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    Not Afraid

    This fire burns by Killswitch Engage blasts onto the P.A System signalling the arrival of the World Heavyweight and United States Champion Julius Julius does his trademark jog on the spot before throwing his arms down causing pyro to launch into the sky to jeers from the crowd. He walks down to the ring looking as confident as ever with the World Heavyweight Championship draped around his waist and the United States Championship strapped around his shoulder. Julius then jumps onto the ring apron causing pyro to fly out of the turnbuckle scaring some people in the front row. He walks across the ring and grabs himself a microphone before standing in the middle of the ring waiting to address the fans "Ladies and Gentlemen, still your World Heavyweight Champion, still your United States Champion and soon to be your Tag Team Champion" Julius raises the title above his head to boo's from the crowd which sparks a rye smile across the champs face "But tonight I am not here to talk about Flynn, I am not here to talk about Bailey and I am certainly not here to speak about The Flock because quite frankly I am done talking about them. Tonight I am going to talk about a championship that I haven't defended since Summerslam, a championship that has gone under the radar since I became World Heavyweight Champion and that is the BPZ United States Championship. The last time I defended this championship, I locked Yelich in a casket and beat him so bad that his personality changed, now he is walking around all optimistic and joyful because he has fun playing this certain character. Pathetic. See the difference between myself and Yelich is that I don't play a character what you see is what you get 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and that's why I am a soon to be Triple Champion. But what annoys me and gets me angry is that no one has even dared to come challenge me for the United States Championship since then. Why is that the case is the question I have for all the pussies back there? Why can't any of you back there grow a pair and come challenge me for my title? I am thirsty for some blood so I don't care who it is, I want an opponent to play with at Halloween Havoc and I am going to get one, so someone better come out here in the next minute or I am going to have to go back there and find one on my own. And if that happens nobody is safe" Julius throws his mic out of the ring and waits for someone to respond
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    Not Afraid

    Julius stands tall and stares at the backstage, just before a familiar theme song hits that brings the arena to their feet, after a string of losses in the Global Series, Storm has arrived in the Carnage arena and enters the ring, microphone in hand. He paces back and forth, the arena gives both men a massive ovation because of their wars in the past back in NXT. Hello old friend, its been a long time since just the two of us were just in the center of this ring, no disruptions, no rookies. But I am not here for a reunion, I am here for one reason and one reason only, that title of yours that I had on my waist once a time ago. You took that title fair and square but it is time for me to claim what is mine and what I want and I will do that in the form of Halloween Havoc. A night where fear strikes into the lives of the BPZ Superstars for one night only. You know if it was a few months ago, and I was just a rookie, I would be scared of Julius, but I am not that rookie any longer, I am a former BPZ United States Champion and a determined challenger that will go to all costs to reclaim his championship! Storm paces back and forth before stepping towards "The Beast", staring into his eyes and steps away before bring his microphone back up to his mouth and says these following crucial proclamations. Julius I will see you at Halloween Havoc, I will win back what is mine and I will prove that my title run was not a fluke and that I can beat you, because I am better, I am skilled and I am the One and Only freaking Storm. But its not all about that, coming up is the Global Series match against Ark. Ark is the man, he has done a lot inside this company and out but when it comes to in ring, he doesn't have it anymore, he is rusty and not all that. So when its just me and you in just a couple of nights, I am going to show the world why I am BPZ's One and Only. Storm drops the microphone and exits the ring, not taking his eyes off of Julius before heading to the back.
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    Braving the Frontier

    ( WARNING: We here at The Frontier and The Flock are not responsible for any burial that may happen on this show. If you find yourself offended in any way, grow up, get out of your high chair that you still can’t reach the floor in, slap some seeds in the ground, give them plenty of water and sunlight, and wait patiently for your balls to finally grow. And most importantly, try, and fail, to Follow That. Węłçømę Tø Thę Ågę Øf Thę Fłøçk.) (The normal theme for Braving The Frontier plays, but slowly, it is intercut with static and distortion. Some faint words can be heard cutting through the distortion.) Å łøvęd øńę łåîd hîß hęåd îń hęr łåp ręd røßęß fęłł tø thę fłøør åńd thę wørłd, ßtøød ßtîłł. (The theme for The Flock plays as the normal intro for Braving The Frontier begins.) Hello everybody and welcome to the greatest show to ever grace the Neccework, Braving the Frontier! I am just one of your hosts, I go by many names. The Outlaw, The Anarchist, The Megastar, The Big Dick Daddy (Jason pauses to wink at Vala before continuing) God God oh my God, Jason Ryan! But I’m not here alone, I am here with my brothers as always and for the first time ever, our master, the God of gods is here with us. Gentlemen, introduce yourselves. Marker turns up on screen, holding his NXT Championship What’s going on all you ingrates? The best damn NXT champion in history, the man who has no problem with kicking your ass each way from Sunday, the man who brings relevancy to any title he holds, I am none other than Marker. Buddy, grace us with your presence. Buddy turns up on camera Good evening to my brothers and to our master, fuck you to everyone who is not us. I am Mister Awesome, Mister Relevancy, the hottest thing going in Evolve today, the true number one draft pick, Mister Handsome, Buddy Ace. And we have one more person to introduce with us. Master Necce, if you would. (Necce is sitting right in the middle of all of the men and Vala. He looks different than usual. He’s wearing thick black glasses, a baseball cap, and he’s smoking a Blu vape pen. Without saying a word, he takes his cap off to reveal a piece of paper lying on the top of his head. He pulls it down with the same hand he’s holding the vape with and hands it to Jason Ryan. Jason unfolds the paper and begins to read it, doing his best Michael Buffer impression.) “Ladies and gentleman. Boys and girls. Whatever the fuck Hollow is. I would like to welcome a man unlike anyone that has ever graced not only BPZ, but the United States, the continent of North America, about half of South America, and 3 small countries in the Pacific Ocean. He is a god among men, a man among boys, a boy among infants, an infant among sperm cells, and a sperm cell among something else because I was too lazy to continue researching this fucking topic. He is, The Antichrist, the worlds cuddlyist man, a self professed ‘really big fan of NSync like oh my god you guys.’ Former Universal Champion. Former half of the Tag team champions. Other accomplishments. He is a corn-fed, pothead, inbred, tool shed, pencil lead, full speed ahead, left on read, breaking bread, ‘How I met your mother was narrated by ted,’ favorite color is red…” (Jason flips the piece of paper over to the other side.) “...Right Said Fred, need to wrap this up because I have to go to bed, meathead, NEEEEECCCCCEEEEE.” (Necce takes a puff from his vape and blows a huge cloud of smoke into the webcam. When the smoke clears, it’s shown that Necce has a huge shit-eating grin on his face. The other 4 people in the room begin to clap and cheer for Necce as if he were the pope.) What’s going on fuckers? First of all, that was quite the elaborate introduction, I’m getting outdone on my own damn show but that’s okay. Hey man, it’s my first appearance since SummerSlam, so I have to make a good impression. Buddy chimes in Because BPZ refuses to book you now-what I didn’t say anything! Well when you hurt a hair on the delicate little head of the golden boy, they tend to take a smidge of an offense to that. You know if I had just stayed in my lane and remained in his shadow, I can guarantee I would be booked for Halloween Havoc right now. But alas, I had to be, what the higher ups describe as “difficult and insubordinate” so I am matchless. But that’s a can of worms that I will open later on. If when you said difficult and insubordinate you mean the only who bothers doing anything fucking original anymore. I mean, let’s be honest here, all anyone in BPZ does is try to emulate whoever is hot in other federations. The less those people have to use their brains the better so they leave you off TV so they can have a watered down version of the show. Well it’s that I was left off of the show that I had no intentions of working in the first place that upsets me. It’s the use of “difficult and insubordinate.” When I do what’s best for my wife, my daughter, and myself by making a career move that I knew would put me in hot water, but would draw up more attention, that’s when I get that label. But when I’m high off my face at every show. When I’m ODing in a hotel bathroom on YOUR watch, all I get is an “Ah, you’re fine. Will give you a Z-pack and a night off, but we want you back on TV by Monday because you have a match with Razor to promote.” Use you till you drop then throw you to the side, something that all promoters do. Any gentlemen, to start it off, actually no. I'm gonna bring up that Marker was challenged by the poster child for coloring books, Arrow Freaking Rollins, is that his fucking name? (Necce begins to laugh at the mention of this kid.) That shit gave me a right fucking laugh I’ll tell you what. I’ve been with this company for 3 years, and absolutely nothing was as entertaining as seeing that little autistic, incel, future serial killer fucking asshat stumble his way through a basic promo that was probably written for him by the creative team who don’t know their ass from the space between their mothers too-close-together eyes around a halfway decent promo. Did that little fucker not watch the last episode? I told him that he doesn’t get title shots by nonsensical, pointless rambling. No it’s called he puts his balls on, tells his parents where he’s going, cause he clearly still lives with them in the basement, and he asks them for money and then he drives up to the arena, and he asks Marker polite as possible for a title match. What you don’t do is waste the champ’s time with whatever that crap was. Hey, I’m technically required to defend my title which I honestly don’t mind cause all I have to deal with are dipshits and circus clowns. So if this is the best I get, then I guess I’ll just hold onto this thing until the end of time. Besides, I highly doubt that kid is even going to bother showing up. Well of course not, his parents don’t have enough money to fly him out all the way to the show to even participate for the match. They spent all of it on his wrestling lessons that his uncle, who is not and has not ever been a wrestler, taught him on their trampoline in the backyard. But I guess that’s the best that 25 cents will get you nowadays. The fact is this kid obviously looked up “ How to do a promo” on Bing, not Google, Bing, and decided that it was good enough. But enough about that, we try to reserve our airtime for those we deem worthy and Arrow, you are not. Go sit in the corner and don’t say a fucking word. Now, onto something that everyone wants to know; what is up with this new regime called The Flock? I’ve been seeing that question everywhere. Cause apparently no one knows how to pay attention, no one understands that this was bound to happen. So Necce, why don’t you explain your part in all this because these people watching are stupid, they’re dumb, they’re autistic, they have Down Syndrome, they have too many X chromosomes, they are sexually attracted to their sister and or children. So Master Necce, if you would, as they say, throw the curtain back and expose your role in the whole thing. Well listen. I come from a very small town in Louisiana. A town of roughly 1,000 people, and there are, on estimate, 5 different last names. So I’m going to explain this as simply and as slowly as I can so that these simpletons can understand. Because the biggest complaint my fellow Louisianians have about my work my vocabulary is far too big for them to comprehend. Fuck I just used too big of a word for them. Let me see….understand? Eh only about half of them know what that means. Anyway, earlier this year, I had a stable by the name of Ruin. The premise of Ruin was 3 people who were taking the opportunities they felt they deserved. But shortly after my two followers failed at pretty much every turn, the group silently fell apart. So after a while, I thought I’d find another group of disgruntled misfits that haven’t been given the fair shake that people with 1/10 the talent and ability are handed. Thus is the genesis of The Flock. 4 people who want the spotlight they have been denied, and instead of waiting for the moment to be handed to them, they are taking it. And whether you like it or not, we don’t really give a good goddamn what you like anymore. To add to all that, Necce here has been there for the start of our careers. Hell, he gave Marker and Jason their first major match back at Backlash when they had no leverage. He helped me out when I was just breaking in, so of course when he came to us with his offer, of course we fucking accepted cause we’re smarter than every other rookie who thinks they are just above it all, cough Julius cough, and don’t see the big picture. The three of us by teaming with Necce have proven we are smarter than all of you. And now all these people have to realize that The Flock or Frontier, whichever you prefer runs their life, runs their job, runs their family life, we make the world go round. And they hate that so they keep on leaving all these comments saying how we are three never will bes and a washed up has-been, which is funny in itself considering Necce is the master of reintervention but they keep watching us because they know the truth. Very well said my brothers. And if I can just get ahead and mention something about this, like Buddy said, Necce gave us our first chance when we weren’t shit, I had only one match prior and he said “ let’s give these kids a chance.” That was the first seed planted people. Hell if you want to go further back, even before I got into this business, I watched Necce on the TV and said “ That guy has it.” So I did what all kids do and wrestled on my trampoline trying to emulate him. This has been destined for longer than any of you can fathom. Well also, I’m in a very different situation than anyone really realizes. I might be the youngest one here out of all of you. I’m only 22, but I have a wife and a child at home. I have people who I have responsibility over and who I am in charge of feeding and clothing. So when I see a group made up of the NXT Champion, a talent who’s considered the most controversial in all of wrestling, and a man who’s had more start making performances in one year than many of the members of the BPZ Hall of Fame have had in their entire careers. It would only be a smart choice to hitch my wagon onto that. Not only for the fact that it’s just a smart business plan, but also, even though I’m the youngest, I have the most experience out of everyone. I’ve been wrestling at a professional level since I was only 17 years old. In any other faction, the youngest would be the young boy of the group persay. Carrying bags and getting them drinks. But in this situation, I have knowledge and advice that these young men who are all at the very beginning of their careers could benefit from having in their arsenal. The young are meant to learn from their elders, and that doesn’t always mean who is the oldest. But speaking of having a family everyone, Vala would like to make two announcements. Go ahead. First off, Jason posed the question last night. Mark the date on your calendars people. December 24th, Christmas Eve, we are tying the knot once more. We’ve got through the issues that plagued our first marriage, thanks to Necce’s wife for being an amazing marriage counselor. So there’s the first announcement and the second is that we have a child on the way. (The entire group begins to cheer. Necce pulls his glasses up and wipes a lone tear from his eye.) As much as I’m happy for my brother and my sister, First Lady Vala has been amazing since we formed but… we have to talk about Bad Blood. Jason, I see you’re getting upset, I understand, don’t worry we’ll hurry through this so we can talk about something meaningful Ya know, if I start talking about Bad Blood it’s not going to get anywhere near good. So someone better take the reigns. I didn’t watch Bad Blood so I don’t know what we’re talking about. Oh you know, the show that had no direction. I mean me and Jason were not booked, even though I deserved to be in that Money in the Bank match, maybe then it would’ve had some star power and Jason wasn’t in the Premium title match, which Jason, I see the gun drawn, I’ll let you shoot in a minute, and Marker had to defend his title in a match that only got eyes because it’s Marker therefore people are gonna watch. The kid didn’t even promo and he gets a title match? Are you fucking serious? I can’t even recall his fucking name, I didn’t even know I was booked until we showed up at the arena, you know when they told Buddy and Jason they weren’t needed for the event so no wonder it sucked. BPZ booking fucking up one of the best things it’s had in years? Ya don’t say! Blasphemy I tell you! I wanted to keep quiet on this and I’d hate to ruin the importance of Vala announcements but fuck it. I need to shoot a few bullets here. Okay I challenged Kieron for the Premium title, the fucker doesn’t respond. Okay, fine. I get told by management that it’s good to go, me vs Kieron Black for the title. Awesome. I get to the fucking arena… and I get told that they want me to wait until Halloween Havoc?! That is a whole new level of fucking bullshit! Not to mention they book a Hell in the Cell for the title with a bunch of jobbers and Echo so of course he’s going to win it again. Whoopie, not like I haven’t seen that all the fucking time since I got here, hand certain people everything at the expense of the real talent. I mean if anyone deserved that title shot, it was me, I am more relevant now than just about all those cock suckers are, ever were or ever will be! And people want to say I am too controversial? I’m the most controversial man in wrestling? Oh I’m sorry. I wasn’t fucking aware the blatant truth was off limits in the business. People get offended by me because, well like Necce said at the start, no one’s ball have grown in. Flynn, this is your fault! Vala, add that to the list. Me getting screwed out of my title that I fucking earned, Flynn’s fault. Great, now I’m all heated, I’m going to get a damn beer I’ll be back. ( Jason stands up and leaves momentarily) While Jason does that, Necce, sorry man but we gotta do it. Let’s talk about Julius and Angelo, one of your favorite people. I mean, what should I say? I like both people kinda. I didn’t watch Bad Blood because I have an aforementioned family to deal with. On that night, one of the only nights that I’ve been home in months, I decided to treat my family to dinner. Something that I love to do and haven’t been able to do since before BPZMania. So we get back to the house and I’m reading my daughter a bedtime story. I do this every night over FaceTime, but this time I get to do it with her. I tend to read her bigger books at night so that she’ll have an appreciation for literature as she grows up, and hopefully it’ll grow her vocabulary. So as I finish our chapter for the night, I kiss her goodnight, and I went with my wife to relax in the living room. All of a sudden, people start blowing up my phone. “Julius and Angelo just had the greatest match of all time! You have to watch it man!” So I flip onto the BPZ Neccework and watch the entire match. Beginning to end. There wasn’t a second of that match that I didn’t watch, and that made me pose the question. Are we watching the same match? I mean yeah, it was a good match. But I’ve seen better, hell I’ve been in better. I’ve been in better matches than that when there weren’t cameras on. I’ve been in better matches than that on BPZ 2K18. Everyone is on the Julius bandwagon. And don’t get me wrong, the match was perfect for an overrated house show with a budget which is what Bad Blood was. I mean has everyone forgotten Necce’s Mania match? That match was perfect, granted all due to Necce but to say that Julius and Angelo, a man who management fucks over more than their sisters, to say those two had one of the greatest matches? Necce, I don’t see how you put up with all the disrespect. I honestly don’t. Believe me brother. After 3 years of doing this. After countless sleepless nights. After a broken fucking neck at the expense of wanting to put on a good match. You learn how to swallow disrespect. You learn to cope with being pushed down with the expectation of no retaliation. It’s a lot like addiction. At first you want to kick it, you want to throw it away and forget it ever happened, but you eventually just become numb to it. You know it’s there. It’s the 800 pound elephant with a BPZ logo on it sitting on your chest. But you learn how to ignore it being there and keep on going for a company who doesn’t care. Unless you suck enough dick there, you will get screwed over. Don’t believe me, not only was Jason fucked out of his Premium tite but they pulled out of our deal. Me and Jason are supposed to be Tag champs right now but BPZ decided to fuck us over yet again, just like they did when they named Prince… FUCKING PRINCE...the number one draft pick instead of any of us. And look how well that’s turned out. Not one TV appearance. Not one promo. Not one match. Not even a report of him being backstage at a house show. A complete and total fucking waste of a number one pick. But Carnage is used to blowing surefire money making angles at this point. I’m back. I heard the name Prince and my failure radar went off. But Buddy, I believe you wanted to say something about the fact we are not Tag Champs? Oh yes. Look, maybe it’s because my father has more balls than any member of BPZ management, he taught me that when you make a deal, you honor that deal. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Okay, let’s throw the curtain back once again. Once the Golden Legacy broke up, both Flynn and Necce, agreed to hand over the Tag Titles to me and Jason as a way to legitimize us. This was approved by the higher ups, ask Necce if you don’t believe me, hell ask Flynn. But at the last moment, they decided to go a different direction because God forbid we get any kind of exposure right? Oh no, let’s just let the tag titles collect dust for a few weeks. You know not like, Ruin, a group I loved by the way and I know I speak for my brothers when I say that but Ruin made the Tag titles legitimate, not cause they had to. FDS and Johnny are two guys who can challenge whoever they want and have whatever kind of match they want. No, they revived the Tag division to make it mean something again and this is how BPZ thanks them? By burying the Tag titles and trying to bury us? I’m getting real tired of this shit. Oh course Necce, you know all about that bullshit. When you were Universal champion, they tried to treat you like an afterthought. Tried? There wasn’t any trying going on. I was an afterthought through and through. Should I go ahead and through back the curtain on this one as well? Go ahead, we all have so you might as well. I had a plan for this show but it’s turned into a shoot fest so go ahead. I’ve been smoking this vape throughout the whole show. But this topic gets me so fired up that I need a cigarette. Anyone got a light I can borrow? I got you boss ( Jason hands him an entire pack) Something tells me you’re gonna need every single one. (Necce grabs the pack and the lighter.) Thanks brother. (Before he lights one, he looks to Vala, who earlier announced that she was pregnant.) You ok with this? I should excuse myself. I breathe in the smoke and I may give birth to another Storm or something. ( Vala excuses herself and leaves the area) (Necce lights a cigarette and takes a long draw off of it. He blows the smoke into the camera.) So I don’t know if you guys knew this, but for 4 months, I was Universal Champion. I say this because everyone else seems to have forgotten it. So before this even happens, I knew that this was going to be something that the fans were going to enjoy. When Slim vs Smith was announced as the BPZMania 3 main event, just under half of the entire stadium was filled with pre orders. But once Necce vs Flynn was announced, the entire stadium filled up in about 20 minutes with pre orders. That’s shorter than the match that we had that night. Now any reasonable booker would put the match that effectively sold out the stadium in which your biggest show is taking place at the end of the show, as that’s the match that more people want to see. But nope, as will be a recurring feature in my little rant here, he was put on second to last. But I thought that would change once the match itself happened, or rather, before it happened. When my music hit, the ENTIRE stadium was singing along, word for word. When I said my catchphrase, the ENTIRE stadium said it with me. And when I won the belt, the entire stadium jumped out of their seats. The emotion in that stadium was raw, you could feel it in the locker room. They were loud that night, but not as loud as when I became Universal Champion on the semi-main event. And the next night was insane. They did it all over again. My music, my catchphrase, chants that prevented me from talking. It was all there. Coming from the only other guy here who was at Mania, I can confirm. I had goosebumps on my dick skin, that’s how special that moment was. My mouth was dropped, I thought I had died and went to heaven. The only way I can explain it is that you had to have been there. You can probably attest to this Marker. But the Neccework doesn’t do it justice. You could feel their passion. All 80,000 of them were sending their unabashed love, and I could feel it. We could all feel it. Many people in the crowd were crying, Hell, many people in the back were crying. There were grown men who kick ass for a living, in tears as they watched the monitors. They could feel the stadium shaking from the ovation. From inside the dressing rooms. They had finally seen one of their peers who was never given the opportunity he deserved, admittedly some of it was his own fault, make it on the grandest stage of them all. I was one of the guys crying, I’ll admit it. I watched that match on my TV, this was the night before I debuted, just in case you didn’t know. And I had tears coming down, that’s how powerful it was. That ranks as my favorite match of all time because, there’s only a handful of times in wrestling that moments will be immortalized and frozen in time, that is one of them. When I did my crucifixion pose on the stage, and I saw 80,000 people do it with me, I knew that this was going to be something special. So I get to Carnage the next day. And instantly I make a B-line for Bailey’s office. To give a little context, Nebakos was set for a return to BPZ after a year or so away. Nebakos was one of the men who trained me how to wrestle in the BPZ style. And we’ve been pretty close ever since. We even did a dumb little series on BPZ.com where we were dance partners and eventually battled in a Dance Contest where he cheated to win. It drew so much traffic to the site that the website shut down for a little while. So I came to Bailey with a perfect Teacher vs Student angle right after BPZMania. It would kinda blend the momentum I had with the return of Neb. Every time we travel, in any city we stop in, I buy a legal pad and a pack of pens. I do this in every city because by the time we get to the next one, the pad is filled with notes, ideas, and storylines. So I go to Bailey with an entire pad filled with this long term story. And he tells me, “Well Jon, you’re gonna be facing Angelo at World at War.” Angelo and I had some history earlier in the year, as we were the iron men in the first ever BPZ Scramble match at Night of Legends. I beat him to win the number one contendership that lead me to winning the Universal Championship at Mania. So I go to him and we map out a whole story. How he felt that the title should be his and that I screwed him out of that belt. While it wasn’t the story I wanted, it was a story that would serve as a good storyline after my rivalry with Flynn. Whatever happened to Neb by the way? Who? Oh, he couldn’t handle the pressure here so he went off to Hollywood or something. There’s actually more about him coming up, but that’s later. So anyway. We have this whole story mapped out, and suddenly I get a notification from Bailey’s twitter account. “Sheridan has been added to the Universal Championship match at BPZ World At War, making it a triple threat match!” There was no meeting called, no phone call, no email, no text message, nothing. Brad and I didn’t find out about her inclusion in the match until Twitter found out. We had to sacrifice our story for someone that we didn’t know, someone that didn’t even know how to work a match, someone that had never even been on BPZ TV before. One second she didn’t exist, the next she was in a title match. So, being the professionals that we are, Angelo and I went to her and we mapped out the match. She obviously wasn’t scheduled to win, so we would just let her follow Angelo and I’s lead throughout the match. We went to Bailey to confirm this, and everything was cool. So we get to World At War. Our match has been bumped down to the semi main for a WarGames match with no build and that I, as the champion with a stable, wasn’t even invited to be apart of. Bailey comes to me before the match and tells me “Hey, we’re gonna have Angelo get beaten down before the match, so you’ll have to carry most of the load tonight.” Before I could say anything, he slapped me on the shoulder and said “I know you’ll do fine” and walked out to go get ready for his main event match. So I had no story, an opponent who I have no interest in facing and who doesn’t know how to work a match, and one third of my opponents not taking part in the match. So I just went out and phoned in a subpar 14 minute match. Oh, that’s another thing. I was in Gorilla, this match was supposed to go about 40 minutes and the WarGames match was supposed to go about 20. Well I’m getting ready to go out, and Bailey once again comes to me and says, “Hey, I’m sorry, but the WarGames match is gonna go about 50. So your match has been cut down to 15.” I didn’t say anything, I just grinded my teeth and went out there. There’s more I could say about that match, like how Sheridan didn’t want to take the pin, even though Brad and I were the 2 vets and were in charge of everything involving the match. But eventually I just pinned her with the Antichrist Revolution. I even did the Sting pin where I put all of my body weight on her to make sure she didn’t kick out. I walked to the back and there was Bailey in his gear, watching the show and getting ready to go out. He shot me a fake smile and said “Good match Jon!” I just looked him in the eyes and said “You owe me.” And went back to my dressing room to complain to my wife. I mean if WarGames had a reason for existing or even a little build, maybe I could understand but there was nothing! I know this is before I was around but I do my homework. I watched World at War, I saw that WarGames match and there was nothing there! Hell the winners soon faded away in obscurity. If I can interject here, see my first match was at World at War, I was facing Apex and Bailey told me to bring home my match in 25, and mine was 3 Stages of Hell, But we had more time than the champion at the time, granted you can’t rush a 3 Stages of Hell match but the Universal title match should have at least the fifty minutes, Sheridan shouldn’t have been put in that match, don’t get me started on that. I mean Bailey decided to hog the damn spotlight for a match that had no follow up! You can’t have a one and done be your main event. Not to mention, Sheridan had the nerve to say she didn’t want to take the pin when that was the only way the match could win. No one is gonna believe some nobody is gonna come in and beat Necce for the strap after his performance at Mania. That whole situation was a bunch of bullshit. I mean Sheridan should have been thanking Necce and Angelo for be willing to work with her, that is a chance I would have killed for at the time. It goes back to what we said before to our fellow rookies. You can’t be in the spotlight from the getgo, you have to earn it! Well after that match. I kept going to Bailey’s office with fresh ideas and matches. Matches that I haven’t had before. I had entire stories planned out for guys like Neb, Echo, Ross, Julius. These all could’ve been big matches, but none of them ever went anywhere. So I come in one day and he tells me “You’re gonna be working Ropati at Power Trip Cup.” Keep in mind that I had no matches after my triple threat match and that match was over a month away. And he also tells me, “Ropati can’t show up because he’s injured. So he can’t promo, you’re gonna have to carry the torch.” Now, working with an injury is very dangerous. However, if all you have to do is cut promos for a month and not work a match while injured, there should be no problem. At the time, I had a cracked rib from the Scramble match, an injured wrist, a reaggravated neck injury because Sheridan hit her German Suplex from the top rope and over rotated, dumping me on my neck that I broke in a similar move just under 2 years prior, and a broken tailbone. Actually, funny story. You guys know the Springboard 450 spot from the scramble match right? Yeah Yep Sure So for those of you who don’t know, Poi was on the announcers table on the outside. Inside the ring, Monda was looking to hit my with the Monda Bomb, which is a pop up Powerbomb. He overthrew me and I landed standing up on the ropes, which I turned into a Springboard 450 through the table. When I hit the table, it didn’t break, so my rib cracked upon impact. Then I flipped over and landed in a tree of woe kind of position on the barricade, when I hit that, my tailbone broke instantly. My tailbone was already killing me because I had given Angelo a piledriver off the top rope through a table to the outside, and I did a sunset flip Powerbomb to the outside of the ring, both times I landed right on my ass. And my Death From Above finisher, my main finisher, is a Springboard DDT that has me landing in a seated position. But even with all of that, I still had to get on the road and work the Tag Team Tournament. So I didn’t get the privilege of sitting home and nursing my injuries like Ropati did. I had to take bumps on my ass constantly, because Bailey thought that the Death From Above would “look weird and unbelievable” if I landed on my back. This isn’t Ropati’s fault of course, he wanted to come in and at least work some promos to get the story going. But Bailey wouldn’t let him. So we had absolutely nothing going into our match, which was, surprise, in the semi main. We were given 20 minutes that surprisingly weren’t cut for Flynn vs Julius. And Ropati came up with the finish. He was gonna go for a Kiwi Kick, but I was gonna reverse it into a Begotten, which has me land on my back so I wouldn’t aggravate my injury. So I was only 3 months into my Universal Championship reign, and I was already worn out. I was hurt, I wasn’t given any matches but not allowed to go home, and every idea I had was shot down before it even left my mouth. So I sat in my hotel room that night and knew that I had to resign. Whether it was as Universal Champion or from Carnage all together, I knew I had to go. So I went into Bailey’s office, and he must’ve known I was tired, so he said, “You have a match at King Of The Ring. Main event match. And you’re gonna be dropping the title to Flynn.” I was actually relieved that I was dropping the belt. And he even sweetened the deal by saying “And you get to go home for a few days and rest up before we start to build the match.” It wasn’t for as long as I would’ve wanted, but I was glad nonetheless. So after a few days of rest, Flynn came over to my house, we sat at the kitchen table, and we planned out the entire match. Every move. Every reaction. Every kick out. Even every fan reaction. We had it all mapped out. And then we went to work. At King Of The Ring, I went into the match refreshed. I actually cared about this one. I was excited to wrestle. And so was Flynn, and we put on THE greatest match not only of the year, but of all time. And I say that without a drop of ego. The emotion, the drama, the passion, the tears, everything the Mania match had, this match had tenfold. So after that match, I was allowed to go home again. I did all the stuff I don’t normally get to do. I made my daughter's lunch for the next day. I laid out her clothes for school. I read her a bedtime story. Then I banged the shit out of my wife. (Everyone in the room laughs) Then I fell asleep. I woke up a few hours later in the middle of the night with almost 100 text messages and missed phone calls. I got linked to an article on BPZ.com. “Necce and Flynn have been traded over to EVOLVE for Bart and Johnny Kills.” And it was after reading that headline that I knew, that Bailey was a fucking retard. He took two of his biggest money makers on the brand, and just gave them away. I’m not just blowing smoke up my own ass when I say this. But this is physical proof of how vital I was to Carnage. Any time a segment I was in was on the air, ratings instantly skyrocketed, and then when it was over, they sunk back down. The only PPV I was the main event of as champion was King Of The Ring, and I lost, and it drew the biggest buy rate of any BPZ PPV since BPZMania. There was even a match that was supposed to be the main event of a PPV that ended up not happening. It was supposed to be Necce & Flynn vs Julius & Echo Wilson. The 4 biggest stars on the brand at the time. The guys who were bringing in the most ratings and the most money, in one match together. Not even a tag match, just a tag team match. It would’ve given Bailey permission to print money, and he fucking squandered it! So that’s when I decided that I was done. I was done doing what was asked of me and going along with everyone else’s fucking agenda. I wasn’t gonna “play by the script” anymore. I was gonna do things on my own terms, and whenever the fuck I wanted to do them. Ya know, I’m glad that Echo became champion after Flynn and I left. I’m glad he finally got his moment. Because so far, he’s been treated a hell of a lot better than I ever was as champion! (Necce puts his cigarette out in an ashtray that he has sitting on his knee, this is his 10th one since beginning to talk.) Fuck man I was trying to quit. I tried that once, didn’t work out. But this is why we invited you on, cause personally I know how much that whole thing bothered you and you’ve been DYING to get it off your chest. And you know Jason,it’s not just for cathartic reasons. I also came on here to tell everyone at home this, because after what I did at SummerSlam, all I ever hear about is, “Why did you do it Necce? How could you turn on your best friend like that? How could you throw down the tag team titles like that? How could you?” Well when you’ve put up with as much shit as I have in not only the last 9 months, but the past 3 fucking years, if you could put yourself into my shoes. If you could put yourself into my headspace through all of that, you would be thanking me for ONLY doing what I did. The sheer fact that I only kicked Flynn in the balls, hit him with the Antichrist Revolution, and threw the title onto his face, should be seen as a fucking gift from God! (Necce looks over his shoulder after taking a moment to collect himself.) Vala you can come back now! (Vala comes back in with cold beers for everyone. She goes to hand one to Necce, but he rejects.) No thank you, I’ve been sober for almost 3 years. We had a script for this episode, we had a plan for what we wanted to talk about but instead, we’ve stripped away the characters and just started talking so it is what it is. We would apologize but we just don’t care. Regarding what Necce said, if you don’t treat the champion like the champion, you ruin the show. The champion is the supposed to be in the Main Events, the champion is supposed to close out the show. And Necce, I got to commend you for being able to hang in there. Any other man would’ve just threw the damn belt on the ground and left, as well they should. Like Marker said, we’ve stripped away our characters. And you see how the only reason Necce here stuck around despite being treated like shit is because he’s got a wife and a daughter that he has to provide for. And as you’ve seen, this man is willing to stomach his own pride for his family. And Necce, I apologize for all this. People aren’t supposed to see the men behind the characters so if this affects anything, oh well it needed to be said. The fact of the matter is Necce has put himself through hell and when he turns on Flynn, people ask him why he turned on him?! How many reasons does a man need to turn on someone before you people get it? This is why we don’t like you viewers. You demand so much and piss and moan when we deliver it because we do it in a way that will stick. When Necce turned on Flynn, no one is gonna forget that. When The Frontier formed, no one is gonna forget that. And the funniest part is that no one can figure out that Necce is the victim of this little story. The best thing about it is, that when I look back on it, I don’t feel anger. I feel pity. Bailey and his incompetent team of knuckle dragging dumb fuck creative team kept one of their biggest stars on the ground. They kept his potential on the ground. They kept his passion to have a great title reign on the ground. And when they let him go, that’s exactly where the ratings went, on the ground. Because everyone switched over to EVOLVE. The asses that were in the seats on Carnage every time I was on the card, are now over on EVOLVE. Even as the most hated man in the company, I still have every eye in the world on me. When I “turned on Flynn” it made headlines. ESPN, FOX sports, everywhere Bailey dreamed of reaching, I did it in one move. But I can’t escape the fact that in just 4 fucking months. They killed every drop of passion that I had left in this business. I broke my neck in the middle of the ring, I cracked my rib, I broke my tailbone, I worked not only an entire tag team tournament, but a fucking Deathmatch aswell with those injuries. And I did it with a smile, because I loved this business. But now? I could care less. Everyone is always in it for themselves. And as the old saying goes, “if you can’t beat them, join them.” So now, I’m only in for myself. I don’t care about putting on a good match or sending the fans home happy anymore. I’m only doing this so my daughter can go to college, something I never got to do because I was to busy wrestling for a bunch of ungrateful rednecks who didn’t care if I showed up the next day. I’m doing this so my wife can have some extra spending money, because growing up in a poor family who abused me endlessly, that’s not a luxury I got to indulge. And I’m doing this so that if I ever feel the urge to throw a million dollars off of a fucking cliff, it wouldn’t even put a dent in my pocket. The tears that you all cried at BPZMania and King Of The Ring, those tears meant everything to me. Seeing you all cry out of sheer overwhelming was something had I held in my heart and my mind every day for months. But now, there isn’t a number low enough to describe how little they mean to me now. The Necce that you once knew is dead. And in his place, arose a phoenix of hate. A monster that you created yet have the audacity to boo because he did what was best for his family. I say this to each and every one of you watching. The ones that think of Flynn as some kind of goddamn martyr because he got what was coming to him. I say the same words he said to me last year at Survivor Series, the words he said to me at BPZMania, and the words that I spit back into his face at SummerSlam. FUCK. YOU. (Everyone in the room put their hands on Necce’s shoulders as he calms himself down.) Speaking of doing what’s best for your family, I got so much hate when me and the First Lady here got back together. Okay, since we’re getting personal here and people saying that me and Vala’s second go around is gonna fail just like it did before here in the comments of our livestream, here’s the skinny. Me and her got married right after High School, a month before I was to deploy to a country I wasn’t supposed to come back from. I was overseas four years and I come back and you all know the story. We ended up splitting up three months later, she married Storm, I trained to become a pro wrestler. And look, I’ve never held anything against Vala, she did what she had to do, for all she knew her husband was wounded somewhere so she turned to our mutual friend Storm for comfort. And I’m not even that mad at Storm for what he did. Don’t get me wrong, what he did is almost as bad as all the shit Flynn has done to Necce over the years but he did what he felt he had to do and he was a man about it. But that being said, it was only a matter of time before me and her got back together. Storm, you were a placeholder nothing more. And since we are no longer in character, I’m gonna give the kid a shoutout cause he damn sure deserves one. Storm, I know you’re watching. Keep going in the direction you are and you will be something in this business, just stop giving a shit what everyone thinks. Do you have any idea how many times the four of us should have been fired by now all because we did something that offended the entire staff, not just the locker room but the staff of BPZ?! Everything The Flock and The Frontier does is pushing the boundaries. Alright guys, we need to wrap this up, Jesus Christ this went places. So let’s play everyone’s favorite game, Who's getting fired? Who wants to go first? I’ll go. Personally, I’d fire Bailey. His entire career, he has done everything only for himself, at the detriment of others. He kept his biggest draw as another run of the mill midcarder. So for that I would not only fire him as Carnage GM, but as a BPZ personnel. Bailey, you’ll probably see this because your narcissism won’t allow you to not watch something that mentions your name as much as I do. So I wanna say this to you right now. I hate you. I hate everything you stand for. And I hate you as a human being. For what you did to me and everyone else you have laid to waste on your way to the ultimate golden boy, I hope you fuck off forever and die. It’s the absolute best you deserve. Alright I’m next and I’d fire Ark. Here’s why. He’s given up on himself. He no longer wants to be here and he has made that apparent. He’s a quitter and that’s why he never had a chance against me or Jason Ryan, which by the way, good luck to you in the finals of Block A in The Frontier series. Marker, have fun kicking Flynn’s ass in your match. We are one step further from capturing the Global championship and once we win, regardless who wins, Necce will be getting the first shot at the strap cause that’s the least he deserves. If I had to pick anyone to fire, I’d choose Necce and before any of you jump on me, let me explain. I’d fire him and rehire him to at least an eight figure contract with full benefits and at least one main event match per month. Seriously, it’s about time the travesty he went through is made up for. Not just for him, but think of his wife having to shoulder her half of all that, having to watch her husband damn near kill himself for the sake of wrestling. So just so we can start the healing here, so we show our appreciation towards this future Hall of Famer right here. Alright Jason bring us home. Who am I going to fire? I’d have to say...man this is hard so many people to choose from... There are just so many people who don’t deserve the contracts they have. True that, true that. But I’d fire Bart because Bart, who even are you? You have made the IC title nonexistent. That IC title has lost so much prestige since Mania and you having it makes it even worse! Granted you don’t need to be the champion to be noticed but if you can’t even make a title relevant, you shouldn’t even have gold! And I’m just gonna say it, I’m probably going to have to see Ross in his office but fuck it. The only reason you have that title is because your little friends Echo and Julius have gold and because management has such a hard on for Kingdom, which um, pretty sure there’s a stable or tag team with that name already, that’s gimmick in- (Necce looks over to Jason. He whispers to him.) Look man, let’s not go around accusing people of gimmick infringement. I didn’t come up with The Flock name and the owners of it make more money than I ever will so let’s not go around making accusations. (Jason flashes Necce a wink) Just trying to bring it back into Kayfabe for the ending cause that what people like but you’re the boss. Anyway Bart, bottom line is, you are the weak link of Kingdom, something I personally have heard Echo and Julius say before. So Bart, just for taking an already dead championship and destroying it even further, we’re going to have to wish you luck in your future endeavors. Now before we leave you, one last piece of news. And that is Mister Mike Hunt is officially the reviewer of The Frontier/ The Flock. I mean that should be obvious since all he has done is talk us up. Once again, you people missed the obvious. So as of right now, Mister Hunt now works for us. Alright boys. The juice in my vape is running out and I need to go call my wife and read to my daughter, because even though I haven’t had a match in almost a month, I’m not allowed to go home. So we gonna wrap it up here? Yep. Just remember people. We are really your friends, all we are trying to do is help. But as long as you refuse us, I guess we’re gonna have to force you to wake up and realize that no matter how hard you try, we are here to take over and you really don’t have the talent or the balls to stop us. Welcome to the Age of the Flock. (Necce stands up and does his crucifixion pose.) Quote The Raven, Nevermore. (Soon after he says the final word. The static that was present at the beginning of the broadcast returns and continues until the screen abruptly cuts to black.) ( Thanks to Necce for working with me on this episode)
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    Destroying the Universe

    Live at Evolve in San Fransico, the live crowd eagerly await another night of wrestling. The first theme they hear is the following ( The following programming has been temporarily suspended. Welcome to The Frontier Entertainment) Jason comes to the ring with everyone seemingly trying to boo him out of the arena. Jason enters the ring, microphone in hand. Ladies and gentlemen, the following is now rated F for The Frontier. I am your director, producer, writer, and lead actor, jason Ryan. What's up sluts? Did you miss me? Loud booing is all he needs for an answer Good because I feel the same damn way! I didn't want to come to this city, the only thing living here is steers and queers and ain't no one here with a set of horns on their foreheads...or a set of nuts between their legs. Which means Ark is going to feel right at home in this city, considering he has never manned up once in his life. Ark has always been a chick with a dick. And judging from his last " promo" if you want to call that shit a promo, he's out the door after The Frontier Series. Which is fine by me because let's be honest, nobody is gonna miss that bitch. I do hope Ark is out if his way because let's be honest, all he does is bitch and lose. I am actually insulted that Ark is allowed to be in BPZ after the times he has gotten his ass kicked in hilarious fashion, I'll admit. I mean let's be honest here Ark, there are two types of wrestlers. Guys like me who prove night in and night out that they deserve to be here, that they are destined to be huge in the industry, megastars. Then there are guys like you who only got their contract because the concessions stand wasn't hiring. Yet, you actually think you can beat me. Same with all these parasites. What say you, people of San Fransico, do you think Ark can win? The crowd cheers loudly for Ark as Jason laughs Well in that case... Are you stupid? Are you dumb? Are you Autistic? Do you have Down Syndrome? Are you sexually attracted to your sister and or children? Do you have too many X Chromosomes? Does your daddy molest you? You think Ark Universe, the worst member of the Evolve roster has even the slightest chance to defeat Evolve's Megastar? Ark Universe can't even beat himself off so how in the hell is he going to beat me?! The crowd reacts negatively to Jason's outrageous statement who just casually lights up a cigarette Ark Universe is going to realize just how bad he fucked up when we get in the ring together. Because as soon as that bell rings, I am going to break every bone in his body and I'm not going to stop until he has been utterly broken. And as his bitch tears run down his cheeks and his piss runs down his leg, he will know that I am better than him, I have always been better than him and I always will be better than him. And after I am done, I am going to find his little boy toy Henrico or whoever that pedophile looking mother fucker is and I am going to douse him in gasoline and light him on fire and there's not a damn thing Ark can do because he doesn't have a scrap of manhood in his heart or between his legs! Ark, there is a reason someone ran you over. It's because nobody back in that locker room can stand you. And before you accuse me of running you down, just know this. You were never on my radar, you are not on my level. I don't need to get the drop on you to beat you, let's be honest Ark. You are nothing but a wannabe Taylor Swift walking around here with your dumbass guitar. You couldn't wrestle out of a wet paper bag and you can't draw people to your matches for dick. You are one of the people that everyone uses for their piss breaks whenever you are on screen. You don't have a speck of talent, unless you count your uncanny ability to bore everyone and get your ass kicked. And now you want to leave? Good, leave, you're a coward! I can see the yellow stripe down your back every time I see you. Ark Universe, you are nothing but a child touching pussy! So allow me to send you off in style. First Lady Vala, if you will. Vala walks down to the ring holding Ark's guitar that he had laid in the ring in one hand and a bag full of t-shirts in another. Vala throws it in the ring and hands Jason lighter fluid and a lighter. She reaches in the back and pulls out an Ark Universe T-shirt. She lays the T-shirts on the guitar and steps back Hey Ark, treat this like an omen of what exactly is gonna happen to your hopes, your dreams and especially the joke you call a career. After we face off, it'll all go up and smoke, which fits you perfectly considering all you are is smoke and mirrors. Stick your Block Ark bullshit up your ass bitch. See you soon. Jason pours the lighter fluid on the T-shirts and the guitar and lights a match. He smirks and throws the match on the drenched pile, causing it all to erupt in flames. Jason smirks before he and Vala exit the ring to a chorus of loud hate filled boos. Suddenly, the screen becomes full of static and distortion. The words that Jason say sound like they aren’t coming from a human, but something far more sinister. The screen becomes overrun with static. The feed is all static and darkness. It goes from a few bursts of static to a brief intermission of darkness. It looks like it’s going to happen again, when an image is shown on the screen. All in black and white are 5 people standing there; The three members of The Frontier, the First Lady Vala, and The Antichrist Necce, all of them wearing the white, emotionless mask that Necce wears during his entrances. Only illuminated by a single swinging light bulb. Marker is seen holding his NXT Championship by the strap, and Jason Ryan and Buddy Ace hold the Tag Team Titles in the same fashion. The scene is once again broken up by fits of static and distortion, as white text appears on the screen. “Welcome” “To The Age Of The Flock”
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    Prelude to the Chamber: Pt 5 Finale

    The following Carnage program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement... The screen cuts to the Unsanctioned Zone. In the Unsanctioned ring is empty. Hollow's voice is heard but he cannot be seen. Hollow, "The Prelude is to begin. The chamber calls and six will arrive upon the day of havoc of Halloween. Six will look to seek a prize but only one will get a chance at Redemption." Hollow pauses and the lights of the unsanctioned zone go out then come back on in the ring is a shattered rocking chair. Hollow, "This is day one and we start with the first mortal man who the chamber calls. The biggest shame and broken mess that is Kieron Black. In the ring of unsanctioned is of old, when he was strong. When he was something at one time he stuck fear into nearly everyone he faced, but a bg tragic happened. He forgot what made him strong and went out into the light to seek success. While he found what he wanted, in form of the Premium championship, it damned him. It made him blind and he was brought to Emergence led by his new found light and success and he found himself in the asylum. An old ally now but there his executioner put him and his light out! They were destroyed and should have been left to be forgotten but Fourteen has decided to not to forget him. Looking at Havoc adding him to the chamber where the result can end only one way for poor Kieron. His annihilation!" Hollow pauses and the camera fades to black but he continues talking once it goes black. Hollow, "We look into the chamber and we see who all will be those will enter at Angelo, Roptai, Yelich, Prince, Kieron and Hollow. One is done, Kieron will be eliminated. Five are left. Halloween Havoc is coming" The message from Hollow ends with that statement which is the first part to Hollow's journey to Halloween Havoc.
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    Braving the Frontier

    ( WARNING: If you can’t create accounts online without your parents permission. If you can’t go to R rated movies without an adult with you. If you cry at the end of the movie “Titanic,” this show isn’t for you. Switch over to Teletubies or BPZ Commentaries, or any other mindless entertainment for children, and of course, try to Follow That. Węłçømę Tø Thę Ågę Øf Thę Fłøçk.) ( Jason shows up on camera) Hello everybody and welcome to the greatest show to ever grace the Neccework. I am just one of your co-hosts, I go by many names. The Anarchist, The Outlaw, BPZ’s Reckoning, The Megastar, Big Dick Daddy, God God oh my God, Jason Ryan. But I’m not here alone, gentlemen grace us with your presence. (Marker shows up on camera) What’s up all you five cent hookers watching? It is I, the future longest reigning NXT champion, the king of the NXT Division, and will shall be known as the greatest NXT champion of all mother fucking time but I am just one man, Marker. Now for our compatriots to join us. Buddy, tell em what’s up. (Buddy Ace shows up on the webcam) Hello once again, idiots of the world. You all know who I am by now but I'll keep telling you. I am the real number one draft pick, a member of the hottest faction in BPZ today, the Awesome One, Buddy Ace. (The camera cuts over to Necce. Unlike last week, he looks the same as he normally does. The hat and glasses that he wore last week are nowhere to be found. He sits in a slumped position in his chair, and starts to speak in the same hushed tone that he uses in his promos) The world is full of kings and queens, who blind your eyes and steal your dreams. It’s Heaven and Hell. (Everyone sits quietly for a second, unsure of how to react to that sudden tonal shift. Suddenly, Necce starts cracking up, and everyone else in the room follows along) Nah none of that bullshit. What’s up y’all. It’s I, the man, the myth, the legend, the legend killer, the Mrs. Brave thriller, the killa in Manila, owner of several Manila envelopes, and the owner of an NSync poster that hangs above my bed at home. The Antichrist, Necce. Quote the Raven nevermore and all that other good shit. (Jason chuckles at Necce’s introduction) Well gentlemen, once again we meet again after doing what we do best, kicking everybody’s ass. So I guess we should first address Marker kicking Flynn’s ass and proving to the world that Flynn just doesn’t have it anymore, but Necce would know all about that. So, what are your thoughts on Marker here exposing Flynn for the complete overhyped pushover he truly is? I’ll go first. I have prepared a list of people I need to thank for this moment ( Marker pretends to choke up as he unfolds a piece of paper) The Flock for being the only people in the world worth associating with and me for being the one to show Flynn that he is no longer welcome here in BPZ. I’d like to say it was difficult but I’m not a liar, didn’t even break a sweat. I seriously don’t see why he’s such a big deal. Oh wait, it’s cause Necce always had to carry his sorry ass. Seriously Necce, how are you not a hunchback after all the times you had to carry him? Well Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch, I don’t know how I don’t have severe scoliosis by now. I mean dragging over 250 pounds of no talent to one of the greatest rivalries and matches this company and sport has ever seen sure does take a toll on the body. Some days I have to drag myself out of bed, because even with all the damage I’ve done to my body throughout the years here in this god forsaken company, nothing has made me as sore as having to piggyback Flynn to something that’s actually interesting and worth watching. I haven’t gotten my Nobel Prize in the mail yet, but I’m waiting patiently. Oh, you absolutely deserve that and so much more for that. It's only a matter of time, I’m sure. I expect you to get placed as a nominee for every single award from humanitarian to entertainment for it. Heck, you could be in the BPZ hall of fame just based on all the work you had to do with Flynn. Both you and Marker both deserve all sorts awards. You deserve it *clap clap clap* You deserve it *clap clap clap* You deserve it. Speaking of the Frontier Series, Buddy and I are set to go one on one to see who is going to the finals. And yes, I see what Ross is trying to do. He’s trying to turn The Flock against each other. That’s cute. The funny thing is that as long as one of us win the Global championship, that’s all that matters. Besides, this is going to be one of the greatest matches in history. I mean this is BPZ’s version of Muhammad Ali vs Mike Tyson, Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady, Lebron James vs Michael Jordan, Cy Young vs Babe Ruth. Good luck to you Buddy, no hard feelings regardless who wins, Because this is just a stepping stone to one of us winning the Frontier Series an unlike Julius winning that bullshit King of the Ring tournament, whichever one of us who wins this tournament will have earned it. I mean we already run Evolve and no one has had the balls to step up to us, we run the show unopposed because it seems everyone left their balls at home. Anyone who steps to The Flock will be set down. And trust me I will win my Block and we will have an all Frontier finals and no one will be able to Follow That, no surprise there We always knew that one of us would be going to the finals and becoming Global Champion, so everything's been relatively standard. Now this match between Jason and I, this is the real finals. With the way the points are looking, Josh might just worm his way into the finals to face one of us, and there's no way we're gonna let any outside interference allow him to steal a second victory from us. So everyone in BPZ gets a special treat. Two members of the greatest faction in BPZ battling it out. That's not something you'll get to see often so you best be watching because the victor of that 20 star classic will be the next Global Champion. I mean, it was only a matter of time wasn’t it? Once you guys formed and we got together, you could practically count the seconds because The Frontier and The Flock took control of EVOLVE. We’re giving people a reason to watch again. Something that EVOLVE hasn’t had in, oh I don’t know, ever. There’s a reason to care, and the reason lies entirely at our feet boys. And it’s only a forgone conclusion that everyone else will come to realize this once Global Series rolls around. At the end of the night when we hold up the NXT Championship, the Tag Team titles, and the Global Championship, that’s when everyone will finally come to grips with the fact that The Frontier is here. The Flock is here. And if you don’t like that, you better learn to deal with it. And if you think any differently, then you’re stupid, you’re dumb, you’re Autistic, you have Down Syndrome, you have too many X Chromosomes, your father molests you, you’re sexually attracted to our sister and or children. Now I need to go on a little rant here. Echo’s homosexual sex slave, Julius keeps on say I’m all talk no action saying he’s beaten me twice, when I was just starting out mind you, and all of the sudden he thinks he’s better than me.He’s mentioned that a lot actually. It’s almost like he can’t think of anything else to say. I guess that’s why he’s had everyone else write his promos for him. I mean I know he’s borderline retarded but seriously, has he forgotten all the shit I’ve put him through? I have bloodied him three times, Outsmarted him on numerous occasions, I have destroyed his house, I have performed a fucking cult ritual on him and have branded him… so if we really want to keep score here, pretty sure I’m in the lead by a lot. So Julius, I’d tell you to suck my dick but you’d probably like that so I’ll just let you do what it is you always do whenever someone makes fun of you. Weep openly and deeply in the arms of Echo while he soothes your hair and whispers in your ear. He’s been like that since I’ve met him man. He thinks that as long as he wins matches he has leverage. But the funny thing is that’s the only way he can stay relevant. I mean the guy can’t cut a promo to save his life which is why he has Echo writes all his shit because writing is too hard for someone who hasn’t figured out you’re not supposed to eat crayons yet. He keeps talking about his title belts like they’re supposed to mean something. Look, if you need a championship to be relevant, you aren’t any good whatsoever and anytime Julius doesn’t have gold, people collectively forget about him, just like how everyone has forgotten Bart is a thing Julius likes to pretend like he is unstoppable and all that shit, well I’m here as someone who has beaten Julius, and I’ll tell you that he is all bark and not even a little bit of bite. He said in his interview of Weekly whatever the fuck that he’s going to “destroy me” at Global Series. Yet he forgets who was the one that took your tag belts in the first place. And I did it with that worthless sack of shit Flynn, so if you’re supposed to be some monster, a Goliath for the David’s of BPZ to try to slay, then I honestly wonder if you were only hired because of your size. Your promos suck, your wrestling sucks, everything about you doesn’t even come close to the threshold of mediocre. You said that lightning doesn’t strike twice, get back to me after Global Series when you have 3rd degree burns on your ass and have been embarrassed for the Tag team titles 2 times in a row. It's a damn shame that our world champion is someone like Julius. He is not at all fit to be the face of this company. This is the kind of guy that drives all of the fans away from the product. Julius is like some sort of retarded dinosaur. He’s just some big animal with a peanut sized brain. It’s unbearable to see him on television. But like we said before, titles don’t automatically make you better than the rest. The Flock, that’s the real face of this company, regardless of what titles we hold. We are the people everyone waits to see on their screens every week, the people they buy tickets to go see in person. The Flock is BPZ. Alright, it’s time for me to momentarily drop the character and do what you smarks like to call a shoot. As much as I talk shit about Julius, I’d much rather him be the champion than Flynn because I swear to God if management give that cock sucker another title reign I am going to lose my shit. Because I’ll give it to Julius, I know I give him a lot of shit, but at least he shows up and somewhat deserves it. Personally I think he was given the world title too soon but hey, better him than Slim or Flynn, aka the two worst people to ever exist here at BPZ, two people that are good at one thing, being a couple of pussies that bitch, piss and moan about how they are treated everytime they aren’t given everything under the sun what with Slim always threatening free agency everytime he doesn’t get what he wants. And that my friends is why you gotta practice safe sex. So Julius, for once I’m pulling for you to retain. Hell I'll even pay you if you end Flynn’s fucking career so we never have to see that cock sucker ever again. This wasn’t Jason Ryan addressing Julius but Drake Solace addressing the man behind the character. Because the thing is, behind the scenes Julius is a good friend of mine but I swear to God, if they decide to fuck him over and give Flynn the title, I am NOT gonna be happy We have spent way too much time talking about Julius, we better move on. You see Necce, we have a surprise for you. For the first time ever, we have a guest on this show, Angelo! Feel free to interview him ( Marker pulls out a blowup doll that has an Angelo Caito T-shirt on as everyone gives over the top sarcastic reactions) Oh my god I can’t believe it, finally my favorite wrestler of all time is here, how are you doing Angelo?! (Necce turns he head to the side and talks for the blow up doll in a squeaky voice) Well, not good. My wife and I just got into a fight recently, and she roughed me up pretty bad. Oh my god Angelo, you never told us you were in an abusive relationship! Well it’s not exactly abusive, at this point in our marriage, it’s the only way she shows affection for me anymore. It was my fault the fight happened. I was talking long after she put her hand up, at which point I must be quiet. So she hit me with all of her strength, which is more than I’ll ever have. Well Angelo, Halloween is coming up soon. How do you like to celebrate the festivities? I like to scare children by telling them that their dreams are destined to fail. Haha, only for some of us. Don’t you wear any costumes for Halloween? No mask or outfit can hide my shame. I can’t simply become someone else. I am cursed to be Angelo Caito until the day that I finally get to taste the sweet and refreshing release of death. A day I pray for but never comes. A taste I have attempted to taste before, but was too much of a pussy to go through with it, then I sob myself to sleep knowing that even when it comes to the end of my own life, I’m still nothing but a failure. Well Angelo, you talked about your overly muscular wife earlier, do you think that the love you two shared in the beginning is gone now? There was never love Necce. My wife never wanted to love me, she just wanted to fame and glory from marrying a pro wrestler. But she didn’t know that she was marrying a pro wrestler so boring and lifeless that she would be better off marrying an oxygen flavored stick of gum that didn’t blow bubbles. When I look into my wife’s eyes, when she allows me to that is, they’re as empty as the words I say in my promos. So is this a bad time to ask if the newest kid is mine or not? Because I kinda need to know. But if it is, I'm not paying child support on the stupid sumbatch. That's the bitch's job and I'm not talking about your wife What a surprise, someone other than Angelo has been with his wife. Oh that is such a surprise. Wait, no it’s not, the entire locker room has been with her. Fun fact to our viewers, Angelo's wife is also his sister If it makes you feel any better Angelo, she wasn’t all that good when I got with her. I just thank God I didn’t catch anything Oh god Jason, what a giant step down! I’d rather stick my dick in a garbage disposal then fuck that trash bag with legs. Seriously Jason, you mind explaining just what the hell you were thinking when you fucked her?! I dunno how you didn’t catch one of the 10,000 STDs she has. I mean I know she takes on all comers, but that doesn’t mean you need to call her bluff. Seriously, what must Vala be thinking? Look I was broke, I was desperate and living in fucking motel rooms alongside drug addicts and all of her regular clients. On the plus side, she didn’t charge me. I’m honestly okay with this because at least she actually got with an actual man for once. Besides, I feel nothing but pity for Jason for having to go through the ordeal. So, Christania or whatever the skank's name is, I hope you enjoyed that night because it's the only night you'll be actually pleasured for the rest of your whoring, disease filled life. At least until your kids come of age (Necce looks over and whispers to everyone one in the room so that the blow up doll doesn’t hear him) Honestly guys, I don’t even think his wife would blow this version of Angelo. And she sucked off 10 guys in the locker room once for pills. (Necce turns back to the doll as if nothing happened) So speaking of your family Angelo, Are you as miserable of a husband and father as you are a wrestler? Well to be honest with you Necce, neither my children nor my wife respect me as a husband, a father, a man, or a person. My children don’t even look me in the eye and call me by my first name. My wife mentions her countless affairs that she has when I’m on the road to me as if they were as meaningless as any of my Championship reigns. I can’t even leave her because one of the few times I was allowed to speak in my own house, my wife made me sign over everything to her, so if I left, I would be penniless. I wouldn’t even be able to use the name Angelo Caito. She wouldn’t use it anywhere because of the stigma of shame and failure it has associated with it. My only sanctuary is professional wrestling, yet even then I am inadequate and worthless. My life in a never ending spiral of emptiness. I am constantly forced to come to grips with the fact that I am the reason for all of my shortcomings. The company isn’t against me, the fans aren’t against me, I’m against me. Moving on to a different subject, last week you said that you carried me to a great match, how do you feel about that statement in retrospect? I regret that statement more than I regret my own birth. I can’t even carry a belt for more than a month, how am I going to carry one of the greatest of all time? I should know better seeing as I work as well in the ring as a bucket of wet dirt. I can’t even create a compelling spot, much less a good match. The fact that I have any good matches under my belt is frankly a miracle. I am paired with people who can work a classic match with a broomstick, and then I take the credit for it because I need something to numb the pain of being a hasbeen who never was. I would say I’m washed up, but there would have to be something there in the first place. You’re too good for a match with me Necce. I would tell you to fuck my wife, but you’ve probably done that already, everyone has. My wife has had more men run through her than a track field. I also regret trying to compare my struggles to yours. The difference between our stories is that you were meant to be the top guy on the brand, whereas I’ve never been seen as the top guy in the divisions I was the champion of. I’m slowly accepting the fact that I’m not underrated, I’m not even a legend, I’m BPZ’s most decorated enhancement talent. Very well said Angelo, very well said. Well Angelo, that looks to be all the time we have for you today, because believe it or not, we need time on Braving The Frontier for things people actually care about. So this is where we let you go. (Necce puts his foot on his lap and pulls out the spike that he keeps in his converse. In a fraction of a second, he takes the spike out of his shoe, stabs the doll in the head, popping it, and puts the spike back into his shoe) Everyone give it up for Angelo Cunto (Everyone gives sarcastic claps and cheers, more of an ovation than Angelo has gotten in years. Necce stick the head of The quickly deflating doll into the front of his jeans.) Guess you could be useful for something Well, we blew through this episode. Where we all pick someone we would fire but we are actually gonna add something to it. Not only are we naming someone we are going to fire but also take a guess at what is gonna get us called to Ross’s office where he threatens to fire us but back out last minute because he’s not that stupid. Who wants to go first? (Necce uses the hand of the doll to place onto his chin, making him look like he is deep in thought) Hmm, well if I had to fire one person, it would be, shock, Ain’tgotnotalent Caito. Honestly, the fact that he gets to suck oxygen into his lungs when millions of people don’t get nearly as much of a chance at life as he has wasted his is all the proof I need to conclude that God has given up on this wasteland that we call earth. And that statement right there will probably get me called into Ross’ office, but he won’t do anything to me because he knows that he has nothing else to make up for the ratings he’ll lose if he caned me. (Jason smirks as he raises his hand) Oh boy my turn! Who would I fire? Easy, that overhyped, no style or substance to be had, Echo Wilson. I had to save the worst for least. Echo, mister oh look at me everyone! Look how special I am because I am a three time Premium champion and lack the self awareness to realize I am the reason no one fucking cares about it anymore. Echo, the only reason you have to live are your championships because let’s be honest, no one in your family can stand you. You are a failure as a human being, you are at the same level as Prince in my eyes, you’re as talented as him, let that sink in. The only reason you are even here at BPZ is because management need people to suck off. Once I beat you for your title, the first thing I’m going to do is get in my truck and run it over over and over again until there’s nothing left to it. Reason being is that it will break you, leaving you a broken mess and prime for being finished off. And for what is going to get me sent to Ross’s office? God it’s a toss up between saying I fucked Angelo’s wife, and what I just said. Alright, Buddy, you’re up. Well, those are both great choices, definitely would be at the top of my list. Though for a third person, I’d have to pick...Josh. Josh is one of the biggest television time wasters in the company. He has been doing the same old tired shtick of sucking up to the crowd and then getting his ass kicked in the name of the fans. He is historically one of the least motivated people in this company. He settled for being a glorified jobber for so long that he could become world champ and I still wouldn’t be able to see him as a credible competitor. Now he goes and gets a couple wins thanks to other people and I’m supposed to take that as him reaching for the brass ring? It disgusts me that this man would use such tactics and disgrace our wonderful company. I think it'd be great if he could take his boyfriend Gary Green with him too, if I’m being honest. What’s with the special one thing? Is he admitting he’s a retard or something. But anyways, onto why I’d be brought into Ross’ office. Ya know, I think the only reason he would call me in there in the future would be when I inevitably bury the rest of the Evolve roster. I could totally see Ross begging to not be so dominant, but of course he won’t be able to do anything about that. Guess I’m up. And I’d fire Slim because Slim is falling into irrelevance faster than the Cleveland Browns did. He hasn’t won a match in a good while and because no one is willing to lay down for him, he doesn’t bother showing up because God forbid he actually earns his spot here. Who knows, maybe he’ll actually come back with a speck of talent but I doubt it. And now what will cause me to go to Ross’s office, it’ll most likely be the blow up doll despite the fact it was very accurate. Before we end the show, it’s time to promote our interviewer, Mister Mike Hunt. He has merch out now and all you retards watching should go buy his shit and thank him for being the only reason to watch BPZ Commentaries. He’s the only reviewer who knows what the fuck he is talking about. So Mike Hunt, thanks again for being the best damn reviewer in the world. Alright sluts, we’ll see you next week. Good luck with your wife blue balling you Angelo ( Necce stands up with the doll’s head in his pants and poses. “Quote the Raven nevermore” followed by static cutout)
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    Echo Wilson

    The Order

    Carnage is airing, we are live backstage. A twisted camera leads us to the dark room, the place where the diablo lives. We get into the room and we don't hear anything or see anything but there's a faint voice that gets louder and louder. It seems to be coming from the door and at the peak of the noises, a door swings open and in walks Echo Wilson, with his old friend Gary Green next to him. They are in mid conversation. I'm telling you Green, something is afoot here. I just need time to think and we'll get this whole issue sorted out. For now, let's turn on this camera and do one of our old fashioned interviews, eh? Gary Green nods quickly and nervously. The eerie feeling still gets to him every time he walks in this room. Echo Wilson sees the discomfort in Green and breathes in the musty air. This is his second home. Gary Green: Go on with it, you don't really need my questions anyways. Fair point. Let us begin with the lesser of two evils right now, the Universal Championship Elimination Chamber match. Before I get all analytic with you, let me first say. I will be watching closely. And not just from the back, no, I will be on commentary for the match. Meaning I get the front row seat at scouting all of you and making my job that much easier. Even before we step into the ring at what will be Redemption, I'll know all of your moves, I'll know all of your tendencies. I'll have your entire strategy written out on the back of my hand. At the end of the day, I lowly thank Bailey for taking 6 hard-working peasants and giving them a chance at the King. But there is no contest. There is no marvelous underdog victory coming from this match. Really whoever wins is just booking themselves a ticket to get mauled by me in November. There's no real prize here because a Universal Title shot spells total doom to whoever the challenger is. As far as I'm concerned, when it comes to the Universal Championship there are no holes. There are no weaknesses to capitalize on because I devote 100 percent of my energy into that title and after working so hard for my dreams to manifest, I think its only fitting that I get a worthy title reign being the 3rd man to ever hold this title. With two people coming before, being considered to be legends of the company, well I think its my turn to reach that threshold. Let me break it up and then down for you. Ropati, you have a right to be angry at me, don't you? When I brutalized you at King Of the Ring, I proudly took 3 months off of your career and now you've returned to a fabulous standing ovation, you have been gifted with an opportunity. That you will indubitably squander. Ropati, I suggest you tread carefully or else you may leave Redemption with another broken limb, and you'll have to sit out all Christmas, all of the New Years celebrations, you're life will be miserable, as long as I choose to make it so. Next is Hollow, you and me have a lot, and I mean a lot of history. Back and Forth contests, trading title belts but look who came out the victor before. That man was me. I drew you off the map for summer break and forced you into your summer holidays ahead of time. What makes you think this will be any different? It's the same old Hollow but a stronger Echo. Cause look around at this room. The power emanates from its very walls and the darkness within it shines like the blackest moon. Hollow, I've changed, question is, have you? Next we have Angelo Caito. People say that he's my kryptonite. People say he's the one guy who bests me every time. Caito, I used to tolerate you. In fact we used to be good friends, you got too big for your boots and when AK-17 fell apart it was you who dealt the final blows. Since then, I have reigned supreme over you on every occasion. Lately, you haven't been able to match me toe to toe, never the less, even compete near my standard of performance. Caito, you aren't the man you used to be, you can't beat me anymore, You aren't my coup de grace. 4th we have Yelich, I hope you enjoyed Emergence my friend. If you remember correctly our story began one year ago where I ruined your reputation, humiliated you at the expense of earning a Universal Title shot. Your hope faded away that night, your quest for retribution began. So at Survivor Series you took something that I was going to throw away, my United States Title. You played a part in my absence of making me suffer. I would love to get my hands on you now, after all this time, I would be more than willing to throw my fist right at your skull and crack you open. You are nothing but an indecisive parasite and I'm going to shut down this entire one man play you have going in your head. This isn't the theater, it's a theater for only pain, and I'm going to make you feel it on a whole new level. Prince you're next. You bring shame to Carnage. The fact that I have to sit and watch you do nothing is a sin. You go around backstage calling yourself the #1 Carnage superstar because Bailey has a hard on for you but that doesn't mean you are worthy of that title to anyone else. You see, backstage some of us have creative control. All of us begged Bailey to have some clarity but he's been set on you being some sort of long term project for a full year at this point. He tells us that it will all be worth it one day, but I'm still waiting. I don't see any changes. So do you deserve a #1 Contendership match? No. You're just there to fill the numbers and you'll amount to nothing at the end of the day. As much as I appreciate an easy barrier to climb over, I want someone who at least gives a shit about what they're fighting for. If you stand for nothing Prince, what will you fall for? Lastly, Kieron Black, the same could be said for you. You earn such a prestigious belt as the Premium Championship off of a month of hard work and determination, but then you squander it. You let it fall back down to irrelevancy. I'm tired of people like you taking my property and thinking you'll do better than me, only to disappoint. Leading to me taking back my Premium Title. Kieron Black, if you win this, I will truly be shocked because if the bar is set that low, I fear for the future of Carnage. There's going to be no one worthy to challenge me. Echo Wilson smirks in the musk, he looks to his left at the Universal Championship and the Premium Championship hanging from hooks in this room of devilry. He looks back and begins to speak again. Kieron Black is the perfect segway to the next part of our little chat. The Premium Championship Match for Halloween Havoc. The shot that will light the spark that burns the powder keg that explodes and sets the entire company alight. You see, this feud Frontier vs Kingdom was inevitable. There was never going to be room for the both of us and now that the Frontier has added their new leader, Necce, it's almost writes itself. At Halloween Havoc my precious Premium Championship will be defended as I go up against the self proclaimed Bad ass known as Jason Ryan. A renegade up and comer who listens to nothing and fights only for the good of the change. Well, Jason, sometimes change is necessary. You seem to know that. What you don't know is when change is not helpful. Because it leads to instability, it leads to more violence, it leads to ultimate chaos. Right now, BPZ is in a place of stability but slowly it's foundation is being shaken by its very own workers. Under the Kingdom, BPZ is in a prosperous age but the fans they fear disaster looming because they don't know whether the Flock can handle the responsibilities of being true leaders. Being a leader is not just about making change, it's about what comes after, do you have a game plan in place, do you have something to follow once you're battle is won. When the Kingdom broke through the ranks and became the powerhouses of BPZ, it was all up in the air. We soon proved that the Kingdom was worth investing in and we now rule with an iron fist. Now, Flock, I don't see that same devotion in you. I don't see your clarity, all I see is blind anger. You're swinging for the fences when you haven't even mastered your swing yet. Being kings of NXT is different than being Kings of BPZ, you don't just have to worry about yourselves, it's about what everyone else wants, it's about how you keep the peace and maintain order. The Order, I know someone who knows how to keep peace in his own special way. In fact, he is the current reigning, World Heavyweight Champion. People say he's the greatest export that BPZ has ever created. I have no doubt in my mind that he has the power to do anything he likes. I would like to introduce my Kingdom friend, and my happenstance Tag Team partner for Halloween Havoc as we take on the Frontier 2v2......JULIUS! The silence hangs and the only man clapping for this arrival is Gary Green. Echo Wilson looks to the door and smirks, things are about to get disagreeable, vile even.
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    Man of War

    Once EVOLVE comes back from commercial break, the following words are heard " The following content has been temporarily suspended. Welcome to Frontier programming and to The Age of The Flock" Jason Ryan makes his presence known and the fans boo with a vengeance at the man who people have started calling "The most controversial man in wrestling." Jason heads to the ring, expression unreadable. He grabs a microphone and enters the ring Good evening Frontier show featuring the Evolve roster and friends. The following is rated F for The Frontier and The Flock. I am your director, producer, writer, and lead actor; I go by many names, The Gunslinger, The Anarchist, Big Dick Daddy, The Megastar, BPZ's Reckoning, God God oh my God, Jason Ryan. Jason pauses for a moment, soaking in all the boos Halloween Havoc...the battleground for the first battle in the inevitable war between Kingdom and The Flock. I say The Flock and not The Frontier because Master Necce will be participating. Echo, you mentioned something. You said that BPZ isn't big enough for our two factions. You couldn't have been more right because unless your name is Jason Ryan, First Lady Vala, Master Necce, Buddy Ace or Marker, you no longer belong here. This is our company now and we're gonna have to let everyone go who isn't us. Nothing personal, we just really hate everyone in the back and all these cock suckers watching...and their women too. Jason smirks as the crowd boos even more Now Echo, we all know that in this war, only one of us will survive. You can think you and your comrades will be the ones but I have some news for you. You can't win this war. Not because you're not talented but because you aren't bred for it. You think you are, you think you're ready but you are mistaken. I can tell you're confused Echo so let me make things simple for you. The victors in war are the ones willing to do anything to win. And we both know that I don't give a shit about anyone or anything that are not my brothers or my First Lady. So I will do whatever the fuck I need to do to come out on top. I have no morals, there is no line I won't cross. You on the other hand, you are too damn proud, too damn honorable to do certain things because you are weak. You're weak Echo. The problem with guys like you is that when things get too hot, you back off. You can't win this war with The Flock because at the end of the day, you will hesitate to deliver that crucial blow. Meanwhile, I won't stop until victory is mine and I don't care what lengths I have to go to. You can't beat the devil at his own game Echo and make no mistake, when it comes to war, I am the devil. Jason takes off his sunglasses and looks right at the camera After all, war is part of my very being. You say that me and my comrades wish to change this place? You couldn't be more wrong. We don't want to change BPZ, we want to destroy it. We hate this place. We have all been wronged time and time again, spat on, pushed to the side for guys like you! That's why we are so eager for this war, We have been cast aside by the abysmal management here for Kingdom when we are the fucking workhorses of this place. We are the ones that have been promised things, only for those child touchers that call the shots back out last minute. You fuckers in Kingdom have no idea what that's like. You are the golden boys while we are the rejected sons. Which is why we are going to do whatever it takes to take over your Kingdom and destroy it. And it all begins at Halloween Havoc. So Echo, prepare for battle. Fortify your castle walls, employ extra troops to defend your walls, do whatever you need to prepare, I will only accept your best. Because at the end of the day your best will never be able to stop The Man of War of The Flock. And if you think differently then I guess you're stupid, you're dumb, you're Autistic, you have Down Syndrome, You have too many X Chromosomes, Your father molests you, you're sexually attracted to your sister and or children. Jason lights up a cigarette I am really looking forward to seeing the look of horror that will cross your face once I take your precious Premium championship. And of course, once we take what is ours by right, the Tag Team championships, which will happen at the Global Series. Speaking of which... Echo, you chose Julus to be your partner. I mean you want to win so Bart was out of the question right? Since you revealed your tag partner, I'll reveal mine. You two have no idea just how bad you fucked up because the man I'll be going to war with is...Master Necce. The fans are clearly shocked and give the announcement mixed reactions as Jason smiles at the camera Be seeing your boys Jason flips off the camera then exits the ring
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    The Return

    Following Julius and Angelo’s brutal war, we find ourselves with the result that has at this point became the trend, Julius putting his opponent away, and continuing his World Championship reign. Julius is proudly celebrating in the middle of the ring just before...... ITS FLYNN! Flynn has not been seen since Summerslam, where his best friend and tag team partner Necce, betrayed him, stuck a knife in his back and left him lying in the middle of the ring. Flynn is now standing over Julius, the crowd going berserk for this big return. Flynn begins pacing around the ring before pointing his hand down and “pulling the trigger”, AND FLYNN NAILS JULIUS WITH A DISGUSTING OMEGA TRIGGER! Flynn now with a microphone in hand screams into it- I AM BACK! Something happened one month ago that changed my world. My own best friend, took the love u gave him, and he did to me exactly what I did to him. And honestly, he had every right to do the things that he did. Necce, I forgive you, and honestly if you want nothing to do with me, that’s fine. However tonight, I’m here to put my career back on track and that begins, with this..... Flynn slowly looks down to the BPZ World Championship, the crowd now going berserk, as Flynn lifts up Julius’ championship. I only need to win this championship one more time, to tie the all time record. However that’s not all that this is about. Julius many months ago you betrayed me, and left me lying in a heap of my own blood. Since then you’ve claimed I fear you, and that I am in fact scared of you. Tonight I make a statement, I am still the most dominant wrestler in all of BPZ. That’s why.... AT HALLOWEEN HAVOC, IT WILL BE FLYNN VS. JULIUS FOR THE BPZ WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! Flynn throws down the microphone, holding the World Championship up high to close the show.
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    Echo Wilson


    We hear a sudden crash of metal and the attention is brought to an empty green screen set. Walking on the stage, slightly disgruntled is the one, the only Deco Whilson. He looks at the man behind the camera and shouts. "THE FUCK IS THIS?! Welcome to....whatever the fuck this turns out to be but in case you forgot about me, my name is Deco Whilson. I am a FORMER employee of BPZ Whatculture. And yes, I am currently unemployed. This is what happens when your whole life turns to dog shit. So let me tell you something straight, BPZ Commentaries wins. There wasn't a competition really so it doesn't mean much but here I am. I had to use every last favor to get this place to work. You'd think that being named after the current Universal Champion and working with such a prestigious wrestling company has its perks but you'd be wrong. So now that I have this place, and I have a perfectly working green screen, let's begin what I came here to do... FROM THE DYING EMBERS OF BPZ WHATCULTURE! I PRESENT TO YOU....THE WHY SERIES! LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! MY NAME IS DECO WHILSON! I am not Echo Wilson!, DECO Whilson and I am the newest recruit....and only recruit....of the newly minted Why Series. Let us all take a moment of silence for the fallen men who have given their careers to fight BPZ Commentaries. It was a valiant war, we fought bravely until the bitter end. Whether it be some backhanded tactic or some form of witchcraft, my life once fell apart. Now I stand here a new man, ready to give you all what you have been missing. LET'S GET INTO THE WHY'S! WHY THE FRONTIER IS HAPPENING AT THE EXACT RIGHT TIME The Frontier for some background info is a sub group of the larger entity known as The Flock. The Frontier part of the stable consists of the NXT Champion The Marker, Jason Ryan and #1 draft pick Buddy Ace. Recently they have been guided by Kayfabe master and general BPZ Legend Necce. But the story could've turned out very differently for the NXT Stars. They are on EVOLVE right now which was heralded after the draft to be the next big brand again. With names like Necce, Flynn and Slim at their helm, they had all the potential to rule EVOLVE. At the time the Frontier wasn't even on anyone's radar. But a shock coincidence has left Slim out of BPZ for a solid amount of time Flynn has only recently returned from hiatus and Necce is obviously on the Frontier's side. So things could've ended very differently. A key part of the Frontier's success is the recent Global Series victories they have been collecting. To the point where the Global Series has been rumoured to be an all- Frontier final. Now for Group B, that was nearly impossible. With Josh, Flynn and Slim in the group, Marker was most likely going to be strangled out. After picking up a masterful victory over Flynn, Marker put himself in a top 2 position. Currently, after taking a tough loss to Josh, Marker sits tied in second with Flynn both on 2 points. Block A on the other hand is a two horse race between the Frontier brethren. Both Buddy Ace and Jason Ryan have won all their matches to this point and face off to answer who will represent Group A in the Global Championship match. Let's backtrack and say that Slim and Flynn were active. Like the predictors said in the beginning, the decider would probably be the Slim vs Flynn match in the second round of matches. Flynn won it in this reality but his loss to Marker keeps the two tied. EVOLVE is a busy place, the people on the betting odds said that they knew who the biggest stars would be. Not to take anything away from the rise of the Frontier but they didn't have the most push-back from the old timers. Here's to a long reign of Flock rule on EVOLVE still, I'm massively excited for their upcoming feud with the Kingdom, I feel like it has a hell of a lot of potential, there are a lot of combinations that could work between the two stables. WHY ANGELO CAITO HAS NEVER WON AND WILL NEVER WIN THE BPZ WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Angelo Caito, a BPZ Legend in his own right, he has done many, many great things but one thing he's never done? Won the BPZ World Championship. God knows how many times he's tried but it never turns out right. If this is an ongoing storyline than surely the company would've found that the time to pull the trigger has long since passed. Angelo Caito has virtually won every title there is to win including the Intercontental Title, the Premium Title, the Global Title and the Tag Team Titles. So what's stopping him from winning the big one? 27 times of failure and I think it's all part of the story. Angelo Caito is an amazing wrestler for BPZ, his hardcore classics against Julius have been massive but he didn't win the BPZ World Championship from this feud. Ultimately no matter how hard he works, he never wins the World Championship. Angelo Caito was formerly known as Brad, had a very high amount of backstage heat, lasting him from all the way in 2015 to the late part of 2016. He wasn't particualrly liked and the reason he became Angelo Caito was to escape his hated past. Yet it still haunts him, every time Caito has a title match, the booking is against him and he can't help it. So why doesn't he just quit? In an ideal world, if people are that upset with their booking, they'd have refused to renew their contract and would've left the company. The answer to why he hasn't left is that simply Caito has nowhere else to go. His unconventional and wild attitude is not what makes people on the independent scene and he knows that things will get worse if he tries to reinvent himself on the indy scene. So for now it seems like Brad or Angelo Caito will be forced to settle for 2nd tier title reigns, and coming second place in virtually everything. With the reign of Julius continuing to grow as an elite title reign, I don't see Angelo Caito with a place as a world champ anymore. So we talked about why he hasn't been world champ before but what is stopping him now? The future is now and brad is unfortunately an old dog stuck in a new dog's world. With the Kingdom on top of Carnage and Frontier running EVOLVE there isnt much room to maneuever. Brad is gonna have to settle for putting over talent for the time being. ANYWAYS THIS HAS BEEN THE FIRST EPISODE OF THE WHY SERIES! I'LL BE SIGNING OFF FOR NOW! NOW YOU KNOW WHY!
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    We are live on EVOLVE, two weeks following Bad Blood where Flynn made his grand return, laying out current World Champion Julius before challenging him for the World Championship. Flynn however since has been absent from TV, choosing to work in silence as opposed to openly working on EVOLVE each and every week. Until tonight. Flynn steps out wearing a fully black suit, a look of determination on his face. The EVOLVE crowd greet “The Omega” with a massive ovation as he steps onto the stage. He enters the ring before being handed a microphone by the ring side crew. He circles the ring before speaking for the first time since Bad Blood. I’m a wanted man here in BPZ. For the past year I’ve done nothing but make more and more enemies through the most unintentional means. Whether it be Julius, a man I only wanted to see succeed, or my own former best friend Necce, who hurt me more then anyone ever could. Now, I’ve decided what Necce did was entirely warranted. I had it coming. Because what I did to him, was still a far more evil deed that I still can’t make up for and now I know that. And so Necce, I really do hope we can just leave it all in the past, and move on with our careers without interacting ever again. You fooled me and mentally I was destroyed and now I do understand what I put you through. Now that that’s addressed, let’s talk about the bad blood that will be dealt with. Julius, at Halloween Havoc I’m coming for you and that BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. You’ve beaten almost everyone you’ve come across in BPZ, except me. You want to know why you couldn’t beat me Julius? I’m sure it’s been eating you alive for months now. How can you dominate so many and yet I, a smaller, weaker man, still put you away in such a dominant manner. Because I’m the best in this company. I was the King of Carnage. I am the King of EVOLVE but most importantly I’m the KING OF BPZ. I’ve been busting my ass in this company for 3 very long years doing this battling and putting away men exactly like you. You aren’t special. Your road to the top isn’t by any means original. I did so three years ago. The difference? I won every title there was to win on my way to the top. Not just that, but when I won that World Championship, I did it all on my own. No one backed me and no one wanted to see me succeed. You? You needed the Kingdoms aid in order to defeat Slim. You did something however that I could never. You needed Slim, permanently. You then put away Angelo Caito in extremely dominant fashion. Two of my greatest rivals back to back without seemingly breaking a sweat. However they aren’t and never will be me. I’m the god damn bar. I set the fucking standard in BPZ, in this ring and on this microphone. There’s no one that can lace my boots when that World Championship is on the line. At Halloween Havoc, the Monster will meet his worst nightmare. There will be No Recovery from what I do to him. For too long has he sat too comfortably as the King of the Kingdom THAT I BUILT. I built the throne you sit so highly on. Now I’m gonna burn it all to the damn ground. Flynn drops the microphone before forming a finger gun and “shooting the camera”. “The Omega” has spoken. Will Julius respond?
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    The Marker

    Your Reckoning

    {Marker sits on the stairs with the NXT Championship in his hand, he turns to the camera and suddenly his smile turns to a frown, he begins to speak.} I'm just disappointed right now, you want to know why I'm disappointed?. Well it due to the fact that there isn't any good competitors to face for my title, they have either left the company or moved up to the others divisions, there only the big boys, The Flock in the division which is the one of the most hype group in EVOLVE at the moment, my boys and then we have Arrow...... oh Arrow, you had to do it huh?. You had to act like the tough guy, trying to be one of the toughest talents, well lemme tell ya something Arrow, it doesn't work, all that leads to is defeat, pain and miserable defeat, it what happened when I decided to take on the NXT Champion at the time and failed, so tell me this Arrow, what makes you think you'll beat me?. Cause I can think of many reasons why I'll destroy you at Halloween Havoc and all of them end in defeat and I reign supreme in the end. I know I can win without the help of The Flock, but a little crow told me that you ask for back up in our match and it already shows your afraid of me, that you can't stand toe to toe with the NXT Champion alone, when I started out, I didn't have someone behind my back for support, I started out with NOBODY AT ALL, I HAD TO FIGHT FOR MYSELF IN A NEW COMPANY THAT I HAVEN'T BEEN IN BEFORE AND YOU SAY THAT YOU ARE BETTER THAN ME?. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAH {The eerie laugh of Marker utters throughout the hallways of the building they are in for tonight, he stops and continues on.} Arrow, your not ready for a real fight that will happen at Halloween Havoc, it gonna be over before it even starts, it gonna be your fault you started a war, because I'm gonna finish it and it will be your blood on the canvas and it gonna be your reckoning, so Arrow. SEE YOU SOON!. {The camera fades to black.}
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    BPZ Commentaries

    BPZ Weekly Roundup Episode #1 Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first edition of BPZ Weekly Roundup on BPZ Commentaries. Each Monday, we will go over all the goings on over the past 7 days in BPZ, and then we will hear from a member of the BPZ roster with our interview segments. I am Peter Menthol, and I’m the host of Weekly Roundup. Well, I can’t think of a better way of starting the first episode, than jumping right into the news of the week. Heavyweight Havoc As Julius celebrated his most recent successful BPZ World Heavyweight Championship defense against Angelo Caito in an all time classic, an old figure from Julius’ past made his presence felt. Julius made his mark on BPZ history and national headlines earlier this year by turning on Flynn in ROA and joining The, then Slim lead, Kingdom. Since then, Julius has soared to the very top of BPZ, claiming control of The Kingdom and the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. But the man who, arguably, made it possible for Julius to be Heavyweight Champion hit him with an FKO right in the middle of the ring. Flynn made his return to BPZ after being gone for over a month after the shocking betrayal of Necce at SummerSlam, and announced that he will challenge Julius for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of Halloween Havoc. Will Flynn tie Bailey’s record for the most World Heavyweight Championship reigns? Or will Julius flatten yet another BPZ veteran on his quest to become the most dominant world champion this company has ever seen? Tune in to Halloween Havoc to find out! Bravery or Stupidity? Speaking of Necce, earlier this week he made headlines himself as he made his first appearance in BPZ since SummerSlam as well, before forming The Flock with the members of one of BPZ’s hottest and most controversial stables, The Frontier. Thursday evening on the BPZ Neccework, Necce made an appearance on The Frontier’s own show, Braving The Frontier. He proceeded to go on a scathing and profanity laden rant on Carnage GM Bailey, the Carnage creative team, multiple members of the BPZ roster, and the company as a whole. His biggest talking point was his mistreatment as BPZ Universal Champion. He talked about how any idea he had was immediately shot down, he had to work long and grueling touring schedules with nagging injuries, and how he routinely kept down so that others, namely Flynn, could get the spotlight that he felt he deserved, being that he was Carnage’s biggest draw and the top champion on the roster. One of the first within the company to talk about this incident was Angelo Caito of all people, whose argument against Necce basically boils down to “You think you were treated bad? Here’s why I should be pitied more than you!” This retort reportedly caused a commotion backstage between Angelo, Necce, Jason Ryan, Echo Wilson, and Sameer. Nothing yet has come out whether Necce has received any punishment for his comments backstage, but it seems as if the fans newly appointed most despised man in BPZ has created heat for himself not only on screen, but off screen aswell. Satan’s Number One Contender Yet another match has been announced for the upcoming BPZ PPV Halloween Havoc, and what’s more fitting for a PPV named after the most macabre day of the year, than a match designed by The Devil himself. It was announced that at Halloween Havoc, 6 men will become inmates in Satan’s Prison as they fight for the opportunity to become Number One Contenders for a Universal Championship at the next Carnage exclusive show. The 6 men in question will be Hollow, Ropati, Angelo Caito, Yelich, Prince, and Kieron Black. Who the favorite for this match so far is anyone’s guess, but you can be assured that current champion Echo Wilson will be watching this match very closely. Global Series 2018 With the 2018 BPZ Draft, the champions of both brands were vacated, as both champions were drafted to opposing shows. Carnage crowned a new champion almost immediately, but EVOLVE has yet to do the same, choosing to rather hold a Round Robin tournament to decide the new champion. This creating the Global Series. The current standings of the tournament are the following; :Block A: Buddy Ace: 4 Points Jason Ryan: 4 Points Ark Universe: 0 Points Storm: 0 Points :Block B: Joshua Scott: 4 Points The Marker: 2 Points Flynn: 2 Points Slim: 0 Points It’s clear that either Buddy Ace or Jason Ryan will be going to the finals of the tournament, but we will find out which one as the Frontier/Flock stablemates face off in the Block A finals. On the other hand, Ark and Storm have essentially been eliminated from the tournament, so their match on the 5th of October will be to see who will take the last place spot of Block A. Block B on the other hand is still up in the air. Joshua Scott holds the lead for now, but if he doesn’t defeat Flynn on the 12th of October, that means that the current 2nd place holder, The Marker will go on to the finals should he defeat Slim. Could we see an all Frontier Global Series finale, or will Joshua Scott bring a little gentlemanly flair to EVOLVE’s top title? Make sure to tune into the BPZ Neccework on October 5th and 12th to see who will face off in the main event of the Global Series PPV for the Global Championship. Either way, this tournament may be a turning point in the future trajectory of BPZ, as the current standings seem to prove that the future of BPZ has arrived, and it’s gunning for the Global Championship. Speaking of the Global Series event. It was announced all the way back in August that the Tag Team Titles would be defended on the show. Since The Golden Legacy split up, the champions have been in the limbo state of vacancy. Well it was announced earlier this week that the BPZ Tag Team Championships will be decided at Global Series, as former champions The Kingdom (Julius and Echo Wilson) will get the rematch they never had for the titles. The other participants in the match will be the man that vacated the belts, Necce, and a member of his newest faction, Jason Ryan. The Flock vs The Kingdom will go down on the 26th of October, as The Kingdom get to have a rematch of sorts with Necce, as he was one half of the team that dethroned The Kingdom as Tag Team Champions. Will The Kingdom become 2x Tag Team Champions? Or will Necce regain the belts that he threw down months earlier, just on his own terms? And in a bonus question, will the tag belts go to Carnage with The Kingdom? Or will they remain on EVOLVE with The Flock? All of this and more will be decided at EVOLVE’s exclusive PPV, Global Series! Well ladies and gentleman, that does it for our news portion. When we return from a commercial break, we will launch into our very first interview right here on Weekly Roundup! https://youtu.be/ahxjdetJdb4 {We cut to the first interview of BPZ Weekly Roundup. The screen cuts to host Peter Menthol who sits seemingly alone.} Peter: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the interview segment of our show. Where each week after the news portion, we sit down and talk to a member of the BPZ roster. Today for our first ever interview, what a better place to start than the very top? He is a former 2 time and longest reigning NXT Champion, a former tag team champion, current BPZ United States and World Heavyweight Champion, and the ruler of the Kingdom that is BPZ. He is “The Next Big Thing”, he is...Julius.” {The camera cuts over to Julius sitting on the other side of Peter with the World title belt over his shoulder. Both men reach forward and shake hands. Julius’ arms are so long that he doesn’t need to slouch over to shake Peter’s hands. Peter, on the other hand, is not so lucky.} Peter: “Well Julius, I would like to start off by connecting you and your upcoming opponent Flynn and saying that you are the fasting rising star in BPZ since Flynn is. It took you, from your debut to your world title win at King of the Ring, 7 months to reach the top of BPZ. The fastest it’s taken a BPZ superstar to win the world title from their debut in NXT since Flynn, who took 7 months as well. How do you feel about being even more intertwined with the man you will face at Halloween Havoc even more than you already are?” Julius: “To be honest Peter, I couldn’t give a shit about the comparisons people place between myself and Flynn. I’m not here to match the very best. I am here to be the very best and I’ll prove that by decimating Flynn come Halloween Havoc” Peter: “Well let’s talk about that match. At Halloween Havoc, you will have your third world title defense. You’ve defeated men like Slim and Angelo Caito handley. How do you think you’ll fair against a man like Flynn. A man that you’ve faced and fallen to earlier this year when you were still allies in ROA?” Julius: “That fateful day in the finals of the Power-Trip Cup has shaped and formed the success that has come before me ever since. It was at that moment Peter, that I knew that I wasn’t going to cut it here in BPZ by being someone’s bodyguard, by being Flynn’s insurance policy. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and join a force which doesn’t follow any orders, doesn’t abide by any rules and causes utter chaos. And to answer your question, Flynn will be no match for me at Halloween Havoc and I will walk out still the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion” Peter: “Are you predicting that you will do to Flynn what you did to Slim at SummerSlam?” Julius: “If I didn’t think so, I wouldn’t be sitting here right now” Peter: “Well let’s go into a subject that deals with not only your match at Halloween Havoc, but also a match that you will have at EVOLVE’s Global Series PPV later this month. Let’s talk about Necce. Now the story between Necce and Flynn has stretched far beyond this match, and by his own admission, Flynn himself has stated that he will put Necce out of his mind for this match. Do you think that Necce will play a factor into your match at all?” Julius: “For his safety and for the longevity of his career, he better stay away from that match, because as I have said before if Necce decides to make an appearance I will not hesitate to crush his skull. At Halloween Havoc, the soap opera story between those two can take a step back because what happens in that ring won’t be for the faint of heart. After the match when Flynn is laying on his back Necce can do whatever he wants. But while the match is going Flynn is mine” Peter: “Well as I stated earlier, it has been announced that you and Echo will have a rematch of sorts with Necce, as he and one of his Flock members, Jason Ryan, will challenge you two for the BPZ Tag Team Championships. The titles that he and Flynn beat you for at SummerSlam, before vacating them. What is your mindset going into this match?” Julius: “My mindset will be the same as any other match. Seek, kill and destroy whatever stands in front of me. I’ve dealt with Jason Ryan many times before, he is all talk and no action. You mentioned earlier if I thought if Necce would make an appearance in the Main Event well here is a more definite answer. After what I do to him in this tag match, there will be no way in hell that he is able to make an appearance. He was lucky at Summerslam, but as they say lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice, and the better team of myself and Echo Wilson will walk out with more gold around our waists” Peter: “So it’s safe to assume that “Julie Three Belts” as the internet calls you will make his return?” Julius: “If u say those words once again I will break your neck” {A single beam of sweat falls from Peters’s forehead. He covers up a faint cry with a forced laugh.} Peter: “Let’s move to a different topic. We have covered what you have coming up in the next month, but let’s talk about what goes on when you’re out of the ring. What does the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion do when he isn’t threatening potentially fatal bodily harm to a simple reporter who has only been in one fight?” Julius: “Studying the sport, training so that I have an advantage over my opponents. I am 100% dedicated to professional wrestling and the reason some of the others here in this company aren’t making it to the top is because they don’t live and breathe professional wrestling. Every single situation that may present itself I have prepared for that is why I am as good as I am” Peter: “Do you enjoy any non wrestling related activities when off the road?” Julius: “Of course I do. I like an occasional bar fight or an unscheduled Street Fight. Anything that involves myself beating someone up is my cup of tea” {Peter looks down at his notes and says something under his breath. Low enough that his microphone picks it up, but Julius himself doesn’t.} Peter: “God you are terrifying. Let’s talk about your pre wrestling years. What was life like for a nearly 7 foot tall mountain of flesh who could pick up an entire apartment complex if he really wanted to?” Julius: “Well as you may know I spent 5 years of my life in prison for assault and battery when I was younger. So life before wrestling was basically me beating up people to survive. So all of the aggression you see on TV isn’t a joke it isn’t a character it’s me” Peter: “So what was it exactly that drew you to professional wrestling? Was it getting paid to maul other human beings with families who love them dearly on a nightly basis that made you want to throw your name into the sport of kings?” Julius: “Yes Peter that’s exactly right. I love beating the living shit out of anyone, Wrestlers or regular reporters whatever I can get my hands on the quickest” Peter: “Well good thing I have my will already covered.” {Peter begins to laugh, but Julius just looks at him with a blank stare. Peter stops laughing and quickly moves to another subject.} Peter: “So I’ve purposely left out your nickname throughout the entirety of this interview thus far. You are called “The Next Big Thing” by many people in this company. But as we can see on your shoulder, you are already at the top of the proverbial food chain. Most people only dream of making it where you are, yet I can tell that holding that gold will only be a mere drop in the bucket that is your career. What are your plans going forward. Both short term and long term?” Julius: “In the short term I plan on keeping this belt right here on my shoulder and taking on the best that this company has to offer. Give me Necce, Flynn, Smith, Bailey, Ross hell even give me Brendenplayz. Being on top is a good thing but when there is no competition I start to get bored and looking at the future of this company the competition is becoming thing. So when my contracts up and I have conquered Brendenplayz Professional Wrestling, you never know what I’ll do, maybe I’ll stick around or maybe I’ll go and conquer something else” Peter: “Ok, so this is the point of the show where we answer a question that a fan has sent in to us. This question is from one Julius Jones...oh god...who asks you, ‘If you were fighting a bear, how long would it take you to make that bear your bitch and become the true king of the forest?’” Julius: “As long as I fucking want it to. I could become the true king of the forest right now if I wanted to. But let me conquer the human race before I move onto animals” Peter: “On an unrelated note. What were the circumstances that lead to that assault and battery charge?” Julius: “Asking stupid questions and looking at me wrong. Also I was very bored” {Peter can already feel Julius tearing his head off and making love to it. So he decides to change the subject before has to change his pants and his name and location.} Peter: “So this is the end of the interview. At the end, we will ask all of our guests the same question. The question is, ‘what is your favorite match in BPZ to date?’” Julius: “Every match that I am in is great, but if I was to pick one it would have to be my Summerslam Match. I loved kicking Slim’s ass” Peter: “Well before we go, since you are a very..” {Peter clears his throat.} Peter: “...special, guest. We are going to ask you one more question. In BPZ, there are not many men who are your size. The makeup of the BPZ talent pool mirrors what much of the current wrestling scene looks like, smaller men who are more athletic than wrestlers in generations past. But you have proven that anyone of any build can make it in this company. What do you predict your success will do to inspire men who don’t think they have a place not only in modern wrestling, but here in BPZ?” Julius: “Peter, I don’t aim to inspire, I don’t aim to excite. I am here to place fear in everyone’s eyes. So if it was my way, the success that I have achieved should be a warning to people, that if your not good enough to challenge me then don’t try at all. It would be a waste of time” Peter: “Well once again Julius, thank you for joining us. Make sure to tune in to the BPZ Neccework October 18th and 26th for EVOLVE’s Global Series event and Halloween Havoc to see Julius in action. I’m Peter Menthol, and thank all of you for joining us on the inaugural edition of Weekly Roundup.” {The two men go to shake again. This time, Julius squeezes Peter’s hand tightly to future put fear into his fragile little heart. Peter thinks he is going to end up as Julius’ personal toothpick, when Julius lets go and laughs at Peter. The camera slowly fades to black.}
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    {Bad Blood is reaching it's final match of the show, the main event of the evening. The World Heavyweight Championship match up. The Champion, Julius. The challenger, Angelo Caito. No Disqualifications, No Count Outs, can win by Pinfall and Submission anywhere. This feud all started at SummerSlam a month plus back, when Julius defeated the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion of all time, Slim in the middle of the ring to retain his title belt, along with kicking Slim out of the Kingdom, with the shocking turn from Bart to the man who gave him the chance, along with the Global Championship while they were on Evolve. As both Bart and Echo were leaving ringside so Julius can celebrate, that was all stopped by a disappearance of the lights, and when they came back on, a man who everyone assume to be Bart was in the ring, raising the hand of Julius, all before a instant and Julius is laid out on the mat face first from the man. As the man slowly removed his mask, it started the most dangerous run of the man who revealed in his entire career, Angelo Caito. Both men laid into each other on the mics before Julius swung first, busting Angelo open with elbow to the skull, giving him a six inch cut and ten staples to close him up. A week later, Angelo got his revenge, hitting Julius with not only two low blows, two hangman DDTs on the floor, but then a Jumping Cutter onto a steel chair. At Emergence, these two fought tooth and nail, hitting headbutts, punches, both men bleed, each hit their main moves and nothing worked. The match ended a way no man thought it would it was going to between the two, a no contest. Angelo speared Julius off the stage into stage equipment, creating a massive spark of electricity to pop around them, and the image of the two men laying on the ground, equipment around them, bloodied head to chest. That was then, this is now. This is Bad Blood, and the anticipation rises fast for the rematch. Julius is shown in the Kingdom locker room, hands and wrist taped up as he rocks on Jean pants and a “Kingdom” t-shirt made directly for him. He pound his fists together as he stares in a mirror, keeping his focus on the match. Next up is Angelo Caito, and the veteran is standing in a more darker, secluded part of the arena as he has his hands and wrists taped up as he rocks black jeans, brown Timberland's boots, and a Jimmy Havoc t-shirt. He moves back and forth some before letting out a sigh and reaches down, lifting up a handle before pulling up a well known extreme weapon, a very tightly and very much wrapped barbed wire baseball bat as Caito eyes it down before a demented smile slowly creeps onto his face. His smile is seen before the camera turns to the darkness as the tron shows Hannah Ledger in the ring as she is set to announce the match up. The time keeper finally rings the bell, giving Hannah the signal to announce the war we are about to see.} Hannah: “The following contest is the Falls Count Anywhere match!” {The crowd goes to their feet as a big fight feel fills the air. Before she can finish announcing the rules and introduce the competition in the match, the tron shows camera footage of the parking lot, where the fight already started as Angelo is swinging the bat as Julius tries to dodge as fast as he can before he gets hit by the brutal weapon of destruction. The referee exits the ring and runs up the ramp as fast as he can, having the bell ring to start the match as Julius continues to dodge shots before Angelo swings and busts a window of a Beetle in. Julius kicks the bat away and grabs Angelo with both hands by the throat and tosses him over the Beetle's hood into a stack of chairs, knocking them all down with the impact. Angelo groans as he holds his back as Julius circles the car and runs, kicking Angelo square in the gut before picking up a chair from the ground and holds it over his shoulder as he walks slowly before placing the chair to his throat and pushes down hard, choking the living life out of Caito. Angelo struggles for air as he reaches around for something, but when nothing is in reach, he throws his foot up and it connects with the testicles of Julius, who for the third time this month, suffered a low blow from “The Killer”. Angelo pushes the chair away and gasps loudly as he starts to catch his breath. He uses the chairs to get to a knee as he sees Julius holding his crotch area and he rolls around in pain. Caito gets to both his feet and grabs Julius by the ear, yanking him to his feet, Julius giving a grunt in pain as Angelo then slams his head across the top of the Beetle's roof. He steps back some and looks at the steel chair and grins evily. He holds the chair up and swings it down, with Julius luckily moving out of the way, causing the chair to smack the roof, sending vibrations from the chair up Angelo's arms, making him drop the chair as Julius punches his head, taking the advantage again. The two trade shots until Julius knees Angelo in the gut and Irish Whips him towards the crates, which Angelo jumps over before turning around as Julius swings a chain into the head of Angelo, dropping him fast. Julius leans against the crate as he holds the chain in his right hand, before he slowly wraps it around his hand and walks around the crate and sees the chain struck where Angelo got his staples, and blood drips from the wound, not at the point to where it will bleed. Julius drops to his knees and grips the chain wrapped around his hand and starts to punch Angelo one after another after another after an freaking other before he starts to strike Angelo's head with more brutal force and speed, that when Julius stops, Angelo twitches some. Julius drops the chain as the referee is now running over to the competitors as Julius covers Caito and gets a two count. Julius picks up Angelo by the throat and places him over his shoulder, the blood now dropping to the floor and Caito's face quickly becoming a crimson mask. He runs and slams Angelo's back against a trailer, dropping Angelo forward. Julius looks at Angelo, then slowly turns around and sees the perfect lining of him and the Beetle. Julius backs up some and gets next to the Beetle before he reaches in and unlocks the car and opens the door, getting inside the car and slams the door, the broken glass from the window flying around and pricks Julius in the arm. He shrugs it off and he pulls the console under the steering wheel off and grabs two wires and taps them together before tapping together again and the car starts up. He ties the wires together and grabs the steering wheel, places the car in drive, and waits for Angelo to get up. He stares in his direction, seeing Angelo Slowly getting up, blood covering his face, him wiping his eyes from the blood, and that's when Julius hits the gas hard, the tires burning out and the car going zero to fifty fast. Julius grips the wheel as he drives at Angelo, who turns around and sees the car, jumping up and his shoulder hitting the window, sending him back in the air to the ground, and Julius to a stop. He puts the car in park and exits it, and looks for Angelo, but he sees nothing, no Angelo, but sees blood on the ground from where he hit. Julius scratches his head as he looks around for his wounded opponent. As he searches, he hears the pushing part of the door to the outside messed with, causing to turn and run there. When he sees nothing, he turns around and looks before turning around. When he turns around, he doesn't see Angelo swinging down by a rope and he kicks Julius in the chest with both feet, sending him through the door to the outside. Angelo drops the rope and grabs a tire iron placed next to the door and kicks the door open and walks outside after Julius. Caito grips the tire iron as he sees Julius laying on the ground, grabbing his chest and coughs. Angelo grabs the tire iron with his right hand as his left arm is temporarily out of commission from the car. He swings the tire iron in his hand before striking the gut of Julius with it, who let's out a painful gasp of air. Julius starts to cough as Angelo lifts his left arm up some, pulling small shards of glass out of his wound, as blood flows down his arm. He tries stretching his arm out, but when he sees the dangerous World Heavyweight Champion start to get up, Caito quickly grabs the tire iron and swings at the leg of Julius, dropping him back down as he grunts in pain. Angelo drops the tire iron on the ground and he looks by at the alley by the arena as he sees something shine from the passing cars, and he walks over to the objects, holding his arm in place as he approaches the object and pulls it to him, revealing it to be a trash can. Angelo drags the trash can across the ground as Julius is now seen using the door to stand up, now limping from the shot. Angelo grabs the trash can by both ends and smashes it against Julius's head, dazing him, but not bringing the big man down. Julius walks over groggy as Angelo smashes the can against the back of his head, and it still didn't drop Julius. Angelo spins the trash can around in his hands until it gets to a undamaged part were his kicks Julius in the back, sending him forward to the front of the building where fans are standing. When they see the action, hell breaks loose as they quickly move back as Angelo again slams the trash can against Julius's head, before dropping it and spins Julius around for a suplex onto the concrete ground. He covers Julius for a two count. Angelo wipes some more blood from his eyes as he sees a fan holding a water bottle, so he goes over and grabs the bottle and dumps it on his face, clearing the blood that covered his face as it falls to the floor, staining the concrete red. He grabs Julius by the ear again, dragging him across the ground, with the sound of a crack heard, causing the near by fans to groan in bad way. He brings Julius to the steps, until Julius pulls something from his pocket and jams it in the calf of Angelo, dropping him where he stands. Caito grabs his leg, letting Julius get up and grabs his back from the Suplex just s few moments ago. He grabs Angelo by the throat and holds him with his left hand, soon raising his right arm to reveal a bloody ice pick in his hand, assuming that's what he used on Angelo just recently to get the advantage, before slicing his arm, causing a tear in his arm and the shirt. Julius lifts the pick over his head and fastly slams it down, trying to stab Angelo, who barely blocks it, with the end of the pick mere centimeters away from his face. The two try to out power the other, with Julius trying to mame Angelo, while he tries to prevent a stabbing, which could end his career. Angelo uses the other hand to punch the ice pick out of his hand, with it landing on the ground. Julius knees Caito in the gut, before dragging him up the stairs to the glass doors up ahead. Julius gets in Angelo's face, and trash talks him before trying to ram him through the doors, only for Angelo to reverse and send Julius face first through the door, causing the fans outside and in the building into a frenzy. Angelo rips a piece of his shirt off and wraps it around his leg before enter the inside of the arena through the broken door. Angelo steps through the door and steps on glass as he approaches the body of his massive opponent, before raising his head up from the ground to show the blood running down his face and the slashes in his t-shirt. He picks Julius up and gives him a stiff right hand to the skull of the bloodied World Champion. He continues to punch the forehead of Julius, sending him over to four tables lined up to make a square filled with shirts, sweatshirts, replica Championships, necklaces of BPZ Wrestlers logos, and so on for more. Angelo grabs Julius by the head and goes to slam him head first onto the table, but Julius blocks and elbows him into the gut then boots him in the chest, sending Angelo back to the ground, giving Julius a few seconds to recover some from the daze he was in. He drags Angelo up the stairs by the neck, bringing both of them to the second floor balcony, which below is the stands and fans, who have their phones out recording the action. Julius looks over the rail and sees the four tables below them, and with a grin, he steps over the rail onto the edge and he grabs Angelo in a Suplex position. Angelo keeps countering the attempt before Julius gets him in the air but Angelo manages to land beside Julius. The two start to trade punch after punch, trying to cause the other to fall off to down below. The two trade shots as Julius grabs Angelo by the throat, the crowd moving back but keeping their recording on them. He seems to go for a chokeslam but Angelo headbutts Julius then again then again then again then again before Julius let's go of the hold. Angelo cocks his head back and nails a extremely nasty headbutt, causing both men to lose balance and fall off the ledge, fifteen feet through all the tables, sending the fans into a pop from the seated fans and the ones who are in the same room as these wrestlers. Both men lay in the wreckage of the four tables, shirts and sweatshirts and other objects everywhere as both Angelo and Julius lay out on the ground. This thirty five minute match up has been nothing but brutal, as Angelo and Julius manage to get one arm up each and they plant a arm over each other, and the ref counts, only get a two count as both men get their other shoulders up. A minute to two minutes go by before Angelo and Julius start to move their Bodies more, using the tables to get to their knees before using each other's bodies to slowly get to their feet. When both realize this, Julius pushes Angelo back before running and tackling him, picking him up in mid air onto his shoulder and rams Angelo back first through a metal door, sending them into a hallway. Julius continues to run with Angelo on his shoulder, who is trying to fight out of this until Julius Spears Angelo through another doorway, this time into a locker room. Julius covers Caito for a two count. Julius sits against a locker and leans his back against the door of the locker, hoping to rest up some while Angelo lays on the ground. As soon as Angelo starts to show life, Julius uses the ladder to get up, and he stumbles over to Angelo, grabbing him by the throat and lifts them face to face.} Julius: “G... give…. U.u...up” {Angelo, with blood pouring down his face, his body brutalized, and his arm still in deep pain, showing his bravery and resilience to lean up and spit a blood filled spitball into the face of Julius. Julius slowly wipes his face and his anger grows, he grabs Angelo both hands by the throat and forces him up. He then wraps his hands around the head of Caito and starts to squeeze his skull, before he starts bashing the back of his head against the metal door of the locker, dazing him more. Julius let's go as Angelo dazing over to him before Julius grabs Angelo by the throat and lifts him up and turns, chokeslaming Caito through a glass table. Julius looks down at the broken damage done by him as he staggerly places his foot onto the chest of Angelo, and the ref counts one, two, and thr- NO! ANGELO KICKED OUT, LEAVING JULIUS, THE REF, AND ALL THE FANS WATCHING IN UTTER SHOCK! Julius falls backwards, with the biggest shock face ever seen in BPZ before. The crowd who were seated are up and chanting “YES!” as Angelo groans from the pain he's in right now. Julius thinks of something before leaving the room, making the ref come with him. While Angelo lays in the room, the sound of heels tapping against the floor causes the camera man to point up and shows his wife, Christina Rodriguez to a pop from the crowd. She orders the camera man out of the room, setting the last image shown is Christ with a bag in her hand before the door slams shut. As Julius returns and sees the door closed, he goes to open it, but it won't open. He looks at the referee who shrugs, before barging his arm into the door and he busts the door down. He sees Christ laying on top of Angelo, crying, before she turns around and starts to plead with Julius.} Christ: “No more… please.” {Julius grabs her by the arm and tosses her to the side and looks at Angelo as he is stopped dead in his tracks, before he can mutter out the words: “Oh fuck”. The camera man looks down and sees Angelo's body and pans up it slowly as he is seen wearing his vintage Nanovirus mask as the crowd roars loudly and they start another “YES!” chant. Before he knows anything, Christina starts to laugh, causing Julius to look over at her. As she leaves, Julius looks back down but doesn't see Angelo, but when he looks up, he sees the Killer turned Demon standing in front of him, fists clenched and a fire burning in his eyes under the mask. The two monsters are eye and eye contact with each other, and both charge with Angelo getting the upper hand, striking Julius with lefts, rights, kicks, and headbutts, causing the crowd to cheer loudly while Julius is receiving a onslaught of strikes. Angelo grabs Julius and slams him against one locker head first, then another one, then throws him shoulder first into the flat screen hanging on the wall. He grabs Julius by the head and throws him out of the locker room. Angelo cracks his neck before he slowly walks out, stalking Julius as he crawls to a crate to get to his feet. However, Angelo grabs him and places him into a Suplex position. He lifts Julius up and nails a brutal Brainbuster onto the crate, laying him out. Instead of covering the Champion, he grabs him by the arm and pulls Julius off the crate onto the ground and drags his body towards the gorilla position before dragging him through the curtain. Caito drags Julius to the stage as the crowd roars loudly as the fifty minute war has taken stage in front off everyone now. Angelo grabs Julius by the head and drags him down the ramp as the crowd starts to chant for Angelo, as they feel him closing away on the end to a World Heavyweight Championship win. Caito slowly lifts the dead weight of Julius and throws him into the ring. Angelo slowly twirls his head around before dropping to his knees and he goes under the ring. The first item his pulls out is ladder as the crowd roars. He lays the ladder down as he goes under and uses both hands to pull out two tables as they roar in cheers again. He then goes back under as he grabs a bag. He slides the bag into the ring along with the two tables and the ladder. Angelo slides under the ring and goes to set up the ladder, but Julius grabs his foot. Caito looks down at him, before lifting him to his feet. Julius pushes Angelo back which rebounds him off the ropes and tries for Hell Bound, but Angelo quickly rolls out of it and hits his Jumping Cutter as the crowd roars. He turns Julius over to his back as fast as he can and covers him, hooking a leg and the ref counts the one, the two, and the thre- JULIUS GOT THE SHOULDER UP! THE FANS CANNOT BELIEVE IT! AFTER ALL THE PUNISHMENT BOTH MEN HAVE TAKEN, THEY CONTINUE TO FIGHT! Angelo sits as he breathes fast, his blood dripping from under his mask, his back still having glass pieces in it, along with in his arm. He looks down at Julius before standing up and he sets up both tables. He bends down and lifts the ladder up, setting it on it's bottom feet before spreading both legs apart and straightens the lines out. He turns and his foot hits the bag, stopping him in his tracks. He bends over and picks the bag up and walks back to the tables as he opens the bag. He then turns the bag upside down, watching thumbtacks fall out of the bag onto the table as the crowd roars loudly. Caito lets out a half a smile as he turns back to Julius, who is in the corner of the room, holding something behind his back. Angelo doesn't notice and grabs Julius by and brings him over to the tables and leans him against both before he starts the slow climb up the ladder, each fan once again on their feet, anticipating the next move. Julius pushes himself off the table and, with one arm, climbs up the ladder, slowly as well. When Angelo sees Julius, he goes to strike, only for Julius to bring his other hand out and shows a taser, and he drives the taser into the neck of Angelo and shocks him as the kids and females scream at the sight before Julius drops the taser and grabs Angelo by the throat, before managing a Hell Bound off the ladder sending both men through the thumbtack tables below as the crowd losses their minds. Julius has a face of pain never seen before while Angelo shakes violently from the shock he got from the taser. Julius slowly recovers enough to spin Angelo over and cover him and the ref counts the three as Julius falls flat on his back as the crowd roars for the hour long hell they have just watched. Both men laid out from the war and what a main event to end of a pay per view.}
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    When Carnage returns from commercial break the lights in the SAP Center dim and the titantron shows Yelich in a dark room with a spiral notebook in hand, he flips through the pages before landing on one he apparently likes and looks up in glee as he begins to talk to the camera. When I found out about my condition, I wanted to know who I was better, so I made a journal, a journal that when I became that persona allowed me to describe myself, and remember who I was when I wasn't them. I eventually figured out the lengths to my condition, there are 26 versions of me, at least 26 versions of me I know about. That journal allowed me to figure out my behaviors, my tendencies, what I liked, what I hated, it allowed me to figure out who I really was. Out of the 26 versions of me there are, I have shown nine of them so far in BrendenPlayz Pro Wrestling programming and recently I unveiled the tenth. To hype him up I gave him a cool nickname, The Lonely Warrior. The Lonely Warrior just so happens to also be my favorite persona of mine. That is because in my journal when I wrote what I felt as him, I wrote happy... I wrote happy. Out of all 26, I didn't write happy for any other one of them. I wasn't happy when I was God's gift to the earth, I wasn't happy when I was the voice of the people, I wasn't happy when I Canada's favorite child, I was happy when I was alone. I was happy when I was a man who worked independently, lived independently, I was doing things I wanted to do and no one could stop me, because there wasn't anyone. I just did what I felt like doing, no audience to influence me, no friends, no family, no therapists, just me, and that made me feel joy. And what I want to do right now, is beat the crap out of some people because I feel like doing it, and there's nothing wrong with that because it will bring me joy, it will make me happy, and I haven't felt that way for a long time. And I found out that I will be able to do that at Halloween Havoc. Because at Halloween Havoc I will be in an Elimination Chamber match. It doesn't matter what it's for, it doesn't matter if I win. If I happen to win that just is a byproduct of me doing something for me, for once in my life, I am not driven by an unattainable goal, I am driven by just doing things to do them, because they give me a rush, they give me emotion, they give me happiness. In Elimination Chamber I face five other men, and if I win, I win, and if I lose, I lose, I don't care. But inside that chamber, I will wrestle, and let myself feel joy again, and no one can stop me from doing that because I am now my favorite persona, and that means there is no one to stop me from attaining happiness. Yelich then closes the notebook and puts it in a black drawstring bag as he leaves the set, which is now just a chair, in the middle of the room alone, not being influenced by anything, like Yelich is now. The titantron then fades to black and the lights in the SAP Center brighten as Carnage rolls on.
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    The lights of the Carnage arena turn off when they come back on Hollow stands in the middle of the ring sitting cross-legged in the middle of the ring with a mic in hand. Hollow, "Weeks...two weeks since Emergence had come and gone. Here we are, and we now have our first demand. After crushing our opponent at Emergence and showed Carnage what real carnage is Hollow can only see one place to go. We must go to the top of Carnage and let our insanity ascend to the tallest mountain here that one can get to in Carnage. We want the Universal Championship!" Hollow smacks the mic three times making it pop three times. Hollow, "Bailey! General Manger of Carnage listen to Hollow's words. We want Echo Wilson, we want to rip the title from his grasp. Take that crimson title and let our reign of chaos swarm all over Carnage. Nobody can win against us here on the Carnage roster to prevent us from taking what will be ours. The Kingdom cannot protect their weakest link forever as we beat Echo before to claim the premium title in the past. We arent afraid of Bart we could do what you could not and put him down. And Julius we will face him again but only at the right time. The others of the roster, Yelich, he should watch what we did to Kieron our former partner of decay. What will happen to Yelich would be worse then what happened to Kieron, we wont leave until he is a broken mess. Prince is too scared to show up against even Yelich, should Hollow get his sights on him, he will never show up on Carnage ever again. Ropati, we see him and we are unimpressed with him. He isnt strong enough to even understand our insanity, he will break and if you put him against us, Hollow will not be responsible for what happens to the him. Last is Angelo, does Hollow have to say anything, A chewy toy for Julius is nothing for what Hollow can do to him should he get in our path. Bailey! Give us Echo! Give Hollow the match for the Universal championship Hollow gets up and starts singing a eerie tune. One, Two Hollow is coming for you Three, Four he is past the door... Five, six... Seven eight, it is too late. Nine, Ten, Hollow is going to win Hollow stops singing he sits back down. Hollow, "Echo! Echo! Echo!" Hollow just sits there in the middle of the ring laughing to himself Sitting waiting for someone to answer him.
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    Echo Wilson


    A loud ring can be heard over the speakers and the fans cover their ears to avoid the pain. Out comes Echo Wilson from the back with no theme music on but only a microphone in hand, he speaks very quickly and urgently, the Universal Title sits idly on his shoulder. Hollow, Hollow, Hollow. How come whenever I stumble upon a pile of bull shit, you happen to be in the scene of the crime? Let's talk Emergence, you know what happened at Emergence. You won your match, I won mine. Now....does that mean that Hollow stole the show at Emergence? Does that mean Hollow deserves to be the top dog here in Carnage? Far From It. In fact, the pundits say that my match with LAOCH was Match Of The Year, but they aren't talking about you. They're talking about me and my accomplishments, as usual. But I'm sure you're used to hearing this, used to being pushed down by other people. If I remember correctly, we were in a similar predicament right before the summer started and I came out the victory. We went back and forth and you thought you were so clever to snatch the Premium Title for me back then but now look at me. Double Champion with double the skills, double the power. Double the ability to put your ass back to the ground. So you want my Universal Title? You're going to have to fight for your life to win it. If you think you can really outlast 5 other hungry competitors in a cage and then take me on then you're as deluded as before. Echo Wilson stops on the stage, hinting that this is just a brief appearance and that he is in no mood for a fight nor a long term argument. But if you know what you're getting yourself into than so be it. You can have your spirits lifted by knowing that I will be watching you, just as you want me to. You can take a little bit of hope in knowing that I'm out here, I'm noticing you and I'm actively listening to what you're spewing out of that poisonous mouth of yours. And I wish you good luck. Because of my time constraints I have sponsorships to go and sign, I have people to go and take autographs with, I have metal in the gym that is begging to be pumped, I have adoring fans waiting for me outside the arena. So you can continue this crusade of yours to find truth behind your madness and I'll be here. Controlling all of my madness and putting it forward into every action I make. This Universal Title is the mark of the Diablo. Don't be the one who gives it any reason to see you as a threat. Laugh it up bonehead. As Long as this title has my name on its plate, it means I'm the King around here. Maybe one of your psychotic opponents for Halloween Havoc can enlighten you on that. Carnage, I'll be back. Echo Wilson smirks and turns. He looks out to the crowd, and his eyes turn red once again. Like a rush of blood they sink away and Echo's focus is turned to the stage where footsteps can be heard. Who is the mystery man?
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    Press Conference

    We are live on Evolve towards the end of of the show. We cut to the titantron. The reporters are buzzing as we get ready for our Press Conference here with only one week of the Global Series remaining. Gary Green called these reporters together to question his client Josh. The reporters applaud as the duo walk onto the stage. Gary sits down and speaks into the mic as “The Gentleman” sits next to him, avoiding eye contact and looking conflicted Gary Green: Thank you all for coming. Any questions Numerous reporters put their hands up and Gary picks on one of them. He stands up Reporter: Hi, I’m John Trenton from Carnage, erm Gary. Why did you call yourself “The Special One” following the victory over Flynn Gary: Well John, one good to see you. Two, the answer to your question. Before I came to BrendenPlayz I was the biggest manager in Europe. Progress, wXw, numerous European promotions. And I was in Progress when Brenden came calling for JoshsNow. I had formed a friendship and when Josh told Brenden he had friends here, Brenden offered me a contract also. I was excited. After all I could be a manager in BPZ. But the idiots didn’t know how the book me and put me on a 5 man Team with Josh and 3 other reporters, who were fired within a month, on FAC. Of course I have made that show exciting, and my own. But now I fancy a return to management John: That barely answered my question Green: Oh yes, I had been known as “The Special One” back in Europe because my clientele list was a Who’s who of names. Pete Dunne, WALTER, Tyler Bate, Ilja Dragunov. All of them under my name. But one name had always been missing on that list and it was missing. Until last week when Josh finally had some sense and aligned himself with me. Yes you. Reporter: Randal Orton of cagesideseats. Question for Josh Josh: Yes Gary: No my client isn’t answering any questions. Direct them to me Josh: I can answer questions Gary: Randal? Randal: Ok Gary. Erm. Can you analyse the Slim match for us in what was a controversial victory for your client Green: Controversial is irrelevant. Victory isn’t. We needed to make a good start in the Global Series and that we did, after all these losses he needs something like this, something as good as this, and losing to Slim was not going to help my client. The referee didn’t see me grab Slim so we didn’t break any rules. Slim was not good enough to react to that and the Seven Nations Army ended his chances of winning anything in the near future. Reporter: Josh Trenton of Evolve. Question for Josh but directed at Gary. Have you turned your back on the fans Josh to align with Gary Green Josh: No I love these fa Gary: Do these fans boo him with hatred as he comes to the ring. What does it matter. In all walks of life the man who is hated is the man who is successful. Josh is winning matches and will continue that under me, with or without the fans respect Josh now looks at Gary, obviously a little frustrated at all of this. Green: Let’s close this up. One last question. Erm you Reporter: James Darwin of ESPN. Quick question that no one seems to be considering. Why did you interfere in that match Gary? Gary: James the reason no one has considered it is because it is a stupid question. I want to work with Josh and help him win. I want to make sure he wins. The fans have been desperate for Josh to win for months. And Josh has been too focused on the fans. You can’t focus on the fans when you’re facing an opponent like Slim. Slim fought hard and I couldn’t risk my client losing. So I did something very minor and let Josh do the rest John Trenton: Coupled with the attack beforehand. Was that you Gary? Green: I don’t need to answer these questions. Me and my client are leaving. I said it was the final question Josh: Was that you? Green: WE ARE FINISHED. Respect. Respect. Respect the “Special One” And with that Gary Green leaves, obviously pleased with how that went. Josh however looks more worried than when he went in as he too leaves and the reporters left look at each other intrigued as we cut back to Evolve to watch the final two matches of Block A in the Global Series
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    Not Afraid

    Storm continues to walk to the back high-fiving the fans on the ramp but just as he is about to walk to the back, Julius gets back on the mic and starts to talk "Would you have a look at this everyone. Two people who debuted at the same time, trained at the performance centre at the same. But how different our careers have played out. If you don't remember let me refresh your memory, Storm in your career you have a stunning record of 0 wins and 5 losses against me. But I am going to highlight three in particular. There was your first ever match at St Valentines Day Massacre where I crushed you and RedArrow to reclaim my NXT Championship. Then there was BPZMania III where I defeated you and The Marker once again inside Hell in a Cell. And most recently at the King of the Ring PPV where I ended your weak one month title reign of the United States Championship. Notice one thing in particular, we have never met One on One. Look what I have done to you in multi-man situations, remember the broken arm, remember the concussions, remember the physical and mental scars I brazed onto your body. Imagine what I could do when its just us two standing in the ring" Julius steps forward leaning against the ropes with fire burning in his eyes "When I look at your pathetic body I see a man filled with desperation. When you see me you realise that you will never be successful in this business. Ever since I moved on from you look what I have done. I am the World Heavyweight Champion, the United States Champion, King of the ring winner as well as main eventing every single PPV that I am on. But look at you losing more matches than you win, a horrible record of 0 wins and 2 losses in the Global Series. You even lost your wife. They say a man who is desperate will go to whatever lengths necessary to taste success, and your desperation Storm will be the reason you fall at my hands once again. I'm going to walk into Halloween Havoc, retain my United States Championship and finish off what I started when broke your career back at BPZ Mania. So Storm, run back off to EVOLVE have your match with Ark but remember when you celebrate by yourself that your judgement day is just around the corner because at Halloween Havoc, I am going to end the one and only Storm Storm walks to the back with anger smeared across his face as Julius stares him down in the middle of the ring. It's set ladies and gentlemen Julius will take on Storm for the United States Championship at Halloween Havoc
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    Another week means another pair of Global Series matches, and it is once again Block A's turn. Last time we saw fellow Frontier members Jason Ryan and Buddy Ace pick up wins in their respective matches, but with their opponents swapped can they keep up their momentum with another two wins? Storm steps out as his music plays to a crowd cheering in unison for him. Storm has had a rough time lately here in BPZ due to his fued with Jason Ryan that has now extened to the rest of The Frontier. Despite Storm's valiant effort against Jason Ryan, he ultimately lost but is hoping to bounce back with a win against Buddy Ace. Storm is making his way down the ramp and -- OH, THE MARKER ATTACKS STORM FROM BEHIND! Perhaps Marker is paying Storm back for his interference from last week, but many would say Storm was just getting even. Either way, Storm is getting beaten down right now and now Buddy Ace and Jason Ryan make their presence known as they join in, making it a three on one assault before this match has even begun. Storm is tossed into the ring and The Frontier hits a Triple Powerbomb on Storm! The three of them laugh together at their handiwork as the crowd rains boos down on them. Buddy Ace shakes hands with Marker and Jason and is heard saying "Head on back, I'll take it from here." The referee is checking on Storm and repeatedly asking him if he's okay to compete as Storm tries to drag himself to his feet in the corner. Storm tells the referee he is ready and the referee calls for the bell to be rung, officially starting this match. Storm is clearly in pain after being ganged up on but he is not the type of man to just forfeit and would rather lay it all on the line here. But for all the heart Storm has, it might not be enough to overcome the unfavorable odds. Both men circle each other while analysing one another. This will be the first time these two have ever clashed but you can be sure that they have had an eye on one another's progress so far and know what to expect. Buddy and Storm finally meet in the middle of the ring and Buddy is quick to lock in a headlock. Storm struggles for a second before managing to back up to the ropes and shoves Buddy off. Buddy rebounds off the opposite side and goes for a clothesline but Storm ducks and leaps up for a dropkick only for Buddy to sidestep it. Storm hits the canvas and gets yanked back up by Buddy for a back suplex! Storm writhes in pain, the beatdown having left his back in bad shape. Buddy helps Storm to his feet just to get kicked in the gut, drawing the air out of him and allowing Storm to hit a Sunset Flip Powerbomb. As Buddy gets up Storm bounces off the ropes and attempts a Bicycle Kick but Buddy dodges. Storm spins around in time to maneuver around a Roundhouse Kick and nails a Dropkick right to the face of Buddy Ace! Buddy quickly rolls out of the ring but Storm follows him with a Suicide Dive! Storm lets out a celebratory yell and the fans cheer as he fires himself up. Storm tosses Buddy back into the ring and keeps the pressure up by laying into him with a few well placed strikes. Buddy fights back to his feet by firing back with his own strikes and now the two are in the center of the ring trading blows. Buddy rocks Storm with a vicious elbow and goes for a Hurricanrana but Storm counters by landing on his feet! Storm runs right into another elbow and Buddy hits a few quick chops before Irish Whipping the former US champion. Storm jumps clean over Buddy's head but Buddy drops down to the mat and hits a Japanese Arm Drag as they meet again. Storm scrambles into the corner and kicks an advancing Buddy away from him. Storm puts Buddy on his back with a Hurricanrana and then hits a running Shooting Star Press! 1...2...kick out at two and a half! Storm looks like he wasn't expecting a kick out but quickly shakes off that surprise and hoists Buddy up onto his feet. Storm tries for a DDT and Buddy slips out but Storm is quick to react with an elbow to the face stunning Buddy. Storm goes for an Irish Whip but it's reversed and he is sent into the corner. Buddy hits a Running Forearm and shoves Storm out of the corner so that he can climb onto the second rope and hit an Elbow Drop. 1...2...kick out by Storm. Buddy rebounds off the ropes and goes for a Knee Drop but Storm rolls out of the way, leaving Buddy lying on the canvas holding his knee. Both men begin getting to their feet at the same time and Storm tries for an Enzuguri but Buddy blocks it with his arm. Buddy kicks Storm in the face and Irish Whips him. Storm goes to spring off the ropes for an Underground Swing but Buddy stops him with a Backstabber! 1...2...2.9!! Buddy starts to argue with the referee, convinced that it was a three count but the referee is telling him it wasn't. Buddy is telling the referee to do his job and Storm with a roll up from behind! Only a two count and both men spring to their feet. Buddy nearly lost the match and gave Storm time to recover with his foolish complaining there. Buddy charges at Storm right into a Spanish Fly! Storm makes the cover and ref counts. 1...2...NO, Buddy just kicks out before three! Storm coming close to a victory there but he's gonna try to keep the momentum up as he lines Buddy up for the Demon Awakening but only hits air as Buddy avoids it. Storm regains his balance and gets his clock cleaned by a Spinning Backfist. Buddy grabs Storm for the Diamond Buster but gets elbowed several times, forcing him to release Storm. Storm whips Buddy against the ropes and hits a Flying Forearm. Storm sees this as his chance and climbs to the top rope but Buddy is up too fast and kicks Storm to the outside! Storm just took a long fall to the floor and he might be out of it. Buddy rolls under the bottom rope and clears off the announce table. Buddy tries to put Storm on the table but Storm fights him Buddy off with a flurry of forearms. Storm slams Buddy's head against the table and then tosses him back into the ring. Storm waits on the outside for as long as the ref's count would allow, still trying to recover from falling off the top rope. Storm reenters the ring and finds himself being stomped on immediately. Buddy hits Storm with a Snap Suplex and goes for the pin. 1...2...Storm kicks out, but it's clear that he's lost quite a bit of energy. Buddy tries for another Suplex but Storm manages to counter it with a Vertical Suplex of his own. Storm keeps a hold of Buddy and hits a Michinoku Driver and hooks the leg for a two count. Storm allows Buddy to get up and lifts him up on the shoulders, but Buddy slips off and whips Storm into the corner. Buddy tries to charge into the corner but Storm jumps over him and rebounds off the ropes. Storm ducks a clothesline attempt and hits a Dropkick right to the face. Storm stays on Buddy, forcing him against the ropes with several forearms and then whipping him across the ring and hitting a Spinning Heel Kick. 1...2...two and three quarters! Another close call in this match. Buddy shoves Storm away and tries to throw him out of the ring but Storm lands on the apron. Buddy tries to knock Storm off but gets hit by an Enzuguri. Storm quickly climbs to the top rope and hits a Crossbody but another once again fails to get the two count. Storm tries for a Springboard Moonsault but Buddy gets the knees up. Storm and Buddy both begin to pull themselves to their feet at the same time, watching one another do so. Storm charges at Buddy only to be Arm Dragged. Storm scrambles forward into a second Arm Drag and decides to go for a Running Dropkick out of frustration, but Buddy avoids it and hits the Discus Knee! 1...2... Storm kicks out yet again in this match up! Buddy angrily slaps the mat, clearly feeling as though the match should be over by now. Unfortunately for him it isn't and he waits as Storm uses the ropes to make it to his feet. Buddy whips Storm off the ropes and catches him with a Tilt a Whirl Backbreaker on the return. Storm rolls out onto the apron and Buddy suplexes him back into the ring. Now Buddy is shouting at Storm to get up, looking to finally land the killing blow. Buddy grabs Storm for the Diamond Buster a second time but is once again thwarted with a couple of elbow strikes. Storm whips Buddy into the corner and Buddy tries to charge back at Storm but gets hit with the Into Hell! Storm climbs to the top rope and the crowd is buzzing in anticipation of what usually follows this. The fans aren't gonna see what they thought they were though as Buddy scrambles to meet Storm on the top turnbuckle and hits the Diamond Buster off the top rope! Buddy rolls Storm over for the cover! 1...2...3! Buddy Ace has just picked up another win in the Global Series, meaning he is one step closer to making it to the finals. Buddy raises his arms in celebration but the fans are certainly not celebrating along with him. Chants of "Fuck you, Buddy!" ring loudly but Buddy just flips the crowd off and leaves the ring. Whether the results were fair or not, it's still a victory for Buddy and a loss for Storm.
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    The Marker

    Are You Sure You Ready?

    {Couple minutes after the new guy Arrow's promo, we see the titantron of Marker holding the NXT Championship with him, Marker smiles and I think he got some words to say} HAHAAHAHAHAHAHHA WHO ARE YOU? I mean, I sorta know who you are, you are my next fest to eat, this boy comes out and makes no sense what so ever, I couldn't even hear what he even said until somebody in the back had to translate it for me because it sounded like this guy had a speech impediment. {The crowd for some reason chanted "speech impediment" for some reason which is a bit rude, but anyways Marker continued} All I needed to know is that you want my title which is all you needed to say, instead of rambling about 100 star match, that I was scared of you?. Please, I am far from scared from you, I didn't even knew who you were until yesterday and I had no reason to be scared of you, in fact, it should be the opposite way around, you should be afraid of me because I have taken on a lot of people for the last couple of months and they were a lot more tougher than you will ever be to me. In my opinion, I don't think your ready to dance with the devil boy because I am a Psychopath and what does psychopaths do?. They hurt people.. badly and I don't you can handle what I have in my arsenal, but if you want to face me, go ahead try it, but if you seen what happened to CRM, I'll do ten times worse than what I did to him to you Arrow, hell I don't need any of my brothers to help me destroy you with ease. That all I'll say Arrow, you decide what happens to your faith. {The titantron switches off and night continues on.}
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    BPZ Wrestling Merchandise

    Someone else could prob do better but I did this. I like to think it's okay.
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    "The Killer" Angelo Caito


    {Echo's eyes return from the red, blood like glow they have as the sound of footsteps start to grow louder and louder, causing the Universal Champion to turn around as he sees no one on the stage, but when he looks up he and everyone else is shocked to see a scar wearing, bandaged up Angelo Caito, limping his way towards the Gorilla Position, to the shock of many after last night's war, being one of the most brutal matches in wrestling history. He uses his right arm, as his left arm is in a sling from being hit with the automobile by Julius, to slowly go up the steps before he walks to the curtain, brushing by them. Another pop from the sold out crowd as they show him great respec with a standing ovation as Angelo Caito limps from the back. He looks out to the crowd with "Burn In My Light" blasting in the background, he gives a warm smile on his extremely stitched up face from the glass, tacks, and chain assault he received. He slowly limps down the stage, slowly getting next to Echo Wilson, and the history these two men have, the partnerships, the matches, the segments, all remembered by BPZ fans as they cheer the stare down, which ends as Angelo looks over to the shoulder of Wilson, checking out the big red belt that's laying across it. He look back at Echo and snarls before walking past the Champion of Carnage with a purposeful limp, as he stares down Hollow, a man who with two words about Angelo wrote his death wish. Angelo walks to the steel step and taps it after taking a deep breath and then gingerly walks up the steps and leans against the ropes before placing his right leg through the ropes, and gingerly moves his body through the ropes and then brings his left leg into the ring, sighing as he is in pain. He likes across the ring to the opposite corner, and grabs a microphone from the lovely Hannah as he turns around and limps to get face with face with Hollow. "Burn In My Light" dies down, leaving a cheering crowd to be heard as, even in his weaken state and how dangerous Hollow is, Angelo shows no fear. He steps back some as he raises the mic to his mouth.} "Twenty four hours ago, I was in the most brutal match up of my entire life. I was hit by a car, I was cut open to where I was bleeding buckets of blood, I was stabbed in my leg with a ice pick, I fell fifteen feet through two tables filled with clothing along with other objects, I was speared through two doors, had my head bashed against a locker door multiple times, out through a glass table, my neck shocked with a taser, and received a Hell Bound off a ladder through two tables that had thumbtacks covered with them. With the loss, I was carried out multiple deep lacerations, a nice hole in my calf, a damaged left arm that had twelve shards of glass removed from there, my back needed ten shards removed as well. My head had a combined nineteen staples added to keep me from bleeding. I suffered a concussion, I am still shaking from the taser I got to the neck. And not only getting a Hell Bound off a fucking ladder, and not only that I went through two tables, but I ended up having to remove thirty tacks from my skull, throat, and chest. Fans ask me how do I feel, and the answer is.... I'm going to want seconds soon Julius. You took me to hell and back, and kid, you earned my respect. Now I stand here looking at Mr. Hollow and Mr. Echo Wilson, and this whole chase to the Universal Championship. Hollow let me tell you the real truth about you that you never wanted to hear. You're irrelevant. You disappear for months on end, return to have a shit stipulation match that is a rip off a match from another company, go parading backstage that "Hollow does what Hollow wants" correct? How was that Unsanction Zone event you planned out? How was that thing Hollow wants work out? Oh wait, just like you, it crumbled. And now you think because you beat Kieron Black you deserve Echo Wilson? And you think these fans will chant you deserve Echo Wilson? The only thing these people will chant is "Shut The Fuck Up!" And "Go Home!" Yes! They will tell you to go home Blade. They want you to go home and never come back because a guy like you, who was one third of best pack of NXT stars ever, who had a future so bright, along with Slim and Bizzy, and look at you? You failed every chance at the United States Championship. You lost the Intercontinental Championship in ten days, you fucked over the European title. You disgraced the Premium Championship, hell the fact you almost won Money In The Bank and Premium Championship last night was laugh I needed before my match. Speaking of my match, my match will be remembered in the history books in the entire world, while yours will be written down by another irrelevant journalist who gave me killing a rookie basically a four star match, and you believe the hype of getting five point five stars? That's a insult because your matches are the potty break these fans need after I steal the show again. This "we" shit is getting old man, your pretend madness is getting old. You're getting old. Bring your gardener, Senor Alfredo Pasta Noddles, a bat named Bruce, bring your incest filled family in your shit attire to ring side, bring whoever, you to get pinned again. Oh and you named Yelich, Prince, Roptai, and Kieron Black? Yelich dresses up as multiple men and gets praised for it? I dress in different clothing everyday, where is my damn appraisal? Hell, after Emergence, where the hell is he? Same with Roptai. The Kiki Buzzsaw or Assassin or whatever he's called. Man misses months of action, returns for a forfiet and also gets in names of a contender match? Shows how useful this roster truly is, does it? Speaking of roster, the number one draft pick, once again, hasn't shown his fucking face since War Games and he gets a title shot? Prince you're lazy part timer, and hell, all that crap you talk backstage, you act like you stepped up, but you didn't step up, you stepped off, and when times got tough, you proven that you lost your balls bruh. And Kieron Black, I trained you, hell before I took control, you were bashed because of you stealing segments from the competition, and where was my thank you? Oh yeah, you trying to retire me. Look at us now, you're off in your mom's basement jacking off to hentai while I'm here calling you out this time. And you Echo. You and me, we know each other like the back of our hands. Everyone knows about AK-17, but no one knows the before that. Here's a little history lesson, when me and this kid first met, he was someone else, someone who was a idiot. He went on to part take in the NXT 3 2.0, and I caught him cheating, he tried to get another person to leave so you can out perform Aidan and win the NXT Championship. Things didn't work out, and I nearly got you fired. But what I said to you lit a fire under your ass and look at you now. You became one of the biggest stars of this year. But.... What I find so funny is that all your success, came when someone had your back. System, I had your back. The Top Guys, Slim had your back. AK-17, I had your back. Kingdom, Bart and Julius have your back. But you proven that you have none of ours, cause team mates don't use each other for titles, and not care about the belts when we get them. They don't let their partner get his ass kicked. And they damn sure don't go backstage and start a war they know that is impossible to win. Now, a second war starts for you Wilson. Now that you hold a title or interest, you got to deal with me, and you can pretend that I'm not on your level, but you know that I'm the one man who exposed you in the past, and you know I can do it again. You can't beat me fairly Echo, and when I become the Number One Contender again, you'll see I'm correct when I drop you for the three and become the fourth ever Universal Champion." {Angelo lowers the mic and snarls again as he stares at Hollow and Echo as another team plays.}
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    The Marker

    I SEE YOU!

    {Marker is all alone with no one there, he has his head down and closes his eyes and he remembers the roll up against Josh and his veins start popping and his eyes open wide, he gets up from his stool and breaks the stool he sat on. Marker gets on his knees and put his hands behind his head and thinking "What wrong with me?", "How did I lose to Josh?". Then a shadowy figure touches his shoulder and his eyes turn black and the lights goes out, the lights flickering and then it stops and then one light turns on, it's Marker, but he has the mask on that Necce has.} FLYNN! I SEE YOU! AHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH {Marker stops laughing, he cracks his knuckles and neck and continues} Josh was a set back for me, the only reason why he beaten me is because of the distraction of that annoying Storm, who came out for no reason besides trying to get some screen time, but enough about him, let's talk about you Mr. Flynn. I know you are hurt from the inside and you said that you forgive him, but do you really forgive him?. You are trying to hide your weakness from everyone, especially Necce. Because underneath you, you want to face Necce and settle it with him once and for all, but you decided not to, instead at BPZ Bad Blood, you attacked Julius and announced you were facing him for the World Heavyweight Championship. All I can say is Flynn doesn't want to fight Necce again because he knows Necce will beat him and he can't fathom the thought of losing and ending the feud there and about the World Heavyweight Title Match, he is still on about "The Betrayal of Julius", beating him for the Tag Titles wasn't enough for Flynn and he decides to come back at SummerSlam to tied the knot or maybe put the "Nail in the Coffin", ahahahahahah. I have true power now, The Frontier, no THE FLOCK WILL RISE ABOVE ANYONE AND WE SHALL BE KINGS OF B..P.. Z. FLYNN, WHEN WE MEET ONE ON ONE, I'M GONNA UNLEASHED THE POWER WITHIN ME AND WHEN I DO, NOBODY WILL STOP WHAT I WILL DO TO YOU WHEN THE PSYCHOPATH DEVOURS FLYNN FOR DINNER. {Marker laughs and waves goodbye to the camera, the light turns off and it pitch black, a couple seconds, the lights come back on an nobody there, just an empty dark room.}
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    BPZ Commentaries

    BPZ Top 5 Segments G'Day mate and welcome to another episode of the Top 5. I am your host Mike Hunt and before we get into 5'ing I want to share a warm welcome to the newest member of BPZ Commentaries James SweendinFerg who will be doing his own stuff like PPV Reviews and other things like that. But remember Big Boy Mike will always be the face of this company. Not a very exciting week in the world of Kayfabe even though Bad Blood is this weekend with some major matches but without further a do lets go to number 5 5. I think it's safe to say that the year 2018 hasn't been the year for Ark Universe, struggling to keep at a consistent form in the ring and it seems to have really affected his wellbeing. It was revealed this week on EVOLVE TV that Ark might be hanging up the boots at the end of the Global Series after suffering a loss to tournament favourite Buddy Ace. The reason why this segment is ranked here however is mostly about what Henrico stated after Ark had left the room. He sighed "He just needs a push. A lighter to reignite the flame", which to me seems that Henrico has something in mind for Ark. Watch this space because this Ark Universe saga has only just begun. We wish him the best of luck against Jason Ryan in his next match 4. You like parodies, I like parodies everyone likes parodies and Joshua Scott's parody of smash hit series braving the frontier was extremely entertaining. Josh and Gary Green held nothing back when unloading on The Froniter in hype for his match against The Marker where he was eventually successful even poking fun at Gary's frequent interactions with Echo Wilson this past month. Anyway the substance of the promo added a new layer to the ongoing rivalry especially when Josh went into a mode we don't see to often promising to break Marker's arm in the process of winning. Overall a very entertaining segment which made me excited for the upcoming matches in the Global Series 3. Julius and Angelo Caito went through hell in their match at Emergence, and only one week later these two behemoths will meet in a Fall's Count Anywhere match for the World Heavyweight Championship at Bad Blood. We got to this moment with an impassioned Julius who opened Carnage TV this week calling out Angelo Caito to finish what they started at Emergence. Eventually it all came to chaos with the locker room having to separate these two me before something bad happened forcing Bailey to create the match at Bad Blood. If you thought that the match at Emergence was brutal, I can tell you right now that the match at Bad Blood will be a must watch because shits going down 2. This last week has definitely been Frontier Week with the trio dominating most of the headlines for their controversial promo's and their brutal beatdowns of their opponents. But coming in at number two this week we are going to focus of Jason Ryan and his promo hyping his match against Ark Universe. Jason is one of the most controversial wrestlers in the world right now with his no shits given attitude towards anything he says or does and he continued this with his brutal berate of Ark even going as far as to burn his signature guitar and merchandise in the centre of the ring. But boy oh boy what happened following this was incredible. It seem's that the Frontier is getting even better with the addition of Necce to create "The Flock", these four men are going to cause a lot of problems to everyone in BPZ 1. But coming in at Number One it has to be episode two of Braving The Frontier where Buddy Ace, Jason Ryan and The Marker were at their usual arrogant selves this week targeting Number One Pick Prince, Flynn and Bailey to name a few. Their insults are second to none and through this format they are already planting seeds for feuds with other people in the company. A major thumbs up as the Frontier take out the Number One Segment of the week Superstar Of The Week It's that time of the week where we crown a new Superstar of the week who will it be? Who will join the other 5 men in claiming superstar of the week fame. This weeks superstar of the week is..... JASON RYAN. Yes the most controversial man in Professional Wrestling takes out the honours. I mean just look at his past week. A win over Storm, another amazing Braving The Frontier episode, revealing the formation of "The Flock". Hell this man had such a good week that he stole Storm's Wife Vala. Like Seriously What the Fuck. Anyway congratulations to Jason and we will see you later, make sure to watch James' video and have fun as you tune into BPZ Bad Blood this Sunday. This has been Mike Hunt signing out

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