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    We are over a week away from one BPZ’s most thrilling Pay Per View in the calendar year, Judgement Day! Many matches are scheduled to take place inside the hot and electric Houston crowd. Matches such as The Powertrip Cup Tournament Finals pitting Sameer against Mikey and FDS, while Jonathan challenges Slim for his World Heavyweight Championship. On that same card, Slim will also be gunning for the Undisputed Title held by the “God of War” Hans Clayton. Standing in the ring appears to be Valor Interviewer Drake Hensley, as he introduces and welcomes the Current BPZ Undisputed Champion as we prepare for this one on one confrontation. “115” Blasts through the speakers as Hans Clayton emerges from the curtains full of intensity. Hans has his hands taped up, wearing a custom made Cut-Throat Crew leather jacket, and his hair somewhat wet and covering his face. He raises his title up in the air with the beats of his music and the boos reigning in on the champ. He walks down the aisle, holding his title proudly on his left shoulder. He enters the ring, demanding a microphone, as he stands beside Drake Hensley, with absolute confidence. Drake Hensley: Hans, it's been an incredible and astonishing four months being the Undisputed Champion of BPZ. You’ve had some of the toughest wrestlers gun for that belt of yours and this may be your biggest challenge yet, as the current World Champion tries to dethrone that crown of yours. Do you feel you will walk away Judgement Day as still the Undisputed Champion? Hans looks at Drake with a deranged look, as he stays silent for several seconds. He finally answers Drake’s question with a determined and collective tone. Hans Clayton: Of course I’m confident of walking out of Houston as still your Undisputed Champion. Why wouldn't I be? I’ve held this title like you said for the past four months, grinding my heart out to be the best performer this company has, bar none. This title has a very short but prestigious lineage, you have had to be on tip top shape to have held this belt with the likes of Bart and Flynn holding this same title with the utmost respect, like I have. Slim doesn’t see this title for its history, or its honour. He’s see’s this title as nothing more than a collection. To fill an accolade, to make himself feel more powerful than he already thinks. I’ve made this title my life, to the best of my goddamn ability. To make this title the most important thing you ever want and I’ve achieved that. I’ve made both The Antichrist and Isaiah Carter believe in the value of this title to bring it there fucking best and I knocked them straight down. The same thing will happen to the leader of the Inner Circle. Drake was going to ask Hans another question until Hans decided to tell Drake to get off his ring, as he didn’t want to answer any more questions coming from Valor’s Interviewer. Hans continues on about his tirade on “Le Champion". Hans Clayton: While I’m not here with my Cut-Throat allies, we have a connection and a bond between us like no other group. We trust in ourselves and each other and share one common goal, to be killers in this business. To the elite of the elite, and that's the drive that pushes us to be cornerstones of this industry for years to come. Whilst the Inner Circle, a group calculated and controlled by Slim only has one pure purpose, protection. Slim has an entire group brainwashed into thinking they need him, that Amai needs Slim, that Addy needs Slim, that Mikey needs Slim when in reality they can be just as successful without Slim’s guidance. When in fact, Slim needs Amai, Slim needs Addy, and Slim needs Mikey because without that insurance policy, without any help, Slim is a lost and weak minded individual. He thrives off others' assurance, it fuels him inside. Whether it was with Syndicate or the New Legacy, Slim will always relied on these groups so he can stay on top of that mountain. Whether he wants to claim I’m inexperienced, or I don’t have any pressure of ending a show, I don’t need his damn validation in the first place. I don’t need Slim’s approval if I’m good enough to be champion, or good enough to lead this brand. I’m not brainwashed like his group, I can be successful on my own two feet. Judgement Day isn’t going to be where you pull off your greatest achievement, Judgement Day will be where you pull off your greatest failure. 2020 has been MY year in BPZ, nothing but sweet success and you think it's all going to go crashing down to “Don Dada”. My will to fight and to stay as champion is a lot more than you can imagine “Le Champion” and you can come out here and look into the eyes of what a true champion is. After those words said by Hans, he paces himself back and forth waiting for Slim to make his entrance for what could be an electrifying confrontation between both champions.
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    The Bible

    Written and Spoken in ~The Bible~ The scene first opens with static, video clips. It appears to be distorted, but you can still hear the audio of these clips. The clips become more and more clear as they show former presidents of The United States of America. The likes of John. F Kennedy, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Richard Nixon giving speeches on their respective podiums. Whilst you can hear the audio, you can’t make up what the past leaders of America are saying. You could finally make up and hear some words said by JFK. "As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest form of appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." - John F. Kennedy An eerie sound then plays following those words by John F. Kennedy. That sound would become louder as the audio also gets louder. Until all of sudden it all cuts to black. The scene would transition to what appears to be some sort of church. Low down angle, showing the white and dull colour scheme of this unknown church has. It’s somewhat cloudy, giving the impression of a gloomy atmosphere. It’s dead silent outside, you can barely hear any noise whatsoever. As the scene shows the church from different angles, we transition into the church itself. The church itself looks somewhat empty, with a few individuals present in the church as they are scattered in their seats. A figure then appears coming through from one of the many seats. That figure appears to be Hans Clayton. Still wearing a leather jacket, he has his hair tied up now to a bun, as he approaches the front of the church. He proceeds to step up to a podium that looks directly to all the spectators that are present at the church. Hans looks to be giving a sermon of sorts. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. He looked at the darkness that the earth had and he said “let there be light” and so there was a divide between light and dark. God created us to live this life meaningfully and for that I am grateful! Amen! As Hans shouted “Amen” the couple or so people present at the church all agreed and shouted the same words Hans just said. “Amen!” This life though it's not seen through dark and light, there’s layers to this said life. Life my friends is not as simple as how God imagined it, each and every person is different from one another. It’s okay to feel different, It’s okay to have strengths and weaknesses. It’s all a part of who they are. There is a certain individual who believes he can be a king among peasants. He believes in many, many stories, and creates false narratives to hide his own insecurities. His name is Max, and quite frankly… He’s lost touch with our reality. Through five years of politicking, persuasion, and manipulation, Max has managed to make himself a regular main event fixture in BPZ Wrestling. As he made it perfectly clear in his one on one confrontation with myself, he is a man with many accomplishments to his name, truly believing why he’s so much greater than I am in this business. To be quite honest with all of you, I could care less of what accomplishments he did in the past. He clearly made it obvious that it wouldn’t matter when we squared off and yet listed those accomplishments to my face like it was going to intimidate me. Max’s paranoia is evident, as if people are jealous of how far he’s come, when in fact they are sick and tired of the status quo of his political doings. They are sick of the constant opportunities this company gives him in every turn. Again, he believes he’s on a higher stature then everyone else, including me. I guess those five years of being nothing but a little bitch gets you somewhere huh? You see Max, while you praise yourself defending your title at Pay Per Views I wasn’t apart of, I think I need to remind you that I worked events consecutively since last year’s BPZ Mania, whether I was the opening match or the main event, I performed to the best of my abilities and gave those spectators a match they would remember for the rest of their lives. I’ve done so much for an individual that’s only been in BPZ for a year and a half, whilst you took breaks of your own during the past year, I was getting better and better facing the likes of Arius and Julius. THAT is the work ethic i put in. Winning the United States Championship, and having two hard fought matches at the biggest party of the summer, THAT is the work ethic I put in. Bringing you and Eli Smith to their limits when I was still evolving, THAT is the work ethic I put in. Right now at this very moment, I am the fucking best on Valor, not you! Maybe you were better than me five months, six months ago, but right now, I’m an elitist! My brothers and sisters here today can all agree with me... Amen!!! Hans shouts “Amen” as loud as he can as the people inside the church follow pursuit. Hans would raise his arm, hearing the exact word from the rest. “Amen!” Hans would twist his neck counter clockwise, as he would continue on. If you have been watching BPZ Programming you would know the title I have in my possession, has not been overshadowed. The definition of “Insanity” is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Max really thinks that my entire reign has been overshadowed and honestly I’m quite tired of Maxwell acting like a buffoon. This moron is supposed to be the most successful wrestler in BPZ Wrestling. This guy had the longest World Heavyweight Title reign in BPZ history and yet is oblivious to what's happening in our promotion. I had the best rivalry going into BPZ Mania, I made everyone notice that I'm a superstar now after knocking out Necce. I won this title when YOU ratted your opponent out at Night of Legends, and don’t tell me it was because of an “assault” because that was just a cover-up to the real story. You are one paranoid snake Maxwell! No matter if you lost a porn star, or your Undisputed Title match didn’t happen, or when you were kicked out of your own group. Your greatest failure was underestimating. In this entire build you treated me like I’m not your equal... I forgive you though Max. Hans would talk with a more soft spoken tone, as he talks directly to his challenger. Ever since I won this title, you were my biggest doubter. You wanted me to lose this so badly because I ruined whatever Merciless Family had planned for this championship. You wanted me to fail against Isaiah Carter, you wanted me to get destroyed to your good friend of the “Antichrist”. You despise me and well all I can do is forgive you now because the moment that bell rings, I’m going to slit your throat and humiliate you the best way I do. Whatever “aura” you had Max, will flash away in a matter of seconds. Exposing you for whatever insecurities you try to hide. You’ll be a dead man after this match, you can go join Isaiah Carter’s dad in the grave with him because that is what you will be after Judgement Day. Hans would then start to laugh and bring his arms out as his tone becomes a bit crazed when he says the following. You make me smile at your stupidity Maxwell! I am BLESSED with my pros and cons, and you should be too. Hans' tone would slightly go back down to normality and would bring his arms right back down as he speaks further about his Judgement Day opponent. Five years you dedicated yourself to being the best, you dedicated yourself to being the top dog of this industry no matter how shady or dirty it was. Yet you crumble. If you were the best, surly you could have beaten Creed. Surly if you were the best, you would have beaten Eric Shun earlier this year. Surely if you were best, you could have taken this exact title from Jeremiah Flynn but you chose a different approach. You're not the best in any stretch of the imagination, you are a star past his prime who still thinks it's 2017. Yet there are those in the back who are stuck in the past still thinking you're still that man, blinded to whatever you try and appease them with. I don’t respect a scumbag like yourself Max, I don’t care what you have done in this company, and quite frankly everyone who tunes in to Valor thinks the exact same way. Cry all you want of not being shown respect, because whatever fuel you have to try and kick my ass won’t even be there when the match begins. Hans would ask for a bottle of water, as he would drink it and would carry on about his opponent. Where is our lost and fallen boy Maxwell though? At some typical press conference he happens to do before every big match, quite original “Slim”. (Hans lets out a smirk) You talked about desperation and here you are triggered over a poster, no mere presence of yourself makes you go in a frenzy. Being asked what would happen if you lost in our match, you lose your goddamn mind. You are so damn fragile of your image and your look that you can’t face the truth of me pinning you in the middle of that ring. So go ahead, repeat the same shit of kicking my ass, go kill another deer, maybe get yourself a new bitch in your pathetic Inner Circle. I’m not like those names you mentioned at your generic press conference. I said it once, and I’ll say it again, you never beaten Necce, I did. That’s the one thing in your career you will never, ever do. Here I am still being doubted. I’m ready for whatever you have planned Slim, because I’m in God’s house right now and he has my support just like everyone here today. May God have mercy on your soul Max, because it's game over for “Le Champion”. Hans closes his eyes as he feels the people of the church's energy as they clap in approval for him. Hans looks relaxed and relieved as the scene fades to black. ~Hans Clayton~
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    A Challenge for Bailey

    We are live on Carnage from Rome, Italy, BPZ officially beginning it’s annual King of the Ring European Tour. The fans are buzzing tonight especially after a blockbuster Judgement Day Show. The fans in the arena let out an astounding pop, shocked for a moment before quickly realizing exactly why Creed’s theme plays through the arena. Slowly, Jeremiah Flynn steps out with a large smile across his face. He has his hair combed back and his beard groomed nicely. He carries his Universal Championship around his waist proudly. It has only been a few short days since this man seemingly put to bed his feud with Creed, and instead chose to align with the very same group that he had gone to war with for so many months. He stands atop the ramp to a mixed reaction, many unsure of what to exactly think of the Universal Champions actions just yet. He takes a slow stroll down to the ring, rolling under the bottom rope before removing his crimson gold from around his waist. It’s with great pride he throws his title high above his head for the world to see. Slowly he lowers it down to his right shoulder, gripping it tightly before requesting a microphone. Upon receiving it, he’d wait a moment for his music to die off, and the fans to slowly quiet down. He looks around the thousands in attendance before finally speaking, an amused tone hanging in every word spoken. “I didn’t really know how this would go over. Because you know for so long.... I’ve been angry. I’ve been pissed off at the world and my life and this dates way before BPZ. I haven’t been a happy human being in a very long time. I’ve channeled that anger and that rage in this ring and let’s be honest it’s helped me become one of the damn best this company has ever seen. It’s with that being said however, that I for the first time in my career..... am happy. I’m happy with what I did at Judgement Day. Saving Creed, joining Creed and kicking some delusional Mafia ass while I did it couldn’t of been a more perfect moment.” “Now I understand my history, I know I have skeletons in my closet. I’m not what you would describe as a trustworthy individual when you look at my resume but that’s a risk Creed are willing to take. To be honest with all of you I don’t know if it’s a risk I am willing to take but it goes to show the character and the type of guys those three individuals are. They stand head and shoulders above all else in that locker room and it reflects in this ring when they kick everyone’s ass who steps up to him. I find that extremely relatable. Because you see I also know an individual who kicks everyone’s ass who steps up to them.....” Flynn raises his championship high above his head, the energy in the arena electric. “So while I stand alone on a different brand, whether I’m in Creed or not, it doesn’t change a damn thing. I am your KING OF CARNAGE, the holder of the CRIMSON GOLD. Now I’ve looked up and down this roster since Last Resort and I gotta day I’m pretty impressed. Next week two old rivals of my own face off for the right to take me on at King of the Ring, however I don’t wanna wait until then to get back in this ring. Because you see I saw what Bailey had to say about me earlier tonight. In case he missed it, I told the world exactly how anyone in that locker room can settle their issues with me and it’s in this ring. I pride myself on being the very best wrestler in the damn world and I won’t allow someone who I see as an after thought insult my good name.” “So Bailey..... Whats it gonna be? You believe I’ve taken the easy way out? That I’ve completely devalued everything I stand for? Son I stand in the middle of this ring alone, no one backing me, no Creed for you to worry about and I say, BRING IT ON BITCH. You got an issue with what I did? You have a problem with the way I conduct my business, the life choices I’ve made? Then let’s fucking settle it in this ring. I’m a little booked up for the future, and I’d prefer we go ahead and skip the long drawn out theatrics because we both know how this goes, so how’s next week on Carnage sound? Double fucking headliner, FDS vs. Nebakos, and Jeremiah Flynn vs. Bailey.” “I stand alone Bailey. I have no one in the world with me here. You are the one with the Death Riders, you are the one who clearly needs the extra fire power. The ball is in your court. You came to the ring, you called me out, you are the one with the issues with me and if you got a problem with me well I got a problem with you too son. Of course you can always reject the match. You can come up with some BULLSHIT excuse and you can tuck your tail between your legs and you can brush this all over, pull out some smoke and mirrors and put your little speech from earlier today in the past. Let’s just be honest, we all know you will. Because if Bailey were to get in this ring in 2020 with Jeremiah Flynn, he’d get absolutely embarrassed. So what’s it gonna be GOAT?” Jeremiah Flynn throws both arms wide, laying his championship down in front of him. A challenge set for Bailey. Him vs. Flynn on Carnage next week. Will he accept?
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    Thy Kingdom Come

    (Cheers to Arius for the dope Titantron!) "Sound of Madness" by Shinedown rips through the P.A. system causing a mixed reaction to surge through the crowd, with fog smearing the entrance ramp. We're back from commercial break tonight, as Cut-Throat Crew's titantron greets those in the arena and the hundreds of thousands watching at home. BrendenPlayz Wrestling as on their European Tour, coinciding with the King of the Ring tournament and coincidentally a participant of that very tournament appears on the entrance ramp, bursting through the smoke, Sheridan holds a subtle smirk on her visage, as first verse of her theme music kicks in. Donning a pair of faux leather military boots, shimmering, they travel just past the ankle as Sheridan also wears matching kneepads with the German national flag stitched into the material. Her gear for tonight is a red and black bralette, with golden straps on the shoulder, as well as matching shorts which reach her lower thigh. Orange tresses are tied back, with Dutch braid styled into the left side. On her right wrist she dons tape, with fingertips touching against the bottom strap of her BrendenPlayz United States Championship belt. Proceeding down the entrance ramp Sheridan does stop for a couple of photos and to sign an eager fan's wrestling programme for the evening. After posing on the apron she slithers into the ring, gesturing for a microphone from a ringside attendant, drawing it to her lips. "King of the Ring, huh.. What a tournament, what an event! It's a little too genuine to admit but this is the first time in forever I've felt like I can come out here and be justified, validated. Not as a wrestler known to lose and lose match upon match, but a woman, an idealist, who has changed her path and found success, found the United States Championship and found the Cut-Throat Crew. It's a good feeling to be on the soil of your home continent, so close to your country of birth, tonight before such a beautiful darling country and stand here as champion, as a success story. Someone who braved the waters to go to America with little to her story, little to her wealth, and return some two years later with friends and championship in hand. It was a rough path, I took time to adapt, time to find my way. But I stand before you tonight a champion, with confidence and valour, pun not intended. So with that in mind it's good to reflect upon our beginnings, to remember where we came from, I am so proud to stand here tonight." "But with that being said, it's time to turn our attention toward the future. Reflection is good in small doses but losing yourself in the past, it's a scary thought that might become reality. We have to have constant goals, both as wrestlers and as human beings, or we get lost. So I turn my attention towards that aforementioned tournament, a tournament that has shaped legacies, defined the beginnings of transitioning from just another name on the roster, to be something more, a figurehead and representative of one of the best promotions on this planet. The King of the Ring tournament this year hosts some unbelievable talents under its branch. On the Valor side we're fortunate enough to have all three members of the Cut-Throat Crew in the bracket. But even outside of Hans, Bob Sparks and myself you have the likes of Bart, someone who has been touted to hold the World Heavyweight Championship for such a long time, someone who screams star power, intelligence. Or maybe even Gunner, a man with such success in the midcard of the promotion. Someone who is a few wins out, potentially, from securing his potential and going on to fight at SummerSlam for the biggest belt in the world. Even someone like Addy who has tore into the roster in the last three months, and already has a championship on his shoulder and a world-class mentor rooting for him. Addy could easily spark a few surprises in the tournament and go on to win the entire thing, it's utter carnage how talented our side of the bracket is." "Then we get to Mikey, my opponent, the only man I haven't mentioned as of yet." Pausing for a brief moment, the crowd in attendance gave the name of Mikey a faint amount of cheers although his reaction, for the most part, is negative. Be that for his alliance with The Inner Circle or just a lack of liking for him in Europe. Sheridan drops arm to her side, looking around with a very faint smile creeping onto her lips. United States Championship is still hoisted across one shoulder. Giving the audience her attention, they jeer and boo for Mikey even louder. Nodding her head Sheridan milks out the reaction for its worth, for its message, before bringing microphone to lips once more to speak. "That reaction, surprises me. Really it does, because out of all the names I have mentioned from Gunner to Hans Clayton to Bart, I think Mikey is one of the most unpredictable characters in this tournament and one of the best wrestlers on Valor. I mean we saw that throughout the PowerTrip Cup, didn't we? Mikey making it past the first round with ease, fighting against people like Sameer and Bob Sparks and sure I'm not going to paint a false narrative and say that Mikey deserved to win, or Mikey got unlucky on that night at Judgement Day because he didn't. Because on that same night he became the Premium Champion. Though I think his performance in that tournament, and his success throughout this year so far paints Mikey as a man who could do it all, who could surprise the favourites. I've shared a ring with Mikey more than once and I'm blown away by his talent, his charisma. Don't misinterpret these words but I think that he has as big a chance, as big an opportunity as the favourites, to win this entire thing. We've seen he knows what he's doing in an elimination format, in a tournament. He has the success of being a champion and he has The Inner Circle behind him. If we reflect for a moment who has more momentum heading into this thing than him, who could possibly stop Mikey from being King of the Ring?" "Well there's another name I haven't spoken in depth about yet, about whose chances in this tournament have gone under the radar and that's me, I'm going to stop him, I'm going to become King of the Ring." "If we're talking someone who isn't a favourite, but someone people don't expect to drop out in the moment in this first round, Mikey and I are cut from the same cloth. We're thought of as people good enough to go for in this tournament, but never considered as the favourites, as the most talented. Personally I believe the most dangerous elements, in life and in wrestling, are those balancing in the middle of the pack, and I believe a tournament like this, a tour like this, doesn't appeal to the strong favourites who already have legacies cemented and championships plenty. But it appeals to those situated in the middle of the pack, who can seize a moment, an opportunity. Someone with the ambition and the momentum to come to this ring and make a name, make a moment. Capsize the big and heavy favourites with the crowd behind them, slaughter those put in this tournament to make up the numbers and run through the rest of the bracket, burst it wide open, and win this entire fucking thing. So when Mikey and I meet in this ring, in mere hours from now, I know we have similar ideas. I know that the same thought is running through our minds, and I don't care if I have to go on and shatter another person's dream of winning this tournament, be it a member of Cut-Throat Crew or not. Because I know that once that platform is set up, I'll slice through whoever is put in front of me. I just need that first win. That first chance to cement myself, and I know Mikey needs that chance too, so let's—" Sheridan's speech is cut off, by the sound of familiar theme music. Microphone withdraws from its position as eyebrow slowly cocks, anticipation settling in before a smirk draws on her features. Recognising the man who has interrupted her thoughts, she pulls a hand up to adjust her flame coloured tresses, before looking around and taking a step back, and then another until the woman resides against the turnbuckle. Head cocks to the side, as her opponent in the first round of the King of the Ring tournament interrupts her, obviously having something to say in response to Sheridan's words. (Reply planned.)
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    Moving Forward.

    We are live on Carnage and in one weeks time FDS will face Nebakos for the first time in three and a half years to determine the next challenger for Jeremiah Flynn’s Universal Championship. FDS is going into this with an impressive performance during the Power Trip Cup barely falling to Sameer in the finals, while Nebakos is coming off of a successful victory over Alex Costa at Last Resort. The Carnage Fans are waiting in anticipation for the next segment as they suddenly hear the sound of a flute filling the air. “Subconscious” begins to play as the fans cheer for “The Phoenix” and despite losing in the power trip cup, FDS still seems to be in somewhat high spirits however given how we last saw FDS in an emotional wreck it is likely that some of the effects of the Power Trip Cup Final are still weighing on him. He enters the ring and then hits his signature pose as the fans yell “YEOH!” along with him. FDS then stands back up after hitting his pose as “Subconscious” begins to fade, the fans chanting “FD FD FD F***** S” FDS nods his head as if to thank the fans but politely asks them to quiet down a little, FDS asks for a microphone and is given one by the ringside crew. “Well, it’s nice to see all of you too! I do wish however that I would be returning to Carnage with the Power Trip Cup in my possession but alas I just couldn’t get the job done and to those who supported me throughout my journey through the power trip cup, I am sorry that I failed you...” FDS lowers the microphone as he walks around the ring as the fans applaud him as if to communicate that it’s ok, FDS then leans in the corner and continues. “However I cannot let that loss consume me. I’ve let a match result consume me before and it has not gone well for me in the past whether it was overly celebrating a victory or drowning in a loss, I cannot let these things consume me anymore. So Sameer, Congratulations on your victory, good luck in your Undisputed Championship match, It was nice to see you again. So now that i’ve said that, allow me to turn my attention to my next opponent: Nebakos.” The fans hang off of this as they cheer with the thought of FDS and Nebakos facing off in the main event of Carnage in a week's time being a very desirable thought. The last time these two faced off one on one was in January of 2017 when Nebakos defeated FDS for the vacant Intercontinental Championship. FDS has changed a lot since those days where as Nebakos has stayed relatively the same thus the fans would like to see what the result will be in a more modern setting, FDS comes out of the corner and begins to move around the ring as he speaks. “It has been a long time since I have stepped into the ring with you Nebakos. It has been many years and many things have happened since then. I believe at the time of our last one on one encounter, I was going by “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” and you were a member of a group by the name of “The Foundation” and we only faced off one more time after that but many others were involved in that, so let’s not talk about that one. The more important one was when you used your position as one of the top guys in the company to force your way into the Intercontinental Championship when there were people such as myself who were starving for an opportunity. You came to me after I had already lost so much because of what Flynn did to me the month prior and it seemed like no matter what I did I just couldn’t seem to catch a break and then you… further cemented that by beating me into the ground and taking the Intercontinental Championship from me. I know I spoke of not letting Losses consume me anymore but I will admit at the time that hurt and I have always wondered: Can I defeat you?” FDS Pauses for a moment letting the question be pondered in the mind of the fans and perhaps in the mind of Nebakos himself. “Well let’s see… in the time between our previous match and now I have done the following: Become a three time intercontinental Champion, only the second man to ever do it, won the BPZ Tag Team Tournament and Tag Team Championships, had phenomenal runs in both King Of The Ring and the Power Trip Cup, won a few other championships as well as defeated several major name stars. You on the other hand, won the money in the bank contract, failed in your cash in and then left BPZ for almost two years. I have grown and become a better competitor in this company and these people have continued to support me throughout my career whereas you… you still have their support despite abandoning them. I’ll admit Nebakos, that doesn’t sit well with me. As when I left, I had to earn back their respect, I had to earn back their admiration, I had to break my body and break my mind in order to regain their support and god knows I am ever thankful that I did.” FDS is staring into the camera as the fans cheer for him and they begin to chant “FD FD FD F***** S” again, FDS tilts his head looking to the audience for a moment before then turning around and continuing his thoughts. “You on the other hand, you left us. You left not just the BPZ Locker Room but also the BPZ fans and you went to hollywood. You made movies and then once BPZ began to go back to prominence, you came back. You immediately put yourself back into the position of being “The Franchise”. Whether you wanna change the name slightly or not you still are trying to position yourself as the top guy, as the face of BPZ when in reality you are nothing more than a corporate man who was brought in so the company could have a marketable man on posters. That’s where you and I will always be different. You are loved by the fans because the company forces them to love you, they love me because I earned their love. For a long time these people hated me, for a long time they saw me as an untalented person who didn’t even belong in this ring and honestly I completely understand why. I never proved I deserved to be here at first but ever since I came back I have attempted to prove every night no matter who I am against that I am one of the best in the world and that I can make beauty out of nothing. They give me the matches with the returning stars because I know I can make them look good… but you know that already don’t you? After all, in your return match you faced Hans Clayton, Bob Sparks and hmm who was the other person again?” FDS scratches his chin for a moment as if he is pondering, the fans then chant “FD, FD, FD F**** S” again, FDS smiles. “Oh that’s right, thank you for reminding me. It was me, FDS and what do you know, you looked so good they signed you to a full time contract on Carnage and I am sure the company is expecting next week to be quite clear. They are expecting me to make you look good and then you’ll defeat me and face Flynn at King Of The Ring.” FDS stops putting his head in his hands but then takes them out and begins to shake his head. “No. No. No! I won’t let that happen, I already failed once in the power trip cup and now I have to fight again to get my opportunity and I will not let it slip away again. Nebakos, I have no doubt that you and I will make something beautiful in this ring together but understand this: I am not here to make you look good anymore, I am not here to be the guy to be a gatekeeper for others opportunities. I am here to make my own opportunities and I will defeat you and face Flynn for the Universal Championship. Now I’m sure, you have some things to say to me, so please why don’t come say them, hmm… how about Right Now?” FDS stops speaking and lowers the mic and moves to looking directly at the stage as he awaits the arrival of “The Franchise” (Reply Planned, Duh)
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    "The All-Powerful" | 3 Part Series

    We are shown the outside view of a Graveyard, as it is nightfall, where-ever this grave may be. The moon shines bright, as rain pours down, and there is unrest in the air, before suddenly, the camera pans to BPZ World Champion, Don Dada, Slim, sitting in the trunk of an SUV as he holds a shovel behind his head, a mixture of the sweat and rain dripping from him as he looks into the camera, beginning to speak. I didn't want it to be this way. Slim pauses, a look of contempt in his eyes, but his overall body language says that of taking pity upon someone. This was never meant to be personal, you little bastard. But then, you had to go and make it personal. You little... bastard. The debt I'm collecting on, it was simply business, this match, business. Taking your championship was business, but then, you made it more than that. You wanna make it personal? Fine, let's make it personal. I went out of my way, to make these last two stops before Judgement Day after I saw your cute, little preaching session. John F. Kennedy once said, "the greater our knowledge becomes, the more our ignorance unfolds", and I don't think any statement describing you, reigns more true than that. You wanna talk about underestimating? Look in the mirror. You have underestimated me time after time again. Saying that I live in 2017, that I'm an overrated piece of garbage? Are you serious? I am THE fucking World Champion. A feat, correct me if I'm wrong, you've never achieved. While you sit there, disrespecting me, I've been to the top of the mountain 6 times, and you're still trying to climb it. Your ignorance, is becoming pathetic. I may be delusional, but you have taken that very same word to another level. You truly believe because you ALMOST beat the likes of Eli Smith, Julius, and Arius, you are my equal? Give me a break. Slim begins to laugh as he continues to talk. I've beaten everyone of those guys more than once. You wanna talk about overrated pieces of garbage? Look in the mirror. You are the shining image of style, but no substance. Because while you sat there, preaching, you said nothing of substance, but the idea of it, you going to a church after I called myself god, is very appealing. You fooled the sheep, but you didn't fool me. I have no qualms about my image. It's set in stone, I am the greatest of all-time. Nothing can change that, not even a loss. I am angry, I am angry because you have slipped through the cracks in every title defense, knocking off people who are much better than you, but that's okay, because I'm here to change it. You make me fucking sick to my stomach. The idea of you being the top star of Valor, when there are men like myself, Eli Smith, Arius, Bart, and even Sameer is an insult to everyone's intelligence. You wanna pull back the curtain? Let's do it then. There's an argument to whether you are even better than Sameer, who you only bested BECAUSE OF ME. Talk about that one, fuck-face. However, I am a veteran. With a skilled technician like you, there is no room for error, there is to be no mistakes made, and getting me angry, that creates an opening for you to survive. It creates a window of opportunity, which is all you ever seem to look for when it comes to these matches. So tonight, I will harness my anger. I will control it, I will weaponize it to absolutely kick the shit out of you at Judgement Day. Like I said, you made this personal. I wanted it to be strictly business, but you made it into something much bigger. You dare, stand on a stage, and pronounce my birth name to the world? That's a big blow, but I promise you, after tonight, my swing back will knock your bitch ass to the fucking ground. So why am I here? That's what the people want to know, I'm here to pay you back. I'm here to give you a taste of the disrespect that you have shown me, and that's why I've done you the liberty of digging you a grave for Judgement Day. Slim walks over to a grave, where the tombstone reads "Hans Clayton". Right under it, where tombstones usually read "beloved", it seems to say "Beloved Paper Champion", as Slim continues to talk. I even made you a tombstone! But you see, for me to come all the way out here, just to build you a grave, that'd be taxing mentally and physically. So that's not the only reason I'm here, take a look, champ. The camera pans to reveal the grave of the infamous "Rachel", a focal point of the last time Slim and Hans faced off. Slim smirks into the camera as he begins to talk. I thought I'd dig you one right next to your little whore of a friend, Rachel. You wanna disrespect me? I'm past my prime? I'm overrated? A piece of garbage? The disrespect gets bigger and bigger, but just remember, throughout this last journey to me taking your championship, this is all your fault. You made this personal. This is no easy task, however, and I realize that. To become the All-Powerful of BPZ, I must be in control, I must make sure that my delusion doesn't guide me from the path I wish to take. There must be no mistakes in this quest, and I realize that. I will make one final stop, an advisor to guide me on the path of glory I wish to take. Suddenly, Slim turns his back, as he begins to piss on the grave of Rachel. As he finishes, the disrespect resounding to the champion, he picks up his shovel, smacking the tombstone and knocking a piece of it off, as he throws the shovel down to the grave he's built Hans. He walks back to the SUV, the camera-man following, as he gets into the drivers seat. Suddenly, he gets a message on his phone, which he pulls out, seeing what has been sent. He laughs, as he turns to the camera to deliver one final message. Just remember, Hans... when you play with fire, you're bound to get burned. Slim, mentioning Hans' name for the first time since his Press Conference, starts the car, as we pan out to the graveyard once again, getting a full-eyed view of it. As the camera begins to fade to black, we transition into a horrifying sight for the champion... FINAL STOP BEFORE JUDGEMENT DAY: THE ANTICHRIST CORNER (PART 2)
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    We now are shown backstage, where a black SUV shows up, as a few seconds pass, before the doors open, and out steps the BPZ World Champion himself, Slim, donning a black and gold themed suit, with his Hall of Fame ring on his left hand, a gold rolex on his right as his chains hang down. He begins walking towards gorilla, taking his time as we're clued on commentary. "Slim is showing total disrespect to the Undisputed Champion right here, making him wait in the ring as he slowly makes his way into the building!" notes Sheepy on commentary, as our champion gets to the gorilla position. As he does, the camera pans back to Hans Clayton in the ring, before transitioning to the stage. "One, two, X is coming for you... Three, four, betta lock ya door... Five, six, get ya crucifix... Seven, eight, don't stay up late..." The boos in the Valor Arena are deafening, as the BPZ World Champion pushes the curtain aside, and walks out. He stops on the stage, staring at Hans Clayton, the champion completely focused on his challenger for Judgement Day. Slim removes his sunglasses, throwing them off to the side, as he begins to walk down to the ring. He gets before the ring, a final staredown between champion and challenger ensuing before they are within inches of each other, tensions running extremely high. Slim steps into the ring, as he and Hans now stand on opposite sides of the ring, with Drake Hensley in the center. Suddenly, Slim nails Hensley with a Spinning Back Elbow, dropping him down to the canvas. He picks up Hensley's microphone, and gets closer to Hans, finally breaking his silence. Hans Clayton, let Le Champion, Don Dada, the Godfather of the Mafia, whatever the hell you want to call me, make one thing clear to you. No one in this building, in this world, in space, gives a damn about whether or not I can lead a group. They want to know Hans, what makes you, better than me? Nothing. Nothing makes you better than Le Champion, there is nothing that you do better than me when it comes to this business, and it's why I'm gonna beat your fucking ass at Judgement Day on June 26th. You have sat out here, and said the same things you have been saying for the past few weeks. I gave you the chance, I offered you the opportunity to come out here and get some time in the ring to yourself, before my spotlight takes away from yours, and you blew it. Make no mistake about it Hans, you are a phenomenal performer, a great professional wrestler, that is not disputable. So why is it, that it seems I am more confident in you, than you are yourself? You come out here, you talk about how you have defended that title with honor, and that it's nothing more to me than another notch under a legendary belt. Yet, you turn around, and say that if I lose to you, it will be my greatest failure? No, no, no. This is where this narrative that you have attempted to throw together falls apart. I admit that you are great, and losing to you wouldn't be my greatest failure this year, yet alone in my career. But yet, in the same vein, you are THE champion of Valor, right? THE leader? Then, how could this be my greatest failure, if you're as great as you say you are? Face it, kid. You're a fish, swimming with a shark, and I smell blood. I'm a predator, hunting his prey, and I smell desperation, and that's exactly how you come off. Desperate. Slim now gets right up into the face of Hans as he says that, continuing to talk directly in the face of the champion. Ya know how I know, you're desperate? I have read everything, watched every little single thing you've said. You have made a concerted effort to respond to every shot, insult, claim I've made about you. You don't believe I'm gonna fuck you up on June 26th, at Judgement Day? You ACTUALLY think you'll be able to stand when the massacre is finished? Aye man, believe what you want. I know seeing is believing, but I'm not sure you'll be able to see when I show you how cut-throat I can be. Fucking you up, injuring you, that's just half of the battle, however. The other battle resides in here. (Slim points to his temple) You wanna talk about war of attrition, that's the true war, and you are losing it. I am in your head, and it's clear as day. Y'know, I watched your little video, and I gotta say, it was complete bullshit and a waste of ANYONE'S time who watched it. I sat there, watching you struggle to paint a narrative which put the pressure on me to win this match. Look me in my eyes, and tell me, man-to-man, that you actually believe that you are a car crash, headed towards a deer. You are far from it, in fact, without that title, you're almost nothing. That title is the reason that you call yourself "The Leader", it's the reason you got selected first for Valor. I watched on, sick to my god damn stomach as I heard Bart announce your name. You didn't deserve that, and you didn't deserve that title in February either, but here we are. 4 months as champion, two successful title defenses, two impressive title defenses. Outlasting Isaiah Carter, and surviving The Antichrist does put together an impressive resume... But it doesn't matter. When me and you step into that ring at Judgement Day, the final match on the card, when the bell rings, all bets are off. It doesn't matter who you've beaten, my leadership doesn't matter. My motivations for taking your championship... don't matter. It doesn't matter if I'm third to Bailey and Flynn, because first and foremost, you will NEVER reach the level of success they have, yet alone reach my level, and second of all, because none of that matters. All that matters is the two men standing in this ring, right now, and that Undisputed Championship. Slim stops speaking, as the crowd begins to buzz off of his last words. He once again begins to speak. Right now, I'm looking into the "eyes of a true champion", and all I see, is a scared, desperate bitch knowing that his judgement day is approaching rapidly. Let me offer you a word of advice, if you believe that the best of Isaiah Carter, or the best of the Antichrist, comes even close to what the crazy son-of-a-bitch that you stand in front of can do... You're in for an excruciating night, filled with pain, and capped off with you staring up at the lights as your championship is ripped out of your hands, and you are left wondering where it all went wrong. Slim lowers the microphone, as the Undisputed Champion, clamping at the bit to respond, begins to speak.
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    Your Destiny

    Sheridan had been on the rooftop for some time before Hans arrived, recollecting thoughts, thoughts on how her wrestling career had shifted in momentum. She had gone from the part-time girl teaming with past-it Hall of Fame talents, the gorgeous General Manager who could speak, but not wrestle, to a new breed. Something on the next level entirely. Winning the United States Championship, being the first individual to defend it throughout the present year, it was an accomplishment, and she had not accomplished much throughout her two year tenure in the promotion. This idea of Sheridan being a fallen prospect, of an enhancement talent who comes around a few times a year, shattered. She was a champion, in a prominent position on her brand. If her championship win hadn't sealed that, beating Mikey at King of the Ring certainly had. "Hans, first and foremost, I appreciate you, how you've revitalised my career. I don't believe that I'd be in this position had it not been for your vision, your boldness in approaching me. I am the United States Champion thanks to you, I am in the King of the Ring tournament due to you. In spite of that, you don't get to come up here and speak about destiny, tell me what I'm thinking or how I am acting. Because the truth is, while you're the leader of the Cut-Throat Crew, while you've racked up the most accolades and wins out of us, you do not own me and you do not own Bob. So this idea that you could understand how I feel, what I yearn for, it's not true. The things you said that coincide with that statement, sure, I could go for. I've been on a roll winning the United States Championship and defending it, the first woman to win a championship, to advance in the King of the Ring tournament. It's a great achievement. You might have been in this position, sitting on a chair some time ago in this tournament with that championship around your waist, but let's not act like your career has been the same as mine for that's nothing but a lie. You were hand-picked by one of the all time greats to be the face of this hot new stable and given the ambitions, the momentum with that move. Be it gender, be it experience or be it the friends you and I have made within this business, but if there's one thing you don't get to do when we speak, it patronise me and act like you've struggled like I have, been in a fleeting, cold position or such a worthwhile time before finally catching a break, igniting. You have always been the golden boy, Hans, the one painted alongside Arius as the future of this promotion. A change in attitude and clash with someone like Slim doesn't change the fact that you were once in a position of such privilege, so don't get it twisted, we are nothing alike you and I." "This talk about destiny, I don't buy into it. I don't believe in imaginary plans, that despite our actions we are destined to turn out one way or another, driven to championship gold or international acclaim. I'm not in a position to call someone out who has had much more success than I, but wrestling has nothing to do with destiny or scribbles on the wall. It's about talent, mental warfare, ambition. The fact is most of the time results and fame are down to hard-work and talent, who trained the hardest. I said that I respect you Hans but to come up here in my home country and talk to me about destiny and what's magically decided for you, it's no wonder Bob and I held up our end of the deal at Judgement Day while you got your ass handed to you. It's an attitude like that which we disagree on. I'm not going to beat you at King of the Ring because of some fable, because it's written in my destiny to do so. I'm going to beat you because I'll be the better wrestler, with more heart and more ambition when you and I step between those ropes. Now you speak a big game about becoming the World Heavyweight Champion within your tenure, that's the end goal, and that's fine. I truthfully believe that some day soon you're going to reach that goal, Hans. But, I hate to break it to you, your so-called destiny won't be achieved against me, and I refuse to play a role in your apparent rise to the top. I'm not saying this is all definitive and you're definitely going to lose to me, Hans, I'm not trying to come across as an antagonist, as you and Bob and I have stated time and time again, this tournament won't come between us. But if you do beat me in this country in that ring, at that time, it won't be because of destiny, it'll be because you wanted it more, and I'd love to see that." From her coat pocket, Sheridan retrieves a grey, knitted beret. Due to their position on the rooftop, as well as the weather in Munich taking a sharp turn, the conditions atop the building had become chilly. With wind blowing through her straightened flame tresses, she places beret tightly upon her head and releases a frustrated sigh while turning attention to Hans. She knew that, despite her harsh words they would be capable of agreeing to disagree, it was the Cut-Throat way. Things like implosions and stresses wouldn't lead to their failures and smite their group. The fact of the matter was, she wanted this as much as Hans did and only one of them could succeed when entering that ring, be it down to talent, destiny or other impactful factors. "When it comes down to it, Hans, I'd like for you to go on, on and win this tournament. I think you're one of the best wrestlers in this promotion, it's partially why I aligned with you. But you're not going to win this tournament with this kind of mentality, a mentality that it's written for you to win, regardless of who or what you might face throughout this tournament. You're going to win it because you're ruthless. As you put it you're a killer and we've witnessed that time and time again. When you won that Undisputed Championship, beating the likes of Bailey and Sameer and we saw it when you beat down your former best friend, former tag team partner on the biggest stage of them all to retain that belt. But you're not the only killer in this tournament, you're not the only person looking to forge a legacy and become a great. There's me, there's Bob, there's names like Alex Costa and Echo Wilson all with grudges to settle and something to prove. I think when you're on the ball you're one of the best in the world but if you walk into our match with this mentality, one that you're bound to win because of some out there prophecy tying you to the World Heavyweight Championship? I will tear you limb from limb." "Anyway, you spoke about guilt, about me feeling guilty, but I don't. I know that I have a nation behind me who will support whatever I do, win or lose. They're proud of that timid little girl, sailing to America and seeking out the need of veterans, the skills to thrive in this business. They've seen me work and work and grow better as time moves on and they've seen the fights I have had, be it against Flynn, or against the Big Ballers alongside Jonathan and they've now seen me come into my own, into this new dawn as another element. You spoke about carving our own paths in this sport, I couldn't agree more, and it'll come down to who has the sharper skills and the lack of hesitation to hurt their friend when you and I wrestle this weekend. I'll make no hesitation about doing so and stating that, if I have to run through you on the way to achieving my goals, then so be it. If I have to beat you into a pulp to advance in this tournament, secure the chance of fighting for the biggest belt in the game and becoming the new figurehead, the Queen of the Ring, then so be it. I'll always be your friend, Hans. I'll always have your back in most matters, we are the Cut-Throat Crew before, during and after this tournament but I will be putting alliances aside for a brief moment, for one night in Germany, to kick your ass without a second glance." Taking in the views of Munich for another moment, Sheridan sighs, patting her thigh before pushing from the lawn chair into a standing position. The words exchanged between herself and Hans on this rooftop would never be forgotten, their intentions stated, desires out there for the world to see. She places a firm hand onto the shoulder of Hans, almost to reassure him, tell him she's still a friend, in the Cut-Throat Crew. Patting his shoulder Sheridan then slides hand into the pocket of her jeans, sauntering towards the door that Hans entered from some time ago, disappearing to leave the former Undisputed Champion to the views of Munich.
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    Moving Forward.

    FDS looks at Neb with a look of suspicion but it quickly turns into a smile as he starts laughing, Neb has a smile on his face but is somewhat bewildered by why FDS is laughing. FDS lifts up the microphone he’s holding and he just looks Nebakos dead in the eyes with a smile on his face. “No Thanks.” The fans cheer at FDS’ response as Nebakos’ arms drop down and he looks disappointed by FDS’ response but not angry “You really seem to have lost it my friend, like I thought I was coming into this with a man who would come in and say that he would rebuild himself from the ground up and has come to fight. I guess in a way you have done that but this… this is just bizarre. It’s strange that someone like you would act like this considering I didn’t think you’d resort to sacrilege when it comes to facing me or when it comes to being a professional wrestler. This really is why our art form is disrespected, people like you. People like you who do nothing but give our great sport a bad name, you don’t paint beauty in this ring when you compete, no, you stain others' efforts and you destroy what could’ve been works of art. You’ve always done that, before you were this… I don’t even know what to call you. You’re just… strange. I know i’m one to talk with my mannerisms but this is just odd. Although you were right on one part.” Neb is confused and says off Mic, What? “You were right in saying that I need freedom. I need to be freed of the shackles that are the restrictions of this company but you are not the person who will free me. It is said that a man cannot be truly freed if his mind is not free and I will tell you my mind is now free but that I am not alone in this freedom.” FDS turns his back to Nebakos looking away from him “When we fought last, you had people with you and I was alone. Now you still have someone with you… but I am not alone.” Nebakos attempts to strike FDS from behind but suddenly Alex Costa and Raven Charge into the ring and take him! FDS still with his back turned ignoring the commotion, the fans are in shock but are supporting this brutality. Raven grabs up Nebakos and throws him to Alex, Alex sets him up and he drops him with Target Locked! Alex then immediately grabs Nebakos up again, not even giving him a moment to breathe and then he throws him to Raven who catches him in a front face lock, he sets him up and he immediately drops him with a Nightmare Pendulum! Alex and Raven then step back as FDS turns around and seemingly looks shocked gasping at the carnage but then just laughs as he looks at the devastation caused by Raven and Alex who are both smiling as well. FDS stands over Nebakos with one foot on his chest. “For too long, people like you have been on top of BPZ and hell people like you have been on top of the world. The chosen people if you will. As you feel you have been chosen by god so you have been chosen by those who are in charge of this company where as people like us, people like those in this crowd tonight are forced to work day in and day out, forced to make people like you look good and forced to make people like you more rich and more successful than you already are. Well, I think we’re done allowing you to make us your foundation. You may have a god on your side my friend but I have an Army. Ladies and Gentlemen, This is Raven! This is Alex Costa! And I am FDS! And This… is FD-Gun and we are Ichiban!” The fans roar with approval as FDS steps back into the corner, FDS with a sadistic smile on his face signals to Alex and Raven, they lift Nebakos up, FDS lets out a primal sounding “YEOH!” to which the fans join in and then he charges at Nebakos and smashes him in the face with the Path To Greatness! FDS, Raven and Alex all stand beside each other in the middle of the ring as FD-Gun has just made an insane impact, laying out a former world champion. The three men hold the symbol up for one after declaring that they are “Ichiban” which in Japanese means they are number one, the end all be all. What does this group have instore for BPZ? Why have they joined forces? All shall be revealed soon.
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    FD-Gun (FDS, Raven & Alex Costa) all walk backstage into the media skirmish area, there are a large number of camera flashes from taking pictures of the newly formed unit. FDS has a smile on his face, Raven looks intensely and a cocky smirk is on the face of Alex. FDS stands in front of the other two men and begins to address the media “You all seem shocked. Are You Shocked? Why? Think about it, why wouldn’t we all group up together? We are the guys who the fans know are some of the best of the best in terms of wrestling and thus they support us and it’s so much more meaningful than all of those other groups that get supported by this company. There’s no sincerity in that support because they are all nothing but a bunch of corporately produced groups and wrestlers that the fans have been told to support, wrestlers and groups who we have been told to make look good, where as we have a genuine connection with the fans, we genuinely look good each and every single night we step into that ring and we genuinely have succeeded not because the company has wanted us to but because the fans wanted us to and we became undeniable. So now, we are done making those people who the fans have been told to like look good, we are done allowing the company to put people ahead of us because it is time for us to light our way through BPZ and take what is owed to us in the form of breaking down the company favourites. Nebakos that starts with you next week on Carnage. Call yourself “The Messiah” or Call yourself “The Foundation” it really doesn’t matter. We both know for a fact you are still the man that for the last six years whether you were here every single night or only making appearances every few months or hell just not even showing up at all for a full year you would still be positioned as the guy and the face of this company and frankly I am sick of that. You have been pasted onto billboards, posters and every single piece of BPZ Merchandise possible and shoved down these fans throats. They’re sick of it and we’re sick of it, so next week when we face off, I can’t wait to drive my knee into your little marketing tool of a face. As for all the other groups in BPZ that are probably afraid of us after what we just did, I'm glad you’re all afraid. You have each claimed to be the strongest in BPZ and that is probably one of the biggest deceptions to the fans of this company that has happened in recent memory. If you are all the best then answer this one simple question for me: How can you claim to be the best when you are unwilling to fight a specific group of people? ? The simple answer is you can’t and that is how we’re different from these other groups in this god forsaken company. The three of us are willing to fight each other because we know that we cannot claim to be the best if we do not fight every single person possible. If we refuse to fight somebody simply because they are in the same group as us then we are weak. It’s fight or flight in this jungle my friends and this army is perfectly happy to fight anyone and everyone. Now i’ve said enough tonight so let me allow my new allies to speak their words of wisdom and tell you why they are here with me tonight." FDS steps back and gives the floor to Raven and Alex Costa, the media clearly very interested in the declaration by the leader of FD-Gun and now look to listen to the words spoken by the first recruits to this so-called Army. (Reply Planned, duh)
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    Moving Forward.

    Nesus doesn’t waste any time, as he comes out immediately after FDS is done speaking. A bit of confusion occurs when a new theme song begins playing but as his face appears on the titantron followed by Nesus himself walking out of the backstage area it’s clear that this is another change adopted by Nesus to match his new attitude. Nesus is wearing an all white attire, he walks steadily and slowly towards the ring spotting an ever-lasting grin, as he enters the ring he opens up his arms -disregarding FDS’s presence in the ring- his smile only grows bigger as the camera zooms out. He is handed a microphone and now turns his attention towards his soon to be opponent as he begins addressing him. FDS, my brother, my long lost child, I heard every single word you had to say and it’s quite clear to me how lost you are from our Father’s way. I don’t know how or why but somewhere down the line you stopped following the light and you are now stranded in the land of lies and deception. First and foremost, you are lying to yourself if you think you have what it takes to beat me in our match next week, you were never capable of such a feat in the past and you certainly can’t do that now that I have been blessed with my Father’s touch, because now I’m acting in His will and grace, I have seen the light FDS and I need you to let me show it to you. Next week, we don’t have to battle, you don’t need to suffer a beating in my hands, this is a new age. Just like in the past everything started from 0 when my Brother arrived, history will repeat itself and the clocks will be reversed once again, what’s happened in the past doesn’t matter any more, all your sins and all your failures, I’m here to cleanse them, I’m here to erase them from history. Nesus’s smile has now turned into a serious look. All this nonsense you spew about the company pushing me and forcing me down people’s throats is nothing but lies that you view as the reality, a result of the darkness you have fallen into, a darkness that’s blurring your judgement. But even if that was true it doesn’t matter any longer, because now it’s not about anyone’s but God’s will, the will that I’ll force upon you if you don’t obey me. It doesn’t have to be like that though FDS, all you need to do is embrace me and you will feel a freedom, like one you’ve never felt before. Nesus drops the mic, he stares FDS and breaks a huge smile before he opens his arms, closes his eyes and waits for FDS to embrace him.
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    The Heist

    "It's coming 'round again The slowly creeping hand Of time and its command" The thunderous ovation of the crowd echo’s through his ears. Arius shoves off the weight of the fallen Julius off of his body as The Revenant stares into the blinding lights flashing towards him. It lingers as he soaks in through exhaustion what he was able to accomplish. A momentary gasp of the crowd as the music cuts, the lights turn…. Arius’s eyes grow wide, and he looks utterly bewildered. A deep breath, composure, and then he signals to the referee who is passing back the championship. The Washington DC arena filled with thunderous reaction. Sweat drips from his brow, he closes his eyes for a brief moment. This is it. He sees the eyes of the emerging new challenger. But Julius stands behind him! Julius runs at Arius, but Arius ducks the clothesline and bounces off of the ropes... CLAYMORE! The sound of a ringing flashes through his mind as the screen is black BEEP! "We are now coming up on Houston, Texas.” Arius jumps from his slumber. A quick peripheral check of his surroundings confirms he's still on the Amtrak from San Antonio, TX to Houston, TX, home of the next BPZ PPV, Judgement Day, and the spot where Arius will jump to make his in-ring return. He sits up straight, having been slouched down in his sleep. Craning his neck a bit, he stretches out as best he can within the small confines of his seat, trying not to make too much commotion to wake the few other passengers in his train car. The snoring of another man sleeping echoing. It’s extremely early, but Arius wanted to get an early leg on getting there and getting the work done. Convincing himself that this is just another day. Rubbing his eyes he yawns, and lifts his drink from its cup holder taking a swig. He grimaces, the coffee stone cold, but a shot of caffeine to rouse him nonetheless. Adjusting the black fitted ball cap on his head to its proper position, Arius reaches down into his jean pockets and produces his phone. The screen lights as he checks emails, news, and text messages. It was only a span of months. It had felt like years. The stinging failure of losing one championship, to then lose the chance to to fill in the hole, was only soothed by forcing himself to forget about how recent that downward spiral was. Arius had been told that you could effectively change your feelings by smiling. Like it'd condition you to feel the joy that was typically associated with that expression. He wasn't sure if it was due to the forced grins or the steep decline in crimes that usually cited the reservation's youth as the cause but over time, he felt the grasp of his past in BPZ loosen but he could still feel where its fingers were wrapped almost as if they were muscle memory. Gone, but not forgotten. [Good luck mate.] [You’ll do great bud.] [Gonna make us proud. Keep looking forward] Arius pauses over the last text then moves on scrolling. His life since that event had been a whirlwind of emotion and growth, but eventually he pieced himself back together. "I swear this used to be a whole lot easier" Arius said under his breath". Watching the scenery flash by suddenly a small grumbling comes from Arius as he looks up from the window. "Oh shit. Just about right too..Come on now I've got to have something" Leaning down as he begins rustling through the mess he had created, as hard as he tried he couldn’t seem to find any food to save himself. Flying back into his chair, grimacing realising he might've woken up the passenger next to him, it is in that moment the answer catches his eye. Clutched between his hand a packet of unfinished chips being wasted in the open. Evaluating the odds, the morals and then realising he doesn't care Arius put the mission in mission. Rubbing his hands together he leans over to the aisle across from him quietly, slowly, as the man snores in his sleep. The chair creaked slightly as he inched across. Seeing the half eaten packet of chips just ahead him in his hunger must have looked like a holy grail. "Come e're you bugger..." Slowly moving his body to make the final grasp, leaning against the chair arm, ‘The Revenant’ senses a pair of eyes as he turns his head up the aisle. His fear is answered as he comes face to face with a young boy who is watching the saga unfold from his seat. Sitting upward as he stares to the back of the train Arius and the boy come to a stalemate as he becomes the sole witness to his act. His mouth his dry now, salivating at the food but now dry from the knowledge of a witness. A bead of sweat falls down his brow as his eyes dart between the food he desperately craves and the young boy whose expression shows no change, an emotionless curiosity that would make prisoners break faster to confession. "Oi! Oi! Kid!" Arius whispers trying to get his attention "Bugger off back to your Mother!" Arius in his desperation tries to move his spare hand to take a swipe but nearly falls from his chair before quickly grabbing back on to balance himself. "That was..." Suddenly the man across the aisle clears his throat as Arius cuts off his words and sits motionless..making sure it is safe. As the man continues to sleep, relieved Arius looks towards the child again who hasn't moved. Realising he was bargaining with a brick wall Arius moves a single finger to his face to signal to be quiet. The child doesn’t respond but only continues to stare.”You motherf…” Arius isn’t sure what to do next as the sweat turns from a trickle to a small puddle on his forehead, a leap of faith was needed! "Screw it!" Arius declares in a whisper. "Desperate times..." taking a chance Arius swoops in taking the chips as he turns back in a rapid spin to his seat and looks out the window. Crushing and holding the chips to his chest he makes sure the man doesn’t move. 1...2. Seconds passed and Arius couldn’t hear a peep. Carefully Arius looks back to the man, then back up to the child who hadn’t moved from his placement watching the action unfold. With a sigh of relief Arius sits up and holds up the food towards the child before flipping him off with his other hand in the process in victory. "This almost makes up for World at War", looking inside of the packet he pulls out what remains of some broken chips as he watches the city fly past him. The lights in the early morning lose their charm flying by but Arius is left reminded of his time out on the town while away from the ring. The nights of dragging back mates too drunk to get themselves home. Watching the sunrise from the fields. The changing of the guard. Reminiscing, all Arius could wonder is why he is on the train at all. As he begins biting down on the stale food he leans back in his chair to think about his connection to the business. “Time and time again, we tell ourselves that we are going to become a better person. Everybody on this planet has a struggling addiction. Sex, Money, Drugs, maybe it's a little bit of everything. Deep down you want to do the right thing and become better, but the taste of pure power and greatness feels too good to let go. You want to stop, but it feels good. Some people pretend to be a saint, others embrace the fact that they are not. We all have a past, maybe some people choose to never change who they are because life without sin and corruption feels like a life of misery. The feeling of always playing it safe, the feeling of living the same old life with no endless possibilities of pleasure and power. Everybody has a dark side, some people choose to depend on their darkness because of the rewards that come with it. Once you have gotten a taste of toxic, it becomes a form of worship that feeds your soul and gives you a sense of power that cannot be tamed. Arius laughs to himself as he thinks Sometimes... Sometimes you have to let people live their life, however they see fit..." A chirp of his phone as a new message pops up on his screen as he retrieves it from under his leg. ??: You into Houston yet? Arius: Coming up on the city now. Just got the announcement. ??: Excited? Arius: In a sense. Been a long time. Nervous really. ??: Understandable. Also needless. Arius: We’ll see. Different world, different man. ??: Wrestling is wrestling. Arius: I suppose. What about you? ??: Still reviewing it. Arius: What’s to review? Take the plunge. ??: Yeah… Alright. Talk to you soon. The train begins its descent into the station, slowing to a halt. Slipping his phone back into his front pocket, Arius stands and collects his bags, slinging them over his shoulders and departs the train and looks around to see if he recognises anyone. Pushing his cap further down to hide his face he presses forward up the stairs, his inner monologue continuing. "Nerves? About right. The shakes. That nervous excitement, you’re ready to go, chomping at the bit, as the saying goes, yet you aren’t completely sure what the future holds. I think those nerves are important. I think those nerves are what gives us our edge. You can lie to yourself and go through the motions, but those nerves, that’s what drives us… Years of professional wrestling, and those nerves, even when faint, still find their way. I thought they were gone. Maybe I wanted them to be gone. One thing is for sure. God help me if they ever do..." "Soon enough it comes It's coming 'round again Slow, slowly creeping hand"
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    "The All-Powerful" | 3 Part Series

    {We open to see the Black SUV of Slim, as he drives down a dirt road, finally reaching his destination as he stops on a dime, putting the car in park. He sees a broken-down house, in the middle of nowhere, as he steps out. He looks at his phone, as the GPS has said he’s arrived. He steps out of the car, closing the door, as he murmurs to himself, the BPZ World Championship on his shoulder as his shoes get dirty from the muddy conditions.} Slim: The shit I do… {Slim looks down at his shoes, as he walks towards the house, finally reaching it. As he puts his hand on the doorknob to turn it, suddenly we cut into the intro of Antichrist Corner. The sun is shining, the usual jangly guitar music, along with the distant sound of birds chirping. Finally, we are graced with the sound of a flute, as Antichirst Corner pops up on the screen.} {We now see our loving, cheerful host, Necce. Although something is off about him, his hair is messed up, he looks like he hasn’t slept in days, as bags appear under his eyes, his eyes shift and dart across the room like a speed junkie, and his expressions are very frantic, but despite all of this, he wears the gleeful smile, as he waves to everyone and begins to talk!} Necce: Hello everyone! Welcome to the Antichrist Corner! I have missed you all so much! The last time I saw you all, I was riding around on the Necce Express, showing you all the failures of our current Undisputed Champion, Hans Clayton. And I.. failed in my journey to become the Undisputed Champion… But never fear, Necce is here! {Necce laughs} I am so excited to see your faces once again! Because lately, it has been dark, dark times for myself. {Necce now frowns, as he seems to be having a flashback to Revelation, where he came up short in his Undisputed Championship match. He shakes his head and continues speaking.} Necce: Today is a very special day, however. When you’re down, your friends pick you up, and today, I have one of my VERY BEST FRIENDS JOINING THE SHOW! Despite all our wars, my guest today is someone who brings out the best in me, someone who shows me the light and brings back that fire that I need to get back on track! Today, my guest is Slim! The current BPZ World Champion! You see, Slim is on a quest. A very challenging quest, to become the “All-Powerful” of BPZ, and he has enlisted my help. And in times of need, friends help each other. Despite the heinous things we have done to each other, me and Slim have realized, we can help each other in our personal adventures! So please welcome, SLIM! {Suddenly, Slim is pushed into the room, as he is very clearly dazed and confused. The audience noise of children cheers, as Slim looks around, as he appears petrified at the sight of Antichrist Corner. Suddenly, he bursts out} Slim: What the fuc- {Suddenly, The Antichrist flashes, as Slim falls down, terrified of what he has seen. Suddenly, it cuts back to the fun, loving Necce as he offers Slim a hand.} Necce: What are you doing down there, silly? I’m up here! Of course, you know that there is no bad language allowed in this peaceful place! This is a place of serenity and tranquility! Come on, let me help you up! We have a lot to teach the kids at home today, friend! {Slim is helped up by Necce, as he looks around, still confused and mortified with what has been placed in front of him. Necce turns back to the camera, beginning to speak.} Necce: Today, I have a magical lesson for all of you. A lesson about change, adjustment. You see, much like Jeremiah Flynn was a few months ago, I am in a rut. A situation, and Slim, I believe you can help me out of it! How terrific is that! But before we talk about that, it’s time for the word of the day! {A chalkboard appears from out of nothing, as Slim turns around, once again confused with how this has happened. He once again bursts out.} Slim: How the hell did you do that!? {Quick as lightning, Necce puts his hand into Slim’s chest, sending him back into the red door of the corner. He holds Slim there as he slowly moves his head towards him, his expression and speaking is cold and detached.} Necce: You have been warned twice...don’t make it a third… {Slim has a look of terror on his face. This is an unfamiliar side of a man he’s known for the better part of half a decade. Slowly, Necce takes his hand away from Slim’s chest, releasing him from his grasp. He snaps back to the smiling, happy go lucky Necce and flips over the chalkboard.} Today’s word of the day: “Metamorphosis.” {Necce begins to speak once again, explaining it to the audience.} Necce: Do you know what Metamorphosis means, friends? {The sound of the audience says “NO” collectively, as Necce’s smile gets bigger, while Slim stands there, completely confused on what’s happening.} Necce: A metamorphosis is the transformation of something that is weak, into something more mature. Sometimes by heat, sometimes by pressure… Now, let’s flip the board over! {Suddenly, the board flips over, revealing Slim’s name once again. But unlike anything before, there are indeed TWO names on the board, as Necce’s name resides next to Slim. Necce turns his attention to Slim as he begins to speak.} Necce: HOT DOG, SLIM! We’re both on the board today! We’re like two compadres, two peas in a pod! But why? Why are we both on the board! Because I put us there, that’s why, silly! I summoned you here today, because I believe we can help each other in our own respective adventures. You see, the past few weeks, I haven’t been myself… And I believe you can help with that. Slim: How the hel- {Slim stops himself, as Necce’s expression grows angry} How the heck am I supposed to help you!? I’m here, because I need what you possess, to become the All-Powerful. I’ve collected the soul of the Revenant, I’ve taken the spirit of the Enigmatic Trail Blazer, but you are the one man I’ve never beaten, never bested. You are my achilles heel, my weakness, and I am here to get rid of that. {Suddenly, Necce’s expression turns to worry as he believes Slim is here to fight. However, Slim smirks at his friend, before continuing to talk.} Slim: Don’t worry! I’m not here to fight. I’m here, becaus- Necce: I know why you’re here! You want something! And luckily for you, slimmy, I know what it is! And I’m willing to give it to you. But you have to help me out, I guess you could say, a deal, perhaps? You want what I possess, and I want to escape. I’ve been in a dark place, holed up here, thinking about how I failed in my journey that you are about to take. I try to stay positive, I try to keep a smile, but my year… has sucked. Slim: So how do you want me to help you? {Necce peers at the camera, before laughing to himself. He then leans over, cuffing his hand as he whispers into Slim’s ears. Suddenly, Slim’s expression of confusing turns into one of a smile. Necce turns back into the camera.} Necce: You see friends, lately, I’ve been a loser. It’s unfortunate to say, but it’s the truth. I haven’t been very successful this year, and that’s okay! Because just like anything else in this magical world, it’s not too late! All it takes… is a METAMORPHOSIS! And my good buddy, Slim here, he’s gonna help me with that! He’s gonna free me from these chains I feel shackled in, he’s gonna let the real Necce free. Aren’t you Slim? Slim: As soon as I get what I want Necce, I’ll do exactly what you asked me to do. I’ve never captured the Undisputed Championship, but here tonight, I will attain the final piece of the puzzle, the final piece to becoming the All-Powerful! The unholy trinity will be in Don Dada's possession by the end of Judgement Day... And for that, I want to thank you Necce, and just tell you how much I truly love you like my brother. Necce: OH MY GOODNESS! We have a deal! Ladies and gentlemen, this is gonna be a lot of fun. Slim, I want to thank you for cutting these chains loose, I want to thank you for freeing me! As promised, here’s what you asked for. But beware, this is a very powerful item, and it must not fall into the wrong hands. It harnesses your greatest fears, your greatest anger, your greatness weakness and it turns it into power… But you must be mentally prepared to face the challenge! Are you ready freddy!? Slim: My name is not Freddy, but yes. I’m ready. I’m only here in this hell to obtain this, it’s essential for my journey! We have a deal! I’ve been ready, hand it here buddy! {The lights in the corner flicker off and on again. Necce has vanished, leaving Slim alone. Slowly, Jervis Cottonbelly walks towards Slim under his own power, holding a large box, adorned with a big red bow. Jervis stops when he is feet away from Slim, and gestures the box towards him. Slim takes it, but as he does, Jervis collapses to the ground. As he falls, his body disappears, leaving only his costume in a heap on the floor in front of Slim. Slim looks utterly confused, but also, highly intrigued. He places the box on the floor and slowly pulls the red ribbon off. He carefully opens the box, and a twisted, sinister smile sprawls across his face. He pulls the content out of the box, revealing it to be a mask. The same mask as The Antichrist, but instead of the cold, empty white, the color is a dark, raven black. He holds the mask in his hands, cradling it like a baby, as he steps out through the door into the cold darkness beyond the corner. There isn’t any light for miles beyond him, but he can see the mask perfectly. With the world championship on his shoulder and the mask in his hands, he can feel the power of the Antichrist surging through his body like a rush of euphoria. He goes to shut the door of the corner behind him, but it isn’t there. All that’s left of the Antichrist Corner is a pile of smoldering ash and faintly glowing embers. Slim looks at the aftermath of the destruction, and slightly chuckles to himself.} Slim: Heh...you’ll always be back huh? {Slim starts to walk towards his car, but it isn’t there. He pats around in his pocket, they’re empty. He pauses for a second, before coming to a stark realization.} Slim: ...That… son of a bitch! He fucking stole my car! {We cut to Slim’s SUV, driving at its max speed, cutting and swerving along the gravel of the dirt road, leaving nothing but flying rocks and dust clouds in its wake.} {We cut to Necce, dressed in his Antichrist Corner attire, screaming like a mad man, as tears flow helplessly from his eyes. What’s behind the car is not important anymore, all that exists is what’s ahead of the windshield. The car almost runs into a ditch, but Necce is able to stop it just in time, sitting it ajar on the road. There won’t be another car coming down this desolate stretch of rocks and dust for hours, it’s only Necce and his freedom. He frantically beats on the steering wheel, screaming his lungs out through the tears that evacuate down his face.} Necce: YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAH! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. FUCK YOU!!! I FUCKING WIN!!! I FUCKING WIN!! {He puts his head on the steering wheel, growing calmer, but still faintly cries.} Necce: I win….I win… {Necce sits up to collect himself. He wipes the tears from his face with the sleeve of his sweater before eventually taking it off, revealing a former staple of himself, a t-shirt, containing the image of the album cover for “Surfer Rosa” by the Pixies. He rolls the window down and throws the sweater onto the road. He opens the glove box of the SUV, finding in it an old crushed pack of cigarettes, left by Necce while riding with Slim however long ago. He opens the pack to find one remaining cigarette left in the bent and warped cardboard box, before also throwing the pack out of the window. He lights the cigarette and takes a long puff out of it before blowing the smoke out of the window. He slowly pulls the car back into the road, as the sound of a familiar song begins to play.} {We see the car drive off into the darkness, the tail lights dimming farther with each growing second, as the opening lines of the song play.} I’ve got empires to lead She’s got vampires to feed You don’t miss me anymore Than I miss you {Cut to black.}
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    Hold My Beer

    Scene opens in retro bowling alley. Customers of the establishment gathered in booths, taking turns in standing and rolling a bowling ball down individual lanes in hopes of hitting a strike. Their hopes would either end with an impressive showing of accuracy, or friends laughing as their balls rolled into the gutter. Meanwhile waiters and waitresses would take orders from those customers, be it food or drinks. Hamburgers and large portions of fries being hand-delivered, going from front of kitchen straight to the consumer. Sometimes cheese pizzas and hot dogs would be ordered, however the cuisines were always finished with a milkshake or beer. Bob Sparks was seated in one of these booths, a mountain of a triple cheeseburger sitting before him beside some french fries. He donned leather jacket, trademark of the Cut-Throat Crew, combined with a red shirt and comfortable sweatpants. He was scrolling through phone, looking up occasionally. The sound of ball hitting pins and cheerful yell are picked up off-camera, before a confident Sheridan walks over and settles down in the same booth as Bob Sparks, opposing sides. She wears usual, casual attire, though her servings are lighter with a few slices of cheese pizza, her own portion of fries and half-drunk beer bottle. "God damn Bob, you're getting your ass kicked." "Yeah, well you've always been good at handling balls from what I've heard, Sheri." Exploding into a roar of laughter, Bob Sparks throws his head back, Sheridan's expression turning from gleeful to unamused. Despite the joke she was right, with her leading the scoreboard on Bob by some distance. The redhead mimics Bob's laugh, understandably with sarcastic undertones, pulling a face before taking a gulp of beer and tucking into another slice of pizza. 'The Lioness' leans back in her side of the booth shooting a look at Bob Sparks who begins to calm down. She taps fingernails against the beer bottle, waiting for her fellow stable member to calm down. Bob does, after some time, allowing Sheridan to continue. "Right, right.. Good one.. Beside the horrid jokes, I am glad we're doing this, though. I mean you're friends with Hans and I'm friends with Hans.. But we've not interacted much before Bob and I felt personally that I had to extend the invite out. An invite to get to know you more, so that the Cut-Throat Crew can be more than something seen on a wrestling show once a week, so we could be a unit, a proper friendship. Something I could devote my time to knowing that I'd be able to help you and you I, so that we could depend on each other. I mean all things considered we've had a good few weeks, right? I won the United States Championship, you got to the Valor side of the PowerTrip Cup finals.. Hans has a new challenger for his Undisputed Championship. I think it is fair to say that our formation has had a golden start, and I am sure that our momentum will continue." "While you do suck at bowling, and I think there's a point of no return from this game, you're a good friend to have in this business, Bob. You're built like a fucking behemoth, and you put the work in. There's a reason why you are touted as a future main event talent, not just of Valor, but of BrendenPlayz Wrestling as a whole. I'd like to think that Hans and I will contribute to that assured, future success. The Cut-Throat Crew isn't something I agreed to just because I wanted an adrenaline shot, a better chance of retaining this strap. It's because I want to build a brand and compete alongside, and against, some of the best. I know you don't have much planned for the next few shows but down the road, I can predict good things for you, Bob, for you and I. You know I'm going up against some tough people at Judgement Day, and I want you in my corner, down there, fighting for me." Sheridan extends a hand in Bob's direction, with the big wrestler shaking it with enthusiasm. From there he takes an giant bite from his triple cheeseburger. Sheridan repulses as melted cheese and fried onions fall from the burger as grease oozes out of the meal. From there, Bob takes generous swigs from his beer bottle as Sheridan gestures to him to go bowl his ball. Bob Sparks stands, marches over to the lane. Determination fills his eyes as he rolls the ball down the alley, aiming for those pins, to show Sheridan he's skilled and that his game isn't over.. The ball hits the gutter within a second, causing his stable mate to burst out in laughter. "Honestly, don't even sweat it. It'll come, with time and practise it'll come. You just have to be more patient with it and stop just launching it. Bowling is as much about accuracy, as it is about power.. But anyway I was on the topic of the United States Championship, right? My first title, my first title in this company.. And Austin Mirage. He's so disrespectful even though he's nothing. I know I'm not like the greats of this promotion, but what the fuck has Austin Mirage done, ever, you know? The guy walks out there and calls me a whore and calls me a bad representative of the United States. Calls me out for apparently sleeping my way to this title like he's ever had the experience of sleeping with someone, full stop. He's a pathetic waste of oxygen, he has the nerve to call me out and gun for my championship.. I'll murder him. I'm not joking. I want to punch this dolt into the ground and stomp on his head and run through him.. I am going to reign for a long time, as United States Champion. I said that before I beat Arrow McIntyre and Mikey for it, I claimed it two weeks ago after you, I and Hans form and I will continue to claim it, continue to beat people into the ground, until my name is a synonym of greatness." "Now I don't know if Austin Mirage will ever hear about this.. But I hope he does. I need him to know that I am not the woman he describes me as. I know it's archaic at this point, but he forgets that I've beaten him before and pinned him into the mat before. He forgets that Jonathan and I, Royal Flush, decimated the SSW Club and I beat him with ease, with an inch of effort. I've done some great things, since then. I've competed against people like Flynn, the duo of Sameer and BrendenPlayz.. I drove Nathan Sawyer out of this promotion and I captured the United States Championship. The things I've set out to do, and done, they triumph anything that Austin Mirage will ever do. I am sending out the warning, if he turns up to Judgement Day and tries to dethrone me he's going to come out of it battered, bruised, and just as worthless. Austin, I am a better person than you and a better wrestler than you, the more you run your mouth just seals how big of a fucking beating you're going to get." With harsh words, Sheridan relaxes a little, she eases up. The redhead takes a couple of fries and chows down before standing to take her turn. She picks up a bowling ball, swaggers over to the lane. Looking back towards Bob Sparks she smirks, releasing the ball afterwards. It rolls down the alley and strikes against the furthest pin forward sending the ball, and all the pins spiralling into the back of the lane. The word 'strike' lights up on overhead television screens. Sheridan clutches her fist, celebrating, as she increases the distance between her own score and Bob's. Sheridan walks back over to the booth, lashing at beer bottle and taking a large swig of the beverage before sitting down, kicking feet up, cocky expression lining in Bob's direction.
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    A Challenge for Bailey

    “Benjamin’s Burn” lulls through the arena speakers, the crowd quickly coming to realize what exactly is happening, all eyes panning from the ring to the stage. As the violins begin to strum, Jonathan emerges from the curtain, adorning his mask and suit, the crowd immediately launching into a frenzy. He pauses at the top of the stage, staying rooted in place, but even with his face obscured, his stare is clearly situated on the men in the ring. He raises his left to his head, tearing the mask off to reveal the scowl on his face. He tosses it aside, continuing his march to the ring, slipping out of his jacket and beginning to undo the cuffs of his shirt, rolling it up as he approaches the ring. Bailey stares back at him, now trapped between an extremely angry Jonathan and a not much cheerier Flynn, a rock and hard place of sorts. Before he can make a decision, Jonathan is at the apron, balancing on the edge just looking at Bailey, the disgust and hatred permeating every inch of his face, a fire blazing uncontrollably in his eyes, the apathy is far gone at this point. His lips curl into a sneer, as he all but spits at Bailey with his next words. “YOU STUPID BITCH!” Jonathan hits the ring, and Bailey pounces on him, attempting to subdue Jonathan before he can deal any damage, getting him down to a knee. LOW BLOW FROM JONATHAN STOPS BAILEY, he fires off his knee and tackles Bailey down, throwing weighted punches at the skull of Bailey. He stops punching, gripping the hair of Bailey and using it to slam the back of his head into the mat over and over again. Jonathan relents for a second, now using the hair of Bailey to pull him to his feet, then slips his hands behind, locking Bailey in a full Nelson. Jonathan pauses for a second, looking at Flynn, but he quickly comes back to attention, planting Bailey with a Fatality. Jonathan springs back to his feet, fired up alongside the crowd, his neck pulsating as the adrenaline begins to shake him. He steps over the limp body of “The GOAT” and reaches down for a microphone, pulling it to his lips as he approaches Flynn. He takes a second to compose himself, dropping his eyes as he steadies his breath. He points a finger wayward, where Bailey lays, beginning to writhe in pain. “Nobody... nobody touches him before me? Do you fucking understand me? There won’t be any excuses when I put him into the fucking dirt.” Flynn nods at the request as Jonathan pedals back, going back to body of Bailey as he tries to pick himself up. Jonathan snatches another handful of Bailey’s patchy locks, squatting down next to him, there noses millimeters apart. The look on Jonathan’s face is nothing less than sinister, birthed from nothing but unadulterated hatred, a pure, pulsing, living hate that is motivating every single step Jonathan has taken tonight. “What the fuck did you think was going to happen? Do you think you’re still bulletproof? You’re not who you used to be. You align yourself with stars to mask the fact that you’ve been on a steep decline for a long time. You’re grasping so hard to what you used to possess, you want to be what you’re not so badly. I could almost respect it, it’s passion, it’s care. But in your pursuit, you stepped on the wrong neck.“ “I’ve come to collect... and I know that won’t be an issue.”
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    A Challenge for Bailey

    With a growing smile, Flynn seemingly grew more and more excited as the Bailey spewed on and on. Now as Bailey is leaving the ring, Flynn quickly stops him. “Woah, hold your horses buddy what’s the rush? Let’s have a conversation about this, I mean for someone who strolls on and on about how you have nothing to prove, you sure do sound like you got a really big chip on your shoulder. What’s that about? I mean I guess now that you actually came out here, I can just be honest with you....... I don’t give a fuck about facing you in this ring.” Theres a sudden shock in the arena before Flynn continues on. ”I can beat your ass easily I don’t have shit to prove against you. Have you not seen your track record? You are an embarrassment each and every time you step in this ring. Look at my resume, you could not and would not hang with the types of individuals I’ve stepped in the ring with in the past six months. They’d eat your ass alive. You know at one time I held a little bit of respect for you but you’ve become a complete and utter embarrassment. You honestly think you are in any way on my level? That’s God Damn hilarious. You hinge yourself on others to make yourself look that much better, I make others look better. It’s like you said, I joined Creed it became a dynasty. You joined the Mafia and they became even more beatable in an instant. Because they added some weak minded fool who actually believes he’s the best there is. Son you aren’t even top ten on this fucking brand alone.” “The way I see it.... you don’t belong on this brand. The way I see it you should be fired. You get your stupid ass suspended every month anyways. You refuse to accept the reality, to accept the hard truth that you absolutely fucking suck. Look at your track record this year alone. Arius threw your ass out the rumble. Hans Clayton beat your fucking ass for the Undisputed Championship. Slim and Smith tore your ass a new one when you attempted to put yourself on their level. Because you aren’t on any of those guys levels. You can have fun playing in the midcard with a guy like Bob Sparks, or evening taking on a broken down has-been like Bashka but do not try and put yourself in the league of champions this company has when everyone knows every time you attempt to in the last year you’ve gotten your fucking ass kicked.” “Running yourself further into this hole you’ve dug, isn’t why I put together this little face-to-face however. Let’s scroll back to Judgement Day for a moment. You fooled the world right? Gosh you were so smart when you turned on Ex Machina.... right? I mean sure no one gave a damn and even you were so much more enamored with my own big move over your own big move. And maybe.... maybe that’s really why you were so pissed off? Because no one gave a fuck about Baileys return, and defiant about whatever he did that night. I mean yeah man, that sucks dude and I feel for you, but everything you’ve done since Judgement Day has sealed your fate. Because I got a guy. I talked things over with him, we made a little agreement. You got a lot to say about everybody and while I don’t actually want to face you, he does. And if you don’t face him well.... I wouldn’t be surprised to see your contract terminated pretty quickly...... Flynn points to the stage, Bailey turning toward it as an all too familiar individual steps out.
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    The Cut-Throat Way...

    The Pyro sets off in the arena, as thousands of fans are in attendance for another exciting edition of Friday Night Valor. With the smoke in the air, and the audience buzzing in excitement, CPE and Sheepy introduce us to a recap of the Judgement Day Pay-Per-View to kick things off. The recap shows various different results such as Sameer winning the Powertrip Cup and retaining his IC Title, Jeremiah Flynn shockingly joining Creed, and in the main event, a brand new Undisputed Champion was crowned as Slim defeated Hans Clayton in a hard hitting 30 minute classic. The recap ends with Slim holding both Undisputed and World Heavyweight Championships. We are then cut back into the arena as a new theme starts to play in the arena. The titantron would then show The Cut-Throat Crew graphic as “Sound of Madness” by Shinedown appears to be the new theme of the stable. Hans walks out of the gorilla position alongside Bob Sparks and current United States Champion, Sheridan Müller as many expected the former champion to be depressed and unmotivated yet shows no signs of any of that. All three Cut-Throat Crew members are wearing their slick leather jackets, as Hans has his hair tied back and a blackeye shown from his match against Slim. Hans seems to be given a somewhat positive reaction after his loss against “Le Champion” as he enters the ring. He picks up a microphone from the steel stairs as “Sound of Madness” quickly begins to fade out. Hans looks around in the audience as he feels the positive reaction he's getting. You can still hear a few boos in the crowd as not everyone is a fan of Hans Clayton. With Bob and Sheridan, standing by his side, he begins to speak. You know, any other man who lost something so valuable, something so prestigious, they would go insane right now. They wouldn’t even be here in front of these fired up BPZ fans. Any other man would be sitting at home wondering what went wrong, and what they could have done. I’m not like any other man though as you can tell. 138 days of a title reign, flushed down the toilet when Slim defeated me right in the middle of this ring. Do I feel disappointed? Of course I do! Does it pain me inside to see someone like Slim holding the title that I made sure was the best? Absolutely! However I’m not letting this defeat get through to my head . You know why? I’m more motivated than ever to write this wrong. I’m determined that I won't let this mistake happen again. So Slim, after everything between us, you were the better man at Judgement Day, but I’m gonna make sure you won’t be the next time we face. So now, what’s left? What is there to do now? There’s only one thing I can do to redeem my failure at Judgement Day? The King of the Ring tournament! Hans pauses for a second as Hans knows all about the King of the Ring tournament, being a finalist in last year’s event. I’ve been in the finals of this tournament before and believe me I was devastated that I couldn’t defeat the “Death Machine” but I promised myself that I would be in that exact same position next year and finally be crowned as the King of the Ring and have a chance to become the World Heavyweight Champion. Now with everyone’s attention on me, I plan on fulfilling that same promise. I won’t be the only member from the Cut-Throat Crew to enter this tournament though as both Bob and Sheridan will be entering it with me. Whatever happens in this tournament will not tear apart this group whatsoever. We have created a bond and a connection that a simple tournament cannot break up apart. So nonetheless these two are going to try to win it just like me, because they have that same passion and determination that I do and that’s why Cut-Throat Crew are a force to be reckon with. Why the sudden change of attitude though? Why have I accepted this… Hans lifts his left arm up as he goes around in a circle, seemingly talking about the BPZ Audience. I realized that these fans were going to be here no matter how many times I insulted them. When I went toe to toe with Slim in that confrontation, they stood by me, and was on my side which I can only appreciate. I don’t want to be considered a “Hero” though by each and everyone of you but I don’t want to be labelled as a “Villain”. I’m simply just going to do what I do best, every single damn time I step into this ring. You can either cheer me on or hate me for who I am. I’m just doing things my own way… The “Cut-Throat” way! So Addy if you think what Bob Sparks did to you was bad, just wait until you get into the ring with a motivated and vicious Hans Clayton. You are in for a rough ride my friend. We would hear mostly a positive reaction for the former champion, you can still noticeably hear boos though. Hans would pass the microphone over to Sheridan Müller as he would pace back and forth in the ring.
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    As the broadcast of Valor returns from commercial break, the camera fades into a familiar site, the office of Mikey. The sun is shining through his window and he is in the center of the beams, perched over his desk, his fingers flying across his keyboard. The camera pans around a little bit and the office is looking a bit more messy than usual. There are papers all over the desktop, empty water bottles, and most notably an empty championship holder next to Mikey's nameplate. Mikey leans back in his chair and runs his hands through his hair with a loud sigh before noticing the camera. He puts on a smile and organizes some of his papers, getting them into a neat pile before setting them aside. He leans forward in his chair and puts him arms on the desk, clasping his hands together. Apologies for the mess, there's just been a lot going on as of late. The date draws nearer and nearer, and the media is always firing. "Will Mikey win the PowerTrip Cup?" "Mikey vs Slim set for the BPZ Undisputed Championship?" "Does he have what it takes???" It never gets old. And I sit behind this desk reading all these comments with a smile on my face. Why? Because no matter what these people say, no matter what they think of me, in the end it is all meaningless. I'm a man with a will of steel. I am someone who never bends under the pressure, who will always succeed on the big stage. Forget the expectations, the doubts, the critics. As cliche as it is, it's all true. These things can alter a match significantly, I've seen it first hand. Let me take you back to just a couple weeks ago... Mikey leans back slightly in his chair and looks toward the ceiling, the scene slowly fading away from him to the triple threat match that earned both Sameer and Mikey their spots in this match. The closing moments show Sameer hitting Bob Sparks with a Curb Stomp and him going for the pin. Getting ahead of himself, Sameer makes a desperate attempt to pin Bob, paying no attention to his injured leg. He is unable to crawl into a pin in time, and Mikey is able to slide in and get an arm on Sparks' chest to secure himself a tie. The scene fades back to Mikey's office where The Star Attraction is smirking at the camera. Do you all see now? What I've been saying these past few weeks about Sameer have not been hoaxes, but rather cold, hard fact. That man you saw pin Bob Sparks was not a man who knows himself. That was a man driven by desperation and nothing more. The pressure got to him, and he tried to capitalize when it mattered worse and prove everyone wrong. And the best part? He could've. But Sameer is simply a foolish man who can't find his own feet without Creed. That match right there was his big chance to prove himself as the top dog on Valor without the assistance of his brothers. And, well, we all saw what happened. But why did this all happen? But Sameer is not like me. Hell, he's not even like FDS. He hears just like the rest of us but his issue is he listens. Everyone has been waking up, accusing of him being the fraud that I've always know he is. Questions have arisen of whether or not he could actually beat me, the man that exposed him for who he truly was. So in that moment, all of those thoughts came flooding in and he fumbled his opportunity. You were THAT close, Sameer. That close to proving yourself to everyone. But you failed, just like you will fail in a few days. Mikey now holds his empty championship pedestal in his hand, observing it while saying his next words. At BPZ Judgment Day, I will be taking what is rightfully mine. The title as winner of the BPZ PowerTrip Cup. The BPZ Premium Championship. And most importantly, the legacies of Sameer and FDS. They've had their past successes, sure, but when I defeat them, they'll never be known as former BPZ World Heavyweight Champion or former BPZ Intercontinental Championship. But rather the men that missed out on one of the biggest opportunities of their careers. And all that because they lost to a...kid. Sameer will crumble under the pressure. FDS will fail his entire brand. The past is in the past, boys. It's like I've been saying all along. The media? Meaningless. Your accomplishments? Meaningless. Every single goddamn word you've said about me? Absolutely meaningless. And at the end of our match, there will be only one thing that isn't meaningless, and that's my name. Mikey nods his head and the camera begins to move backward slowly. Mikey returns to his computer while the scene fades away back into the Valor arena.
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    Slim backs away from the face-to-face, putting his arm on the rope, looking down before back at Hans Clayton. Slowly, he raises his microphone, beginning to respond to the claims that the Undisputed Champion just put forth. What makes Slim better, than Hans Clayton? The 6 World Championships to my name. The 2 BPZMania main events. The 5 years of cutting a schedule, that a stupid, delusional son of a bitch like you could never withstand. That's what makes me better than you, and that's why it's a god damn guarantee that when those lights go out in that arena, Slim will stand tall as your Undisputed Champion. I won't sit here and insult anyone's intelligence. I highly doubt anyone will like the fact that after Judgement Day, I will be the World and Undisputed Champion, but that's fine. I don't care if anyone likes it, because the hatred towards me is strictly out of jealousy. Call me a cancer if you want, let the people agree, it doesn't phase me. You're not the first person to call me, you certainly won't be the last, but I see right through it. What am I a cancer because of? My success? That's just being the best, kid, something you know nothing about, because you haven't been there. You can say you reached the top of the mountain, but once you reach it, it's about what you do after. And right now, from my point of view, you're supposed to be the leader, the champion of this show, yet I can't even tell you if you're a better champion than Sameer. Make no mistake about it, I'm impressed. I'm impressed by you, Hans, I'm impressed that you're managed to be Undisputed Champion for 4 months spewing bullshit like that. That same work ethic you've been boring everyone to death about, will be your downfall. Tell me Hans, where were you at Backlash? Mayhem? Oh that's right, your lazy ass was on a beach in the Bahamas, giving yourself what you believed to be a well-earned vacation, and what was I doing? Defending my championship, going to war with the best of them. I went to hell and back against Tamer, and then went out there and retained this title, against two of the very best that BPZ has to offer, former BPZMania main eventers, a spot you have NEVER been in. Do you really think two matches scare me? Nah, kid. It's the normal for me, because I've been the best, I am the best, and I will continue to be the best. Why else would Smith & Bart book this match? They despise me, but they know what you're about to find out. Slim now gets closer to Hans, getting in his face as he continues to speak. I'm the fucking best on this show. Your whole title reign, you've been overshadowed, and I won't hold you. You've been dealt a bad hand, you didn't even pin the champion to win your championship, so I'm confused on why you would take the route of calling MY championship someone else's, when that championship on your shoulder belongs to Jeremiah Flynn. Maybe you didn't hear it a few minutes ago, so I'll say it again. This will not be my greatest failure this year, yet alone in my entire career. I took the fight to the Creed, and I came up short. My shoulders were pinned to this mat by a pornstar. You believe I'll explode? Look at what happened after those losses. I put Arius an inch away from being the second man in BPZ to met the almighty himself, and then at Mayhem, two weeks after a crushing loss, I put Tamer in his casket and sent him away for good in a gruesome, brutal war, and I STILL managed to walk away with the biggest prize in our company. You're good, but are you that good? I don't think so. And that's okay, no one is that damn good anymore except me. You're walking into the ring with an animal, and you know it. These cheap shots, they're tired and worn out. They're old. And they show me you have doubt, you've resorted to the lowest of lows to gain an edge, and THAT tells me you're desperate, and you doubt whether you can survive this match with your life in-tact, yet alone that championship. I understand. And those thoughts of doubt, will let your very same words reign true, just for yourself, the exact opposite of your intentions. You think you've been talking to me, but in reality, every little thing you just said, is a fantasy that you've just purposed, is the harsh reality that The God of War will face when he realizes on June 26th, that he just... isn't good enough. When I went toe-to-toe with Tamer, I felt the conviction in his voice. The anger, the confidence. It felt like two equals, standing toe-to-toe, a war of words electrifying the audience and captivating the universe. You know what this feels like, Hans? It feels like the very same thing that transpired just a few days ago. Just like that deer was begging me to put a bullet in his brain, to end his life, you're begging me, pleading with me to end your reign. Because that harsh reality, it's beginning to set in for you. No matter what you do, who you beat, you will continue to be overshadowed. If it isn't by me, it will be by the very same man you just preached about, Arius. Or maybe, it'll be the sons-of-bitches themselves, The Creed. Me? I'll be fine. I got this beauty on my shoulder, I walk around like I own the damn place, and I do whatever the hell I want, when I want. Slim stops speaking, as the crowd begins to buzz off of his last words. He once again begins to speak. Your ignorance is pitiful. You wanna talk about love for this business? I've been here for 5 fucking years, I've been on the top for 4 of them, and no one has been able to touch me at my best. Am I supposed to believe you're any different? By any means necessary, a code I live, and a code I will die by. If you were the perfection you say you are, there would be no doubt about this match. No questions asked, Hans Clayton would be the winner, but here we are, a final swag-song for your reign as champion. The fans get one last look at you holding that belt, before I rip it out of your hands. I've been waiting since that fateful night at Wildcard, to get my hands on your filthy, stupid head. You see, the difference between the greats, and the people who are just good, Hans, is that second gear. That ruthlessness, that savagery that truly makes men in our industry dangerous, and I have yet to see it from you. I figured you were saving it for this moment, but your time to shine, has faded, and here we are, exactly where we started. You showed me absolutely nothing that I haven't seen from you before, and I am disappointed with that. And the disrespect that you have shown me, writing me off as another bullshit challenger, has pissed me off, it's given me that fuel I needed to absolutely kick the shit out of you on June 26th, at Judgement Day. I'd like to believe that you don't truly believe what you're saying, and you're saying it to win over it the crowd, to pander to them, but honestly, from what I've seen, you might be that fucking stupid. I'm glad you've written me off, it's the same disrespect I've faced for years. My career began with a loss to a man who I knew was levels beneath me, and since then, I've never looked back, collecting the most gold in BPZ history. You wanna talk about perfecting your craft, look it up in the dictionary, and you'll see a picture of Slim holding up a World Championship. Until you reach that pinnacle, until you achieve that, you will NEVER be on my level. Not, even, close. But disrespect is something I've faced all career, and I'm beginning to realize that I may never get the respect that I truly deserve, and that's fine. Maybe the disrespect is what fuels me, to be honest, I don't give a damn. Either way, I'm gonna kick your fucking ass at Judgement Day. Speaking of disrespect, y'know, I saw the Judgement Day poster, and I was pretty disgusted at first. Those same two major matches that will "give you an advantage", yet I'm not on the poster, you are. That's fine, you need that spotlight to be able to contend with the star power I bring to the table. But then, I realized, I am on the poster, it's just no one realized. Because I'm the lord and savior, of Valor, I'm the man who will save it at Judgement Day, from the leader who's work ethic defines him, but he can barely show up to work. It's not over till the lord says it's over... And Hans Clayton, your time is up. It's over. Slim drops the microphone, walking off, and getting out of the ring as Hans Clayton slings the Undisputed Championship on his shoulder, the two top champions of BrendenPlayz Wrestling locking eyes. Slim turns his back, slinging the title over his shoulder so you can see the front and walks off, with the Undisputed Champion standing in the ring, left to think about what Don Dada has said, as Friday Night Valor's end credits hit, and the show comes to an end. (Not a figurehead change, just well representation of what I'm goin for)
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    South Park - BPZ Edition

    Episode One: Pilot We open to a bright sunny day in the small Colorado town of South Park. A small breeze blows as the camera lowers down to an all too Gillian bus stop. Three boys sit in frame. The first of which sports a brown jacket and blue hat, this being Smith. Smith Marsh, son of Nebakos and Bashie Marsh, stands alongside two of his best friends Sameer Broflovski and Nate McCormick. Sameer sports the orange jacket and green hat while Nate sports the all orange jacket. The three boys stand awaiting the bus to school before finally the final of the four boys appears. Bailey, a much larger boy, appears marching over and joining the boys. Bailey: “Hey fuck faces, guess what?” Sameer: “What fat ass.” Bailey: “So last night I’m laying in bed you know minding my own business when I hear something buzzing around my room. So I use my super keen sense and I’m able to catch….. a murder hornet. Right in the middle of my room. Take a look.” Bailey reaches into his bag before pulling out a clear jar. Inside a bug can be seen buzzing around. He shows each of the other three boys who look on in confusion. Smith: .... Nate: …. Sameer: “That’s a bee you dumbass” Bailey: “No the fuck it’s not, it’s a god damn murder hornet and I caught it myself in my room using my super keen senses cuz I’m fuckin awesome.” Sameer: “No you are a fucking idiot and a stupid fat son of a bitch.” There’s a brief silence as an annoyed Sameer stares at Bailey who clutches the jar tightly. Finally Bailey just throws the jar down into the snow. Bailey: “You know fat peoples lives matter too. Always gotta be a fucking dick Sameer.” The bus pulls up, all the boys get on however Nate pauses. He stares down at the jar where the bee is seen flying around inside. He quickly grabs the jar without anyone else seeing and puts it inside his backpack. He gets on the bus as now all four boys are sat down for their ride to school. _______________________________________________________________________________________ We cut to the home of Smith Marsh, where is father is sitting on the couch watching TV. A special news broadcast appears. Reporter: “This just in, there have been reports that the United States have indeed killed foreign leader Kim Jong Un. A special ops team was sent in and assassinated the foreign leader, oh wait…… oh this just in he’s not really dead. They…. they only shot him in the leg? Wait are you fucking serious? Alright, alright everyone I’d like to apologize for this, please enjoy your day.” The report shuts off, Nebakos sat in complete confusion before pulling out his phone. Nebakos: “Let’s see what twitter has to say about this..” He begins to scroll through twitter before he sees “WW3” trending number one in the world. His eyes widen in shock as he drops his phone out of his hand. Nebakos: “Oh…. My…… God. BASHIE, BAAAASHIE. HOLY FUCKING SHIT.” Nebakos hops to his feet, running straight into the kitchen. Bashie is seen doing the dishes completely uninterested in what her husband is acting out about. Nebakos: “WORLD WAR THREE BASHIE HOLY FUCKING SHIT. IT’S A GOD DAMN FUCKING TRILOGY BASHIE.” Bashie: “What is this time Nebakos.” Nebakos: “It’s trending number one on Twitter. World War 3 Bashie.” Bashie: “Nebakos it’s just Twitter.” Nebakos: “Did you just say it’s…. just Twitter? Well Bashie, ITS JUST WORLD WAR FUCKING 3 TOO. I guess our marriage is just a marriage huh?” Bashie: “Jesus Nebakos just calm down-“ Nebakos: “NO! If you don’t wanna listen that’s fine…. we gotta get Smith out of that school now.” Nebakos quickly busts out the door, as “World War Fucking Three” can be heard screamed by him as he sprints now the street. ________________________________________________________________________________________ We cut inside the fourth grade classroom. Most of the kids sit on their phones as they await the class to start. Mikey: “Man these World War Three memes are great” Yelich: “YEAH THEY ARE!” Sameer: “They're pretty cool.” Bailey: “Yeah ha ‘pretty cool’ more like the greatest memes ever you fucking Jew.” Suddenly the classroom opens up as Mr. Bart walks into the room. He sets a bag onto his desk before beginning to speech. Bart: “Hello class. Now today PC Arius has put together a special little seminar for you all m’kay. The seminar will be on social injustice m’kay. As for who will be giving this seminar, please put your hands together for Bizzy, the Social Injustice Panda m’kay.” Suddenly a man in a large panda costume enters the room. He stands in front of the chalk board for the entire class to see. Bizzy: “HEY THERE KIDDOS! I’m Bizzy, the social injustice Panda. I’m here today to give each and every one of you a lesson today on what exactly social injustice is. Now before we begin, can anyone here give me an example of social injustice?” The class sits back in confusion. Suddenly Sameer speaks up. Sameer: “Isn't racism and stuff like that?” Bizzy: “That is an oversimplification yes. Social injustice is also the way unjust actions are done in society. Social injustice occurs in a situation where the equals are treated unequally and the unequal is treated equally. Three common examples of social injustice include: discrimination, ageism, and homophobia. Several movements have dedicated themselves to such things such as the Black Lives Matter and Me Too movements.” Bailey: “Wait, are you telling me there’s movements for the underprivileged? Like…. fat people?” Sameer: “No fatass, it’s focused on the underprivileged and those held down by society. All you got to do to sort out your problems is to start jogging.” Bailey: “That’s goddamn bullshit. Fat people are just as under appreciated and mistreated as every other minority. You know what, fuck this shit. FAT LIVES MATTER TOO.” Suddenly Bailey hops out of his desk and storms out of the room. The rest of the class, Mr. Necce and Bizzy sit back in confusion. Smith: “Where the fucks he going?” Suddenly the voice comes on in the classroom. The voice can be recognized as none other than PC Principal Arius. Arius: “Smith Marsh please report to my office with your things.” ________________________________________________________________________________________ We cut to PC Principal Arius’ office. Here we find Nebakos sitting down in front of his desk as now Smith enters the room. He sits down as Arius and Nebakos continue their conversation. Arius: “So, let me just get this straight. You want to take Smith out of school early today because you believe the school and the entire country will be annihilated by World War Three. Am I correct so far Mr. Marsh? Nebakos: “Yes that’s correct.” Arius: “Right…. and where exactly have you reached this conclusion from?” Nebakos: “World War Three was trending on Twitter. At number two right behind “Monday Mood”. Which reminds me I need to tweet out my Monday mood…” Suddenly Nebakos pulls out his phone as he begins to tweet. Arius: “Mr. Marsh I can safely assure you World War Three has not started and I need to double down by saying that twitter while being an extremely important and useful tool in today’s society for furthering our war on oppression and ignorance, is not something to always be taken literally.” Nebakos: “Are you telling me that World War Three was trending on twitter for no reason at all?” Arius: “That’s exactly what I’m saying, just a lot of offensive and very unfunny memes and jokes.” Nebakos: “Well that wouldn't make any sense unless… Nebakos begins to think to himself, (PC Arius, he’s fucking in on it. Oh Jesus I need to get Smith the fuck out of here.)” Arius: “Are you ok Mr. Marsh?” Nebakos: “Why, uhm yes I am! Sorry for all of this, I guess I’ll be going now haha. Sorry Smith you just get on to class now.” Nebakos and Smith both stand up and walk out of the office before shutting the door. Suddenly Nebakos grabs Smith, picking him up before hightailing it for the exits. Smith: “Uhm dad….. what the fuck?” Nebakos: “Listen Smith, we need to get the hell out of here. We are all in danger. World War Three is starting and that son of a bitch Arius is in on it.” Nebakos sprints out of the school, hightailing it back to their home. ________________________________________________________________________________________ We cut to the kids getting out of school as Jonathan is seen walking down the sidewalk. Suddenly we hear just in the distance the familiar voice of Bailey shouting. Bailey: “FAT LIVES MATTER! FAT LIVES MATTER! NO LIVES MATTER UNTIL FAT LIVES MATTER!” Jonathan pauses for a long time, staring at Bailey. Bailey finally stops as he looks back at Jonathan. Both boys seemingly stare with their own confusion at one another before finally Bailey speaks up. Bailey: “What?” Jonathan: “What the fuck are you doing?” Bailey: “I’m protesting for fat lives. No longer will we be subjected to the oppression of the skinny man and woman. We demand equal rights, beginning with being paid more in physical labor jobs then anyone else because we must put in more effort and energy then the skinny man!” Jonathan: “Right. Are you retarded?” Bailey: “You know if your just gonna be a fat shaming bigot Jonathan then you can just get the fuck on out of here.” Jonathan: “You understand trying to compare being fat to being black is extremely racist and offensive right?” Bailey: “You’re just a fucking bigot Jonathan I mean honestly. I have a right to protest too you know and until everyone can admit fat lives matter, no lives matter!” Jonathan, clearly annoyed, just walks away, leaving Bailey to continue protesting in peace. Bailey: “Hmm. If I really wanna get serious about this I’m gonna have to step my game up and take this movement to the next level….” ________________________________________________________________________________________ We suddenly find ourselves in the president's office where President Necce sits in the Oval Office with FDS by his side. Suddenly several secret agents enter the room, the president taken back for a moment. Secret Agent: “Mr. President. We bring urgent news.” Necce: “Well alright what is it, spit out now?” Secret Agent: “Well sir, it’s twitter….. it seems that World War Three is trending at NUMBER TWO. Now if this means what we think it means….” Necce: “Oh my fucking God…… so it’s finally happening.” Secret Agent: “We are not 100% sure yet sure, but if all is to be believed and World War Three is upon us, then yes. The Dark Lord himself is rising.” Necce stands to his feet, FDS quickly putting his hand over the shoulder of Necce. A worry look in the eyes of the president FDS:[/b] “Oh Jezzzus, what does this mean snuggle buns?” Necce: “FDS, you better pack all of our toys and get your tight little ass on Air Force one right away. We have a planet to save.” The scene closes with a hard shot on the face of President Necce. A serious demeanor as seemingly the end of the world is on the horizon. ________________________________________________________________________________________ We cut back to the Marsh home where Nebakos is seen packing many of his things. Suddenly Smith steps into his room confused. Smith: “Dad what’s going on.” Nebakos continues to pack, not turning towards his son. He seems to almost be in a state of panic as he replies. Nebakos: “Smith I’ve been through this. We need to pack our things and get the hell out of here before World War Three starts.” Smith: “Dad World War Three isn’t starting. Those were just a bunch of memes everyone made about the Kim Jong Un false assasination.” Nebakos: “Smith…. I don’t think you understand. Kim Jong Un was shot today by American Soldiers. He survived. More importantly right after WORLD WAR FUCKING THREE WAS TRENDING ON TWITTER. Now Smith, can you not tell by those signs alone. The end is nigh Smith. THE END IS NIGH!” Smith stands there in shock staring at his father, completely unsure of what to say. He watches his father continue to rush to pack his things, just in complete shock. Smith: “What… The….. Fuck.” ________________________________________________________________________________________ We open to the home of Nate. It’s dark inside as Nate enters, he walks across his living room where his father, Toxik, lays in a sofa chair asleep. A beer however is still gripped tight in his hands. Nate continues to walk across the living room when he walks past the kitchen. His mother, GRV, passed sitting at the kitchen table. Several pills can be seen laid out in front of her. Nate seemingly unbothered continues to walk back to his room. He closes his door before opening his backpack. He removes the jarred bee from earlier and sets it by his bed on the nightstand. He stares at the bee, a gleeful look in his eye. There’s a long pause before Nate turns off his lights. He pokes several holes into the tinfoil lid of the jar, allowing the bee to breath before finally he lays back to go to sleep. The camera slowly pans into the bee, the snoring of Nate can now be heard. Slowly, the bee begins to shed its skin. Several larger legs pole through before suddenly the big grows so large the jar shatters. Nates eyes open, he turns his head however just as he does, we cut to black. The screams of Nate echoing as the episode comes to an end.
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    Your Destiny

    The scene begins with a light breezy shot of Munich, Germany. You can see the colourful and unique architecture of the city itself, as you can hear the general noise in one of Germany’s most known sites. It appears to be mid-day, as the camera slowly pans out to reveal some sort of rooftop, presumably on the top of a building. We have two lawn chairs set up, one empty, while the other one is occupied by Sheridan Müller. She sits there, admiring the view of her home country. She stares into the abyss, waiting for someone to join her on that second lawn chair beside her. The door opens behind her, as it’s her Cut-Throat Crew comrade, Hans Clayton. He appears wearing a long sleeve black shirt, and dark grey sweatpants. Hans goes ahead and joins her as he sits on the other lawn chair. Hans wouldn’t say anything, as he stayed silent for about several seconds. He would then finally speak up. I know what you're feeling right now. I know how important it is to come back to your homeland and make every single of these people proud, and you should be proud. Ever since you joined forces with Bob and myself, you have been racking up wins, and defending that United States Champion with nothing but pride. You are a “Lioness” as you say, as you prey on those trying to take your title that represents the red, white, and blue. You have the heart, the desire, and the drive that I had when I held that exact same title a year ago today. I see a lot of myself in you Sheridan, and just like you, I entered this tournament as the United States Champion and almost got crowned as the King of the Ring winner but sadly it just wasn’t meant to be. You may very well beat me and move on to the Valor Finals, and potentially do what I couldn’t do. You are a true champion, my friend. Sheridan looks on, as she looks appreciative of what Hans is saying. She would then turn her head back to the view, still admiring the wonderful city of Munich. Hans would continue on, as he turns his head and back, looking as relaxed as he can be. What is your fate though, what is your destiny? What do you really want to achieve here in BPZ? My destiny is becoming World Heavyweight Champion, truly becoming the number one guy in all of BrendenPlayz Wrestling. That’s what I want, and that’s all I could ever imagine ever since I laid a foot in this company. You want to be the best, every single night, every single match, I was driven to do that. I treat every match like it's my last because you never know when you won't be able to do this anymore. It’s that same mentality that led me to the US Title, that led me to those coveted Tag Team Titles, and most importantly it led me to becoming the Undisputed Champion. A simple strive to be number one has earned me some accolades, and when we square off in the second round of the King of the Ring tournament, I promise I’m not holding back. Like I mentioned previously, I didn’t want this encounter to divide us, to create a wedge between us. Our group has a connection and bond, that a tournament just cannot break. With that being said, this match is crucial for me Sheridan. This match is just as important as my first round match with Addy, it's a puzzle piece, a stepping stone to reach the very top of the mountain. It didn’t matter if it was you or Mikey, I’m doing everything I can to assure that I claim my path into being king. It’s something I wanted since that loss last year, to redeem my past failure. Like I said, you may very well beat me in this match, and I would have no grudge or ill will against you because I will find another way into fulfilling my destiny. Hans stands up, rolling his shoulders up. He stands up and leans over the wall that bridges between them and the floor below. He takes out a lighter and cigarette, and proceeds to light one. He would take a puff or two of the cigarette before talking once more. Munich is one beautiful looking city isn’t it. Hans looks on as he too admires the view, like Sheridan was doing before he arrived. He looks around, intrigued at the different architecture. He gives a glance at Sheridan before turning back to the view. He would then speak to her, while still looking at the beautiful city of Munich. If you feel the guilt of letting these people down Sheridan, don’t be. They’ll support you, just like how me and Bob will support you. We are The Cut-Throat Crew, we take shit from nobody. We are killers of this business, we are the best this business has to offer and right now you're carving your own path. You my friend are here to carve your own destiny, and I'll be there to see you succeed. Hans continues to look at the view, dropping that cigarette away as that falls all the way to the ground below. Hans puts his arms over this wall as he waits for Sheridan to respond to what her fellow Cut-Throat Member said.
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    South Park - BPZ Edition

    The Cast Announcement Part 1: The Boys: Eric Cartman: Bailey Stan Marsh: Smith Kyle broflovski: Sameer Kenny McCormick: Nate The Fourth Graders: Butters: Ropati Jimmy: BiC Token: Jonathan Craig: Mikey Tweak: Yelich Timmy: Brad Nathan: Slim Mimsey: Addy TBC.....
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    A video with no thumbnail and titled "DO NOT TELL BART THE CONTENTS OF THIS VIDEO" shows up on BPZ.com. Once clicked upon a black screen shows up with narration playing overtop. ???: Day... oh god what day is it. Day over thirty or something of being in hiding from the Mafia.... I lost Slim's money he loaned me in a game of Go Fish against a smarmy 11 year old in the crowd at Mayhem after he said mean things to me because I lost to Sameer. I was gonna use that to buy myself a Golden Corral Buffet restaurant to hold all Evolve's shows at, but I can't do that anymore. Now I'm here in the one spot no one will ever expect me. A pause where no audio is heard occurs, the screen is still all black. ???: Ah fuck the camera isn't on. Video can now finally be seen as the camera is turned on and Yelich is seen at a desk with a desktop computer in front of him. Yelich: It's me Yelich, for the past month or so I've been in hiding as Bart's personal assistant for Valor. It's the one place no one would ever suspect me, not even the Inner Circle. Now I've been here trying to siphon off enough funds from the Valor company credit cards without higher ups noticing so I can pay back Slim, and get back on track here in BPZ without the threat of my kneecaps getting broken everywhere I turn. Faint steps can be heard coming over to the office area where Yelich is working in. Yelich: Oh shit Bart's coming. Yelich panics, scrambling to grab a fake mustache and put it on. He then tries to make it look like he is doing work on his desktop, even though he literally has nothing open on it. Bart knocks on the door and opens it without waiting for an answer (rude). Bart: Hey Wayne, I'm gonna need the "evil genius" report in by tomorrow. We got an investors call then and I need to be ready for whatever comes at me. Until I get back, if anyone calls reschedule it, I need to get my work out in for the day. And again, if Sameer or Smith prank call you I'm sorry, they believe in hazing all of my personal assistants, it's not just you. Anyways, here's the company card, go buy lunch for the office. Bart gives Yelich in a fake mustache who he believes to be named "Wayne" the Valor company credit card like a big dumb idiot as he smiles because he thinks he's a nice boss to his employees. Bart then leaves the room and Yelich lets out a breath he didn't know he was holding in as he finally decompresses from all the stress that moment brought to him. He then grins before he looks back to the camera. Yelich: See, he's clueless. He doesn't suspect a thing. And my plan so far is that every time he gives me his card for lunch, I will take the money that I should be getting for lunch, and instead transfer it to my bank account, and starve the office. This has gotten me about 350 dollars a week. So far I have already collected around 1,400 dollars. Now if I parlay this into the amount of time it'll take me to get a million to pay Slim back it'll be... Yelich attempts mental math for a moment before simply giving up and grabbing his phone out of his pocket, he turns it on before putting his mouth up to it, looking like an idiot. Yelich: Okay Google, what is One Million divided by 350? Phone: One Million divided by Three hundred and fifty is Two thousand eight hundred fifty-seven point one four two nine. Does that answer your question? Yelich's face drops in realization at how much that is. Yelich:...Yes. Phone: Thanks for your feedback. Yelich's face looks defeated but still kinda hopeful. He gulps to try and push his sadness down. Yelich: It'll be only.... two thousand, eight hundred fifty-eight weeks of starving the office until I can pay back Slim.... Okay Google, what is 2,858 divided by 52? Phone: Two thousand eight hundred fifty-eight divided by Fifty-two is fifty-four point nine six one five. Yelich sighs deeper and longer than last time from how much that is as he looks at the floor, slumped depressedly in his office chair Yelich: So a little less than 55 years of being Bart's assistant and I can do this... Okay... Yelich goes over to his computer and opens to the company bank account and goes to move over the 70 dollars that Bart would expect for lunch for the office to his personal bank account, but then Yelich hesitates. He looks around to see if anyone is looking and if any cameras are at him besides his own that he set up, none are there. He then deletes the 250 and changes it to 1,000,000. He presses enter and waits a moment before it goes through. Yelich turns off the computer quickly before grabbing his personal camera, and hurriedly walking out of the office building. On his way out he throws the credit card in the janitor's closet. Yelich: So close to the outside. I just gotta get to my car and I'm home free. Yelich looks around a bit before hauling ass into his car in the parking lot. He gets into the car and sees his Global Championship in the passenger seat, which he looks at gleefully. Yelich: Now just transfer this money to Slim and Evolve is back on its feet. Hear that Global Title, were back in business! After talking to an inanimate object like a maniac, Yelich begins going to his bank account app on his phone and presses to transfer the million dollars to Slim with a note saying "Loan Payoff." But as he is doing this, Sheridan begins walking out of the gym section of the Valor offices here in undisclosed location, causing Yelich's eyes to go wide in case she saw him through the windows of his car. Yelich waits for his phone to confirm the transferal went through as he doesn't look at his phone while he drives, that's only what fools do... he's done it a few times. Sheridan begins looking at the car with furrowed eyes as if she is trying to look into it, and just then the transferal goes through, allowing Yelich to quickly floor it on his car but its in reverse because this isn't a Joshua Scott storyline. He then turns and puts his car in drive and screeches away in it as Sheridan looks confusedly at the car. She then shrugs and walks away, not thinking anymore of it as Yelich now hyperventilates as he drives. Yelich: She saw too much... I need to take her out. The screen then fades to black and stays that way before abruptly coming back to life with Yelich's still driving. Yelich: Okay well I'm not going to kill or date her. I'm gonna like... do what we always do to solve our problems. I'm going to wrestle her in to submission, nope that sounds creepy... Uhhhhhh, I'm going to take her championship title in a wrestling match so she doesn't tell Bart I stole a million dollars? Does that make sense? I hope it does. The video then fades to black again, this time actually ending for real.
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    Trouble Man

    “I have survived. I am here. Confused, screwed up, but here. So, how can I find my way?" “I’ve been around for a long long year, stole many a man’s soul and faith…..” An instrumental version of “Sympathy for the Devil” continues to play over the video showing an aerial view of Milan until it abruptly stops at the sound of a voice over from Arius “A long time ago, I once prided myself over being an honest man. A man with a good heart, having been taught as a child by his loving mother than in this world, you have the power of free will. Two sides exist on a spectrum of reality: Good and evil. Light and darkness. The righteous against the condemned. I would be told stories of a man in the sky who cared for me, and a dark, dark entity which lies beneath the surface of this very earth. ‘Never lie,’ they said. “Don’t cheat. Don’t do anything malicious because you intend to. Always do the right thing to do.” I honestly tried to keep myself as an honest kid, live a good life and care for your neighbours just as much as you care for yourself. But we all know better than that now, don’t we? As adults, we have matured. We have grown. We know the nooks and crannies of this world, the dirty little secrets that will get you far, and you are soon hit with the realisation that there isn’t a true line in the sand that divides us into special collectives. It’s blurred...” The blurred vision of the screen slowly changes as the camera opens on a dingy back alley in Milan around dusk. A delivery boy appears at the mouth of the near empty building gap. He takes in his sparse surroundings and then back down at his cell phone. All that lies between the two infrastructures is two side by side dumpsters and a singular doorway. Nodding to himself nervously as his eyes meet the singular reason any human being would ever enter this barren void, the delivery boy urgently jogs toward the door. Darting his head from one side of the alley to the other, he gives the door a gentle wrap of the knuckles. Arius: "What the hell is going on?" Suddenly a passed out Arius is suddenly awoken from the hurried steps of the delivery boy, whose eyes widen at the sound of the disembodied voice echoing off of the alleyway walls. Delivery Boy: I-I'm here to deliver some food. Arius: You seem lost. Delivery Boy: Funny, I was going to say the same about you. Arius shrugs and nods his head, as if acknowledging the curt honesty of the delivery boy. Arius tries to stretch his face awake, opening his eyes as wide as he can as he shakes his forehead, rubbing his forehead in a circular motion. "Chinese?" Delivery Boy: N-no, I.I was born in Fontana Liri. At-at least I-I think. Arius: I don't mean your nationality, I mean the food. Chinese? Indian?" The delivery boy laughs nervously with a snicker as he turns to face Arius. Delivery Boy: Ah...I see. Do you know if anyone is home? I got this text on my phone while I was on the metro from this address saying they wanted deli. I'm with Tuber Eats. Pretty much the paramedics of the food industry. Speeding through the roads, on call to fix the hunger ailments. Arius stairs up from his seated position as the two men stare blankly, the delivery boy questioning his reply before Arius cracks a slow smile and shakes his head “Proud of that one aren’t ya? Smart ass. Heh..Ironic though isn’t it, no?" Realising he isn't getting answers, but feeling more relaxed, he delivery boy leans against the wall as they continue talking Delivery Boy: What do you mean? Arius: I mean you're part of a food delivery service that delivers via subway. I meant that it was ironic the person ordering didn't want a sub. The Delivery Boy stares blankly at Arius who waits for a reaction. Instead of a smirk he gets a slow head shake as the stranger is dismayed at what he had just heard Delivery Boy: And you wanted to be critical of my joke? That was painful Arius: Alright. Alright. Give me a break kid it has been a rough night. Arius looks around Bloody hell it's so hot, where the hell am I? Delivery Boy: Bellagio. Um...you wouldn't happen to know who lives here? Arius: Mate, i have no clue where I'm supposed to be staying right now. Arius stares at the food being carried by the boy as he thinks to himself about breakfast How much are you getting to deliver that? Delivery Boy: Not enough...why? Suddenly the scene changes as Arius, having collected his belongings began eating the food he had acquired, wasting little time as he ripped open the foil. Leaning against the wall as he looks up to the sky he begins trying to recollect his memories of the night prior. -Last Night- We begin to see glimpses of inside of a bar where music plays on the stage, patrons laugh and talk in the packed to capacity seating area of Alcatraz. The bar, a former furniture warehouse, has a somewhat timeless feel to it, with sanded wood floors and heavy tables made of old railroad ties. The raised stage was occupied by a band called Broken Tail Light, who were playing a cover of Red Right Hand by Nick Cave. That night was an open mic where anyone can take the stage. In a third person perspective we saw a man as he began weaving through patrons, some talking, and some standing listening to the band, as he made his way to the bar. As he reached the bar and leaned forward to give his order to the bartender he was interrupted by the glimpse of a woman familiar to the audience at home Arius: “Well i’ll be”… “Oh baby, baby, how was I supposed to know That something wasn't right here?” A smile took over his face, surprised to see the performance. The familiar voice melted in his ears as he took his first step in the concert area of the bar. The quiet murmurs of the crowd created a feeling of calm for Arius as he leaned against a wall behind the audience and closed his eyes. “Oh baby, baby, I shouldn't have let you go And now you're out of sight, yeah…” Arius chuckled to himself. He wasn’t surprised that ‘she’ was playing this song. It was one of her favourites to cover, especially when sitting at home on a Sunday morning. “Show me how want it to be Tell me, baby, 'cause I need to know now, oh because…” Arius didn’t want to open his eyes, for he knew those fearless hazel eyes were locked on to her from across the room. Before he knew it, his eyes were open and yes, ‘she’ was looking at him. “My loneliness is killing me I must confess I still believe…” “When I'm not with you I lose my mind Give me a sign…” “Hit me baby one more time!” The jovial crowd chimed in, laughing to themselves right after. The singer laughed along as she continued to play her acoustic cover of Britney Spears’ breakout hit. After her performance, Arius gestured to the singer and made his way outside. As he stared at a drunken couple making their way across the street, the familiar voice made its way into his right ear. Rin: “Before you judge, that song kills back home!” Arius laughed in the way he hated to laugh, one that exposed his lighthearted side. Only several people were able to get that out of him. “I’m sure it does. What are you going to play next? Toxic?” Arius looked at the singer from her peripheral. Rin: “Actually, Marvin Gaye’s ‘Trouble Man’. But with a twist…” ‘Her’ eyes were always infectious to stare into. Arius: “Trouble Woman. Your ‘feminine take; on the classic hit.” Arius turned to ‘her’. “You wrote a version for my...birthday?” Rin: “Birthday? Meh, one of those two. Speaking of trouble, I hear you’ve been talking with a mutual friend of ours.” Arius: “I’m sure he wouldn’t consider you to be a friend…” Rin: “Well I never thought you would ever want to come to karaoke again, but here we are.” Arius: “Less witnesses in Europe compared to back home. Put more of these drinks into me and I might even consider a duet.” Rin: “Shush.” Arius: “Make me.” Rin: “I did. Now you don’t tour dive bars for a living.” Arius: “Ouch. No sympathy for the devil, huh?” Rin: “Not when I already help pay that devil’s medical bills.” Arius: “*Still. That’s ‘still pays his medical bills’.” The two inch closer to embrace before cutting to a blank. The rest of the night spills out in spurts, flashing in between confused expressions from Arius as he eats, trying to piece it together Arius is seen in the middle of telling Rin a joke. "Then he said “Do you really think I wanted a twelve inch pianist?!", Arius bursts out laughing and Rin, seemingly despite herself, cracks a smile. "Arius, you’re not nearly as funny as you think you are!" She shakes her head and drinks from her bottle as Arius puts on a look of mock offence. Arius is seen outside of the bar standing in front of a man taller than himself, with cheap tattoos covering his arms. "Hey!!" the man yells as he spins only to be met with a kick to the crotch, dropping him immediately. Arius then closes and locks the door, leaving the biker writhing in pain in the alleyway alone. As Arius walks back, shrugging in surprise, to the table Rin is shaking her head. "I can’t believe that worked!" The night escalates as Arius continues to drink with Rin, the memories jump between talking to different people, Rin leaving back to the hotel and finally Arius being left outside the bar at closing time -Present Time- The scene returns to a lonely man with a trombone, seemingly busking in the main street. The man is older, his beard slowly greying, and he’s wearing a long-sleeved shirt and some black slacks despite the summer heat. Beads of sweat drip down his forehead as he blows into the brass instrument. The song he’s playing is upbeat and he’s tapping his foot alongside the rhythm. Arius comes to a stand still in front of the man as he shows off his talents, finishing off the lunch he was able to bribe away as he contemplates his purpose on this tour. "Arius we need you for the fans!" "Arius the numbers are steady for your meet and greets!". Slowly the former champion bites as the music gracefully complements the day. "What a hell of a ride this has been. Half way through the year and I feel like a trainwreck. But after all that i still haven't found the answer, asking the void What the hell did you make me for, and why did you make me like this? Frankenstein's monster. Because to a failed experiment, the failure is unforgivable....I suppose it’s not a social norm to do. To feel, discuss feelings. So that’s what I’m giving the finger to. Social norms and stuff…what good are social norms, really? I think all they do is project a limited and harmful image of people. An expectation that withers us within. I'm starting to think it's much more interesting to live not knowing than to have answers which might be wrong. I have approximate answers and possible beliefs and different degrees of uncertainty about different things, but I am not absolutely sure of anything and there are many things I don't know anything about. I don't have to know an answer. I don't feel frightened not knowing things, by being lost in a mysterious universe without any purpose, which is the way it really is as far as I can tell. I think now watching this man proud of his art. The music bringing soul to a small unappreciative crowd.. And yet even so, there are times I see freshness and beauty. I smell the air, and the rock 'n' roll. Tears are warm, and girls are beautiful. Like dreams, the darkness and intimacy, is.....intoxicating." Arius finishes his lunch as he scrunches up the foil and places it in his jacket. Acknowledging and thanking the musician he leaves a donation in the case as he presses forward to make it back to his hotel "Soon enough it comes It's coming 'round again Slow, slowly creeping hand"
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    The following segment was posted to the BPZ Youtube Channel right after the King of the Ring Bracket was drawn. The scene opened to a living room which a big L shaped couch and a chair sitting off to the side of it, both facing a 80 inch TV that was board casting the King of the Ring bracket draw. We'd then see the camera pan to see The "Kiwi Killer" James Ropati sitting on the couch watching the TV with great interest. Broken Nate's name would be announced as the next match up for Carnage's bracket would be about to be shown. Presenter: And Facing Broken Nate, James Ropati. Ropati would then nod before he leaned back into the couch and downed his drink. He'd then turn to the camera acknowledging it for the first time in the segment. He'd stop to think about what he was going to say for a second before he'd begin to speak in a serious manner. Broken Nate. You and I have faced before, in this very tournament in fact. King of the Ring 2017 in the first round Broken Nate vs James Ropati and I lost. I was weak, I lacked the intensity required to go far in the tournament. I was not the same man that I am now. I hadn't evolved into the Kiwi Killer, a man who puts instant fear into his opponents just when I walk to the ring. A man who possess the most dominate move in BPZ today. Now back to the year you beat me, you made it all the way to the final before you lost to isaiah Carter, but that must've been just well average for you Nate or should I say Mr KOTR. Yes that's the nickname the fans give you, and who am I to disregard it. It's proven that when it comes to the King of the Ring you go to a different level, in 2016 you won the whole thing, in 2017 like I said you made it to the finals and in 2019 you made it to the semis before you lost to Hans Clayton. Hell if you ask me you're the favourite as the only former winner in the whole tournament. However, you may be Mr KOTR but you ain't no match for The Kiwi Kiiller. You ain't no match for me, James Ropati, no matter how tough you think you are Nate you've gotta remember it only takes one Kiwi Kick and this match is over. Just like that you're out cold and i'm pinning you for the 1, 2, 3. So Nate I hope you don't take me as a joke, I hope you train as hard as you can, because I want you to know no matter how hard you work it doesn't matter, I will still walk out of our match one step closer to my goal of becoming King. As Ropati says this he would lean back into the couch as he poured himself another drink and began to sip as the recording faded to black.
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    Complete Failure.

    The camera crew finds FDS after the Power Trip Cup Finals, he appears to be broken. Josh Trenton approaches him. “Excuse me FDS?” FDS looks at Josh with a look of anguish on his face. “What Josh? What could you possibly have to ask me after that?” “Well you just lost in the finals of the power trip cu-” “I Know what I lost in. I know what happened. I was there, now what is it that you have to ask me?” “Well, where are you going from here?” “I- I couldn’t tell you. I bet everything on this and I-” FDS stops and tears begin to well up in his eyes as sadness fills the room. “I Failed. Just like I failed in my marriage, just like I failed last year, just like I failed every single time I faced Sameer before this. I did everything I could and I still failed. I let Carnage down, I let James down, I let the fans down. I did everything I could and it still feels exactly the same...” FDS stops as the tears continue to stream down his cheeks as he just can’t seem to contain his emotions. “That’s what I do right? I let people down. The guy called me a shit stain and he beat me. The guy made jokes about me not being in a relationship and he beat me. That piece of shi-” FDS tries to contain himself for a moment. “No. No, I can’t let that keep consuming me. I made it to the finals of the Power Trip Cup, they had two guys from that brand in there while we had one, it’s almost like the company didn’t want me to win because they never do. So as for where I go from here I don’t know. I don’t know what’s next for me but I can tell you on Carnage, you’re gonna watch out. Everyone should watch their backs because I’m not the only one pissed off about what happened tonight.” FDS whips the tears away and walks off, seemingly with a look of rage on his face hinting that something big is coming to Carnage.
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    Eli Smith rises, the battle won, his legs exhausted and clearly war torn following tonight’s Championship defense. He looks over to Bart who now rolls into the ring, carrying both Tag Team Championships in his grasp. He tosses Eli Smith his as he pulls himself to his feet. The bright lights shine down on what has become the men to beat in BPZ, the top of the pecking order in terms of what it means to be champion in BPZ. Tonight marks the duo's fifth title defense and seventh month as champions here in BPZ. Both stand together as now they are joined by not just a stable mate, but a brother in arms as Sameer joins them who shares similar battle scars following his own wars tonight. All three men come to a large embrace, their battles over and another night won. The crowd claps and cheers on the trio in appreciation, a truly powerful moment. With all the admiration taking place in the ring, all eyes just barely notice now the lone figure standing on the stage. Jeremiah Flynn stands there, full black trunks and boots matching with a solid black steel chair in his hand. He stares on at the trio in the ring, a blank expression across his face. He grips the chair tight as now all eyes fall towards the stage. Creed stands together, seemingly ready for one more fight tonight. He slowly begins to make his way to the ring, a slow methodical walk, seemingly thinking out each and every step he takes down the ramp. Seconds goes by, maybe minutes as Flynn reaches the ring, his focus on Creed unbroken. He stands now just outside of the ring, a cold shiver going through the arena as tensions build further. Jeremiah Flynn is a man who has stated tonight he’s out for blood, and more often than not is a man who fulfills his promises. He pulls himself onto the ring apron, Sameer and Bart taking steps forward, daring Flynn to make a move. Jeremiah follows it up by slowly stepping into the ring, now sharing it with all three members of Creed. Eli Smith now stands front and center alongside Bart and Sameer, the standoff leaving all four men frozen in the ring, no one willing to make the first move. Memories flourish, this is a rivalry that dates back to Flynn and Bart’s battles for the Undisputed Championship over a year ago. Summerslam, Survivor Series, BPZ Mania, Flynn’s battles with these men stretches over the biggest events in BPZ history. Flynn now, gripping the chair right, pauses. He looks past to a separate trio, one that Creed is seemingly entirely unaware of. Suddenly, and swiftly, all three men are trampled down to the mat. Jonathan, Cody and now Ropati are in the ring and have ambushed the men they have suffered defeat to tonight. Clear frustration built up in the eyes of Jonathan following multiple losses tonight as he just pounds away at Eli Smith. Across the ring, James Ropati is stomping on Sameer, as Cody does the same to Bart. The Death Riders are out for retribution and revenge, and aren’t leaving here tonight without it. Jonathan now rises over a broken Smith, calling Ropati and Cody over who each kick Sameer and Bart out of the ring. They lift Smith up, clearly looking to make a statement before finally they notice Flynn. The entire time Jeremiah has stood on and watched, a blank stare and seemingly confused. With a sly smile, Jon grabs a hold of Smith, turning him towards the Universal Champion. He screams for Flynn to strike Eli Smith down with the chair, let all his hate and aggression for Creed out. Somehow Flynn is receiving everything he asked for, all of his problems with Creed being offered to him in a clear solution, practically placed on a silver platter for him. He grabs a hold of the chair with both hands, staring down now at Smith who’s held tight by Jonathan. Flynn, anger and rage growing across his face, takes a moment before swinging for the fences…. *CRACK* The arena let out a collective gasp. For a brief moment, the world seemingly stood still. Jeremiah Flynn just laid out Jonathan, freeing and letting Eli Smith go. For the past two months now, Jeremiah Flynn and Sameer have seemingly unintionally aided one another in their respective battles however finally everything comes together. Jeremiah Flynn and Eli Smith waste no time, taking advantage of the shocked Cody, Smith hops to his feet, grabbing ahold of him from behind and laying him out with an 8th Sin. Ropati lunges at Jeremiah Flynn, who ducks underneath the Kiwi, spinning him back around for a devastating FKO. Each of the Death Riders roll out of the ring, Eli Smith and Jeremiah Flynn now joined by Bart and Sameer. All eyes focus on the four men in the ring as Jeremiah offers out a hand. To the shock of the crowd, each member of Creed shakes the Universal Champions hand. It’s now Jeremiah who looks straight into the hard camera, removing a chain from his boot and holding it high. A signal clearly sent to everyone watching. All four men stand together, United in a twist that no one saw coming. Jeremiah Flynn has joined Creed.
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    A Final Warning

    “Going in one more round when you don’t think you can. That’s what makes all the difference in your life.” We open to a pitch black room. Silence echo’s, the camera sits still on a canvas of nothing but darkness. Slowly, a clip plays of almost one year ago at Summerslam, in the Undisputed Championship match. Jeremiah Flynn was on a hot streak following his fall from grace into becoming “The Fallen King”. He’d defeat Bart and take his Undisputed Championship and now at Summerslam he’d be defending said gold against that very same man. Jeremiah however had seemingly become not just his most brutal, but most conniving version of himself to date, a man willing to do anything to earn the victory. The arrival of Bulletproof submitted that victory as he would gain a victory by distraction over Bart and retain his gold. “I was on top of the fucking world. The fallen king, had finally once again become THE KING!” Flynn’s deep voice can be heard as now several clips play of Jeremiah Flynn leading Bulletproof into multiple assaults over various members of the BPZ roster. It all culminates when a band of four men finally stand up to the powerhouse group, a group we’d come to call “Creed”. They’d proceed to dominate Bulletproof in nearly every asset, culminating in a massive victory at Survivor Series over the group that had caused them so much heart ache, and actually becoming a powerhouse in their own right. As highlights go by of Creed and the months of success they’d go on to endure, Flynn once again begins to speak. “I was stunned. As a man who prides himself as someone who’s always prepared, who always is ready, I found myself on the receiving end of an ass kicking in that Survivor Series match. We got hit in the fucking mouth, and we weren’t ready for it.” Jeremiah Flynn just a month later would be stripped of his gold. The King seemingly would find himself on a downward spiral, returning from a brief suspension and blaming all that had gone wrong with him on Creed. So, with his best friend and in many ways biggest rival in Necce, he’d challenge for the BPZ Tag Championships in a BPZ Mania mega match. Arguably stealing the show, both teams would tear the roof off the place. However in the end, Creed following two massive knee’s to Flynn’s skull, would defeat their foe yet again. A lasting image of Jeremiah Flynn needing help to the back as the Tag Team Champions stand tall. “Now that.... that right there woke me up. It made me realize I was getting passed by. That I wasn’t the man I thought I was. In many ways..... it was humbling. I thank Creed for that. I am suppose to be the best, that’s what this company has invested in me. At BPZ Mania I was anything but that. I failed again. I went into a state of rage. I was angry at the world, and I was pissed the hell off. That’s why I targeted Arius and KENJI. Fan favorites who everyone said were on their way to the top. My matches scheduled with them were not by coincidence. Selfish backstage pulls by me to prove my own ability to the world. Yet even these were mistakes. I for so long now have allowed my ego to dictate my decisions, to control me and the man I am. For the past year and a half Jeremiah Flynn has allowed anger and rage to dictate his every move. I have not been the man I know I’m capable of being and I’m ashamed of it.” We return to darkness. Now, a slow light showcases a dark figure sitting down in front of the camera. As it grows, we unveil to see Jeremiah Flynn, sitting down holding his Universal Championship tight. He sports his sole black trunks as he sits face forward on a wooden stool, his eyes locked on the camera. “Today, the monster you’ve watched unfold since the night after Survivor Series 2018 is absent. I right now am speaking to you all as the MAN Jeremiah Flynn. You see, I believe now it’s come to many’s attention that one of my best friends in this business today is no longer here in BPZ. That of course being Julius. Someone who I consider one of the greatest impacts on my own career. I was blessed and lucky to know and work with that tough son of a bitch. His departure truly made me realize that THIS, it doesn’t last forever. We aren’t all here for a long time. Judgement Day marks the five year anniversary of my debut match here in BPZ. Five years in and I’ve just about done it all, but I’ll best honest when I say I have a whole hell of a lot more in the tank. This here Universal Championship is my pride and joy. Carnage over the last three years has become my show. I do indeed plan to keep it all that way.” “With all that being said, this weekend is Judgement Day and I have one final skeleton in my fucking closet. At BPZ Mania I was lead by delusions and ego. I’ve washed away the distractions. I’ve set my ego outside the door and at Judgement Day Creed, I’m still coming for a fight. I am the best in BPZ history. I’m the man, and you three have toppled me on every occasion. If I want to prove that title, if I wanna show the world the change I am putting myself through..... I have to finally end this. At Judgement Day that happens. Bart.... Sameer...... and Eli Smith, I’m coming for a fight. I suggest you do as well.” We close off with a final message sent straight to Creed. Jeremiah Flynn has promised that he is “removing his ego” to finish this for good, but is it true? What does this mean for the future of the Universal Champion and what exactly does he have up his sleeve come Judgement Day?
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    {We open up Valor with a replay of what happened last week in the Valor PowerTrip Cup Finals. It shows the end of the match between Bob vs Sameer vs Mikey. Sameer hitting a frog splash through a table on Bob then hitting the Curb Stomp but both Mikey and Sameer pinning at the same time to end the match as a draw between both of them and they both advance to the finals. Afterward, we cut to the Royal Farms Arena hosting Valor here tonight in Baltimore, Maryland.} {My Demons echoes throughout the Royal Farms Arena for the first time in nearly a year. As the BPZ Intercontinental Champion comes out the back with a smirk on his face but completely zeros in on the ring as the crowd erupts for Sameer here tonight. In two weeks' time, Sameer will once again have to pull double duty at Judgement Day defending his Intercontinental Championship and going up against both Mikey and FDS in the BPZ PowerTrip Cup Finals.} {Sameer is given a microphone from the announcer as he begins to speak. The crowd begins to chant "Welcome Back" Sameer begins to smile at awe of the crowd's excitement to see him. He hasn't been here since BPZ Judgement Day 2019. After a few moments, Sameer finally begins to speak to the fans in the Royal Farms Arena and everyone watching live on television.} Thank you, everyone. This city holds a special place in my heart and that's going to last forever. It's been almost a year since I've been here and boy has a lot of shit happened since then. I'm sure you all have seen it all. But that's the thing, I know each and every single one of you hasn't left my side since then. You have stuck by me through the rough and bumpy roads and you have enjoyed the delightful victories with me. Last week on Valor, I went to war against both Mikey and Bob Sparks. I jumped off the top rope onto the table outside on Bob Sparks with no hesitation and as soon as I was about to win the match. Mikey sneaks his way into getting the cover at the same time as me. So we both advance. I had Bob Sparks beaten, I had the man that Mikey couldn't defeat, defeated. But I'm not going to dwell on the match anymore. At Judgement Day, I go to war with Mikey once again in the finals. You wanted me to prove something and honestly, I couldn't give a shit about what you wanted me to prove. But like you said at Carnage Last Resort, you survived me. You were given the god damn world by Jeremiah Flynn. He saw something in you that nobody else saw you weren't an outlier of the group but hey you bashed Bob and me for being an outlier in our respected groups, which is why I question why you are using it to hyped your self up. There's one thing I respect in this company and that's loyalty and clearly you have none showing up to Carnage's PPV unannounced. But I already knew that since you switch up from BulletProof to Mafia so fast. Speaking of Carnage, now we have another man in this match that won the Carnage side of things. FDS. {The fans begin to cheer for FDS here in Baltimore clearly showing that he has become to favorite around the BPZ Universe as of late and the fact that the long rivalry of Sameer and FDS will now continue.} The rivalry between Sameer and FDS write another chapter in the book. 5 years of writing chapters in this book and honestly FDS. I don't think I ever want it to end. The atmosphere in the arena when both you and I in the ring is astonishing. The thing is FDS while over the years you have been a crazy son of a bitch and I mean for god's sake this guy has eaten people before. It doesn't phase me at all because I know every time we get in the ring I am the better wrestler. You can say you have died and have been reborn, maybe you have since defeating KENJI, Alex Costa, and Broken Nate. But you should know that I am not like any of them. Clash after Clash, Battle after Battle. You should know exactly who I am. You know it's poetic that we are back here in the Royal Farms Arena because what I recall from the last time is I defeated you to win the Premium Championship and then I later cashed in my Money In The Bank briefcase to win the World Heavyweight Championship and WHAT OTHER PLACE WAS BETTER TO DO IT THAN IN BALTIMORE! {The crowd pops after Sameer brings up the city of Baltimore in a positive way.} You want an elimination match and judging by the people by the expression on everyone's face here. They want it too. The Captain always listens to his Army. So I accept the terms, FDS. I thrive in elimination matches just take a look at the last one I was in at Survivor Series, I was one of the two survivors. I know I have the spirit to do this. I just hope you two are mentally prepared and physically because I am ready to push and go beyond my limits to win this tournament.
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    Message Sent

    The following clip was uploaded on BPZ's official Youtube channel, Monday afternoon. The scene opens up with Hans Clayton turning on a camera, in his leather jacket hoodie. He appears to be sitting on the porch of his home, with the Undisputed Champion right on his shoulder. Hans seems unbothered following the 2nd iteration of the “Merciless Tape” that was released a few days ago. Hans facial expression shows nothing but confidence coming from the current champion. His eyes look locked and loaded as he starts spewing at his Judgement Day opponent. In a couple of short days, myself and my opponent at Judgement Day will face off in a one on one confrontation live on Valor. “Le Champion” face to face with the “God of War”. It can’t get any bigger than that. The man I’m facing in two or so weeks, claims he’s going to kick my ass, claims he’s going to “fuck” me up. That’s all he can really say, because that’s what his mind believes he can do. He believes he can kick anyone’s ass, but we all know that ain’t even true. I mean look at what happened during the last edition of Valor, Bob Sparks decimated and destroyed him with a "Bob Bomb" off the stage, yet he didn’t even address that whatsoever. Slim you are so afraid of being seen as weak, it eats you up inside. For myself, I don’t just acknowledge my weaknesses, I embrace them. I know I have flaws, but with those flaws comes the abilities I possess in that ring. I thrive in the war of attrition, so I dare you to try and kick my ass. Fuck me up all you want, because I’ll come back hitting you stronger with much more venom. Hans takes a moment to recover, as he takes a deep breath. He looks at the scenery around him, rolling his neck to continue on, with a little smirk from our Undisputed Champion. Examining the 2nd “Merciless Tape” Slim shoots and kills a wild deer in the middle of nowhere. That deer is supposedly me begging for mercy at Judgement Day when we square off. It amuses me because that deer doesn't represent me, it represents Slim. Just like that deer, who’s running through the woods, full steam until a violent car crash ends his precious life. Slim will exactly be like that said deer, full speed to the reality he set for himself, to be a double champion. Until suddenly a gruesome crash puts that reality to rest, and Hans Clayton is THAT car crash. There is no inevitability set to happen, there is no future of Slim holding both the World and Undisputed titles. That is simply not going to happen because for the past four months as the Undisputed Champion, I have faced doubt and adversity during my reign against some of the very best, and I’m not going to let my reign end to a shallow man like Slim. According to Slim the most vile thing I’ve done was smoke a cigarette during my path to the Undisputed Championship when he clearly hasn’t seen me going to a dead father’s grave, or the time I visited Eli Smith’s doctor, or better yet when I ended my long friendship with Isaiah Carter. I’ve done plenty of despicable acts and it just shows are senile you really are. Hans then begins to talk with more anger as he proceeds to lambast “Le Champion” You say that I never main evented a singles match on PPV yet didn’t I defeat Necce at Revelation in the main event? The same show where you failed to capture the tag team titles from Creed. I’ve been in many, many main events for some time now and every single time, I've STEPPED up. Whether it was from performance in that four on four Survivor Series match, to my incredible rumble tenure this year, which you weren’t even in and wasn’t because of some “assault” by Jeremiah Flynn that caused you to miss that rumble. The point is I am a star now, I don’t need to prove to you or anyone else that I’m “inexperienced” when I have been in this position for the past six or months. Your idiocy once again shows. Hans puts the Undisputed title right beside his face as goes closer to the camera. You told me to bring everything I’ve got at Judgement Day, while I’m asking you that very same question. Bring everything you got Slim because whether you decide wear face paint, wrestle in suits, or the leader of many failed stables, you know as well as I know you will ALWAYS be #3 to Bailey and Flynn. When it comes to natural in-ring ability, you will never be as good as the “Extraordinary” Hans Clayton. I’ll see you at Valor “Don Dada”. The video ends, as Hans sent his message wide and clear to Slim. Watch the face to face confrontation between the two champions this week Live on Valor!
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    Alex Costa


    As FDS steps aside from talking, Alex Costa steps up ready to talk himself. Alex: FDS is right, to be the best, you gotta fight the best every night. That is what seperates us from all these other factions in BPZ! They are too scared to fight each other. Look at Creed, four of the very best talent this company has seen, yet afraid to fight each other, knowing deep down that as soon as they start fighting amongst themselves, this so called "Brotherhood" would go up in smoke. That's why they brought Flynn in, because they are afraid of fighting him. Alex pauses a bit to think his next words before continuing A couple of months ago after my loss at BPZMania to Eric Shun, like I said I was prepared to leave BPZ and go back to Japan. But at the end of the day two people convinced me to stay. My wife Christina and the man you see right there smiling, a man I know very well since my days in Japan, The Director JR Flint himself! Alex points to JR Flint who we see smiling This is not something that's been a spur of the moment decision. We been planning this for a long time ever since Bulletproof fell apart and now it begins. We are taking over this company and I know the fans want us to do it. Right now Managment is shaking themselves in fear because they know that us 3 together we can take down all there favorites and it starts at King of the Ring when I beat the living piss out of Buddy Ace. Buddy, I beaten you at PowerTrip Cup so this ideia, you might have that the result is gonna be any different this Saturday, makes me laugh. The only reason you beat KENJI is because he was not 100% focused. But I am and I have shown you at Powertrip Cup then when I am 100% focused, they are very few men who can beat me and two of them stand here alongside me. So bring up your "A" game Buddy because it's not gonna be good enough. And this goes to everybody else in this tournament. It doesn't matter if it's me or Big Boy Raven here. Alex points to Raven who we see still looking very intense One of us is winning this tournament and if you are the World Heavyweight Champion or the Intercontinental Champion you should be very afraid of what comes after. But you know I've said enough Raven you got something to say? Alex steps aside and Raven takes center stage to say his own thoughts on the formation of this group. (Reply Planned)
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    A Challenge for Bailey

    The GOAT plays as Bailey makes his way through the crowd to the ring for the 2nd time tonight truly showing the workhorse he is for this company. He enters the ring walking past Flynn and grabs a microphone. He turns around and begins to speak And here I am all alone. All by myself. Would you look at that. Always trying to play a narrative Flynn. Always trying to play an angle. “Oh I’m out here all by myself guys”. Good for you it’s really not that hard to come out here by yourself. Just because I’m in Death Riders I can never come out here by myself? See the thing is I don’t need to join the hottest group in BPZ for my career. See Flynn you are great. You are the Champion of Carnage and you are dominant there’s no doubt. It doesn’t change the fact that you made one of the weakest moves ever. I don’t care how you wanna play it. That oh you saved them from an attack from 2 men they just beat. I don’t give a shit. They were your enemy. They were your challenge. The one group that you could not beat. And instead of continuing to take that challenge head on you did literally the biggest example of if you can’t beat them than join them. So I don’t give a shit about any of your bullshit excuses on why you joined. Because everything I said earlier was true. But Flynn I’m impressed. I’m impressed with you as usual. You come out here acting like a Fighting Champion. You come out here trying to play this narrative to look like a good guy. You call me out for a match next week. And If I say no I look like a coward and if I accept you get exactly what you want to face me. But the thing is Flynn I don’t got shit to prove to you. I am the Godamn GOAT of this business. I built this fucking company on my shoulders and you are just a PRODUCT of me. I created you. I brought you in and I showed you everything and every time you have crossed me you have lost in the end. So this stop with this bullshit thinking you can are better than me. We’ve sold out shows. We’ve main evented Manias. I am 2-1 against you in one on one matches.. 2-0 in world title matches one on one if you wanna get real specific. I know deep down it eats you alive. I know it’s pisses you off and you just don’t wanna admit it. I’ve beaten you when it matters most and you have to live with that. So you come out here all righteous calling out the GOAT. You wanna face me so bad. You wanna try and beat my ass next week. Well I don’t wanna face you. Quite honest you’re not worth my Godamn time. I fight who I wanna fight when I wanna fight and you just are not it pal. Don’t care to fight you. Don’t have anything to prove by fighting you. I’m not giving a sellout like you what you want. I’m better than you. Because I might have self-proclaimed myself The GOAT but at least I didn’t pull a suck up, a sellout and cowardly move like you did joining a Godamn Dynasty. I’m trying to create my own dynasties not join them. That’s the difference between me and you. So have fun Champ coming out here acting like a fighting champion to make yourself feel better at night. But it’s a no from me, not worth my energy. I already won this rivalry in my eyes. Have fun with your response cause I won’t be listening and umm don’t really care what bullshit comes out of your sellout mouth. Bailey drops the microphone and immediately leaves through the crowd not interested at all in a fight with Flynn.
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    KOTR = Kidnapper on the Run?

    A PROMO WRITTEN AND COMPOSED BY PRINCE We pan to the room of where the press conferences have been occurring in the lead up to the first round of the King of the Ring tournament in Milan, Italy. We cut to the door where Prince struts in with a beaming smirk as he quickly sits down. He is given a microphone before raising it to his mouth. “Bonjour!” Prince exclaims proudly which is followed by a bewildered look by the reporters in the room. He stares blankly in confusion before a man leans over and whispers in his ear. “Um Prince, we’re in Italy. That was French. Also, they speak English.” “Oh.” Prince attempts to cough off the awkwardness before muttering under his breath “Well those were hours on Duolingo wasted…Je ne peux pas y croire!” The man on the side quickly utters for questions to be asked as Prince’s facial expression turns gloomy. “Prince, you have seemingly rejuvenated yourself after a few years of struggling to find success as a competitor. How are you feeling heading into your first match with this new mindset?” A smirk comes across the face of Prince before he begins to answer the question. “I wouldn’t call it a NEW mindset. I’ve always had this mindset within me, that’s how I found my success early on in my career. What happened was that I became misguided, thinking that I needed to change myself because that’s what people wanted from me. I simply put two and two together and realised that my way of thinking was wrong and was getting me nowhere. I should’ve really noticed this earlier. I’m grateful that I discovered this now, it gives me a chance heading into this match.” Another reporter stands up. “You mentioned the King of the Ring tournament, you’ve said before that your loss in 2017 was the start of a downward spiral for you. Now you’re here now, do you want to avenge those demons and especially against the Nate who is also in this tournament?” Prince’s face becomes a lot sterner as he pauses for a moment before proceeding to answer. “One hundred percent. I’ve always been a fan of the opportunity that this tournament gives you where only the hungriest go far and win it. Now, I can show how hungry I am to succeed compared to the past and get my career back on track. Would I want to avenge myself by going up against Nate? I’d be lying if I said no. He like many others have disregarded me, I’m in a fight against everyone on the BPZ roster to prove that I am still a credible competitor. If I want to face Nate I need to get to the Carnage final, and I WILL get there. I’ll make an example of Nate, then show everyone that I mean business.” “Hey, Jimmy from the Smackdown Hotel he-“ “NEXT!” “But…” “I SAID NEXT!” Jimmy slumps back into his chair as questions continue. “Before you get to the final, you obviously have to focus on what is front of you and that is Meko. Recently his comments about you, well they weren’t flattering. Care to respond?” Prince scoffs as he laughs to himself for a second. “No one should take what Raven says seriously. You know why? All that guy gives a crap about his money. I have passion and in the end that is always going to win. He wants to talk about opportunities I’ve been given? What is this dude on about? I make my own man, management doesn’t give a crap about me to them all I am is an extra guy on the roster! King of the Ring is me trying to prove I’m essential, that brands should be FIGHTING over me. Next question.” Before another reporter can ask a question, the man across whispers something in the ear of Prince. “Um Prince, we’ve just heard some news. We need to wrap this up NOW.” “What the hell are you on about?” A confused Prince leaves his seat and begins to leave the room as there is an apology given for the abrupt ending. Prince is guided outside still visibly confused as to what is going on. A policeman hands a note to Prince. “We just received word, your former teammate Karico has been kidnapped.”
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    We are in Rome, Italy for the beginning of the annual BPZ European tour throughout the month of July! The GOAT plays throughout the whole Arena as The Death Rider Bailey makes his way out to ring through the Crowd this time as he is not coming with any of his Death Riders. He enters the ring and immediately grabs a microphone. He starts pacing back and forth in the ring before he finally Speaks. You know it's been on my mind. It’s been itching and itching and itching. So I just gotta talk about it. I just gotta get it off my mind. Flynn, Jermiah Flynn whatever you want to call him, pulled the biggest suck up, sellout move in BPZ History. He pulled the Weakest move I’ve ever seen in my life. He went ahead and joined Creed. The same group that he’s never been able to beat when they're untied. It’s the perfect example. It’s the literal definition of well if you can’t beat em join em. I can’t even say I’m surprised Flynn will do anything that benefits him no matter how it looks. We’re talking about admittedly one of the best this business has to offer. He is the Champion and he is dominant and he can beat pretty much everyone in the industry. Except 1 group. The 1 group he couldn’t beat and I know it ate him alive. I know it Frustrated him that he couldn’t beat them. But man instead of pulling it together and not stopping until the day you finally could beat them. You gave up. You gave up on yourself as a human being. You gave up on yourself as a competitor. You truly have lost your passion for this business because any man that loves this business they take the Challenge head on and overcome. You gave up on it and let the challenge beat you. Creed was your challenge Flynn and you gave in to them. Man I’ve done a lot of evil shit. I’ve done a lot of stuff that has benefited me and my career but not this. I could never join the group that I couldn’t beat. I could never sell out that much. If you really think this helps your career it doesn’t. This only hurts your legacy Flynn. It doesn’t matter how much you win. What you achieve, it’s all tainted by this one decision. The decision you made to join the Team that you couldn’t beat. And there’s always the speculation. Oh you know Flynn a Genius. He knows what he’s doing. He only joined Creed to kill it from the inside. And that might be true. It could be very true because you are smart like that, I will admit. But Creed has shown they are smarter than you in every way and I think that deep down truly haunts you. And that’s why I don’t think this is a play by you. I don't think this is a mastermind plan to end Creed. I really just do think that you gave into Creed and became a Suck-up. But now let me get to Creed actually because I got some things to say to you guys. You, Creed have become nothing but a parody of yourselves. You have become exactly what you fought so hard against. You Came together to fight against the Stars that had all the power like me, Slim and Flynn. You came together to take down Super Teams like Bulletproof and even now today my Family. You fought in the name of BROTHERHOOD, LOYALTY, HONOR AND JUSTICE. But Flynn is the complete opposite of all of that. Flynn isn’t Loyal, He doesn’t care about Brotherhood or Honor or Justice. Flynn only cares about one thing and one thing only and that’s himself. You guys SOLD OUT ON EVERYTHING YOU STOOD FOR when you brought Flynn into Creed! You’re the DYNASTY now. You’re the FRANCHISE of this company now. You’re the ones with all the POWER now. You guys aren’t the sweet old Good Guys anymore. You are now exactly what you hated about this company. You are a PARODY of yourselves. Bart is the man with now all the power running Valor. And Smith is his right hand man. You have all the power now. You’re the EMPIRE now. And our Paths are bound to cross again. Call it destiny, say the day is coming. Because I’m going all in to say that at King of the Ring it will be Bart vs Ropati in the Finals of the Tournament. Two guys destined for fate. But Two opposite stories. Unlike Ropati, Bart is the PRIVILEGED one. He’s the one being HANDED this Narrative by the people that this year, this tournament it’s his moment. It’s his time to shine. This is his year to finally be a World Champion Player. He’s privileged with that Narrative. He’s a FRANCHISE player. He’s a POSTER boy for this company. He’s one of the FACES of this company. He’s in the position of POWER in this company. He’s privileged. Everyone has this thought in their head that Bart has been working his ass off for years. That’s him grinding away. That’s he been in King of the Ring before and he’s come so close but he Just misses by inches. You know what Bart has actually done in these last few King of the Rings? NOTHING! Bart goes on vacation every July, usually it’s in his contract. He gets to take time off in July and he’s taken it everytime. He’s never actually been in King of the Ring. But Ropati has. Ropati has been the one grinding his ass off for years to break through the glass ceiling. He’s been fighting his ass off to get above this placement on the card that he's been stuck in. Ropati has been in King of The Ring. He’s worked his ass off to try and win this tournament before and just come up short. He’s not vacationing somewhere in the Bahamas he’s trying to finally break through. But he’s never gotten the real chance or the real guidance. But Bart is the privileged one. He’s the one that gets handed the narrative that this is his year. Ropati has to make his own Narrative. And that narrative is gonna be that he is gonna knock everyone’s head off. Because you need to remember this. It only takes 1 not 2 not 3. 1 Kiwi Kick to knock your ass out. And Broken Nate who you could use a good blow to the head will experience that first. And then whoever else follows. Leading to Bart. Because Bart If you don’t get to the finals somehow. If you blow this opportunity. You should just give up on ever trying to be a singles star because it’s just not for you. Because you’re the FAVORITE. You’re the DYNASTY. So if you can’t get to the finals of this tournament you’d be the biggest disappointment in this company's history. But just remember Bart it only takes 1 for the lights to go out. Creed you’re not the Good Guys anymore. Flynn has brought something on to you guys that you just can’t ignore. You’re just gonna have to embrace it even the generic good guy Sameer! Who comes out every show and says what’s up to whatever town he’s in. Just like a real life situation they’re gonna get tired of you. They’re gonna get sick of you and they’re not gonna want to see you anymore on top. Your decision to bring in Flynn has changed everything for you guys now. You’re not the UNDERDOGS anymore. You’re a SUPERTEAM now. But just like how it always goes it’s the Bullet in the back that you don’t see coming always breaks you. And just like every Group Flynn has been in. POOF. Gone like that. Bailey immediately drops the Microphone and exits the ring leaving the arena the same way he entered it through the crowd. As Carnage Cuts to Commercial Break
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    That's Who I Am

    After the announcement made of the King of the Ring bracket, we’re brought to a gym and the camera shows a shot of a chair in the middle of a room surrounded by wrestling rings. Footsteps can then be heard in the gym, as the lower half of a man presents itself in front of the camera. The man then pulls the chair out and goes to sit down and he has his head down and his hands over his face almost not wanting to present himself to the camera before finally showing his face. It’s Broken Nate! Although he sits there looking human, without the look of death on his face or the maniac and disturbed smile or laughter. Even his wacky long hair has been shaved off. He puts his hand over his face again before he starts to look straight into the camera and begins to speak. “These last few weeks...these last few months...hell even these last few years have been a roller coaster of emotions for me. This brokenness deep inside of me has taken over my life and my career and it feels like years since I’ve been able to live a normal life, free of any of this bullshit that's haunted me daily. I’ll be straight, after my loss in the Power Trip Cup to FDS, I completely snapped, I lost all self control and went off the deep end. After I went backstage I destroyed everything in my path just out of pure disdain for myself and not being able to accept the fact that I’d failed again after my Premium Championship loss. Then as Last Resort while there was still an ongoing show I ran around Honolulu, like a crazed idiot, trying to find some sort of salvation or vengeance for my defeat. Then I was confronted by some Hawaiian officers who wanted me to calm down, and I’m pretty certain I called one of them an ignoramus and gave the other one with a Twist of Nate. Next thing I knew I wound up in a Hawaiian prison, and maybe that was the salvation and vengeance that I needed even though it felt like my downfall at the time..." "I was in there for about 10 days and it felt like I was becoming a better person inside. It was the time I needed to reflect on my past and finally come to terms with my issues. The issues and demons that had caused all of this self-inflicted pain have come from my defeats, spawn from my greatest failures. In my mind I felt like I was invincible, that the demons and pain that I'd experienced in my career would create a forcefield where no one could touch me or hurt me in that BPZ ring. That's why it was a complete shock to my system when Jonathan pinned me to win the Premium title, why I went ballistic after my loss to FDS in the Power Trip Cup. I was just way too big on myself and thought that I was the biggest star that BPZ has to offer not taking any of my opponents seriously. But why would anyone take me seriously? I've spent years portraying people that I'm not, whether it be the President of the USA, a dancing General Manager, a masked luchadore and a broken entity. I've been a person that I don't represent for so long that I've truly forgot who I even was in the first place. Then I got out of prison, I spoke to my family about my problems and it was my brother and former tag team partner in the Irish independents who'd helped me out when he sent me a video." Nate pulls out his phone and puts it up to the camera as it shows a video. The video is of Nate after his victory against Slim at the King of the Ring finals in 2016. It's zoomed in on Nate's face as he's almost overcome with emotion, jumping all over the ring as the crowd completely erupted for his upset win. Nate shuts the video off and puts his phone back in his pocket as he then stares into the camera with real intensity. "That man right there is who I fucking am. An Irishman who came from nothing, who went from a complete outcast in the BPZ locker room to having the entire world in his hands just moments later. That to this day is the greatest moment in my BPZ career, I proved the entire world wrong at the age of 22 and I did so by being myself, being the man who I had been for my entire up until that moment, fighting for opportunities and just looking to put my name on a card of the show, not even being a main eventer on the independents. Although that fight and that fire was extinguished straight away as I went from complete ecstasy to despair in a matter of minutes at King of the Ring. I'd given away the moment of a lifetime as Flynn defeated me that same night as I blew my World Title chance and my career and life looked bleak. That was the moment that spawned that Broken creature inside of me as I went off the head. That's not something that I can allow to happen to me ever again and I can say to everyone now that I will be fighting against those demons in the future and not be fighting with them." "Speaking to get back to King of the Ring, I have been placed in the King of the Ring tournament for 2020. This tournament not only gives me another chance to fight for that World Title once more but it gives me an opportunity to finally forget about the hurt and the misery from my past altogether and relieve myself. There isn't a greater beacon of hope in this company in terms of creating new stars and giving those who have rarely been involved in the World Title picture a chance to achieve something amazing than this tournament. And in that first round I see plenty of men who are destined for a future World Title reign, one of them being my opponent Ropati. Easily one of Carnage's best talent who is full of potential. He's shown recently that he's not a man to be taken lightly after his easy victory against Kieron who is no pushover himself. There is one thing that I can promise against Ropati and it's not that I'm going to delete or obliterate him but that he will get my absolute best when we face off inside of that ring. Trust me as a man who is entering this tournament for a 5th time I understand the pressures and the gruelling nature of what I'm taking part in and I know I have to be perfect even early on to avoid defeat. Between myself and Ropati I feel like it will just come down to who wants it more at the end of the day and all I can say is I've never wanted anything more in my life than to take that King of the Ring crown once more. Good luck to Ropati, and may the best man win. Nate lets out a large sigh as he stands up from his chair and walks away from the camera. It seems like Nate has finally seen his Broken ways and has came to the conclusion that it's not the man he wants to be anymore and is fighting to stay away from letting the demons inside of him again. Can he win King of the Ring for a second time and rid the issues of his past failure in 2016?
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    As we are just in the beginning of Judgement Day with the opening match finally ending we cut to the parking lot area where we see a Black Limousine pull up. Out Steps Bailey who we haven’t seen Mayhem when he injured his Ribs. He’s wearing his classic black lethal jacket with a Black shirt that says Death Rider Across it. He gets out of the Limbo with a grin on his face. When a backstage official rushes up to Bailey and tells him he can’t be here. He’s not medically cleared to be at the shows. Bailey tells the man not to try and tell him what he can’t and can do. He tells the Man that he wasn’t gonna miss Ex Machina and Johnny Kills biggest night when they capture Gold. He says in fact Johnny is doing it in my honor tonight so you know it’s going to be a big big night. When Suddenly The attention is taken off Bailey when a loud Noise comes across the lot as we see Jason Ryan driving his motorcycle right in front of the Camera and reving his engine As he then gets off the Bike. He tries to walk away but Bailey than says Bailey: What the Hell are you doing interrupting my return on Camera. On all of days today you decided to be a little asshole reving your engine thinking your some bad ass in a biker gang like your some little boy that just bought his first motorcycle. What the hell is Wrong with you. Jason Ryan than slowly takes off his Sunglasses and turns around and faces Bailey. He looks down at the ground before looking back at Baileys face. Jason Ryan: You got a Problem Boy Bailey: YES! I got a Fucking problem. If I didn’t have a problem I wouldn’t have said anything so clearly i got a problem “boy” and second who in the hell are you calling Boy. I am 6 Time BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. A Legend in this business. The Godamn GOAT of this industry. Don’t make get another Car to run you down and hit you because I can make that happen in a heartbeat. Better yet I could just beat your fucking ass right here right now and show you who really just a Boy in this situation. I don’t know who the hell you think you are. Or why you think you can be walking around this place like your some bad ass biker when in reality you basically got bitched out in the whole state of Texas. You’re own Godamn Home State. Against Flynn, “The Painmaker” Painmaker my ass. You just gonna let Sameer take a Godamn Car and run you over like your nothing but a Deer seeing headlights. That’s all you are I guess and if you try to step to me I’ll finish Job actually and you’ll be 6 feet under. Now get the hell out of my face before you completely ruin my night. Jason Ryan just laughs at Baileys remarks. He turns around seeming like he’s just gonna walk away but he turns around and punches Bailey right in the face. He pushes him into the Limousine as the Men start brawling away all over the parking lot eventually taking this into the Elevator as we see them brawling away On the Elevator Cameras but the Cameras cut away and go back to the ring for some more action in the ring at Judgement Day. As the brawl we guess is To be continued.....
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    The following segment was put up on BPZ’s YouTube Channel earlier today, days before the Judgement Day Pay-Per-View, streaming live on the BPZ Network. The scene would open up with Hans Clayton adjusting what seems to be a video camera. He takes the video camera and places it on some sort of ledge or on top of a cabinet. Hans is once again wearing a leather jacket, with his hair down covering his face. Wearing a Cut-Throat Crew T-Shirt, along with his Undisputed Title around his waist. Hans talks in a more condescending tone as he talks to the current World Heavyweight Champion. Hey buddy how’s it going? Hans then begins to laugh uncontrollably, as he seems somewhat calm talking to his opponent. You may be wondering Slim, where the hell am I. Well judging from the personal belongings of one “Don Dada” in the background, I’m in your office motherfucker. Looking at this place and its scenery, all it can remind me is how much of a damn dump it is. It’s filled with nothing but garbage here. That view outside your office doesn’t make up how fucking shit it is. So first you decided to have your little generic ass press conference, and then you decided to not only go to a graveyard, but go to the “Antichrist Corner”. Feels like I’ve seen these scenarios before? Oh wait I have! When Jeremiah Flynn went to the “Antichrist Corner” several months ago when he was ironically going up against you Slim. You are just one big stealing son of bitch aren’t ya Max. Hans lets out a smile, amused from Slim’s idiocy. Now it's personal? So this entire time was just business right? You acting like a man-child over my remarks was just business? I mean sure say whatever you want Slim. My sermon at that church really struck a chord with you huh? You remember the word you said about me during this feud? I think it was Desperation, yeah that’s what it was. That’s the very same thing you are doing right now Slim. You my friend are very desperate, because you're going to these sites, these places like the “Antichrist Corner” or a god damn graveyard because you are trying everything to get this title away from me even though you stated you had nothing to lose. So why go this far? Obsession with power has taken over your body and once I clown you in that ring, you will be humbled with what you have right now. You may be walking out with two titles, or no titles. Just be blessed right now, before your eyes bleed in pain from the aftermath of our match. This has been by far, without a doubt THE worst feud I’ve ever been in. This whole time it felt like I was talking to a child who kept having temper tantrums every few or so minutes. I’m sick and tired of listening to you babble on the same things, over and over again. “I’m the World Champion”, “You’re not my equal”, “Showing me disrespect” just please for the love of god, shut up. I hear you say that like a million times so do everyone a favour and just stop being a whiny little bitch. While you claim I've said nothing of substance, the same could be said to you. Hans gives out a quick laugh, amazed by what seems to be “Le Champion’s” stupidity. You talked about not going to the gym for the past five years yet you were at one, training during the lead-up to Mayhem. I mean maybe you simply forgot you were training at all, that tends to happens with people that are senile like you. It makes you sick to your stomach of the idea of me being the face of Valor? I pray to GOD you stay sick because that is the reality you are living my friend. You are not untouchable anymore because Slim I know for a fact that you dream of living your past, you dreamed that no man will ever take your position as the top dog, and yet the day comes and you show fear in your eyes. You know that I will stab you right through your fucking heart, and you can deny it all you want because you know its true. Now you have gotten a mask after freeing Necce and my only question is why? Why would you want something from the man I embarrassed at Revelation. It completes your quest into becoming “The All-Powerful” but let’s face it, it’s not going to make any damn difference in the world if you have that mask or not. It will just make it even more humiliating when you lay down in that ring covered in utter failure and wasted yours and everyone’s time. The nail in the coffin however is you attempting to be sadistic and vile by making a gravestone right next to my fallen friend Rachel. I mean congrats Slim, you’re the second person ever to make fun of Rachel’s death. I’m sure calling her a whore, just like you call Sheridan one is pretty original too. I just can’t help but think if you had any family members that may have fallen the same fate as Rachel… Oh wait you did though. I remember it very well because you personally told me this Slim. Your younger years of dealing drugs lead to the death of your mother, your father, and your brother. Your own self actions lead to their demise and I know that tears you inside Slim. You're once again hiding your own insecurities by devaluing my fallen friend. I mean I’d probably wanna be dead too if my son was a no good dealing- Suddenly Hans gets a phone call. He stops what he was going to say about Slim and answers the phone. Hey whats-up? Oh you arrived? Alright cool. Hans puts his phone in his pocket as he finishes what he was saying. The point is Slim, you’ve already dug a grave of your own, and you can join alongside your folks because There will be no Inner Circle, There will be no Merciless Family, and there will be no Mafia to help you get out of that grave. We then hear a knock into Slim’s office. Hans then opens the door to reveal Cut-Throat Crew teammates Bob Sparks and Sheridan Müller. He greets them both in as he looks into the video camera. You didn’t think I’d be here to just talk in your office did you? You wanted to make this “personal” so here’s my gift to you. Sheridan gives Hans a baseball bat as she takes the camera from the top of the cabinet. Bob Sparks would destroy some of "Don Dada’s" items on the walls such as books, plaques and paintings. Hans would laugh as he looks at the DVR that usually plays the infamous “Merciless Tapes” he gives a little wink to the camera as he batters the DVR into pieces with the bat. Sheridan hands over the camera to Hans Clayton now as she and Bob would knock over the office desk of “Le Champion '' as they proceed to kick other items that are on the ground. The Cut-Throat Crew would all laugh as Sheridan and Bob would leave the scene. Hans would turn the camera around in his direction as he would speak his final words to his Judgement Day opponent. Well Slim, hope you like your new renovation. Now you have two options you can do now. You can either respond and further prove my point of how desperate you really are or you don’t respond and show how much of a coward you are. Either way, it's a lose-lose situation, so make your choice wisely my friend. ‘It ain’t over until the lord says its over” but for you Slim the “Lord” already made his choice. Hans would smirk as the video would abruptly end. Who will walk away from Houston as the Undisputed Champion?
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    These Days

    "It's coming 'round again The slowly creeping hand Of time and its command" (A land of many contrasts ..from the richest red of rugged mountain ranges to the golden sand of the deserts & all hues in between . The camera watches as a Ute powers over the terrain as the sits centre in the sky, Powderfinger through the radio as a familiar voice over begins over the video) "It is an amazing place... time and time again it grabs you and before you realise it, you love the vastness... the bare open flatness, looking from horizon to horizon and seeing nothing but red dirt, dried stubble of the remains of grass too dry for sheep or cattle to eat; gibber stones glinting in the stark burning sunlight; one lonely shrub that has survived the drought and ravaging by hungry sheep and cattle. "I never thought i'd be back here for any lengthy period of time. Not because of disdain but because i wanted to grow. The land where daily hardships are the making of a fighter. Where learning skills come less from books than a knowledge of the land. Where an unforgiving landscape boasts extremes of flood and drought, endurance becomes common. Where the pestilence of rabbit, fox and feral takes its toll. And the red hills rust with iron ore and the valleys seam with coal. (The necklace hanging around the neck of the driver glistens against the sun, showing to be the chipped championship nameplate) Where gold can be wrested from the earth and a man can find a solitude to test his very worth. Where a single strand of radio can be all there is to life. It's a place they call home and I was far from it for too long. The Outback's not a place at all, it's the beating of my beginning and the host of my end. (The scene transitions from the calm driving to a muffled arguing inside of the home. The audience can’t make out what is being discussed inside but it seems to express a tone of frustration as the words “Keep ya' shirt on,” escape the house as Arius leaves through the back door and walks into the backyard. Across the way next door the neighbour is seen planning a door keeping to himself but unable to avoid overhearing the commotion. Arius doesn’t miss a beat as he walks to the fence.) Arius: Hey Kenny? Kenny: Hey Arius! Arius: I'm gonna rewire that dishwasher. Do you still have that compressor for sale? Kenny: No. no, no, no, traded that for a set of tyres and an accordion. Arius: Sounds about right, damn it. Kenny: Dishwasher broken, huh? (Arius picks up a can from the eski) Arius: No, I'm just in the mood to prove a point Kenny: Hm-hm-hm-hm-hm. (Kenny comes over to the fence) Arius: They think I've gotten complacent here. They think that I'm choosing to get too rested out here like I wasn't knocked about. I’m a recovering man! Kenny: Hm-hm Arius: She thinks I need to get working again. Get my hands busy again. So I told her I'm gonna rewire that dishwasher, she jumps all over me. Sometimes I don't know about her. Kenny: This isn't about her. Arius: It's not? Kenny: No, no, no, no. This is about you. Arius: Get off it Kenny: Listen. The reason you're having problems, keeping busy, avoiding, is because you don't know who you are, as a man. Arius: I don't have a problem in that area, Kenny. (Kenny shakes his head) Kenny: Not what I mean, Arius. It is more than that. A lot of men feel lost, confused. After losing their identity. I don't think you've mentioned much of why you're still here? Arius: I said, injuries you know. Do you think i wasn't spewin' at the news? I've got to wait until they are ready, to get a handle on it. Kenny: They? This is the first time I've heard of a they. Hmm..Maybe what we need is to get back to something more primitive. Atavistic. Arius: (Arius looks up and grunts) Oh-oh! At-uh-vistic. Kenny: Hm. Arius: How d'you spell that? Kenny: Let's just say primitive. Arius: Alright. (Arius smirks) Kenny: People need to spend more time around the campfire with their elders, like in ancient days, seeking wisdom, telling stories, sharing. Arius: Would these men all have to be naked? Kenny: No, no, no, that's optional. You see Arius, You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, 'I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.' You must do the thing you think you cannot do. Reclaim the person you were [Kenny goes back to his door] Arius [Grunting] Yeah! You’re right! And I'm gonna start by reclaiming that dishwasher! [Arius slams the can on the wooden table] Hoo-ooo! [Arius goes inside as Kenny shakes his head hoping something got through] [Arius approaches the sliding door to his house, looking back at the fence after the words exchanged he looks down at his hands as he gets sudden flashbacks from the events of BPZMania, shaking his head as he pushes open the door and moves inside] "Soon enough it comes It's coming 'round again Slow, slowly creeping hand"
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    Slim you once again proved why… You are so full of shit! Slim looks on, as surprisingly some portion of the audience cheer Clayton for what he just said about the World Heavyweight Champion. He grips his microphone tightly as he looks directly to Slim with every ounce of words from the Undisputed Champion coming straight off with intensity. I may not respect and like the audience before you but I think they can all agree when I say that you are a fucking cancer to this company. I tell these people why I’m better than you. I’ve said it plenty of times and the only reason you can think of is just “beating my ass”. That’s all you can really say Slim, because you know as well as these people in the audience knows, is I’m that damn good. I’m that damn good where you can’t even imagine me snatching that World Title of yours so you need to defend it against someone else. I’m defending MY title against you, yet you’re not and that speaks volumes to me in my opinion. So you tell me Slim, how YOU’RE better than me. You tell me how you’re better than the guy for the past year or so worked on his craft, worked on his skill, to be nothing other than pure perfection. It’d be your greatest failure because what you said weeks ago. You said this match would be a breeze, that you would easily take this title away from me, when you thought otherwise. Those weeks of claiming that my title reign will “inevitably” come to an end seem less likely now right? You put yourself in that spotlight of yours, telling yourself that you’ll easily beat me but when I pin you down to the ground and the referee counts to three, the realization of THAT narrative will be nothing but a facade at that point. That “breeze” you once claimed would have outclassed you in every way imaginable, and that is why it’d be your greatest failure when you eat defeat from Hans Clayton. Yet, you’re the one who’s confident? You’re going to be in two major title matches on the same night and you seriously believe it's going to be a massacre when you face me in this ring? I’m going to run circles around you Slim, don’t you get it? You won’t even have to chance to “fuck me up” because you’re already going to be gassed when that bell rings. I have the advantage in this match, but since your ego can’t tell you that, I'll just show you when we lock up in Houston. Suddenly now you think I’m desperate? Desperate for what? Is it because I responded to every single thing you have said about me? Do you think I’m an idiot? I wasn’t going to let you sit there and ridicule me. It ain’t being desperate Slim, it’s rebutting the bullshit that you constantly speak every time you open your mouth. You have no edge over me Slim, no matter how many voices and yes-men tell you that you do. Believe me when I say this.. Hans takes his hand, and points a mimicked gun on the side of his head. He looks straight into the eyes of the World Heavyweight Champion as he says the following words. You are bound to explode my friend. Hans begins to have a louder and louder tone as the promo progresses. You can visibly see his eyes have a deranged look as he continues to go in on his Judgement Day opponent. Every single time you thought you were on top of the world, you went crumbling right back down to earth. Whether it be from suspensions, to betrayals, or when plans don’t go your way. You go insane, you turn into a lunatic trapped in his own mind. There’s a bomb ticking inside of you Slim, and once I defeat you at Judgement Day you will explode into a million pieces. I know how great and talented I am and I didn’t need to hear it from you because honestly I think you’re an overrated piece of garbage who stole his way into a sixth world title reign. You have the audacity to say that I don’t deserve to be the Undisputed Champion, when that title of yours belongs to Arius. I got drafted first because of my work ethic, I proclaimed to be the leader of this brand because of my work ethic. Your jealousy and your ego once again showers your body into complete absurdity. I didn’t deserve to be drafted first, I EARNED that right to be drafted number one. Hans then steps forward, face to face with Slim. He raises his title slightly above his head as he continues to talk, full of pure passion from the Undisputed Champ. I live, I breathe, and I die for this business. No matter how cruel and sadistic I am, I put this industry in front of me. So when that bell does ring, every ounce of my body is ready for you Slim. I’ve been in hell and back and trust me, I’m going to bring you down to hell with me! I’ve reached your status Slim, YOU are not above me, you are not above anyone! Hans then talks quietly as he slowly gives a promise to “Le Champion” I promise to you, your loved ones, and the brainwashed followers you have that I will make you suffocate in your own blood. I will make you cry in agony because Slim you have no idea how dangerous the “God of War” really is. Hans seems to be done as the crowd in attendance gives him a somewhat mixed reaction which is pretty surprising. Hans stares down Slim as “Don Dada” looks to respond.
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    Power Trip Cup Carnage Finals: FDS VS Broken Nate Nebakos VS Alex Costa has just concluded and after a beautiful match that saw the veteran Nebakos just barely get the victory over the younger star and now the Carnage Finals take place as The Broken One faces off with The Phoenix in a highly anticipated match up with the winner advancing to the finals of the Power Trip Cup to face both Sameer and Mikey who drew in a triple threat semi-final match on the Valor side of the bracket. Now the two Carnage wrestlers will look to prove that they are the two best that the brand have to offer in a match of this caliber. As “Feedbacker part III” by Boris hits the arrival of the broken one is signalled as he steps out into the arena he steps out and begins to signal for the “Deletion” of FDS with his signature taunt. Nate enters the ring continuing his yelling of Delete in which he is joined by the BPZ Fans here in Hawaii tonight. Nate moves into his corner as he awaits the arrival of his opponent here tonight. “Subconscious” by Julia Claris hits signalling the arrival of “The Phoenix”. FDS makes his way out to the arena as the crowd in Hawaii are ecstatic for this match up. FDS looks poised and ready to fight looking dead into the camera with his hands crossed and seemingly ready to take on the “Broken Messiah”. FDS steps into the ring as the introductions are about to be made by Carnage’s lovely in ring announcer Danielle. “Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is the carnage final of the power trip cup!” The Fans cheer at this hotly anticipated match up, a rematch from two and half years ago at EVOLVE:PRIDE when FDS took the global championship from Nate in a great match but with an underwhelming build up and now the rematch is here with a great build up but will the two be able to outdo their in ring work from that night? Danielle continues with the in ring introductions as we will find out soon enough. “Introducing first weighing in tonight at 235 lbs, He is The “Master of Excellence”, BRRRROKEN NATE!” The fans cheer as the delete chants begin to echo throughout the arena before fading before the introduction of the man across the ring from Nate “And His opponent, weighing in tonight at 220 lbs, He is The “Phoenix” F-D-S! As his name is announced FDS after walking to the middle of the ring he dashes over and graps the top rope letting on an emphatic “YEOH!” as the fans yell it along with him. FDS returns to his corner as the two men stare off across the ring, the intensity in the eyes of Nate as he snaps his teeth, while FDS smiles his mouthguard showing slightly, the ref asks if both men are ready before calling for the bell and we are off. FDS and Nate circle each other in the ring before charging at each other and locking up, FDS begins with a headlock on Nate but Nate slips out of it by biting the thumb of FDS! FDS then turns to Nate his thumb still in the mouth of nate and then just begins to hammer into his face with forearms forcing him to release his thumb, Nate now hung up in the ropes and FDS, then charges at him maybe looking for a rope hung knee but as he charges Nate catches him with a back body drop onto the apron but FDS lands on his feet! Nate goes to punch FDS in the face but FDS catches the arm and he gets an armbar in the ropes on Nate! FDS though breaks the hold at a count of four with FDS exiting the ring, FDS though then as he hops up on the apron, Nate stands back up and laughs at him before hitting FDS with a massive headbutt, FDS staggers on the apron and Nate then catches him with a triangle dropkick! FDS is down on the outside of the ring and Nate simply laughs in the ring before then signalling to delete FDS, Nate rolls out of the ring and he goes to grab FDS to throw him back but FDS holds himself in position he then pulls Nate in and drops him with a massive german suplex on the outside! FDS then grabs Nate up and sends him back into the ring, FDS goes for the cover on Nate but only gets a one count, Nate though after kicking out looks into the ring and snaps his teeth and as he gets up he looks at FDS, he tries to run at FDS but FDS sends him into the corner, Nate stops himself from running any further but FDS then charges in at him with a corner knee to the gut! Nate now stammers and FDS then begins to deliver knees to the gut of Nate repeatedly smashing knees into the “Broken Messiah’s” Stomach. FDS then moves back and looks to deliver another knee to the gut of Nate but as FDS charges back, Nate catches him with a massive spinning backfist! FDS stunned for a moment and Nate takes advantage now then dropping him with a running European Uppercut! Nate with the cover but FDS up at 1, Nate now grabs FDS up and delivers a massive tiger suplex to him, Nate now moving into the corner and he’s targeting FDS, Nate now with a vicious look in his eyes, FDS gets back to his feet, Nate goes for a running Enziguri but FDS catches the leg of Nate and locks him in a kneebar! FDS wrenching back on the leg, Nate though quickly manages to stammer to the ropes, FDS though quickly releasing the hold and as Nate tries to recover to his feet FDS, runs back and he hits the ropes he charges at Nate going for a rope hung bicycle knee but Nate moves out of the way at the last second, FDS then turns around and he charges at nate going for what looks like a lariat but Nate counters it quickly into a float over DDT! FDS though rolling out of the ring before Nate can capitalize, Nate now climbing to the top rope though as he waits for FDS to get up, FDS gets back to his feet and Nate then nails him with a moonsault to the outside! Nate then begins to yell delete as the delete chants break out amongst the fans here tonight, Nate then grabs FDS up and he immediately throws him into the ring post! FDS bleeding from the head now, Nate then grabs FDS back up and he throws him back into the ring, Nate now climbs to the top rope with FDS prone and he delivers a massive moonsault to FDS this time inside the ring! Nate with the cover but FDS up at 2, Nate now chanting delete as he gets FDS, Nate now signalling for the Crucifix powerbomb, he grabs FDS up and he looks to go for it but FDS though punches him in the face and then catches Nate in a Triangle Choke! Nate trying to reposition but FDS holding the choke in, Nate eventually gets his foot on the ropes and FDS is forced to break the hold, FDS though then immediately pulls Nate by the head into the middle of the ring, the blood coming from the skull of FDS seemingly motivating him to be much more brutal against Nate. FDS now grabs Nate up and he drops him straight back down with a Brainbuster! Nate now is the one to roll out of the ring before FDS can make the cover, FDS though slides under the ropes and he goes and grabs Nate, he looks like he’s going to break him back into the ring but then turns him back around throwing him into the barricade, FDS then begins to knees to the gut of Nate again but this time driving him back first into the barricade FDS then throws Nate straight into the ring apron! FDS then throws Nate back into the ring but he makes sure Nate can’t roll away pulling him with his head directly onto the Ring Apron, he lines Nate up and he drops him with a massive jumping knee drop onto the face of Nate causing Nate to fall out of the ring! FDS now properly throws Nate into the ring and he goes in after him, FDS with the cover on Nate but Nate up at 2! FDS now grabs Nate up and he looks to hit him with a backdrop driver but Nate manages to stall and block it temporarily, Nate holds the headlock he has on FDS as FDS tries to push him off, they end up in the ropes, FDS manages to get the headlock off sending Nate into the ropes, Nate turns around and rebounds and as FDS charges at him Nate hits him with a dropkick! FDS ends up in the corner, Nate now goes into the corner near the seated FDS and then begins to relentlessly stomp on FDS in the corner! Nate keeps going until the referee pulls Nate off of FDS and Nate simply laughs at the devastation that he’s caused to FDS, Nate now grabs FDS up from out of the corner and as he does FDS headbutts him making some separation! Nate turns around FDS goes for one kick but Nate ducks it only to then eat another kick from FDS! Nate down, FDS though staying on him and he grabs him back up, he gets the full nelson locked on him and then he nails him with the It all Starts Here! Dragon Suplex! FDS bridging into the cover but Nate up at 2! Nate then rolls to the outside after kicking out of the maneuver, FDS now though going straight after him, FDS tries to grab Nate to get him back inside but Nate then punches FDS in the gut and then he throws him over the announce table! Nate now though begins to clear the announce table, he clearly has bad intentions in mind, he then pulls FDS up onto the announce table laying him there, Nate now going to the top rope, he looks dead at FDS and he leaps at him with a massive elbow drop but FDS Rolls out of the way and Nate goes through the table! Both men down now but Nate in extremely bad shape due to missing that elbow drop through the table, FDS in slightly better shape but not by much. FDS now goes over and crawls to the lifeless body of Nate and he picks him up and he slowly drags him into the ring where both men end up after this, FDS makes the cover on the broken one but Nate powers out at 1! FDS can’t believe it but he persievers not letting it deter him, FDS now picking up Nate and he delivers a massive backdrop driver to Nate! FDS now with the cover on Nate but Nate managing to power out at 2, FDS now goes to the corner, he’s calling for it looking for that Path To Greatness Knee Strike, FDS let’s out an emphatic “YEOH!” as FDS looks to go for it, he charges at Nate but Nate catches him and delivers an incredible desperation Pop-Up Powerbomb! Nate with the cover but FDS back up at 2! Nate now going to try it and he calls for it, he’s going for the twist of fate, Nate grabs FDS up and he looks to hit the twist of fate on FDS but FDS counters it into a backstabber! Nate now ending up back in the ropes, FDS now hops up to his feet and he charges and he nails Nate with a massive Knee hung up in the ropes! Nate down now, FDS now dragging him back up by the wrist and nails him with a second Backdrop Driver! Nate now in the middle of the ring, FDS now targeting Nate, he’s signalling for it, he let’s out another Massive “YEOH!” and then charges at Nate and nails him in the back of the head with a path to greatness! FDS with the cover on Nate and he advanc- NO! NATE UP AT 2! FDS IN DISBELIEF FOR A MOMENT BUT HE STAYS ON NATE, HE GRABS NATE UP NOW LOOKING FOR IT AND HE NAILS HIM WITH THE UNENDING GIFT! FDS WITH THE COVER AND HE HAS DONE IT! “Your winner at 17:45 advancing to the Power Trip Cup Finals and winner of the Carnage Power Trip Cup bracket: “The Phoenix” F-D-S!” A brutal match up from FDS and Nate here tonight, both men clearly not giving up at any moment throughout this match and it literally coming down to both men trying to hit each other with everything they possibly could and now FDS barely standing after a brutal semi-final bout between the two men. FDS tries to pull himself back to his feet and he sees Nate down as ringside attendees attempt to help the “Broken Messiah” to the back but Nate pushes them away he tries to walk to the back crawling all the way to the back, a bloody FDS smiling at this as the referee raises his hand, FDS then celebrating his hard fought victory but then is cut off by a theme which seems to annoy FDS as he looks to the stage blood dripping from his face as he stares at the stage as somebody comes out to confront him (Reply planned)
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    “God Loves, Man Kills” We open Carnage up to a rowdy and ruckus crowd, where tonight we are set to see the fallout from Carnage’s first PowerTrip since the Brand Split, Last Resort. An event where we saw some shocking outcomes as Buddy Ace scored a massive upset victory over rival KENJI, who continues down a seemingly downward spiral. FDS won the Carnage side of the PowerTrip Cup, in what has to be one of the biggest Cinderella runs in BPZ history. Finally, the show capped off with Raven and Flynn duking it out in a brutal match for the Carnage Universal Championship where the champion came out on top to retain his championship. Tonight, many wonder as we await the finale of the PowerTrip Cup, what’s next for the Universal Champion? Jeremiah Flynn waists little time. “The King of Carnage” and Universal Champion marches directly to the ring to kick off the show. He floors an attendant like it’s nothing as he enters the ring, clearly fired up after a phenomenal title defense against Raven. His left shoulder is clearly wrapped up however he shows no sign of pain or discomfort. Finally, the Champion would pull out a microphone, standing center of the ring with his championship in his hand. As he stands in the ring, he begins to speak, firing off all cylinders, speaking with a deep tone. “At Last Resort, I got the absolute hell beat out of me. Raven came in and he delivered on his every word. He hurt me, he butchered me and he picked me apart right here in the middle of this ring, and I loved every bit of it. I relished in it. I took everything that big ugly son of a bitch threw at me, and I threw it right back in his face. Unfortunately like most men, my Will was too strong and my night was too great for him to overcome. I floored him with a right midway through and I knew I had that son of a bitch from there. God shined on me that night, and I once again brought this Universal Championship to the promise land. So here I stand, war torn and battered, with my crimson crown, remaining THE KING OF CARNAGE!” Flynn slowly raises his championship above his head, a sick smile across the Texans face. “However its time I look forward to the future however, as I keep trying to move on, I feel my past pulling back on me. I have dominated since BPZ Mania every person I’ve stepped in the ring with, but it’s BPZ Mania itself that bothers me. In the past calendar year I’ve suffered two sole losses, both come at the hands of those sons of bitches, those liars, those cheats.... I’m talking about Creed. I made a promise that I would vanquish Creed at BPZ Mania, more importantly I promised that Bulletproof would change this place for the better. Creed made me into a liar, they made me a loser and they embarrassed me. Never before have I had such formidable foes. All have fallen to my Will, to my power, yet they unlike the rest, overcome it. They prosper when I press them. When I set the bar, they set it higher. So I recognize if I wanna be the champion of BPZ, I gotta fucking prove it. Creed remains months following the culmination of my war with them, PROSPERING. That is something that remains unfinished.” “I said months ago that if you live by that Creed, you will die by the Creed. I intend to fulfill on my word. Creed, you sent me on the path I am currently on, it is what you did to me at BPZ Mania that pushed me into butchering men like Arius and KENJI. I pitty those men for what you made me do to them. I pitty the many more that intend to take my crimson gold from me. Creed made the new man you see today, that you’ve seen for the past few months and in all honesty, I am thankful for it..... but now they too must finally die.” “Judgement Day is the event in which I was born. In my first match ever in BPZ I became the NXT Champion at Judgement Day five years ago. Since then I have been in eighty-three championship matches in BPZ. This event led me to becoming the judge, jury and executioner of BPZ. I deem when a mans time on top is over. Creed, your time is up. At Judgement Day I don’t give a fuck who you have slated to face or who you gotta defend those gold straps of your against. I’m coming to kill all three of you. I am the final man left standing in this bloody war, and I plan this time to take you all down with me.” Flynn drops his microphone, a clear statement sent to Valor’s own ruling elite. Jeremiah Flynn wants a fight with Creed at Judgement Day, and he doesn’t seem to be asking for their consent on the matter. How will the trio respond?
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    Smiles of Nature

    Scene opens in a plentiful forest, covering much land while situated in a resort area of Germany. Groups of hills clumped together cover the vast background, while thin trees with thick pointing leaves are scattered closer to where the camera is set. Lake sits untouched, while array of fish perhaps thrive beneath the water there's no sign of life at the surface, the air is cool, the sound of nature filling audio. Looking out across the water sits a single bench, it looks stable, although the edges of the wooden seat are decayed. Scene sits undisturbed for some time, trees fluttering, before someone moves into the shot, sitting on the bench. "I'm just going to come out, and say it. There's no point sneaking around the point. Hans is a friend of mine and a trusted ally, a stablemate. But I want to beat him so bad. Not because I grow sick of him or Bob or the idea of the Cut-Throat Crew, those two men, and us as a collective, have done so well. We've survived the honeymoon period and despite this tournament throwing some curveballs, we still stand, united. I am fortunate and proud to be a member of the Cut-Throat Crew, to be called a threat, and known as someone who can go out there every night have have a chance of winning, of success, each and every time. I want to beat Hans because It'd mean so much. He is someone who has tasted success at the top, aligned himself with some of the best of all time, won multiple championships from Undisputed, to the historic Intercontinental to even the championship that I hold at the moment, representing the United States. To beat someone of his calibre, in my home country, would be so significant to me. Someone like me who hasn't tasted success at the top, hasn't been aligned with the greats. Hans has shown that he's capable of doing that and he's the favourite tonight, the favourite to beat me. To upset those odds, pin or submit Hans in that ring before people of my nation, my home country, it'd mean the world to me and more. I'd prove the doubters wrong and be the star of the show. I'd get to celebrate such a success with my comrades, men and women and children of my nationality, go home to my parents and tell them that I did it, I won a championship and I made some friends, and I won a match in this great nation, this proud nation of Germany. What a dream." "We've seen before that people can upset the odds, cement their legacies and really make a moment from this tournament. We've seen it from past winners and we've seen it in this tournament, we've seen it from one of my fellow stablemates in Bob Sparks, when he beat Bart in the fashion he did. Sure I was there to assist him a little bit and help smooth things over, but it wasn't like Bart came alone either. I know that I am capable of producing something on that level, producing such a moment. Be it climbing to the top rope and dropping an elbow on him, or grasping at his wrist and tugging it back, wrenching it back until he taps. I know that I have it in me to win this match, and stablemate or not, I am going to do my best to do so and cement my own legacy and be the better wrestler, the better fighter, in that match. Hans spoke about destiny when we sat along the rooftops of Munich, drew a perspective on how far we had come since joining this promotion and rising through the ranks, forming the Cut-Throat Crew. He spoke of destiny, that he would win the World Heavyweight Championship and be known as the best in the world, but I don't believe in that word. I don't believe that fate decides who is successful, who falls at the finish line and who never makes it to the race. Hard work and talent, a drive to improve and a passion for the sport, those make winners. Those elements are what makes champions, those with the intelligence and training, the studying of their opposition who care enough about wrestling to see a goal, and to chase it. I suppose we'll see, which idea triumphs over the other when he and I meet in the ring, but destiny, talent or not, I am going to try my hardest in this fight and I am going to do everything I can, anything plausible, to have my hand raised before thousands in that arena." Sitting up for a moment, Sheridan places an arm to lounge against the top of the bench. She emits a content sigh and looks out across the water, to the trees blowing in the wind, and to the large hills which sit behind them. She taps fingertips against the wood, humming while admiring the view. Hand moves with fingers coming to comb at her orange hair, placing strands behind her ear. She reflects on her monumental upcoming bout with Hans, and the repercussions of the King of the Ring tournament, it's prestige. Returning glare to focus on the camera, she pouts briefly, before continuing her speech. "Let's say that I do beat Hans, I beat him in the middle of that ring, and I advance. I advance and face off against Bob Sparks or Gunner. It's dawned on me that, the more matches I have in this tournament the less chance I'll have of defending my United States Championship, my baby. All that exhaustion and expended energy chasing this dream, of becoming King of the Ring, competing for that top gold belt. Sure you could say that it's just Austin Mirage, you've beaten him before, that he has just one, single win within this promotion but the truth is, it's not just Austin Mirage. Now don't get me wrong, I value Austin Mirage as a member of this promotion, I recognise his strengths, but the truth is I've beaten him twice now both in singles and tag team competition, I know him. I know what to expect and the truth is, I'm a more intelligent person and a more accomplished wrestler than him. But Yelich, here's there too. Someone who is more accomplished than me and someone who has more wins, more experience, than I do. Be that in championship matches or wrestling in general. He's unpredictable, fierce, someone who commands respect and someone who has achieved so much. From defeating Arius, to his subsequent reign with that North American Championship and his constant shocking angles, his prominence and persistence for the Evolve brand and shows. He's an interesting, unique character, one that adds so much to this upcoming bout." "But I know a secret, I know what Yelich did, for Evolve. I saw him and he saw me, and I saw the expression on his face change, from that goofy accomplished smirk, to one of fear, as if he had seen a ghost. As if he had plotted to steal from Valor, its values, and transfer them to Evolve. It's funny, isn't it. Of course I am just jesting here, Yelich would never do something like that. It'd go against his character, it'd be a crime. Whatever of Yelich's outside-the-ring escapades, who am I to judge, who am I to comment on if he managed to outsmart my own general manager. It isn't for me to say. Regardless of all that, that mess. I am looking forward to seeing how fluid he is, how he acts, when he and Austin Mirage step into the ring with the queen of the suplex and the future King of the Ring. Let me assert something here, if I do lose to Hans, or I do lose to the winner of Bob and Gunner's match-up, then oh well, dream over, but it was never something that'd transpire to reality I am sure. But what I will say, is I won't fall further than that, if I fall out of this tournament the decline will stop there, I'll turn up to the King of the Ring event, wrists taped, hair tied back and ready and willing, to kick, punch and suplex whatever fuck I have to, to retain my darling championship." "Hans, I am excited, but make no mistake I'm coming to win. I'm not coming to be another name in your rise to the World Heavyweight Championship, a continence of your apparent destiny. I don't care if it's written in the scriptures or your childhood diary, I don't believe in it, and it's a shoddy attempt of declaring yourself something that has barely begun. You may be a leader, a revolutionist, but one thing you shall be off of my name is a king, and I'll make certain of that when you and I meet in that ring this weekend. Our friendship and our Cut-Throat Crew has started off so strong, winning the United States Championship and our three victories in the first round of this tournament, but this success, it'll falter for one of us, it'll stop. I hope that you can accept losing to me, accept having the spotlight on me for one night, for we all know what happened the moment yourself and Isaiah Carter began to part. I just want you to know, I respect you more so than the other people in this promotion, you're a true leader, but when it comes to wrestling, prowess and technical talents within that ring, I'm not sure you're the leader in that regard, and I'll validate that when we're in there and the bell rings, when your groaning on the ground, as I stand above you, vanquisher and king." From there, Sheridan picks up the camera, adjusting visage, while soft smirk falls on her lips. Confidence radiates from the German woman, as she offers a short and sweet nod to the camera. Placing it back down she stands, adjusts her faux leather jacket, and begins to recede from the area. The camera is left in the same position as it began, looking at those mountainous hills in the background, with leaves rustling on the thin trees across the lake, and species of fish prominent in the waters, colours of orange and green and white creating an array within the subtle waves. Sheridan's footsteps fall quieter and quieter, before silence finds the video for some time, settling on that gorgeous view before the camera fades to black.
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    Episode 3: Nothing Like Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands The 20 years in time show, BPZ Pandemic returns as it starts off with a make out between Sheridan and Addy. Pushing each other on the wall, hickeys and hair flying everywhere. They fall down on Sheridan's bed, Addy searches for a condom, opens the night table and realizes he's not in his own room. Addy finds a picture of Sheridan and Julius together on their wedding day. Addy stops his work and leaves off upset. Sheridan: Addy.. wait. What's wrong? Addy: Sheri. I can be with a woman who's divorced, but I can't be with a woman who's still in love with her divorced husband. Sheridan: What? You know we got divorced like last week? It's just a picture. Addy: A picture? In your house? You guys haven't lived together since 2034 and you still have your wedding pictures besides your bed? What? Do you stare at it before you go to sleep every night? Sheridan, I love Julius, please don't give him a reason to hate me. From now on, we do everything professional. Okay? Sheridan: Yeah whatever. Addy leaves Sheridan upset as she walks out the room making Addy look guilty. Addy shows a small gesture of frustration and leaves the room following Sheridan's walkout. We transition from Sherdan and Addy to Sheridan's basement where a group of some of the forum members are gathered. Aidan, Alex, Amai, Arius, Arrow, Austin, Bailey, Bob, Epic, Echo, Flynn, Hans, Jonathan, Natedog, Nardiels, Prince, Ropati, Sameer, Tamer & Toxik all are to witness the funeral of Kai, Cody & Bart. People are in mourning, confused and pissed off due to the fact that they don't know what's going on. Sheridan, Addy & Julius enter the basement interrupting the murmurs in the room. Sheridan: Can I have everyone's attention please? Everything that Julius sent through that text is true. But nobody panic, the virus has been terminated, or it will be once Smith dies. If we all calm down and not panic, we will be okay. No one will suffer anymore. We do have one main goal, and that's the biggest reason why we brought you all here. The virus was transmitted and summoned by one of us, he or she might be in this room, he or she might be dead. But it will be a huge relieve if we found out who did it. Julius: We need your help, please stick with us, I believe we can get to the bottom of this if we work as a team- Bailey stands up and says the following. Bailey: This is a complete waste of my FUCKING time, I have mouths to feed and so does everyone else here. We are not kids anymore. I'm out. Aidan, Alex, Austin, Echo, Flynn, Jonathan, Tamer all follows Bailey out of Sheridan's house. Addy: We are not forcing, if you wanna go you can go. Bob: The rest of us... We're not going. We need to avenge the deaths of our old friends. Cody, Bart, Smith and even Kai, even though he was an ass, we don't deserve to die. Julius, Sheridan & Addy smile it out due to their success. Julius and Sheridan stare at each other, Addy senses something and leaves the area. Sheridan would then turn her attention to Addy and then have a guilt feeling after seeing Addy walkout. We jump cut over to the funeral several hours later which is being hosted in Sheridan's basement as well. Sameer walks up to the bathroom and straight up meets Ropati. Ropati: Listen man- Sameer: I don't care. Ropati: Come on bro, I didn't know. It was 13 years ago. Sameer: So? If lives weren't on the fucking line I wouldn't have come all the way over here just to see your face. Ropati: Hey it wasn't my fault alone? Sameer: Really?! That's what you gonna say? Your lucky I didn't go to- Ropati: Why are you mad at me? Akki had a lot to do with it as well, but you didn't even care to discuss it with him- Sameer: Akki brought me back on my feet. Now he's dead, dead. I have no one, all because of YOU. Ropati: I've been saying sorry for the past 13 years Sameer. Sameer: I.. Don't... Care... Ropati: I'd do anything to take back that night. Sameer: You can start by turning yourself in. Ropati: 13 years later? Come on man, we both know- Sameer: Then get the fuck out my life, blood. Sameer walks past Ropati and slams the door. We cut back to the basement where Sheridan starts giving out a speech. Everyone takes their place in a seat and are ready to hear what Sheridan has to say. Sheridan: Everyone here, this is not the way we were supposed to re-unite but it was needed. Three of our former friends has passed away this week, some of you have already dug three holes for them and are ready to bury them. Before we begin I would like to say thank you to whoever stuck with us here. I appreciate your help and I can guarantee you that the culprit will be caught. Thank you. The burial passes by as we return back to the basement where everyone is getting set to start working on this. Several conversations are happening, the first one is Julius and Addy who have something to say to each other. Addy: Hey man. I got something to say bro. Julius: What's up man. Addy: Something serious. Julius: Bro how serious is this lol. You haven't been fucking with my ex wife right. That'd be funny ha. Addy stares at Julius as Julius now catches on. Julius: Oh my fucking god. Julius storms out of the basement and goes into the main house, Addy follows him. Julius opens the front door and loads himself in the car and speeds out of there in no time. Addy: Fuck, I didn't even fuck her. Back to the basement as Prince finally gets some time to sit down and drink a beer. Natedog: Oi Sheridan mate, what are we supposed to do here? Nardiels: Yeah and aren't we supposed to track down Smith or something? Sheridan: Smith is safe in an isolation room in England. He hasn't contacted anyone on the forums, so we're waiting on his passing. Prince: Nothing more fun than waiting on someone's death aye. Sameer: At least he gets to know when he dies. Some of us just get struck out of nowhere. Then someone else loses their love, their life and then the lightning comes back 13 years later to say I'm sorry. Sameer looks tired down as Ropati's guilt keeps on getting bigger. Sheridan: Uh okay? Natedog: That's deep bro. So Sheri, what are we supposed to do here? Cause I do have a family to get back to in Ireland mate. Amai: Do you really have a family Nate? Bob: Yeah dogs and birds don't count as family. Natedog: Maybe not, but at least my kid doesn't have down syndrome... Arius: Nate come on! That was way out of line bro. Bob: It's fine, Nate's been making that joke for years. Natedog: Yep. Arrow: So Sheridan why are you and Julius not married anymore? Ropati: Yeah what happened? And you guys don't have kids, does that mean that his dick doesn't work? Sameer: Maybe they didn't want a kid, maybe they had a fear of losing one, cause it hurts a lot and it will hurt for longer than 13 years. Ropati: Alright bro cut it OUT MAN. I said I'm fucking sorry. Sheridan: What's wrong with you guys? Sameer: Nothing I'm going to sleep. Toxik: Goodnight Sameer. Sameer: Ah go fuck yourself. Sheridan: On that note, I'm going to check what Addy & Julius are up to. Sheridan walks in the main house searching for both Addy & Julius. Screams both of the names and still has no response. Sheridan picks up the phone and calls Julius. Sheridan: Hey, where'd you run off to? Julius: Why? Sheridan: Thought we had some work to do? Julius: Yeah it's late Sheridan, I had to clean up my house and put everything back in order, I did come back from duty. Sheridan: I thought you were staying at my home? Julius: Thought I'd give you and Addy some privacy. You know? So you guys can fuck freely? Sheridan: What the fuck? First of all, it's not your business if me and Addy are together, second of all I'm not fucking him. Julius: I'm not coming in your business Sheridan, just giving you what you want. Sheridan: Really- Julius: I mean if I was either to fuck a girl in my house while you stay over, wouldn't that be weird? Sheridan: Point taken but how'd you know about this? Julius: Addy- Sheridan: Addy told you we're fucking? Julius: I mean I'm not worried or jealous, you guys do you. Sheridan: Well It's not true, we are not fucking. Julius: Addy would never lie to me Sheridan. Sheridan hangs up and immediately calls Addy up. Addy: What do you want? Sheridan: You told Julius? Addy: Tell him what? Sheridan: About our thing? Addy: Our thing? I don't have a thing with you. Sheridan: SO HOW.. DOES JULIUS.. KNOW?! Addy: I don't know, he sorta figured it out I guess. Sheridan: Sorta figured it out?. What are you saying? Addy: We had a conversation where I was gonna tell him something about me and you, but I swear I couldn't get there. He just guessed it and I gave him a look and he figured it out. He also stormed out, I couldn't tell him. Sheridan: Why didn't you tell me then? I could have handled him. Addy: Seems like you handled it already. See you tomorrow Sheridan. Sheridan: No wait, Addy I- Addy hangs up the phone. Sheridan wedged between two decisions shakes her head and goes back inside. We return back to the basement where everyone gets ready to sleep and start conversations. Natedog: Uh, hey guys did you see this? This guy named Bradford Joseph just died of unknown cause when there is clearly a needle hole in his hands. Obviously someone gave him aids with a syringe lol. Sheridan comes down to the basement and hears the name Bradford Joseph. Sheridan: Nate did you say Bradford Joseph? Prince: Yeah. The news is all over him haha. Says he died of an unknown disease with an unknown weapon. Amai: The media got us fucked up bro I swear- Toxik can you stop snoring like a fucking beast. Sheridan: Bradford Joseph? Let me see. Sheridan looks at the article and sees Brad lying down with the same symptoms that Bart, Cody and Kai had. Sheridan sees the location, and realizes it's the same location where Bart found a dead body after leaving his underground cave in downtown Los Angeles. Sheridan: Oh my fucking god. The screans slams black and we return with Sheridan continuing to stare at the article. Sheridan: This is our home run! Look. This is big. Alright EVERYBODY WAKE UP. WAKE UP NOW. Sheridan wakes everybody up. Amai: Finally. I was gonna shoot Toxik for snoring that loud- Sheridan: Alright. So when I talked with Cody about Bart, he mentioned something about Bart finding a dead body... at the same place Bradford Joseph was found, and Bradford is Brad.. Brad from the forums. This could mean that Bart caught the virus from Brad, which means that Brad might be the first infected. In the article it says "unknown disease" but we know the disease. He was injected, so whoever injected the needle is our culprit! Bob: Okay? So who's the culprit. It could be anyone. Nardiels: Sheridan, the virus is called Nanovirus. Brad's nickname was Nanovirus. Brad could have created the virus and committed suicide. Sheridan: Could be... But look here. If Brad committed suicide, the needle would still be there. The article says, Brad was murdered. This was all planned out, someone who knew us very well did this and they started with Brad. And who ever did this knew Bart very well because he knew that Bart lived around there somewhere. Amai: Yeah but how did they manage to get Bart out of his cave? Sheridan: Uh. The gunshots! Ofcourse. We all know Brenden was murdered like 5 weeks ago right? Toxik: Please don't remind me. Sheridan: Nate, long was Brad's body on the streets? Nate: Uh, it says a month here. Sheridan: Brenden was shot, Bart heard gunshots. Brenden was killed like a few blocks from there. So this is the pattern. Someone killed Brad first, injected him. The same person who killed Brad and wanted the virus to spread killed Brenden to call out Bart. So he killed 2 birds with 1 stone. Arius: That does make sense. Downtown L.A. hasn't heard a gunshot since 2035 until last month. Sheridan: We find out who killed Brenden, we find out who killed Brad and who brought he virus on the horizon. Epic: Isn't the Police investigating Brenden's murder? Sheridan: They didn't have enough evidence so they closed the case. And mostly because Brenden wasn't an american citizen. Sameer: So you're telling me, we are close? We just need the guy? Sheridan: Yes. Austin: Guys? Austin sees something at the streets. Austin: Guys isn't that Akki's custom car? Sheridan: What? The whole group stares out the window and sees Akki's car in the dark with someone in it. The car ignites and speeds away in a blink. Sameer: What does this mean? Sheridan: It means nothing. Someone's trying to scare us. Epic: Nah fuck that. I'm going after him. Sheridan: No it's just a coincidence. Epic runs all the way up and jumps into his car. Sheridan follows Epic and sits down in the passenger seat. Epic looks at Sheridan as Sheridan says the following. Sheridan: I'm not letting you go alone Epic, you don't know who this guy is. Epic: Alright let's go. Do you know where he went. Sheridan: Straight let's go. Epic drives his BMW Beamer full speed chasing after Akki's custom made Lamborghini. Epic doesn't stop as they catch on the Lambo at a stoplight. The unknown driver spots Epic and Sheridan as he speeds over the red light on to the highway. It's 2 AM, the road is empty, Epic drifts over and scoops in front of the Lambo. Sheridan: Damn, Epic. That was Epic wow. The Lamborghini had to stop due to Epic's amazing driving skills. Epic pulls out a gun under his seat. Sheridan looks at the gun in shock. Sheridan: A gun? Are you crazy. Epic: It's better if we go armed. Epic jumps out of the car, the Lamborghini started to exhaust but Epic quickly shoots out the tires. Sheridan ducks down under the car as Epic opens the door quickly and holds the unknown driver hostage. Epic: Sheridan... You gotta see this. Sheridan slowly walks up to Epic... Sheridan: GEORGE?!
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    BPZ PIZZA PLACE SEASON 2 EPISODE 12: “Dead or Alive” The season finale for season 2 of BPZ Pizza Place kicks off as we pick up a bit where we left off. Sameer and Sheridan are now in Sameer’s car driving back to what we can only assume Sameer’s apartment. Sheridan’s bruises are still eminent from her beating from Ropati. Sameer himself is not hurt but is covered with blood after his altercation in the alley. There is no music playing as Sameer clearly not knowing what to say or do to comfort Sheridan as she looks out the window. Eventually we hear Sameer begin to speak up as he tries to choose his words carefully. Sameer: Do you want to listen to so--- Sheridan: No. Sheridan still looking out the window would see Sameer glance over to her talking to her. She does not look back though as she only listens to what Sameer has to say. Sameer has a clear saddened tone in his voice, as he hates to see Sheridan like this. To see Sheridan this broken. Sameer: It’s gonna be ok Sheri...trust me. Sheridan would look over to Sameer, tears in her eyes. Her tone is clear but broken, clearly feeling all sorts of emotions right now, and it is not because the river is running red. Her face has mascara running down it and it’s been there for a while. Sameer’s expression is the same as ours: nothing but pity and empathy. Feeling bad for Sheridan with everything she has gone through in the recent days, scratch that the recent weeks maybe even years. As she talks we see Sameer glance over. Sheridan: That’s what you said last time. We see Sheridan then turn back to the window as she can’t even look at Sameer and who can blame her. Nothing but broken promises and lies to her as of late. Sameer himself looks back to the road, not saying anything else. The two would then sit in silence the rest of the ride, Sheridan already making her point, and Sameer not knowing what to say. The scene then shifts as we head to a bit later in the morning, the sun is just coming out as we see our newest BPZ Pizza Place “couple”. As we transition away from Sheridan and Sameer we see Bart and Arius getting ready for the funeral it seems. The two are both putting on matching suits together, clearly not keeping their relationship a secret anymore to the rest of the BPZ Pizza Place staff. We see Bart begin to talk as he is checking out Arius from behind as he has yet to put on his pants, still wearing underwear though so we don’t see anything except a pretty large bulge. Bart: Damn Ari, you lookin thicker than a bowl of oatmeal right now. I could just eat you all up right now. We would see Arius look down at his ass and then to Bart who is licking his lips. Arius would turn to Bart as the bulge is now the main focus of Bart as we see Bart gulp. Arius would grin looking at Bart as he would walk over to Bart sitting on his lap before rubbing his hand through Bart’s hair. Arius: You sure you wanna slurp down my oatmeal again. Last time had you all choked up. Bart: I like that even better baby. We would then see Arius smile as he looks at Bart before kissing him on the forehead and on his neck a little bit. We would then see Arius get up the bulge a bit bigger now. As Arius is walking away from Bart we see Arius slap his ass with both hands as Bart has a full smile on his face clearly a fan of the view. The scene though would change as Arius begins to put his pants on. As the scene switches up we see none other than Kai. We see Kai sitting there playing some NBA 2K20 as he is getting slapped up by his opponent. The score we see on the screen is 43-5 as Kai is losing. Eventually we hear a knock at the door as it is clear that Kai is home alone. Otherwise the lazy fuck would have just sat on the couch and had his mom or his father Bailey answer. As Kai makes his way over to the door we see him sigh. When he opens the door we see the police standing on the other side and in front is none other than Flynn. Flynn: Ay your dad home kid? Bailey Justin? Kai: Nah bro, he ain’t home. Ain’t seen him, so fuck off aight. I’m busy. We see Kai then go to close the door as he walks away. Flynn snickers as he grabs the door keeping it open. Kai turns around pissed off as he tries to close it even more but Flynn just stands there with a grin on his face keeping it open with one hand. Flynn would begin to talk to Kai as he continues to attempt to close the door but making no progress. Flynn: Didn’t your daddy teach you to not disrespect the police, or was that not in one of the ass kickings that he gave you. Boys teach him a lesson. We would then see the two police behind Flynn hold up a color card up next to Kai identifying him as black before beating the shit out of him. Flynn walks away a bit standing in the front yard smoking a cigarette as he talks to himself. Flynn: Bailey Justin, where oh where could you and your boy be? The scene fades away Flynn walking up to and past the camera as we transition away. Clearly something is going on with Bailey involving the police and it does not look to be good. Kai is still getting his ass beat in the background as we change settings still relating to the police but in a very different manner here. As the scene shifts we can now see Brenden sitting in a police bus likely on his way to the church which is being prepared at the moment for Keeley’s funeral. Brenden is on the bus alone, Slim seemingly not allowed to attend. He just looks out the window, all dressed up in a suit and tie. He is no longer crying, no longer choked up, but instead just silent. He does not seem to have a speech with him by the looks up of it as we have no clue how his speech is going to go later. The scene though silent we can tell Brenden is in some deep thought about what he is going to say later today. As we slowly make our way away from the police bus we find ourselves in a restaurant as Arrow and Paris can be seen, seemingly on a date. As the young couple are sitting there in the restaurant we can tell they are just finishing up as they are nearly ready to head to the funeral. We eventually see the busboy come to their table to take away the plates, it’s a familiar face. It’s Mikey there is a bit of an awkward silence as Arrow stares him down, Mikey though begins to talk to the two. Mikey: I heard what Icon did yesterday, I’m sorry about that. He just been messed up lately, I don’t even know what is going on with him. Arrow would go to talk clearly upset, but Paris would cut him off talking instead. She is much more understanding and calm. Arrow himself is a bit taken back by this, not really understanding why Paris is being so nice to Mikey after what he did to him. Paris: It’s alright, we all have dumb friends. It’s not like you can control him. Mikey: Yeah something like that. We then see Mikey flash a smile at Paris as he walks off. Arrow looks back at Paris a bit confused but she just shakes her head and smiles at him. The scene would then move us to a place we have not been to in a while. We cut to Sameer’s apartment. We see Sameer sitting on the couch he is cleaned up now, no more blood as he seems cleaned up. He is not watching TV or anything just sitting there looking at the wall thinking. He is in a suit clearly as he has gotten himself ready for the funeral. Eventually we hear footsteps come from behind and it’s Sheridan. Sheridan is wearing another dress this time white and a bit longer. Her hair is neater as she clearly cleaned herself up as well. Sameer looks at her and just smiles taking it all in as Sheridan stands there looking back at him with a grin on her face. Sameer: Wow, you look...just wow. We see Sheridan then do a 360 spin as Sameer laughs clearly at Sheridan who seems to be in a brighter mood. A bit of bad timing though for her to cheer up a bit as they are about to head to a funeral but I guess a little bit of happiness is better than nothing. Sheridan would then begin to talk to Sameer as the two seem to be in bright spirits. Sheridan: You look quite good yourself, are you ready to go? Sameer: Ready as I’ll ever be. Sheridan: Well stop acting like you are heading to your funeral then kid. We see Sameer smile as he gets the door for Sheridan as the two head out the door. The two are in surprisingly good spirits but it could just be Sheridan trying to stay strong and Sameer supporting her at the end of the day. Enough with the negative thoughts though as the funeral is already going to be bad enough, before the funeral though we see Ropati and Uncle Neb driving dressed up as well. As the two are driving we can only assume that they are heading to the funeral as well as they are all dressed up. Ropati looks a bit annoyed as Uncle Neb sits there with just a grin across his face clearly having some sort of plan. Ropati would begin to talk questioning Uncle Neb. Ropati: Why the hell do you want us to go to this anyways? Everyone there already hates me. We see Uncle Neb lean over looking at Ropati and laughing a bit. Ropati would glance over at him clearly confused at why the fuck he is laughing. Eventually he would calm down a bit talking to Ropati and then winking at him. Nebakos: Just trust me boy, you ain’t gonna want to miss this. We would see Ropati simply shrug his shoulders and continue to drive. Clearly we are set for an interesting funeral here nothing like we have seen before with everything coming to a head. Uncle Neb would lean back in his seat of the truck clearly relaxed and ready for whatever he has got planned for later today. Speaking of the funeral though, we would cut a bit later in the day as the funeral finally gets underway. As we cut to the funeral we see all of our Pizza Place staff sitting around the church mixed in with other family members and friends of Brenden and Keeleys. Priest Necce has just sat down delivering his own speech on Keeley earlier which seemed to move the audience a bit as we see Bart with tears in his eyes already. Brenden stands at the podium looking at his friends he has not seen in a while now, all of them there to help support him and get him through this. Brenden would begin to talk giving his speech to honor Keeley. Brenden: Keeley came into my life when we were only 16. I grew up never the popular kid, never the jock or the smartest, but she...she gave me a chance. She was my best friend, my only friend for a long long time. That feeling of love does not even begin to describe what I had felt for her. It felt like something more, something I cannot even begin to explain. She was my girl, the love of my life, let alone my soul mate. I loved her….I loved her so much. As Brenden looks up he sees Keeley walk into the church. He pauses for a moment not knowing what to say, until he eventually comes to his senses and sees that it is just another image in his head. Nothing real, just what he wants to see. Keeley would sit down in the back row and begin to listen as Brenden continues to talk. I fucked it up though. I made a mistake that cost me the only thing I ever truly loved. I hope she is looking down at me right now so she can hear my words. Words not of anger, not out of hate, not out of pity, but my words stemming from nothing more than love. When I lost her, I lost myself. I lost a part of me, the biggest part of me. A part of me I will never be able to fill. Day by day though I’ll try, I know I will and I know I will fail. We see Brenden pause for a moment as he looks around the room. Keeley is still there as the rest of the audience who is clearly moved. Bart in tears along with Sarah and Sheridan. Julius though has his arm around Sarah comforting her. Sameer seemingly tried by Sheridan shrugged him off. As for Bart and Arius we are not allowed to comment on that. Brenden though would continue on with his speech. I can’t stand living with what I have done, I hate myself everyday for it. I ask myself why I did what I did every single day...I really do. I hate myself everyday for my actions those final nights. I hate myself for not trying to fix things, for not trying to fix the only thing I ever truly valued. I know this hurt will be with me till the end of my time, but deep down I know that one day when I remember Keeley. There will be no longer any anger, no more thoughts of what if, and no more hate. I’ll be left with just love, love for what we had, love for what we built, and nothing more than love for her. We see Brenden look up again staring at “Keeley” as he talks addressing her directly. She even in his mind is crying a bit as Brenden as well begins to tear up. Brenden would continue to talk as the rest of the audience is either completely silent or crying a bit. Even Priest Necce has few tears in the front row. So to Keeley, I’ll never know what if I had been smarter. What if I never let that lust take a hold of me. I’ll never know of the kids and grandkids that we would have had. But I know one thing, bonding myself and making myself suffer is not healthy for either you or me. So Keeley, I am sorry. I am sorry for my failures as a friend and as a husband. I hope that one day when we see each other again we can get past our past and stand together in the kingdom of god. But for now Keeley, I love you but I let you go. I let you be free, be free from me, break your chains from me. But Keeley this does not mean I don’t love you. Because I will no doubt forever love you. We then see Keeley get up from the back row as Brenden watches her. She would smile before eventually walking out the front door of the church. As the door shuts behind her Brenden returns back to real life with everyone looking at him, most in tears. Brenden would then step down from the podium as people get up and begin to talk with each other as the speeches are over. Ropati and Uncle Neb would leave as well as clearly something is about to happen. Sameer would begin to talk with Brenden as they hug. Sameer: Nice speech brother. Missed you. Brenden: Thanks hope she was happy with it. We see Brenden then look over as he sees Sheridan who is standing with Sameer. There is a bit of an awkward silence between the three who have still not discussed the night between Brenden and Sheridan and hopefully won’t have to anytime soon. Sheridan: I have no doubt in my mind she did. We then see Bart and Arius walk up to the group hand in hand as they both have big smiles on their faces. Brenden looks at them confused as Bart begins to talk. Arius biting his lip as he does clearly these two being in a specific mood. Brenden just shakes his head not knowing what to say. Bart: We are happy to see you again Brenden. Glad you see you are doing well. Brenden: Yeah thanks man. Glad you came. We then see Brenden look disgusted as Toxik walks up to the group and goes to shake the hand of Brenden although he declines. Toxik, a bit offended would have a bit of a scowl on his face but does not care much. He would begin to talk, clearly words Brenden did not want to hear. Toxik: Nice speech. I feel you on all of that. Brenden: Yeah get the fuck out of my face. Toxik would rush off leaving the group. The group though would continue to talk just catching up. After a short time while everyone is talking we see Flynn walk in a pair of handcuffs in hand. Brenden sees this and walks over ready to get cuffed and brought back as he says his final goodbyes. Flynn though would walk past Brenden as Brenden looks confused. Brenden would look over as we see Flynn grab Sameer from the back of the neck! Sameer: Bro what the hell! Get the fuck off of me. Flynn: Ay whats up boy, guess what. You're under arrest mother fucker. You are under arrest for the assault of Ropati...fucks sake. Ropati whatever the fuck. We see Sheridan clearly taken back along with the rest of the group not knowing what to say or do. Sheridan would speak up though clearly not having any of it as she would grab Flynn’s arm trying to get him to stop but he would simply shrug her off as he still has Sameer pinned on the ground. Sheridan: What are you talking about? What did he even do? Flynn: Assault that's what bitch. Now you better back up a few steps before I slap you harder than your boyfriend does. Sheridan would be shocked at the words of Flynn as she begins to tear up. The rest of the Pizza Place staff shocked as well, they looked at Sheridan confused cause many of them did not know. Sameer would be pissed off by what Flynn said trying his best to get up but Flynn pulled a gun and put it to the head of Sameer as he begins to laugh. Flynn: That’s right bitch I got a whole lot of money to arrest your bitch ass. Sameer would be frozen still not knowing what to do now. Flynn would take the handcuffs and begin to handcuff Sameer when we hear a voice yell out as man steps out from the crowd. It’s Bailey and he makes sure that he gets the attention of Flynn. Bailey: Ay Flynn, HEY ASSHOLE. You got the wrong guy. I’m the one who beat Ropati’s ass. Flynn would stand up looking at Bailey confused on why he would go and do this. He was clearly thinking there would be issues with this arrest but not with his old friend Bailey Justin. Flynn would begin to talk to him as the Pizza Place staff is clearly confused as well. Flynn: Bailey...we have known each other a long time bro. I ain’t want to do this to you. Bailey: Well that’s unfortunate, cause I ain’t letting you take him with you. If you're gonna arrest anyone it’s going to be me. We see Bailey then hold out his hands ready to be cuffed. Flynn looks unsure what to do as Sameer is still on the ground not knowing if he should get up or not. Eventually we would Flynn ask Bailey a question trying to understand what the fuck Bailey is doing. Flynn: Why though? Bailey: Why’d you take the deal? Flynn: Fuck you bitch. We would see Bailey then punch Flynn in the face. Flynn would look at him not hurt more pissed off. Bailey would look back at him with a grin before Flynn would turn him around and begin to handcuff him, clearly not having any more of it. Sameer would make his way to his feet not knowing what to do to help Bailey. Flynn: Fine you asked for it you stupid cunt. Bailey: It’ll be ok guys. They won’t get this shit past court. We see Flynn begin to walk Bailey out of the church Sameer talking to him one last time before it’s too late. Sameer would look at him clearly thankful for what Bailey did. Sameer’s voice is clearly a bit broken as his best friend is in handcuffs being taken away. Sameer: Love you brother. No homo. Bailey: Love you to bro. Bailey would then give Sameer a nod before he is taken out of the church as the Pizza Place staff just stand there shocked not knowing what to do. Brenden seems to be free but Bailey just got arrested, it’s a wild and wacky world we live in and we are not even into Season 3 yet. With that though the episode comes to a close along with Season 2 of BPZ Pizza Place.
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    The Cut-Throat Way...

    Taking the microphone in hand, Sheridan draws tongue across her top lip. Audience reaction is somewhat positive for the athlete, through the odd jeer can be heard. Sheridan also competed at Judgement Day where she made the first defence of her United States Championship. Bob Sparks was at ringside for her defence against Austin Mirage at Judgement Day. Her eyes flicker from glaring onto the audience to look at Bob and then at Hans pacing back and forth beside her. With championship fastened around her waistline she takes a moment before drawing the microphone from her side to sit in front of her lips. When the Cut-Throat Crew formed, we weren't doing so under false pretences. We knew the stigma attached with becoming a stable, aligning with others for a common goal. There was no illusion for Hans, Bob and I and we knew that things would become harder, we'd face bigger challenges and take on bigger risks. There is no shame for Hans losing to Slim at Judgement Day. It'll sting, for sure, but it is merely a chink in the armour. Hans showed that he could hang with the best, one of the all time greats of BrendenPlayz Wrestling. He pushed Slim to his limits and I have no doubt, that if they ran it back down the line, Hans would come out on top. Now, not to rub salt in the wound, but Cut-Throat Crew's experiences with Judgement day weren't all bad. While Hans did lose to Slim, we had some success, in the form of.. Me! I made the first defence of this darling championship sitting around my waist. I became the first woman to defend a championship in this company and the first person to defend this title this year. In seven months! Now there was a little controversy and a few rumours floating around before the match, but all that got cleared up. I went down to that ring and I faced off against a man who called me some horrible things. Called me a bad representative of the United States of America and claimed that I slept my way to this title.. Well that's fine. Because when I grabbed Austin Mirage and threw him over my head, suplexing him into the canvas, it was his turn to go to sleep. He ate the mat and I retained this championship, as I said I would, and I intend to go through it all again, fight all-comers who want to take this prize off of my waistline. Spoiler alert, you won't. I have no intention of losing this belt for a long while. Be it Austin Mirage wanting a second shot, claiming I retained through luck or that it was a fluke, or a new challenger who wants to ascend to the throne, touch gloves and fight it out with me. The challenger does not matter all too much, when the one they're facing is me. I have improved so much, I have learned so many things from former allies like Ryan Reeves and Jonathan and I am still growing now, as a woman and as a performer as I stand alongside such talents as Bob Sparks and Hans. I just have a new-found confidence for what I can do in that ring and I proved it at Judgement Day, and I'll prove it again when I make the next defence of this United States Championship and continue to prove that I am cut-throat, someone not to be fucked with. Now, for King of the Ring.. Sheridan's eyebrow cocks. Her words catch the attention of her Cut-Throat Crew allies and the audience notice this with their attention turning to Hans, who has stopped pacing. There is some tension in the ring as Sheridan unclasps her championship from around her waistline, propped it on her shoulders. Crowd cheer their support for the orange-haired athlete, with some breaking out into a chant. A woman winning a King of the Ring tournament would be something to see. Sensing the tension between Sheridan, Hans and Bob the crowd break into a gasp, building up the tension between the three with a growing, emphatic "ooooo" chant. Hans couldn't have put it better. We're not stupid. We realise the plausibility of facing one another should we advance from our first round matches. Should Hans overcome Addy, Bob beat down Bart and I defeat Mikey for a second time in three months. We realised when we formed that, with the PowerTrip Cup, with this tournament too it'd be possible that we face one-another. But, may the best person win. I am not going to stab someone in the back for the sake of King of the Ring. It's a prestigeous tournament, with a World Championship opportunity on the line but, as Hans sand, and as Bob Sparks will say. It won't break us up. We're young and determined but we're also smart enough to realise, some things are bigger than that, and us sticking together even when facing in the ring is a priority, a need. So if I happen to fight Bob, or fight Hans. I'd expect nothing less than their absolute best because that's what I'll bring, the same as I'll bring to Mikey in the first round. Should I happen to defeat Mikey, beat whoever comes afterwards and happen to win the entire thing I won't pretend I wouldn't be overcome with emotion. What a dream it'd be to do that! Going on to fight for the biggest prize in this sport, on one of the biggest events of the calendar year, it'd be pretty cool. But I'm going to be honest and say it isn't a priority. I like being the United States Champion. Having the privilege of coming out here with gold in my hand and saying what I want, when I want. Calling people out or being called out, throwing insults or being insulted. It's all a blast, it's all in the business and I adore it. So with that in mind I have to sound out that warning once more, to Mikey in the King of the Ring tournament, and to any man who thinks they're tough enough to gun for me and for this championship on my shoulder. I am only getting better with each match. Only training harder and better with each passing day. Being apart of something, evolving this way, it installs a fresh ambition within you and a need, a want to improve and do better. Coming for this title is an act of war and you telling me that you don't want me to improve. I am going to stomp out your ambitions with a gleeful smile on my lips. Bringing the microphone from her lips to her side. The audience's reaction to Sheridan's words is mixed with positive cheers thrown in with the occasional jeer. Cocking her brow once more, she passes over the microphone to Bob Sparks, bringing her United States Championship from her shoulder to adjust it around her waistline once more. She says something to Hans, taking a step back to do so, which draws a smirk from the Cut-Throat Crew leader. Her attention then turns to Bob, awaiting what he has to say.
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    Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Judgement Day! Tonight we will see Hans Clayton vs Slim in the main event of the show for the BPZ Undisputed Championship. Sameer vs Arius vs Aaron Newton for the Intercontinental Championship and much more here tonight at Judgement Day. However, tonight we start off with the PowerTrip Cup Finals. We reply all three men's run to the finals. Mikey defeating Brad and then both his matches vs Bob then vs Sameer and Bob ending in some sort of draw. Sameer's trip the finals defeating Gunner in the first round, then Yelich in the second round. Then him vs Mikey vs Bob ending in a draw between Mikey and Sameer which ended in a double pin on Bob. Now we play FDS journey to the finals the only Carnage member here tonight. He defeated KENJI in the first round which may be the biggest upset of the tournament. He then went on to defeat Alex Costa in the second round and Broken Nate in the Carnage Finals. FDS vs Sameer vs Mikey in an elimination match to decide the PowerTrip Cup Winner is to start the show. My Demons by STARSET echos throughout the arena here in Houston, Texas. Sameer emerges from the curtains backstage onto the entrance ramp where he receives a massive pop from the audience here at the Toyota Center. Sameer was arguably the favorite to win the PowerTrip Cup Tournament since it began. However, 2 weeks ago he was pushed to his limit by Mikey and Bob Sparks in the Valor finals. This match is just only the beginning of the night for Sameer as he has to defend his Intercontinental Championship against Marc Aaron Newton and Arius later tonight. Sameer makes it inside the ring climbs the turnbuckle and poses for the fans here tonight in the Toyota Center. M.A.A.D. City by Kendrick Lamar hits through the Toyota Center as Mikey comes out to a rain of boos from the audience here tonight at the Toyota Center. However, Mikey just takes it in and smirks enjoying the fans booing him. Mikey enters the ring and puts his arms in the air and begins to taunt at the fans as boos get louder and louder. Sameer and Mikey both have a staredown in the ring, the ref in between both of them. This is the second time both men have faced off in the past month. However, their attention turns back as the next man makes his entrance. Subconscious” by Julia Claris echos throughout Houston, Texas. As both Mikey and Sameer watch while “The Phoenix” FDS makes his entrance here tonight at Judgement Day. One year ago Sameer took away the Premium Championship from him at this same PPV. But a lot has changed in one year. FDS has made it to the finals on this tournament despite everyone thinking that he would exit it in the first round. He's had an amazing in this tournament and looks to cap it off by winning the whole thing. BPZ PowerTrip Cup Finals: FDS vs Sameer vs Mikey The bell rings as the crowd looks on in excitement to see who will win the BPZ PowerTrip Cup Tournament. All three men circle around the ring knowing each other pretty well, Sameer and Mikey having a match 2 weeks before this match, FDS and Mikey being in the same group known as Bulletproof for a short amount of time, and of course the two long time rivals, Sameer and FDS who have had countless battles in the past 5 years in BPZ. After circling the ring for a little bit, FDS catches Mikey off guard and hits him with a clothesline landing Mikey outside the ring momentarily. Bringing the attention back to the ring, the two veterans being the circle the ring once again. Knowing each other so well. They begin to chain wrestle. FDS gains the advantage and gets Sameer into a headlock. It doesn't take Sameer very long to counter this push FDS into the ropes and get out the headlock FDS bounces off the ropes and hits a knee strike to the Intercontinental Champion. The Phoenix looks to have control of the match until Mikey comes back from the outside back into the ring and hits FDS with a running bulldog. As Sameer is trying to recover from the brutal knee strike that FDS hit him. Mikey Irish wipes him into the turnbuckle, Sameer tries to fight Mikey off in the corner, but Mikey counters Sameers punch into a punch of his own. Mikey then puts Sameer on the top rope and attempts a superplex, though while on the top rope, Sameer begins to fight off Mikey and pushes him off the top rope onto the mat. Sameer then recovers on the top rope and looks down at Mikey. Sameer jumps from the top rope onto Mikey connecting with a Frog Splash! Sameer goes for a pin right off the Frog Splash 1..No! Mikey kicks out right before the 2 count by the referee. After Sameer gets up from the pinfall. He sees Mikey roll outside the ring to avoid any more offense from Sameer. Smart move from the young man in the match. Sameer looks on the outside where Mikey rolled out to not focusing his attention in the ring. FDS quickly seeing this and quickly goes for a rollup on Sameer. 1..2-No! Sameer kicks out at 2! FDS almost pulled a fast one on Sameer right there and then. FDS takes advantage of Sameer who is in shock. He shoves Sameer into the turnbuckle. Sameer bounces off the ropes and FDS hits him with a Snap Dragon Suplex! After the perfectly hit Snap Dragon Suplex, FDS goes for the cover on Sameer. 1..2.-No! Sameer kicks out at two again. Sameer looks to be out of it right now despite him kicking out. FDS looks to be setting Sameer up for The Path Of Greatness move. FDS sits in the corner and waiting for Sameer to get back up. However, Mikey takes advantage of FDS focused on Sameer and gets inside the right and hits FDS with a NIGHTMARE! Mikey heads into the cover on FDS looking to eliminate him from this match. 1..2.-NO! FDS kicks out of the Nightmare at two to stay in the match! While all that was happening Sameer rolled outside the ring. He springboards back into the ring and hits Mikey with a Springboard High Knee Strike. Taking down "The Star Attraction" to the mat. Sameer would pick up Mikey. However, Mikey would begin to throw punches at Sameer and stun him for a moment. Sameer would desperately try and hit Mikey with a clothesline however he'd reserves that into the Pele Kick! Taking Sameer off his feet. Mikey quickly continues the offense on hitting Sameer with an elbow strike and dropkick combo. Mikey turns Sameer around onto his stomach and sets up for Lockdown! (LionTamer) and is able to get it in and Sameer tries to fight it, however, you can see the agony that Mikey is inflicting on Sameer with this move. After a few more seconds of the Lockdown being in effect. Sameer is able to counter it but he is down and out for the moment. FDS has recovered from the Nightmare that he was hit with earlier in the match and is back on his feet. He picks up Mikey from behind into a suplex position and hits the Backdrop Driver on Mikey! Quickly goes into the corner and begins to set up for the Running Knee Strike! As Mikey is on his knees trying to heads towards the ropes. FDS runs towards Mikey and hits him with The Path To Greatness! FDS quickly covers Mikey. 1...2..3! Mikey Has Been Eliminated! FDS looks down at Mikey who he just eliminated. Leaving two men left in this match, FDS, and Sameer. Sameer comes from behind a just to roll up FDS for the win. 1..2.-No! FDS kicks out at two! Sameer nearly just grabbed a quick one on The Phoenix! Sameer goes for a Superkick but FDS ducks it and counters with a Backdrop Suplex! FDS heads toward the corner once again stalking his prey. Sameer begins to attempt to get up but is hit with a PATH TO GREATNESS! FDS quickly heads into the cover on Sameer! Is FDS about to win the PowerTrip Cup Finals!? 1...2..-NO! Sameer is just able to kick out! FDS for a second looks frustrated but quickly keeps himself in check. He waits for Sameer to get back up to his feet, being calm, cool, and collected in his next action. Sameer uses the ropes to get back up and realizes that FDS is waiting for him. He tries to strike FDS. However, FDS counters into an ARMBAR! FDS is attempting to make Sameer tap out here! The referee asks Sameer if he's willing to tap out. Sameer screams at the referee no as FDS continues to apply more pressure onto the arm of Sameer. After a few more seconds of it being in. Sameer is able to find a counter to the move and throws a couple of punches at FDS on the mat for him to let go of the arm. As both men are getting up, FDS runs at Sameer but he runs right into a SUPERKICK! By Sameer! He quickly goes into the cover on The Phoenix! 1..2..-NO! FDS kicks out at two! As FDS tries to get back up to his feet Sameer hits him with a CURB STOMP! Sameer goes into the cover on FDS 1...2...3! Sameer has won the BPZ PowerTrip Cup Tournament! Sameer stands tall as the referee raises his hand in victory here tonight. He will have an opportunity at the Undisputed Championship! FDS gets back up after the loss to Sameer here tonight as he exits the ring both him and Sameer nod at each other showing a sign of some respect between the two rivals.
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    BPZ Judgement Day Press Conference: Slim

    We are live on BPZ's YouTube Channel, as we are merely days away from BPZ's first pay-per-view of the summer, Judgement Day. We have many exciting matches, including another long night for our BPZ World Champion, as Don Dada takes on Hans Clayton for the Undisputed Championship, and his Merciless Family brethren, Johnny Kills for the BPZ World Championship. And the man of the hour himself, Slim bursts through the double doors, grabbing the microphone and beginning to talk immediately. Slim sits down at the table, grabbing the microphone as he holds it in his hands, as the reporters are buzzing, as Don Dada cuts them all off and begins talking. Shut the fuck up. All of you, every single one of you. Are you kidding me? I grace you with my presence, and what are you doing as the greatest of all-time enters the room? Talking to each other? About what? Bullshit, that's what. It's unbelievable, where's the applause, the admiration for the undisputed GREATEST TO EVER DO THIS! You know what, that's fine. I'm a forgiving man, I'm a fair man. I'm gonna give you idiots a second chance. Ask me a question, anyone of you. Mike Hunt, the Inside Scoop: Undoubtedly, you have a big night ahead of you. A World Championship, and an Undisputed Championship Match. How are you preparing for these matches, and does the fact that you are pulling double-duty change your preparation in anyway? So I give you a second chance... And you screw it up again, fuck-face. No, shut your mouth, listen to me when I'm talking to you and don't EVER interrupt me again, bitch. You know what, fine, I'll answer your bullshit question. I haven't worked out in 5 years, and I have won championship after championship, could you imagine if I worked out? I'd be KILLING men inside that ring. If I worked out, if anyone in that locker room saw me in the gym, they'd shit themselves, because I am that damn good. My preparation doesn't change for anything. I did it last month, under much more extreme circumstances, and now I'm tasked with two lesser opponents. Ben Dover, the Inside Scoop: At Judgement Day, you face the reigning Undisputed Champion, Hans Clayton, and this week on Valor, you two got face-to-face, with things getting very intense. Do you have any afterthoughts following this confrontation? Do I have any after-thoughts about our confrontation? My afterthoughts are that I kicked his fucking ass on the stick, just like I'm gonna do on June 28th at Judgement Day. You know, I wasted time out of my never-ending, grueling schedule, to come to Valor to stand face-to-face with that idiot, and he shit the bed. That little bastard doesn't even deserve to hear the greatest of all-time mention his name, yet alone deserve my presence. I am a national icon, I could be somewhere, kissing babies, shaking people's hands. But no, instead I'm here, because of the delusional sons-of-bitches who can't see through him. This whole match, the idea that this little kid, is in my level, is a sham within itself. He proved that himself, when he had the AUDACITY to claim that I need people to stay at the top. The only taste of reaching the top you ever had, junior, is because your boys helped you win that title. Once again, you didn't even pin the champion. You have the nerve to talk to me about needing people, fuck-face? You came down to that very same ring that you won the title in, and you relished in the idea of your boys helping you. See, that's the thing with you, I see through the smoke and mirrors. You don't believe anything you're saying, and that's evident, you're swinging for the fences in a last-ditch effort to retain that championship, to hold onto the only thing that's keeping you relevant. Unfortunately for you, you're striking out. Maybe try again? Slim smirks into the camera, as he knows somewhere, Hans Clayton is watching this very same press conference. The next reporter asks a question. Adrian Wojpati: I'll ask the question that everyone is seemingly afraid to ask... What if you lose to Hans? Did you just ask, what if I lose? You wanna know why no one asked that question? Because it's a stupid fucking question. Listen here, Adrian Wojpati, that's a stupid name, by the way, maybe you should change it. No one in the entire UNIVERSE, thinks I'm gonna lose this match. No one in the media, no one in the locker room thinks I'm gonna lose this match, except those bastards, Cutthroat Crew. Everyone saw what happened on Valor when we went face-to-face, I left the boy himself, the "Leader of Valor", absolutely speechless. Slim laughs, mocking the Leader nickname of Hans, as he continues on. For this next part of this speech, I'd like to address the boy himself. I know you're watching somewhere, writing down on notes everything I've said so you can piece together a half-decent response, but you can't change the truth, kid. And the truth is, you think you are better than you are. I've seen stupid motherfuckers like you come year-after-year, first it was Elliot. Then it was Jason Black, or Chris White, or whatever you wanna call him. You talk about how you're been perfecting your craft for the past year, I've been perfecting mine for FIVE. You have no idea what perfecting your craft is, you have no idea how to do it, and you have no idea what it means. It's just another thing that "sounds good", so you say it without truly knowing the meaning behind said thing. You had the wool pulled over the sheep's eyes, you truly did. I'm no stranger to this, so I see through it. I've done it, so have many others, but just like you can pull the wool over, you can take it off, Leader. And make no mistake about it, you know what happened in that ring on Valor. I've been waiting 4 months for this match, I've been waiting 7 months to get the Undisputed Championship shot I finally deserve. Do you really believe that I, the greatest of all-time, will let this moment pass me by? I'm cool under pressure, you, however, are not. I am the one bound to implode... No, my friend. That's you. Our paths may not have crossed these last four months, but make no mistake about it, I have been studying you, that's why it came as no surprise when you used the same strategy against me on the microphone that so many before you have. You clearly have no idea what you're in store for, at Judgement Day, and that's fine. Continue to doubt, continue to overlook. The look of surprise, the look of defeat will be very satisfying when you're covered in blood, and the Undisputed Championship no longer belongs to you. In this business, if you don't pay your debts, you're finished. And champ, it's time to pay up. Mike Hunt, BPZ Insider Scoop: Slim, in addition to facing Hans, you also have a World Championship defense against Merciless Family brethren, Jonathan. How do you feel about yet another member of the family challenging you? I'm fine with it. You see, everyone in the family, they have the drive to be the best. They all want the spot I possess. It's no surprise to me that Jonathan wants to reclaim the top of the mountain, that he wants to avenge Bailey's loss. He wants to give me the fight that proves whether I am the man I say I am, but Jonathan, to that I say... If I want that fight, you're sure as hell not the man to give it to me. You're a lot like the other guy, Jonathan. You're good, but not great, and sometimes I wonder in the leadup to this match, if you truly could carry the company as I have. Being champion is tiring, it's a pain in the ass but what you reap from being the top guy is all worth it. You say your prep is better than mine. What prep? Being hungover? You're just another chapter in this book of my reign, and the sooner you realize that, buddy, the sooner we can repair the family. Until then, I will put down every Death Rider who comes for my head with no remorse. That's it, I'm done, get the hell out of my way. Slim moves the media personnel around him, walking out of the room with his BPZ World Championship on his shoulder, as he has given his thoughts to the media and his press conference is officially over. Can the self-proclaimed Greatest of All-Time retain his World Championship at Judgement Day against Jonathan? Can he unseat the God of War, Hans Clayton? We will find out very soon.
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    BPZ PIZZA PLACE: SEASON 2 EPISODE 8 “Pizza Party” The long awaited return episode of BPZ Pizza Place kicks off as we see Brenden, a younger Brenden back once again. He is with Keeley as the remnants of their relationships seem to still be existing at least in Brenden’s mind. The two are at a smoothie shop of sorts as they are on yet another date. The young couple seem happy although it’s a shame it doesn’t end up to be this happy later down the line. The two are sitting at a table as Brenden begins to talk. Brenden: You happy to finally be out of school? Summer vacation here we come. Finally no more tests and all of that shit. Just you and I with all the time in the world. Keeley would look at Brenden and smile clearly excited about the idea. Brenden smirks and takes another sip of his smoothie as we then see Keeley begin to talk. The shop is packed as it seems to be the go to spot for teens with school now closed for the summer. Keeley: Yeah don’t know how you ended up getting this lucky. I am usually all booked up but I think freeing up some time for you was a good idea. Brenden: Oh busy with what? Everytime we hang out you just wanna sit back on the couch all day and watch TV and shit. Busy my ass. Keeley: Hey there are some quality shows and movies though, I know you love Twilight. Brenden: Oh yeah I love nothing more than watching that. But I guess being with you makes it a whole lot better though. Afterall you're my best view. We see Keeley flash a bit of an unimpressed grin after Brenden’s attempt at a pickup line. Brenden would sip awkwardly from his smoothie as Keeley would begin to giggle. Brenden would then grin a bit as although the line failed, Keeley did not seem to care. Keeley: Speaking of being with me though. I need you to be with me Sunday night because I have a special night planned for us. I’m talking Pizza, a movie marathon, and probably some cuddling mixed in with it. Brenden: As long as it ain’t Twilight I am in. Keeley: Well what if it is? Brenden: Well then I can promise you there might be a movie on but there is gonna be less watching and alot more “cuddling”. Keeley: Well if that’s the case I hope you have gotten better since last time with your “cuddling” skills. Cause last time was let’s just say a bit disappointing. Brenden: Says the one who could barely stand up after last time? The scene would then suddenly change as we see Brenden once again waking up drenched in sweat as Slim is already standing up rubbing his back. It seems that this has been happening alot to Brenden as he clearly cannot stop thinking about Keeley even though she is gone. The scene then slowly fades to black as we jump to a new scene. We cut to a bit later in the day as we are at the BPZ Pizza Place now as Bailey has the whole staff sitting around in the dining area as he looks down at his watch and shakes his head. We see Bailey sigh as he begins to talk addressing the staff. Bailey: Well since Sheridan is not showing up it seems let me just tell you why I called you in a bit earlier today. Well we are not going to be serving today. Instead we are going to have a staff bonding exercise. Tonight let’s say around eight we are going to have a party. Now I want you all to invite some people so we can make this a blast. I know we all have not been on the best of terms lately but I think this is going to help that out a bit. Toxik: So by anyone, you mean we can invite anyone right? We see Bailey put his hand to his eyes clearly annoyed at Toxik’s question. He would walk over to him, standing over him as he begins to talk to him. Toxik would sink back into his chair clearly afraid of Bailey, as a grin appears on the face of Bailey. It would return to a serious scowl though as he talks to Toxik, threatening him. Bailey: My guy, if you show up with them pillow sheet boys. I personally gonna take them robes and paint them red, if you catch my drift kid. Toxik: Yeah...yeah...yeah..don’t worry I won’t. We would see Bailey look down at Bailey before patting him on the shoulder and laughing. Bailey would then walk to the back clearly happy with how the meeting went. The staff would then slowly make their way out of the Pizza Place, on their way to go invite whoever they decide to invite. As we see the staff slowly make their way out of the Pizza Place two men have not moved yet. Bart and Arius are still sitting at a booth as clearly whatever has been affecting Bart as of late is still having a huge effect on him. Bart would then take a sip from a glass of water he has as Arius begins to talk with him, trying to figure out what is going on. Arius: Who was it? Bart: He, he saved me life and I don’t know why. We would see Arius look a bit shocked at the new information given from Bart here. We would see Bart then walk off clearly not wanting to talk about it anymore at least right now. Arius looks at Bart walking away clearly confused as he talks to himself. Arius: Who is he? The scene would then slowly fade out away from a shot of Arius sitting alone at the table clearly trying to figure out who he is, and why someone would save Bart’s life or when they could have. Arius himself tries to figure it out as the scene then shifts to another scene. We would see Julius out on the porch as he is smoking a cigarette and calling someone on his phone. We can hear in on the call as the phone rings. Julius’ face clearly shows that he is hoping for someone to pickup. Eventually we hear the voice of a woman's answer, it’s Sarah. Sarah: Julius, I thought I already--- Julius: Listen, just give me a chance to explain myself. I know the other night did not exactly go to plan but I have my reasoning. There are things I need to tell you. Sarah: Well I can’t really talk right now Ju Ju I got to help Steph with his math homework and finish cooking up dinner. Julius: Just have Kenji do it. I am sure he’s good at math. We see a slight grin appear on the face of Julius, clearly happy with his joke even if it may be a bit racist. Julius would nod to Bashka and Smith as they walk past him, heading toward the back of the Pizza Place. Julius would then continue to listen in to the phone call. Sarah: I mean you're not wrong. Just slightly racist though. Julius: Well look we are having a party at the Pizza Place tonight around 8. It would be great if you could show up, besides someone is gonna have to drive Arrow here anyways. Sarah: Ok I’ll tell you what. I’ll think about it, no promises though. Julius: I’ll take that chance. We would see Julius then hang up the phone. As a big smile appears on his face. We would see Julius even fist pump the air as he is clearly excited. We would see Bob and Meko even walk past Julius at one point laughing, but Julius does not seem to care as he might be hanging out with Sarah tonight at the Pizza Party. The scene would then shift away from the Pizza Place as we see Toxik, pulling up to a house in his car. Toxik steps out of the car, a smile on his face as he is clearly in high spirits. As Toxik approaches the house we see him knock, looking around as he waits for someone to answer the door. We eventually see a man open the door as he answers it with a smile as Toxik walks into the home. The scene would then fast forward a bit as we see the two talking inside the home. Toxik: It’s been a while GRV how have you been? GRV: Pretty good actually, my music career is gonna take off, it looks like. I ain’t too popular with the blacks with my lyrics, but it is what it is. Toxik: Ay, who cares what the blacks think anyways. They need KNEES not opinions. The two men would then laugh before fist pumping. They are clearly in the basement of the home as we hear footsteps above them as it is clear GRV still lives with his parents, late into his 30s. We would hear GRV then begin to talk once again. GRV: You know I haven't heard from you in a while, I was getting a bit worried. I missed those pics you sent me of that chick. Toxik: Wait what pictures? GRV: That chick you were dating, Keeley? Boy oh boy did I have some fun with those pics. I’m talking 10 times a day, 6 days a week. You should send me some more when you get the chance. Toxik: I feel you on that brother. But about Keeley, GRV. I don’t know how to say this but, GRV she’s dead now. GRV: Oh even better, I kind of got a thing for dead girls. There would be a bit of an awkward silence as Toxik does not know quite how to react to that. Toxik though would eventually break the silence with a bit of a chuckle as he begins to talk to GRV once again. Toxik: I mean not as bad as some of the shit I’m into I guess. But the reason I came though, I want you to come to a party tonight. A “pizza party”. GRV: Hell yeah bro, just like the old days. Doritos, mountain dew, and minecraft. But now with pizza and hot girls. Toxik: Cool it on the hot girls, all we got is this Sheridan chick and she’s a 4 at best. She do be wildin though so she might give you a little something if you slide her like a 30 dollars. GRV: Hey mom, I am going out tonight getting some pizza and some pussy! Toxik: Also I am going to need your help, you see there is this Hans guy and he has been pissing me off. He killed Keeley too, oh and I think he has some impure background too. GRV: Time to get the knees ready? Toxik: You know it. The two would then exchange a really fucking cringey handshake before the scene fades away. Clearly GRV and Toxik have a plan for later tonight at the Pizza Party hopefully it does not go like Brad’s plan. Although have any of Toxik’s plans ever worked? As the scene shifts away we see the Cliq in what seems to be Icons home. Three members of the Cliq are present, Mikey, Amai, and of course Icon. Clearly the three have been drinking as we see empty beer cans spread around the room. We all see a bottle of tequila about half empty as well. We see Icon begin to talk as they clearly have already been talking, but Icon starts a new topic. Icon: You know I am glad I kicked Arrow’s ass the other day, kid had it coming for a while. Mikey: Bro what do you even have against that kid anyways? Icon: He’s got my girl bro, I've been after Paris for like 3 years. Amai: Dude legit you could fuck anyone in the school, and you going after some fucking nerd. Icon: I already been with them preppy rich bitches dude, I want something different. She ain’t making it easy either, I like that. We would see a bit of a sour reaction appear on the face of Mikey. Clearly Mikey although friends with Icon is not a fan of what Icon had to say there. Mikey would take another swig of beer before confronting Icon on what he had to say. Mikey: I’m gonna be honest with you Icon, this kind of messed up. Like we've been friends for like our whole lives and I ain’t ever seen you this kind of way. Icon: Well you would know about messed up wouldn't you Mikey. We would see a seemingly hurt expression appear on the face of Mikey as what Icon said clearly had a personal effect on him. Mikey would take another sip of beer as the room heads into an awkward silence and the scene then shifts. As we cut back to the Pizza Place. We cut back to the Pizza Place as the party is underway. We see the staff spread out across the dining room as we see Smith, Bashka, and First Class Express sitting at the bar drinking with Bob and Meko. Julius seems to be sitting alone at the bar as he watches some NBA on the bar TV. Bailey is sitting with his family, his son Kai and Sameer. Bart and Arius are standing by the snack table just watching everyone and occasionally talking a bit. We would then see the camera make its way back to the door as we see the pair of Toxik and GRV arrive. Toxik: Alright where's that maple syrup drinking, moose cum showering son of a bitch? GRV: I think I found your boy. GRV would point at Arius as Toxik shakes his head. Arius looks at GRV with a menacing look as GRV quickly looks away. We would then see Toxik tap GRV on his shoulder as he points Hans out at the bar who has not noticed Toxik and GRV yet. We would see the pair walk up to Hans at the bar as GRV begins to talk to Hans as Hans looks at GRV confused. GRV: Alright bro, I’m gonna be real with you! You fucking with my homie, and I don’t dig that! So I am here to set things straight! You and me right now, I'm gonna bash your head into the ground! I don’t care how good your healthcare is, I’m going to fuck you up! We would see GRV stare Hans down, as Hans looks at him and laughs. We see some of the attention from the room shift over to the confrontation because GRV was screaming the whole time. We would see Hans get up from his chair and look at GRV, seemingly waiting to see him make the first move as Toxik watches on. We would see GRV kick Hans in the shin, as Hans is pissed. GRV seemingly caused a bit of pain to Hans with the kick. GRV would celebrate as he high fives Toxik, turning his back to Hans. As GRV turns back around though we see Hans drop him with an uppercut. Toxik would be shocked as he would fall down, laying into the fetal position clearly not wanting any part of Hans. Hans would shake his head looking down at the two before heading back to the bar and continuing to drink. The camera would then make it’s way over to a table by the side as we see Bailey sat with his son Kai and Sameer. Bailey and Kai are clearly digging into the pepperoni pizza on the table. Sameer though does not seem to have much of an appetite as clearly something is bothering him. Bailey notices this and smirks, watching as Sameer keeps looking back over the door hoping for someone to show up at the party. Bailey: She ain’t showing up, kid. Don’t let that ruin your night. Sameer: Your probably right, but what if--- Bailey: Sameer, she belongs to the streets. Sheridan ain’t meant to be loved like that. Besides you know what they say Sameer, there are plenty more fish in the sea. Sameer: Yeah I guess, but I really thought I found the right one. Bailey would pat Sameer on the shoulder handing him a slice of the pizza. We would also see Kai grinning, pretty much laughing at Sameer before Bailey would slap him upside the head. As Sameer digs into the pizza, we suddenly see a woman enter the Pizza Place. Sameer would look excited for a second but it’s not Sheridan, it’s Sarah. We see Julius turn around at the bar waving at Sarah as she comes and sits next to Julius, Meko grabbing her a drink as the two begin to talk. Julius: Glad you were able to make it. Been a while since we went to a bar. Sarah: There is a reason for that, but I needed a drink. Julius: Rough day? We see Sarah shake her head as she takes a swig of beer, as Julius looks at her. She would let out a deep sigh clearly confirming what Julius had thought. Julius would grin as Sarah begins to talk about how her day went. Sarah: You could say that. The kids are a lot of work, Arrow with all of this bully stuff and his girlfriend. Then Steph has been struggling with his homework, it’s just a lot. Julius: You got KENJI to help you out though right? Sarah: Jules barely. He always watches this pro wrestling stuff, like he just bought a 500 dollar YOSHI-HASHI cut out. I just don’t get it. Julius: Like the super mario character? Sarah: No hes some japanese dude with like Donald Trump hair, weird as fuck. Julius sits there a bit confused trying to imagine YOSHI-HASHI in his head. Julius would eventually just take a big chug of beer before shifting the conversation in a different direction. Julius: Damn, well at least he is bringing in that money. Sarah: I wish, he barely brings in anything then he just spends all of it. Like he complains about me buying stuff sometimes. Just like getting up my ass all the time, very annoying. Julius: You never said me getting up your ass was annoying, in fact you enjoyed it. Sarah: Very funny Ju Ju. The two would continue to talk as the camera slowly fades away from them and pans over to Bart and Arius at a table sitting with one another. Arius would ask Bart a simple question as we see Bart answer it much to the surprise of Arius, as Bart has been very silent to anytime that Arius tried to figure out what was going on. Both of them seem to be a bit under the influence as Arius begins to talk. Arius: Who is this all about? What made you like this? Bart: It was Nathan Sawyer, he...he saved my life. Arius: In the shooting? Bart: Yeah, he pushed me off my stool and took the bullet. I don’t know why he did it but he did it. Arius: Hey, it’s alright. I got something I want you to see. As the two then walk off heading for the back we would also see GRV get up to his feet. A bloody lip after the uppercut from Hans earlier. As GRV wakes up the first thing he sees is Sarah at the bar sitting with Julius. Toxik helps GRV up to his feet but GRV seems focused on something else as he makes his way over to Sarah and Julius at the bar. The two are laughing clearly having a good time. We would see GRV though come from behind and grab Sarah’s breasts as she screams. Julius is furious as he grabs GRV by the shirt and begins to beat the absolute shit out of him. We would see Toxik try to intervene only for Hans to tackle him to the ground as we see Hans and Julius both on top of Toxik and GRV as the 4 men are brawling. We eventually see Toxik and Hans get broken up by Bailey and Sameer. Julius continues to bash GRV’s head into the ground, until we see him in a bloody mess in the ground. Julius would look up to see Sarah’s shocked expression, as he would then stop. Getting off GRV as he looks down at his bloody hands. When Julius though looks back up, Sarah is leaving the Pizza Place. Julius looks around at everyone else who is in shock, clearly agreeing with what Julius did, but maybe feeling he took it a bit too far. The scene would then slowly fade out as we see Julius standing over a bloody mess of GRV as the rest of the staff look at him shocked. The episode slowly winds down as we see Ropati being released from prison, as he was bailed out. As we see him step through the gate, he takes a deep breath. Already being freed from prison, after a few short days. Still a cut and a black eye seen on his face after his brawl with Brenden, but now free, as Brenden is still locked up in prison. As we see Ropati look up he smiles, as the camera slowly pans around to the back of his head as we can see who he is looking at. It’s Sheridan! Sheridan seemingly bailed out Ropati even after all the pain he put her through. Ropati would make his way across the street and go to embrace Sheridan but she pushes him away. Sheridan: Just get in the truck, we have things to talk about. We would then see Ropati and Sheridan get in the truck, Sheridan driving as the truck pulls away. The two driving off into the distance, in the dead of night as nothing else can be seen. Just the lights coming from the back of the truck and the stars as the episode comes to an end.
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    With the soothing melodic notes gracing our ears, as we fade in from pure blackness, we are met by a calm and concentrated Eli Smith who takes in a deep breath as he slowly raises his arms up above his head. Now releasing his breath, Eli spreads his arms out wide, pointing his fingers out flat as he peers along his arm and into the camera. Diverting from the focused shot on the BPZ Hall Of Famer, we are now blessed with the beautiful sights of the northwestern Welsh mountainous region known as Snowdonia. Notably, it is known that Eli's family origins are routed in Wales, something he embraced during his campaign in the British independent scene, during which he was dubbed 'The Red Dragon'. Returning back to Eli Smith, we now see cinematic clips of him training, from exhausting sprints to high-speed shadow-boxing. As the work Eli has been putting in is showcased visually, the music is eclipsed by recordings of another BPZ Hall Of Famer, one that has opposed Creed since it's existence. "Creed made me into a liar, they made me a loser and they embarrassed me. Never before have I had such formidable foes. All have fallen to my Will, to my power, yet they unlike the rest, overcome it. They prosper when I press them. When I set the bar, they set it higher. So I recognize if I wanna be the champion of BPZ, I gotta fucking prove it. Creed remains months following the culmination of my war with them, PROSPERING." As this recording comes to an end, we move to an old-fashioned villa confined in the deserted mountains of Snowdonia. Inside the house, Eli is seen pouring himself a glass of water before stepping out onto the porch that overlooks the grand lake. Now, with his attention turned to the camera, he begins to speak. For the past couple of weeks, I've been absent from your TV screens. In fact, it's only been Sameer parading the Creed banner as of late in his triumphant march through the PowerTrip Cup. As reigning BPZ Tag Team Champions, perhaps Bart and I owe you an apology but as commanding General Manager of Valor, Bart rightfully can be asked to be excused with the future of the brand looking bright thanks to the effort I know he's been putting in. Nonetheless, that still leaves me. After coming as close as physically possible to winning without actually walking out victorious, I walked out of the Chase Center with my head hung. In the eyes of the record-book, I didn't lose but as long as the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship remains absent from my possession, that night is conclusively a failed venture. Since Mayhem, I've been offline; I haven't touched my phone and I've barely been in contact with family, friends, or anyone. Yet, this isolation hasn't been one of depression; with all this time to myself, I've spent every single day pushing myself past my limits physically, mentally, and spiritually. Whilst I could've been laying on my sofa in my warming home in Miami, I traveled to the mountains of Snowdonia in Wales. Here, my grandfather spent years of his life training to become one of the fiercest Cymru warriors in this great nation's history. In these mountains, decades ago, my grandfather crafted himself into a fighter that would lay the legacy for my family. Now, two generations later, here I stand. As the clock struck midnight on the 31st of May, I sat staring into the sky, completely lost, with the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship out of my reach but now, I'm fully-focused, more tuned-in than ever before and knowing that I will not let a single thing end the almighty reign as BPZ Tag Team Champions that Bart and I have enacted. When Bart, Sameer and I stand together, we are unbeatable, unbreakable, and unbounded because like we've said time and time again, this is more than just any other stable you've ever seen, this is a brotherhood of three all-time greats willing to risk it all for each other. As one of our biggest critiques said, if you live by the Creed, you die by the Creed. With Smith's words given, the screen fades to one last shot of his training as he poses with his hands pressed against each other and his eyes closed whilst he meditates. On top of this, one last quote from Jeremiah Flynn is played, echoing Smith's final statement. "I said months ago that if you live by that Creed, you will die by the Creed."
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    Arius Arius at St.Valentine's Day Massacre 2019 Birth name Unknown Born June 19th, 19?? (age ??) Unknown Residence Port Washington, NY, United States Professional wrestling career Ring name(s) Arius Billed height 6'1 (1.85 m) Billed weight 225 lb (102 kg) Billed from Gold Country (Bathurst), Australia Teatro di San Carlo, Naples, Italy Trained by Debut December, 2018 Arius (Born June 19th, 19??) is an Australian professional wrestler currently working for Brendenplayz Wrestling where he was the inaugural BPZ North American Champion, holding it for 163 days with 3 defences. He also is working independently as a producer. In BPZ, Arius is a one-time BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, a one-time Intercontinental Champion and a one-time United States Champion. Arius debuted for BPZ in December 2018 and joined the developmental brand NXT, where he won the NXT Championship at BPZ December to Dismember 2018 in his debut contest. Upon moving to BPZ's main roster in 2019 he won several championships on his way to becoming the winner of the 2020 Royal Rumble match, and defeated Julius for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship at BPZMania V, while also becoming a Triple Crown Champion in the process. Early life Details of his early life are scarce and excerpts from given interviews with Arius are the only source of information, whether they are to believed or not is another conversation all together. Born in Gold Country (Bathurst), Australia, he travelled across the country during his youth before finding himself. He has said to have enjoyed considerable success as a student at the Royal Academy of Music (RAM), and spent much of his time furthering his compositional and piano-playing skills under distinguished tutors. Dabbling in theatre during his studies he is a self professed lover of the arts and feels that competitive nature of professional wrestling is an art in itself which deserves to have its limits pushed. Arius is easily recognisable owing greatly to its eccentric on-stage presence. He has notoriously been associated with a group of followers who wear virtually identical, face-concealing masks. Throughout his career in professional wrestling and on the stage. Often seen around live and social events. His current ring name is said to be inspired from Arius, philosopher and teacher of Augustus Professional wrestling career Independent circuit (2014–2018) (To Be Added) BPZ (2018 - Current) NXT and NXT Champion (2018–2019) Joining BrendenPlayz Wrestling during December, 2018, Arius worked silent as a new rookie to NXT along with a group of new signees to the promotion hoping rejuvenate the division after stagnation. Heading into December to Dismember 2018 a traditional battle royal match was set for LegendOrigin to defend his NXT Championship against the new crop of talent to kick start the new era with Arius as one of the confirmed names. On December 25th at BPZ December to Dismember 2018 Arius defeated Aaron North, Alex Costa, Zack Leo Zodiac, CJ Sellers amongst other names before finally eliminating LegendOrigin in the battle royal to win the NXT Championship for the first time. After much speculation from the BPZ fans as to when or where they would first hear from the victorious superstar, the next night Arius made his official live Carnage debut on December 29th, arriving after fellow NXT superstar Mikey had made a vow to make Arius run with the NXT Championship a short affair. Introducing himself as "The Revenant", this is where Arius set his intentions clear to the live audience stating that he would gladly confront those who, in his eyes, are abusing their gifts in this industry. During his NXT division tenure he would feud with fellow newcomers Alex Costa, Maasa and Hans Clayton successfully defending his NXT Championship. On the January, 18th episode of Carnage, Arius announced his intention to enter the 2019 Royal Rumble match through an elaborate vignette. On January 27, 2019 at BPZ Royal Rumble, he successfully defended the NXT Championship in a six-man elimination match involving Maasa, Dikey. James Hunter, Alex Costa, Hans Clayton, CJ Sellers. Later that night Arius would enter the Royal Rumble match at namesake event for the first time at the daunting number one placement and would go on to last 58 minutes before being eliminated by Emperor Nate, only second to the ironman of the match Ropati. Climbing the Mountain, United States Champion (2019–) This Royal Rumble appearance gave the painted grappler a new perspective on his direction in the company, reflecting on his ongoing goals and during a vignette relinquished the NXT Championship to a nearby Ghoul, stating his intentions for the BPZ United States Championship and challenging then champion Julius at the next PPV to attain the attention of the dominant champion. In the biggest victory of his career at that point, on February 17th, 2019 at BPZ St. Valentine's Day Massacre, Arius defeated Julius for the BPZ United States Championship, claiming the accolade for the first time. The world of "The Revenant" continued to grow as his spectacle continued to grow more ambitious and on the February, 27th episode of Carnage, a new associate made her unofficial debut in an appearance at Arius estate during an address after his championship success at the PPV. This would later be revealed to be Rin Akane on the March 13th episode. A long time confidant who was labelled "The Orchastrator". This continued partnership in the squared circle continued to be fruitful for the pair entering their first BPZMania event. On March 31st, 2019 at BPZ Mania IV, Arius would successfully defend his BPZ United States Championship against Ropati and Yelich in a triple threat contest submitting the latter. Standing on the grand stage for the first time was said to be a career highlight for the elusive Arius, soaking in the light and adulation of the night the champion vowed to return once again the following year. On April 1st management at Brendenplayz Wrestling announced the introduction of a new championship in the company, the BPZ North American Championship which was to be decided at BPZ Powertrip: World at War on April 12th, 2019. Arius alongside Hans Clayton, Aaron North, Kenji, Yelich, Bulldozer and Birdman were announced as the chosen participants to face in a ladder match to crown the first champion as this crop of young stars fought amongst themselves towards the main event to claim who would make history. It is here where Hans Clayton and Arius were able to meet face to face again after the former won the BPZ NXT Championship at BPZMania following the relinquishment from Arius. At BPZ Powertrip: World at War would defeat seven other participants to become the inaugural BPZ North American Champion, just clutching the championship from competitor KENJI. ariUS Champion and Dual-Champion (2019–) With his victory at World of War, from its introduction to the championships retirement in March 2202, Arius became the first and only wrestler to hold both championships simultaneously. Moments after the conclusion of the contest the newly crowned champion joined KENJI as he sat recovering taking questions from the press in the arena hallway. Surprised but intrigued the two men spoke respectfully, Arius more so cryptically as he left a gift for the fallen foe in parting. As Rin and Arius retreated to their awaiting transport it was revealed left in the lap of “The Sendai Supernova” was a replica of the famed Ghoul masks that follow ‘The Revenant’ around on location. A smile hinted at a future between the two that would be explored. KENJI was not finished pursuing the BPZ North American Championship. Following the event Arius had begun crossing paths with former NXT Champion Buddy Ace and Aaron North who tirelessly attempted to expose the facade of the paint covered ‘Revenant’, cornering the champion and challenging him to the best of his abilities such as piano playing. Though Arius avoided the temptation of early confrontation it wasn’t the Ghouls who held their tongue though who surrounded the challenger from an undisclosed location to send a message. At BPZ Backlash 2019, Arius defeated Buddy Ace and Aaron North to retain the BPZ United States Championship. Never gloat in my triumph, claiming to understand what it is like for fate to cruelly intervene and rob himself of desires, Arius claimed his intentions of not allowing this to be a momentary reign. Picking up right away the champion would run into the pursuit of Hans Clayton and Alex Costa who had just returned to Brendenplayz Wrestling after a controversial exit following his NXT Championship victory. Clashing with Brendenplayz internally and discarding the championship in the process. It wasn't until after BPZMania that the superstar was welcomed back to the company and moved up from his developmental position. This stain was the crux of much animosity between Hans Clayton and Alex Costa who butted heads all the way up to the PPV as the champion played as lighter fluid to the flames. When Alex Costa turned his attention to the champion he intended to dethrone, disrespected by his lack of words ahead of their clash he called out 'The Revenant' who eventually graced the audience with an appearance. The two went back and forth talking over history, questioning that maybe this was destined to be their endless cycle? Champion and challenger time and time again. Arius spoke of having high hopes for Costa but just like Clayton before he criticised the superstar for packing his bags and leaving the company. Alex Costa wasn't one to step down though and this match at Mayhem was the spark for a rivalry that persists to this day. At Mayhem 2019 Arius defeated Alex Costa and Hans Clayton to retain the BPZ United States Championship. Feud with KENJI (2019–) Leading up to BPZ PowerTrip Cup 2019, Arius resumed his feud with KENJI after the latter was named number one contender. The two over the months since World at War spent their time trying to understand the other, where their competitive mind was and through those segments seemed to find a mutual understanding. One an eccentric and the other a man of honour, any understanding would be put to the test as the two men promised to bring their best at the PPV. At BPZ PowerTrip Cup 2019 Arius was able to successfully defeat KENJI to retain the BPZ North American Championship. After a few moments of celebrating his title retention, Arius cut his music as he faced KENJ, looking him straight in the eyes with is a small smile. Arius' facial expressions are usually so indiscernible to their real meaning that a smile could mean anything but the following outstretched hand of the champion sent a sign. But the moment was soon interrupted by a sudden and violent attack from Brad and his protege Aaron North who had just won a fatal four-way earlier in the night. Taking the claim as Number One Contender for the BPZ North American Championship in a violent affair. The two men screamed and demolished the two tired opponents, catching them off guard as Brad hit both men with repeated chair and microphone attacks. The fallout of grievances earlier that night unknown to the audience, the frustrations of a lack of respect in the company and now the future championship opportunity for Aaron. The message was sent to both men. Despite the attack two weeks later at BPZ Judgement Day 2019, Arius was set to defend his BPZ United States Championship against Hans Clayton, Alex Costa and a new foe in George AK. Cleared to compete but carrying the bruises and welts from the attack, 'The Revenant' pressed forward where he for the first time met George AK one one, attacking his character the two men got their introductions through vile and anger as George highlighted his disdain for the idea of 'The Revenant'. Arius accused George AK of acting above the process, fooling with veiled sincerity. Noting that Hans Clayton & Alex Costa have earned a level of admiration for their tireless resilience but George hadn't earned that consideration. "Your Judgement is here" At BPZ Judgement Day 2019 lost the BPZ United States Championship to Hans Clayton after Brad and Aaron North interfered in the contest, taking out 'The Revenant' on the outside and Hans Clayton was able to claim the championship with a pinfall on George AK. North American Champion, feud with Aaron North and Yelich (2019–) Arius competed in the King of the Ring tournament, where he defeated CJ Sellers in the first round, but was eliminated by George AK in the semi-finals. Leveling the score between the two in a spark that would create more moments as the year went on. 'The Revenant' was shocked at this early exit but came to accept that his mind wasn't completely where it should be with the constant presence of Aaron North who was focusing on their upcoming match at BPZ Emergence rather than take part in the famous tournament. Touring the country as he visited famous American monuments and iconic buildings familiarising the audience and world with the future face of North America. It seems though other hands had bigger plans for the challenger. As men fought through the tournament it was Aaron North under the guidance of Nanovirus who found a new key to himself in preparation for his BPZ North American Championship match. Bare to the world, Aaron mumbled that the world is a selfish existence, they want words, they want insanity, immortality. "Welt Ist Gebildet Durch Wörter", Aaron North emerged now longer resembling the man Brendenplayz Wrestling once knew but now declaring to be known as Lord Yautja. The man who will become Lord Of North America. After weeks of blood and violence between both sides it all came to pass at BPZ Emergence 2019 where Arius defeated Lord Yautja to retain the BPZ North American Championship. The ending of the match was open to much controversy as Arius hit a impromptu powerbomb from the top rope, in the replay the head of Lord Yautja hit both the turnbuckle and the side of the apron on the way down leaving him motionless. The move now named 'The Repent', the champion had shown a more violent and unforgiving side to himself to Lord Yautja after his constant provocation. But it wasn't the last we'd see from 'The Revenant' that night as in the aftermath of the violent clash between Brad and KENJI the retaining champion appeared behind the exiting Brad to the shock of the live audience. The two men would brawl a little between them across the stage before the champion got the upper hand. Soaking the moment the audience were unsure what was to come as he whispered into the ear of the man who had made the last two months of his career as much of a hell as he could. The commentary team wasn't able to filter themselves "Holy Shit!" as Brad crashed from the stage to the electrical equipment below. Sparks fly, lights flash as chaos ensues in mass malfunction below to the impact of his body. The reigning BPZ North American Champion can only look down at his work. Pleasure nor remorse painted across his face. With Brad out independently and with the challenger Lord Yautja taking a break from in-ring competition all eyes were now towards Joh who earlier that same night had won the To The Top ladder match to secure a BPZ North American Championship opportunity at any time and any place. A constant threat, it seemed Arius took some joy in the new twist in his life stating "It’s always so exciting to get these chances, these obstacles. The introduction of the To The Top briefcase into my life gives it a certain exhilarating flare don't you think?" Comparing it to his brief time as NXT Champion. However it wasn't Joh who would be his immediate threat as the new Number One Contender was announced for one of the biggest events BPZ has to offer in the calendar year. September 1st, 2019 at BPZ Summerslam it would be Arius taking on Yelich for the BP North American Championship. Over the next month both men would go through a deep psychological test as both men looked to overcome the doubts and one another. Tooth and nail, neither one wanting to allow the other the satisfaction of the final word would all come to head at the event. At BPZ Summerslam 2019 Arius and Yelich fought to a time-limit draw shocking both audience and talent. Both men praised for the contest it was less than 24 hours later that on BPZ.com the follow up rematch was announced for BPZ Bad Blood 2019 where once again Arius would defend the BPZ North American Championship against Yelich but this time in a Two out of Three falls contest. At BPZ Bad Blood 2019 Yelich defeated Arius two falls to one after falling to the Concussion Syndrome Piledriver at 27 minutes 50 seconds. Ending the reign at 163 days with 3 defences. Hiatus and Intercontinental Championship (2019 - Present) After falling to Yelich in their endurance testing contest 'The Revenant' vanished from Brendenplayz Wrestling television ahead of the Survival Games tournament after being rumoured to be a contest. It would be another month after the conclusion of the contest before the audience once again heard from Arius and the scenery wasn't what one would expect. The sound of nature and tranquillity against a blaring flare of the sun. An Ole Victorian summer home sat amongst lush nature as a more relaxed leader of the Ghouls reflected on his time away, his time as champion and what the future holds for the competitor now that he has had time to heal. "They say idle hands are the devil's playthings....Adversity is such a damned concept. Often you’re put in such a precarious position where you’re forced to fight or flight, there is no in between and the choices that you make are vital. So i'm left standing in the middle road wondering what's next for The Revenant?" As the weeks crept Arius spoke about living in regret having missed out on key points of this company during 2019 already and that he couldn't sit by witnessing such an important match with some of the finest this company has to offer and not take my place within it. The match of course being spoken of being the Elimination Chamber being held at Halloween Havoc 2019. The structure where the BPZ Intercontinental Championship would be defended, confirming his entry as RIn Akane took over his direction once more. The main event, BPZ Intercontinental Champion Eli Smith started the match with the newly returned Arius in the ring, while FDS, Prince, Sameer and Hans Clayton occupied the pots. Prince was the third entrant. Hans Clayton entered fourth, Sameer entered fifth and FDS sixth with no eliminations. By the end of the match 'The Revenant' would eliminate both Hans Clayton and the champion Eli Smith to end the match, winning the BPZ Intercontinental Championship for the first time. At BPZ Survivor Series Arius would defeat Dr. X to retain the BPZ Intercontinental Championship 2019 BPZ Clapspiracy Tag Team Invitational (Nov - January 2020) In what has become an annual classic, the BPZ officials proudly opened the next in what has been the most exciting event of the year for tag team wrestling with the 2019 BPZ Clapspiracy Tag Team Invitational on the horizon. Beginning the first week following Survivor Series, the tournament would welcome up to 8 teams, with the finals taking place at BPZ Winter Warfare 2019. The winners of the tournament this year were to be granted a Tag Team Championship opportunity at Night Of Legends in January. On the November 16th episode of Carnage the newly crowned BPZ North American Champion was celebrating his victory at BPZ Wildcard while also eyeing off whoever would be the first to step up to challenge him when suddenly music few expected to hear arose from the speakers as Arius made his way to the ring to join his former rival. Their history had been intertwined in Brendenplayz Wrestling since KENJI had stepped inside the door and 'The Revenant' spoke highly of the champion before him. It is one thing to state a respect for another competitor but another to show it. Arius stood in front of KENJI asking to be allowed a moment to be humble, inviting the champion to join him ahead of the tournament. Arius & KENJI. Unconquerable. Both men shook hands as a monumental decision was made. The two former adversaries are now forming an alliance. During this time as the Christmas season was a time of doing a little something extra for someone else, the recently returned and exceptionally more jolly George, now going by Father Georgemas was passing off cheer and unconventional motivation to fans and talent around the world. Kris Kringle incarnate waltzed through the arena week in and out as the weeks to Christmas crept closer and closer until one day accidentally misplacing his Naughty and Nice list. It would fall into the hands of the reigning BPZ Intercontinental Champion Arius who, firstly dismissing the paper, found himself dismayed to find himself placed on the naughty list. How can this be? Have I not been spreading good cheer all year? Helping those in need? Been the patron saint?" he questioned. Insisting it must have been a grave error the champion found himself committed to travelling to fix what must be a grave error. Stating that even though Georgemas had only been wearing the big red suit for one month and already problems have arisen, it smells like trouble. On the December 1, 2019 episode of Carnage, the participants of the 2019 BPZ Clapspiracy Tag Team Invitational were announced, with Arius and KENJI, now known as Invictus, being announced as the final entrants. Together, they defeated Gunner Flynn and Jason Ryan in the first round on December 7, Bailey and Slim in the semifinals on December 14, and Firing Squad (Alex Costa & Mikey) in the finals on December 20 to win the tournament and earn a match against Eli Smith and Bart of Creed for the BPZ Tag Team Championship at Night of Legends. Also during the newly created Winter Warfare event Arius in a pre-taped contest defeated Father Georgemas in a North Pole Brawl to retain the BPZ Intercontinental Championship. At BPZ Night of Legends 2020, Invictus (KENJI & Arius) faced Creed (Eli Smith & Bart) for the titles in a losing effort. Royal Rumble and road to BPZMania V (Jan - March 2020) With the aspirations as tag team champions being put on hold for the moment after their Night of Legends defeat and the annual Royal Rumble match on the horizon, the alliance focused on their singles aspirations. At the Royal Rumble on 26 January 2020, Arius won the Royal Rumble match by lastly eliminating Bailey, entitling him a championship opportunity at BPZMania V. The following night on Carnage, Arius spoke about his career coming full circle, over a year in the company and it will begin again with taking the championship from Julius. Having achieved what he fought so hard to accomplish the previous year it seemed The Revenant was on a high like nothing felt before. After the Royal Rumble event a Carnage Wildcard special was announced ahead of St. Valentine's Day Massacre where Slim publicly challenged Arius for the BPZ Intercontinental Championship at the event. 'The Revenant' accepted without hesitation but it seems like the confidence returned harsher results. On February 12th, 2020 at Carnage Wildcard, BPZ Hall of Famer Slim defeated Arius for the BPZ Intercontinental Championship. Ending the reign at four months and three defences. Taking the next month off to focus on training with an old friend, focusing on the biggest match of his career. At BPZMania V, Arius defeated Julius to capture the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship, his first world championship in BPZ. After that, Arius lost the World Heavyweight Championship to Slim who cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase earlier that same night, after performing Arius own move 'Repent' on him with assistance from Julius. Ending his reign at 5 minutes. Purgatory (March - April 2020) Humbled by the actions of Slim, having lost the moment he had worked all year to accomplish in a matter of moments, it was unsure of what ‘The Revenant’ was going to focus on going forward. Not long after BPZMania V it was announced by company management that in 2020 we’d see the return of the brand split. Proven to show mixed results in the past the company felt comfortable in its growth and talent pools to give it a try with allocated General Managers for each brand it was anyone's guess as to where any talent might end up. Recovering as the arena became empty, stitches in his forehead Arius was approached by Valor representative Bart who made a quick and impromptu offer to the fallen Arius. Before letting the night sink in any further he wanted to offer Arius the chance to be his representative as the two brands fought for the first draft pick. Taking the role as a pawn, a piece on the board Arius took the challenge as Flynn was picked to represent Carnage. Both men having lost their opportunity to shine at BPZMania it seemed it was the hopes of both general managers it would be a source of motivation. It seemed though as the days passed and the two men would come face to face through vignettes and segments that Arius wasn’t ‘The Revenant’ that the BPZ audience had grown accustomed to. Showing a lack of coyness to follow the steps of the usual dance but instead being blunt with Flynn, trying to provoke suspicion, saying It's time to pull apart from the pack and see who comes out the other end of the woods with something's neck firmly locked within their teeth. The dance would not be structured, it would not be smooth..it would be erratic. Why?, Because they had no choice. Now served as vehicles of war for men with power over them. Sending off that though Arius may be a victor come that weekend, that he couldn’t guarantee Flynn that he’ll be fulfilled. "There is no end to service. We are expendable. Ensured destruction. And at World at War we'll perish, wither together." The war machine that had become Flynn colliding with the apathetic Arius who served to use his skills as a weapon of war, without direction was a chaotic clash for the ages. But at World at War 2020, Flynn defeated Arius claiming the first draft pick for the upcoming brand split draft. Hiatus and The Vulture (April 2020 - Present) After falling to Flynn it seemed Bart was still high on the superstar after drafting Arius in the Top 5 for the brand. Being drafted second for Valor and fourth overall in the draft. Though it seemed the payoff might have had to wait for the General Manager as 'The Revenant' vanished from BPZ television after World at War into isolation. Rumours of the whereabouts of the former champion spread throughout the dirtsheets and locker room with only one message being left behind - “Qualis artifex pereo." (As what kind of artist do I perish?) - leaving questions to the superstars future in Brendenplayz Wrestling. It wouldn't be until Mayhem 2020 during the month of June where the BPZ audience would get their first glance at Arius through specialised vignettes played through the night before ending after the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship main event where Slim successfully retained his title. He was faced with an elaborate mind game before the segment ended with the familiar laugh. What does the future hold for Arius? Filmography Radio Year Show Role Notes 2018 Frightful Readings on 34.5 Radio FM Narrator Special guest role Read "The Shadow over Innsmouth" by H. P. Lovecraft. Video Games Year Title Role Notes 2019 BPZ 2K19 Himself Playable Character & Voice Actor Personal life: TBA, Accompanied by RIn Akane In Wrestling: Finishing moves: Classic: "Final Testimony" Dragon Sleeper Example Classic: "The Sentence" Omega Driver/Super brainbuster onto the top turnbuckle Example 1, Example 2 'The Cheshire Smile' (To Be Revealed) 'Secular Haze' (To Be Revealed) Signature moves: Classic: 'The Curtain Jerker' (Lifted Osaka Street Cutter) Example Classic: 'Danse Macbre' (Theatrics leading a Black Mass followed by a leg sweep) Example Baseball Slide Evasion Catching single-leg takedown to a leapfrogging opponent 'Along The Watchtower' (Arm twist ropewalk chop) 'The Stimulation' (Moonsault guillotine leg drop; when allowed, often uses a chair across the opponent’s face) 'Pitbull Lock' (A Front Chancery intensified by violent movement to put additional pressure and strain on the neck of an opponent) 'Vulture Clothesline' (charging clothesline that sends both Arius and his opponent to the outside) 'Suspended Straitjacket' (Rope hung Boston crab) Other Moves (Click Here) With KENJI Double team signature moves Double Osaka Cutter Inuzuma Leg Lariat (Arius)/Gemerna Suplex (KENJI) Combination Leg Sweep (Arius)/ Knee Drop (KENJI) Combination Pumping Bomber (KENJI)/ Seeing Red (Arius) Combination Ushigoroshi (KENJI)/Seeing Red (Arius) Combination Double team finishing moves 'Kill The Lights' Total Elimination 'Final Horizon' Gory Bomb (KENJI)/ Blockbuster (Arius) Combination Nicknames: The Revenant (2018 - Present) The Vulture (2020 - Present) 煉獄 (2020 - 2020) The Seeker (2019 - 2020) Entrance Themes: Dazed And Confused by Led Zeppelin (June 2020 - Present) Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker (November 2019 - June 2020) The Seeker by Rush (BPZMania V) Fugue by Yngwie .J. Malmsteen (December 2018 - November 2019) Championships and accomplishments BrendenPlayz Wrestling BPZ United States Championship (1 time) (February 15th, 2019 to June 28th, 2019) Inaugural: BPZ North American Championship (1 time) (April 12th, 2019 to September 20, 2019) BPZ NXT Championship (1 time) (December 23rd, 2018 to Vacated) BPZ Intercontinental Championship (1 time) (??? to ???) 2019 Clappsiracy Tournament Winner: Invictus with KENJI 2020 Royal Rumble BPZ World Heavyweight Champion (1 time) BPZMania V Main Event (vs. Julius) Gallery:
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