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    Creations of a King

    Kicking EVOLVE off tonight, the first edition after the 3rd-ever BPZ Draft is none other than one of the men who was saved from EVOLVE, 'The King', Slim. Slim cockily walks down to the ring, the aggressive, so-called 'Executioner' clearly with something on his mind tonight. He stands amongst the EVOLVE crowd as he begins to speak. WELCOME! To EVOLVE, my creation. Let's get things started, by letting you all know that tonight my presence is not to discuss the Kingdom, as this is EVOLVE and those matters will be discussed at another time. I have come out here right now, to discuss one thing, and one thing only... The Global Championship, the original brand exclusive championship I brought into this company. No support from Bailey, Brenden, Keeley, anyone. I created that title and at the time, it stood for the men who were held down by them, the men who were described as 'good, but not great'. Look at the men who have held the title! The talented, the WORKHORSES of this company. Angelo Caito, Natedog, Yelich, Ark Universe, all men who have never been considered 'main-eventers'. Originally, I believed this was the core to making my brand superior, making Evolve 'the home of opportunities' to say the least... Not every original is perfect, I have realized through my trial and tribulations and I have realized that the Global Championship stands for the BEST, AND NOTHING MORE! And now the question is... Who is the best on EVOLVE? Is it Flynn? Is it Necce? Is it Natedog? Nebakos? BrendenPlayz himself? NO. I. AM. THE. BEST. And that's why, I, the creator of EVOLVE, the creator of the Global Championship, and the creator of the man who I personally chose to manage this, the best creation I have made, managing my finest masterpiece, have decided it is my responsibility to make sure that EVOLVE does not SQUANDER this second chance we have been gifted by the incompetent general manager of Carnage. The crowd, wondering what Slim means by 'second chance', clings onto his every word as Slim delivers an impactful message from his heart. The second chance I discuss is none other than the competiton that resides between the two brands, what title is better, Universal or Global? You see, with the ending of an era, Flynn coming back to Evolve, it finally gave us a second chance to restore the prestige of the Global Championship, to make it more meaningful than the Universal Championship. And for that, I thank you, Flynn. But you're not out here, and that's not why I discuss this. My responsibility, to make sure that Evolve remains better than Carnage, is to become Global Champion. But who? Who will step up and challenge me, The King for my right to become Global Champion? There's only ONE man I want, the man who seemingly has increased his stock in BPZ. I want the #1 PICK FOR EVOLVE! BUDDY, FUCKING, ACE! You think running NXT makes you a star, kid? Well, let me dose you with a reality check, it means NOTHING! What did you do to deserve being the #1 pick for our brand? NOTHING. So, it leads me to the question, of why you were the number one pick, but I've figured it out on my own. One, word. Potential. You have POTENTIAL. The potential to be the guy of EVOLVE, the potential to lead our brand, but unfortunately for you, I'm in the way of that potential. Because I don't care who believes you have that potential, I don't see it, and one way or another, you will receive a Global Title Shot.. And you, becoming Global Champion, is just something I can't let happen... My show, my responsibility. So Buddy, I'm gonna give you one chance, one opportunity to step to the King. Show me, that you're even worthy of stepping into the ring with me. SHOW. ME! Slim drops the microphone to the ground emphatically, as the crowd is buzzing following his calling out of Buddy Ace. Could we see it? Slim vs Buddy Ace for the Global Championship?
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    Former BPZ World Heavyweight Champion Is Fired By Fanny McFee|July 31, 2018 Former 2x BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, Smith, has reportedly been released by BrendenPlayz Wrestling after a confrontation between the releasee and the chairman of BPZ himself, Brenden. Reports claim that the dispute rooted from the talent's various drug misuse incidents. After claiming his second BPZ World Heavyweight Championship in late 2017, Smith would sustain a severe losing streak on Pay-Per-View events, beginning back in March where Smith would be defeated by his prodigy, Ross, at the dual-branded BPZ Bragging Rights event. This loss would be followed by arguably the most significant loss of Smith's BPZ career as he would lose his BPZ World Heavyweight Championship at the biggest event in BPZ history, BPZMania III, to the man that he had been in a heated rivalry with for over a year, Slim. Furthermore, Smith would then go on to suffer yet another defeat when he would challenge for the EVOLVE Global Championship against the current champion, Bart, at the EVOLVE TakeOver: Rebellion event. Since then, he hasn't been seen on any BPZ broadcasting at all which has caused conspiracies and concern to arise throughout the pro wrestling community. However, it has been said that Smith has continued to help with the management and training of the company's athletes. Nevertheless, news broke out today that the BPZ superstar Smith has in fact been released from his duties in BPZ and is now a free agent within the wrestling industry. It's being reported that this revelation occurred due to the talent's tendency to resort to drugs when given recess periods by the company. Even though Smith was on hiatus during these mishaps, he was still legally under the contract of BrendenPlayz Wrestling and therefore, his actions still violated the contract's and the company's constitutions. Despite the drugs only being recreational and not at all performance enhancing, the company is not impressed with the wrestler's actions, especially the chairman who took it into his own hands to confront his employee backstage. An insider within BPZ has said that the chairman opposed Smith in front of the backstage crew only a few days ago, questioning the man's morals and intentions. The two would go back and forth with each other, eventually dwindling off topic to the point where past dilemmas would resurface and unrelated matters would be dragged into the argument, including Smith claiming that Brenden's capability as chairman has deteriorated due to his care for the art itself becoming hollow. With both men defending their pride and disputing the circumstances, the tension would only rise further and further until Smith would simply walk out on his boss and leave the building entirely. A few days later would bring us to today when BPZ would release an official statement announcing that Smith had been released, that they are thankful for his contributions and that they wish him the best in the future. On the other hand, Smith is yet to comment on the situation but is anticipated to do so by his fans as he is well known for never shying away from speaking on a topic, no matter what the consequences may be. Although the situation appears to be heated at the moment, it is already expected that the talent will return to the company after the incident has lapsed.
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    The signature flutes of Johnny Kills's theme strum through the sound system but instead, there's a notable change in beat as around five seconds "LAOCH" is displayed on the titantron and called through the beat, as Johnny materializes jogging to the top of the stairs where he pauses until a "Welcome" is called, where he spits up into the air and yells "IMMORTAL ONE". Kills works his way down the steps as the fans applaud their returning hero in Kills, who finally reconnected with this BPZ Universe after his defeat at the hands of Bart Hoogveld. Now with the fans chanting "Never Die". Kills pauses, stopping at a camera where he displays his "LAOCH" hand tape before doing his signature "Never Die" taunt. Before hopping into the ring. "I've been here for four years, here day after day and I still struggle on snatching that brass ring from the rafters and inserting myself as best people to ever strap up the boots here. There's no period of dominance solely inscribed to me. Spurts of promise with nothing else, no consistency in performance, no consensus approval from all onlookers of the company. I know that I'm the hero of the story, but I'm hard-pressed to be the fucking doormat that everybody that's trying to make a name for themselves." "I've been passive, thinking that no matter what happened, my legacy could never be in question. It's time to secure the status that I've worked to prove, the only goal that's never changed and right now, Echo Wilson is in my way." Kills pauses, the intensity he's transmitting resonating with everybody in attendance, like him or not. Every word he speaks has a riveting attached to it. He comes up to the ropes, leaning his forearms on it and staring into the hard cam. "Echo there's no scathing attack on your actions or character, there's no dragging up your history to garner a reaction from the crowd. I'm done playing the checkers I've been playing contently for so long, I'm playing a new game now. I don't have any message to present to you, I simply came out here to tell you: when we face off for that Universal Championship on the biggest show of the summer, I'm gonna come at you for as many minutes as it takes, get up when you think you've knocked me down. Full speed ahead the whole match with every single person in attendance cheering me on, so when you think to yourself why I won't stay down, they'll be telling you it's because LAOCH. Never. Dies."
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    {The screen is completely black and only has white text in the center of it.} April 1st, 2018 {We are at the ending of the first ever singles match of Flynn vs Necce. Necce goes for a sling blade, but Flynn catches him. He looks like he is going for his powerbomb finisher, but instead, he throws Necce into the air and catches him with the second FKO of the match. The crowd goes insane, they believe that they have seen Flynn retain his Universal Championship once again. But rather than going for the pin, Flynn just looks down at his former best friend. A look of disgust and hatred shines clearly on his face. He picks Necce up by his hair and stares him right in his eyes. He says the same words that he said to him when he turned on him all the way back at last years Survivor Series.} “FUCK. YOU.” {He goes for another FKO, a move that would surely end the match, but in a second, Necce catches Flynn in mid air and hits the Begotten. He picks Flynn up by his hair enough to where he is on one knee. Necce quickly jumps to the ring apron and hits a brutal Death From Above. He goes for the pin as the entire stadium counts along.} 1...2...3! {History has been made. Necce has become the second ever Universal Champion. The entire stadium celebrates as Necce is awarded the title belt. The fan reaction is so loud that it starts a small earthquake. He stands on the stage with his T shirt in one hand and his newly won title in the other in his crucifixion pose. The camera points to him as he mouths “thank you” to the crowd.} {We cut to the next night. Necce makes his first address as Universal Champion to a thunderous ovation. Necce attempts to speak, but the crowds chants distract him. He has a large smile across his face, something unusual for him. The crowd eventually do begin to get quite, anxious to hear his first words after winning the Universal Championship.} “I just want you all to know that this…this isn’t for me. this title isn’t for me, it for every single one of you. This...is for everyone that has been told that they aren't good enough. This is for the people like me who were told to their face that they wouldn’t amount to anything. THIS IS FOR THE PEOPLE WHO HAS EVER HAD A DREAM THAT THEY HAD TO SCRATCH AND CLAW TO ACHIEVE. THIS IS FOR THE PEOPLE WHO FEEL WORTHLESS AND FEEL LIKE THE WORLD WOULD BE BETTER OFF WITHOUT THEM. THIS IS FOR THE PEOPLE WHO KNOW THEY DON’T HAVE A SNOWBALL’S CHANCE IN THE NINTH CIRCLE OF HELL TO BE ANYTHING MORE THAN NOTHING, BUT FIGHT WITH EVERYTHING THEY HAVE, EVERY OUNCE OF COURAGE AND POWER IN THEIR HEARTS AND THEIR SOULS, UNTIL THEY CAN SAY THAT THEY ARE WORTH A SHIT IN THIS WORLD. THIS. IS. FOR. YOU!!!” {The crowd goes ballistic, clearly able to hear the fire and passion in Necce’s words. Necce has become overrun with emotion, screaming himself to the point of exhaustion. He begins to talk about what brought him to the Universal Championship.} “I had everything against me and the words of my father on a constant loop. Those words followed me like a plague all the way through training and throughout my short indy career. They followed me into my first day in the BPZ Performance Center. They’ve followed me my entire career here in BPZ, from my first match, to my United States Championship win. It wasn’t until last night where I didn’t hear those words. It was after the match when I sat in my locker room alone. My body aching and sore from the battle I had just gone through and my head was pulsing like a heartbeat. The adrenaline was wearing off and I had finally come to my senses. I had done what I set out to do, what I had spent over 4 months pursuing, I had beaten Flynn. As I looked down at the belt I hold now, something changed within me. As soon as the shine from it hit my eye, the words of my father drifted away like bad dream. I had done it. I had proved him wrong, because now I can proudly say that I stand before you the new BPZ Universal Champion!” {On that same show, we hear from the former Universal Champion and the former King of Carnage, Flynn.} “I, after nearly a year as Universal Champion, was defeated. My emotions got the better of me, and I played perfectly into Necce’s trap. Necce was in my head going into last nights bout and he had me scouted out like no other challenger before him. Where every other challenger failed, Necce excelled. He knew my every move before I even thought of it. And while this may come as a surprise to many of you, I do congratulate him on the win. Defeating me, even hanging in this ring with me is no easy task. So good job Necce. After last night, I will say while I don’t like Necce, I respect him. I will also say, that I am by no means done with you, because as long as I have a plausible rematch for that Universal Championship, you can garentee that it will be coming back to its owner. However not yet. Last night I will admit I was devestated. I lost everything. I was emotionally destroyed and physically exhausted. Necce had successfully taken everything from me, and I let him. You see to stay on top of this business you have to learn how to adapt or perish. Right now I am adapting. Necce while I will be getting my rematch, it will not be soon. Because you see for now, I will be worrying solely on improving myself in order to eventually defeat you and reclaim my Universal Championship. That is not all I will be doing however. This year, as I’ve said the past few months belongs to me. 2015 will forever remembered for Bailey’s dominance. 2016 and 2017 were owned by Slims world title reigns. 2018, Flynn shows he is the best in the world. This journey however back to the top, BEGINS AT WORLD AT WAR. Now what is it I will be doing at this Carnage event? Taking a look back at last night, there’s only one man that is deserving of stepping one on one in the ring with me on this roster that is not named Ross, and that is the NEW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION, JOSHSNOW!” {Josh comes out from the back and both men exchange a war of words. Before being blindsided by then NXT Champion, Julius. Julius picks Flynn up on his shoulders and Flynn throws the Intercontinental Championship up in the air. We then cut to the next week on Carnage as Flynn, Ross, and Julius beat down Prince and Bailey. Flynn only says two sentences to the camera.} “We will now continue with your regularly scheduled program. Please enjoy the show.” {A revolution has begun.} {We cut to the first Carnage only PPV after BPZMania, World At War. Both Flynn and Necce are busy. Flynn competes for the Intercontinental Championship and competes in the first WarGames match in BPZ History, winning both of them. Necce, on the other hand, is participating in a triple threat match for his title. He is facing Brad and the debuting Sheridan, making her the first woman to compete in a match for a world title in BPZ. He defeats both of them easily and retains his championship. The camera hangs on a split shot of both men celebrating after their respective victories. } {“Black Honey” by Thrice begins to play as we cut to footage of the night after World At War, as the inaugural Power Trip Cup tournament is being announced. A chance for Carnage to once again make history and establish itself as the true A show. Amongst those that are announced to participate is the former Universal Champion, Flynn. We cut to his first match of the tournament, and it’s against his ROA stablemate, Buddy Ace. Fans are surprised, as they assumed it would be a one sided match, but instead, Buddy proved his potential as he took Flynn to the limit. After a hard fought match, Flynn puts Buddy away with an FKO, advancing to the second round where he will face Sheridan. He would win again, but this time it would be even more hard fought. This is a Flynn we haven’t seen in BPZ in a very long time, a Flynn who must earn everything.} {We cut to the Power Trip Cup PPV. Both Flynn and Necce have high stakes matches. In the semi-main event, Necce faces the ‘kiwi buzzsaw’ for the title, and in the main event, Flynn faces his right hand man in ROA, ‘The Underboss’ Julius. Both fight with everything they have and win. We cut to the closing moments of the Power Trip Cup’s final match. Flynn hits Julius with an FKO, but he doesn’t stop there. Flynn lifts Julius up before leaning his skull against the turnbuckles. Flynn now looking to send a message, would form a gun with his hand, pointing it at Necce who is at commentary before Julius, pulls the trigger, and hits Julius with the V-Trigger, winning the match.} {Confetti falls from the ceiling as Flynn, the winner of the inaugural PTC is awarded his massive trophy. He and Julius embrace each other in a hug before he picks up his trophy. But with the shining light of victory, comes the darkness of the past. Flynn turns over to the stage to see Necce standing on the entrance ramp. Both men stare into each other’s eyes. Necce raises his title in the air and Flynn raises his trophy. The fans go berserk, the stage for the rematch of the century has been set.} {We cut to the carnage after Judgment Day. Flynn comes out to address several things that happened the night before, but he has one main point to get to.} “Necce, I know you are listening. Seven months ago I let my own actions and greed for the Universal Championship cloud my judgement as a friend. It consumed me and destroyed me as a human being. Ever since BPZ Mania, where you beat me and ended my historic reign, I have sought redemption. A rematch against you not in the name of revenge but respect. I’m not looking to get my friend back, only to earn what little respect I can. To redeem myself from BPZ Mania and win back my Universal Championship, no shenanigans, no underhanded tactics. I know there’s still a lot of pain inside you, a lot of hate for me but at King of the Ring, we can let it all out once and for all, simply to see who is the better man in this ring. I’ll see you at King of the Ring Necce.” {We cut to the darkest and most desolate part of BPZ, the boiler room. Necce sits, and speaks directly to Flynn.} “So...it seems as if the tables have turned. It was a match 3 years in the making, and when it was all said and done, when the dust had settled and the final bell had rang, it was I who stood tall as Universal Champion. he belt that meant everything to you, the belt that had shaped every fiber of your self worth and had worked itself into being the defining accomplishment of your entire career, was now in my hands.  The only reason you want anyone to believe that you’ve changed even a little bit from BPZMania, is because I beat you. I embarrassed you. The man who wouldn’t and couldn’t be beaten, the longest reigning champion in BPZ history, was beaten by his former drug addict friend who hadn’t won a title in 2 years. The man he saw as the weakest link in the most embarrassing failure of his entire career had beaten him with the eyes of the entire world watching. And now you’ve come back like a hungry dog, with your tail between your legs and your eyes on the floor, saying that you want respect.  I’d be a fool to say that I didn’t expect this. I knew that when I beat you, you’d do a complete 180. Saying that you just wanted things to go back to the way they were before...almost as if you know that can never happen. I’d also be a fool to say that I didn’t know we’d meet again. As soon as we both stood across the ring from each other at BPZMania, I knew that no matter the outcome, we would face again, we had to. There is something about each other that drag out our absolute best. Perhaps it’s our history and our need to prove that we are better than the other. Or maybe it’s was purely circumstantial. My need to prove that I could beat you and your need to prove that I wasn’t on your level allowed us to take ourselves to farther level than we had ever been, before or since. It offered a high of sorts. A high that I could never achieve through any pill or drink. The type of high that I chased for years, dragging me deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of addiction. A wave of euphoria that washed over me as I lied there on the mat of BPZMania, the new Universal Champion. Defeating you offered me some peace of mind. Finally, the chip on my shoulder, the monkey on my back, the devil in my bloodstream, had been eradicated.  So here we are, the rematch. The match that the world of professional wrestling has been waiting for since our very first encounter. The man who has dragged himself up from the bottom to challenge for the championship, versus the champion that has yet to be beaten all year. And thus, the tables have turned. See you at King of the Ring Flynn.” {The chorus of Black Honey is in full effect as we cut back to Flynn responding to Necce.} “I realized then I not only had everything coming to me, but if I did continue down the road I was setting for myself, I’d become a monster, a monster like our current Universal Champion. I would be a being consumed and engulfed with nothing more then hate, anger and depression. I would be a man who only wants one thing and that is for others to feel his pain. Whether it be emotionally, mentally or physically, Necce wants all to suffer as he has.  The Universal Championship, it’s his drug, his happiness. It’s the one thing that keeps him from yet again going rough shot through that roster as he did leading into BPZ Mania to get to me. This monster for years has been on the edge, and the cruel, evil, cool thing that I did to him, it is what finally sent him over the edge. I can not apologize for what I did. I know that now more then ever. Necce, the man I knew is far gone. A monster stands in his place. I’m not trying to twist the narrative, I know I’m not the good guy, I lost that reputation a long time ago. No, I am only now finally coming into terms that I still am not even THE GUY.  Flynn vs. Necce TWO, King of the Ring and what a fitting name that is. Because I believe I am the best in ring performer in the world, and from day one Necce it’s been a competition between us to fulfill that goal. We are simply two weeks away now from King of the Ring, and if you’ve been apart of my journey to get here since BPZ Mania, you know I’ve left my heart in this ring week after week to get to you Necce. We began this journey together, we teamed at the grandest stages and we have clashed at THE grandest stage. Now, we will do it again. I am on a quest to end your reign, and to get back just a piece of my friend. I can never get back my friend, but what I can do, is save him from the path he is on. At King of the Ring I take back the Universal Championship and I give it to these people. Every man, woman and child who DESERVE to see a fighting champion on a weekly basis, a type of champion that created the powerhouse that Carnage is, a place full of top tier talent. Together, we are all what makes up Carnage, however there’s a piece missing in the puzzle and that is the Universal Championship.” {We cut back to Necce in the boiler room.} “I am going to show you just why they call me the Antichrist.” {We to Flynn sitting in Necce’s boiler room.} You are someone with such greater potential Necce. I wanted to be alone in here, and I wanted to feel your pain Necce. I wanted to go through the same motions as you prior to a fight. I feel your hate Necce, and at King of the Ring, Love will be my only response. Necce you were my best friend and I loved you. I say loved, because I don’t know what you’ve become, but at King of the Ring, I’m going to try and save you.” {We cut back to Necce} “Quote the Raven..” {We cut back to Flynn.} “QUOTE THE RAVEN…” {We cut back to Necce.} “Never..” {We cut back to Flynn.} “...MORE.” {We cut back to the closing moments of PTC. Necce and Flynn stare at each other holding up both of their respective prizes. We hold on this image for a long time before it fades to black.}
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    We are live on Carnage following one of the most chao”tic weeks in the history of the BPZ. First we saw a huge trade happen out of nowhere, with Flynn and Necce leaving Carnage to join Evolve and Bart and Jon heading the other way, and with that both champions being stripped of their titles. Then, we would see the draft, where both rosters would be shaken up even more, with the likes of Buddy Ace, Yelich, Sheridan and Brad among many others changing brands. This leaves us with two fresh brands and two vacated titles heading into the end of the summer. As Carnage returns to the air following a commercial we see the backstage area. We see an unidentified men walk with a title around his shoulder, asking something to a Carnage official. The two get into a heated argument, the reason of which not clear for the viewers at home and the audience in the arena as we are not able to overhear the conversation, but it’s clear that both are upset. Following this short interaction between the two, the men with the title storms his way through the official, who tries to get a hold of him but fails, and appears to be walking towards the apron with the title still around his shoulder. Surprisingly, we see Pyro in the arena following this, but it’s not clear whether this is to distract the audience or to signal the arrival of a major name. A few seconds after the pyro has stopped “One True Villain” plays from the speakers in the arena, which explains all of our previous questions. Bart will make his first ever appearance on Carnage as a member of the brand, while having made only one other appearance in the lead up to Bragging Rights. Bart looks frustrated as he walks towards the ring with a look that we rarely see from him. We don’t know why yet, but knowing what Bart went through in the past, the boos most likely aren’t the reason. Bart now stands on the outside of the ring and snatches a microphone out of the hands of one of the ring crew guys before entering the ring. “Today, I am gonna be hypocrite. I will be the first to admit it. Normally, I am very outspoken about those who only complain and complain, but today, that will be what you are getting from me. But don’t worry, unlike all the others, I will actually do something about my problem.” Shortly, Bart pauses, like he awaits a response from the crowd, but they remain silent, eager to hear what else he has to say. “As all of you know by now, I have been screwed out of my title….” The crowd erupts as they mock Bart when they start chanting “You deserve it” and “This is awesome” while Bart stands in the ring, he doesn’t move, or react, this was the response that he was awaiting. He lets them go on, and on, and on until finally he breaks and makes a very uncomfortable sound with the microphone to make the crowd silent. “I get it and I know that I will suprise you here, but go ahead and enjoy it. Because this will be the only time that you see me frustrated, who knew that it all took was to randomly strip someone of his title. I don’t care for the backstory, the whole property nonsense. It was just a clash of ego’s, which is fine, all of us have an ego here, but what isn’t fine, is the fact how I got screwed over by it. I know that Bailey thinks that he can do whatever he wants because this roster is filled with kiss-asses, but I will ensure you that I am not one of those. I can do whatever I want, sadly, Bailey isn’t anything to be scared of anymore. Before he was a fierce competitor, and while he still has the championships, the reputation that comes with it is slowly fading away. Loss after loss after loss, it’s a sad story. Once a man that Brendenplayz himself wanted to face and well, I don’t know if he would currently be on a roster if it wasn’t for him controlling one. But Bailey, sure go ahead, don’t worry about it. Just go and do what you always do, hide behind your power and blame someone else for what you did. Don’t think too much about it. Assume that I am just like anyone else, who you can control and manipulate. Think about this as bluffing, I am just trying to get myself into a title match or a big contract or whatever else. That’s all you need to do. You will see what I am made of it, let’s keep it at.” Following this, Bart leaves the ring without a second look at the crowd. The crowd doesn’t know how to react, and before they can, Bart is already back in the backstage area, away from the sight of them as the camera’s fade to black...
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    My Yard

    The GOAT plays as Bailey the COO of Brendenplayz and The General Manager of Carnage makes his long awaited return after a few months hiatus. He makes his way to the Ring after it being announced that he would face Josh at Cyber Sunday on August 12. I'm Back.... I took a few Months off, went on Vacation, Met new People, Saw different places but it all lead me right back where I Belong... Home. Because this is my Home. BPZ is where I belong. Carnage is where I belong. I am the Captain to this ship and I have to lead it right into Summerslam. I have to make sure this show is top notch heading into Cyber Sunday and then I have to get ready for a draft and try to assemble an even greater Roster than I have already created here on Carnage. And then on my way back to the headquarters of BPZ i get phone call from upper management even higher than me. A phone call from the Boss himself Brendenplayz. And he tells me you know what would be a great idea for you're upcoming PPV Cyber Sunday. He says you competing at it. And then I responded with well who the hell should I even face. Who is deserving enough to get a chance to face the General Manager at his show. And he said well let's let the fans decide. And of course as usual you the fans let me down. I mean seriously Josh? You thought putting Josh in the Ring with a 5 Time World Heavyweight Champion was a god idea? Josh would be lucky to even win One Title no less a World title. I mean I have evaluated Josh over his career and he is nothing but a big Mouth who cant back it up. He loses every match hes in! I mean hes so bad at his job that he goes around trying to pretend to be a Wrestling observer to try and stay Relevant around here and the sad part about that is no one gives a damn about his ratings. Look all i see Josh as is a Warm up. A step in front of me to get rid of the Ring Rust to set up for my much bigger plan at Summerslam. That's all Josh is to me. He's no threat. Hes not someone to take seriously. All he is a quick warm up for me. It wont be a match, it will be a quick but painful beatdown. I am going to shut his mouth for good and then send his ass away from my show for good. Because Josh isn't worth the Roster spot and he definitely isn't worth a draft pick in a month. He is nothing but a failure in life. I will show Josh in person what everyone already knows that this Is MY YARD.
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    We are one day away from the prestigious King Of The Ring pay per view as Evolve is live. The show so far has been a spectacle, with the likes of Slim, Brad, Johnny Kills and many others already having shown up. The Evolve audience will be enjoying a lot of big matches in the upcoming weeks, with Fallout coming the week after King Of The Ring. The show so far has focused upon KOTR, with some of Evolve’s main figures speaking out on their matches at the upcoming show. The show returns from what was a short commercial break in the middle of show following the ending of a match. As we return, what we are seeing on our screens is suprisingly not the ring, or the backstage area. Instead we are seeing a dark screen, which leaves many of us wondering whether or not there is a technical difficulty going on behind the scenes. This screen remains for a few seconds before a sudden movement on the screen reveals that we are in fact looking at something, even though we still have no idea what we are looking at. We hear the sound of a door closing before the cameras slowly start to move, until we see a championship, it’s not clear which championship due to the darkness inside the room. The cameras zoom in, slowly revealing the identity of the championship on the chair. As it comes closer and closer, we can read the words on the belt. As we read “Global Championship” we know all that is to know about what we are watching. Then, we see sunglasses being laid upon the table. “ Johnny, Johnny, Johnny”. The voice of the Global Champion is heard as the fans in the arena are booing at the screen. “You must be living in a dream. Tomorrow, you will have the biggest match in your career up till this point. A chance to become the world champion and win the prestiges King of The Ring tournament in one go. You have been speaking out on it all week long. I was waiting, waiting for my opponent to talk about our upcoming match. What I got was simply disappointing. It wasn’t surprising, it wasn’t shocking, it was just the same thing that I have been told for the last 4 months, and with that, the same thing that you have been saying for that same period. At Backlash, the Kingdom would fall. At BPZMania, you would show that I was a weak champion. I didn’t deserve to be a champion ,even though I have defeated everyone who has ever made that claim. At first, I had hope in you. I thought that you would be the one who could be different, bring a fresh side to things, because as hard as it may sound to believe, I am not perfect. But you choose to be just like anyone else and continue to bring up the same gospel that seem to be a standard in any match that I am involved in. I thought of you has someone who was interesting, someone who was unique, different from the pack. But oh boy was I wrong. What’s wrong about your words is in the fact that you say them time after time. It’s the fact that you will continue to say them, even when you’re wrong. When you continue to use phrase after it has already been proven to be false, it loses all of it’s credibility and with that, all of your credibility. It saddens me to see so many talents waste their careers by spitting out the same nonsense that everyone wants you to say. It isn’t bad to say by itself, but the knowledge that you will never be able to step up to your word makes what you say pointless. I can’t take someone seriously after they make false claim and then go on like they never made those claims. Unfortunately, that means that at Fallout, I will be facing someone who is simply like anyone else, someone who says what the masses want to hear and will continue to say it, even when he loses. Don’t believe me? Go see for yourself. At Fallout. See you there, Johnny.” Bart walks out of the room and quickly after, the camera fades to black.
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    Echo Wilson

    Blood Thirst

    Recently, fans of BPZ have learned to expect the unexpected. Be prepared for anything. BPZ has been changing rapidly and not only have we entered a new era of the company as a whole, but delve much deeper and you see that there is a new era of Carnage. A new generation, led by some of the top young stars this company has to offer to date. And what a fitting way to begin it all with the upcoming PPV, Carnage Emergence 2. Last time Emergence came around we saw the birth of the Echo Wilson story, the old guard of Carnage was just beginning. What stretched all the way till now, and we begin a new chapter with Emergence 2. The Carnage crowd is buzzing, the whole arena has a feel of excitement. We can feel the energy, the passion, the feeling of change....for the better. Carnage has something much bigger to look forward to before Emergence, where many of the top stars on the brand have HUGE matches in their careers. First, Julius, the newly crowned World Heavweight Champion faces off against the King Slim. And "The Prince" Echo Wilson finally recieves a Universal Title shot against the newly traded man, LAOCH. Speak of the devil....Echo Wilson is here tonight. "Keep It 100" hits and Carnage erupts. The man of the hour, the current Premium and Tag Team Champion stands tall on the stage, both titles slung over his shoulders. He has a microphone in his boot which harks back to the time when Echo Wilson was a fan favorite and a true blue chipped unsung hero. Now he's darker, he's more confident in himself, he's matured and as he seems to have outgrown his childish beliefs and over the top proposals. He'll be the first to say that this brash version of himself has been much more successful and much more ensuring. At the end of the day, we will never know what caused him to change his beliefs so fast and his morals so suddenly but it seems to have had a much needed positive impact on his career and it has led him here. Still doing Carnage proud and staying loyal to their fanbase, even if he doesn't respect them. Echo climbs in the ring and takes the mic out of his boot and begins. With all this change being exhibited across this company, this brand, it's all a bit too hard to comprehend. It's all a bit too much so allow me to take you back to normality. Allow me to be the solid groundbreaking foundation that you need in the waves of trouble. Because if there is anything that I don't want, its to see all you fans being thrown overboard. Now, it's important to remember in trying times like these that Echo Wilson is still the same Echo Wilson, The Kingdom is fine, my good friend Julius is still the same Julius and we will remain a constant on this show for years and years to come. That means you will be seeing plenty more of us as time passes on because the two of us are the heavy players on this brand. We are the stars to complete this spinning universe. And we will always be there, for you to crawl behind, for you to adore, for you to generally obsess over. If you need a helping hand, we will not be there to lend it but instead we will be there so you can watch us succeed and wish that you were like us. Now you see, Carnage is going massive reconstruction and at Carnage Emergence 2 the project relaunches with myself at the helm. For those of you who havent seen, I've been on Carnage since I debuted. I've been a key part of turning this brand around for the better. We aren't like EVOLVE who rely on name value alone, no we create big names. Everyone asks me how do Carnage manage to create such magical and memorable moments. You see, when people like me, when we come out of our shells, even for one night, we can create masterpieces. The truth is you aren't gonna make it to BPZ if you dont have something special and usually it takes a magic moment for most to realize there potential, unfortunately this only lasts for a short while and they fall back to irrelevancy. On the other hand, I always delivered and ever since my magical moment at the very first Emergence show, I have delivered classic upon classic. This year alone I have beaten the GM on the show of shows, I have graced the world with one of the biggest matches in BPZ history, the War Games match. And now, I'm going to claim something that has eluded me my entire stay here in BPZ. The Carnage Universal Championship. Everyone who has known me well backstage has heard me say that, I will not leave this brand until I have a reign with the Universal Championship. It's the reason I've never left, it's my sole purpose for being on this brand. Ever since I had the taste for glory at Halloween Havoc where I deserved to take Flynn's Universal Championship, its been repeatedly creasing itself into my mind. It's come to the point where its an obsession, I would literally give a limb for a reign at the belt. And I pity the man who stands in my way for it....LAOCH you've been chosen as my sacrifice. Hero or not LAOCH, I will make you into my personal little toy. I will fight tooth and claw for a swipe at that title and ask anyone, anyone can tell you how much this has been playing tricks on my mind. They will tell you how much this means to me. But I am the only one who can describe to you what I have planned for Summerslam. This is going to be war, this is going to be all out fucking bloodshed. You may have had some success over on EVOLVE but you could never take the last step. It's been a tough few months for you, even the dark side couldn't save you. Tapping into that spiritual dark energy wasn't enough, so what have you got to feed off now? A few words of some screaming fans? They never have your back and you will never be a Carnage loyal to them. To them, you're just a foreign object. Something new they can mold and play around with until....SNAP, they break you. Just like I'm going to break you at Summerslam. At the end of the day Jon, you and I, we aren't mortal enemies. Sure, I've faced you before but its never been a blood feud, but I'm telling you. If you dare make a serious dive for this title, I will make sure that you remember me as your worst nightmare. I'm no longer the Echo Wilson you used to know. I no long jump into dumb decisions, I calculate, I cruelly plan each and every way I'm going to twist you. This may all seem a bit dark for you, but truth is you know what this is like. To feel so connected to something, much bigger than yourself. There is a dark aura that surrounds the very life force around that title, and something that I've craved for so long, It's been eating me up. I can feel it eating at me. If I lose this match, I don't think I can keep it at bay any longer. If I win, I can appease it, I can feed that urge. LAOCH, you've got to understand how it feels to have an urge. The beads of sweat are now dripping off the forehead of Echo Wilson. He snaps out of his craze for a moment to wipe it off. He looks dazed almost. Many people have talked about what it feels like to want something so bad, you would do anything for it. It eats you up and Echo Wilson's craving for the Universal Championship makes this match much more than another title match. It's something that has evaded him since last October and maybe he's right, if he loses this chance, he might never recover. We've never met this kind of Echo, this is what the Universal Title has done to him.
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    The Golden Legacy

    We are live on EVOLVE. Two weeks removed from King of the Ring where we have recently discovered that both men that participated in the Universal Championship match at King of the Ring, Flynn and Necce have watched been traded to EVOLVE TV. Now, with such a massive shake up on the EVOLVE roster, many wonder what both massive superstars have planned on the purple brand? Making his EVOLVE return, is now the former two time Universal Champion, and the man who defeated Necce at King of the Ring, “The Omega” Flynn! He steps out, unfortunately without his crimson Championship. He has a cold stare before flashing a quick smirk, clearly not entirely disappointed by this move. Flynn heads straight to the ring, waisting little time tonight as we are just two weeks away from the biggest show of the Summer, Summerslam! Flynn walks around he Ring, heading straight to the time keepers area and grabbing a microphone. He enters the ring, the fans in the EVOLVE arena greeting the return of the former World Champion to a very high reception, clearly pleased to see a fresh star on EVOLVE. I have returned and I must say..... it feels good to finally, officially be back here on EVOLVE. The past year I’ve spent on Carnage was certainty one of the most memorable runs of my career. However that’s the past and now I must look forward to the future. And what is my future to be exact? Gold. Conquering all of EVOLVE just as I did Carnage until there is no doubt that I am the very best. However there’s one man on this show, who I would like to do that side by side with. At King of the Ring, I took part in the greatest fight of my career. I put my own life on the line to get the job done but not just that, prove to my friend just how much I respect him as an opponent and a friend. Now our friendship, our bond may never reach the height that it was once at, but I believe a partnership is always possible. I am of course talking about “The Antichrist” Necce. A man who’s only loss this year came at the expense of the man he had already defeated at BPZ Mania. So Necce at King of the Ring, you spit in my face, and you rejected my offering of a mutual respect between us. I want to now go one step further and request you to come out to this ring, live in front of the millions around the world and shake my hand. You don’t have to forgive me Necce. All I want is your respect. All I want is to do what we were destined to do. Conquer BPZ together. We no longer have anything holding us back. We have reached the top of the pedestal and our LEGACY can now thrive like it never could before. Let’s run it back like it’s 2015 my friend. So what do you say Necce? Are you going to come down to this ring or are you going to continue to live in the past. Ye choice is yours. Flynn drops his microphone, awaiting Necce in the center of the ring
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    The Marker

    Wasted No Longer

    {The Marker comes out, the last time we saw him was at EVOLVE Takeover: Fallout, where he took on Najico in a brutal one on one that see Marker getting the victory over him, since then, nobody has seen this man for quite a while, now that all of NXT is on EVOLVE, he sees the challenge that is the NXT champion Buddy Ace right in front of him, Marker looks seriously, his new attitude makes people hate him, but it doesn't matter to him. With his new song "ICON", Marker immediately gets in the ring, microphone ready in hand, gets right in front of the NXT champion and begins to speak,} Look what we got here, hahahaha, THE NXT CHAMPION, right in front of me, how are you doing?. In fact I don't want to know, because I really don't care at all. Listen I'm gonna go straight to the point Buddy, and I think you want to hear this one and I'll speak very slowly just for you and the mindless idiots in the audience. I...WANT...MY...TITLE....REMATCH. {The audience get excited for only a couple of minutes, just as Marker again, begins to speak, the crowd quickly boos him, but Marker doesn't care, it not letting him get to him, instead he laughs and laughs maniacally} Look at this audience, bunch of stupids idiots that don't know what even going on at all, you see Buddy, they don't like you either, you just came from the sad brand known as Carnage and because of that everyone hates you and doesn't give you a chance, that what happened to me, I NEVER GOT THE CHANCES I DESERVED AND WHEN I DID, IT WAS TAKEN AWAY FROM ME!. You won't understand because you haven't been in this company for long, like I have for the past 7 months, busting my ass off to get where I belong and I still don't get the recognition I deserve. I'll give you something though, you are a very smart man, alright, it was right of the best GM Ross Haslam to get more talents instead of getting 5 top guys and the rest, just a bunch of empty space to try and make the Carnage brand more successful. However, your in the big boys yard now and this where you end, you see I'm a different man now then I once was back when I was NXT champion, I'm stronger, better, more smarter than ever before and I don't care if Jason or Sheridan gets involve, I'll destroy them and I'll stop at nothing to get that and MAKE IT RELEVANT AGAIN. You see ever since I lost the title, YOU HAVE DESTROYED THE TITLE REPUTATION AND MADE IT WORTHLESS EVER SINCE. AND I BID YOU FAREWELL OR AM I??? {Marker attacks Buddy, punching the living crap out of him, he gets him up and his the Nail in the Coffin on Buddy, but he wasn't done yet and went out of the ring and got a chair, Buddy slowly getting back up to his feet, but immediately Marker hit him with a chair shot. Marker keeps brutality hitting him more and more, finally some security stops Marker from hitting any more chair shots, Marker let's go of the chair and grabs the microphone once and says this..... WELCOME TO EVOLVE BUDDY ACE! Marker drops the microphone and is walked to the locker room by the security, while that happening, the doctors quickly come out to check on Buddy Ace, Marker sented a message loud and clear that he wants the title that he had before, What will happen to Buddy?, Will Marker get any punishment for this?, who knows.........
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    YEAR END REVIEW: YEAR END AWARDS: Wrestler Of The Year: Hiroshi Tanahashi (4th Time As Winner) Company Of The Year: New Japan Pro Wrestling (15th Time As Winners) Tag Team Of The Year: Golden Lovers (1st time as winners) Match Of The Year: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Kazuchika Okada (World Tag League 2018, 90 rated Match) Show Of The Year: World Tag League 2018 (Headlined by Okada vs Tanahashi, 83 rated Show) Young Wrestler Of The Year: Ross Haslam (1st Time as Winner) Veteran Wrestler Of The Year: Hiroyoshi Tenzan (1st time as winner) Female Wrestler Of The Year: Asuka (1st Time as Winner) Best Unemployed Wrestler Of The Year: Adam Rose (1st Time Winner) Manager Of The Year: Keii Mutoh (1st Time Winner) Announcer Of The Year: Mauro Ranallo (1st Time Winner) Colour Commentator Of The Year: Booker T (1st Time Winner) Referee Of The Year: Babe Richard (1st Time winner) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ POWER 500 TOP 10: 1. Hiroshi Tanahashi 2. Kazuchika Okada 3. Tetsuya Naito 4. Austin Aries 5. Kenny Omega 6. Daisuke Sekimoto 7. Hiromu Takahashi 8. Zack Sabre Jr 9. Kota Ibushi 10. KUSHIDA _____________________________________________________________________________________________ BEST MATCH OF THE YEAR: Angelo Caito: Mikey Whiplash defeats Rampage Brown, Angelo Caito and Zack Sabre Jr ( PROGRESS Chapter 75, 60 rated) Bailey Justin: Bailey Justin defeats Jigsaw (Chaotic Wrestling Process Of Elimination , 44 rated) Bart Hoogveld: Bart Hoogveld defeats Timothy Thatcher, Zack Sabre Jr and Marty Scurll (WxW Shotgun , 64 rated) Drago Alamando: Extreme Tiger and Drago Alamando defeat The Wow Factor (Crash May 2018, 50 rated) Eli Smith: Eli Smith defeats Yutaka Yoshie (AJPW December Tour, 48 rated) Gerald Henderson IV: Gerald Henderson IV defeats Eric Anthony (American Independent Show, 53 rated) Joshua Scott: Mark Andrews and Joshua Scott defeat The Marvels (Attack Showcase, 47 rated) Kieron Black: Roy Knight defeats Kieron Black (Lucha Brittanica Saints and Sinners, 50 rated) Max Banks: The Young Buck defeat Slim and Brian Cage (PWG DDT 2018, 65 rated) Ross Haslam: Ross Haslam defeated Nathan Cruz (ASW Supershow, 49 rated) Sheridan Muller: Meiko Satomura defeated Sheridan Muller (Stardom Wasteland Tour, 68 rated) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ One Year Down.....I think its time you all learn who I am. This mystery being that been controlling your careers, giving you monthly updates about where you stand within the wide world of wrestling. I have been your savior, I have been your God. For a full year all 11 of you budding wrestlers have been. Who is the man behind the curtain. The man pulling strings. Truth is you never could've guessed. I am the man who haunts your dreams, the man who decides whether you stay or die. I am your judgment Day...... I AM DAVE MELTZER! ECHO WILSON HAS LOST CONTROL! CAREER SIM IS NOW MINE!
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    The theme song of the World Heavyweight Champion, the United States Champion and the tag-team champion hits as we kick things off on Carnage TV this week. Julius walks down to the ring, all smiles after he had made a shock appearance at last night's EVOLVE TakeOver: Fallout event attacking Slim after his match with Storm. Although no one obtained a clear advantage in the post-match brawl Julius definitely made Slim aware that he would need to watch his every move because you never know when the champ will strike. Julius enters the ring and is given a microphone by the ring announcer "See normally, I would walk out here and I would talk about about Slim and how Slim ruined my moment and how I will defeat Slim at Summerslam and go on to become the greatest wrestler in BPZ history but all that has already been said and as of right now Slim just isn't worthy of my time. When he starts to respect the performer I have become and starts to treat me like a serious threat then maybe I will pay him some attention, because Slim underestimating me will be your biggest downfall come Summerslam. But that's enough about Slim, I have something else on my mind Julius places the tag-team and World Heavyweight championships on the turnbuckle and holds his United States championship front and centre for everyone to see. The camera zooms in on Julius holding the US title around his shoulder as he begins to speak "Tonight, I am out here to talk about my insurance policy the United States championship, because I know if everything else goes balls up, I still have this baby with me no matter what. I defeated three other men for this championship at King of The Ring and what has struck me during the last week of being champion is that no one has considered coming and challenging me for a title match at Summerslam. If I was Yelich, Kieron or Storm I would be busting my ass to get an opportunity at this title considering the way I had won it. But that only goes to show the mindset and the personalities of all the useless pieces of shit in this company. And I understand that stepping in the ring against me isn't the wisest decision and I know that it is a daunting task stepping up against me seeing what I do to the opponents that stand in my way, but most importantly I am looking for some new competition. Now whether it is Kieron Black, Yelich, Storm or even my brothers in arms Echo Wilson and Bart I want some new competition because I will be damned if i just stand around here and drag this division down. No I want to take this division to unseen heights I want to make sure that the United States Championship match is the most heated match of the night, the most talked about match of the night and most importantly the best match of the night, and the only way to do that is by finding myself a new challenger. So consider this an open challenge to anyone in this division who wants this championship and hell who knows, maybe it will be your day or maybe it wont, but either way I want an opponent and I want an answer and I want it now Julius grabs all of his titles and raises them in the air as he slowly walks to the back as we get ready for the next segment here on Carnage TV
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    Carnage’s show goes silent for 10 seconds straight, until a man begins to cough as if to warm up his voice. Appearing on the screen is a leather couch with a desk sitting in front of it. Bashka, with sunglasses covering his eyes stares dead straight into the camera with an intense look on his face...until that intense look turns to a smug grin. The Hall of Famer leans back into the chair before beginning to speak “I guess... it was only a matter of time. It appears no matter how hard I try, I’m always drawn right back to where everything started. Everything seems to lead back to the very company in which I made my name in, the company that showed me how things get done. 4 months at home really gives you some time to think, especially when you watch with a veteran eye and you see everyone walk on the path that you created. You see people hold the championships in which you established. You see people run against the same ropes you did. Nearly 4 years later and the wheel keeps turning. New faces, new ideas.....same me.” ”And I can’t do it any longer, this company calls for me because no matter how good life outside of this place gets, this will always be home. I want to be the hero I should’ve always been, not the disrespectful coward I became towards the end of my career. The one that took his ball and went home whenever the slightest of challenges got in his way. I don’t want to be that anymore, because this place is my home!” “Well, that’s if you go on vacation for 4 months and by the time you get back, your home has been absolutely trashed by youngsters that think they can become the next best thing, or they think they’re the shit. And I take responsibility for letting that become the case, because I swore that while everybody else left, I would be the one that stayed and made sure the values and foundation of this place didn’t change. But I leave, and what happens? Look at this place, it’s absolute chaos and it’s all my fault, and therefore it’s my responsibility to restore the credibility of this company.” ”So while this place has been searching far and wide, all over the planet for the next hero, the true saviour was right under its nose the whole time, and here I am...”
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    My Kingdom

    We are here live at the Carnage after the King of the Ring PPV and we are currently standing in the presence of the hottest man in professional wrestling today and that man is Julius. Julius achieved an amazing feat at the King of the Ring event, competing in three title matches and coming out of all of them the victor. He held victories over Johnny Kills to win the World Heavyweight Championship, a victory over his old rival Storm for the US championship as well as teaming with Echo Wilson to defeat RyDan. Julius makes his way out to the stage to a mixed reaction from the fans showing a sign of respect towards what Julius did last night. He has the World Championship wrapped around his waist and the US and Tag Team championships wrapped around his shoulders as he walks his way down to the ring with a smug look draped across his face. He jumps up onto the ring apron and the pyro goes off to a cheer from the audience. Julius then walks into the ring and shows off his newly won silverware before asking the ring announcer for a microphone "Who would have thought. Who would have thought seven months ago when I stepped out into this ring in front of all of you in my first ever match at December to Dismember that just a mere seven months later I would be standing here the hottest man in Professional Wrestling, standing here as the face of this goddamn company, standing here as your World Heavyweight Champion, your United States Champion and Your tag-team champion" Julius shows his plethora of belts to the crowd who boo in response "But I am not out here to gloat and show off my new titles I am here to talk about what went down at the end of King of the Ring. See I was celebrating my moment with my brothers in arms we were celebrating the future of BPZ, we were celebrating for what would come next. But what happens. Slim showed up after months away without hearing a word, without even a scent of his whereabouts, he appears and ruins my moment. Mistake number One. He walks into the ring like it's his yard and acts defiantly by challenging me, by challenging my authority. Mistake Number Two. It has come to my attention Slim, that you love being in the spotlight, you love to be the centre of attention and when I won this championship two nights ago, the spotlight shifted away from you and onto me. And that worries you, it worries you that there is a new monster at the top a monster that is greater than you in every way, and yes you are a 4 time World heavyweight champion, and yes you are a self-proclaimed king but you are not Me. See I have been busting my ass day in and day out and I have formed one hell of a resume winning this championship within Seven months of me being here as well as defending these tag-team championships and winning this United States championship in the same night, and tell me Slim have you ever been in this situation? How about I answer it for you. NO! I have mowed down everyone that has stepped in my path, I have brutalised every challenger that has been in my way and I have reached a level of dominance that you never have and that bothers you Slim because you are no longer the king of this Company. Motherfucker I am the King and I have taken my rightful seat at the throne and there is nothing you or anybody can do to stop me Julius is overcome with a sense of anger never been seen before You are there is one thing in this world that frightens you Slim, one thing that keeps you up at night and haunts your dreams and that is the future. You have become to complacent, expecting to win every match you enter because you are used to it. But you knew deep down inside that this day was coming, the day where the future becomes reality and that day will take place in the Main Event of Summerslam where you like every one before will fall victim to The Next Big Thing. I am not scared of you Slim, I am not intimidated by your accomplishments because I know that you know that I can beat your ass anytime and anywhere with complete and utter ease. So It's set Slim, the day where the King is finally slain and a new monarch rises to the top, a day where you're legend will die and I will rise to take control of my Kingdom"
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    I'm Upset

    King of the Ring has just passed, and BrendenPlayz Wrestling has been shook to it's core following the event. Julius, the "God Among Men", defeated Johnny Kills to win the King of the Ring Final and claim his 1st World Championship, just 7 months into his career. Elsewhere on the card, Echo Wilson retained the Premium Championship, Julius captured the United States Championship from Storm, Flynn defeated Necce in their long-awaited rematch, and at the end, when we all were beginning to think he was gone, Slim returned, staring down his Kingdom brethren as the show ended, with HIS World Championship in the air, as Julius held up the one he just won. And now, we're at the EVOLVE following King of the Ring as General Manager Ross has promised us an amazing show just a few nights away from his first pay-per-view as General Manager. We will see the final confrontation between Johnny Kills and Bart, as they prepare to face off for the Global Championship. After such an eventful night, this is sure to build on the momentum we have going into SummerSlam, with the confirmed main event - Slim vs Julius for the World Championship. And here he is! Slim looks out on the stage as the crowd explodes with cheers, having new-found love for The King as he walks down the ramp, the fans try to high-five The King, but Slim merely looks at him and ignores him, before continuing on, donning a three-piece black suit, with his BPZ World Championship in his hand. Slim continues his walk to the ring, as he gets onto the apron, stepping into the ring, as the crowd now has more of a mixed reaction toward the man who made his return last night, staking his claim for Julius' World Championship. Tonight on EVOLVE, Slim will finally lay to rest everything - his departure, his return, and his match with Julius, as the ring announcer hands him a microphone. Slim's tone is calm, almost smooth at first. Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Slim, a four-time, BPZ World Champion. I am The King of the World, I am The King of anything that walks. But as I've stated in the past, the King isn't a gimmick, it's something I've spoke into existence, my power was taken from me months ago yet my opinion here still remains as strong as ever. But I'm not out here tonight to make my grand return, I'm not out here to address anything backstage. You see, I have an issue, and I would like to explain to you, the fans why... A more angry tone exists in Slim's voice now as he finishes his sentence, the outburst we've all been waiting for finally coming. Let me explain to you .... WHY I'M UPSET! I'm upset, because in the month I was gone, my exit from The Kingdom was never confirmed. Why? Because I never left. I told Bart and Echo Wilson to "hold it down", and I don't remember instructing them to start a war with Flynn & Ross, I don't remember telling them to try and replace me with this piece of shit Julius! Echo Wilson believes he's the leader of The Kingdom now and nothing can be farther from the truth! WITHOUT ME, YOU ARE STILL A LOSER! And then last night, last night, I reached my breaking point. Instead of dismantling Julius in the center of that ring, taking "the" BPZ World Championship and bringing it to me, they hoist him up, almost replacing me... But I quickly reminded everyone who the top guy of this industry is, when I walked out, striking FEAR into the heart and eyes of Bart and Echo Wilson, because they UNDERSTOOD what this meant. They believed I would never be back, that I had left this place for good. They were severely mistaken and will be dealt with in due time, but that's not the only reason I am upset. I'm upset, because my scheduled match for Fallout has seemingly fallen through. What most of you don't know is that I was scheduled to face my old friend, my old partner Tamer in a match that I claimed meant the world to me. I lied. You see, I have grown past old insecurities regarding old men who have helped me become the guy I am today, I am focused on the future. And the future will stand opposite me at SummerSlam, but I will dismantle Julius en route to my OFFICIAL fifth World Championship. I have seen men come and go during my time, I have seen men rise and fall and I tell you, I've never seen something like him in this world, but let me just tell you... I WILL BEAT HIM! There's never been anything like Julius in this world, but that doesn't mean he can't be beaten. I am THE KING, and NO ONE, NOT KINGDOM, NOT FLYNN, NOT ROSS, NOT BAILEY, WILL STOP ME FROM RECLAIMING MY CHAMPIONSHIP! I HAVE BEEN SCREWED EVERY SINGLE TIME I HAVE HELD THAT CHAMPIONSHIP, AND I WILL NOT BE SCREWED THIS TIME, I AM AN EXECUTIONER, AND EVERYONE WHO STANDS IN MY WAY IS ON DEATH ROW! BE WARNED! Slim throws the microphone onto the canvas, spiking it as Slim stares into the hard camera, before he's suddenly interrupted... By a familiar face...
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    Slim looks down the ramp and starts preparing for Julius to come out, but the Underboss slides through behind the ring and attacks Slim from behind. Slim falls to the ground as Julius gloats and taunts as the crowd rain down boo's on the World Heavyweight Champion. What Julius doesn't realise however is that Slim has gotten back to his feet and is standing right behind him. Julius turns around and looks as if he had just seen a ghost as Slim pounces on the bigger man with fists to the punches shattering the face of Julius. Julius then pushes Slim away and goes for a big boot but Slim evades and tries to go for the Rear-Naked Clutch but Julius rolls out of the ring and stares angrily at Slim. Slim then goes to the turnbuckle and celebrates his victory but Julius runs back into the ring and once again starts attacking Slim as the Fans erupt into cheers. Julius this time doesn't let go of Slim and continues to start battering him with clubbing blows, just as Julius is looking to take control of Slim, the locker room runs out and pulls Julius off of Slim. At first Julius resists and starts attacking some of the locker room members but is overcome by the numbers and slowly backs away. Slim though rises back to his feet and runs at Julius and leaps over the superstars and continues to attack Julius. Slim is then held apart from Julius as both men hit a stand still. Slim once again charges out of the grip of the wrestlers and hits Julius with a Superkick which sends the champ to the ground once again to the cheers of the crowd As Julius gets back to his feet his starts swearing at Slim as Slim slowly exits the ring Smiling at the champion as he slowly walks to the back mocking Julius. Julius is seen in the ring fuming at Slim's mini-victory in this feud
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    Ark Universe


    The crowd starts to cheer as Ark walks out, having made his first in-person appearance in the aftermath of his match with Angelo. He is an Evolve superstar, yet here he is on Carnage, leaving many wondering, but not questioning what looks like might be Ark versus Julius. He walks down the ramp slowly, scanning, observing, almost studying Julius in the ring. He gets to the ropes and slides under them, then proceeds to circle Julius. Julius. The newly crowned King of the Kingdom. World Champion, United States, Tag team. It seems you had the key to success. I have to respect it. You fight with a fire in your heart whos heat can be felt throughout this arena. However, as much as I respect you... I know that one day soon me and you will fight. You see, locked behind the walls of your kingdom lies a treasure, a prize, that I have been searching for: That red, white, and blue belt....right there. I would be a fool to challenge you. Here I am just returning from an absence preceded by a wave of soul-crushing defeats. Here you are, riding of a wave of momentum nigh unstoppable, a wave most would fear to stand in front of. For better or for worst, I'm not most. You see Julius fear is something that is common in most. fear of the dark, fear of heights....the fear of losing, the fear of becoming ob.so.lete. Ark stops circling and looks at Julius. I shed that away, as I did many of my chains and fetters that tied me down when I started to walk my path. Now I know that fear is simply a natural reaction to a challenge. fear is not a negative, but a power to harness and utilize, least it use you. I was a puppet to my fear, Julius. Now I am the one pulling the strings. Do you have fear, Julius? Are you afraid some may see Slim or Echo as the puppeteer pulling your strings, so you feel the need to lash out, to call out, to prove that no one got you to your throne, that you did it yourself? Well, here's the chance. Ark sits atop the Turnbuckle, looking at Julius, a slight smile on his face, Your throne, your castle, your Kingdom...its all under siege Julius. You have Slim at one end...and you have me at the other. a war on two fronts. However, you have something we don't. Allies. Companions. Your Bishops. Even if I and Slim were to join, it would still be 2v3, the odds still tilted to the crown. However, even with my odds 1 to 3...i would bet on the 1. Cause 3's a crowd, Julius. If there is one thing I have learned, there is a snake hiding in all grass and a knife hiding behind everyone's back. So you should wonder Julius...whos your Brutus? Who at your side could feel that you are creating an empire to strong to play second fiddle too? Ark gets off the turnbuckle and gets in front of Julius. So...What about that challenge...Julius.
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    The next men to sit down and talk is the Global Champion and member of the Kingdom, Bart. There is no show made of his entrance, he just walks He is here to speak out on his match against Johnny Kills in what will be the main event of Fallout. “The Villain” sits down, he doesn’t like interested in the press conference but that doesn’t stop the cameras from gathering around to see what the Champion of the Purple Brand has to say. ESPN.com: Bart, tonight you will defend your title against Johnny Kills. Both of you have been outspoken on the match, could you give us your final thoughts heading into the match? Bart: Johnny is just like anyone else I have faced for this title. They all say they same thing, fake champion, didn’t deserve to get the title. Simply because I was given it, but the fact is, if I wasn’t given it, I was still the NOC and would have won the title anyway. I thought of Johnny as someone different, especially since I have faced and defeated him before, but instead he decides to spit out the same bullshit that the entire pack has been saying. He is simply too delusional to understand. But I will give you my preview of the match. It will be boring, uninteresting and extremly one-sided. I will dominate him. It won’t be a fun match, it will be terrible main event. If you want to see a back-and forward, exciting match then you shouldn’t watch. I know that we are supposed to be promoting the Pay Per View but I can’t live with lying to you. However, if you want to see the best talent in the BPZ then you should watch. If you want to see the difference between talkers and fighters, then you should watch. You want to see excitement and a happy ending? Turn off your tv when our match starts. But for those that will watch, please learn from it. See what happens, spewing bullshit to make the crowd happy doesn’t work. Training hard can help, but ultimately, talent will always win. I hope that answers your question, if it didn’t, then you worded your question wrong. Josh Trenton: Hi Bart, Josh here. Your stable, the Kingdom, it seems like there is friction within the group and while all the other members have been very outspoken on the subject, you have remained silent. Could you gives your perception on what’s going on inside the Kingdom? Bart: This is not the group that I decided to be a part of. This is not the group where Slim and I agreed upon when we decided to add Echo. This is all the bullshit that I didn’t want. I am not going to take part in it, you won’t hear me speaking out against or for someone. All of them, all of them who are making a mess out of it are in the wrong. I don’t care who does what, we agreed that we were partners and that we were going to work together successfully. We aren’t buddies, we aren’t relatives, we are partners who all want to be successful and can help each other in doing so. If you would have asked me to take part in a reality serie then I would have declined that invitation. But if you need to me to give a clear idea of what I think of the situation, I will tell you this: I always let my actions speaks, always. After answering that question, Bart picks up his Global Championship and leaves the press conference room, as we await the next Evolve star to speak.
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    BPZ King of the Ring; Necce vs Flynn II

    {We now cut to the ring. It is the main event of King of the Ring. Julius has been crowned our brand new BPZ World Heavyweight Champion and now it’s time to decide who will be walking out with the BPZ Universal Championship.} {The theme of “The Omega” sends shockwaves through the BPZ Universe as now everyone is on their feet in excitement for the second installment in what is shaping up to be the greatest rivalry in BPZ History. Flynn steps out onto the stage, wearing black trunks as well as a black cloak draped over him. His eyes are cold and he gives off no emotion as he takes center stage. He feels the energy from the crowd before marching directly to the ring, wasting little time for what could be the biggest match of the young stars career.} {He enters the ring before climbing straight up to the top turnbuckle, throwing both arms in the air, the crowd screaming his name at the top of their lungs, an almost parallel opposite to his reception heading into the first installment of Flynn vs. Necce. It only shows the work Flynn has done the past few months to regain the BPZ Universe’s admiration and respect. However it has yet to be seen if he’s received equal treatment from his former best friend and current Universal Champion.} {The lights in the entire arena shut off with a thunderous thud. Half of the arena jumps to their feet and cheers, the other half boos.} {The half of the crowd cheering sing along with the opening lines of the song.} I’ve got empires to lead. She’s got vampires to feed. You don’t miss me Anymore than I miss you. {The music cuts out, and the audience is left in the silence and darkness. After 60 seconds, nothing has happened. Until suddenly, the song kicks back in. Necce is standing on the ramp in his crucifixion pose. Every light in the arena shines brightly on him, and the Universal Championship around his waist shines back at them. He’s in his usual attire; A black Dinosaur Jr. “feel the pain” T shirt, a black jacket with a hole cut out on each sleeve for his thumbs, a pair of jeans with holes cut out on his knees, a flannel jacket tied around his waist, and a pair of beat up converse, and a white, emotionless mask on his face, a symbol of the former Ruin stable.} {He slowly walks down to the ring, never taking his eyes off of Flynn. He gets down to the ring and rather than rolling in like he usually does, he uses the stares. He climbs up the turnbuckles to the second one and does his signature pose, a pose that is replicated by everyone that cheers for him tonight. He jumps down to mat and leans against the turnbuckles. His music fades out as an announcer and the referee for the match stand in the center of the ring. The bell rings three times before the announcer begins to speak.} “The following contest is the main event of the evening and is scheduled for one fall for the Universal Championship! Introducing first, the challenger. From Dallas, Texas. Weighing in this evening at 210 pounds, he is the winner of the first ever Power Trip Cup, ‘The Omega’ Flyyyynnnnn!” {Flynn places the bottom of his shirt in his mouth and points his finger gun at the crowd. Half of the crowd cheers loudly as the other half boo passionately. The announcer begins to speak again.} “And his opponent. From Lawtell, Louisiana. Weighing in this evening at 205 pounds, he is the Universal Champion, ‘The Antichrist’ Neeeeeecceeee!” {Necce once again raises his arms in his crucifixion pose. Just like Flynn, half of the crowd cheers loudly, and the other half boo passionately. The referee takes the Universal Championship belt from Necce. He shows it to him and walks to the other side of the ring to do the same to Flynn. He walks back the center of the ring and hold the belt up high in the air. As he goes to the ropes to hand the belt to the timekeeper, the two men begin to get ready for the match. Necce takes off his mask, his jacket, and unties the flannel around his waist, and Flynn takes off the shirt he wore on his way to the ring. The referee asks both men if they are ready and starts the match.} {The bell rings. The arena is split 50/50, both the names “Flynn” and “Necce” echoes, pouring out the arena so loud that it can be heard for miles around. Both rivals stare down with malicious intent, neither going into tonight expecting to have to hold back against their opponent. Flynn maneuvers to the center of the ring, extending a hand for Necce to shake. Necce, looks down at Flynn’s hand in disgust before literally spitting in the face of Flynn! Flynn in a look of annoyance and frustration, quickly goes for a right hand in anger of Necce’s rejection however Necce catches Flynn’s right before flooring him with his own right hand. Flynn now sitting on the mat is looking directly up at Necce, who steps back, motioning for Flynn to stand. Flynn pulls himself to his feet, nodding to himself, understanding that Necce will be showing him no sort of respect for this match.} {Both circle the ring, their eyes locked on one another, anger, disgust and months of built up rage fueling this contest. Finally they combust, both rushing forward, Flynn overpowering Necce as he picks him up before driving him into the turnbuckles. He quickly attempts to follow up with a belly-to-belly Suplex however Necce actually Headbuts Flynn, stunning the challenger who releases his hold of Necce. Necce would quickly follow up, springboarding from the middle turnbuckle, to the top rope, delivering a stunning dropkick directly to the skull of Flynn, sending him flying through the ropes and onto the ring apron. Things are starting off hot right away and it doesn’t look to be slowing down as Necce sprints, bouncing off the ropes before leaping over the top rope on the other side, over Flynn before grabbing hold of Flynn’s waist and delivering a sunset flip Powerbomb just minutes into the match!} {Necce lifts Flynn up as he turns his attention to the crowd who are fired up! He screams as they cheer him on further. He throws the already stunned Flynn to the floor as he clears the announcers table. Flynn quickly attempts to fight back however a swift kick to the gut, followed by a nasty uppercut, sends Flynn back down. Necce proceeds to lay Flynn onto the announcers table, calling for something big. He re-enters the ring, before sprinting, springboarding off the top rope going for a 450 splash through the announcers tables but just prior to impact, Flynn rolls out of the way, sending Necce brutally crashing through the table! We are just five minutes in and both men are already on the receiving end of some unbearable pain.} {The referee, being lenient for such a blockbuster match, allows medical attendance to check on both men, however Flynn, back to his feet throws several medical attendance out of the way as he grabs hold of Necce before throwing him back into the ring. Flynn climbs up onto the apron before looking over at the top turnbuckle, the fans now screaming in encouragement. Flynn nodding, scales the top ropes, however, before being able to position himself, he’s attacked and bombarded with rights and lefts, allowing Necce to quickly scale up the ropes, lift Flynn up into electric chair position and deliver a Delirium Trigger(Electric Chair German Suplex) from the top rope! He’s not done there however as he doesn’t release, lifting Flynn back up into a release German! Necce pins Flynn…} 1...2. NO! {Flynn kicks out of the first pin fall in this heated match. Necce nodding understanding what more must be done as he begins looking for his infamous sling blade, awaiting Flynn to reach his feet. Upon doing so, Necce rebounds off the ropes however, Flynn quickly bounces off the opposite ropes before catching Necce with his very own Spear! He’s not finished there however, quickly grabbing hold of his opponent, lifting him straight up and performing his Guillotine!(Pumphandle Neckbreaker)} 1...2. NO! {The combination of high impact maneuvers fails as Flynn only nods much as Necce did, also understanding it will take much more to put Necce away. Flynn begins beating on the mat, calling for his FKO, however, just before completion, Necce shoves Flynn into the turnbuckles, before following it up with a disgusting dropkick to the back of Flynn’s neck! Flynn now laying on the mat, Necce looks around before pointing at the top turnbuckle himself, the crowd electric! Showing much approval. Nodding, Necce scales the top turnbuckle however as soon as he focuses on his opponent, it’s too late. Flynn in a sudden burst of energy hightails before leaping to the top turnbuckle and landing a hurricanrana from the top rope rope to the outside of the Ring!} {“THIS IS AWESOME” echoes in the arena. Both men are out on the outside following the brutal maneuver. After several moments, Flynn is the first back to his feet. He rolls into the ring before looking down on Necce, slowly nodding, the fans getting behind “The Omega” as their energy flows through him. He sets up for a suicide dive on Necce, however just prior to impact, Flynn is caught midair with a modified Death From Above! Flynn is absolutely out! Necce struggles to move just as Flynn does, both men laying on the floor in pain. It is Necce who is back to his feet first this time. Necce rolling into the ring, looks down on Flynn before screaming for his signature “Death From Above”. He calls for the maneuver ripping off his shirt before springboarding off the ropes as Flynn reaches his feet however this time Flynn has an answer to Necce’s high flying onslaught, catching him with an FKO! Flynn extremely weak, slowly gets the knocked out Necce into the ring before finally pinning him.} 1...2.. NO! {Necce gets his shoulder up in a sudden burst of energy. Flynn growing increasingly more and more annoyed as time goes on, he grabs hold of Necce, attempting his signature Powerbomb, however, Necce slips out, rebounding off the ropes before connecting with his very own Sling Blade on a confused Flynn, only for a quick two count! He grabs hold of Flynn, attempting an Antichrist Revolution, however Flynn lifts Necce up, before bridging and connecting with a wicked slam! He once again lifts Necce up for the Powerbomb however yet again Necce slips out, this time spinning Flynn around and kicking him straight in the gut. He calls for Flynn’s own Powerbomb before swerving everyone and hitting the Essential Eliminator on Flynn! The very move that Slim has used to put away both of them away before!} 1...2… NO! {Flynn yet again kicks out! Necce now is growing frustrated, he pounds on the mat, clearly wanting to put Flynn away sooner rather than later. He begins stomping on Flynn before looking around at the fans, throwing both arms up as he feels the fans energy coursing through him. However Flynn at the same time pulls himself to his feet. He meats Necce as yet again both begin to slug it out. However Necce floors Flynn, landing a maneuver he has not used for three years THE NECCE EFFECT!} 1...2…. NO! {Flynn just barely gets his shoulder up as Necce is shocked. He yet again pounds on the map before asking the referee if he is sure, in which he responds claiming that he is. Necce nodding, understands that he has the match firmly under his control. He grabs hold of Flynn before screaming in his face, claiming that he’s going to make him pay. He throws Flynn back down before climbing the top turnbuckle. However, he proceeds to remove a cigarette and actually light it before proceeding to smoke, while seated on the top turnbuckle. Flynn slowly crawling over to Necce, reaches his feet. He pulls himself up to meet Necce at eye level, however, receives a lit cigarette to the face, causing him to scream in pain. Necce quickly follows up, grabbing Flynn and lifting him up before nailing a Styles Clash!} {Necce however refuses to pin Flynn, instead lifting him straight up before nailing the Antichrist Revolution! Necce yet again however refuses to pin Flynn, looking to put him through more punishment. He begins stomping on every limb of Flynn’s body, looking to cause some serious pain for his former best friend. He grabs him by the throat, choking him as he screams in his face, nothing but hate in Necce’s eyes. Flynn however in a sudden explosion, throws Necce onto his shoulders, looking for Necce’s own Delirium Trigger, however drops him before landing something out of Necce’s former Tag partner FDS’ moveset, A BLOODY RAINMAKER!} 1…2… NO! {Necce kicks out! Flynn now back in control, looks to yet again scale to the top rope, however by the time he finally reaches the top, Necce is actually there to great him. Both duke it out from the top, neither letting off on the other, however it is Necce who comes out on top, landing a sickening uppercut, before connecting with THE ANTICHRIST REVOLUTION FROM THE TOP ROPE!} 1...2…3 NO! {Flynn somehow… somehow he kicked out! Necce is going ballistic, screaming at the referee as he does not believe it. Necce now furious, lifts Flynn up and sets him back on the top rope. He yet again calls for the maneuver on a seemingly dead Flynn, this time it’s not looking like Flynn will kick out. However, out of nowhere, as Necce is running up the ropes at lightning speed, looking for a hurricanrana, but as he jumps up, Flynn catches him. Flynn jumps from the turnbuckle, holding Necce only by the belt loops in his jeans. Flynn has enough strength to slam Necce to the ground with a powerbomb. The force of the slam is so great that Necce bounces at least 2 feet in the air. However Flynn, too weak to pin Necce, rolls to the outside of the ring and onto the floor. Flynn eventually returns to the ring, just as Necce is beginning to recover. Flynn, seemingly destroyed, begins calling for his FKO, however swerved everyone, sprinting against the ropes for a Spear however is caught by Necce with an uppercut, who proceeds to lift him up and connect with a Burning Hammer!} {He straight away lifts Flynn up before nailing him with the BEGOTTEN, IT'S ALL OVER!} 1...2...3 NO! {Flynn’s foot was under the bottom rope! He’s still in this! Necce is furious, beating now on the skull of Flynn with several rights and lefts, punishing the challenger. He stops however in a breath of exhaustion, instead relaxing back on the unconscious Flynn. However, like a jump scare in a horror movie, Flynn awakens, locking in the Slim Killer on the unsuspecting Necce who laid beside him! Necce struggles as Flynn looks to put him asleep! Necce can’t reach any of the ropes around him and his feet aren’t close enough to the ropes to break the hold. Flynn continuously tightens the hold, cutting off Necce’s air supply. Necce begins to go for broke, clawing his way across the ring. Slowly, he moves both him and Flynn across the ring with nothing more than his fingertips. His face is beginning to turn purple from the lack of oxygen and the veins in his eyes are beginning to pop. He is near the rope, but just can’t quite reach it, he makes one last attempt to crawl near it. Due to his fading consciousness and exhaustion, Necce still can’t get close enough to grab the rope. His eyes begin to drop and the light inside of him is starting to go out. Right as it seems he’s going to pass out,he makes one last swipe at the ropes, only able to get the top of his middle finger on the bottom rope, forcing the break. The crowd goes insane, Necce has broken out of the Slim Killer, making him the first to do so. He rolls out of the ring and onto the floor, sucking in deep gulps of air. Flynn, weak, bruised and battered collapses to the mat. The intensity of this match has taken everything out of these two. Flynn struggles to get to his feet, using the ropes to stand. After a moment of standing, he proceeds to fall to a knee, unaware of what’s going on around him. Necce has recovered and stands on the apron. He jumps to the top rope and goes for the Death From Above, but Flynn acts on his instincts and counters with an FKO!} WHAT AN FKO! 1...2...3 NO! {NECCE KICKED OUT! Flynn looks absolutely shocked. Both men have thrown everything in their arsenal at the other and yet both are still fighting. Flynn now nodding, understands what he must do, calling for another FKO. He beats on the mat, as just like BPZMania, he attempts the back to back FKO’s to put Necce away. He goes for the FKO, but Necce catches him in mid air and sets up for the Begotten! Necce now has Flynn in the same maneuver that put him away at BPZ Mania in the center of the ring! He goes to connect however Flynn. Flynn however swings out of Necce’s grasp BEFORE CONNECTING WITH AN FKO! Flynn doesn’t go for a pin. Instead, he just stands up and looks down on Necce. He writhes in pain on the mat after getting hit with the 3rd FKO of the match. Flynn looks down at him like at BPZMania. But rather than a look of disgust on his face, there is empathy and regret. He knows how far they have both let this get, but now, he must hopefully put an end to it. He grabs Necce, lifting up his former best friend before looking him in his eyes…..} “I LOVE YOU” {POWERBOMB! 1...2...3 ITS OVER! WE HAVE A NEW UNIVERSAL CHAMPION! FLYNN HAS BECOME THE FIRST EVER 2 TIME UNIVERSAL CHAMPION! Both men are exhausted, they threw everything they had at the other, neither man has anything to be ashamed of in this match. Flynn is too tired to move, he just stays there, laying on top of Necce in the pinning position. He finally musters up enough strength to roll over onto his back. Several trainees at the BPZ Performance Center come in and put ice packs on the two weary competitors. Flynn rolls over to the ropes and manages to pulls himself up. The referee walks over and raises his hand, it seems as if this is the only thing keeping Flynn standing. He hands Flynn the belt, Flynn looks down at the belt he lost almost 5 months ago with tears in his eyes. He falls down to a seated position.} {He manages to once again get back to his feet as does the former champion, Necce. Both men stare at each other, their bodies ravaged with pain after enduring what the other man has put them through. As they stare, Flynn’s music fades. Everyone in attendance stands up to show respect to the performance that both men put on tonight. Flynn breaks the stagnation of both of them by extending his hand. Necce looks at it for a few moments, but he declines. Almost as if he’s acting against his will, he shakes his head at Flynn and leaves the ring with his T-shirt in his hands. The camera cuts back and forth between Necce and Flynn. Necce leaves the arena limping, everyone in attendance, even those that booed him at the beginning, are cheering him not only for his performance here tonight, but out of respect for his brief time with the title. It then cuts back to Flynn who stands in the ring alone with his title. In the build for this match, he said that he would not only regain his title, but his best friend aswell, and yet, he only stands there with one of those thing. Before he leaves, Necce does his crucifixion pose on the ramp and says his signature catchphrase, along with everyone in attendance.} “Nevermore.” {As he walks away, Flynn’s music cuts back on and he celebrates in the the ring with his newly won title. The BPZ Neccework copyright logo appears in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, the show closes with the king of Carnage returning to his throne.}
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    I Can't Odd

    Wasted No Longer

    We are live here at the first Evolve since the BPZ draft occured and there were some major shifts this Sunday. Only time will tell just how much the competitors and brand will be affected by the changes made to the roster but right now everyone is thinking about the present as a certain theme song is being heard for the very first time here on Evolve. Out walks the current NXT champion and Evolve's first draft pick Buddy Ace, a smug grin on his face as he poses at the top of the ramp. Buddy Ace is perhaps one of the more overly self-important men on the roster and being drafted so quickly could only have stoked the fire that is his ego even more. Buddy goes to get a microphone from the ringside staff and enters the ring, strutting around the ring and posing on the turnbuckles for a while before deciding he's bored of it and walking to the center of the ring. The crowd waits silently in anticipation for Buddy to speak as he looks around at the crowd in attendance. "If you told me a few days ago I'd be standing in the middle of an Evolve ring today I would have laughed right in your face and have called you an idiot. You see, knowing Carnage would get the first draft pick, I naturally assumed that I would be the number one over all draft pick. Surely Bailey would want to ensure that the future of BPZ would stay on his brand and continue to make it the A show? But once again Bailey has made a poor decision and solidified his status as a class A idiot. It seems Bailey wants to resurrect his little pet project known as Prince, but we all know how well that went in the first place. Prince hasn't won a match since Bragging Rights. Seriously, he lost to Jason Ryan in the first round of the Power Trip Cup. Ya know, the guy I beat twice and sent away? Yet somehow Bailey still sees so much value in Prince that he was drafted before me. What a fucking insult." "Well if that's how things are going to be then fuck Bailey and fuck Carnage. You've wasted your chance and now that I'm here, you can officially call Evolve the A show. Every place I go becomes elevated by my very prescence and you'll all see that as I make the purple brand my brand. Though at least Bailey's foolish choice meant I didn't have to work on my birthday, because as much fun as it would have been to hold a live celebration of myself, I frankly had better plans in mind. Though I do have to give props to Ross. Ever since the man took over Evolve, he's been raising the quality here and making plenty of good decisions. See, Ross knows what real talent is. That's why he chose me as his first round pick. For this, Ross has my gratitude and my loyalty from here on out. No longer will I be held down on that awful brand. Here I'll be able to shine brighter than ever and prove I'm the future of this company." "There is something interesting that caught my attention on draft day. It seems all of my most prominent potential challengers have found their way onto this brand. Ross clearly wants to build up new talent instead of relying on those washed up has beens that were picked by Bailey like Bashka and Angelo. So now with all of my fellow NXT pals here on one show together, I can celebrate the fact that now it'll be so much easier to kick their asses since they're always close by. There is a reason why I am the NXT champion and a first round draft pick. I am the best competitor to step foot in this division since our current world champion's departure. Not a one of you can beat me for this championship. I could beat any of you in any match type. Whether it's one on one with some stipulation attached, a triple threat, hell, even a handicap match against the rest of the division. I'm untouchable, so you might as well not even try to come for my title. Though considering I'm out here right now, would any of you like to come on out of the locker room and officially put yourselves in a match against me at Summerslam? Perhaps the transitional champion known as 'The Marker' will finally come slinking back for a one on one rematch? Or maybe Sheridan decides to stop hiding from me and gets yet another loss at my hands? Heck, maybe that so called 'other side' Solomon what's his face gets the honor of making his in ring debut here in BPZ against 'The Awesome One'? Well I really don't give a shit, I'm just tired of waiting to see who I'm going to be beating at Summerslam, if anyone, so we might as well get this out of the way right now." The crowd is getting excited now as Buddy Ace lowers the microphone from his lips. The fans in attendance know that it's inevitable that at least one person steps out from the back to claim their right to an NXT championship match with all those fellow NXT superstars in the back. Buddy intently watches the stage while raising his championship belt up in the air, clearly just as eager as the fans to see what happens next.
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    Start Anew

    Invincible hits, and this man gets a warm welcome as he stays on EVOLVE following the BPZ 2018 draft. But one man that he stares directly and a new additron to the roster, is Jason Ryan. These two have an intense past in NXT, Jaason Ryan not thinking Strom is worthy to be here and Storm making sure he proves Jason, ,but the question is, is this the next chapter in this epic and long awaited rivalry? Storm enters the ring with a microphone in place and paces around the ring before locking onto the bitter Jason Ryan. Well, what do we have here, the Sinner, the man who thinks he drove me out of NXT and the man who left BPZ for a bit because of my successes in the United States Division. Im not out here to brag, not out here to talk about the past, im here to talk about the future, BPZ Summerslam. You have come back and you want an opponent, you want a challenger, you want someone to make sure you steal the show, well guess what YOU GOT AN OPPONENT IN THE "ONE AND ONLY" STORM! We have had matches before, but never a one on one battle, where the best man is revealed, the most hard working, the warrior is chosen to pick up the 3 count and that is me, Sinner. One of the biggest sins youi can make is lying and you lie to yourself everyday when you think you are better than me, because the fact of the matter is I am better than you in every aspect in this ring and out and you will come to realize that at Summerslam. See, I lost my United States Championship, and that let a chance i may not have a match at Summerslam but I also doubted my self, in ring and outside the ring. I have gotten tweets that I suck since losing the title, fans losing faith in me, turning their back on me but this is my chance to prove to them I have not lost a step, not lost my touch and i sure as hell will never lose matches constantly like i did in the past. You know i am not the same Storm I was NXT and I sure as hell wont be treated like it either so I accept ur open challenge at Summerslam and may the best man win, SINNER!. Storm walks out of the ring, with his head held up high and before entering the backstage , posing to his opponent at Summerslam.
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    Echo Wilson


    Carnage has been live for nearly an hour and we are almost ready to cap this week off. First we are taken to a video on the jumbo tron that takes us back to last weekend. A message in white pops up on the black screen reading "Post-Fallout" and then there seems to a connection issue as we are taken to a hotel room, specifically The Angel Hotel, in Cardiff. Inside the hotel room is none other than "The Prince", Echo Wilson. He sits and takes in what was a busy night. As most people know who watched Evolve Takeover: Fallout, he and his good friend Julius were both in the attendance for the show, one of them looking for some entertainment and the other looking for revenge. The camera turns to the door and in walks a gruff and very pissed off looking, Julius. He sees Echo lying on the bed and stares at him, angrily. He almost walks away and lets it go but he keeps that feeling with him and starts to raise his voice. Julius: What was that?! ECHO I'M TALKING TO YOU! Where were you? You just let me get mauled by Slim for no reason. Look, I trust that you had good intention but you gotta be there for me. I can't even say it was my fault. It was all your fault. You were the one who sat idly by and watched the show, with your popcorn in hand. We came to Fallout together to get some revenge on Slim and you didn't do shit man. If I didn't know better, I'd think you're working with Slim. Maybe you are? Maybe you're just a spy sent to me to try and help Slim get the upperhand. I mean why else would you side with me? With me over Slim, the guy who handed you the keys to the Kingdom, the guy who made you a star. Why would you choose me over Slim? It's cause you want to use me. And when you had the choice to brutalize him, you just laid back in our front row seats and did nothing to help me. Even when Slim was getting the upperhand on me, you couldn't even bother to stand up and do something about it. If this is how this duo is going to work, I don't think I wanna be a part of it. There it is, I don't wanna be a tag partner with you. You can keep your lousy title and find someone else who's gonna defend it with you. Echo Wilson: Julius, you're out of control. Julius: I'M OUT OF CONTROL! You can't even take control enough for one second to do the right thing and help a friend out. That unfortunately was your one and only chance to show that their was any sort of chemistry between us. You lost that chance and now you're gonna live to regret it. I'm booking another room, have fun in solitude. Echo Wilson: Hold on, Hold on Julius. Do you forget? We were spectators at Fallout. We were just like every other fan in the crowd, it's not always your place to make a splash Julius. You gotta pick and choose your battles. I'm all down for letting out your anger, and taking the bull by the horns. But that was not the right place to do it. That not only sends a bad message to the fans, but that paints a bad image for the entirety of Carnage. Think about the consequences that could have. You just took that entire feud between you and Slim a step too far. Now it's going to continue to spiral out of control until we have complete chaos. How can I give you the benefit of the doubt here? How can I trust you when you go and pull a stunt like that? You misused the trust that Ross gave us when he let us sit front row for his big show. You misused my trust, when I specifically told you to calm things down between you and Slim. Instead you fueled the fires even more and look at you now! Blaming it all on me! It's not my fault you walked into a death trap. It's not my fault that Slim had your number tonight. You have to personally internalize that and lay the blame on yourself. You were the catalyst and Slim took advantage of your dumb move and capitalized. He saw your weakness and he pounced. And don't you dare come back here and try and make this all my fault. I was doing my civil job as a fan to watch and be entertained. You obviously had different ideas from the beginning. And I was never going to follow your blindly. I knew from the moment you hopped that barricade that it was going to end badly for you. And I was right. And now what? Going so far as to say I am a spy for Slim? Look, I'm one of your closest friends, Slim may have handed me the Kingdom armband but what about me? What about the time I gave you the chance of a lifetime. Don't you think that my own recruitment of you means more to me, than his recruitment of me? So it's not that I'm picking sides here, I'm just taking whatever side I think is right in the spur of the moment. Pulling a stunt like this has shown that maybe you aren't as proud and respectful as I thought you were. When Slim came out after King Of The Ring and blamed this entire debacle on me. I started scheming with you. And now look at you, you're blaming all of that on me, and I have half a mind to just walk out on you now. In fact.... Echo Wilson grabs the two Tag Team Championships on the hotel room table and grabs his room key as well, storming out of the room with two belts on his shoulder and fury on his face. Julius is staring stunned almost. Right before Echo leaves the room, he turns to Julius. Pure hatred on his face. Echo Wilson: I hope you're happy with yourself, this was never all about you. Echo storms out with his last words, ringing in the ears of the crowd and Julius. He said those exact same words once before, when he was regarding Slim. Now it seems like we don't know where Echo's loyalties lie. With both sides of his trust being used, he might've lost not one, but two close friends. We expect the clip to be over but Echo is followed out into the hallway and turns, but as he does he bumps into a familiar face. Echo Wilson: Oh, Nate, I'm so sorry. I'll be on my way Echo Wilson continues and Nate is left staring back at Echo. The clip ends with Echo storming off down the hall. A slightly uneasy feeling about the whole of tonight. The tables have turned once again.
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    We're live on YouTube, as EVOLVE hosts their annual press conference before one of their TakeOver events. This one is Fallout, with the card featuring a Global Championship Match between Bart & Johnny Kills, a grudge match between Ark Universe and Angelo Caito, and Slim's return match to EVOLVE, against The One and Only, Storm. And now, Slim emerges from a room, dressed in a suit as tonight he will take the podium first. He sits down, the microphone in front of his mouth as he signals to begin questions. Jonathan Coachman, ESPN: Slim, tomorrow at Fallout you take on Storm. Considering your stature, your accomplishments in BPZ, opposed to Storm's, do you feel this is a letdown from a possible match you could have had, potentially against Tamer? It was a big rumor for Fallout. Slim: Yes I had a preference to face Tamer, but unfortunately that's not the way things worked out. It's not my fault, it's not Ross' fault. The blame for that match not happening 100% falls on Tamer's head, because let's just face it, at the end of the day he's a massive pussy and a lazy sack of shit. That's the only way to put it, because I called him out, I told him exactly what I wanted. Did he respond at any point, or give a magical promo that everyone expected? No. And with my issues with upper-management regarding my World Title Matches, time was wasted in the month I departed. Am I happy with facing Storm? No. But, it is what it is and I'll accept anyone who wants to fight me, at any time. Storm wanted to be friends with me, he wanted to team up with me. He wanted to know what it feels like to be in the 'in' crowd, the crowd and circle that gets you somewhere in BPZ, but Storm, hear me, and hear me good. I don't give a fuck about if you have beef with Julius too, I don't care about your title pursuits, I don't care about your career. You are a jobber, you're not The 'One & Only', you're a gimmick. Nothing you say is real, because you can't speak on anything real, because you're a fucking idiot. You think I, Slim, the King, the greatest to ever step foot in a BPZ Ring, would team up with you? All the internet fans like to talk about how I teamed up with Akki to win the BPZ Tag Team Championships but what's relevant to that situation is that I can stand Akki, I think he's a funny man. But Storm, Storm just pisses me off. I've never seen a more undeserving United States Champion, or even BPZ Wrestler for that matter and I will end his career tomorrow. I hope you have your will written Storm, because after tomorrow, your family will need every piece of that to cope with the distraught of losing you. Marc Middleton, WrestlingInc.com: What do you make of Echo Wilson telling you to 'calm your ego down', and that the Kingdom is it in for everyone, and that you are being too self-absorbed with the situation at hand? Do you believe he's correct? Slim: Echo Wilson doesn't understand much, unless you map it out for him and make sure he gets the details. Because he, right now, has two championships and is probably next in line for a Universal Championship Match. While, I have continued to be screwed out of World Championship and World Championships with Money In the Bank Briefcases and King of the Ring Contracts, and he hasn't tasted a World Title? Why? Because without me, he has no motivation, he CHOKED in the Carnage Semi-Finals and I laughed as this man proclaimed that he was carrying Kingdom in my absence and I laughed as JoshsNow upset him for his 6th ever win. It was poetic justice, and regarding my ego being calmed, I think he needs to look in the mirror, because for a Prince, he's surely losing a lot more than he should be. I hope that answers your question. Chris Mueller, Bleacher Report: How are you preparing for your World Championship match at SummerSlam against a man who cannot be stopped, Julius? Slim: I won't be answering any questions regarding him. My actions should speak for themselves. No more questions? Alright then. Slim gets up, leaving the podium as his opponent, Storm is up next.
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    I'm Upset

    Slim is slowly walking back up the ramp staring down Storm who is in the ring the fans collectively booing Slim because he had just beaten up one of the crowds fan favourites. He turns to face the the top of the ramp when he is bulldozed by the current World Heavyweight Champion Julius The crowd then roar, Julius has appeared here live on EVOLVE and has taken out his challenger for Summerslam Slim. Julius stands over Slim and raises his title above his head as the crowd suddenly cheer for the Underboss. Julius looks inside the ring at a shocked Storm and picks up Slim. He then delivers a Hell's Welcome to Slim slamming his head on the ramp. Julius then pulls Slim's face towards his and starts screaming at him "You want to disrespect me, you want to take away my moment huh. You asked for this. This is my Kingdom now Motherfucker" Julius just kicks Slim's head to the ground and raises both the US and World Championships above his head. He then screams that he is the champ now and that this is now his Kingdom
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    I'm Upset

    A familiar fase rises from the curtains, a former champion, a disappointed but still focused competitor interrujpts Slim just before he exits the ring and walks down the ramp not looking away from a man who is right infront of him, Slim. He enters the ring with a microphone in hand and starts to speak. I see that you are frustrated, you are distraught, you are pissed off at The KIngdom, but what you should be worried about is that the man that didnt replace you, noone could replace Slim, right? A BPZMania Main Eventer, a 4 time BPZ World Champion but you still think that a 7 month rookie could just take your spot, just like that. But what I am here to tell you about is that I am here to help you because come Summerslam, I will defeat Julius and take back what is rightfully mine, the BPZ United States Chapionship. Not only that but I will show you that Julius is just a man with human abilitys and he can be defeated as he has been before. But I have not beaten him but come that warm, sunny day at Summerslam that title is coming back home. But for right now lets not focus on the future, lets focus on the present, we both have a similarity, we both have a hatred for Julius but I think we can take that to the next level with a tag team to take out the Kingdom, to take out the BPZ Tag Team Champions in Bart and Echo Wilson. See, we see eye to eye,, we 2 competitors that love to seek battle but we both love to get revenge and that is how we do it with allys becoming enemies infront of our eyes.

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