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The G1 Climax is arguably the most prestigious pro-wrestling tournament in the world. The 30th edition of G1 is filled with stacked entrant list with Will Ospreay, KENTA, Jay White, Jeff Cobb, and Juice Robinson finally returning to Japan for the first time since the start of the year. What are your tournament picks? Discuss it here!
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    • Yo who said I moved on?, whoever came up with that ain’t hear shit from me bro bro.
    • Yo who said I moved on?, whoever came up with that ain’t hear shit from me bro bro.
    • GPW Dark | Volume V | June 2021, Week 1 - In an upset victory, Team WhiteWolf defeated Natural Nightmares in 7:54 when Carlos Romo rolled up QT Marshall for the 3 count. Later in the show, a rematch for Chapter 82 is announced. - GPW Matchmaker Dario Cueto would make a rare appearance on Dark to discuss the Battle of the Best tournament, which begins on the next chapter of GPW. Cueto says that tonight, Tommaso Ciampa was scheduled for a qualifier, but he has suffered a concussion and will be unable to compete in Battle of the Best. Cueto announces to fill the last spot remaining, tonight we will see Josh Barnett vs. Frankie Kazarian. But with another spot now available, Cueto books Darby Allin vs. Scorpio Sky for the last spot in the tournament, the one Ciampa occupied. - Josh Barnett def. Frankie Kazarian in 10:41 via TKO to qualify for Battle of the Best when Barnett secured ground-n-pound before nailing Kazarian with repeated hammerfists. - Darby Allin def. Scorpio Sky in 13:05 via pinfall to qualify for Battle of the Best; Sky had Darby on his shoulders for the TKO, but Darby would reverse into a DDT, spiking Sky's head into the mat. Darby would hit not one, but two Coffin Drops to pick up the shocking win. A bandaged Darby Allin celebrated his victory as following losing his Gift of the Gods Championship, he now looks to make his way through GPW's annual summer gauntlet to secure the Global Warfare II main event. Qualified for Battle of the Best John Morrison KUSHIDA Rey Fenix Kazuchika Okada Lance Archer Pentagon Jr. Josh Barnett Darby Allin _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Global Pro Wrestling Chapter LXXXIII June 2021 | Week 1 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Battle of the Best II begins It is finally here. June, the month of GPW's annual summer gauntlet, where one man will be proven as the best to face the GPW World Champion in the main event of Global Warfare. Dario Cueto sits in his office to begin the show, as he notes that over the past month or so, you have seen men qualify for the tournament. And tonight is when it officially starts. He notes that the Quarterfinals will take place over the next two weeks, and the Semifinals will occur on the go-home show to Battle of the Best II. With the field expanded to eight this year, Dario Cueto notes that the men who lose their semifinal matches will be placed into a 3rd Place Match at Battle of the Best. Flashes of all-eight competitors are shown, before it shows the GPW World Champion, Roman Reigns, hoisting his belt high, and presuming he doesn't defend this month, he will be the champion the challenger faces at Global Warfare II. The brackets are finally revealed, as it gets plastered onto the screen in the arena, sending a buzz through the crowd as they're ready to kick things off. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Battle of the Best II - Quarterfinals | 30 Minute Time Limit Lance Archer w/ Jake Roberts vs. Josh Barnett The first match of the tournament kicks off as both Lance Archer and Josh Barnett make their way to the ring, the two giant men staring down, ready to beat the living hell out of each other to get to the GPW World Championship, as the ring announcer makes it known that this is the first quarterfinal in the 2nd edition of Battle of the Best. Archer and Barnett exchange chippy smirks, as they back into their corner, and the referee rings the bell as we are underway. The two men tie up, before looking for an advantage, but it isn't long before Barnett breaks the tie-up, and begins swinging for the fences at Archer, who blocks most of Barnett's punches, before coming back at Barnett with hard-hitting forearms, as early on, neither man is able to get an advantage. The early exchange would set the story of the match, as late in the match, it was clear Josh Barnett was running out of options. Lance Archer seemed unstoppable, surviving not one, but two takedowns followed by hammerfists to the face, which barely phased the Murderhawk Monster. As Archer stumbles to his feet, Barnett stays, stalking him as he makes it to his feet... And he nails the Capture Buster! Cover by Barnett: 1... 2... NO! Lance Archer kicked out again! The writing is on the wall for The WarMaster, as he desperately drags Archer to his feet, but Archer responds with a few forearms, before pushing Barnett off of the ropes... And bouncing off at the same time, nailing him with a Low-Angle Shoulder Block! Archer picks Barnett up with ease, grasping his throat, as he picks him up and slams him down with a Chokeslam! Archer once again picks up Barnett, as he throws him into the corner, stomping into him! Lance Archer lifts Josh Barnett onto the top rope, as he sets up him... BLACKOUT! Archer covers Barnett: 1... 2.. 3! Lance Archer has advanced to the semifinals in this clash of titans as Archer defeats Barnett! Lance Archer def. Josh Barnett in 13:18 via pinfall with the Blackout to advance to the semifinals Lance Archer stands tall as Josh Barnett is helped out of the ring by ringside staff. Archer climbs the turnbuckles, doing his signature pose with his arms as his theme blasts through the speakers in the arena. The camera gets a close-up, in which Archer says that nobody is safe, and everybody dies. Finally, with the scene clear, Jake Roberts and Lance Archer make their way to the back, as the commentators ponder if anyone in the tournament will be able to stop The Murderhawk Monster's dominance so far in GPW. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tag Team Match Natural Nightmares (Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall) w/ Brandi Rhodes vs. Team WhiteWolf (A-Kid & Carlos Romo) The next match of the night would see a rematch from GPW Dark, where A-Kid & Carlos Romo, Team WhiteWolf, scored the upset victory over Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall in their debuts! Signed off by GPW matchmaker Dario Cueto, a rematch will now take place at the request of Dustin Rhodes. Dustin starts the match off for NN, as Carlos Romo steps in the ring for himself and A-Kid. The two teams would go at it from the opening bell, a sprint-like pace the story of this matchup. In the end, Dustin Rhodes would connect on a Final Cut to A-Kid to pin him and rewrite that upset Team WhiteWolf scored on Dark, as Natural Nightmares pick up their first victory in GPW. As Natural Nightmares shake hands with Team WhiteWolf, suddenly Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish hit the ring, beating both teams into the mat! They quickly dispose of Team WhiteWolf to the outside, before turning their attention to Natural Nightmares. QT Marshall is victim to a Roundhouse Kick from O'Reilly, which plants him! And finally, Dustin Rhodes is nailed with the Chasing the Dragon as an irate Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish make their mood known after what happened in the Tag Team Championship Match at Beauty in Combat! Natural Nightmares def. Team WhiteWolf in 6:51 via pinfall with a Final Cut to A-Kid _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Brothers in Arms... Or so it seemed The next segment sees GPW World Champion Roman Reigns coming out to the ring, fresh off of a 4th successful defense at Beauty in Combat. Reigns oozes a certain brand of swagger, boasting about how four men have tried to take the title off him, and the failure they've had to face every time they've tried. Reigns divulges into the Battle of the Best Field, going over each man one-by-one, promising that whoever wins, the result will be the same. Roman Reigns retains. Reigns says that he strives to be the best, not just in GPW, but the world, and he'll put anyone who thinks they're better down in the ring for the 3 count, which leads him to the reason he's out here - what does Dario Cueto have planned for Battle of the Best for the champion of GPW? The GPW Matchmaker makes his way out of his office, addressing his champion and actually extending a truce of sorts. He says that Reigns has earned his respect with his intensity and willingness to fight as the champion of his promotion, and he will give him exactly what he wants: The best. It is at this moment that Cueto introduces the newest signing to GPW, and Roman Reigns' challenger for Battle of the Best... Seth Rollins!! Rollins makes his first entrance in The Warzone to a huge ovation from the crowd, as he wastes no time getting into the ring, happy to see Roman Reigns. Reigns, however, doesn't look pleased. He immediately questions Rollins' intentions, asking him if he's aligned himself with Cueto. As tension rises, Dario Cueto wears a smile as if everything is playing out how he wants, as Rollins realizes what's going on, denying the notion Reigns has perceived. He says that he's here because as a free agent, he looked around the world and he saw GPW as the best fit for him. Rollins notes that he has the same ambition as Reigns: To be the best in the world. Rollins respects the environment of GPW, calling it a place for the wicked. He understands you have to earn your spot here, but notes that he is indeed Seth freakin' Rollins, and asks who better to challenge Roman. He quickly follows this up with a jab at Roman, saying it wouldn't be the first time he's pinned him to win a World Championship. Reigns would drop his mic and blast Rollins with a brutal right hand, knocking Rollins down to the ground. Reigns gives Rollins a death stare as he exits the ring, putting the championship up in the air as brothers in arms have appeared to draw lines in the sand in preparation for battle. Who will walk out of Battle of the Best as GPW World Champion? The dominant champion or the crafty challenger? And will their desire to be the best break this bond between brothers? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Singles Match The Mack vs. Low-Ki w/ Firing Squad The next match of the night would see one-third of the GPW Trios Champions, Low-Ki, accompanied by his Firing Squad brethren, take on The Mack in singles action. As the bell rings, Mack immediately went after Low-Ki, driving him into the corner before unloading, showing no remorse to Low-Ki. Eventually he would roll out, recollecting himself as The Mack stood his ground, ushering Low-Ki back into the ring. As Low-Ki re-entered the ring, he would duck a clothesline from Mack and smash his elbow into the back of Mack's knee, sending him to one knee! The story of the match would be Low-Ki working The Mack's leg, trying to overcome his power. Late in the match, as Low-Ki tried to lift Mack for the Ki-Krusher, Mack would block before breaking the position, and turning Low-Ki inside out with a Clothesline! The Mack would stalk Low-Ki, as he went for the Stunner... No! Low-Ki blocks, pushing Mack off. Low-Ki bounces off of the ropes... And is met with a gutkick, followed by a Stunner! Mack covers: 1... 2... No! Firing Squad distracts the referee! Bad Luck Fale, Tama Tonga, and Tanga Loa all hop on various portions of the apron, as the referee has finally had enough... and throws them out! Firing Squad is irate as they are forced to make their way to the back, and meanwhile, Low-Ki rolls up The Mack: 1... 2.. No! Mack kicks out! Both men stand to their feet. Roundhouse Kick by Low-Ki... Ducked by The Mack! Gutkick! Another stunner! Mack covers once again: 1... 2.. 3! The Mack def. Low-Ki in 9:51 via pinfall with a Stunner Firing Squad immediately rushes back to the ring, stomping into The Mack as Low-Ki recovers from the match. As they continue their beatdown... Suddenly the Street Profits run out, wielding chairs!! Firing Squad ducks out of the ring, saving this battle for another day as Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins come to the aid of The Mack here tonight! As Montez Ford sips his cup in the ring, The Mack is thrown a beer as the two cheer with each other, as Firing Squad stands on the stairs, disgusted with how tonight has gone for them. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Reminiscent We see Togi Makabe and Tomaoki Honma fresh off of a gym session in a pretaped video, staying in shape as they age more and more. Great Bash Heel have a fond memory for the month of June, seeing as that's the month they defeated the Lucha Bros last year to capture tag team gold. They say that ever since they lost to the Dark Order, they haven't been the same in-ring. Wanting to change that, Great Bash Heel officially announces intentions to once again become challengers within tag team play as the video ends, their ambitions stated. As we go back to commentary, Jim Ross confirms that next week we'll see a four-way number one contender's match to challenge Tyler Bate & Trent Seven for the tag team championship, naming the four teams as Great Bash Heel, SoCal Uncensored (Daniels & Kazarian), reDragon (O'Reilly & Fish), and The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe). ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ MAIN EVENT Battle of the Best II - Quarterfinals | 30 Minute Time Limit Kazuchika Okada vs. KUSHIDA It is main event time as the big-fight feel of a pay-per-view match is here. It is the 2nd quarterfinal of Battle of the Best, two standout wrestlers of CHAOS who now find each other opposite the ring following their noteworthy tension the past few months, a spot in the Final 4 on the road to Global Warfare's main event hanging in the balance. The Rainmaker, Kazuchika Okada, versus, The Time-Splitter, KUSHIDA. Ric Flair stands at ringside for this matchup between the top two members of his group, a netural party in this affair. As both men are checked by the referee, the bell rings, and we're officially underway, as both men stare down in the middle of the ring. Okada immediately slaps KUSHIDA, and KUSHIDA responds right back with one! Okada smirks, as he plants a huge forearm into KUSHIDA's face, which stuns the much smaller KUSHIDA. A huge DDT follows, as does Okada's signature neckbreaker as he makes the first cover of the match, but KUSHIDA is able to kickout at 2. Over the course of the next few minutes, Okada would work the neck of KUSHIDA, looking to set up for the Rainmaker later. However, KUSHIDA would implement a gameplan of his own as he was able to buy some time with a huge headkick that stunned Okada. With this window, he would grab Okada's arm, taking him down to the mat and applying a fujiwara armbar, putting his weight down on Okada's back to force pressure onto the hold. Okada would struggle until he was able to finally reach the ropes. But it was apparent to the crowd that the damage was done - Okada's arm was hurt. KUSHIDA would continue his attack on the arm, including slinging it into the ringpost three times, as Okada used his controlled portion of the match to rough up KUSHIDA's neck, trying to take advantage of his size difference by just simply wearing down KUSHIDA, keeping him under The Rainmaker's control. As the match neared late stages, KUSHIDA and Okada would both be wearing down, having gone at it since the opening bell. As both men get to their feet, they both rush at each other with forearms, each connecting. They begin to trade forearms, over and over again, until KUSHIDA can't withstand it anymore and folds to the mat. Okada hits the Rainmaker pose, as he scoops him up.. Rainmaker blocked by KUSHIDA! KUSHIDA with elbows to the side of the head, freeing himself up! ROUNDHOUSE KICK! Okada doesn't fall though, as KUSHIDA immediately runs at him and transitions down to the mat into the Hoverboard Lock! Okada's arm is in immense pain as this is what KUSHIDA has been working all match for! KUSHIDA tries to keep the hold centered in, but Okada's will is able to crawl to the ropes, just barely reaching the ropes with a finger. KUSHIDA waits till the 2 count to break the hold but does, letting himself sink to the mat as he wonders if he just gave his best shot. After both men are able to stablize again, KUSHIDA attempts to get down to the Hoverboard Lock again, but Okada blocks! Fierce rage is seen in The Rainmaker's eyes as he refuses to go out first round of the tournament, as he begins blistering KUSHIDA with forearms. It is announced that we are just 3 minutes away from the time limit, as Okada climbs up to the top rope, looking high-risk... But misses! KUSHIDA is able to roll out of the way. As Okada gets to his knees, KUSHIDA attempts a kick to the face... But Okada catches it! As he gets back to his feet, he looks KUSHIDA in the eyes, and simply just shakes his head. Before delivering a short-arm Rainmaker that turns KUSHIDA inside-out with the bad arm! Pain is written in Okada's face as he holds his arm, but despite that... he nails the Rainmaker pose! He is able to scoop KUSHIDA up with his good arm, spinning him out... RAINMAKER! Okada covers with his one good arm: 1... 2... 3! Kazuchika Okada def. KUSHIDA in 28:12 via pinfall with the Rainmaker to advance to the semifinals of Battle of the Best II After a war, KUSHIDA and Okada lay on the mat for 20-30 seconds, as Flair pours water on both men, cooling them off. As they both are eventually able to get to their feet, Flair leaves the ring as the two CHAOS members once again meet in the center of the ring. However, this time, it's a sign of love and respect, as KUSHIDA and Okada hug it out after their intense war. KUSHIDA lifts Okada's arm.... CRACK! UNTIL LANCE ARCHER DELIVERS A HUGE CHAIRSHOT TO THE BACK OF THE RAINMAKER! Archer immediately drops the chair, and lifts Kushida up by his neck, and tosses him over the top rope, sending him crashing hard! With a sick smirk, Archer turns his attention back to Kazuchika Okada, picking him up by the neck and delivering a thunderous Chokeslam onto the chair! Lance Archer stands up, posing with a sick smirk as Jake Roberts stands right beside Ric Flair, taunting him as Archer completely annihilates the members of CHAOS as our show comes to an end, the final image being an updated bracket for Battle of the Best II. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  
    • Episode 34 Everything Will Be Ok! Cassi and Kayla are still at the hospital waiting for the go ahead to be allowed in the room that Bryan is in after hours and hours they are allowed to go in to where they see him hooked up on machines in order to keep him alive unfortunately he won’t wake up for another day or so and then Cassi says that she has to contact someone lets go Kayla we are going to fucking kill Vanny and then send her away from my mall. Cassi contacts William Afton and then Cassi and Afton meet up at the mall as Vanny is still deactivated and Cassi says I know where to send Vanny have you ever heard of Joey Drew Studios?? Yeh why?? Because I’m sending Vanny there and Afton says why? Cassi says that she heard something about Joey Drew Studios has this monster called Bendy who was supposed to be kid friendly but then it killed someone. Afton says that’s fair enough to do that how’s Bryan doing? He’s on life support they know what’s wrong with him but they have to be carful to remove it and that’s that let’s get Vanny out of here and send her packing the truck is here. They would load Vanny onto the truck and then it would drive off and Cassi says thank you for helping me get her out of here and Afton says no problem before disappearing and then Cassi and Kayla would go back up to the hospital and then they see Bryan who is finally waking up and then he says that he’s fine but Cassi says that he’s not don’t worry Vanny is no longer at the mall. Kayla says when can he come home? Cassi says she doesn’t know when he can come home but they won’t let us stay here after hours so we brought you your things and we have to go now see you later Bryan. The End!

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