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    • The Royal Rumble is fast approaching, and Carnage is officially on the Road to BPZ Mania. Naturally, with the peak time of the year for wrestling fans, the audience both live in the arena and watching at home are wrapped up in the buzzing atmosphere. Back in the Carnage arena, the titantron transitions over from the Carnage logo to a pre-taped segment.  The screen opens with the scene of a skyline, a magnificent view bathed in the warm orange of the morning glow.  Stepping out into view, and leaning against the railing on the rooftop is a man dressed smartly in a crisp dark red suit and mustard yellow trim. A pair of aviator sunglasses over his eyes to mask them from the low-flying dawn. Held under his arm is a championship belt of a deep reddish-brown, the circular plate radiating with an orange light as it's gold basks in the orange morning. The North American Championship, and it's champion. KENJI looks out to the cityscape for a moment before he speaks, contemplating, ruminating. KENJI: "One wrong step, and I would not be standing here today with this championship in my hands. That is how close defeat was. On another day, I might not have been so lucky....... I took a gamble at Night of Legends, competing in both championship matches, I was lucky to walk away with something. My new voyage as champion is still unchartered waters, but with a successful defence to my name, that is the first step to making greatness. It isn't enough to just win a championship anymore, only those that are truly great are the one's synonymous with their respective titles. Even though I didn't hold any experience about really being a champion before walking into BPZ, what is really meant, I' like to think I carry myself as one". "Yes, I retained my championship, but I also lost another. It wasn't Arius that lost, it was me. My drive to prove myself once again, this time it backfired. That litmus test I wanted against Bart, it cost us the match. And that responsibility lays solely with me. It is a loss I need to assess, evaluate, and comeback from. But there is some solace to be found.....with the North American Championship, I know that I will come back, someday. Invictus will rise up once again. When, I don't know, but our path is not at it's end. And speaking of looking to the future, I along with many others are entered into the Royal Rumble match. The rest of the roster can crow that they will throw out everyone, win it all and punch their ticket to BPZ Mania all they want......" "......But I won't do that". "The only ticket I need is right here". KENJI positions the North American Championship over his shoulder proudly, it's pristine metal gleaming in the light. Clearly, KENJI holds his title in the highest regard. KENJI: "Sure, there is a glimpse of a chance to compete for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship at stake, but even with that, it's not why I entered into the Royal Rumble. I am very aware that matches contested under these sorts or rules.....are not my forte, I will be the first to admit. My last was way back in June, and it didn't end well for me. And now a match with three times the competitors, I see that my chances of winning are slim to none. So, in the true essence of my code, I will use this opportunity, to create an whole new opportunity". "It took me nine months of sacrifice to call myself a champion. Every small chance I could find, I took. Now I am your North American Champion. This title is the very representation of opportunity, both in name, and it's history. My name has been, and will continue to be intertwined with this championship. On January 26th, I do not care for the World Title, my concern is solely with the North American Championship, and to pay forward the opportunities that have made me who I am today. I seek to elevate this title through my actions and deeds. I have taken it to the main event of Winter Warfare, and bore through the fires of the Clapspiracy Tag Tournament, and the dangers of Night of Legends. That is why, in the Royal Rumble match, I offer a challenge to anyone that wishes to take it, grasp the opportunity I present to you now". "It would be remiss of me to not defend my title between now and BPZ Mania, where the Hangman awaits. My road must be paved with obstacles just as anyone else's. If you wish to climb the ladder and make your opportunity......eliminate me from the Royal Rumble. Step up and take your shot. Bare in mind that I will not make it easy for any of you, veteran or rookie. But I firmly believe that diamonds emerge from the sand when you really look for them. I don't wish for my road to BPZ Mania to be resting on my laurels, and neither should the hopefuls that want this title. To compete for this prestigious championship on the grandest stage of them all.....it's something I must do if I am to become synonymous with the North American Championship. If you are to disrupt my quest, then you must bring your everything, and even more. As a champion, I stand as a Gatekeeper to that hallowed ground.....who is brave enough to step forth? Who wishes to contest for a key to BPZ Mania V?" "Whoever you are, make yourself known to the North American Champion in the Royal Rumble Match". Words of conviction from the North American Champion ahead of the Royal Rumble heading into Mania season. And who will challenge for the North American Championship between now and BPZ Mania? Only time will tell. The screen fades to end the segment, heading into a commercial break.
    • Name: Mikey Age: 29 Weight Class: Lightweight Height: 6'0 Reach: 73 Fighting Style:  Judo? 
    • Jazzy Gabert leaves NXT UK  
    • Maybe it is just because Impact Wrestling recently have shown that utilising older wrestlers for a show is doable and beneficial towards future talent i wouldn't even be slighted if he showed up on television one week as a lower card talent while he is training. Give me that La Resistance reunion, the fans demand it. They had an infectious theme song back in the day. Honestly though this is a surprise for a number of reasons. If you had told me that Sylvain was hired as a new  French language commentator i'd accept it, going off his experience doing it for TNA/Impact for all those years but a road agent? He had zero to little singles experience while he was in the company last and i'm not sure if between then and now would be enough for him to craft a match. He must know someone close in the company because i feel someone like former NWA Champion Rob Conway would've been a good choice if we need someone from La Resistance. Rob even had a guest spot at the Performance Centre.
    • This seems like an interesting idea. I'm sure with his MMA backround and "business sense" McGregor will turn WWE into a more athletic, brutal and competetive company.

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