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    • 24/7 Title Attempts, Wrestling on Main Event   Honestly, looking at this video would just cover everything I have to say, but surprisingly, it’s more to it, as we began to feel sorry for EC3 being wasted in the Main Roster, you could see he was too, just by the comparisons of 2 entrances, The First Entrance in this video is from February 11, 2019, one week after he made his official debut, being a special guest on “A Moment Of Bliss” And also beating Dean Ambrose after he interrupted the segment, giving him a win over a talent that was leaving the company, the fans saw through this burial attempt, with a rematch happening on this day on February 11, facing Ambrose again, with Ambrose evening this one out, with a victory against EC3. However, this entrance happened three months after, on May 30, 2019, where he would face off against Cedric Alexander, in another losing effort, now everyone who’s reading this, tell me what’s the difference between these two entrances 3 months apart?, exactly, in one he’s an charismatic newcomer to the Main Roster, excited for what’s gonna happen next, and three months later WWE managed to suck the fun and passion of wrestling right out of EC3, you can tell me that this was all a work all you want, just don’t expect me to believe you. Was that a push or a shove? On May 20, 2019, Mick Foley introduced the 24/7 Championship, if you didn’t know already, The 24/7 Championship is basically The 24/7 Rule that The Hardcore Championship Had, I don’t know if they needed some more screen time for Raw’s 3 hours, or if they needed views but I couldn't care less now, the first few champions were crowned when Foley announced that the first person to grab the 24/7 title was gonna the inaugural champ, which caused a ton of people to run to the squared circle, with one of those people being EC3, he didn’t win the title on that night though, as No Way Jose managed to stop him in his tracks at the last minute, both would exchange blows but Jose would throw EC3 out the ring, but none of the back and fourth seemed to be worth it, as Titus O’Neil came out the inaugural 24/7 Champion, and as “came out” I mean he managed to get to the ramp. EC3 may have been unsuccessful that night, but on June 24, 2019, he won his first main roster championship, when he and others interrupted a scheduled match against Heath Slater and Mojo Rawley, as the then 24/7 Champion R-Truth would come to the ring through the barricade, with others chasing him trying to get the damn title, the three would try to fight the other jobbers off as Mojo would then try to attack Truth, which he fails, as Truth taunts Rawley, Slater would capitalize by hitting a neckbreaker to win the 24/7 Championship from Truth, but the celebration would stop when he realized he needed to get the hell out the arena, as EC3 would drag him out the ring, Slater managed to duck a clothesline by EC3, causing EC3 to get hit with a shoulder tackle by Mojo Rawley, when he attempts I escape, he is blocked by Titus O’Neil, and Eric Young, he then goes back into the ring and hits Titus O’Neil with a couple of stomps to the back, this would be enough time for R-Truth to recover, as he hits Slater with a What’s Up, He shortly regains the title until Cedric Alexander hits Truth with a Lumbar Check from behind and gets the title, he then dodges No Way Jose, Eric Young, And Mojo Rawley which causes Cedric to look at Rawley with laughter, as he took a bump on the steel post, this would cause him as EC3 would catch Cedric Alexander from behind and knocks him out cold with a One Percenter on the 24/7 Championship, Three Seconds Later he would win his first championship in WWE, he would begin to celebrate as he walks down the ramp until Carmella snatches the 24/7 Championship from his hands, EC3 would demand Carmella to give him his title back, making an opening for R-Truth to get the roll up win over EC3 to win back his championship as EC3 would look in disbelief while the others chase after Carmella and R-Truth. EC3 would manage to pick up 3 more 24/7 title victories at house shows, but the end result would ultimately stay the same, as Chad Gable would hit a German Suplex everytime EC3 entered the ring, helping R-Truth Regain the title. Black Friday.....But the only thing for sale is wasted talent.... EC3 would continue to be a jobber during the 24/7 Title Stints, right up until here, on September 23, 2019 when he faced Rusev in a losing effort heading to the Draft, with EC3 and Rusev going to Raw with Rusev going on to have “That” Storyline And EC3 never being in a televised match again, but on April of 2020, a few days or weeks after  Wrestlemania, Black Friday happened a few months earlier for other wrestling, as a lot of talent got released, the following that got released are as followed: Kurt Angle Rusev (Miroslav Barnyashev)  Drake Maverick (James Curtin) Zack Ryder (Matthew Cardona) Curt Hawkins (Brian Myers) Karl Anderson (Chad Allegra) Luke Gallows (Drew Hankinson) Heath Slater (Heath Miller) Eric Young (Jeremy Fritz) Rowan (Joseph Ruud) Sarah Logan (Sarah Rowe) No Way Jose (Levis Valenzuela) Mike Chioda Mike Kanellis (Mike Bennett) Maria Kanellis EC3 (Michael Hutter) Aiden English (Matthew Rehwoldt) Lio Rush (Lionel Green) Primo (Edwin Colon) and Epico (Orlando Colon Nieves). Control Your Narrative While some retired from wrestling, some went to new companies, and some went to their previous companies, EC3 is a person who fits in the Third Category, after making a few workout videos, and teasing a gimmick change, it was announced that EC3 would show up at Slammiversary, people have been seeing changes in EC3, as he has been on a rampage lately, which he calls “Controlling His Narrative”, he recently attacked Moose so I’m excited to see where that goes, and I’m also thankful to see EC3 getting treated like a Star again. I would like to thank all of you for looking at the first addition of “The Rise And Fall Of A WWE Superstar” If you have a suggestion of what we should do next comment down below, and as always, Nardie Out!. PS: Control Your Narrative. Rise by @Austin Omega Fall by @NardieIsTastic.
    • We are edging closer and closer to the first ever BrendenPlayz Wrestling event in Egypt as many more matches are being added to an already stacked show, with one of the big matches on the show is for the BPZ Tag Team Championships. Before King Of The Ring, the match was announced as Creed versus AK-17, but things have reached another level when Echo Wilson from Carnage made his marks on the match, which lead to Bart leaving his comments on Echo and Angelo. Angelo made his feelings heard with an reply to Bart. Now, being that there is right days from the payperview event, Angelo sent out five separate tweets on Twitter with in ordering going: D Y A D S. The return of "DYADS" but it returns with a different purpose as Creed was the leading creators in the DYADS series we saw reaching into their BPZMania  match up against Legacy Of Violence in Necce and Flynn. Creed would be victorious in that match before facing Inner Circle's Slim and Amai who did their own version of the series with the "WORST TAG TEAM IN BPZ". The camera fades to black as the logo for "DYADS" Greatest Tag Teams Of BPZ " appears before fading away. The camera comes back into focus with Angelo sitting in a chair, dressed in an formal attire of a black suit with a dark red tie. His hair is brought back and wrapped into a ponytail with a pair of Ray Band sunglasses covering his eyes. He is sat on a chair in a room as he looks at the camera and starts to speak.  "While the timing this comes out maybe horrible, it must, because despite everything said, we must take a look at the reign of Creed. While I can say everything great about AK-17, let me tell you why Creed will go down as the greatest tag team in wrestling history.  Smith and Bart: You separate the two, and you got one of the greatest of all time in Smith and one of the best premier athletes you'll ever get in Bart. Both men with tremendous singles accolades. Smith a former two time BPZ World Champion, former Intercontinental, Premium, Tag Team, hell held those three titles at the same time, that's how great Smith is. A great friend of mine, former Authority brethren.  Bart, one of the fastest rising stars I've ever seen. Your growth in this company is impeccable. NXT and longest reigning Champion, Tag Team Champion, Global Champion, Intercontinental Champion, and first ever Undisputed Champion, unifying the titles at BPZMania no less in a match with two great wrestlers in their own right and one day will be a World Champion and Hall Of Famer. So what happens when you put the two of them together?  Greatness.  And it's just that. Both men glue together so well. Coming together to defeat First Class Express to gain these Tag Team gold they hold right now. Then they retained and retained and retained over and over again against some teams that were former Champions, teams meshed of the best of today, and teams of their past. And they prevailed each and every time. Creed has brought the Tag Team Division up from the grave and into the clouds for its run on Cloud Nine at this very moment. As I speak right now, there is other Tag Teams ready to jump on this ride and hope for the best. Thundermans, Death Riders, FD-Gun Ichiban, M.A.N Global, the list goes on and on of teams that want to be the ones to beat Creed and end their legendary title reign. However.... Let me tell you why tell you why this is not the case to happen.  While again you all are fantastic teams in your own, only one team has reached the top of the Tag Team pinnacle with a Championship win with Buddy Ace and Jason Ryan that is right now of Death Riders, but originally The Flock. Freebird rule allowed you two and Marker to all be Tag Team Champions and whoever was available could defend them. When things so good, you made things look so bad, ain't that right Jason? No don't worry I refuse to go into detail, but because of Jason, Flock all crumbled before our very eyes and Big Ballers ended it all. Destruction from Within inside and no belief in redemption for another run, especially against a team that was at the calibration of Big Ballers before ultimately surpassing them.  But now, I must explain why AK-17 is the team to beat the Greatest Tag Team.  It pains me to see this end, but it must. I'm refusing to leave empty handed. I refuse to let anyone who has their faith in me again. I'm not just fighting to win, I'm fighting like my life is on the line. Exodus is going to be the biggest fight you'll ever get from me. If I'm getting pinned, I don't care if I'm unconscious, I'll fight myself back to consciousness and make sure my shoulder goes up before the three count! If I'm put into a submission and I am close to tapping out, I'll remember all the promises I've made and I'll make sure I crawl to those ropes and break the hold, or if I can't, I'll be locked into that hold until you give up trying to make me quit. If I'm being counted out, I'll drag my old ass by force back into that ring by force. I'm making it my personal mission to make sure that Exodus in Egypt isn't another Creed retain, but an AK Revaluation! Boys in order for you to retain, you must put me down. You must make sure I do not let out another breath because if you do I will swing and fight. To end the match I must not gasp another breath because killing me is the only way to beat me. Creed will forever go down as the Greatest Tag Team. But at the end of Exodus in Egypt, so will AK-17. And I end this with two words for you.  Check Mate. See you boys soon." The screen slowly fades to black with the end of "DYADS" Greatest Tag Teams Of BPZ. Creed vs AK-17 continues to grow into one of the most hyped matches on the show and for good reason considering who you have in the match. How will the Champs respond? And how will Echo Wilson respond as well? We'll have to wait and see.  

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