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    BPZ 2K19

    BPZ 2K19 Press Release ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bailey is the Cover Star! We are proud to announce BPZ 2K19 will be officially coming out this fall for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The cover star for this year's video game is the current BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, Bailey! Bailey represents what we are looking for in a top tier superstar and Bailey is honored and privileged to be the front man in this year's game. the tagline for this year's game is Become the One! and Bailey is the one to beat and maybe you can step into the virtual world and face off one on one with the People's Champ. News regarding the Collector's edition, game modes, match types, etc will be addressed in a future update. You can pre-order BPZ 2K19 today! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
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    BRENDENPLAYZ HALL OF FAME CLASS OF 2019 Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2019 Hall of Fame for the BPZ Forums. Tonight, we five more members will join an elite group of legendary members of the forums. These members have proven to be the best of the best. They’re some of the first members that come into your mind due to all their hard work and contributions to make the forums a better place. They are members that have worked tirelessly to ensure that the forums stay active or just simply put smiles on others faces from the countless hours of conversations and discussions made. Ladies and gentlemen, these are your new inductees into the Hall of Fame: Flynn Debuting in 2015 we quickly realised that Flynn was the real deal in a matter of days. Flynn would quickly drive up the rankings in BPZ faster than most before him, to reach a high tier status. Flynn proved himself capable of being a megastar here on the forums. Flynn has been a strong contributor for four years with numerous championship victories to prove it. But it's truly the person behind Flynn that shines the brightest. Flynn is a highly popular person around the forums due to his likeable personality and intelligent conversation he provides. You will often see Flynn lurking at all hours of the night to provide his opinion on all the latest. Flynn's consistency and high levels of activity were the keys to his championship success with over 8,000 posts and close to 4,000 reputation points. He proved to not only keep the forums active but often provided a lot of content for us to contribute to at the same time. Flynn has also been a moderator on the forums for a number of years now, including being a global moderator at one point. When it comes to contributors, there may none better than Flynn in the forums history. Flynn is a class above the rest, he is truly the definition of a legend. Congratulations Flynn: From Flynn: "I never thought this moment would come. That’s not some cliché statement either, simply put I just never thought I’d make it into the Hall of Fame in BPZ. I thought the doors were closed, and that my opportunity had long passed me by. That’s alright and it was something I had accepted. I’m not exactly one of the founding members of BPZ. However, something I always wanted to do here was provide my own special impact. I wanted to say that I revolutionized or changed something for the better. When I first arrived, I wished to win every single championship possible, and to say that off the top of my head I have no idea of the amount I’ve won, I have successfully accomplished that mission. However, that all dwarfs into comparison of this. The Hall of Fame is something that can never be taken from you. It is an acknowledgement of everything you have worked for or provided for this community. A community that I absolutely have loved to be a part of. I had never joined a forum prior to BPZ, and I still have never joined any other. They aren’t my thing. They still aren’t. So why the hell have I made thousands upon thousands of posts and spent possibly hundreds of hours dedicated to this place for the last 3 and a half years. Because the moment I joined, I went into chat and I fell in absolute love with it all. The community to say the least was totally insane. Everyone seemed dead set on taking out Bailey the world champ at the time, who generally seemed hated by many of the members yet at the same time was “on top”. I was created by Keeley and Sheepy who I would go on to get to know very well. I had only joined a few days following the one-year anniversary of the forums and this is extremely notable. Brenden has created a one-year anniversary podcast for the forums, hosting both FD and Bailey, something I had happened to listen to and without its existence, I would have never joined the BPZ forums. I was just a freshman in High School, but the allure drew me in despite the already present changing life I was already experiencing. The forums did something for me that the real world couldn’t and provided me the ability to express my fondness for wrestling. I have no friends that remotely even like it, nor family. So, this place would allow me to talk on about all my opinions, predictions and wants for wrestling. It was a total dream come true for me at the time. However, I don’t think it’s my wrestling posts that I am most remembered for. There’s been a running joke that no matter what, I can seemingly almost win any match I choose to. Whether it’s a kayfabe or title poll, when comparing my overall BPZ win-loss record the win column has a very massive advantage to the losses. This use to matter to me, a lot. However, in recent times, I’ve stopped caring as much. Kayfabe has been my most favourite part of the forums and the past year for the first time, I didn’t care about wins, I simply wanted to create a great story. Enter me vs. Necce and I have been told by so many members just how much they enjoyed us on and off yearlong feud. It was a story I didn’t do for myself, but something I wanted to provide for the forums. Something unique and different that had never been done. I hope I can say I was a great mod. I always dreamed of becoming the Global mod. And so, when it did finally happen, I was totally ecstatic. So, you can imagine how I felt when it was so quickly taken away from me. It felt unfair at the time, looking at people like bailey who held onto the position for so long despite being involved in so many forums controversies. And to have it taken despite not necessarily being the cause of a controversy, just having my name surrounded in it. Looking back, I’ve put it all to rest. At least I can say I made it there. BPZ I believe had had many generations. From the era of Jake and Nebakos, to Bailey, to Slim, to now Julius. These eras are all extremely different in their own ways. From the chat, to the areas of the forums that are seemingly the most popular. Joining in 2015, I don’t know if there’s an actual time period of the forums where I can say I belong with that generation. However, I’ve met many great and interesting people. For the most part while I’m not by any means the nicest guy to everyone, I’m happy to say that now, at this stage I get along with practically everyone. I have no enemies. No one I dislike to a degree past a minor annoyance. I have done everything there is to do. I believe these forums have helped me to meet people that I will carry on to either know or remember for the entirety of my life. And that alone tells me what this place has meant to me, and the impact it has had upon my life. I could go on forever honestly. And before this gets too long, if it has no already, I will close this. Thank you, Brenden, for giving us this place. It’s been one incredible experience and thank you for inducting me into the Hall of Fame. It means the world to me." -- FDS When I think of FDS the first that comes to mind is hard working. FDS is a member that will work his hardest to achieve his goals, whether that be winning championships or working on his own projects. FDS is a highly respected member who is one of the original members of the forums that remains active to this day, joining in 2014. FDS is always down to have a chat and is one of the nicest people you will interact with here, who will often struggle to find a mean word to say about anyone. FDS showcased this throughout his time working in the mod team when he constantly helped out where he could over a couple of years of service. He might always get the accolades that some others get, but without a doubt FDS is truly a special name on the forums. But I think we can all agree, that he had perhaps one of the funnest gimmicks we've seen throughout his time as "FD Slater". I will forever have huge respect for FDS and everything he has contributed here to the forum throughout his 4 years. Congratulations FDS: From FDS: "I didn’t really know how to start this, so I figured I’d just go straight into it. I’ve been here a while and it’s truly an honour to be inducted into the hall of fame. There’s been highs and lows while being here, but I don’t regret any of it… ok, I regret some of it. It’s funny because if you go back like 2 years, I was just known for being that one guy who yelled Baybay and a had a shitty premium championship reign but since then it’s been fun. I’ve gotten to meet new people, I’ve gotten to work harder on writing darker stuff and I’ve been able to expel the darkness in my head into a creative medium. Alright, I guess I probably should address a few of my gimmicks since that was one of my main things back in the day. The most famous of my older gimmicks is definitely FDSlater. A character who some people for some strange god damn reason want me to bring back which was barely a character really it was more just a catchphrase, but it was my first exposure to success on here and it made people happy sometimes probably not as much now. My more recent characters have had a lot more thought put into them than what was once just things I made out of catchphrases and such. It’s funny because for a while I didn’t really want to come back to the forums mainly because at the end of 2015, I posted a promo teasing my return and people kind of just shat on it so that happened. Since then I started working harder on certain gimmicks and on my work ethic on here. Alright, now I’m going to talk about some people on here who I probably should thank. Let’s start with I don’t know he’s probably not going to read this but Ryan cheers mate you were a good tag partner and pushed me to a point of wanting to work harder than I ever possibly could previously. Necce, Jon Ruin was fun no matter what everyone says, and I enjoyed what we did during it. Flynn thanks for giving me one of my first actually important feuds over my time here. Ross, Cheers for giving me someone to argue with in chat. Ark, if you read this thanks for being the kid who always somehow beat me. BIC, you’re a cool dude and cheers for the times. Smith, I mean yeah thanks for the feud that helped me make my best kayfabe character. Brenden, Thanks for making the forums. And to everyone, I didn’t mention who thinks they deserve a thank you (except Josh) thank you for everything you’ve done for me and for anyone else on the forums. Alright I guess I should wrap things up, I could go into more details about stories on how I developed over time and all this other stuff but I think people will be bored of that by the time they get here so I’m just going to say thank you one last time and also thank you for anyone who’s been on the BPZ Forums Podcast. Cheers everyone and I am yet again honoured to be inducted into the Hall Of fame." -- Jonathan A man that helped spark the success of diaries here on the forums, Jonathan is truly an innovator. Joining in 2014, Jonathan has contributed over 6,000 posts but perhaps it was his diary series that he will be known for. With Slammy Awards under his belt to show for it, Jonathan is always a name to look out for when searching for great quality content to read. Jonathan is an extremely hard working individual who had to grind his way to the top which he managed to accomplish. With majority of the major championships under his belt, Jonathan has been a proven success for many years and has earned the respect of many. I know Jonathan has been wanting this accolade for years now and that's because he has been a hall of fame worthy member for that length of time. It's long overdue, but it's great to see Jonathan finally take his place among legends. Congratulations Jonathan: From Jonathan: "When I look back at everything I done, what I committed my time to, I chuckle a little. I consider this Forums that I spent three and a half years tirelessly working on, and I ask myself why I did it. You all are why I did it and if I was asked to do it again, I would. The interactions I have had on this forum will last me the rest of my life, the people I connected with, the stories I created, and the incredible narratives we all somehow managed to create in our mock wrestling and I’m thankful. Thankful for the people who enjoyed my work and those who didn’t, all making me strive for the better. I’m thankful for all the people that have influenced my life past the sphere of Google Chrome and genuinely changed the person I am today, I’d be a worse person without meeting you all. I’m thankful for the platform that I was given, and proud that I could create things that people enjoyed, and though accomplishments didn’t always go to me, I got my gratification from the people who would simply leave comments which made me want to write more and more. The time I spent here, I’ll cherish it forever. The good and the bad alike. You all are incredible and will continue to make this crazy thing we have going on here better and better, I’m thankful for the portion that I was able to contribute to and looking forward to seeing what comes next. And who knows, maybe one day I climb back on the saddle and do this whole thing over again. But for now, I’m simply happy just to say thank you BPZ, this Hall of Fame honor is what I spent years working at, and being selected shows that I could influence others as well. You all are welcome for my presence. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, and I hope that I’ve somewhat paid you back through my contributions." -- Brad (Angelo Caito) A man that never seems to back down from a challenge, no matter how big. Brad is truly the definition is a hard worker. No matter what he faced, he would always get back up and try again if he failed. Brad joined midway through 2015 and quickly was put under the wing of many as they saw major potential in him. He fulfilled his potential and exceeded it with his countless championship wins and main event appearances. With over 9,000 posts, Brad is one of the top contributors in the forums history. But for me personally, it's the behind the scenes work that Brad has done that makes him even more of a legend. He will always find time out of his day to answer a question or to help a new member figure something out if they're having trouble. He is always there if you need someone to talk to, laugh with or even cry with. He is a fantastic contributor and an even better bloke. Despite his 100 retirements, Brad still appears here on the forums to this day and still does his best to contribute where he can. He is one of a kind, Congratulations Brad From Brad "The BPZ Hall Of Fame. Where members become Legends. And legends here never die. In late 2015 to early 2016 you ask anyone if I'd be in the Hall of Fame, they'd laugh and say no I wouldn't. Now and days and after years of hard work some people would say I am, and I stand here today with a list of legends that joined before me and after me. Guys like Neb and Bailey who been here from the beginning. Guys like Zombie, Jake, Smith, Bashka, and so many more guys who earned their place. I stand next to Flynn, FDS, and so many more guys here in the class of 2019 for the Hall of Fame and I couldn't be more honoured to be next to these guys I've been hanging around with and watched grow fast. Thank you everyone for being my second family and here's to many more days ahead." -- Poiunight (Poiudust) A man that unfortunately you won't see too much of around here anymore, but has truly left a last impression on the forums. Poiudust was the 10th member to ever join the forums back in the first few days of its creation. For Poiudust it was never about winning championships or creating thousands of posts, it was about his characters. He will be forever known as one of the first to ever master a "gimmick" here on the forums. Poiudust had over seven characters that he perfected that would appear throughout the years. His innovate and creative promos helped inspire kayfabe as we know it today. He might not have all the accolades as some, but it's safe to say that without Poiudust, kayfabe could be very different to this day. For those that knew him, he was simply all class. One of the friendliest members to ever appear on the forums, Poiudust had all the attributes that make him not just a hall of fame member, but a hall of fame human. We hope he will return one day so we can congratulate him properly, but for now, we can celebrate his success here. Congratulations Poiudust. -- These are your 2019 Hall of Fame inductees for the BPZ Forums. Congratulations to everyone. I encourage everyone to share your favourite moments, memories and stories about the inductees. Tell us all the great things they did as we celebrate all of their incredible contributions to the forums.
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    The Big Baller Brand: Bailey, Sameer and Brenden walk up the entrance ramp celebrating their triumphant victory over the Saviors, Raising their titles in the air as the crowd cheer's their name. They look back down the ramp looking at the destruction that was caused during this hellacious WAR Games match, bodies scattered across the ring. The camera shifts to the ring where Ropati sits up in the ring as Julius and Flynn look on in disappointment. Julius helps Ropati to his feet as Ropati mouths the words "I'm Sorry". Julius then goes to check on Flynn who is seated in the corner of the ring head in his hands, the disappointment of the loss shown graphically on his face. Ropati stands in the center of the ring wondering where it all went wrong. As he goes to join Julius and Flynn in the corner he is blasted by a Claymore Kick from Julius! The crowd let out a large gasp after seeing Julius just blindside his Tag-Team Partner. Julius looks down at Ropati's fallen body and immediately starts hammering away at him with fists until Flynn rushes over to Julius and drags him off Ropati. He pushes Julius in the corner and orders him to stop to which Julius just raises his hands to apologise. Flynn then walks over to check on Ropati helping him too his feet before once again walking over to the corner and berating Julius for his actions. As Flynn turns to look at Ropati, a surge of aggression rushes through his blood as he blasts Ropati with a devastating Running Knee himself The crowd are once again in shock at Flynn's actions, reigning down boos on both Julius and Flynn. Flynn then tells Julius to hold Ropati as Flynn bends down to Ropati's level and screams at him. He yells embarrassment before slapping Ropati across the face before hitting yet another Running Knee. Before Ropati even gets a chance to recover Flynn starts stomping away at Ropati's head causing him to be busted open, the blood flowing freely onto the white Canvas Flynn then once again raises Ropati's head and shows it to the crowd here at the Capitol One Arena before slamming it to the canvas. He then orders Julius to finish him before walking out the cell and up the ramp. Julius then waits for Ropati to get back to his knees. He pleads for Julius not to do what he is about to do but it's too late as Julius hits yet another devastating Claymore kick Julius then disgustedly looks at Ropati's fallen body before exiting the cell and joining Flynn at the top of the Ramp. World At War II comes to a close with the lasting graphic image of Ropati's bloodied face to end the broadcast
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    Bart’s eyes remain on trained on Jonathan, who’s yet to stop gripping the Undisputed title belt. Despite the victory these two got today, this pairing was never more than a means to an end. Now Bart stands, again at the mercy of the numbers of the advantage as Sheridan stands next to her new partner, waiting for any reason to pounce on Bart. Jonathan's eyes are finally lifted from the glimmering gold and meet Bart’s he calls out for a microphone and one is delivered to him, as he now holds Bart’s title in one hand, raising the microphone to his mouth with the other. “I suppose this was inevitable wasn’t it Bart? I told you that this wasn’t about me rescuing you, it was about me getting a chance to avenge my losses, that you and I would come to a confrontation like right now, and I would put you down and snatch this title from your cold, dead hands.” Jonathan closes the gap between himself and Bart with a stride towards him, you can feel the animosity boiling the two as Sheridan begins to circle around Bart like a natural predator. Bart grows tired of the delaying and tenses up, ready for a brawl. Jonathan begins to chuckle as he hands Bart his title back? Sheridan stops circling and instead, cracks a wide smile and pats Bart on the back. “Bart, I’m gonna take that belt from you... you. I don’t care to have Echo or anybody cause you harm that will dampen your chances on retaining. I want your back to be on the mat when I rise that title above my head and pry back my career from people like you, avenge the losses I took in hopes of proving my worth. I don’t want to beat anybody else so long as I don’t have to. So I’ll try to get you across the finish line in one piece, so I can take you apart piece by piece myself.” “Now, of course, you could always reject this offer and attempt to walk alone through this ‘pit of danger’ or you could simply understand that you’ve been looking a gift horse in the mouth and accept the help. I understand that you don’t enjoy being outmaneuvered, you’re supposed to be one step ahead of everybody else and I’ve seemingly bested you, but I’ve given you a chance to prove your superiority, without any excuse for anybody to lean on, we face in the center of a ring and settle once and for all, “Villain” or “Ace”? Have I been talking out of my ass, or have I shown what I can do without handcuffs? How do you like your chances in that matchup Bart? That’s the question you need to respond to."
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    Hans vs Arius vs Aaron North vs Kenji vs Peter Wilchester (Yelich) vs Birdman vs Bulldozer vs Buddy Ace We find ourselves near the last leg of the North American Championship Ladder Match as the war wages on... Buddy Ace emerges from the carnage on the outside, holding the side of his ribs her looks around realising the opportunity. Quickly sliding into the ring he climbs the previously set up ladder, looking up towards the gold with each step. Suddenly Peter Wilchester is seen coming in from the outside, rushing up the ladder to meet Ace with a drawn out punch. Momentarily dazed, the two of them fight back and forth with punches before Peter grabs Ace by the hair, slamming it onto the top of the ladder. Wilchester looks down towards the structured ladder balancing them both, looking at Ace, stepping up the final few steps of the ladder he positions himself, what is this man doing?! Wilchester flips over with Ace off the ladder slamming him back first into the steel. Leaning on his head Buddy looks absolutely broken on top of the balanced ladder. Ace falls off the place ladder, rolling unconsciously to ring side. Peter grabs the back of his head, breathing heavily he hops up to go after the hanging championship before he is blindsided by Aaron North who runs in like a cannon knocking Wilchester into the corner. A flurry of 'perfected' jabs and knees to the side of the ribs keeps Wilchester at the mercy of North who looks to put his opponent down. Desperately Wilchester quickly rakes Aaron North in the eyes temporarily stopping North who moves his hands to his face with some colourful language for the live crowd. Wilchester quickly goes low and cuts North at the legs with a shoulder charge bringing him to his knees. Looking around the ring Wilchester notices the Canadian Flag he brought during his entrance and goes to grab it. Holding it in the air briefly he takes hold of it with both hands intending to use it against his opponents back but...NO! Aaron North turns and holds the pole in both of his hands, smiling towards the Canadian Patriot which unsettles him. Looking for a way out it's too late as Aaron stands and takes the pole before using it against Wilchester instead. Wilchester is in pain as he rolls over the canvas. North drops the flag to the mat as he grabs the rolling Wilchester, capitalising on the situation. Aarton drags him over towards the floored ladder in the ring in the corner and picks him up. Motioning the crowd we know what's about to happen next, but he couldn't? The Perfect-Plex on to the ladder! Wilchester landing right onto the steel and boy does he feel it. Aaron North is pleased with himself, bowing to the crowd for a moment as he notices the flag behind him again. He tears off the flag from its pole, holding it up and swinging it for the live crowd before proceeding to.... Disgusting! Does Aaron North have no shame in his actions? Just as commentary are blasting North from ring-side Birdman & Bulldozer of SSW Club enter the ring from behind North during his antics, knocking him to the mat together. Bulldozer kicks the flag out of the way as the two of them proceed to tale turns stomping into the fallen foe as the eat up their own momentarily momentum. Aaron defiant slowly gets up as the two of them watch before the two of them running off the ropes to hit a double facebuster right back into the canvas. A gasp and cheer from the crowd can be heard as suddenly 'The Extraordinary' Hans flies down from out of the sky seemingly, launching himself from the ropes with a crossbody on to a shocked Birdman who is flattened into the mat. Birdman rolls to the side of the ring in pain as Hans gets back to his feet and approaches Bulldozer swinging who takes a moment to process what is happening. Hans comes in strong with a gut kick winding Bulldozer. While this is happening a commotion can be heard from the audience as their heads turn towards the ramp, cameras turn to show Mave Deltzer wearing a SSW Club shirt rushing to the ring with a steel chair in hand as he throws it to the ground momentarily. Hans running against the ropes attempting to hit a running swinging neckbreaker is tripped up by Mave before Hans realises what's happening. Has Mave joined SSW Club? What is going on? Mave jumps up on to the apron into the ring, signalling to Bulldozer to hold up Hans. Bulldozer gives a large grin as he picks up the groggy Hans for Mave. The crowd rains boos upon them as Mave holds up the chair ready to run up and take Hans before.... Hans moved out of the way at the last second! Bulldozer is down! The expression on the face of Mave is of shock as he tosses the chair to the ground. The mouthed words can be read off the screen of "Sorry" as he picks up the fellow club member, leaning him against the ropes slapping him on the face lightly to try and get his attention. While Hans recovers for a moment Kenji re-enters the ring as the two of them lock eyes and then turn their heads towards SSW Club. Knowing what to do the two of them run and knock the duo to the ring-side with dual clotheslines. The two of them hit the ground . Hans and Kenji look at each other and back down toward Bulldozer on the outside. The crowd are cheering as these two superstars point and head to the outside of the ring. Kenji goes to pick up the downed Bulldozer as Hans reaches under the ring for, what is he looking for? It's a..table! Oh god. Hans drags it out from the ring in one quick movement and begins to set it up at ringside. The crowd are chanting "Tables" as Kenji places Bulldozer on top of the table. Nodding to each other Kenji keeps Bulldozer steady while Hans returns to the ring. Gripping the ropes tightly he motions to the crowd with a nod. Through the table! Are you kidding me! Hans Clayton hits a 450 Splash on to Bulldozer who lays motionless in the rubble. "Hans, Hans, Hans" chants fill the arena after that athletic display. Kenji looks down at the carnage when suddenly the forgotten Birdman appears out of the corner of the screen attacking Kenji from behind as they brawl towards the ramp. Hans steps forward after getting up from the ground after seemingly ending Bulldozers night. Realising the ring is clear he sees the chance to strike as he goes to turn around but suddenly a hand forcibly stops him by shoulder as a forceful forearm hits Hans across the upper chest. Arius! Arius has resurfaced from the earlier carnage of the night. The Revenant pulls him into the side of the barricade. Wiping his face for a brief moment as the paint begins to smudge across his forehead he lunges forward to pick up Hans before he has a chance to recover bringing him close to the steel steps near the commentary table. that Arius holds up the current NXT Champion, positioning him as the crowd wonder what he has planned. Could we be seeing...no...OH MY GOD Arius hits "Seeing Red" a half nelson suplex on to the steel steps. The brutality tonight. Arius lifts himself off the ground, looking down at Hans when he notices Aaron North stepping back up towards the ring as the two meet eye to eye. Arius runs over as North attempts a clothes, Arius ducks and connects with a Kick & Sweep, hitting him higher than usually and connecting with the area near his eye, North hits the floor as the ringside medic comes over to check on him. Arius looking down at North runs his hands through his hair as he turns back towards the ring where he notices Kenji having entered the ring beginning to setup the ladder for himself. The two of them stare at each other from afar as Arius breaks to run into the ring, sliding under the ropes Kenji makes his way towards the championship. Arius joins him as he climbs up the other side of the ladder. Bodies are laying everywhere tonight in the Capitol One Arena as the 'The Sendai Supernova' and 'The Revenant' meet face to face at the top of the ladder. Tensions are high as the arena are on their feet right now, still energised after this action heavy match up. All these superstars tonight entered hoping to become the inaugural BPZ North American Champion and right now it seems we are down to two men standing. Arius doesn't waste any time as he takes a swing at the rising star from Japan. Kenji doesn't let up and follows with his own forearm at Arius. Back and forth the two of them throw everything they have at each other while standing above the BPZ audience on the ladder, trying to keep their balance as they put all their power into their shots. Suddenly Kenji lands a shot across the jaw of Arius which makes him groggy, slipping down a few steps on the ladder as he tries to hang on. Exhausted, Kenji sees the opportunity as he moves himself through sheer will towards the championship. He lets go of the ladder to use both hands, his fingers tracing the leather of the championship when suddenly...Arius hits him square into the gut bringing him back down the ladder as he hangs on for dear life, almost tasting the canvas. Both men recovering as they balance themselves, the camera focusing on Kenji as he repositions himself and climbs back up to meet Arius but as soon as he looks up...NO! Arius balances himself and delivers a high kick to Kenji sending him down to the ring. The crowd gasp but are caught up in the moment. Arius drags himself up to the top of the ladder, standing up on the final step he reaches up to the hanging prize and pulls it down, falling to the ring. bell rings He has done it! Arius has claimed the BPZ North American Championship! The inaugural champion crowned here at World at War and what a war it was. Bodies everywhere, i don't think anyone in this match is walking away in one piece. Everyone put all they could into this match tonight but there can only be one winner. Yngwie .J. Malmsteen - Fugue begins to play through the speakers as Arius holds the championship to his chest in the ring. The referee enters the ring approaching Arius we slowly gets to his feet to allow his hand to be raised. He kneels down to the ground as he stares down at his secured prize, enchanted as his parting light show begins.
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    Ready for War

    {"Monster" interrupts the momentary silence throughout the Oracle Arena in Oakland , California signalling the arrival of one half of the BPZ Tag-Team champions Ropati. Ropati slowly walks down the ramp with his Tag-Team Championship around his shoulder, as calm and focused as ever as the fans continue showering him with boo's, something the Kiwi Killer isn't fazed by. As always Ropati stops at the bottom of the ramp and holds his title high in the air before the music and the lights slowly fade away into nothingness. After a moment of silence "Gallantry" blasts throughout the Oracle Arena as the other half of the BPZ Tag-Team Champions Julius makes his way out to the ring. Julius then joins Ropati at the bottom of the ramp and they slowly enter the ring, posing with the tag team championships as the crowd continue to reign down boos} "You asked for a war and this Sunday you're sure as hell going to get one. What I don't understand is that you three seem to think we are taking this as it is some kind of joke. We're smart, we learn from the misfortune of others and I'm sorry to bring this up Brenden because it looks like it hurt a little but YOU though that we were a joke, you underestimated us and that resulted in me dropping your ass and making you stare up at the light on the grandest stage of them all. So, we're not taking this as a joke and If you think that just because you three now have a little name for this momentary affair that it's going to result in a victory well then you should just concede defeat right now because I'll tell you now nothing you can do will be able to stop the most dominant force this company has ever seen" "Now you three saw what happened at BPZ Mania, it was destruction at it's finest it exposed The Big Ballers as being weak and incapable to match our aggression and intensity inside that ring. But now you wan't to play without rules, now you want to enter the most dangerous structure known to mankind and you want to go to an all out War. Well I'm going to make a promise to every single person in this arena and watching at home. By making this match inside War Games, you're playing straight into our hands. You saw my reign of terror where I brutalized legends upon legends week after week, making me the most dangerous man this place has ever seen" "The last man that decided to fight me inside a caged structure was forced into retirement because of the beating I laid upon him. But what makes this match and this scenario anymore different is now I have a motive. Ever since I lost my title at St Valentine's Day Massacre I have been waiting to get my hands on you Bailey . YOU COST ME MY WORLD TITLE AND INSIDE WAR GAMES I'M GOING TO MAKE YOU PAY, I'M GOING TO MAKE YOU SUFFER BAILEY. This time there will be no place to hide, there will be no time to avoid what's coming to you because you're going to be locked in a cage with the three sickest sons of Bitches this company has ever seen. You think all these people chanting your name is going to faze us? You think that the whole world chanting B B B is going to halt us. WRONG all of this, it's motivation it's a drive to beat your stupid ass into the ground and prove that your nothing more than an entrance and some stupid catchphrases. So Bailey, Sameer, Brenden you asked for a War, you begged for a War and now you've gotten one. Two team will walk into that structure but only one will leave, and you better believe that it's going to be the Saviours"
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    Playing: George Frideric Handel's - Water Music This vignette opens as the camera pans across an open room inside the familiar Arius estate. The room is dark but after a few seconds is suddenly illuminated by the spurring sound of an old film projector flickering to life. The projector directed towards a blank wall as the first image of this newly created home movie begins to appear on the makeshift screen. The familiar voice of Arius is heard voicing over this evenings presentation. "Times change, and we change with them." sounds Arius as an image of William Henry Harrison, 9th President of the United States graces the screen giving the audience their first glance at what they are in for this evening. The image fades from the screen as we continue "Any man worth his salt will stick up for what he believes right - Andrew Jackson, 7th President of the United States" "No matter how filthy something gets, you can always clean it right up. - Morgan Free...Morgan Freeman?!" Ruffling of papers can be heard near the microphone as Arius stalls for a moment "Okay, ah, ehum well Morgan Freeman did play a President so i imagine it is an easy and forgivable mistake to make. A great man nonetheless" the rolling of the reel can be heard as the slideshow continues "The harder the conflict, the greater the triumph. ― George Washington, 1st President of the United States. Both of us inaugural men or great titles" "We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do...wait, what does this have to do with..." Just as Arius goes to express his confusion, muffled questioning can be heard as the slideshow doesn't stop, a clearing of the throat is heard as Arius attempts to continue on without drawing attention to the issue as the slideshow continues "It ain't how hard you hit…It's how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward" - Rocky Balbo..ROCKY!? Okay that wasn't even a President are you fools even tryi..." The slideshow suddenly comes to an abrupt stop as Arius walks in front of the projector showing his shadow walking, appearing outstretched and monstrous walking across the screen. The sound of scrunching paper heard as he hurries past. The camera follows Arius as he enters an accompanying room with a desk, locker, your typical home office decor where a Ghoul sits formally in front of a type writer. Arius is caught throwing the ball of paper at the Ghoul Next time get it right or you'll be given gardening duty Arius takes notice of the home audience still watching as he shuts the door and adjusts his sleeves before proceeding. Gesturing with his arms outstretched before bring them together with his hands intertwined My, my, hasn't this been a curious evening already? Excuse the mess we have had quite the celebration here this weekend for the more obvious reasons. Please, please join me The camera follows Arius back through to another room, passing two Ghouls who are seen carrying several vases of flowers through to the sun room. Arius swings open the door way for the audience as we notice Rin who is seated at a glass table enjoying a glass of 1949 Domaine Leroy Musigny Grand Cru, admiring the two stationed championships that rest upon the table. Arius walks towards her as she takes notice with a smile. He leans down to greet Rin in returns as she leans up to kiss his cheek but he instead reaches over to pick up his Untied States Championship in one hand and the North American Championship in another in one swoop. Rin is momentarily puzzled but just rolls her eyes, placing her glass on the table as she walks over to sit upon a lounge chair as Arius continues Holding a championship each on on their own shoulder Arius leans his head to the side as he peers into the camera lens First of all my dear viewers, I'd like to apologise for shattering the dreams of the seven other men who endured all that immense pain at my hands. I know how badly they all craved this chance to make a name for themselves, for some to put themselves in the spotlight once more, I felt the same way as you all once and that is why you have my empathy. I can only imagine how I'd feel if I passed up on an opportunity like this. The haunting thoughts asking if I'd not done enough and if i didn't leave it all in the ring. That maybe, just MAYBE, I could've done more to take the chaotic nature of the match and use it in my favour. Arius begins to stare longingly into the North American Championship The feeling of not being able to wake up feeling rejuvenated and being able to say "Good morning Mr. North American Champion" Arius holds silent for a moment, trying not to laugh as he clears his throat Of course i would never gloat in my triumph though, for I am a kind soul truly. I understand what it is like for fate to cruelly intervene and rob me of my desires, though that taste has long become foreign to me for as you can see gold occupies all my senses. Arius paces across the wooden floorboards as the sun shines in glistening against the championships Let it be known now that i have no intentions of allowing this to be a momentary reign..no, no this is something much grander. A statement of intent. To represent the collected unity of not only the United States, BPZ, but the world under Arius. For what better way to represent a division than to represent two? And what a perfect example it can set to those still straying from my bright path towards competitive righteousness. Arius turns back to the camera as Rin walks over to join him Now if you could please excuse yourselves from the premises, we have much to prepare for The camera suddenly drops down partially as the dragging of feet can be heard across the floorboard. The lens looks towards the ceiling only to see a Ghoul mask staring back as we fade to black
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    May Be A Price To Pay

    World at War is in full swing, and the audience has just bore witness to a brutal ladder match between eight of BPZ's brightest names, all fighting for a brand new title in the company, the North American Championship. After many jaw-dropping moments and career-shortening sacrifices in the name of victory, we saw "The Revenant" Arius, the reigning United States Champion hoist the gold atop the ladder, furthering his legacy as a double champion. As the dust settles and Yngwie Malmsteen's Fugue Concerto Suite plays throughout the arena to serenade the newly crowned champion, we take a rare glimpse backstage as a cameraman follows one of Arius' opponents, KENJI, who is seen meandering his way backstage through the production staff, his body bearing the battle scars of the bedlam he had just endured mere moments ago. Weighed down by his thoughts he stumbles to sit down on the hallway floor, leaning against the cold stone wall with an icepack held to his neck. His breath short, his face dripping with sweat, and a sullen expression painted upon him. KENJI's head shifts up slightly as his gaze moves over where the cameraman is. His eyes almost don't even register the cameraman's presence but his face betrays that he doesn't want to talk right now. He sits there for a while, catching his breath and listening to the muffled tones of the victor's music reverberate through the walls of the arena, a vacant stare into the ground with his knees held up close. After a few moments KENJI raises his arm slightly in front of him, motioning to grab something in thin air, his hand tensing slightly before his fingers close around something that isn't there, letting out a long exhale as his shoulders loosen once again. "....I had it, right there....I felt the leather in my hands....the bumps of the metal snaps on the back over my fingers....it was that close, I was that close..." KENJI splutters a little into a meek little chuckle, wiping his eye a little, a melancholic smile appearing on his face for a fleeting moment before it soon fades "That was my first ladder match, you know?....We didn't really do matches like that in Japan, or at least where I wrestled. That was, an experience....Who am I kidding? I'm trying to avoid telling myself what's actually on my mind..." KENJI sighs and runs his fingers through his hair, shifting the icepack around a little with the other hand ".....This match is going to eat away at me....maybe it will torment me for the rest of my life. I said that being the Inaugural can only happen once, and I came up short....and unlike a lot of things where you can redeem them, or achieve them later, with this, I can't....it's lost now. I'm the underdog...but I never said that I like losing...today might be one of the heaviest prices I'll pay". "What do I do now?....H-How to I beat him?...." KENJI's words to the void ring out into the hallway, their sound soon dissipating as he sits there in thought before raising his head The music permeating the background comes to a stop, the strings and guitar falling silent. KENJI looks over towards gorilla position and pales slightly at the sight he sees, as the source of his sorrow is now in view....With the adrenaline running through his body blocking out all noise of the live production going on around him, the silence only makes the sight of the Inaugural North American Champion standing before him, also adorned in the United States Championship all the more chilling...
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    "Broken Out In Love" plays in the background as Yelich who seems to have really let go and stopped shaving rocks back and forth in a rocking chair in a disheveled room in a house in the woods. Society is crumbling beneath our feet yet every man tries desperately to keep standing while the Earth shakes and shakes but no man is tough enough, no man has the strength in their legs to stay standing. They fall, they fall and they hit the ground and no one offers a hand to pick them up because they're too busy trying to keep themselves upright. People need that man who will offer that hand in these dark times, they need that man who will show them how the world truly works. They need a man who will wake them up and lead them to paradise man! And if they reject that hand then they've been infected already and they need to be destroyed. It's time for the masses to wake up and see the lies all around them and I, I am that man that will show them those lies. Join me and you will live to see the future. Don't? Yelich laughs maniacally as he rocks in his rocking chair quicker before looking back at the camera. RUN!
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    BPZ 2K19

    BPZ 2K19 Collector's Edition: Ace Edition ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ This year's collectors edition is filled with goodies and content and the man represented is none other then BPZ Hall of Famer, Jonathan! The Ace edition has a variety amount of items, so lets see what you're getting in this year's collector's edition. First thing you get is of course BPZ 2K19 of your choosing console. Along with that you get the BPZ 2K19 season pass so you can get all the DLC when it becomes available. Next thing you got is painting of Jonathan himself. This was created by our very own, Bob Fitzberger. He has created a bunch paintings in the past for BPZ. You then get a action figure of Jonathan and its an exclusive as you only get this specific action figure if you get the collector's edition. Next thing you get is a signed autographed picture from Jonathan, and its very rare to get a autograph from Jonathan, let alone one in great condition. Finally you get 2 exclusive characters, first you got Jonathan and his attire from BPZ Mania 3. Arguably Jonathan's greatest rival, Nebakos will be in BPZ 2K19, only way to get him is through the Collector's edition. So what are you waiting for, pre-order the collector's edition today! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
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    Playing: Con Te Partirò The scene opens as a quickly paced camera moves through a sea of backstage personal. Moving equipment and costumed entertainers move across the foyer, entering a private green room as we reach a seated Arius at a vanity mirror. He stares without a blink as he finishes up the final strokes on the dark rings that surround his eyes Welcome, welcome my dear friends.I hope you have brought the appropriate attire this evening for we are in a bit of a rush. "2 minutes" yells a heavy voice, a call to action to those near by Arius as bodies begin to move in a hurry. Arius puts down the paint as he finishes his work Come now He stands from his seat with his arm pressed firmly down onto the mirrors adjoined table. With a quick smirk into the mirror he moves along outside the door as Rin, the producer, holds out her arm towards the end of the hall, keeping the finely groomed champion from getting scuffed by passing stage hands. Bauble lights line the walls as they walk pass. The distant noise vibrating within the hall as the overture plays for the arena Can you feel that? The rush, the anticipation, adrenaline rushing through your veins as we inch closer and closer to our grand confrontation. Eight of BPZ's chosen hopefuls coming together with the sole purpose of tearing each other limb from limb. For what grand intentions do our management have for us in such a life threatening contest? But a chance to show who can TRULY can withstand the punishment of being BPZ's freshest target. Arius briskly walks under a set-up ladder to avoid a moving set piece, much to the annoyance of Rin, he turns around as he keeps moving to take a quick glimpse at the passing individuals before turning back to the camera I am going to jump straight to the point here, for there is no need to make a simple matter stretch into complexity. This Arius brushes his fingers across the wall is my domain. My pulse beats in unison with each note, each cord, each maneuver i perform. Like art i aspire to inspire those with the forethought to realise where the brighter path lies. For to become champion in this company you must have more than just good intentions. One must have the discipline to thrive in this environment in and outside of the ring. To rise to the occasion that is expected of a champion worthy...and you? A lone woman holding a check-list yells "Break a leg" as they inch closer to their destination Though i see potential amongst these chosen few, with respect to those i admire, i don't see contenders ready to truly bring this championship to the height it deserves. In these hands the championship will not represent one country, one identity but instead continue to represent those in our dear audience who with wide eyes have awoken to the gifts i bring to this company. To represent the age of Arius that has continued to thrive week in, week out. For a brief moment Arius stops by a clothing rack where a single black coat hangs from a silk covered hanger, on the coat is placed a small North American Championship pin for the audience to see. Arius proceeds to put the coat on as he continues to speak Each one of you have been enamoured with the chance to dance with the Revenant, to be allowed a first chance glance at what it takes to win this inaugural championship. I have defeated a number of you once before, and i'll take great pleasure in doing so again. He proceeds to continue walking as the music on stage comes to a close and the light grows brighter, seeping under the curtains that lie ahead I can’t afford to dwell on simple worries such as addressing each of my opponents ill advised intentions and their over-sharing emotions. It’s the confidence that I have in myself that has helped me come this far. If I were to begin to struggle with anything like that now, everything that I’ve done would have been for naught. Arius stops just ahead of a set of steps that leads to a black curtain. He begins quickly dusts himself off, straights his sleeves as he stares forward Come World at War it will again be both my burden and joy, to cast down these young souls, their arms outstretched to take a hold of what now is unreachable. To dispose of lumbering veterans looking to make a last minute grasp at relevance. When i first stepped into BPZ I said i would create change and i feel the second wave is upon us. This new age is here. Fear it, run from it, but just like my victory at World at War it was all but inevitable. Arius steps out into a blinding light that covers up the BPZ audiences view, a thunderous applause can be heard as the light slowly fades back down to reveal a new perspective. A theatre filled with hundreds of clapping men, women and children wearing masks can be seen as Arius basks in the light with his arms stretched out. With a commanding voice he says This is my stage
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    Andrew Walsh's Interview

    Welcome everyone to Andrew Walsh's Podcast I am Andrew Walsh And today is the first episode of this podcast Today with meIs someone very special Today we have one half of the BPZ Tag Team Champions Julius welcome. Thanks for having me Andrew. Now Julius, as everyone is looking right now, you are one half of the Tag Champs, how does it feel beating The Big Ballers at BPZMania, did that feel special?. Well it had to, I pinned the owner of this company my boss 1..2..3 in the center of the ring on the biggest platform with everybody watching. But you're not going to hear me come out and gloat about it because that's not what I do. I'll be there on Carnage and I'll be waiting on our next challengers and if the Big Ballers want to dance again let them be my guest. Which lead to my next question, who would you like to face for the Tag Team Championships besides Big Ballers? Who would I like to face? Anyone. Our goals when we started as a team post-SVDM was to be the greatest tag-team this company has ever seen and that means beating each and every person that comes in and steps up to the plate. Old or new we'll be happy to accept that challenge. Do you see yourself going after the World Heavyweight Championship after the Tag Titles? Do you see a future with The Saviors? Obviously winning the World Heavyweight Championship is at the peak of any professional wrestlers list but what separates me from the rest is that I've been there before and I know what to expect. These guys like Echo and Bart have never been there before and trust me it's a struggle but as of right now I'm 100% focused on this tag-team. The World Championship is something I will chase down the line and to answer your question about the Saviors as long as we keep winning everything will be just fine. Speaking of Bart, what do you think of him winning and unifying the titles to make the Undisputed Championship? Good for him, I've always had a lot of respect for that man and it's good to see him at the top of his game. However for Echo Wilson, it seems that you had a lot of problems with him over the last couple of months with him in Echo, did the problems arise when you lost to The Flock? No not really, I think it's about time I clear this whole situation up because a lot of people have different opinions on this and I'm going to set it straight. Echo Wilson and I as a tag-team worked really well, what annoyed me however was the fact he ruined what was supposed to be the most anticipated match of 2018. That's what pissed me off. It wasn't losing to The Flock, it wasn't him constantly being arrogant and thinking he was it. It was the fact he ruined a dream match and if you ask Bart I'm sure he will tell you the exact same thing. With Flynn with you, it seems that you are changed man, from losing World and US to now beating Big Ballers for the Tag Team Titles, Flynn was with you as well in another group, tell me, how much Flynn changed your career? I wouldn't go as far to say he changed my career, he provided me with an opportunity and I capitalised on it. He saw the potential in me during our ROA days and that launched me into becoming a Main Event Star. Do I like Flynn? No. But we have a mutual goal and that is to get rid of the corruption and everything that is wrong with this company. I would say we have a professional relationship. One last question before we end the first episode How do you see yourself at the end of the year? Good question, to be completely honest I don't know. I made that mistake looking too far into the future before and it cost me my world title, so now I am taking it every day at a time not planning for anything in the future. Well thank you Julius for being on the first episode. No worries Andrew, thanks for having me. We'll see you. NEXT TIME.
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    No Mercy

    Do you still believe Echo? Carnage is live as we return from a commercial break to find ourselves in a dark location, where the Undisputed Champion sits on a chair and stares into the camera. We can see the Undisputed Championship around his shoulder, the championship that has led to this insane rivalry between former allies. Do you still have faith? Are there still no voices inside your head telling you to give up, to quit. To accept your position on the roster, to live with the fact that you just aren’t made for the main event level. It’s fine Echo, no longer will be wonder if you could. Before, after your drug accident, there was a lot of speculation. Talks of what you could have been if not for your mistake. But now, looking back, I don’t know if we can consider it a mistake anymore. All it did was extend the time that you had left before I would expose your limitations to the whole broad world. At BPZMania, everyone saw it. The doubts that had began to develop by your terrible showings against Storm and the Frontier were confirmed, Echo cracks under the big spotlight. Everyone knew, except for you. You still believed that there was a chance that you could defeat me, which led to yet another match. At World At War, even you must have realised. As much as you kept trying to deny it, the inevitable end of your false hope came when I once again reigned victorious over you. All that I promised you as come true, your greed for the spotlight has led to you losing the last bit of that what you hold all so dearly, your image. A video begins to play, showing Echo’s career highlights while we hear the ecstatic voices of GRV and Heel praising “The Hero” before turning into a look at his 2 most recent defeats. know that you are sorry Echo. I know that you want to beg me for mercy, pray that we will reform the Kingdom. But no. You choose your own faith, now I will have to deal out the consequences. That’s why I love this match that we will have at Backlash. Before, I didn’t care for it. Just another victory over you, it didn't do anything for me. But now that it’s Falls Counts Anywhere, it makes me as excited as I have ever been. No longer will I have to stop at the moral limits in my quest to end you, the limits that are the reason why you are able to compete at Backlash. The restrictions of a regular wrestling match are why you can stand and spread your nonsense around the globe. After our match, both of us will be different. I, I will be done with one chapter of my career. You, you will be done with everything in your career. No longer will the voices in your end have to tell you that you have made a mistake, your entire body will scream it. Don’t act so sad Echo, you know I am not a man for forgiveness. And even if I was, it’s far too late for mercy now. See you at Backlash, Echo.
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    The Blacklist v “The Villain” Bart and “The Ace” Jonathan The Blacklist enter first, on a mission to solidify themselves as a duo before Backlash where the former Kingdom members, Echo and Bart, collide in what’s sure to be a classic. It was these two who were able to use their numbers advantage to terrorize Bart who found perhaps the most unlikely partner in Jonathan, who is looking to avenge some of his losses. Regardless, Echo and FD look ready to handle business, not wasting any time in their walk to the ring as the trek past the booing audience, and I have a feeling that the boos won’t relent for any of these participants of this matchup. The two make it to the ring and await their opponents for the match. Jonathan steps out from the curtain to a shower of jeers from his ever-adoring fanbase. The flamboyant, self-proclaimed “Ace” saunters to the ring, on a mission despite what his nonchalant demeanor currently suggests, looking to gain some vengeance from embarrassment suffered at the hands of both Echo and FDS. As his eyes meet the two in the ring, you gain almost see the hatred consume the Blaise attitude as he stops at the edge of the ramp, awaiting his partner. In his regular mystique, the Undisputed Champion emerges from the guerrilla area with the newly minted gold strapped around his waist. He walks down the ramp, look for a bit of retaliation for the attack he suffered by the hands of the Blacklist, he joins up with Jonathan at the edge of the ramp as the two enter the ring, getting face to face with the Blacklist before being separated, as the ref tries to establish some semblance of authority early but this match will likely not remain under his control. It’s the former Ruin members heading to the apron and making way for a Backlash sneak peek to start the action. Bart and Echo circle the ring, both looking for an opportunity to strike. As the continue rounding the ring, Bart stops in front of his corner and tags in Jonathan, Bart obviously looking to preserve himself much to the chagrin of the crowd. Jonathan enters the ring and immediately flies towards Echo, leaping into the air to connect with an early Shotgun Dropkick. Before FD can even react, he’s booted off the apron by Jonathan, who looks like he’s been shot out of a cannon to start this match. “The Ace” stalks Echo, waiting for him to get back to his feet before he shows off his renowned striking prowess. He starts with a pair of striking combos, hitting strike after strike before once more dropping Echo with a Panic At The Discus combo. It’s clear that Jonathan is clicking early in this mamatchupHe sprints towards the turnbuckle and mounts it in a hurry, perhaps looking for High Fly Flow but FDS shoves him off the rope and Jonathan crashes hard into the mat. The referee gives FD a verbal lashing for his illegal involvement but there’s not much to be done. Echo now begins to stomp out Jonathan, who can’t do much in the way of protecting himself before dragging him to the Blacklist’s corner. Echo and FD keep a tag circle going as they are unrelenting in a barrage of stomps. FD finally ends the cycle, backing up a few steps before connecting with a Drive-By Knee strike as Jonathan slumps out of the corner. FD looks down at Jonathan, who tries to crawl away from the Blacklist corner, disgust in the eyes of “The Punisher” as he sees the man who once viewed as more than just a friend. He yanks Jonathan up by his hair and whips him off the ropes into a backbreaker, neckbreaker combo. FD goes for a pin but barely gets a two count. Jonathan continues to try to crawl away but FD refuses to allow it, stopping his progress with a Double Foot Stomp to the small of the back and Jonathan can be seen writhing with agony. FD drops down cinches in a crossface, using the hold as an opportunity to berate Jonathan for the venomous words he spoke shortly before World At War, though not every word can be made out, the “BASTARD”s are heard loud and clear. Jonathan manages to endure through the hold and taunts as he makes it to the rope, breaking the hold. FD maintains the hold for the extra for seconds before relinquished the hold and straightaway dragging “The Ace” back into the quite literal No Mans Land. Echo is tagged in and he tells FD to hold Jonathan up as he backs away from his corner, before striding towards his partner and Jonathan looking for the Crown Jewel, which sickeningly connects on Jonathan who tumbled out the corner. Echo looks to pin Jonathan, but SMALL PACKAGE BY JONATHAN, 1…2..— no, Jonathan almost catches Wilson by surprise. Echo rolls throw to his feet as Jonathan manages to get to the ropes for a second of reprieve. Echo comes in hot pursuit but is stopped by the referee, who keeps the two separated long enough for Jonathan to manage to get back to his feet and rake the eyes of Echo. Jonathan pushes past the ref, slipping behind Echo to hit a Straight Jacket German, Jonathan bridges, 1...— nowhere near the enough. Jonathan once more pulls himself to his feet as Echo inches towards his own corner, tagging in FD once more. The Ruin reunion takes place in the middle of the ring as an undamaged FDS stares at a battered Jonathan. Jonathan defiantly stares back at the man who “stole months” of his career as the two begin to mutter curses at each other. FD stretches his arm out mockingly, allowing Jonathan to get a lick in. Jonathan pauses for a moment before a wicked smile crosses his face and he delivers a backhand to FD. Time seems to freeze as FD reels for the disrespectful strike before he can even respond with his own move, Jonathan turns around and quickly tags in Bart, leaving him to deal with an infuriated FDS. “NO, I WANT HIM!” Echo screeches as an angry FDS closes in on Bart. FD stops his march, glaring at Jonathan who’s still smirking at him after the wicked slap he delivered, and turns, tagging in Echo who’ll get his Backlash warmup after all. The two circle the ring once more, with Bart no longer having a tag option as Jonathan takes his time collecting himself on the outside. They tie up, jockeying for the upper hand before Bart manages to get Echo into the corner. The ref tries to pull the pair apart but Bart manages to connect with a punch, and well from there all hell breaks loose. Echo runs through the ref to spear Bart, as the two trade punches neither able to maintain ground control for long when FDS runs in, promptly followed by Johnny. The four trade everything, from punches to headbutts as the match spirals further and further out of control. For a moment, The Blacklist gain control but Bart and Jon are able to wrestle it back, connecting on stereo Superkicks to send Echo and FD tumbling hard to the outside. Bart quickly bounces off the ropes and dives to the outside connecting with a Blacklist clearing Suicide Dive. Jonathan looks out at the three grounded competitors before smirking and bouncing on his heels, waiting for the three to rise. They begin to pull themselves back up as “The Immortal One” launches into actions, throwing himself off the ropes before throwing himself over the top rope for a Tope Con Hilo. The four remain grounded for a while as the referee begins to come back to life, starting his count as this lively match begins to screech to a halt. Jonathan is the first to rise, and he drags Bart up, sliding him into the ring at a count of four. Echo and FD slowly reach their bases, uses the apron to pull themselves back up. Echo rolls into the ring and is immediately hit with a spectacular Lionsault by the Undisputed Champion. Bart attempts a cover but only gets a count of two. Bart lifts Echo, looking for The Last Breath but Echo spins out of the hold for a RIPCORD BICYCLE KICK, Echo doesn’t let go of his wrist, pulling him into a Torture Rack... no, Bart slips off and catches with a huge forearm smash. Echo stumbles forward, but rebounds with a Superkick— no, Bart catches the foot, he throws it back violently and hoists Echo into a FALCON ARROW! Bart hooks the leg, 1…2..— no, Echo kicks out. Bart claws back to his feet after almost putting this match to a close with his Falcon Arrow as Echo instinctively sits up, clearly in a daze. Bart hits him with a Penalty Kick to the small of the back, sending Echo rolling with pain. Bart pulls Echo this feet, then whips him into the ropes, looking for a superkick but Echo manages to duck under, following the evasion with a stiff uppercut as Bart turns around, and combos the uppercut with a spinning back fist that causes Bart to stumble a bit, but Echo pulls him into a thunderous Sit-Out Elevated Crucifix Powerbomb. Echo stares down at Bart who’s laid out spread eagle, gasping for air. Wilson rises, not satisfied with the damage done. He stands, eyes glued at the turnbuckles. He marches towards the turnbuckle and turns back to check that Bart remains laid out before making his way to the top rope, looking for his patented Stardust Stomp. He launches off the top ropes, STARDUS— no, Bart rolls out the way and quickly rises as Echo staggers back. Bart charges at Echo, BORN FOR IT, Echo Wilson with an amazing counter which could mark the end of the match, cover, 1…2.— Bart somehow kicks out! Echo pounds the mat in frustration, as the Born For It is usually a guaranteed three count, but the Undisputed Champion managed a shoulder up. Echo gets ahold of the wrist of Bart, pulling him towards the corner then hoists him to the top rope. Echo connects on a pair of punches before clambering to the top rope beside “The Villain”. He cups Bart’s chin, yelling “This is a Backlash Preview”, he looks to be setting up a TOP ROPE BORN FOR THIS? He pulls Bart to his feet and steadies himself, preparing for the high impact maneuver but Bart battles back, connecting on elbow after elbow to the eardrum of Echo. Echo loses his footing and crashes hard off the top rope but rolls back to his feet, immediately charging towards the turnbuckle BUT BART TORNADO DDT OFF THE TOP ROPE PLANTS HIM IN THE MAT, BOTH MEN ARE DOWN NOW. Bart crawls towards his corner, following the incredible desperation Tornado DDT as Jonathan watches on, eyeing Bart’s progress as well as Echo, who is nipping at Bart’s heels, trying to prevent the tag. Bart seems to expend more energy than he has every time he grips the mat and pulls himself another inch forward as Echo grasps at the bottom of his boot, each time getting closer to gaining hold of Bart’s foot. Bart is now fingertips away from Jonathan, who extends his hand towards his partner. Bart reaches up towards “The Ace” when Echo finally gets a hold of the foot of Bart and “The Villain” is trapped just inches from his teammate. Wait no, Jonathan reaches over the rope, extending over the rope completely and just barely grazing the hand of Bart to get the tag. Jonathan enters the ring, stepping over an almost incapacitated Bart to reach Echo, who tries to back towards his corner but is halted when Jonathan grabs two fistfuls of hair and crashes his knee into the nose of Echo, then doing it once more as he screeches down insults into the helpless “Promised One”. He lets one hand fall, taking a second to pose with the glaze-eyed Wilson, before pulling him up to his feet. Jonathan sets up for a TALITE, spinning him around a couple of times as he sets up, facing FD, wait. FD FROM THE TOP ROPE, BLOCKBUSTER BY “THE PUNISHER”. FDS begins unloading rights and lefts on Jonathan, who throws up a flimsy guard as some measure of protection. The ref is finally able to pull a fired up FD off Jonathan, and a twisted smile FD drags Echo to his corner before tagging himself in. He yanks “The Ace” to his feet and sets up the Break Neck Driver... and CONNECTS, this is it, cover, 1...2..— BART BREAKS IT UP AT THE LAST MILLISECOND. Bart scrambles back to his base but is quickly dropped by Echo, who explodes out the corner for a beautiful dropkick, sending Bart outside the ring. The Blacklist converge on the downed Jonathan and FD points to the turnbuckle, and the smile on FD’s face spreads, infectiously, to Echo who marches towards the corner, he mounts the turnbuckle as FD pulls the Jonathan onto his shoulders, the Blacklist setting up The Red Line, but BART OUT OF NOWHERE, DROPKICK TO ECHO WHO CAREENS OUT OF THE AIR INTO THE BARRICADE AS BARTS BACK CRACKS AGAINST THE APRON. Both men are down and I couldn’t tell you which one has suffered more damage. The referee turns away from FD and looks out towards the downed men who will face off at Backlash when Jonathan slips off FDS’s shoulders, LOW BLOW! The ref is none the wiser as FD collapses, grabbing at his groin as Jonathan takes a moment to compose himself before dragging himself with to the turnbuckle, determined to pull through in this contest. He makes it to the top rope, measuring FDS up as he rises, Jonathan going for the HIGH FLY NOOOO! FD GETS THE KNEES UP! “The Butcher” quickly manages to get to his feet and brings Jonathan to his shoulders once again, he sets up the Tombstone BUT JONATHAN FIGHTS OUT OF, “THE IMMORTAL ONE” HAS FD RIGHT WHERE HE WANTS HIM, DEATH WISH! Jonathan stares out FD, who’s definitely down for the count but now that same smile that FD once held his lips is now on those of Jonathan. He grabs the hair of his former Ruin partner, heaves him onto his shoulders once again and connects with a SECOND Death Wish. But Jonathan doesn’t seem any done by a long shot, he snatches the ears of FDS, shouting “You Bastard, Ruin This” as he spits the face of FDS, and hitting another Death Wish. Jonathan looks at the downed FDS, having done far more than enough to win this match, but it was never about just winning, for the fourth time, FDS it lifted to the shoulders of Jonathan and “The Ace” puts him down with a Death Wish. The crowd has fallen deathly silent, what’s occurring now is past the bounds of a wrestling match, this is closer to attempted murder than a sanctioned match, and everybody is hoping for a Coup De Grace. Jonathan drags FD through his feet before lifting him, setting up for the Death Wish, the fifth one in a row. As he spins around, FDS cradled firmly, before jumping into the air for a fifth and final Death Wish. Jonathan finally moves to cover, as Echo begins to come to on the outside. Echo tries to slide into the ring but is halted, by Sheridan? What is she doing here? The ref doesn’t see her, he’s too busy counting, 1…2…3. Sheridan launches Echo back into the barricade and enters the ring, where she and Jonathan begin to celebrate together, the crowd bewildered by the new alliance being formed in front of their eyes. Bart slides into the ring, still hurting from the apron dropkick he delivered earlier. The referee attempts to deliver the championship belt back to Bart but Jonathan snatches from him, holding the belt in his hands as Bart rises to his feet.
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    {Carnage returns from commercial break as the build towards Carnage: World At War, which will see the main event being the World Heavyweight Champion Bailey and former Tag Team Champions Big Ballers against the former World Champion Flynn and the Tag Team Champions The Saviors in War Games. But next up Angelo Caito coming back to the ring after weeks of talking about his feelings on the company and how they pick favorites to get opportunities and wins, shortly after, he got inducted into the BPZ Hall Of Fame, which fans took to Twitter congratulating him and saying “Finally” for. And out comes Angelo Caito to the BPZ ring. “Fall” by Eminem plays as the titantron of the new Hall Of Famer plays as the crowd sends a loud reaction to one of the most decorated superstars in BPZ history. He steps out from behind the curtain, standing on the stage in front of fifteen thousand strong in Chicago as they cheer loudly. Angelo looks at the responsive crowd then down at his left hand, which on his middle finger haves his ring he received from the ceremony as he then closes his hand and makes s fist before walking down the ramp towards the ring. He walks down the rampway before walking up the steel steps and entering the ring. The legend dressed in a leather jacket, blue denim jeans, timberland boots, and Angelo's newly exclusive t-shirt “The End Of The F***ing World”. Angelo then leans against the ropes, taking in the crowd reaction before he steps back and grabs a microphone and takes a microphone from Hannah and hears his music die out, which he nods to and goes to speak, but he gets cut off by a loud chant of “You Deserve It!” going towards his Hall Of Fame induction recently. He looks down at his ring before rubbing his hands together before speaking.} “Four years and I can stand here and say I'm Mr. Hall Of Fame now…. But for the right reasons? Is it because of my four years of consistent hard work? Or my eight title reigns? Or the fact that I can turn your crappiest superstars into gold? A.K.A……. Ya know, I'm not going to name anyone because then I walk back there, get the slap on the wrist, told no no that's not what we do by the powers that be and that be it. But back on topic, no those aren't the reasons. The reasons was because I am finally speaking up about the bulls crap that this company has done to their superstars, so their thought process was “Hey, we give him the ring, he'll stop exposing our company!” but guess what BPZ? WRONG! Now we got this North American Championship match because the company knows feeding less experienced guys against main event players, so they made this title for lower card guys. And they put my client against a cult leader, a racist, a dumbass, another dumbass, and a third dumbass. You know what all five have in common? That they can do some talking, but couldn't handle it coming up with it themselves. Gentlemen, if you want to make a good promo, it's simple, it's all in the wrist.” {While Angelo says that, he holds his wrist up, and when he finishes speaking, he moves his other hand over and then proceeds to move his hand, almost in a writing motion. He then gives a shrug as he then proceeds to talk again.} “But can we honestly blame y'all for it? No. Because you want to impress everyone. Because you think you getting a thumbs up from the General Manager or Owner himself means anything. Well trust me, it doesn't. It doesn't matter at all because, take it from me, I don't want respect or anything from people who only get their hands dirty when money comes their way. Hell for many years I've worked for free, and I felt prouder of myself then and now and days the stupid shit I had to do to get some money is ridiculous. Drunk Brad, Rob Van Brad, Angelo Roberts, Mr. Amazing, all stupid to get paid. Hell the only few things I'm proud of is being Angelo Caito because Angelo Caito is who I am. I'm proud of being Brad because he is who I am. And I'm proud of being Nanovirus because he is who I am. Guys here don't know who they are, because if they are themselves, they won't be liked and that's crap! This company will definitely be better after BrendenPlayz is gone, but unfortunately it'll be taken over by the asskisser Bailey who only steps up when Brenden tells him to. Hell, speaking of Bailey, he is the main reason for the beginning of the demise of BPZ. He is a joke as a GM and a house as a worker. He can't wrestle to save his life, depends on others, but still gets a win? Come on now. Now he goes and says he's the Most ELECTRIFYING MAN IN SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT! Yet the most ELECTRIFYING MAN IN SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT ain't supposed to be the most lamest talker and person in the same sports entertainment we're in, right? And don't get me started on-” {Suddenly, Angelo's microphone is cut. He starts tapping the mic and chuckles before shaking his head. He then slide under the bottom rope and walks up the ramp, now laughing as he makes it to the stage, now filled with BPZ Security Guards, making Angelo laugh more and more. They approach him, talking to him. A camera man gets close to hear the conversation.} Guard: “Alright Angelo that's enough, you have been ordered to vacate the property at once.” Angelo: “Haha. Come on now, we've seen multiple occasions of this. You all put hands on me, I take you all put and walk off, this ain't nothing new, so who's first?” {The guards shake their heads and then one goes to grab Angelo, but the lights go out. A few moments after the blackout, the lights come back on with Angelo and two masked men standing behind him. Angelo chuckles as he looks down at the beaten up guards. Angelo then looks up and yells “WE'RE COMING BPZ!” before he orders the men to the back as BPZ heads to commercial break.}
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    BPZ is live as we are on the Carnage after BPZMania, a show that lived up to the historic name. The show saw thrilling action, new champions crowned and rivalries decided upon, while others got even more heated. We now await the next series of events to take place tonight. Currently, we see a table displayed in the middle of the ring with an object being covered by a blanket. We get a sense of what will go down once “One True Villain” hits the speakers in the arena and we see “The Villain” walking down the ramp without a title around his waist or on his shoulder. Instead, he walks out wearing a suit with a big smile on his face. The crowd seems unsure whether to cherish the competitor that won such an amazing contest, or boo the man behind his terrible antics and behaviour. For now, they are stuck in the middle as we hear both cheers and boos in the audience. Bart walks up to the ring, gets handed a microphone from a ring crew member and calmly walks to the center of the ring. There he begins to speak for the first time as Undisputed Champion. You feared it. You kept telling yourself that it couldn’t happen. That it was impossible. Now, Echo, that day as come. No longer is it just an obvious, rational thought. It’s now an hard fact. No longer can you get away with the few what if scenarios that benefited you. You will know have to acknowledge the reality that you have tried to avoid with a passion that even I have to admire. You kept convincing yourself that it was false. That I was lying. That the voice inside your head was lying. But no, as it turns out, all of them were right. You were left alone with the miserable reality, the one of your nightmares, when you saw me walk away with the titles. I have no idea how terrible you must feel, I don't experience failures like you. What will you do? Cry? Beg me to help you out again? Or will, oh no Echo, please don’t go on the drugs again. I promise you it’s not worth it. Maybe you just need to accept that your talent doesn’t live up to the big words that you use to describe it. Or will you continue to believe the fairy tales that you keep telling yourself. You can try as much as you want, you can train as hard as you possibly could. You are not on my level, the only person who struggles to understand that is you. Do yourself a favour, grow up. Bart then looks at the table and a huge smile appears on his face. Now, I hope you guys have your cameras ready. This is what they a call a history making moment. The moment where you dream of, or in my case, was born for. For some, this may be emotional, but for me, it’s what I had always expected to do. I knew that for a talent like me, moments like these would arrive. I don’t expect any of you to understand, you obviously can’t relate. But I just need you to be quite as we document one of the most historic moments in the BPZ, and more importantly, my career. The crowd begins to boo heavily as Bart orders the ring crew to get the noise edited out of the broadcast. I present you: The Undisputed Championship. Bart picks up the championship and poses with it in front of a lot of cameras from BPZ.com along with other media. The crowd boo as loud as they can but doesn't impact Bart in the slighest.The Undisputed Championship has arrived.
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    the GOAT echos throughout the arena to open up The Show after BPZMANIA live from Atlanta Georgia where there is a thunderous Crowd in attendance as the new BPZ World Heavyweight Champion The Bailey makes his walk down to the Ring. He grabs a Microphone but can't speak because of the loud chants of Bailey! Bailey! Bailey! The Atlanta Crowd says along as Bailey does his Iconic FINALLY..... The Bailey is your new BPZ World Heavyweight Champion Of The World! In the most ELECTRIFYING Main event in BPZMANIA history Flynn went one on one with the Great One. And after a long hard fought War. After all the smoke had cleared and all the dust had settled The Bailey layeth the Smackdown on Flynn's Candy ass and became a 6 TIME 6 TIME BPZ WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD. And as the Bailey got back to his feet and looked up into the rafters to see the MILLIONS...and MILLIONS of Bailey fans. The Bailey finally came to the realization that the Bailey JUST IN FACT BROUGHT IT! And now the Bailey stands here today as the People's Champion! Flynn gave everything he had and The Bailey respects him for that but it just wasn't good enough to beat the Great One. But now BPZMANIA has passed us and it's a new year in BPZ. It's a new season. The Bailey has all intentions on being a fighting Champion. The Bailey will have an opponent for Backlash That is a Guaran-Damn-tee. The Bailey doesn't know who that will be or who will have the balls to step up and face me. But you can bet all your money on it the Bailey will be ready to defend this BPZ World Heavyweight Championship! BECAUSE IF U A SMEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLL WHAT THE BAILEY IS COOKING. The Bailey holds up the Heavyweight Championship posing in front of the crowd to start off the show
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    THE GOAT PLAYS as The Bailey and the Big Ballers make there way out to the Ring just days before there War Games match with the Saviors. FINALLY....... The Bailey has Comeback to Oakland! The Bailey didn't come to Oracle Arena alone. No, no, no the Bailey came with the Big Ballers. Together We are the Most ELECTRIFYING Team of all time. Literally when we entered the City of Oakland the whole place started to shake. People were in aw. The people of Oakland couldn't believe what they were seeing. It was like the Avengers coming together. Like 3 Mega Powers forming together to Create One Dynasty.... One Brand.... THR BIG BALLER BRAND. Can't you just feel the energy that is taking place right now happening in this Arena. It's like when Kevin Durant joined Curry and Thompson. An Unstoppable force was born. We got the Great One, THE 6 TIME BPZ WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD THE BAILEY. We got The Owner of the whole Goddamn Company Brenden and We got the Beast, the 2 Time Premium Champion and MR Money In The Bank Sameer! We Can't be beaten. We WONT be Beaten. At World At War on April 12th The Big Baller Brand Go One On One with The Saviors. Hmmm. WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY SAVING US FROM? They ain't nothin. Three Pieces of McMonkey Crap. The Bailey already beat Flynn At BPZMANIA. Now The Big Baller Brand is going to beat His little fraction at World at War. Because that's the difference between BBB and the Saviors. Big Baller Brand is a unit. All the Saviors are is Flynns 118th stable that's hes Been apart of. Flynn doesn't give a shit about Julius or Ropati. Hes just using them as little peasants. They ain't a real Fraction and they certainly aren't the Big Baller Brand. Here's what's going to happen inside of War Games. Big Baller Brand is gonna take little Ropati, The Small child he is. Shine him up real nice turn that little boy sideways and shove him STRAIGHT UP JULIUS CANDY ASS. Then were gonna Take the Aussie Boy. AYE AYE GOODAY MATE, No offense Brenden. But were gonna take that Kangaroo eaten Trailer park piece of trash and SHOVE HIM STRAIGHT UP FLYNNS ASS. Oh wait The Bailey means THE NEW FLYNN. That's right the New and Improved Flynn. The One whose ass The Bailey kicked all over the Grandest Stage of Em all. Then were Gonna Take the New Flynn. And we are going to hit him with every single move we got. The Bailey is talking People's Elbow, The GOAT Bottom, Pedigree, Superkick you name it and BBB will deliver it. And as Flynn lays on his back in the center of the ring with Both Juliid and Ropati shoved right up his Candy Ass. BBB will stand tall inside War Games with our hands held high with no Questions in doubt That the Big Baller Brand is the Greatest Fraction to ever compete in a BPZ Ring. And The Bailey Guaran-damn-tees that's. Brenden, Sameer go ahead and say something for the MILLIONS..... and Millions of Big Baller Brand Fans.
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    “Nostalgia Act”

    We are a full week removed from BPZ Mania live in the Carnage arena. We show quick highlights of the fallout episode of Carnage following BPZ Mania, ending things off with the big brawl between BPZ’s two Alpha trios, The Saviors consisting of Ropati, Julius and Flynn, and the Big Baller Brand, consisting of Bailey, Sameer and Brendenplayz. Following the quick highlights, we are greeted by none other then “The Fallen King” Flynn, who unlike the week prior, carries a large grin firmly across his face. He stands center stage to an encore of boo’s before beginning his march down to the ring. He wastes little time, rolling directly into the ring and demanding a microphone be brought to him. He snatches it from the ring-side crew member that hands him the microphone before turning his attention to the hard camera. For four years I have been here, proving each and everyday that I am the best this company has ever seen. Yet despite countless World Championship Reigns, a Hall of Fame induction and multiple Mania Main Events I remain the most under appreciated, overlooked man in BPZ HISTORY. Consistently I’ve been forced to take the backseat to less talented, overrated pieces of garbage. The case at hand, a past their prime, pathetic last ditch attempt to pretend that they still matter, I of course speak about the “nostalgia act” that is the Big Baller Brand. A trio of three men who in a three on one I can DESTROY with both arms tied behind my back. However I have been practically forced to face them in a six man tag match at World at War, risking my life and career in the barbaric War Games match, defending the Tag Team Championships alongside my two great friends, The Saviors, Julius and Ropati. WHY? What is it that I earn from this? The opportunity to get a vicTory over three legends well passed their primes? Or maybe to strengthen the tag title reign of the Saviors? No, I earn nothing from this. I am simply being used to get these three losers in yet another main event to further their own dying brands. It’s pathetic. However I see the light. Because I don’t plan to walk in and just beat these three men. We will incapacitate them, break each and everyone of their limbs, and PERMANENTLY END THIS LITTLE FAIRY TALE FOR GOOD. We will send all three of them to the god damn retirement home for good and afterward I’ll be forced to take this god damn company over because Brendenplayz will be physically enable to. I might as well reclaim my World Championship as after this weekend there will no longer be a healthy defending World Champion. I am saving this company each and every week, I speak the truth and in return I am insulted, berated and undervalued for my gifts. I am your hero, I am YOUR SAVIOR! At World at War I make yet another sacrifice as instead of furthering my career and legacy, I will put my own life on the line in a barbaric showing, to eradicate the cancer that is the “Nostalgia Act” known as THE BIG BALLER BRAND!
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    A Horizon of Red and Gold

    It is only mere days away from the next BPZ event, World at War. In the shadows of BPZ Mania, the train never stops as the card has numerous huge matches, one of which being the destructive WarGames match. Another of those marquis matches is a Ladder Match for the Inaugural North American Championship, with it's competitors all staking their claim to the newly minted title. On the go home show of Carnage, the whirling music of the Sendai Supernova begins playing and the audience jump to their feet, cheering loudly Their raucous volume only increases as KENJI emerges from the stage, making his way to the ring and clapping hands with the audience at the barricade. He climbs the turnbuckle and gestures for the crowd's chants of "KEN-JI" to get louder, with the fans gladly obliging KENJI steps back down and grabs a microphone, his expression holds his usual bright demeanour, ever since his interview last week, there is definitely a focused intensity to him "We're only a few days away, we're at the eleventh hour before World at War. You know, at first I wasn't going to come out here this week, I got a lot off my chest in that interview, and thought that all my words had been said. But, one of my opponents for World at War had some....interesting things to say, trying to re-educate everyone". The audience jeer and boo at the implication of Canada's representative in the ladder match "He specifically said that he will walk out of Washington D.C. as the North American Champion because he is the 'safe' option. That because he has a long pedigree of experience and name value here that he will be victorious. Inaugural Global Champion, Former US Champion, Former NXT Champion....you are a prime example of the established guard here, Yelich. I came to BPZ to compete against the very best that the whole world has to offer, that includes you, your resume speaks for itself, your crucial role in BPZ's past success.....but why am I not in awe of you at this moment? ".....'safe' option...." "You know what I hear when you say that? All I hear, is talking down to your opponents, disregarding their potential and effort. All I hear....is complacency. My entire career this far has been fighting from the bottom, against people just like you. People that have their cosy spots, getting too comfortable in their bubble of success. And this isn't just to Yelich, this is to all of those in this company that look down on the rookies, and the unknown quantities. Just because we lack your pedigree, that doesn't make us any less of a threat. I refuse to become a mere footnote in the careers of the established talent, I won't accept that". "You know, ever since it was announced, there has been a lot of questions about the direction of the North American Championship, and where it's image will be. I think that whoever hoists the title for the every first time will be able to paint upon it's blank canvas....Under complacent minds like Yelich, or those already established like Arius and Hans the North American Championship will see no glory, the status quo will remain and nothing will change. I cannot let that happen. This goes to all of my opponents too, I have the hunger and drive to make this really mean something, more so than any other....because...." KENJI pauses and looks down at the microphone for a moment before speaking, the crowd hanging on his every word "I have to be the Inaugural North American Champion because I have a vision for it. It will represent everything that I stand for, and everything that I came to BPZ to do; to realise one's true potential, challenging the status quo, ruffling the feathers of those above you, and broadening the horizons of this company. Making them see in your eyes that the world outside of their walled gardens is hungry, and ravenous to prove themselves. I didn't sign with BPZ to be complacent, or to fight complacent people that have had their day, so you had all better clear the way, because nothing will stop me!" The fans in attendance roar with cheers and rapturous applause "There should be nothing 'safe' about this championship, because a star isn't made by those at the top. The only one that can make you a star is yourself, constantly improving and pushing towards the horizon, and beyond. It's a desire that only those who haven't reached the summit can possibly have. That is where I trump every single one of my opponents. That is why I will prevail. For when I lift that North American Championship, a star will be forged, and it will be burning bright into a Supernova!" The segment ends with the crowd vehemently cheering and chanting for KENJI, the titantron showing a burning sun flash and pulse with reds and golds into the circular plate of the North American Championship as we head into a commercial break
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    "Give me the damn mic!.... Brenden snatches the mic from Bailey and pauses for a moment as the crowd cheers. Brenden is clearly pissed off and fired up ready to speak Listen up, I've got something I want to say. Julius. Ropati. You have pissed off the wrong man. Not only do you squirm your way to a victory on what was supposed to be my night at BPZ Mania, you two want to fight me again in the WAR GAMES? You really are stupid. You see, this is my domain. The War Games is where I thrive the most. There is nothing I want to do more than to take off this suit and roll up the sleeves and throw down in the most barbaric structure you'll ever be apart of. This is a fight for the ages. I have the best two men I have ever known in this company by my side for this fight. A fight that I know for a fact we can't lose. We haven't thrown together a silly team in the last couple of weeks, we have been a team behind the scenes, we have had a friendship that has spanned nearly five years! So if you think for a second that you can step in this ring and match up with three of the best to ever lace up the boots, you've got another thing coming. Bailey is right. We have millions and millions of fans here and each and everyone of them want us to kick your ass at World at War! I may not be tag team champions anymore, but if you thought that I was done after 'mania you are sorely mistaken. I have much more to give. I have more in the tank. I'm not done, I'm just getting started. If you thought you had the fight of your life at BPZ Mania well trust me. It's about to get a whole lot worse for you. War Games is no joke. Don't you ever treat us like a joke. Don't you treat this match like a joke. We are the real deal. We are the big freaking ballers and when you combine the third piece, you create the single most dominant unit this company will ever see. We are B B FREAKING B. Brenden grabs the microphone and shoves it straight to the chest of Sameer and he gets on the top rope to pose as the crowd cheers
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    Aaron North

    Welcome To My World Bitch

    {Carnage comes back from commercial break hyping the upcoming War Games match at World At War, the titantron starts playing the music of Aaron North, but North doesn't come out to the ring and, instead the cameras cut to a street where Aaron is seen smoking a cigarette, he just finishes smoking as the cameraman walks over to him.} "Well look who it is, if it isn't my favorite stalker the BPZ Universe... well now that you're here i might as well tell you something i hope it suprises you as much as it suprised me. I think i'm actually gonna get my shot at the US title at Backlash, but also to go along with that i'm gonna be in the ladder match to crown the first ever BPZ North American Champion" {The crowd cheers wildly and starts chanting "Double Champion, Aaron North, Double Champion, Aaron North, Double Champion, Aaron North."} "Looks like i was right once again you were as suprised as i was, but for a different reason. You see i didn't expect management to give me these great opportunities, because let's face it they suck, but i can see why they did it, because there's no one perfect in that match there's just Buddy Ace, Arius, Bulldozer, Hans, Birdman, Kenji and some guy called Yelich, they should just give me the belt now since it's pretty obvious i'm gonna win it anyway, because i'm perfect." {North starts walking and explains something to the camera.} "I know these streets very well, i remember i used to have a gang when i still lived here, and trust me i know every damn corner and every place and every way you can suprise someone, but that's not all i also remember how i used to spend my time around here apart from wrestling." {North turns around a corner and walks up to an abandoned building, he goes inside the building and finds a piano. He starts playing Hella's Kitchen by Lordi on the piano.} "This is what i used to do when i got bored and there was no one looking to hire me for independent shows. I know you're all wondering if i there's a certain point as to why i showed you this, and yes there is a point. You see this Arius also plays the piano and so do i and we're both very talented and obviously i'm a little better than him which is why i wish to challenge him to "The Piano Contest of Darkness". So Arius what do you say? {The cameras fade to black as Aaron North keeps playing the piano}
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    BPZ 2K19

    BPZ 2K19 Rising Stars DLC ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ This year's DLC will feature some of the brightest future superstars in BPZ as we are proud to announce the Rising Stars DLC pack. 4 of the future will be apart of this pack, so lets break down those 4 superstars. first up we got the current NXT champion Hans Clayton who has all the momentum in the world. With his high flying style, and his breath taking maneuvers, the "extraordinary one" will sure make an impact in the virtual world. Next we got Alex Costa, a former NXT champion. The "technical wizard" will make you remember his name and will hit the devastating Destino on your opponent for the 1,2,3. One of the best puro wrestlers on the planet, KENJI will be apart of the rising stars DLC. The Sendai Supernova is someone the fans will love to play as. Lastly we got Cody Cage. A technically sounded wrestler who has all tools to be the man in BPZ and you can play as him in the Rising Stars DLC. Make sure you pre-order BPZ 2K19 Today! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
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    Bart looks at both Sheridan and Jon has a smirk shows on his face. He takes in the situation, takes a quick look at his title, before answering to Jon. Jon, I like you. I like what the new you stands for, and I love how you wanted to help me out against the Blacklist. Sure, I wouldn't mind you taking a look at my matches, not that I would ever need your help but someone who I could asks for helps against groups won't hurt. However, about taking my title Jon. I get it, you won a match and that's great. You must feel dominant, strong, unstoppable. That's great, but let's not forget. While you are a new person, I am still the same person that defeated you a countless amount of times. That talent is still here Jon. As much as you may want to think that you have a shot against me, let me do my first favour to you as a partner, you don't. The illusion that you suffered from a year ago may not have gone away, but the reality of that situation hasn't either. I don't need you to understand that, you have never been able to. I just wanted to have said it, as I am not a fan of lies. In a couple of months, you will look back at this moment and realise that I told you it from the start, but let's not ruin your good spirit today. With the smile still on his face, Bart extends his hand to Jon, who shakes it in response. Two wrestlers with very different opinions have agreed to work together as the screen transitions into a hype package for the next match.
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    Oh, The Places I'll Go!

    Carnage returns from commercial break when something is spoken over the loudspeaker. Loudspeaker: Everybody, please rise and put your hand over your hear for the playing of the Canadian National Anthem. Yel- I'm sorry, Peter Wilchester walks out with the Canadian Flag over his shoulder and a book in his hand. Peter is getting booed almost out of the arena but, Peter won't leave sadly, but he doesn't let that unfaze him. Peter instead just walks into the ring where there is a stool set up, places his book on it which we can now read says "Oh, The Places I'll Go! by Dr. Seuss" Oh no this isn't gonna end well is it? Peter waves around his Canadian flag before leaning it in the corner and asking for a microphone which he receives. He then grabs his book and sits down on the stool. Hi everybody, today I have a book for you all. Now I know you people aren't very good at reading so I'm going to read it to you aloud. It'll even be on the titantron for all you to read along for those extra challenged. Now today I'll be reading "Oh, The Places I'll Go!" by Dr. Seuss. This was an unreleased version of "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" that he wrote specifically from my point of view. Oh wasn't that so nice of him? Finally an American showing kindness to a Canadian, no one knew it could happen, but here we are. Too bad it only happens once in a century apparently. But I digress even though you people probably don't know what that word means, let's begin. I'm pretty sure Dr. Seuss didn't write this since he died in 1991, before Yelich or better yet, his alternate personality Peter Wilchester was born. But we'll see where this goes. Peter opens the book and begins reading. Congratulations! Tomorrow's My Day! I'm off to great places! I'm off and away! I have brains in my head, I have feet in my shoes. I can steer myself wherever I choose! I'm on my own, and NXT Champ I've been 2, And I am the guy that'll decide what I'll do! I'll look at the cities, look at them with care. Most I will say "I don't want to go there." With my brains in my head and my shoes on my feet, I'm too smart to go to any not-so-good city like Baltimore! The fans in the Royal Farms Arena boo loudly, Peter continues once they simmer down a bit. I may not find any in America or Mexico I want to go down, In that case, of course I'll head straight back to Canada! The Baltimore audience starts chanting "THAT DOESN'T RHYME!" OH SHUT UP AND LET ME CONTINUE! The audience just starts chanting it louder until Peter has to cut them off with an ear-piercing shout continuing his story that is very much not like Dr. Seuss' "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" IT'S BETTER THERE WITH THE NON-POLLUTED AIR! Out there things can be great, and they frequently are. And there's people as amazing as your one and only "Canadian Destroyer." And then things will start to happen. I won't worry nor stew. I'll just go right along and start happening too as your new BPZ North American Champion! The audience boos this proclamation as Peter/Yelich is probably the last person they want to see become the first ever North American Champion. OH! THE PLACES I'LL GO! I'll be on my way up, climbing that ladder with ease! I'll become one of the greats, just like I should be! I won't lag behind because I have the speed! I'll climb faster than everyone else, and I'll take the lead! In any match I'm in, I'm the best of the best! In BPZ I'm better than all the rest! Everyone else will feel so confused at their loss But they'll keep trying and trying because of "encouragement" from their boss But he just wants money so he can buy necklaces for his fiance, upon thee he'll grace While the wrestlers sadly are forgotten and head towards a very bad place The Waiting Place... ...for people just waiting. Waiting for a push to come or their bad luck to go, or a friend to come or the waiting around for a Yes or No or someone is just waiting for their car to get towed. People are just waiting. NO! NOT I ANY LONGER! I'll finally escape after all that waiting and staying I'll go back to the great places, where the Calgary Flames are playing! With my Canadian flag flip-flapping Once more I'll ride high! Ready for anything under the sky because I am just that kind of guy! Oh, the places I'll go! There is fun to be done! There are American dreams to be squandered. There are matches to be won. And the high amounts of people with that belt I will draw will make me the winning-est winner of all. Fame! I'll be as famous as famous as they come, with the whole wide world watching me win on TV, probably beating up some American scum! The crowd boo again, very loudly. And at World At War, once I win you will jeer You all will boo, but in Canada they'll cheer And I know I will succeed because it is 100% guaranteed! No one will stop me, it can't be done! Because Peter Wilchester is destined to become the inaugural North American Champion! Peter closes the book. Dr. Seuss was a prophet wasn't he, he knew what I'd become and he couldn't be more right. Finally, some American with knowledge! The crowd boos again. Oh shut up! I'm going to be the first ever North American Champion and you all know it, hell even Dr. Seuss did before he croaked. Now, play that sweet sweet anthem! Peter grabs his Canadian flag from the corner as everyone in the Royal Farms Arena jeer and boo. Peter is unfazed by this as he leaves the microphone on the stool in the ring and walks towards the back with his book and flag in hand, fully prepared to go to war at World At War and become the inaugural North American Champion when Carnage returns to another commercial break.
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    Dealing With The Blacklist

    Jonathan steps forward, a microphone to his lips as he opens his mouth to speak before the earth-shaking boos roll in. Chants of “You Should Die” and “Not An Ace” form as the fans attempt to stifle the partner of Bart, who looks out towards his former admirers with a goofy grin on his face, celebrating in the midst of their hatred, he taps the microphone twice before cutting through the jeers, voice raised. “I suppose I’m supposed to be shocked by the words the pair of you uttered. It’d be off character for me to not be offended by the comments you made, I’m supposed to be internally turned inside out right? The funny thing is as I listened to the words you both spoke, I felt an enormous sense of pride. You see, you both know exactly who I am. I’m done pretending that I’m some sort of an enigma, with prophecies meant to startle. I’m exactly who you think I am.” “I’m the man who strikes when opportune, seeing that iron start to sizzle is my cue, I latch onto hot buttons for my purposes and when I’m done, I toss it aside and show my own grandeur. I’m a master at reading the shifts that this company endures and adapting myself to fit the mold. If you wanna say it, I’m a goddamn leach, my dear FD...” Jonathan pauses, halting to stroke his chin as if he was deep in thought. After a matter of moments, he stops rubbing his chin and looks at the hand he rubbed it with, the hand with had his Hall of Fame ring clasped around it and smirks at the sight before placing it in the hard camera’s forefront. “And all that, being the ultimate opportunist got me exactly where I said I would, you pathetic loser. Sentimentality isn’t doing you a single favor. You wanted Ruin to be something great? You wanted me, “your brother” to help make Ruin the greatest team to grace the BPZ ring? You make me sick, attempting to arouse pity from the very person you proclaim a leach. Pouring your heart out in an attempt to what? Sway the fans in your favor, you are made for them, nobody else enjoys wallowing in their self-pity as much as the two of you. You flatter yourself by thinking that you were such a hot commodity that I wanted to attach myself to you when it was Necce who was running this industry. Do you think that if I wanted to be the man in the spotlight, I’d attach myself the tag team openers with you and not this company’s megastar? I was there because I had no choice in the matter, the power that gives me instructions and I couldn’t wait to throw away the belt on my shoulder and rid myself of you. Because at the end of the day, leaches always look out for #1...” Jonathan drops his hand, his smirk has vanished as he furrows his brow whilst staring at the camera. He waits a beat before continuing, though you can see the venom brewing in him as he spits out his words. “And surprising as this may be Echo, you defeated me when I decided to not fight for myself. It was an oversight on my part, thinking that heroes prosper and handicapping myself in hopes of finding myself in the hopes of those miserable fans out there. Yet somehow, I managed to continue to demand the star-studded matches and be granted them. The ones running the show share the same truth that I do, I'm a goddamn superstar and am treated as such. They watched me come a three count short of being world champion time after time and kept giving me opportunities to do so. They understood something that I have just found, that Bart has just found. I was one realization away from being back to the best this industry offered... I’m exactly what I said I was, the best, just too naive to realize that fact. Try as you wish to end my career, humiliate me once again if you wish, try to kill me, I believe you’ll find that hard to do because—“ The smirk returns to Jonathan’s face as he brings back his hand, signaling for a mocking rendition of his favorite phrase as boos rain in from every nook and cranny of the arena, all focused on the Hall of Famer, with his partner in two days time standing right beside him. “Aces. Never. Die.”
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    The energy from BPZMania IV is still high in the building as World at War is just around the corner and BPZ is at possible its highest point it's ever been. With teams such as Echo Wilson and FD, Julius and Ropati, and with NXT stars such as Hans Clayton running things below. BPZ is on fire, and in the Carnage arena, its a similar feel as the light beginning to "Royalty" by Yung Dolph begins to play and the lights go to rose gold color. For the second time since winning the title, BiC steps out on stage with the championship in his hand. He walks out wearing black joggers and a skin-tight BICMania shirt, he walks down the ramp and walks up the steps, standing on the corner and spreading his arms out, letting the entire world bask in his glory. BiC lifts his legs and sits down on the corner facing the ring, he looks into the hard came before being handed a microphone and looking around at the crowd, he rests his title on his shoulder and begins to speak, his voice sounding confident War. It's a word people use to tell a story often because it's such an expandable and dangerous word, but here in BPZ. War is used, almost jokingly. Because on April 12th, I walk into the Captial One arena in Washington D.C and take on a man I already pinned, a man I already hit with the No Regret and eliminated, and 10 minutes after I did that I won this very title. And if you think that I will not plant Prince into the mat again, you're dead wrong. I said it leading up to BPZMania and I am going to say it the weeks after and any other time Prince attempts to cross paths with me, Prince is horrible, he is garbage, he is pathetic. I have not found one quality about Prince that I like and that works for both inside this ring and backstage, and I'm not even sure if Prince will come out here and try to defend himself because that is how lazy he is. While I am out here, week in and week out, staying after at the training center in order to look as perfect as I do, Prince is practicing becoming a rapper like a loser he is. That's exactly what Prince is, a loser. He is yet another horrible star who is caught up in his own inflated ego, but when it comes to World At War in 6 days, when I have the privilege of stomping the teeth down the throat of Prince, I will make it quick. They say war never ends, that it is always continuing and will always be here. But when Prince attempts to defeat me, the war will end, and it will be a very rough, and abrupt ending for "The Drifter" BiC drops down off of the top rope, resetting his championship before going to speak again, finalizing his words. In case you're in the nose bleeds and can't see, this title on my shoulder is the Intercontinental Championship. I defeated Bart, Prince, and FDS at BPZMania IV and walked out a champion, this title just proves the one thing I have told you since 2016 when I walked into this company, B. I. C isn't just a name, it stands for what I am. Best. In. Class. Recognize.
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    Following a commercial break, the titantron begins to flick uncontrollable before ending on a still black image. Nothing changes as the seconds begin to drag before the pitch darkness is illuminated, though dimly. More light is produced to where a familiar image can be made out. We see a throne synonymous with the criminally insane BPZ Superstar, FDS. But the hand gripping the arm is not FDS, rather the man formerly referred to as "Johnny Kills", BPZ's own "Ace", Jonathan. "You stole something from me." The accusation is spat from the lips of Jonathan, each of the five words enunciated with pure disgust and hatred. Jonathan rises, quickly adjusting the camera's position to reveal his face, a snarl on his lips. He finishes fidgeting with the camera and strides back towards the throne where he takes his seat once more. "This was never about Bart, nor is it about the petty feud that you all find yourself entangled in, every other fact that allowed this match to be possible is insignificant, there's vengeance to be had." "You see Echo and FD, I never forgot the events which transpired mere months ago, the humiliation I've been forced to endure because of YOU. You both lending yourselves to the creation of the supposed ego-driven "monster" in front of you today. You both took away my sanity, made me a husk of myself for months on end as I feel more and more into a paradigm of self-deprecation and doubt, doubt which caused me to feel as though I owed a debt to these 'fans' who given me nothing of value. My sanity was trampled in order for the progression of your careers, an act which is perceived as the norm in this business. I hope you didn't forget... because I never do." "FD, you brought me into Ruin as your slave. You saught to act like my knight in shining armor. You bring me in and throw a championship on my shoulder and make me complacent and supple, that I would eat out of your hands and never seek to boost my own legacy, but yours instead. You almost succeeded, but the one moment where I realized this was all a game to you, I discovered your plan. But the damage you'd done was far worse, it led me back to the "fans" of me." "My confidence should've been high, but losing that tag team belt led me to feel I needed to prove myself to somebody, and those people behind the barricade were who were in front of me. I HAD to show them that I still had it, that I was still capable of being World Champion, Carnage Champion, Evolve Champion. But I couldn't get past that "Kingdom". Bart's Kingdom... Echo's Kingdom. You see Echo, I can't rest until I drive your head through the mat. That loss transformed me into something I wasn't, a man who doesn't require vindication from any individual, a man who knows exactly who he is... and a man who'll do anything for a spinkle of revenge. You'll find out all about that soon enough."
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    Swimming with Sharks

    We return from commercial break to a backstage segment where a conference table has been set up with multiple microphones emblazoned with the logos and colours of various networks and news channels positioned in the centre. The reporters are awaiting the appearance of their subject eagerly, pens in hand like gunslingers in the old west. More intriguingly, behind the table is a large backdrop, and instead of the usual Pepsi sponsor logos, it is one of BPZ Powertrip: World at War. Ladders are positioned like steel skyscrapers behind eight of BPZ's very best competitors posed either side of BPZ'a newest accolade, the North American Championship. After a few moments, the flashes and noise of the room raises as KENJI walks out from behind the curtain. He smile is genuine, if not a little steely and serious compared to his usual self. Before he takes his seat, he slowly strolls across the backdrop, inspecting each and every opponent intently, spending a few extra moments looking at his own graphic. He does this for a while, almost blocking out the the rain of chaotic questions being thrown at him. He waves half-heartedly and poses politely for the photo opportunities before sitting down. "Alright, let's cut to the chase and get right to it, first question....yes, you in the front". "With all that is going on right now, it appears that a number of the NXT Division are targeting you, what are your thoughts on Cody Cage's request? And Amai's unusual comments that were seemingly directed at you?" "Well, in part I am grateful for the attention, better than being forgotten in my opinion. Cody Cage is a unique case, one of the only members of the roster that didn't point the crosshairs at me when I debuted here. I'd like to think of him as an ally, However, his request came with an unexpected caveat, Alex Costa. The now former NXT Champion has come back, and while I respect his ring work, his attitude, not so much. I'll put it this way, if Cage agrees to join Costa, then I must decline his request". KENJI pauses and laughs for a moment under his breath "Oh, and Amai. It's quite funny, I don't have to resort to this..." KENJI makes a gun shape with his fingers, and pulls the trigger a few times ".....to get my point across. He says that we'll never see that face again, when he couldn't keep a face for more than a week anyway. Next question". A cautious reporter raises her hand, a confused and wary look on her face. She takes a few seconds to answer, her eyes betraying that she was changing her original question "...Um, you seem to be of a different mindset today than before BPZ Mania...w-why is that?" KENJI blinks and leans back in his chair slightly, taken aback by the question. Perhaps he didn't even know that he was different today "I....I suppose you're right, I wouldn't have spoken like that before BPZ Mania....That loss was....educating, it showed me a great deal, and it was a tough pill to swallow. I only realised after the fact that Aaron North's mindgames had done their damage. I was so focused on him, the wrong person. Both he and Hans got the better of me on that fateful night, and that's on me. That's why I'm...not quite myself today, Ma'am, sorry". "....You were handpicked to compete for the Inaugural North American Championship, how do you feel about your competition? Do you have any reservations or doubts?" KENJI's voice is now more subdued and quieter than normal, answering almost immediately, running his fingers through his hair "Doubts, wow, yes I have a lot of them. As I mentioned, Aaron pushed exactly the right buttons for me to falter, and has a Hall of Famer at his back. Hans is the reigning NXT Champion. Bulldozer and Birdman are aligned, that is a problem for the rest in the match. Buddy Ace is a former NXT Champion, Arius is the reigning United States Champion, and Yelich was the first ever Global Champion...." "And then there is me.....what do I have? A few battle royal eliminations?'..." KENJI chuckles, almost choking on his breath "What do I have compared to them?....I'm swimming with the sharks here....First ever....that only happens once, this is a career defining moment in my journey. I want my name to be etched in the records of history, for the name "KENJI" to become synonymous with the North American Championship, and the one true way of achieving that, is to be the Inaugural. One wrong step, and that is gone forever". KENJI pauses in deep reflection. The Silence would usually be filled with a barrage of more questions, but it lingers, waiting for him to speak. To the surprise of the reporters, KENJI leans forward right into the microphones, his voice is firm and assertive as he looks them all directly in the eyes. He points to each opponent on the backdrop at the mention of their names "i don't just want to win this match, I need it. I outdo any of them on both counts. They may have the championships, the advantages, the numbers, the experience...but they don't have my fire, and they never will". "Aaron North, you're going to make the same mistake I did at BPZ Mania, you're focus is so clouded and fixated on another title and it will be your undoing. Same for you, Buddy Ace, you've had your chance in the spotlight, and your divided efforts to regain your glory days will cost you everything. Hans, you bested me once, but never again. Your championship burdens will also be your downfall. Arius, you're an enigma, but you too are hampered with a title, the same as Hans, that weight will drag you down further into the depths. Bulldozer and Birdman, in the chaos and pressure of the match, you will come to blows, and destroy each other's chances of success. And Yelich, you've already had your success and too busy shouting about flags to care". "I am the only one truly dedicated to this match. This is when the Supernova burns brightest, against the sharks, against the adversity. I am the only one who has learnt from my mistakes, that evolution, that drive will lead me to the North American Championship. Knock me down all you want, bludgeon and batter me with ladders, that still won't be enough to stop me, not this time. The stakes are too high for me to fail". "This company will have a new face to show the world when the War is over, he will be defiant, he will be unnerving in the face of overwhelming odds, and he will represent the very core of what BPZ is". "He will be the Burning Heart of BPZ, the Inaugural North American Champion, and his name will be KENJI. Any questions?" The reporters are sat there in stunned silence, their pens as still as a calm pond. KENJI simply stands and walks back through the curtain as the segment ends
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    BPZ Power Rankings

    BPZ POWER RANKINGS: First, let's explain this topic. This topic is a way for people to get an idea of how well they have been doing and where they stand on the Kayfabe ladder. This will be featuring two lists, one for the North American Championship and one for the Undisputed Championship. These lists will based on how hot a wrestler is in kayfabe. You get hot or cold based upon wins/losses and the quality of your work. These are made by those in charge of Kayfabe and will be updated monthly. APRIL 2019 NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP POWER RANKINGS: Currenlty, we are only in the beginning stages of the title meaning that we can't really pin point a clear number one contender yet. However, we do know that there is 8 names that are going to be involved in the inaugural North American Championship match. Hans Clayton, Aaron North, Arius, Buddy Ace, Birdman, Bulldozer, Yelich and Kenji will be competing to be the first ever champion. Starting next month, a top 5 list will be essembled for this title. Undisputed Championship Power Rankings: In this list we will detail who we think could be a big challenger to the Undisputed Champion. Currently held by Bart, who could bring in trouble if they were to face off? 10. Hans Clayton Hans has been fantastic ever since joining BPZ, proving his worth at the biggest stage of them all, BPZMania. While Hans is still a newcomer, he has shown no flaws of that to this date and shouldn't be overlooked if given a chance. Currently however, his sight will be aimed at the North American Championship so this shot may not lay in the immediate future. 9. The Marker You are going to be a threat if you manage to win the Premium Title at BPZMania. Looking in possibly his best form till date, Marker has been impressive as of late. Since the Frontier split, Marker singles run didn't get off to an hot start, but now, it's beginnig to catch fire. 8. Hollow While Hollow didn't win at BPZMania, he showed that he was ready to compete with the best of them as clear as anyone else on the card. Competing and coming close to victory on mulitiple occasions is a sight to be proud of, and shows that Hollow might have arrived in the peak of his career. If he comes out of the unsanctioned zone alive, we can't think of the carnage that he could bring in to the Undisputed Title scene. 7. Arius Arius had another consitent month, which means, he beat anyone in his way. Cruising to a smooth title defense must have Arius looking for more, and what better way to get more than capturing the Undisputed Title. 6. BIC BiC is back. While for a while it seemed like Bic never could find the old fire that led him to his KOTR victory, now may be the time where Bic rises back to the top guy level in the BPZ. Ending the 200+ day title reign of Bart at the biggest show is as impressive of a showing as you can think of and promises a lasting impact from Bic on the BPZ landscape, landing him the number 6 spot. 5. The Big Ballers (Sameer & Brenden) While their 4 month reign ended at BPZMania, the Big Ballers showed that they are more than capable of competing with the best of the best in the BPZ. They gave the Saviors a fight that no one could have imagined from two performers who were written off as "washed up". And if that wasn't enough, Sameer also won the Money In The Bank Briefcase, giving him a free world title shot whenever he pleases. The Big Ballers are still here, and better than ever. 4. Flynn First off, Flynn is Flynn. A 5 time World Champion, a 2 time Universal Champion, the accolades alone prove his spot on this list. But there is more than that. Competing in an amazing Mania Main Event match, Flynn once again proved his spot as one of the greatest that the BPZ had ever seen. With the Unification of the belts, there is a new belt that Flynn hasn't won. It would be foolish to think that Flynn's sight won't be turning towards this title once he is done with Bailey. 3. The Saviors Defeating the owner of the company and MR MITB really says it all already. The Saviors are dominant, and if you look at the two counter parts of this team, this sounds very logical. You have Ropati, the ironman of the 2019 Royal Rumble and then you have Julius, one of the most dominant forces the BPZ has ever seen. I think these two will make a part of this list for a veyr long time. 2. Bailey Winning the World Championship in the Main Event of BPZMania to make it 6 World Title Reigns? You really need an explainaiton for this? No you don't, Bailey is improving his legacy every day. Winning the Royal Rumble and his 6th World Championship cements his spot as one of the greatest the BPZ has ever seen. However, it doesn't seem like Bailey will be challenging for the Undisputed Championship any time soon, as he is busy with being the World Champion of the company and the Saviors. 1. Echo Wilson The Number One Contender. The arch rival of the Undisputed Champion. Echo tops this months lists for the obvious reasons. We know that at some point, Echo Wilson will once again compete for the Undisputed Championship. With a talent like Echo, he could always end up with the Undisputed Champion in his grasp. With his new rage of anger following his loss at BPZMania IV, it's sure that he is an even bigger threat to our champion now than he was ever before.
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    BPZ Mania IV continues after a commercial break and the NXT Open Battle Royal is about to start. First man makes his entrance and it's James Hunter he's followed by Amai, Resin, Nathan Sawyer, Mave Deltzer, Bulldozer, Brett Storm and Wall Ace. After they enter Heyman Guy walks to the ring and he's looking ready to cut a promo but not wrestle a match. Arrow Dream enters next. After Arrow is in the ring Akki enters with Cody Cage and he raps their entrance theme. After them Sheridan enters and Heyman Guy turns his look to the entrance ramp. Heyman Guy looks astonished when Sheridan walks down the ramp. After Sheridan enters "The Demon of BPZ" makes his grand entrance on the biggest stage of them all. After Maasa's in the ring Buddy Ace enters. After he enters the ring Jack Bishop runs quickly to the ring. Hans enters after Jack Bishop has entered, Jack Bishop stares at Hans as he enters. Kenji enters next with, red and gold confetti falling down as Kenji walks down the entrance ramp. After that a car horn sound echoes throughout the arena. It's Aaron North driven to the ring by his valet Maria Menounos, they enter in a low rider both of them exit the car and leave it in front of the ring. After everyone else has entered the NXT Champion Alex Costa enters with the NXT Championship around his waist, he doesn't look very happy. Everyone is finally in the ring, the bell rings but before the match can begin Heyman Guy takes a microphone out of his pants and starts cutting a promo. "Finally i get to be in the match that i deserve, finally i get to be in royal rumble, next sunday at the Royal Rumble PPV i will win the royal rumble." The rest of the wrestlers in the ring just stare at Heyman Guy who's looking at the hard camera. Heyman Guy finally turns around before everyone pick him up and throw him out of the ring. Heyman Guy has been eliminated. After that everyone start brawling and the second man to be thrown out is Nathan Sawyer and he is eliminated by Kenji. Nathan Sawyer has been eliminated. The camera zooms to Brett Storm kicking Arrow Dream in the upper right corner of the ring. Arrow is saved by Amai and they eliminate Brett Storm, but then both of them are clotheslined out by Cody Cage & Akki. Amai, Arrow Dream and Brett Storm, have been eliminated. Cody Cage and Akki start fighting and Cody Cage gets the upperhand and he throws Akki over the top rope on the apron. Cody superkicks Akki and Akki falls off the apron and onto the floor. Akki has been eliminated. Mave Deltzer is fighting with Maasa and Mave gets the upperhand. Mave tries to eliminate Maasa but he gets pulled over the top rope instead. Mave Deltzer has been eliminated. James Hunter climbs up to the top rope and it looks like he's gonna go for an elbow drop but before he can do that he gets drop kicked by Jack Bishop and he falls on to the floor. James Hunter has been eliminated. Everyone else is fighting but Alex Costa is standing in the middle of the ring. He turns to look at the camera then he flips the bird and jumps over the top rope. Alex Costa has been eliminated Sheridan is trying to stay away from all the action but she is seen by Jack Bishop and Wall Ace. Sheridan is gently lifted up by Wall Ace and gently dropped on the apron. But when she stands on the apron she kisses Wall Ace and drags him out. Wall Ace has been eliminated. Resin is trying to eliminate Bulldozer but Maasa and Kenji sneak up behind Resin and eliminate Resin and Bulldozer. Resin & Bulldozer have been eliminated. Aaron North and Buddy Ace are trying to take each other down and Aaron North gets the upperhand after an uppercut to the jaw. North picks up Buddy Ace and suplexes him out of the ring. Buddy Ace has been eliminated. Sheridan tries to eliminate Aaron with a clothesline but she's lifted out by Aaron North and she's caught by Buddy Ace. Sheridan has been eliminated. We are down to 6 people: Cody Cage, Maasa, Jack Bishop, Kenji, Aaron North and Hans. All 6 men start brawling in the middle of the ring. Cody Cage is out first as he gets eliminated by Jack Bishop after a V-Trigger. Cody Cage has been eliminated. Maasa goes after Kenji as Jack Bishop and Hans go after Aaron North. Maasa throws Kenji on to the apron Maasa tries to punch Kenji but Kenji dodges and locks in a hanging arm breaker over the ropes. He pulls Maasa out of the ring with his legs and Maasa lands on the floor. Maasa has been eliminated. Kenji quickly rushes to the aid of Aaron North and they fight off Jack & Hans Jack, Hans, Aaron & Kenji have an intense stare down. Aaron starts fighting with Jack and Kenji with Hans. North hits Jack Bishop with a spinebuster and a double knee facebreaker. Jack Bishop is too exhausted to continue and North throws Jack Bishop out. Jack Bishop has been eliminated. Kenji is on the apron and he tries to eliminate Hans with a german suplex, Hans fights out of it and hits Kenji with an enzuigiri after that Hans eliminates Kenji with a pele kick. Kenji has been eliminated. Two men remain, Hans and Aaron North. Hans and North have an intense staredown. Then the two start brawling and they have a long exchange of strikes before Hans gets the upperhand. Hans hits North with a fireman's carry back breaker and throws Aaron to the corner. North is down and in the middle of the ring, Hans climbs up the top rope and gets ready to hit North with the spiral tap. He hits it but both men are down and out. Hans gets up first and he tries to throw North out but both men are very exhausted and they both just fall on the canvas. North and Hans get up they both look ready for a fight, they start exchanging punches very slowly and Hans eventually gets the upper hand and he lifts up North. He almost runs into the ref because he's so exhausted. He throws North over the top rope and wins the match. "Here is your winner and new NXT Champion, Hans Clayton." The ref lifts Hans' hand in the air and puts the belt around his waist. Red and gold confetti fall down and Hans celebrates.
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    Angelo Caito

    Planting The Seeds Volume II

    “2015 should of been my year!” {That screams through the PA System, causing the entire Mania crowd to go hush. Then the titantron goes to a blank screen, but the audio of a door slowly opening, it creaking slowly plays over the crowd before loud footsteps walking is now heard. The titantron slowly fades into a picture of a bedroom, with Angelo Caito standing inside of it. He slowly sits on the bed, the spring making a loud cranking noise. He runs his finger against the mattress before looking at the camera that follows him.} “I was taken in early into my career, to be apart of greatness, because that's what I was with that United States Championship that been irrelevant since because of lack of attention, or favorites of people. I was on the mountain top like I deserved to be, and no one succeeds often, because the same man who kicked me out of that group LOST his title the same night I won my first Intercontinental Championship. Why? Because he picked his favorite boy to join with, only to be turned on by him a few months later. Favoritism then lead to this moment. This has been boiling for YEARS now, and who cares about it right? Who cares about what a “Jobber” like myself who only has a total of eight Championship reigns overall in his career. Speaking of that, how many lasted over a month? None, and except two we're justified. BPZMania III, I was SCREWED of the Premium Championship, all because Echo Wilson kissed all the ass needed to the “top guys” to get this opportunity. And I was SCREWED at King Of The Ring, because Sameer never deserved the Intercontinental Championship to begin with, but gets it for being buddy buddy with the owner of the company, only to drop it to the next kiss ass in line. And don't get me started with the World Heavyweight Championship, because we'll be here for years talking about it. But at last, today is the day. BPZMania IV, the day where the undeserving wins again. The day where old part timers steal the spotlight again from people. Another chance to watch the same old faces hold the same old title. Rinse and fu***** repeat, am I right? ]Angelo shakes his head as he then lays on the bed, relaxing himself.} “I find it incredibly funny that this Mania is being called the Greatest Mania ever, despite it not ending. Lies, this is the most boring Mania ever and it's because of how things will work. Bailey will put himself back as Champion. Brenden will make sure that him and Sameer retain. Hell, might even give Sameer that extra push in that Money In The Bank match. Give me a break. This company is worse than the NFL, and they are crooked like a motherfu****. God I'm tired of speaking of this hell hole, go. Come back later and we'll continue.” {The cameraman turns to leave, Angelo starts whistling, almost matching a old cowboy whistle, stopping the camerman in his tracks as the camera fades to black.}
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    For months now my sole focus of re-entering the tag team division was to make it to BPZ Mania. When Sameer and I formed the Big Ballers, we honestly expected to drop out of the tag team tournament first round and move on in our separate ways. But little did we know, we would find a chemistry that I believe no other team has had in this division. We have worked incredibly well together to beat some tremendous teams to get into the position we are now. I can stand in this ring right now and proudly shout "We Made It!" The biggest event of the year is almost here and I'm competing on the big stage finally in a championship match. This is everything I could've asked for and more. I never knew how much I truly wanted this until the last few months. The journey we have had, the path we took was an arduous one. It was full of twists and turns but we can proudly say that we have made it to the big dance. But, originally, I'll admit. It was all about making it here. It was never a beyond BPZ Mania. Because I felt as though it would be naive of me to try and plan beyond. I needed to focus on the opponent in front of me before believing we can survive beyond them. But here we are. One more step away from achieving our goal. To fulfilling our dreams and becoming a dynasty in the tag team division. But some say all good things must come to an end. But why does it have to end here for us? The last few weeks Sameer and I have realized that while our journey was to make it BPZ Mania. Our journey doesn't have to stop here. I know we have our critics. I know our opponents believe we're just here to get a payday and to take the "spot" of another team. But I truly believe The Big Ballers have proven that we belong. We belong in this division and we have earned our place here. If we can successfully defeat Julius and Ropati, I believe we can continue our journey for many more months to come. There is no reason for us to stop now. We have come this far and I want to keep this ride going for as long as possible. I have loved every minute spent in the ring with Sameer and I believe we have become a great team. The division that was once on it's last breath, now is shining brighter than ever. I like to think we played a strong part in that. Julius and Ropati is our toughest challenge to date. But, we have beaten them before and we can do it again. BPZ Mania will be our night. The journey isn't over, it's just beginning.
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    {As Brenden finishes what he has to say "Gallantry" blasts throughout the Carnage Arena as Julius steps out in-front of the crowd in attendance tonight. He confidently struts down the ramp keeping a firm gaze on one half of his opponents at BPZMania as he enters the ring} You know what Brenden, I see it now. With only a week to go until this so called "War" you declared on Ropati and I, you're standing out here talking about how you've made it, how you're finally going to have your Mania moment, how you have loved spending time with Sameer on your route to getting here. But what I don't understand is that just one week ago you came out here with aggression I have never seen before and it impressed me. Last week you made me respect you, but now that's all changed. You seem to think that this is some sort of fairytale with your happy ending being a Tag-Team Championship retention at BPZ Mania when in reality it's not. You called me out last week on having a partner who was too weak, not good enough to have his chance in the spotlight but he damn right proved you and everyone else wrong and he's going to continue doing that until those titles are firmly around our waists The fact you're out here celebrating how you've made it makes me sick, this business isn't about happiness it's about hard-work, determination and the drive you have to make it all the way to the top. That's why I have done things in this company no one else has ever been able to do. Ropati and I don't come out here proclaiming that we've made it, stating that we are happy to be here like you and Sameer are. No, we don't care who we face because at the end of the day you're just another victim and an object preventing us from obtaining what we really want. This isn't about the journey, and the moment of happiness it's about making a statement, making everyone fear the monster you really are and that's what Ropati and I WILL do in Atlanta Georgia this weekend I wanted the aggression, I wanted the fire, I wanted to see brutality the monster behind the boss, not some softy who's happy to be here. I know that anger is hidden within you and I'm going to bring it out, I'm not going to stop tormenting you until you GIVE ME WHAT I WANT, GIVE ME WHAT I WANT BRENDEN. Give the fire give me the aggression because if you don't bring that and a hell of a lot more you going to become victimised, decimated and broken at BPZ Mania. This dream, this facade that you have planted in yours and everyone else's minds is all FAKE. Your dream will turn into nothing but a hellish nightmare. You don't know what you're up against, we aren't those happy go lucky punks you faced in December and once that bell rings and we're standing over your fallen bodies you're going to wonder where the hell it all went wrong. You asked the question of us, asked if we were ready and I know we are. But looking at what you came out here to accomplish I don't think you stand a chance this Sunday at BPZ Mania {Julius has one last stare down with Brenden before exiting the ring and heading to the back. Who will walk out the BPZ Tag-Team Champions this Sunday at BPZ Mania IV?}
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    BrendenPlayz is backstage in his office and is mic'd up for a sit down interview, he will address the audience about regaining the tag team titles at War Games I figured tonight was a reasonable time to address the current state of the tag team division after our victory at War Games. But before we get there, I just wanted to talk The Big Ballers and what we've just overcome. I want everyone to know how big of a moment this is for us and how far we have truly come as a team to reach this milestone. Six months ago I sat in this very office, doing my daily paperwork for my regular job here in the company. I had no intention of ever returning to the ring, as far as I was concerned I was done. I had my little run back a few years ago with a few matches under my belt and a tag team title win to show for it. There was no reason to ever step back inside the squared circle, I was all but retired. That was, until I was reading the list of the card for the recent PPV's at the time. I noticed my good friend Sameer was barely featured and if he was, he was being beaten by guys that had half the talent he had. I sat here confused, and I felt like I could do something to fix it. Fast forward some time and the opportunity to enter the tag team division and win the Clapsiracy Tournament spawned and we took it. The Big Ballers was formed and we rose to the top. We did it. A man that I saw as a great friend, you could even say a brother. Was at the time no longer respected, no longer appreciated and no longer feared anymore. I helped motivate him and turn his career back around and here he is today, your Mr. Money In The Bank and once again tag team champion. Sameer has once again become the "Showoff". I couldn't be more proud. We have created special memories together that you can never take away from us, we have built a team chemistry that can never be broken, it is truly a special run that we're currently having. So with that being said, my goal was complete. I wanted to help get Sameer back to the top. We achieved that. I wanted to have my BPZMania moment, I had that. I wanted to bring the tag team division back to relevancy, I helped do that. So now what? War Games was a match I didn't expect to be in, but I am glad I was. I can truly say it was the toughest match of my career. Three of the best in our business took me to my limits and fortunately, we were able to expose the weakness in the team and bring out the real Julius. The Big Ballers are tag team champions again. Just when you thought it was all over, here we are again back with the gold in our hands. But, it seems as though we have nobody to face at Backlash? So we have a number one contender's match. We have some new teams formed, I wish them all the best. I'd like to give them a piece of advice though. No matter what happens, whether you win, lose or draw. Just enjoy the ride. Because you see these past six months have been the highlight of my career. Every day I get to be tag team champion I cherish more than anything else in my career. The journey Sameer and I have has been incredible, I wouldn't change it for anything. Remember the good times, forget about the bad times. Because trust me when I say this. You're going to need to hold onto every single positive memory you have to get through your match with us. Because when you're receiving the beating of your life, that's all you're going to have left. Memories. Because we will rip apart everything you have built with your partner. We will dissect every part of your team and expose every weakness you have. Because no matter how far you two come, no matter what you achieve, it will never be good enough to be on the level of the greatest tag team and your tag team champions... The Big Ballers. BrendenPlayz gives the audience a big smile and a little chuckle as he cleared enjoyed himself during the interview. He shakes the hand of the interviewer and the screen fades to black.
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    {We return back from commercial break, when "Gallantry" blasts throughout the arena signalling the arrival of the self-proclaimed "Death Machine" Julius. He steps out in front of the mass crowd here tonight surprisingly without the aide of Flynn} {Julius walks down the ramp soaking in all the boo's and screams from those seated in the front row. Julius then stops and stares directly into the eyes of a man before slightly smirking and continuing his path towards the ring. As he enters the ring he does his signature pose which once again attracts a chorus of boos before he grabs a microphone waiting for silence to engulf the arena. Instead of saying any words, Julius just points to the titantron as the lights in the arena cut to black} {The tron shows a recap of the brutal War Games match in which the Ballers overcame and survived the onslaught of the Saviours to recapture their BPZ Tag-Team Championships. It then transitions to the aftermath of the match where Julius and Flynn viciously assaulted Ropati causing him to become a bloodied mess. The final image shows the last brutal Claymore kick delivered by Julius before cutting to black. We return back to the ring where Julius slowly applauds the video as the crowd once again rain down with boos} "What you saw in-front of your eyes was the complete decimation and embarrassment of a weak link, a man who couldn't live up to our cause and in retaliation paid for it dearly. See Ropati, I warned you that you will get your judgement after you stabbed me in the back and here it is, and I can now proudly and confidently confirm that you will never ever see Ropati set foot in a BPZ Arena ever again" "But I'm not out here to dwell on the punishment of Ropati, I'm not even out here to address the result during our War Games match at World at War II, I am out here to address my intentions and what the future holds for the Death Machine. As you may know there is a certain Intercontinental Championship that I have my eyes on but unfortunately it's holder isn't worthy of such an honour. BiC you listen to me right now, you are weak you are making that championship look like a joke and it's only right that I save this division liked I have done many times before and become your Intercontinental Champion" "But first you want to bring up My Career? You want to compare the things that I have done to you? Well let me put it this way BiC the things I have done in one single year have already outmatches and surpassed everything that you have done in your whole career. We can look at it like this, you won the KOTR and what did you do with it absolutely nothing, I won KOTR and went on to have the second longest World championship reign in the history of this company and you want to continue comparing your career to mine. You said you want to see the animal, the monster living inside of me, well you're going to get it and you're going to rue the day you ever called me out. You're just another in the list of Victims I have destroyed, you seem to have this false belief that you can come into my ring and kick my teeth down my throat, I admire you confidence BiC but it will all amount to nothing just like many times before you will fail" Well BiC come Backlash when it's just me and you inside the ring fighting for that Intercontinental Championship there will be no more comparison. I'm going to walk in, beat you to a bloodied pulp and walk out Intercontinental Champion. I just hope BiC after this excruciating, devastating loss you don't just take your ball and go home like you have before. Crying to your family for 6 months before you return and do it all again" "See you at Backlash...Champ"
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    We are just a week away from BPZ Backlash and superstars are gearing up for various championship matches, such as Hans defending his NXT Championship, Bailey taking on the new challenger Blade, and more. Its been an amazing go home show on Carnage, and the camera crew brings up to the streets of what appears to be Arizona, and on cracked and broken road sits a red sports car, specifically Miata, on the hood sits the current Intercontinental Champion, BiC, who is wearing a T Shirt and joggers, and has a bandage over his right eye due to the attack from his Backlash opponent, Julius, BiC begins to speak, sitting on the hood of his car. Sneak attacks Julius, I'd expect better. I mean, you were the most dominant, impressive superstar this company has ever seen. But isn't it strange that during this companies lows point, the lowest views in company history, you were on top? Isn't it strange that around that time big guns like Slim, Necce, all stopped showing up, but you capitalized? You walked into King Of The Ring and took the crowd and stomped on it, you really did everything. But I did it first. Everything you have done Julius, these backstage attacks, winning these titles. I did it first, so many others have done it first, and you're not like the others, you're not going to do it better. I can't even sit through one of your promos let alone expect you to carry this company. I'm sitting in the beautiful state of Arizona, in just several days Julius me and you will step into the ring and go to absolute war and I really hope you bring your A game. I want that Animal, I want to get my head kicked off again because Julius you and I both know I will get up, I will come back and I will make your life a living hell. For the first time in my career I am respected, the crowd chants my name, and I'll be damned if I take that away from them. If I give this title I worked so hard for back to some worthless piece of garbage who won't do anything for the division, won't do anything for this company, and will once again give up before the big show. BiC laughs, looking down at the road before shaking his head and looking back at the camera. Julius may have made me bleed, he may have gotten the upper hand over me last week but at Backlash. Its going to be a war, and if you think I am going to give up my championship just like that, please. Please buy the BPZ Neccework and tune in and watch me absolutely kick Julius's teeth down his throat. BiC hops off of the car and adjusts his shirt, looking off at the Arizona skyline before looking at the camera once again, getting more aggressive with his words At BPZ Backlash I am going to retain my Intercontinental Championship. At BPZ Backlash I am going to defeat Julius. At BPZ Backlash, I rebuild my legacy. BiC nods and does a small "Salute' signal and smiles, getting into his car and driving off, the last image before the screen fades away is BiCs car, turning the corner, in just a few days, he takes on Julius at BPZ Backlash and the crowd can't be more hyped
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    "People for whatever reason assume that I do not care about this business. They say that I am too busy being an aristocrat, mingling with the upper echelons of other industries and pushing my name, the brand which I represent, out into the open sea, floating my own popularity and stock for the sake of it. Based off the fact that I show my face here a couple of times a year at most I would have to agree with them, adding to the fact I have lost far more matches than I have won it would be all but confirmed. Yet to the trained eye, I am one of the most dangerous individuals in this promotion. In spite of the facts I stated, there is still a buzz, a spark of electricity, associated with my name. A tinging sensation which builds with every sentence I form and the actions I take following. Only the most insightful and intelligent of you understand my superiority, the brilliance of generating such excitement and magic with a click of my fingers through name value alone. I am here three times a year and yet I can walk onto any card I care for and form relations with champions and hall of famers with a curl of the finger and a whisper within their ears. It is due to my pure talent. My athleticism and star quality, traits which allow me to have such a delicate schedule and still bring in more revenue for this company than most of the roster combined. I have won a single match within BrendenPlayz and yet men with a multitude of championship reigns are begging me to look their way, to show them even the slightest touch of appreciation. I am the undervalued light of this business, a woman that never flickers and brings consistent glimmer and hope to a decaying, dying world. The fact that I can saunter in, form an alliance with a man who has been here for quadruple the time that I have and share a ring with the current undisputed champion, all while casually tossing the man who will main event the upcoming event Backlash so effortlessly to the side, should demonstrate to those who doubt my power that I am something to be feared, not laughed at. I am dining with champions regardless of the fact I am still in the NXT division, my first match within this promotion was against one of the all time best. With elegance and class I shall part aside the mundanes crowding my path towards greatness and my journey towards absolute stardom in this promotion begins in two weeks from now, where my new found muse and I annihilate the involuntary cancer of the Tag Team division before setting our darling gaze towards those pronounced shimmering belts which are just begging to be around our defined, superior waistlines." To SSW Club with love, 𝑆𝘩𝑒𝑟𝑖𝑑𝑎𝑛 💋
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    As BiC concludes on his promo, he gets ready to leave the ring before the lights suddenly turn off. BiC looks around with a startled expression on his face, the crowd lost in confusion before the tension is broken by the ring announcer. “Ladies and gentlemen, Prince.” A light shines onto the top of the ramp as the camera pans towards it, to see Prince smirking away while sitting on a stool; guitar in hand. BiC looks on in anticipation as Prince leans into the mic prompted up in front of him. “Oh BiC, BiC, BiC. How does one man say so much but still say so little? Fair enough, you beat me at BPZMania; I wasn’t at the top of my game. In fact I have to thank you, all this crap you’re saying actually made me get off my arse and look in the mirror about who I wanna be. Sadly for you though, that’s something that you are gonna regret. Everyone knows when I’m one hundred percent focused, there’s no one better in that ring. I…am now focused. So get ready for World At War, the man you ended up facing at BPZMania will be unrecognsiable.” Prince looks to be getting up and leaving but can be heard uttering the words “oh yeah” before readjusting himself on the stool. “I’m on the mood for a little sing-song. This is a special track that goes out to my number one fan, BiC. Hope you enjoy.”BiC looks on in annoyance as Prince begins to strum on the guitar with the crowd clapping along. “Your move is called No Regret, how ironic for you? Since at World at War regrets will be the thing that you are going through. A former World Champion but no one remembers, you’re like a gray scrub among these premium members. BiC stands for Best In Class, man stop lying; the only thing you’re best in class in is the school of careers dying. After this next line maybe you will be open to some hugs, because ain’t the best in class what your mother was looking for when was selecting her drugs? We’ll meet at World at War-“ Before Prince can finish he looks towards BiC making his way up the ramp, to which he quickly leaps out of his seat and goes into the backstage area as the show cuts to a commercial break.
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    The camera pans over to a cigar lounge, Echo Wilson and FDS are shown dressed in suits, a blonde woman in a black dress walks into the cigar lounge and places down a bottle of expensive red wine and two glasses, the camera gets a close up on the glasses as the woman fills them before zooming back out to see The Blacklist members looking discontent to say the least. Echo picks up his glass and takes a drink of the wine, FDS is sitting there with a look of rage upon his face. Slave? That’s what you think? You think i brought you into that god awful cult because I wanted you as my slave? I BROUGHT YOU INTO THAT BECAUSE I WANTED SOMEONE WHO I COULD TRUST! YOU THINK I WANTED TO WORK WITH THAT WEASEL, SCUMBAG, DADDY ISSUES HAVING MORON?!?! Echo taps FDS on the chest, FDS eases back slightly but not a significant amount. Johnny, I saw you as a brother for a while. You don’t understand, do you? You like to talk about how we took opportunities from you, How I used you to get to the top, Well if it's the case Johnny why did I select you to be Necce’s replacement in the tag tournament finals when I knew Necce and myself could have easily won that match no problems. It’s simple: I wanted you to regain your killer instinct. I wanted to see the man who won the world championship. Who won the premium championship. And at first it seemed that’s what I got, I thought we were gonna be the most dominant tag team in BPZ History, Better than the Kings Amongst Peasants, Better than the empire of greatness, Better The Switchblade Clapspiracy, Better than even the pride! But instead, I saw your decrepit nature. I saw how run down and weak you really were. I was disappointed to say the least and I knew no matter the result of our last tag team title defence we were done. The “antichrist” proved he cared not for Ruin, not even accompanying us to our matches and you? You only cared about the spotlight because of your leech like nature. You always tag yourself onto someone or something in order to gain your spotlight, first it was the king's court, then Ruin and now you attach yourself to the villain. You suck your victims dry and leave nothing but an empty corpse behind and it’s not even just when you team up with someone. Think back to our Global Championship match at the royal rumble last year, I Beat you in that match but people praised BOTH our performances, even though I did most of it. You like to act like you’re denied opportunities when the truth is you can’t survive without something to latch onto. Think of all the opportunities you had, You could’ve beaten me for the Global Championship but you failed, You could’ve won the tag team titles with someone else but you didn’t, you could’ve done what I couldn’t and Beaten Julius to win the world championship… BUT. YOU. FAILED. You call yourself the ace but you’re not the ace of anything. You are nothing but an overrated, leech that can’t do anything by himself... But the curious thing about leeches is all you need to get rid of them is a little bit of salt. The blonde woman returns and places a salt shaker in front of FDS. Now due to the tale of babylon in the bible its bad luck to spill salt but I think in this scenario we can make an exception. FDS pours some salt in his hand and begins to rub it in a circular motion in his palm quite gently. So Johnny, the salt to get rid of a leech like you will come in the form of a Blood Rainmaker and then, I’ve come up with something brand knew to hurt you with and I will make sure it puts you away for good but not before I make you suffer and add you to the Blacklist. FDS throws the salt over his shoulder, before picking up his wine glass and taking a drink and sitting back into the couch. At this moment Echo places his wine glass down and leans forward.
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    Welcome To My World Bitch

    Aaron North continues to play at the abandoned piano as the camera fades to black. From a new perspective we seen him play the final notes for his own pleasure, indulging his self professed impressive technique, playing the final few single notes to end the song. He out stretches his arm into the air, leaning left to right as he lets out a quick breathy laugh. The camera crew that were following him this evening are seen packing away their gear around him, facing away from view as North turns and heads towards a broken in wall of the home stepping through into the night air, lighting up another cigarette for himself. Taking a drag he proceeds to blow three consecutive smoke rings into the air, watching them float before evaporating.. "Perfection, as always" Gazing into the night sky, a half moon hanging above, he begins to hear unintelligible sounds in the distance. Taken aback and curious North peers into the darkness, thinking to himself to stumble across a feral cat or scattering raccoon running across the ground. He steps forward moving cautiously across the dusty gravel filled road as a shallow wind sounds through the air. "God damn pests" he says softly to himself coming to a halt, giving up on his curiosity hunt as he turns back. Suddenly the sounds become groans, become unintelligible chattering. North stops mid drag as he turns his head slightly to the right to peer at what could possibly be near to see only darkness again. "Hell, i need to get some sleep" he heads back to the abandoned building where the crew are cleaning up, grabbing the shoulder of the producer "Hey!, you guys heading..." A shocked silence stops his words as the man who stares back at him wears a silver mask, a ghouls mask. A flurry of language unfit for television leave North's mouth as he throws a punch at the approaching Ghoul, shocked at the sudden appearance. "You mother..." the language continues as he kicks the grounded Ghoul. He turns to the camera man who tosses the equipment to the side of him, staring right at Aaron head titled. One after the other those in the room turn to appear with their ghoulish masks. Each proceeding forward in silence. North grabs a nearby boom pole and swings it knocking down the two nearing ghouls clearing the room. Tossing the pole at the grounded attackers he takes his exit proud of his quick actions, jumping into his car as he puts his foot hard on the pedal driving from the scene. Looking back in the rear view mirror he continues to check towards the scene as it disappears into the distance and then back into his own eyes questioning what is real and what isn't. Quickly this shakes as his eyes express anger, determined to come face to face with Arius.
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    The Crowd Begins to Chant Yes! Yes! Yes! As the Big Ballers look on. Flynn laughs at Sameers Challenge and then nods at Julius and Ropati. The Saviors start to walk away as the crowd boo. But then Suddenly Flynn and the Saviors rush to the ring! ALL HELL AS BROKEN LOSE! The Triple Bs and The Saviors have an all out Brawl with Flynn and Bailey going at it. Brenden and Julius going at it and Sameer and Ropati fighting. Security Guards, Refrees and even some active wrestlers rush to the ring to try and breakup the Carnage that I'd taking place. Eventually The Saviors and BBB are separated from each other after a wild brawl between all 6 men. The Bailey goes and Grabs a Microphone as the Saviors are getting forced up the ramp. YOU'RE CANDY ASSES BELONG TO THE TRIPLE B's YOU JABORNI BITCHES! BECAUSE IF YOU A SMEEEEELLLLLLLLLL WHAT THE BIG BALLER BRAND IS COOKING. The Bailey and Big Ballers look at each other as the BBBs are offical as The Saviors look on at the top of the Ramp.
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    The Big Baller's Theme hits as they rush out to the ring to save the World Champion The Bailey from an ambush from The Saviors. The Saviors quickly slip out the ring before any type of attack can form against them. Sameer, Bailey, and Brenden stand in the ring as both teams stare at each other, Clearly showing that there has been history between each one of them out in the arena right now. Sameer picks up the microphone that Flynn throw down in the ring earlier. He begins to talk with Brenden and Bailey by his side looking directly at The Saviors. What's wrong guys? Even odds scare you? You three disgust me coming out here to ambush one man. Once again Flynn has a pact of fools to do his dirty work for him. Bunch of reckless and stupid dogs because he cannot finish it himself and instead of coming out here and admitting to defeat, He makes excuses and trying to get his anger out by beating up a guy that he knows is far superior to him and can't accept the truth. Julius and Ropati sure you did beat Brenden and me at BPZMania. You got the better of us and I'll admit even though it hurt too. But since we are all out here and clearly want to beat the crap out of each other why don't we set a date for that. BPZ PowerTrip: World at War April 12th with the Tag Team Titles on the line in a WAR GAMES MATCH.
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    Just the Beginning

    The camera and an interviewer are walking around backstage, the spot FDS and Echo Wilson also known as the Blacklist. The interviewer begins to move up to the two men. Interviewer: Excuse me, FDS, Echo Wilson, Can we get you’re tho- FDS slaps the interviewer, then slaps the microphone out of his hands FDS: DOES IT LOOK LIKE WE ARE IN THE MOOD TO TALK TO YOUR PATHETIC WANNABE JOURNALIST ASS? YOU THINK AFTER THE NIGHT WE HAD WE WANT TO TALK TO YOU?? HUH? YOU THINK THAT? Interviewer: I just wanted your tho- FDS: AND WHY DO YOU HAVE A MIC? YOU DON’T NEED ONE YOUR BACKSTAGE YOU IDIOT! Interviewer: Please I just want your thoughts on what happened tonight FDS: OH YOU WANT OUR THOUGHTS DO YOU? (to echo) HE WANTS OUR THOUGHTS. (To the interviewer, sarcastically) Well here's my thoughts. FDS Grabs the interviewer and throws him into a supply crate, Echo and FDS Begin stomping the living crap out of him, FDS gets him up and he throws him into Echo who nails him with a superkick! FDS then grabs the stunned interviewer from behind and delivers him a blood rainmaker. FDS then gets the interviewer up and he gets him up then gets him in position for a tombstone. FDS then drops the man with a sitout tombstone piledriver, Echo picks up the interviewer then drops him with a bloody sunday. FDS (To the interviewer fallen on the ground): THOSE ARE MY THOUGHTS! (looking into camera) Now Mr cameraman you better just stand right there, and not say a word, got it? The cameraman nods off camera. The camera shaking slightly as he is very nervous. FDS: Ok Good. No need to be nervous, that won’t happen to you (pointing at the interviewer) if you just stay quiet. Now (looking into camera), Tonight was less that ideal to say the least. Congratulations to Bart on becoming unified champion (Echo looking visibly annoyed by this) you’ll be keeping that championship nice and warm for the inevitable return of the title to being on the much better shoulders of Mr. Echo Wilson. And as for the intercontinental Championship and Money in the Bank, yes i am angered by that, yes i am somewhat disappointed in myself for what happened there but don’t rejoice just yet you simpletons, i’m not going anywhere. That hall of fame ring they slipped on my finger this weekend doesn’t mean I am anywhere near close to done. I have a lot more on my mind in terms of accomplishments before I finish up. And for those of you who are already writing off the blacklist as a failure let me just make one thing clear: this is not the end, This is only the beginning. Losses happen, sacrifices have to be made but this year the Blacklist will define BPZ, the Blacklist will conquer BPZ and it all starts with… The BPZ World Tag Team Championships. You see, I never got a rematch for the tag titles when I lost them. And while I care not for the worthless dimes, it’s more about the statement it makes. The idea of bringing back what rightfully belongs to me and when the two men who are blacklisted from the locker room hold one of the top championships in the company: What’s that gonna say about the people who work here? So Julius, Ropati “The saviours” as you dub yourselves, congratulations on your victory but like the male redback spider, Your success will be short lived and will be brutally devoured after you basically give yourselves to our menacing bite. So to “The Saviours”: You have been officially blacklisted and I WILL MAKE YOU SUFFER. FDS steps back as Echo Wilson comes forward, a look of seething rage upon his face, looking directly into the camera.
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    In the aftermath of BPZ Mania IV, one of the strongest shows ever put on by BPZ, the crowd is eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the rich saga of this promotion. The arena goes silent for a moment before the whirling music of KENJI begins to play throughout the arena, with the fans bursting into a thunderous cheer. Despite being unsuccessful in the NXT Championship Battle Royal, the crowd hasn't lost their enthusiasm or love for this fan favourite wrestler. KENJI emerges from the stage, it is evident that his smile would have been a bit more sullen or disappointed than usual, however the ground-shaking roar of the crowd provides the ultimate remedy to the lack of gold around his waist. His energetic smile soon returns and he flamboyantly motions to the crowd, who clap and chant his name louder and louder. "KEN-JI! KEN-JI! KEN-JI!" The Sendai Supernova strolls down to the ring, clapping hands with a few fans at the barricade and sweeping his gleaming red jacket around, before quickly stepping into the ring and posing for the crowd on the turnbuckle. He pauses to take in the atmosphere before climbing back down. He cuts off his music with a flourish as the cheers and "KEN-JI" chants ring through the arena uncontested by his music. He waits for the crowd to settle down as he grabs a microphone ".....Hello BPZ Universe!!" He smirks a little as the crowd erupts again, but his smile soon fades ever so slightly "BPZ Mania....wow, that was truly unreal. The lights, the atmosphere, the stars. Every match was just as thrilling as the last, and we have a lot of new champions here, all of whom will be great standard-bearers of this company.....and..." KENJI's voice trails off to nothing as he looks down, placing a hand above his gear, at the empty space where a championship would fit so perfectly. His smile is almost melancholic, happy for the memory of BPZ Mania, but bittersweet at the cost of it all "Sadly....At BPZ Mania.....I did not walk out of Atlanta as NXT Champion..." The audience audibly let out a sad sigh, as their fan favourite was unsuccessful in their quest for gold "I knew the chances were slim, and being so close, the 3rd man left, makes it harder to take. The chaos of the battle royal and the blurs of my opponents frantically trying to defeat each other. My focus was so fixed on Aaron going in that I was clouded to all the other threats, his mind games worked, in the end. Hans, almost the dark horse, and our new NXT Champion, I hold only respect and reverence for you. Choosing your own path from the new bloods and forging your own legacy, you achieved what I left Japan to do". His voice had gone quiet again, this was a much more intimate KENJI than the usual ball of energy and fire that came rolling out to the ring. He chuckles a little into the mic before speaking again, looking upwards slightly, his posture more hopeful and proud, the audience hanging on his every word and gesture intently "....However, all is not lost. In the battle royal, I eliminated 4 others, by no means a small feat. Just before I walked out here I was told that management wanted to give me another shot, something historic and exciting. Do you want to hear it?" With that one question, the crowd's cheers reverberated throughout the arena once more, their fire ignited once more just like that. KENJI climbs the turnbuckle and riles up the crowd even more, the bittersweet tone of his voice now gone, the fire is back, and it is blazing bright "When a door closes, another opens....At the next event, World at War, I have been granted the opportunity to compete in a unique match, one of a kind. A ladder match, and not only that....it will be to crown the Inaugural North American Champion!" The BPZ Universe start chanting again "KEN-JI, KEN-JI, KEN-JI" "I'll be competing against some of the very best in this company for this accolade, being an Inaugural champion is an honour that only a select few my hold. Aaron and Hans, I'll see you again in that ring and I can't wait, but also, there is someone else that has my eye in this match. Someone that made themselves known to me on my very first day, and now is my chance to prove myself to them, and to you all. That man, is the United States Champion, Arius". "BPZ Universe, when World at War comes around, I will bring you my heart, my soul, my blood, sweat and tears. At World at War, I will bring you the Inaugural North American Championship! Thank you!" The crowd's chants increase in volume, almost enough to make one flinch, their feet stamping in anticipation of this amazing match less than two weeks away. "KEN-JI, CHAM-PI-ON!, KEN-JI, CHAM-PI-ON!"
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    Its one night after BPZ Mania IV which quite possibly is the greatest BPZ show in history, a show that you had to experience first hand in order to understand the spectacle, superstars are still on the "Mania High" as we head into the first Carnage after BPZMania IV and we move towards World At War, highlights of the Intercontinental Championship fatal fourway match would play, and as it would end, a theme that hasn't been heard in a Carnage arena in a long time would begin to play. The familiar purple lights that join BiC in his entrance have been replaced by a rose gold, tinted light. BiC steps out on stage, holding his championship in his right hand with a cocky smirk on his face, possibly bigger than ever. BiC is once again wearing a familiar suit, this one gold in color, BiC holds the title out for the world to see, and as it shimmers off the arena lights, a laugh comes from the champion. BiC walks down the ramp, making sure to show the championship to everyone in the front row before walking up the steps and along the ring apron, adjusting the collar of his suit before stepping through the middle ropes, the feeling in the building is ecstatic, despite the boos, there is nothing like a BPZ crowd and the superstars know it, and BiC sets the Intercontinental Championship onto his shoulder, something the BPZ crowd has never seen. Like I have said since day one. I. Always. Win. A smile comes over the face of BiC as the Atlanta Crowd, hot off the heels of BPZMania, boos at the "Pure Athlete", BiC takes a deep breath before speaking again For some odd reason, for the past 3 years, every time I come to this ring people doubt me, they get this crazy idea that I am not as good as I say I am but take one glance at this title and it shows that I am EVERY damn bit as good as I say I am, since day ONE I have told all of you that I am the man around here and that hasn't changed one bit. I am not a character, I am not a gimmick, I am a pro wrestler and I am the best pro wrestler in the world. But when you're as good as I am, and you've done everything I have done you often think to yourself whats next, and for the past 24 hours I've stared at this Intercontinental Championship, I flew home saw my wife and kids, and I drove 16 hours back in time to walk out here, to finally tell the world what's next. At the Backlash PPV, I will defend this title against any challenge who decides to come for it, FDS, Prince, Bart, Echo Wilson, hell Brenden himself can walk down that ramp and I will hit him with a No Regret as well because this championship that rests on my shoulder is the most important championship, whether its the World Championship, United States Championship, I instantly raise the bar for any title and this championship is no different. At Backlash, King Of The Ring, Summerslam, any other PPV, I will make sure this title doesn't become a second hand like Bart made it, because that is what I do. I fix things, I save things. BPZMania IV was great because of me and BPZ for the next year is going to be great because of ME and this championship. The BPZ fans, you slobs should treat me as ROYALTY, because that is what this gold means....I like the sound of that..Royalty... ...Since day one, to whenever I retire...one thing will stay the same. I. Always. Win. BiC drops his microphone, letting it hit the mat with a thud as he raises the championship with one arm in the air, the crowd boos, but its hard to neglect the success of BiC. BiC soaks in the pictures being taken, before letting the title rest on his shoulder once again before making his way to the ropes
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    As The Bailey poses in front of “the millions” the sudden impact of the former BPZ World Champion is felt as out steps Flynn. Flynn looks visuably exhausted, as if he hasn’t slept in days. His eyes are fixed on Bailey as he has a microphone in his hand. He stands on the stage before taking said microphone andproceeding to scream at the top of his lungs. NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You did NOT beat me! You are unrightfully calling yourself the BPZ World Champion and more importantly unrightfully posing with my BPZ World Championship, a title that’s prestige somehow in just a short twenty-four hours has been dumped down the drain as it is held by someone who should of NEVER laid claim to it again. I am the rightful BPZ World Champion. I am this companies SAVIOR, I AM THE PEOPLES CHAMPION, NOT YOU! All you did was prove to the world that your stroke backstage is clearly still more powerful then your pathetic punches in that ring. At BPZ Mania I tore you apart in front of the millions, I physically and mentally dominated you pillar to post just like I did at Night of Legends, just like I’ve been doing to you FOR YEARS! You make the claim that you are unaware of who your next opponent is? Do you really believe that you can just take MY championship and not suffer the consequences? No all you did was seal your fate. You see Bailey in this business it pays to have friends. Unfortunately for you, I realized how much it pays to have “The Great One” as a friend. A costly mistake that will never be repeated. In your place, I as you know have acquired two new friends. The most dominant tag team in this company. YOUR NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS. THE SAVIORS OF BPZ..... Out steps both Ropati and Julius, each man now carrying the twin Tag Team Championships. They stand alongside Flynn as the trio now eye down Bailey in the ring. Flynn slowly begins marching to the ring, continuing his rant as Ropati and Julius follow. You know Bailey, it didn’t have to come down to this. You could of had all the spotlight at BPZ Mania but in the end you didn’t do what you should of. Instead you STOLE my championship and proceeded to parade it all around this arena as if you truly are the best in this company. Now you will pay the price. The price being? A one way trip to the hospital for the next six to nine months- Flynn throws down his microphone. The Saviors all surround the ring, each man taking a different side as the posistion themselves for an attack. Bailey stands center ring, prepared for a fight.
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    "I Decided"

    The unfamiliar theme hums through the arena as BPZ rolls on after another incredible BPZMania and the Hall of Fame ceremony. The fans wait in anticipation for the man behind the theme to step out from behind the curtain. The suspense is cut before reaching a fever pitch, as out steps the brown, polished Oxford of Jonathan. As Jonathan steps out, clothed in the blue silk of his suit, the fans explode in respect and admiration for the newly immortalized, BPZ Hall of Famer. Jonathan makes a beeline to the nearest camera, grandstanding as he shows off his ring finger with the gold-encrusted, inscribed band that he was awarded. Jonathan continues down the ramp as the applause decrescendos, quieting, even more so, when Jonathan reaches the center of the ring, microphone in hand. Jonathan waits as the final chants die off, before hoisting the microphone to his lips. "Do you all hear that?" The crowd erupts, unable to keep their emotions for the BPZ Legend in check, as sects begin to chant 'You Deserve It' and others, the trademark phrase of The Immortal One, 'Never Die'. The chants seem like they'll never end as Jonathan bows his head, presumably waiting for a chance to speak once more. "SHUT THE HELL UP!" The command rings off the arena walls, shocking each member of the sold-out crowd to their respective cores. Jonathan lifts his head, staring a hole through the hard camera before pivoting to look out the crowd who've become deadly silent. "Did you hear that nothingness? How beautifully at peace everything was when nothing was said? But nobody is allowed to exist on it because of the bullshit that ensues immediately after it. It's pandemonium for every second because you all feel like what you say needs to be heard. I used to believe that lie that you ALL perpetuate. For one second, can you just stop." "I never understood how much I appeased you all. I allowed your desires to become my own and obscure the truth. It wasn't until my name was called by BrendenPlayz and I stood on that podium to have my name carved into the history books that I realized that I DON'T NEED YOU! I kept giving and giving when in reality, I didn't give myself a chance to take like I used to, take the world and make it mines once more. I have nothing left to give, nothing left to prove to anybody, especially each and every one of you self-important, pretentious bastards--" Boos begin to thunder down from the audience, the shock from the out of character tirade seemingly wearing off. Each time Jonathan attempts to continue, he's stifled by relentless boos from the people he once championed, all feeling betrayal. The jeering rocks the arena as Jonathan seems to grow as infuriated as the fans before his lips form a slight smirk. He looks back at the hard cam, mouthing a final phrase before exiting to a chorus of boos. "The Ace is here."
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    Hans Graphics

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    As “Devil” blasts through the arena, we are greeted by the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, Flynn. He steps out, alone carrying his BPZ World title firmly around his waist. Flynn walks around the Ring before taking a seat in front of the Table waiting for the arrival of his challenger in just 2 Days The Bailey. The GOAT plays through the arena as the Challenger and 2019 Royal Rumble Winner The Bailey makes his way out to the Ring The Bailey paces back and Fourth before Finally taking a seat. Sign The Contract Champ Flynn hesitates to sign the contract so the Bailey grabs the Pen and Immediately signs the Contract. He tosses the Contract and Pen back at Flynn. Flynn Merely laughs him off before than going head and singing the contract. Flynn grabs the Microphone but before he can talk he is interrupted by The Bailey. FINALLY..... The Bailey has returned to New York City! Flynn once again tries to speak but is now interrupted by the crowd who is now chanting Bailey! Bailey! Bailey! The Bailey looks up at the crowd before speaking again We are just 2 Days away Flynn from the Most ELECTRIFYING Main Event of all time. 2 days away from the Biggest show of em all BPZMANIA. The Bailey is glad it is finally here. The Bailey couldn't take it anymore. The Bailey, The People are dying, itching for this match to finally happen. In Front of the MILLIONS and Millions of Fans The Bailey will become the 6 Time BPZ World Heavyweight Champion of The World. At BPZMANIA The Bailey once again passes you in World Championship Runs. At BPZMANIA The Bailey once again Upstages you Flynn. The Bailey is going to send you on a nice vacation Flynn. As The Bailey is kicking your candy ass all over Atlanta Georgia. The Bailey is personally going to send you to the SMACKDOWN HOTEL on Jaborni Lane. It's going to be electrifying Flynn. It's going to be intense and it's gonna be a war. You've beaten The Bailey once and The Bailey has beaten you Once. This is what you would call the Rubber match. And it doesn't get any bigger than this. Bpzmania, The Main Event for the World Championship. This is what this business is all about. This is what the Bailey lives for. Bailey points as the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship That's what i work my ass off everyday for. It's The Bailey vs Flynn! BPZMANIA, 70k packed in the Mercedes Benz stadium. The History is there, The Story is there. The Hatred and The Respect is there. But at the end of the day all that matters is who Walks out with that Championship. The Bailey wants that Championship so The Bailey is going to take that Championship. Let the Bailey remind you that the last time we fought for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship, The Bailey won. And just like the First time, The Bailey will win the second time. The People are ready. The Bailey is ready. Are you Ready Flynn? The Bailey doesn't got anything else to say to you Flynn. Simpy, JUST BRING IT. Flynn stands up and proceeds to grab a Microphone as the Crowd waits in anticipation.
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