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    {We open on a familiar scene. A scene we haven’t seen in nearly a month. A scene that lets us know we are about to delve into the darkest parts of our psyche. A world that few men choose to dwell in, but one that some have seen as their own sanctuary. This place is the boiler room of BPZ. The camera is pointed towards the wall, darkness consumes everything in the room, except for the light that beams from the camera. Slowly, the camera pans down to see the new BPZ Global Champion sitting on the floor. Necce stares off blankly, seemingly focusing on space as he rings his hands over and over again with his newly won title wrapped around his waits. He speaks in his signature hushed growl.} For many weeks, I have laid dormant. I sat in my domicile, and I watched as the world I helped build crumbled to ash. I watched the men I thought could one day take over BPZ as a unit, slowly turn on each other and blame everyone else for their actions but themselves like children without a guardian. They have blamed me for their downfall, they blame me for not leading them by the hand to the promised land, and they accuse me of leeching off of their popularity. Not understanding that they needed me more than I ever needed them. I gave them the tools they needed to succeed, I taught them what it means to be a champion, I gave them the killer instinct they lacked, and yet they pissed it all away. They say that I failed them, but they’ve never pondered whether or not they were even good enough. I didn’t fail you Marker, I didn’t let you down Ace, and I didn’t lead you astray Ryan, you failed me. You showed me that I should’ve just let you fizzle out like you we’re destined to do anyway, that I should’ve given my wisdom to those who actually deserved it and actually would’ve used it to be something other than a glorified group of curtain jerkers who had credibility on their roster. I gave you titles, I gave you big matches, I gave you my blessing to burn the world to ash, and what do I get in return? A group of jobbers with their hands out, asking why I didn’t give them the air I breathed and the clothes off of my back. I gave you the tag team titles, I gave you the global title, with one explicit goal; defend them, retain them, and what do you do? Crumble at the first obstacle. I’m ashamed of you all, I’m disappointed that I tried to help you and that I wasted my time in trying to make you the biggest thing in pro wrestling, only to fail at every turn. You failed me, you failed each other, you failed yourself, and you deserve it. The blame I am most surprised by however, is the man that I defeated for the belt that I wear now, Jason Ryan. But in a way, I can understand it. The man that you idolize, worship, made to believe that he can walk on water if he wanted to, has seemingly beat you, stripped you of your prize, and left you for your carcass to be picked to the marrow by the vultures. But believe me when I say Jason that I always saw the most potential in you, I always knew that you would be the one who could break out and forge your own legacy. But you were misguided, stuck in a preconceived notion that you must be the most talked about and the most shocking rather than the best, a habit that I tried to break, but you stubbornly adhered to. You see Ryan, in our match, you came up short, but even in defeat, you proved something to me. While you couldn’t keep up with my experience, with short bursts of offense, you had me on the ropes. In a way, you accomplished your mission of making me proud. You showed me that all of the knowledge that I had bequeathed onto you wasn’t all for naught. But you also proved to me that you still require my teaching, my guiding to ascend to another plane of excellence. So that’s what I will offer to you, I will continue to mentor you, but this time it will be different. I tried a different way, I tried to use positive reinforcement, but I see where that has brought the both of us. It appears that I have gone too soft on you Ryan, so now I must use the ways that I am most familiar. I learned discipline through brutal means, and that seems to be what you lack. Ryan, I love you. I love you like a brother, and I love you like a proud teacher watches his ace pupil fulfil his destiny. But you have taken my love for granted, and you have taken my kindness for weakness, so it is time that you learn the true price of my love. And now onto a man that I am very familiar with, a man I once called a teammate, a man I once considered a friend. A man who has quite a twisted and altered delusion of what he represents in my history. This man is of course, the hollow vessel that used to be FDS. The man who at one time was possibly the most dangerous entity in BPZ, is now an empty husk of flesh where a monster once stood. You left BPZ as The King of Chaos, and returned as something even less that just Daniel, you returned as an embarrassment. A sham of what once was a brutal monarch. And yet you still have the nerve to sit there and assume that I am afraid of you. What is there to fear Daniel? A man that I’ve beaten in the most brutal match type this company has ever seen? The match that he brought to BPZ. A man that I carried through a tag team tournament, only to hand him the belts when I saw no need for them? Daniel, I do not fear you, I never have, I simply pity you. I pity what you have become, and I pity what you could’ve been. You were a man with a legacy of failure who finally caught his big break when he let out the true him underneath the mask, only to have it snuffed out. And the fact that I now have to face you again just shows how far you’ve sunk. At one time you were a legitimate world title contender, and now what are you? In a match on a C level show against a man who holds a title that you helped create when the belt isn’t even on the line. You’re a joke Daniel, and your decision to allow me to choose the stipulation of our throwaway match is the biggest punchline. I thought long and hard at what our match should be. What stipulation would sting the most when I beat you once again? Should be a no disqualification match? No, too generic. A deathmatch? No, already beat him in that. I had to dig through the dregs of your forgettable career to find a match that would perfectly encapsulate your failure after the match. A match that would bring you back to the sparkle of decency that I once knew. A stipulation that could possibly give light to the rebirth of the most dangerous man in professional wrestling. Daniel, at St. Valentine's Day Massacre, you and I will face in an FDS’ Rules match. No disqualifications, no count outs, no pinfalls. The only way to win is to either make your opponent tap out or knock them out. One year after I defeated you in a deathmatch, I will do it once again, this time in your own match, and hopefully, it will light the fire inside of you that burned out long ago. There are many things that change with the birth of a new year. Many new opportunities that arise, and many chances to rebuild ourselves from what we were the previous year. But as the years and decades run along, we soon realize that there is one true constant in life. Kingdoms will crumble, Flocks will disperse, and frontiers will be conquered, but the Antichrist will always stand above the rubble. {Necce stands up, but the camera doesn’t move. Instead, the camera focuses on the center plate of the newly designed Global Championship that Necce wears around his waist. The belt flashes from the light of the camera as Necce delivers his final and signature line.} Quote The Raven, Nevermore. {The shot hangs on the Championship for a few seconds before slowly fading away to black.}
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    After an amazing performance last night in the Royal Rumble Match. The Bailey walked out as the Royal Rumble Winner and now will Main Event BPZMANIA for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. He Makes his way out to the Ring FINALLY...... THE BAILEY HAS COMEBACK TO PHOENIX ARIZONA. What Hell of a Night Last Night was. Last Night The Bailey Whooped The Candy Asses of 29 Men to Win the Royal Rumble Match! And Now the Bailey in Front of the MILLIONS and Millions of Bailey Fans gets to go Atlanta George in the Mercedes Benz Arena and Main event BPZMANIA. Where The Bailey will get to Go One on One with BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. And where that Champion gets to go one on one with the GREAT ONE. Now The Current Champ Julius. And Yeah Julius is real good. Real good. The Bailey knows Julius well. The Bailey knows his type. Hes the Bad Ass. The Tough Guy. The Beast. The Dominator. THE NEXT BIG THING. But the Bailey Doesn't give a Damn what your Nickname is. The Bailey only cares about one thing and one thing only. And that's the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship that you hold. The Bailey doesn't give a damn about you. The Bailey doesn't give a Damn about your Mother or your Sister. You have what the The Bailey wants. And What the Bailey wants the Bailey always gets. And Thats A Guaren-Damn-tee.
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    We are live on Carnage, only a few nights away from the Royal Rumble. Deep down inside every wrestler in the BPZ is nervous ahead of Sunday, what entry spot they will have drawn and who is in the match when they enter. They all hope that they can make it, that they have a chance to make history and go to the main event of BPZMania IV. But for some, the Rumble isn’t the only thing on the agenda for that Sunday. One of those is making his entrance as we return from a commercial break, the Universal and Intercontinental Champion Bart. He is in a good mood, as he taunts the crowd by showing off with both of his titles on his way to the ring. One match, one match is it all took to break Bic’s hopes. One match, one loss is all that took for Bic to give up his believes. One match was all that was needed for a break down. It makes me scared of what’s going to happen to Bic after our match. All the poor boy’s dreams will have been shattered and he will go have to back to the rough spot that he was in, that led to him leaving the company. Bic, it’s not that you are getting unlucky. It’s not that your attitude is holding you back. It’s just that you don’t have it anymore, you have lost it. Ever since July of 2017 you have been in a downwards spiral and you try everything in your power to get out of it, but it won’t work. That month your career died. It was supposed to be the start of a new era in the BPZ, with you as the face to lead it. But then you collapsed, you weren’t ready to take a top spot on the card. And that’s fine, but why do you even prevent that you want to get this title when everyone knows that you won’t be able to handle it? Is it the proud? Or do you still have the false belief that it was a fluke. Night Of Legends showed you Bic, it wasn’t. You don’t have it anymore. It’s fine, you’ll keep a job for the rest of your career, you have done enough to earn that. The only thing holding you back is those false voices in your head telling you that you can do more, when you and I both know that you can’t. No one seems to have been able to convince you of that, and I take great pleasure knowing that I will be the one to bring you back to your senses. After we are done, you’ll lay in that ring. More parts of your body broken than you count. You will realise that this is not for you anymore. I won’t blame you for what you said, it’s what everyone thinks before they have a match with me. But after they are done, they have a greater wisdom than they could have ever imagined. I don’t consider it to be something bad, not everyone can have the same insight as me. But it’s my duty to make them understand their position in this company. See you Sunday, Bic. It looks like Bart is about to head out of the ring, but then in a split second, he changes his mind and walks back into the ring, leaving the fans surprised. I never thought that I would say this, but I have been growing frustrated with the perception that Julius is the number one guy in the company, and that I am only number 2. While I thought that our match at Night Of Legends would have been enough for me to out my frustration, there is something that doesn’t seem right. It goes back to King Of The Ring, when I wasn’t there to capitalize on what was unique opportunity to capture the World Championship. I never said it, but it’s hurt me. The thought of missing out on my chance to become World Champion has been going in head ever since it happened. Finally, 5 months later, I will redeem myself. The Royal Rumble has arrived. I don’t care that I have a match before it, I don’t care that there is people who have been preparing for this match for months. When I want something, I get it. I always have, I always will. And then, after I win the Royal Rumble, I will finally get the praise that I never wanted, but always deserved.
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    It is now time for the ROYAL RUMBLE Match! The announcer goes over the rules of the Royal Rumble and then Introduces the first entrant of the match. First comes out #1 Arius Followed by Arius at Number 2 is #2 Ropati. Arius and Ropati start the action at a slow pace with lockholds and trying to eliminate each other with the countdown starting #3 Dikey One of the newest wrestlers of BPZ, Dikey makes his way out. He gets the jump on both Ropati and Arius and takes them both down right away. With the newer guys Dikey and Arius teaming up on Ropati. #4 Marker The Former Frontier member Marker makes his way out coming at all the competition. He ends up knocking Dikey out onto the apron. But Dikey fights back but then out of Nowhere Ropati dropkicks Dikey and eliminates him. Dikey has been Eliminated #5 Maasa Maasa comes out next, another new wrestler in BPZ. Maasa enters the ring and picks a fight with Ropati as Arius and Marker are fighting. Ropati drops Maasa with a Pele Kick. While Marker tries to eliminate Arius from the match but Arius is standing strong in the corner 3…...2……….1 #6 Sameer The Beast Sameer is now in the Royal Rumble one half of the Tag Team Champions. Sameer goes right after his enemy Ropati. He ends up dropping him with a super kick. Maasa comes from behind on Sameer. Maasa tries to throw Sameer out but Sameer counters and Tosses Massa out onto the Apron. SuperKick by Sameer …… Maasa has been eliminated Meanwhile Marker hits Arius with the Stairways to Hell. He picks him up on throws him over the top but Arius holds on. 3…..2……..1 #7 Hollow The Mysterious and Carnage Scramble winner Hollow is now in the match. Sameer and Ropati are fighting while Marker and Hollow now go at it. While Arius is resting in the corner letting everything play out. 3….2…..1 #8 BIC The Pure Athlete BiC goes right to the Top Rope and lays out everyone with a CrossBody. He goes right for a Springboard crossbody on Arius. The Pure Athlete is in the Rumble! Sameer comes right at Bic and they fight while everyone else is still recovering 3…...2…….1 #9 Ark Ark is now in the Royal Rumble and goes right at with Arius. While Sameer and Bic are fighting. Marker is now trying to Eliminate Ropati. Ropati fights off Marker and hits a slingblade to take him out. Sameer Closelines Bic and then has a superkick Party knocking everyone down when the countdown begins. 3…...2…...1 #10 Brendenplayz The Owner Brendenplayz is now officially in the Royal Rumble. He stares at his Tag Team Partner before Ark tries to Jump him but Brenden counters and hits the pedigree. Then Tosses Ark out of the match. Ark has been eliminated. Marker turns the Boss around and locks eyes with him before being hit with a superkick by Sameer! Brenden and Sameer together toss marker out of the match. Marker has been eliminated. Sameer and Brenden hyped each other up before both being attacked by everyone in the match. As the countdown begins again 3….2…..1 #11 Hans The first member of the Newbloods Hans has enters the Royal Rumble. Hans goes right after rival Arius. As Ropati and BIC are teaming up against the Big Ballers. From behind Hollow tries to Eliminate Sameer but Brenden saves Sameer from slipping off the apron. Hollow turns his attention towards BIC. As Big Ballers double on Ropati. 3...2….1 #12 Yelich The Man of Many personalities Yelich is next to enter the Royal Rumble. The Big Ballers hit there famous Ballin tag team finisher on Ropati. While Yelich tries to avoid the Ballers. He goes after Arius and Hans while Bic and Hollow are still fighting. The Ballers decide to lay back and let everyone else fight as Ropati is layed out. 3….2….1 #13 Boliveria Another new member of the Roster Boliveria enters the match. He goes right into the Mix with all the new members of BPZ. Meanwhile Yelich slipped his way over to BIC and Hollow getting involved into that fight. Meanwhile it seems to look like Sameer is setting up to Attack Brenden but before he possibly could Bic attacks Sameer. Brenden unknowingly goes to help Sameer against BIC. 3...2….1 #14 Bailey The Proclaimed GOAT and COO Bailey is now in the Royal Rumble and he comes in right away delivering Uppercuts to everyone in the match. He goes after Yelich but gets stopped by Boliveria who throws haymakers at Bailey. Bailey dodges one and throws Boliveria over the top rope and out of the match. Boliveria has been eliminated. Hans runs right at Bailey and Closelines him over the top rope! Bailey has been eliminated. NO! He hangs on. Hans runs back at Bailey but Bailey pulls down the rops and Hans flies right over the rope and hits the floor. Hans has been eliminated. Bailey gets back into the ring and fights with Yelich. Meanwhile Brenden and Sameer are fighting against Ropati and Bic. Hollow and Arius are also fighting. #15 Jack Bishop The Founder of the NewBloods Jack Bishop makes his way into the match immediately hitting a Tiger-Plex on Arius. Meanwhile Bailey hits a big closeline on Yelich and then picks him up and hits the Game Changer! He picks Yelich up and throws him out of the ring. Yelich has been eliminated. Brenden and Sameer are once again teaming up on Ropati trying to eliminate him. When then Bailey attacks the Big Ballers and has a face off with Brenden. It gets interrupted by Bic and Arius. Bic goes after Bailey as Arius goes after Brenden. 3….2….1 #16 Brett Storm Brett Storm is next in the match. He gets into a fight with Jack Bishop as both men are going at it. Bailey and Bic are still fighting as is Brenden and Arius. Sameer and Roati are fighting. As Hollow waits for number 17. 3….2…..1 #17 Nate Emperor Nate runs into the Ring as he eager to get back into the Ring. He clashes with Hollow. He drops Hollow with a Pele Kick. Hollow gets back to his feet using the ropes but is met with a huge closeline sending him out by Nate. Hollow has been Eliminated. Nate is back! But then gets floored by a hard knee strike by BIC. BIC throws Nate over the top but Nate Hangs on. But Jack Bishop runs full speed at Nate and hits him off the apron. But Nate lands on top of the Barricade! Nate is still in. Everyone is in shock watching Nate. Even the refs are focused on Nate that when Ropati throws out Brendenplayz! No one sees it and Brenden sneaks back into the Ring as the Countdown begins 3….2...1 #18 Jason Ryan The Former Global Champion Jason Ryan is coming to the ring but still everyone's focus is on Nate. Nate takes a leap of glory and jumps all the way from the barricade back to the arpon and into the ring! Only to get floored by Jason Ryan with a discuss closeline. Brenden and Sameer are back on the double team now teaming on Bailey. As the first and 2nd entrant Arius and Ropati are fighting. While Bic and Jack Bishop are fighting. 3…...2…….1 #19 Storm Before Storm can enter he is attacked by Wall Ace! The Machine of the NewBloods. He brutally thrown into the Barricades. He hits the Full House on Storm and then Tosses him into the Ring. When then Jack Bishop picks up the pieces and throws Storm over the top rope. Storm has been eliminated 3...2….1 #20 Wall Ace It is now time for Wall Ace to actually be in this match. Him and Bishop team up right away fighting Arius as they end up hitting the Old Blood Spilled on him. Meanwhile Nate is back to his feet fighting Bailey. Brenden and Sameer have not stopped teaming the whole match still targeting Ropati but they just can’t eliminate him. Bic is fighting Jason Ryan. 3...2...1 #21 Bart The Villain Bart is now in the Rumble. He goes in and Brett Storm comes right after him laying punches into Bart. Bart blocks a punch and kicks brett right in the gut. Dropping him to the ground he picks him back up and hits the Hammerlock DDT. He picks Brett up and eliminates him. Brett Storm has been eliminated. Bic comes at Bart. these 2 men fought earlier in the Night for the Intercontinental Championship. And now they’re going at it again. BIC dropkicks Bart and goes to Closeline him out of the Rumble but Bart ducks and lifts BIC over his shoulders and over the top rope and out of the Ring. BIC has been eliminated. Bart has eliminated Bic but can’t celebrate for too long because Bailey comes at Bart and they start to fight. Meanwhile Brenden and Sameer are fighting Wall Ace and Jack Bishop. Nate is fighting Ropati and Jason Ryan is fighting Arius. 3…..2…...1 #22 Odyssey Sellers Jack Bishop immediately turns his attention towards Sellers. Who runs down into the ring and Starts Brawling with Bishop. Wall Ace gets involved until Arius gets involved and hits the Kick and sweep combination on Wall Ace. Jack Bishop lays Arius out with the Sleeping Pill but from behind Crippler tosses Jack Bishop over the top rope and out of the match. Jack Bishop has been eliminated. Meanwhile as Wall Ace is getting back up The Big Ballers toss him out. Wall Ace has been eliminated. As the Big Ballers are celebrating the countdown begins. But Wait! Out of nowhere Brenden tosses Sameer over the top rope! Sameer has been eliminated. 3…...2…..1 #23 Bashka As Brenden is celebrating Sameer runs back into the rings and the Tosses Brenden out of the match! Brendenplayz has been eliminated. Before Leaving the Match Sameer superkicks Jason Ryan and then leaves as him and brenden argue to the backstage Meanwhile Bashka has now entered the match and he goes at Bailey. As they get into a brawl. Bart is fighting Ropati. Arius is fighting with Sellers. While Nate is gloating to the crowd in the corner. 3…...2…..1 #24 Buddy Ace Buddy Ace runs right into the Ring as Jason Ryan is getting up but Ace tosses Ryan out of the match and smirks at his former Partner. Nate attacks Ace and they go at it. Everyone is fighting as the countdown begins again. 3….2…...1 #25 Joh Joh makes his return to BPZ! Everyone is shocked. Everyone goes after Joh and he knocks them all down. The crowd is going Crazy for Joh. He ends up fighting Nate in the corner. Bart is trying to eliminate Bashka as the rest are fighting. 3…...2…..1 #26 Kieron Black Kieron Black is here! He recently retired Diego Garcia and now hes in the Royal Rumble. Kieron gets right into a fight with Ropati as Ropati and Arius have now been in the match for over 40 Minutes. Kieron takes down Ropati but then gets dropped right a left hook by Bailey. Bashka and Bart are in the corner fighting as is Nate and Joh. Buddy Ace is fighting Arius and Sellers attacks Bailey 3….2…...1 #27 Prince Prince walks out with a Microphone and ask the people of Phoenix Who wants to walk with Prince! He starts singing a song on how he is going to win the Royal Rumble. Before running in and attacking Ropati. He throws Ropati out but Ropati hangs on without Prince knowing as Prince is now fighting Kieron Black. 3...2…...1 #28 King Jonathan It’s one of Jon’s most famous Alter egos King Jonathan is in the Rumble. He goes right after the likes of Bailey, Bart and Bashka. Prince is shocked when he sees Ropati in the ring. Prince tries to attack but Ropati counters with a chop. Meanwhile Nate and Joh are still fighting. Jonathan is fighting Bashka while Bailey and Bart go at it. Sellers and Kieron Black are fighting and its time for another entry. 3…...2…...1 #29 Legends Legends Music hits but he doesn’t come out. It appears on the titantron that Ross has taken out Legends! Ross replaces the Former NXT Champion and makes his way into the Rumble as he goes right after everyone. Meanwhile Bailey out of nowhere throws Bashka over the top rope. Bashka has been eliminated. Everyone is fighting and it is now time for number 30! 3...2...1 #30 The Neb The Neb is here! The Neb is back in BPZ and in the Royal Rumble. The first ever Royal Rumble winner is here! Finally the NEB Has comeback he Says as he runs down the ramp and into the Ring. He takes everyone down that comes at him. He punches Jonathan to the ropes and then does his legendary punch to send Jonathan over the top rope. King Jonathan has been eliminated. Ross attacks Nebakos and hits him with a super kick. Out of Nowhere though a Spinebuster by Neb! He hits the Peoples Elbow drop on Ross and then eliminated him! Ross has been eliminated. Meanwhile Prince has his guitar in hand and swings it at Ropati. Ropati ducks and dropkicks him. He picks up the Guitar and smashes over Prince's head! And then tosses Prince out. Prince has been eliminated. Then Buddy Ace who is trying to eliminate Bart. Gets distracted when Marker who was eliminated earlier. Odd challenges Marker to get into the ring. But from behind Bart tosses Ace out! Buddy Ace has been eliminated. Arius is fighting Joh in the corner when then Arius hits Seeing Red on Joh. He tries to eliminate Joh but from behind Nate sneaks up and Tosses Arius over the top rope and eliminated! Arius has been Eliminated Arius who lasted around 58 Minutes has now finally been eliminated by the Emperor Nate. Nate tries to Eliminate Joh but Joh fights back and gets back into the ring. Sellers is fighting Off Bailey and actually hits him with the Soul Search. He tries to hit Soul Search on Kieron but Kieron grabs Sellers foot spins him around and tosses him out. Odyssey Sellers has been Eliminated. The Neb goes on a spree hitting Neb Bottoms on everyone. He goes to Pick Bailey up and toss him but Bailey counters and tosses Neb over. But Neb survives. Neb fights off Bailey only to get elimainted by Ropati with a running Elbow! The Neb has been Eliminated We are down to the Final Six! Bailey, Bart, Nate, Joh, Kieron Black, and Ropati! Ropati who looks gassed has been in the Match for now over an hour roughly around 63 Minutes. The Men are lined up 3v3 facing off. With Bailey, Ropati, and Bart on one Side and all the Irish Men Nate, Kieron and Joh on the other side! WHO WILL WIN THE ROYAL RUMBLE!
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    As “Devil” hits, out steps “The New” Flynn, signaling his big match with Yelich tonight. He slowly steps out with a serious tone, standing straight up before dropping to all 4’s as he crawls to the ring. He reaches the ring as he sits back in his corner, awaiting Yelich for tonight’s showdown. Yelich steps out next, his boys following just behind him. He stands now fully healed from his Carnage Scralble wombs and seemingly ready to do battle with the former World Champion. He stairs Flynn down before leading traffic straight to the ring, his boys pausing at the steps as only Yelich enters the ring. He takes to his corner as the referee assured that both men are ready for tonight’s premier match. Finally, he rings the bell as both for the second time ever, go to battle. KNEE TO THE SKULL! FLYNN RIGHT OFF THE BAT CATCHES YELICH OFF GUARD WITH A RUNNING KNEE! 1...2..3! ITS OVER! Flynn not even allowing the referee to raise his hand, rolls out of the ring, pausing and starring at the boys before shaking his head in total disappointment, seemingly waisting his time with this entire ordeal. He marches straight up the ramp leaving a now confused Yelich to be tended to by his boys, Flynn putting the flamboyant one away with total ease.
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    Royal Rumble 2019 - BiC vs Bart

    Royal Rumble 2019 The Royal Rumble PPV would kick off, the pyro going off as the crowd cheers loudly, tonight is the night that careers change. 30 men will enter that ring and only one will walk out, but that's the main event. Before we get to that we have an amazing card and it all starts for one title, one title that means everything to two superstars who are trying to be icons. One trying to fix a lustrous career fallen down and one continuing the run of a century. The crowd would boo because the champions music would hit first, and after nearly minute of the music playing out would stroll one of the fastest rising stars in recent memory, a man that was said to be nothing more than an Alyx Wilde replacement has smashed any walls put in front of him and has become one of the faces of the current day BPZ Wrestling. He stands on top of the stage looking out at the thousands in attendance., he has a giant smile on his face and the Intercontinental Championship strapped around his waist. He traces it with the tips of his fingers before mouthing words the camera doesn't pick up before walking down the ramp. If Bart has done anything for the crowd, its give them someone to hate and Bart does it well. He walks up the steps and goes through the middle rope entering a ring he has dominated for months, unsnapping the title from his waist and lifting it in the air with much pride behind himself. Bart is wearing his signature clothing with a special "The Villian" scrawled across the back of his tights and down to his knee pads, he would rest in the corner in a sitting position waiting for his opponent... As the challengers' music would hit, the crowd would begin to give a mixed reaction of boos and cheers. BiC has been attacking fans, workers, and more for the past week calling BPZ a "Dying" company. As BiC gets into the ring he raises his arms to his side before going to his corner, the energy inside this building is crazy, two superstars trying to cement there legacy. BiC and Bart would stay in their corners as the announcer hypes up the match, the crowd giving full focus chanting "BPZ" before the bell even rings. "The Villian" vs "The Pure Athlete" BiC and Bart would walk up to each other and size each other up, these two haven't shared a ring since BPZ Mania III when Bart would pin BiC to win the Global Championship, BiC and Bart exchange words before Bart would back up. Giving BiC the opportunity to strike as he would land a forearm that would drop Bart to his knees as the crowd would erupt. Bart would hold his jaw as BiC would back up and raise his arms to his side, blowing a kiss at the Intercontinental Champion and laughing before Bart would jump up and land a killer forearm of his own, sending BiC back into the corner with wobbly legs as he smiles and nods his head in approval before BiC and Bart would run at each other. Brutal, that is the one word to describe what followed as BiC and Bart would hit each other with the stiffest forearms in the business, you wouldn't be surprised if their jaws were broken but a cheap knee to the guy from Bart would allow the champ to take a breath before lifting his foot into the nose of BiC who was leaned over from the knee, Bart would run at BiC and attempt a clothesline but in one of the most unexpected counters in recent memory BiC would hit a standing Spanish fly on Bart sending his head crashing into the mat. BiC would quickly stand up and hit a moons sault on a prone Bart but before he could go for the cover Bart would roll out of the ring. And we've seen it more than a new year in pro wrestling as BiC would bounce off the ropes and run towards Bart, however, in a loud and sickening reversal Bart would catch out BiC in mid-air and hit a DDT off of the suicide dive!!! BiC would lay unconscious as a hush comes over the crowd and the commentators, everyone worried for BiCs health as Bart leans on the ring and laughs before rolling into the ring and forcing the referee to begin his count, what the hell did we just see?! However before the referee could reach 6, BiC would begin to grab the barricade and lift himself up. Bart, being as experienced as he rushes out and gets BiC. But almost as BiC was playing possum, he springs off the barricade and hits another nasty forearm. Bart stumbles backward before a superkick would knock him flat on his back, this match has been fast-paced and BiC continues the trend by lifting Bart by the back of the head and pushing his lifeless body into the ring. BiC would then climb to the top rope, and face his back towards the ring clearly looking for some sort of high-risk move as Bart gets to his feet. BiC would set sail and go for a moonsault on Bart but Bart would quickly move out of the way and as BiC crashes into the mat he is able to absorb the fall onto his knees but the champ was ready and would hit a knee to the side of the temple before locking BiC in for The Last Breath. To the crowds applause BiC would break out of the finisher before his head could be driven into the mat and would go for a superkick, however Bart would catch it and spin BiC around but as Bart ran at BiC he would lift in into a fireman carries position before throwing the back of his head down on his knee and going for the first cover of this already 7 minute match, however Bart would get his shoulder up and the war would continue as Bart would reverse a kick by BiC, Bart would springboard and hit his Tornado DDT to a huge pop but before Bart could go for the cover BiC would somehow get his feet up and roll up Bart. Bart would get the shoulder up at 2 and BiC would lay his head on the mat before quickly getting up and stomping away at the ribs of Bart before picking up the champ and lifting him on his shoulders again, this time however Bart would fight out of it with elbows to the head before throwing BiC into the corner and running at him, hitting a forearm to the back of the head this time, which has been a recurring theme in this match as Bart taunts over a groggy BiC, Bart would drive his knee into the gut and go ballistic forcing the ref to pull him off, as Bart yells at the ref BiC would take advantage and pop out of the corner hitting a sling blade before running to the top rope, but before BiC could hit any sort of offensive move Bart would jump onto the top rope and go for the falcon arrow off of the top, but BIC would fight out of it! Pushing him off, but Bart would hit a sickening enziguri! Bart would join BiC on the middle rope and do a cutthroat motion before lifting him up in the suplex position, but BiC would begin to fight back, but Bart would have enough momentum to get BiC up halfway and drop him ontop of the turnbuckle as BiC falls to the outside as EMTs once again rush to the aid of BiC for the second time this match. However this time Bart wouldn't wait for a countout as he would push various EMTs out of the way before grabbing BIC and throwing him in the ring. As Bart slide into the ring, BiC would somehow manage to sit up in a crisscross formation and push his hair out of his face before nodding at Bart, who looks pissed off at BiCs show of endurance and dives at the challenge completely losing it hitting many strikes to the already injured head. Before standing up and looking at the crowd who boos the man, but as Bart turns around BiC hits a flying clothesline and falls down onto his back before kicking up to a huge pop. BIC and Bart begin trading shots but BiC would get the upper hand as he quickly lifts Bart up on his shoulders and drops him down rib first onto his knees, the energy in this match has been insane and the two begin to fight once again as BiC jumps up and drops his knee onto the skull of Bart. BiC would go for the cover but Bart would kick out at 2 to a huge pop as BiC stands up, looking over a dazed Bart would get to his feet. BiC would lift him up for the "No Regret" but BART REVERSES IT! Bart has the cardiac arrest locked in! No! BiC fights out of it early on, BiC and Bart exchange blows as this crowd explodes in cheers. BART HAS IT IN! In the center of the ring this has to be it! The referee is in perfect position as BiC squirms, Bart yells "Just quit" as the frustration comes over his face, Bart lets go of the hold and quickly lifts up BiC and locks in "The Last Breath" with a large, cocky smile on his face, he lifts his hand up in the air before BiC would push Bart away and duck under a. clothesline before he would transition Bart into the fisherman suplex position! NO REGRET! BiC has won so many championships with this move and he just hit it out of. nowhere! BART KICKS OUT AT 2! This crowd can not believe it as BiC lays on the mat mouth open, in shock. What a sequence of moves and these two are not finished as BiC stands up and looks at Bart, who lays on the mat struggling to even move. BiC slowly grabs Bart by the hair and lifts him up, placing him into the corner and hitting big chops as the pace of the match slows down. BiC, who is looking better than ever steps on the middle ropes and begins laying the punches down on Bart. But Bart moves! HUGE KICK! A huge kick to the back of the head and BiC stumbles, however Bart catches him and turns him around. What the hell is Bart doing! THIS MATCH HAS TURNED INTO SOMETHING ELSE! "The Last Breath" off of the top rope and this crowd is in utter shock! Bart slowly falls into the cover THIS CROWD EXPLODES! BiC got his finger on the rope! Bart was literal fingertips away from retaining his title and Bart crawls backward away from BiC, neither of these men refuses to lose as the crowd chants "Fight Forever" Bart sits up, looking at BiC who is not moving after such a big move from the champ. Bart has not had to fight this hard for his championship in a long time as the time of the match hits 15 minutes, Bart grabs the finger of BiC and snaps it, almost breaking it before kicking him in the back of the head. Bart slowly lifts BiC up by the back of his head and screams in his face, but the match would come full circle as BiC would hit a forearm on Bart and the two superstars would once again trade forearms, the crowd joining in with the oo's and aa's. Bart would get the advantage on a hurt BiC, kicking the knee out and going for a knee but BiC would somehow jump up and hit a knee of his own, Bart is dazed as BiC lifts him up on his shoulders! But Bart wiggles out of it! Bart goes for the No Regret, that is BiCs move! But BiC lands on his feet and turns Bart around going for "The Last Breath" but Bart fights out of his own move! BiC and Bart hit each other with a kick to the guy before falling to there knees, both men stare at each other for a good 10 seconds as the crowd gives them a standing ovation. BiC would quickly stand up and Bart would tell him to "BRING IT ON", and as BiC runs at him to go for the shining wizard but Bart would move and roll up BiC, when BiC would kick out at two he would smile at Bart, and Bart would back up before telling BIC to "STAND DOWN", BiC would raise his arms to his sides and tell Bart the same thing BiC told him, inviting Bart to try and hit a move as Bart runs at BiC and goes for a superkick but BiC would move and hit a roll up off his own, but instead of posing BiC would quickly hit a superkick before going to the top rope! BIC HITS A SHOOTING STAR PRESS INTO THE "CARDIAC UNREST"!!!! THIS IS IT! Bart struggles, kicking his feet before the ref would get in perfect position, Bart is about to pass out! Despite the roar of the crowd, BiC would not be able to keep the hold locked as he would lose his grip and fall onto his back, the amount of damage he has had to the head is unbearable and he shows it as he lays on his back looking up at the lights. Bart struggles to his feet as BiC sits up and stalks Bart, as Bart stumbles to his feet BiC runs at him and goes for a diving forearm, but BART WOULD REVERSE IT! THE FALCON ARROW INTO THE CARDIAC ARREST! BiC fought out of it the first time but this time it's going to be close! Bart has him in the center of the ring and BiC is trying everything as he rolls over onto his knees and begins to stand up! Where is BiC finding this strength! BiC hits a nasty elbow to the chin off Bart that knocks him off his back, BiC bounces off the ropes but Bart would catch him with the knee! BiC falls down and Bart goes for the cover for the two count! "BPZ" Chants ring through the arena, this is a championship match that we won't forget for a long time as this has been a hard hitting, fast paced matchup. Bart begins to stomp on BiC, wiping the sweat from his forehead and flinging it onto BiC. Bart drops some knees onto the chest of BiC, slowing the pace down to catch his breath after an amazing sequence between the two. BiC tries to fight back but a forearm from Bart would silence any comeback, Bart would talk trash to the BiC of his face before running at Bart, going for yet another knee but BiC would lift Bart up in the air! POWERBOMB! NO! Bart would reverse it into a hurricane to the outside! Bart stands on the apron and brings up finger guns shooting them before running at BiC. BART MISSES! Bart attempted a dive and has crashed into the mat in a sickening way, these guys are going to warBIC falls down, resting on the ring staring at Bart who is motionless, BiC nods his head before slapping the mat trying to get life back into his body which has to be hurting. BiC would grab Bart and throw him into the ring, BiC would join Bart and stare at the young superstar, who has done so much in this business in such little time. BiC begins to stomp away at Bart, picking him up and setting him into the corner hitting multiple chops to the chest before hitting a snap suplex on the champion. We thought this match was over when Bart hit the Last Breath off of the top rope an entire 10 minutes ago. But as the now 30 minute match would roll on, as BiC lifts Bart up and goes for the running Powerbomb, but Bart would jump out of it and go for a forearm, BiC would block it and hit a knee to the gut before putting one foot onto the middle turnbuckle and going for a springboard DDT, but Bart would catch him with a forearm, one of the most vicious of this match! "THE LAST BREATH"! BART WINS! Bart retains his championship as he pins BiC in the middle of the ring but what a match! 32 minutes, 26 seconds in and Bart has retained, Bart sits in the middle of the ring and calls for his title. The referee brings it to him and he clutches it with gratefulness, Bart barely got away here tonight as he struggles to stand up, his legs shaking as he raises the BPZ Intercontinental Championship in the air. BiC rolls out of the ring and sits on the outside as EMTs check on him as he could be seriously injured tonight. But besides that, Bart once again retains. And if he won here tonight, who the hell is going to stop him?
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    Carnage is live and we are past the Royal Rumble event, where last night saw the last BPZ match up of Angelo Caito's long and impressive career. After a extremely brutal and bloody Hell In A Cell match against Julius, he fell short, and the pin was the end of his career. Angelo remained active on social media, thanking his fans and fellow stars shortly and announced that he will be out on Carnage to talk about everything. "In The End" by Black Veil Brides plays as the entire crowd, announcers, and other crew members at ringside are standing, clapping along as for the final time, Angelo Caito slowly makes his way out from the backstage area to a huge and heartwarming ovation from the crowd. He stands on the stage, no intensity, but the look of a man who has felt the world lifted off his shoulders. Angelo let's out a sigh before looking up at the crowd, all his emotions shown in his sadness but yet happy state of facial expressions. He gathers himself, as he seems like he's on the verge of tears right now. He then nods before limping down to the ring, showing the effects of the battle he went through last night, and he makes it to the steel steps before gingerly walking up the steps, step by step before walking on the apron and slowly and gingerly stepping between the ropes and gets inside the ring. Angelo then grabs the ropes, resting his head on them with his eyes closed. He then opens his eyes before walking over to the ring announcer, Mark, who hands Angelo the microphone then shakes his hand before exiting the ring as "In The End" fades away. The fans continue clapping as they then start chanting "THANK YOU ANGELO!" and claps five times before repeating the chant, which causes Angelo to break and start tearing up. Angelo then rubbed his face before fixing his shirt and then starts talking. "I'm warning you all now. You can say whatever you are going to say and do whatever you're going to do, but this is my retirement and I'm taking this past the forth wall. Let me take you back some to the moments that got me to this stage in my time here on the BrendenPlayz Forums. I watched Brenden's videos every once in awhile, cause back then I was focused...ish on school, but one day in February of 2015, I then added Mr. Playz as a friend request on the PS3, which he didn't have to, but he accepted. I then messaged him and we chatted for a minute before he invited me to a place called the BPZ Forums. On February 5th, 2015 was the start of the membership by the name of Brad. I introduced myself and the friendly reception I got was absolutely amazing, something that never, ever left me. And while yes, Heel being the cunt Heel, I never looked back after joining, and from that, came the creation of NXT. I was so honored to become the first NXT Champion, something I still am very honored for to this day, after that, I left, and I don't remember why I did, but it was about a month before I came back, and I was back and I felt good, good enough that I decided to go Rated R. Yes the Rated R gimmick that got buried into the fucking ground. But, me being the little shit that never gives up, I came back as just me, and I saw what was called “The Dark Times Of Kayfabe” and I said “maybe I can make a change. Maybe I can get respect if I try to get things back to how they could be.” So, I made a post addressing my concerns about the lack of good kayfabe, and a few people go “all talk, no action”, “then do something about it”, or my favorite from Mr. Brady aka White Guy “I will achieve more than you ever will”. Ha Brady, still gives me a chuckle every once in a while. So after waiting and waiting, someone I owe a lot to for helping out with my mission stepped up, Dustan. Me and him went to a kayf war, bringing our best, and meanwhile, Bailey and Bash put on one of the best rivalries of all time, and thus, Kayfabe was back. However, the horrible, horrible ego I had, I took all the credit, and for you three, even though Dunstan hasn't been on in a while, when he does, I apologise and I thank you for helping the mission I set out. After that I then started the journey towards US, but along came someone into my life who I am still best friends with today and that is Necce. Wither it be those stupid Private Chats in the chat to today with us helping each other out with some ideas for kayfabe, we only had a few disagreements, but end of the day is we stuck by with each other and I'm truly thankful to have you as my friend. Now onto the United States title, it was a tough and competitive month for me, and I was a challenger as well. I saw guys step up and they wanted turns with me, and I gave it everything I had. I wanted to earn their respect, and I felt like I did. I felt like I earned a lot of guys respect that month because I busted my ass to make that United States Championship and division mean something again. After losing it, my career took a high, while my life took a low. I was doing shit that lead to my looming downfall, drank more, smoked more, and started doing some very heavy drugs. And after I lost the Intercontinental Championship after two days…. I gave up controlling it. I let it all go and it went and went and I couldn't stop it and I tried, but I was too gone. I then became what I hate, my demon. At that time, no one liked me. I picked on newbies, I insulted everyone when I wanted. I didn't have a care in the world. I lost many friends in this time, and from late 2015 to late 2016, I felt my time in this forums being limited daily. And one day, in chat, I was so close… so close to ending it all. I watch a lot of reactions to what I said, then, my life flashed when. I was tackled to the ground by my friend, and shortly I was taken away. I spent two weeks under suicide watch before being cleared to go home. After that, that's when I promised to get clean and turn my life around. November 11th, I got myself to where I needed to be in my head. Then a few days later, I returned to BPZ, but I knew I had to make amends with a lot of people, so I tried my absolute best, and I succeeded. I made back the friends I lost, but it wasn't easy. It took me months to gain back y'alls trust and it was so worth it because I got back people I hated losing. In my mind, I was fresh again. And I then read a comment in a section of the forums in the kayfabe section called “Rate The User Above” from another guy I have to thank later, Flynn, and he said “After recently returning to the forums i honestly feel like your trying to change and be different then you have been in the past. For a while you were constantly annoying me if we are being honest however you've really changed and I actually enjoy having a conversation and discussing this with you for the first time in a while.” That meant the literal world to me, for someone to not just rate me, but to see someone acknowledge everything I've done. Over the next two years, I've been here putting on feud after feud that has made me step up more than I thought I could, won a few more titles, and while yes they weren't the World Championship, that doesn't make those wins any less important to me. I got so many people to thank right now, so I'm going to say all them right now. Firstly is Necce. You are my best friend and I never ever want that to change. From worst times to our best times, we stuck by each other and there is absolutely no one else on this Earth and forums who can be my friend like you. We are two retards in a pot. I got to thank Bailey, for he took me under his wing in my early days here and became my mentor. And every dirty win I got (which is a few, everyone has done it) was like how you taught me. Next is Smith for always being there when I need help and advice on stuff. Echo Wilson for being a excellent tag team partner for me when no one else would. I wanna thank Flynn for being a excellent rival, fuck you for never putting me over you wanker. I could go on and on, but I'm being rushed for time. I want to thank everyone else on the forums. This place is my second family and I appreciate all of you. Lastly I want to thank Brenden. He is the reason I joined, and his support to keep guys like me here, no matter my past means the world to me, thank you for everything boss. You all can hate me, or you can love me, but you knew how much this place meant to me. From seventeen years old to now being twenty one, I continued my mission to watch this place grow for the best and continue on for years to come, and I can now proudly walk away knowing that this place is in good hands. I might not be missed, but I damn sure won't be forgotten. From your friendly neighborhood asshole, I say, thank you." Angelo drops the microphone, before waving goodbye to the crowd, before sliding under the bottom rope slowly and walks up the ramp, high fiving fans before he turns around and waves bye one last time before leaving for good.
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    The New Flynn


    Flynn looking down finally picks up the microphone before speaking, his voice seemingly holding back anger and rage that Yelich has seemingly stirred inside of him. Yelich.... Yelich stop. Yelich and his boys pause on the stage looking up to Flynn who now rests his eyes firmly on his Royal Rumble opponent. I want to explain something to you Yelich. Now you talk a lot Yelich, you are someone who seemingly has an opinion on everything. But what you fail to do, is listen. You fail to observe Yelich, and you are always to quick to jump the gun and simply assume you know what it is you are talking about. Tell me Yelich, have you ever been in the main event of a pay-per-view, against your former best friend turned rival, inside of a steel cage, with your own career on the line. No Yelich you’ve never even sniffed the main event of a show. You don’t know Yelich, but you believe you do. You think that you understand me, and because of this, you really do believe that I’ve totally fallen off. That is why you just put me on blast the way you did, correct? You made a firm attempt... to embarrass me. That’s ok Yelich, because I’m going to do you one better and ask a much more intriguing question, not why am I waisting my valuable time and facing you..... no I’d like to take a retroactive look on why is it despite multiple opportunities, multiple title shots, multiple on and off pushes, Yelich to this day is a nobody. Why is Yelich still classified as one of this companies biggest losers. Why Yelich? You’ve been given every single opportunity in the world. Yet nearly every time you manage to ruin it. Our match at the Royal Rumble is yet again management throwing you a bone that you simply put don’t deserve kid. And let’s not waist time to spoil anything, these fans know it, all of our peers in that locker room and you know it, you are going to mess this up, and I’m going to break you. Why? Because you are a loser Yelich. It’s not about one win, you just weren’t made for this business. All I ever needed was ONE OPPERTUNITY. That’s the difference between us. Yet for too long I was disrespected, and not shown the attention that I deserved. Overlooked by men who were handed dozens and dozens of opportunities only to screw them up. It’s ok though, because the company could just fall back on Flynn take take care of their failed excitements. So tell me Yelich, what exactly is it that makes you special? Because it is that question, that answers my first. Nothing. Youbarent special Yelich. You are a loser with nothing going for you. SO WHY WOULD I WAIST MY TIME TO FACE YOU? The truth is, I had an oppertunity to challenge and regain my Universal Championship. However I chose to postpone that for a later date. You want to know why? Stomping in the skull, of an ungrateful, undeserving, annoying little bitch, is something I will find so much more enjoyment in.
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    Yelich who's at the top of the ramp, is clearly shaken by Flynn's statements and response to him, he goes and tells his boys to go run and get him a microphone, which they do. One gets there quicker, earning a pop from the crowd, as he runs back to Yelich laughing at the one that lost the race. Yelich thanks the boy that gave him the microphone as the other gloomily walks up, embarrassed at his defeat, like he should be. Yelich, then looks at Flynn who seems outraged at the boy race that just occurred. Yelich brings the microphone up to his mouth so he can respond to Flynn. Call me an undeserving, ungrateful bitch Flynn. Stomp in my skull at the Royal Rumble Flynn. It's all been done before. I can take it. Flynn I'm able to see my faults, I'm able to see where I've gone wrong in my career up to now, and I am able to see that 2018 was a shitty year for Yelich. My ego isn't so inflated that I think I'm the best in the world at everything, win or lose. That's where our similarities end Flynn. Your ego stops you from fixing the problems in your career. Your ego stops you from looking back upon yourself and admitting your faults and missteps. Flynn you're getting me all flustered now... give me a moment. Yelich snaps his fingers and one of his boys goes on all fours and the other goes behind the other boy and kneels on two legs, holding out his arm. Yelich uses this and sits on the first boy and uses the other boy's arm like an armrest. Now that Yelich is no longer flustered and is sitting down on his makeshift chair, he continues. Flynn you want one thing right now and that's to show you've changed after losing to Necce, you want to be "The New Flynn" so bad, you yearn to stop being that guy who lost to Necce. Thing is Flynn you haven't changed, you never changed. You're still the same guy that lost back at Survivor Series. You walk out, you yap your mouth about how great you are and how bad your next opponent is, and you leave. After I lose I look at myself in the mirror and try to fix where I went wrong. And does it work all the time? No it doesn't. 2018 showed that, but it's a hell of a lot better than not changing, not adapting after a loss like you do time and time again. And you'll refute me saying you've changed, I mean, just look at your wins against Hollow and Bailey. But you've done that before Flynn. I remember the guy who had a Rage in a Cage match against Hollow for the Intercontinental Championship. People were hyping it up for the entire month about how great it was gonna be, how amazing it would be to watch. In the match Flynn, you Powerbombed Hollow once, 1.. 2.. 3. You won the match. Facing Hollow is not a challenge to you Flynn, yet Hollow got legitimate offense in your match against him at December to Dismember. Yelich gets up from the makeshift chair made out of his boys and stares down Flynn from the top of the ramp. Flynn you are regressing, you may not know it, you may not see it, but you are. Yet you fail to try and do anything about it. When I see myself regressing like in 2018, I attempted to change myself, I took a look at myself in the mirror and saw what was going wrong and I tried to fix it. You don't do that Flynn. Someday that will come back to bite you in the ass, and if I have any say in it, that day will be the Royal Rumble, when I finally show the world I am not the same guy I was in 2018, and that unlike you, I've changed for the better. Yelich sits back down on his boy chair, now knowing better than to try and leave because Flynn may have something further to say, as he learned last time he tried to leave. The Carnage Audience look on with intent as they await a possible response from Flynn.
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    Business Is Business

    After the message, Jack Bishop just sent toward the tag team champions Sameer and BrendenPlayz aka "The Big Ballers" early tonight. We see Sameer appear on the titantron the background looks to be at his house is his living room. He begins to speak to the audience in the arena  12 days ago I entered the ring to defend the tag team championship at Night of legends and I proved that I am still a star in this company by beating Buddy Ace and The Marker like it was nothing. I hope that answered all his questions about me showing up. Now we move on to the Royal Rumble where Brenden and I face the "New Bloods" The newest upcoming team in the BrendenPlayz company. They have their little threats saying Brenden and I should hold on close to our tag titles. You know maybe the fans might see that these guys are a young and hungry team that wants to win badly but all I see is two little boys out of there league and not gonna know what to do when they step in the ring with us. Wall Ace and Jack Bishop I don't care how many people you have beaten in other promotions because they are nothing like this company, This is the big leagues you either become a star or shatter into nonexistence. I have been on both sides. You know Brenden might be nice to you and take it easy on you but not me. I'm going to squash you both like an ant with my boot. You are going to feel like an ant when my boot hits your skull right in the center of your forehead. You guys beating me isn't an option. Brenden and I took this division by storm. This is my road to BPZ Mania and I'm not letting two rookies stop me from being champion on the grand stage on them all. So you can bet that I'm going to put my blood, sweat, and body on the line in this match. I will take any type of punch, kick, ANYTHING and get back up again and again because that's what I do. That's who I am and you will figure that out at the royal rumble. Sameer stares at the camera for a couple of seconds before turning it off. Clearly showing before that this match at the royal rumble means a lot for him and his road to BPZ Mania.
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    It's Here.

    Picture start. A camera is in the room of FDS’ throne, the camera shows the boots of FDS walking through the room. FDS walks up to the throne, he stands by it and considers for a second. He rubs his fingers along the dust of the throne, he breathes in and begins to speak. You know, for the last few months I’ve been suppressing all these violent urges. I had a no disqualification match at Night Of Legends, I had the opportunity to take Kieron and break him. I had the opportunity to hurt him and to make him suffer… but I didn’t, I thought I could take the high road and beat him. Now granted I did but there was something missing after it. Then I realised, everything Necce had said to me is true. I’m stronger when i’m off the edge but I wasn’t going to admit that. I wasn’t going to allow myself to let that happen. Originally I was going to challenge Necce to a match at the Royal Rumble… but then I got news that Necce won’t be able to compete at the royal rumble. This… This disappointed me… Well This side of me, I was disappointed that I wouldn’t get to show you something so instead allow another side of me to speak to you. FDS moves over to the throne, he takes the mask off the throne and places it on the arm of the chair. FDS Sits down, the camera then distorts and screams can be heard, the camera flashes to images of a blood-covered FDS screaming as the camera flashes back and forth between this and the image of FDS just sitting down. FDS slowly looks up at the camera as it stops flashing, a sinister grin appears on his face. He begins to laugh I’m Sorry, what? Necce you won’t be at the royal rumble? Why? Let me guess its a minor injury… no, it's not a minor injury, is it? It’s not an injury at all, you’re scared, aren’t you? Now I don’t mean in the regular sense of how my opponents usually are scared, Necce isn’t scared of the beating i’m going to give him or the blood that will be dripping down both our faces throughout the match or the monster he unleashed no he’s not scared of any of that but what it is is the fact that I remind Necce of his past. I provoke the idea of what he was in his mind because secretly he believes there is no rehabilitation. I’ll be honest he’s not totally wrong. There is no rehabilitation but there is coexistence. I now understand I cannot maintain a clear state of mind without the balance of an outer calming demeanour… but I don’t want a clear state of mind anymore. I am sick and tired of pretending as I care about all these people, I am sick of having to pretend that I care about the people I hurt, I am tired of acting as I care about the ramifications of my actions. When I was in that hotel room a few nights ago and I began beating the living hell out of that man, making him feel absolute pain and devastation, making him fear for his life, burning the last remaining sense of hope he had it was… Beautiful. Necce, I looked forward to giving you this beauty… but your cowardice has shown through. You have proven by hiding from me that you are nothing but a pathetic little boy. You have proved to me and every single person that you still are just the scared little boy who came running away from his troubled family life and drug addictions. You’re Pathetic. You’re Disgusting. You’re Weak. But you knew I was going to say that didn’t you, I’m sure if you were here you’d give some sort of retort about how I’m a cannibal and I murder people. How i’m sick in the head because I do those things, How I’m even more pathetic than you because I do these things for attention but Necce I don’t think you realise I do these things because they make me feel alive. They release the inner beast, they show people exactly what I am and Why they should fear me. I don’t care about what these people think of me, I don’t care what this company thinks of me, I don’t care what you think of me. Necce you have only delayed the inevitable. I will find you and I will hurt you. I will take you into a darker place than you’ve ever been before. Darker than when Your family was abusing, Darker than when you were struggling with drug addiction. You will come to the darkest point in your existence and I can promise you: you won’t be the same afterwards. So Necce, at Saint Valentines Day Massacre I challenge you to a match and since I know you like to be in control of everything I’ll even give you a little something special: You can pick the stipulation but don’t be a coward and say you want some boring match like a Career VS Career no at least make it a little bit fun. I await your response “Anti-Christ”. FDS stands up from the throne, he seems stunned at himself but not in the same way he previously was. He picks up his Mask. He smiles at the camera. Cut to Black
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    {As Bart goes to leave the ring for the second time, BiC appears on the titantron, appearing on BPZ TV for the first time since getting attacked by Natedog) "I find it hilarious, absolutely HILARIOUS that you think I gave up on my dream, that I gave up on my motives, I DID NOT GIVE UP ON MY DREAMS, the crowd gave up on me, the COMPANY gave up on me. And its time to take things by force, I am not going to come out with the flashy attire, the flashy lights. I am DONE trying to sell this company merch, I am DONE selling their theme songs on Itunes, I own my theme song, I own my name, I own myself." "I am not owned by BPZ, and when I win that Intercontinental championship I won't even carry it around, because it's not about winning the title anymore, I could care less about that. What I want to do is take it off of you, a worthless champion who did nothing but ride his way to the top, you didn't fight for that, hell you barely even had to try. But at the Royal Rumble, I am going to defeat you, and END THIS BULLSHIT company" "I know for a fact, I can do more. And by more, I mean to kick your ass at Royal Rumble. and since you love saying it so much.....See you Sunday Bart" {The camera clicks off, leaving Bart alone in the ring}
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    I Can't Odd


    We are here live with another Carnage event yet again, the final show before the Royal Rumble, and it has been an exciting night for sure. Now here comes Buddy Ace with a microphone in hand. Last week on Carnage Buddy announced his intention to enter the Royal Rumble match before being attacked by his former stablemate The Marker. Tonight he'll be looking to make any final statements before the Royal Rumble. "Last week was an eventful one. It seems that I have left two men quite upset. Of course I'm talking about Jason Ryan and The Marker. Well Marker is the more immediate concern so let me start by addressing him. Marker said some interesting things when assaulted me last week. For one he said that he attacked me for betraying him and yet look at what he did to Jason. The reality is that Marker is just angry that I made him look like a fool in front of the whole world by dropping him here in the ring and so now he's trying to upstage me. Then he had the audacity to call me the weak link as if he didn't lose to the biggest loser this company has ever seen, Joshua Scott." The crowd boos Buddy for insulting the newly retired fan favorite. "Marker has nothing original to say or do, instead choosing to do a poor mimicking of me. He's like a child trying to copy their father. It's almost cute. Well he did say one thing different. Marker of all people called me an attention seeker yet that's exactling what the hypocrites been doing the past couple weeks, seeking attention. Marker has been throwing these petulant tantrums for as long as I've been here. Hell, look at when I arrived on Evolve. Marker just couldn't stand that I was the number one pick so he immediately attacked me to try to steal MY spotlight. I've been hearing him call me that since the beginning of my time in NXT but newsflash, I don't go seeking attention, I just get it with every little thing I do. That's what happens when you're a real superstar. He on the other hand only gets in headlines when another name is beside his." "Now there was one particular thing he said that really stood out to me. Marker threatened to end my career if I get involved in his United States Championship match at the Royal Rumble. You see the thought to do that never even crossed my mind before Marker said that. I was planning on being in the back preparing for the Royal Rumble match and MAYBE i would take 3 minutes out of my night to watch Julius destroy him. I don't give a shit about his match because I know he stands no chance against Julius without Jason and I helping him out. In losing this match he'll prove something to the world that I've known all along: He is nothing on his own. That's the real reason he formed The Frontier. He certainly saw my potential and realized that it far eclipses his own. Neither him nor Jason was ever going to beat me unless I let them so he dragged me in for his own safety. And even if I did interfere, there's just no way in hell Marker of all people is ending my career. It's funny because this little team called Marking the Empire was threatening to do that to me heading into Judgement Day yet here I am. Marker and Jason have been saying the same meaningless words and doing the same tired act forever and quite frankly I'm tired of it. Marker can call himself a psychopath all he wants but the truth is deep down he's just a scared little boy hiding behind a tough image. As if he would have the drive to end a career. Enjoy getting squashed at the Rumble, Marker." "Then there's Jason...always jumping right to the extreme. I am truly sick of your bold claims about the person I am when you hardly know me. I remember the first thing you EVER said to me. The first interaction ever. You made some sort of sick joke impying I was a pedophile and continued that sick gag all the way till we joined forces. The fact that anyway still takes you serious at all is a joke. You don't know who the hell I am so how about you shut up with your stupid character assassination attempts. Just because you're a little upset you think it's fine to I'm scum? YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO SAY THAT! You're the biggest piece of scum here and it's just too easy to prove. Your feud with Apex, then Slim, look at what you did with Josh. Hell, you ended the poor man's career. Anyone and everyone you have ever faced you have far exceeded the point of acceptability with your disgusting antics. Who the hell destroys an opponent's house? Tries to ruin their lives? YOU! You shouldn't even have a job here with all the things you've done and said. I didn't turn on you and yet I'm still forced to hear you speak my name. You think crying in front of everyone somehow redeems you for all the awful things you've done. Absolutely not, because there is no redemption for a sick bastard like you. Piss off, asshole."
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    WWE 2014

    Major Announcement! Raw will be officially be going back to 2 hours after 2 years of fans wanting change, they finally got it. Tonight's episode will be first edition of 2 hour RAW after WWE's PPV Payback. Catch RAW tonight on USA Network. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Raw Intro plays* 100* A Raw opens with Evolution coming down to the ring. Triple H cuts a promo on the Shield as last night the Shield may have won the battle but not the war. Triple H then announced Randy Orton will take on Roman Reigns in tonight's main event. 71 C+ Rusev will take on Sin Cara next on Raw as Rusev is still undefeated. 50 D+ In an extremely short match, Rusev defeated Sin Cara in 5:13 by submission with The Accolade. 74 B- Stephanie McMahon brings in Cody Rhodes, Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, and Jack Swagger to her office and tells them all that they all be In this year's Money in the Bank match. The other two will be decided at a later date. 73 B- In a decent match, Sheamus defeated Curtis Axel in 10:42 by pinfall with a Brogue Kick. 84 B+ Kane attacks Sheamus as this new venom as unleashed Kane as he holds Sheamus US Title up high. 92 A Daniel Bryan comes out to the ring as people chants Yes! Yes! Yes! for Daniel Bryan. Bryan cuts a promo on missing action for the last month because of an injury, but now he is healthy and wants to find his next challenger for the WWE Title. He calls out who he think feels deserves an opportunity and who was willing to step up to the plate and wrestle him at Money in the Bank. Paul Heyman comes and and responses to Bryan's challenge. Heyman says he has the perfect superstar who would be willing to take that WWE title away from him. Heyman brings out his client, Cesaro! Cesaro and Daniel Bryan stare each other as they will now face each other at Money in the Bank. 63 C In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, Natalya Neidhart defeated Layla in 5:48 by submission. 72 B- Natalya takes out a microphone and wants face Paige for the Divas Title. Paige comes out and shakes Natalya's hand accepting the challenge. 81 B In a bout that had great heat and good wrestling, John Cena defeated Luke Harper in 14:07 by pinfall with an Attitude Adjustment. 89 A After the match the Wyatt Family beat down John Cena. Bray was about to hit Sister Abigail until the World Tag Team Champions the Usos run down to the ring to save Cena from from the Wyatt's. 80 B Rob Van Dam will take on Rey Mysterio next week on Monday Night Raw. The winner will be the #1 Contender to Bad News Barrett's IC Title. 98* A The Shield are in the ring talking about how they are a brotherhood and because of that, they defeated Evolution on PPV twice. Roman Reigns tells Randy Orton to bring his ass down here so they can fight. Triple H has a sledgehammer, Seth Rollins grabs some chairs from ringside and brings them to the ring. Triple H tells them that they need to adapt because The Game always has a backup. Last Night it was Plan A. Tonight its Plan B. Seth Rollins swings the chair to Roman Reigns. Ambrose jaw drops as Seth attacks Dean and brutally attacks his Shield Brothers. Evolution then comes in the ring and beats the hell out of Reigns and Ambrose. Show fades to black as Seth Rollins stands tall with Evolution. Overall Show Rating: 88 B+ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    The Salvation begins at the Rumble

    Coming down the ramp is Gill, who hasn't been seen since before the brand split came to a close. He stops at the end of the ramp. "You know, Alex? You and I, we got a lot in common. We both like to wrestle. We're both pretty damn good at it. We both have been overlooked and underrated since we got here. We both know just how useless this crowd is. But all of those things, there's someone better at than you. And he understands business, too." The lights go out, and come back up to Alex in the ring, but sitting in the middle is Maasa, sporting a new look. Gill is standing behind Alex with a chair, and swings it over his head. Maasa then stands up and joins him, both standing over Alex's body. Gill grabs a new mic from the timekeeper. "Welcome to the New Era! THIS!" Gill points to Maasa. "This is the future!" Gill and Maasa both leave to Black Hole Sun playing in the background, as Costa lays lifeless in the ring.
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    BPZ Commentaries

    BPZ Royal Rumble Top 5 Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to this exclusive, unique and extraordinarily random episode of the Top 5, as always I am your host the Wonder Boy Mike Hunt and with the BPZ Royal Rumble coming around I think its only right for me to preview the PPV and let you in on what is going down at the PPV, here it goes 5. The NXT Division has been injected with life over the last couple of months and heading into the Royal Rumble the entirety of the Division will be showcased as a 7 way has been announced for the PPV. Alex Costa, Hans and Odyssey Sellers have been inserted into the original fatal four way and now Arius' reign as NXT Champ is in jeopardy. Not only is Arius at such a disadvantage he doesn't need to be pinned or submitted to lose the title. Who knows maybe this dominant start to Arius' tenure in BPZ comes to an end and the NXT Division sees its new King 4. Bart has been dominating the IC title picture since he gained the title not breaking a sweat in all of his title defences making him one of the more dominant champions to hold that title belt to date. BiC is the man to challenge Bart at the Royal Rumble and since his return BiC has looked phenomenal, yes he lost in the scramble match but that was because he was given such short notice. Don't write out BiC in this one, he might just have what it takes to take down BPZ's resident Villain 3. Another showcase match that has caught our attention is Yelich vs Flynn. Now the occasional viewer may think Flynn picks up the win easily but Yelich showed aggression and confidence we had never seen before this past week. Yelich has always had the tools but could never back it up, on this stage Yelich steps up to Flynn as the ultimate underdog and who knows what can happen when there is no pressure to perform. I know Flynn can't afford to lose but a loss for Yelich won't mean much. Be sure to check into this one because an upset might just be brewing 2. One of the cards featured matches is Julius vs Angelo Caito in a career vs title match which will also take place inside the Hell in a Cell structure. All eyes will be on both men in this match with Angelo fighting for his career, his legacy and his dignity while Julius continues to push on as World Champion on his road to Main Eventing BPZ Mania. Caito has looked dangerous and so has "The Executioner" and we know the last time they met they produced a great match, now with the Cell involved this might just undo that encounter leaving us with an emotional ending regardless. Will Caito finally win the big one? Or will Julius claim yet another Victim in his warpath make sure to tune in on the BPZ Neccework 1. And finally the best match of the year the annual extravaganza that is the Royal Rumble match. Every year it produces surprise returns, star making performances and great moments with this years match hoping to prove no different. There is also a vast field of potential winners with Bailey in dangerous form, Bart proving to be The Man in the company, Brenden being back at his A Game and not to mention the surprise aspects of some of the newer guys such as Arius and the returning Kieron Black. Who knows who might appear and that's what makes this match must watch this Sunday
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    Reach For The Sky

    We are introduced to a darkened room, a chill is in the air as the camera steps froward towards muffled noise that becomes clearer as he gets closer. The sounds become identifiable as a mixture of crowd reactions as Arius is seen watching intently across several television screens, each replaying promos from the past month The camera cuts to live footage as we scan through what is being shown "I have proof he has always been scare of me" "That notebook represents everyone in the NXT title match and I am the candle.." "Well newsflash to you can't say you're the best without beating everyone" The masked ghouls pin the new faces on to a large board, connecting a red thread between each of them as the camera zooms out to see those faces surrounding the Royal Rumble logo. As Arius takes a draw from his cigarette we see frustration in eyes as he lets out a deep sigh. He rubs his forehead as he proceeds to lean forward to greet the audience Hello, Ladies and Gentleman. I'm here today to briefly turn your attention to a most pressing matter so please indulge me for a few moments. We seem to have a crisis here in BPZ, here in NXT. What is evident over the last week is that the wrestlers have gone made with ambition, everyone is crawling on top of each other to a race to the top, throwing away their matches, their momentum, without first realising it's a futile battle. For the King has truly made his home on top and if you're not willing to die as king you are in the wrong fight. Arius puts out the cigarette in the crystal ash tray as he combs over his hair with his hand I understand completely where this passion is coming from. You want to be the best. The young lions wanting to prove to the pack leaders that they are just as ferocious, as deadly as the rest. The true force to be reckoned with. The best ever. Best at everything. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Some of you foolishly consider yourself that already. Throwing fists towards the empty sky as you try to get their attention. Arius leans forward in his seat as the footage begins to repeat itself You each wear this imaginary crown that represents a form of entitled superiority, but- but wait! If you can pry this title from my hands, that would validate your claim to being the best As he speaks Arius removes the NXT Championship from it's velvet covering, standing up from his seat and raising the championship over his shoulder In your mind that would be perfect for your growing legacy. You would have proved your point, that your career is to be truly one of pure gold. That you are the next to sit at the throne!? Naive. Arius paces around the room for a few moments before walking over to the mapped board and guides his hand across it, taking in the information briefly You all questioned my elusiveness, where is Arius? Why isn't he running to our beck and call? He should be tripping over the guard rails to meet us he gives a light chuckle to alleviate the tension I am the great mystery it seems. I'm afraid the rumours of my demise are greatly exaggerated. But have no fear for while you bring knives and bickering to my ring I am actively creating my own hope. At the PPV I’m going to show my followers, my supporters, those who see that this division can be better, that the change i bring is effective, is the solution to the ailments of this industry. We shall prosper and those who have mishandled their talents, their gifts, will fall to the wayside of history. My friends, you each set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Just put your..our future in the hands of someone with the direction, my own! Arius points a remote at the screen as the room goes black, in the darkness you hear his voice one final time Bring your pyrotechnics, bring your alliances, bring your aggression. This is what you've all campaigned for and so it shall be. We will show Phoenix what true unbridled chaos means. Footsteps can be heard walking into the distance. Only the light from an unseen source illuminates the room, glistening against the gold briefly as he walks away.
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    Mave Is Pissed Off

    The lights go out and pop back on in seconds, and Dikey is revealed to be standing right behind Hans. He picks him up and hits him with a burning hammer into a piledriver, a move he calls the Malamar. He scoops up Hans' microphone, slowly walks back to the stage and says: So! I said I wasn't gonna come back until the rumble, but here am I. Take it in you all, this will be the last time you see me without a title around my waist. Now, honestly I wasn't even gonna give a thought about coming out here, but I realized three of the men I face are out here making fools of themselves. Crippler, Alex, and Hans, if you can even hear me, you three have no right to be here. I'm not complaining though, the more names I add to my list the better. But come on. You guys are the lowest form of life on this planet. Your minds are corrupted. They haven't been exposed to the wonders of the universe. It's a lovely place honestly, bigger than you could ever imagine. Trillions of things to fight, and fighting them pays off. You'll learn that the hard way soon. Dikey stops walking on the stage and faces the audience Sorry, I'm digressing. What am I here to do is issue a challenge. A challenge to anyone in the locker room mere meters behind me. I will admit, the odds of me winning have decreased. With all these buffoons flying around the ring and Arius being in the match, my chances are looking slimmer than ever. Slimmer, mind you, not slim. But in the case I don't win, I want to have a nice, clean singles match ahead of me. I had a tempting offer from someone, but that someone has left as of yesterday, or so I think. So anyone back there, come on out, appear on the titantron, do whatever, just accept my challenge someway or another. I want to see what BPZ is really about.
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    Chapter 1 - The Hardest Decisions Ever "I just got back from a meeting on the WWF HQ in Stanford, Connecticut with the Boss himself and I still can't believe he said I was being promoted to the Position of Deputy Head of Writing and Creative in the World Wrestling Federation behind Stephanie McMahon, his own daugther." thought Alex, still shaking his head back in his hotel room in Stanford, where he was staying before heading to New York City for the first Raw of 2002. The fact he was alone in the room with a big pile of documents that had been handled over by Vince himself, which he was proceeding to document over to his laptop which he actually just got offered by the company. "Still this is such a momentous task, now let's see what Mr McMahon and Stephanie gave to me. Luckily Jim told me if I had any questions I could always ask him" said Alex, as he talked about Jim Ross who was the Head of Talent and Relations and had been like a mentor to Costa in his first two years with the Company "now let's see, these are our Franchise Players:" "Really our current Undisputed Champion is still only #5 on the list. Still it pleases me to see Jericho in here and Kurt too. Rock being above Austin though doesn't suprise me with how popular Scorpion King was." Alex looks a bit into more detail on some of them although he already knows how good they are before he goes into the next page. "Although why is Mark the Hardcore Champion, I will never know. I think even he knows he is above that belt despite the fact he will never say it to Vince. Now apparently Jim said the scouts are really high on these two" "Nora is really good. The Women's Division is clearly something Stephanie is a bit passionate about and I find myself agreeing with her. If we could get more females like Nora and less models, although Trish has really improved heaps and bounds since she started, we would probably have a stronger division. Helms will probably not be a top guy as Hurricane but the character is popular with the young ones that I feel we need to keep it." Alex looks at the next page that details apparent Prospects within the roster and begins to scratch his head "D-Von? No offense to him, but even he knows he is better off teaming with Bubba. I swear the other day, this fellow, well now my subordinate, writer told me he had an ideia to turn D-Von into one of those Church Reverands. I almost told him to get his head checked, because that ideia is just stupid. He even said he would have a bouncer. Ugh I shudder to think who he would have sugested to Vince to the Bouncer Position. Maybe Dave who is down in OVW. The other two here will be good in there own divisions. Billy Kidman has been a staple of the Cruiserweights in both our company and WCW in the last years and Jazz has just joined us and I feel she will be a big player in our Women's Division." Alex then looks at the next few pages, detailing the best Talkers and In-Ring Workers. He is not suprised to see Rock at the top of the talkers list alongside names like Austin, Flair, Jericho and Michaels, who he heard rumours that he is willing to make an in ring return. He also wasn't suprised at the list of the workers, though he did smile a bit when he saw Rob Van Dam on the apparent "Show Stoppers" list. The Momentum list was no suprise. In fact his biggest shock was that Triple H wasn't at number 1 considering how much he has heard fans asking for him and be curious about his inevitable return. "I know Paul likes to work as a heel more than a face, but I think even he knows the fans just wanna see him as a good guy right now and they will be pop hard for his return." thought Alex He then looked at the Low Momentum list and scanned it "Perry Saturn, Raven, Godfather, Big Bossman and Al Snow. Damn it's like the whole Hardcore Divison is here!" Alex felt Saturn' punishment had gone long enough and even asked Mr McMahon if he would have the freedom to push Saturn now. The Boss had oked it. "Thank god because I felt he suffered enough, even if he had no business punching the jobber stiffly." Alex looked at the next list which detailed the Wrestlers who were in decline physically. The first name really worried him. "Oh god. This changes many things...I might have to call Jim on this!" said Alex as he began dialing Jim Ross' number.
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    A Final Touch

    BPZ Carnage is towards the end of the show when it announces it has a live broadcast from someone who hasn’t been seen for a while. As the crowd question each other as to who it could be, the question is answered when JoshsNow’s face appears on the titantron Hello Carnage Despite the inactivenes for months, the crowd still love the Gentleman and erupt when he appears. A tear falls down his eye as he hears the crowd and smiles It has been a while since I was here. Last time I was here I complained about Bailey and lost to him. After that I moved to Evolve. After MITB disappointment I clean sweeped The Global Series and went on to face Jason in the final. Since then I have appeared 3 times. I appeared in a post match interview challenging Gary Green to a match, I called out The Flock and I called out Storm. 3 times in 3 months. A few months ago you would see me 3 times in a week Last time I appeared in BPZ, Evolve existed. And now it’s time to reveal my absence. I’m afraid during that match with Jason I suffered injuries that were potentially career ending. Those words didn’t ring true with me, and I kept pushing to carry on, trying to organise matches at Survivor Series, Evolves PPV and then at Night of Legends, ignoring the doctors Ignoring the doctors was my worst mistake. I wonder if maybe I’d just taken more of a break, whether I’d be coming out here today announcing I was still wrestling, and not speaking to you today, from my county home in Yorkshire, telling you I was retiring Suddenly the crowd realise what this speech is and scream “No” but unfortunately Josh nods I can not thank you enough BPZ for what you have bought me. These past 2 and a half years I have adored my time here. It is now time I parted. Thank you BPZ. Parting is such sweet sorrow The screen turns off and Carnage fades to black leaving everyone at home and in the arena shocked OOC: Sorry to everyone my inactiveness has let down - Storm in particular. I will try to be more active but I’ve got too much on my plate to be fully active. I will post FAC and PL Weekly Review monthly but other than that I may not spend as much time. I would have loved to have done more on the forums, hold a title for more than 1 defence, win World even maybe one day but thank you everyone on here for the memories and for making BPZ an enjoyable experience for 30 months
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    Echo Wilson


    In every man's life, there comes a time for a second chance. A chance to turn back the clocks. A chance to forget your sins. A chance to ignore the past and look to the lights ahead. When you are so high, you sometimes forget where the ground is. You forget where you came from and what built your legacy. My legacy was built on honor and truth. So now, I'm willing to make a change, take a stand. I'm willing to FORGIVE AND FORGET Whatever the PLAN, GOD has for me, I will put all of my energy and being into achieving it. I hope you can put your faith into me, like I promise to do unto you. We can all be HEROES.
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    "The year is 2002. The fall of World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), has left the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), headed by one Vincent K. McMahon as the sole big promotion left in the United States. The Invasion Angle that followed was one mirred with disaster as the lack of top WCW stars except for Booker T and Diamond Dallas Page as well as the nepotism by the McMahons who inserted themselves into the Angle making it all seem like it was only a big McMahon War helped drag what could have been one of the biggest storylines in the company's history into the mud. Not to mention the hasty decision to turn there biggest superstar in Stone Cold Steve Austin heel, a decision that many thought to be a very good one back at Wrestlemania X-Seven to be a good one completely turned out to be a very bad decision. Not to mention losing Triple H due to injury and The Rock which went on to film Scorpion King for the better part of the year, helped devalue the Storyline further. In the end only one of the Invaders was made out to be a total star in Rob Van Dam. The rest were completely treated as jokes by the company and even DDP, arguebly one of WCW's biggest names was completely mishandled in a pointless Stalker Angle with the Undertaker and the later's wife. As the new year dawns into the WWF and rumours circulate about what will happen to what is now a clear bloated roster, Vince makes the unexpected decision to promote one of his writers, one man called Alex Costa to the position of Head Booker. The young Portuguese has apparently impressed the boss with how he wrote the WWF Undisputed Title Tournament and in fact many attribute him to be the guy who convinced Vince to go with Jericho as the first Undisputed Champion. Now with Costa as Head Booker, many questions are in place as we head into the first Monday Night Raw of 2002 in just a couple of days." So this will be my first diary here on the Brendenplayz Forums, I wanna thank Crippler for the sugestion to do this era and Hans for giving my also some advice. It will be a mixed of IC Dialogue and me actually writing the matches and promos with some OOC comments as I showcase them afterwards. Hope you all will like it and as always feedback will be welcome as this is my first time doing something like this.
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    WAR OF THE IMMORTALS JULY RESULTS DIVISIONAL RANKINGS: OVERALL LEADERBOARD: REWARD WINNERS: Division One: Keeley - Reward: Improve One Events Prestige to Above Average Division Two: Bailey - Reward: Division Promotion to Division One & Improve One Events Prestige to Above Average Division Three: CRDaredevil - Reward: Division Promotion to Division Two & Improve One Events Prestige to Above Average August's Reward: Change the age of a wrestler to stop their decline. PUNISHMENT RECEIVERS: Division One: BrendenPlayz - Punishment: You will be randomly assigned a poor worker, must have 4 matches (main show) in August, September & October and can't be released for 3 months Division Two: Beastly - Punishment: You will be randomly assigned a poor worker, must have 4 matches (main show) in August & September and can't be released for 2 months Division Three: Elite - Punishment: You will be randomly assigned a poor worker, must have 3 matches (main show) in August and can't be released for 1 month August's Punishment: Your best worker can only have 1 appearance per month for the month IMPORTANT: Month 8 is due Monday at 12 PM (MIDDAY) (EST) There will be penalties for late submissions from now on. Please ensure you have all the following screenshots in your posts: Every show you booked for that month Every rating for every show you booked that month Your PPV buy rate for the month Your monthly finance report. Your popularity changes for your home region. (Go to "size", "track progress" and screenshot that data. You don't need to show other countries outside of your own). Failure to present this data will result in an incomplete submission and therefore you won't be eligible for any rewards. You may be also given a punishment as well as a loss of score. OWNER GOALS: A reminder that two owner goals are now effect, please be aware of them. There will be penalties if you fail them. The goals are: - Achieve 40 popularity in ONE area NOT in your home country! (USA cannot do this in Canada) - Must be accomplished in 1 year (by April 2011) - Achieve 1 wrestler with 100 popularity in 5 areas (Must be a NEW wrestler if you already have one) - Must be accomplished by the end of the year (2010) - You must increase to national size (by January 2011) - Spotlight new talent, your number one franchise player CANNOT main event any PPV for 1 month (July/August/September) RULE CHANGES: - All companies that reach National Size are required to turn on the following change under User Preferences Failure to do so with result in a catastrophic penalty. - You are now required to screenshot your medical tab every single month along with your regular screenshots. This will show that you are not trying to trade injured workers and also allow us to keep up to date with who is in rehab, inactive, injured etc. You should be posting any injuries in the medical chat on discord for us to put on the spreadsheet. - A reminder that the roster size is now 42. - You can no longer trade a worker for nothing in return you must RELEASE the worker (post it on this topic to make it official). This will stop players from unfairly giving away workers to a certain person. This will allow all players a fair chance to sign workers in the free agency using the waiver wire. - A reminder that all players are required to read the weekly report. If you are not keeping up with the rules this is your own fault. You run the risk of failing a goal or breaking a rule. Please stay up to date with the spreadsheet as well. - The use of bands and special sets and anything of that nature is now prohibited for companies National Size and above. This will stop players from earning extra rating points when their company is already at a bigger size than its competitors in most instances. We can see if you have spent money on it under your finance and penalties will apply. - You are now able to hire 3 Road Agents if you wish to. NOTES: - Bart has returned to the game. He will continue booking his shows to catch up. He will return to monthly competition when he catches up. - The next major game review will take place in January. I will evaluate any major changes that need to be made to shake up the game. This could include hirings or firings or any major rule implications. Next Months Divisions after July's changes:
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    Evolution | Paige

    Evolution #06 Week 2, September 2018 Mid South, USA 283, 400 viewers Show rating: 64 Highlighted Match - Becky Lynch, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville vs. Charlotte Flair, Kairi Sane and Natalya I 69 , & vs. , & The main event of the final episode before Evolution: Coronation saw two interesting trios team up, with the ruthless rivalry between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch take centre stage. The week prior, debutante Kairi Sane was able to gain a victory over Women's Championship contender Becky Lynch due to interference from Charlotte Flair, so "The Lass kicker" was out seeking revenge and that she did. With Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville tiring down "The Queen" smartly using their tag team experience, they were eventually taken out by Natalya, who surprisingly acted as a powerhouse competitor in this match. However, the match came to a close when Becky Lynch found herself in the ring with Kairi Sane. Both women fairly fresh, the Irishwoman was able to gain control somewhat quickly, submitting the Japanese wrestler with her fujiwara armbar submission finisher at the 15:18 mark. Highlighted Segment - Charlotte Flair speaks on Becky Lynch, reveals changes made to their main event bout I 71 After tasting betrayal at the hands of her upcoming opponent at Evolution: Coronation, Charlotte Flair was somewhat emotional whilst addressing the crowd about her best friend turned arch-rival, Becky Lynch. Speaking about their troubles since the inauguration of WWE Evolution she addressed Becky attacking her after their tag team match two weeks ago. Stating that most women wouldn't be strong enough to compete with the Irishwoman, Charlotte stated she was not like most women, which is why she cost "Becky Balboa" her match against Kairi Sane last week, a woman she would be teaming with in the main event of the show. Charlotte also revealed that the Women's Championship match at Evolution: Coronation would now be a No Disqualification match, that she went to Paige the week before and requested the change, something Paige agreed to because Becky Lynch almost cost the General Manager her main event by attacking Charlotte.
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