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    {It is the main event of the final EVOLVE, the final BPZ broadcast before Survivor Series. But the main event this evening isn’t a match. Rather, it is a contract signing for possibly the most important and highly anticipated match in Survivor Series, and maybe even BPZ history. The two men who will fight in this match won’t be fighting for any titles, but something much more important, the ability to remain employed with BPZ. While it was announced many weeks ago, tonight is when it finally becomes official. Tonight, Flynn and Necce, two of the most legendary performers this company has ever seen, will sign away their careers, and seal their fates before they walk into the dreaded Hell In a Cell structure, possibly changing themselves forever. EVOLVE General Managers Ross and Smith stand in the middle of the ring. A simple table with a black cloth on it accompanies them. Both men have a somber expression on their face. Both men are friends in real life with these two men, and both have expressed disdain for how far this rivalry has gotten between the two. But nevertheless, they stand there in their suits, knowing that one of their two biggest stars won’t be returning next week.} Ross: “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the official contract signing for the main event of the 2018 edition of BPZ Survivor Series!” Smith: “In just a few moments, Necce and Flynn will meet in the center of this ring, as they sign the contract to face for the third time ever. The contract states that this match will be contested inside of the Hell in a Cell structure, with the added stipulations that this match will be a Number One Contenders match for the Global Championship at EVOLVE Takeover: Crossfire in January of next year, and will be a career vs career match in which only the winner will hold the power to bring the loser back to BPZ. However, both men have agreed to an additional stipulation within this contract holds an indefinite no compete clause, meaning that upon losing the match, the loser cannot work in another other promotion until the winner brings them back, raising the stakes of this match even higher.” {After this, Smith and Ross step away from the table.} {The theme for “The Omega” hits. The crowd erupts into thunderous ovation. A man who was once a constant feature of BPZ Television, has been very elusive since SummerSlam, and the fateful events that took place after the Tag Team Championship match.} {Flynn walks out onto the stage, his face shows an intense, yet worried expression. He takes deep breaths, perhaps to settle his nerves, or to calm the adrenaline that courses through him at this moment. He marches down to the ring, he’s ready to face whatever may come to him tonight and on Sunday. He walks up the stairs, goes through the ropes, jerks off for a second, not too much but just enough, and simply looks down at the contract on the table. A simple piece of paper that controls the future of his career. His music fades out as he continues to stare at the contract, reading every single word that’s printed on the document. The crowd's reaction slowly shifts from thunderous applause and love, to vociferous booing and venom, as they await the arrival of the second half of this match. As the fans begin to boo, the lights in the arena shut off, this causes them to boo even louder. The arena is now completely engulfed in darkness, as the booing remains a constant soundtrack to mask the black.} {The faint and familiar plucks of the guitar strings fill the arena. They are almost completely covered up by the bile that the fans are sending to the man this music belongs to. The opening lyrics begin to play, what would earlier this year be accompanied by unanimous chanting of the lyrics, is now met with hatred.} I’ve got empires to lead She’s got vampires to feed You don’t miss me anymore Than I miss you {As the lyrics finish, the guitar plays for a few more seconds, until fading out. Once again, everyone in attendance is left in the dark. Until finally, the song kicks back in. Every light in the arena is pointed towards the entrance ramp, as “The Antichrist” stands there in his signature crucifixion pose. Somehow, the booing gets louder, as whatever the fans were sending to Necce seems to triple. He stands in his usual attire. A jacket with holes cut out of the sleeves for his thumbs, jeans that are ripped at both knees, beat up converse shoes, a black and grey flannel shirt that’s wrapped around his waist, and his signature white mask. What would usually be a punk rock T shirt, is replaced with a simple, black shirt. The camera zooms in on his face, as his eyes stare out passed the mask right into the eyes of Flynn who is standing in the ring. Slowly, Necce makes his way to the ring. What would usually be fans sticking their hands out for the chance at a high five from Necce, is replaced with an entire row of middle fingers and fans expressing their distaste for the action of The Antichrist for the last 3 months. He stops on the outside of the ring, still staring into the eyes of the man he will face Sunday night. Rather than roll into the ring as he usually does, he decides to walk all the way to the other side of the ring. He rolls into the ring and immediately gets to his feet, he and Flynn’s eyes meet once again. As the two men stand there, staring each other down, the music fades out. This is the first time these two men have shared a ring since SummerSlam. Slowly, Necce takes his mask off, and these two men are now staring at each other face to face. Flynn picks up a pen, now looking down on the contract. He makes a move to sign it, however he can’t, he has pain in his eyes, the sins of his past all leading to this moment. He drops the pen before picking up the microphone.} One year ago today, I was heading into a war, with MY BEST FRIEND by my side. I was on top of the world. Together I thought we were unbeatable. Nothing could touch us. What happened? Was it my own ego not being able to take a simple nothing loss, that I had to take it all out on you? Was it your own vain and jealousy to embarrass me, and take everything from me? Or was it the fact that no matter what, our want, no…. our need to be the very best, the top dog in this company, lead us on a collision course that was destined to happen? Honestly, I guess it doesn’t really matter now, does it? You and I have a connection that no other duo in this company have ever had. Together we could rule this place. That’s what I wanted, to rule together. However maybe you were right. Maybe I eventually would of let my own personal goals of being the best, come between us. That doesn’t fix what you did. What I did to you one year ago, was wrong. However since that night, you’ve made my life a living hell. I’ve done all I could to make up for my mistake. Now I’ve come to learn that I can’t fix it, so you’ve left me with only one choice….. {Flynn stairs down at the contract, before he looks straight back into the eyes of Necce.} I have to end your career. You were my best friend. However now I know that this company, as they would say down in Texas, “Just ain’t big enough for the two of us.” I have to end your career Necce. Have you even processed that? That you have to end my career. Do you understand these stakes. In twenty-four hours, a dream will live on, and a dream will die. Since we were children, we dreamed of being BPZ Wrestlers. We dreamed of performing in front of the MILLIONS AROUND THE WORLD! That is what brought us together. A dream of true happiness to recover from such dark childhoods. Now we have to end the dream that brought us together. Even through victory, I will take no enjoyment from what I have been forced to do. So Necce I ask yet again, what is this match to you? {Flynn sets his microphone down, Necce still choosing to remain silent. Finally Flynn nods before picking the pen back up, and signing the contract. He stands up straight once again, and looks back into the eyes of his former best friend. Necce initially doesn’t make a move, he just continues to stare at Flynn, the tension in the arena is at a fever pitch. Finally, he looks down at the contract, and picks up a microphone, taking his turn to speak.} Do you think that this is easy for me Josh? You think that from the moment I met you in the performance center, that I saw us ending up at this exact moment in time? Do you think that I relish the fact that tomorrow night, I might have to end the career of the man I considered more of a brother to me that my own blood? Because in a sick morbid way, I do. Finally, I get to say everything I’ve wanted you to hear for the last year to your face. And I get to do it… {Necce points to the crowd.} ...in front of them. For years now, you have had everything that I have put you through coming. You stepped on and used those that you deemed unworthy to get to the top. You have beaten and broken men who you claimed to be your family so that you could hold the top spot for just a few seconds longer. In the 3 years you have been in this company, you have consistently proven yourself as the most detestable human to ever walk this earth. And yet, you’re out here claiming to be some kind of victim because I didn’t follow the script and remain tag champions with you. People still to this day ask me the same question over and over again, “why did you turn on Flynn? Why did you have to break up the golden legacy?” They ask me why I broke up a tag team that only existed for 2 weeks, when you butchered a friendship that lasted for 3 years. What you did at Survivor Series last year, the mental and psychical pain you put me through for the following year can’t even be compared to what I did at SummerSlam. And the fact that these people cheer you like you’re some kind of survivor is what makes it worse. Just like you, I wanted us to rule this place together. I wanted us to be the measuring sticks for which every single person who walks into this ring is measured by. But you killed that. You destroyed any possibility of that coming to fruition. You could never handle the fact that I was more popular than you. You could never grasp that no matter how many title belts where handed to you, I connected with the fans in a way you could only dream of. And in the same way, I hated that I always had to fight for them. I always have to give the fans what they wanted, I had to give them an image that they could identify with and say what they always wanted to. For years, I fought for them, and what did that give me? A broken neck, a family that I never see, and a man who I considered my best friend who spits in my face at my lowest moment. And I was expected to take it with a grain of salt. I could never do what you were able to. I couldn’t be in it for myself. And when I finally had enough and decided to give in, they turn on me. Just like you did, just like everyone in my life always has. Secretly Josh, I wanted to be you. I wanted the fame and the fortune that you were given. But in reality Josh, I’m better than you, and you know it. You hated that someone with a fraction of the titles you’ve won in you career was superior to you in every way. Throughout all of this time, you’ve maintained a sense of comfort in thinking that maybe it wasn’t true, maybe with enough fight inside of you, you could best me. You’ve been the only man to do it this year, and maybe, just maybe, you can do it again. And that is what will make my win this Sunday even more satisfying, knowing that I beat and ended the career of the man who is supposed to be the greatest of all time, yet can’t beat a man who has always been seen as his equal. {Necce grabs a pen from the table and signs his name onto the contract, making the match official. Flynn is seen seething with anger from Necce’s comments, but Necce shows no emotion whatsoever. In fact, Necce is tempting Flynn to strike him first. Both men stand there, looking at one another, waiting for the other to make a move. Flynn shakes his head at Necce.} You’re not worth it. {Flynn goes to leave the ring, but before he can, Necce grabs a microphone.} Ya know Josh, one of the most defining and cherished moments in my life, is the night that we told each other our life stories. It was one of the first times we had talked about something other that pro wrestling. I told you about my family life, I showed you my scars, and I told you about running away at 17. And then you told me about your parents. They died when you were only 14, leaving you homeless on the streets of Dallas. And it was there where you learned the lesson that I also had to learn at such a young age, “Nobody is coming to save you, you have to save yourself.” And you told me about how every time you were in a match, every time you won a title, you would look out into the crowd and hope that you could see them sitting there. At that time, I hoped the same thing, I would look out there and look to see if they were sitting there to watch their son and his brother take over the landscape of professional wrestling. I hope that when our match is over at Survivor Series, you look out and you see them, because I want them to see what a pathetic waste of fucking oxygen their son has become. {Flynn quickly turns around and launches himself across the table nailing several punches on Necce before they can even hit the mat. 3 months of pent us aggression and anger is finally coming out, as he delivers vicious rights to the face of Necce. Ross is finally able to tear Flynn off of Necce as Smith checks on him to make sure that he is ok. Ross is only able to hold Flynn for so long, as he eventually breaks free and charges at Necce once again, but this time, he is met with a vicious low blow. Necce climbs onto Flynn and delivers brutal and stiff punches to Flynn, drawing a little blood from his mouth. Ross and Smith try to separate the two men, but they are unsuccessful, so they instead begin to frantically wave at the stage. Soon, everyone from the back begin to rush out to break up the two men, The Flock, friends and foes alike, referees, security guards, high ranking officials in BPZ, everyone is out here to break this up. They are able to grab the two and pin each of them to a respective turnbuckle on opposite sides of the ring. Necce is heard screaming across the ring at Flynn as he fights to break free.} I HATE YOU, I FUCKING HATE YOU! {The mob is able to calm both men down, convincing them to save it for Sunday. The members of The Flock are the first to leave the ring, leading the way for Necce to follow them. But as he goes to leave, Necce quickly runs to the side of the ring where Flynn is being held and pulls him to the outside from the bottom rope. Flynn quickly grabs Necce and slams him into the ring steps outside, following this by vicious blows. The mob try once again to break up the two men, but Flynn won’t let go of Necce. They eventually do rip him off, but he takes Necce’s shirt with him. They put Flynn in the middle of the pile, so that Necce can’t get to him from either direction. But Necce quickly finds a way around this, as he just leaps over the pile onto Flynn and begins fighting again. This also doesn’t last long, as The Flock drags Necce out by his feet and try to get him away from Flynn. Necce attempts to fight them off aswell. They pull him halfway up the ramp, as Necce begins to scream “Get off me, get the fuck off me” at them. Necce does manage to get them off of him as he violently pushes Jason Ryan off of him by his face. At this point, Necce is still amped up, but now he just wants to leave. He gives the members of The Flock a quick order.} Let’s go {Marker and Buddy Ace follow Necce as he begins to walk away, but Necce looks back at Jason Ryan, who is still on the floor and in shock at what Necce has done. Necce shouts at Jason.} GET UP {Jason seems the mental place that Necce is in right now, so he quickly gets to his feet and joins his other Flock members. As they get to the top of the stage Necce turns around to look at Flynn, who is still being held down by the mob. Both men stare at each other with anger in their eyes, clearly wanting to tear each other apart. But they instead decide to take an earlier suggested idea, and save it for Survivor Series. The shot cuts back and forth between these two men as the BPZ EVOLVE copyright logo appears on the screen, and the feed slowly cuts to black.}
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    Deafening Silence

    Well it's been some time now since I've announced my return. @Sameer and I are back to win the tag team classic. But as I mentioned last time, I did have a little message of my own for our opponents @Ropati and @Julius01. I mean, that is if they're even going to answer? It's been days now and I still hear nothing but silence, it is deafening at this point. Where are they? Why haven't they confronted us yet? Are they scared? I mean this is the world champion and his little minion we're talking about. Surely they have the balls to come out here and confront us? I guess not. Why are we going to win the classic? Well it's simple. Sameer and I are no joke. We're not just two guys who decided hey lets team up! We're actually a legitimate team. We may not have competed as a team before but we have been a team behind the scenes for years. We have orchestrated plenty of major moments and had impacts of our own that will never be known. But most importantly we have the chemistry. We are friends, we are allies and some may even say we're like brothers. When we step into this ring you know that you're going to have a cohesive unit, a unit that cannot be broken no matter what is said or done. Can I say the same about Julius and Ropati? I mean let's face it, Ropati isn't even good enough to be in Julius' little kingdom he's got going on. That kind of says it all doesn't it? While we're on that subject, why isn't Julius teaming with fellow member of the group? Perhaps he isn't as liked as he thinks he is? He's had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find a team mate and this was the best he could come up with? I mean honestly, I like Ropati he seems like a decent enough hand, but you mean to tell me he has what it takes to defeat a future hall of famer and the owner of this company? Well Julius is the world champion and you have to give him the respect he deserves. But let's be honest, if some of the greats like Slim, Flynn, Bailey and Bashka decided to get back in there, Julius would lose that strap before you can even ring the bell. He's a paper champion. He's carrying that belt until someone better decides to come along and fight for it. I guess when Slim "feels like it" he will come and take it. Or when Bailey decides it's time, he will cash in and win it. So this is the guy I have to deal with? Yeah on paper he is great, but when reality hits and that bell rings, we will expose him and his partner for just who they really are. Easy. The question might be asked, where is Sameer? Well I told Sameer "hey take the night off we don't need you yet". Why would I tell him to come here? This isn't a fair fight if we're both here at the same time. He's away getting ready and training for this match. So while he may not be here yet, mark my words when he comes you're going to see a bigger, stronger and faster Sameer. You're going to see a version of him like never before. He's been gone for a while. But he's not eating nachos and drinking beer, he's cutting back and getting ready for another big run. This is the start of it. This will be his first major scalp and together, we're taking down the champ and his sidekick. We're going to get to the next round and whoever makes it through and faces out, good luck. You'll need it.
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    {A BPZ.com exclusive opens up on BPZ Commentaries host Peter Menthol stands next to Necce and the rest of The Flock after the events of the EVOLVE go-home show to Survivor Series. Necce is leaning against the wall with his arms folded on it and his head is on his arms. The Flock stand next to Necce, feeling worried about what he’s going to do. Peter begins the interview.} Peter: “Well ladies and gentlemen, after the events of the closing moments of EVOLVE, I have been lucky enough to be allowed to conduct an interview with one of the men involved with that brawl, and a man who will be putting his career on the line against Flynn, who will do the same, inside of Hell in a Cell on Sunday night, Necce.” {Necce immediately takes his arms off of the wall and looks to The Flock.} Look I’m not mad at you for coming out earlier. I know I told you not to come, but you made the call to come get me and that’s alright, you we’re doing what you had to. {Necce then looks to Jason Ryan, who he forced onto the ground and lost his temper with just moments before.} Ryan, I’m sorry for what happened out there. Tensions were high, and I lost my cool. You know I’d die for you brother. {Necce and Jason shake each other’s hands} Jason:It’s alright boss. {Peter slowly inches his way towards Necce.} Peter: “Um, Necce.” {Necce snaps his focus from Jason to Peter.} WHAT?! {Peter begins to stammer, knowing what Necce did to his colleague Mike Hunt.} Peter: “Um, I was just, uh, wandering if there was anything you could tell us about what happened out there and what your mindset is going into the biggest match of your entire career?” {Necce is clearly angry, but he gives Peter what he wants.} You want my thoughts?! Alright, here are my fucking thoughts! {Necce looks right into the camera.} Josh, it was never supposed to be like this! Because like we said out there, it was supposed to be you and me man. We were supposed to set the world on fire, us, together. But you threw that all away! You ruined that! You killed any semblance of a union when you left me broken, bloody, and in a fucking light at Survivor Series, and I’m supposed to be the bad guy for low blowing you at SummerSlam?! And I’ll say it right now man, I’m sorry. I’m so fucking sorry for what I did. I wish I can take it back. I wish I could erase all of that. But I can’t man. I have to deal with it, I have to live with all this pain and regret that I put upon myself for what I did. I wish that we were still tag team champions, or that we could’ve let our story end with that hug, but I can’t, I fucking can’t! I can’t play the part of a man who loves what he’s done, because every time I think about it, every time I see it being played or think about our match on Sunday, I get sick to my stomach, I want to throw up every time I think about Hell in a Cell. Josh, I wish I hated you. I wish I could just say that I hated you with every fiber of my being. But it’s not that simple! Because the truth is that I love you man. I love you with all of my heart. Everyday I wake up, I hope that the entirety of this year was just a dream. There isn’t a second that goes by that I don’t regret ever joining that Survivor Series team, because then I would still have my best friend! I never wanted to hurt you Josh, I never wanted to fight you. I WANTED TO SAVE YOU! BUT YOU’RE TOO GODDAMN SELFISH! And that’s not even the worst of it Josh, because I know that deep down it’s all my fault. It’s my fault that we have to kill each other, it’s my fault that one of us has to leave. This isn’t even talking about Survivor Series, or SummerSlam, or King of the Ring, or BPZMania, or even last year. This is all talking about 2014. Where I put my trust into the hands of a man who couldn’t have cared less about it. I put my heart into the hands of a man who would sell it out in an instant to grab one fleeting second as World Champion. It’s my fault that we’ve gone this far. It’s my fault that I now have to take the fate of your career into my hands. I never wanted to end your career Josh. I don’t want to be the one to do it. {Necce begins to break down. Tears start running down his cheek and he has to fight for air.} I don’t wanna do it Josh. {Jason puts his hand on Necce’s shoulder, but Necce brushes it off, too proud to admit that he’s on his emotional brink.} I don’t want to Josh, but I have to. I have to end your career. That is the only way either of us will be able to move on. That is the only way either of us can begin to heal. That is the only way that I can set you free. {Necce wipes the tears from his face. He has settled down a bit and begins to talk in his usual calm demeanor.} Josh, you always talked about how everything was in god’s plan. You would tell me not to worry, because god has a special plan for me. Well what do you think it’s going to be like when you’re looking up at the lights at the end of Survivor Series. As the blood and the sweat drips into your eyes, and the career that was flashes before them. {Necce gets right up against the camera. His tone begins to rise again, this time, he is almost screaming at the top of his lungs.} What is it going to feel like when you come to the crushing realization that GOD HAS ABANDONED YOU?! {Necce begins to walk away, yet again, giving a short and quick demand to The Flock.} COME ON {The Flock follows him until they are all off screen, leaving only Peter there, looking stunned. He wraps the interview up, being at a loss for words.} Peter: “Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m Peter Menthol with BPZ.com and BPZ Commentaries. Thank you for watching.” {The camera hangs on Peter before fading to black.}
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    The Returning Kings

    EVOLVE's intro package brings us into the night just one week after Survivor Series. The announcer steps into the middle of the ring as the crowd silences. Announcer: Ladies and gentleman please welcome to the ring, the General Manager of EVOLVE, Ross. The EVOLVE Center erupts as the returning Ross' theme hits the speakers for the first time since August. Ross steps out from the back to a huge roar from the EVOLVE crowd welcoming back their leader. Ross pauses for a moment and takes in the welcome he has received. He begins his walk down to the ring and grabs a microphone from the steel steps before climbing inside the squared circle and looking around the EVOLVE Center. For months I have been busy making this brand the best in the business. For months I have been waiting for the right moment and this is finally it. EVOLVE Center please welcome back your king! A respectable clap echoes the arena. Normally when I address you guys in person it's for a huge announcement about EVOLVE but tonight is completely different. Tonight is about me and that's how it should have been for the past four months since I've been gone. Yet we have some cocky, arrogant no bodies who think they run this brand when at least a touch of Authority isn't here. So let me make this message clear to the whole EVOLVE roster, I can give you everything just as easy as I can take it. So I don't care if your a Hall of Famer, A champion or even a rookie trying to climb the ranks. Each and every single one of you bow to me. But please do not get me wrong the boys in the back have done an amazing job. Jason Ryan retained his Premium Championship along with becoming the EVOLVE Global Champion so congratulations. But out of everything we have done over the months, the match at Survivor Series sold it all. Necce vs Flynn was the perfect match in my eyes and stole the show so ladies and gentleman why don't we give them a round of applause right now. Ross begins the clap and the crowd joins in showing respect to the two men who put their bodies on the line last week. But you can all clap their like sheep but you all fell for it. You all really fell for it. Last week Flynn showed his true side, his better side. And to be honest with you all that's what made me come out here tonight. Because while I was sat at home watching EVOLVE I wasn't disgusting or ashamed. Infact it brought a smile to my face because this is the man I know. Unhinged and let of the leash he was. So I approached him and offered him a proposition. I told him it was time to reclaim what he was missing and that's someone who can authorise whatever he wants, someone he has fought with before. Someone who he knows he can trust. In May I suffered a serious injury making me be sidelined for what I thought was the rest of my career hence why I am General Manager. But I don't care what those doctors have to say I have something to do. And so does the Fallen King. It's time to claim the Tag Team Championships and show all of these people who the kings of BPZ really are. Ross signals towards the ramp and as a figure appears at the top of the ramp.
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    We open EVOLVE following one of BPZ’s largest events of the year. An event that saw every championship on the show retained as well as the official arrival of the young crop here in BPZ as The Kingdom defeated Evolution. However, the biggest story had to come in the closing moments of the show, when Necce defeated Flynn in a career match, forcing Flynn to retire from in-ring competition. The crowd was absolutely heartbroken as one of BPZ’s biggest stars for the past three years will never step foot in a BPZ ring again. Finally, to open the show, Flynn steps out onto the stage to a massive ovation. No theme plays as it is not needed, the sounds of the cheering fans echo louder then anything That could play through the loud speakers. Thousands of fans stand on their feet, clapping and cheering on the man who went to hell all to keep his career alive last night. Flynn nods before marching down to the ring. Many fans can be seen crying whole others are in awe as tonight may be the final appearance Flynn ever makes in BPZ. He reaches the center of the ring before simply standing still and hearing out the thousands of screaming fans. A small smile appears across Flynn’s face, clearly the affection of the fans breaking through what appears to be real sadness in his eyes. Finally, possibly for the final time, Flynn speaks. Last night I went to hell and I fought the devil. I didn’t just fight the devil, I beat the hell out of him. However, let’s not try and sugar coat this, I lost. And we all knew the stipulation for last nights match, and now I.... I must retire from BPZ. And damn, the past twenty-four hours have really made me realize what a fucking ride it was. From the moment I entered BPZ, you people accepted me like no one else ever had. You gave me a home when I didn’t have one. And when I won the NXT championship, it was like a dream had cake true. I truly felt like I was on top of the world, that no one could stop me. I was a BPZ Champion. Never in my life did I think I would be able to say that..... and now look at me. I am one of the most decorated men in BPZ history. I went on that very same year to become the BPZ World Champion. Now that wasn’t a dream come true, it was THE DREAM. My life’s purpose was to one day be the BPZ World Champion, and it only took my seven months in the company to do it. Add a few more to the resume, and next thing you know the kids are putting me in GOAT contention. Championships weren’t everything however as there are real bonds I’ve built in this company. My brothers in the Shield Ryan and Tim truly were great friends to me. While now they each have reached their own forms of retirement, they are both men that I have nothing but respect for. Bailey and Ginge of Evolution, while we’ve had our rough patches, and despite our loss last night, I have to say that making up what happened three years ago and going to war one final time together couldn’t of made my night anymore perfect. There are so many people I could thank however I’ll save those for my own personal agenda later in the week. Tonight by no means is a look back, it’s a good bye. Flynn, lost to Necce. And now he must leave BPZ, forever. I..... I love this. By no means do I want to leave. In this ring, I truly do believe that I am the best. I believe that I have YEARS of not DECADES left in the tank. I’m not ready to stop wrestling. However for as long as Necce see’s it, I must stay retired. I love each and everyone of you. If I could go back and change anything..... the mistakes I made, to the most triomphous moments, I wouldn’t change a damn thing. Because at the end of the day, it was all worth it. With that all being said..... thank you all. You are the ones that made my dream come true. Without any of you, I’m nothing more then some kid from Dallas. You brought worth to my life. You gave me a purpose. Thank you all.... and goodbye. Flynn drops his microphone, tears now flowing down his cheeks, clearly heartbroken after being literally forced to retire. Before he can even leave the ring, Sandman, a former in ring competitor turned BPZ commentator leaves the table and embraces Flynn. Both me were actually signed together and are both natives of Texas. Each debuted against each other as they faced off at the first ever official Judgement Day for the vacant NXT Championship. Sandman would take a step back, Flynn nodding and saying “thank you”. Sandman nods, showing respect to a good friend and former rival. Sandman goes to step out of the ring before he is suddenly stopped by Flynn.... WHAT THE HELL? Flynn just landed an absolutely disgusting low blow on Sandman! Flynn now is smashing his skull into the mat, seemingly questioning what he just did. However finally, a sick smile slowly creeps across the face of Flynn. He begins to stomp on Sandman who is already crying in pain. The fans look on in shock, unsure of what is truly going on. Flynn, with a slow tone, picks his microphone back up. Do you have any fucking clue who I am? DO ANY OF YOU? I see it in all of your eyes. PITY. I don’t need anyone’s god damn pitty. He was right, NECCE WAS RIGHT. Twenty-Four hours ago, I was left lying in that ring, broken and destroyed. I didn’t sleep last night and it was because of this that I could truly ponder the ultimatum that was given to me by none other then the only man that controls my career, Necce. Following our match, Necce came to me, and he gave me a proposition. Either I retire, and I remain retired for the rest of my career or tonight, I come out here and I show the world who I truly am. I embrace what I am. Not the hero, or the mighty warrior of BPZ. I expose myself as THE DEVIL OF BPZ. I show that I am everything that he has said I am. And in return, I can continue to live out my career. And so.... here I am. I never cared for a single person in this arena. I really, really tried. I wanted to be the hero, I wanted to be the good guy, but I’m not. You people, have always and will forever disgust me. Why? Because you all almost cost me everything. Last night you are the ones that pushed me into taking on Necce with my career on the line and if it wasn’t for this proposition, I would be another loser in the retirement home. But now, I’m not just not retiring, I’m embracing what I am. A Fallen King. “The Fallen King” of BPZ. Do any of you think this makes me happy? DO I LOOK LIKE I’M TAKING ENJOYMENT OUT OF THIS? The war I and Necce have gone through over the past year isn’t my fault. It isn’t Necce’s fault, it’s all of your faults. You are the ones who embraced it, you are the ones who fueled us, changing that stupid chant “fight forever”! It was through my loss last night, when all of you clapped me down that aisle to the back, that you were living through me. Stealing my passion, my dreams from me for yourselves. Moments that none of you earned. Moments that I EARNED, FOR ME! You stole them all from me. No more. These moments, THEY BELONG TO ME NOW. ME- Flynn quickly pauses as he notices Sandman beginning to make his way back to his feet. Flynn in a sudden rage, lunges forward before taking him out with a disgusting FKO! Take a good long look at him. This.... this is what all of you wanted me to become? Some forgotten relic, forced to sit on the sideline for the rest of my life, knowing that I’m better then everyone of the losers in this company. Tonight, I openly admit defeat to Necce. You destroyed the King. And so I fell from my thrown. As for what’s next? Stay tuned..... Flynn drops his microphone. A sick smile firmly planted across his face. Following a year long war, Necce has seemingly destroyed the proud man Flynn once was. Left in the rubble, “The Fallen King”, a man with absolutely nothing left to lose.
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    The Return of The King

    Survivor Series is underway as we've already seen NXT Championship & Tag Team Championship Matches, before a video begins playing, taking us back a few months ago to look at the domination of Julius, the BPZ World Champion. Beginning with his win at King of the Ring, it shows his dismantling of Slim, piece-by-piece as then it flashes to The King down in the ring, in a pool of blood as SummerSlam ends. Flashes of Echo Wilson proclaiming himself to be the King, along with Julius boasting about his monumental win, along with Bart bragging about how he was the one who struck the blow to end The King once and for all, before the echoes from SummerSlam with TheGRV yelling "THE FALL OF THE KING" are the fading words. For months, we haven't seen Slim, and the Kingdom is going strong without him, having an iron fist over BrendenPlayz Wrestling. Suddenly, as the commentators inform us that the Premium Championship Match is next, a theme begins playing. The graphic of 'The King is Coming" flashes to everyone's enlightenment as a few moments pass, before emerging from the curtain is Slim, his hair tied up with a Polo Zip-Up Hoodie on, along with the polo joggers to match as he holds a microphone in his hand. He takes a moment to take in the fans who surprisingly have a positive reaction to him, before beginning his long-awaited walk to the ring. And for the first time in months, Slim steps into the ring, with the microphone in his hand as he raises it to his mouth before the overwhelming chants of Slim make him just nod his head, before he raises it again. I appreciate it... Thank you. 3 months ago, I was silenced at the hands of my own men. The Kingdom turned it's back on me, and in the process ended not only our partnership, but the friendship I shared with Echo and Bart. I wasn't using them like I've used everyone else, I was grooming them to become greats. Hall of Famers, but they took that for granted and let all the people who I've wronged, they let their words seep into their ears and eventually it appeared to them like a business partnership, not a friendship. And that weighed on me for the past three months. I sat at home after SummerSlam, in pain, icing my back and my legs as the pain was more emotional than physical. I watched as Julius beat challenger after challenger, I watched as Bart outwrestled everyone and I watched as Echo outsmarted everyone and all I can see is myself split into three pieces. Unfortunately for The Kingdom, I'm back. I have done many heinous, many hurtful things to many people but I stand here to slowly, but surely gain the respect of you, the fans, and I know that it will be hard for many of you to forgive me but I will try, because this is my life. The past three months, I've felt empty. Alone. There's been nights that I haven't been able to sleep, because for the first few weeks I thought it was it, that I thought that I was finally finished with this company and it was time for myself to move onto greener pastures... The somber tone of Slim suddenly turns into an angier, more aggressive tone as he finishes his sentence. But then, The Kingdom popped into my head, the sight of those three being able to say that they finally finished me off. So tonight, I'm here to let you all know, Julius, Echo, Bart, you will be seeing me very soon... Because at December to Dismember, I'll have my return match... My return to the ring will entail one of The Kingdom falling in defeat as my hand is raised high into the air, with the other two looking on, wondering where it all went wrong when just a few months ago, I was on my back in the center of the ring, wishing I had never challenged Julius. Three months ago, I was embarrassed. I was humiliated. But it was a wake-up call. Now I stand here, stronger physically, stronger mentally, and I will be the one to end The Kingdom. They are my creation, the three men I forged with nothing but my brilliance. Instead of taking my guidance, allowing me to give you the keys to my Kingdom, instead you tried to take my throne, and bad news... I'm still here. So which one of you will it be, next month? Bart, Julius, or Echo? Who will face me at December to Dismember? Slim spikes the microphone into the mat as he awaits the response from The Kingdom, whether or not they accept his challenge. @Echo Wilson @Bart @Julius01
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    Slaying the Beasts

    We head backstage where in a dark room filled with only one hanging light-bulb Julius and Ropati stand. Ropati reaches behind him for a chair and sits as Julius stands facing the camera. Julius then begins to speak “Tomorrow, our quest to become BPZ Tag-Team Champions begins, tomorrow the time for talk is over, tomorrow is when the battle begins. Brenden and Sameer, you guys have had a hell of a lot to say about us and how we are weak in comparison to you, but tomorrow you will truly find out that the only weakness in our matchup is you. You continue to dwell on the past, using it as a way to keep yourself relevant. Well right now you’re living in the present, an era run by me and your accomplishments, your reigns of terror in the past will mean nothing to us when that bell rings. People like Brendenplayz and Sameer are the reason this company can never move forward, can never progress. You live in the past, an era that has been long forgotten and you come back as a nostalgia act, hoping and praying that every desperate measure you take brings back the glory of the past. Well the time for nostalgia is over. It’s time to find out who wants it more and who will do whatever it takes to get the victory. I know that Ropati and I have a drive, a will to get us through and win the Tag Team Championships, but you two jokes do not. You came together as a joke, you may think that you want this more than we do but you don’t. We are the ones turning up day in and day out wrestling all over the world while you two sit on your asses all day and watch the world go by without breaking a sweat. We are the ones who sell out the arenas, we are the ones who bring in the merchandise, we are the ones keeping this company alive, we are the ones who have the hunger, the drive, the determination to secure victory at all costs. Hell we are the ones here tonight, where the hell are you? It’s time for a new era to be ushered in and the only way to do that is by eliminating the plague of the past and it starts with you. Julius steps forward to the camera, his face displaying anger and determination as he speaks his final words Let me make one thing perfectly clear, tomorrow will be the last time you see Brendenplayz and Sameer in a wrestling ring. That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler Julius steps back into the dark, Ropati leans forward into his chair ready to speak
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    Slaying the Beasts

    Well Julius I'm glad that you can keep track of time and you will actually show up for the fight. For a moment there I was worried you were going to no show, since it took you so long to step up and reply. So at least the people will get they want. Because what they really want is to see me back in the ring doing what I do best. You brought up the point that I'm old and living in the past blah blah, the same thing we've heard hundreds of times now. You know why Sameer and I have to come back? It's because people like you, the supposed "star of the company" brings in dust into the arenas. Ever since you have taken the top spot in the company its gone down the drain. Do you know how many sponsors I have had to beg not to leave because they're not happy with our product? I have had to work my ass off behind the scenes to keep BPZ alive because you don't have what it takes to be a star. I bring back the old names because we can still do it at a higher level than anyone else. People like Flynn, Slim and Bailey they're the real deal. When they were on top, I couldn't make enough T-Shirts to cover the supply. How many shirts have you sold? 10? You don't have IT Julius and Sameer and I have come back here to make sure that this tag team classic wasn't a failure. Because let's face it, with you and Ropati as the headline team it was bound to be. At least now, the fans can watch two of the best go in that ring and do the job right. The only joke here is you. You keep calling us a joke but back in the real world its just you scrambling to keep your spot, trying to find any excuse to put us down when you know deep down inside you're insecure. You know you're in trouble, you know you can't beat us. Sameer dominated for years, he was a star. He was the real deal. I refused to get into the ring because I knew I would take that title on your shoulder. If I snap my fingers I could still take it right now. Don't you ever forget that Julius. You're a star because I let you be, not because I want you to be. When the time is right, you will be replaced and taken down and at the tag team classic, I will begin that process. Sameer and I we will be taking this first round. You will leave, go back to drawing crickets in arenas like you do best. While we go on to win this classic, I will begin the plan and put it into motion. Not only will I take you down Julius, but your kingdom will fall too. You don't realise the power that I have and you have pissed me off one too many times. I've sat back and let things happen, now I must just do something about it.
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    The titantron shows a dark road, full of rain, as a hooded figure walks down the road, before a nearby tv screen shows highlights of SummerSlam, with Julius decimating Slim before him making a nearly impossible comeback, only to be shut down by Bart. As the music continues to play, the voice of Slim is heard throughout the arena. Going into SummerSlam it was tough. I was caught between two roads, because in my mind, it was my legacy finally being established. Undoubtedly the greatest ever, the one claim anyone has on my head is that I haven't won that illustrious fifth World Championship. I lose. I lose miserably, and I walk out of the Staples Center that night, going backstage for the final time thinking this may be it. With so many guys in and out, Smith getting fired, Flynn and Necce constantly gone, I was thinking that the new age was coming and frankly I couldn't hang. The once unstoppable, unbeatable man who was untouchable for 310 days, I was at the lowest of my lows on that night. Slim continues speaking as the depressing music continues to play, highlighting how terrible these past three months have been. And I ghosted the company after that. I collected my paycheck for the night, flew home to Jacksonville and ignored texts from anyone who worked for the company unless it was from a close friend. My mental state was weak, because for so long I had built myself up, I came into every show, every night, having no doubts ever, because whenever something was important to me, I ended up on top. Yet... For the first time, that night, I fell. That immortal throne I stood on was snatched from under me and my tumble to the bottom was one my mind couldn't handle. No appetite, for days. Losing sleep, and if I came back, if I stepped foot in this place again, what was I gonna say? I failed? It was a once in a lifetime thing? No. For me, that was it, I had finally been unseated. It was over. But then, a few weeks later, my mind started to realize what I was giving up. And despite it never occurring to me while I was gone, the fans, the very reason I became a despicable person, were the thing I missed the most. But despite me feeling that I wanted to come back, I knew that I wasn't in the right mindframe, but the day I did choose to come back, it wasn't the World Championship I was after, it was the one thing that could truly say it broke me... The Kingdom. So now, as I walk deeper and deeper down this dark road, one I may never recover from, I must make you understand, for me, this is not about a championship piece, or a single victory. The Kingdom made me rethink who I am, the Kingdom broke me mentally. And for that, I thank you. Bart, Echo, and Julius. All three of you. But, breaking me may have unlocked a new side of me. Because these past three months, I've been gone, REBUILDING myself from the weak human you saw at SummerSlam. And at December to Dismember, you will truly understand what I mean, Julius. The titantron cuts to a date... December 23rd, before a black and white picture of a furious Slim shows up, marking the return date, and a rematch from SummerSlam, Slim vs Julius, at December to Dismember...
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    Deafening Silence

    The lights start to flash on and off until the spotlight is on the entrance ramp everyone in the arena looks confused. Remember the Name by Fort Minor roars throughout the arena as the Crowd, Ropati, and Julius still look confused until we see a person come out of the backstage area on to entrance ramp. The mysterious person raises his head up to reveal his identity and it's none other than the 2 times Premium and IC champion, SAMEER! He's here TONIGHT with his tag team partner Brenden the man that brought him into this business as a young prospect and showed him how to be successful in the business. Sameer quickly walks toward the ring. Julius and Ropati look shook as they realize that Brenden was right about Sameer being ready for another big run looking more buffed than the last time we saw him. He gets inside the ring, He and Brenden his good friend/mentor shake hands, Brenden then proceeds to give Sameer the microphone. As Sameer then sets his eyes on Ropati first. I'll admit you have some balls kid calling me out and saying I'm pathetic but you weren't expecting me to show up today. Well, I'm here now and I can see that you are scared, frighten and shook, You have realized that you don't belong in this ring. You haven't achieved shit compared to the other 3 people in this ring. I honestly don't know what is more pathetic that Julius picked you as his partner or that you represent that shit country New Zealand. Anyone in New Zealand should be ashamed that the one guy that makes it to this company from there is nothing but a worthless half brain dead rat. That won't achieve anything. What have you done since being here for 2 years? Win the United States title which was clearly a fluke since you only held it for a month, Or make it to the semi-finals of king of the ring where you chocked and couldn't get the job done? You are a joke now shut the fuck up before I squash you with my boot kiwi. Sameer then focuses his attention on Julius they both stare at each other. The Crowd begins to erupt. Sameer then begins to speak again. Looks like we haven't been properly introduced I'm Sameer, I'm a two premium and IC Champion, oh and also a Tag Champ before. You come out here thinking you are some big guy huh? You may be World Champ and the United States Champ right now. But you haven't faced me and Those people that you named I have faced and I have beaten. You talk about carrying this company but from what I can see you aren't a money name, You don't draw people in. You are just a hothead that has overachieved and I'm gonna make YOU the world champ go out in the first round. I'm gonna show these people that I've still got it but also show them how weak you are. Ropati and you are the same so I guess that's why you teamed, You both are idiots. You haven't faced me, You don't know what kind of man I become when I have a goal set or when someone gets me pissed on the 7th of December you will figure out though and I know it's pretty obvious but I know you two aren't that intelligent so to answer your question I AM GOING TO BE THERE AND I AM GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS.
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    Thank You

    We are live on Carnage, a show that seems to be fully focused on the tag tournament with everyone trying to find partners. However, it seems like we are now onto something else, when “One True Villain” plays in the arena, with the Intercontinental Champion stepping out and walking to the ring. So far, he has shown zero interest in the tag team tournament and it is very unlikely that that will change here tonight. It’s the first time that Bart has been seen on Carnage since Bailey announced that he would be fighting his Kingdom partners at Night Of Legends in a Triple Threat with the Universal Title on the line. He walks to the ring and before the crowd has stopped booing, he speaks, forcing the crowd to stop booing if they want to listen. No, let me be clear, I am not here to beg for a partner for the tag team tournament. I have made it clear before and I will say it again, I am not interested in facing the Flock, I am not interested in fighting for the tag team titles and no one can change that thought. I have been approached more times than any of you can imagine, but none sparked the slightest of interest in me. I don’t need to fight at every single tournament that they come up with to milk content, that’s just stupid. I am very valuable part of the BPZ and unlike others, I am aware of that, meaning that I will not waste my time on all this filler. I got my title, I got my opponents who get disappointed every month, one Hollow who screams that he has chance to defeat me only to lose again and again, I don’t need more of that. I am here because of something that actually matters. Bart takes a breath, thinking about what he is going to say before continuing to speak. As you all know, Bailey announced that at his biggest ppv of the year, I would be facing Echo and Julius for the Universal Title. Sadly, Bailey’s motive is obvious. While obviously we are the biggest stars on his roster and therefore need to be in a big match to try and save his failing shows at any Carnage events, this time he has another reason. After I defeated Bailey at Emergence, after I beat his buddy Ginge Redemption and finally defeated the whole mighty Evolution, he has realised that he can not defeat us. But he still wants control over his brand. That’s why he thought of the best way to make a stable collapse, and just like you would’ve expected from a booker of his kind, he came up with the most basic thing that you could possibly do, a match between the stable members. It’s the most obvious way to create tension within a group, a method that undoubtedly has been very successful in the past. I can’t say that I find it a strange tactic, but I am scared for Bailey that he once again has made a mistake when it comes to his handling of the Kingdom. But, I will need everyone to be silent before I speak my brilliance. Bart then abruptly stops talking as the boos intensify. “The Villain” calmy waits, and slowly the crowd becomes completely silent, to his delight. You see, Bailey isn’t wrong. There is tension within the Kingdom. When you are the top guys on a company, it’s inevitable that at some point you will start to wonder who is the best. Maybe the Universal Title would’ve been the breaking point, maybe our quest to prove that we were the best on our brand would have made us want to take out the others. Maybe one of us would have collapsed and turned his back on the others. But now, with a Universal Title match getting handed to us, we no longer need to break to get our desired answers. We will be able to fight it out without having to turn our backs on another. We can let all of our inner tension and frustration come out at Night Of Legends, allowing us to move forward as a unit in the future. The match will be as competitive as it gets, but afterwards we will all accept the outcome and move on ruling the BPZ with a dominance that has never been seen before. So for all of you wondering, no, this match will not be the end of the Kingdom. The match allows us to become stronger as a group than we have ever been before, meaning that anyone who has any aspirations in the BPZ, can wait even longer. But again, don’t thank me, thank Bailey. He made this happen.
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    When I created BPZ my intention was to never be the star, it was to never win championships or have any accolades to my name. I've stuck to my word after all of these years. But here we are just days away from the BPZ Tag Team Classic. I've stood at the back of the line letting everyone else have their turn in the spotlight. I accepted that it was not my time and it may never be my time to be "the guy". But after all these years the urge to have one moment in the spotlight has gotten the better of me. I've pondered my future for a long time now, I asked myself all the time, "Am I done? Should I retire?". I always felt as though I had one more big run left in me. I have stepped in the ring when the time was right on a few occasions. Whether it would be to stop my company from being taken over by tyrants or to elevate a young superstar. But after all these years, I feel like the time is right. The time is right to rip off the suit and get back in that ring and show everyone in BPZ just who the hell I really am. @bailey14 you want to know who will take the invite to join the the tag team classic well here I am! I'm right here and I am ready to go and I will fight with everything I got left, because I need this. Years and years have gone by and so many stars have come and gone. Titles have been won and epic moments and rivalries have been had. But where is mine? Where is my respect? Where is my title? What do I get? Absolutely NOTHING. I made this place, I created the opportunity for everyone to be here and most days everyone just walks straight by me without even a hello. I'm tired of being disrespected. If I have to step in the ring one more time to earn some respect from people and prove that I can do it, then I will. Because while everyone was winning titles I was working behind the scenes keeping this place afloat. But now it's time for me, to get what I deserve, it's time that I win the big one. The 2018 Clapspriacy Tag Team Invitational Classic will be my moment. But of course, I can't do this alone. I'm teaming up with the future Hall of Famer @Sameer. I couldn't think of a better partner who has the ruthless desire to be the best like I do. This man has been overlooked and outright disrespected just like me for far too long. His name should be help up high on a pedestal but yet everyone in this company just seems to forget what he has done. There will be no forgetting when this invitational is ours and we are known as the best tag team in BPZ. We're back and we're coming to win the classic. I understand we have to face @Ropati and @Julius01 well I have a few words to say about them but it can wait another day. For now, I want everyone to get your cell phones out and take a picture and remember the moment where you saw BrendenPlayz back in a BPZ ring.
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    Deafening Silence

    "Gallantry" plays around the arena signalling the arrival of the United States and World Heavyweight Champion Julius, who steps out onto the stage, carrying both of his titles across his shoulders before smugly walking down to the ring keeping a stone cold gaze on the boss of the company Brendenplayz. Julius enters the ring and immediately goes face to face with Brenden as the crowd rise to their feet. Brenden smiles at Julius before moving the mic to his mouth but Julius smacks it out of his hands and raises his titles above his head seemingly disrespecting the owner of this company "Keep your mouth shut old man you've said enough bullshit tonight, It's the champs time to speak. Who the hell do you think you are coming out here and calling me a paper champ? If you actually payed any attention to your own company you would realise that every single person that's stepped in my path has been obliterated and destroyed with ease. I'm talking Slim, Flynn, Ginge and even your little Golden Child Bailey. You know if I really wanted to I could put you down right now and end this whole nostalgia bullshit but I want to see the legend himself right in front of my eyes when we go into battle, I want to see what all the fuss is about, whats the big deal about Brendenplayz. You questioned my decision to team with Ropati, well Brenden I have a question for you. How do you know Sameer will be in your corner when we face? From what I have seen, Sameer has promised Bailey that he would be at every single Carnage PPV but yet he never shows. What makes this so different Brenden? After all it's just a tag-match in the first round of a tournament, If any alliance should be questioned then it's the one between you and Sameer so don't you dare come out here question what I do because everything I have done has resulted in success" Julius once again raises his titles in the air "Whenever Ropati is called upon to have a match he puts everything he has into it, whether it's against Necce or against Prince everything he does is at 100%. So you better smarten yourself up buddy or you'll find yourself down and out on the floor wondering where it all went wrong. December 7th when we go into battle, you better bring whatever is left in that tank and much much more if you want to walk out on your own two feet because your are coming up against the face of this company, the man who has carried this company on his back for the last 6 months while you have sat around and done nothing. They call me the executioner for a reason and come December 7th I'm going to show you're weak ass why"
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    Deafening Silence

    "Young and Bitter" hits as the crowd roars as 'The Kiwi Buzzsaw" Ropati has shown up to confront Brenden. Ropati steps into the ring and throws the New Zealand flag that was over his mouth right into the face of Brenden showing blatant disrespect. Welcome back Brenden, it’s good to see you back in this ring. Brenden chuckles thinking this is obvious sarcasm from Ropati No, I’m serious, it's good to see that you actually care about this company that you own. It’s good to see you’ve decided not to stay in the dark any longer and you’ve decided to finally return to the ring but if I’m being perfectly honest with you Brenden we were doing just fine without you. So while yes it's been nice and fun to have you back how about you go and leave again because you’re quite frankly not needed here. Brenden shakes his head and says ‘Not gonna happen” Not gonna happen huh well then I guess me and Julius are going to have to send you away forcefully but unlike you, I have proper reasons why we’re going to win not just “he’s a joke” which is a pretty pathetic way to try and come at me Brenden but back to the reasons. I mean first of all how long has it been since your last match 2 years? That’s a how of a long time Brenden and I’m pretty damn sure you haven’t spent all that time training which if we’re being honest you should’ve because Julius and I are going to wipe you and your pathetic excuse of a partner in Sameer out of the water. So Brenden now I ask you, you can talk the talk but can you walk the walk? Brenden goes to speak but gets cut off by the sound of Julius’s theme song.
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    Rookie Error

    Carnage comes back from commercial break to the sound of different theme. The fans rise out of their seats hoping to see a new face appear here on Carnage TV. They wait in anticipation but are quickly disappointed when a the titantron reads "Face of the Future" signalling the arrival of the BPZ World Heavyweight and United States Champion Julius. He arrogantly walks down the ramp raising both his titles above his head after a successful Survivor Series PPV where Kingdom defeated Evolution while Julius beat Akki retain his US title. Julius circles the ring and stands on the barricade raising his titles up in the air once again as a sole spotlight shines down on him. Julius then grabs a microphone and heads into the ring. The fans start to jeer but the champ just smirks before beginning to speak "What a night Survivor Series was. The Kingdom once again proved that we are the best thing going in the world right now when we clean sweeped all the competition Sunday night. We exposed Evolution as being a bunch of frauds and ushered in a new generation when we soundly defeated their battered bodies, Bart also retained his Intercontinental Championship crushing Hollow, And I defeated Akki with ease capping off yet another successful night for the Champ." Julius once again raises his titles up in the air and shouts "That's why I'm the champ" before grabbing the microphone and resuming his speech "The end of Survivor Series signalled change here in BPZ. Flynn retired... sort of, and over the last couple of weeks we have seen some new and old faces appear. However, the reason I stand here in front of you all is because a certain new face decided he had the guts to call me out and challenge me to a match at December to Dismember. Even worse he predicted that he would destroy me. I respect Diego Garcia for trying to make a name for himself by coming after the biggest name in BPZ but I have to say it comes as a bit of a rookie error. Over the past year I have decimated and dominated people like him. Every single new face that has stepped into the company has faced me, and all of them have failed, Diego Garcia to be the next. I don't care that you are an IWGP Champion, I couldn't give a shit about what you have done in your career because in the 3 years I have been in this business I have accomplished more than you ever will and that's the truth. Once you step into the ring here in BPZ it's a whole new ball game, you come in with no experience whatsoever in this environment and you think you can beat me? Get over yourself because if this is the path you truly want to take, you wont be here come January. You may be in the news for the month leading up to our eventual clash at December to Dismember but after I beat your ass, no one is going to notice or even care about you and you will realise that you fucked up big time. Something else that caught my attention is your constant preaching about how you destroyed Kieron Black. Firstly that's no major accomplishment nearly everyone in this company has beaten the shit out of Kieron Black but you're the only one who thinks it's such a big deal. Let me tell you something about how I gained the United States Championship. I beat Kieron Black to get this along with two other men and you come out here stating that beating Kieron Black is a big deal. He's a joke, he always was and I'm going to make a damn right fool out of you" "They call me the executioner for a reason, I killed Slims career, I brutalised Flynn and I killed everything that Bailey stood for at Survivor Series. So Diego Garcia, I leave this to you. Think about the longevity of your career, think about your image and your pride before coming after someone like me, because if you continue to pursue this I will take every delight in putting you down and kicking you out never to be seen again. Diego Garcia, I accept your challenge but you better bring everything you got and more, because anything less than that will lead to your death" Julius once again raises his titles as a spotlight shines down on him. He then exits the ring a warning sent to Diego Garcia ahead of their United States Championship Match at December to Dismember
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    On January 11th, Live from Las Vegas Nevada in the T-Mobile Arena Carnage Presents the Biggest Show of the Year, Night Of Legends. Last Year we saw a successful Night Of Legends where we saw Necce win the annual Carnage Scramble at the last second. Flynn retain his Universal Championship against Peter Whilechester and Ross Defeated Bailey in a star Studded Main Event. But this year It's a totally new landscape in Carnage. With the Kingdom at the head front of the Show. Who will Echo Wilson defend his Universal Championship against? How does the Outcome of Evolution vs Kingdom effect this show? Who will walk out of Night Of Legends as the 2nd ever Carnage Scramble winner and a future shot at the Universal Champion? This will all take place at Carnages Biggest night of the year, to start out the year of 2019. Night Of Legends. Where Legends are truly made. Arena: Venue: T-Mobile Arena (Las Vegas Nevada) Theme: Hall Of Fame- The Script Match Card: Carnage Scramble: Bizzy Vs Hollow Vs Angelo Vs Yelich Vs ? Universal Championship Match: Echo Wilson (C) vs Bart vs Julius FDS vs ? Carnage Showcase Match: Bubba vs Odyssey Sellers vs Brett Storm vs Mave Deltzer
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    You most likely don't know me. You most likely don't know what I stand for. You most likely don't know what I am: greatness. A wrestler of my caliber and a speaker of my talent can't go ignored for very long, and I'm out to prove exactly my point. My name is Odyssey Sellers, and once I have gotten through what I plan to achieve, everybody will associate the "Crippler" with one thing: the best. I am the best of the best. I am the cream of the crop, the top dog, pull out whatever phrase you wish. It doesn't matter, because what does matter is the fact that I am somebody to watch out for. I am here to prove exactly what I say, because what I speak is the truth, and the truth is what I speak. Talk is cheap if you can't back it up, but somebody of my excellence would have absolutely no problem proving that I am the best. I'm willing to take a piece of everybody if it means that people will truly accept who the greatest of all time happens to be. The crippler of man and the annihilation of dreams has arrived, and the journey is nearing it's end, while I am only getting started. The Odyssey has arrived.
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    A God To A Mortal

    A hushed Cincinnati crowd rises from there seats to look at the stage, which has been drowned in a dim purple light. A slow, distant playing of instruments is heard over the P.A system as the crowds' interest peaks to the mountain tops. A faint outline of a figure is seen through the purple light, its arms swaying to the soft beat of the music. Eventually, the figure steps out of the smoke and the roar of the crowd could be compared to a million lions, as the man standing in front of the thousands in attendance is none other than a returning BiC, who stands still looking at the fans who are all cheering on the man they haven't seen in months. BiC, who may very well be the most up and down superstar we have seen in this business, walks slowly down the ramp taking in every chant, every cheer, not a single person was expecting this tonight and BiC is soaking in every bit of it as he slowly steps onto the apron and strikes a pose, pulling away his thing white jacket to expose his newfound abs before sliding underneath the bottom rope and grabbing a microphone before striking a smile that could make any girl bite her lip and bringing the microphone to his mouth, talking slowly with a crisp voice. "Every time.....I stepped in this ring over the past 3 years.....I changed the mind of every fan in attendance about who was the 'Best' because comparing someone as great as me to anyone else in that locker room is like comparing a god to a mortal...yeah, I like the sound of that...A god." "If you don't know who I am, my name is BiC...and that stands for Best In Class and that isn't just a saying that's a promise, in 2017 I won the King Of The Ring tournament and became the World Champion. I am a former tag team champion AND United States champion and I have beaten some of the greats; I walked into this company with the sole intention of impressing and that I did. I mean hell just look at me" BiC flashes a quick smile and lowers the mic, looking around before the smile turns to disgust "You guys haven't changed one bit, I swear I can smell the Dorito dust coming off your fingers, and what's with all the kids in the arena, are we hosting Make A Wish again or is Cincinnati just that poor looking? Loud boos emit from the crowd, as chants of 'Welcome Back' turn to 'Fuck You'. BiC walks forward and leans on the ropes, speaking right to the camera. I've done every single thing in my career without the help of you guys, and I will continue to do that as I continue my legacy...and that's exactly why I am back here. To erase old mistakes, to do things I've never done....but I want to start in a new way. Because of, just how great I am and I am in the giving mood I am going to give one lucky person the chance to face me, one on one. Anyone in the back, who would like to even have the chance to beat me, walk on down the ramp and step into the ring" "Don't be shy, this is an opportunity that's greater than anything...you could say...its a Dream opportunity" BiC drops the microphone and drops in the middle of the ring, sitting criss-cross with a big smile on his face waiting to see who accepts his challenge
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    The Return of The King

    Slim motions to the back begging any one of the Kingdom Members to step out onto the stage and accept his challenge when all of a sudden the crowd boo's with Slim's face turning into a rye smile. The World Heavyweight and United States Champion Julius makes his way onto the stage taping his wrists in preparation for the 3 matches he has scheduled for tonight. Julius looks up at Slim and then back down at his wrist before cutting off the tape and launching it into the crowd. Julius then laughs at Slim and heads to the back as the fans boo with Slim looking angered in the ring. Just as Slim looked as he was about to give up and walk to the back, Julius returns with a Steel Chair and places it down at the top of the ramp before sitting on it making himself feel very comfortable before picking up a mic "Well, well, well look what the cat dragged in. What's it been now Slim? Four, Five months since I whooped your ass and sent you into hiding, and now you crawled your way back into this company looking to seek revenge against the people who threw you out in the first place. Original isn't it Slim? You're not the first and you're certainly not the last person to have a problem with what the Kingdom does around here and you're about to see what happens when we face people who oppose how we run this place when we brutalise and humiliate Evolution in front of each and every single one of you. Now I wasn't going to waste my energy and my time by coming out here and engaging with you because quite frankly you are below me, you're old news and nobody gives a shit about what you have been doing over the last couple of months, your old news Big Dog. However, there is one little problem with what you just said. You said that this was your Kingdom, well I am sorry to tell you this Slim but you're wrong. In the months that you have been hiding and weeping and whinging about how you lost us three have risen to heights never seen before. Echo is the Universal Champion, Bart is the Intercontinental Champion and the rightful Global Champion a title he never lost, and then me the United States and reigning, defending, undisputed BPZ Champion of the world. This is our Kingdom now and I sure as hell ain't going to let you come and destroy it" Julius rises out of his seat and moves towards Slim, fire burning in his eyes "For months now we have been carrying this company on our back, knocking down every single challenger that has stepped in our path, and you think that you can come here and question our reign providing an answer to our dominance. Well Slim, I have an answer to your challenge. I accept, but under one condition. At December to Dismember one year after my in-ring debut you wont be facing just me, you will be facing all 3 of us so we can truly once and for all Dismember you. Take it or leave it Slim, but this is my Kingdom now and your just a peasant living in it" Julius throws the mic down and heads to the back, an ultimatum being sent to the former World Heavyweight Champion
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    Yelich's Promo School

    If you can not read it, the stick figure (Yelich) says "At December to Dismember, I am facing Julius, Diego Garcia, and Echo Wilson for the United States Championship" If you can not read it, the bad marker bit says "I will win at December to Dismember 'cause I'm good and my opponents aren't" (excuse my bad handwriting and bad marker, switched markers halfway through, added for effect in the fourth photo)
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    We are live from the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut for Carnage. We are about halfway through the show when a certain theme tune people haven't heard in awhile plays. "Upset Army" by Christian Fitness plays over the PA System as Yelich walks out with a microphone in hand, he makes his way to the ring, giving high fives to the fans on the way before finally entering the ring and addressing the audience. I'd hate to be that guy but I gotta say it, these new guys are ruining the company. Arrow, BK Strong, Aaron North, Smith718, Diego Garcia, these guys have never fought once in BrendenPlayz Pro Wrestling and they act like they're hot shit and that they deserve everything. Newsflash, you have to WORK to win opportunities around here. You can't just waltz in and ask for a World title match just because Arrow. Plus have you seen these guys' promo abilities, they're about as good as my dog at promo's and they're nowhere near as cute. Everyone that has come after me has ruined this company... I don't recognize what this company was when I first walked in. There are no more constants in this company. I lie... there is one constant, one constant here in BPZ and in life in general, it's change. But most of that change has been bad for the people to come before them.... I've been here about 2 1/2 years now, I have won a grand total of 4 titles with 2 defenses among all those reigns. I've seen what's happened to the people to come before me... Nate, BiC, Ross, hell Alyx Wilde debuted on the same night with me, he's gone, Kieron Black actually died, same with Chris White (kinda). And then you have the people who have failed to find success with all these new people here, Brad, Bashka, Bailey to an extent, even Slim is having trouble regaining his footing in this new era. It's all about Julius, Echo Wilson, Jason Ryan, Bart, and The Marker now. I'm scared that soon it will also be about Arrow, BK Strong, Aaron North, Smith718, and Diego Garcia soon as well soon, and that there will be no more room for Yelich. In my latest promo I said Julius was killing the United States Division... I lied. He's killing my career. I need a win or else I will be forgotten. And not one against Prince or Ropati or whoever I've beaten at the last two Carnage PPV's, but a major win. I need relevancy or else I'm going to be ousted from my spot in this company. I'm already on the bad side with upper management after forcefully changing my gimmick without their consent, calling out creative's bullshit. A few more losses I'm probably done, especially with this big batch of up and coming newbies trying to take our spots, my spot. I need to dig in and keep my spot. I need to beat Julius, or else I fear my end. Julius, you're a great wrestler, but at December to Dismember it's gonna come down to who needs this win more, me, you, or Diego Garcia. And we are all going to find out that the answer to the question of who needs that win more, is me. Now if you'd like to refute that statement Julius, or Diego for that matter, waltz out here and show me why I'm wrong. Yelich leans forwards on the ropes facing the ramp, waiting for either Diego Garcia or Julius to come out.
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    Thank You

    Bailey appears on the Tiatantron in his office Hey bart, What are you talking about man. No one even brought up anything about the Kingdom. I simply booked the best match possible for Night Of Legends. As far as I see it and these people see. The only one mentioning the Break up of the Kingdom is you. You just defeated Evolution. Why would anyone think theres tension in the Kingdom? No one thought there was until you brought it up. So none of us know what's the deal with that but I simply booked what is best for business. Simply the 3 hottest single stars going at it for the Top Prize on Carnage the Universal Championship. Were gonna find out who really is the next big star of BPZ is. Were gonna find out who is the real deal and who is the fraud. But yeah at the Same time I guess will find out who really is the best man in the Kingdom. I guess you can say will find out who the real King is! I can picture it now Bart! And your new Universal Champion The Villain, The leader of the Kingdom Bart! Or.... I mean you can just prove to be what we already think you are. Simply just Julius bitch? Well i guess will find out at Night Of Legends. Have a good day Bart!
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    Part 3: Retracing

    A third Video is uploaded to the BPZ youtube channel, FDS is pictured this time sitting in an alleyway drinking an unknown liquid out of a brown paper bag, his hood is up to avoid being conspicuous, blood is stained on his left hand which is obscured by his body. FDS: (whispers) Why? There is only silence. FDS: (whispers) So now you don’t feel like talking? You caused that to happen and now you won’t even speak up about it? Voice: I caused nothing. That was all you buddy, just because you can’t accept it doesn’t mean that it was my fault. FDS: Then why the hell did it feel like I was out of control when that happened? Why did That feel like something evil inside me had taken control of me? Voice: Because you’re in denial. You can’t accept the fact that I am a part of you, that I am you and that I’m not just what you used to be, I am what you still are. Silence. FDS takes another swig of the unknown fluid Voice: Maybe it's time you see her again. Maybe she can help you realise who you really are. FDS: No… Voice: Why not? She made you this way after all… perhaps it’s time she felt what it’s like to suffer instead of making others suffer. FDS: She’s insane. Voice: She helped you! Don’t you remember? SHE WAS THE ONE THAT WAS THERE FOR YOUR LOW POINT! All those loses in BPZ, your failing life outside of the company, being stabbed in the back over and over again. She saved you from that. FDS: Yeah she also drove me insane, she created a demon inside of me that I apparently get rid of and again she is insane as well as manipulative. Voice: Well… then why not get some revenge on her? FDS: Ok if it’ll shut you up I’ll go see her. FDS throws the bottle of fluid on the ground smashing it revealing it to have been a small bottle of Johnny Walkers whiskey. The camera fades out from the alleyway into the site of what looks to be a dark abandoned house, FDS is seen walking up to the front door. A close up on FDS is shown, he rings the doorbell, the door is answered by a man holding a red book. Man: Oh hello Daniel, We’ve been expecting you. FDS: As always Credence. As always Credence: Indeed. Now if you won’t mind, the mistress is waiting for you in the back room so please follow me. FDS: Of course. FDS and Credence walkthrough the house, the floorboards creak as they walk over them, the sounds of screams can be heard beneath them, FDS ignores them and seems unfazed. The camera displays the disturbing photographs lining the walls of the house and the dark nature of the surrounding rooms. Credence and FDS make it to the back room, Credence steps to the side and points towards the room. FDS steps through into the room, a woman is pictured staring out of a large window viewing an overgrown garden. Woman: Credence. Shut the door. Credence: Certainly mistress. Woman: Hello Daniel. I’ve been expecting you. FDS: You always do. Samantha. Samantha: I sensed you are in inner conflict, do I need to remake you again? FDS: No that won’t be necessary. I simply wish to speak with you. Samatha: Of course, Please take a seat. Samantha points out a red leather couch, FDS walks over to it and takes a seat, Samantha sits in a large black chair across from it Samantha: So what is it you wish to discuss? FDS: I want to know… what exactly did you do to me? Samantha: Isn’t that obvious? I made you into a better man, I made you into a thing of beauty, I made you one of mine. FDS: See you said that during the entire time you did all this… but what I don’t understand is how you did that. Samantha: You’ve been to therapy haven’t you? FDS: Yes. Why? Samantha: Darling, there's nothing they can do to fix you. What I did to you is permanent. FDS: Is that so? Samantha: Indeed it is Darling. Samantha pours out two glasses of what seems to be vodka. She picks up a glass and then points at the other. Samantha: Please. Drink. I have a proposition for you. FDS lifts up the glass and swirls it before taking a small sip. Samantha: I’d like to stay here. Permanently. I’d like you to be my partner in the ruling of the hellscape I plan on creating. I’d like you to stay here and be what I made you be. Mine. FDS looks at the vodka from the side of the glass. He smirks and then snickers. FDS: I could do that... but… FDS throws the vodkas into the eyes of Samantha blinding her. He then stands up and takeouts a knife and stabs her multiple times. He then takes out some duct tape and ties her to the chair. FDS: You’re right. What you did to me can’t be undone but there I can suppress it… I just don’t feel like suppressing it right now. Samantha: (Laughing) Oh darling… you’re exactly how I wanted you to be. Go on… Finish me. FDS: You really think I’m going to let you die that peacefully? No. You and all the others can suffer exactly the way I did. Samantha: You would do that to the woman you love? FDS: I don’t love you. I never did. I used you. Hope you enjoy the hellscape I send you to. Samantha: Don’t you worry darling. I will. I have a feeling I’ll see you there very soon. Death won’t be enough to separate us. FDS laughs, he takes out a lighter, he uses the knife he used to stab Samantha to cut off a piece of fabric, He places it in the bottle of vodka then lights it, he grabs Samantha by the face and whispers to her: FDS: Goodbye Darling. FDS storms out of the house, Credence simply stares at him as the house begins to catch on fire. FDS continues to walk away. Voice: Does this mean I get to come out and play? FDS: Maybe… I don’t know. Guess we’ll find out when we get to where we’re going next. Voice: Are we going home? FDS: Sort of. The Camera fades out and suddenly a strange coded message appears on the screen with the sound of “I hope you Suffer” playing in the background 6419 1852021181419 2015 311814175 208919 235511 Cut to black
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    Unexpected Alliance

    We are backstage at Carnage after Survivor Series when the camera zooms in on a door which reads Kingdom gaining a loud boo from those here in attendance. The camera then turns to face The World Heavyweight and United States Champion Julius who is in a happy mood as he enters the room. As soon as Julius heads in Bart exits getting ready for his segment later in the night "Echo I got something for you" Echo turns around and looks towards Julius, not to happy to see the World Champion "Listen after our dominant display last night at Survivor Series, I got an opportunity for us to continue our reign of dominance and terror over this company, I mean after what we did last night to Bailey and his buddies, we basically run this Bitch" "What have you got for me Champ?" Julius grins as Echo looks intrigued by this opportunity put forward "The 2018 Clapspiracy Tag Team invitational Classic. Me and you enter do what we do best and that's beat the shit out of every other team and then reclaim the Titles that were stolen from us by the Flock. So Echo Wilson, how about we fill ourselves up with some more gold?" Echo ponders Julius' opportunity for a second before stepping up and coming face to face with him "You know what, No! That shit that you pulled last night at Survivor Series placing us in a 3v1 against Slim what were you thinking. You didn't even talk to us first. I think it's time someone stepped up to you and put you in your place because you don't run this group and you sure as hell don't run Bart or I. You worry about your own shit and we'll worry about ours and that includes what we do going forward. Bart and I don't want the match with Slim, we're done with him we've moved past him. If you want to deal with him and keep trying to prove to everyone that your not some paper champ then be my guest, but don't ever and I mean ever, involve us in something that we don't want to do" Julius is stunned by Echo's response and furiously walks out of the locker room, staring at Echo as he does so. Julius runs into a couple of backstage workers and staunches them before running into a very familiar face. Someone Julius isn't too happy to see
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    Unexpected Alliance

    The camera turns to show who Julius is looking at to show Ropati who is laughing at Julius. “Sorry, sorry I just found it funny how you just got rejected by your own stablemate to team together in The 2018 Clapspiracy Tag Team Invitational Classic. I mean you guys are meant to be the best stable in BPZ history but if I’m being honest it seems like you guys are on the one-way street to breaking up.” “Well if you don’t shut up soon you’ll be on the one-way street to me breaking you into two pieces” “Ok I get it but that isn’t the real reason why I decided to wait for you I have an idea you and I enter as a team in The 2018 Clapspiracy Tag Team Invitational Classic.” “Yeah I think I’m good” Julius goes to walk away but stops when Ropati starts talking again “I mean all you’re doing is proving Echo right” “What did you just sa-” “I said you’re proving Echo right, you’re proving that you aren’t the leader of Kingdom and seems to me you aren’t so big and bad you just a little bitch who listens to Echo” “Did you just call me a little bitch that listens to Echo you’re lucky I’m not kicking your ass right now for saying that and that’s only because I want to prove Echo wrong and show everyone why you don’t miss with Julius.” “So Partners?” Ropati puts his hand forward for a handshake “Partners” The two men shake hands showing that this partnership is official before Julius then pulls Ropati close enough so he can whisper into his ear “If you miss this up for me at all don’t think that I won’t raise hell on you, you got that” Ropati at first looks freaked out but then calms down “Sounds good partner” Carnage then cuts to a commercial break as the screen fades to black.
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