickie James VS Maryse (c) (Divas championship) John Morrison/R-Truth VS The Colons Rey Mysterio VS Randy Orton The Bella Twins/Serena/Melina VS AJ Lee/Kaitlyn/Eve Torres/Kelly Kelly Kofi Kingston VS Evan Bourne VS William Regal VS Vladimir Kozlov VS Chris Masters VS Zack Ryder VS Trent Barreta VS Caylen Croft VS Santino Marella VS Yoshi Tatsu (WWE Championship number one contender's battle royal)
    • Russell Westbrook Alot of people on the forums know Russ is my favourite NBA player ever so a documentary on him would be sick. Going from him growing up in cali to going to UCLA and teaming with K Love then.being drafted to OKC where he became a legend. Making the finals with KD and Harden, Then Harden leaving and him and KD ballin, then KD leaves and wins the MVP, then PG comes along and that happens, Then you get him having to leave OKC and join Houston and whatever he does in the future. 
    • Hamburg, Germany We are back on Carnage and we have cut to a pre-taped video shot earlier this week in Hamburg at Night. We see a young couple walking in the distance. When the camera zooms together we see it's Alex and his wife Christina walking on the streets of the city. Alex: Ah Hamburg, it's been so long since we have been here hasn't it? Christina: Indeed, love it's been long since I had the chance to talk with your Aunt Julia and your Uncle Manfred, they seem to be doing well. Alex smiles at that thought Alex: Yes, they always are, it's always nice coming back to Europe to visit family and next week we going to be in Portugal and Spain so I will be hoping to see my folks. My dad is pretty excited ábout the tournament you know. It's weird since he was opposed to me becoming a wrestler at first but now he's like my biggest fan. Shame there is no football match at this time but still gotta rep my boyhood club when we get to the show there. Christina: And then the final week of this tour we going to see my folks, no questions asked. You know Papa wants to see you. Alex: Yes I know your dad and mom keep asking when are we having a kid, same with my folks, that time will come eventually. After a while the scene shifts as we see Alex and Christina go into a Bar Christina: Are you excited about the match this week against Raven? Alex: Always like we said last week, we don't have a problem fighting each other. To be the best in this business you gotta be willing to fight the best and to me Raven is one of the best competitors on the roster. I owe him so much but I can't let it distract me from the fact this is the biggest opportunity of my career. I need to win this Tournament, it's been so long since I have been a champion on BPZ. Alex looks pensieve Christina: Don't worry I am sure titles will come to you soon babe. With me and the rest of the group by your side you can't fail. And yes I know you and Raven gonna tear each other down in that rign but in the end that's what you two have done since you've met. Beat the crap out of each other. Alex: Yeah, you can say our relationship is that weird but that's what it makes it pretty good. Anyways tomorrow we got more training to do, tonight it's just for us. Alex orders two beers from the barmen before handling one to his wife Alex: Let's drink to the future. Christina: Agreed. Alex: Ah German Beer always been the best! The seguement comes to a close as the couple enjoy there drinks as Alex looks on focused for his match this weekend in Berlin against his stablemate, mentor and long time friend Raven. Who will win in this hard-fought contest?
    • Match 1 SFW Continental Championship: Julius Jones (c) VS Alex Costa Match 2 SFW Lightweight Championship: Ropati (c) VS Overheel Match 3: Brass Knuckles Club VS Crescent Fall Match 4 SFW Tag Team Championships: Ice Cold (c) VS The Roundtable of Excellence Match 5 SFW Television Championship: Kin Takeshi (c) VS Angelo Catio VS CJ Sellers VS Benjamin Wolfe  Match 6, Street Fight: Ryan Reeves VS BIC  Main Event, SFW World Championship: Yelich Anderson (c) VS Arius Bonus Questions Will there be any debuts?  No How many Title Changes will there be if any?  2 Do any of these matches not end in a pinfall or submission? If so which one(s)?  Yelich vs Arius
    • Batista VS John Cena (c) (WWE Championship, I Quit match) Cryme Tyme VS The Straight Edge Society (c) (WWE Tag Team championships) The Miz VS Big Show (c) (United States championship) Mickie James VS Maryse (c) (Divas championship) John Morrison/R-Truth VS The Colons Rey Mysterio VS Randy Orton The Bella Twins/Serena/Melina VS AJ Lee/Kaitlyn/Eve Torres/Kelly Kelly Kofi Kingston VS Evan Bourne VS William Regal VS Vladimir Kozlov VS Chris Masters VS Zack Ryder VS Trent Barreta VS Caylen Croft VS Santino Marella VS Yoshi Tatsu (WWE Championship number one contender's battle royal)

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