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    THE ONE!

    We cut to a small Carnage interview room where William Smith sits as he prepares for his next interview. The door quickly flies open before he can begin speaking, as the King of Carnage steps in, no smile on his face as he carries the Universal Championship over his shoulder. William looks confused before quickly realizing what is about to happen. He attempts to plead with Flynn before taking a boot straight to the skull. Flynn throws him out into the hall before shutting the door and cutting out the lights, only a small dim remains. Flynn can be heard muttering to himself however what is being said can not be made out. Finally, after a few brief moments the sound of his Universal Championship hurting the floor can be heard, before the camera finally zooms in, showing only the upper body of Flynn, staring straight into it. After a few moments of heavy breathing, Flynn screams into the camera. I AM THE ONE! Flynn quickly takes steps back, fading into the darkness before his muttering can be heard again. Finally he reveals himself to the hard cam. I for EIGHT MONTHS have taken this pathetic division, placed it upon my back and carried it into the land of relevancy. I took the floundering Carange Championship, and I brought it prestige and power. I gave it a name and I built a brand around it. I am the King of Carnage, NOT because I say it but because I am. I am the VERY BEST on this brand. There is no challenger to that throne, there’s not even a second place because in my kingdom, I rank in my own league. And there is not a damn person that can argue with that claim. However no matter how many times I say it, I show it and I prove it, some other clear pretender to the throne comes along and challenges me. These challengers they truly believe that they are the one, that they are THE ONE who will defeat Flynn. They come out here and they say how they will, in there own unique style, defeat me. Whether that is making me tap out, capitalizing on my mistakes due to them being a rookie, or even them having a plan, it really doesn’t matter, because it’s a massive waist of time. To quarrel with the King of Carange, has been proven to be a career killer. I am a man who will expose you. A man, who will show the world just how weak you are, just how ordinary you are. These challengers, believe they are special until they realize just how default of a competitor they are. I reveal the truth, and I expose them through sheer dominance in thsi ring and on this microphone. Just ask the latest pretender Ross. A man who I sent packing to the back, not just live on EVOLVE where I lead a full assault onto Team Smith, but on Carange where I demolished him on this microphone, causing him to have a mental breakdown on poor Will Smith, who I imagine is beginning to wake up from the hardest knock out he has ever suffered in his life. You see Ross, you are on your heels. I saw it in your eyes, you fully understand that you are not the one. You are not the one who will finally defeat me straight up for this crimson gold. No you have contemplated this and now you are in full understanding of the fact that to get this, you will need to steal it. Somehow and someway you will try to take this but it will not en straight up. Because you recognize the fact that I am the King of Carange. It’s why you want to face me, and it’s why you’ve targeted me. You want my throne, and you know I am the man to beat to get it. But you aren’t the one. You never were. Echo Wilson, Devlin Rhodes, Gill, Jason Black, Ark Universe, Xavier King, Brad, Sameer the list goes on. None of them were ever the one. Because I am the one. I am the one who reigns supreme not over just Carnage, but this entire god damn company. I am the Champion of Carange, and I am the King of this company. I am the face of this company, I am it’s oen supreme entity. Because I am the best. I am the very best in the world. This is not the usual run down where I am simply talking about how great I am, no I’m pulling the curtain back tonight and I am stating that I do not stay on top because of Bailey nor other relationships backstage. No you see I remain on my iron throne because I am THE KING! So now I look down from my throne and I am forced to place myself on the battlefield once again, to execute another false prophet. Another pretender to my throne. And you see ladies and gentlemen, I do openly admit at BPZ Mania this year as well as Judgement Day, I came up short. However I brushed those losses off and finally I did defeat Slim. And while I did see his pathetic little excuses, that does not excuse the importance of the matter and that is the fact that I did defeat you. I do not care for your opinion over the matter because your opinion to it is irrelevant. The FACTS ARE arhat Flynn TKO’ed the man this company thought was unbeatable. And I’ve been doing this for years. And I will continue to do it, starting at Redemption to the latest challenger. Why? Flynn pauses, taking a deep breath before taking a slow nod. Finally he screams into the camera, echoing his statement to begin tonight- I AM THE ONE! The camera fades to black the final image being an angry, sweating Flynn staring directly into the camera.
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    The EVOLVE commentators are hyping up Survivor Series, how it'll be one of the biggest Pay-Per-Views of the year, before the titantron cuts, showing the General Manager of EVOLVE, sitting in a chair, staring at the EVOLVE crowd as he begins to talk, the crowd becoming quiet. Tonight, I come to you, live from a secure location. I do this, not out of fear for Team Flynn but as a way for me to get my point across without being interrupted by bumbling morons who have no sense or idea of what they are spewing in MY HOUSE. Without further wait, let's get right down to business... The King of Carnage, himself answered my call, stood on my stage and told me that he embarassed me at King of the Ring... And that's exactly where Flynn blocks out everything else, you see, the desparation to be able to prove that you could beat me, consumed you, consumed you so much that you forget to mention the fact that I had THREE matches that night, and simply wasting all of my energy to beat a man who I defeated twice would be foolish, especially to risk my World Championship Reign... But let's not distract from the real spotlight and that's not on you, Flynn. It's on the, undoubtedly, weakest member of Legacy, Necce. There's something about championships that add to your legacy, there's something about being consistent that makes you one of the greatest of all-time and quite frankly, I see that with you, and myself, Flynn, but not with Necce. Why? Because while everyone likes to hold Necce on a pedestal as one of the best in-ring workers in our company, anyone can leave for three months, return, set the world ablaze with one match that has the world talking, and leave, only to do the same a few months later. What makes you great, is that you are a special attraction, per say, someone who rarely shows up. But this doesn't deter from the fact that if you DID stick around, and WERE consistent, you'd just be another guy, because let's be honest, buddy, there was nothing special about you from the offset. And you know that, so now every once and awhile, once you get bored, you come back, spark the universe, collect a check, and then are forgot about two weeks later. The fans can feel the hatred coming from Slim, as the man he fired just a few months ago has returned, and The King clearly isn't very happy about Team Flynn's 5th member. You claim to be this, broken, battered man but all you are, is a silver-tongued, washed up, talk-but-not-walk, once promising, waste of talent who isn't committed to this company and never has been. Because the HARSH TRUTH IS, whenever the going gets rough Necce, you're the first to fold. In my eyes, there's three parts that make up a talent. The talent itself, the ability to fit in, and their will power. While you have two of the three, the question marks regarding your name has, and always will be about your commitment and your will power. I find it completely digusting that you even CLAIM that you DEDICATED two years of your life to this company when the only REASON you became RELEVANT was because of a man who FAKED HIS DEATH! And as for power, corruption, and greed, those are the only three things I see in this World, Necce. Because you claim to have aligned yourself with your "true" brother, but just like you, when the going gets rough, do you really think Flynn will stand by your side and fight? Or do you think you're just a pawn in his game of chess? Because I have the answer and it's one we all know, you're just a pawn to Flynn just like the rest of this team is. If you really believe that Flynn won't stab you in the back, just as we, myself, Smith, and Nate did, then you, are truly delusional. You walk into Survivor Series with temporary allies, while I walk in with brothers. Smith and Nate, aren't my "lapboys", you see, there is a such thing as "Strength In Numbers". This was once a group, consisting of myself, a man who I used to call a brother in Tamer, and your teammate, Prince. But I realized, this isn't a group name, or a stable name, this is a MOTTO, and it's the motto I live by, because you're stronger with 2, 3, or 4 than you are with 1. It's something that you and Flynn have failed to realize, and while you both continue to have mildly successful singles careers, myself and The Order are undisputedly the best group ever. Slim stops speaking, and looks into the hard camera, nodding slowly before beginning to speak again, in a much calmer voice. Necce, I put you out of this company 3 months ago, and sadly, my onslaught wasn't enough to keep you down. But Survivor Series, will be enough because I don't care about eliminating you, I care about ending you and along with that will come the glory of winning the match. Slim then smirks, before he backs up from the camera, and goes into Necce's pose, mocking him.. QUOTE THE SLIM... ETERNALLY. The camera cuts to black quickly, leaving the EVOLVE Center buzzing following Slim's chilling message to his former Legacy brethren.
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    The sound of unknown music plays, as slowly the fans turn to the stage, wondering if a returning star has come back, or if a new debut is occurring in front of them... but then, the man formerly known as The Showoff, Sameer, walks out to the stage with a snarl, looking intense as ever after his loss at Paranoia. Sameer stands on the stage, looking down Jonathan as he then puts both of his fists on his chin before throwing a punch, and beginning to walk down to the ring. Sameer grabs a microphone as he now stands face-to-face with Jonathan, and raises his microphone and begins to speak. Jonathan, Jonathan. Let's not get too haste, buddy, you see, what I did at Paranoia wasn't personal, it was just business. But, let's not forget that YOU brought it upon yourself, let's not forget that YOU tried to take the spotlight off of me, that you tried to take money off my table, tried to put the name "Jonathan" in the headlines, instead of Sameer. Because what you tried to do, wasn't the act of a hero, what you tried to do was an act of a fraud. While you claim to be a standup guy, we both know that, that is far from the reality of the situation and the reality of the situation is that YOU weren't scheduled for Paranoia, but to avoid getting that blank check, you had to appear, you had to try and save the day and all it brought upon you, and me, was a harsh reality. And I never thought that I would say this, but for once in his life, Slim was right, I shouldn't have been fighting for the people, I shouldn't have tried to change who I am, and who I am is a guy who DESERVES everything. Because everything should be mine, and after I finish you off, EVERYTHING WILL be mine. You are just the first step in my climb back to the top, you're a pit stop on my journey to the land of glory. At the end of the day, I'm still one of the longest reigning champions in history, I'm still one of the best... the problem was my attitude, I was always putting the people first, but... the people didn't put me before them, so why should I put the people before me? I AM SAMEER GOD DAMN IT! I AM AN ICON, AND ALL I WAS TREATED AS WAS THE GUY WHO WAS GOOD, NOT GREAT! NO MORE! Sameer speaks with conviction, as an intense, aggressive tone echoes throughout the arena, the fans feeling the camel breaking Sameer's back slowly. For months, I was the people's champion, for months I was The Showoff. Now.. now, I'm AN ICON, I'm the UNDISPUTED champion. And make no mistake about it, just because I heeded the advice of Slim, doesn't mean I haven't forgotten about MY championship that I never lost, and Slim's golden boy... The man that YOU lost to at Destiny. Making everything mine starts with destroying The Immortal One, then taking my Global Championship back, and then it all ends with me raising my destiny, the BPZ World Championship... But Rome wasn't built in a day.... But all it takes is a day to destroy Rome, and I kind of equate that to your career, Jonathan. It took you 3 years to build a legacy, but it'll only take me one match to destroy that. Sameer smirks, lowering his microphone as Jonathan begins to speak.
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    Smith's theme hits and on queue, Mr. Perfection himself strolls out onto the stage, donning a new top. He faces with his back to the crowd, pointing at the text printed on the back of the t-shirt which reads "Supernovas are temporary". In one swift movement, he then swivels around so he is now facing the crowd. The focus is immediately drawn to the t-shirt once again as on the front, it reads "Perfection is forever". Gradually, the focus then shifts to the ignorance-fueled grin on the face of the Intercontinental and Premium champion as he takes his time, cruising to the ring, seemingly proud of his new clothing. He enters the ring and pulls a mic from his shoe. He shows off his t-shirt one more time, taking in the reaction from the crowd warmly, before finally bringing the mic to his mouth. Echo Wilson. The Supernova. Actually, let me introduce you just how your team captain introduced you: The Supernova that took Flynn to the limit... Isn't that depressing? Your team captain, the man that is supposed to believe in you, the man that is supposed to motivate you and the man that is supposed to lead you can't think of anything better to introduce you as than a decent challenge. Seriously, the fact that the highlight of your career is a loss proves exactly why you're not ready for this matchup, nor are you ready for the Survivor Series match. These two upcoming matches you're heading into are no child's play. You're stepping into EVOLVE territory against the greatest competitor in this company and then after that, you're aligning with a group of insignificant morons lead by a deluded weakling blinded by fabricated competition to face me, my brothers and our exceptionally skillful partners. I get that you're on a good run right now and you've got a few wins under your belt that don't usually knock around for a guy like you but here's a bit of advice for you. Back away. Step down. This isn't a fight. This is destruction. Our side has done nothing but dominate Team Flynn since the announcement of the Survivor Series match, both physically and mentally. Smith now begins slowly pacing back and forth as he continues to sound off on 'The Supernova' Echo Wilson. Echo, I understand. We brutalized you on multiple occasions, physically ripping apart your body so now you want revenge. Now, you want to get even with me. Well unfortunately for you, the torture I’ve put your body through cannot be mirrored in a standard matchup, especially not by a cowardly deadbeat like you. No, you need a no disqualification matchup to do the damage you intend to. Therefore, let me be a gentleman and at this moment, make our match at Paranoia a no disqualification match. Nevertheless, don't think I'm doing this for you. At some point, you’ll realize that it isn’t a gift from me but instead, it’s a sentence to your demise. The no disqualification means I can inflict even more harm on your already injured body. So, when you’re walking to the ring on the 29th and you get that shiver up your spine, you feel sweat drop from your forehead and in your mind, you’re thinking that only in a few moments, Smith is about to absolutely dismantle you, you’ll eventually realize what that feeling is. You'll realize that you're not only feeling paranoia but you’re suffocating in paranoia. Paranoia that will blind you and then the next thing you know, you wake up and witness my hand raised as you lay on the canvas and I AM ANNOUNCED AS THE VICTOR AND YOUR SUPERIOR! After ending that quarrel in the voice of an announcer, most would assume Smith is done but instead, he raises his finger, indicating he has more to say. Now, I'd usually walk off at this point, having made my point clear but no, not this time. Echo, honestly, I want to say that your success is getting to your head but realistically, you've barely had any success. I'm not sure why you're calling yourself the past, present and the future when quite frankly, you've never meant anything in the past; no one actually cared about you until you were fed to Flynn as his monthly confidence boost. Furthermore, you're definitely not the present; all you've done recently is earn a couple of wins that are nowhere near impressive or enough to be named as this company's present. As for the future, you really could be the next big thing is what you've been told, right? Well, go ask Maestro or Sheepy how that turned out for them. You're nothing special; you're the same old recurring underdog that will return to the oh so familiar pit of irrelevancy that you were dwelling in before. In a few months time, after your fire burns out, you'll return to meaning nothing because a guy like you is never going to be seen, by any company, as someone worth fueling. What you need to wrap your head around is that, just as my brother Slim said, The Order isn't just our name for the sake of it, we're named The Order because we decide what happens in this company. In the past, all three of us have formed legendary careers and now, we're only building on what is already the greatest faction to ever exist in pro wrestling history. In terms of the future, I honestly don't think it's possible for us to become even more dominant. Therefore, when you're proclaiming yourself to be the future and when you're getting rallied up by the fans across the globe, just know that I will always be there to knock you down. I will always be there to make sure you stay in your place. I will always be there to keep you... In order. Smith now takes in a big breath, building up energy as he once again speaks in the form of an announcer. So... Ladies and gentlemen! Make sure you tune in this Sunday to EVOLVE's TakeOver: Paranoia to witness the decimation of Echo Wilson's overhyped, meaningless rise! Make sure you're there to see his face when he realizes that his career has already hit its climax and this, is the beginning of the downfall of his short-lived, negligible run of success! And most importantly, be sure to treat your eyes to the spectacle that I put on for you because as always, I will singlehandedly pull out the performance of the night and this time around, your flavor of the month, Echo Wilson, will be my instrument. Smith finishes with a final chuckle to himself before simply dropping the mic and waltzing out the ring, with the arrogance and cockiness radiating from his body. As he reaches the ramp, he turns to the fans one last time and bows with a huge smirk on his face.
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    5. (Redemption Ending.)

    Immediately after the celebration of one of the dominant champions to ever grace the Carnage Brand has nearly come to it’s conclusion, the arena experiences a complete blackout. For all about 35 seconds it is unknown whether or not this has occurred from an act of malicious intent or rather a power outage, and amongst the murmurs of confusion lies a very unhappy champion demanding his spotlight and attention back, as his celebration’s been interrupted. Unfortunately for Flynn, there’s something much more troubling in store for the man. The titantron displays a message in bloody, rigid lettering that reads “Number 5”. It’s time for The Order’s final member for Survivor Series. The crowd gasps in excitement and intrigue as Smith has teased this for the better part of a month, meaning now at one of Carnage’s biggest shows of the year we finally get some resolution as to who this mystery man is. Flynn maintains his usual brashness upon hearing this news, perhaps to mask his nerves or, stupidly, he underestimates The Order’s pull. The stage is set. We cut to the image of a hooded, average built male seated, staring directly at the audience. The view of his face is almost completely obstructed if not for a conveniently placed fluorescent lighting from above, which slightly reveals the person’s roughened, worn and torn appearance. He’s heavily bearded, but at the same time gives off a sense of familiarity from what little we can see of him, oddly only adding to his enigma. For the first time, he speaks. Every night for the past year and a half I’ve found myself pondering what it must be like to be you. To so easily obtain an empire built on the hopes and aspirations of a naive collective starved of discipline, glory and passion to serve your every need, erase your every concern all while happily being heralded by the roaring public as a man to admire. By threads did I manage to keep going after the filth I ordered those men to do but you remain unscathed and unashamed. I’m assuming you might think this is rich from an individual who’s chosen to align himself with the likes of The Order, a group that is in no way shy at all to these practices and tactics, and you’d be right to think so. What I do however, doubt you’ve begun to consider is what exactly the source of my bile is for you, and the lengths I’d be willing to go in order to put things right by myself. The man uncovers a booklet, with each of the pages laced with pictures highlighting events of importance throughout BPZ history. He flicks through several pages before landing directly onto the words “Mayhem”. His originally stoic and emotionless posture has completed faded. It’s May the 20th 2016. This day will forever give me grief no matter how much I try to rationalize the contents that’s left me with trauma from it. This was the biggest opportunity of my life. To stand at the forefront of an industry I’ve prided every last decision of mine on for as long as I can remember was just about the only thing I’d ever wanted. I failed previously, and miserably at that, but here was a chance to start anew. We fought with little care nor thought for each other’s well beings, chaining together a rain of forearms with headbutts, kicks and just about any offensive maneuvers that possibly springs to mind. I seemingly manage to get the upper hand and it looks like the match is mine, this is immediately shut down as my opponent opts to hit me low, completely crippling any chances I might’ve had. I thought I was done. Little did I know. His tone begins in escalate in intensity, the subject matter is clearly more personal than one could imagine. Three men wielding steel chairs whilst sporting SWAT gear hit the ring, and immediately began to attack that man until he was left for dead, completely incapacitated. Now I’m bewildered and conflicted by this situation. I wanted to win on my terms, but to risk jeopardizing yet another opportunity for myself thanks to my moral confliction was something I didn’t want. The clock is ticking, these three men continue to glare at me. I take it. The ref hits three. Pinpointing my exact feeling in words as the referee handed me the title is difficult, since there was a whirlwind of emotions rushing through me. The one that stands out however, is euphoric. Whatever reservations I may have had about how I got to my destination wasn’t important as any of that doubt was being erased by the screams of that crowd and the twenty pounds of glistening gold around my waist. I did it. I was worth a damn. You took that from me. Pummeled, choked, ragdolled, battered, humiliated, scarred. Everything that was done to me that night didn’t hurt even nearly as much as watching you and your pack of dogs nonchalantly stroll out of the ring with my life’s work. My blood. My tears. The very fibre of who I’ve always wanted to be, stolen. All for you to carelessly fling about for a few months as a declaration of dominance. And then you have the fucking gall to come back and pretend you’re still worthy of a chance at it again. It’s why I’ve found myself endlessly asking what it must be like to drodge on day by day doing the things you do with little to no compassion or remorse, how you can never stop to look at yourself in utter disgust. How during one of your displays of contemptment, there’s never even a hint of self loathing after the trail of misery you’ve left. That ends. Even if the means come down to teaming with four of the most vile men on earth. At Survivor Series, I’m going to have your fucking head. The lights return as an irate, distraught Flynn is then stalked by Smith and the hooded man. Instantly they begin to overwhelm the Universal Champion with a series of boots. Smith, admiring his work signals both hands up to the crowd to a heavily mixed reaction, and then nods to the hooded man. He removes his hood to the utter shock of everyone in the arena. Tamer is back after 12 months of having disappeared off the radar completely. He gingerly grabs a near unconscious Flynn by his hair, immediately slams him to the mat and violently stomps with all his force down onto his trachea, nearly cutting off his air supply. He doesn’t stop until Smith is forced to hold him back, creating tension between the two former Pride partners. After seconds however, the two shake hands moments later and then leave the ring in one of the most shocking endings to a PPV we’ve seen in a long time.
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    Annoying D*ck

    {At First, the Carnage crowd is taken back by the new theme. The whole crowd waits in anticipation, waiting to see who will step out. Their questions are answered as soon enough, BiC, the former King Of The Ring winner. Would run out onto the stage, he would not be wearing his signature ring gear this time around, instead he would be sporting white shorts with purple dots, inside those dots would be crowns. On his feet were Yeezys, and his purple socks went to his knees. The fur jacket he wore over his tattooed body had a picture of BiC holding the world title on the back. The crowd is confused on the new look but BiC dances, running back and fourth holding up the mic, trying to get a reaction from the crowd rather then booing} "BOSTON MASS! HOW. YOU. DOIN!" {The crowd once again boos, before chanting "Shut the fuck up"} "OH COME ON! You already hating on your boy BiC? Its been what. 10 seconds and you are already booing me? I was thinking this could be a reincarnation, this was going to be one of the biggest moments in BPZ history and you want to disrespect the name of BiC? Just what I would expect from a couple fat asses from Boston, wouldn't know what its like to be winners by the look of your baseball team" {The crowd boo once again, Boston loves their sports} "I heard if you guys boo loud enough Gordan Howard will be able to hear you from his hospital bed. Guess that leg couldn't hold the pressure" {The disrespect shown by BiC leaves the crowd in disgust. BiC is now halfway down the ramp, still speaking on his customized microphone} "Sensitive subject? Ah, you guys can get over it. Now let me introduce myself" {BiC runs to the ring and dives in, standing on the middle rope where everyone can see} "I AM THE BEST IN CLASS, A MAN WITH NO REGRET, NO FEAR, AND I AM THE BEST IN THE WORLD...*Counts on fingers* HANDSOME, TALENTED, GENIUS, RICH, ALL THESE THINGS AND MORE. MY NAME...IS BIC" {BiC jumps down and circles the ring, before doing a running man dance in front of a booing crowd} "Listen up idiots, lets get real for a second. Over the past few weeks there has been, some sort of itch. An itch that, I couldn't quite reach and it ended up getting worse and worse. Until I did something about it, I came out and showed this "itch" a little bit of Rocky ya know what I am saying. But, ya boy BiC got roughed up a bit. But I'm here, I'm standing. Of course. I am talking about EVOLVEs resident emo FD. A man that, hell I can't tell if he is on drugs or not taking enough of them. FD tries to be all scary with his psychotic video packages like his name is Jack Skellington but it just looks like the kid who got bullied at school made a youtube channel, I mean honestly bros, I wish my grass was like FD so it would cut itself." {The crowd "Oos" but then boos, BiC just laughs} "Hold on, I got more" {BiC reaches in his jacket and pulls out a crumpled up piece of paper he unfolds it and clears his throat} "Yep...mhhm. Ok.....ah who am I kidding I can't read" {The crowd laughs as BiC throws the paper behind him before speaking again} "In a couple weeks I face FD in a "FD Rules" match, now you already should know the rules but since this is Boston and things don't go through your head well, I will say it again. The first man to make your opponent tap, or get knocked out, is the winner. You start with one weapon, which is very unfair towards FD because I start with two weapons every match" {BiC lifts one arm and flexes} "Fellas, don't be jealous if your girls seat gets a bit wet. Anyways, FD made a mistake of thinking I can't go extreme. FD made the mistake of thinking flipping me off, and speaking of mistakes lets talk about FD himself. I grew up being taught that God doesn't make mistakes but, damn was I wrong. I mean, its sad to see when an abortion is failed" {The crowd oos once again, they shake their heads. For once, waiting for FD to come out} "Really? You guys are just hata's aren't ya. That really bums me out, I know why though. Its because I am from New York, and you know that makes me better then all of you." {The crowd begins to chant "New York Sucks"} "Man you guys are so easy to play with, just a bunch of chumps who took spent two paychecks just to see me, speaking of paychecks. Lets talk about the best thing a person can have. Money, and trust me I have a lot of it. I mean just look at me, these shoes cost 1,500 dollars. The purple socks, they cost 50 bucks. This jacket cost more then any of your cars, I understand if your jealous, I am good. Now, besides all my money and rolls royce. I was thinking about inviting FD down here to have a little chat with him, but. You know what? That doesn't sound like my cup of tea, mainly because I don't like giant pieces of shit in my tea" {BiC drops his mic and begins dancing} {He stops dancing and gets back on the middle rope with his mic in hand} "Oh yeah, I almost forgot. FD, Smith, and everyone in this arena. I would make a certain gesture towards you all but I don't have enough middle fingers to express myself. What I am saying is that you are all a bunch of wannabes who need to take a lesson in not being pieces of shit. GOOD NIGHT" {BiC Jumps down off the top rope and goes to leave the ring before-
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    The Pretender

    Literally moments after Flynn cuts off from the titantron "Man With A Plan" hits the carnage speakers and instantly boo's flood the arena. Ross walks out from the back with his back turned looking up are the titantron laughing and smiling. The longest reigning United States Champion rolls into the ring and grabs the microphone from the ring announcer and tells him to leave. The crowd gets louder and louder when Ross goes to speak but he patiently waits for them to calm down. Oh shut up. The boo's reign down on Ross with the crowd starting to chant "You Suck". When my mouth opens all of yours shut. It's the pathetic people like you who actually make this self proclaimed king look good. You can all keep showering him in this praise of his long reign and how good he's been in recent months but it won't change the fact I am the next Universal Champion. We are officially under one week from Redemption and I am in the best shape of my career. This is the best I have ever looked physically and the best I have ever felt mentally, and for Flynn, that's something he needs to be worried about. All of you consider me to still be a rookie here in BPZ. You all think that I'm still "learning the ropes" and still developing my skills. Sorry to disappoint you BPZ Universe but you have no idea what I know and what I'm capable of just yet. Many doubted my skills when I defeated BiC for the United States Championship, many doubted my ability when I retained the United States Championship against Alyx Wilde and ALL of you are right now doubting me to beat Flynn. All my career I have had people like you question if I can get the job done even though I promised them I would. I told each and every one of you I am going to do this... I'm going to do that... and what did I do? I DID IT. In just over one year I have done everything I have said I'm going to do and have I been wrong yet. No. But this imbecile continues to doubt me. "False prophet", "Pretender", "Irrelevant". They are just some of the things Flynn has said about me over and over again. He's that worried inside his own head he's actually starting to question if he can get the job done himself. He is trying to figure out my game plan every day of the week. He's going through all of my matches trying to grasp me inside out. Because he's obsessed with me and me only. Flynn doesn't care about anyone but me on Carnage right now. Because rightfully so he knows I'm the only one that can take that Championship away from him he's held for so long. He's going mental but yet I'm the one who apparently has issues. Well Flynn, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I'm not the one with issues. I'm the one with a plan and come Saturday you will be given the reality check you deserve. Ross drops the mic on the floor leaving the crowd to boo and some to cheer. The "Man With A Plan" rolls out of the ring and up towards the back before he stops and pauses. He looks to the ground and then back to the ring where he jogs back down and slides in. Ross picks up the microphone this time hyperventilating. And if Flynn has a problem with that then I suggest he comes and finds out the consequences right now. Ross tucks his hair behind his ears waiting to see if Flynn has a problem with what was said.
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    Two-Hundred and Counting

    The Fans roar as “The King of Carnage” and Universal Champion’s music hits. For a brief moment no one steps out before Flynn finally makes his presence known, draped in a large Royal Robe tonight as he has the Crimson Universal Championship resting around his waist. He is in a much more positive mood it seems as he sports a smile on his way to the ring. He enters the ring, quickly removing the gold from his waist before climbing to the top turnbuckle and raising it high above his head for all of Carnage to witness. Flynn hops back down to the mat, the fans tonight firmly behind the King following recent events against Team Order as “King Flynn” chants echo as others in the crowd making bowing motions. Flynn finally removes a microphone from his boot. Ladies and Gentlemen tonight you are witnessing the history. Tonight marks the two-hundred and FIRST day of KINGSHIP over this brand. Not only this but you are witnessing the second longest championship reign in the history of this company. Most impressively however, you are witnessing the most DOMINANT Championship reign in BPZ History. Never has a Champion been more dominant over a division, never has a champion held a division in such submission as yours truly. It is why week after week I come to this ring, and I claim to be the “King of Carnage”. Because there is no one in the back that can test that claim. I sport this robe tonight, in celebration for the feat. of reaching two-hundred days as champion. I have faced all comers, ranging from BPZ Originals such as FDS and Ryan Reeves, to star studded Indy Stars like Devlin Rhodes and Xavier King. I have taken on faces of the next generation such as Echo Wilson and Ark Universe and through it all I walk in champion and I walk out Champion. You see u believe myself to be The King of this division, I believe myself to be the undisputed face of this brand, and I believe myself to be the top champion currently in this company. But am I THE MAN? Flynn drops his robe, taking a moment to think as the fans are silent in anticipation for him to continue his thought. At Redemption I have been tasked with redeeming the name of the Foundation. I have been tasked with taking on and defeating what many are describing as Flynn’s most dangerous challenger to date. For weeks I have insulted and berated my opponent however I have yet to address the fact as to whether or not I do recognize the difference in Ross and every man I have faced to this date. Ross, when I look at him I can see almost a perfect reflection. He is a man that is willing to sacrifice anything to get what he wants. He will stick a knife in his own brothers back and he will do whatever it takes to take my title from me. He is brutal and he has the killer instinct to put me down. He is almost a perfect copy. Except he’s not. Physically Ross I am the most dominant competitor this company has ever seen. Mentally my friend, I fear nothing. You.... you Ross are a coward. You run from your opponents and you use mind games to accomplish what one boot from myself already would. However now that I’ve discussed our differences let me make yourself aware of how I am different from the pathetic, worthless individuals you have faced to this date. You can’t get into my head. At the end of the day, you can’t tempt me, and you can not break me. While you have escaped my fury to this date, do not think there will be any running when our match at Redemption comes. You see my friend I have spoken to Bailey, and I have ensured that there will be no running, and there will be no chance if any type of interference from the Order come our match. Because Ross, you see you and I shall be locked inside the STEEL CAGE! The fans in the arena roar in excitement for the announcement by Flynn tonight. Ross I have ensured that when the time comes there will be no excuses. I am going to break every limb in your body, and make that cage the resting place for the death of your career. You see I quickly figured out last week upon your little escape that I have been far too focused on Survivor Series that I was falling for your trap. Do not worry Ross, for tonight you have been granted your King’s full attention. So please, make your presence known. Come down to this ring and let us simply..... discuss your impinging Championship bestdown curtesy at the end of the mighty King Flynn. Flynn lowers his microphone, awaiting the rival of his challenger Ross.
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    BPZ Superstar Profiles

    Welcome to the archives of BPZ, the superstar profiles! Have you ever been promoing against someone you don't know that well, and you have to dig through historic forum records for their stuff, and you have to read their promos for their kayfabe characters? Not anymore, because BPZ Superstar Profiles brings to you what most diary meet the rosters do. Today, we're looking at the top four members of Carnage, because, we save the best for last on this thread. "The GOAT" bailey14 | Current BPZ World Champion The GOAT plays as Bailey mak- No. But the General Manager of Carnage has led a resurgence, bringing the war between Carnage and EVOLVE closer than ever. And that war seemingly, could have tipped in Carnage's favor when The GOAT cashed in on "The King" to claim his 5th BPZ World Championship. Now, he leads his brand full steam ahead into 2018 and Carnage couldn't be hotter. The self-proclaimed GOAT has won six titles in his illustrious BPZ career, capturing five World Championships and one Intercontinental Championship, along with main eventing the first BPZMania, and overcoming THREE Money In The Bank Cash-Ins during his infamous "reign of terror". Finishing Moves: "Career Killer" (Double Underhook Piledriver) & "Game Changer" (Electric Chair Driver) "The King of Carnage" Flynn | Current Carnage Universal Champion The King of Carnage has been at the helm of the Carnage resurgence with his Foundation partner, Bailey ever since the night after BPZMania, when he was dealt to Carnage following his brutal beatdown of the EVOLVE General Manager, Slim. Flynn would defeat Ark Universe and Gill at Carnage Power Trip: New Beginnings and has defeated most of the Carnage roster ever since, even winning an 8 man Hell In A Cell Match at SummerSlam and most recently defeating Ross at Power Trip: Redemption. Flynn overall has cemented himself as one of the best in history, having a record-setting 11 championships, with an NXT Championship, a European Championship, four Tag Team Championships, two Intercontinental Championships, a Universal Championship win, and two World Championships. People fear Flynn, and with good reason. Finishing Moves: "King's Will" (Powerbomb), "FKO" (Jumping Cutter), and "Slim Killer" (Coquina Clutch) "The Supernova" Echo Wilson | Current US & Tag Team Champion One of the newest arrivals to BPZ Wrestling in the past few months, The Supernova, Echo Wilson has had one of the hottest starts, winning the United States Championship, and Tag Team Championships with Brad, along with taking The King of Carnage to his limits before The Order and Ross interfered, costing him the Universal Championship. Echo Wilson has a bright future, and that future comes on January 5th when he faces Flynn and Ross in the main event of Night of Legends, for the Universal Championship. Can Echo Wilson redeem his past sins and defeat Flynn, and Ross, and become the face of Carnage? Finishing Moves: "Bloody Sunday" (Rolling Cutter) & "Beautiful Disaster" (Trio of Superkicks) "The Man With A Plan" Ross The Man With A Plan is exactly what he says he is, he doesn't believe in being a so-called good guy, or being a nice guy who wins fair and square. Ross is a man who's seen the world for what it is, and that's corruption, and to win in the world, you have to be corrupt yourself. The longest reigning United States Champion, has seen it all in BPZ, and despite falling to Flynn at Redemption, he's a key part of Carnage for months to come. Ross has won the NXT Championship, US Championship, and Tag Team Championship with BrendenPlayz, and despite not being so accomplished, he's still regarded as one of the best and a key figure of BPZ, and with Night Of Legends coming, he has to be a sneaky favorite in a match that is designed for exactly what he wants - the ability to cheat. Finishing Moves: "The Bootleg" (Bridging Reverse Chinlock), Sliced Bread, Reality Check (Middle Rope Canadian Destroyer) Check back next time for the top 4 members of EVOLVE!
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    The Game Plan

    The Maharajah, Akki. "Sher" plays through the arena speakers as, the Maharajah Akki slowly makes his way to the ring with the Singh Brothers. Akki takes the Singh Brothers almost like his Bodyguard, servant and sometimes his brothers. The arena reigns in with boos soon as Akki raises his hands at the entrance stage. Akki doesn't care about anyone as he walks with the smirk to the ring. He slowly walks around the ring to the timekeepers area and takes a microphone that was handed to him. Akki Mahal rolls in the ring, soon as The Singh brothers were done setting up the carpet. Tonight I will prove everyone why I am the greatest Indian to ever step foot in an BPZ arena. Why? because I have 1.3 billion people on their feet chanting my name at home, school and where ever they are watching BPZ Live. My fellow Indian people believe why "The Modern Day Maharajah" is the best in the world. Yet all you people do is disrespect me, you people disrespect the true spirit of this place, you people make mistakes and the biggest one you people have ever made is the one you are making right now. Booing me? I am the king of the BPZ, I am the true king of this place! You people should bow down to the king that is right infront of you. I am the man that you people will have to respect "The Modern Day Maharajah!". You American fools like Echo and Brad don't know what it's like to be a true hero for your country and nations. You people still have no respect for me. Well me and Slim will teach you people to respect me, when we beat Echo and Brad, and show you people that I am the real king! "The King" by T-Pain plays through the arena speakers as, "The King" quickly makes his way to the ring. The boos also reigns down on the former BPZ World Heavyweight Champion Slim, and also the newest tag team partner with Akki. Slim quickly again enters the ring as, he jumps in the ring looking at Akki, before going to the top rope and posing for the fans. The crowd explodes with boos to both Slim and Akki. Slim goes into the corner as he leans on it for quite a while looking at Akki. He wouldn't move his eyeballs as, he continuesly looks at Akki. Akki looks at Slim as he walks from this corner to that every 10 seconds. Akki signals The Singh brothers to exit the ring as they do. Akki Mahal stares at Slim before putting his microphone to his lips and starts speaking. You American fools, look at that! He is the second to greatest wrestler next to the Modern Day Maharajah Akki! Me and Slim will win the tag team Championships at Survivor Series and steal the show in heavy lifting match I can promise you American goons that. Me and Slim are the greatest tag team to ever storm in this division we are the best atlethes to step in this very ring. And at Survivor Series we will prove you that. Brad and Echo Wilson are 2 gamble buddies who you can never trust. The two are two unlegendary icons that thinks they rule this division, but they are just big and firm and need to be stepped aside by "The King" and "The Maharajah". People like Brad and Echo Wilson always underestimate the power of 2 wrestlers who don't ever talk. But those two wrestlers are the only thing that can storm through the Tag team division. If I look at Team Slim & Akki, I see Pride, Power, and mostly Passion. Slim and Akki makes you sure that at Survivor Series there will be nothing else that will change, except for the tag team titles! And to do that, we will eliminate the "United States Champion" 'Summer' and "The other half of the tag team champion" 'Brad'. Oh-Uhw. We might think Brad has heard enough. Brad walks to the entrance ramp as, the crowd buzzing with cheers. Brad slowly walks over to the ring, with some evil in his eyes looking direct at Akki and Slim. Brad gets midway through the entrance ramp, as he stops and does his signature poses with pyro then quickly gets up and walks over to ring side. Blindly The Singh Brothers pushes Brad in the ring. Sameer and Prince up on Brad with punches, Brad though with his amazing strenght of power keeps throwing The Singh brothers out of the ring until Akki Mahal from the back connects with the Khallas! Remember! You people will have to remember these three "P's" Pride, Power and Passion is what I am putting in my match against Brad & Echo Wilson. I will keep putting these three elements in my match, because 1.3 billion people will have my back while 10% of Americans will have Echo's and Brad's because they do not know what teamwork is! Akki raises both his hands high, as the Singh brothers slowly gets up with the help of the ropes and poses along with "The Modern Day Maharajah" Akki Mahal. Slim finally releases himself from the lean on the corner and stares Akki Mahal before leaving the ring setting up a hint that he is using Akki.
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    As Royalty begins to play throughout the packed Carnage arena the reactions shifts from cheers to boos, the BPZ fanbase have come to hate this new attitude of BiC, in just 5 days he takes on FD in an FDs Rules matchup, soon enough BiC runs out on stage. Tonight he is wearing a black jacket, on the back is a picture of him holding the world title. He is wearing leopard print joggers and on his feet are unreleased Jordan shoes, and of course on his head is his signature Gucci hat. BiC lifts the mic up, trying to get a reaction from the booing crowd before speaking} "I AM. THE BEST IN CLASS, THE BEST IN THE WORLD, THE MAN WHO BEAT SLIM. TALENTED, ATHLETIC, HANDSOME, I AM B. I. C." {BiC nods and laughs, continuing his way down the ramp} "NEW ORLEANS! HOW. YOU. DOIN!" {The crowd once again lets out a loud set of boos, some fans chant "Shut The Fuck Up" and others flip off BiC as he reaches the ring, diving in before standing up and speaking again} "Now listen up because ol BiC got a story to tell, so shut your phones off. Stop stuffing your sweaty faces with food and pay attention." {BiC stands in the center of the ring as the lights dim with a spotlight shining on the Gucci wearing King Of The Ring} "There once was a boy, as ugly as a truck. He told his mom every day that he *Little kid voice* wanted to be a superstar *Ends* and it just so happens that when this boy grew up he would land in a young company named Brendenplayz Wrestling, at the time this company had a lot of space to fill. They desperately needed stars so they signed this man thinking he was apart of the make a wish foundation, when this boy started out he screamed all over the place. He then smartened up a bit, traded his ginger hair in with short black hair and became a multi time champion of the world, he went on to become an intercontinental champion, tag team champion, and more. But that was in 2014, 15, and 16. Its now 2017 and we see that man now, he is a depressed, washed up, out of shape, horrible excuse for a superstar that is only still in this company because of his name. Now if you idiots haven't figured it out yet I am talking about the adoption center reject himself FD. FD, not only will you have to step in the squared circle with me but you have sealed your own fate buddy. Its like a wild wild west story, me and you at high noon. But we already know who is leaving Carnage." {BiC lowers the mic and takes a chance to look around, and even up, not wanting an attack from FD} "You claim this new attitude, this emo phase of yours, was brought on with years of being screwed. Years of being treated badly, you would get more opportunities if you didn't suck so badly FD, you remind me of a hooker. They get paid to suck. FD rules, street fight, death match, whatever it is I will beat the shit out of you. Whatever match type you choose it will be your last, FD you can bring whatever messed up weapon you want, weather it be a chair or even your dildo it doesn't matter. What matters is that BiC is back and better then ever, at Survivor Series I walk out the Premium champion. In 4 days at Emergence I stand tall over FD. And his mom, the one he told he was going to become famous one day. Can watch on tv, and see the mistake she made get killed." {As soon as BiC finished his sentence the lights would cut out completely, when they would turn on. A bloody chair with someone tied up in it would appear in the ring. They would be screaming for help and BiC would look scared/worried.} "You think some stupid halloween decoration will scare me FD, no way man" {BiC would lift the cloth off the man, and inside would haunt the crowd and BiC forever. Staring back at BiC would be...himself, bruised and bloodied. BIC would fall back in terror as the lights would cut out, when they would turn on. FD would be the one sitting in the bloodied chair with a mic in hand and a horrible smile on his face. BiC would leave against the ropes in a sitting position, terrified out of his mind}
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    With "Crew" playing Jonathan steps out from the mini-tron and walks to the edge of the stage, asking the already rowdy fans to get louder before walking back to the center of the stage, a look of pure determination in his eyes and a slight sneer formed on his lips. He throws both his fists in the air before beating his chest twice and throwing a dist pump that reveals his new tagline of "Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim" on the back of his shirt. He makes his way down the ramp, giving out high fives occasionally, but still, he seems laser-focused as he climbs the steel steps and mounts the second rope where he once extends his arms into the air before putting them outwards, soaking in the reaction from the crowd before hopping into the ring. He walks over and gets a mic from a staff member, twirling it in hand as he makes his way to the center of the ring with the fans quieting as they wait for Jonathan to begin talking. "Last time I was in this ring I was standing face to face with a man that I had encountered countless times during my time here, one I never had the absolute pleasure of facing in the middle of a BPZ ring and now will be facing in a months time. Brad, I cannot let you leave that ring as the same person you came into that match as. It wouldn't be fair to everybody salivating at the idea of this matchup, no I have to fight you as if it is my own life on the line.You have proven time and time to be what you bill yourself as and have taken everybody to every imaginable limit. But I'm not the every that you have faced, I don't need a weapon or underhanded tactics, I'm going to walk into Survivor Series and fight until I get the three count I'm looking for. There won't be any doubt as to whether I'm legitimate, or if I deserve this, I will quell the talks of me being underrated and show that I am better than I have ever been. When we meet in that ring on November 26th, you're the man who told me I wasn't worth a damn when you were in the Authority, the one I hated with every fiber of my being. I won't let another opportunity to rebuild what I let crumble pass me by, and if I have to restore my legacy on your back, so be it." "But now onto a man who I have a lengthy history with, the man who after constantly not being able to get the job done by himself turns on those who try to help him. He came out here week upon week and tried his dearest to show off to you guys, trying to prove that he was as good as he said. He made a simple mistake when he put his hands on me at the end of Paranoia, it's human he was frustrated and if this was a normal occurrence I'd let it go. But it wasn't normal, you see Sameer I have only one regret for my entire time here and that was never being able to get you by yourself in a ring. I chased the Premium title for months as you hid behind the boss that empowered you, playing around in your Sketchers as you continued to be protected every time you slurped one of your coveted milkshakes. You paid for your success for so long a time that I can't just allow you to go on as you are. I'm looking to correct an abburition, the fact that I never had a chance to defeat you." The crowd pops at this as Kerse begins to remove his shirt, tossing it into the crowd before grabbing the microphone once more, not even waiting for the crowd to drop in volume but instead electing to talk over them. "And since I'm in the giving mood, how about we do it right now? Come on Sameer, you can't possibly still be running from me. Get on out here."
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    The Weapon

    The Carnage arena comes unglued as “The King of Carnage” and Universal Champion, Flynn steps out and marches straight to the ring, a man on a mission here tonight as he waists little time admiring the Carnage atmosphere that greets him. He rolls straight into the ring before turning around and facing the fans, who still seem split on their Champion. He eyes down the fans on all sides before climbing to the top turnbuckle, holding up his Universal Championship for all of Carnage to witness. Flynn jumps down back to the mat, a microphone in his hand as he slowly circles the ring, contemplating what he is about to say. I must say, a lot has happened in between now and the last time I was given some alone time in this ring, my ring! I went trough one of the most enduring championship matches of my career and walked out STILL your Universal Champion. However now I already face a new challenge, a new enemy in the form of a former friend. Ross, a man who I know better then any of my opponents before. Now while you would think this would give me the advantage it only gives to me the types of expectations I should have. Ross is ruthless, he is cunning, he is intelligent and he unlike any challenger before him will do anything it takes to get the job done. He is my most formidable foe to this day. However despite all of these fore comings he, like all who oppose the King of Carnage, WILL FAIL! Because you see Rossisnt just coming for my Championship he is coming to hurt me. His plan is not to just defeat me but to incompasitate me for the near future. To ensure he would not have to deal with the consequences of stealing my Championship from me, as well as ensure his own teams victory at Survivor Series. But I’m sure you must all be begging to know, where will this plan of his go wrong? How will I, “The King of Carnage” overcome “The Man with The Plan” Ross. I’m going to punch him in the mouth, and then I’m going to spear him in half. I will break every bone, and tear every ligament and then the plan will not be to take my title no it will be to get as far away from Flynn’s possible, just as he attempted to do days ago. Flynn receives a massive pop, the crowd quickly rallying behind The Universal Champion here tonight as he sends a statement to Ross. However tonight I did not just come to this ring to discuss Ross, no that would be a waist of mine and all of you peoples time. No I came to this ring tonight to discuss the war I currently find myself entrenched in, with the EVOLVE General Manager, Smith, and the rest of his team I have now been told will be known as”Team Order” a Time Survivor Series. Let me tell you something about the Order. It thrives off dominating the EVOLVE Locker Room. It thrives on a pack mentality, where they must hand together to stay on top. They are the KINGS OF EVOLVE. But you see, here on Carnage, I did not need to team with several men and beat down my locker room week after week, no I’ve been doing it for seven damn months proudly, and with ease all on my own. You see while many in the back claim I have the backing of the boss, how often has that truly came into play when I’m dominating you in the middle of this ring. You see Smith, without your Order, you are nothing. However I recognized pretty quickly at Halloween Havoc just how out numbered I am and that is why I realized I can’t do this on my own after all. My first recruit being “The Supernova” that took me to the limit, Echo Wilson. The next, coming straight from EVOLVE, a man who told Smith to shove it, Prince. However, TONIGHT, I introduce to you people the FOURTH MEMBER OF TEAM FLYNN! The man who finally see’s this place in a much more similar fashion to I, in that he has been reborn from the pathetic sap that he was, and now is the most dangerous weapon on TEAM FLYNN, PUT YOUR HANDS TOGETHER FOR FDS! An all too familiar theme cuts Flynn off as the crowd are in complete shock.
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    The Weapon

    Flynn and FDS both turn their heads and look at the stage as the music of the number one contender and a member of Team Smith at Survivor Series hits the speakers. Ross walks out from the back and the hairs on the back of Flynn's neck stick up while you can see the frustration in his face. Ross smiles and claps until he gets half way down the ramp. What a speech. You know, it brought a tear to my eye. On one side we have Flynn trying to finally get on with people for once in his whole career and on the other side we have FDS trying to play the hard game. This psychopath went from flashing his cash in a lovely expensive robe to this ugly, disgusting cheap butchers suit! But I won't go on all day about Flynn begging for friends or FDS' new choice of clothing, I'm actually here to make a little announcement for our title match Flynn. At redemption as you are all aware me and Flynn go one on one for the Universal Championship, the biggest prize Carnage has to offer. But after having a really good think about this I have decided to add abit of flare to our match, so at Redemption if you win Flynn I can not get another shot at the Universal Championship as long as you are the champion but... yes there is a but. If I win that Championship around your waist at Redemption. You can never have a Championship Opportunity at the Universal Championship again as long as I'm champion. The crowd 'Ooooo' as Flynn thinks on about what Ross has offered here on Carnage. Oh I nearly forgot, and for this little survivor series match, I will be bringing my A game. I don't care about the 4 men in your team Flynn because the only thing that matters is Team Smith and we will bring... Order To BPZ.
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    We return from commercial break, we now find ourselves preparing for tonight’s main event. A video package is shown, highlighting Flynn and Ross as partners in the Foundation, attacking and destroying several members of the Carnage locker room, before Ross’ eventual betrayel of the group. Quick replays of the two’s feud is shown before cutting back to the ring. The steel cage is lowered as the crowd begins to rumble. The cage is finally lowered before a familiar theme hits. The crowd in the arena explode with boo’s for the challenger and “Man with a Plan” Ross. He carries a smirk however a look of determination in his eyes for tonight’s match. He slowly steps out onto the stage before looking back, and heading down to the ring. He slowly circles the ring, eyeing down the cold structure before entering through the cage door. He stands directly in the center of the ring, admiring his surrounding before resting in his corner, prepping himself for the battle that is about to ensue. The crowd roar as “Rockabye Baby” by Joey Bada$$ hits, the self-proclaimed “King of Carnage” and reigning Universal Champion now stepping out onto the stage. He hoists the Universal Championship to a massive ovation from the crowd who seem extremely pumped for tonight’s match. He sports a black and gold attire tonight as he heads directly to the ring. He pauses as he reaches the cage, taking a deep breath before entering the large structure, eyeing Ross down before getting right in his challengers face. Both men shout insulted toward one another before being sent to their separate corners by the referee. The referee hoisting the title in the air, before handing it to an official on the outside. The referee checks on both men before signaling for the bell, the match-up officially beginning. As soon as the bell rings, Ross turns and attempts to escape the cage, climbing up the corner as quickly as possible as Flynn rushes across the ring to stop him. However as soon as Flynn is beneath Ross, Ross leaps down behind Flynn, before shoving him face first directly into the cage. Ross quickly rebounds off the ropes and hits a running drop kick on Flynn, sending him crashing into the cage. Ross catches Flynn off the rebound and hits a nasty snap-suplex. Ross proceeds to stomp on Flynn, holding nothing back as he looks to punish the champion. The crowd boo as Ross proceeds to surpringly dominate Flynn, lifting him up before Irish Whipping him however Flynn catches himself in the ropes, only to turn around right into a big boot, sending Flynn’s skull straight into the cage. Flynn now seemingly knocked out, Ross begins to climb up the side of the cage however as he gets back up, Flynn recovers, climbing up the side of the cage and meeting Ross. Flynn would quickly grab a hold of Ross before.... GERMAN SUPLEX OFF THE SIDE OF THE CAGE! Ross rolls to the cage as Flynn is able to bring himself to his feet. He runs and hits a nasty clothesline against Ross who was leaning on the cage, flattening the challenger. Flynn now enraged roars as the crowd cheer him on. Flynn slowly begins to lift Ross up before lifting him and putting him down with a nasty belly-to-belly Suplex! Flynn now begins to set Ross up for the spear as he looks to finish things early tonight! He lines Ross up however Ross leaps over Flynn! He hits a nasty kick to the back of Flynn’s skull, before lifting him up and attempting a German howver Flynn powers out hitting two massive elbows. Ross pushes Flynn away, looking to springboard off the middle rope... Ross takes Flynnwho went for the FKO! Ross now almost at the top of the cage, has an embarrassed Flynn in hot pursuit. Both men battle while hanging from the side of the cage, dueling for supremacy. Flynn goes for the German once again howver Ross doesn’t seem to let go, instead losing Flynn and reaching the top of the cage. Flynn follows suit as now both men sit on top of the cage slugging it out. However out of nowhere Flynn hits several nasty head butts, causing both men to go crashing back inside the ring onto the mat! The crowd explode as both men lay in the ring out cold, the referee beginning a TKO count. Following reaching nine, both men have made it to their feet. Flynn goes to continue his assault on Ross however Ross is prepared, surprising Flynn with a nasty kick to the gutt, before kneeing him hard in the side of the head. Ross proceeds to Irish whip Flynn into the side of the cage skull first several times, not once releasing Flynn’s arm before finishing up with a nasty spinning neck breaker! Ross quickly goes for the first pin of the night 1...2... No! Ross quickly growing frustrated lifts Flynn up before going to throw him into the cage, howver Flynn quickly reverses, spinnin. Around and throwing Ross spine first into the cage over the ropes! Flynn quickly takes a break in the corner as Ross only slowly makes it to his feet, but when he does Flynn is there to meet him. SPEAR RIGHT INTO THE CAGE! Ross looks absolutely flattened as Flynn lifts him I’ve rthe ropes and connects with a nasty running powerslam to follow the Spear. Flynn pins Ross 1....2.... NO! Ross kicked out as Flynn now begins to break down. He would kneel on top of Ross, landing multiple strikes to the skull before turning to the crowd who are fired up for the heated battle. Flynn would quickly climb to the top rope, before calling for a move he rarely does, the Frog Splash! Flynn would take a minute before leaping and connecting! Flynn would cover Ross 1...2... NO! Flynn would quickly continue to assault as he would land several deadly strikes on “The Man with a Plan”. He would go to lift Ross up for the Guillotine however Ross was ready! Ross bites the ear of Flynn as the champion screams in pain! Ross quickly takes advantage, running up the side of the cage as he connects with Sliced Bread! IT COULD BE OVER! 1...2... NO! Flynn just kicked out! Ross looks stunned however doesn’t look to waist any time as he goes to leave through the door. However as he walks away, Flynn quickly grabs his ankle, stopping Ross. Ross turns and begins stomping on Flynn however Flynn refuses to let go. Ross out of frustration lifts him up and hits several firearms before staring blankly into the ring corner, evil thoughts now corrupting him. He lays Flynn out before calling for the REALITY CHECK! Riss tonight appears to want to follow up on what he has claimed as he is going to give Flynn a reality check. Ross stands on the ropes and leaps howver Flynn jumps to his feet, breaking Ross’ concentration who breaks formation mid-air... FKO OUTTA NOWHERE! FLYNN COVERS ROSS 1....2....3 NO! Flynn looks absolutely outraged before crawling back to the corner, contemplating what to do next. He begins talking to himself as Ross still lays out on the mat not moving an inch. Flynn slowly slithers over to Ross calling for another FKO! However as he lifts up Ross, Ross out of nowhere runs shoving Flynn face first into the cage wall before locking in THE BOOTLEG! He chokes Flynn who squirms around the ring, however Ross doesn’t appear to want to let go as he attempts to synchronize the move in. Before he can however, Flynn runs back crashing Ross into the side of the cage, causing him to release the deadly maneuver. Ross would go at Flynn again before receiving a massive kick to the stomach. FLYNN LIFTS ROSS UP IN POWERBOMB POSISTION! Flynn slowly marches around the ring as he looks for the powerbomb however looks to hit the King’s Will into the cage! He throws Ross howver Ross catches himself and attempts to climb the cage. Flynn once again leaps into the air stopping Ross, this time slamming Ross’ skull into the corner of the cage, before connecting with an FKO!!!! FK from the top rope howver Flynn doesn’t look to finish there as he lifts Ross up for the King’s Will, headlifting Ross above his head for added affect as he connects! KINGS WILL! Flynn covers Ross 1....2....3! NO! Ross kicked out! Ross kicked out! Flynn looks shocked as does the crowd as Ross is only the second man in history to kick out of the King’s Will! Flynn looks down on Ross who appears to be absolutely broken, taking a long minute to contemplate, before heading to the door and simply leaving the cage and Ross, winning the match as the crowd are simply shocked at the efforts of Ross. The bell rings announcing Flynn as tonight’s winner however The King of Carnage in no way looks satisfied tonight. The cage slowly raises into the air as Flynn returns to the ring looking down at Ross who is still broken. The fans chant “That Was Awesome”. Ross would finally make it to his feet before coming face to face with Flynn. Both men would stare each other down before Flynn would extend his hand, much like he did for Echo Wilson weeks earlier! Ross would accept! Both men would shake hands before Ross would leave Flynn alone in the ring. Flynn would hoist the title up in the air, the crowd giving a massive ovation as for the first time in his Title reign, he is truly recognized by all as “The King of Carnage”.
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    The Lies We Tell Ourselves

    {The scene opens up in a room with a single hanging, unlit lightbulb. Similar to the one seen in "Broken." The sounds outside is still and quiet. The silence is broken by the flicker of a lighter. The camera pans down to show Necce with a lit cigarette in his mouth. Rather than the light of the camera illuminating the room, as per usual, Necce rather embraces the darkness. The only light in the room is from the end of the cigarette and the moon outside; it's just enough to show Necce's face.} You know Slim, your little speech made me think. It forced me to look into myself the way nobody ever has before. I truly had to evaluate my entire career. And in this moment of existential catharsis, I discovered one thing; you're right. {Necce looks out of the window as a wave of depression washes over him. He takes a long drag of his cigarette and flicks the ashes off of it. He exhales the smoke and continues talking.} Slim, I like to believe that I am nothing like you, however, in my moment of introspection, I realized there is one thing we both have in common. We both have delusions of grandeur. We both have convinced ourselves that we are more important and significant than we are. We both like to believe that all the blood, sweat, and tears we've shed in this company will be remembered years, even decades after we're dead and gone, but we know that won't happen. They say that everyone has 2 deaths; the first is when you physically die, however, the second is when people simply forget about you. It's a hard pill to swallow, but whether you choose to accept it or not, we're just tiny dots on an endless timeline. We've made our marks on history, but I learned first-hand how quickly someone can come along and take that away from you. {Necce looks down at the cigarette in his hand.} We're like cigarettes. Picked at random without any thought given to it. In that moment, we think that we're special, like we're the only thing in the world that matters. But we neglect the fact that we come in a pack of over a dozen other cigarettes, that look exactly like us, there's no difference, our only source of importance is that we were picked in that very moment. We burn for as long as the person who chose us wants us to, until we are thrown away, never to be thought about again. We fade away like the smoke that emits from us. {Necce takes another drag from his cigarette.} With that realization, comes another. This one more crushing than the last; I don't matter anymore. In my prime I was one of the hottest midcarders in BPZ. Putting on the best matches, cutting the best promos, but now, I'm just an old star who's taking up space in the roster. A man who desperately tries to recapture his old glory that he knows will never return. Trying to recapture that lightning in a bottle that will never happen again, and when he realizes this, he runs. Returning a few months later who gets huge pops because the fans are just glad to see him back. Fans who are also just reminiscing on the past. A star they loved is back, he'll be gone in a few months, so let's enjoy him while he's here. {Necce takes another drag of his cigarette and exhales slowly.} Another thing you were right about, Slim, was that I was never dedicated to this business. I love this business and everyone in it, but that's not why I did it. That's not why I spent 2 years of putting my body through the damage and trauma this business requires out of you. The real reason I did this for so long, was that I was running. I've talked to death on the abuse I endured in my youth, but like most things in my life, it's the source of every decision I make and every move I take. Wrestling and music were the only things in my life that took me out of the position I was in, so I ran to them. I found a place where I could do the thing while being loved and respected. In my situation, how could that not sound like the best thing in the world? But after a while, it all became too much. Everything I did to make myself happy, made me as unhappy as ever. I found myself looking at more and more bottoms of empty pill and whiskey bottles, hoping that could numb the pain, but it never did. And as tradition, when I find myself unhappy, rather than try to find a solution, I run. It wasn't until my daughter was born that I had to ask the hardest question I've ever asked myself. Which is worse; a father who hates you, but is a constant presence in your life; or a father who loves you, but is never around to show it? Which hurts worse; A punch or silence? It was the first time in my life that I decided not to run, I decided that my children deserve to have a father who loves them, who sees them as the only thing in the world that matters, something I was never given. I'm not running anymore Slim, from my past, from my failures, and from the truth. The biggest thing that I've had to come to grips with is that, in all actuality, I don't hate you Slim. That was just a lie that I told myself so I didn't have to face the real reason I resent you as much as I do. I don't hate you Slim, I'm jealous of you. When you came into BPZ, I was already an established name. You needed me to get any recognition. Now, I'm nothing, while you're the face of the company. You were somebody that Flynn and I took under our wings, and now you're the longest reigning champion in the history of our company, while I get meaningless feuds and matches to send the fans home happy. You're at the top of every card you're on, where I'm in the middle solely based on my tenure. It's a hard pill to swallow Slim, but I need you. I keep thinking that if I beat you, then it'll put me in the spot that I think I deserve to be in. I keep thinking that if I keep bringing up the fact that you've never beaten me, then it'll somehow make me the star I used to be, though I know, I know that it won't. My need to best you isn't based off of hatred Slim, it's based on jealousy. {Necce takes one more drag from his cigarette before throwing it away.} That's why I want to beat you so badly Slim. I hold on to this hope that if I can keep you down for that one extra second just one more time, that it'll drag you down to the bottom with me. I know, deep inside of me, that it won't make a bit of difference, but I hold on to this thought, hoping that maybe it'll come true. I'm as close to rock bottom as you can get Slim. At this point, there's only one thing that keeps you going. It's not talent, or past successes, it's hope and heart; and hope, hope can be a terrible and dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane, but I'll hold on to it, for as long as I can. Until that moment when I finally get the better of you, I'll hope that it'll provide me with the happiness I've been looking for for years. I'll chase that hope all the way to Survivor Series, and if it means that I have to die to eliminate you, then I'll take my final breath as the referee hits the mat for the third time, all in my endless pursute for an unattainable goal. {Necce finished talking and goes back to looking at the moon outside of the window. The light illuminates his face for a final time, before the camera slowly fades to black.}
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    Great Again.

    An unknown theme song hits as the crowd are confused, before eventually there is noise coming through the speakers, as Bashka walks down the Carnage ramp, holding a sign saying “Let’s make BPZ great again”. The crowd are booing him on the way to the ring as he smiles while wearing a tie. He steps into the ring and plants the sign down. That is right people, I am back after a minor injury...but not to fear, over my time of absence I have had some thinking time, some time to reminisce on my near three years here, and I have come to the conclusion that BPZ at this moment in time is not what it once was, we were at our peak in 2015. So due to my three year anniversary coming up on the day of Survivor Series, I have decided to step to the front of the line and use my expertise to be able to try and turn BrendenPlayz Wrestling into the powerhouse it once was. I’m going to... MAKE BPZ GREAT AGAIN, and you can all help me. Just like in school, I’m going to say something, and I’m going to ask you to say it back in unison. I’m not doing this alone, no no no, I’m doing this with the help of my POWERPOINT PRESENTATION. Bashka presses a button on a remote and on the screen “No Interruptions” is shown as Bashka attempts to get the crowd involved, but they refuse and boo him. STEP ONE: NO INTERRUPTIONS Step number one of making BPZ great again is no interruptions, I have noticed that 95% of the time whenever somebody wants to speak their mind, they get rudely interrupted. Now, being a man of integrity, wisdom and equality that I am, I think that everybody should get their turn to speak their mind. After all, didn’t your teachers teach you that it was rude to interrupt others? STEP TWO: NO FEAR I have been planning this PowerPoint presentation for a few weeks, but of course it was only two or so days ago that I was called out by the guy I BEAT in the Global Championship Chase, Fear. He revealed himself to be Poiunight who was a fraud anyway. So, Step Two to making BrendenPlayz Wrestling Great Again? Getting rid of Fear, getting rid of the deluded creature that he is, to make way for the other, lower ranked superstars who only dream of being great, like me. After all, I’m a man of integrity, wisdom and equality. That’s all until next time. Bashka’s music hits again as he picks up his sign and walks to the backstage area, saying “You’re Welcome” to the fans on his way out
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    Two-Hundred and Counting

    "Man With A Plan" hits the Carnage speakers and a slight smirk comes across the face of Flynn as he puts the Universal Championship over his right shoulder. Ross walks out from the curtain in his usual gear with a microphone in hand and starts to slowly walk to the ring. Ross starts to walk outside the ring circling Flynn. The Universal Champion stares down at Ross and he stares back. Ross rolls into the ring and the two finally come face to face for the first time in months. The fans are going mental as both men looks angry and hesitant at the same time. Ross turns his back to Flynn knowing in his head that the Champion won't make a move. He smirks and goes to lean on the turnbuckle. Wow. You really are tense they wasn't lying. King Flynn, I heard that's what you are calling yourself now, I was just in the back sat down and I hear your music hit the speaker, so I turn my attention to the TV and see you stroll down to this ring and just bore this people to death, I'm sorry to say it but that's what you did. But one thing caught my eye Flynn and I couldn't help but confront you about this. You are not the same as me, when you look at me like right now, you shouldn't see a reflection. You should see the greatest wrestler in this company to date. You SHOULD see the man who is going to beat you at Redemption for that title you have over your shoulder right now. But Flynn, don't play the victim. Do not act like you didn't have the chance to be at my side when I sent Bailey into hiding. I opened every door for us as a duo and you was just shutting them right in my face. I made sure you retained and I went to extreme lengths to do that. So I didn't stab you in the back. I finally decided to make my own opportunities and fortunately Slim offered me a way out of the Foundation. A way to expand myself as a singles competitor. So I took the deal. You was... how do I put this, at the wrong place at the wrong time. Ross takes a breath and leans off the turnbuckle and stands up straight as Flynn hasn't moved since Ross stepped into the ring. I say this every time I speak to anybody Flynn and I am going to say it again. I am the man with a plan. And no matter what, extreme rules, no disqualification, no holds barred, falls count anywhere or even in a steel cage like you claim. I always have a plan. I don't need The Order to win just like I didn't need the Wilde Club or British Strong Style. I don't need anybody to beat you Flynn. I am the greatest in this company and soon you will believe it and so will all of you here tonight. Whether I climb the cage or I pin you in this very ring, at the end of it all my friend and I mean it all, I will be the next and new Universal Champion. Believe that. So, King Flynn. Do you believe that? Ross moves side to side and waits for Flynn to respond.
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    "ie: intention"

    The fans abruptly erupt, causing a case of panic. The cameras look around the arena for what caused the reaction from the fan when they find Kerse standing in the middle of the ring, standing still with his eyes fixed on the mat, the fans noticeably quiet in anticipation of the words to come. He raises his eyes, determination sprouting from them as he begins to pace around the ring readying to speak. "How do you go on without purpose? I asked myself this question for months on end as I struggled to lace up my boots every time I stepped into that locker. I smiled at people I despised and stood amongst them as if I wanted to be there. Understand that as much as I love coming out here each and every week to entertain every last one of you, I can't do it. Week in and week out recite the garbage appointed to me by the "Men In Black" who have no idea what it's like to pour everything out every time you step out the guerilla. So I walked away from it to find my purpose. I sat at home and did what I chose to do, and you know what I found. I do not need approval to strengthen my performances, I do not desire the respect of my peers, and I damn sure don't give a shit about what management finds best for me." Kerse is rolling now as he gets the crowd rowdier by the second. He gestures for even more noise to be made as the arena becomes a deafening echo chamber, fans succumbing to the energy radiating from Kerse who has not stopped moving. He finally raises the mic once more and continues. "What I found is that I am the fearest competitor you'll ever meet and like every other true competitor walking, I intend to claim a prize. That prize is whatever the person I'm facing holds dearest. I'm not a bad guy no, I want to take something away from anybody placed in front of me so I give everybody I face. I have a few things I want to do, ie: intentions. I'm going to walk into Survivor Series and plant the flag of Evolve squarely in the middle of the ring, beating whoever thinks I don't deserve that opportunity in the process. I'm going to have people lining up at my locker room salivating for an opportunity to face me. I will jump through any and all hoops to claim the title I should've snatched months ago, the Global title. With that title on my shoulder, I will take back the Intercontinental title which has alluded me for years on end. I will cement the fact that the energy I garner from the crowd is much greater than any other source, and I will take the title that I never should've let go. I will rebuild our empire, reconstructing it brick by brick. I will reiterate the statement that is muttered every time that I'm on screen, that I am the very best at what I do. And I will reclaim all that I have lost, and stand atop the mountain that I conquered once before with every fan in attendance shouting the name of "Jonatan". I will reclaim the legacy far too long trifled with, the one built in the hearts of every last one of you. And if anybody would like to say that what I have said today is wrong. I'll be waiting."
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    A reintroduction

    It's been awhile. Some of you may remember me, a lot of you probably will not. Honestly, I didn't realise just how long it had been since I was last here, especially regularly. I used to be a moderator here, way back when, and was one of the top contributors on the site, but I ended up disappearing, reappeared briefly, made some broken promises about sticking around, and disappeared again. Obviously, it was never my intention to just go, I just got caught up in things such as working, or going to University (I am in my second year now). This time, I won't make the mistake of decisivly claiming that I will be back for good but I will say, I will put in the effort to pop in as frequently as time allows me and make sure to remind everyone why I was one of the original Hall of Fame inductees on these forums (I have no idea if that still exists). A couple months back, August maybe, I received a message from Bashka on Xbox politely asking me to come visit and I said I would, but I again got caught up with Uni and my return was delayed until now. Hopefully, like I say, that won't happen again. But I would likely to both thank Bashka and also apologise to him for waiting a couple months before I followed up what I said I would do to him. Anyway I won't say anything else but I am looking forward to catching up with old friends and meeting the new guys here, though I guess I will be considered the new guy now. Also, recently found your TEW 2016 series Brenden, I am really enjoying it!
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    "ie: intention"

    Time ticks by, second by second, which turns to minute by minute and nobody has yet to step up to the former World Champion in Kerse. As all seems to be wasted time.... "Champion" by Chipmunk ft. Chris Brown hits the Evolve arena as the crowd sits silently not knowing who this could be. That all changes as the roar of the crowd shakes the arena and the look of surprise hits the face of Kerse. It's Brad! The Tag Team Champion is on Evolve! Since the first time since his contract was terminated, Brad stands on the rival shows stage with no title, no Echo Wilson, or any Carnage backup in sight. He looks around amazed by the crowds reaction to his arrival as he smiles and walks himself down to the ring. He high fives the fans before hoping onto the apron. He stares a hole into the eyes of Kerse before stepping between the ropes and grabbing a microphone from the corner of the ring. Surprised to see me Kerse? You know something? We've known each other personally for two years. Two years. We've battled across from each other weither it was when you were Rebeling against a Authority, or us standing side by side in a Court of Royalty. But both in of us cannot deny when we made eye contact, you and me wanted to show who's better than who. Unfortunately, we never had the chance. The timing never fit since you get hurt or go to reignite your "flame" to get back to do this that we're hired to do. And for me since I'm busy trying to shut my critics mouth, along with being called lazy, unmotivated, and the next former Tag Team Champion, well mothers, lock up your daughters, because "The Underrated Legend of BPZ" isn't going anywhere! The crowd roars as both men start staring at each other with a intense yet competitive stare down. The crowd starts to chant "Let's Go Brad" and "Kill Him Kerse!" as both men break their staredown to stare into the seats at the loud and rocking crowd. When we last stood in a sqaure circle together, you were on top of the world. World Champion, Premium Champion, the King, and a leader. And that same day, I took your crown from your head, and smashed it with my boot and ended The Court. A ankle injury forced me away for a tad while, which means you couldn't get revenge for causing your empire to go up in smoke and your kingdom to no longer bow at your feet like you wanted. While things may heal and all is forgiven, you will not deny that we still want to prove out of the two, who is truly better right? So, with the permission of the man in charge, I was allowed to show up to offer a solution. November twenty sixth. Survivor Series. You, me, in a match. The crowd roars again as Brad lowers his microphone and looks into the crowd. As they start chanting "YES!", Brad holds the microphone up so the chants get louder. He looks at Kerse and mouths "You hear this? You freaking hear this?!?" Brad vs Kerse, Angelo Caito vs Jonathan, Lord Angelo vs Lord Jonathan. Two warriors tearing the house down at Survivor Series in a instant classic. The control is in your court. Is it Game On?
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    Unite and Destroy

    Carnage opens to a sea of fans, the camera panning over thousands in attendance screaming in excitement. Finally several replays flash of the brutal steel cage match between Flynn and Ross for the coveted Universal Championship, which saw Flynn put Ross down with a Powerbomb before leaving the cage and retaining his championship. The package ends with Flynn standing alone in the ring, hoisting his Universal Championship high above his head to thousands of screaming fans fading to black….. However the video would quickly pick back up, showcasing the return of Tamer and his brutal beat down upon Flynn. It showcases the shock of the fans attendance before ending on both Smith and Tamer shaking hands, a partnership many thought would never come to fruition. We cut back to the Carnage Arena… The fans in the arena are on their feet as the infamous theme of the self-proclaimed “King of Carnage” hits. Flynn would slowly limp out, showing battle scars from not just his brutal steel cage match but the attack courtesy of Tamer and Smith that followed. He stands on the stage, a look of humiliation however still carries much swagger with him as he raises his Universal Championship high above his head. He stares directly into the hard cam, a look of determination before haunting directly at the end of the stage. The fans in attendance chant the Universal Champion’s name as he slowly removes a microphone from his boot. He takes a moment, contemplating everything he is looking to state tonight before finally breaking his silence. We all have done things in our careers that we regret. Things we do indeed wish we can take back, however never can. They are the sins of our past, they are the scars of the choices we have made in our lives. I have done many things I do regret. I have ended men’s careers for the sake of progressing my own. I have stabbed men I called brothers in the back and I have sold my own soul to the devil simply to skip to the front of the line. At Redemption, I truly felt all of the sins of my past come down upon my like the fury of god. Because you see, when I put Ross down, a man who is in every way vile as he is treacherous, and I hoisted this Championship to the cheers of you people, I for once thought I had whipped my past clean. I had finally been accepted by the people as the King i for years did anything to become, and all I needed to do was prove I was the best. Tamer took that moment from me, and it’s all my fault. The man who attacked me that night, the man who shook Smiths hand, that is not the same man who at one time was the only one in this damn company that would fight for what he believed was right against the forces that tried to hold everyone down. He was a man to be respected and he reached the mountaintop through his own hard work. And I took that from him. You see ladies and gentlemen at Survivor Series I will stare across the ring against every sin of my past. Whether it be Smith, the man who I quarreled into this battle in the first place. Or Slim, the man I left lying in rubble due to my own jealousy and hate. Or Ross, who I defeated and made the mistake of trusting that he himself had no part in Tamers return. Or Jonathan, whose career I have held down on so many occasions, that it is without doubt he would take the most pleasure above anyone in putting me down. And finally Tamer who’s greatest career moment I ruined. These five men haunt me. At the end of the day this is a war I began, and a battle I myself started. This is my war, and it is my final chance to prove why I am everything I say I am. Because if I can’t defeat the men I have sidetracked, the men I have wrong and those I have challenged for supremacy over this industry, then who am I to say I am the King? And while this feat may seem impossible, it is the job of every great king to overcome these obstacles that have been placed in his path. That is why I, The King of Carnage, Flynn, will not be heading into this war alone….. Flynn lowers his mic, the fans buzz in excitement before slowly Echo Wilson steps out to many cheers from the fans. He is then followed by EVOLVE’s very own Prince and FDS to many boo’s, surprisingly walking together as they both stand to the left of Flynn, Echo taking his place to the right. Finally Necce steps out, the fans cheering him on as he takes a final spot to the far right of Flynn. Flynn eyes down his team before leading them to the ring, all five men standing side by side tonight showcasing how united they have become despite seeming like such an unlikely combination. All five enter the ring before standing firmly together. Flynn once again raises the microphone to speak. Ladies and Gentlemen tonight you pay witness to the army your king has put together. The army that will walk into Survivor Series, go to war and SURVIVE! Smith, and the rest of the sell outs he’s set behind him laugh at us. They see Team Flynn as nothing more than a mere road bump. However as I proved at Redemption, this is no laughing matter. I am out for blood, and I know the men beside me are as well. While some of you do not like me, and while I myself have even proven to do to you like I have done to several of Team Smith’s own, this is our moment to forget the past, to make a new future for not only ourselves but for those in the back who have clawed for so long to the top only to be sent back down by those who don’t deserve to sit in the throne they find themselves in. I want you all to take notice to the men you will find yourselves fighting side by side. You are all men who have been wrong by Smith, or by Slim. Each of you have been robbed in some individual way and this is your own chances at redemption to prove you were all wronged. Earn your revenge or continue to wallow at the bottom of the pack. Because if we do this, if we defeat and overcome the impossible, then we become the impossible. We become the leaders of the pack, the immortals that all will pay tribute to. So now I leave this to each of you, are you in, or do you accept your role at the bottom? Flynn drops his microphone, stepping back as he gives stage for any of Team Flynn to answer his standing question and statements.
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    Unite and Destroy

    {Necce takes the microphone away from Echo, and the fans begin to buzz. Necce has remained quiet and hasn't been seen on BPZ TV for a few weeks. Necce wastes no time getting down to business.} One thing I've been known for behind the scenes here at BPZ is my poor eyesight. But when I saw 2 men make deals with the devil, I knew that in that moment, for the first time in my life, I had 20/20 vision. This is not the first time, nor the last time, that I've seen a man who I called my brother turn to the dark side. For all of those hardcore BPZ fans, you know that Slim is not the only member of Team Smith that I have unfinished business with. At the very first BPZMANIA event, I won the last title I'd ever hold, when I beat my "friend Jonathan. Before my celebration could begin, he stabbed me in the back the very next month, and stole the title from me. At the time, Jonathan was on top of the world, and he couldn't handle the fact that I was the one speed bump on his road to become a "god." Since that day, we've gone our separate ways. However, at Survivor Series, our paths will cross for the first time since April 2016. A meet up over a year and a half in the making, and as soon as I finish crippling that little puppy Slim; your neck is the next one that my blade is aiming for. Oh...and how I could I forget? The ghost of BPZ has finally graced us with his presence. The almighty Tamer has been announced as Team Smith's 5th member... {Necce looks down at his wrist} ...a week before the show! Since Tamer and I have never interacted in BPZ before, there is no history between us, there is no need for me to exact any kind of revenge, and therefore, no need for me to care. However, an interesting thought has come to me. This match is the only match in a while that would bring Tamer, Jonathan, and myself out of the shadows. You see, what bringing us out of nowhere was supposed to do, was add a bit of unpredictability to the fold. Break up the monotony and stagnation that festers in the roster and matches of modern BPZ. But in actuality, our respective returns conjure up one question amonst the audience. "Why should I care?" Tamer, Jonathan, and myself are alike in many ways. Great wrestlers? Yes. Great talkers? Yes. The greatest professional wrestlers to EVER step into a BPZ ring? Without a shred of a doubt. But the one way that all of us are alike that no other BPZ wrestlers share. We show up, make a bit of a splash, and then we leave, only returning when people are starting to forget about us. When we're called upon to participate in these matches, we feel special, it boosts our ego, completely blind to the fact that the only reason we joined the match was because there weren't enough subscriptions for the BPZ Neccework. We aren't a special attraction, WE'RE A FUCKING SIDE SHOW. So another question arises...not from the audience, but from deep within us. A question that every wrestlers ask themselves. A question that seeps into your mind late at night, when you're finishing the days last cigarette, lying in a hotel bed rather than your own. "Why do I do it?" For many it's a dream, something they've loved since they were a kid. For some, it's for the fame that is had when you sacrifice your body, only to be paid in handshakes and gas station hotdogs. But for us, it's different. For us, we're trying to chase our youth. All three of us where, at one point, on top of the world. You two are former world champions. Tamer was a king, Jonathan was a God, and myself a must see talent. But now, the sands of time have passed us by, and we all now it. So that's why we do it. We're all on minute 14:59, and we hope that with one more match, one more big moment, one more return, we can get one more second. But at the same time, we know that we're just another famous former face to take the fall, so we can make the current stars look good. So at Survivor Series, you'll see 3 desperate men, fighting with everything they've got to get out of the cold of irrelevance, and into the warm spotlight of success. So now the question is...who wants it more? So enjoy the show, ladies and gentlemen, because once Tamer, Jonathan, and I are eliminated, who knows when you'll see us again? {Necce drops the microphone at the feet of his teammate Prince. He stares into the camera, as if he was looking through the camera and into the souls of the two Team Smith members. We now that this Survivor Series match will be like no other, this isn't about brand supremacy or settling scores. For many participants, this may be their last chance to be in the spotlight.}
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    To The Top

    The green, white and orange lights are shining on the ring canvas as, "Sher" plays through the arena. The boos again, louder than the music itself. And there he comes!! The Modern Day Maharajah. The Singh Brothers in the back as they accompanies "The Modern Day Maharajah" Akki Mahal to the ring. The Indian Flag is brought to the ring as well. The Anti American Akki enters the ring as he poses to the fans while standing on a cotton mat. AMERICA!!! Bow down for your future United States, Tag Team and Global CHAMPION! The crowd boos Akki as, he raises his hands up with the Singh Brothers in the background clapping. The last time I was in this ring in full attack mode, I dominated "The Scorpion". This is a sign that at Survivor Series I'm dominating both Summer & Brad twice. No one, not a single person can stop the track YOUR Modern Day Maharajah is running. And after I win MY United States Champion and Tag Team Champion. I will look forward to go TO THE TOP. To the top and win the TTT and cash it in on the one, the American Nate. But before I get to Nate I've to dominate the TTT Ladder match, I've to destroy everyone in that match. Let this be a warning to every other wrestler that is entering the TTT, I don't fight for me or for the Singhs. I fight for Pride, Power and Passion, and this means that I will give all my Pride, Power and Passion in the TTT, When I beat everyone in that match and once and for all deserve what I want, and what I came to do in Evolve. But there's always an obstacle, that obstacle isn't Summer, It isn't Brad and thank god it's not The worst GM In history, Bailey. That obstacle is the so called "Scorpion" GRV. Who is scared of me after what I said and done last time I was infront of him. He blocked all of my television time on that promo. But, GRV, I don't care what anyone thinks or says. And I mostly don't give a fuck about you saying anything. And here I'll say it again... At TTT when I aim for you and dominate you, there will be no Phenom, Viper or Llama to help, because those TRANS will be crying and after I win TTT two of them will be sucking my dick. Akki Mahal savagely laughs as, the Singh brothers claps on with the fans booing in the background. Let this be a warning to anyone who dares to step in the ring with Evolve's Modern Day Maharajah, and when Slim told me a few months ago that I'm the future of Evolve. He was right! And I am going to prove that as the Modern Day Maharajah, when I beat down everyone standing in the Maharajah's way. Because, Nate, Ark or FD when I win TTT, you guys will go down, and if you think of looking upstairs The Maharajah will fix that for you, because WHEN I BEAT ONE OF YOU THREE, YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO LOOK! Akki Mahal looks at the crowd before going to the top turn buckle and raising his hands up. Following that he leaves the ring with the Singh Brothers.
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    What a night its been here at Redemption, and there is one man, who has demanded redemption against the thief who took two of titles, his pride and his dignity, at Halloween Havoc. His name is Joshua Scott. The lights turn way down low, and the very familiar tune, of the most Must-See Superstar in BPZ can be heard around the arena. On the stage a lone drummer is seen, then a single guitarist, followed by the lead singer and before you know it, the entire White Stripes Band is playing their song "Seven Nations Army" and welcoming Joshua Scott to the ring. Scott steps out from behind with a long coat and his dark tinted sunglasses. He heralds his welcoming band before looking at the crowd, as they boo, he smirks. The guitarist does his hard bass solo as Josh poses on the apron, before entering the ring. The crowd enthusiasm shifts slightly as a more upbeat tune can be heard, signalling the entrance of one special kid. His name is Echo Wilson, one of the newest arrivals to BPZ, who has had a flying start to his career, already US champion, and one half of the tag champions. He has a very bright future coming to him, but it all rides on tonight. Can Echo defend his title against a revenge-thirsty rival known as Joshua Scott? If he can, he will never have to face Josh again for his US title, and he could be in the clear. "Headlines" hits and the lights flash, the strobes moves around the stage in flashes of green and red. Echo Wilson steps out with a bouncy attitude, ready to do what he does best, he has a bright smile on his face which enfuriates Josh all the while. This time around he wears a very puffy baby blue jacket, with his usual Scorpion on it. He steps out into the lights and looks out into the crowd. He keeps his hands behind his back as he makes his way down to the ramp. He claps the hand of one of the little kids in attendance before showing off, and taunting on the steel steps. He zips up his jacket and vaults over and into the ring, using the turnbuckle. He lands and poses, hands behind his back, nodding out into the crowd. He climbs back up onto the turnbuckle and poses again. It's all or nothing tonight for Joshua Scott, either he fulfills his destiny once again or he falls at the feet of the Supernova. One final opportunity to make all his movestar dreams come true. Josh takes a deep breath as the bell ring. The war of atrition immediately starts, Josh with fury in his eyes starts to charge, aiming for the gut of Echo, but Echo calmly halts his progress and sends his crashing down with a powerful kick to the skull. Josh does a full 360 roll over before landing on the floor, the momentum knocking the air out of his lungs. Echo looks down at Josh, no remorse, something cruel in his eyes. The story of anger is still written in Josh's eyes. Echo steps back and lets Josh rise warily to his feet, before chargining with a deathly knee but Josh dodges. Echo's knee is hurt and Josh shows now mercy, immediately bringing the pain with a German Suplex and he doesn't stop there. He mounts Echo and lands punch after punch, with zero remorse in his eyes. Echo uses his legs though to push Josh off of him. They both get to their feet in time but Josh is quicker of the two, and backs Echo into the corner with a shoulder tackle knocking the air out of his lungs. Echo lies in the corner while Josh rebounds off the ropes. FLYING KNEE IN THE CORNER! Perfect precision and with just enough strength has Echo reeling already. Josh climbs to the middle ropes waiting for Echo to stand and when he does he tries to jump on top of him but...NO WAY! Dropkick in mid air, catches Joshua Scott, showing off the athleticism of the Supernova. Josh rolls out of the ring, to catch his breath, but Echo is following close behind. Echo picks Josh up now and throws his lifeless body into the barricade. Josh falls like a ragdoll on the mat. Josh winces and twitches slightly. Echo sees his chance and sets Josh's elbow against the steel post. A BIG BOOT CRUNCHES SCOTT'S SHOULDER INTO THE PURE STEEL! He aims to do it once again but Josh moves his leg slightly to the right getting it caught between the ropes. Echo tries to pull his leg out but its no use. Josh now sizes up the knee of Echo, and superkick! Josh is trying to maim Echo now, and he may very well have as Echo crumbles down, clutching his knee in pain and agony. Josh now continues his work as Echo writhes in pain on the floor. Josh grabs him by the hair and tosses him back in the ring, slowly sliding in himself. Josh slides in and locks in the ankle lock on Summer, making him scream in pain. He looks at the ref with true burning hate and forces him to continually ask him if he wants to tap out, Echo starts to squirm so Josh brilliantly transfers it into a devastating Jawbreaker submission maneuever. Josh focuses on Echo losing all emotion except for hate, and to his horror, Echo starts to escape and slip out. So, Josh is forced to let go, Echo is quick to the mark though and drags Josh into a corner. Echo rolls out now and ties Josh's legs around the ring post. Echo applies a figure four with Josh's legs trapped around pure metal. Josh refuses to tap, not giving Echo what he wants. Echo now, realizing his maneuever wont work, lets go, before backing up and hitting a Big Boot of his own, into the legs of Josh, sending both knees bouncing off the metal. Echo smiles, taking a breather for himself, high fiving a fan in the process. He pulls himself up to the top rope, looking for a double foot stomp, but somehow, Josh musters up some energy which makes him dive up to the top rope, knocking Echo off balance and sending him crashing down to the ground. Josh wastes no time and hits a REALITY CHECK! Goes for the pin, 1! 2! Kickout! Unlucky by Josh there. Josh is furious, and grips Echo by the hair and sets him up, going for It Kicks. He lands kick after kick, with a sickening crunch each time, Josh doesn't seem to be growing tired either. Echo with one final effort catches the leg and throws off Josh into the opposite corner, Echo lies there, both rivals sitting in opposite corners. Josh brings himself to standing position first and charges, but as soon as he comes in, his momentum is halted by a new move never used before by Echo. Reportedly he calls that the Dark Matter. He goes for the pin of his own, and a 1,2 Kickout! Wow! Somehow Josh is still in this. Joshua Scott might have spent his final piece of energy as he lays there, motionless. Josh might have ended his only shot at glory, and the United States title, but for now, he lives to fight for a few more seconds at the very least. And that seems to be all he needed because as Echo tries to work on him, he sends him reeling with a stiff kick. The United States title means so much to these men, and Josh is not willing to let it slip out of his hands. Josh looks at Echo, the man who stole all the worth he had in his life, Josh smiles. Not the smile of an evil man, but a smile of a man who might've just cracked a code to the secret of beating Echo Wilson. He walks over to Echo but Josh has taken too long admiring his own work and Echo kicks the knee of Joshua Scott. This time Echo smiles, not of respect, but of pure evil, something we've never seen from the Supernova before. He rolls out and grabs a chair and a ladder. He sets up the ladder connecting it from the ring to the barricade and sets up the chair in between the ropes, warning the referee to let them be. Had Echo been paying attention he would've seen Josh stirring. Josh now, stand up and smashes Echo from behind, throwing him into the chair head first. He then sets up the bent chair and springboard off the ropes. OZ CUTTER ONTO THE CHAIR! Devastating maneuver sends Echo's head crashing into the canvas! Goes for the pin as well now. 1! 2! HE KICKED OUT! Is that even possible?! Josh, is in disbelief as Echo lies there, arms out wide like a starfish. Josh nows comes close and lines up for a large slap to the face but Echo reacts fast and sends Josh's nose into his forearm. Echo stands up with the help from the ropes, he looks out into the crowd, with bad intentions in mind here. He looks a little sorry for Josh, as he mounts elbow after elbow onto Josh. Echo loses enrgy though and collapses next to his opponent. There is complete silence for a few seconds until the crowd erupts into cheers for the first time in the match. Echo needs to act quickly now and so he drags the body of Josh across the ring, and in the center he looks for any sort of move. Just at that moment though Josh's eyes pop open and in pure survival mode his brings up Echo and CODEBREAKER! GOES FOR THE PIN! 1! 2! KICKOUT! Joshua Scott with all that he could throw at the Supernova, nothing doing there! Joshua Scott is shocked, stunned, he imagined this match to be over by now but Echo is still here surviving. Echo crawls over to Josh, HES GOT THE AMERICAN NIGHTMARE LOCKED IN! Josh has lost all hope! This has to be it for Mr. Amazing! OH LOOK ITS GEORGE! George is Josh's sidekick, the NXT Champion! Echo senses other presence and turns to face George. He stares at him, emotionless, which frightens George, who seems to have lost his surprise factor here tonight. George charges none the less but is caught and BLOODY SUNDAY ONTO GEORGE AK! No luck for the Joshtourage right now. George rolls out to avoid the pressure but from behind SPEAR! Echo got caught with a Spear! Josh is calling for it! The Great Scott incoming! GREAT SCOTT CONNECTS! 1! 2! 3- HE KICKED OUT! JOSHUA SCOTT IS UP IN ARMS! Milliseconds away from his coveted 3 count. Josh turns and begins to argue with the ref, but as he does so the Supernova starts to stir. Josh turns but its too late. CLOTHESLINE! Echo now looks at Josh, then at the Ladder, I think he has an idea, a sick idea. He grabs the Most Must see superstar and throws him over and onto the ladder. Now he lays there back first, Echo has a running start. ECHO WILSON LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! WHAT A MANEUVER! Springboarding off the ropes, turning backwards with a corkscrew, sending Josh crashing through the now broken ladder. Echo wastes no time, capitalizing on this and throwing him into the ring. With this spare time, Josh is stirring, and now he's on his feet. SUPERKICK! Josh is wavering , ANOTHER SUPERKICK! Josh falls to his knees, and ONE FINAL SUPERKICK! ECHO FINISHES THE BEAUTIFUL DISASTER COMBO AND GOES FOR THE PIN ! 1! 2! 3! ITS OVER, ITS OVER! Echo WIlson did it! He's beaten Joshua Scott for the second time in a row! The camera pans to Josh who looks devastated, and utterly defeated now. His one final chance to make something of himself has come to naught, and in a night of Redemption and Revenge, Josh has failed to find it. George looks from the outside, dissappointed at his own downfall. Will Josh make George pay for this mistake? Meanwhile Echo smiles brightly as he staggers up the ramp, US Title in hand. Nothing can stop Echo, as he walks into Survivor Series, your United States Champion. One thing is for certain, Echo Wilson is here to stay.
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    FDS Rules Match: FDS VS BIC

    BIC Makes his way out to the ring, the fans cheer him as he enters the arena. He raises his mic and the cheers get louder. "I AM. THE BEST IN CLASS, THE BEST IN THE WORLD, THE MAN WHO BEAT SLIM. TALENTED, ATHLETIC, HANDSOME, I AM B. I. C." The fans Chant “B-I-C” “SAN ANTONIO! HOW YOU DOIN?” The fans start chanting “How You doin”, BIC Makes his way down to the ring dancing to the chants, he gets in the ring and waits for FDS to make his way out. FDS Enters the arena to a massive amount of boos, the fans showing their disdain for him. He stands at the top of the Ramp and he flips off the fans. FDS walks down to the ring and he walks around the ring, staring at BIC, BIC following FDS with a gaze. FDS gets back to the front of the ring and he enters the ring, he takes off his coat and removes his mask. The bell sounds and straight away both me run into the middle of the ring and start exchanging strikes BIC manages to take advantage and gets FDS out of the ring with a clothesline, BIC goes for a suicide dive but FDS intercepts him with a forearm Smash! FDS now hangs BIC on the apron and nails him with an Apron DDT! FDS now goes under the ring and he grabs the first weapon of the match bringing out a standard steel chair not his usually white steel chair, FDS walks over to BIC to smash him but BIC back up and he dropkicks the chair into FDS’ Face! BIC now gets FDS Up, he goes for a suplex but FDS reverses it into a brainbuster! FDS now gets the steel chair up again and he starts smashing it over the back of BIC! Over and Over again FDS keeps going until the chair is bent! FDS now gets BIC up again and he suplexes him into the Barricade! FDS now backs up, he goes for a knee strike on the face of BIC in front of the Barricade but BIC moves out of the way and FDS smashes his knee into the barricade! BIC now grabs FDS’ knee and he pulls him down and locks in a half boston crab but FDS grabs the leg of BIC and breaks the boston crab hold. FDS gets back to his feet, BIC does as well and BIC nails FDS with a clothesline, then gets him back up and nails him with a reverse STO! BIC now gets FDS up again and now just goes to throw him into the ring post but FDS reverses it and throws BIC into the ring post! FDS now grabs BIC from behind and nails him with a Back Suplex! FDS now goes and goes under the ring again and he brings out a table! FDS sets up the table and he gets BIC up for a death valley driver through the table but BIC slips out of it and he grabs FDS from behind and Germans him into Barricade! BIC now feeling a bit groggy, he walks over to the announce table and he grabs the cover of the announce table and he takes it over to FDS but FDS gets back up before he can and FDS smashes a steel chair into the cover into the face of BIC! BIC down now, FDS goes onto the ring apron with the steel chair and then Jumps onto BIC with the steel Chair! FDS now gets BIC up and he throws him over the barricade into the crowd, FDS gets in and he goes to grab BIC but BIC punches FDS into the face and he’s got brass knuckles on his fists! FDS now rocked and BIC grabs him and nails him with a massive DDT on the outside! FDS bleeding now, BIC gets him up and goes to suplex him but FDS Blocks it and then throws BIC onto the barricade in the form of a suplex gutbuster! BIC hung up on the barricade and FDS runs at him with a knee strike to the face and BIC falls back into the ringside area, the fans get into the face of FDS, FDS steals a beer from one of the fans and he spits on the fans with it! FDS then goes back over the barricade and he throws the beer at BIC and yells “DRINK UP CUNT” and then FDS gets BIC up and starts nailing him with Muay Thai Knees to the face, over and over again trying to open up BIC but it doesn’t work, FDS not done though, he goes under the ring and he brings out a line of barbed wire! FDS takes the line of Barbed wire and he rubs it over the forehead of BIC and BIC just starts bleeding like crazy! FDS puts the barbwire down and he gets BIC up, he goes for a rainmaker but just as he’s about to hit it BIC counters it into a spanish fly! BIC now goes onto the apron and he nails FDS with a shooting star headbutt! BIC now goes under the ring and brings out a kendo stick! BIC now swinging the kendo stick around taunting FDS with it, FDS gets back up and BIC smashes FDS in the face with the kendo stick and then in the gut and then in the face and then back to the gut! And he does this continuously for a bit before FDS falls down, BIC now gets FDS back up and he goes to punch him in the face with the Brass Knuckles but FDS stops the punch and he looks at BIC like a crazed madman and then Smashes BIC with a massive jumping knee strike! FDS Now smashes BIC with a clothesline! FDS now gets BIC up and he throws him back into the ring! FDS though now goes under the ring and he grabs… A bottle of tequila lemon juice mix and a photo? FDS gets in the ring and he puts the bottle down and he grabs the arm of BIC and starts paper cutting between his fingers! FDS now grabs the Tequilla mix and pours on the cuts! Oh my god! FDS now grabs the arm and Snaps it back! BICs arm riving in pain! FDS now gets BIC up and he throws him outta the ring, FDS stands in the middle as the crowd boos him furiously, FDS doesn’t care he goes for a suicide dive on BIC but BIC Moves out of the way and FDS crashes into the announce table head first! FDS down now, BIC grabs FDS and nails him with a swinging suplex neckbreaker on the outside! BIC now goes onto the announce table, FDS gets back up and BIC moonsaults off the announce table onto FDS! BIC not done though now he goes onto the ring apron, FDS back up again, BIC goes for a springboard moonsault but FDS catches him and Tombstones him on the outside! FDS now goes under the ring and brings out the blood stained steel chair! FDS now starts smashing BIC over the head with the chair! FDS now throws the chair away and he gets BIC up and in position for worst nightmare but BIC counters into a suplex onto the steel chair! BIC now gets FDS Up and starts punching him in the face, he then tags a little page out of the current BPZ world champions play book and tells FDS to suck it as he goes for a brass knuckle punch but FDS ducks it and he grabs BIC for a Blood rainmaker! BIC down now FDS throws him back into the ring and FDS takes his steel chair with him, FDS gets BIC up now for a Lay you to sleep but BIC gets out of it, he goes for a handspring cutter but FDS catches him and nails him with Lay to sleep through the steel chair! FDS though not done he goes and gets BIC up again and he powerbombs him out of the ring through the table on the outside, on the outside now and FDS locks in worst nightmare! The ref tries to get a response from BIC but he can’t BIC is out and he stops the match! FDS defeats BIC tonight! FDS Though not releasing the hold and holding him in position before eventually breaking the hold but then FDS grabs BIC by the hand and stomps his head in! FDS finally lets BIC go and then just poses as the fans Boo him! FDS now gets BIC up again and then throws him into the barricade! FDS finally walking up the ramp as medical officials go and tend to BIC, FDS really has shown exactly how vicious he is here at Redemption tonight. OOC: I just wanna say thank you. Thank you to every single person Carnage who I ever feuded with over the last year. I know i could end up back here but Carnage has been the brand i've been on for nearly a year and i've had so many great feuds that i'm proud of and I wanna say thank you to everyone on this brand and that you guys are always going to be some of the best promoers on this website. Especially thank you BIC for making my last feud on Carnage for at least a little while as good as it was.
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    I Won't Hide

    {Right as George is about to reach the stage "World's Apart plays a shock to the BPZ universe and George himself! Apex smiles as the crowd is all smiles and happy as can be to see the underdog return to BPZ. Apex looks at that redemption poster and smiles. He then bumps his shoulder against George and runs down the ramp smiling as the crowd continues to be noisy. Apex gets in the ring and starts bouncing off the ropes and takes off his leather jacket and looks around the crowd while waiting for someone to grab a mic for him. When he receives the mic George still has a look of surprise on his face before standing proper again as apex smiles and looks down at George still at the top of the ramp.} Apex: You want competition George? You want a fight at redemption? I can name a person that can give you one of the hardest fights of your entire career, a man that can still wrestle with the best of them, a man who has constantly defied the odds and has found a way to win no matter the challenge. That man is me George, you obviously weren't my first choice as an opponenet but after this little segment of yours I had to step in. You come out here proclaming that the people in the back don't respect you and that you can carry this PPV to great heights that you alone hold Carnage by a thread and you are the best on the roster. Come on George I forgot about you i remember you as a kid that had great talent and tons of potential and I was right you have that NXT Belt and you deserved it. George with an attitude like that you will not go to the top you will not keep growing you will fall down on the ladder of success and end up searching for scraps If the people in that locker room don't respect you then they probably have a damn good reason too. So listen loud and clear Josh we can call this match at redemption "The future vs. The Veteran" . Now you can accept and carry this PPV to great heights like you promised these fans or you can decline and continue to have the people in the back and the most important thing about this show these fans. If you beat me you will have earned my respect as a wrestler if you don't then we learned that you have a lot of talk but little Georgie can't back it up. I push myself to the limit every time I wrestle wrestling is the most important thing in my life and I would love a match to prove to not only the fans but the people in the back including Bailey that I still got it... {Apex leans against the ropes waiting from the challenge from George}
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    What You Did.

    Video Start. Someone who is tied up and gagged, a bag over his face. The screen flashes and then suddenly the bag is stained red and the floor is covered in blood. The screen flashes again and FDS is shown standing in front of a camera He locks into the camera gaze focused on the camera, the camera zooms out to reveal FDS’ blood stained clothing. Blood dripping from his hands, the camera flashes again back to the body no longer dripping blood but FDS then walks into frame. He starts beating the body with a barbed wire baseball bat, the Body twitches and after a hit to the gut, FDS pulls out the Bat, the man begins to bleed from the gut. FDS then swings the bat into the head of the man, blood drips from the bag. FDS stares at the body and then starts to smile, he walks off camera. The Shot seen before is repeated but FDS then comes back into frame with a canister of gasoline, he surrounds the man in a circle of gasoline. FDS steps back and he lights a match, he lights the circle. The fires seem to engulf the man, the flames rise higher and higher until the man is no longer visible. The Camera cuts to black, then cuts back to FDS smiling sadistically. The Camera cuts back to where the man used to be, except now the chairs gone and instead we see a half burnt CHAOS shirt. The Camera Blacks out and finally pans back up to FDS Sitting in the chair that the man was sitting in, his clothes have suddenly changed to a black collared shirt with a Black tie. FDS takes out the matches, he lights it and stares at it, he then looks back at the camera and Smiles. The Camera cuts out again but this time it comes back up and a Video of Ark with his two allies attacking FDS before Summerslam of this year plays except every time they hit FDS a video of FDS hitting the man comes back up except now the man is wearing a Chaos T-shirt. The video stops, the camera slowly fades back on and pans to FDS sitting in a chair, he looks up at the camera and smirks. Hello there. (pause) It’s Been a while. (pause) How have you been? (pause) Oh. (pause) You’re not happy to see me? Of course not, just like I wasn’t happy when the man who I considered to be one of my closest friends backstage, the man who I believed we could take on the world together… the man who I thought I was on good terms with… Stabs me in the back. You really expect me to believe this? This good guy act you’re putting on. This act of you being the fan favourite, being the man on Evolve…. You were lucky. Not in your match at paranoia no, that was your pure skill, in that I didn’t brutalise you more. In that I didn’t hurt you like I did to the poor soul you all saw previously. FDS stops. He takes a photo out of his pocket and he looks at it. Poor James. He was so young, had so much potential…. But he knew what was coming when he crossed me. A simples misunderstanding he claims (Snickers) Like how Ark attacking me with a steel chair was a simple misunderstanding? Like how the man who was my tag team partner just a few weeks before stuck a knife in my back? Was that a Simple Misunderstanding? No. It wasn’t. Tell me. Do you hurt? Do you feel the sensation of pain on your back when a steel chair cracks over your back? Do you actually understand what you did? Are you conscious of your decision? If you’re Ark I have a feeling the answer to all those questions is Yes…. but you’re wrong. You don’t understand, you think I’m just another one of your opponents. That i’m no different from anyone you’ve ever faced before. FDS stops. He slowly looks up at the camera and throws the photo away. You’re wrong. The Camera shakes viciously and FDS is shown looking into the camera covered in blood but it quickly transitions to an image of FDS sitting with a bloody face after Ark attacked him with a beer in hand. It transitions again this time to an Image of FDS holding the half burnt up Chaos shirt. Fade to Black.
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    A spectacle that will not happen again for a long time occurs as Echo Wilson walks out onto the EVOLVE stage, scheduled for a matchup. In what would usually be a delightful moment for The Supernova, he doesn't seem too cheerful. Nevertheless, he forces a small smile on his face for the sake of the fans. However, it isn't long before Echo's smile is gone and replaced by the serious, focused look he entered with. He hastily makes his way to the ring before lifting his championships to the ovation of the crowd. Then, he looks back on the stage, lifts his arm and requests for Smith to come to the ring. The arena lights dim before exploding with a frenzy of white and pink. Following that, Smith storms onto the stage and instantly begins mouthing off at his opponent in the ring. Smith then ends his mocking with a huge grin before kneeling. He then bursts to his feet and makes his way to the ring. As soon as Smith gets in the ring, he marches up to Echo before raising his Premium Championship in the air. Echo responds by lifting his United States Championship. Smith then raises his Intercontinental Championship and Echo raises his Tag Team Championship. The two double champions then stare each other down for a while before Smith turns back and waits in his corner. The bell rings and instantly, Smith darts out of his corner. He sprints across the ring and nails Echo with a devastating flying knee to Echo's knee, causing Echo to flip over onto his back. As soon as Echo lands, he grabs his knee in desperation. The official hurries to attend to him, checking if it's serious. Meanwhile, Smith slowly but surely gets to his feet and then looks down at the hurt Echo Wilson proudly. Then, Smith dismisses the referee's order and begins working away at Echo's knee with repeated rapid fire elbow drops. Each time, the aggression in Smith's face becomes more and more palpable. Simultaneously, the screams of pain coming from Echo grow more and more harrowing. Finally, Smith decides he's done enough and stands up, blatantly pleased with the damage he's caused. Now, Smith heads to the outside, looking under the ring for a weapon to inflict even more damage with. At first, he grabs a steel chair and throws it in the ring. Then, he grabs another steel chair and throws that one in the ring as well before he changes it up a bit, pulling out a ladder. Smith has the ladder in hand at ringside but whilst he was collecting his ensemble of weapons, Echo managed to get to his feet and find his way onto the apron. Therefore, as Smith lifts the ladder up and looks to get back in the ring, he is surprised to see Echo on the apron, running at him. Echo then leaps off the apron and catches Smith with a cannonball senton into the ladder! Echo is now rallied up and the fans are behind him. He throws Smith back into the ring and then gets back in himself, bringing the ladder with him. As Smith attempts to get back to his feet, Echo stands over him and slams the ladder into his backside. Echo keeps ahold of it and now lets Smith get to his feet, planning to thrust the ladder into his face this time. Smith smartly uses the ropes to help him climb to his feet. As soon as he makes it up, Echo charges at him with the ladder. However, Smith is quick enough to drop back down onto his back, causing Echo to charge into the ropes with the ladder. The ropes send Echo flying back and the sudden change in direction causes him to lose his grip on the ladder which lands on its side in the ring. After that, both Echo and Smith get to their feet. They look at each other and then Echo runs at Smith. He attempts a clothesline but Smith catches Echo's arm before lifting him up... And planting him down with a Michinoku driver onto the ladder! Echo is left slowly draping off the ladder until Smith quickens the process by roughly shoving Echo off the ladder. Echo then flops to the canvas and Smith goes for the pinfall! 1...2... Kickout! Smith now, the only one on his feet, grabs one of the two steel chairs he threw in earlier. He then strolls over to Echo and suddenly begins unleashing on the already damaged knee of Echo! Three chair shots in, Smith spots the top turnbuckle in the corner of his eye. He stares at it for a moment and then rushes over to it with the steel chair still in hand. It seems as though Smith is about to hit a top rope maneuver with the steel chair until all of a sudden, Echo throws his body onto the top rope. The rope shakes all over, causing Smith to lose his balance and fall onto his private area. Echo now has Smith on the top rope. He hooks one of Smith's legs... He's looking for an Avalanche Dark Matter! No! Smith escapes and lands on his feet, leaving Summer to fall by himself. Smith now scurries to the opposite corner and climbs to the top. Smith is looking for a top rope maneuver until Echo catches him with a huge leaping dropkick which knocks Smith into a seated position on the top rope now. This time, Echo doesn't meet Smith on the top rope. Instead, he goes to the outside and grabs... A table! Echo slides back into the ring with the table and sets it up in front of Smith. After setting it up, Echo begins climbing up the turnbuckles to finally meet Smith. However, it quickly becomes apparent that Echo took too long and gave Smith too much time to recover as Smith rocks Echo with a nasty knee. Nevertheless, Echo is able to hang on to the ropes but is only on the second turnbuckle. With Echo stunned, Smith stands up, points his fingers in a gun shape at Echo's head and drills him with a massive meteora through the table! Smith dives back on the body of Echo for the cover. 1...2... Kickout! The Supernova keeps the matchup alive! Smith can't believe that Echo kicked out; he's in shock but quickly returns to plotting his next move. He grabs the second steel chair, begins to measure the distance from the corner and then places the chair back down in what seems to be a calculated spot. Smith then turns his attention back to Echo, lifting him into the corner so that his back is facing Smith. Smith then tightly gets Echo in a waist lock before rolling through with an O'Connor roll... Smith was going for the O'Connor roll German suplex onto the steel chair but Echo is able to land on his feet! As Smith gets up, it's clear that he doesn't know Echo escaped and he's caught off guard. Echo gets him into an inverted DDT position and then nails him with a Bloody Sunday onto the steel chair! Echo is straight onto Smith for the cover! 1...2... Foot on the rope! Smith got his foot on the rope and he kept the match alive this time around! Echo sits up and as he realizes what happened, his head sinks into his hands. Meanwhile, Smith escapes further danger by rolling out of the ring. Echo takes his time getting back to his feet, knowing he has time to recover after planting Smith with such a hard-hitting move. Once Echo is up, he joins Smith on the outside. He goes down to pick up Smith but Smith catches him with an eye poke! Smith then scurries to his feet and quickly lays Echo down with a uranage sideslam. Smith then goes looking under the apron again... This time, it's Smith pulling out a table. He sets it up nicely at ringside before placing Echo on it. Smith then returns to the ring, gets a build up and looks to be going for some sort of suicide dive... No! Echo is off the table and on the apron instead! Smith runs straight into a forearm followed by a punishingly fast spinning backfist. Echo then drops down from the apron and pulls Smith to the outside. Echo now places Smith on the table before climbing back onto the apron... SPRINGBOARD CORKSCREW MOONSAULT THROUGH THE TABLE! Both men are completely out of it! Smith hasn't moved a muscle since whereas Echo is now crawling to the barricade. Echo lays against the barricade, staring at Smith for a while, building up the energy to get to his feet. Eventually, Echo makes it to his feet. He stumbles towards the ring before realizing that he can't win by count-out. He turns back to Smith and sees his lifeless body. Echo then approaches Smith, gradually lifts him up and just manages to get him in the ring. Echo joins Smith in the ring and stands over his body. Smith now crawls closer to Echo and begins grabbing onto Echo, trying to use Echo as support whilst scaling to his feet. Echo grabs Smith's head and lifts him up. It seems as though Echo is about to finish this match until Smith explodes into the air, smashing Echo's face in with a leaping knee strike out of nowhere! Echo is completely dazed, sat in the corner, staring across the arena. Meantime, Smith is just about stood up. He finally recovers and begins walking over to Echo until all of a sudden, he stops still. He freezes. His eyes widen and under his breath, he can be heard muttering "no" repeatedly. He grabs his head and begins pulling on his hair before screaming "not now!" Just as it seems as though Smith has gathered himself, Echo returns to his feet and is already running at Smith. Smith speedily turns to face Echo and incredibly ducks Echo's clothesline with a knee slide into kip-up! Echo turns around in complete shock! He looks at Smith and Smith's eyes are completely blacked out... Echo then shakes off the shock and regains his focus. He runs at Smith again and this time, Smith smashes Echo's arm with an axehandle. Smith then follows up with another jumping knee! Echo now falls down to one knee and Smith begins circling the ring, pumping himself up! Echo checks his jaw and then gets back to his feet. He turns to face Smith and Smith is simply staring him down, emotionless. Echo runs at Smith one more time. He goes for a third clothesline... No! He pretends to go for a clothesline but follows through with a spinning backfist instead! The spinning backfist knocks Smith off of his feet! Echo begins to taunt for the finish but is suddenly pulled to the ground! Smith locks in Echo's own American Nightmare submission move! It's on the same knee that Smith targeted earlier in this matchup! Echo is really struggling and looks as though he's going to tap but then, being the master of this move, is able to reverse it and lock in the American Nightmare on Smith now! It's Smith who is now struggling! Slowly, pull by pull, Smith crawls towards the ropes. Echo begins kicking at Smith's back but Smith perseveres and continues crawling... He makes it to the ropes! Echo releases the hold and both men, despite the pain they're in, hurry to their feet. Both men get up and go straight to each other! Smith gets the upper hand! BURNING HAMMER! Echo rolls over. Smith looks up from the canvas and sees Echo's barren body. He bit by bit clambers over to Echo, gradually getting faster, before jumping onto Echo's body for the cover... 1...2...3! IT'S OVER! SMITH DID IT! IN THE CLASH BETWEEN THE TWO DOUBLE CHAMPIONS OF BPZ, IN THE BATTLE BETWEEN THE TWO BRANDS, SMITH GOT THE WIN! However, he doesn't jump to his feet. Instead, he goes to his hands and knees, staring down onto the beaten Echo Wilson. Then, he slowly creeps to his feet before flashing into position, standing flat-footed in the center of the ring. He's looking down at the ground before gently lifting his head up. The look on his face is one we haven't seen for ages. He looks harrowingly emotionless and sinister. Additionally, his eyes are black throughout, something we've never seen before in Smith. The freaky look on Smith's face leaves the crowd in silence until suddenly, the lights go out. After a while, the lights come back on. Smith is nowhere to be seen. Now, Echo Wilson is placed in the center of the ring instead, with his arms and legs spread out. Also, placed on Echo's chest is a... black rose.
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    We are twenty-three minutes into the Rage In The Cage match between "The King" Slim, and "The Showoff" Sameer, and it's been a brutal contest filled with blood, gore, and more, as Slim and Sameer both now lay down in the ring, both exhausted. Slim is the first back to his feet as Sameer slowly follows.... And Sameer throws a wild Superkick! But Slim catches his boot, throwing it down on the ground before he sets it up... ANNIHILATION! Sameer lays on the canvas, motionless following the brutal move to the neck area from Slim. Slim smirks, devilishly as he enjoys the pain he's inflicting on Sameer. Slim now gets on top of Sameer, before executing ground and pound, trying to bust Sameer open... AND HE DOES! Slim with the huge MMA-style forearms busts Sameer open! Sameer's forehead now pours out with blood, as the mat begins to become red, as blood stains the canvas, and now Slim spreads his arms, knowing he has Sameer defeated, and Slim tells the referee to stop counting, before sliding out of the ring and unlatching the steel steps and sliding them into the ring. Slim follows as he grabs Sameer by the hair, putting his head in between his thighs, as he hooks his arms... AND DROPS HIM DOWN ONTO THE STEEL STEPS WITH AN ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR! Slim, with his adrenaline wearing off, collapses to one knee as he holds onto the ropes, telling the referee to count as the referee obeys his command: 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10. The bell rings, as now it's official, with Sameer motionless in the ring, blood continuing to stain the canvas, Slim stands up, having his hand raised by the referee and being declared the victor. Slim tugs on the ropes, looking at the stage, daring anyone to mess with The King following his first match back in the ring... a Rage In The Cage victory over one of the top stars on EVOLVE. Slim leaves the ring, walking backstage as the General Manager has duties to attend to. As he walks backstage, medics rush out to help The Showoff, Sameer. The medics help Sameer to his feet, trying to help him out as he then STRIKES THE MEDICS!?! Sameer begins to punch all of the medics, hitting brutal forearms to each one as they all fall, as the commentators ask why would Sameer do this? Sameer now grabs a chair, as he begins to hit the medics over and over again, seemingly having snapped tonight at TakeOver: Paranoia. Security rushes out, but Sameer hits them all with chairs too! With fifteen men laying down in the ring, a bloodied Sameer shows a new-found aggression as now, EVOLVE Superstar Jonathan walks out, approaching Sameer as he begs him to put the chair down. Jonathan helps Sameer put the chair down, as Sameer takes a deep breath, and now Jonathan begins to walk out of the ring.... AND SAMEER HITS HIM WITH A SUPERKICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Sameer has snapped completely! Sameer pulls Jonathan out of the ring, anger seeping through his pores as he sets him up in Suplex position... AND HITS A RELEASE FORWARD SUPLEX ON THE STAGE! Sameer stands up, A disgusted look on his face as he looks down at Jonathan, and it's seems clear that Sameer has a new attitude... And it doesn't involve being a Showoff.
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    Answering the Emperor

    We are starting off Evolve just 3 days before Paranoia, as the Karico Brand Theme song hits. With a mixed reaction from the crowd, the #1 contender for the Global Title steps out. Bart, who Nate addressed after laying out Sameer, is heading towards the ring. He clearly doesn’t care about anything going on, he just wants to get to the ring and speak his mind. So, first of all. I assume you guys just watch Evolve shows so I am not gonna explain what happened. So, Nate wants to know whether I know where I have gotten myself into. Well, Nate the fact that you managed to hit an distracted Sameer is great for you but I assume that you also know that in a wrestling match, it’s 1 vs 1 and there isn’t anyone there for you the distract me. So, no, no I still don’t know where I have gotten myself into, sorry. Look Nate, I was bit confused last night. You said how I was nothing special, and how I offer nothing to business. Yet, a few days ago, you told me how you lost, keyword in that sentence lost in case you didn’t realise, your respect for me. Maybe we’re just different, but I don’t respect someone who is nothing special and does nothing for the industry. Also, please don’t worry. I have never cared for what any wrestler told me and never will. So when you tell me how people are kissing my ass and are overrating me then that doesn’t really bother me. And look, you are afraid of the Global Title losing all of his respect, well trust me, the current champion as already accomplished that, so I won’t happen because of me. You call me hypocritical, but I think you are the one who is misjudging the situation. You were ranting about how I gave you some backlash for defending your title against George when I never faced much competition myself. Well, Nate, there is a difference. I don’t decide who goes for my title. People used to call me out but then it turns out they are too afraid to show up. Yet, YOU, on the other hand, you talk about how the Evolve roster is shit, and how The Order are the only stars, and yet you face a dude who has never won a match in his career. And well, I believe that is just very weak. If you wanna call out the roster that’s fine, but also be a man and face real competition. Don’t give me that GCC as an excuse, as you defended your title against participants of the GCC, Kerse and Blade, before. Oh yeah, it’s funny it happens to be those two, because those are both guys who I defeated, and well you had quite some struggles defending your title against them, so saying I never defeated some worth the mention is quite, ehmm what what was the word I am looking for again, hypocritical. Nate then proceeded to talk about every win which he had accomplished, fun fact, none of the things he listed happened recently, all of them are just a blast from the past. I don’t care for what you have done, I don’t care for your fancy stats and medals, I care for what I see, and what I see is an insecure guy who is just scared of falling off. He is scared that once he loses this title this sunday, that he will be forgotten about. He is afraid that people won’t talk about him anymore, and that the only thing left is the past. Your title is the thing which allows you to degrade everyone. But once that’s gone, what real argument is there left for poor Nate. I find it so ironic how you talk about me not being good enough for the big leagues, it reminds me of someone actually. I guess you figured who I am talking about, it’s you. People believed you weren’t good enough. And I will give you credit because I don’t want our champion to cry, you proved them wrong. However, you have taken a nice little shift. Now you’re the people, and I am the man who is going to prove you wrong. But please, keep thinking I am nobody, keep thinking it’s a walk in the park for you. Keep acting like this super duper big star. I love to prove people wrong, and I can’t wait for this nobody to destroy this big star which you think you are. Once our match ends, the only thing which you have won is the realisation of your own stupidity. See you sunday Nate. Bart then proceeds to leave the ring with a big smile on his face as the screen becomes black.
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    Claim The Treasure

    {Keriso is taken back a bit, as a theme he has never heard begins to ring throughout the Carnage arena, but the crowd know it all to well, as he gets a 50/50 reaction from the Carnage crowd. Eventually BiC steps out and looks down at the ring where a legend stands. BiC kneels down before yelling out "ITS GO TIME", he walks down to the ring and slides in. He stands across from Keirso} {No Regret out of nowhere! The crowd cheers, obviously not liking Keirso tonight. BiC adjust his knee pad as Keirso rolls out of the ring. BiC sits cross legged in the ring and looks around at the crowd, who are silent. Waiting for BiC to speak} "Do I Have Your Attention Now" {The crowd gives a slight cheer, slight boo, before going silent. Hanging onto BiCs words} "Keirso made the mistake of coming out and trying to steal my spotlight, he tried to put himself into the premium championship match. Let me tell you Keirso, no one wants you in that match. And no one wants you in this business. You are nothing but a loser, your whole career is made on losing and no rebuild of your career will change that. If you want to join the premium championship match then go ahead. But you are just another pawn in my mission to become Premium championship" {The crowd begins to chant "Keriso Sucks"} "Enough about this guy, I could care less about some washed up man who wasn't even good in the first place. Now since I only have a certain amount of time lets cut to the chase, Smith. The perfect man according to himself, but if Smith was such a perfect man. If he was so damn good he would be smart enough to see the trick being played right in front of him, I am talking about the former world champion Slim. Slim is using Smith, its clear to everyone. He is using him to get back to the IC championship, the title he never even lost. He gave him this GM spot to distract him, and Smith is stupid enough to fall for it. And while Smith is distracted by the Survivor Series 5 on 5 match, Slim, and being the GM of EVOLVE. I will sneak in, and rip that title away from you." {BiC lowers his mic and wipes his mouth, he lifts his head and checks on Keriso who is still out cold} "Smith can hide behind on Slim, but at Survivor Series there is no hiding. No more bullshit and no more pink shirts and wet hair. Smith is over at Survivor Series. Every story tale has an end, this return story that Smith has had. Its ending, a new story is starting, a new legend is in the building and you are looking at him. I don't call myself the best in the world, I prove myself as the best in the world week in and week out. At Survivor Series that doesn't change, all eyes will be on me. The best in the world, BiC. This is no threat, This is a promise." {BiC flips his mic, he stands up and looks down as Keriso begins to stand on the outside of the ring. BiC slides out of the ring and walks up the ramp, he pauses on stage and looks around the crowd before stepping behind the curtain}
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    Unite and Destroy

    FDS picks up the microphone, the crowd immediately boos him, his mask still on he flips off the crowd quickly. The fans boo him even louder, he finally removes his mask. The fans begin Chanting “FD you’re a cunt, FD FD you’re a cunt” FDS just lifts the mic up and lets them chant it into the mic ignoring them. The fans finally quiet down. FDS lifts the mic up to his face but just as he does the fans boo him instantly. He just ignores them and finally begins to speak. Alright you stupid Cunts why don’t you shut the fuck up and let me speak. The Fans immediately start booing again louder than ever, the “FD You’re a Cunt, FD FD You’re a Cunt” are louder than they’ve ever been in the arena before. He just speaks to his teammates off mic “Can you believe this shit?”. The fans finally calm down and FDS begins to speak. Flynn you said we’re out for blood and that’s one of those handful of things that we agree on because I plan on fucking making everybody on Team Smith spill blood… Specifically one man. No it’s Not Smith because I will easily make him bleed and he will fall on his knees to the emperor of Chaos and no it’s Slim either, I couldn’t care less what he thinks of what he thinks i’m going to do to him because I will worry about him later. No the man I am focused on forcing him to bleed… Is Tamer. Tamer you’ve been out for a year and you know what happened around this time a year ago? Myself and my former Tag Team Partner defeated you and Slim for a certain set of Tag Team Titles. You’ve been having a few issues with your head since then, maybe you’ve heard a few voices that aren’t there, maybe you’ve felt different, maybe you’ve changed your opinion on things… But it’s clear you haven’t. Tamer you went from being the hero of the people… to the scum beneath Slim’s boots. You were and still are his Bitch. Now I’m not going to deny anything because of course I also have something to say to someone on my team that I haven’t spoken about yet. Necce. You and I we go very far back my friend. So far back that you began your career by challenging me, Challenging me when I was simple young man and I was very different to how am I now and So are you to be fair. But I just want to clear the Air and Say you and I have no issues whatsoever. So now that’s out of the way allow to me say my piece. Team Smith: Jonathan, Slim, Smith, Ross and Tamer. You are by far the most forced jigsaw puzzle I have ever seen. You’re not allies because you like each other or because you have a common cause. You’re united because you each have individual desires that you wish to fulfill and that’s why at Survivor Series you’re going to taste the thing that eats you all up inside the most: Defeat. I know none of you like the taste of defeat, To you it tastes like biting into what looks to be a fresh apple when the inside is rotten. You all hate the fact that you can’t stand up to any of us individually so as a unit you will fall to us. Now I am well aware of the Match being No Disqualifications. So I guess that means I don’t have to hold back, So I’ll be bringing everything I can get my hands on and trust me. You. Are. Not. Ready. I will make you all suffer. FDS Drops the Mic and goes outside of the ring, he goes under the ring and he slides in 5 Chairs, then a table, then a trash can, then a barbed wire bat. He gets back into the ring and he sets up the table in the centre of the ring. He sets the five Chairs up and he tells the other members of Team Flynn to sit down. They all Sit down. FDS then places the trash can on the table. He picks up the barbed wire bat and walks over and picks the microphone back up. You see this is our roundtable. This is our kingdom of Chaos. 5 Unholy Knights sitting around the hopes of Team Smith wanting to win, this trash can is their hope you see and I’m going to show you what Team Flynn is going to do to that hope. FDS smashes the trash can in with the barbed wire bat, Smashing it until it’s jagged and broken, trying to rip it apart, before finally dropping the bat and straight up throwing it on the ground. The fans are shocked, the members of Team Flynn stare at FDS all with different expressions. FDS takes his sit on the table and throws the microphone into the middle of the table allowing the next member of Team Flynn to speak.
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    George AK

    I Won't Hide

    In the middle of the most recent Carnage show, George AK is pictured backstage with a poster in his hand which promotes the upcoming Redemption event for Carnage. George is visibly annoyed at the poster. He is walking around backstage as if he is looking for answers. He asks multiple Carnage roster wrestlers about the poster. He looks concerned. After a few minutes walking around going from wrestler to wrestler and getting pushed away. Finally he goes to the office of the GM and desperately calls Bailey, who isn't even in the office. George looks like he is getting more and more annoyed until the camera fades to black. After searching backstage, George makes his way down to the ring. Still holding the poster for Redemption in his hand. As he walks down to the ring boos begin to ring around the arena as he makes his way to ringside and demands a mic. On receiving the mic, he climbs into the ring and begins to speak. I have been known as a laughing stock, I have been known as a failure. But, I refuse to be treated this way. Me the NXT Champion, the best NXT has to offer, one of the best superstars not just on the Carnage roster, but also in the entirety of BPZ. And for all my troubles, carrying the weight of NXT over my shoulders. I get rewarded by facing Maestro. I mean come on. The guys a pensioner. When I have done I could be arrested for attacking an elderly person. The Champion V The Returnee. More like, lets put George AK in a bad situation against a washed up has been. What I am trying to say is. I understand, well i think I do. You need me to be on the card for me to carry the entire PPV to big big heights. Ill put the entire load of the Carnage roster on my back and carry them like I have been doing ever since I arrived here. From day one this show has been built around me. Fans whisper to each other, clearly confused "You haven't done shit" shouts a fan. But after everything I have done, for some reason the people in the back still don't appreciate the greatness of me being on their roster. George takes a few seconds to relax, he wipes sweat off of his forehead and licks his lips, before continuing. And just, just because a few people don't like me, I am forced to be put in a match with Maestro. Ohhh. I get why now, because the rest of the people on this roster are pussies! They hide behind one another, trying to, hoping that someone will step up, so they throw me in. But you know what. I won't hide from Maestro. You bring your A game I'll bring mine and we will see that the best wrestler here is me. And just because everybody is scared of you and trying their hardest to stay away from you, doesn't mean that I am. Take what I am going to do to you as a lesson. I am going to show you how to wrestle these days. Your old fashioned style won't work. Me beating you will be class one, and every single loss you will inevitably rack up after that will be another lesson. So, I hope what I have said to you here tonight, you listen to and take in, so that I can carry you to a good match at Redemption, just like I carry everything else here. George drops the mic. And holds up the poster like he is expecting some noise, but the fans respond in silence. George just shakes his head and walks to the back, holding the Redemption poster over his head the entire time.
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    The Universal Champion Flynn and The Carnage General Manager Bailey both face towards the entrance ramp awaiting Flynn's opponent and the man they both hate. The usually boo's come down onto Ross but that's only until he walks out from the back with Kendo Stick in hand as the crowd start to cheer as things might get extreme. Ross jumps into the ring with no hesitation as The Foundation take a step back behind the table. "The Man With A Plan" jumps to the top rope and poses to the crowd raising the kendo stick in the air. He jumps down and picks up a microphone from the table as a slight smirk comes across his face. Ross stops for a moment and looks around the arena as the crowd begin to pick up clapping and cheering. What a way to reunite lads. I just want to thank you both for the warm welcoming. I'm surprised you are still standing Flynn because after I hit Sliced Bread on you the other night you didn't look to good on the floor receiving help from the referee. Flynn I have said this from day one and you have been my focus since the day I set my eyes on that title, yes we might have had a few interruptions with the likes of Akki and BiC but as you can see they got dealt with very quickly. Ross turns to Bailey who he looks up and down as Bailey takes a step forward. After all this is over between me and Flynn and you sort your little inbred family out. Me and you are going to step foot in this circle and finish what we started. It's ok trying to fight some out of shape loser no body ever heard about but the fact you are actually trying to come back full time because of this dude makes me wonder why I haven't kicked your ass already. Just like I did to man tits here the other night. But Flynn, don't get me wrong like you said you haven't been held back on Carnage and you have been gifted everything you deserve I agree with that. But that's only because there was nobody else capable of taking the responsibility. Now there is someone ready to take over the throne and that is me. Bailey didn't recognise your talent Flynn because actually there was no talent to recognise. With the roster he had at the time he just saw a man who luckily managed to make his way into the main event of BPZ Mania II and thought he's my man. Little did he know you was never going to win that match and still to this day 11 months on you haven't recaptured the World Heavyweight Championship. Ross places the Kendo Stick in the corner of the ring as he picks up the pen to sign the contract. You know, 'my friend'. You love to call me a coward. I've heard it everytime you speak of my name. It's called using my head Flynn. It's called having a plan. You think you have seen everything I can do. No. You will see my whole arsenal and what I have actually got to offer. My tricks, my talents, MY EVERYTHING! It will all be brought inside that steel cage this Saturday and it will stay there. I understand as soon as I sign this contract there is no backing out Flynn. But little did you know that this was part of my plan. To get you one on one with no escaping me. Because what I'm going to do to you will send you into hiding for a long long time. Let's do this. Ross signs the contract and closes it shut making the match official. He retreats to his corner and grabs the Kendo Stick. Ross tells both men to bring it as he wants to fight right now.
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    Universal Championship Contract Singing

    The crowd all jump to their feet as the self-proclaimed “King of Carnage” and Universal Champion steps out, the title firmly over his shoulder as he doesn’t look to be playing any games tonight. He rolls directly into the ring before hopping on top of the table set up with the contract, raising his Universal Championship high for eveyone to see. He gives a slight grin before throwing the strap over his shoulder, hoping back onto the floor before lifting the mic from his side of the table. He takes a brief moment, the fans around the arena chanting “Flynn” at the top of their lungs before finally, he breaks his silence. All hail, the King of Carnage. All hail, the undisputed, unbeatable champion of Carange. ALL HAIL FLYNN! Flynn receives a large pop from the crowd, nodding his head in approval before continuing his statement. Eight months ago, I was traded to this brand due to the fact that Slim needed to find a way to keep me at bay from taking his over. For too long EVOLVE had hindered me, it had held me back from becoming what I was meant to be. It’s ruler! However upon coming to Carnage, I was gifted everything I had deserved. Instead of holding me back, Bailey set me loose on this pathetic roster, forcing them to either adapt or perish. Bailey recognized my talent and thus awarded me the opportunity to become Universal Champion, an opportunity I seized and overcame. And now, for eight months I have ruled this brand, it’s undisputed king and unbeatable champion. Wether it be the hottest new indy stars, seven men and a cell, or even some of BPZ’s best, this crimson gold is on the line and I will put them down. However at Redemption, I now find myself against an all new type of beast. Every opponent I have faced to this day, they all share a very common quality. That is honor. Honor however is something my current opponent lacks very highly of. No because Ross, “THE MAN WITH A PLAN”, his plan does not involve straight up defeating me. No you see when it came down to it, I had him out down until he made the decision to strike me where the sun does not shine. A cowardly, but clever move. It has placed me into the world that I should come to expect when Redemption rolls around. This match, it will not be pretty. Ross will pull every trick from his hat and do whatever it takes to defeat me. And so, it will then be my job to do whatever it takes to ensure that as the King of Carnage, I can overcome these cheap shots, and I can put Ross down just like the rest of the lot. However I must address the third man in this contest, the steel cage. You see, when Ross and I are locked in that cage, there will be no running, or hiding. You are garenteed a fight! And I promise you, it will be a fight. So now I’d like to address one final message to Ross. This contract on this table, finalizes everything. There will be no backing out, no running and no hiding. You sign that dotted line and you seal your fate my friend. I told you I am the incarnation of your executioner for your crimes, and after signing that contract, you will have agreed to take place in your own career execution. Flynn now leans down, signing the contract before looking back up. Now with all of that being said, I’d like you Ross, my latest victim to please come down to this ring, sign this contract and allow me to personally whoop you like the little bitch that you are. Flynn now takes a seat, dropping his microphone as he awaits the arrival of Ross.
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    FDS just sits there laughing sadistically at BIC, BIC horrified. FDS just sits there and stares at BIC. BIC looks like he’s about to say something but then FDS Cuts him off. SURPRISE! What’s Wrong BIC? You seem nervous like I’m going to do something. I have no weapons in mind hand, no plans right now, no tricks up my sleeve… that you know about but you really are shocked. Now BIC one thing I agree with you on is that yes maybe the only thing to this company that I left in the eyes of these idiots… The fans cut FDS off with boos, FDS just shrugs it off And those assholes backstage is my name. My name that they have milked all the merchandise sales they can out of it, the name they use on advertisements for shows, the, the name they use when they want to make something emphasized… that’s all I am to these people and those others behind the curtain… but you should know i’m a lot more than that BIC. You know I don’t do this for my family, they don’t care about me at all, you know I don’t do this because I want Fame, I couldn’t care less about being popular… you know the reason I do this is because I love to watch my opponents in pain, to watch them feel exactly what I do… the pain i’ve felt for so long and BIC what you saw in this chair just moments ago… is simply a preview of what I will do to you. You have seen the future and you were disgusted. You cannot face your past and you’re not ready to face your future BIC. So Focus on the present, Focus on the fear you’re feeling inside of your soul. Don’t worry about facing me at redemption, don’t worry about facing Smith at Survivor Series just focus on the emotions you feel in your soul, the darkness that is consuming you… but BIC I have on thing to say to you… FDS Stands up from the chair and gets in BIC’s face, BIC is trembling in fear of FDS. If you ever mention my mother again… I will flat out stick a fucking knife into your stomach and watch you bleed out. FDS drops the mic and he steps back and sits back down in his chair. He sits there and stares at BIC who is still shaken by what FDS just did.
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    Family Issues

    The lights dim and then brighten to reveal a bruised, battered Monda, in a wheelchair, at the top of the ramp, slowly rolling his way to the ring. Monda has his left arm in a sling, right leg in a cast, and bruises on his face. "Hello, Carnage crowd. As we all know, last time I was seen, I had some news. News that I believed would build a strong bond between me and another Carnage competitor. I discovered Bailey and I were brothers, and I immediately left my small home in the New Jersey countryside to be with the Carnage roster, it's fans, and most importantly, my new found brother." Monda looks up at the titantron, and a replay of Bailey's beatdown plays. Monda shakes his head in disapproval. "This right here is not what brotherhood is about. Being brothers is about sticking together, no matter the circumstance. Brothers support each other, come to their aid, and, most important, care for each other. As your newfound brother, I can acknowledge that this information is gargantuan to both of our careers, friends, and most importantly, personal lives. I'm not out here to ask for you to give me a hug and kiss, no. This is the only reason I came back. I just wanted you to know that you had someone who deeply cares about you and has your back on this roster. I wanted to feel the same way about you, as well." Monda positions himself to looks more towards guerilla position and then locks his wheelchair. "I'm willing to forgive you, Bailey. The only thing I want from you is to come out here and shake my hand." Monda prepares to sit and wait. He patiently leans back and is ready to extend his right arm for a handshake.
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    As "The King" by T-Pain hits, following a commercial break, the ring is set up with a table, and chairs on either end, signalling for the contract signing between "The King" Slim, and "The Showoff" Sameer, as The King walks out, dressed in a suit as he stands on the stage, taking the boos in from the crowd. The King now shakes his hand, before walking down the ramp, sliding into the ring and stepping up onto the turnbuckles and throwing his arms out, generating jeers from the EVOLVE Center as Slim takes a microphone, beginning to speak before his opponent is even out here. Tonight, is the FINAL EVOLVE before EVOLVE TakeOver: Paranoia. The final stop before The Showoff meets his destiny and is ended inside of Rage In The Cage, the final stop before THE EMPEROR defeats yet another rebellion, and where Perfection overcomes Heart. You see, these three men are talented, very. Bart, former NXT Champion. Echo Wilson, current United States and Tag Team Champion, and took The King of Carnage, to his limits in their match at Halloween Havoc... and Sameer, one of the longest reigning Premium Champions of all-time, former IC Champion, and a man who can lay claim to beating the best of the best. But what sets The Order apart from all of them is that we aren't just competitors who win championships, we RULE BPZ. What we say, goes, what we say, is unopposed because everyone knows that we are three of the best in this company and everyone knows that if you stand up to us, you will get pegged down a level... Take Kerse for example... He decided it was smart to challenge MY Global Champion, and now he's without a match at Paranoia despite being on the active EVOLVE roster. Take Necce, for example, where is Necce? Necce is gone, he's probably dead at this point and that's all because of ME. Slim smirks, as the crowd rains down the boos, at the mention of Necce's name, who we haven't seen since mid-August, when The Order beat him down and send him out on a stretcher. There's been no reported sightings of Necce in public, either... That always gets you, doesn't it? FACE IT... NECCE, IS, GONE! And you know who else will be gone, after Paranoia? Sameer! Because Sameer is a weak human being, dedicating each and every performance he has to you pathetic people. You see, Sameer could be amazing, he could be a World Champion, but he lacks the killer instinct that the greats like myself, Flynn, Bailey, and Smith have, he's just too nice, and can't get the job done. You look at 2015, when he was Premium Champion, cutting corners was his speciality and somewhere along the way, it seemed to get to him, and just like that, the career of Sameer was done before he even reached the greatest of heights. Sameer, listen to me. I'm trying to help you, I'm trying to break that goody two shoes shell that you have and I'm trying to make you more ruthless than ever but it seems like you just don't wanna budge. Instead, I'll have to beat it out of you in a few days at Paranoia, and hopefully after, you'll realize that I wa-
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    "One Step Ahead"

    Within a dark room in the backstage area, Prince is sat opposite side of an interviewer, both facing each other has they sit down. The interviewer can be seen being visually uncomfortable, sweating a bit as he faces towards Prince; who of which just looks at him with a blank expression as he is well suited up. The interviewer gulps before saying his first words. "Joining me at this moment in time, is the man who will be facing Ark in just a few days time at Paranoia. The winner of which will then go and face the Global Champion...please welcome Prince. Thank you for joining me." Prince gives a slight hint of smirk towards the interviewer. Before a pause that occurs that feels like an eternity before Prince responds. "...My pleasure." With a questionable look, the interviewer continues on. "So, a very strange couple of months for you Prince. You have gone through a lot of changes within your career, from the disbanding of the Karico Brand mere days after becoming tag team champions with Bart...to loses in your dispute to win the Intercontinental Championship. Along with that a case of trial and error with how you have chosen to present yourself...ending up with this." The smirk on the face of Prince fades quickly, as he looks within the interviewers eyes with a stone cold look as he strokes his mask. "This? This is what occurs when you're tired of trying to be someone that actually stands out around here. You get ridiculed for wanting to think outside of the damn box. Now I'm sealing myself off. That is what THIS is. Yeah I know these months haven't been the best but for me right now it's about making that steady progress in order to hit the peak of my career. The intercontinental championship? A decent reign with the tag belts? They are just something that is soon to follow up on that." Once again, the interviewer is startled with this fire that he has seen to have lit within Prince. "Your next challenge is with Ark for a chance at the Global championship, something that occurred due to the cancellation of the GCC tournament by Smith. What were your thoughts when that happened?" Prince looks down and scraps the floor with his shoe, before looking back up to answer the question. "Didn't surprise me. Smith is who he is you know, clearly has had a lot of success surrounding him and the thought of the people taking their eye off of him for a second was something of which was unappealing. He was in a position where all he had to do was utter some words and that problem with go away, and he did. So like I said, no surprise." Shrugging his shoulders, Prince looks around uneasily. "Come on, let's hurry this up." "Is everything okay?" "CAN WE PL-please. Just ask your question." "O-okay? As I said, your next challenge is Ark who of which if you beat will make you the number one contender for the Global title. The last time you saw each other, you sent a message in the ring by attacking him. What is your current mindset going into Paranoia against him?" Prince chuckles lightly, looking around again. "Surprised he even bothered to open his mouth again after I left the ring. Obviously I didn't give him enough of a beating, my mistake. My mindset is just very simple, keep doing what I have been doing. I have Ark exactly where I want him, all fired up wanting vengeance for the big bad boy Prince beating him up. Then at Paranoia, a boot to his face is going to crush his little spirit. Then his head bouncing off the turnbuckle is going to be what sends him back to reality, he just isn't on the same level as me. After that I focus on the bigger challenge. If it's Nate that keeps the belt, well he and I have some unfinished business that I'm looking to get done. If Bart is the winner...yeah he's my tag partner. Yeah we have goals for gold together. I have goals to be Global champion though. Putting respect aside, I'll gladly beat him to get it. If it was the other way around he would do the same, that's why we work well together." Prince seems a bit more relaxed now, as he lets out a sigh. "That's the thing around...one step ahead. One step ahead of Ark. One step ahead of this Global title race. One step ahead of al-" A figure comes out from the darkness, not to the awareness of Prince.
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    Your Nightmare

    The music is blaring, the lights are flashing and its all just another day for the Carnage Arena. A man who has built himself to be a staple of this show, the face of the company perhaps. A man who has been gifted more than his fair share of opportunities as of late, and has been very overdosed on confidence. A rocket has been strapped around his waist and whoever is holding on has been taken for a very spectacular ride with the supernova. The Supernova steps out finally, and points his taped up pinky finger to the moon. He sticks his tongue out and he is on a full joyride of life. He pulls the mic out of his shoe and starts to talk on his way to the ring, the US title glimmering on his shoulder. In just a few moments, at my leisure, I will call out a special man, who has become obsessed with the thought of me, the Canadian who has made it is only mission statement to defeat me and gain redemption for the one thing he lost that he can never regain, his Pride. He has asked and even attacked me, in order to show his anger, and his fury towards me. It won't last long though, because on Sunday, at Survivor Series, everything that he's built himself up for, will come crashing down, and he will face his second loss to me. I know, you people appreciate what I've done for this title, how we've built something out of nothing, and created an empire that is heartily never outmatched. So whenever a threat comes knocking on my door, we simply dispose of them, and unfortunately the way that this is going, there is only one conclusion. To wipe, Peter Wilchester and his Canadian smirk on the face of this industry. But I don't feel like I'm all to blame, people's emotions can carry people away, it can make them do stupid things, and honestly it makes them lose their sense of judgment. So if there's anyone to blame its Peter himself because he has let the very image of me, drive him to insanity. Despite this very emotional discourse, I feel it is also necessary to bring up the fact that he is easily the most dangerous of my opponents. Why? Because he has a motive. For him this is life or death, and when I tell you that I will wipe his name out of every history book in BPZ, he knows this as well, so he will be throwing everything at me, his body, his soul, his life. Echo gets in the ring, and jumps over and into the ring. You see, Survivor Series means so much to Peter, which makes it much more than a simple US Title bout, he wants to make sure, i'm buried down, where he'll never find me again, and I? I want to make sure that Peter is justified, I want to make sure that Peter knows I'm too good to be buried, I want Peter to realize that this war, although it was worth fighting for, was never going to end up with him on top. I sat backstage and watched Peter and Brad fight at Redemption, and I realized something, Peter wasn't there for Brad, he was trying to destroy someone close to me. He wanted to make my world crumble so that by the time Survivor Series had come and gone, I would be just a shell of my former self, that I would crumble into the rubble with the rest of my friends. But he failed. He failed to beat Brad, so he makes adjustments to his game plan and goes straight for me, it won't work, he's jumping the gun and trying to get to his goal all too quickly, he'll learn eventually that this war is not worth the fight for him. In fact, excuse my big words, but he's antiquated, meaning he's old fashioned, and he thinks he can outrun the implosion in his body, but he can't, the pain, the true pain will catch up with him before he can even meet me this weekend, and if it wasn't already enough to bury him, I'll finish the job, because the hole has already been dug, its just about time someone tosses him in there, lifeless body and all. Echo leans on the turnbuckle, looking out into the crowd. A mixture of boos and cheers, but mostly a chant that screams "Calgary Sucks!" Peter, do you want lightning to strike twice? Do you want me to shame your proud and patriotic country again? Do you want me to defend my honor all over again? Because I'll do it. I'll take everything you've built towards and burn it in hell. I'll take your precious home and watch it crumble, and i'll take your soul and watch the precious second tick by before i crush it with one quick stroke of genius. You make yourself seem like more than you are. Peter, you aren't a big deal, millions of people look to you for guidance, and you dissappoint them, you steal from them, hoping to make your case known, and just when fans start to pity you you steal their lives, their money, their dreams, their legacies, and you put it all towards one front, one front which is all aimed at me. Cause I see the red lasers Peter, I can see all your guns pointed at me, all the hatred pent up inside of you, all building to one mega explosion, its a flawed strategy because once all the smoke clears, I will be standing right here, still on my feet, with you, laid back, empty and unfullfilled. Peter what kind of person are you? Are the one to put all your eggs in one basket? Are you the one to take all options into consideration? This Sunday, I will find out, I'll see just the man you are. Wilchester, this face, the one thats haunted your dreams, will be the only face you'll see as I retire you from wrestling. This glare, will the last imprint in your mind as you close your eyes, the muffled Headline theme creeping through your eardrums. My title, shining in the lights, will be the end all, be all, there's nothing left to do Peter, but to come meet me this weekend, your nightmare, Echo Wilson. Echo moves to the center of the ring, as the light dims darker and darker, until Echo is enveloped in the jet black shadows.
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    Unite and Destroy

    Echo Wilson gives a slightly amused stare at FD, he smirks, nods and stands up, he grabs the microphone, then the bat. He takes a few seconds to stare at the bat, then he looks out to the crowd. He walks away from the table and climb onto the turnbuckle, The bat across his lap and the microphone drawing closer to his lips. Carnage, I think it’s time we see a new side of Echo Wilson, these past few weeks i’ve been preparing myself, and clearing my mind enough to make this truth fully transparent. The Echo Wilson you have all seen up to now, will not be enough to take on these 5, no i’ll need much more, i’ll need to draw from a source that i’ve never drawn from before, none the less even dared to. I will need to become chaotic, i will need to become the anarchy, the very turmoil and the upheaval that will herald the demise of the misshapen team of Smith and his 4 bruisers. No Disqualification is going to bring a different side of Echo Wilson to perspective. It will be like no other phenomenon this company, this industry has ever seen, and the placid, and tranquil person you see before you, will be molded into a sheer abnormality. I will crush, trample, and pulverize Smith’s aggregation, before handing them over to FD where he deliver an onslaught of aggression and pure anger, pouring out his pent up outrage with blow after blow with axes, bludgeons, chainsaws, knives, bats, and all the blades he can carry. The best part is everything, every second of the pain, will feel like an eternity, and every eternity, will make them crumble further and further into powder, so that by the time we end, if we ever do, The entirety of Team Smith, will be depleted, drained and rendered eternally crippled. Slim, let me start with you, the scars that my body has foregone, are a direct result of your unwarranted, arbitrary ambush. I once knew men who made the mistake of trusting you, now they’re nowhere to be found, I once knew men who fought alongside you, you stabbed them in the back, and left them isolated, on the god forsaken chance that they will survive. I will never ever let myself, or any of my friends, fall under that trap, i will never let anyone allow themselves to be blinded enough to call themselves your partner, because at the end of the day, they are just your shield and when you don’t need them anymore you dispose of them and move on, to find some more desperate souls who think that they need comfort and a helping hand. Slim, you are a damnation in disguise. You shine out to the most needy and the most penniless but then you throw them to the curb and use their momentum to help you climb to the top, because truly you aren’t a stepping stone, they are. You sit atop your mountain of broken souls and fractured spirits and command and supervise them to do your bidding just so you can reap the benefits, so that when they’re job has been done, they have drained themselves of all their worth and everything that made them special, all fortitude they had against the forces of authority, you take more than their careers Slim, you take their hopes and dreams. The fans don’t quite know what to say, we all know the names of people Slim has taken in and destroyed in the process, Alyx Wilde, SummerGamz, Aidan, Akki, Chris White, many more. Slim is known for doing anything necessary to get to the top, even if it requires lying, cheating and stealing to get there. This leads me to my next point about Smith. Smith you are an aging superstar, you are not the man 2015 showed us, and you probably never will be. That isn’t to say you never had a chance to be. I believe that you had the chance of a lifetime, back in early 2017, when you had everything going for you, the hype of your return, a huge BPZ Mania which looked to make your name a household name once again, but you fell into the same mouse trap that Slim has left for everyone before you. Smith, you had the chance to become the World Heavyweight Champion, and Slim knew that, so he made you his prime target, he made you his friend, his ally, so that he could sustain his reign for just a little while longer, because Smith, you were his only challenge. But you failed to realize that, you underestimated yourself, so you aligned with the man you could’ve beaten in simple fashion. The Order isn’t a unit Smith, its a shield, a buffer for Slim and whatever station he is trying to uphold. As for you Ross, you call yourself a hitman, but yet, you’re getting a little closer than any hitman should be. I’d be willing to bet that you’re sinking deeper and deeper into Slim’s trap, and losing control of your mission. At the end of the day you’ll still be the same swindler, fraud, and con artist you’ve always been but this time it’ll be under direct instructions of Slim. So, for someone like me, who operates for himself, and only himself, and only works with a team in desperate situations such as this, I think it’s fair to say that I have a much better scope on the future because my eyes aren’t told where to look, and my mouth can speak whatever it likes, and my ears? They can listen to whoever they want to. My point is, I have no room to be guided by someone, i have no room to let someone else control me, so for you Ross, whatever dark and winding road you find yourself going down, just know where it’s leading you, just know the consequences. Echo gets down from the turbuckle and sits down on the chairs around the table, placing the microphone, his eyes looking around at his teammates.
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    The End of the Beginning

    The titantron shows Slim, in his mansion as he sits in a chair, the fire going as he has something in his hand... but it's sealed, so no one can see what it is, and Slim blinks a few times, before staring into the camera, looking as if he's going to say something, before he stops, and then continues to look at the camera. Awkward silence fills the arena as Slim just stares into the camera, before he finally mutters words that can be heard throughout the arena. Team Smith sent shockwaves throughout the BPZ Universe when we finally revealed to you who our 5th member is, my former Tag Team partner, my fellow King Amongst the Peasants, Tamer. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend as I had other things I'd rather to do than put myself through the pain of sitting through a whole Power Trip show. But fear not, I will be at Survivor Series and I will come with the intent of inflicting pure destruction upon Team Flynn along with the four men aside me, because frankly, as a unit we cannot be matched and it's a disgrace that Flynn couldn't put together a better team than this, because it's not really fair, anymore, is it? While I do believe Echo Wilson has a bright future, he is the United States Champion for a reason, not the Intercontinental or Universal Champion. You're good kid, I admit, but you're not great and thrusting yourself into the big stage, the big leagues right away is career suicide and I take no guilt in ending a young career before it even starts. As, for you, Mr. Sinister, former Intercontinental Champion, FDS. Slim cuts his speech short, with just an icy stare now as the mention of FDS, the man who some claim got the best of him on the mic a few weeks back, vividly annoys him. FDS, the sinister look, the sinister attitude doesn't scare anyone and you will continue to be a guy who will never make it at the top because... there's just so many guys that are better. You can bitch, you can cry, you can pout but the fact will remain the same and it's that you are the best of a bad time. Prince... Prince... Prince. People love to say I'm overrated, and that everything I get is based off name value, but read in between the lines Prince; it's really you, who works off name value. You consistently fall off the map, trying to revitalize yourself with something new but it never seems to work, as it's just a failed act of the many you have. Your desperation to be relevant shows, as you've gone so far as to wear a mask for no reason other to stand out, because you know nothing else will make you stand out. And last, but not least, my former Legacy brethren, you both are the ones I want to prove. Because you saw me as the little brother, the guy who you could pick on, get to do your dirty work and I would happily oblige, and it took all of that pentup anger I had towards you two to finally take me out of my shell, and now I'm finally at peace. I no longer ponder what it would have been like to run BPZ into the run with you two at my side, because I forged my own legacy, I took upon my own destiny and it was better. I'm the fucking GREATEST OF ALL-TIME! The seething anger is felt as Slim's face turns red from the shouting, as he now refocuses, a sharp tone now coming out of his mouth. Two months ago, the self-proclaimed G.O.A.T. snatched my title from me with his Money In The Bank contract, it was poetic, you know? My reign on top of the World Title scene ended with the same way it started, with the Money In The Bank briefcase. But, what if, it wasn't the end? Maybe it was just the end of the beginning Bailey, and the beginning of me vs you, maybe I've been plotting, making you think your title reign is safe before I swipe in, and rip it out of your hands, just like you did mine. But I'm giving you a forewarning. Whatever indication I gave that I wasn't taking your title at Survivor Series, should be gone, because at Survivor Series, I'm coming for you and your title, because I'm sick of this empty feeling I have where my World Title SHOULD. BE. The lighting suddenly cuts, as a black screen is showing, with the fire still going. The crowd is still in shock at what we've just learned, as at Survivor Series, it will be Slim vs Bailey for the World Championship...
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    Put you in the Dirt

    Video Start FDS is shown in a graveyard, he’s sitting on a gravestone, he has a shovel over his shoulder. You Wanna talk about burials Ark. Well it’s quite interesting you mention that considering what you buried here in this graveyard or more of what I had to bury for you. The video flashes to the grave being filled only the video is running backwards so it looks like the grave is being dug up. The Camera views a coffin, the Coffin is raised and suddenly the rewind stops and FDS starts speaking, he is wearing a black suit. Here lies the last bit of heroism that Ark has left in him, he was a good man, he was a smart man and he left an impact on all of our hearts. The camera switches to a crowd of people wearing white masks with blood dripping from the eyes as tears. He really did some amazing things in his time, he became the Carnage Television Champion betraying the brand, he made it to the final 6 of the royal rumble only to be crushed and disappointing all his fans, he joined chaos only to attack the man who saved him. He truly was a great man. The video flashes back to FDS now wearing a block coat twirling a switchblade in his hands, he smiles. Suddenly the video flashes again this time to an image of a child wearing an Ark shirt chanting for him in a room alone, suddenly it flashes, the child is dead, dripping blood from the neck. In the corner is a mask, the same mask Ark wore when he attacked FDS before Summerslam. It flashes back to FDS in the graveyard. You really don’t understand do you? You really think I hate you Ark. I don’t. I may say that but I lie to myself a lot, to be honest I sometimes wake up hating everything and sometimes loving everything, it depends on my mood and the time of day but you Ark you were always something I saw as special. I knew the minute you defeated me over a year ago in the first round of the king of the ring tournament you were something different. A new breed. The Video Flashes to Ark rolling FDS up for the win. FDS then smiling in the ring after Ark beat him. The video flashes again, this time to the room again this time with a crown in a chair, it flashes again to the crown destroyed, a shot of the mask shown again. And finally you and I competing for the Carnage Television Championship. I’ll be honest, I was very proud of you. You did quite good that night. Winning a championship for once… but then you left. The Camera flashes to an image of Ark winning the title, FDS on the outside of the ring looking in. The Camera flashes again to the room this time the chair has the Carnage television Championship in it, it flashes yet again and this time the title is smashes in the corner next to the mask. Ark if you still don’t understand allow me to explain. You doing what you did to me crushed your legacy, crushed everything you had done before that. It doesn’t matter you did before that because the minute you put your hands on me you ended yourself. You loaded the gun and you fired it. At Survivor Series the bullet will hit you and you will end up in the Dirt buried and dead. Ark you can talk about hurting me and beating me I don’t care. I am focused on one thing and that is ending your fucking miserable existence. Keep playing to the crowd kid you won’t able to soon. The Camera flashes to the coffin seen earlier, the coffin opens, it's a life like replica of Ark. The camera flashes again, the head decapitated now on the floor dripping blood, Suddenly a foot comes along and squashes the head splatter blood and brain matter everywhere onto the camera leans. Fade to Black.
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    The Pretender

    Ross shoves his hand infront of BiC's custom microphone. The eyes of BiC shoot open in shock as he now has Ross starting a hole through his eyes. What has happened to you. When I saw you win King Of The Ring I thought this was your career taking a step further but now you just took five steps back. I don't know if Flynn has put you up to this but you are sure as hell going to pay for it. Ross thumps BiC on the head with the microphone and into the Lou Thesz Press. He waits for BiC to get to his feet as Ross takes a run up and lands his signature big boot which connects straight on the jaw of BiC. BiC drops to his knees leaving "The Man With A Plan" to lock in The Bootleg and no way of BiC escaping. With BiC struggling to breath and Ross pulling back even tighter on his neck, many referee's run in the ring to stop Ross as he lets go and kicks the Former World Champion out of the ring. He picks up BiC's mic as he looks down to BiC on the outside in disgust. Now Flynn, how about you stop sending people I've already dealt with and let's not wait till Saturday. Let's do this right here right now. Ross throws the microphone down onto BiC's helpless body on the outside as the referee's attend to him meanwhile Ross and the BPZ Universe await the arrival of the Universal Champion.
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    Family Issues

    The GOAT plays as Bailey makes his way down to the ring He stares down his supposed brother Monda than grabs a microphone and begins speaking You're willing to forgive me? You want me to shake your hand as an apology? Where is my apology? Bailey smacks mondas hand down Where is my apology for embarrassing me? How dare you come back out of nowhere and try to associate yourself with me? Trying to ruin my reputation? We are nothing alike. We are not brothers even if your little report says we are. I will not associate with someone like you. I Am glorious. I am successful. You are nothing but a bum. A failure to this bussniess. Yea sure we are both from New Jersey. Sure we both join BPZ around the same time. But you are not my brother. I am a 5 Time BPZ WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION. You are a lonely European Champion who couldn't even defend it once. I am a bussniess man, the General Manager of Carnage, the CEO of BPZ. You come back every 6 months and try to play a grumpy grandpa who has to teach the youngsters a lesson. You are pathetic! Everything was going Glorious for me. And then you just had to show up and put this sad news over my head. Now all day long people are in shock. Comparing me and you. Saying the two hall of famers might team up now or something. I just need to break away from all of this. I need to delete this history from my Career. I can't let you bring me down. I Need to end you and get you away from me and my Work. That's why at Redemption we are going to fight one on one. I am going to dominate you. I am going to hurt you. I will destroy you and make everyone forget about you! We are not brothers. We are nothing alike. I would of rather you have never come back than to find out that i have a brother. You're a failure and a waste of space.
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    It's All About Redemption

    The GOAT plays as Bailey makes his out to address The Crowd in attendance for Tonight November 10th 2017, in Just 9 Days Carnage Wrestling will produce probably it's best show to date. But I don't know it's hard to be better than previous 5 star PPVS we've Had here on Carnage. But I have set Redemption up to be GLORIOUS thanks to my skils of knowing what is best for business. I know what's Draws. See I'm not only a professional wrestler I'm a bussniess man. I know how to bring the Money in. Once apon time Carnage was this sinking ship about to finally sink to it's death. While Evolve was cruising by living the glory life. And then I came in and with my own bare hands picked up Carnage, Carried it on my back and brought to the promise land. Because I don't care what anyone thinks I have made Carnage the flagship show of BPZ. The A Show. I'm done, Carnage is done of living off this reputation that Evolve is the better show. Because for Months now we have been producing the better shows. We've been producing the better matches. We've done it all. Everyone wants to complain on how Flynn is getting easy work because of me! How about you go look at Evolves Championship. Nate Barley defends and when he does he isn't getting the top Challengers. He's being protected by his General Manager. How do i put this nicely for Nate. He's the Lazy Wrestler in this company. While Flynn well Flynn has taken the Universal Championship on his back and has made it one of the most prestigious Titles right now in the business. Month after Month i give him obstacles, the best of the best and he plows right through them without a problem or hesitation. Not once does he ask for a break or for me to lay off. No he ask me who is next. That's a real champion. He brings the best out of everyone. He makes everyone else on the Carnage roster work 100 times harder because they are all foaming out the mouth trying to beat him. That's what makes a superior brand. When everyone is striving for greatness. When everyone has to work thier asses off to be the top dog. Flynn vs Ross is going to be a classic. By far the 2 best Carnage has to offer right now. They are going to tear each other apart limb from limb. The best man will win. The true King of Carnage will win. Whether that's Ross or Flynn we will find out. As for as This little Team Flynn vs Team Smith. The Way I see it their are 4 Home Grown Carnage guys on Team Flynn. I Count FD because he is a Building block of Carnage. Right now i see 3 Guys from Evolve on Team Smith. I know what my Carnage guys are about. I know how great of a leader Flynn is. Those Men will go at it and they will not stop Until guys like Smith and that other General Manager and that undeserving Champion get their asses Beat. As for Ross I'm not surprised you joined up with those 3 not surprised at all. The man with the plan. And you might very well be the Universal Champion going into that match. Or you could be going into that match after taking a lose to Flynn. Just know this whether you are champion or not I remember Summerslam. I remember what you did to me and you will pay one day. So keep on betting on yourself. Keep all your plans in a folder. Keep getting paid on the side by whoever it doesn't matter because for you thier will be a price to pay. Redemption is going to be glorious. Team Flynn is going to be victorious at Survivor Series. Carnage, We are the Top dogs of this Company now. Don't let anyone tell you different just keep working your asses off and let's put on another hell of a show at Redemption. Flynn and Ross goodluck, your legacies are riding on it. (No one respond got something planned)
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    Following the heated confrontation between the Universal Champion Flynn and the Number One Contender Ross, we cut backstage to see Ross walking in the direction of the locker room. Our new young interviewer William Smith approaches Ross asking him what happened back there with Flynn. Ross: What happened. What happened is I'm done with the talking. Flynn can have that ring all day and yap yap yap but when it comes to it he can't back it up. But another thing that really frustrated me out there is he got the last word. I SHOULD GET THE LAST WORD. When my mouth shuts and I start to walk out of the arena I shouldn't hear another voice start to pester me again. So that's what happened. William starts to stutter before asking Ross another question. William Smith: Redemption is just 1 week away Ross, will we find out what your plan is before then? Ross snares at William before grabbing the microphone out of his hands Ross: The only thing you need to know kid is when to shut up. You know what, that's something you and Flynn both have in common except you don't look as deluded as he does. My plan will be revealed when myself and Flynn are both locked inside that steel cage we are apparently going to be in. There is only small amount of time left until he realises what mistakes he made. When my left arm is tightly wrapped around your neck and you are locked into 'The Bootleg' your life flashes before your eyes. Everyone mistake you ever made is seen as you begin to lose focus. That's when Flynn will realise him being at the top of the throne is what sent him down to the bottom. I've said this from day one and that's what I'm going to do. Burn him from the ground up and send his b*itch Bailey with him. This brand will finally be in my hands and from there... the plan continues. Ross barges past William and walks away as the camera turns back to William Smith who starts to stutter looking totally shocked. Before he can get any words out Ross comes running back and grabs Smith. The "Man With A Plan" sends the young interviewer straight into the wall before he hits the floor. Ross picks William upto his feet and grips him by the shirt. Ross: Next time... you say thank you. He puts William Smith straight through the blue double doors leaving him unresponsive on the floor. Ross walks away and you can hear his footsteps getting quieter and quieter before the camera fades to black.
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    Chaos and Disorder

    FDS makes his way out to the ring. He stands at the top of the stage and flips off the fans. He walks down the ramp, He sees Slim and he walks past around him staring at him. Slim stands there still almost like he’s afraid but not showing it. FDS walks around the ring staring at each member of Team Order. He gets back around to the front of the ring and he slides into the ring, he ignores his team mates and he snatches the Mic from the ring crew member. He takes off his mask. After he takes it off he throws it at Slim into his face and Slim just looks stunned but as he looks back up FDS is leaning through the ropes and he flips off Slim. The fans begin to cheer but this visibly annoys FDS and gets out of the ropes and begins to speak. Slim. It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Last time we spoke I believe it was… around a year ago when you took out my tag partner with your idiotic….. The Fans Start Chanting “Goons” Summer and Prince start laughing, even FDS lets out a little smirk. Friends. The fans Boo FDS Well you wanna talk about my losing streak? That’s great Slim. A for effort. Slim you talk about being the longest reigning champion in the history of BPZ but then why are you not challenging for the title that let you be the longest reigning champion at survivor series? Why are you instead trying to focus on this match that you think you can win because you think that we’re not a threat but lets just do a bit of a history lesson shall we? Slim before you were the longest reigning Champion in BPZ history I beat you. Twice. Then you’re insulting my friend Prince but keep in mind you thought he was good enough to be your ally did you not? And I’m pretty sure you’re underestimating Echo over there considering he is a pretty dangerous opponent. Point is Slim you and your …. FDS Lifts up the microphone and the fans yell “GOONS” Are really pathetic. And I personally cannot wait to make you feel a lot of pain because if you recall, you and I have some unfinished business. Now go ahead and spew whatever the fuck you want. FDS drops the mic and waits for a response from one of the members of Team Order
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    Chaos and Disorder

    The theme of The Order plays, as four out of the five members on Team Smith at Survivor Series, walk out. Among them is none other than Slim, who looks absolutely disgusted with Prince... Nate, looking smug and as happy as ever after defeating Bart, Prince's partner, to retain his Global Championship. Smith, looking quiet, not as cocky and arrogant as of late, and finally, the number one contender to the Universal Championship, Ross. Slim clutches a microphone in his right hand as he puts his hand on his head, laughing at the stupidity of Prince as he now raises the microphone, laughing as he begins to talk. Wow... You, you really are incompetent, aren't you? You call me... The King, the longest reigning champion in BPZ History, a 10 time champion... a goon. You really, have to be fucking kidding me. You're lucky that I even let you touch a microphone after that sentence really came out of your mouth. But it's fine, because all of these people, see what I see and that's a lack of ability to come up with anything that equals substance because The Order are the best in BPZ, and really, what can you say to us? So you call myself, someone who is better, and way more accomplished than yourself, a goon, along with the Global Champion who defeated YOU in the King of the Ring tournament semifinal, Natedog, a goon. I believed that Flynn was a smart guy who knew what he was doing, who knew the team he was picking yet he clearly didn't realize that he chose a moron to compete in his name, he chose a LOSER. Because that's all you are after losing to Ark Universe, your name was the only thing keeping you relevant Prince, and after Survivor Series, once you're eliminated, you won't be relevant whatsoever. Tell me this, am I a goon for competing alongside someone who respects and admires me? Am I a goon for sacrificing my ego for a team-name? Or is the goon, here, really just you for competing with someone who is clearly just using you, someone who hasn't shown respect for anyone, ever. Team Smith now makes it down to the ringside area, where they get onto the apron, stepping into the ring and putting Prince 4-on-1, as Slim again raises the microphone. It's a joke when you come into MY ring, and say that you're more cunning than me, Smith, Ross, and Nate, you couldn't even formulate a plot to defeat Ark Universe, someone who hasn't been on a hot streak lately and you expect to defeat me, THE GREATEST OF ALL-TIME? And an even bigger joke is the fact that you have put Team Flynn on an equal playing field as Team Smith, it's funny that you put YOURSELF on an even playing field against even the weakest link of our team, because like I said, you're all style and no substance. When it really matters, Prince chokes and we all know that by now. And as for the rest of Team Flynn... Well, how many times has Smith defeated FDS this year? Echo Wilson, you claim to be the next big thing buddy, but every 'next big thing' has gone through THE GUY before they become what they claim to be, and sadly, you haven't gone through THE GUY yet. Because, THE GUY, stands right here, clutching a microphone. And he's dying to meet you. Slim lowers the microphone, now turning himself to the stage as he awaits the members of Team Flynn, most notably Echo Wilson.

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