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    BPZ Hall Of Fame Class Of 2020

    BRENDENPLAYZ HALL OF FAME CLASS OF 2020 Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2020 Hall of Fame for the BPZ Forums. Tonight, we five more members will join an elite group of legendary members of the forums. These members have proven to be the best of the best. They’re some of the first members that come into your mind due to all their hard work and contributions to make the forums a better place. They are members that have worked tirelessly to ensure that the forums stay active or just simply put smiles on others faces from the countless hours of conversations and discussions made. Ladies and gentlemen, these are your new inductees into the Hall of Fame: Slim Ever since making his debut on the forums in the Summer of 2015, Slim has had a tremendous amount of success on this place. From his start in the famous NXT 3 until his record-setting World Heavyweight Championship Reign, Slim has done it all. He has provided the forums with content for years now, which includes some of the greatest diaries in the history of the forums, such as his iconic WWe diary named Brand Warfare and his many NBA 2k diaries, most of the time featuring Lebron James. The forums clearly enjoys his creations, which is why he is the current All-Time leader in Reputation Points earned, with him wrapping up 6500 of those during his time on this website. Slim has truly done it all on all aspects on the forums, whether it be moderating or contributing or even being a kayfabe GM, with all of it being at an extremely high level. Slim is rightfully mentioned among the greatest to ever do it in the BPZ any time somebody brings up the question, whether you are talking about kayfabe, contribution or diaries. It was only a matter of time before he would find his place into the Hall Of Fame. Slim himself had the following to say about his Hall of Fame induction: Sameer Sameer is one of the longest tenured members of the forums, joining the forums all the way back in 2014. He is one of the longest active members on this forums, and one could imagine he is definitely here to stay. Whether it was due to his kayfabe, his many posts on the forums or his general contribution to the BPZ community, Sameer has made the forums a better place for a lot of people. Sameer showed his ability to be one of the best contributors on the forums with his incredible run in 2019, which saw him capture the World, Premium and Tag Team Championship. Sameer has been a big part of the BPZ community for years now, and hopefully will continue to be for many years to come. This contribution makes Sameer deserving of his place in the Hall Of Fame. Sameer himself said the following about his induction into the BPZ Hall Of Fame: Necce The name “Necce” has almost become synonymous with the kayfabe section of this forums, as he is without a doubt one of the greatest to ever at cutting promos on the BPZ Forums. Whether it was his legendary feud with Flynn, his incredible portrayal of the Raven character, or his early day times as Jervis Cottonbelly, Necce has left a great impression on almost anyone who has ever been on the forums. This comes along with a great personality, one that often blesses the chatroom with some comedic relief. Necce, over the years, has without a doubt justified his entry into the Hall of Fame. Necce said this about his induction: Tamer Over the years, Tamer has been involved in plenty of arguments with the “Higher Ups” of the forums, never backing down of sharing his opinion. One thing that can’t be argued about however, is Tamer’s incredible contribution to the forums. Tamer has provided the forums with some of it’s finest creations, throughout almost all sections of the forums. Whether it were his inspiring promos, his meaningful opinions on the world of wrestling, Tamer has shown to be worthy of being inducted in to the BPZ Hall Of Fame. Tamer said the following about being inducted into the BPZ Hall Of Fame: Joh Joh has been a name who has been rumoured to go into the Hall Of Fame for a few years now, and for good reason. Joh has provided the forums with many things to enjoy over the years, which includes his Forums Wrestling Diary, one of the greatest diaries in the history of the forums. Joh was also part of the team that became the first ever Tag Team Champions, setting an example for many teams that followed in the future. Through his years of dedication to the forums, Joh has without a doubt earned his place in the BPZ Hall Of Fame. Joh had the following to say about being inducted into the Hall Of Fame: Congratulations to Slim, Sameer, Necce, Tamer and Joh on being inducted into the BPZ Hall Of Fame!
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    Isaiah Carter

    This Is War

    It has been one hell of a night, as it only continues on. It's of course, the Carnage after BPZMania, and we have had one hell of a night. We've seen returns, debuts, alliances made and broken, and the entire crowd wonders, what could be around the corner? That question is answered, as a theme song starts to play that causes the crowd to erupt. After last nights war, many fans were wondering if Isaiah Carter would even be here tonight. But sure enough, the 'Best In Class' steps onto the stage and looks out over the sea of fans in attendance here to see magic, despite last nights loss, there is a smile on his face. He wears joggers with no shirt, revealing a taped up shoulder. Stitches on his head from the assault in last nights Undisputed Championship match. He walks down the ramp, walking up the steps and entering the ring. Being handed a microphone as he takes a moment to just stop and look around the crowd, who lets out chants of 'Thank You Carter', and cheers, as a smile comes over the face of Carter before he begins to speak. "I'm still standing" The crowd lets out a huge cheer, while Carter awaits them to simmer down before speaking again "Last night, while I was left laying in a pool of my own blood, not sure if my arm was broken, dislocated, and not knowing if I would even be able to step back into a ring. I was lifted up by the Brendenplayz Staff and as much as I could open my eyes, I looked around and saw thousands upon thousands of fans looking at me with worry with their eyes, I saw my own daughter in the front row looking at her Dad gasping for breath, and worst of all I felt the glare of my father from up above, looking down at me with a thought of disappointment. It was in the moments after this despair, sitting by myself in the trainer room, ice bags around my body that I realized. I failed." "Then, I sat there and thought to myself. I am sitting here, in the top pro wrestling company in the world, at the biggest sports entertainment show of the year. And I just put up one hell of a fight in the match of the night. I realized that even though I was having 5 stitches put into my head, I still walked out of that match a champion, a champion to every fan, my family and most importantly to myself." "I didn't have to wait until the referee was down, to use a chair. I didn't have to wait until the most vulnerable moment to become a bitch like my opponent did, I can fairly say that besides one low blow, I fought last nights down the middle and I still nearly beat him. And I can say with no shadow of a doubt, if last nights stipulation was any different, I would have gold around my shoulder right now" The crowd lets out a cheer at the thought of another Hans vs Carter war, as Carter begins to speak again. "But, my guess is last night was my last chance to get my hands on Clayton. So, it brings up the answer of whats next. Its what many superstars are wondering right now, and as dozens of superstars announce that they are going for different championships, attempting to get revenge, or something of the sorts. Its with a heavy heart that I say...I have nothing" "I've done it nearly all in this company, and at this point, there is nothing I need to prove to myself. The only thing I had left, is gone, over the past 24 hours I have thought about a lot of things. What title to go for, who to target......but one thing keeps coming back to my mind....am I done?" A hush comes over the crowd, as Isaiah stares into the nose bleeds before looking down at his boots. Kicking the ground as he struggles with what to say next. "I've had a good run, and I've been dreading the day I have to make this announcement, but I don't know if my ankle, and now my shoulder can keep up........I am off-" Isaiah Carter would be interrupted by one of the most infamous theme songs in BPZ, as he turns towards the entrance ramp with a look of anger, as the crowd begins to boo.
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    The Return

    As the show returns from the ad break, the camera pans over the sold out Moda Center with the excited Portland crowd showing their hype for the amazing show that has been taking place there so far. The lights in the arena start to dim as the focus of the camera now turns into the titantron. What appears to be 'In The End' by the Linkin Park echoes through the PA system, the video shows a man slowly walking through a shallow, low lighted tunnel into a blinding light. Queue the flashbacks, a familiar face is shown pinning Heel to lift the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship, then he's shown throwing someone over the top rope and celebrating on the turnbuckle pointing at the BPZMania I sign as fireworks is going off, then he's shown celebrating with the world title over his head as BPZMania I closes and the video keeps on showcasing all his accolades while his voice echoes over the music every once in a while reminding everyone of some of his most iconic lines and catchphrases. As the video comes to an end, the man is shown standing on top of a skyscraper as if he is reminiscing all those moments of glory, the picture fades to dark as the plan of the man widens. With the last bit of music and picture coming to an end the focus is again turned to the crowd that is on the edge of their seats screaming the man's name. Every single person in the arena is chanting 'Nebby' 'Nebby' 'Nebby'. One of the most iconic songs in BPZ history blasts through the speakers. Nebakos slowly walks out to the stage, he's spotted in his signature outfit, a red baseball hat, an oversized t-shirt and his cargo jeans. He stands for a moment with his head lowered as if he's taking in and processing every single bit of noise the crowd is making. A small pause is followed by him looking up and around, he salutes the crowd and begins running down the apron and in the ring. He hits all sides of the rope, as he goes through his trademark entrance which he finishes by throwing his baseball hat into the crowd. The ring side announcer hands him a mic, Nebakos then goes and stands in the middle of the ring as the music is cut. The crowd goes nuts in the presence of Nebakos, a big portion of it is cheering while another portion is chanting Nebakos's name. 'The Franchise' let's the cheers go on for a good couple of minutes, as the cheers start to go down he goes on to bring the microphone closer to his mouth before he is interrupted by more cheers once again. Nebakos smiles and shakes his head in disbelief of what he is witnessing, he bows down to the crowd and then he speaks his first words towards the BPZ audience in 2 years. Thank you! From the bottom of my heart, thank you! Thank you for such a warm welcome. For the past two years that I have been away from this ring I went on to do many things in my life, movies, music, extreme sports and the list goes on and on. Believe me when I say this, NOTHING comes close to the rush of adrenaline and excitement I feel when I am in between these ropes. This past month, I was in talks with the man himself, Brendenplayz, discussing my return and we agreed on the terms almost immediately, but it hit me 2 nights ago that I was actually making the come back and I have not been able to sleep in two days. As soon as I lay my head on my pillow I start wondering, what am I going to say, how am I going to be received, what if I am not welcome anymore, do I actually still got it. All these questions overwhelm my brain, but everyone who is in this building tonight gave me the answer with their reaction. For almost two years I’ve been away from the industry, healing physically and mentally, trying to figure out what ceased the fire inside me, the passion I had for wrestling. Anyone who knows me can describe me in many ways, whether it’s good or bad stuff I guarantee that you could ask all of the people that have spoken at least once in their lifetime to me and they would tell you that up to the moment I stepped away from the ring for the last time what word fit me the best is will. The will to put myself through pain that cannot be put into words, the will that despite all the nights that I couldn’t sleep even after consuming 10x the amount of pain killers a regular human being is allowed to take, kept me going because in my mind all that torment, all those scars, every bit of ache my body had seemed to go away at the sound of you chanting my name, at the look of admiration in the eyes of my young fans, that was enough for me to ‘self-heal’ in some sort of way. All that slowly started to fade out, injuries started racking up and it got to a point where I couldn’t explain why but the ‘magic’ potion of the fans’ excitement and admiration wasn’t working anymore, and then the losses began and then I was conquered by the idea that I didn’t belong. And so I stayed at home, I stopped working out, I stopped eating healthy, I stopped my injury rehab program. I just sat there, in between four walls and I existed. For one and a half year I existed and I thought I was doing well with my life until one morning I saw myself in the mirror. There I was, a shell of the ‘great’ Nebakos, a man who overcame the odds, a man who was not supposed to make it because he was Greek, because he was not a freak of nature, because he did not have the support to keep going whenever he was on the edge of giving up. That man who never broke under all those circumstances, got beat by himself. And he saw that when he glanced at the mirror, he saw all that hard work, all those hours of blood, sweat and tears being wasted by none other than himself. Nebakos pauses and looks down, his facial expressions show that he is picturing what he just described and then he shakes his head as if he’s in disbelief of how he let himself down. Then he picks his head up and looks around the arena. I let myself down and I disappointed everyone that believed in me and seeing myself in the mirror that day made me realise that. Something clicked in me and I picked my ass from the couch and went straight to the gym. By no means was it a miraculous come back, oohh noo, I had to start from scratch, I had to work out with weights my 19 year old self warmed up with, I had to take it back to the basics, with my weight lifting, with my cardio, with my in-ring training, with my diet and I was once again shading blood, sweat and tears and DAMN IT, IT WAS ALL WORTH IT! 6 MONTHS AND COUNTLESS BUCKETS OF BODY FLUIDS LATER I AM HERE STANDING IN FRONT OF EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU. A MAN REBORN, A MAN PROUD OF HIMSELF. NOW I CAN LOOK MYSELF IN THE MIRROR AND SEE SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHAT HE WANTS, WHO KNOWS WHAT HE NEEDS TO DO AND WHO KNOWS HOW TO GET WHAT HE DESIRES!! Nebakos stares straight in the camera. His look is so intense that it pierces through it as if he is staring straight into your soul So the question is, what do I want. That my friends, that, you will soon find out.. Nebakos slowly turns his attention towards the BPZMania sign, after a small pauses he drops his microphone. The crowd goes berserk. Everyone is wondering, could Nebakos make his in-ring return at the grandest stage of them all?
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    A Legacy Falling Apart

    We are only days removed from the biggest event of the BPZ calendar, BPZMania,as Carnage is live on TV. We return from commercial as we hear the theme of the BPZ Tag Team Champions, the Creed, play in the arena. It’s the first time in a few weeks that we have seen them in an area, as they have spend the last few weeks celebrating the legacies of some of the greatest tag teams in the history of the company from an undisclosed location. Bart and Smith enter the ring and raise their titles to a thunderous reaction from the crowd. While they may have spend the last few weeks celebrating tag teams of the past, it seems today they are focused on the legacy of their own as Bart begins to speak. Without any form of introduction, he begins to talk about their opponents for BPZMania V, The Legacy Of Violence. Flynn, while we have spend our time in the weeks leading up to BPZMania celebrating the legacies of some of the greatest names in the Tag Team Division, you have spend your time ruining the legacy of your own. As the weeks went by, I saw a man whose greatest attribute once was considered to be his analytical approach turn into as unreasonable of a human being as I have ever seen. One phrase in particular really showed me just how inconsiderate you are when it comes to choosing the words that come out of your mouth. “Live by the Creed, Die by the Creed”. Now, viewers of this program, isn’t this the definition of irony. Jeremiah Flynn once was a man who had it all. With the help of his group of lackeys, he managed to defeat me and retain his Undisputed Championship at Summerslam. But Flynn didn’t settle there. Instead, he continued to target 4 people with constant attacks, one of the most costly decisions of his career. We took the Tag Team Championships from BulletProof at Carnage:Wildcard and defeated them in the main event of Survivor Series. Due to these defeats, Jeremiah Flynn fell apart. Why may all have questions regarding his sanity prior to his affairs with the Creed, his attitude afterwards left no questions to be asked. We all saw what the losses to the Creed did to the 5 time world champion. It cost him his Undisputed Championship. One would think that this would be enough to convince somebody to stay away from people that he simply couldn't’t defeat. But instead, Flynn spends his BPZMania trying to attain the unattainable. Flynn is willing to send his career into scrambles, only for the chance to get another opportunity to face off with the Creed. He is willing to sacrifice his legacy for a final chance at redemption, as little of a chance as this may be. Flynn, dear friend, if anyone on this roster is gonna “Die by the Creed”, it is you. As much as you will try to deny it, as hard as you will try to spin my words around, you can’t unsee the obvious truth when you hear it. You can tell yourself, that all that we are saying is bullshit and that all that we are saying is a combination of lies, but deep down inside, you know that what we are saying is nothing more and nothing less than the cold-hearted reality. But Flynn, luckily for you, you are not the only one who doesn't know when it is wise to move on from something. Music begins to play in the arena as video package appears on the screens in the arena, highlighting Necce’s impressive 2018 campaign in the BPZ. It showcases his victory in the Carnage scramble, his impressive BPZMania 3 victory over Flynn, his defences of the Universal Championship, his iconic Hell In A Cell Match against Flynn and his victory in the Global Championship match at Night Of Legends. However, everyone about the video package changes when Necce stands in the ring and speaks out the name of Bart. The music changes to a more sorrowful sound as we continue to watch Necce. We see him come up short in the Global and Universal Unification match at BPZMania IV, as Bart raises both titles up in the air. We then see Necce fail to make a strong impression in the Powertrip Cup Tournament, as he is eliminated in the first round by Bob. We then see Necce return to the company, only to come up short in his Undisputed Title Match at the Survival Games PPV. We see a disappointed look in the face of Necce, which leads to the video coming to an end. Necce, once upon a time, you had it all. Some said that you were the greatest to ever do it, you were considered to be undefeatable. Finally, you were living in the prime of your career, building your legacy up with every match that you took part in. It was almost like you were writing and living in your own dreams. But all of this came to a sudden and unexpected end when you decided to step in the ring for a match with me. When you entered that match, you were at the highest that your career has ever been at, and by the end of it, I had managed to turn you into the deepest misery of your career. For the remainder of the year, Necce failed to win a single match. The same man who had had one of the greatest years in the history of the company had faded into obscurity the year after. A truly tragic story. And now, just like his good friend Flynn, Necce is looking for revenge. Just like Flynn, he thinks that he can resolve his career by facing me and Smith. Little does he know that this match won’t solve anything, it will only further his troubles. After BPZMania V, just like last year, Necce will leave the ring empty-handed. Just like last year, it will send Necce into a sea of misery that will once again debunk his status as one of the greatest to ever do it, as his once unbreakable legacy falls apart piece by piece. BPZMania is the place where the biggest dreams come true, but for the Legacy of Violence, it will be the place where the hardest truths become reality.
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    Isaiah Carter

    The Contract

    Carnage Wrestling | The Contract Signing | March 15th, 2020 _ It is been yet another action packed edition of Carnage Wrestling and now in the main event, its only going to get more tense. As we are only a couple weeks away from the largest show of the year. As superstars have been planting their flags in different matches, fighting every inch of the way, but one match. One match has been set in stone for months, a match built off of pure hatred. A match that possibly will produce more blood, sweat, and tears than any other match on the card. And tonight, it is made official. Upon hearing Isaiah Carters theme song, the crowd would explode into cheers. As the former BPZ World Heavyweight Champion steps out onto the stage wearing black joggers along with a gray sweatshirt. He has his hoodie up before pulling it down, revealing a fresh new hair cut to go along with this huge change in his career. His eyes lock the BPZMania V sign before he walks down the ramp, nothing but determination in his eyes, as he reaches the ring and does a "two sweet" a taunt that Bulletproof has used in its time as a stable. Isaiah flashes a smile at the camera before walking to the center of the ring where a table sits with a contract in the center, without hesitation. Isaiah Carter reaches down and signs the contract, looking up at the BPZMania V sign before grabbing a microphone and beginning to speak. "You know, for the past few weeks I have been focused on one thing. Hurting Hans Clayton. Every training session, thought, and promo has been based on that premise. However just recently I remembered exactly what we are fighting for, I realized what truly will tear down that piece of shit I call my opponent" "You see, I trained Hans to damn well. He is at the peak of his career and there is no denying he is an elite superstar physically. However, mentally. He is weak, you see mentally is where the parasite known as ego really takes over. Hans will never let anything take over his ego, in fact it controls him. Every second he got, he boosted every award, every compliment. For awhile, I wasn't even sure if he had a personality. And when he won that Undisputed Championship, I knew, I knew there was only one way to truly get back at him" "Rip that championship straight from his greasy little hands" The crowd lets out a cheer as Isaiah smiles at the thought of hoisting that title high in the air. "I was in the same boat as you Clayton, hyped up, winning championship after championship. I was called the same things that you are, I was also doubted just the way you are. However when all of these critics came pouring in, what did I do? I kept on pushing, I kept on winning and I won the King Of The Ring tournament. What did you do? You turned on the only true friend you had, you cracked under pressure. Yeah, you have some championship on your shoulder but did you truly earn it? Do you look at yourself in the mirror, and truly think you're proud of yourself?" "9 months ago...the answer would be no. 9 months ago the aggressive, humble Hans would look this Hans in the face and be disgusted. You know just as well as I do that you have become the very thing you hated, the very thing you put down so hard, you now are. And I know that it eats at you. You can act as strong as you like, and say whatever. But the real Hans still lies down below, and if I have to beat that Hans out of you I will." "You told everyone that you are the one giving ME an opportunity. But what you failed to mention was the opportunity I have given you the past 5 years, bringing you into this company, giving you a tag team championship win, begging management to give you title matches and promising you have what it takes. Every dumb mistake you made, I had to cover it up or take the blame. Without me, you would still be running around with the United States championship and you know that is true and that is why you gave me the match, not because you knew it was inevitable. But because you're scared that people think I am better, and your ego needs to prove that. Just beating me wouldn't satisfy you, so you had to put that title on the line. Deep down, you know it is a huge mistake. But that ego won't let you back out will it Hans?" "I find it laughable at your attempt to play mind games, it is clear you have learned too much from Flynn. Shattering a ring that I bought? I understand what its suppose to mean, shattering my ring just like you shattered I friendship. But symbolism doesn't mean shit when I shatter your nose" Isaiah Carter lowers the microphone and allows the crowd to cheer, the BPZMania V still glowing in the background I've always wanted whats best for Hans. Thats what the tag team was all about, I've already done it all in this company. I've won every single championship I have gone for, I've won the King Of The Ring, I've done everything I have strived to do. I didn't need anything to gain from this tag team besides having a great time, and you had to throw it all away. And now, I top off a 5 year career by driving the sole of my boot into your heart. Isaiah Carter once again lowers his microphone and this time turns towards the entrance ramp, as the theme of Hans Clayton begins to play. The intensity inside of the Carnage Arena at a high.
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    Aladin Boy

    Indian Hero

    Live on the BPZ Network as Akki Mahal and the Bingo brothers are on screen in India. Akki Mahal is there to send out his goodbyes to his home village as he will move to America to wrestle as a full time wrestler again. Before leaving he sends out this video to Mirage to present him a vicious message. Akki stands behind the flag of India as he starts his message. Hello Mirage. It's me. Ha! Ha! Ha! What do I have here? Oh. It's a contract for your match against Slim. It's signed by Slim and Bart, now? Why do I have it? I stole it from the BPZ HQ. Why did I steal it? I don't know I was bored. Ha. Ha. Ha. The only way you're getting it if you come take it from ME. Right now I'm heading over to the United States, me and the Bingo brothers will be waiting for you at Carnage. See you, you STUPID AMERICAN. Akki Mahal and The Bingo Brothers walk up to their rickshaw before getting interrupted by a phone call. It's Slim, Slim is calling Akki Mahal... Akki: Hello, you beautiful American. Slim: Shut up, Pakki. Why in the world did you steal the contract you buffoon. There was no point in stealing it, now if he steals it off you he can sign and the match is official WITHOUT EVEN FACING YOU. How dumb are you? Bring that back here, he only gets it if he beats you. (Can't deal with dumb indians anymore *whispers*) Akki: Don't worry Slim! I have been protecting bigger stuff in the past 2 years such as India, my family and my Bingo Brothers. This contract is nothing compared to the other stuff. It's in safe hands. Slim: Just get back here, you imbecile. Akki Mahal cheerfully enters the rickshaw as he waypoints the vehicle to the nearest airport so he can be on his way to America. Akki Mahal connects with the rickshaw drivers as he tells him how much he has fought for this country and the rickshaw driver ignorantly tells him how much he still fights in this country to feed his kids roti. Akki loses his cool and tells the driver to stop 1 mile before the destination and breaks his rickshaw. Akki Mahal and The Bingo Brothers now walk to the airport on foot. Akki Mahal reaches the airport as he waves a goodbye to the beautiful country that is India and skips the line and jumps in an airplane leaving the Bingo Brothers behind. The Bingo Brothers sadly didn't know Akki Mahal did this intentionally as they go around searching for him for hours and completely misses their flight. Akki on the other hand arrives in the United States 13 hours later. He stops a taxi on his way and waypoints his destination. The taxi man is Nate Long! Akki Mahal surprised as hell to see his former general manager in the taxi. The two stare at each other in full shock before Nate finally remembers who Akki Mahal is. Nate: What's up PLAYA! Akki: Nate Long! Why are you in a taxi? Nate: Life man. It's hits ya, playa. Akki: Yes indeed. I was also hit with a rocket launcher in the war against Iraq. Now which country is Life? I can help you plot a revenge at them. Nate: Huh? Whatever, you on steroids again Akki Mahal? Remember when you almost won TTT? Akki: Yes Nate, I remember. Also no, I don't know what a steroids is, I use roti to help me power. Also can you bring me to the Carnage arena? Nate: Carnage ARENA?! Are you wrestling again? Damn PLAYA. Good job. Akki Mahal and Nate Long keep on chatting as Nate takes Akki to his destination. During the holy moment they talk about the past and how much of a star Akki Mahal could have been if he wasn't called up for war against Iraq. Akki Mahal also keeps on questioning Nate's new job and outfit and why he left the company. Akki further on tells Nate how he returned and what he's doing right now. Couple of meters before their destination Akki says he'll walk from here as it's easier for Nate to get out of traffic. Akki Mahal opens his door before BOOM! What the hell? Oh it's Epic The Rapper on a bike. He just got slammed and taken out by a door. Akki Mahal apologizes as he walks to the stadium. Epic The Rapper says it's all good and tells Akki Mahal to believe in God and further on greets Nate Long right before Nate Long screamed and raced off to his home. Akki Mahal walks in the stadium as he gets greeted by the one and only Austin MIRAGE. Akki Mahal eyes Austin before Austin explodes out of nowhere with a right hand blow taking Akki Mahal out. Austin rips the bag of Akki open and searches for the contract. Hairdryer, Austin whispers under his lips "This fool doesn't even have hair". He finds bunch of Indian culture stuff, kilograms of roti then PAPERS. Austin opens the papers and sees bunch of lyrics written down. Akki Mahal stands up and yells "That's my brother's, The Akki". Akki runs off and hits Austin down with a knee shattering the door of the building. Security guards tries splitting the two before Akki Mahal pulls out an AK-47 that he brought with him from the war. He has a war license to travel with those. The security backs off as Austin yells "That's a fake gun, you fake war hero fraud." Austin then runs off and hits Akki with a big boot knocking Akki out. Austin continues his search and finds the contract under Akki's handbag. Austin kicks Akki for the last time in the head and leaves to the arena. Akki yells from the ground "That's a fake contract you dumb American." Austin ignores that as the cameraman follows him up in his lockerroom to film his reaction. Mirage reads the contract as it states nothing but a Pay-Per-View Cable deal with BPZNetwork for BPZ Backlash. Austin Mirage is bothered with this but keeps himself calm before tearing the paper as the camera zooms in his face before the screen fades to black.
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    "Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?" Epicurus Last Time Everything had felt distorted. At least, it did in the eyes of Arius. Over the past few days , everything felt like it was changing around him. It felt like he was in the eye of the storm as the winds of change began to devastate everything he built around him. It was no longer feeling like the BPZ he shed his blood, sweat, and tears for. It felt new. It felt unforgiving to the sin of pride he broke under. It was changing colour, changing shape, warping and twisting behind his retinas that stung like a splinter in the centre of his mind, slowly breaking into hairline fractures with the sharp and piercing sound of a Tinnitus like ringing. This candid opened with this imagery, white flashes before our eyes in disorienting white strobes, his career and the past few months specifically being played for us through the outside perspective of Arius himself. It looked like a haze beyond the flashes, unfocused as the eyes couldn't adjust correctly. The faces of the men that The Revenant had faced on his chosen path were interchangeable inky black shadows -- like they were without a reason of matter as all that was in focus was the expressions of pain and failure on the face of Arius himself. It was an unfavourable way for one to look at their career -- but shows the power of one moment changing a perspective -- as with one final flash -- Arius watching the main event slip from his fingers. The ringing in our ears persisting as beginging scene comes into view. "Hell is a state of mind. And every state of mind, left to itself - is, in the end, Hell." The figure of Arius faded into the image. Bandages around his body thanks to the vicious fall at the hands of Slim. Attire, a black suit, a black shirt, a black tie. Dishevelled still as recent months have progressed, his eyes are drawn upwards as he continues. A lack of sleep or maybe too many late nights. "We’re no strangers to self flattery. We’ve talked about what makes us different than the “others”, which in a lot of ways might just be selfishness speaking for us—hoping that there’s something that sets us apart when it’s so easy to fall into the crowd. Whenever you’re part of the crowd, Flynn—and I’m sure you realised this when you had your stretch amongst Bulletproof — you long for the opposite experience. Those in crowds wish to stand out. Those who stand alone wish to melt away within a group. It’s that insatiable, unquenchable human desire that’s a common thread within all of us. (The clink of a bottle being kicked across the floor can be heard as Arius moves forward with the camera tracking) "And it’s desires like those that always made me question if I’m really like everyone else or if I’m nothing like them at all. I still couldn’t tell you. But unlike the rest of them, you’ve decided to give me some backstory on the kind of person you were...a journey of no heaven. No nirvana. Often to find these virtues, these apropos final destinations, we have to push through the many circles that make up hell." "I think this week has shown you that while we may have come from two different backgrounds and have essentially put together two totally different career trajectories, we can relate to one another through this one common thread that there’s something off kilter." "I have to admit I can respect your blind committedness to your little indecisive motive, Flynn. A tough guy who eats nails, shits screws, and threatens everybody. It is fun, thrilling. Sends a shiver up my spine and makes this path we've both been set on all the more exciting." "Looking back on Carnage It seems you've found your safety net. I'm glad to see you were able to find a solution so quickly. I’ve wanted to escape before, but I feel this way whether I’m buried in the sounds of a city or abandoned in the middle of a forest. And when it comes to looking for a place warm enough to call home, I’m unsuccessful on that front too. Maybe you feel that when you go to your family. Maybe you feel it being submerged in the wilderness. But between the hundreds of cities I’ve performed in, between the thousands of beds I’ve slept in, between every little space in between, I can’t find anywhere that comfort exists. For so many people, they dedicate their entire lives to either finding a home—whether it be a goal or an actual place—or escaping from their experiences. I can’t. So I changed my focus. I began thinking that if I couldn’t find a place where I was comfortable, maybe the next best thing was to find the place where I fit in best—where I was meant to be." "Count your coins and Throw them over my shoulder” (Arius fiddles with a golden rectangular plate between his fingers as he speaks - unidentified to the audience of its meaning) "I knew from the beginning that you would be going for these kind of cheap shots, because what was I to expect from a man who treats people like his puppets? However, I'm not going to be manipulated, Flynn, so you can treat my mistakes as bargain card...you can even create your own weird world vision. I could've got before him, said anything and he would've had the same response, and actually it feels as though he didn't really listen to anything I had to say in the past. For someone who is so vigilantly taking notice of his competition, as you seem to want to know who Arius is, you sure tend to make a lot of easily avoided errors in your delivery. He didn't respond to the man i am he just said words to hear himself speak." "You were all steam but no substance. You can be better. You want to be better. Yet you trail the words of lesser men and fate yourself to their company. My presentation isn't an indication of me hiding behind anything. It's a representation of something far greater, a representation of the aura I wish to create. The same "aura" you wish to trail as the new "fear" of Brendenplayz Wrestling. A new haircut. A new attitude. A patch up job or the first look at who true Flynn wants to be to himself? " "Something you've hampered quite enough about. So much so that I must conclude that it's effective, no? It isn't a method of me feeling important for such juvenile thoughts are irrelevant and play no significant role in my plans. Where actions speak much louder. We must all just find within who we truly are. I will not let people's perception of me dictate my perception of myself, because I know what I have inside, I know who I am, and what I'm capable of. What we are both capable of." "We understand how dangerous a mask can be. We all become what we pretend to be. You might see defeat this last weekend as proof that you weren’t actually able to accomplish something great by abandoning the mask we describe. You could even turn the mirror in my direction with how the curtain closed on my night. But I think your story is something that a lot of people could gain from hearing—a tale of a man who got a taste of what he thought he wanted only to discover that he was more powerful persisting in what he is at heart. I recognise why you’re so driven to work toward cementing yourself again and cementing your cause in front of so many people who have spat on it and ignored what you’ve had to say as if you’re some sort of reject to the rest of the world that belongs in an asylum not to be conditioned and assimilated to the rest of society, but to rot and be kept away from the rest of them. They doubt your creations. Your motivations." "Your battle has always been against them because they’ve done everything they could to act as if you’re not really here. No matter how much you’ve screamed and clawed and ascended, asserted your place, they still don’t acknowledge you as the line to cross. That you hold the keys. That world championship you had once slung over your shoulder is the closest thing to a golden ticket to being acknowledged, and the thought of me now appearing and slowing down the process, taking the momentum away from you is like knocking you back to square one. (Arius smirks) Hell. If we’re both not already left there already. Unwanted behemoths. Left to the side to destroy each other out of a fear of what we can do" "But I want to remind you of the bigger picture, Flynn: you aren’t losing to what you’re actually fighting against. I’m not one of those “normal” people that have ignored your cause and shrugged you off as some sort of schizophrenic zealot of a warped cause. I’ve let you have the floor to say whatever you wanted. For weeks throughout 2019, members of your war battalion invited me out to the ring to tell me what they thought about me, courted me, and I obliged even though I had no intention of getting out of bed." "But now you stand alone and i’m willing to give you what you wanted—what you’ve always wanted from all of the people that have disrespected you. Your opponent in the grand scheme of things are those cookie cutter sheep that you longed to be side by side with. But you’re not facing them this April. You’re facing me—someone who you know stands out as something different than what you’ve come against before. To speak to you honestly, Flynn—and excuse me if this comes across too uncharacteristically callous—I don’t care if you take your loss and take it to heart or bounce right back up to your feet, dust yourself off, and believe that everything is the same as it was before. But the latter option is there for you to take. You still have your battle to fight, just like I do. Regardless of what happens next weekend, we will always have our same old battles to fight. Whether you honestly believe with your entire heart that you’ll walk out with the victory for your new found arthritic friend or have accepted that you’ll fall to me and lose it more than you have already, you will still have people with their heads turned away and you’ll still do everything you can to try to get them to face you and accept your word as scripture." "When Bart approached me, in between the doctors prodding my forehead (Arius pokes at the stitches), my concern was never to beat you. (Arius laughs) Maybe that is what Bart hoped for? The crafty bastard. I’ve acknowledged my skill as an art rather than a curse so many times before because I never pictured that this would be my calling. I never wanted to be a professional wrestler. I didn’t have these dreams as a child growing up with a trampoline in my backyard, emulating the moves I saw on television. And even when I thought I had found a passion for this industry because I was good at it, I always believed that there was something beyond it—that this was just a chapter in my story, not the overall theme. This industry was never meant to be the core of my story. My industry is a field of natural exploration, an art i tend to continue to sink into. But thanks to my inherent skill, that’s what it’s become. My addiction. This is something I’ve had to accept. This is the closest thing to fulfilment I’ve ever had. And that’s why I’m still here, Flynn." "My concern is what happens after all this is said and done—if my battle against that emptiness stops or if it doesn’t even leave a chink in that vacancy’s armour. What else can I do to fill that void if this doesn’t do it, Flynn? If overcoming the adversity that’s been set before me, if defying the odds like I have isn’t enough to fill that empty space in my chest, then what the hell can, Flynn? What else is there for me? I can’t run to a family waiting for me with open arms. I can’t go back to my home. I can’t escape to a forest and find an ounce of beauty in nature. Not anymore. None of those are options. But I’ll tell you what is left. What’s left is the reality of the situation that I’ve feared ever." "It's time to pull apart from the pack and see who comes out the other end of the woods with something's neck firmly locked within their teeth. This dance will not be structured, it will not be smooth..it will be erratic. It will be passion on the stage and we'll leave a piece of ourselves. Why?, Because we have no choice. We're now vehicles of war for men with power over us. We're the ones connected to the strings. I want to inflict unnatural motives. I was and am still designed to hurt. If this doesn’t do it, Flynn, then I know that that’s all that’s left for me. And though I may be a victor come next weekend, I can’t guarantee you that I’ll be fulfilled." "There is no end to service. We're expendable. Ensured destruction. And at World at War we'll perish, wither together." Your deeds of... Carnage - Valor
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    Thank Me

    The opening segment to Carnage broadcasts live from an SUV, as soon enough, it's shown to be Le Champion himself, Slim, as the World Champion has seemingly come to Carnage alone tonight, as the new BPZ World Champion. He is heard talking to his driver as the car nears the arena, with the camera showing off his navy blue suit along with his brand-new sunglasses. Slim: The Locker Room is gonna be waiting at the door, ready to thank me for saving BPZMania from that idiot Arius last night. He really thought he could beat the Mafia and walk away? Ferdinand, it's unbelievable how stupid the people I work with at this stupid company are in this day in age. Driver: Actually sir, my nam- Slim: Shut up, I don't care. Ferdinand, I am a 6-time BPZ World Champion. The most in history, and yet people have the audacity to complain about me beating Arius. That I took his crowning moment, that I robbed him, it's disgraceful. I saved BPZMania, yet no one seems to see that! Driver: We're here sir. Slim: Thank you Fernando. Driver: My name is Joe, Mr. Slim. Slim throws a 50 at "Joe", as he begins to leave, Don Dada supremely confident tonight after his win at BPZMania V. He holds the championship on his shoulder, as he walks towards the entrance, opening the door and stepping in as he expects his large ovation for becoming the new BPZ World Champion... To nothing. Everyone backstage continues working, as we are shown many of BPZ's superstars. Slim stands in front of everyone, as seemingly no one notices him. Understandably, Le Champion is left enraged as he begins to shout at everyone. "UN-BELIEVE-ABLE!" "Are you kidding me!? Is this a big joke? Haha, April Fools, right? "We got you, Slim!" "It's not?" Don Dada looks enraged, as he raises his sunglasses onto his head and continues to shout. "When there's a new World Champion, he gets applause, he gets showered with praise and approval, roses thrown onto him, and last night, I gave you guys a pass. It was tough for everyone, it was a war in every match and I gave everyone a pass, and this is how you repay me?" "Complete silence for your new World Champion!?" "YOU SHOULD BE THANKING ME! Clapping for me! Showering me with champagne! It's okay though, I got my own thank you. This title! And none of you have it! But at the end of the day, I deserve it. I deserve it because I saved your shit-show that you guys wanted to call the biggest show of the year!" Le Champion continues walking through backstage, before he stops, but the camera focuses on him so it is not clear who he is talking to. "Smith! Bart! Not a thanks for Don Dada! Ridiculous! No thanks?! Slim, 6-time champ. No words from the greatest tag team in the history of BPZ." "You two damn sure couldn't do it! You couldn't be the backbone of the company like I am! Let me give you a fact, Smith, Bart, Creed, stupid idiots. Out of our 5 BPZManias, I have closed 3 of them! 3! And one was beating your ass, Smith, and taking your title. Neither of you could lace my boots on your best day, meaning you should respect and look up to me. But here you are, silent, in shock that Slim actually pulled it off. Why are you shocked? I am Mr. BPZMania, and last night I proved it again! I put the whole world on mute!" "Everyone thought this is Arius' crowning moment, then I ripped his heart from his chest and claimed his title! I killed that man on live Pay-Per-View! You better learn to respect me before I take our camera-guy into the ring and beat you for your prestigious titles, congratulations on Slim being your World Champion, pleasure is all yours." Slim now continues to walk, as he walks more towards gorilla position, continuing to be loud and shout at various BPZ superstars, as he nears the stage. "SLIM! 6-TIME WORLD CHAMPION! No one can believe it! EMTs & Medics standing around, doing nothing, like a bunch of idiots. Go help Arius, he's probably still reeling from that beatdown I put on his ass, he's got a big match coming up, get moving!" "Bob Sparks, I bet you regret joining Bulletproof now you little snake! Goes to show, don't ever cross The King, FDS, go shed some more tears you filthy loser, Crip, you tried to put me down but guess what bitch, I'm still here and I'm the god damn BPZ World Champion, and none of you sorry ass wrestlers will EVER get a shot at my title! Brad, what are you doing? Why are you staring like Le Champion like he's an idiot?" Brad: You're a joke, Slim. Entering Patsy Cline to cash-in? Le Champion, more like Le Bitch. "Patsy Cline has more chance of becoming BPZ World Champion than you ever will, Brad! Get out of my face, you stupid piece of shit! You know what?! Fine! The BPZ Locker Room won't respect me, I'm sure the fans will! They'll appreciate the greatness of Le Champion! 'Crutches, Crosses, Caskets' now plays as Don Dada, enters through the curtain with the BPZ World Championship on his shoulder. He walks down to the ring with the microphone he's holding before getting in, speaking to the fans who he hopes to hear respect from. You all saw the disrespect that BPZ locker room has put me through! So let's hear, let's hear the chants for "LE CHAMPION"! Slim spreads his arms, as the crowd boos, and immediately Slim is pissed off. You too, huh. You wanna boo Le Champion!? Seeing me live in person, is the greatest moment in your LIVES! It doesn't get ANY better than this, morons, so take it all in while you can because I'm not gonna be here for long. I've been getting texts, calls... 'What do you wanna do at World at War?' NOTHING! It's disrespectful that the same people who don't respect me as the face of this fallen company, trying to pick it up from the ashes you idiots placed it in, have the audacity to advertise me, and say I will be competing at World at War! News flash - I'M NOT! World at War is not an event worthy of my in-ring abilities. World at War is a second-rate Survivor Series, and even my title of 'Mr. Survivor Series' will not goat me into competing at your cash-grab, boys. So with this announcement, and the obvious disrespect on display, I'm leaving. Nice going idiots, you fucked it up. Slim begins to leave the ring, but is cut off by a theme. -replyplanned-
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    Dallas, Texas, the infamous home of BPZ’s own Jeremiah Flynn. We find ourselves at the familiar penthouse that sits at a high rise directly in the middle of downtown Dallas. The camera pans around to a penthouse full of trophies and memorabilia. For an orphan child who came from nothing, the young man has already earned riches and prizes that can set him for a lavish lifestyle for the rest of his tenure in this world. Yet it’s always been apparent, it’s not the paycheck that keeps Jeremiah going. A lone black chair sat in front of his large plastered glass windows is where we find “The Painmaker”. A glass of Jameson whiskey in his right hand, he looks over his city. He begins speaking to the camera however does not break his glaze out the window. “Do you ever question what is it that keeps you going? Why do you wake up each and every morning, put on your clothes and go to your job and continue to do exactly what you did the day before? For months now I’ve found myself in a near, comatose state, questioning why do I continue to step in that ring. I use to believe I did it for the money. Two years in BPZ and I was set for life. Then I believed it was the drive to be the very best in the world. I’m a five time World Champion and I hold the longest Championship reign this company has ever seen. Yet I’m still here, waking up every single morning, putting those boots on and going to work. Why? I believed maybe..... I wanted to make this company a better place. I wanted to make it stronger, make the other competitors better then they are now. Then it hit me.... I don’t give a damn about this company or that locker room. Creed aided in that epiphany.” Flynn raises the glass, taking a quick drink, finishing the glass entirely. He pulls himself to his feet, a hulking mass of a man. He’s prided himself for years on dominating his opponents not just physically but mentally as well. He begins walking across the large open room towards an open bar that he has stationed up. Pouring himself another glass. “Following BPZ Mania, I felt lost. I was exposed. More importantly I found no reason for why I should put those boots back on. Then when I sat alone in that locker room hours following the shows closer, he came to me.” Jeremiah now walking down a hallway, looks to one of several pictures placed in a glass trophy case. One of which being the initial class between Julius and Flynn, the finals of the first ever Power Trip Cup where Flynn served Julius his first singles loss in BPZ. The two have a storied history and are one of the most complex relationships in BPZ history. He continues his speech, the drink in his hand, his eyes fixed on the framed photo. “He came to me in that locker room and he recognized where I was in my career. He looked at me and he said he understood how I felt. He told me we can help one another and for the first time in my career, I listened. I for so long have called the shots, I’ve dominated the the landscape because I could, because I have the full capability to do so. My power and inflect combined are unmatched and that is not changed. But purpose..... now that is something I have finally been given. I enjoy hurting people. I enjoy inflicting pain and I enjoy winning gold. Those are my two constants. And now..... I just want to hurt everyone in this god damn company, and he’s going to help me do it.” Quick clips suddenly flash across the screen of Jeremiah Flynn and Julius individually and as a unit in recent years inflicting pain upon and dominating the BPZ landscape. Arguably the two most physically dominant men of their time. We suddenly in a quick flash return to the skyline where Jeremiah sits upon his black chair. This time he is face to face with the camera. His eyes blood shot, the glass once again empty. He looks deep into the camera with a cold glaze. “Carnage has always and will always be my show. I was not dubbed “The King of Carnage” by mistake. No that is a title I took and I owned for years now. I’m the man who runs the ship, NOBODY ELSE! I watched the BPZ Mania main event but this isn’t the first time Arius has caught my eye. I’ve been watching you for sometime now. You are an enigma. Someone they say that is not to be trifled with. I am a man who’s not to be trifled with. You are a boy, hiding behind cheap theatrics and bad face paint. I hold no respect for what you did at BPZ Mania. I hold no respect for anything you’ve accomplished prior to such. Your accomplishments may seem impressive to some but to me it is a mere prologue in comparison to my narrative. You treasure your roots so fondly, your seem to forget your current reality. While you celebrate your history, the highs and the lows, I choose to bury mine in a dozen meters of cement. We are not the same by any means. We come from different paths of life, our careers are not exactly comparable and our styles in that ring don’t exactly fall within the same breath of each other and so I wonder, why is it that they- those people in that crowd clamor for this match. They must not know what it is that I can do to you.....” “....or maybe.... maybe they do.” Jeremiah Flynn stares deeply into his glass. He holds it tightly, strangely a Bulletproof logo can be seen at the bottom of the clear glass. A memory of where Jeremiah has called his own over the past eight months. “Hans Clayton is like a brother to me. I respect that man almost as much as I respect Julius. If Hans was chosen as Valors representative, I’d shake his hand, before ripping him into two fucking pieces and maybe I’d take the Undisputed Championship back as well. I respect Hans Clayton. I like him. Now Arius, consider the facts that I don’t respect you, in fact I almost hold a disdain for everything you are about. We have been heading towards this match since the moment you stepped foot in a BPZ ring. This I truly believe is destiny. Sadly, this will not be a beautiful clash of the titans. I’m going to fuck you up. I’m going to beat and batter you for Carnage, for Julius and most importantly for me. For my own personal satisfaction. Arius, we will be seeing you very soon.” He takes a rest back into the chair. He looks directly out into the world, the very same streets he at one time found himself sleeping on. What a twisted tail that the city that once tortured him, he now lies above in its blue skies. Jeremiah’s first message has been sent to Arius, something that seemed like a dream match, has become an almost personal affair for one “Painmaker”.
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    This Is War

    Too the crowds shock that hellish bomb siren can be heard as Bob Sparks appears on the stage with nothing more than a pissed off look on his face. Anticipation would build as we see the two stare each other down for a bit not crossing paths since very early on in Bob’s career. We see Isaiah’s anger shift a bit more toward confusion as we see Bob lift the microphone to his mouth and begin to speak, no mellow and calming tone a much more sinister harsh tone under Bob’s breath this time around. Disappointing, everything relating to me seemingly has that within the fine print. Now I traced it back to its roots and my main issue with that is it led me back to the sorry excuse of a man I see standing before me here today. You see Isaiah you led me down a false path that if I just wait everything will come. People like you led me to believe that good things come to those who wait and I am sick and tired of waiting around while guys come back and steal moments that were meant to be mine. You can give everything to this shit and if you sit patiently and wait your turn this business simply spits in your face and moves onto someone else as if your hard work and daily suffering means nothing at all. I remember when it first started between us. A young up and coming rookie and a solidified star finally hitting his prime battling it out in an all out war. The circumstances are very different now though aren’t they. I mean I look at you right now and that is not the man I tore the house down in the Power Trip Cup, no. That man is dead, killed by his once brother in arms Hans Clayton. Now this was to be expected of course, I mean let's face reality right now Isaiah not everyone on this roster was made to be Bulletproof. So when you stand there broken and seemingly lost, I can’t help to feel that someone has to put you out of your misery and who better to do that than me. I let you get the best of me once but I’ll be damned if I let you do it again. I figured out what my issue was, but you, you still have no idea how to fix what has gone wrong with you. Isaiah Carter would look up at Bob confused clearly not following what Bob is saying. Bob would look at him with nothing more than a sinister grin as he laughs a bit. Bob would watch as the crowd would then pour in with boos as Bob Sparks seemingly soaks it in. Bob would then lift the microphone to his lips once again as the sinister tone remains. Right now I look at you Isaiah, a man I considered to be one of the top names in this company with nothing but a look of disappointment. Isaiah I have been seeing you around this company doing nothing more than sucking up to these people because you look for any sense of self confidence and ego boost that you can scrape up. So this sick and twisted fake love you show to these people although I understand completely I find disgraceful. You people believe this load of crap that he says and to be honest I can understand why. All you people are is sheep follow the same guys over and over and help fizzle out new guys because you can’t be damned to change. All of these issues are your doing Isaiah giving these people a sense of power and legitimizing their actions and to be honest it’s a shame. It’s a shame because I don’t even think you understand what you are doing Isaiah. Don’t worry though because just as I have done before let Bob Sparks explain what people like you are simply to incompetent to understand. Bob would then watch as a man in the front row would flip him off and spit at him. Bob would simply shake his head and point at Isaiah asking the fan if that is his hero. Bob would then laugh as the fan would answer yes. We would then see Bob speak again as we hear nothing more than an underlying factor of hate under Bob’s breath. Raven, Rory Orton, Siege, and Aaron North are all men that you people chased off as you refuse to acknowledge this company's future. For what, so we can continue to see the same guys hold the gold and dominate. So we can see guys like Slim hold the world title time after time because you people are immune to change. Now Isaiah you support these actions through your support of these people. Now I might not have been buddy buddy with some of the guys I mentioned but I can understand true men when I see it and a guy like Raven deserved better than what he got. You people have the audacity to blame me, well fine because I blame you sheep because all you do is support the same guys time after time and not open yourself up to new faces and names. Oh you don’t believe me...well let me bring you back to BPZMania just a bit back. You instead of supporting the only sane and competent superstar in that battle royal you supported Nate. A guy who comes back and is handed things time after time and I am simply sick off it. If this trend continues you people will watch BPZ crumble as it’s future leaves because they can’t stand to deal with your bullshit any further. Bob now is infuriated as he stares Carter down directly as he begins to speak in a tone we have not heard Bob go to, full of hate and full of anger far worse than we have seen before as he begins to speak with Carter listening in. Isaiah, no more. No more of this bullshit with guys like you taking spots and stunting the clear future of this company. I will not allow for this backstage bullshit and twisted group of sheep to hold me back, no. No longer am I going to wait around and let my spot simply come to me because now I am going to take my spot. It’s time to clear house and Isaiah that starts with you. Guys like you, Slim, Bailey, Nate, and hell even Nebakos it’s time to go. A new age is upon us here in BPZ Wrestling and I am going to be at the front of it. No more bullshit, no more undeserved wins from guys who simply are not here for the wrestling but here for a quick ego boost. Isiah I look at you right now and I can sense it your time is running out as we speak. You see, Isaiah the clock is ticking and Bob Sparks is here to simply put you out of your misery. Bob would then stare Isaiah down as we see Bob clearly pissed off as Isiah would then look at Bob returning a similar look as he is clearly not a fan of what Bob has said here tonight. We would then see him speak once more as Isaiah answers Bob Sparks.
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    A story that started with five years of friendship, one of the greatest tag teams ever turns into hatred and anger for each other, it all comes down to this. BrendenPlayz and Sameer would team up in December of 2018 and form the Big Ballers. The Big Ballers would become one of the best if not the best tag team ever in BPZ History. But the night after Creed defeated Bulletproof, BrendenPlayz would viciously attack his 'golden boy' leaving the former world heavyweight champion out for 2 months of action. When BrendenPlayz attacked Sameer that wasn't just a tag team betrayal, It was a mentor turning on his mentee, a man stabbing his brother in the back. After returning to action Sameer begged Brenden for a match and Brenden simply declined at first until Sameer attacked him at his office and forced his hand and added the stipulation "Loser Retires" anything goes in this match but "The Boss" won't be wrestling tonight. Sameer has forced Brenden to bring back the side of him that he put to rest after creating his own company. Both men's careers at stake here tonight at the grandest stage of them all, BPZMania. Birth of the Cruel echo throughout the arena as BrendenPlayz comes out driving on a motorbike towards the ring with Keeley holding on behind him. A massive amount of boos rain down on the owner of the company. Brenden and Keeley disregard all the boo's from the audience here tonight at BPZMania. As Brenden drives around the entire ring before exiting the motorbike with Keeley, Brenden helps Keeley enter the ring, before entering the ring he climbs up to the top turnbuckle and poses for the crowd here tonight in the FedEx Field. Invincible blast throughout in the soldout FedEx Field in Washington DC, as Sameer walks out with a flaming torch as he raises it up for everyone to see in the arena. After raising the torch, Bart, and Smith walk out for the second time tonight stand right beside there brother for this match vs Brenden. It's almost as flames are coming through the eyes of Sameer as he is dead focused on Brenden who is in the ring awaiting the arrival of Sameer. As Creed gets close to the ring Sameer tells Bart and Smith "This is my fight, I need to finish this myself" Sameer fist bumps Bart and Smith as they leave to the back. Sameer would go towards his wife that is in the front row for this match tonight. Sameer gives his wife, his creed chain that he wears on him with pride, they then hug. Sameer climbs the turnbuckle and poses for the fans and he gets a bombastic amount of cheers from the spectators in the FedEx Field. Both men get in their representative corner as they both await to bell looking straight at one another with clear hatred and anger. It's sad to remember that just a year ago they were a tag-team and fighting side by side. The match begins and both men stare down each other for a couple of seconds taking in that for one of them it'll be there last match ever in BPZ. After a few seconds, both men just start throwing aggressive punches after punches trying to get one of them into a defensive stance. After a few blows to the head, Brenden is able to knock Sameer down onto one knee. Brenden stomps on the injured ribs of Sameer as he screams in pain. Brenden said he is going to show us the ruthless side of him here tonight and he's not wasting time showing it. Sameer lays on the down on the mat already feeling the effects on this ruthless side of Brenden. However Brenden doesn't let Sameer recuperate at all, he picks up Sameer from the mat showing his bare strength and grips him from behind and hits Sameer with a german suplex, he quickly picks Sameer back up and hits him with a second german suplex! Oh my god, he's going to do it again! BRENDEN WITH A THIRD GERMAN SUPLEX TO SAMEER THROWING HIM TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RING! Brenden smirks looking down at Sameer who is in complete shock laying down on the mat after those german suplexes. Keeley is heard from ringside cheering on Brenden as her husband is in complete control of the match. Brenden picks up Sameer for another german suplex and him- NO Sameer lands on his feet and a quick enziguri TO BRENDEN! Brenden is stunned and on a knee. Sameer quickly capitalizes on this and hits Brenden with a KNEE STRIKE! Sameer quickly goes for a pin right after knocking Brenden down to the mat but Brenden can kick out before the referee gets to the one count. As Brenden lays on the mat Sameer gets in the corner and takes a breather. Sameer would pick up Brenden as soon as he does, Brenden hits him with a quick jab that stuns Sameer and hits a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! SAMEER HAS ROLLED OUT THE RING. Remember anything goes in this match, there is NO COUNT OUTS OR DISQUALIFICATION! Brenden heads outside the ring and heads towards Sameer but as he is heading towards Sameer, Brenden spots Sameer's fiance in the crowd. He says to her "I'm ending that motherfuka tonight" After he says that to her, BRENDEN GETS DROP KICKED FROM BEHIND BY SAMEER! As Brenden is down, Sameer is destroying the Spanish announce table. Keeley looks in worry as Sameer picks up Brenden with a sadistic look on his face. Sameer is able to lay Brenden on the table an- WHAT THE HELL? HE'S GOING TO THE TOP ROPE. OH NO, THIS CAN'T BE GOOD! OH MY GOSH, SAMEER ELBOW DROPS BRENDEN FROM THE TOP ROPE AND BRAKES THE TABLE!! Sameer and Brenden are both down! Keeley looks on in panic and worry. Sameer crawls to the barricade and uses it to help him get up. Sameer drags Brenden back into the ring and goes for a pinfall but Brenden kicks out AT ONE!? After the lengths that Sameer just went through braking the Spanish announce table with an elbow drop only to for Brenden to kick out at ONE. I think Sameer has finally realized that type of beast he has awoken in Brenden. As he looks in frustration after the one count but he quickly turns that frustration into adrenaline as he gets on the ring apron waiting for Brenden to get up. OH COME ON! Keeley turns to Sameer trying to slip his foot off the apron as Sameer pushes her away. HE'S MET WITH A SPEAR THRU THE ROPES FROM BRENDEN! The fans in attendance chant "HOLY SHIT!" As both men once again lay on the outside down. Brenden crawls to the ring apron and uses it to help him get up. He picks up the body of Sameer and throws him into the ring but before Brenden gets in the ring, he looks under it looking for a weapon possibly and OH NO! Brenden grabs a sledgehammer and gets into the ring. Now it's Brenden with that sadistic look on his face as he gets into the ring and waits for Sameer to get up from the corner just stalking him. Sameer gets on his knees trying to get back up to his feet but Brenden doesn't wait for him to get back on his feet. He starts walking up to Sameer and HITS HIM FACE FIRST WITH THE SLEDGEHAMMER. SAMEER'S FACE IS BLOODY NOW AFTER THAT BRUTAL HIT! Brenden goes from the pin on Sameer 1...2-NO! Sameer is able to kick out at 2 after that brutal hit with the Sledgehammer. Brenden quickly picks up Sameer and hits him with ANOTHER SLEDGEHAMMER HIT! However, Brenden doesn't go for a pin? Oh my god, Brenden's picking Sameer up from the mat once again showing the shear strength that he posses and HITS HIS FAMOUS POWERBOMB! Keeley shouts at Brenden to quickly capitalize after the powerbomb and Brenden does as quickly goes for the pin on Sameer. THIS COULD BE IT, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!? 1..2..-NO SAMEER IS JUST BARELY ABLE TO KICK OUT BEFORE THE THREE COUNT! Brenden almost just ended the career of Sameer! Somehow Sameer found a way to kick out after all of the punishment that he has endured here tonight. Brenden is controlling the tempo of this match and is possibly on the verge of ending the career of the newly inducted Hall of Famer, Sameer. As Brenden picks up Sameer to his feet possibly looking to finish him off. Sameer FIGHTS BACK PUNCHES TO THE SKULL OF BRENDEN! Brenden is knocked down to his knees as Sameer delivers a CURB STOMP TO BRENDEN OH HOW THE TIES HAVE CHANGED IN MOMENTS! Sameer crawls into the pin on Brenden 1..2.-NO Brenden kicks out at 2! Not only Sameer but everyone in the attendance is in shock. The lengths that both men will fight to defeat one another. Sameer looks in down at better in frustration. What does he have to finish off BrendenPlayz for good? How much more punishment can either man take before they give it all up. Keeley begging her husband to get back up as she senses that he is in trouble as Sameer is climbing up to the top rope. Brenden is still down after that curb stomp that Sameer delivered to him earlier. OH MY GOD PHOENIX SPLASH TO BRENDEN. However, Sameer isn't able to take advantage after hitting the phoenix splash. All the brutality that has occurred to him during the match has gotten to him as both he and Brenden lay on the mat for a few seconds both grabbing the rope from opposite sides of the ring. Brenden is able to reverse Sameer's turn around dropkick by getting out the way. Both of these men know each other so well. Brenden irish wipes Sameer onto the ring apron Sameer holds on to the ropes and can keep his balance, Brenden can get on the ring apron as well while Sameer was trying to keep his balance. BOTH MEN THROWING EXTREME BLOWS TO THE HEAD ON THE RING APRON! Sameer hits a FOREARM TO BRENDEN. Brenden is stunned on the apron with Sameer. OH WHAT THE HELL? SAMEER PICKS UP BRENDEN AND A FALCON ARROW ONTO THE APRON. THE CROWD IS GOING ABSOLUTELY BERSERK! After a few seconds, Sameer is able to get back up to his feet. He drags Brenden back into the ring and picks him up knowing that Brenden has kicked out of everything that he has delivered to him. Brenden wipes Sameer into the ropes but SAMEER BOUNCES OFF AND HIS HIM WITH A CLOTHESLINE! WHAT'S SAMEER DOING? HES PICKING UP THE SLEDGEHAMMER! Just like Brenden did before Sameer is waiting in the corner ready to attack with the Sledgehammer. OH MY GOODNESS, SAMEER HITS BRENDEN FACE FIRST WITH THE SLEDGEHAMMER! Brenden's OUT OF IT. Keeley screams and begs Brenden to get back up to his feet. As Brenden is trying to get back up after that brutal hit from the sledgehammer from Sameer. He gets up only to be hit WITH A SUPERKICK FROM SAMEER! SAMEER ISN'T FINISHED THERE, A CURB STOMP TO BRENDEN! SAMEER GOES FOR THE PIN 1...2...3! SAMEER WINS! SAMEER WINS! BrendenPlayz is forced to retire! As Sameer celebrates on the top rope, BrendenPlayz gets up after losing the war that these two men put on tonight. Sameer gets down from the turnbuckle and turns around to see Brenden standing in the middle of the ring. They both stare each other down for a few seconds, then Brenden offers a handshake to Sameer and within seconds Sameer accepts the handshake, The handshake would turn into a hug and afterward Sameer would leave the ring to Brenden as BPZMania goes to commercial break. Big Baller's forever. ❤️
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    {Tonight's episode of Carnage marks the start of a new chapter in the landscape BPZ. BPZ Mania V is now written in history and we move forward to what the future holds. The awesome Pyro display opens the show as the raucous Carnage crowd can't wait to see what tonight's show presents} {The theme of the now former BPZ World Champion Julius can be heard around the arena but instead of walking out in his usual ring attire, Julius would sport some jeans and a black leather jacket with a bitter snarl evident across his face. He storms down to the ring, shaking his head at all those in attendance before grabbing a mic and beginning his sermon} "My moment, my dream, my destiny all faded before my eyes in-front of the entire world on that night. I built myself up as this unstoppable force but just like in every prophecy, in every story the Golden rises up and slaughters the terrifying monster. My plague, my reign as champion has now come to an end but don't you all think for a second that I'm done making my power plays, that I'm done making my statements because right now I'm only just getting started" "In the latest chapter of my career I have realised that I can do more damage with my mouth and my brain than I could with my fists. I have taken a path of guidance and I have been working to ensure that my work is not left forgotten, that every single one of you remember what I did, how I made you all feel and make you question what the hell I am about to do next" "As of right now I am trading in the trunks and wrestling boots for a black leather jacket and a microphone and I'm going to embark on the next chapter of my career. For 2 and a half years I have had people pull the strings for me and over that time I have observed and taken note of all the tricks of the trade and now I am the puppet master" "Now what does this all mean? I have found someone, someone who has the some obsession with power that I have. Individually we are dominant but together we are nuclear. This formation will shock this company to its core and I'll be able to sit back and watch as every single one of you experiences a world of pain. This being, this entity is much more than a regular man, he is a Painmaker. He is my Painmaker {With a sly grin creeping onto the face of Julius, he looks towards the entrance ramp seemingly inviting his Painmaker to make his way to the ring}
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    In an extremely shocking turn of events, “The Ringleader” of Bulletproof Jeremiah Flynn steps out. Following a brutal tag team match at BPZ Mania. However his composure is entirely different. Instead of his usually calm, and calculated demeanor, he seems overly aggressive, rage seemingly seeping from his eyes. He peers across the thousands in the arena tonight with a slight grin before marching directly down to the ring. He rolls into the ring before coming face to face with Julius himself. The two have a storied history that goes back to Julius’ initial rise in BPZ. The two have dominated alongside one another as well as torn each other apart. Julius surprisingly takes a step back, handing the microphone over and seemingly confirming what everyone in the arena was thinking, Jeremiah Flynn is Julius’ “Painmaker”. “BULLETPROOF....... is dead. LEGACY....... IS DEAD! Broken down and left in the history books. Through death, comes life. And so I bring you the birth of the “PAINMAKER”!“ Jeremiah Flynn throws both arms out wide in the air, Julius looking on extremely pleased. “For so long I’ve tried to help BPZ. I’ve tried to change this company for the better in a variety of different ways. I saw myself a savior, but discovered my sermons fell on deaf ears. At BPZ Mania, I was embarrassed. Creed embarrassed me. I’m sick and fucking tired of being embarrassed. 2020 thus far has been the worst year of my career. I have never been more disgusted with myself in my entire life after my showing last night. I knew I needed a change, I knew I needed an old friend by my side.... Julius. A man I enlisted into BPZ. One of the most brutal men this industry has ever seen but more importantly one of the most brutal minds this world has ever seen. COMBINE IT WITH MY OWN INTELLECT, MY OWN PHYSICAL CAPABILITIES. I AM UNSTOPPABLE. No-we! We are unstoppable.” “So let’s get down to the facts at hand. That locker room had a plethora of pussies I’m going to stomp into the damn mud. One by one, they’ll line up and fall before me. One by one, they shall be ripped apart, stomped on and left to die where they stood. Whether that be Creed, or any of the rest of the weak pathetic worms in the back. Men like Arius, men like Eric Shun, even Isiah Carter. Cheap theatrics made to entertain you pigs. I am not a form of entertainment. I am a killing machine. I am a fighter. I look down on men like that. They don’t belong in the ring with someone like me and if they found themselves in it, their careers would be shortened ten-fold. No man, nor championship is safe from my grasp. That includes my own Undisputed Championship. While I have allowed Hans Clayton the virtue of borrowing my gold, eventually it shall return to its owners grasps. That is no promise, that is a fact of life.” “Let this all serve as a warning. We are no longer playing the little games this company forces its competitors to go through. We take as we like, we do what we want and we destroy anyone who tries to stop us! This entire company is going to burn to the damn ground. Fuck saving it, going forward we will revel in the flames.” Jeremiah Flynn chucks the microphone down. Standing alongside Julius with a large grin across his face. A message sent to the entire BPZ Locker-room.
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    The Riddler

    Feel Pain..

    Hello… Amai.. I seen what you have been saying. You have been very rude and mean to people. So listen up.. Your not just the only one who’s hurting about problems. I mean look at Mirage. Dude is about to lose to arrow. He needs to find his path, oh wait I need Mirage’s path on carnage. So Amai, you might be on talk show just because you just got that title Dosent mean nothing. It’s about how people think of you and how you act for them. See like me.. people think I’m fun to watch. You took a big move, going with Mafia. Probably the best thing you ever did inside your career. Anyway, at mania this will be a different case. I will walk out with that title. There will be no one to stop me. Not even this new guy named Austin Omega. Come on now he has Omega as his last name. There’s no way you can stop me after you lost to that ugly kid who beat you on carnage this week. Not even amai has a chance to win. I’m taking this home at mania and there’s nothing you all can do. So now that I explained what’s happening. Just in case if I do lose NXT, it’s not gonna be a good sign for that NA champion. I will have my eyes set on that good after I finish with this trash division. Now that I got my eye set on 2 things, I will win one of them. Also guys make sure that you seen Amai super kick that guy named Murray. I bet it’s good class for him coming to mania.. I think he should be arrested for what he did. Now I know that this isn’t gonna be an easy match at mania. But surely I won’t be the one who’s taking the pin. I promise you I’m at least getting a kick in on amai. I want amai to feel blood, I want him to FEEL THE PAIN.. Now this is all I have for today. Until next time everyone!
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    A Special Guest

    We find ourselves now at an all too familiar sight. A choir can be heard humming from the inside of the church of one Jeremiah Flynn. Do-founder or Bulletproof and one half of the next BPZ Tag Team Champions, the Legacy of Violence. The camera, coming live from the titantron in the Carnage arena, stares blankly at the red door. Suddenly, it bursts open and we are sucked into Flynn’s own chapel. We see rows of seats where many unidentified individuals look toward the stage. There, cloaked in all white, Jeremiah Flynn stands however for the first time ever, he is not alone. Standing out to the side of the stage sitting with both hands on his knees and a gleeful smile across his face, is Necce. Jeremiah begins speaking, all eyes darting straight up at the “Ringleader”. Today, we as a people are in a crisis. A global pandemic looks to rid us of everything we hold dear to us and to destroy our very way of life. This evil is greater then anything we have ever faced before. It is an evil so mighty, that we now see that there is only one way to eradicate it. Violence. This global pandemic that has taken over your homes, and has brainwashed your children, it as all of you here tonight know goes by the name of “Creed”. A week ago I reached out to Bart, who is a vital piece of what Creed is. I said here on this stage to remove the chains that shackle him down, that keep him from becoming the man he’s destined to be. Leave Creed behind him however what was his response? Nothing. Instead he chose to fall in line as I’m sure Eli Smith commanded him to do, and he gave another boring history lesson of yet another tag team that simply put no longer matters. They spend their time teaching you lies and falsehoods. They talk about the great tag teams while flossing over those who have truly dominated the tag team division because it destroys their own narrative that they are attempting to forge. I am a five time tag team champion. I am the greatest tag team champion of all time. It was I and my tag along Ryan that ended the Clapspiracy forever. However when they spoke on that team, was this even brought up? No because at this point they wouldn’t even dare invoke my name. They fear it. THEY FEAR US! I say that I will give them a blessing in disguise because I have given them the opportunity to face this fear. Take me head on at BPZ Mania. These are the types of gifts I offer the world. However it doesn’t solve the over arching problem. Creed is a disgusting disease. They bring down this company. Their own arrogance will be their downfall. Do you honestly believe by pretending we do not exist, it will benefit you? And I say to you people, LOOK PAST THE NARRATIVE THEY ARE TELLING, LOOK BEHIND THE CURTAIN OF LIES! Creed gives no damns about the history of Tag teams, they are simply trying to dodge the terrifying truth that at BPZ Mania, we are going to kill them. We are going to take those titles and we are going to break Creed and expose them for the illness they are. Today now however I’ve brought on a very special guest, my good friend and partner, “The Antichrist” Necce. Necce, you may take the stage. Flynn takes a step back as now Necce is set to speak.
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    Isaiah Carter

    The Contract

    Isaiah Carter gives no time for Hans to say anymore as he begins to speak, a newfound aggression in his voice "I didn't reach the status of my peers?....How many men in this company can they say they won the King Of The Ring finals. I know for sure you can't, you came up short in that once again. It is funny Hans, every time a true challenge is in front of you it seems you crumble. Its almost like you can't hang with the big dogs" "I've won nearly every single title I have gone for without fail, every title you have held, I have held. And there is only one title you won before me and I promise you, it will be mine in just a few weeks. Putting the Undisputed Championship on the line against me wasn't some sort of brave act, it was idiotic. You can try and tell every one of these fans that you brought me into this position and brag about it, but truly, is that an accomplishment? I mean, truly who would brag about bring upon their own downfall?" "I understand, you're in a state of fear. You are finally in the big leagues and you're so scared of everyone seeing through your shallowness just like I did. You're scared that Flynn is going to leave you and then what? What are YOU going to do alone? You have never truly been alone in this company and you know the moment you are, you're going to become just like every other mediocre star whos only true talent is the ability to do a shooting star press, news flash Hans....everyone can do it...you are not special" "The question isn't if you EARNED the title, its if you deserve it. Because if a man who has to align himself with as many numbers as possible, and politic his way into these paper championship reigns, does he really deserve to be called...champion? There is many who have come before you Hans, and they say the same thing, that I am never going to succeed, that I will never truly hit that main event peak. But it takes one look at my accomplishments to realize you're dead wrong." "This isn't about who is more dangerous, who is more aggressive, this is about the title on your shoulder and the knife you drove into my back." "You've lost the meaning of it all Hans. You lost the exact words you told me....'its just a wrestling match, why be so serious'....and then...you become this. This, wannabe misfit, egotistical, piece of shit who sadly has become what I feared most when we joined Bulletproof......Flynns little bitch." "Be seeing you.....Hans Clayton" Isaiah Carter turns around, only to get elbowed in the back of the head as he attempts to fight back. Landing a few strikes before a knee to the ribs would allow Clayton to hit a knee to the temple, giving him full control as he grabs a steel chair and bends it over the back of Carter. With no remorse, he tears into the flesh of Carter and puts him down head first onto the chair before grabbing another, what the hell!?! Hans throws the chair, yelling at Isaiah before grabbing his championship and looking up at the BPZMania V sign. A gnarly look in his eyes, as he looks down at his former best friend who hasn't moved. Before placing his foot on the back of his head as a sign of dominance, the segment coming to a close.
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    New Chapter

    (Just after BPZMania, James Hunter went to social Media telling us that he had a announcement to make today. And it looks like he's making that announcement right now) (Looks like whatever he has to say is serious as he isn't all smiley like he usually is.) Hunter:" Wow. What a rollercoaster that BPZMania was. We saw many great things happen such as Slim winning and then cashing in the Money In The Bank to beat Arius for the World title. We saw Bart and Smith retain their titles. We also saw me getting thrown over the ropes in the Nebakos Battle royal. Whatever you wanted to see that or not, It happened. I mean, I for sure didn't want that to happen, but beggars can't be choosers right? Maybe I just didn't want it enough. Maybe I'm just not as good as those people who were in that match. Maybe i should just hang my boots up as i just can't seem to win. Doesn't matter if it's NXT, or the battle royal or just any match. Well, that's what i was thinking the moment i got thrown out of that ring. But then, I was at home thinking hard about what to do next. Whether i should just hang my boots up and call it a day." (James Hunter then took a long pause in which the crowd used that time to chant, "YOU STILL GOT IT!" Over and over again until Hunter was ready to talk.) Hunter:"You know what? You guys are right. I do still got it. I've got a hell of a lot left in my tank to achieve what i set out to do when i first signed pen to paper in this company. I will become one of the best. How am i gonna do that you ask? Well you see, with no one currently holding that United States Championship, I see an opportunity to go and take it. So whoever wants to fight me for it, come at me because i'm more ready than anyone could be. I'm more determined and focused than I've ever been. I will win that United Stares championship, No matter what." (Hunter then takes another pause giving the fans another opportunity to chant. This time their chanting,"US CHAMP!" Hunter soaks it all up riling them up.) Hunter:" I'm guessing you guys have heard the breaking news by now right? If not, you'd be surprised to here that once again BPZ will be bringing in a brand split, Carnage and Valor.And to the GMs of those brands, Don't miss out on a great opportunity in me. There's no way you can possibly pass up on me. Yeah i haven't had the best track record as of late but as far as i'm concerned, I'm the front runner in winning that United States. So if you wanna pass up on me, that's fine, but I will make you regret it as i will make whatever brand i'm on, better." (Hunter then begins to leave the ring with the fans chanting his name but just before he heads out he turns back to the crowd and say one more thing.) Hunter: Oh and whoever does think of going for US, you may one to rethink your options one or two times more as i can guarantee, no one wants this title more than me. I'm hungry for that title. And i'll most definitely do whatever i have to, to get it." (Hunter finally puts down the mic and heads backstage leaving fans excited for what comes next in his chapter.)
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    Isaiah Carter

    This Is War

    "Those same guys, those top dogs that you talk about always being given spots in high caliber matches. No, no, we aren't TAKING your spots. We are earning them, each and every day we go out there and work our asses off just like every other superstar should do. If you were truly the future of this company, you wouldn't blame your short comings on management, you wouldn't blame your shortcomings on a man like me" "If you were TRULY the future you would of kicked my ass 10 months ago at PTC. If you were TRULY the future you would of won last nights battle royal. Where was that aggression then? Where was that, obvious future of this company superstar, then? I have been with this company for 5 goddamn years and I have given everything but the shirt off my back into it. The same with the man who beat you last night" "Every single one of you young guys are the same, you blame your short comings on others, instead of going out there and ripping it from them. I mean truly, if you are the future of this company why have you been floating around for a solid year and a half? I have an answer for you Bob. Because you are NOT THE FUTURE. 10 months ago? I would of said the same thing, but look at you, its been nearly a year and now you're right back in the same position. You just lost your pride, lost your fire that was under you. Where is the man who speared me out of the freaking air?" "You wouldn't even still be employed if Flynn didn't scoop you up from the sidewalk. And you know thats true, and thats why you are out here. Not because you want revenge, not because you want to prove yourself. No, its because you once again need a top star to carry you into the light. You once again need me to give you some sort of attention so people start looking at you again." Isaiah Carter steps back, taking a long look at Bob before speaking again. "I'm the disappointment? Me? The man who last night nearly won the 2nd biggest title this company has? What about you? Last night you nearly won, what? Some battle royal made for misfits? You want to talk about earning matches, you were not even on the real Mania card. You were in some piss break match just like you are every other event. You're pathetic Bob, truly pathetic" "The clock is ticking? I may not be 100% physically, my ankle may be injured beyond repair, I might not be able to lift anything right again, but mentally? Mentally I have never been more ready for whats next in years, mentally, I am better then ever and I am so glad you cut me off Bob. I am so glad that you came out here with your big fat head and started running your mouth, because you have made this decision easier" "I am not retiring" The crowd cheers, as Bob smiles, beginning to raise his mic before Isaiah cuts him off "And let me tell you why big man, not because of you. But because of every man in the back like you, every man like Hans Clayton who thinks that their failures are because of other people. Every man like Bob Sparks who can't seem to get their ass off the couch and earn anything for themselves. Its truly sad, to see a man so young in his career, already washed up. Already in the dying portion of his career. Maybe you'll find fame, maybe if you change your mindset there is still some hope" "But for now...you're not the future Bob.....you're not event the present. You're just another complainer whos going to fall back in line after you step out of the ring with Isaiah Carter" Isaiah Carter begins to walk out of the ring, past Bob Sparks, before the music of yet another BPZ superstar would hit, causing the crowd to boo as Carter backs up, a slight smile of almost annoyance coming across his face.
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    BPZ Goes Back To Brands

    In recent weeks/months, speculation surrounding a potential brand split has been fueled in the chatroom and even on the forums itself. This had led to discussion within the BPZ staff team, which has ultimately resulted with the decision that the BPZ will once again have a brand split. This means that the roster will be split into two brands where forums users will compete to earn forums fame. For those unfamiliar with the concept: these brands are solely kayfabe related, it does not affect contribution titles in any way or form. What it does bring however is a bigger spot light to you as a performer in the BPZ to bring your A-game and provide your brand with a strong asset that their brand can count on to deliver them great kayfabe feud. While we are aware that this concept may be received with mixed reactions, we urge everyone to think about this in a opportunistic way, as I think everyone can see how this could provide new challenges and opportunities for everyone in the kayfabe world. We believe that the brand split will provide a new interesting dynamic to the already great kayfabe world. The two brands will be as followed: Carnage: Carnage, the current BPZ tv show, will be returning as a brand in the new brand split. It will be lead by current Senior Moderator Julius, who will act as GM for the brand. Valor: The decision was made not to bring back Evolve, but instead, have a new brand in this brand split. This brand will be Valor, which be lead by current Global Moderator Bart, who will acting as GM for the brand. A draft will be held following the World at War PPV, which will take place on the 10th of April. At this event, a match will be held to determine who will have the first pick in the draft. Both GMs have picked someone to represent them in this match, with Carnage being represented by Flynn and Valor being represented by Arius. As edge closer to the draft date, more information will be announced regarding the split. If anything is unclear however, feel free to ask questions about it. Together, we will make this brand split one gigantic success.
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    Taking a Break

    Y'all might've noticed that over the past month, I haven't been on the forums as much, and that I've left the main BPZ Chat. I've been sitting on this for a little while now, postponing and reconsidering in case my feelings ever change, but I think I need to take an extended leave from the forums. I don't know if it'll be permanent or if I'm just burned out, but I really haven't enjoyed being here over the last few months. It's not because of any one thing in particular, but the constant underlying toxicity and tension in the forums over the last month has been taking a serious toll on my stress, and with how the recent Coronavirus has affected my college work and work at my job, as well as me having some complications with my love life, I can't be here as much as I would like to be, and every time I am here, it feels like there's another underlying drama that I get roped into. It feels like everywhere I turn, there's just something else there to wear me down more. I don't know if I just need a break, or if this forums just isn't the right place for me, but I think it's in my best interest at this moment to leave and try to figure things out for myself. I consider every single person on these forums and in the chat to be a close friend of mine, and every memory that I've created over these past fifteen months have been some of the fondest I've ever have. I don't regret a single moment I've spent with you guys, and I hope that if I do feel ready to come back at some point, there will be a place for me here. I'm sorry that I'm doing this, but I really don't think there's another choice for me right now. I love you guys.
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    A match made up of hate, brutality, a match that has been building up for 9 months of friendship and heartbreak. A story of jealously, pride, and much much more. It all started nearly 10 years ago, when Clayton and Carter would meet in a small independent promotion in Canada. Form there, sprung years of friendship, to the point where Hans would be the godfather to Carters daughter. Isaiah would be signed to BPZ, and would begin his first balot hall of fame career. That is, before he would once again team up with Hans. This time in the big leagues, they would be an instant hit. Winning the tag team titles and forming the infamous 'Bulletproof'. Either way, it would end in shambles, as Hans would turn his back on his former best friend and mentor with the promise of gold in his future. Now, he defends that very gold at the biggest show of the year, BPZMania V. The crowd would look to the stage and erupt into cheers, as the theme song for one of BPZs longest running veterans begins to play, the arena is clouded in darkness. Cellphone cameras all coming out as they attempt to get a glimpse of the stadium in front of them, one of the only things casting light is the moon above. As in the center of the stage, a colorful jacket turns on with the letters "B I C" on the mic. The lights turn on to reveal Isaiah Carter looking down the ramp with two finger guns. Determination in his eyes, as he looks around at the world surrounding him. Its go time for Isaiah Carter, as this is his first 1 on 1 match at BPZMania. And its possible the biggest match of his entire career. He steps into the ring, ready for whats to come, as he awaits...the champion... The Undisputed Champion. A man who has had one of the most consistent BPZ careers in history, in only his second BPZMania. He walks out in the biggest match of his career. The BPZ stage has been covered in red, as greek warriors stand on stage looking down at the ring. Hans Clayton has war written on his face, as he comes to the ring in a 'Kratos' inspired attire. As the 'God Of War' orchestra plays as Hans slowly walks out onto stage. 4 girls following him and fanning him with large feathers, his Undisputed Championship around his waist as '115' begins to play and the champion makes his way to the ring after an awe inspiring entrance. The match begins and the two waist no time at all running towards each other, instantly throwing punches and kicks and anything to get advantage. As the aggression is obvious and this arena may not be big enough to hold it. As Carter hits the first hold of the night, as he locks in an armbar and places his knee on the temple of Clayton. Isaiah Carter has not been in the ring at all in 2020 and he hasn't lost a step. However, Clayton has been honing his craft for months, and is able to reverse Claytons moves into a submission of his own turned into a dropkick. As he begins to stomp away at Clayton, the aggression in the match picking up as Carter uses the corner to help him up before reversing a running attack into a moonstomp! Clayton would get to his feet as the two would begin to land stiff slaps on each others chest, lighting up their chests with a blood red color. Eventually, the MMA background for Carter would allow him to win the fight. Using his knees to back Clayton up into the corner. This wouldn't stop Clayton from trying to take advantage, as when the ref would back Carter off, he would run towards Carter and kick out the injured ankle. Which we still do not know if its 100% healed, as Clayton begins to stomp away at Carter once again. It seems early on that no matter what Carter does, Clayton has an answer as he eventually hits a samoan drop on the challenge, taking a second to pose before hitting a standing moonsault. Truly proving he is in control of this match. Momentum would sing however, when Clayton would attempt to go to the top rope. Only to be caught out by a running Carter who hits a top rope hurricanrana all the way to the mat below!! The crowd pops as Carter lands on his feet and turns around, looking at Clayton who gets to his knees only to be hit by the "Fallen Angel'!! Carters signature move comes early as now he goes for a springboard cutter! But Carter catches him with a knee of his own! Putting him on his shoulders and nailing a 'Rack Bomb'. Despite all these big moves, neither of these men are going for pinfalls, just proving how much they want to inflict pain on the other. AS Clayton is once again in control. Clayton steps on the fingers of Carter and looks into his eyes, insulting him before slapping him in the face, which sends Carter into a fit of rage. As he tackles Clayton down and unloads a flurry of strikes and elbows. Nearly busting open the champion as he has to escape into the corner, which only assist him due to the referee once again pulling off Carter. But this time, Clayton isn't able to get the sneak attack off. As Carter nails a german suplex that sends Clayton outside of the ring. The battle wouldn't stop, there is too much blood to be had for this match to take a break. As the two send each other into the barricade before once again trading those wicked slaps across the chest, Isaiah Carter would be able to take advantage on the outside, sending Clayton back first into the barricade before hitting a swiss uppercut. Carter would quickly run into the ring and stare Clayton down, what could he be thinking?! The 'Best In Class' runs across the ring but Clayton cuts him off with a punch! As now back in the ring, Clayton hits a springboard DDT and goes for the first cover of the match for only a 1 count!!! The in-ring action wouldn't go on long, as Carter rolls outside of the ring and Clayton would join him. The moment of silence would allow Carter to nail a superkick but as he goes for a dive off of the apron, Clayton would catch him with a belly to belly suplex!! And now, it would be Claytons turn to go for a dive. As he enters the ring and attempts to go for a "Godly Forearm" on the outside, but Carter would move! Sending the champion head first into the ring post before setting him up on the barricade and finally, Carter enters the ring, breaking the count as he dives to the outside onto the champion!!! The superstars are in the crowd!! As that dive had enough velocity behind it too send both champion and challenger into the crowd, both men would catch their breath before trading blows in the sea of 80,000. As the count continues, Carter realizes he needs to get back to the ring, but the distraction from the ref allows Hans to catch out Carter and hit a suplex that sends both men over the barricade onto the outside! Hans would drag his former tag team partner into the ring and would bring up the infamous 'Finger Gun" taunt that Carter has used for the past several months, lining Isaiah up for a superkick! He hits it! Knocking Carter straight onto his back as now, Clayton scales the top rope. Possibly going for the 'Shooting Hans' press but Isaiah would roll away before Clayton could set sail. As Carter gets to his feet, Clayton would once again for the injured ankle. Planting 'The Prince' with a DDT before once again climbing to the top rope and going for the Shooting Hans Press. But once again, Carter would roll away. Clayton would jump down, but this time, Carter would be ready as he rushes towards Clayton and tackles him into the corner. Bringing his knees to the ribs of Clayton before lifting him up on his shoulders and going for a swinging neck break, but Clayton reverses it, going for a german suplex. But Carter lands on his feet! Carter kicks Clayton in the chin but the champion bounces off the ropes and returns the favor!! Both men stumble to their knees before running at each other, once again unloading on each other with slaps to the chest as the crowd goes crazy. Eventually, Carter would take advantage. Hitting a huge reverse DDT, before standing up and lining up Clayton. Looking to put away the match with his finishing move the 'No Regret' the same move he has won almost all of his titles. But Clayton fights out of it, elbowing Carter to his knees. But Carter explodes up! Hitting multiple strikes before dragging him down and locking in an arm bar! He could make Clayton tap right here! Hans would quickly get to the ropes, but Isaiah would not let up. Stomping away at Clayton before wrapping him up in the ropes, climbing to the middle rope and dropping a knee across the leg of Clayton! Clayton rolls to the center of the ring, as the champion is in trouble here tonight. Carter goes for a german suplex, but Clayton would land on his feet. Only to be caught out once again! As Carter locks in a headlock before lifting him up and throwing him into the corner, hitting a huge drop kick! Clayton rolls to the outside onto the apron, possibly going for a springboard move, as he does! Nailing a springboard crossbody as he goes for a pin fall, only getting a 2 count. As he goes back to square one, scouting out Carter to learn what he has to do to put away the challenger. Isaiah isn't going down lightly, that we know, as he stands back up and backdrops Clayton at impressive heights!! Before Clayton can even get to his feet, Carter would set him up for a wicked backbreaker! Isaiah is at impressive speeds right now as he steps to the outside and goes for a springboard of his own! Clayton would quickly run to the top rope, looking down at Carter before going for the spiral tap!! But Carter would move out of the way! Both men stand up and once again start trading shotgun like chops to the chest, as this match has been 50/50 from the ring of the bell and it only continues, until a kick to the side of the injured ankle, dropping Carter down as Hans takes advantage. Planting Carter face first onto his knee as he truly focuses on the ankle. Hans would take a second to look around at the crowd before grabbing his formers partner ankle and locking in an ankle lock! Dropping onto his back and putting his full body weight into it as this may be it as Carter is screaming out in pain, he begins to crawl towards the rope. As he might be able to break it but Clayton has the hold in tight, just as Carter is about to grab the ropes. Clayton lets go and pulls Carter back once again!!! This time he wouldn't be able to lock it in, but the damage has been done as Carter can barley stand up. As Clayton begins to toy with the challenger. Hans is in full control once again as he hits a fisherman suplex, lifting Carter up by his hair as the aggression has been turned to the max. But as Clayton goes for a running move, Carter would reverse it with a clothesline that could stop a train. As both men fall down, as only 12 minutes into this match and both men are beat to hell. Isaiah would get to his feet first, followed by Hans. Isaiah would block a chop before kicking the knee out of Hans before hitting the springboard cutter!!!! 1. 2. NO! The champion kicks out and this match is still going, Carter hitting one of his biggest signature moves as he now stands up, looking to go for the No Regret once again. But his ankle wouldn't let him lift Clayton up, instead he would have to hit a reverse neckbreak. Trying to get life back into his ankle. Hans would get up to his knees and stare at Carter who brings his hands up in a fighting form, almost as if to say 'Come Here", and Clayton does. Standing up as the two trade strikes, eventually backing up into one of the corners as Carter is forced to fight with his back against a wall. Eventually, Carter would land a well placed kick to the jaw and would climb to the middle rope. Going for a DDT!! But Hans would catch him out! What a move!!! Clayton is pulling out moves we have never seen him hit as his power is truly being showcased here, he falls back first into the corner as he doesn't have enough energy to make the cover. Hans would once again stand up, stalking his prey as Carter struggles to his feet. Hans would begin laying in strikes on Carter, trying to get an edge as this match has slowed down to a crawl. Both men trying to gain their breath back as endurance starts to play a huge factor. Suddenly, as if a light turned on, Carter springs up and begins to unload on the champion. Using forearms and kicks before using an Irish Whip to send Hans into the ropes, landing a picture perfect drop kick, getting up quickly and lifting Hans up for a powerbomb!! He doesn't go for the cover as he runs to the top rope, going for a crossbody but Hans would catch him out with a dropkick oh my!!! Hans now has a turn for a moment of adrenaline! Nearly kicking the head off of Carter as he climbs to the top rope, possibly looking to put this match in the can once and for all. But he would get caught out, as now both men are on the top! Battling it out with strikes and a headbutt! Clayton falls to the outside of the ring! But he catches himself on the ropes. He wouldn't be alone, as Carter would join him on the apron. The two trading shots as the countout begins, before Carter would lift Clayton up onto his shoulders!! Clayton could have a broken back! Carter does not give him a chance to recover as he picks him up face first and unloads stirkes onto him before dropping him backfirst onto the barricade before throwing him back into the ring. Carter is in control, as he goes for a cross face submission! But Clayton is able to fight out of it, only to get locked up in an ankle lock much like he did to Carter earlier! But the champion would fight out of it, rolling to the ropes and buying himself time. Carter would grab Hans by the head and lift him up into the ropes, hanging him by the middle rope before dropping a knee onto the back of his head! Dragging him to the center of the ring and jumping straight up in the air and bringing his feet into the chest of the champion before nailing a backflip! What a sequence of moves as now he is pinning the champ! Hans would get his shoulder up as Carter attempts to continue the assault. But when he would go for the 'Fallen Angel' knee, Hans would counter it with a german suplex into a jumping DDT!The amount of talent these two have shown in this match has been phenomenal to say the least. Hans smiles, and you have to wonder whats on the 'God Of Wars' mind as he grabs Carter by the arm and locks in the 'Cardiac Unrest"!! Claytons using Carters own submission finisher against him!! He has it in tight as Carter tries to wiggle out but he is beginning to fade. Clayton could retain his own championship right here right now with Carters own move! But, like the warrior he is, Carter gets on his feet and as the crowd cheers him on, lifts Hans up! Slamming him down and freeing himself, by god what a sequence. Isaiah slowly rolls to the ring apron, looking at Hans who hasn't moved since being dropped straight onto his back. Carter scales the top rope, taking a second to look around the crowd before standing up and setting sail! The height! 1..2...NO! Hans is able to kick out, but what damage has been done! As Isaiah isn't done, lifting Carter up, and hitting a fallen angel! Carter collapses as Carter once again goes for the cover and Clayton kicks out again!! Carter sit backs, shock on his face as no matter what he has hit, Clayton continues to kick out and continues to stay on top of this match. As even now, Clayton is still starting to get up. As Carter continues to go for the head of Clayton. But the moment of pause would allow Clayton to nail a pele kick!!! Sending Carter down as Clayton gets to his feet, turning around and hitting another pele kick! Before mounting a comeback with some forearms and chops! Hitting an arm trap german suplex and nearly putting the match away, before going to the outside of the ring and spring boarding in, hitting a huge crossbody for yet another near fall! Its been one hell of a match and the crowd is fully into it, as the young Clayton looks down at his former mentor and best friend. Attempting to put this match away from good as he lifts him up for the "Hans Clash", but Isaiah would fight out of it! Flipping Clayton onto his back before nailing a dropkick to the back of the head! But the champion wouldn't stay down long, as he moves out of the way of a superkick and sends Carter halfway over the top rope before kicking out his bad ankle! Carter collapses as once again the ankle comes into play. Hans tries to lock in the ankle lock once again but luckily for Isaiah, he would fight out of it. He would escape one move, right into another, as he is caught by a jumping stomp onto his chest. As Hans begins to climb the ropes, possibly going for a shooting hans press!! He goes for it! But misses!!! Carter moves just out of the way as he stands up, nearly kicking the head off of Hans but he ducks, german suplexing Carter straight into the corner as he falls down onto the mat, every single thing Carter does, Clayton has an answer! Hans runs his fingers through his hair, wondering what he has to do to put away the challenger. As he picks him up by his hair before clotheslining him straight back down to the mat. Hans would pick up Carter and lift him up onto the top rope, hitting him with multiple forearms before going for some sort of superplex. But Carter would fight out of it! Pushing Hans down, but Hans wouldn't wait to retaliate, as he hits a huge spanish fly!!!! The champion goes into the cover! NO! A two count after a huge spanish fly off of the top rope, my lord, what is going to stop these two men. Hans slaps the mat before rolling to the outside, what the hell is Hans thinking?! Hans grabs a chair from the outside, as he yells at the crowd 'im f*cking done' before he slides into the ring with the chair! The referee would step in front of Hans, pleading with him to not use the chair as Isaiah struggles to his feet. Hans lifts the chair up though!! SUPERKICK!! Carter caught him out and the superkick and Hans is stumbling, FALLEN ANG- NO! Hans moved out of the way and Carter made contact with the ref, god damn!!! The referee is out, and Carter checks on him before PELE KICK!!! Both men are down, and so is the ref, as Hans stands up, realizing what has happened as he slowly walks over to the chair. Picking it up and looking around at the crowd with a sadistic smile on his face, as Carter stands up and looks at Hans. Almost powerless to stop it, as Hans drives the chair into the ribs! Hans begins to unload chair shots to Carter, before dropping him with suplex!! Carter is out, but Hans is not going for the pin as he begins to climb to the top rope with the chair in hand, what the hell is the champion thinking?!? HE LANDED RIGHT ON THE FACE OF CARTER! The crowd lets out chants of "Holy Shit", as the camera shows an immediate cut on Carters head. As Hans throws the chair outside of the ring and admires his work, clutching his ribs as he might of done more damage to himself. However, Carters career may of been shortened by years by that move. The referee is still knocked out cold after the Fallen Angel, and Hans can't go for the pin. As he looks down at his work, Carter struggling to even move as he has to use Claytons tights to help himself up. Carter looks up at Clayton, a look of almost, worry in his eyes, before Clayton puts him in position once again for the Hans Clash. But Clayton drops to his knees and low blows the champion!!! Locking in the 'Cardican Unrest'!!! The crowd goes wild, as we might have a new champion right here as Hans is struggling to breath and Carter somehow has it locked in tight! Hans struggles, the blood coming from Carters head but the referee is still down. Clayton would be able to stand up, before collapsing!! Passing out!!! The match should be over but the referee is down! Eventually, Carter has to let go. As now, both men are down, both men are tired. And chants of 'Fight Forever" ringout in Washington D.C. As this is exactly what BPZMania is about, two superstars tearing into each other, doing anything to win. Hans has not moved, and Carter takes the advantage while he can. Leaning in the corner and dragging Hans in perfect position for a move he promised to hit. He begins to climb the top rope, looking down at the referee who now, finally begins to stir, before looking down at the man who broke his heart, and setting sail "FEAST YOUR EYES" WASN"T ENOUGH!!! He drove his feet through the heart of Hans, just as he promised, and the champion still kicked out. No matter how cocky and smug Hans can be, you have to give the kid credit, you have to give both stars credit. As this has been one hell of a match, and its still going. As Carter is besides himself, as a look of disbelief turns into a look of anger, as he stands up and limps towards Hans. Breathing heavy as now Hans is in the position of pain, looking up at Carter who slowly brings up the finger gun up to the side of the head of Clayton, before setting up for yet another Fallen Angel. The final nail in the coffin would be missed! As Hans moves out of the way and Carter bounces off the ropes right into a superkick to the back of the head!! Carter once again bounces off of the ropes, this time falling back into a 'Fallen Angel' as his own signature is used against him! Carter falls down to his knees, not moving, his eyes glossing over as Hans flips him over....looking him straight into the eyes. A wicked, sadistic smile coming over his face we've never seen, before Carter brings up his middle finger to Hans, the blood not reaching Carters chest, before Hans throws him down face first, grabbing his arm and ALMOST BREAKING IT GOD DAMN!!! Hans waist no time setting up the HANS CLASH!! This could be it!! 1...2...3.....its over. One of the most gruesome single matches we've seen in this company, and the "God Of War" comes out on top. What a battle, what a story, and most importantly. What a performance from the Undisputed Champion, Hans can barley stand, as he grabs his championship from the referee. Looking down at his bloodied, beaten, and possibly injured opponent. Who struggles to his feet, clutching his arms as EMTs rush to the ring. Hans leaves the ring, barley even looking at Carter as he walks up the ramp. The Undisputed Championship in his hand as he takes one last look at the crowd and arena, truly taking it all in, a smug laugh coming from him before he disappears to the back. Meanwhile, inside of the ring, Isaiah Carter is carried to the back, not even able to stand on his own after the wake of the "God Of War'
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    Book Signed

    As we look in the middle of the ring we see a table and chairs as the announcers tells us it is time for the Contract singing between Bailey and Bashka for there Hell In A Cell Match. The GOAT plays first as out comes Bailey through the crowd as he enters the ring. He paces back and forth as now Bashkas theme hits and Bashka makes his way out for what could be the final time on Carnage. He enters the ring watching Bailey pace back and forth on the other side of the table. Bashka takes a seat as then Bailey finally stops, he looks right at Bashka and the finally takes a seat. Both Men looking right into each other’s eyes right before they are about to go to absolute war against each other inside Hell In A Cell. Bailey grabs a microphone and starts to talk to Bashka. You know Bashka as we sit here today me and you we go into this one final time at BPZMANIA but were not necessarily in view of the companies eyes as The Headline Match. The Main Event Match. The marquee match of The show. Everyone wants to talk about The World Championship Match. They wanna talk about Hans vs Bic. Sameer vs Brenden. No one wants to talk about Bailey vs Bashka. I mean why not it’s Hell In A Cell. It’s me. It’s 2 former World Champions. The greatest rivalry of all time relived one more time. It’s your last match of your career. It all adds up to a Megastar Match. To be the biggest match on the show. But then I really really thought about it. I thought about what the heck isn’t connecting to make this match bigger than what it already is. Because you know me I want to be in the spotlight. I wanna walk into BPZMANIA with all eyes on us. So then I realized you’re the problem. It’s you. You aren’t a big deal anymore. You’re not the same Bashka everyone loved and adored. No one cares to see you wrestle one more time. They don’t care. You’re not the same man. You’re not even that noticeable anymore. But Bashka hear me out because I am not saying all this as another way to bring you down. No I’m saying because you know me. You wanna I wanna steal the whole Fucking show. You know I want to go out there at BPZMANIA tear the Fucking roof off the binding if there was one and make every single Godamn person in this company say themselves Damn we should of made that the Main Event. We should of marketed that match more and made it more of a bigger deal. I want them to all look in the mirror and slap themselves and say we messed up. We under-appreciated Bailey. Hell we even under appreciated Bashka and his final match. That we should of cared more. We should of made Bashkas final match a bigger deal. Because I’m gonna tell you right now Bashka no one in the back gives a shit about our match. And maybe it’s no big deal. Because we Care about this match and these people care about this match. But Godamn we know each other. We know what we want out of each other. I know deep down inside you wanna shove it to the corporate backstage just as much as I do. Just like me you’ve always wanted to take on the challenge and prove everyone wrong. That’s just who we have been Bashka. It’s who we’ve always been. It’s why we’re such great rivals in the first place. It’s why we despise each other. But the only way Bashka. The only way to prove them all wrong Backstage. The only way to go out there at BPZMANIA and steal the whole show. The only way to go out there and put on the best match the world has ever seen. Is I need the old Bashka back. These people need the old Bashka back. I don’t want to face the Bashka of the last year or so. The unmotivated, the non passionate Bashka that is ready to retire after BPZMANIA. I don’t wanna face the Bashka that has been sleepwalking the last few years of his career. I WANNA FACE THAT BASHKA THAT WOULD NEVER LEAVE ME ALONE. That Bashka that continued to never give up and keep chasing me and chasing me just desperately trying to take the World Championship off of me. I want the Bashka that I went to battles and war with where we both killed each other trying to win 1 Championship. And no the World Championship might not be on the line but GODAMN PRIDE IS ON THE LINE! You don’t wanna lose to me in your final match and I know I don’t wanna have to live with the fact that I couldn’t beat you in your final match. I wanna end you for once and for all and you wanna be able to stand tall and end your career on your own terms. Hell thats what the world championship stands for anyways doesn’t it. The world championship is just a symbol of pride and ego. It’s to show people you’re the best. But we don’t need a World Championship. I don’t want a World Championship. Looking back at it I’m glad I didn’t win Royal Rumble. In glad I didn’t win Undisputed. Because This is exactly where I wanna be right now. You are the man that I wanna face At BPZMANIA. Because I don’t need to win a 7th world Championship at BPZMANIA. I don’t need to Main Event another BPZMANIA. I NEED TO BEAT YOU AT BPZMANIA! It doesn’t matter if I’m opening, closing, in the middle or in some piss break im going out there and putting on the BEST MATCH, THE BEST FEUD OF THE NIGHT BECAUSE I AM THE BEST IN THE FUCKING WORLD and I will continue to prove to everyone in the back that I am the Godamn best. So I need you Bashka. I need you to come to BPZMANIA as the Bashka that wants to rip my freaking head off and throw it into the crowd.. I want the Bashka that is gonna be willing to put it all on the line for one night for one final time to steal the show and absolutely to goto war with me. Because I’m bringing everything I got. I’m giving it my all Because I can’t lose to you. This is exactly where I wanna be. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I wanna fight you at BPZMANIA and beat you and end the story once and for all. Bailey drops the microphone and Grabs the contract he immediately signs it and then slides it over towards Bashka. Bashka signs the contract and then picks up the microphone ready to respond to Bailey
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    The Heir

    Amai, he is the heir. He comes out to an extremely negative reaction, the fans raging on as the NXT Champion gloats at the top of the ramp, with a microphone in his hands and the title around his waist, fresh off a controversial talk show appearance with Franklin Murray. He stands on top of the ramp, looking around the packed arena, breathing it all in during this surreal moment. He puts the microphone to his lips as the crowd begins to slowly quieten down, before finally preparing to speak. A little birdy told me that Don Dada is looking for the NXT Champion Amai to be his protege! Amai puts the microphone to the floor and raises his championship in the air, taunting as the crowd rapidly begin to boo, disgusted at the news that Amai had joined Slim’s alliance; Don Dada smiles, looking on at his protege with pride and faith, certain that he will not be disappointed. Slim then lifts his own microphone to his mouth, saying a few words of his own. Well a little birdy told me that the NXT Champion Amai is looking to be his protege! The crowd rains down on the three men with their cries; but they don’t care. Amai struts down the ramp, blatantly rubbing his money and success in the faces of the fans, knowing that they’ll never be on the level that he is: joining a god tier group in BPZ. Amai looks around at the devastated faces of the audience before stepping into the ring, looking Slim in the eyes and smiling, like a son to his own father. Amai stands in the ring, embracing the hate, before starting to speak once again. How honoured it makes me to be able to have the opportunity to become the protege of one of the all time greats, not just in BPZ, but in the world of wrestling period. This is a moment I have been dreaming about since I was a little kid, when I was watching legends before our time battle it out in the ring, and now to not only stand in the ring with a modern day legend, but to be by his side, it’s truly amazing… It also feels great to know that I’m better than each and every single one of you bums that do nothing but sit on your asses, disrespecting those who bring you the entertainment you wish for each and every single week; it absolutely disgusts me that you have the audacity to produce such a negative reaction to literal gods of the industry. But now is the time that all changes; we will dominate BPZ, and you will be forced to kiss our feet as we reign supreme like the kings we are. Anyway, today isn’t about insulting these idiots like I usually do. Today is about the dawn of a new era, the day that BPZ turns to chaos, the day that myself: the reigning, defending, undisputed NXT Champion of the world, the kid that was once shunned by the entire locker room, joins the likes of Raven, Bailey, Julius and of course Don Dada himself in the ranks of the greatest group to ever grace this promotion; and I am proud to announce, that I am the heir, the man that will lead Mafia to victory once the time is right, and I will begin that road to eternal conquest at BPZMania, when I defend this precious baby of mine, and then I’ll defend it again and again, before I write my name into the history books as the greatest NXT Champion of all time and prove you doubters wrong. But right now is not about the championship, it’s about celebration. Amai pulls out a bottle of Don Perignon champagne from his jacket pocket, before popping it open and serving it to his peers in fine crystal glassware, all three men taunting with Amai being in the centre, being the piece that will hold Mafia together once Slim’s time is up. He is the chosen one, and he is ready to dominate BPZ and destroy those that slept on him, the haters. Amai raises his championship into the air, as the segment comes to a close.
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    The Contract

    As “115” blasts through the PA system, Hans enters the arena with a more serious demeanour. Wearing black shades, alongside a slick black dress shirt and pants. As he makes his way out of the gorilla position and onto the stage, he gives a brief stare down to Isaiah Carter, as the crowd give a mixed reception to our Undisputed Champion. His face is expressionless as he walks down to the ring holding on to his BPZ Undisputed Championship by his right hand. He picks up a microphone near the ring steps as Clayton’s music slowly begins to fade away. Hans stands on the ring apron as he places the championship on his shoulder. He scopes out the arena as the fans in attendance chant and cheer. He then begins to talk. You are still ungrateful for the opportunity that I gave to you, classic Isaiah Carter. You see even when I gave you this chance, you still berate me. That is what you do Carter, you don’t seize the opportunities presented to you. You take these title matches for granted, and you wonder why you couldn’t even hold this title to begin with. Yes, you have had an amazing five year career here in BPZ, but never reached the status of some of your other peers in this company. You didn’t have what it takes. You don’t have that championship mentality, you were just a little short of greatness. When people look at me though, they see dollar signs popping off, they see someone who leads the charge, while you just stand there playing second best. Mentally... I’m better than ever. You claim that I’m weak, that these accomplishments, and awards have controlled me. That my ego just can’t let go of being in the spotlight. Well when you're the goddamn best, what can you brag about. I’m a smarter individual as I was before, I was a lost and naive person when I was with you, but over the last couple of months, my eyes are now wide and open, and I SEE things clearly now. No longer am I manipulated, and if you wished you could see that same naive person once known as Hans Clayton again, I’m sorry to say Carter but that Hans Clayton is fucking dead. Hans then enters the ring, still holding his Undisputed Title on his shoulder. He stares across from Carter as he continues on with his promo. There is one thing that got me thinking, did I truly earn this title? That’s a question people in the media, the fans, and the critics have all asked. What makes a champion earn his reign. Is it the journey he came to overcome every single obstacle that stood before him or is it just you need support from these sheeps in the crowd. I earned that victory 100%, yes I had the help of Bulletproof in order to fulfill my destiny, but that destiny was long awaited and I had to make sure that I got the victory. Since now I’m the champion, all I need now is to beat your pathetic sorry ass at BPZ Mania. You are the burden hanging over my head, it doesn’t make me dumb to put this title on the line, it makes me “a fighting champion” a term people desire to be in this company. You see it as stupidity, giving you a title match, while I see it as a calling. A calling that I must do. Everything happens for a reason… BiC. You brought me into this company, you brought me to showcase what type of talent I am. You may have nurtured me into being your protege, but Carter you needed me as much as I needed you. I brought back your irrelevant career and look where you stand, a Undisputed Title match at the biggest show of the year. I brought YOU into this position. Hans puts his championship on the table, right beside the contract, as well as his microphone. He waits a couple of seconds before he finally signs the contract as the crowd boo Hans Clayton. Hans once again picks up his microphone as he removes his shades and looks directly to Carter. After this is all said and done, when you claim to shatter my nose, and drive the sole of your boot into my heart... none of that will happen. We both know which one is the most vicious, the most dangerous human being when a fight like this occurs. You’ve seen that rage, and that demon fighting beside you. Now you face that same demon that was once with you. Only now that demon will prevail, and stand on top as still your champion. Hans then waits for Isaiah's Carter’s response as the crowd are vastly invested in what these two performers are saying.
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    Rome, the capital of Italy and a city that holds one of the richest histories on planet earth. One of conquest, and battle. It serves as a reminder of what once was, and however mighty the empire, it can all come crumbling down eventually. We pan across the beautiful city, the stone buildings and paved streets until we come across the mighty Roman Colosseum. While a literal shell of its former self, it remains one of the mightiest creations in human history and is often dubbed one of the “modern” wonders of the world. We pan inside the arena to see a hulking figure, one belonging to Jeremiah Flynn. He is seen strolling through the battlegrounds of the abandoned Colosseum. The entire arena appears to be empty, not a tourist in sight. He sports black jeans and a black T-Shirt, several gold rings across his hand as he is seemingly admiring the beautiful structure. “This place, this is where I belonged. The mighty Roman Empire, it’s beautiful colosseum and the 50,000 blood thirsty romans who gathered around to watch true warriors at their peak. No rules, only one mission. Victory by any means necessary. This is where it truly all began, combat sports. Yet it is left at such a disservice. The fans, even the wrestlers hold some sick obsession with the Far East. They travel and they hold nations like Japan with such high esteem, they all want to be a fucking Samurai. No, this is the heart of true combat. Unstoppable killing machines that would stop at nothing to destroy their opponent. Constructed by the new emperor Vespasian, it bought him around ten years as the Roman Emperor before his son Titus would come to rule, opening the amphitheater to the public, a gift to its people. Of course a ploy to seize and maintain control of the crown by the Flavian Dynasty, it was at heart a true showcase of what Rome was about. Beauty and brutality. The incredible architecture mixed with the intense psychotic games that was held within it.” No smile or show of pleasure has broken across Jeremiah’s face yet. He speaks so fondly of where he stands yet shows little happiness in his demeanor. It is almost clear this is less a celebration of history but instead a message. “History is to be celebrated by our historians, I am not hear for just some history lesson. I send a message to the “mighty” Arius. I stand in a massive relic. Augustus the mighty Roman leader came long before the construction of the beast of an arena. He avenged Caesar and he went to battle with the likes of Mark Anthony and even defeated the infamous Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. Rome’s greatest incarnate. He established the empire that would go on to rule all of this ancient land. And he DID IT, through blood..... and conquest. I’m sure however Arius..... you are no stranger to these ancient tales? The last time I spoke of you, I shared my own personal beliefs however I can’t help but feel as if I didn’t truly give you any fair credit. You are so elegant and mighty yourself yet you hail and you come from far across the ocean blue. We come from different lands. Two foreign warriors set to do battle in an arena. Much like the arena I stand in. Cleopatra and Augustus were two foreign warriors to each other yet it was Rome that conquered the great Egyptian empire.” “My mind has been in self-purgatory for as long as I can remember. I dislike sharing any inkling of my life prior to BPZ. We all know the story of a nineteen year old kid answering a BPZ open challenge nearly five years ago and going on to become its mighty “KING”. Of course my idiotic brother forced my tragedies into the public, however since I’ve refused to comment on it all however I find one instance to be so self-satisfactory upon hearing your latest statements. I was brought in as a child, bottled with a never ending pool of anger. Angry with the world, with life and it twisted my mind, it..... fueled me to fight. And fight I did on the baron streets of Dallas. For survival, for food and for shelter. I was destined to be a fighter. It is what you would call..... my art.” “We are artists are we not? We’ve each been handed our canvas, our tools and our minds to create and perform freely in front of the millions around the world who wish to see us. Yet you never believed this was your art, that’s because it isn’t. It’s mine. I am a destined fighter by birth, shitted into this fucking hell hole to hurt others. You as you said, found this art by mistake however it turned out you held a fabulous talent for it. How interesting as I said prior in my home, that such diverse histories come together together form such a clash of the ages. You almost remind me of the mighty Spartans. Seen as the ultimate warriors, a small band could take out one thousand men. Yet even they fell to the mighty Roman Empire. You are intelligent, as you are impressive of a fighter but when overwhelmed by my own relentless power and fury, you shall fall as they all do. As the Spartans did.” “I must apologize however for my own assumptions. I pride myself on knowing my opponent yet as you pointed out I made several assumptions about you. The truth is, I care very little for the accuracy of said assumptions. That’s because what I do know and do not know, the facts that truly matter, I wish to not openly divulge into. You are a special individual as I and I’m sure many many men have said before me. You are a beast to be conquered Arius. An incredible mantle to hang amongst my trophies as I’m sure you too see me as so. Yet I do not wish to claim to be the man who ends you. No while I plan to show you that hell is much more then just a mindset but a physical place that I am fully capable of taking you to, I wish not to claim to be your destroyer. I do wish to see your world set ablaze Arius, burned down to a crisp however I only wish to be the man who starts the fire. I will allow others to set the flame ablaze.” Slowly, a sick sinister smile creeps across the face of Jeremiah. A sick cruel man, slight jabs and petty threats have been knitted into a message of “conquest”.Continuing to walk through the ruins, he finds himself just outside of the great structure. He continues speaking with low deep tone. “Thousands entered to be entertained and they were. I wish to offer the exact form of entertainment that they two were once given. Not just a “wrestling” match, no I want a fight. A hard bare knuckle brawl between two conquerors. You wish for us to rip each other apart? Two pissed off men set against each other by a company that doesn’t give a DAMN for our health or well being. I GOD DAMN LIVE IT! You make the claim that you can give to me what I so desperately want, well maybe you can. I’ve searched for years for an individual who can put up the fight that I deserve. Instead I’ve been given weak, unintelligent, pathetic BULLSHIT! While we appear to be two broken men, we understand that what happened to each of us at BPZ Mania was taken out of our own hands. Two tragedies to the titans of BPZ.” “You claim to offer what I desire however I can’t do the same. You are a man without purpose. I offer you only more pain and suffering then you’ve already endured. I seek war, you seek peace. Yet through brutality comes beauty. A bloody canvas, your body broken into one thousand pieces is the only art I wish to create. Maybe it’ll be what helps you find the next chapter you spoke of in your life. Maybe the fire I plan to fight upon your little world, will be the starting point in finding who YOU really are under the mask you hide behind. My only fulfillment will be your own failure. And I PROMISE, at World at War, I shall be fulfilled, and you shall fail. As all who appose my mighty empire shall.” “And in the great book of Judges, it is exclaimed, “HAIL MIGHTY MEN OF VALOR”, men not of violence but of their belief in the good Lord above. These people believe in you, the fans of BPZ, but how much do you believe in your own self? Are you truly a man of valor?” A black SUV pulls up the curb where Jeremiah Flynn arrives to, the door opens to reveal Julius sat in the back seat. Jeremiah steps into the vehicle, leaving Arius with one final question.
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    This Is War

    “115” would blast throughout the entire arena as Hans Clayton makes his entrance. Hans is seen showing a black eye, as he and Carter went to an absolute war at BPZ Mania V. Hans enters in his ring attire, wearing the Undisputed Title around his waist. Hans would stare with a serious demeanour as he began to speak with the microphone in his hand. You know Carter, BPZ Mania was a special night. We went to war, opening up the biggest show of the year with the best match on that entire card. You took me to my absolute limit, a lot of people couldn’t have done that yet you did. We gave it our all and at the very end, I came out on top. I mean you said it yourself, you came out of that match your own champion and you should be proud of what you managed to achieve Isaiah. The thing is though, I still want more… Hans then begins to walk as he would continue to talk. He would eventually stop near the side of the ring. You see, facing you at the biggest event of the year, tearing each other apart, that is what makes this business so damn satisfying. While you stand there and think this is over, believe me, it's not. I still want to tear you apart, I still want to beat the living hell out of you. Carter you complete me, you are what makes me so vicious, and so dangerous. You stand there, and bad mouth FDS and Bob Sparks, those guys are just as vicious and just as dangerous as I am. Bob Sparks is a monster of man, he can easily rip your head if he wanted to. He is not the same man you faced in the Powertrip Cup. He has evolved his style to face the best of the best. Meanwhile FDS is one of the most underrated performers in this company, he defeated one half of the tag team champions in Smith at the Rumble earlier this year. He has that killer like mentality, and I love it. Those reasons are why FDS and Bob were great additions to Bulletproof. I guess even gaining a little bit of respect from me, you are still an idiot Carter. Hans then enters the ring, with both FD and Bob Sparks looking on. Hans would then continue, going at Carter. You are not a hero in any stretch of the imagination. These fans feed off your delusional statements about me, and those two dangerous individuals standing right there. You can hide your loss through empathy, excuses, and guilt all you want but at the end of the day you failed on capturing this title, you failed your entire family that were there watching you, and most of all you failed yourself. You said to all of these fans that you planned on taking this title at the biggest stage and yet you didn’t! All I've wanted was for you to admit to everybody that I was the better man, through and through. Yet you still couldn’t say that. Maybe I should have injured you even more, so that you couldn’t even be standing here. Maybe I should go do that, right now! Hans then looks at both FDS and Bob as they all drop their microphones...
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    The Death Rider

    The GOAT plays as Bailey walks out from the crowd into the ring showing a glimpse of his Hell In A Cell Match with Bashka last night at BPZMania. He gets into the ring and grabs a microphone. Last night I went to hell. I went to war with Bashka and I defeated him. I threw myself off of a cell and hit a shooting star press right onto Bashka. I put it all on the line to come out victorious last night and I did. I don’t like Bashka and I never did but after last night. After the fight he brought to me. The fact that he kept getting up after everything I brought to him. That where we Able to stand in that ring together last night and kill each other. That right there made me Respect Bashka. He could of quit. He could of taken it easy and just coasted into retirement. But no he brought everything he had. He wanted to go all out one last time and even put his body on the line when he was so close to retirement. And for that I respect Bashka. But today is a new Day. BPZMANIA is done with and the way I look at it a New Season in BPZ Wrestling has begun. And with that I realize I don’t wanna go into this year alone. I have the Mafia as a whole but I want Ride or Die kinda guys. Slim has his Inner Circle of the Mafia. Well I want my Death Riders of the Mafia. I’m the ultimate Death Rider. I live on the edge and I goto war everytime I step into this ring and put everything on the line. And I want guys that will stand with me wit that same intensity. That same ruthless aggression. I want guys that aren’t afraid to kick someone ass and knock there Fucking head off. And I got the perfect guys. I got my Death Riders. We are here to run the show. To cause havoc and kick everyone’s ass that gets In our way. If Julius wants to sit on the sidelines and just be a manager for a Pain Maker that’s fine I don’t need him. Mafia doesn’t need him and neither do the Death Riders. But lets get to the guys that will stand with me and goto battle with anyone. First let me introduce to you the newest Tag Team In BPZ. The Team that will take over the whole Division. I give you Ex Machina
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    Broken Nate

    BPZMania V | Nebakos Battle Royale

    The majority of the participants in the Nebakos Battle Royale have made their way to the ring and we're now just awaiting 2 more before this match can be officially underway. Broken Nate has arrived at FedEx Field, after only announcing some days ago that he would be taking part in this Battle Royale, and he is here to win for Nebakos' "namesake". He walks through the curtains and starts shouting random words and noises as he begins to advance through this massive BPZMania ramp. He then slides into the ring, with all off his opponents looking right at him, as Nate just begins to laugh in all of their faces before going into a corner, as we await the final entrant. Bob "The Bomb" Sparks now makes his arrival at BPZMania V alongside his manager Alexa Merci, as he hopes to mark this very historic night in his career with a victory, in the Nebakos Battle Royale. He has very quickly made a name for himself and has become one of the biggest rising stars in BPZ, being a dominant force in the company. He angrily marches his way down the ramp as he stares on at his opponents, almost in disgust. He walks in with his two feet over the rope and puts his hands behind his back before the match begins. The referee calls for the bell, and the match has now officially started. The Fishman is the first to make a move, but in an effort to run he starts slipping all over the ring, as everyone just looks on. Bob then walks over to the Fishman, who can't seem to stand up properly, and picks him up so he can regain balance. As the Fishman begins to thank Bob, Bob's face turns to irritation and he chops the Fishman in the chest sending him back down to the mat, before picking him up again and throwing him over the top rope, The Fishman is the first to go. Bob then turns around and stares right into the eyes of Broken Nate, as the two face off for a moment in the middle of the ring, with Bob just towering over Nate. Then once it looked like the two were about to get physical, the rest of the competitors started to jump in on the two of them. Kirk Kelly and Epic start to work away at Broken Nate, as they both begin laying into him in the corner, attempting to take him out. Then Akki runs over and helps Nate fight off Kirk and Epic. Akki grabs Kirk and starts hitting with him vicious knees to the face as Nate starts smashing Epic's head off the turnbuckle, repeatedly shouting "DELETE". After multiple knees, Akki then throws Kirk over the top rope, and Kirk is eliminated from the match. Nate starts taunting Epic, who is trying to get back up on his two feet...Twist of Nate! Nate then picks Epic up, and sends him flying over the top rope for the elimination. Nate and Akki then bump elbows with each other, insinuating that they will be working together for this match. Elsewhere in the match, Bob was delivering vicious chops to everyone in the match that stood in his path. Then Addy came towards Bob and hit with a stiff elbow to the face. Bob then fired back with an elbow with his own, as the two men started brawling. Bob then delivered an uppercut, which stunned Addy, Bob then ran off the ropes and hit Addy with a Dose of Reality, sending him down to the mat. Then Bob turns around, SUPERKICK! From out of nowhere Kai hit Bob with a superkick as he is stunned against the ropes. Kai starts hitting Bob with punches to the face. He then runs off the ropes for momentum to knock Bob over..Bracket Buster!!! Just like that Bob is back in control, as he picks Kai up and throws him over the ropes, Kai is now eliminated, but he came close for a second there. Yelich, who was sitting in the corner trying to recover sees a downed Addy and tries to capitalise. Yelich grabs Addy and points to the outside, but Addy hits Yelich with elbows to his stomach, as Yelich lets go of Addy. Addy then holds Yelich and hits him with rapid gut punches, as you can see Yelich clearly in pain. Addy then brings Yelich closer to the ropes and throws him over with a belly to belly! Yelich took a very hard landing there. Nate and Akki have been working together by attacking Brad, and trying to get him over the top rope. Although Brad starts to fight back as Nate and Akki lose control. Brad fires a hard shot to the face to Akki sending him to the floor momentarily. Brad then hits Nate with more strikes, before taking him down with a neckbreaker. He then places his focus back on Akki and lifts him up in a powerslam position, as he tries to drop Akki over the ropes. Akki lands on the apron and is hanging on to the ropes for dear life. As Brad kicks away at Akki, Nate comes from behind and throws Brad over as Nate earns himself another elimination. Nate helps Akki back into the ring as both men try to recover. Addy is working away at Mecko in the corner. Addy now has Mecko over the turnbuckle and is trying to force him over the ropes, but Mecko starts kicking at Addy in desperation and gets himself out of that situation. Mecko then fires at Addy with multiple forearm smashes, before knocking him down with a huge discus clothesline! Bob charges at Mecko with a spear, but Mecko dodges a massive bullet as Bob goes flying into the ring post. Mecko then grabs the big man from behind, and is somehow able to lift him up for a tiger suplex! Bob gets back up to his feet straight away, but Mecko is setting up for the discus clothesline. Mecko swings at Bob, but Bob ducks out of the way, Bob then grabs Mecko and starts squeezing the life out of him, the Final Embrace! Bob continues to hold on to Mecko and doesn't let go of the Final Embrace for a second, as Mecko slowly starts to fade away. Bob then finally lets go of Mecko, but it doesn't seem like he's done yet. Bob lifts him up..Buckle Bomb into the corner! But Bob still isn't finished with Mecko as he lifts him up once more...THE BOB BOMB! Bob finally shows some form of remorse as he throws Mecko over the top rope, as Mecko is now eliminated from the Nebakos Battle Royale. We're now down to the final four, as Bob Sparks, Addy, Akki and Broken Nate remain in this match. Nate and Akki both look on at Bob and Addy who are both trying to recover, as they attempt to come up with a plan. Nate leads the way as Akki follows, they both walk over to Addy but Addy senses the danger and gets back up on his feet before pushing Nate away...RIOT CONTROL!!! Nate has been knocked out cold! Akki looks on in complete disbelief, and now realises that he could be in trouble here. Bob is fully back to his feet as both himself and Addy begin to look at Akki. Akki then gets on his knees in the middle of the ring and starts begging by singing. "I'M ON MY KNEES...PLEEEEEAAAAASE!" Both Bob and Addy look at each other, before looking back at Akki. Both men left him up, with their hands on Akki's throat..Double chokeslam!!! Akki finally got what was coming to him as Bob then throws Akki over the top rope, leaving it to the final three of Bob, Addy and Broken Nate. From out of nowhere, Addy has thrown Bob over the top rope, but he landed on the apron whilst hanging onto the ring ropes. Addy starts to lay into Bob, but Bob starts fighting back from the ring apron. Bob then grabs hold of Addy from outside and tries to lift him over. Bob gets him in the air and Addy lands on the apron, as both men look like they're nearing the end. Addy hits Bob with some forearms to the face, Addy then looks like he's setting up for a finish, but Bob's manager Alexa Merci got a hold of Addy's foot, as Addy kicks her hand away. FLYING KNEE BY BOB! The distraction was enough from Alexa as Addy has now been eliminated, Bob smirks at his work before entering the ring. It is now down to two men, Bob Sparks and Broken Nate. Nate regains his footing as the two men have a staredown, bringing us back to the very beginning of this first ever Nebakos Battle Royale. As the two begin to lock eyes, Nate starts laughing before saying "BOB, I KNEW YOU'D COOOOME!" Not impressed by Nate's antics, Bob hits Nate with a vicious chop to his chest, sending him into the corner. Nate walks towards Bob, but Bob just pushes him back into the corner, and hits him with another chop, as Nate falls to the floor. Bob picks Nate back up and places him back in the corner as Nate once again suffers Bob's signature chop, as Nate's chest begins to look extremely red. Nate then seeks to escape the control of Bob, as he starts crawling away for air, starting to make many inaudible noises, as Bob chases him down by slowly walking around him. Bob puts Nate up against the opposite corner and hits him with another chop to the chest, but Nate doesn't fall to his feet. As if he had just been possessed, Nate then hits Bob with a headbutt out of nothing, which sends Bob backwards, but also leaves Nate leaning against the turnbuckle. Bob regains a bit of consciousness from the headbutt, and charges straight at Nate, but gets hit with a dropkick. Nate then runs towards Bob and lands a flying knee of his own, sending Bob down to a knee, Nate then runs of the ropes and lands a shining wizard on Bob, which knocks the big man down. Nate now feels the momentum switching his way, but Bob is already making his way back up to his feet. Wasting no time, Nate runs over to Bob and starts hitting him with blows across his back before kicking him in the stomach, TWIST OF N-NO! Nate almost had him with the Twist of Nate but Bob started hitting Nate with blows to the stomach to get out of it, and now Bob is lifting Nate up for The Bob Bomb!!! Nate desperately fights his way out and hits a hurricanrana on Bob, who gets back up to his feet on wobbly legs... TWIST OF NATE!!! Nate grabs the big man and attempts to hoist him over. He manages to get throw him over out onto the apron, but Bob is still somehow hanging on. Bob then hits Nate with an uppercut, but he still can't find the will to get back into the ring, Nate turns around from Bob's uppercut, and fires back with an uppercut of his own, as Bob is hanging on with one foot now with everything he has! SUPERKICK!!! BOB FALLS FROM THE APRON! Broken Nate has won the Nebakos Battle Royale! After making a surprise return at BPZMania V, Broken Nate has won the "Nebakos" namesake. Broken Nate celebrates in the ring, clearly ecstatic over his Battle Royale victory, but Bob also had a great performance, having the most eliminations in the match whilst going until the very end, and newcomer Addy also proved himself as well, lasting until the final three. For Nate though, the question is now, what is next for his BPZ journey?
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    A Legacy Falling Apart

    Jeremiah Flynn steps out onto the stage almost on cue, confidence written all over his face. He takes a slow step to the center stage, slightly pacing back and forth as he eyes each man down. Slowly he raises his microphone to his mouth... There was no one, and I mean absolutely nobody, in the entire damn world that cared- no, THAT GAVE A DAMN, about the history of this tag team division. That cheap little stunt you two boys pulled over the last few weeks, it will not do a damn thing to help you or steer away from what the fuck is going to happen to you both at BPZ Mania. I mean do you honestly even listen to yourselves. You step out to the middle of that ring, and all you do is preach lies. Have I truly fallen so far? You act as if I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel and if that is so look who I’m facing at BPZ Mania! You insult me in a way that it only hurts yourselves. You insult us in a way as if we are doing nothing at BPZ Mania. Aren’t we facing off against the undisputed “top champions” in this company? It is what you both said correct? Then why is it so you pretend that we are the failures in this situation. Correct me if I’m wrong but it was your own failures that drew you together. I kicked Bart’s ass not once but two times in a row with the slightest bit of ease. Smith you slipped up and couldn’t even win your block of Survival Games and then Arius took that Intercontinental Championship right out from under you. You attempted Eli Smith to return to singles competition just this year at the Royal Rumble and it was Bulletproof’s own FDS that sent you hiding back behind those Tag Team Titles. It was Hans Clayton that defeated Sameer to win that Undisputed Championship that you each so boldly claim are the cause for me losing it. Yet, please correct me if I’m wrong, Creed dominates Bulletproof on EVERY occasion correct? Oh..... they don’t do they? Well how does that fit into your grandiose narrative you just waisted 10 minutes in the ring building. You talk about how far I’ve fallen, how far my partner has fallen. You talk about our broken legacy. I just dominated the entire year of 2019. I haven’t lost a match since Survivor Series where you did indeed pin me Smith, it’s the highlight of your damn career. Prior to that I hadn’t lost since BPZ Mania. Let that sink in for a moment. We just got done ripping Sheridan and Slim to shred just five weeks ago. It wasn’t a challenge, we didn’t even break a damn sweat. I told all over a month ago that we shall purge this Tag Team Division and purge we shall. Do you believe you two are the ones to stop us? Slims Alyx Wilde 2.0 and the man who’s been to afraid to come face to face in a singles match with me for nearly five years now. Or are we making the claims now that I fear you, that we... fear Creed? It’s laughable and embarrassing. You’ve never faced anything like Legacy and you never will again. My paths to every BPZ Mania has never been pretty. My BPZ Mania record is not pretty. However I don’t allow such anomalies to slow me down. In fact they motivate me. You’ve spent weeks talking about the past when you should be focused on the future. Your future. Wrapped up in a damn body bag, on a one way trip to your grave site. You can call yourselves the greatest tag team in the world today. It’s nothing we haven’t heard before. You aren’t special. You’re boring. Overrated hyped up pieces of garbage that each needed Slims help to be propped up into relevance. I mean honestly, take the momentum that man handed each of you and what do you hold? A flash in the pan rookie that would of obviously faded out in Bart and another BPZ OG who would of never made it out of 2015. It’s a god damn embarrassment. You call those around me my lackeys. You have made so many claims on how I use Bulletproof. You are the two that use others. Anytime you find yourselves in a rut you flee and cling for help. Bulletproof was formed off my third successful Undisputed Title defense. I had already bested Bart without them months earlier on my own. I don’t need a damn person to be successful but you two? Nearly all the success you’ve come to have has been within factions or tag teams. However this is a tag team match. You are an “elite” tag team. We are brothers. We have taken each other to hell and back. I would fight and die for my brother as I know he would for me. You two are a corporate shell with a thrown together backstory who’ve suffered for the last four weeks talking about teams that I don’t think even you care about. Of course I reminded patient and hopeful as to how it would all draw into this, but it didn’t. You both truly see us as so low that you don’t have to take us with the slightest bit of seriousness. That’s fine. It doesn’t matter. You don’t have a chance against us. You never did.
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    Broken Nate

    A Broken Invitation

    The titantron cuts to a dark, gloomy looking setting, as the camera shows a mansion, resembling something from the like of a horror movie. In the sky, a drone robot can be seen flying in the sky, as loud buzzing noises can be heard from his movement. The drone hovers over to the seemingly long abandoned mansion and goes towards one of the windows. The drone stops and starts beeping loudly like a siren, before processing a message like text to speech. "I HAVE ARRIVED, YOUR BRILLIANCE" For a moment there is simply silence, but from the looks of it this drone isn't the only thing around here right now. But then suddenly, noises can be heard from inside the mansion, sounding like a man who is suffering from a stroke. The camera cuts to the window as a shadow of a person can be seen standing behind the curtains, with long hair and his arms spread out wide like Christ on the cross. The curtains are opened and the man can now be seen to have blonde streaks in his hair, but the person is still not identifiable because he has his head facing downwards. He pushes the window open before slowly revealing his face...It's Broken Nate!!! "Ohhhhhhhahahaha. GREETINGS, my inanimate companion, what brings who here to my broken humble abode on this dusky, dull night." The loud siren noise has begun again with the drone, processing another message for his overlord, as Broken Nate stares on with a sinister smile. The drone then begins to print a letter through it's system, as Nate grabs the letter and begins to read it aloud. THIS WEEKEND A BATTLE ROYALE SHALL BE HELD IN THE HONOR OF NEBAKOS, WERE LOSERS WILL BE EXPELLED A MATCH WERE YOU COULD SOLIDIFY YOUR CAREER OR WALK AWAY WITH EYES FULL OF TEARS SO THIS LETTER RIGHT HERE IS AN OPEN INVITATION TO ANYONE WHO WANTS TO MAKE IT TO THE FINAL DESTINATION, BPZMANIA 5 WILL BE THE PRIMED LOCATION "Oh yeeeeeeessssss. This quest you have given me, Vanguard 1, is an appealing method to start the renaissance of my decaying career, to return and showcase my broken brilliance once again, as everyone crumbles to my feet. I will also do it for one of my comrades, the great Nebakos, as I will earn his namesake and be crowned Broken "Nebakos" Nate. Oh yesssss that is a wonderful proposition. At BPZMania 5, I am going to disfigure every single uneducated delinquent that stands in my path to glory, in the GREAT battle of the Nebakos Battle Royale. But most importantly they should all expect to become...DELETEDDDDDDD!!!" Broken Nate puts his head out the window as he begins to start chanting "DELETE", while waving his arms around as the drone follows his overlord by chanting the word as well. Nate then begins to laugh before suddenly stopping himself with no forewarning. "Come on Vanguard 1, I must arrive for my ultimate showdown right this instance, as it's only in a mere few days before my encounter. Let me fix up my dilapidated boat as we begin our journey to BPZMania." Lightning then strikes the mansion as the camera cuts out and the titantron focuses back on the arena, with fans looking on in disbelief, shock and horror at the return of the maniacal Broken Nate.
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    The Forgotten

    A newly posted vignette on BPZ.com plays with the dark screen fading in to the image of a poster for BPZ Mania V. This particular poster is different, it doesn't feature the entire roster, or the much anticipated main event, or the drawing quality of BPZ's long tenured stars. This poster is a variant featuring the champion and challenger of the BPZ North American Title match. The camera angle pans out to the hallway backstage at Carnage. As we zoom out, it turns out that the poster is being observed by none other than the North American Champion himself, KENJI. (Credit to Arius for the poster) After a long and thoughtful pause of reflection as he looks back at the road that got him here, KENJI speaks with reverence, but also with iron-clad zeal. KENJI: "It's almost surreal. Going from where I was a year ago, to now, front and centre on a poster for the biggest event of our industry. Not only that, being the first North American Champion to walk into BPZ Mania. This title's maiden voyage at the event, something that isn't lost on me. From the day I finally won this title, I told myself that I would walk into Mania still as North American Champion. Given how short-lived a champion's time in the sun can be in BPZ, only shows the sheer calibre of talent and challengers that make up the roster. It is that hotbed of talent that drove me to become someone better, and now that I stand atop the mountain, I've learnt to be on the other side of the wall. To be the chased, rather than the chaser. But, to even survive in such a competitive environment is to learn a more fundamental lesson, something that you cannot do without; you must never become complacent with your position. Even from the loftiest clouds, you can still fall back to earth". "Something that I am always striving for. That goal of bettering myself is never quite finished, winning a championship and walking into Mania is no longer the ceiling I aspire to. The horizons I walk to extend far beyond our premier event. To call myself the quintessential North American Champion. I can only do that by becoming synonymous with every aspect of this title. My partner might have been the inaugural champion, but the first chapter is not always the most enthralling by any means. I overcame the albatross of my past, and quashed the one-man wrecking crew that is Bob Sparks. But now, is a different beast. This challenger might deep down be hungry for my title, but they stand atop another mountain entirely. Their grit is no longer forged by the climb, even though their campaign for this title began when mine did". "I wouldn't be surprised if many couldn't recall Buddy Ace being in the Inaugural Ladder Match for this title. In the sea of chaos and bedlam of steel ladders and broken bodies, he was an easily overlooked element. You were forgotten, Buddy. Left to the hazy obscurity of memory, seldom helped by your lack of appearances and success after the fact. Only know has he found his stride, and doing well I must admit. But, there is one fatal difference between us that has crippled your challenge for my title. After that ladder match, I never stopped chasing. I kept going and that path has never stopped. The horizon has never stopped moving further and further beyond. But you.....you went pretty much off the radar for the rest of 2019. And now that you've seen thus surge of success, your complacency and lack of real hunger has wained, Buddy". "All that achievement in such a short space of time, gluttonous in your conquest has seemingly left you satisfied. Judging by the fact that I nor many others have seen you around Carnage speaks to the fact that the need for more is gone. The candle has been burning from both ends, and the final drops of wax are setting. I told you that the very least you must have to challenge me, to have even a sliver of a chance to take this title from me, was to have the very same drive, determination and fire that I had. Not an ounce left. But now, I don't see the star potential that I saw a couple of months ago. I don't see the 'Ace' in Buddy Ace anymore. You're not showing your quality, just wasting it away....." KENJI pauses for a moment, looking at the North American Championship over his shoulder. ".....Which is something I will not tolerate. You are the No.1 Contender to the BPZ North American Championship. So respect to not only me, but to your position, and those that you defeated to make it here. Because from where I am standing, right now, any of them in that Scramble Match would be lining up and showing the world why they are worthy. They would fight me tooth and nail to win this title. This prestigious title that I hold. It's presence on the grandest stage of them all needs two to carry it's burden. But, I am left with a dance partner who does not live up to the expectations set out for him. I have made it my mission to not only elevate the North American Championship, but those that prove themselves to challenge for it. The titles in BPZ are keys to the biggest shows of the calendar, and Buddy Ace was the very first to guarantee his seat at the table. But even so, despite his talent and potential, I am left disappointed. Earned this shot, that is undeniable, but it takes more than simply clocking in and out to win this title, Buddy. You might have captured the United States Championship on a whim after countless failed attempts, but you face a new beast that holds a voracious hunger for the future of both themselves, this title, and this company". "As of right now, you are clouding my own perception of you, morphing it to someone that could have very well become a live long rival of mine, someone that could have triggered that instinct of competition within me. But, now that is a flower in the wind. I do not call for your word out of a need for validation. I call for it, as the silence comes as an insult to the champion. The Hangman made himself the hottest act in the company almost over night, but at BPZ Mania, for your complacency, and your willingness to ride out a time with your feet up when you should be stepping to me like a hungry animal, I will make you forgotten again. they will forget you were my opponent on March 29th, Buddy. I will carry the prestige of this title to, and through Mania, singlehandedly. Clearly you do not share my vision of this title, and resting on your laurels spits in the face of everything that I have accomplished over the last year". "All they will remember is that my legacy was reaffirmed and fortified at BPZ Mania with another defence. Because that is all they will need to know". The scene fades to black, as the slight reflections from the North American Championship's central plate linger in the darkness of the screen for a few moments longer, before submitting to the umbral void.
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    Eric Shun

    Eric Shun & Yeldick's Sex-Off!

    Carnage comes back from a commercial break, in the ring is the same bed as used last week in the Live Sex Celebration from Eric Shun, which was crashed by Yeldick. Fans in the arena were already going mental for what surely had to be the pre-announced sex off between the pair. This was probably the closest any of the fans would get to actually having sex themselves, so most of them were cherishing the moment. As Eric Shuns theme hit, the roof came off. All fans went crazy as they knew they were finally about to see the hottest spectacle in BPZ wrestling since the return of the fish. Eric Shun made his normal entrance, with two women by his side. As he got in the ring, they removed his towel for him and threw it into the crowd, leaving Eric Shun in his Calvin Klein underwear as an interviewer joined him in the ring. “Whoa calm down buddy. You know I ain’t here to do it with you.” “Eric don’t worry, I’m not here for that either. I am though here to ask you some questions before the planned sex off tonight.” “Oh. Fire away then.” “This is the first ever sex off in BPZ Wrestling history, are there any nerves kicking in right now?” “You know. I have slept with over 100,000 women. Nerves aren’t a factor for me anymore. I am a wizard in the sheets, a messiah of desire. So, I am just gonna have fun, do my thing. I know I am winning this, after all, I am the mass debater, the big one, mister steal your girl. Ya know.” “I see. Now Eric, talk to me a bit about Yeldick. Why the animosity between you two?” “I don’t know what that word means, but I assume it means dislike? So let me explain. In our… industry, there is a lot of competition. All the guys want to have the best girls after all. Sometimes you find partners who stay together. Then you have me, I am a floater, I go from girl to girl, gotta keep the content fresh for all of my subscribers after all.” “Subscribers? You don’t have a-” “Only fans.” “Oh ok. Well, just one last question before we bring the girls down. Do you have any tips for any guys who may be watching this?” “Oh I have a big tip, but it isn’t for anyone watching if you get what I mean. I guess for you guys out there, watch and learn.” “Well, with those words said. Bring on the girls!” As the song played, about 50 girls walked out and down the entrance way, in lines of two. Causing every male in the arena to huddle up as close as they could to the front row and the barricade. Each girl gave high fives to every fan in the front row, one fan fainted as he was unable to comprehend a woman touching his hand. After the lap of high fives, they all entered the ring, surrounding Eric Shun and the interviewer in a circle. “Ladies and gentlemen give it up for our girls!” All the fans in the arena applauded on command and even continued to do so for a bit when the interviewer continued talking. “Now Eric. I know you would love to take all of these girls, but you are only allowed to pick one. So go out there and pick your girl!” Eric Shun looked around himself at all of the girls in the ring, before finally he decided to start narrowing down the pack. “Hey girls. I guess you all want the Eric Shun huh. Well, I want all of you too. So if you all give me your numbers I am sure we can sort something out.” Calls came from the further back parts of the crowd, as women tried to get Eric's attention. Obviously being Eric, he couldn’t help be attracted to the girls in the crowd too. However, with all the men around the front rows, he couldn’t see the women and turned his attention back to those who joined him in the ring. “Eric, I am going to have to hurry you for a decision.” “Okay okay. Well let me see. You, you, you, you and you no. I’ve done you before. They look fake so no. No, no, no, no. Yes!” “Ladies, if there are even any left watching, and gentlemen! He has made his decision. Lucky lady what is your name?” “Jasmine.” “Well, today is your lucky day Jasmine. You have 10 minutes with Eric Shun. Well, instead of letting me explain the rules I think our ring announcer will.” “The following match, is a sex off, scheduled for uhh. Each man will have 10 minutes in bed with a chosen lucky lady, at the end of the 10 minutes the lucky lady will rate the experience out of 10. The winner will be the man who gets the highest score. Let's’ get ready to rumbleeeeeeeeeeeee!” As the announcer was talking, a curtain was put up around the bed, blocking off the action from the fans. This obviously brought a huge groan of disappointment out, not the only groan we were likely to hear tonight. Then the action began, obviously being a PG company we are not allowed to talk about or show any of the footage from what happened in the ring. In fact I am shocked this is even allowed to go ahead. But, we had to have something take this spot on the card or else we would have nothing planned. Anyway, long story short. They uhh “wrestled” for the 10 minutes and made a few noises that sounded like they were out of breath, I am sure they were just out of breath. Then it was finally over, thank God. Ring crew would come in and take down the curtains after Eric and Jasmine got dressed. Eric Shun had a huge smile on his face, as did Jasmine on hers, as the interviewer asked the decisive question. “Jasmine. What is your score out of 10 for Eric Shun?” “Ten out of ten!” The crowd went crazy as she announced the perfect score for Eric Shun. Meanwhile in the ring the ring crew were still moving the curtains around. “We need new bed-sheets too guys, he's a pornstar you never know.” “Hey! I am clean okay.” “My apologies Eric. Just one final word from you following your amazing performance in the bed.” “I don’t want to sound arrogant but honestly I expected it. Obviously I have asserted my dominance as the number one pornstar in BPZ. I am the best pornstar in the wor-” [Reply Planned]
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    Aladin Boy

    Thank Me

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh jesus. It's Akki Mahal. He's back! It's been 2 and a half years since we have seen the Maharajah. Akki Mahal makes his way to the stage alongside the Bingo brothers. The crowd is intensified with this wholesome moment. Akki Mahal walks down the ramp as he laughs at the crowd and shows them disrespect. The crowd immediately turns on Akki and boos him on. Akki Mahal enters the ring and shakes hand with his former tag team partner Slim. We walks up to the top rope and heads for his signature "Anti-American" pose as the crowd heats him up with boos. Akki Mahal laughs miserably at the BPZ Universe before he gets handed a microphone and starts to speak. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Who in the world is Stephen Mirage, Slim? Haha. It's good to be back on live T.V. I had to fight in the war against Iraq during my absence, and I see a lot has changed over the past few years. Bart was a little rookie on my lap, now he's a big star. After Ross put me out on Carnage I haven't made an appearance, but I have noticed that Ross hasn't been appearing as well. So who's the loser now. Ha! Ha! Ha! As for now. I have returned to take out the BrendenPlayz roster of its filth that is the Americans. I will show to them that India will take over the wrestling industry and my little cousins, the bingo brothers and many more will come out to invade the lockerrooms! Ha! Ha! I'm just kidding oh my god you people are to easy to get. Akki Mahal gets boo'd destructively by the crowd as he laughs to remove the heat. Slim gave me a call last week and convinced to return as a helping alliance of the Mafia. I ofcourse do not condone being in the Mafia, because I do not like the other Americans. But I would do anything for my brother Slim. So here I am. Now who the hell is Stephen Mirage? Another American? Another wrestler who thinks he has what it takes to destroy Slim? Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Before I came here, I met Arrow. He showed me a picture of him winning at the BPZMania Pre Show and told me how much of an inspiration I am. The picture was him over an ugly American, now that I take a good look at Mirage's face, I think it's you! So what does a preshow wrestler, probably never won a match in his career, probably thinks he is the best, searching for a might man like Slim? The first ever 6 time world champion, the CURRENT world champion, the leader of Mafia, the BIG DOG? Well Mirage, we have decided to give you a chance! At World At War, I challenge you to a match and if you can defeat me, Slim's former tag team partner, you will receive your teenager dream wish of going one on one against Slim. The Maharajah will RISE ONCE AGAIN. Now Let me speak to my people sitting at home in INDIA! Vishv yuddh mein. Main is chhote haare hue bachche ko haraoonga aur main amerikiyon ko saabit karoonga ki Main is kampanee ka neta banane ke laayak kyon hoon! Meree aankhon mein koee dar nahin hoga, Main aap sabhee ko niraash nahin karoonga. mere paas aao amerikiyon!!! Akki Mahal drops the microphone as he laughs on at Mirage. He looks at Slim as Slim smiles on, Slim then shakes Akki's hand before... what? Is that a handshake? No they're dancing! The crowd's heat turns into laughter as Akki smiles. reply expected
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    The biggest show of the year has passed, as stars were made, past legends have laced their boots for the final time, and many moments to be shared for the future of this company. One moment that stands clear to many of us, was when Gunner recaptured the BPZ Premium Championship for the second time in his Career, a video package begins to show on the titantron, as we relive this particular moment. As the short video ends, "Contempress" by Motionless In White begins to play as a mixed reaction is shown here tonight. Looking out from the ramp, the new BPZ Premium Champion, "The Bastard" Gunner shows a glimpse of confidence as he marches on the to the ring where he has shared so many fond memories, but maybe not as special as this one. After living in complete misery these past few months, he finally can feel the taste of Championship gold once again. As he enters the ring, he demands a microphone and begins to speak loud and clear. "Around this time last week, I promised every single one of you, that once BPZMania V was done and dusted, this Championship would be around my waist at the end of the night. And tonight I stand here sharing that promise with complete confidence. Ever since that ever so cold night in November, where everything I have worked so hard for was taken from me, I have been able to capture what I desired for all those months. Now with my world back in a simple routine, my objective of bringing the prestige of this Championship up to the pinnacle of BPZ begins once again. The lineage of this title speaks for itself, as Sameer, Nate, Bob Sparks, Eli Smith, Hans Clayton. All of these men have made their mark in BPZ, but I hold the keys to the Kingdom, and I am ready to open the gate to these luxuries." "Last night was not an easy task, as I had to outlast four other men to complete my objective, but one man has made it his mission to keep me down, and he almost made that doing a reality. CJ Sellers, last week you shared your words of wisdom to the rest of the world, and let your true feelings shine through. My relation to Jeremiah Flynn has been brought up many of times, as people try to use this to bring me down, or to try and make me second guess my accomplishments. The fact of the matter is, my ill will towards my brother, is none of concern or anyone elses. I am my own man, a man that holds the Championship that you have set your eyes on this past month. I hold the dream in the palm of my hands, and you hold absolutely nothing over me, remember that!" "I now stand here tonight with my head held high, with a victory at the biggest event of the year, it only scrapes the surface as I will continue to push forward in this Company, for over two years I have faced critics, men that want to push me down, look down upon my hard work. It honestly makes me sick to my stomach, I treasure my persistence here. And tonight it has all been for a purpose, who can have such displeasure with these statements? Every remark about my tenure lights a fire underneath me, to become better, to become one of the best in memory. And that journey continues tonight, as I have captured the one thing I have desired for five long months on the grandest stage of them all, that fact cannot be taken with a grain of salt, and I will not let it be taken as such." Before Gunner can continue his sentence, the echo of idiotic boos ring throughout the arena. With a disgusted look developing on Gunner's face, a shiver of goosebumps beings to develop on Gunner's arms as he paces back and forth for a few moments. Mixed emotions can only sum up the feelings Gunner has been going through for the past 24 hours, Gunner then begins to lift the microphone back up to a comfortable place for him to be heard perfectly clear. "2020 for me started off rough, but I now stand here in the best place my Career has reached, holding onto the BPZ Premium Championship for the second time. I will make sure this is my best year in my Career here in BPZ, no matter what it takes. I have created this barrier between myself and the rest. I have tried to distance myself from the overlying conflict that being a Champion entails. That risk seems like it is worth the reward, that being the respect that so many others have received here in BPZ, when is it my time to have that sense of value? I have bled, sweated, and shed a tear inside this ring, and I have never looked back. Wishing for more is always going to be there, but knowing when I have done something memorable is where I must sit back and think. I have yet to feel that desired feeling, I have done many things I am proud of, such as winning the United States Champion, the Championship I hold around my shoulder and even defeating Hall Of Famers, former World Champions and proving to myself that I am better than I used to be. And I promise every single of you, I am far from finished." "The man that I spoke of earlier, CJ Sellers is the embodiment of what I am preaching, he has been here a little over a year and believes he should be the center of attention. His arrogance will eventually be his downfall, he needs to learn where he falls in line, where he belongs. Last week, he stood in front of you all, and said he was walking out of BPZMania V with the BPZ Premium Championship, but who is standing tall at the end of the night Chancellor?" As Gunner begins to heat up, it has become apparent that he is not very fond of "The Chancellor CJ Sellers, he begins to pace around the ring once again as places the microphone down onto the canvas, as he looks to head out of the ring for the night, right before a familiar theme song strikes the PA System, as a bitter look appears on Gunner's face. (Reply Planned)
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    “Never sing for my supper I never help my neighbour Never do what is proper For my fair share of labour. I'm a poor boy And I'm a rover Count your coins and Throw them over my shoulder” Date: Sat. 3/25 Camera opens to show BPZ’s Axxess at FedExField in Landover, Maryland event before BPZMania V. Rin Akane is there watching as fans clamour around the event. She wears an old “Invictus” t-shirt with jeans and some heeled boots. She keeps her distance until some event officials come up behind her. “You have to go set up somewhere, Ms. Akane,” one of the officials say. “The fans are looking forward to the autographs.” Rin rolls her eyes. She hated these types of events as of late. Some unsavoury encounters had left her so she had long since lost her taste for them. The time in Japan on the train with those young girls a flower amongst a field of weeds. The world of professional wrestling had its humbling moments but gather a large gathering of excitement and you’ll always invite the..unfavourable. She gathers her things and begins to look for a table to set up awaiting for the arrival of the number one contender. In an alternate part of the stadium other activities can be seen going on that fans are partaking in as well. The camera catches the relaxed Eric Shun waving goodbye to a fan collecting their coat from the ground as he greets the next one waiting in line with a welcoming nod. The camera then pans around to the entrance to all the festivities, and then finally where the gated barricade is we see the appearance of other wrestlers that would be participating at BPZMania, most notable is the current Number One Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship Arius. He’s behind a set of dark sunglasses, a black leather jacket, with a To Die As Kings t-shirt underneath. He also wears a pair of sky blue loose fitting jeans and black dress shoes while carrying a duffle bag, presumably concealing his usual fitted attire. He raises the sunglasses over his head as he makes it inside to the greeting fanfare and moves in closer to the gate and tags hands with fans just beyond the gate. Arius soon moves on past the large crowd and onto the autograph booths area. He removes his leather jacket and sunglasses and begins to set himself up. A few moments later he notices Rin halfheartedly listening to the daily itinerary from a backstage official, and a grin comes over his face. The two had parted ways earlier that morning with different duties to attend to as he moved to sneak up behind her. “The fans are absolutely starved for a little star power, aren’t they?” Arius says from just behind Rin who turns, startled. Rin lets out a laugh as she settles, showing an annoyed face at the idea of someone nearby seeing her break composure like that. “Why would you do that to me?” “Just a little fun before the day really heats up” Arius asks casually as they share a brief embrace. “Well it’s about time you showed your face around here. I was running down the stalling plans through my mind. They might’ve not taken kindly to the classic shrug and confused expression as a reasonable excuse though..” Rin turns back to Arius who is just shrugging in response leaving Rin shaking her ahead and continuing the conversation “Well you’re here which is what matters. After your escapades with Bashk…” Arius signals for her to cut short as he looks towards the camera with a worried expression ..I guess it’s a good turnout. Not really my kind of event. But if you don’t mind me pushing you towards your booth I suppose that’d make it at least a little less annoying and we can get your day officially started. You’re a star attraction and you need to act like it” “Annoying?” Arius responded with an over exaggerated look of hurt “You heard me” Rin replied with a smirk as she moves past Arius but is quickly spun around by Arius by her hand “Well how about you join me? We’ll give them twice for what their money is worth” Rin grabs on to stop herself “I don’t know about that. I’m just… I’m not exactly what you’d call a fan favourite so these days tend to be kinda long and tedious for me.” “Yeah, sure.” Arius says as he starts leading the way toward his booth that was already set up before he had arrived. “Come, I’m sure it’s not a mandatory deal that we be in some group or tag affiliation to double up. You’re my right side, my partner in crime, you’re ‘The Orchestrator’ with a fresh victory to your name mind you. Besides, what’s the worse they’re going to say, right?” Rin smirks a bit at the boldness of someone like Arius to break a rule or two, even if minor, as she gives follow. “You know we have the argument either way,” Rin says as they move towards Arius’s table. “I feel like whenever my name is mentioned yours is the one that closely follows” Arius rolls his eyes as he cracks a smile at the thought, but inside he’d thought about how much she had grown since they had joined the company together. “Yeah, you know, and I had just passed by Alex Costa and Christina a short time ago too. Costa is still bandaged from that Bedroom Brawl and the splinter of word carving against parts of his skin. Arius grimaces Made me think of that weekend in Kyoto all over again, and well, you know seeing you the other day, in action.. and now….it just seems like….well, about what in my mind used to be us. Violent and hungry side by side." “They’re a great pair for each other” Rin starts before jabbing a playful elbow at Arius and giving him a smile. “But you and I were on an entirely different level. Maybe we’ll get that shot one day still to prove that against them two on two.” “Like old times” Arius and Rin finally arrive at his booth and Arius slides his seat over and offers it to Rin. While she settles he reaches behind himself to the next booth to sneakily take another chair for himself. “Yeah, certainly there is always that possibility, us working together again more..intimately. Rin Akane moves her hand over the bruise from her Carnage match I mean, that last night we ended up on the same page..didn’t work in our favour, and yet we came away being the most talked about losers that night. That’s gotta mean something.” “The most popular losers,” Rin responded jokingly. “Forgive me if you don’t see that on my resumé anytime soon.” Arius smirks at the thought. “And, you know, fans? Just look at them. Their faces painted, their horned legions wanting to pay their gratitude..because of what we create. It’s a beautiful dynamic. They’re not so bad. I think more than anything some buy too much into the way they react to what we do when the cameras are rolling, you know? But they bite into it, they feel a will to fight through those words and actions. A revolt. And, with you? I think you probably take it too much to heart.” Arius says not knowing how to put it so it wouldn’t come off the wrong way. Rin looks up at him with a dry smile, knowing what Arius meant, but still feeling unchanged. “Maybe. Given I’ve had a fan once tell me he would cut my head off and feed me to his dog. One of the more..interesting interactions. I get they aren’t all like that. But it doesn’t make these days any simpler for me.” Arius shakes his head in a bit of embarrassment. “It was a colourful letter. Even went out of their way to use red ink instead of a plain boring black or blue. Talk about creative integrity! All it needed was..” Arius notices Rin isn’t impressed as he continues with a slight chuckle “You know I didn’t mean anything by it. I just mean they’re not all that personally volatile. You should try and give them a chance. When they reach out from the barriers, the stands, they are reaching out for us.” Arius says as he looks straight ahead at the movement going on among the many live bodies walking about in the stadium at fans, BPZ staff members, and recognisable peers alike. “Looks like we’re about up.” Arius says as he looks over to Rin. The gate leading to the booths was about to be opened. “Joy of joys…” Rin groans out her sarcasm, putting on her best smile. She pauses before looking at Arius who was sincerely enjoying the idea of the fans. “These days can be hard on me but I don’t wanna bring you down with me. So if…” Arius places a hand on her shoulder. “Rin. Breathe. The spotlight is on you now” Arius said sincerely with a polite and reassuring grin upon his face. Something about his words settled over Rin. She looked out towards the gate of fans, hoping he hadn’t seen. “Yeah. I’ll stay. Maybe it’ll be fun.” Arius smiles at the response. Just then the gate is opened by security and slowly filing in are a long line of fans. Both Rin and Arius rise from their seats to stand up. They spend the rest of the afternoon having casual chit chat between signing various autographs and greeting a number of fans. Arius did most of the talking while Rin tried to enjoy herself. Several groups of fans asked for pictures with the pair Date: Unknown - Several Years Ago Camera opens to see a patient room inside the Osaka Central Hospital where Arius lays in the hospital bed unconscious. He’s covered in bandages after his Barbed Wire match against Runihura, an old rival during his journeys of the Middle East and Japan. He had barely cleared concussion protocol after several shots to the head and the doctors had given him a mild sedative to help him get through some of the pain. On the couch, Rin Akane laid there in her black sweatpants and a grey tank top with flip flops, using her hoodie as a pillow. She also had an ice pack taped to the back of her neck after taking a bad fall earlier that same night. She was wide awake, watching Arius in the bed but ultimately unsure why she was there, lost inside her own head. . “Miss,” a nurse called from the doorway. “You’re going to have to leave. Visiting hours are over.” “Could I stay a little longer?” She asked hopefully. “Only family can stay later. Are you related to him in any way?” The nurse questioned. Rin looked down, trying to find an answer to change her mind. “I—“ “She can stay. I want her to.” Arius’s groggy voice surprised both women. He leaned his head forward and smiled at Rin as the nurse left. “What brings you here?” He asked inquisitively. “Honestly? I don’t know. I saw what happened in your match and I was already here getting stitched up and... I don’t know. I just wanted to be here. To make sure you were ok.” She looked at him as he tried to understand her words, words she herself didn’t fully understand. Arius laid back again, wincing ever so slightly at even the smallest movements. He exhales. “Everything…” He begins, and even finds the strength to let out a sarcastic struggle. He couldn’t find the words. He hadn’t ever felt this vulnerable. He was happy to have company at his side, even if Rin being there was somewhat of a surprise. He dismissed his previous thoughts, which were only selfish thoughts about his foolish pride to keep going in his match with Runihura when smart money was that he should’ve stayed down long before he was put down. He sat up again and looked to Rin. “You did great tonight. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you. I know you, you’ll bounce back.” Arius had thought about their small work together. It was just the image that seemed to come to his mind when seeing Rin. It’s how he associated her with him, and how they came to be in the first place. His gut was talking to him again in that regard. “You realise you’re the one in a hospital bed, right?” She states the obvious. But she can’t help but smile as he laid there actually concerned about her mind and feelings while he was in such pain. She takes a seat on the side of the bed. “You’re sweet though. Thank you. Yeah… I’ll be ok. We both had a bad night. But all we can do is move forward.” “Thanks for being here, really. I’m actually glad you’re here, because I’ve been thinking….almost obsessing, a whole lot about…” He trails off and time seems to freeze for Rin in that moment. Her head suddenly races through what he may say. “...about what?” She nervously asks. Arius exhales, he was in pain, but for a moment he was thinking about something beyond their working arrangement, he was thinking of why he enjoyed it so much. “You. Us” Arius finally responded as Rin’s eyes looked up. His nerves get the better of him and he looks for a way to back track. “I’ve been thinking about you, Rin, and….you know, how things went down. I feel we really have something special. I’m not one to intrude on others' business. You got your career. I have mine, but…” Arius shrugs. He doesn’t know what else to say as he looks away slightly nervous of how his response came off, and more importantly how Rin would react to it. "Finally! It took you long enough." Arius eyes widen "I’d love to. I know I have my career, you have yours. But..you dragged me into this life. Now i can't kick it. We can take this by storm. That is, if..is what you want too…” she looked at him uncertain as to where everything was headed. Arius grinned through his pain, a small one, but enough to convince Rin he was on board, while also maybe trying to look a little strong for her. “Just as soon as I can get out of this bed.” He said sarcastically, chuckling just enough to make him wince in more pain. “Ouch….ugh….” Arius was feeling exhausted at the moment. He knew he needed rest, but as he looked into Rin’s eyes. He wanted to continue their partnership, that much was true, but it was settling in his mind that he mostly just wanted to spend more time with Rin. She looked at him struggling through the pain and pulled the ice pack off of her neck, placing it on where Arius was more heavily bandaged near his neck, just feeling she had to do something to take care of him. “Here,” She says. “Don't torture yourself..that's my job” As she held the ice in place, Arius still couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He reached up and placed his hand on top of hers. They both just stared at one another for a brief moment that felt like ages. Arius finally broke the silence. “There is no looking back,” he said as he brushed her hair back behind her ear with his other hand before resting it on her bandaged cheek. The two finally caved in to their emotions as Rin slowly leaned in and the two share an impassioned kiss as the scene fades to black. The scene fades from back to current day, to BPZMania V at a ringside perspective. The crowd are losing their minds as a mix of cheers and boos almost drown out the screams from Rin Akane who is seen from the back pounding at the mat repeatedly. Leaning her head under the rope her yells suddenly become comprehensible as the words "Arius! Arius! Get up!" can be heard through the overwhelming sounds of mass eruption. The camera pans past her head as we see Arius laying on his back in the ring. Not showing any details of the event. Who is around him. What the result may be. Just still and silent as the sounds of the crowd begin to disappear and the only sounds that are heard are Rin Akane. The final word that escapes her "Please". The camera zooms in for a close up as the eyes of Arius suddenly break open in a pained realisation before it fades to black again. “Oh poor boy So sorry for himself Oh poor boy So worried for his health. You may say every day Where will he stay tonight.” Your deeds of... Carnage - Valor
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    It's time.

    Joh is fresh off his induction speech at the 2019 BPZ Hall of Fame ceremony. He stops by the paparazzi to pose and flex his new Hall of Fame ring. He stays for a good 30 seconds before a surprised look appears on his face. Suddenly, he sprints out of the paparazzi area and on his way to the exit of the building. The new Hall of Famer is heard shouting “MOVE!” and “OUT OF MY WAY!” to staff while trying to find his way out. Everyone inside is left bewildered. He is seen exiting to the outside parking lot. A few minutes go by and people are still wondering where Joh went. Until… We see Joh re-enter the building with the To The Top briefcase in hand! Again, he paces his way through the seas of peoples and back towards the paparazzi area, doing this all with a determined look on his face. One brave reporter gets close enough to Joh to get a few words from him. “Mr. Joh, what are you doing with the TTT briefcase?” “Steve, it’s time baby. The Hall of Fame is over and done with, I’ve got the ring, everything has come to its climax. I said it already in my speech, I got this briefcase ready wherever whenever, doesn’t matter the occasion. How about I conclude this ceremony with a bang?” Joh pauses. Joh takes off his sunglasses and stares directly into the camera lens. “KENJI……….BUDDY ACE………THIS ISN’T A 1V1 BETWEEN YOU TWO ANYMORE. MEET THE NEW COMPETITOR. FORMER BPZ INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION, BPZ UNITED STATES CHAMPION, BPZ TAG TEAM CHAMPION, BPZ MONEY IN THE BANK WINNER, BPZ HALL OF FAME LEGEND, AND BPZ TO THE TOP REIGNING HOLDER, THE WORTHY ONE, JOH. YOU THOUGHT YOU GOT RID OF ME MONTHS AGO? YOU THOUGHT I JUST DISAPPEARED WITH MY TTT WIN AS A PARTING GIFT? NO, NOW IS THE TIME WHERE I FINALLY USE THIS AND GAIN WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY MINE: THE BPZ NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP. KENJI, BUDDY ACE, JOH, TRIPLE THREAT, BPZMANIA. I……AM CASHING IN” Everyone nearby is left stunned by this announcement from Joh. But they can’t keep hold of him for much longer, as he runs off once again.
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    We are only four days away from the Show of Shows, BPZMania V, which will see a star studded card featuring matches such as the Money in the Bank ladder match, the match between Carnage Scramble winner Buddy Ace and North American Champion KENJI, and the Undisputed Championship match between Isaiah Carter and Hans Clayton. One of the less spoken of matches of the card belongs to the Premium Championship, where we will see new champion Marc Aaron Newton defend his title against multiple men, among them Gunner Flynn and The Chancellor, CJ Sellers. While the former of these two gave an address on the BPZ YouTube channel just a short few hours prior, the latter of the two men is now seen as a camera flickers on. The Chancellor is sitting in a chair, staring down the camera. He begins to speak almost immediately. "It would appear one of my opponents have finally found the internal fortitude to show themselves. In a small span of days, in Washington, DC, we will have arrived upon the BPZMania V event, and it would seem my primary competition is one Bastard, Gunner Flynn. He staked his claim to the Premium Championship at BPZMania V, yet he depressingly chose to avoid mention of me or anybody else in our bout. Instead, he lingered in the past, reminiscing of BPZMania events which he missed and championships he could not hold on to, namely this very Premium Championship we do battle over in four days time. This may be your second BPZMania, you may have missed one and been through Hell in another, but this is the debut of The Chancellor on such a stage, and if there is something to be known about myself, it would be my ability to make a debut count. I'd like to issue a warning to you, Gunner. Don't think holding this title once prior guarantees a second reign, that disgusting amount of naïveté you display shall be the catalyst for your next downfall. I say next because you have already found more than your own share of failures. You have lost to many men, among them your own flesh, Jeremiah Flynn. A man I myself have faced and have underestimated and have lost to, and yet we find something strange. You are his own brother, a bond forged by blood, and yet which of us came closer to defeating him? I would like to pose that question to you, and allow it to marinate in your mind and toss and turn and begin to gnaw until the gnawing starts to tear apart your mental state." "Your self destructive nature and tendencies are not secret, Gunner Flynn. You are The Bastard, a man of loneliness, and yet you are not confident with this role played to you. You wish to be accompanied by another man, by somebody who you would wish to call a brother, somebody who could replace what you never got from Jeremiah Flynn, but it is for naught. Jason Ryan stabbed you in the back, and you were forced to go head to head with him. You didn't get to have your match on a large stage, like originally planned, though. You made a decision, you were not confident enough you could defeat Jason Ryan, and you violated the Wellness Policy, forcing a postponement of your match, and dooming your comeback victory to a sad resignation as a Carnage match, much the same fate that befell your brother. It's ironic how many things in your career can be drawn back to him, you get suspended, you lose opportunities, and you cost yourself relevancy. The pivotal difference is that he already has accrued the clout to maintain the intact state of his career, while your sole claim to relevancy in this company is the small wave the Flynn family name could afford you." "I wish you could see, Gunner Flynn, the truths behind my words, but your deluded fantasies plague your consciousness. You are the best? Everyone would like to say this, and everyone does, what makes you any different? Your relation to a man who very well could stake a claim to one of the best to step inside a wrestling ring? That's all you have to cling to, Gunner Flynn, whether it would be your intention to remove it or remain it. You are not the dangerous man your claims would suggest, you would not be willing to sacrifice your body as a cost of victory. You are not willing to do absolutely everything in your power to become champion once more, and it is your utmost shortcoming. This thought that you would be willing to go to any length is simply one you entertain to fancy yourself a dangerous competitor, but not everyone is as easily deceived as you seem to be by your own delusions of grandeur. You don't deserve to stand in a ring on a stage such as the one we will face off at, nobody is convinced you have what it takes. By your own admission, you are not sold on your own talent, you have not proven to yourself the extent of your ability. That is a significant amount of self doubt for one who would wish to declare themselves the best, and it seems our lone wolf Bastard is unwilling to fully accept himself, while also rejecting the notion anybody would dare to doubt him. This might be what you see as a perfect shot at redemption, but Gunner Flynn, I am hellbent on proving you otherwise. I will do absolutely everything and utilise every single thing at my disposal to brand a trademark of immense pain and failure unto you, whilst my hand is raised and the other of my palms is clutching the Premium Championship you so desperately seek. You may have found that blood is not as thick as you have thought, but it will be thick enough to imprint into the canvas of the ring once I make you bleed. Damn the King, long live The Chancellor." CJ Sellers stares into the camera as he finishes his message, having not once paused or looked away, staring with icy eyes into the camera almost as if it were Gunner Flynn himself. The Chancellor's Address to the Bastard finishes with the image of CJ Sellers' glare as the screen of the camera cuts to black.
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    BPZ.com had a special interview posted featuring one of the four men in the Money In the Bank match up at BPZMania. “The Silencer” would be the subject of the interview as FDS would sit down with resident BPZ Journalist Josh Trenton. The last time Trenton spoke to FDS they had a bit of a confrontation and Trenton seemed to frustrate the Silencer. Josh Trenton: “Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Josh Trenton and my guest at this time is one of four men in the Money In the Bank Ladder match at BPZMania and a man who has personified the moniker of nearly man, F-” “I’m sorry… What did you just say?” “What do you mean? “ “Personified the moniker of Nearly Man” What in the hell do you mean by that Josh?” “Well I mean, you’ve never really won the big one her in BPZ…” “Oh is that it? Right, right let’s just sweep the fact that i’m a former three time intercontinental champion under the rug or the fact that I was the first ever United States Champion under the rug or all the other championships i’ve held under the rug, people like to call me mediocre and yet I have done much more than several of the people in this company. I have held more titles than some of those who the fans see as these amazing wrestlers and I am more decorated than a lot of the guys who aren’t given the moniker of nearly man but please call me that because it’ll ever so sweeter when I walk out of BPZMania with that Contract for a guaranteed world championship match and when I do have that contract in hand I can guarantee when I cash it in I will silence every single person who ever called me “The Nearly Man of BPZ”, so why don’t you try introducing me again properly Josh?” “O-ok, Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time “The Silencer” and Bulletproofs Own, FDS” “Thank you, it wasn’t that hard to show me some respect now was it Josh?” “No, Sorry about that. Now, early today there was a video uploaded to BPZ.Com where Slim called you mediocre, what are your thoughts on that?” “Wow an actually good question Josh, good job. Now I watched that Video and honestly I found it very funny that they showed off all Slim’s BPZMania wins but they didn’t show off his BPZMania loss, do you know who he lost to Josh? He lost to myself and Johnny Kills while teaming with Bart in a tag title match. That’s right, I am one of two people who have a victory over him at BPZMania. People like to forget this fact, they like to act like Slim is the god at BPZMania who can’t lose in any scenario but that’s just wrong isn’t it? Now this isn’t the only time I've beaten Slim either, I could list off all the times I’ve beaten Slim and I could list off all the times I beat him for a title because that's most of the times I’ve beaten him. So if Slim wants to call me mediocre, he just needs to remember the fact that he’s lost to mediocrity… and the even better part about that was the version of me that beat Slim then wasn’t even the level I was at now.” “Yes you’ve spoken about being better than you ever have been ever since you attacked Smith at Night Of Legends but you’ve never really explained what that meant, would you care to explain what you mean by that?” “And here I thought you actually had good questions. Well Josh I don’t think I need to explain. Go back and watch what I did to Smith at the Royal Rumble, go back and watch what I did to him and Bart BEFORE the Royal Rumble, it’s quite simple really what makes me better than I ever have been and it’s just the fact that I am willing to do anything to win but at the same time i’m not willing to let anyone decide the way I do things.” “But you’re in Bulletproof wouldn’t that mean that you would have to listen to Hans or Flynn?” FDS just looks at Josh with a look of disbelief as if he thinks Josh is literally the stupidest person on earth. “Please tell me one time where I've been ordered around by Flynn or Hans.” “Well, I don’t think I could…” “Exactly, you know why that is? Because they don’t need to order me around. I do everything I need to do for bulletproof without their orders. I get the job done, I do everything they need me to do. My job right now is to get that briefcase and I plan on making that happen. I mean look at my opponents: A porn star, an idiot and the most overrated person to ever step foot into BPZ.” “Care to elaborate?” “Hmm?” “On that last one.” “Really? What is there to elaborate on? He was the top guy at a down time. When the Roster was still recovering from a lot of the past stars departing or going on a break and a lot of the newer stars yet to arrive. Think about it right now we have one of the best rosters we ever have had and that’s not because Slim was at the top of it. When Slim was at the top everyone nobody had the desire or the drive to go to that top spot because of the entire backstage environment that was created around him. Not to mention when has Slim’s biggest periods of success been Josh? Have they been when Slim was by himself and nobody by his side? Or was when he had all these guys next to him that he was able to leech off and use stepping stones to build himself up to the top of the roster? “Well-” “Come on Josh it’s not a difficult question. The Answers obvious it’s when he was aligned with people. Usually people who were better than him that he could control and manipulate into doing what he wanted and made sure that he kept them happy and they stayed away from his title. He never could hold his own when he’s alone. It’s been that way for years and it hasn’t changed at all. Even in the so called “NXT 3” that was an example of him using his opponents to lift himself up and look like he was better than he was. Slim is a user, he’s never done anything by himself and he’s never been the best by himself. That’s why I call him overrated.” “Ok moving on, while it’s obvious you have issues with Slim, you’re other two opponents are two guys you haven’t necessarily interacted with that much in Gunner Flynn and Eric Shun, what are your thoughts on them?” “Alright well starting with Gunner, I hate him. Nothing else to say about it. He embarrassed me in front of my home country, in front of my parents, in front of my friends and he couldn’t even beat me fairly. People like to say KENJI did the same thing. There is a respect I have for the current North American Champion that I don’t have for Gunner. At least KENJI gave me the dignity of beating me like a man and not cheating his way to a win. It was a pure wrestling match and I respect the hell out of that. I don’t respect someone like Gunner who attacks me before the match, not before as in like on Carnage with a pre match assault because fair game, if there's not a no-contact clause soften up your opponent as much as you want but at least have the dignity to fight your opponent man to man. Gunner is a coward and a leech. Trying to act like he’s good as his brother, it’s honestly sad. He’s been suspended how many times? and yet we still keep giving him opportunities. Well I'm gonna tell you right now, BPZMania is gonna be his last opportunity because I am going to break his face and keep him away from me for the rest of time. Is that enough on Gunner for you Josh? “Yes but what about Eric? You have to admit his impressive streak since debuting has been interesting.” “Impressive Streak? The only thing Impressive about Eric is his win over Slim and that came with Slim having two weeks to prepare for him after beating Arius. The only other people he’s beat are Arrow and Alex. Alex in a really idiotic stipulation match. “A bedroom brawl” What the hell even is that? The man is a literal pornstar and is just a completely disgusting human being. It wouldn’t surprise me with the amount of diseases that he probably has that wrestling him would probably cause you to feel ill and pass out. I have no problem with Sex workers but come on at least have some hygene about you and don’t be so disgusting and crass. The fact that he also holds a title that so many have fought for and disrespects it the way he does is also horrible. I really can’t wait to watch Alex take that title at BPZMania and leave that idiot flat on his back with nothing… yeah i’m sure that’s not a feeling he’s used to. Actually, a feeling I know he’s not used to is the feeling of actual pain. He’s never felt the pain of fighting somebody like, somebody who’s crawled through everything and somebody who’s seen everything. I will rip him to shreds and show him exactly how much pain a human being can really experience.” “So do you have anything to close on FDS?” “Yes, wash your hands and cover your face, it’s flu season.” The interview fades to black from there as the video ends.
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    A Legacy Falling Apart

    {Suddenly, the titantron changes, opening in a familiar scene. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the flowers wave in the breeze of another beautiful morning. Jangly guitar music begins to play followed by the sweet tones of a flute.} {The camera opens on the window nearest the big red door. Necce stands outside in a large, brown apron, tending to the flowers outside of the window. As he waters them out of a large water pot, he glances into the corner, noticing the camera. His eyes fly open and his eyebrows slam to the top of his forehead.} Oh golly geez {He rushes to put the pot down and take his apron off, and flies into the corner. He stands in front of the door with a mischievous smile on his face.} Well, well, well. Is that who I think it is? HOT DOG friends, look, it’s my two most favorite people in the whole goshdarn world our tag team champions! Out of their cave they come to finally grace us with their presence. With only days before our title match to boot! If I didn’t know any better, I think you two slowpokes were up to something no good! Now, to what do we owe this great privilege? Do the champions actually want to talk about the match they’re in, hypothetically being the biggest match of their careers since they’re defending a title at our biggest show? Ah yes, friends. You see, while valuable television time could’ve been used to further along some sort of plot, our champions embarked on a plotting and overall pointless journey through our great tag team title history! And while it was certainly...a watch, I feel like it missed something, other than any point of relevance to what’s actually happening. As our champions talked about the greatest tag teams to ever hold those belts, there was one key team that really could’ve used some objective diagnosis, themselves!! So, with no time like the present, I present to you a special presentation of Dyads. And the subject being, the current reigning and defending tag team champions. “The failed future king of BPZ” Bart and “The greatest B player in BPZ history” Smith, Creed!!! Let’s start with the man of which I’m most familiar, Bart, because well, alphabetical order and such. Bart, we certainly have BPZMania match experience with each other don’t we? In fact, just last year, we faced off, along with some other guy, unify the Universal and Global championships. Now before that match, I told you that nothing you had done in the company, or your entire career would matter until you beat me. And sadly, I’m here to say that I was both wrong and right at that. While I didn’t walk out with the Undisputed championship, you certainly haven’t lived up to your potential my friend. I remember all the hype that surrounded you. You were the future of the company. In fact, I remember going on record and saying that I wouldn’t be surprised if you were main eventing the very show that we’ll be competing at. And you are! In a match slightly further down the card, but it’s a special match nonetheless! It’s a main event in all of our hearts, and that’s all that matters my friend. So let’s take a little field trip through time. It’s BPZMania 4. I’m lying on my back as you walk away the very first Undisputed champion. The rocket has been placed firmly upon your back, as we’re certain to see your coronation as BPZ’s hottest star. So, how do you capitalize on that? Well, you lose the title to Flynn a few months later. And then you...well...um...dang...AND NOW YOU'RE HERE!! Now Bart, don’t feel too bad buddy. What happened to you happens to a lot of wrestlers, including myself. You simply just lost your steam. I mean, just look at 2018. Both of us were unstoppable that year, one of us slightly more than the other, but unstoppable all the same. 2019 rolls around, and you blow me out of the way to forge your own path, and then you don’t. And now 2020 is here, and we’re in the same match together once again. And while this match isn’t for the undisputed championship, in fact, it’s for a title that many see as one of the lower tier titles in the company, I’m sure that you’ll use this grand stage and all these lights to do as you always do my friend, make a lot of promises that you can’t keep while your friends are in higher matches on the card. Give Julius my best wishes in the main event for me. And now, I’ll transition, fittingly, to the other one in this team. My dear old bud, Elijah. Smith, a lot of what you said about me goes right back to you. I’ve never had a problem with you, and I do see you as a good worker. In fact, you’re a.. {Necce picks his hands up to do an air quotes symbol.} ..”legend” in BPZ. I mean heck, you’re a 2 time BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. And furthermore, you have the honors of losing your championship in the main event of BPZMania 3. I mean, I won my match on that show, but eh, potato potahto. I think my biggest problem with you Smith, is a problem that I see in many of my fellow wrestlers who have been here for as long as we have. You see yourself on a much higher pedestal than you actually sit on. For many years now, you’ve painted yourself as a cornerstone of BPZ. When in actuality, you’ve always kinda been the “other guy” in BPZ. Now sure, you’ve certainly been INVOLVED in many big moments in this company, but it’s always boiled down you “hey, Smith’s there too, neato.” I mean, let’s look at your own main event match at BPZMania 3. The moment that every BPZ wrestler dreams of. Even though the real main event of that show had already happened, certainly Smith and the obvious winner Slim would end the show competently. And, you did. But when it was all said and done, it wasn’t “Slim beat Smith for the World Heavyweight Championship” it was just kinda, “Slim won.” But, even though you weren’t in the conversation of the finish, certainly you would be talked about for the classic that you and Slim had put on. But, I had just won the Universal Championship, beating my former best friend in a match that had been building since Survivor Series of the previous year, like you and Slim did but better. Everyone was focused on other things Smith. But don’t feel bad friend, there're plenty of people who don’t deserve their clout! Once again Smith, you aren’t that spectacular, you’re just kind of there. When you were gone for 2 years, nobody really noticed. Other than a few brief mentionings here and there, everyone had kinda just moved on. But that’s what made it so fun when you came back, because nobody knew you were gone to begin with!! Well Smith, it has been a gosh dang bit of fun talking to you, but I know someone who has a few choice words to say about you himself. Someone you know very well, and have even been ducking for the last few weeks..
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    A Legacy Falling Apart

    After his partner has finished speaking, Eli steps forward and looks to follow up but before opening his mouth, he looks down at the BPZ Tag-Team Championship around his waist and then back up at his partner, his fellow champion and his Creed brethren. You know what Bart? As I've seen this legacy crumble, as I've witnessed two mega-stars fall from such great heights, as I've watched them scramble for any sort of relevancy whilst we stand united as the greatest tag-team of today and the number one champions in the world, I have also found some of the things said by Jeremiah to be quite peculiar or perhaps, humorous and amusing are more appropriate. See, I understand we need to promote the upcoming match-up, I get that it's important to build hype for these sort of matches but there's a point where it's simply just ridiculous. Seriously, Flynn wants to describe Necce as "the most unstoppable man in this company today" yet I've seen this man stopped, doing nothing at all with next to no traction to his name for the past however many months, I've seen you yourself, Bart, defeat this man and I've seen many more, including Flynn himself, best this man, especially over the past few months. Truthfully, Flynn, you know it, we know it, everyone knows it so let's not pretend, Necce, I've never had a problem with you, you're a great talent, you stand-out from the rest and you've proven to be one of the most unique superstars BPZ has ever seen but you're not much more than that, you're not going to be considered as one of the greatest of all-time, one of the best to ever do this. Throughout all of BPZ's history, let alone the whole industry, you'd be lucky to scrape a top ten spot and that's not me being harsh, that's just me being real and pointing out that you every clearly can be conquered. Throughout the majority of last year, you were bested time and time again with your biggest victory being over Jason Ryan in the first few weeks. Now, of course this doesn't mean everything, you don't need to be considered as a top five all-time superstar because when we're inside the ring, anything can happen and not only that but you have that eccentric, odd persona that makes you extraordinary and unpredictable. See, that's actually my favourite thing about you and also the reason why I was very disappointed to see that you, one of the most innovative, distinct and bizarre talents I've ever seen had become apart of the most corporate, sham, degrading faction I've ever seen put together. And the man leading this group, of course, is none other than Jeremiah Flynn. The man, who whilst we've been honouring and paying respect to the greatest duos of this company's past that we admire and that we look up to, has taken every opportunity he's had to publicise anything on his mind and has spent it talking about Creed, but Flynn, it's been so much more than that. Constantly, whether it's on BPZ TV, whether it's uploaded to the internet, whether it's backstage in the locker-room, in management's office, in my own brother's ear, you've been talking down on my name, on Bart's name, on Creed's name. With every chance you get, you've attempted to drag our reputation and our image through the dirt but it hasn't just been these past few weeks. For months, you've been obsessed, you've lost your mind over the fact that Creed bested you, that you can't defeat the three men that have risen to the top of this company whilst you've fallen to the bottom and what I imagine is the most painful about all of this is that you picked this fight, you are the one that won't let it go and yet you're the one who keeps on failing. At Survivor Series, you were supposed to lead BulletProof to victory but you were the second to be eliminated on your team, I rolled you up for the three count in the early stages of the match like some nobody. Next, you brought to us Firing Squad, your troop within BulletProof that you promised would take the BPZ Tag Team Championships from us but firstly, they failed to win the Clapspriacy Invitational and secondly, when they finally got a championship shot, they came up so short as we stepped over them like another pebble on the path to the greatest stage in the professional wrestling calendar, BPZMania. Speaking on paths to BPZMania, yours hasn't been quite so smooth, has it? You let the BPZ Undisputed Championship slip out of your hands in an outrageously embarrassing manner. You didn't have a spot on the card at all so you became desperate and of course, you saw the opportunity to challenge Bart and I once again, even though you don't fully believe you can beat us, even though you didn't even believe that anyone in your faction would be good enough to help you topple the titans that we have become. You became so desperate that you had to lay your trust in a man that you have back-stabbed and that has back-stabbed you time and time again. You had to rely on past succession and put your faith in a man that doesn't care for you, that doesn't like you and that will not put his health at risk for your sake. At BPZMania, when we step inside the ring, it's a tag-team match for the BPZ Tag-Team Championships against the greatest tag-team in the world today, it's a challenge that the two of you simply aren't prepared for and have no chance in conquering.
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    The Worst Mistake...

    BrendenPlayz returns to his office building where Sameer had viciously attacked Playz and trashed his office. He instructs the camera man to show how bad of a state his office in because of Sameer. "Can you see this? Its all ruined. Everything, absolutely destroyed. Years of hard work and success came from this very space. Everything I have built, my empire, my fortune, my dominance, all came from this very office. Look at it now! It's worthless. This is all your fault Sameer, you piece of.... Brenden takes a moment to pause and takes a deep breath. Okay... Have it your way, you want a match? Then by all means let's do it. The biggest stage of them all BPZMania is the perfect night for such an event. But I am telling you this right now, there is not enough room in this company for the two of us. Whoever takes the loss on that night will need to walk away for good. I mean it this time. No more comebacks. There will not be "one more matches" happening. This is it. You and me, one time only. The loser will walk away for good. The winner will prove once and for all who truly was the all star of this team. I spent months neglected by you. I was struggling to keep everything together. My business was on fire, I was printing money, but you never took the time to check in on me and see how I was truly fairing. All you cared about was the fact that you were on top of the world. You failed to see how your selfishness was affecting others around you. While all of the success I had was great, I never had a friend to share it all with. The beers we shared, the stories we would tell up and down the roads. It was special. But you walked away from this team for your own greed. Now at BPZMania, it's time for me to be greedy. This match will be for me. Not just to prove a point, but to get my hands on you and have the ultimate revenge will be nothing short of sweet. It will be everything I need to move on from this chapter of my life. It's going to be a fitting end to what has been a tremendous run for me. I have done everything I have ever wanted to do, but winning on the biggest stage and seeing the look on your face when you're out cold staring at the lights, wondering what went wrong. That will be all worth it. Because you will have finally realised that you have started a fire that you cannot contain. You have awoken a demon inside of me that has been restrained for years. I get in this ring to help the careers of others. This time, this match is for me. Trust me Sameer. I am giving this everything I have. It's do or die. One of us survives, one of us is gone for good. I can assure you, you will be seeing a lot more of me around here.
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    The End

    We open Carnage to the “Ringleader” himself, and one of the founding members of Bulletproof, Jeremiah Flynn. He slowly steps out onto the stage as he is currently one half of Legacy, the current number one contenders to the Tag Team Championships and the team that will take on Creed at BPZ Mania. He steps out with a cocky smile and full black gear on. His eyes circle around the arena before he heads directly to the ring. He rolls directly into the ring, microphone pulled from his boot. Tonight he stands alone, no Necce, no one by his side. A messaged promised directly for his BPZ Mania opponents. “I am a warrior. Through and through I’ve always been a fighter, a man always looking toward the next challenge. The stronger the opponent, the grander the stage, it all pushes me and has resulted in the man you see today. The greatest to ever step foot in the ring. “The Ringleader”, Jeremiah Flynn.” “For the past few weeks, I have contemplated what has taken place the past month. I was suspended from this company and I was forced to watch, and to wait. I paid witness and I studied everyone on this roster. I searched for my next challenge, my next obstacle to overcome and then I found it. The very same obstacle Bulletproof has slipped up against for the past five months. Bart, Smith....... Creed. The current singles division of this company holds no one that can handle me in this ring. My Undisputed Championship reign only proved it. Yet, this Tag Team Division has been transformed. Elevated by the dominant dyad that Bart and Smith have become, something I feel partially apart of creating of course. It was Bulletproof’s own formation and domination that lead to the creation of Creed after all. Through that Bart and Smith have formed a domino duo that has shown zero weaknesses.... to most.” “Everything you’ve built Creed, this Tag Team Division you each hold so dearly, we intend to destroy it. There’s only one man in this company that’s ever pushed me beyond my limit, one man who truly broke me and once again, he is my tag team partner. And while the Antichrist lays dormant, awaiting his next attack, awaiting you two to make a move, I find a simple message is necessary. You each hold this tag team division so high, you truly believe you’ve made a difference and bettered these championships. More importantly you believe you are the two individuals who will celebrate those titles history as if you’ll go on to become the greatest dyad this company has ever seen. Cherishing the past as you silently compare them to yourselves. It’s gluttony at its worst. So I see it fit we should be honest with each of you. We don’t give a damn about those championships history. I am a five time Tag Team Champion with five different partners. More importantly Necce and I are former Tag Team Champions who defeated one of the most dominant duos at the time to do it much like yourselves.” “You two are a good tag team. You work well together and you are by every sense a cohesive unit, one of the most tight nit duos I’ve ever seen in years. That’s where the compliments end. My Tag Team partner is a deranged monster and the most unstoppable man in this company today. I am the greatest BPZ Wrestler of all time. We aren’t a cohesive unit we are a a damn freight train that can’t be stopped. You can design some sort of gameplay, you can pretend that your history is what binds you both so closely. Everyone knows our story, it’s written in the BPZ history books and it’s a story that continues into this BPZ Mania. You can scoff at what I’m saying but it’s true. Necce will enter that ring and he will tear you both apart. He will proceed to tag me in and you specifically Smith, you will look across the ring for your partner and he won’t be there. Taken out, and brutalized to a place you cannot find him. And you will look up to me, on your knees bleeding in fear. The fear of failure, the fear that you both were never good enough, and the truth that you never had a chance from the beginning. You will look up to me with that same fear and you will plead for mercy, plead for the violence and the pain to stop. You will plead for me to just end it there and I will look down upon you on judgment on the grandest stage of them all and I will whisper something that will send a shockwave of that same fear through the entire arena....... “no”. It will be then that you realize just who the hell we are, and exactly who the hell that I am. THE RINGLEADER, THE ANTICHRIST, CREEDS NIGHTMARE INCARNATE, THE LEGACY OF VIOLENCE. Born from gold, fueled by the blood and agony of our foes.” “Creed, we shall be your end. Cherish your final weeks as champions, for it is written that at BPZ Mania, you shall fall. Not even God can save you now.” Flynn drops his microphone in the middle of the ring. A message sent alone, his partner absent, straight to the tag team champions.
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    Isaiah Carter

    BPZ Paradigm Shift

    "In recent weeks/months, speculation surrounding a potential brand split has been fueled on social media and even in the lockeroom itself. This had led to discussion within the BPZ staff team, which has ultimately resulted with the decision that the BPZ will once again have a brand split. This means that the roster will be split into two brands where roster will compete to earn wrestling fame. For the BPZ Superstar, what it does bring however is a bigger spot light to you as a performer in the BPZ to bring your A-game and provide your brand with a strong asset that their brand can count on to deliver them great performance. We hope that his brings enjoyment to the fans, staff, and everyone, as BPZ takes a huge step in the right direction." _ The announcement would be made by Brendenplayz himself at a Post-BPZMania Press Conference, as the rich roster of BPZ would once again be split up, going to two different brands to fight for an opportunity to be called the best. Shortly after the press conference, Brenden would take to twitter to announce that Bailey Justin and Nebakos would be taking the CEO rolls of the two respective brands. What are those brands you may ask. BPZ Carnage BPZs elite brand that has been around since the beginning, and there is a reason for that. As the Carnage GM, Bailey Justin. Has done work to make the brand the top brand of the company, and he is looking to keep it that way. As he promise intense action, original storylines, and blood fueled rivalries to give you the authentic BPZ feel we all know and love. On Carnage, we will see the defense of the richest prize in all of BPZ, the World Championship, followed by the North American Championship, the United States championship, and the Carnage Tag Team championships. Each of these titles will be defended with honor, and pride. For now, its time to see if Carnage can live up to its expectations, and continue to be the number one brand in the land of BPZ BPZ World Heavyweight Championship: Slim BPZ North American Championship: KENJI BPZ United States Championship; Vacant Carnage Tag Team Championship: Vacant The golden brand of BPZ, lead by Hall Of Famer Nebakos. Valor is the newest brand, and currently has all the hype in the world. Bringing a brand new look, feel, and completley redefine 'pro wrestling' as it is. With Sheridan Mueller helping out Nebakos as General Manager, Valor is sure to be one of the most exciting things on television in the coming weeks. The championships on Valor are its top prize, the one thing every superstar is working for. The BPZ Undisputed Championship, currently held by Hans Clayton. Other titles defended on Valor will be the Intercontinental Championship, he Tag Team titles, and finally. A brand new, unnamed, Valor championship. As we progress through BPZ through the coming months, will Valor live up to the hype and dethrone Carnage as the top brand? BPZ Undisputed Championship: Hans Clayton BPZ Intercontinental Championship: Vacant Valor Tag Team Championship: Creed Unnamed Valor Championship: Vacant _ CARNAGE PICKS VALOR PICKS Eli Smith Round 1 Bart Hoogveld Slim Round 2 Arius Flynn Round 3 Hans Clayton Julius Jones Round 4 Sameer KENJI Round 5 Necce Buddy Ace Round 6 Bob Sparks Tamer Round 7 Mikey Johnny Kills Round 8 FDS James Ropati Round 9 Natedog Amai Round 10 Alex Costa George AK Round 11 Prince Gunner Round 12 Raven Jack Bashka Round 13 Cody Cage Brad Round 14 Alyx Wilde Ross Round 15 Aaron North Addy Round 16 CJ Sellers Ark Universe Round 17 The Tiger Kieron Black Round 18 Austin Omega Monda Round 19 Arrow Steph Round 20 Toxik Apex Round 21 Joh Shiba Round 22 Maestro Andrew Richards Round 23 Brenden Playz Marker Round 24 Blade Yuvraj Round 25 Ryan Reeves Gill Round 26 James Hunter Poi Round 27 Lunatic Ginge Sheepy Round 28 Beastly King Aidanator Round 29 Akki Epic Round 30 Jason Ryan
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    Challenge Accepted

    As War commences in just a little under two weeks time, many warriors battle for their spot on the front line. Others may wish to be left back, but some men are just unsure of their path currently. Last week, the current BPZ Premium Champion, "The Bastard" Gunner would make his presence known. Letting it be known that CJ Sellers has peaked his attention. With a response from the man himself, a challenge would be placed for World At War. Tonight that challenge will be answered in some form, as the camera peaks the corner of an alleyway. As the camera zooms closer, inch by inch to where Gunner is standing, drenched in the rain that is pouring from above. He stands tall, confident in his own skin something he has not been able to do for a significant amount of time. With a challenge from "The Chancellor" Gunner looks to speak on where this challenge will take him as he begins to speak in a confident tone. "Over the past few days, I have had time to sit back and really think. Think about how much a calendar year can change one's life. Around this time last year, I was on hiatus, trying to figure out who I was. I now stand here today, with the Premium Championship placed tightly upon my shoulder. Realizing how much I have grown, is why I have to keep on fighting. In my tenure here in BPZ, I have fought dream opponents, World Champions, Hall Of Famers, and even my own family. In all of those battles, one similar lesson was taught to me each time I was on the opposing side. Never give in, whether your on the winning or losing side, dont let your losses make you the person you are. In my two years, the experience that I have gained is what makes me a Champion, I have found myself lying on the canvas more times than I count, getting up on my own accord was my choice. CJ Sellers, you have found yourself in that position for 15 months now, when will that change?" "Last week you made it clear that your pursuit is no longer for a Championship, but a victory over yours truly. Truthfully I had no reason to accept your challenge, I had defeated you at BPZMania V, but you wanted to take an extra step upon your quest didn't you? You swear that I have changed your look upon this title, maybe that im unworthy? Or is it envy that I hear? What is for sure, is that you seek retribution. Something that I have seeked for over and over again, only finding a couple of times. With that being said, if you truly want a shot at retribution, I can't hold that against you. I accept Sellers, but be warned once you have marked your words, there will be no going back on them. I have encountered so many like you, opening the gates of BPZ, trying to find a stepping stone to something much bigger. I can assure you I am not that, I am not something you can step on to push ahead of the line. I am a former BPZ United States Champion, a 2x BPZ Premium Champion. I dont admire your respect, nor do I want it. But come World At War, you will have no choice but to accept the fact that I am better than you." "Arrogance is one thing that many have, but is a whole other thing to utilize it. You my friend, let it power you, and has become your vulnerability. You praise yourself to be the absolute best, what do you have to back it up? Honestly, I will admit your good, but your not that good. The disrespect that you hand to me, is what is firing me up for our clash. Sellers, I love this, everyday I push forward to be able to show how much this means to me. I give my all everytime I step in that damn ring, but you just dont get it. I have pushed myself for two long years, I try to pass off the doubters, the insults, but man it has gotten to me. It eats away at my mind, I continue to ask myself, am I good enough? And at the end of the day, I know I am! You can say whatever you want, change the words I have placed into your mind all you like, but the one thing you cannot change is what I have done since my return. If you dont want to believe it, your just going to have to accept it, when my hand is raised high at the end of the night." With Gunner's face beat red, rage is one way you can define his feelings, maybe frustration. He begins to pace back and forth throughout the alleyway, before leaning against the wall and begins to speak in a more calm and soothing tone. "Do you understand now? So many new faces walk into this Company day by day, and I will not fall for others. I have worked way too hard to be denied now, I will not let CJ Sellers be what drags me down. I do not have a choice, once it is just you and I inside that ring, noone else to cause a distraction. And when your staring up at the stars, wondering what went wrong. Remembering you asked for this battle, but you wont be the one ending, I will! I have nothing to prove, but I feel as if I dont defeat you Sellers, your dawning presence will haunt me until I do so. No battle is an easy task, some I dont take pleasure in. Some I cant find the strength to end, but I can promise you, i am going to take pleasure in ending this quest that you have begun." "World At War, is where we do battle. We will both be on the front line, fighting for the victory, one that you desire so much. I will shed no tears, when your body is in agony, rather I will share a smile. I want you to won up to your actions, your mistakes, and dont make the same one again. I will make sure, that you think twice before crossing paths with the Premium Champion, I am no easy win, nor am I your ticket to the top. I am just your way down to the bottom once again, see you at World At War, I wish you luck because your sure as hell going to need it." Gunner begins to walk off into the night, as the camera fades to black. With the match now official, the anticipation for this match begins to grow. The hatred has become apparent, how will CJ Sellers respond to such a message?
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    This Is War

    “Leviathan” by Really Slow Motion hits, the obvious response of the fans booing “The Silencer” as he enters the Carnage arena for what could be one of the final times with the impending brand split taking place but FDS’ appearance here seems unprompted. Is he after one of his greatest Rivals and the man he ousted from bulletproof? Or is he challenging the man he’s called a brother for the last few months? FDS walks down to the ring not uttering a word, the fans though do seem a bit remorseful when it comes to booing The Silencer after the words he spoke after the Money In the Bank Ladder Match. He steps between the ropes and he bypasses bob and immediately just stares down with Isaiah Carter, the two men stand in the middle of the ring and the fans have a surprising response of cheering as one of the greatest rivalries in BPZ looks to be about to be renewed. FDS then though shoulder checks Isaiah as he walks past the “Best In Class” disrespecting the man who has defined the last few years of his career. FDS grabs a microphone from the ring tech and he walks back to being in front of Isaiah, he looks to be about to speak but then he just turns around and looks at Bob the two men smiling at each other. FDS just smiles but keeps his back turned to Isaiah. “Well, here we are again. In the ring with you again. It’s kind of insane but I guess that’s how most of my career has been defined with Insanity. Doing the same thing over and over and over again but it’s weird though you seem like you don’t really remember our history. Almost like you’re putting the fact that you haven’t been a hundred percent since the first day you step foot in the ring with me.” Isaiah lets out a smirk of almost annoyance and disbelief as FDS then turns around and looks at Isaiah with a smile on his face the two men clearly still having animosity due to the long standing rivalry the two men have shared over their careers. “I don’t think I need to remind you about the fact that I replaced you in the faction that you founded or the fact that you stole my protege only to turn on him weeks later. Oh my friend we have stabbed each other in the back so many times that at this point we’re both porcupines. Although this time… I’m more here out of the fact that you still think you’re this in-ring god who can beat anybody. Well that just isn’t the case is it? Let’s take a look at you Carter, you’ve done so much but you’ve lost them so quickly. Hell you came back to beat down the guy sent you packing and you really thought you had it won and then… well you lost. Your record isn’t exactly the best when it comes to your most recent goals. Now before you decide to come at me with some bullshit like I lose as well and all that, the losses i’ve had as of late have involved being beaten down and powerbombed through a table by several people who weren’t even in the match. You on the other hand, you lost. No interference. Plain and simple… and yet you’re still revered as a god by these people. Like nobody can touch you… but in reality my friend you’re still the pathetic trainee from the performance centre that I knew. FDS gives a mocking slap to Isaiah in the face lightly tapping him on the face, Carter then immediately shoves off the hand and almost looks like he’s going to attack FDS, FDS backs up but with a smile on his face. “Now, now Carter there will be plenty of time for that later. You can get your revenge and beat me up when we actually fight but keep your calm my friend. Although I will say your hast approach to attempting to attack me with only minor provocation shows that you really are the same kid I knew when you first debuted here. You haven’t changed a bit and because of that you will fail in everything you attempt to achieve. Now while my friend here thinks you should retire, I disagree while some people are used up and don’t really need to exist in this company anymore, you and I have unfinished business. That means until i’m finished with you, you ain’t going anywhere. Now i’m not going to just pile on you and not let you get some words in. So please, tell me exactly what you think. I’m sure it won’t be anything notable anyway." FDS lowers the microphone and smiles at Isaiah, the “Best In Class” clearly upset by the words of “The Silencer” preparing to fire back with a set of barbs to tear into the man who sent him out of Bulletproof.
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    The Inner Circle

    The Punisher, Don Dada, the man with many nicknames, but for now, he is the BPZ World Champion, Slim sits at a table, with a microphone as he's preparing for his first comments after winning the BPZ World Champion from the Royal Rumble Winner, Arius, in the main event of BPZMania V. Slim begins to talk as the camera focuses in on him. Is it on? Yeah? Ok. What. A. Night. BPZMania V, ended with the Mafia on top. I told you all for weeks, this is how it would go, that we would stand tall and we have done so. Let's talk about the other groups in BPZ, Creed, yeah they had a nice night, do they have a World Champion? Bulletproof? Haha. Slim laughs at Bulletproof's 1-5 record at BPZMania tonight, with only Hans Clayton successfully defending the Undisputed Championship. Tonight embarks on a new era of The Mafia. We have been criticized, casted out, and down-right disrespected by every piece of shit in that locker room, and tonight, WE WERE THE ONES ON TOP! And of course, that is a big moment but as we stand tall, we bring in some new additions to our family, Boys, get in on the camera. NXT Champion Amai & Addy, join in, standing on each side of Slim. Suspiciously missing is current United States Champion, Raven, despite his belt sitting on the table. hanging off of it. Allow me to introduce them. Amai, the heir of Mafia, the current NXT Champion. I put a bullseye on Amai's back heading into BPZMania, and tonight, he walked in here, he flashed that swagger that made me see something in him, and he persevered tonight, in the face of all adversity. He faced the best of the best tonight! The Riddler! Austin Omega! Jo Nathan! Come on. I don't know how you don't see it, this sexy god is the FUTURE of BPZ! And as for my 'Lost Soul', Addy. Addy is a man who has been through a lot in life, he has lacked a purpose. He has tried, and tried to find his purpose. Tonight, I gave him an opportunity. I told Addy, impress me, and you're in. He did exactly that, lasting to the final 3 in the Nebakos Battle Royale, before being outlasted by two former proteges of mine, in Bob and Nate. Tonight was just the beginning of a beautiful start in BPZ for Addy, with my knowledge, he WILL become a champion under my watch. And now, it leads me to the somber part of my speech. Raven. I know everyone is wondering, 'where is Raven?', it is with great disappointment that I must announce that tonight, after he won the United States Championship, and dismantled my Money in the Bank competitors, he informed me that he needs a hiatus. He told me that he's burned out, that he's injured and he needs to take some time and clear his head. For 5 months, Raven has been by my side. For 5 months, we have been a dominant force as a duo, taking title after title. It is very unfortunate that tonight, he could not be by my side in my biggest moment but I respect his decision, having taken a hiatus myself. This life is stressful, I understand it. Raven will always have a spot in the family if he wants it, but the show must go on. The Mafia just started it's dominance, we can't slow down because someone is burned out, Raven, I know you will understand. As for the United States Title, as far as I'm concerned, Mafia won it. It's Mafia's property, not BPZ's. Bart, if you have any sort of problem with that, you know where to find me. The ring. But not tonight. Tonight, we got the job done. We beat all of the sorry ass excuses of wrestlers that BPZ possesses, so now, tonight becomes about a celebration, a celebration of not only the Mafia, but me and these two men. I have realized as Julius and Bailey forge their own paths, I must do the same for myself. They will always be family... it's always love in the family. But tonight was the beginning of a unit so damaged and destructive... that BPZ will wish this night never came. BPZ, I'd like to introduce you... ... to the Inner Circle, of the Mafia. Slim stands up, as the three men now stand side-by-side, all smirks on their face as they begin to leave, with Slim popping a Cuban Cigar in his mouth and lighting it as Amai carries the champagne bottle, Don Perignon, as Slim has the BPZ World Championship around his waist as he carries the United States Championship in the other. Goodnight, ladies and gentlemen. The feed shows the trio known as 'Inner Circle' walking off, a backshot of them is shown, before suddenly, a voice is heard. ???: I heard Mafia needs a United States Champion... Well, I'm the guy for the job, and you know that best, Don... CUT TO BLACK
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    "The Revenant is crowned!" shouts Sandman... As Arius, coming off defeating 'The Death Machine', Julius, holds up his newly won BPZ World Championship. He gets onto the turnbuckles, as Sandman and Heel say their goodbyes, with BPZMania on the cusp of it's climax... 'Crazy' by Patsy Cline begins to play, as Arius stops in his tracks, holding the belt with one hand. No one emerges for a solid 20 seconds, before the curtain is brushed to the side, and boos illicit from the crowd... It's Mr. Money in the Bank, Slim! The odd choice of theme music draws confusion from the commentary team, as Slim stands on the stage, watching Arius as Arius looks at him, not backing down from any challenge. Slim smirks, before turning around to walk to the back, merely teasing the champion as he continues his coronation as King... But Julius stands behind him! Julius runs at Arius, but Arius ducks the clothesline and bounces off of the ropes... CLAYMORE! Arius lays on the canvas, as Slim laughs, the crowd booing the heinous actions of two of the Mafia members tonight. Slim now begins to slowly walk down the ramp, getting into the ring finally before telling the referee he's cashing in. The referee refuses to start the match, but after some threatening words by Julius, he obliges before the bell rings. Slim immediately grabs the arms of Arius... INJUSTICE! It's over! 1... 2... 3-NO! ARIUS KICKED OUT! HOW DID THE REVENANT KICK OUT!? Slim looks on in disbelief, as he begins to slap the back of Arius' head, completely disrespectful, before suddenly, Arius would headbutt Slim, stunning him enough time to nail a Short-Arm Clothesline! Arius, out of desperation, would use the advantage he now possessed to nail an Lifted Osaka Street Cutter! Arius now begins to use his hands, directing the match as he regains control, but he must win it soon before he runs out of gas... Slim lays on the mat, as Arius waits for him to make it to his feet... As he's going for the kill! Arius sets up for his finishing move... The Sentence, as he tilt-a-whirls Slim into the air... No! REVERSAL INTO A HURRICANRANA! And now Slim follows it up with a Bicycle Knee Strik-NO! He missed! Slim's knee just hit the turnbuckle! Arius now uses the opportunity to try and lock in The Final Testimony... But Slim reverses, slipping his way out of the patented Sleeper Hold, before hitting Arius with a spinning back elbow, dropping The Revenant! Slim, now in control, taunts the crowd, asking them if this is their champion. As Arius gets to his feet, he begins swinging wildly, before connecting on a right hand, but it only enrages Slim, as now he goes in for the kill... And nails the First Chapter! With Arius now out of it, the commentary team wonders how much longer the champion can survive with him just gone through a main event match, and now having to defend his title right after. Arius, now resting on the bottom rope, one final act of defiance towards the Mafia... FLICKS SLIM OFF! Slim, enraged, kicks Arius straight in the face, busting him open, before putting him between his legs... Essential Eliminator! Slim pins him: 1... 2... 3-NO! ARIUS KICKED OUT AGAIN! Slim now begins to wonder, as the doubt creeps in. What does he have to do to put away the man who has defied death? Slim now looks at Arius, a stone-cold expression, that turns sinister. Arius, despite kicking out, has not moved. Slim picks him up by the hair, spitting in his face as he puts him on top of the turnbuckle... Oh no... Slim is gonna perform Arius' own move on him! Slim gets on top of the turnbuckle, somehow lifting Arius into powerbomb position, showing off his strength... AS HE POWERBOMBS ARIUS HEAD FIRST ON TO THE TURNBUCKLE, AND ON THE WAY DOWN HE HIT THE APRON! Slim gets up, as the crowd is virutally mute after that devastating powerbomb. Slim grabs Arius by the hair, rolling him into the ring, as the mat is just stained with blood. The referee pleads with Slim just to end it, the champion battered and bruised despite an admirably effort. Slim smirks at the referee, shoving him away, as he grabs Arius' arms once again, and nails another INJUSTICE! Slim now slides down into the cover, as he pins Arius: 1... 2... 3! It's over. Arius' World Championship reign has been stolen from him by the Mafia, and Don Dada himself. Slim is handed the World Championship by Julius as the two embrace, with each embarking on a new journey in their BPZ career. Slim and Julius now begin to walk up the ramp, as EMTs & Medics check on Arius, who hasn't moved since the match ended. As Julius & Slim reach the stage together, they are joined by Bailey, Amai, and Addy, noticably, Raven, Slim's right-hand muscle for the past few months, is not present. All of the Mafia members embrace, as Slim holds up the World Championship, with every Mafia member holding up 1s, signalling their status of BPZ's landscape... the best. Sandman & Heel once again sign off, wondering about the future of BPZ with the Mafia on top, as BPZMania V fades to black with the Mafia standing tall on top of the stage, and Arius, not moving in the ring, with Slim as the new BPZ World Champion, beginning his 6th reign.
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    Machine Gun Cody Cage

    The Death Rider

    Cody, who is now greatly looking interested and absorbed into the potential future that is held for him within the cherishing palms of the Mafia takes the microphone from Jonathan's hand and begins to slowly move it to his lips. His eyes show a fury ready to be unleashed as he feels comfortable and excited to work within an elite group inside of the BPZ. "I've been tired for so long, fatigued by the loneliness that the BPZ led me into, for so long I have been lied to, being told that desolation is the best way of pursuing a career here in BPZ. After so many weak performances from me and hard losses which still hurt deep in my heart. I have finally found the guidance needed. For so long, I've tried to be unassisted and that only destroyed me from within. I am now a part of a family, The Mafia. This is the only guidance I will need in the BPZ, I've been a loser for so long, it's time to become a winner." Cody looks towards Bailey. "The Mafia is elite because of not only what we will accomplish, but also because of our past accolades. I am standing in a ring with two Hall of Famers who are both huge inspirations to many. Bailey is a true powerhouse in BPZ, he's a great leader and an amazing wrestler and he is one of the reasons towards why BPZ is as popular as it is these days. I am truly honoured to have someone like Bailey lead the Mafia. Cody looks at his tag partner and a man who chose to take him under the wing. Jonathan. "The Death Riders aren't going to be a fuck-about group, we are here to get shit done. That goes for The Mafia as a whole, we came here to win titles and fuck people up. My tag partner is one of the greatest wrestlers I've witnessed in this industry and he knows how to be a winner. I am grateful for everything The Mafia has done to set us up for the future, and I am glad that they paired me up with a legendary wrestler who can mentor me and show me how to be an even better wrestler." Cody raises his hand up in the air, the crowd looks on wondering what he is doing, Cody looks down at the ring mat and puts the microphone to his lips. "The Mafia is always here, even if we aren't in the ring, The Mafia controls the BPZ now. We have so many members looking on as a dynasty unfolds who are also actively looking towards a bright future with The Mafia, it is just our duty to keep everything in control. Whether you like it, or not."
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    New Dawn

    Just days before the biggest even on the professional wrestling calendar of 2020, BPZMania V, we take a pit-stop before the grand event at the FedEx Field with another installation of Carnage. Suddenly though, the feed is taken over by a series of images. Then, similar to many times in the past, we join the members of Creed in the office of Eli Smith that looks out onto the Creed's personal gym, installed at the home of one-half of the current BPZ Tag-Team Champions. With all three members present, it is Bart and Smith who stand right in front of the camera, holding their championships proudly yet looking somewhat exhausted, presumably from a training session conducted moments ago. Meanwhile, Sameer lurks in the background, not even taking notice of the camera, as he seems noticeably distracted. After one last wipe of the face with his towel, Smith steps forward and is the first to begin speaking. Two, almost three years ago, I came back to BPZ Wrestling and I would be lying if I said it didn't change my life. Truthfully, despite dethroning the most dominant champion at the time, capturing the company's top prize and being inducted into the Hall Of Fame, I wasn't ever even included in the conversation for the greatest of all-time. When I returned in 2017, at first, it was only as a favour for a close friend as Bailey asked for me to make a shock return at BPZMania but after that night, after coming so close to capturing the Money In The Bank briefcase on my first night back, I knew I wasn't going to be able to stay away, I knew that the fire inside of me had reignited and I knew that it was time to write the next chapter of my legacy. And wow. How much I cherish that fire is unreal because if it wasn't for the untamed passion for this company that is buried in my soul, I wouldn't have had the year I did. From a nostalgia act to dominating and reigning over three divisions at once in a few months. From not touching any gold in years to breaking the record of longest reign for three championships simultaneously. From just being a name to boost the card of BPZMania II to main-eventing BPZMania III as the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. In that year, I can wholeheartedly say that I took my career to the next level. Without a doubt, I solidified myself as one of the greatest of all-time. That fire, it's the same fuel that I run on today, it's the same flame that so many have tried to put out in the past and it's the same unwillingness to accept defeat that has toppled so many titans of this company. Now, Bart and I are officially the longest reigning BPZ Tag Team Champions of all-time, and that may cause you to assume that the fire inside of me is no more, that I've already achieved enough and surely can't still be hungry for more but that couldn't be more wrong. See, breaking this record is only the end of the beginning. At this point, there's no denying that we're one of, if not the greatest tag-team that this industry has ever seen so now, it's not just about being the greatest tag-team champions of all-time, it's about being the greatest champions of all-time, in any division, in any promotion, across the whole planet, throughout all of history. For way too long, the tag-team division has been overlooked, underappreciated and underutilised. Today, two of the best in the business hold the BPZ Tag Team Championships as the number one champions in the world. As champions, we've defeated the two men facing each other this weekend for the Undisputed Championship, we've defeated the 2020 Royal Rumble winner, we've defeated your current North-American Champion, we've defeated every duo that BulletProof has thrown at us and this weekend, we defeat probably the most over-hyped tag-team to challenge us yet. This weekend, we defeat two men pretending to be friends, we expose and embarrass two men for using the term tag-team as a facade. This weekend, we show the world the true power of a cohesive unit, of a fluent tag-team, of an unstoppable dyad. At the FedEx Field, as my partner so rightfully said, we show that Legacy Of Violence are nothing more than quickly-written chapter in the history of the Creed. At BPZMania, Bart and I, we prove that we are undoubtedly the greatest tag-team of all-time and that we are the undisputed number one champions in the world today.
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