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All Elite Wrestling: "Brodie Lee Tribute" #28

In the new episode of the All Elite Wrestling journey in TEW 2020 we say goodbye to Brodie Lee in our episode dedicated to Brodie and the Dark Order.
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Wrestlemania Preview: WWE Universe Mode: #40

Episode 40 of WWE Universe Mode, just before Wrestlemania, we see a preview of the RAW Tag Team Championship match as Kevin Owens and Finn Balor go one on one. Can the contender's upset the momentum of the champions before the big show?
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WWE Royal Rumble 2021

Streaming live on the WWE Network, its the 2021 Royal Rumble! Discuss it here!
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NJPW The New Beginning 2021

New Japan is scheduled to return on January 17 at Korakuen Hall for the start of the Road to the New Beginning! Discuss here!
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Total Extreme Wrestling

Discuss the popular wrestling booking game, Total Extreme Wrestling here! Including all of the various versions of the series.


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    • I really hope Goldberg doesn't win and this is just Vince's way of giving Drew a huge win on his way to Wrestlemania. I'm pretty sure like Hans and Bailey mentioned Drew is someone WWE is building to be the "face" of the company right now with Reigns being the top heel so no way he loses here to Goldberg. It will probably be a very quick match as Goldberg can't realy go for long as it is. Two Claymores outta do it.
    • The Nuggets surge to the top of the West with 23-11 record With just 24 games left in the regular season, the Denver Nuggets have staked their claim as the true powerhouse of the Western Conference, climbing to the top of the standings and boasting a solid 23-11 record and firing on all cylinders as the back end of the regular season approaches. The Bucks have looked awesome against other top tier teams across the league, including a 18 point victory over LeBron James and the Charlotte Hornets, with Giannis Antetokounmpo taking home the MOTM honours with a dominant 30 points and 16 rebounds. While finding their consistency will continue to be the goal heading into the playoffs, Coach Michael Malone is pleased with how the season is progressing and has challenged his team to take it to that extra level as the Playoff's approach Three Point Shooting and Bench Scoring was something that plagued the Nuggets in the early portion of the season, and in an attempt to find a solution to those problems, The Nuggets sent Eric Gordon, Stanley Johnson and some picks to the Detroit Pistons for Evan Fournier and some future draft picks. Fournier started his NBA career in Denver and was happy to arrive back to the organisation that gave him a start in the league. Evan provides excellent shooting from the perimeter scoring at 44% while also coming off seasons where he has averaged 18.5 and 15.1 points respectively. Fournier could be that influx of offence the bench unit needs heading into the playoffs, and with the task of carrying the second unit, Fournier seems up to the challenge. The Nuggets also acquired Free Agent Trevor Ariza who adds further defence to an already stacked defensive outfit. All seems well in Denver, but the question is can they keep it up? Record: 23-11 Home Record: 13-5 Road Record: 10-6 Streak: L1 PPG: 96.2 FG%: .481 3P%: .320 Reb: 43.4 Assists: 23.3 Leading Scorers 1. Giannis Antetokounmpo (22.5, 13.8, 6.1) 2. John Wall (15.7, 2.5, 6.0) 3. Victor Oladipo (13.6, 2.6, 3.1)
    • We are three matches into BPZ Night of Legends, and what a show it has been so far. FD-Gun's Raven and KENJI have toppled Ropati and Julius to capture the BPZ Tag Team Championships as well as Joshua Scott retaining the BPZ North American Championship against Alex Costa. But now, the BPZ Atlas Championship is up for grabs as Sheridan defends her prized possession against Bad Influence's Mikey. "m.A.A.d. city" by Kendrick Lamar erupts in the Allegiant Stadium's speakers as the crowd rises to their feet, booing at the man about to enter. Mikey slowly walks out of the backstage area before standing on the center of the stage, gazing out at the vast crowd in attendance.  He puts a huge grin on his face before making his way down to the ring, rolling inside and laying on the mat for a moment before kipping up and holding his arms out, looking for the crowd's approval but only receiving more boos for his arrogance. He audibly laughs before heading into the far right corner of the ring, pressing his back up against the turnbuckles as his music cuts off and he awaits the entrance of his opponent. "Amerika" by Rammstein blasts throughout the arena as the BPZ Atlas Champion Sheridan Müller emerges from the curtains. The championship is secured tightly around her waist as she looks out at the crowd. She walks over to each side of the stage and fires the crowd up, yelling at them and thanking them for their support. She then stands in the center of the stage and stares at the ring, eyeing down her opponent. She unstraps the title from her waist and hoists it high into the air, beginning to walk down the ramp. She takes some time to offer high fives to those in the front rows of the audience before slowly making her way up the steel steps. She carefully enters the ring, locking eyes with Mikey in the process. She keeps the eye contact until she stands up on the turnbuckle opposite of him, lifting her championship high into the air once more while taking in the cheers from the crowd. The two competitors make their way over to their respective sides of the ring as the ring announcer introduces them. Introducing first, the challenger, standing at 6 feet tall and weighing in at 200 pounds, from San Diego, California, The Star Attraction, MIKEYYYYY! Mikey turns around to the audience in attendance and throws his hands up in the air as the crowd rains boos upon him once more. He lowers one arm, turning his back on the crowd while waving as he waits for the introduction of the champion. And now, the champion, standing at 5 feet and 6 inches and weighing in at 135 pounds, from Munich, Germany, German Efficiency, SHERIDANNN! Sheridan now does the same as Mikey, this time getting a completely opposite response from the crowd that he did as a smile creeps onto her face. She turns back to face Mikey, and the challenger rewards her with a golf clap for the appreciation of the crowd. The referee briefly pats down the two competitors before holding the title high in the middle of the ring, handing it off to the ring crew. He asks both parties if they are ready before signaling for the start of the match. DING DING DING! And we're off! Before they get into any action, the two walk up to each other in the middle of the ring. The two competitors stare each other down before Mikey shoves Sheridan down onto her back. The crowd boos at the sign of disrespect from Mikey, but Sheridan shoots right back up to her feet and shoves Mikey backward, drawing the opposite response from the crowd. Mikey quickly responds by locking Sheridan in a headlock, drawing her down closer to the ground by getting on one knee. He flips Sheridan into a sitting position before locking in the hold deeper, using the space between his forearm and bicep wisely. Eventually, Sheridan is able to slither out of the hold and wrap her arms around Mikey's waist before shoving him forward off the ropes. In the rebound, Sheridan grabs Mikey's left wrist, pinning his arm behind his back whilst delivering forearms to his back. Sheridan now spins Mikey around, and while still holding his wrist, pulls him toward her before leveling him with a big boot. Sheridan crouches down next to Mikey with a grin on her face before grabbing his hair, lifting his head up. She sends it right back down with a forceful punch to the forehead. She now slowly lifts him back to his feet before delivering a forearm to his jaw. Mikey stumbles backward a bit before Sheridan pounces, wrapping Mikey's head in her arms in a sleeper hold. Acting quickly, Mikey backpedals into the corner, slamming Sheridan's back against the turnbuckle and causing her to fall off his back. He then leaps in a backflip, connecting with his signature Pele Kick to the back of Sheridan's head, knocking her into a seated position in the corner. He then takes a few steps before charging into the corner, driving his knee into her chest. He drags her out of the corner by her boot before stomping on her chest, keeping his foot planted while he holds his arms out wide, looking out at the displeased crowd. He then sits down on the ground in front of Sheridan, waiting for her to sit up. Once she eventually does, Mikey quickly entangles their legs together, locking in a figure four. Sheridan yells out in pain, but despite this she is still able to force her way over to the bottom rope, forcing Mikey to break the hold and staying in this match. But without any hesitation, Mikey drags her by her right leg right back to the middle of the ring, holding onto her ankle before dropping down with an elbow drop onto her quad. Mikey then lifts up the same left and snaps it down like a DDT, causing Sheridan to yelp in pain. Mikey now ascends to the top rope, his back facing Sheridan. He takes a moment to gather himself before grinning and blowing a kiss to the crowd, taking the leap of faith with a moonsault. But Sheridan rolls out of the way! Mikey grabs his ribs in agony as he stumbles to his feet, and Sheridan is quick to pounce on the opportunity, knocking him down with a clothesline. Sheridan now walks over to Mikey's fallen body and stomps right down on his elbow! Mikey screams out in pain as he slowly rolls underneath the bottom rope, trying to create some separation. Sheridan stays on the attack however, and she begins to lay punches into Mikey's head through the ropes until the referee's count forces her to separate. Despite this, she walks right back over to continue the assault, but Mikey is able to pull himself to his feet and get a foot up into the side of Sheridan's head. Sheridan clutches her right temple, stumbling back a bit which allows Mikey to hop up onto the rope off the apron and deliver a springboard hurricanrana. Sheridan flips onto her back, clutching at the small of it on impact. Mikey quickly gets Sheridan back up to a vertical base pressed against the ropes before clotheslining her over the top rope to the outside. Mikey's light up as he hops over the top rope onto the apron before leaping off the apron to nail Sheridan with a dropkick that sends her back up the entrance ramp. Mikey pops back up to his feet with a kip up and throws his hands in the air, mocking the babyface Sheridan as boos rain upon him. He now grabs Sheridan by her hair and brings her back to her feet where he then irish whips her straight into the metal corner pole. Clearly having other intentions in mind, Mikey now grabs her right leg once more and throws it with all his force, sending her knee bouncing off the pole as she screams in agony. Sheridan attempts to wobble away, but Mikey follows up with a chop block to the back of her knee, sending her down to one leg. Mikey then lines up behind her before sprinting at her once more, connecting with a shining wizard to put her face down on the mat. Mikey once more wastes no time, getting the Atlas Champion back to her feet and shoving her carelessly into the ring. He nonchalantly walks over to the opposite side of the ring, sitting down on the bottom turnbuckle, waiting for the champion to arise. She eventually makes it back to her feet, and Mikey sprints at her, looking for Adrenaline. Sheridan sidesteps the move and Mikey's knee goes crashing into the corner. With a quick burst of speed, Sheridan delivers a double knee backstabber to Mikey, sending her challenger to the ground. She quickly pounces on her downed opponent, wisely slowly him down by wrapping her arm around his chin. Mikey attempts to wriggle free of the hold, but just as he creates some separation, Sheridan acts quickly and locks in Gehenna! Mikey immediately yells out in agony as his already injured arm is wrenched back with full force, the champion holding on for dear life. Mikey is able to use his weight to get on top of Sheridan, raining down a massive elbow to her head with his free arm, but the champion keeps the hold locked in. Mikey does the same once more, and finally Sheridan lightens her grasp. Mikey falls onto his back, clutching at his elbow after being in the hold for a painstakingly long 45 seconds. Sheridan gets back to her feet, and she clasps the wrist of Mikey once more, this time looking for the Endless Fantasy. But before she can connect, Mikey is able to use his good arm to reverse the hold and quickly grasp Sheridan's head underneath his arm, nailing a lightning quick Nightmare! Sheridan falls to her back upon impact, motionless as Mikey sits up, looking at her fallen body. To prove a point, he covers the champion, and despite there being no pinfall victories, he counts the 3 himself. He then stands up and yells at the crowd, saying that Sheridan can't compete with him in the ring and never will be able to. He wisely turns back as Sheridan is crawling toward the ropes, delivering a deadlift german suplex to stunt her movement once more. Mikey now gets her back to her feet, delivering a chop to her chest that rings throughout the arena. Sheridan firms the attack, hobbling on her one good leg to get back to Mikey and deliver a slap across the face. This enrages the challenger, and he swings at Sheridan wildly with a clothesline, connecting with nothing but air as she ducks underneath. Mikey spins back to eat an enzuigiri off one leg from Sheridan which causes him to fall to one knee. Struggling to keep his balance, Sheridan leaps at him with a crossbody, pinning him to the canvas before seamlessly transitioning into yet another sleeper hold. Now locked in on the ground, it looks much more dire for Mikey, and the life clearly stars to fade from him as Sheridan holds onto the lock longer and longer. But with one burst of energy, Mikey lunges toward the bottom rope, just getting a few fingertips on it which forces Sheridan to break the hold. After the fact, she gets to her feet and jumps into the air, crushing the fingers of Mikey with her boot! Mikey grunts in pain as the champion begins to scale the turnbuckle. She gets to the second one, yelling at Mikey to get to his feet. Once he is up, Sheridan leaps at him with a missile dropkick, but Mikey catches her in a powerbomb instead! He plants her backfirst on the mat before lifting her high above his head with his one good arm and slamming her down once more. Rather than loosening his grip, he adjusts it lower onto her legs, transitioning from the powerbomb into the Lockdown!!! Mikey puts some insane torque onto the body of Sheridan, stretching out her every limb. She is so close to the ropes and just needs to move a few inches to reach them. But Mikey has his knee planted firmly on her head, not allowing her to make any sort of movement whatsoever. After nearly 15 seconds of yelling in pain, Sheridan has no choice put to slap her hand on the mat, tapping out to the hold. Mikey immediately releases the hold from the now former Atlas Champion, falling on his back with his arms splayed out on the mat. The referee taps him on the shoulder to get him to open his eyes, and he slowly rises to his feet as the official awards him the championship. HERE IS YOUR WINNER, AND NEWWWWWW BPZ ATLAS CHAMPION, MIKEYYYYYY! Mikey now breaks the referee's hold of his arm before scaling the turnbuckles and hoisting his championship high into the air, a huge snarky smile embracing his face as the fans boo him on after beating one of their favorites. Mikey holds his arms out wide and looks up at the ceiling for a moment before hopping off the turnbuckle. Medical personnel are attending to Sheridan on the apron, but Mikey shoves them aside and pushes Sheridan out of the ring with his foot, dusting his hands off after doing so before posing with the title one final time as the show transitions to a commercial.
    • Great Review on Wrestlemania X7 Brad. I agree on mostly all of the ratings you gave for each match, though I think Shane vs Vince was more of B then a B- but that's really just my opinion. This mania is easily on everybody's top 3, or as their favourite and I can't really argue against that. I'll try not give you a shit ppv like Backlash 2002 lol, so how about Royal Rumble 2007? Keep up the good work brad. 
    • New Figurehead: Bald Kane New Kayfabe name: Aluhin New Theme:   

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