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    • {Sameer cautiously swings open the gymnasium door to the sight of a figure, his back to the entrance staring away into the distance. Sameer steps forward looking to identify this man, but before he can make any contact, the figure spins to face Sameer head on. Sameer backs up and braces himself for a confrontation as the figure steps forward into the Gym, a rye smile spread right across his face} "Really? This is how you great your guests. How about you chill out a little and take those fists away because I am in no mood to start fighting with you" {The man is revealed to be Julius who walks straight past Sameer and into the ring. He runs the ropes for a bit, getting a feel for the place he called home for many years, before exiting all out of breath and holding his back. He sits on the edge of the apron and pulls out a bottle of whiskey and two glasses from his backpack} "Sit. Have a drink" {Julius pours out two glasses of some fine certified Texas Whiskey before Sameer joins him sitting at the edge of the ring} "Even if I wanted to get back into the ring and go out on the road again, my body has moved past all of that and even after running those ropes for 30 seconds I can already feel the welts and the bruises forming on my back. I don't miss this shit one bit. I'm going to cut right to the chase Sameer, you don't want me here, you're still hung up on some stuff that went down ages ago but I've traveled all the way out to this dusty old Gym for a reason" {Julius takes a sip of his whiskey as Sameer listens in closely to what his former friend has to say} "Just entertain this thought for a second and resist that urge to get up and leave because it's going to be well worth it by the end. You won this tournament right, you've held the Intercontinental Championship, you're winning all these matches blah blah blah, but now your facing my good friend Slim for his championship and I don't think Slim is very happy that you're coming for his title. Maybe I'm here on the Mafia's orders to deliver one last hit before I ride off into the sunset...Relax you don't have to get all defensive it was only a joke I wouldn't deliver on any Mafia orders even if they guaranteed me the world, but to stay on this train of focus, every win you've had in the last 6 months throw it away because it doesn't mean anything until you capture the championship" "You can run through the entire world, be the best ever but if you don't have the top championship to show for it at the very end you're nothing. You'll be a pretender and not a contender Sameer, and I know very well that you don't like being the one can't get it done. Take me for example, I was in your position not long ago but I lost and there went all my momentum and all my hype because it don't mean shit without a ring as one of my good friends told me" {Julius pours himself another glass as Sameer sits there calculating exactly what the purpose of this visit was} "Now that I've got the obvious out of the way, how about we get to the stone cold truth of the matter. How did I know you were going to be here just days away from your match, because I pretty much lived with you for the better part of four months and you'd do the exact same shit every single time. Come down to your ring and train try to sharpen up on your ring smarts, like you haven't been wrestling night in and night out for 5 years. You're wasting your time in here we already know how good you are at doing a hip toss and some chain submissions, but that's not going to help you beat Slim. You have a match in 3 days in a different continent and you're telling me you're going to be stuck in here training in these conditions, working moves that you've done so many times. Come on Sameer wake the fuck up buddy" "You should be over in Egypt, getting used to the ring, getting used to the climate, the humidity, the heat. You can control what you can do in the ring, but you can't control these variables. Slim is one of the smartest workers this world has ever seen, he's already calculated every single loophole and vantage point in that arena and he's ready to use it to his advantage, and my question to you is why the hell aren't you doing the same thing. He expects you to come out like this, because you've done it twice before and he put you on your ass every single time" "I've faced that man many times in my career, and each time he prepared differently especially that time he was a clown because I'm still seeking mental counselling for all the fucked up shit he put me through. Sameer I'm telling you right now, you have 3 days to throw everything you've done away and start game-planning for something completely different. You're not fighting against some jabroni, you're fighting against a serial psychopath who enjoys exploiting and tearing people apart. I wish you the best of luck with that match, hell maybe I'll even pirate the PPV because this company aint getting anymore of my money. So long brother I'm sure I'll see you down the road one day" {Julius takes one last gulp from his glass before staring into Sameer's eyes. He looks down at Sameer's glass to find it hadn't been touched. Julius then quickly skulls down that glass too before heading for the door. Looking back one final time and giving his former Creed Brother a nod}  
    • This should be good, I guess. Not Really hyped for this match, but I'm hoping that "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt wins. I feel that Braun's World Championship Run is 3 Years past its peak. If he had beaten Brock Lesnar at No Mercy 2017, I think everyone would've been happy and he could've been taken seriously and had major fan support as the Top Guy. 3 Years later, Braun has lost that spark he once had when he used to obliterate Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns, and he is nothing special anymore. "The Fiend" is the best thing going on Smackdown at the moment, and I have a very bold prediction for how this ends. Since Braun said he didn't care about Alexa anymore, I can see her costing Braun the title, aligning with the Fiend and revealing herself to be Sister Abigail, and they will reign over Smackdown. I think this is the best option given the potentiality of Otis vs Bray, which would be wonderful. Braun will probably fizzle back down into the midcard territory, and I guess if not, he will just lose the rematch at Payback.
    • Excluding me from what i mostly read.  1. George  2. Austin 3. Arius 4. Bob/Gunner = Equal? 5. Josh
    • As of right now here are my top 5. (Excluding myself) (No particular order) 1. Akki 2. Austin 3. Josh 4. Arius 5. Ropati
    • God's Last Gift Austin Omega would be seen walking into a church, sporting sunglasses and a calm demeanor to go along with it. As the Camera moves upward, we see he is sporting an all white outfit, fixed in with a gold outline.  He approaches the pews before sitting down and taking a deep breath and relaxing. Austin Omega: Well, Well, Well. Addy, look what you've made me do. I respected the fight you brought to me in our NXT Championship bout at King of The Ring, but once you called the win a "fluke" due to you had being jumped back in England, I lost all of my respect for you, which is why were are headed on this collision course to Exodus. A REAL Man would've admitted he lost and the other man won fair and square, but hey, you had to be a punk about it because you couldn't accept the fact that I am better than you. And for that reason I have come to this church to ask for forgiveness from The Lord. Austin would stand up solemnly, before popping his collar, proceeding to get on his knees and fold his hands in prayerful fashion. He would genuinely look sympathetic, before showing it was all a ruse with a smirk appearing on his face, before beginning to pray. Austin Omega: Lord, forgive me for what I will have to do to Addy in 4 Days. I am sick of him, and I have decided to end him for once and all. Addy claims I've unleashed the animal, the beast inside of him- something I've wanted to do. I wanted to fight Addy when he was at 100%, just so I could beat him and not have to hear his lies. You gave him an opportunity, you let him have a gift, a reward, something you felt he could achieve and propel to new heights, something you saw fit for a person such as himself. However- Omega would take his sweet time revealing a wrapped up object, before delicately removing its cover, revealing it to be the NXT Championship, as he would stare at it and plant a kiss on the title, before raising it to the heavens, before wrapping around his waist. Austin Omega: However, I guess you felt he wasn't doing the right job, what you wanted with the belt, so it seems you gave him a reality check, and gave this belt to its' rightful owner, in myself. Now, you gave him a second opportunity, I don't understand why, but you have your ways, it seems. However, I know as a matter of a fact this is your last gift towards a wretch such as himself, a man who should've never left the prison he should've stayed in for life. I will beat him once and for all, and continue on to the biggest party, where I will face face either Eric Shun or Marc Aaron Newton. I think- no, I know that he will fire at all cylinders, he has a bullet with my name on it, but he will miss his shot. I will have to drop him on his head as many times as possible to make sure he stays down. He would look at his hands, before shaking his head. He would get up and sit back in the pews, and would stare in awe at the beauty of the Notre Dame Basilica, before regaining composure. Austin Omega: I quoted Addy for one reason and one reason only, and that is so he can remember that load of crap he said last time. At Exodus, I will make Addy eat his own words, whether he likes it or not. Addy's blood will be in my hands once again, but this time I will have a reason to be happy. Addy, I plan to destroy you. I have broken you down mentally with Mind Games, I broke you down physically at King Of The Ring, now I have to do it again, because it is for the greater good. Addy, you can hit me as many times as you want, but I will get up, as per the usual.  Then, I will destroy you. However, your loss won't be my fault. Ever Since your loss, you've been spiraling down. I want to make sure that with my win, I wipe you off the complete face of God's Green Earth, once and for all.  Austin would stand up, having felt all that was necessary to say had been said, rose from the pews and put his sunglasses, before exiting the Basilica, and the approaching his car. He would look at his watch before simply saying-  Austin Omega: Tick, Tock, Addison. See You Soon. I am coming to fight, you have 4 Days, so I suggest you prepare and bring your A Game, because I am damn well going to bring mine.     The Camera would soon fade to black, as we would cut back to Valor as fans would murmur and the hype surrounding Austin and Addy's Clash grew even more.

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