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    No Option

    Greatest hits, the whole arena fills with shock, not expecting this man to be here tonight and why is here tonight? This man we thought was in contract with Carnage. As Storm makes his way into the arena, he surveys the arena, looking around for what an evolve atmosphere is like. He high fives all of his fans before grabbing a microphone and enters the ring, to address Mayhem, why he is here tonight and the future of his BPZ Career. I am finally on Evolve soil. I have to say it feels damn good. I can promise every single person in attendance and at home, I am not going anywhere. Late last night, I got a call from General Manager of Evolve, Ross that I was traded along with a couple of other Carnage Talent to Evolve. I saw this was my opportunity to strike and strike for a title that I want my hands on. The title that someone I have wanted to get in the center of this squared circle with for a long time holds very tightly. Bart, I am coming for the U.S. Title that you hold so tightly in your hands. Come Judgement Day, I will get in the center of the this ring and take that title of yours. I know there will be many other challengers bursting on the scene, but this is my time and no one will take that from me. Storm continues to talk but in a serious tone that we haven't seen in a long time. Pacing back and forth, Storm goes and you can tell that he wont let any single individual to get into his way this time around. "One and Only" is not a saying, its not a catchphrase, its the damn truth and at Judgment Day you will come to witness the truth in that. I want to address something, as it is my first time in an Evolve Arena. This is the #1 place to be and I have finally been accepted by management. I will not let this slip through my grasp, every opportunity counts from now on. Every time I step into this ring, its a W in the Win/Loss record. The U.S. Title is my chance to prove to everyone that its my time, my era, I am not a jobber, I defeat jobbers, I win titles, and I am the future of BPZ. Bart you have become a triple champion, something that only a star can be able to do, but stars fall, and new stars rise and Judgement day is one major example of that. The U.S. Scene has stars like Bart, Yelich, Julius, Kieron Black, all of them can try but I am not here to lose like I did on Carnage. This is a fresh start for me, and trust me this fresh start will be "One and Only". Storm looks down and lifts his head back up, with rage in his eyes, red signifying his determination for the U.S. Title and his fresh start to be successful and it looks that it might just be exactly that. Lastly, my road to sucess will not be a shot as many people suggest it to be, It to be because I didnt come alone. I am going for the U.S. Title next month but when you come back from hurting, rough talks, life endeavors, rage tat cant be cured, you bring someone who knows all about being full of rage and not being accepted by management. We know each other and we will take our rage to the Tag Team Championships. Kingdom, be on notice because the "One and Only' and the "Universe" have formed Cosmic Universe to take down what is wrong in BPZ, The Kingdom. Storm drops the microphone and exits the ring, taunting to the crowd who cheers for their hero and walks backstage with a smile on his confident face.
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    May 25th, 2018: BPZ Mayhem An absolute bomb was dropped earlier tonight on the pre-show when it was announced the new holder of the recently vacated Intercontinental Championship would be decided live, tonight in 1 on 1 competition as the man who just lost the belt one month ago, Josh, takes on none other than the self proclaimed "Greatest Show on Earth" Alyx Wilde! We are just moments away from watching two men who have shown potential to be the next big thing in BPZ will do battle for one of the most prestigious belts in the business. With the level of talent about to hit the ring, this match very well bring the house down. And it appears the wait is over as the pumping, dulcet tones of Alyx Wilde's theme begins pulsing throughout the tension filled air. Thick, purple smoke begins drowning the stage and ramp as Alyx Wilde slowly stumbles his way to the center of the mass of fog. As Wilde stands there, the smoke begins to slowly drip off his body to the ground level until finally, Alyx Wilde is fully revealed to the rampant BPZ Universe who meets Wilde with a thundering response, Boos and Cheers come together to form a deafening chorus. Alyx Wilde stands still for a moment, relishing his moment, all eyes on him. He wears a pair of deep purple velvet tights tucked into bright white knee high boots. He also dons his golden high cut swan-esque jacket, this man is a peacock on every level. He suddenly stretches out his arms and arches his back into his signature pose as the roar grows even louder from the audience. He grins and shakes his head as he struts his way down the ramp, staring at the rapid fans with almost a quizzical look. As Alyx Wilde reaches the ring he hops up on the apron and sits there for a moment, allowing his feet to dangle as he stares down at the floor. Whether he wants to show it or not, this moment means everything for Alyx Wilde. This is the opportunity he has been begging for ever since his BPZMania defeat. If he wins, he is immediately one of the main faces of the company, the brand deals and recognition he has been so desperate for will come but most importantly, if he can capture his first Intercontinental Title, he just may be able to prove that he's at least half as good as he thinks. Wilde slowly drags his hands over his face before looking up, as he looks up he sees the camera in front of him, his entire demeanor changes as he remembers, all eyes on him. He shakes his violently before hoping down from the apron and walking up to the camera, grabbing the sides and whispering down the lense You're gonna want to see this. He then shoves the cameraman backwards, causing him to take a hard spill as Wilde charges the ring, sliding under the bottom rope and slowly crawling his way to the center of the ring and violently punching the canvas beneath him several times before popping up to his feet and striking a pose for the crowd once more, it seems every time Alyx Wilde enters the ring their are more questions about him than when he entered. But only question matters now, can he win the Intercontinental Championship? We're about to find out. Wilde slowly puts his arms down before stumbling his way to the far corner and taking a seat, back against the ropes. Suddenly the music of "The Gentleman" Josh hits and an absolute eruption of cheers from the BPZ Universe, they love this guy and they're not ashamed to show it. The happy go lucky former Intercontinental Champion is looking to reclaim his gold tonight, and given his recent run of form, you can't call him the underdog. Josh makes his way down the ramp, William III in tow as he high fives various fans leaning over the barricade. Josh quickly reaches the apron and hops up before using his incredible athleticism to leap up and over the top rope and into the ring. The Gentleman makes his way to the middle of the ring and flashes his classic peace sign before giving the crowd and nod and a smile and heading into his corner as the ref grabs the Intercontinental Championship from a ringside assistant and brings it to center stage. He shows it to both men before lifting the prestigious belt into the air. The ref hands the belt of before signaling for the bell. Here we go. Josh immediately walks to the middle of the stage and extends his hand out to Wilde, The Gentleman is living up to his name and trying to show respect to a guy he's spoken very highly of in the past. Wilde, who hasn't left the corner yet, just stands biting his thumb nail, blankly staring at Josh. Wilde slowly drops his hand from his mouth and begins walking his way towards the outstretched hand of Josh. As Wilde approaches Josh he pauses for a moment before embracing Josh in a tight hug. Josh seems as confused as everyone else, but still politely pats Wilde on the back. As Wilde lets go of the hug he takes Josh's face in his hands and stares into his eyes, smiling at the man he's supposed to be in a professional wrestling match with. But then, like a switch flipping, the smile drops from Wilde's face, leaving just a cold glare in it's wake. The camera barely picks up Wilde calmly saying to Josh I'm sorry this has to happen to you. Wilde then quickly and violently jerks Josh's head down into a Muay Thai Clinch before launching sickening knees into the face and skull of Josh. Josh tries putting his hands up but it's too late, he get's caught with the first knee, which is enough to thwart any attempts at defending himself, as his arms fall to his side, Wilde connects with knee after knee, with little regard for the permanent damage he must be doing to the bright young star. After around the 7th knee the ref decides he has seen enough and begins counting for Wilde to break the hold, but in the four seconds he has to do so he lands about 10 more knees to the defenseless Josh. As the ref raises his hand to count to 5, Wilde lets go of Josh's head and puts his hands up in the air as if to ask what he did wrong. As soon as he stops being supported by Wilde, Josh crashes face first into the canvas at Wilde's feet, he very well may be out cold. The ref looks on in horror for a moment before quickly reacting, shoving Alyx Wilde back into the far corner and coming to the aid of Josh. There is a long, brutal silence as the fans and Wilde alike watch the referee bring Josh back to consciousness and starts talking to him. Josh makes it up to a seated position, revealing to the cameras the thick, crimson blood leaking from his nose. The referee says something to Josh but Josh just shakes his head and starts making his way to his feet, he nearly collapses as soon as he gets up but he uses the ropes to steady himself. Josh is gonna continue the match, unbelievable. You can never underestimate the heart of Gentleman Josh. Wilde just walks back to the middle of the ring and laughs at the persistent Josh, who doesn't take kindly to this as he shoves the ref out of the way and charges Wilde, firing a dropkick straight into his chest, sending The Wilde One flying back into the corner. Josh then runs back to the opposite corner before sprinting full speed and flying through the air with another dropkick, this one catching Wilde square on the chin. Wilde manages to stumble about four steps before crumpling down to the canvas. Josh quickly makes the cover, 1...2..No, just like that it could have all been over for Alyx Wilde. Josh senses how close he was too and he wants to keep the offensive pressure on. He picks up the dazed Wilde and whips him into the ropes looking for a scoop slam but just seconds before reaching Josh, Wilde stops on a dime and lands a superkick square on the jaw of Josh, who drops down to his knees. Wilde looks down at the kneeling Josh before firing himself off the ropes and crashing into him with a picture perfect Shining Wizard, completely laying out The Gentleman. Wilde scrambles onto Josh for the cover 1..2..Josh gets the shoulder up, to the dismay of Alyx Wilde. Wilde is showing no mercy here, quickly picking up Josh and applying a front headlock on him as the blood continues to drip from his nose. Wilde then leaps as high as he can before coming crashing down, sending Josh straight into the mat with a brutal DDT. Wilde doesn't even bother covering this time, instead he pops up to his feet and brutally shoves his boot into the throat of Josh, illegally choking him. Wilde uses the full four count before stepping back and firing a Penalty Kick straight into the side of Josh's skull. The blood is in the water and Wilde wants the kill. He lifts him into a fireman's carry position and throws him end over end but Josh uses his incredible athleticism to land on his feet. As soon as Josh lands on the canvas he leaps up into a massive codebreaker out of nowhere! 1...2...WILDE KICKS OUT. The crowd goes absolutely wild at both the move and kick-out. Josh really believed he had Wilde there but he isn't done yet, as he makes his way to the far corner of the ring and crouches down, stalking Wilde for the spear. Alyx Wilde doesn't look like he knows where he is as he slowly makes his way to his feet, and as soon as he does the strong, muscly build of Josh is sent crashing into his midsection, driving him back to the canvas. That took a lot out of Josh however who has a hard time making the cover. The delay on the pin proves to be just enough as Wilde is able to recover just before the referee's hand hits the mat for the three count. The crowd are on their feet for these two men as a frustrated Josh makes his way to his feet and just stares at Wilde, wondering what it's going to take to keep him down. Josh slowly lifts Wilde to his feet, Wilde suddenly sends a forearm into the face of Josh who fires back with one of his own, then Wilde then Josh then Wilde until out of nowhere Wilde spins around are cracks Josh with a Back Kick. Josh is as good a striker as anyone but there isn't anyone in BPZ who can trade shots with Alyx Wilde and end up anywhere but face down on the canvas, and that's exactly the situation Josh finds himself in as an exhausted Wilde drops down to his knees. Wilde brushes his tussled hair out of his eyes as he slowly gets back to a standing position. Wilde lifts Josh up and shoves Josh back a bit before running and leapfrogging over Josh, catching him with a massive backstabber on the way down, what a maneuver! Wilde lunges into a cover but it's still not enough as Josh somehow manages to kick out at 2 once again. Wilde is so close to that Intercontinental Championship he can taste it, and he's done waiting, he wants to end this right now. Wilde takes long, slow strides before falling back into the corner and stomping his feet. He is looking for the WildeStomp here and if he hits it this one might be over. Josh stumbles his way to his feet, Wilde charges and leaps, but Josh suddenly steps forward and catches him, before planting him with a massive falling powerbomb! This has to be it. 1...2...3, NO, WILDE GOT THE SHOULDER UP. The fans give a standing ovation as The Gentleman Josh can do nothing but collapse beside Alyx Wilde. Both men have given this match everything and have nothing to show for it. That may not be the case for long however, Josh is just one big move away from reclaiming his Intercontinental Championship and he knows it. He lifts Wilde to his feet, Wilde desperately tries to land a haymaker on the jaw of Josh but The Gentleman saw it coming as he catches his arm and pull him into the Great Scott 5.0! This is the move that won Josh the Intercontinental Championship at BPZMania, and now with Wilde trapped in the middle of the ring, he's gonna do it again at BPZ Mayhem. There's no where for Wilde to go, it's just a matter of time now. The ref drops down to ask Wilde when suddenly Wilde uses his free hand to crack the ref right in the back of the skull. There is no way that was an accident but the barely conscious referee doesn't know that. Josh reluctantly breaks the hold and quickly comes to the aide of the ref. Wilde is clutching his shoulder but begins stirring and uses his one good arm to pull himself up. Josh doesn't notice that Wilde made it back to his feet. Never turn your back on Alyx Wilde. Seeing Josh distracted with the referee, Wilde slowly, methodically walks up behind him. Blowing him a kiss and sickly cocking his head before firing one of the most brutal elbows this company has ever seen, crashing into the skull of Josh. As his knees give out and his body goes limp, Josh lays completely unconscious in the middle of the ring. An almost guilty look grows on the face of Alyx Wilde as a deafening cacophony of Boos rains upon but he just shakes his head and tenses his muscles before heading up to the middle rope. He stands up there for almost a full minute. With an outcold opponent, there is no rush, and Wilde takes every second to bask in the glory of his moment eventually striking his pose and leaping onto the top rope and diving through the air before driving the point of his elbow directly into the heart of Josh. Wilde falls into the cover just as the referee makes it to his knees and is able to muster his last bit of strength to count the 1...2...3. The dead silence falls upon the crowd. Alyx Wilde has done it. Just 2 months ago we never thought we'd see Alyx Wilde in a BPZ Ring again, tonight he was won the Intercontinental Championship. A ringside assistant brings the championship ringside, as soon Wilde sees it he crawls over Josh's motionless body, and scrambles to the belt, ripping it from the assistant's hand and clutching it to his chest while scooting into the corner turnbuckle. An uncontrollable grin of pride grows on the face of Wilde, as he quietly laughs to himself, rocking back and forth in the corner. Despite his love for attention, in this moment Wilde may as well be alone in this massive arena. He stops leaning on the buck and just collapses on the canvas, taking long deep breathes while clutching his Intercontinental Championship. After several moments he slowly begins pulling himself to the outside with the bottom rope. As his feet touch the floor his legs shake and give with weakness but he keeps himself upright, he walks to the ring side booth to collect his jacket. He slowly puts it on, allowing every single moment of this to drag on as long as possible. As Wilde eventually get his eccentric wardrobe back on he slings the Intercontinental Championship over his shoulder he looks behind him and approaches the barricade. He stares into the crowd for a long time before sliding over the barricade and shoving his way past the security. The last thing the broadcast sees before cutting is Alyx Wilde raising the championship in the air as he disappears into the sea of fans.
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    Burn the Past Part 1

    Video Start FDS is sitting in an empty bar, no bartender or other customers in the area, just FDS sitting in the bar with a loosened tie, a dirty black jacket. He’s sitting there with a half full glass of whiskey and a half full bottle of whiskey. He signals to a non existent bartender, he then pours himself another glass of whiskey before looking at the bottle. He then begins to laugh, getting more maniacal as he continues to laugh, He then throws the bottle at the wall before starting to breathe heavily, the Camera flashes to show FDS’ being covered in blood with a sadistic look of anger on his face, the Camera flashes again reverting FDS back to his original state, FDS then takes out a lighter and begins to flick it on and off, he then turns towards to the camera. That was one very interesting Main Event. Mayhem really was just that… Complete Mayhem. So I understand that both Necce and Johnny boy are very angry at what I had to say after the tag title match…. Now maybe a few weeks ago I would’ve cared about what the two of them thought…. But recently I’ve realised something. I am on a timer right now. I don’t know how long my career will keep going for… but I plan on torturing as many people as I can before time catches up with me. I haven’t been competing much recently… i’ve been thinking. Considering my options. Figuring things out on my own. I haven’t let anyone know in on my plans… and maybe that’s why tag partner hates me now… but like I said: I do not care about him. I never did. He’s not my focus. My focus is the one man who I have Never beaten. And that man just so Happens to currently hold the title that I will do anything, give anything to get a hold of… even if it kills me. I am a broken man… I have no allies… No friends… no championships… I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I am willing to tear my body apart, cut it to pieces, burn everything that i have right now. But I don’t think you are the same… you have everything to lose and nothing to gain. Your at the top of the food chain right now. The Lion. sitting atop your throne as the king of the savannah with all your guards and protection of other creatures protecting you… but you weren’t expecting this. The Lion that you sent away from the Pride has returned and is here to challenge you for your throne. Every time I’ve challenged you for a position I’ve had something to lose… not this time. I have no one who respects me, no one who cares about me and nothing around my waist or on my shoulder… All I have is my body and I am willing to do anything. You’ve beaten me every time before. Intercontinental Championship... Universal Championship… Money in the Bank…. FDS clenches the glass in his hand crushing it, making him bleed with whiskey going into the cuts, FDS is unreactive to this amount of pain, blinded by rage. This time… I won’t let it be the same. I’m not going to be a One FKO and we’re done… If you wanna get rid of me this time… you’re gonna have to kill me. I’ll be on Carnage Next week. Issuing an Open Challenge to anyone on the roster or in the city that we’re in because I do not care particularly on who wants to fight me… and I need a warmup.... But know this: When we meet I Will Make yo- FDS stops and he shakes his head. No. Burn the Past. Make it catch the Future. FDS stands up and he goes behind the bar, he takes out a bottle of vodka out, he opens it up and pours it all over the bar. He goes out of the bar and just as he’s about walk out he tosses his lighter onto the bench and walks out. The Camera man runs out terrified out of his mind, it stares at FDS. FDS has the look of a man who could kill him but instead FDS walks off into the distance humming an ominous song. Cut to Black
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    Young and Bitter hits as the number 1 contender to the BPZ Universal Championship Ropati makes his way to ring the fans boo as this is the first time we have seen Ropati on TV since he won that Number 1 Contenders match way back at Carnage Power Trip: World at War, as Ropati steps into the ring and calls for a mic he then gets one and goes to speak. Deserving is a strong word it can mean many things and many people are deserving but you want to know 1 person who isn't deserving, JoshsNow, Josh is a man who gets given a number 1 contenders shot for what? Nothing, what has he done? Lose to Flynn, Fail to show up to match he was scheduled to compete at because of some "injury". Josh pretends to be a hero to you all someone that strives to win fairly but you want to know something that isn't fair getting a big match when it isn't deserved it the slightest, but no Josh won't talk about this no because Josh is a liar. The Fans now start to boo angrily at the statements that Ropati is saying about there hero Josh. Keep booing keep trying to hide the fact that your hero isn't what he pretends to be because if Josh really did strive to do things fairly he would not vs me for my shot he would wait till after the winner of the Power Trip Cup versus the Universal Champion then he can ask for a shot but no he instead tries to push in front on the line and vs me now. So at Mayhem Josh and I will have a match but it won't be competitive no it will be a beatdown I will destroy your pathetic hero and teach him that you don't just get to jump the line and succeed. Then after Josh Necce I'm coming for you so get ready. Young and Bitter hits as Ropati places his mic on the floor and walks up the ramp and into the back.
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    No Option

    TRP comes out to the ring. Much to Storms surprise. Walking to the ring it becomes apparent that he is carrying a bag. Well done bro. real motivating speech. Well I guess you could do that after leaving your partner in the dust after he puts his body on the line to gain the tag team championships. I guess after putting my body on the line. Shortening my career for them titles, I wasn’t good enough was I? TRP starts pacing the ring, storm just stares at him blankly. I guess the HellRaisers just wasn’t good enough was it? Storm looks up. Looking guilty he brings the mic to his mouth. It was always good enough. You’re right we are brothers. The HellRaisers will always be the future of the division. TRP and Storm embrace. With a swift movement TRP storms throws storm to the floor and starts unloading punches onto storm. Storm tries to fight back but the swift surprise attack has left him floundered. TRP hits a knee to the temple and goes to get the back which is left in the corner of the ring. Out the bag he pulls a bag of thumb tacks and throws them over the ring. TRP picks up Storm and throws him onto the thumb tacks. Storm writhes in agony as his bare skin is impaled by multiple thumb tacks. YOU REALLY THINK THE HELL RAISERS WERE ETERNAL! Storm tries to crawl out of the ring but TRP boots him in the ribs. Storm drops, clutching his ribs. TRP once again goes to the bag and pulls out A BARBED WIRE BAT. YOU REALLY THINK THAT WE COULD BEAT ANYONE! TRP brings the bat down onto Storms head. Storm yells in pain as the barbed wire cuts into the skull. TRP continuously brings the bat down onto Storms head and soon both the ring and bat were a crimson mess. TRP then picks up storm and leans him against the rope. By the time I am finished with you. You’ll not want to set foot in a ring ever again. TRP ties Storm up in the ropes. Picking up the bat once again storm looks up in agony. Please… Don’t…. Taking no hesitation TRP once again starts to repeatedly beat storm with the bat. With shots to the body and the head soon TRP was also covered in Storms blood. Security start to rush the ring and have to pull TRP off the now unconscious Storm. EMTs have to rush to storm and untangle him from the ropes. His face is cut and spewing blood. All is left is TRP sitting in the ring. Watching sadistically as Storm is carried out. What a joke. That’s what fighting a man is like. You held me down for so long. Now my career can begin.
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    Sat Between God and The Devil

    The crowd erupts as Julius' theme hits the Carnage arena. As Julius walks out and makes his way into the plain sight of the crowd they once again roar as Julius walks to the top or the ramp. Julius looks around the arena and soaks in the electric energy from everyone in the Carnage arena. He smirks as he slowly walks down the ramp. As he reaches the bottom of the ramp he once again stops and raises his arm in the air oozing with confidence. He then circles the ring before climbing into it and once again raises his arm in the air to another large reaction from the audience. Julius then looks at Flynn and his world title before picking up a microphone and raising it to his mouth First of all Flynn before we get down to business, I would like to take the time on behalf of everyone here in BPZ to congratulate you on your monumental title victory last week at Mayhem. Everyone take a look at your new Champion Julius starts to clap and his joined by every member in the arena who follow along and appreciate Flynn's achievement However, on that same night a new Main Eventer was born when I defeated Kingdom's own "The Prince" Echo Wilson to advance to the final of the Carnage Power Trip Cup. Once again I have proved to everyone in this arena and watching at home that I am the real deal and that I am the future of this company and once again I have added another name to my list of victims. June 8th when Carnage present the Power Trip Cup final between Flynn and Julius the whole world will be watching in eagerness as we step into this very ring and tear the house down. What will happen? Can Julius defeat Flynn and assert himself as the real star of this company? Will Flynn once again prove that he his the greatest performer in BPZ? There are so many questions but there is only one answer to every question put forward Julius steps forward and goes face to face with Flynn And that answer is ME! You have seen first hand how dominant I have been here in BPZ, I have put down every challenge that has been put in front of me and that will be no different when we collide on June 8th. You have witnessed the pure strength I possess while we have been rummaging through the entire roster. I have broken bones and taken careers and when we step into that ring I will not hesitate to do the same to you in the name of an opportunity at Necce's Universal Championship. But I want to make one thing perfectly clear. And that is that whichever one of us has their hand raised at the end of the night the purpose and the cause of the ROA will not be tarnished, it will not be diminished but strengthened as once again we put ourselves in a position of taking over BPZ by winning that Universal Championship from Necce. Flynn nods in agreement at Julius' statement as the crowd one again erupt into a frenzy I am expecting your best and you sure as hell better expecting mine because on June 8th as we go to War and the stakes are high the legend of the ROA will rise to glory and assume its position amongst the gods once again prove to be the most dominant force that Professional Wrestling has to offer. But most importantly, May the best man win Julius shakes Flynn's hand before walking out of the ring and up the ramp to the back
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    King’s Never Die

    We are LIVE on the go-home show of Carnage LIVE just prior to Mayhem, a night extremely essential to the Carnage brand as it marks the semi-finals of Carnage Power Trip Cup, one of the two matches featuring two former bitter rivals in th form of Brad who has recently gone through a total makeover in the form of Nanovirus, a much more sinister, darker side of Brad. His opponent, bitter rival and arguably one of the greatest to ever do it, Flynn. Due to multiple attacks at the hands of Nanovirus, it has been in question as to whether or not Flynn will be ale to compete due to a possibly several injured knee. Nanovirus has recently came out and said that he is the “Bane of the Fallen King” and has inserted a type of fear kno Flynn that will seal his face come Mayhem, if he even is to show up. The Carnage crowd erupts! “Evacuate now!” echoes through the arena as the crowd anxiously await the arrival of Mr. Money in the Bank and “The Omega” Flynn. Finally Flynn does step out however his leg is severally wrapped and he rests firmly on a crutch as many in attendance boo this sight, the fear of Flynn suffering a possible permanent injury creeping further into their minds. Flynn is able to slowly make it to the ring, maneuvering his way through the ropes before having a microphone brought to him. Before he can even speak, “KING FLYNN” rains down from the crowd as they show a tremendous amount of respect for the injured star. Finally with a look of frustration he begins to speak. Its hard.... it’s really really hard to come out here and say this. For my entire career I’ve fought through it all. I’ve busted my ass week in and week out all to prove that I am the best, that I am the unquestionable KING of this wrestling ring...... How can I say that with this, this leg which for weeks and weeks many have questioned as to whether or not if it’s truly healthy. If I need to take some time off because I’ve been doing this for three years straight, no extended time off working almost every damn show I was asked to work busting my ass all to prove to you people that I’m th best. My knee gave out as I was crying th carnage band on my back for nearly one entire year. It gave out and Nanovirus you targeted it and you tried to make it t where I would never walk again. You claim to have distilled fear into me, and in a way it worked. No I don’t fear you, I fear the possibility of never stepping in this rig again. I feared that I wouldn’t get the chance to prove to you for the thirteenth time that as long as I’m in your way, you’ll forever remain beneath that final step to reach the top. I say I feared, because now I know..... Flynn looks down in disappointment, the worst case scenario creeping into everyone’s minds before finally Flynn looks up. Many fans in attendance beginning to chant “thank you Flynn” as he smiles, however before he continues to speak, he drops his crutch straight the canvas, standing up straight, an audible gasp filling the building. Flynn would then in a showing of fiery passion, rip off the tape around his knee, the fans beginning to cheer as he throws the tape out of the ring, slapping his knee several times showing no signs of injury. I KNOW NOW, THAT I AM FINE! The crowd now riding an emotional rollercoaster explode with cheers. Nanovirus, you believed it was the easy? Beating down on a knee of a wrestling GOD would be enough? HELL NO! I have come t far to stop now, worked too hard for it all to be thrown away like this. I am the Omega, I am the next BPZ World Champion and I am the man who at Mayhem will punch his ticket straight to the finals of the Carnage Cup! My knee is perfectly fine however after this weekend Nanovirus, you certainly won’t be. Flynn throws his microphone down, throwing both arms in the air as he is fully healed and ready to take on Nanovirus at Mayhem. Can Flynn overcome the man from Hell itself?
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    A Promise for Mayhem

    The stars have aligned and we are back for another episode of Carnage television. The pyro goes off and as usual, the crowd of BPZ is making as much noise as possible, making sure to blow the roof off of the arena. Evolve has been undergoing major changes and may have captured the attention of the audience, with Ross becoming the new Evolve GM and a spontaneous announcement regarding Ark and Bart but there is still a sense of excitement as Carnage opens off this week’s show. Various chants roar throughout the echoing stadium and we see the lights dim red for the start of another fantastic showing. The moment lingers for a while before an all too familiar theme hits…. “Keep it 100” plays loudly through the speakers as Carnage opens with another appearance by “The Prince”, Echo Wilson. The crowd of Carnage is absolutely livid with boos and they shout various obscenities at Echo, making their feelings about him very clear. Their screams are ones of absolute disappointment and seething anger as even the sight of the man in the leather jacket makes them boil up. One might think it’s ridiculous that the fans are keeping this vendetta against Echo for so long but the change he displayed in recent weeks is drastically different compared to the brave underdog he used to be. After selling himself out to the King he has no longer earned the respect of the Carnage crowd and is now a villain in their eyes. Echo, steps out to the very far edge of the stage and stops in his tracks....Speaking of Villains…… “One True Villain” hits and the crowd is beyond angry at the sight we’re seeing here on Carnage. We’ve seen this scene once before but reversed as Bart, re-introduced Echo to the Evolve crowd a few weeks ago. Now Bart is on Carnage for only the 2nd time in his career. The first time he came here was as a part of Undisputed with Prince but now Bart is with a new partner, trying to claim his 2nd reign as BPZ Tag Team Champions. Bart steps out with a wild look in his eye, the Evolve Grand Title and United States Title on his shoulders. Bart raises the Grand Title high above his head and the fans go absolutely bonkers with anger. The title is a sign of an invasion, the fans don’t feel comfortable having the enemy in such close proximity and in any sort of good heart. In another sign of synchronisation the two bump fists and walk down the ramp, ignoring the boos and screams of obscene words and gestures. Bart seems to be paying more attention to his titles than he is to the audience and Echo pops his collar as he walks down the ramp. The duo each takes a side of the ring when they arrive in the ringside are and taunt the fans on both sides. Echo winks at a group of ladies in the first row and Bart shoves his Grandl Title in the face of an overweight fan. They both hop onto the aprons and look back at each other, smiling and jumping over and into the ring. Bart reaches down to grab a microphone from a tech guy and Echo pulls one out of his boot. Echo motions for Bart to begin. Finally, the Carnage audience will once again be able to see my greatness with their own eyes. The last time I was desperate, I was on quest for revenge. But this time, I just want you all to receive the same message that we have said on Evolve previously. At Mayhem, we will claim the tag team titles and with those titles, we will have a reign with dominance that has never been seen before in the BPZ. It will be remembered as a dark time for the tag team division, as we are not about having classic matches, we are about winning gold and keeping it, at all costs. We will run through everyone that is put in front of us, starting with the pairing of FDS and Kills. While they have gotten the better of me before, not me nor my partner were focused on that match, it was simply an afterthought on our very successful BPZmania campaign. The match gave them an level of confidence that’s completely false given how I have defeated both men in the same match, and my friend Echo has also defeated Johnny Kills. It’s clear, the result is right there. So please do not complain when you find out that we were right, and we ruined a match by spoiling the result of what you thought was going to be a close match. Talent can’t be denied, and we, the Kingdom, are the greatest group of talent ever assembled. And once we walk out of Mayhem with the World, United States, Grand, Premium and Tag Team Championships all belonging to us, you will know. You will release that in front of you is a power that is simply unmatchable, undefeatable. We will ruin the BPZ, with our dominance and the lack of exciting matches taking away the viewerships to all time lows. But we don’t care for that, we only care for winning championships and making money. We don’t want to be remembered, we know we will be. To Ruin, at Mayhem your eyes will open to the most dominant force that the BPZ has ever seen, you will be remembered as the first victim to the greatest tag team of all time, the greatest accomplishment both of you will ever achieve. Bart now hands the microphone to Echo who taunts the crowd before he starts to speak.
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    Sat Between God and The Devil

    We are live on Carnage TV following Mayhem, a destination of several title changes one of which being the coveted BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. Flynn, the now former Mr. Money in the Bank, successfully cashed in the night before and won the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. Not just that but he defeated long time rival Nanovirus, advancing himself to the finals of the Carnage Cup. With the spotlight once again planted firmly on him, what will “The Omega” do next? The Carnage crowd are on their feet, a massive ovation raining down as Flynn slowly steps out slowly turning his back to th crowd showcasing the coveted BPZ World Heavyweight Championship that he proudly sports. He spins around, no smile, instead a stone cold face hidden behind a pair of black shades. He saunters his way Dow the ramp, rolling directly into the ring. Oozing an aura of confidence and swagger. He climbs the top turnbuckle, lifting the championship above his head for all to see, his crown, his prize for are to pay tribute to. A microphone is handed to him as he returns back to the mat. He juggles it between both hands, contemplating the many emotions rushing through him, before finally.....breaking his silence. My moment. This is MY MOMENT. Does it not feel right? From the moment I entered this company I was seen as a prodigy. A young upstart who would go on to not just beat the best but become the best. For the entirety of the year of 2018, I’ve been proving that I am just that. I don’t need to state the plethora of accomplishments I’ve made, no all you need to see, was last night. Last night where I fought through hell to further accomplish my goals and aspirations, where I turned the world upside down and I became for the fourth time in my career, World Champion. I am riding an Ultralight beam of energy, there may be a god above me, but I AM THE GOD OF THIS RING. If there ever was a spot between God and The Devil I’m occupying it. Untouchable, unbeatable, unmatchable, all describe my performances in this squared circle. I’m so sick and tired of people talking about Slim. Tired of hearing that Slim is the man in this company, NO! I AM THE MAN. I’ve said it from day one and I still state it. Last night, I defeated Slim for the FOURTH time in a row in singles competition. You could say I just have his number, but the truth is I got this whole damn companies number. Men like Slim, they fight simply for their own vanity and greed. Men like Smith, they fight for a blind and false cause of good against evil. I..... I fight because I love this. Now it may seem like I’m all over the place right now, but it comes back to the same point. This is my moment, Mayhem, was my moment. And I am living it up. This isn’t a moment for just me, but all of you. A moment for all of you to witness the GOD sitting firmly in his throne again. This right now, is BPZ balanced. A place where order rules.... where ROA rules. Julius, my friend I know you are back there. Flynn looks directly to the back, now firmly focused on his right hand man and opponent at the Carnage Power Trip Cup, the unstoppable monster Julius. The crowd heat up thinking about both partners eventual clash. This is a business and our relationship while becoming close friends has always rested firmly on business. And so I say, if I have to step on your throat, until you reach the point of unconscious all to get my rematch against Necce, I will. I set you loose in this tournament and now I shall come face to face with my own monster, and unlike the rest, I’ll put him away. Now Julius I’m sure you’d love to share your own insight on this match, and so I welcome it. Step into my right brother, and share your thoughts on what is th biggest match of your entire career. (For Julius only to reply)
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    All the lights in the arena turn to black as the titantron reads "ROA". The feed cuts to static but turns back on revealing Julius sitting in a chair staring directly at the camera You did this to yourself, you have set yourself on a path where there is no light only plagued by darkness and I will be the nightmare that haunts your dreams for years to come. You have woken a sleeping giant Echo Wilson and I warn you come Mayhem you will face a punishment that none other has received before. You naivety is what will be your downfall because you my friend aren't ready for what I am. The statements you made regarding this Semi-Final matchup lack the logic that it rightfully deserves. You state that you will tear me limb from limb and leave me in a bloody mess. Big words coming from such a little man. You don't have the strength to keep up with me, you don't have the size to even challenge me and your arrogance will only set you up for failure Julius stands up and paces back and forth across the room You talk about reclaiming the Premium title you talk about winning the tag team championships but what you should be worried about, what you should be focused on is what's standing right here in front of you. You can look to the future all you want but I can assure you "Prince" that when I finish battering your thick skull against the canvas there will be no more Premium Championship opportunity, there will be no Kingdom and there certainly will be no more Echo Wilson. There is one fatal flaw that will lead to your ultimate demise and that is overlooking this contest. You can continue to look forward to reclaiming your Premium Championship, you can hope to go that you and Bart can win the Tag-Team championships, but none of that matters. As soon as you step into that ring against me you will not walk out the same person, after I beat you, you will fail to win the Premium Championship and you will fail to win the tag team Championships because I will crack your little skull across this canvas and send you into the depths of hell where you belong because this tournament is mine and I am sure as hell not going to let someone like you stand in my way and take this away from me
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    Echo Wilson


    A series of static waves appear on the screen and the viewer hears a loud ringing. Suddenly, an unknown man is on the screen, he sits in a soft office chair and behind him in a graffitti style wallpaper. Host: Ladies, gentleman, children of all ages, welcome back to today's of the H.O.T wrestling podcast from New York City. We have talked to many different A List superstars but tonight I am joined by none other than BPZ superstar and former champion of many titles, "The Prince", Echo Wilson. Echo Wilson: Thank you. I guess I'm excited to be here then. Host: Lovely, now let's get right into it, no messing about. My first question for you, is something a little bit deep. So, as we know, upon entering BPZ, you made your past very clear. You weren't shy to tell everyone about your history in other promotions and so on. Now ever since we have seen you join Kingdom, it seems like that doesn't matter to you anymore. Am I right or wrong? Echo Wilson: Actually, you are right. I haven't been paying much attention to that anymore. But I can justify myself by knowing that I don't need to. You know, as the old Echo Wilson, as you call him, I was hung up on the past, its the reason why I was so put off by Xavier King to start off my career. But now I see it, why you look to the past, when your future is brighter. I don't need to recall those memories of past glories, I don't need to remind everyone of my success on the indy scene. First off they already know how great I am and it comes to no surprise that I have had success in the past. Second of all, the way I see it, there is nothing better than the future. There is nothing greater than the Kingdom, there is nothing better than what will happen at BPZ Mayhem. There is nothing brighter than the future that me and Bart will lay out for the Tag Team division. So yes, I don't recall the past as much as I used to and I feel that its right. Let bygones be bygones they say and I agree. There are so many things happening now and in the present that are going to blow people's minds, why look back when you can see something greater going on right now. The Kingdom is the present and the future, but definitely not the past. Host: I think I see where you're coming from. Now.....lets talk about what going on for you right now. What better place to start with than the Power Trip Cup right? Thoughts and anything you have to say to Julius or anyone else? Echo Wilson: I've already said a lot but I can't stress enough just how plastic ROA is. I have spoken about them, for what seems like weeks and weeks on end but they truly are the banes of my existence here. They are not what they make themselves out to be. Julius, he's their young lion, The Underboss, former NXT champion. Of Course, he cannot compare whatsoever to the immense talent that The Kingdom brings so like all in our way, he will fall. The revolution isn't in the hearts and minds of these three men. They don't have the judgment, they don't see the vision. I swear to you that with everything I've said and done, I will commit to these words. Julius will not be a full time wrestler once I'm done with him. I know its overused, I know it sounds cliche but Julius is one of the many stains upon this company. As a leader, as a ruler, it is my job to destroy and personally seek and cut down all the criminals. When you have a man like Julius running around, thinking he is some sort of monster, you have to ruin him. You have to cut him down to the lowest rung of the food chain. There he will be mauled and ripped apart at the seams. I am only doing the world a favor by ridding them of this blemish on their perfect world. Echo Wilson will be the winner of the Carnage Power Trip Cup. No doubt is in my mind that I have all the tools necessary to combat Julius and then whoever wants to face me in the finals. Whether its that backstabber Brad or the other Revolutionist Flynn, I will destroy you both. Brad, I have had too much history but recently Free Agent Corner has got me thinking that AK-17 was one of the greatest teams of all time. But it wasn't thanks to you. People were dying to see everything the Supernova could bring so in one monstrous night I took multiple titles and you came along for the ride. AK-17 was a figment of my imagination and I used you, I used you to be my body, to be the second man so I could carry you to those titles and take another reign to my name. AK-17 was all about Echo and you know it. You are lucky I gave you the chance because you will never have it again. And then Flynn, you were the only blemish of Halloween Havoc, you escaped with your wits about you and you escaped the onslaught of attacking prowess I was handing out to you. If it weren't for the Order...I would've been Universal Champion. And if it weren't for you, and the management of Carnage, I would've gotten my fair rematch and challenged you for the Universal Championship. If it weren't for the clouds in the way of your true vision you would've vouched for me. You would've told someone, anyone, that I deserved a title shot. But now I have to ruin half of the proven Carnage talent in order to claim my shot at the Universal Championship. And yet, it won't even be you that I beat. I think one man who has slipped some of our minds is Necce. Now I don't think me and Necce have been in much contact, besides the Survivor Series matchup but Necce, if you think anything is going to make this any easier for you, you are mistaken. Look, Host, I'm getting riled up. Let's move on please. Host: I'm afraid its not going to get much easier from here on out my friend. But if you really want to so be it. Let's talk a bit about you and Bart. Going for the tag team titles, trying to defeat Ruin and R.O.A. Whats your thoughts? Echo Wilson: We have chosen our words carefully, me and Bart. We have only talked when the time. Once on Evolve, once on Carnage and you are lucky enough that I am willing to grace your poor show with my speech to Ruin and R.O.A. I didn't have the chance to talk about Ruin all that much but now I see it clearly. It has been Ruin at the root of my problems since Day 1. It all started at the Survivor Series match where Jon's treachery combined with FD's complete lack of skill and heart proved to cost Team Flynn the victory on that day. And then we have Necce who took a chance away from me and now is Universal Champion. He should've known very well the costs of that and he should've known that I would be gunning for his titles. Now FD and Jon are the Tag Team Champions but that will not last for long. Myself and Bart will be the new kings of the Tag Team division. It's not something to take lightly. We take our jobs seriously and plan to do everything in our power to bring more and more titles within our walls. Slim, he has had a storied career, he has taken many titles and he has expanded the following of this company farther than anyone else to date. And how he has carried Evolve for the past year and a half or how he has raised the prestige of the BPZ World Championship to being one of the top titles in all of the industry. Me and Bart we plan to do the same. Me, I will rule Carnage, as General Manager, Universal Champion, as the Ace of the brand. Then we have Bart, the future GM of Evolve, Grand Champion, United States champion. It's forumulaic and its proven to be a working system that will lead to a brighter future for all of you, and for the good of wrestling. Ruin has no future here, Necce's craze will soon fade, and he will drop the title to the next best challenger, being me. Jon will go back to retirement and forget that he ever thought about trying to cross the Kingdom. FDS will go back to jobbing out to various efforts in his mad scramble towards a title. And Ruin will fall, someone will turn, they will crumble. And all that will be left is the Kingdom. The foundation we've been building and will continue to build forevermore, it will still be holding strong and that is when we take over, that is when we climb to the very top and take the world and all the perks that go along with it. It's not big ambitions its dreaming big and I know that these big dreams will one day become reality. Mayhem is the start of something new, its the start of something greater than anything we've witnessed here before, Mayhem is the new beginning for some and the end for most. Host: Keep dreaming big Echo, it gets you places. Now lets move on to our final point. You will be fighting in singles action at Mayhem for the Premium Championship. But it seems that lately, its taken a back seat in your mind, am I wrong? Echo Wilson: You are most indubitably wrong my friend. Just because I haven't spoken about it or felt the need to speak about it, doesn't mean I don't think about it. The Premium Title is coming home to the Kingdom. I should've never lost this title and Mayhem will prove that Hollow's win was a shocking fluke. He has disappeared into his little rabbit hole now with his title in the Unsanctioned Zone. He has tried to hide from me, knowing that I have all the time in the world to prepare for his demise. He knows very well that all he did by taking my title was anger the beast. I come back with vengeance on my mind at Mayhem. At Mayhem, I rip him into shreds and show him that all he ever did was make me more determined. And this time he will not get his title back. I will hold onto that Premium title for safe keeping and make sure that it stays within the Kingdom forever, like it should've always done. It's a shame that I don't hold that title around my waist. It's a fallacy that Hollow thought he ever will be a champion. You may have your name in the record books but to everyone else who hasn't seen your face since Backlash, let them know exactly where you are and let them know that at Mayhem you can't run, you can't hide. It will just be us in the ring and frankly your effort at killing the prestige of this title will go unnoticed as I raise the title to newer and bigger, grander heights. Hollow, nothing will keep me from you, no words will make me look away, no actions will make me flinch. I will walk into your storm and come out unscathed. So, Host, do you really think its taken a place in the back of my mind? Because I've been contemplating just how I'm going to crush Hollow ever since the day he took my title. I haven't remorsed about what could've been, I have looked forward ever since that day. I knew that his empire wasn't going to last, and so I tear his down and replace it with my Kingdom. It's about the royalty. Host: Royal it is. Now, Echo, that is all we have time for today, stay tuned for another podcast next week. You my friend have a lot to work for. I'll leave you to it. Ladies and Gentleman this has been H.O.T wrestling podcast. My name is Host and I bid you all farewell.
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    Angelo Caito


    [Evolve comes back commercial break as the debut of former Carnage Superstar, "One And Only" and then Evolve had a tweet sent out by one of management saying that Evolve as brought back a former champion of the brand. The crowd cheers as the tron shows them all as the lights go out. The crowd awaits for the returning superstar as a brand new theme debuts on Evolve. "Say It To My Face" by Downstrait plays as the crowd waits in anticipation. The anticipation turns to a straight ovation of cheers as the former Global Champion as made his way back to Evolve. Angelo Caito stands on the stage, dressed in black jeans with a chain, a black shirt that has his old saying, "Trust No One, Not Even Myself". He wears a smart watch and he has sunglasses on as he looks out into the arena of screaming fans, and a half smile comes across his face as he slowly walks down the ramp as the fans chant his name loud as they can be heard over the song. He chuckles as he leans on the barricade and hears this before he continues to walk, making his way to the ringside area. Angelo then looks around before before walking over to the apron on the right side of the arena. He climbs up the ropes and he turns around and faces the crowd to see a massive amounts of them cheering. He then enters the ring and does a cock of the gun and does a machine gun fire, which causes the setting to go to black and white and the tron make a it seem like he shot bullet holes into the camera as the crowd cheers him on. Angelo then climbs up the middle rope and throws both arms up as the setting goes back to normal as his song dies out. Caito stands on the turnbuckle and looks out intothe entire cheering crowd as he smirks again. He jumps off the second rope as he then walks over and sees Mr. Amazing, the ring announcer hands him a mic. Angelo walks into the middle of the ring and holds the mic closley as chants of "Welcome Back" form. He looks around as the chants continue on as he nods and speaks as soon as the chants are over.] "Evolve..... I'm baaaaaaaack." [The crowd cheers again as Angelo twirls the mic in his hand and chuckles again as he watches the crowd go off with cheers. He dusts the microphone off and speaks again.] "One year I was gone from my home. I was becoming a main man on Evolve, defeating then Global Champion Nate Dog in one of the two of the hardest fought matches in my entire life, to standing up to management in Slim, to defeating royalty in Devlin Rhodes at a Judgment Day, to my release and being hired by Bailey. That's when Angelo Caito died. Why? Because... Carnage didn't desevre me. They didn't desevre the former Global Champion and next Intercontinental Champion and future World Champion, the baddest son of a bitch this comapny ever seen, me, Angelo Caito. And now, a year later, and screwjob after screwjob after bloody screwjob on Carnage, I. Am. Home. I am home to the brand where my career was reinvented. To the brand where I don't play pretend underdog, or throw retards names on lists or even bury people alive just to get a win. Because here, where the real competition lies, you earn a real victory. And that's what will happen at Power Trip Cup, when I walk in, F5 whoever I face, and leave with a win. Then I come back, and at Fallout, I will make my in ring return to this brand, but against who? Bart? Smith? Slim? Who?" [The crowd chants "Who?" as Angelo thinks about it for a bit. He goes to answer but goes back to thinking. He nods and speaks.] "How about Ark Universe? Ark, you won a Number Contender Match up to face Bart, cool. But when a chance for a even better match comes, you bitch. You attack man after man after man with you complaining about having men added to your match. Dude, I had to win a contender match to get my rematch for the Global Championship, and I had to defend it to prove I earned it, and I got fired before I had my shot. But, you wanna complain? Well, I'm going to give you a reason to complain at Fallout, because there, I beg you to show up, because I'm beating the respect back into you, dropping you, and then at the end have my hand raised high in victory as I will go on to my second chance at glory. My second chance to go to the top. That's right, I attend to enter my second To The Top Ladder match, where I plan on winning and then I will see your Grand Champion, Bart and take my second Evolve title. Oh hi Bart, think I didn't hear your lil comment about me on Down With The Shoot? You screwed yourself there, because now, I'm here, and I'm gunning for you. And best part is..... Karico and Prince can't save you, Echo can't save you, and Slim won't show up to save you. Evolve is my home. And I'm ready to take my home back. Why will I? Cause I'm Angelo Caito, and I can. Recognize." [Angelo drops the microphone as the crowd cheers. He slides under the ring and walks up the ramp as "Say It To My Face" plays. He stops at the top of the ramp and turns around and faces the crowd. He bends down and throws his arms to the side as the crowd cheers again before he walks to the back. Angelo is back, and he means business.]
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    We are far deep into tonight’s main event, where Nanovirus has challenged BPZ World Champion Slim to a title match. Both men have practically emptied out their move-sets, nether budging for the other. Slim appears to have Nanovirus ready to put away with an Essential Eliminator however before he can execute the maneuver, Nanovirus in an explosion of power, throws Slim onto his shoulders before planting him with an F5. Both men now lay on the mat in pain and exhaustion, for many seconds the fans away for the first man to reach their feet however.... ITS FLYNN! Flynn who just earlier in the night defeated Nanovirus to advance to the finals of the Carnage Power Trip Cup, now stands on the stage, Money in the Bank briefcase in hand, Julius firmly by his side as now he marches to the ring. Flynn slides into the ring before handing the referee his briefcase demanding to be added to this match, and he is! The announcer announces that this is now a “Triple threat match” as Flynn noticing now however that both me are recovering rolls out of the ring, watching as the two men continue their war, unknowing of Flynn’s addition, Nanovirus would trade rights with Slim before finally kicking him in the gut, lifting him up and planting him with a running Package Piledriver!!! Nanovirus seemingly has the match won however before he could go for the pin, he’d be nailed in the back of th skull by a wicked knee! Flynn would pin Nanovirus 1....2...3! FLYNN HAS DONE IT, FLYNN IS BPZ WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION AGAIN! Flynn would leap to his feet in celebration, the fans all on their feet in shock, Flynn not just cashing in but for the fourth time in his career, winning the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. Julius joins Flynn as he closes Mayhem having out smarted Slim and Nanovirus and stolen the World Championship.
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    EVOLVE TakeOver: Fallout | 13th July 2018

    The official EVOLVE TakeOver: Fallout poster has been released. Credit: @Smith
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    It's Showtime blasts throughout the arena, signalling the arrival of The Awesome One, Buddy Ace. Buddy Ace is a rookie that has a lot of people eager to see what he'll do to make an impact here in BPZ, and it seems that tonight Buddy will be taking a step forward to cement his place on the roster as he walks out from the back. Buddy Ace saunters down the ramp with purpose and climbs the steel steps, taking a moment to pause on the apron and listen to the crowd before stepping through the ropes. He gestures for a microphone and waits patiently as one is handed to him, raising it to his lips with a smirk. "Let me just start by saying congratulations to the new NXT champion, Marker. I have to say that I am genuinely surprised that Marker won the championship and not Jason. Heck, maybe I'm even a little disappointed, as I was hoping to get my hands on him after that little stunt he pulled last time I was here, which by the way, Jason completely proved my point. I can't imagine how embarrassing it was for him to have failed again, and to his little sidekick no less." The smile that Buddy Ace had on his face when he entered the ring has slowly faded now. "Well, the only reason that even happened is because there was no real competition in that match. With people moving out of the NXT title picture and others disappearing off the face of the earth, this division was left a barren wasteland heading into Mayhem. Now Marker, let's talk about you. You should enjoy every second you have that belt with you because I am not going to let you remain NXT champion for long. You can call yourself the King of NXT, but in reality you are merely an unworthy peasant that I'm gonna knock off on my rise to the top. I don't care how many other challengers you get for that championship because I am the only relevant contender for that title. No one in this division cares more about winning that NXT championship as much as I do. So many of our fellow NXT members don't even show up anymore. Others just seem to be completely ignore that championship. Perhaps some view it as beneath them. But me? I am going to put one hundred and ten percent of my effort into becoming NXT champion. I will continue to gun for you until I'm wearing that belt around my waist. So Marker, you better focus all your energy into preparing for me and me alone. When we meet in the ring for that title, I will be the victor and that will begin the most awesome title reign in BPZ history!" With that, Buddy Ace throws his hands into the air as his music plays.
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    Johnny Kills

    Private Operations.

    Kills is seething as he blows by the reporters that just received a cryptic message from FDS. He finally catches him, unlike any other time we'd seen Kills. He's disheveled, rage twisting his face as he angrily stares at FDS contrasting sharply from the composed, controlled Kills we've seen. This appears more like the Jonathan of old, the one who proclaimed himself as a God and allowed his emotions to take hold of him. And he wasn't speaking in that deathly even tone, instead, a roar escaped from his lungs. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!" He stands nose to nose with his Ruin compatriot with his hands in his hair, yanking at his auburn locks. The steam coming out his ears is almost visible. "WE CAME TOGETHER TO STOP GREED AND NOW YOUR SELFISH PURSUITS LEFT ME ALONE. WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE BIGGER THAN TRIVIAL PURSUITS, BIGGER THAN WHAT DRIVES THOSE OTHER FUCKS IN THE LOCKER ROOM. HOW WAS THAT ANY BETTER THAN ANYBODY ELSE." "I guess you don't see it, do you? More and more, you're becoming like them. I guess this is supposed to be the grand fucking Art of Ruin." Kills spits as he pushes past FDS, pulling a play out of his tag partner's playbook by flipping off the reporters who have lots of questions in mind.
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    The Only Man That Matters In BPZ

    Evolve returns from commercial break when an unfamiliar theme tune plays over the PA System. Out comes Matt Evans, a star from companies such as ROH, Chikara, and PWG has come to BPZ Wrestling. Matt makes his way to ring with a microphone in hand with mostly silence from the audience, but boos from the fans that know who he is. Matt then enters the ring and begins to speak. None of you matter. No one in the back matters, nobody cares about the Universal Championship, the Intercontinental Championship, or the World Heavyweight Championship. Because the only man that matters in BPZ, is M E! MATT EVANS! When I hold a title I make it significant, when I am in a match I make my opponent significant, when I am in a company I make it significant. When I am not it does not matter, it is obsolete in the grand scheme of things. So with my signing to Evolve I made Evolve matter, I gave Evolve a purpose to still be a brand. And that purpose is to show each and every one of you people, a look at me each and every week. The people in the Century Link Center of Omaha boo Matt Evans and his inflated ego. You boo me because you are insignificant, you people WISH you were me. Wherever I go I am seen as someone who matters. In the world of wrestling I am a celebrity. Actually no I'M THE CELEBRITY, BECAUSE I AM THE ONLY HOUSEHOLD NAME IN THIS INDUSTRY, WITHOUT ME THERE WOULD BE NO PRO WRESTLING! The audience boos Evans again for his statements, as Matt regains his composure so he can continue with his promo. Now in a few days I am going to be facing someone for a Number One Contendership for a title that I nor anyone cares about because I don't hold it yet. And to whoever that is, this next match is going to be the biggest of your career. You get to face off with the living legend Matt Evans in his BPZ debut. So whoever you may be, make the match count, if you put up a good showing in your loss, you may get booked elsewhere too. It'll help your career either way because then you'll be known as the guy Matt Evans beat in his debut for BPZ Wrestling. So slap that on a T-Shirt, make some merch sales, and I hope the rest of your career goes well. Now if you people excuse me, I have a dinner with the Governor of Nebraska to attend to. Au revior. "All Ego" begins playing again as Matt Evans leaves the arena to many boos from the audience in the arena, as Evolve goes back to commercial break.
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    The stage is set for Ross as the media rushes the conference room and Ross steps out from the back. He doesn't look in the mood at all tonight and takes a seat straight away. Of course ladies and gentleman we are here for one reason only and that's the address the actions of Kieron Black this past week on EVOLVE. I can confirm that myself or any of the BPZ staff have any idea that Kieron Black was going to do that. Kieron has been taken to hospital and we are not aware of his current situation but it is considered to be critical. We again want to apologise for what everyone saw on their screens and we are pushing for this to be removed from social media to prevent further exposure of this horrible incident. As for EVOLVE, Yelich will now face Jonathan in the NOC match. From here on out no more comments will be made on this situation and for professional purposes Kieron Black has been suspended until further notice. Thank you. Ross and his representatives quickly leave the press room with the whole media screaming for more answers.
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    Angelo Caito

    5-26-18/ Tragedy

    [Mayhem has came and Mayhem has went, seeing some top class matches and surprising wins, including one of Julius defeating Echo Wilson to advance to the final round of the Carnage Power Trip Cup Tournament. But, what many predicted, Flynn defeated Nanovirus to advance as well, making it ROA vs ROA in the finals. After the loss to Flynn, Nanovirus slowly sat up and he looked off into a silent arena of fans as he slowly removes his mask, showing the painted face of the man known by many names: Brad, Angelo Caito, and Nanovirus. He exited the ring and slowly walked up the ramp, going past superstars, friend and foe, who all watch on. He sees Ryan Reeves and he keeps his head down. He slowly raises the hand that his mask is in and puts it to Ryan’s chest. Reeves grabs the mask as he looks at Nanovirus with a look of uncertainty as the “King Of The Underground” then walks off, with his head hanging low. One hour Later: Mayhem returns as all the seats are filled with 90,000 people as Bart retains the United States Championship against Kieron Black. He exits to the back and the tron goes to static. At a moment's notice, the static fades off and the scene changes to the locker room backstage. Superstars who joined the NXT Division are seated in chairs tying their boots and their trunks until the locker room door swings open. The body is familiar as it's the tattoos and body structure of Nanovirus, but the face is hidden by a towel. He slowly walks into the locker room as the men around him stare at him, and keeps their eyes placed on him until he makes it to a empty chair in the middle of the room and takes a seat in the chair and lowers his head once again. Voices whispers to Nanovirus as they keep saying three names.] “Nanovirus….. Brad….. Angelo Caito…. NANOVIRUS…… BRAD….. ANGELO CAITO” [Nanovirus closes his fists as he looks up very quickly and sees a blacken room, with two chairs in front of him. A spotlight shines on one as walking out of the black is the last form of Nanovirus, Brad. He sports his “Iron Man” shirt and blue jeans on along with white vans. He sits in the chair and crosses his arms as he sits back.] “This is it Nano? You are giving up? You… who is me, is giving up? No Nanovirus. If you quit then I will drag myself to Hell, run through the souls of every demon in my way and spear your soul out of my body and regain the rights to fight out of that company. And I will get those fans World Title that I promised them for three years. You came close, but just like me Nanovirus, you seeked defeat. And you are horrible with defeat. You removed your mask, and left it in the hands of Ryan. Nano… wake up. WAKE. UP!” [The spotlight cuts out, leaving Nano to be alone again. He lowers his head again and intertwined his hands together before hearing one loud word:] “PATHETIC!” [Nano looks up as the crowd roars loudly. The man who once took Evolve by storm with one motto: “Trust No One, Not Even Myself”. He reps the shirt along with camo jeans and Timberland boots. Angelo Caito stands in front of Nanovirus and paces around before kicking the chair over and gets head to head as he breathes heavy before pulling back.] “For nearly a year, I was gone and buried into the past of Brad because I wasn't fit for Carnage because there, I wasn't allowed to “fight the system no longer” or do all the crap I was doing on Evolve because I was traded. And I waited and waited for a near year to burst out and regain everything. But what do I see? A sorry ass man in my place. You don't have it. None of us do. But you and Brad went against the way of life that you and him know are true. We should Trust No One, Not Even Ourselves. Brad trusted Echo, and look what happened. He was dumped to the road faster than ever by that slim bag. And you, you trust Ryan Reeves, and think of what will happen. Any moment and the knife will be stuck in your back like our sister did. Waiting on the sidelines watching you fail and fail. When i was there, you know how many times I failed? Once. I failed once. You're supposed to be Hell’s Ruler, but the only Hell you're running… is your own. Now…. I'M BACK TO WIN MY WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!” [The lights cut off again, before the camera turns to Nanovirus, who raises his head and lets out a scary message for the World Champion, Slim. He looks up into the camera and musters out quietly:] “K.I.L.L” [The scene returns to normal and the four NXT Stars are scared shitless as Nanovirus keeps his head down before lifting it up and a snarl comes from behind the towel. The door swings close and men screaming is heard after. Then, all goes quiet, until the creepy sound of a little girl comes from the room. She sings a song etched into horror history, but with a twist that ends the segement.] “One Two Nano’s Coming For You. Three Four Trust No One. Five Six Get Your Iron Man. Seven Eight Hell’s Awake. Nine Ten They Are Coming”
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    The Marker

    A History Marking Celebration

    {Welcome to NXT, as we kick the show off with the brand new NXT Champion, Marker who won the vacant championship after former champion Julius who relinquish the title and move on up, Marker is asking for a microphone, what he going to say, Marker trys to speak, but fans shouting "You Deserve It" around the NXT crowd} Listen, thank you as I truely deserve what I got here today, AS NOW THIS IS THE MARKER GROUNDS AND I AM THE KING OF NXT! {The crowd roared in excitement for the new champion} I am the true King Of NXT, I deserve this more than anyone, I won at Mayhem fair and square and me and my partner Emperor shake my hand and and raise my arm for me winning the title that what true friends are for, it didn't matter who won between me or him, Marking The Empire still wins, we weren't going to have some irrelevant guy like Predator deciding to come out after so long and talk trash to me and my partner, that was not going to happen and one of us won and that was me. {Imagine of Marker winning the NXT Championship at Mayhem} So why am I out here, tonight well of course to celebrate my triumph win at Mayhem that we talk about, but another reason why I am out here today to make a little announcement, to anyone in the NXT Locker Room, if anyone of you wants to face me for the NXT Championship, go right ahead because The King Of NXT will grant you that wish if you want to face me, so you know what if you want to come to my History Marking Celebration and challenge me for the Title go right ahead because it doesn't who I face, I will knock them down one by one until you crumble apart
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    Echo Wilson

    A Promise for Mayhem

    On our recent tour of the brands, myself and Bart have made our point very, very clear. The Tag Division is about to be shaken up and the era of the Kingdom is going to begin. Now, Bart you went to the liberty of talking about how unfitting the Tag Team Champions are for the belts and how we will maul them and walk out with the tag team championships as our prize, but I want to focus on another group of three men who have been on my constant mind as of late, and not just in the tag division. Of course, those men make up the unit known as R.O.A. and with the Carnage Power Trip Cup in progress, two of my four fellow semi finalists are in fact ROA members. In fact, my opponent for the semi finals is their Underboss Julius. And who knows what can happen after I run through Julius? But as I can rip them apart one on one, why not give Bart some of the spoils? It doesn’t matter, which two of you, you pick, the result will be the same. ROA biting the dust like they should’ve done at World at War. With recent events in mind, I do think that the duo you will eventually go with is the team of Flynn and Julius so let me pretend that that’s how its going to play out. First off Flynn, you and me have so much history between us and yet why haven’t I gotten my rematch? It’s shameful that you avoided me for so long that by the time our paths crossed again, it was too late to rob you of your Universal Title. Bart can speak for me when I say, that as a fan, as a common locker room leader, the showing of unsportsmanlike conduct you showed after the events of Halloween Havoc were absolutely appalling and that instead of rightfully admitting the better man, you took the excuse that The Order gave you and scurried off to find another poor man to leech on. What you did was inexcusable, and I will beat you hundreds of thousands of times and still it cannot change what you did. So I will take pleasure in stealing everything you hold so close and dear, because it’s only going to make things even. Carnage Power Trip Cup finals, Tag team title match, when ever else you wanna meet me in the ring, I will burn you, I will burn the living heart out of you. There is a moment of seething horror and anger in the face of Echo Wilson as his true feelings towards Flynn are made very apparent. The hatred simmers before Echo cuts the tension while raising his mic to his lips once again. Now for Julius, the supposed King of the NXT division. Julius, if you paid attention to the history books, you would know very well that Myself and Bart are the two greatest NXT Champions in all of history but Julius…. For you, it isn’t a question of What Ifs, our match at Power Trip Cup will happen live and in stereo. The entire world can see me maul you, can see me tear you limb from limb, and where will I deal my first blows? Well, of course, it is at Mayhem, when myself and Bart claim gold as unit and begin the dominance of The Kingdom in the best way possible. I don’t think I can stress enough just how much of a takeover this will be, in fact at Mayhem, Kingdom will be holding 5 out of the 8 total titles that this company has, and where will ROA be? Where will Ruin be?.....They will be left, lying broken and battered, in the wake of our storm, watching as the real revolution kicks off without them. Watching as the real source of Ruin runs rampant in every single corner of this company. We will burn the revolution of attitude, we will burn the life out of Ruin, we will burn the established system down to the ground….and then rebuild. Rebuild for the future, rebuild for a new world, with the Kingdom at the forefront of the action and everyone else, bowing before us and worshipping us like the gods we are. There is no stopping the prophetic truth. Carnage will never be the same, Evolve will never be the same, THE WORLD will never be the same, there is a new order on the horizon for the world, a new legacy, better than anything that has come before it. There are people behind the scenes who run this world, while the people think they have privacy, have control, they soon are going to find that they have no control. The Kingdom runs you, The Kingdom runs all and at Mayhem, the Kingdom will run THROUGH every other unit in the ring, that is my promise. I always keep my promises. Echo Wilson smirks proudly one last time, and pauses before flipping his microphone, he takes the lead as he charges back up the ramp. Bart follows closely behind. We will have to see if this pairing of the Kingdom members can truly live up to this grand promise. We could very well see the World, United States, Grand, Premium and Tag Team Titles in the hands of the Kingdom after Mayhem. At least, that's what they are promising.
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    Having played almost a year of modern day WWE on TEW 2016 I thought I'd begin to go through the major storylines, incidents and of course results from the PPV's. Heading into Backlash saw a continuation of Roman Reigns quest for the Universal Championship against Brock Lesnar and the growing animosity between AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura. Reigns had promised to win the Universal title or he’d never challenge for the championship again. Whereas AJ Styles wanted to get revenge on Nakamura for his actions at Wrestlemania Pre Show : Jeff Hardy defeated Eric Young to retain the United States Championship : 65 Pre Show : Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre defeated The Ascension : 66 Pre Show : Bobby Roode defeated Chad Gable : 72 Pre Show : Becky Lynch & Naomi defeated Billie Kay & Peyton Royce : 56 Seth Rollins defeated Jinder Mahal to retain the Intercontinental Championship : 86 ANGLE : Lashley Hype Video : 74 The Bar defeated The Uso's by count out : 83 ANGLE : Big Cass complains to Shane McMahon about not being on the show : 68 Nia Jax defeated Mickie James to retain the Raw Womens Title : 58 ANGLE : Miz mocks Daniel Bryan for not being cleared to compete again : 92 Carmella defeated Charlotte to retain the Smackdown Womens Championship : 64 ANGLE : Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn backstage promo on Bray Wyatt & Matt Hardy : 78 The Deleter of Worlds defeated Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn to retain the Raw Tag Team Championships : 85 ANGLE : Rusev & Aiden English interrupt The New Day : 66 ANGLE : Lesnar vs Reigns Hype Video : 86 Roman Reigns defeated Brock Lesnar to win the Universal Championship : 78 ANGLE : Braun Strowman interrupts Elias concert : 88 Braun Strowman defeated Elias : 68 ANGLE : AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura Hype Video : 74 Shinsuke Nakamura defeated AJ Styles for the WWE Championship : 82 Overall Show Rating 84+ 19, 500 Sell Out from the Prudential Centre (Tri State) Shown on WWE Network - TV: 11.00 (8,5250,130 viewers)
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    The Marker

    A Look Into The Future

    {Evil Ways plays and Marker looks serious, while also confident, basking in the EVOLVE crowd as he returns to his own territory, the fans cheer very loudly as their NXT Champion is back home. The more Marker walked, the louder the fans cheered for him, as he struts down to the ring, he looks around the Arena of his fans chanting for him, Marker smirks as he enters the ring, with microphone beside the turnbuckle, ready for him to speak.} I'm back EVOLVE, and after I took care of business at Carnage, I'm here to speak of one person tonight and his name is Alyx Wilde, The Intercontinental Champion. I have to say Alyx, you have impress me very much since you arrived here at EVOLVE, I mean you already won the IC championship by taking it away from Josh at Mayhem in a very close match. But then again, Josh is a weakling, he couldn't even defeat a man who thought he wasn't going to wrestle anymore. Your a disappointment to your GM and to your adoring fans you have. So at EVOLVE Takeover: Fallout, it's NXT Champion vs Intercontinental Champion, in a Number One Contender Match to advance in a Triple Threat Match to face Bart for the Grand Championship, that a very interesting match indeed, not only is for a Contendership match, it is also pride that is on the line here and I don't think Alyx was his pride gone, because he too self-centered, he wants to be the star of the show. Well at Fallout, that's not going to happen because I'm gonna to stop at nothing to put you down to the ground, I'm gonna make sure you won't come back here ever again, I'm gonna break your soul, I'm gonna break your damn legs off of you boy, and you better hope and pray a miracle happens because when I'm finish with you, I'm gonna climb to Mount Olympus and when I see the lightning of Zeus, I'm gonna strip all his powers and it will be mine and mine alone so Alyx, prepare yourself for the fight of your life because I'm gonna servely hurt you. {Evil Ways plays once more as Marker as he about to leave the ring, he takes his Championship around his waist off and holds it with over his head. Marker immediately leaves the ring and and to backstage officially ending this segment.}
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    @Epic1237I made you two, hope you enjoy them!
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    BPZ Inside Source

    Episode Three of Real Talk is live and this week we catch up with the Marker. Enjoy Julius: Welcome to another episode Real Talk, I am your host Julius and today we have one of the future stars in BPZ The Marker, How are you doing today? The Marker: Well Julius, I feel fantastic so far, I'm having a Number One Contender Match for one of the biggest titles on EVOLVE and in a week's time I'll be NXT Champion Julius: So yes lets talk about that NXT Championship, you have been unsuccessful before but this time around you are looking in good shape to take that title home, but in that match is your good friend and tag team partner Jason Ryan. Does that change your mindset heading into the match? The Marker: Well even though we haven't been a tag team for so long, me and Jason has no problems whatsoever, we are like brothers, blood brothers and if he wins the NXT Championship, it still a victory for Marking The Empire in my and his book, so in the end, no that does not change my mindset Julius: Very interesting. Lets take it back to when you first arrived here in BPZ, what was it like? The Marker: Well, it was very different from the organizations I have work for and now I have a permanent contract with a company, it took time to adjust, but in the end I was able to learn my way around very quickly and then I became use to it. Julius: We saw that Marking the Empire was close to winning the tag team championships and there is obviously some chemistry there, how did you guys first of all meet and why did you decide to form this tag team The Marker: The reason why we form this team in the first place was because nobody cared for us, we knew we were very talented men in and out of the ring, so when we first met, I knew exactly, maybe not in that moment, but I knew that he could use some help and he knew it too, so in the end we decided to form our team and wanting to become Tag Champs. Julius: You recently picked up a win at EVOLVE TakeOver: Rebellion against Akki in the first ever inferno match, can you describe to us why you had chosen to pursue that match The Marker: To be honest with you, he decided the match, I went along with it, as long as he being beaten up and to be put in check, that 100% fine by me. Julius: And obviously that win has opened up some eyes including new GM Ross, how important is it for you now to continue to improve and make your name in EVOLVE? The Marker: In my opinion, it is very important to me because I want to be a house hold name here in Kayfabe and to do that you have to pick up some victories under your belt, Akki was a stepping stone, same as Alyx the true battle lies ahead at the Grand Championship(edited) Julius: Lastly what are your future goals moving forward in this company and also who would you like to work with in the future? The Marker: My Future Goals are to win as much titles as possible, I also want to hone my skills here aswell. There a couple of people I would love to work with such as Bart, Slim, Smith and many others in the Furture Julius: Its been a pleasure Marker and I wish you all the best in your upcoming matches The Marker: Thank you very much Julius Join me next time where I will talk with Josh (Hopefully)

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