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    • “For every joy there is a price to be paid.” (As the opening music video ends for Valor Chapter 2: Exodus at the end of the pre-show. We open on a cinematic shot of Suez, Egypt, with a voice over from actor Ben Kingsley.) Kingsley: "Egyptian civilisation has tantalised countless generations. Emperors and Kings lauded in its emphasis on the grandeur of the human experience. Their great monuments, tombs, temples, and artwork all celebrated life and stand as reminders of what once was and what human beings, at their best, are capable of achieving"  (An instrumental version of “Stay Down” by Future Royalty begins to play as it pans the empty streets of Suez, Egypt before panning to the Egyptian Army Stadium) "But, these journeys have their roadblocks…" (It begins to show a series of articles flying across the screen in the wind from sports and dirt sheet sites mentioning sudden exiting superstars weeks ahead of the event, backstage speculation) "Four men vying for a unique opportunity which can propel them to the next level…" (It pans inside the Egyptian Army Stadium in Suez, Egypt as it shows a championship case in the centre of the ring. Its detail hidden but showing its silhouette seated upon a velvet cushion. Suddenly four sets of lights go on in each corner of the ring as Marc Aaron Newton, Eric Shun, Addy and NXT Champion Austin Omega stand on each side of the championship. Each of these men looked more than prepared to begin to clash with each other.) Narrator: A man looking to get his hands on a con-man who will stop at nothing to get his agenda across… (It shows GRV in the ring, looking around before lights go on, shining down on Tony Tastic, who rests his arms on the turnbuckle with a smirk on his face, looking clearly confident, but disgusted at GRV. Both men glare at each other as GRV tries to egg Tony Tastic on for a fight.) "Two men looking to relive a pivotal moment…" (It goes to Bob Sparks in the ring, looking for Necce, but a spotlight shines from Necce standing on the stage with a calm and confident look on his face.) "But, the circumstances are more severe…" (Necce pulls out a barbed wire hockey stick and taps it to the ground. Bob Sparks gestures for Necce to get to the ring, but Necce remains on top of the stage.) "The end justifies the means. Sometimes you have to do the wrong thing to get the right result..." (It shows Siege inside the ring with the small cage above his head . A spotlight turns on behind him as Ogre is shown to be behind Siege as Siege turns around as he forms a smirk at Ogre. Ogre doesn’t break his glare as he looks up at the cage above them both) "The games we play determine the paths of our lives… and even if the game is rigged against you…" (A spotlight turns on as it shows Akki Mahal with Heel Akki at his side and Joe Lopes staring down in the middle of the ring. Both men with intense looks in their eyes. Akki Mahal more than looks forward to a fight, but Lopes just stands there with such a calm smirk on his face.) "When there’s nothing left to lose… when all options are gone…We reach back to repeat history" (Angelo Caito takes his place in the centre of the ring with his eyes closed, the distant sound of a crowd fills his mind. A light goes on next to him, where Echo Wilson stands next to him. Both form smirks on their faces as the camera pans and the lights go off) "But despite the danger we press on… seeking to fuel a rivalry against our opponent… even those we’ve faced many times before…" (The lights go back on. AK-47 turns themselves around as they face the champions… Eli Smith and Bart. All of them stand in a square formation, waiting to see who makes the first move.) "To survive. To strip a man of the one thing that’s empowered him for the longest time..The champion, who has never denied anyone of a challenge, finds himself in an uncomfortable situation against a man who will stop at nothing to get what he has fought for…" (Sameer is seen in the ring holding his recently signed contract. The lights go off on the stage before going back on where Slim sits on his throne on the stage and the BPZ Undisputed Champion on his lap, looking at Sameer in the ring.) "Four men hand over safety as they enter the Temple" (The ring is seen set up for the Story of Temples with the clashing lights. One by one, the lights begin to turn on with Yelich, Mikey, Gunner Flynn and Arius inside. All of these men are staring down with each other. Yelich begins to count the competitors before realising that it’s just four of them and the fifth person is nowhere to be seen.) Narrator: …And none of them will know what hit them… (A hand is seen on top of the light switch backstage. The face is not revealed as the unknown person switches the lights off as everything goes pitch black.) (We are taken to a room with Ben Kingsley himself as he walks in front the camera in where we see him standing in front of one of the great Pyramids.) "The Valley of Kings holds the worthy? Perhaps. But we know for certain it holds the dead. Fallen warriors. Fallen Pharaohs. Nature can be lethal, but it doesn’t hold a candle to man. We claw with our fingernails for that inch because we know that’s going to make the difference between winning and losing! Between living and dying!   "In any fight it’s the guy whose willing to die whose gonna win that inch. And I know, if I’m gonna have any life anymore it’s because I’m still willing to fight and die for that inch, because that’s what living is, the six inches in front of your face. Now I can’t make you do it. You’ve got to look at the guy next to you" "Men will look across the canvas, look into his eyes, to see a gentleman who will go that inch with you. To see a man who will sacrifice himself for his end goal, because he knows when it comes down to it you're going to do the same to him." "And so I ask...who will enter this New Frontier with the grit to survive? Ladies and Gentlemen...Welcome...to Exodus!" (The camera raises with a trail of sand as the Exodus gracefully appears onto the screen) And now, Brendenplayz Wrestling and EGYPTAIR present...Valor Chapter 2: Exodus. (“Stay Down” continues to play as the camera pans inside the Egyptian Army Stadium. The blue, gold and white pyro goes off around the stage in a spectacle. The camera opens to the announce desk with CPE and Sheepy who are seated in front of a ruckus crowd as the music changes to 'Crawling Through The Pain' by Heel Akki which plays throughout the arena.) CPE: HELLO EVERYONE AND WELCOME! WE ARE LIVE FROM SUEZ, EGYPT FOR THE VALOR EXCLUSIVE EVENT… THIS… IS EXODUS! I am CPE! And the man not as handsome as myself is none other than Sheepy! Sheepy: Yes it is! And we’ve got an intense night of action, folks! Titles are on the line, rivalries are coming to a head, it’s a jam-packed night here for the gold brand!  CPE: Our main event is one of the most anticipated clashes in recent history as Powertrip Cup winner Sameer finally gets his hands on Inner Circle leader, Don Dada himself, Slim and a shot at his BPZ Undisputed Championship! Sameer is coming off a career high so far in 2020  with the momentum advantage, and though Slim recently came off a tough loss at King of the Ring it can be said Slim is as good as ever heading into this championship defence. Sheepy: And speaking of possible advantages, Akki Mahal looks to reclaim the honour of his cousin Heel Akki after clashing with young superstar Jim Lopes! Mahal has the size advantage, but will Jim Lopes high octane expertise see him take the big man and send him riding off back to war friends CPE: Talking about the future superstars of the brand. Tonight we'll see M.A.N, Eric Shun, Addy and NXT Champion Austin Omega who will be facing off in dual one on one matches for a chance to challenge for the to be announced NEW championship here on the Valor brand. They will take each other on in a battle for the championship match at BPZ Summerslam!  Sheepy: And for the first time ever, the prize of a lifetime is up for grabs as we prepare for this monumental matchup. The Story of Temples! The Temple will host the competitors as they fight for the right to claim one of two medallions with championship opportunities attached.  CPE: The rules are simple. If a competitor is pinned or submitted, he goes into the penalty box for two minutes. The competitor who scores the pinfall or submission is then eligible to hang the medallions.  Sheepy: These four men have a storied past together in Brendenplayz Wrestling, but all have come far and away from who they were in the past. So who knows how they’ll match up this time! Who will walk away with the medallion! CPE: Creed have been a beacon of hope for Valor fans in recent times as they’ve stood against the actions of nefarious superstars and groups, showing they are the ones who will stand the test of time. But tonight the reigning BPZ Tag Team Championships will face an old foe in Angelo Caito as he recruits old partner and Carnage superstar Echo Wilson! Sheepy: A controversial choice to say the least and we already heard publicly across social media from prominent but unappreciative Brendenplayz talent at this reveal but you know what they say. If you can’t beat them? Join them! HAHAHA! CPE: Hang on. Hang on. Hold yourself together. This is a special occasion for a special event and with this monumental reunion here tonight between former tag team champions this might be the toughest defence yet for the reigning champions.  Sheepy: Speaking of special. A match one year in the making tonight we get to witness the exclusive rematch between ‘The Bracket Breaker’ Bob Sparks and ‘The Antichrist’ Necce! CPE: It was all the way back at Power-Trip Cup 2019. Just over a year ago today where Necce was defeated by the previously unknown Bob Sparks. Fast forward to 2020 and Bob Sparks has had a tumultuous few months to say the least. Sheepy: We may not always have the power to control what shows up at our door, but we always have the power to decide what stays and what goes. We’ve already seen in the past the disturbing acts Necce is capable of, but what horrors will he inflict at Exodus? How far is he willing to go to make sure it isn’t a repeat of a year ago? CPE: Tonight is going to be INSANE!  Sheepy: Despite some controversies we are not going to stop that from doing everything we can to deliver a spectacular show to remember! The Carnage brand had an excellent Last Resort, but we’re going to take things up a notch tonight which is going to leave our friends on Carnage, scrambling for a way to surpass us! CPE: So many matches on the card, some we haven’t mentioned, with the potential to steal the entire weekend and we’re beginning the show with one of them!  
    • Recap of the games 1 so far the first is Winnipeg Jets get destroyed by the Canucks 41 to 13 not much to talk about. Minnesota Wilds at Colorado Avalanche a good game which we see the Avalanche taking the win in ot 18 to 17 Minnesota Wilds are looking to rebound and hopefully take the Avalanche out of the playoffs. Flyers and Bruins not much to talk about Flyers destroy the Bruins taking the 1 series lead 21 to 1. Panthers and Rangers very good game the Rangers comeback and win the game in overtime 14 to 13 Rangers have 1-0 lead in the series. Sharks and Blues very entertaining game unfortunately the Sharks lose in ot 16 to 15 Blues have the series 1-0 over the Sharks can the Sharks rebound in game 2? Blackhawks and Coyotes game almost went to ot but the Coyotes just win it 7-5 Coyotes take a 1-0 lead in the series. Hurricanes and Capitals wasn’t a good game but it was fun to watch if your a Hurricanes fan Hurricanes win 19 to 4 hurricanes have a 1-0 lead in the series over the capitals. Montreal Canadiens win over the Islanders which wasn’t a fun game to watch at all Canadiens win 17 to 2 Canadiens have a 1-0 lead in the series over Islanders. Theres the recap for every game and as we get ready for game 2 for each team starting with Jets at Canucks and Wilds at Avalanche.
    • Washington Capitals at Carolina Hurricanes Game 1. Hurricanes score Jacob Slavin Hurricanes 1 Capitals 0. Capitals score J.Willams Capitals 1 Hurricanes 1. Hurricanes score R.Nash Hurricanes 2 Capitals 1. Hurricanes score Jordan Stale Hurricanes 3 Capitals 1. Hurricanes score P.Di Guiseppie Hurricanes 4 Capitals 1. Hurricanes score Jordan Stale Hurricanes 5 Capitals 1. At the end of the first the Hurricanes are winning 5 to 1 Hurricanes 5 Capitals 1. Hurricanes score J.Faulk Hurricanes 6 Capitals 1. Hurricanes score N.Gebre Hurricanes 7 Capitals 1. Hurricanes score P.Di Guspiee Hurricanes 8 Capitals 1. Hurricanes score Justin Faulk Hurricanes 9 Capitals 1. At the end of the second period the Hurricanes extended the lead to 9 to 1 Hurricanes 9 Capitals 1. Hurricanes score Jordan Stale Hurricanes 10 Capitals 1. Capitals score Alex Overchicken Capitals 2 Hurricanes 10. Hurricanes score Jeff Skinner Hurricanes 11 Capitals 2. Capitals score T.Yoshie Capitals 3 Hurricanes 11. Hurricanes score B.Maldne Hurricanes 12 Capitals 3. Hurricanes score N.Gebnere Hurricanes 13 Capitals 3. Capitals score T.Oshie Capitals 4 Hurricanes 13. Hurricanes score N.Genbre Hurricanes 14 Capitals 4. Hurricanes score V.Rask Hurricanes 15 Capitals 4. Hurricanes score short handed Jordan Stale Hurricanes 16 Capitals 4. Hurricanes score J.Winisnkew Hurricanes 17 Capitals 4. Hurricanes score V.Rask Hurricanes 18 Capitals 4. Hurricanes score V.Rask Hurricanes 19 Capitals 4. At the end of the 3rd period the Hurricanes win 19 to 4 final score Hurricanes 19 Capitals 4. Montreal Canadiens at The New York Islanders game 1. Canadiens score L.Eller Canadiens 1 Islanders 0. Canadiens score S.Andergehitt Canadiens 2 Islanders 0. Islanders score C.Cluterbuck Islanders 1 Canadiens 2. Islanders score K.Okapoise Islanders 2 Canadiens 2. Canadiens score T.Gibert Canadiens 3 Islanders 2. Canadiens score D.Deshiere Canadiens 4 Islanders 2. Canadiens score D.Deshiere Canadiens 5 Islanders 2.  Canadiens score P.Suban Canadiens 6 Islanders 2. Canadiens score B.Gallagher Canadiens 7 Islanders 2. At the end of the first period the Canadiens are up 7 to 2 over the Islanders. Canadiens score L.Eller Canadiens 8 Islanders 2. Canadiens score P.Byron Canadiens 9 Islanders 2. Canadiens score B.Gallagher Canadiens 10 Islanders 2. Canadiens score L.Eller Canadiens 11 Islanders 2. Canadiens score P.Suban Canadiens 12 Islanders 2. Canadiens score S.Andbergh Canadiens 13 Islanders 2. At the end of the second period the Canadiens are winning with a score of 13 to 2 Canadiens 13 Islanders 2. Canadiens score T.Plakematic Canadiens 14 Islanders 2. Canadiens score J.De La Rose Canadiens 15 Islanders 2. Canadiens score S.Andrigeic Canadiens 16 Islanders 2. Canadiens score J.De La Rose Canadiens 17 Islanders 2.  Final score Canadiens 17 Islanders 2. Next games Winnipeg Jets at Vancouver Canucks and Minnesota Wilds at Colorado Avalanche and a recap later today!    
    • St Louis Blues at San Jose Sharks. Blues score P.Stansty Blues 1 Sharks 0. Blues score V.Transeko Blues 2 Sharks 0. Blues score C.Gunnerson Blues 3 Sharks 0. Blues score J.Schwartz Blues 4 Sharks 0. Blues score D.Backers Blues 5 Sharks 0. At the end of the first the blues are winning 5 to 0 Blues 5 Sharks 0. Sharks score P.Marrleu Sharks 1 Blues 5. Blues score V.Trasken Blues 6 Sharks 1. Sharks score M.Karlson Sharks 2 Blues 6. Blues score A.Steen Blues 7 Sharks 2. Blues score V.Tarsenko Blues 8 Sharks 2. Sharks score N.Salping Sharks 3 Blues 8. Sharks score P.Marrleu Sharks 4 Blues 8. Sharks score J.Thorton Sharks 5 Blues 8. Sharks score T.Hearl Sharks 6 Blues 8. Sharks score L.Couture Sharks 7 Blues 8. Sharks score L.Coture Sharks 8 Blues 8. Sharks score J.Thorton Sharks 9 Blues 8. Sharks score J.Braun Sharks 10 Blues 8. Blues score P.Stasny Blues 9 Sharks 10. Blues score P.Stansy Blues 10 Sharks 10. Blues score P.Bargling Blues 11 Sharks 10. Sharks score P.Marlelu Sharks 11 Blues 11. Blues score J.Shuztchl Blues 12 Sharks 11. Blues score P.Stansy Blues 13 Sharks 11. Sharks score J.Donsku Sharks 12 Blues 13. At the end of the second period the Sharks have railled back to make it a closer game can the Sharks win Blues 13 Sharks 12. Sharks score R.Burns Sharks 13 Blues 13. Sharks score short handed P.Maleule Sharks 14 Blues 13. Blues score J.Leathera Blues 14 Sharks 14. Sharks score R.Polax Sharks 15 Blues 14. Blues score A.Steen Blues 15 Sharks 15. At the end of the 3rd it’s a tie game Sharks 15 Blues 15. Blues score T.Broudux Blues 16 Sharks 15. Blues win! Blues have the lead 1-0 over the Sharks! Blackhawks score P.Kane Blackhawks 1 Coyotes 0. Coyotes score A.Taguny Coyotes 1 Blackhawks 1. Coyotes score K.Dabhichelk Coyotes 2 Blackhawks 1. Coyotes score Q.Enmma Coyotes 3 Blackhawks 1. Coyotes score K.Communin Coyotes 4 Blackhawks 1. Coyotes score M.Domi Coyotes 5 Blackhawks 1. Coyotes score S.Doan Coyotes 6 Blackhawks 1. At the end of the first the Coyotes are ahead 6 to 1 can the Blackhawks tie it up and possibly win game 1 Coyotes 6 Blackhawks 1. Blackhawks score T.Fleschmen Blackhawks 2 Coyotes 6. Blackhawks score R.Sebrook Blackhawks 3 Coyotes 6. Blackhawks score J.Toews Blackhawks 4 Coyotes 6. Blackhawks score D.Weise Blackhawks 5 Coyotes 6. Coyotes score A.Vertnee Coyotes 7 Blackhawks 5. At the end of the 3rd it was close but the Coyotes win 7 5. Next games Washington Capitals at Carolina Hurricanes and Montreal Canadiens at The New York Islanders.

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