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    • I didn't think that Aleister Black was called up too early. I thought his match at NXT Takeover: Phoenix against Tommaso Ciampa was a perfect send off and him teaming up with Ricochet against the Viking Raiders at NXT Takeover: New York was also a great send off, I might even argue that the Tag Team match was a bit unnecessary for Black as The Forgotten Sons could have won the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic and benefited from the big match for the NXT Tag Team Championship.
    • Paramedic Stanley stands up, clearly surprised. But then the referee takes his disguise off and reveals George AK. George throws Stanley into the side of the ambulance and pins him. Another referee comes and counts 1-2-. Paramedic Stanley kicks out! So for some reason George has a featherduster and tickles Stanley so bad that when George pins him again, 1-2-3. George AK is the next 24/7 champ.
    • You can't really blame Seth Rollins' reign for his opponents as it is WWE that booked the likes of AJ Styles and Baron Corbin as Raw's main eventers. I can see that Rollins still puts his best face work into his reign regardless of his opponent. Personally, I think Rollins has been awesome as a face after he defeated Triple H at WrestleMania 33 and even more awesome after his performance in the Raw Gauntlet Match last year, he just needs a true rival to cement his reign as Universal Champion. While at one point it could've been Drew McIntyre, he is currently stuck under Shane McMahon in terms of power ranking and will probably have a better shot at the United States Championship, hopefully it might lead to Rollins vs McIntyre for the Universal Title at WrestleMania 36.
    • Buddy Ace is shown sitting at home. Bandages and bruises are evidence of Blade’s brutal beatdown of Buddy at BPZ’s most recent pay per view. Buddy Ace rubs his chin and chuckles before he starts to speak.   “I guess that I got exactly what I asked for from Blade, huh? Heck I got a lot more than that. Though I do think he might have gone a bit overboard I still have to thank Blade. So Blade, thank you for the lesson. Now I know that I’m still a long way from where I want to be as a competitor. It wasn’t what I was hoping to learn but it’s nobody’s fault except my own. Clearly I haven’t worked hard enough for long enough. That’s okay because I’m willing to take as much time as I need. Now while working in the gym and such for a month has been great for me, nothing beats being in the ring in front of a crowd in an actual match. It’s an experience you just can’t replicate no matter how hard you try. I want to be in the ring again soon. I want to face another top talent even if that means I get my ass handed to me because that’s the best way to improve. Iron sharpens iron as they say. If anyone in the back wants to go or management wants me out there I’ll jump at the chance to wrestle. Of course it will take a little while to heal up these wounds but then I’m going full throttle after that. I guess now I should get back to resting so goodbye everyone.”  
    • BPZ Hunger Games 2  Season 3 Episode 12 The Sixth Day 3! - The next episode of the BPZ hunger games starts with the sixth day. The first thing we see is Brenden finding a cave within the hunger games arena.  Another cave, a good play for hiding or keeping out of the elements of weather to keep from getting sick. We see Maasa go  out to go hunting for food, just as he leaves Echo, Keeley, Hans, and Smith enter Maasa' camp and begin to raid his camp.   Keeley steals Maasa's extra weapons, Echo steals his food, Hans gets some bottles of water and medicine, and Smith he gets a rock.  Poor Massa hopefully he can bounce back from this at least he gets to live and isn't getting killed this episode. George is trying to kill Odd!  Odd running away from him he pulls out a shiny coin and throws it and it distracts and diverts his attention from Odd so Odd can get away. Where did Odd get a shiny coin at on the sixth day of this season of the hunger games?  Who knows but back to the games. Apex is seen walking around the arena looking for tributes suddenly out of the bushes is Suby!  He stabs Apex in the back with a spear but hitting him low Apex gets stabbed and falls to the ground holding his wound.   Suby severely injured Apex then decides to finish him off by repeatedly keeps stabbing him with the spear to end it. Gill is going after Yelich another fight and potentially.  Gill has a club and is trying to bash in Yelich's head.  Yelich does the first thing he throws a rope at Gill that looks like a snake, Gill freaks out and Yelich gets away with Gill's attention isnt on him Gwyn a former winner of a previous hunger games season is seen exploring the arena.  Learning his surroundings looking for places to sleep when night comes and maybe places to get out of the way of the carnage that this game is bringing in this late season.  Being a veteran trying to keep this arena from getting the better of him.    Alyx is seen fishing off in the distance and Kansheek isn't that far away practicing his archery.  Alyx better be careful or Kansheek will practice his archery skills on him. A fight has broken out near sun set.  Slim and Mave are in a fight to the death with BIC and Zack.  BIC is trying to stab Mave with a shiv.  What?  BIC made a shiv and is trying to stab Mave in the hunger games.  Zack on the other hand is getting his ass kicked by Slim who is just trying to punch the lights out of him.  Slim eventually pushes Zack into BIC to knock him off Mave and does so.   Mave gets the shiv and when Zack gets back up he gets stabbed repeatedly by Mave.  BIC tackles Slim and they fall down a hill and nearly fall off a cliff.  The place that killed Slim in the first season when he jumped.  Slim kicks forward and flips BIC off the cliff who just falls to his death to the rocks down below. Mave helps Slim up and they both look down at where BIC landed, they run off quickly and get ready to go into hiding for the sixth night.  As the sun sets it brings an end to this episode of BPZ Hunger games.  A group of people have left this episode and a quite a few are still alive.  Who will be next to be forcefully eliminated from the hunger games in the sixth night? Who all will live.  Find out in the next episode!  Stay Tuned.

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