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    BPZMania III has played host to several events so far, such as JoshsNow finally overcoming everyone and winning the Intercontinental Championship, Flynn stealing the Money in the Bank Briefcase from FDS, and finally in our co-main event, Necce defeating Flynn and ending his Universal Championship reign. And now, it's time for our main event, for the World Championship, as the champion Smith defends against the Royal Rumble Winner, Slim. The video package begins, dating us all the way back to Survivor Series 2017, where Slim defeated Bailey, winning the World Championship and claiming it for himself, before it cuts to later in the night, the traditional 5-on-5 between Team Smith and Team Flynn. It shows the masked man costing Smith the match and causing his elimination before showing Slim overcoming the odds and winning the match... As it's revealed the masked man is none other than Natedog, as the two celebrate over Necce before the lights cut, followed by Smith's brutal beatdown. Fast-forward to EVOLVE TakeOver: Pride, where Smith hitting the Blackheart Knee, before dropping into the cover and pinning Slim, getting the three cover. The voice of Slim echoes throughout the package... "This is where my downfall began, and your uprising started." It then shows the dominance of Smith, knocking off Flynn, Andrew Richards, FDS, Bailey, Bashka, and Brad as World Champion while it shows Slim losing his Intercontinental Championship to FDS, then losing to Flynn before it shows Smith's loss to Ross. Darker, more aggressive versions of each men begin to come to light as it shows Smith's eyes opening to completely white while at the same time, showing Slim taking out his anger on Natedog and tossing him off of the cell. The words of Slim promising The Punisher are heard while Smith's definition of the World Championship is also heard, before we're given graphics of Smith leaning on his title backstage, and on a split screen, Slim on his knees in the ring as we head to the ring, ready to kick things off. A dark hallway is shown as "Black Panther" by Kendrick Lamar plays, with a single light working in the hallway as you can barely see, but a figure steps out of a room at the very back of the hallway. As the song continues to play the figure gets closer and closer, and as "KING!" repeats over and over again, the song ends with "I AM PUNISHER" (instead of T'Challa), before the lights turn on in the hallway and we get the first view of The Punisher. The crowd pops for the long-awaited arrival of The Punisher, as Slim tilts his head up, looking into the titantron as it cuts to black, the fans buzzing at the very first sight of The Punisher... Paramedic! by SOB x RBE plays, as the beginning sets a dark tone in the arena, as The Punisher, Slim emerges on the stage, dressed in white and silver tights along with white hand-tape, and a silver arm sleeve while he dons a black hoodie, and he begins walking down the ramp, and behind him, is none other than his partner, Bart, who accompanies The Punisher to ringside tonight, looking at the various members of the BPZ Universe as tonight, he has to beat Smith according to himself. According to Slim, right now, Smith is The King and until he unseats him, he will not be the true King. As Slim gets onto the apron, he backflips into the ring, backing into the middle of the ring and placing his hand down on the BPZMania III logo, as he looks around the crowd, taking in the Punisher. As Slim awaits Smith in the ring, several tribal-looking members come out to the stage, as they begin to beat on drums, intense music pouring out of the drums as the fans look on, confused, before the beginning of "Can You Feel My Heart" by Bring Me The Horizon plays, as Smith flashes across the screen several times, and as the music drops, it suddenly stops, confusing the fans... And fire shoots up from the stage, and behind it, you can slowly see Smith crawling out... Slowly, crawling out through the smoke, his appearance is masked by the thick smoke, before suddenly, Bring Me The Horizon begins to sing Smith's theme as his titantron begins to play. As "Can You Feel My Heart" is yelled, Smith stands up, revealing more dark veins than ever, and then... Smith's eyes open, COMPLETELY WHITE! The fans are popping for The Enigma as he has completely taken over Smith. Smith looks into the eyes of Slim, as no fear is shown from Slim, as Smith begins walking down the ramp, slowly almost calculating Slim's every-thought, as the tribal men follow him down the ramp, with Smith sliding into the ring, backing into the corner, with his eyes once again closed, as he once again opens them... And the completely white eyes catch everyone off guard. We're about to witness a war between this two men... Who will come out on top? Will it be "The Punisher", the man known as The King, Slim... Or will Smith, tapping into The Enigma, secure another defense as World Champion? We're about to find out! As the bell rings, Slim goes right after Smith, pushing him into the corner as he begins to unload with shoulder blocks to the gut of the World Champion, before Smith begins nailing hammerfists to the back of Slim's skull, forcing The Punisher out of the corner before Slim comes right back with a sprint, driving his forearm into the face of Smith before backing up again... CCS Enzugiri! With Smith down in the corner, Slim lines up for his patented Double Knees... No! Smith moves out of the way and comes flying in, hitting a Bicycle Knee Strike to the face of Slim in the corner before Slim walks out of the corner, dazed... As Smith ducks a wild clothesline and connects on a Snap Dragon Suplex! Smith gets to his feet, as Slim gets to his knees... AND SMITH SPRINTS AT HIM WITH A HUGE KNEE STRIKE TO THE FACE! Smith gets to his feet, as he grabs Slim by his hair, snarling into his face as he then unloads an elbow to the face of Slim, who responds with a forearm... But Smith grabs his arm and spins Slim out.... BLACK ROSE!? No! Slim ducked out of the way and caught Smith with a Bicycle Knee Strike of his own... Superman Punch from Slim, knocking Smith down! Slim just narrowly avoided the Black Rose that time, which was the move that Smith defeated him with in the first time these two faced off. Slim realizes he has to keep Smith on his toes to win this match, as now Smith gets to his feet, and Slim goes on the attack, hitting a Spinning Gut Kick, before bouncing off of the ropes and placing his knee into the temple of Smith, knocking him out of the ring as Slim sees his opportunity, and he sprints towards Smith, who is near the ramp.... NO! Smith countered with a forearm, and now gets onto the apron.... APRON DRAGON SUPLEX! WAIT! NO! Slim flips out, pushing Smith off of the apron... APRON RUNNING PUNT KICK FROM SLIM TO SMITH! Smith falls back onto the barricade, seated there as Slim jumps down from the apron, walking over and beginning to stomp away at Smith, showing the aggression as he grabs Smith, getting in his face and yelling that this is his moment, that this is his time and Smith is a roadblock in his way to becoming the Greatest of All-Time, as he drives Smith into the post, before sliding him into the ring and following him. As both men get back in the ring, Smith tries to throw a punch, but the combo of the kick, the stomps, and the post is too much as Slim easily catches his hand before grabbing his throat, picking him up and dropping him down into a huge Chokeslam Backbreaker! Slim immediately drops down into a headlock, trying to wear down Smith, along with taunting the fans. Slim continues to keep the hold locked in, until Smith powers to his feet, hitting elbow after elbow, before Slim breaks it finally, and Smith bounces off of the ropes... SICK KICK! Smith crawls into the cover, hooking the outside leg as the referee gets down into the count: 1... 2... No! Slim kicks out handily at two, keeping Smith on his feet, knowing that a Sick Kick won't end this match. Smith hooks Slim's waist... Looking for a Deadlift 8th Sin... NO! Slim slides out from behind... CHOP BLOCK! The crowd gasps at how bad that looked as Smith lays on the canvas and even the referee comes to check on him, while medics and EMTs surround the ring, trying to check out the knee of Smith after that devastating chop block... BUT SLIM ISN'T DONE! SLIM DROPKICKS ALL THE EMTS AND MEDICS AWAY AS HE BEGINS STOMPING ON SMITH'S KNEE! Slim hooks Smith's leg on the ropes, as he goes to the top rope, setting it up... ELBOW DROP TO SMITH'S KNEE! Slim smirks, knowing he has Smith right where he wants him, as he picks Smith up, and Smith has to use the ropes to stand on his feet as Slim bounces off of the ropes for a clothesline... BUT SMITH CATCHES HIS ARM AND SPINS HIM OUT! BLACK ROSE WITH THE BAD KNEE! Oh my god! But Smith can't cover! Smith can't cover since his knee is so messed up! Both men down now! The crowd, firmly behind Smith begins a "SMITH!" chant, trying to will The Enigma to his feet, as the referee checks on both men, before Smith begins to climb up the ropes, trying to make it to his feet before Slim, still favoring the knee that was targeted by The King earlier in the match. As Smith gets to his feet, he goes over to Slim, who was baiting Smith and catches him with a forearm to the face! Still feeling the effects of the Black Rose, Slim stumbles to his feet before running at Smith, but Smith catches Slim with a Spinning Heel Kick to the side of the temple! Smith then sees Slim stunned, before he runs at him... NO! Slim pushes Smith into the ropes and connects on a Rebound German Suplex! Slim sits on the canvas, looking around at the crowd who just saw the vicious landing Smith took on his neck as it seems The Punisher has completely recovered from the earlier Black Rose as we're about 16 minutes into this match now. As Slim gets to his feet, he spreads his arms out, letting the crowd take him in as he picks Smith up, unleashing a headbutt at The Enigma as Smith falls back, bouncing off of the ropes... And he sprints at Slim with a Sick Kick... But Slim reverses, picking his foot up and smashing Smith's head into the canvas! The crowd lets out a gasp as Smith's mouth contains blood, as he spits it onto the canvas, with a nasty smirk coming from The Punisher as Slim picks Smith up, dragging him over to the top rope, as he places him on the top rope, setting up for the Dragon Suplex from the top rope... BUT SMITH FLIPS OUT! SMITH GRABS ONTO SLIM... HOOKING HIS ARMS... 8TH SIN FROM THE MIDDLE ROPE! Smith crawls to the pin: 1... 2... 3!? NO! SLIM KICKED OUT! Smith's eyes show no emotion as he sits in the corner, his eyes getting more and more dialed in, but remaining completely white... Smith then sets up another 8th Sin... But before he can hook the arms, Slim counters with an elbow to the side of the head, but Smith backs into the corner and comes running in at Slim with a RUNNING KNEE STRIKE TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! OH MY GOD THAT WAS BRUTAL! Smith lays on the canvas, staring at Slim who remains down in the ring as Smith then rushes over to Slim, pulling him up and hitting a Uranage Sideslam! Smith is on the attack and has Slim reeling, as The King now sits in the corner, before Smith rushes at him with multiple strikes, making Slim put up his hands up before he ducks a final forearm.... NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX! IS SLIM GONNA BRIDGE!? NO! HE FLIPS OVER... BRAINBUSTER! That's called Seizing the Throne, and now Slim picks Smith up... ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR!? NO! Smith flips Slim out, but Slim lands on his feet, and kicks Smith's knee! Smith falls to one knee as Slim now sets it up.... ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR! Slim rolls Smith over, hooking the bad knee: One... Two... THR-NO! SMITH KICKED OUT! BUT HOW!? The heart of Smith is being displayed tonight, whether he likes it or not as The Enigma continues to fight for his championship! Slim stands up, the paint slowly coming off of his face as the match goes on, now nearing 27 minutes in the match, as he goes to the top rope, waiting for Smith to make it to his feet... DIVING NECKBREAKER! Slim grabs the leg of Smith, hooking it: 1... 2... No! Smith kicks out and now Slim smashes the mat with his hands, visibly frustrated as he picks Smith up, yelling into his face: "I WILL END YOUR CAREER", before he throws Smith through the middle of the rope, sending him to the outside as he slides out, going after Smith as he grabs him, trying to put The Enigma on the announce table... BUT SMITH HITS HIM WITH THE MONITOR AS BART DISTRACTS THE REFEREE! THE DISTRACTION BACKFIRES, AS SMITH PLACES SLIM ON THE ANNOUNCE TABLE, CLIMBING TO THE TOP ROPE... ELBOW DROP ON THE ANNOUNCE TABLE, BUT IT DOESN'T BREAK! Smith immediately grabs onto his knee, realizing that it probably wasn't the best thing for him to jump onto the announce table, and Bart rushes over to Slim, helping him to his feet as Bart tries to put Slim back into the ring, but Slim pushes Bart away before grabbing Smith and rolling him into the ring, making sure that Smith can't retain by countout. As Slim sits on his knees, clearly exhausted as we hit the 33 minute mark in the match, Smith suddenly kips up to his feet and hits Slim with a Sick Kick into the turnbuckle! Where did that come from!? Smith still slightly favors the knee, but he gets Slim up... ONTO HIS SHOULDERS! IS IT TIME?! BURNING HAMMER FROM SMITH! HOLY SHIT! The crowd gasps once again as Slim lands right on his neck, as even the referee is antsy after seeing the brutality of Smith's finisher that puts people out for weeks, yet alone three seconds as Smith now crawls into the cover, hoping that's enough to end Slim as he hooks the outside leg with both arms... NO! EVEN THE REFEREE IS SHOCKED! Smith lays on the mat, exhausted as we enter 35 minutes as his legs kick up and down on the mat. He spits onto the mat, spitting more blood from Slim's earlier stomp into the mat as Smith removes his hand tape, and mounts Slim... AND BEGINS UNLOADING WITH FOREARMS! Smith has to be pulled off by the referee, as blood begins to pour out of Slim's forehead. The referee bends over to check on The Punisher as the white facepaint mixes with the red blood as now the referee tells Slim he's gonna end the match... But Slim shouts no and kicks the referee in the side of the head, knocking him out of the ring! Slim gets to his knees, but Smith realizes he's doing so... AND DOES A BACKFLIP AND NAILS A PELE KICK ON THE BACK OF SLIM'S HEAD! Slim gets into the corner, as now Smith backs up, looking for a Knee Strike... NO! SMITH MISSES, SLIM DODGED! Smith's bad knee goes into the turnbuckle as he falls onto the mat, holding that knee as the pain is so visible in Smith, that it's painful to the crowd. Slim smirks, the blood going down his face as he goes out of the ring, climbing the turnbuckle as he stands up, while Smith struggles to get to his feet... DROPKICK TO THE BACK OF SMITH'S HEAD FROM THE TOP ROPE! Slim immediately rebounds into the corner, setting up the Throne of God... As Smith climbs to his feet, getting up in the corner as he walks out, unaware of where The Punisher is... THRONE OF GOD! LEAPING SHINING WIZARD TO THE ENIGMA! And the referee slides into the ring at the exact time, as Slim covers Smith... The referee counts: One... TWO... THREE! WAIT! NO! SMITH KICKED OUT! Now, seeing that Slim's face-paint washed off, the shock on his face is shown as he for-sure thought that the Throne of God would end Smith and begin his World Title reign. Slim sits in the corner now, his hand over his mouth, wondering what he must do, before he stands up... Superkick?! No! Smith slid under! SNAP DRAGON SUPLEX! Smith crawls up the ropes, before he goes to the top rope... Standing perched up there, SMITH CONNECTS ON A FROG SPLASH! SMITH IMMEDIATELY GETS TO HIS FEET, PICKING SLIM UP, HOOKING THE ARMS.... 8TH SIN!? NO! SLIM FLIPS OUT! His arms are still trapped though... BUT SLIM LIFTS SMITH UP INTO A LIGHTS OUT! SMITH GOT HIT WITH THE LIGHTS OUT! As it's hit, the fans are shocked as the most devastating move in BPZ was just connected, beating greats such as Necce, Flynn, and now... Slim crawls into the cover... WE HAVE A NEW WORLD CHAMPION! 53 MINUTES, 8 SECONDS LATER, SLIM HAS DEFEATED SMITH, AND HAS RECLAIMED HIS CHAMPIONSHIP. A smirk fills the face of The King as the mixture of blood and facepaint defines this match, and now, Slim stands to his feet, having exorcised his biggest demon. As the referee hands Slim his belt, he snatches it from him as Yelich and BrendenPlayz note on commentary how this 4th World Championship may be the sweetest of them all for The King... Slim falls to his knees, holding the championship he has longed for, and called an obsession in his hands as he stares at it, before kissing it, as his partner, Bart gets into the ring, patting his partner on the back as he stands up, embracing Bart as the two have successfully captured the World, United States, and Grand Championships tonight. Slim lets go, before holding up the championship for the fans to see as a mixed reaction comes from the crowd, the usual haters of The King, while some have felt his pain as he has regained the championship. Bart has left the ring, giving Slim the ring to himself, as he climbs the turnbuckles, holding up the BPZ World Championship for the fans to see as he lets them admire The King. And as BPZMania fades to black, one thing is for sure... The King has reclaimed his throne.
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    We are in the middle of BPZMania, a show which has already lived up to the name and we have still so many great matches that await us. Up next is one of the most insane matches on the card, as six man will compete inside a chamber to win the ultimate prize on Evolve, the Grand Championship. The title that has so much controversy surrounding it, with Bart being awarded title instead of winning it in a match. Many of the challengers have shown their displeasure with this, and tonight will be their chance to show this, as they get an opportunity to win the title at the Grandest Stage of Them All, BPZMania. We now await the entrances of our 6 competitors in tonight’s match. The 5 man that were chosen by the champion and the champion himself will go to a war, a war that will live on and could change the look of the Evolve locker room for the foreseeable future. Alliances could be made, but also broken. The chamber could leave an impact which could impact the rest of the night, some of the competitors will have multiple matches tonight and will need to show great endurance if they want to be able to compete in more matches after this grueling encounter. The camera takes a shot of the chamber and the announcer announces the match. We now wait for the entrances. Finally, a theme song plays. It’s Ark!!! A huge pop from the crowd is heard as Ark’s face appears on the titantron. The man who got told that he wouldn’t be cleared for BPZMania, is here. He must have been able to convince the doctors, he must have fought like a lion to be able to get cleared for tonight’s match. The man who was Global Champion today and who we haven’t seen since his match against Slim at TakeOver: The Last Stand. What a shock it would be if Ark could walk out of here as the Grand Champion. Ark walks down the rim, with a smile on his face. You the see the joy in his eyes, the happiness which he gets from being able to compete here tonight. He fires up the crowd before entering the chamber. However, he does not enter the pod. One of the crazy things about this match is that the entrance order is not yet revealed, which means that all competitors will need to wait until the start of the match and will find out during the match when they will be competing, two of them will only hear a minute before the match that they will kick off this fight. “We Are” plays as FD walks out to the ring, followed by a tons of boos from the crowd. He will be competing in 4 matches tonight, but he doesn’t seem to care about it. He taunts the crowd as he walks towards the chamber, looking at it in amazement. For man who loves blood like he does, this chamber must be a heaven. The pain that he can do inside this steel is unheard of. He realises this himself, as big smile pop on his face as he walks inside the chamber. There is an intense stare down between Ark and FD, two former partners. Ark cashed his title shot that he earned by winning To The Top Ladder Match against FD, and won the title that FDS had only just retained by defeating Jon. These two never had a proper blow-off, but tonight this could be the chance for both of them to put an end to their rivalry. “Written in the Stars” plays as Sameer walks out to the ring, to a big pop from the crowd. Arguably the greatest premium champion of all time is seen on the stage, as he walks down the ramp, looking confident as ever. We haven’t seen him since since Bragging Rights, where he lost with Team Evolve to Team Carnage, which would begin a night filled with failure for Evolve. Many people have questioned Sameer, why didn’t he promo, why has he said nothing. Sameer doesn’t seem to doubt himself, as he waves to the crowd before entering the chamber. He sits on a turnbuckle, as he doesn’t know if he will end up going into a pod, or maybe he needs to start the match from the beginning. It doesn’t seem to bother him one bit, as he taunts both FD and Ark until the next theme song is heard. “Gold Coast” plays as BiC’s face is shown on the titantron. He walks out to the ring, while he gets booed in the arena. The fans don’t like him, that’s clear. He doesn’t look to steal the show, instead he fastly walks towards the ring. As he stands before the chamber, he waits for a second, stares at the competitors inside, and then moves in. He doens’t react to the taunting by Sameer, as he just stands there, unfazed by his competition’s attempt at mindgames. “Killmonger” plays as Johnny walks out to the ring. He doesn’t react to any noise that the crowd makes, instead he looks concentrated. He knows how it is to win at BPZMania, he won the world title at the first edition of the show by cashing in his Money In The Bank Briefcase that he won earlier that night. It was the absolute peak of his career, and he is looking to experience that glory again here tonight. Tonight he will go for 3 titles, the premium, tag team and Grand titles. It could be a night for him to remember forever. He has now stepped inside the chamber as he locks eyes with his partner FD, looking focused. “One True Villain” plays as the Grand and US champion face is shown on the titantron, followed by an insane amount of boos from the crowd. We have already seen Bart defend his US title with succes tonight, but the question remains if he will be able to protect his other title as well. He made it hard for himself by challenging 5 men to compete for his title, but he hasn’t shown any signs of regret since making the challenge. He looks confident as he taunts the crowd before entering the destructive force of steel, smirking as he looks at his opponents as he steps inside the chamber. We are about the get underway as Yelich, the host of BPZmania, screams for the attention of the competitors at the commentary desk. He grabs a microphone and walks to the middle of the ramp, making sure that everyone can see him well. He is seen looking at a piece of paper, and reads what is on that paper into the microphone. "I have just received word, that in his last act as general manager, Slim has decided the starting competitors for this match. It will be Jon and……………. FD!" A huge pop is heard in the crowd, the two partners will face off against one another inside the chamber. Slim is trying to create tension between FD and Jon. We see a big smirk on Bart’s face as he goes inside his pod. All pods are closed as only FD and Johhny remain in the ring. They look at one another, FD is doubting what to do as he paces back and forward inside the ring.”The Immortal One” looks at him and then sits down, showing no intention of fighting against his partner, the man that he will fight together with in the tag team title match later tonight. FD looks to be outrageous, why would he and Jon have to start the match. FDS tries to open a pod but Jon stops him and tells him to wait. Jon realises that they will have an advantage once the first pod opens. We wait for a bit but then the first pod opens, it’s the one of “The Icon” Sameer, who shows no fear for Ruin and starts hammering away at FD, but Jon grabs Sameer and shoves him away before connecting with a Stylin DDT. FDS and Jon then stomp away at Sameer, until the referee attempts to stomp them. FD then climbs the rope while Jon slowly gets Sameer back to his feet. FD now is on the top, MOONSAULT TO SAMEER. JON NOW RUNNING ON THE ROPES, and he connects with a Diving Elbow. Sameer now trying to crawl to the ropes as he is struggling to move. Fd grabs him by his waist, looking to hit him with the Bloody Rainmaker, he turns him around, SAMEER FALLS DOWN BEFORE FDS CAN CONNECT. Than the next pod opens, it’s Ark. FD instantly moves away from Sameer and starts exchanging blows with Ark. Meanwhile Johnny goes back to Sameer, trying to eliminate him with a last big move, but Sameer counters 1-2- NOOO, Kills escapes. Sameer was less than a second away from getting rid of the first man in this match, he sits in the turnbuckle in disbelief at Johnny kicking out. Ark meanwhile has managed to overpower FD and hits him with a big strike, before FD slides behind the ropes and takes a break. Sameer and Ark look at one another, realising that they will have to work together to beat Jon and FD We Sameer and Ark debating about which one of the two members of ruin they want to eliminate but ultimately Ark pushes FD inside the ring, before hitting THE GRIMOIRE. WAIT A MINUTE, SAMEER IS STANDING ON A POD. FROGSPLASH FROM THE POD, SAMEER INSTANTLY INTO THE COVER ON FD 1-2-3. Fds is eliminated, is tough schedule here tonight must have hurt him. We are down to 5 men, with FD being the first eliminated. Johnny has a look of rage on his face. He jumps the ropes and hits Ark with a springboard knee. Sameer no longer cares for Ark and hits him with a Superkick, Sameer gets turned around, into a Hangman’s neckbreaker by Kills. Kills then sits down, with both of his opponents laid out. Ark is trying to get up, but his hurting knee is making it hard for him to stand. As he finally is up, he instantly gets caught with another Superkick, this time coming from Kills. Ark is again standing up, to the shock of Kills. Kills attempting a Roundhouse kick, but wait DEATHWISH! 1-2-3. Ark is eliminated. Ultimately the Knee injury was too much, as the crowd claps for his brave performance here tonight, as he needs help to get to the back. Only Sameer and Jon are left in the ring, with Bart and Bic still waiting to get into this match. Sameer is back to his feet now, but is still hurting from all the assaults that has been done to him throughout this match. Jon looks at him, taunting him before Sameer hits him with a slap, and Jon counters with a slap of his own. Both men now are visibly getting angry at one another as they start throwing strikes back and forth. They continue do this until the next pod opens, it’s the current champion, Bart, coming out. Jon instantly wants to go after Bart, going for a roundhouse kick, Bart ducked it. Bart now lifts Jon up, FALCON ARROW. 1-2-2.8 NO, KILLS KICKED OUT. Bart cannot believe it, he thought he had him. Meanwhile, Sameer with a small package on Bart, 1- NO Bart got the shoulder up. Sameer is now gaining momentum, as he lifts Bart up and runs towards the turnbuckle, BLOCKBUSTER BOMB. Sameer now climbing the turnbuckle. As he is up to the turnbuckle, he fires up the fans and taunts Bart, who has meanwhile got back up to this feet and comes running at Sameer, SUPERKICK. Sameer is out and sitting on the turnbuckle. Bart grabs him, what he is going to do with him, OMG. A ROPE HUNG LAST BREATH. Bart now into the cover, 1-2-3, SAMEER ELIMINATED. Bart smirks at the crowd, having eliminated a former premium champion in Sameer. Meanwhile Jon is back to his feet, and he hits Bart with a big knee strike in the back. Bart falls down to his knees, before Kills runs the rope and hits him with a sliding forearm. At that moment the final pod opens. The last 3 men who could can still dream of walking out of this match as Grand Champion are Bic, Kills and Bart. Bic rushes inside the ring and starts going ham on Kills, connecting with various knee strikes before hitting a Jumping DDT. He then runs towards the ropes before connecting with a big moonsault on Bart. 1-2- NOOOOOO. HOW THE HELL DID BART KICK OUT. All three men are down, it’s a question who gets to his feet first. Whoever manages to do that will gain a huge advantage. Jon and Bic are both slowly standing up, as they stare at one another while trying to fully stand up. BUT BART FROM BEHIND. SMALL PACKAGE ON BIC 1-2- NOOO. BIC KICKED OUT. Bart cannot believe it. Meanwhile Kills is trying to hit the Phenomal Forearm but Bart manages to block it before he can hit it. Kills going for it again but again he gets stopped before he is able to connect his forearm with Bart’s face. He then instantly hits a big knee to Kills in the corner. As Bart tries to lift Kills up for a Last Breath he gets turned around by Bic, HOMICIDE. Bic now stands up, looking to hit Bart with a No Regret and eliminate the champion. However, as he turns around, Kills connects with a PHENOMENAL FOREARM. Cover on BIC, 1,2,2.5 NOOO, BIC KICKED OUT. Kills is now forced to choose, which one of his two opponents is he gonna take out. He ultimately decides to go for Bart, as he lifts him and hooks the arms, signalling for the TALITE. He has the arms hooked here it comes, WAIT BART COUNTERS, grabbing Kills by his wait, OMG BLOODY RAINMAKER, FDS’ MOVE. Bart into the cover, One, TWO, THR-NOOO Kills kicked out. Bart cannot believe it. He sits back in the corner as he does not know what it will take to take out Kills here tonight. Meanwhile, BIC has climbed the top rope, he is looking at Kills, will he go for it? YESSS, GODS PLAN. Cover by BiC, 1,2,3. Kills is eliminated. We are left with Bic and Bart in this crazy match, one of them will walk out as Grand Champion. Both man sit down in opposite corner, both of them exhausted after this grueling match up which we have seen here tonight. Both man can hardly get back to their feet, they have gone through a lot to be able to stand here. They might have had the best entrant numbers, but they certainly had to work to get here. Bart has more matches tonight, maybe that will be the advantage that will give Bic the victory. Bic is up and is not sure what to do. You can see the doubt in his mind. He decides to run into Bart and hit him with a big knee strike, and he connects. Again the question is, what must Bic do now, what does he need to do to put Bart away. We see Bic thinking, but then in a sudden moment, he picks him up, he is going for it. YESS, NO REGRET by BIC. Bic is exhausted, he needs to crawl into the corner, as he finally does the ref starts to count, 1,2, thre NOO BART GOT HIS FEET ON THE ROPE. HOW THE HELL DID HE DO THAT. Bic can’t believe it, he stomps away at Bart in frustration. He has no idea what he needs to do. What could end this match. We see Bic think, what can he do. He then runs to towards the rope, having wasted valuable seconds by thinking over his strategy. He is going for it, Gods plan. He is there on the top, he screams “Burn” at Bart before flying off the top rope, WAIT BART GOT OUT OF THE WAY, KICK INTO TO THE HOLY JEWELS BY BART. Bart now smirks at the crowd, before locking the Hammerlock in. Not this way, not this damn way. Bic’s feet is locked, he is gonna hit. THE LAST BREATH. Bart goes into the cover, 1,2,3. Bart retains his title. The fans are going wild, boos are heard in very loud fashion as the fans show their hatred for the way how Bart won here tonight. Bart only smiles at the crowd, he enjoys the booing as he lifts his title up, showing off with the two titles that he possesses before leaving the ring.
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    Alyx Wilde

    Breaking News

    BREAKING: Alyx Wilde Returns to BPZ, Signs 160K Deal with EVOLVE Associated Press BROOKLYN -- "The Wilde One" is back. The accomplishments of Alyx Wilde speak for themselves, and they speak volumes. From lasting over 50 minutes in the 2017 Royal Rumble, to one of the greatest United States Championship matches of all time, to a European Championship reign so dominant, they had to retire the belt due to lack of competition. Wilde had about as good of a year run as we've ever seen in professional wrestling. Everything was great until it wasn't. March 23rd, 2017. BPZMania II, The biggest night of Alyx Wilde's life. Through a stellar 2016 and the aforementioned record breaking Royal Rumble effort, Wilde would earn himself a spot in the BPZMania II Main Event, a fatal four way match for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. Little did anyone know that night would begin a brutal downward spiral that would eventually bury Alyx Wilde, or so we thought, but we'll get back to that. That night was not the culmination of the incredible work Wilde showed in 2016 everyone thought it would be, it couldn't have been farther from it. From the very beginning of the main event, Wilde found himself outclassed, being completely dominated by the bigger, stronger, more experienced three other men in the match (Slim, Natedog and Flynn.) The match would end in victory for "The King" Slim, Alyx Wilde's long time mentor. The one man whose shadow Wilde NEEDED to escape. As the confetti fell from the rafters and Slim's theme blasted over the PA, Wilde found himself alone in the locker room. Concussed and bloodied, he packed up his gear and left the arena without saying a word to anyone, taking the first flight back to Portland, his hometown. He didn't care how good of a 2016 he had, he didn't care that he had just main evented the biggest event in the history of BPZ Wrestling, he lost. Nothing else mattered. Wilde has admitted since in interviews that that was one of the lowest moments of his life, but unfortunately for Wilde, that was just the beginning. In and out of the ring, the losses would just keep coming. In the weeks after BPZMania, Wilde would form "The Wilde Club" a stable consisting, of himself, Gill, Summer and Ross. Many drew parallels to The Top Guys, the stable Alyx Wilde featured in that catapulted him to stardom, but if he didn't prove it enough on that fateful night in March, he proved it with The Wilde Club, Alyx Wilde is no Slim. The Wilde Club would break up just under a month after it's formation, a decision that would come from upper management after the stable's disappointing inability to get over. Despite giving up on The Wilde Club, the higher ups didn't give up on Wilde himself, writing a repackaging for Alyx into the disbanding of the stable, Wilde becoming "Unhinged" Alyx Wilde, a gimmick that is sometimes seen as the writing staff taking a shot at Wilde's erratic behavior and reportedly unstable mental health. but just two weeks after his new character debuted he would be forced off TV to serve a 30 day suspension for alleged "Drug Policy Infringement" and "Backstage Misconduct" some creditable sources have claimed that Wilde would often show up to shows drunk or high and got into numerous backstage altercations, even before Mania, but it seemed as if now that he had failed on the biggest stage in the world, he was no longer the untouchable figure that his legendary 2016 and relationship with Slim turned him into. When Wilde returned to BPZ TV on EVOLVE, things seemed to be headed in the right direction, he "re-debuted" as Alyxander Cuddlezworth, the beloved character that Wilde portrayed in mid 2016. The character was welcomed back with open arms by fans, Wilde showcased the ability to get over that had been missing ever since March. Wilde (as Cuddlezworth) would even go on to capture his first PPV win in months, defeating El Oculto in a match at EVOLVE Takeover: Destiny. That was the last time Alyx Wilde appeared on BPZ Television. As just days later Wilde would be officially terminated after his contract expired. Wilde allegedly turned down all the offers from Slim and Brenden, demanding his current salary gets doubled or he walks. The pay raise never came and Alyx Wilde made good on his promise, walking out of the BPZ Headquarters and flying back to Portland the same night, sitting through the same long flight he sat on, concussed and disappointed just 5 months earlier. August 17th, 2017. Wilde's 24th birthday and exactly one year from the day he won his first title. He found himself at rock bottom. Unemployed and back exactly where he had started. In just 12 months, Wilde made and broke himself in the wrestling industry. His run was legendary, but The Wilde One has been tamed, The Future has passed and The Answer is full of questions. Alyx Wilde is over. Or not. That all brings us to this exact moment. When it was officially announced on BPZ.com that newest EVOLVE manager Natedog has done what Slim could not, Nate has signed Alyx Wilde. It wasn't cheap, as Wilde's demands we're finally met, tenfold. Alyx and Nate would settle and put the pen to paper on a 160K contract, making Alyx Wilde one of the highest paid wrestlers in BPZ despite not having wrestled in nearly 7 months. It's a big risk from the rookie GM, but it's been evident for months now that EVOLVE needed a spark, and Wilde might just be exactly what it takes to put the Blue Brand back on top. Just weeks removed from BPZMania III, the clock is set. Alyx Wilde took himself from nothing to the very top of the indrusty in just 12 months. Can he do it again? Alyx Wilde has one year to get himself back to the very thing that ruined him, but possibly the only thing that can save him. The BPZMania Main Event. Will he do it, or will this just be the next tragic chapter in the story of a damaged man? Nobody knows, but one thing is certain. Alyx Wilde was "born for this."
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    Answering and Asking

    We have had an increadible night of wrestling as Evolve rolls on for the final part of the show. The crowd is fired up as the cameras are rolling once again with the Evolve sign appearing on the screen. The Evolve theme song is followed by cheers from the crowd, as we see signs for some of the most popular wrestlers on the Evolve brand and see the fans chanting as they await the continuation of the show, waiting to see what will happen next. As “One True Villian” appears on the titantron anger is seen on the faces of the fans as it rains boos in the arena. Bart walks out to the ring with a classic smile, as he enjoys the hatred that the crowd is showing for him. Both of his titles wrapped around his shoulder as he walks down the ramp, with a confident look that shows signs of arrogance. Bart walks to the ring crew, demanding a microphone before he walks into the ring without any sort of rush, as he takes his time, to the frustration of the fans as they boo him once again, to no reaction from the Grand and United States Champion. As Bart stands in the middle of the ring he is about to speak into the microphone, for the first time since BPZMania III. Hello Evolve audience. Here we are again. You might be surprised to only hear from me now. You would probably think that I would come out here as much as I possibly could, to remind you all that I did exactly what I told you, that I was right and all of you were, well, wrong. But I don’t see the point in that. I have learned to live with the fact that I won’t be able to change your minds. I have come to accept your inability to see the obvious. I will continue to give you evidence of my superiority at every single match that I participate in, but I do not feel the need to tell you about it, you will simply see it. Bart looks around the arena, but to his surprise the crowd are listening instead of the usual noise. So why am I hear, I see you wondering. Well, there are two things. First off I would like to talk about Yeldick. You might not know him, he is usually in the piss break section of Carnage live, but he has decided to challenge for my US title. Yeldick, you see. Usually I would do someone like you a favor and tell him not to. But I will do you one better, I will proof you why you shouldn’t go for my title. I will take out all the ambitiousness in your soul and turn into reality. After our match is over, you will serve as an example to not only yourself, but the whole roster. I am sorry for that. I am sorry that something in your brain makes you want to challenge for the US title, I really am. I am sorry to your family, who will lose someone that they are forced to keep up with. Of course, you could blame it on yourself. After all, you are the one who came up with the ridicule idea to challenge for my title, but someone like you, who has been such a big joke for so long, I just simply cannot blame you. Don’t worry, I won’t feel bad because of it. I have learned that destroying people and ruining their lives simply comes with my god-given talent in this business. See you at Backlash, Yeldick, if you can keep yourself from backing out . The crowd boos as they show their respect for Yeldick and Bart patiently waits till they are done, it’s like he expected them to boo and is fine with it. However, that is not the only reason why I am out here tonight, you guys will get even longer to experience my presence. I would like to ask for a men, I don’t know if you have ever heard about him, he is Nate. He is supposed to be the GM, he is supposed to run this place. I get that you wouldn’t think so, this place is out of control. We have superstars who never show up making top dollars while a star like me makes barely anything. But that’s not my issue, for this moment. My issue is the fact that I have this title and I don’t know what I am supposed to do with it. I have simply beat everyone who I could ever envision getting a title shot. You guys know, those guys who called me a fake champion and all got dominated. And now, I just want to know, what I am supposed to do next? Who is the next to destroyed by me, who is the next name to get devalued by his shortcomings to me, if there is anyone left and I think I am not the only one here. I am sure that there is some idiot backstage wanting to get humiliated by me in a desperate attempt to raise his stock and I think that I should be nice to them, as I will ruin everything that they think they have left on this brand. So, mister GM, could you please make your way out to the ring? Bart stands in the ring, awaiting the arrival of the GM of Evolve, unsure if he will come out here tonight…..
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    What a night it has been here at Carnage's exclusive brand pay-per-view Power Trip: World at War! We have witnessed Championship Title changes, major upsets and last but not least stars being created. But now it's time for what the fans have sold out Capital One Arena have been waiting for. IT'S TIME FOR WAR GAMES! Announcer: The following contest is a WAR GAMES MATCH! The three teams will wage war inside this massive steel cage that is surrounding both rings. All three teams will be contained inside separate shark cages by the entranceway. With a member of each team chosen between themselves starting the match. After five minutes, one of the shark cage doors will be opened at random allowing the respective member to enter the match. When another three minutes period elapses, the remaining member from a second team are released from their cage and then allowed to enter their match. Following another three minute time period, the remaining member from the final team are released from their shark cage and entered into the match. Once all three teams have entered the WarGames match, a victory can be attained via pinfall or submission. If a team exits the cage without being pinned or submitted they will be disqualified. Ladies and gentleman, LET THE WAR GAMES BEGIN! The stage is set for what could be the biggest match of the year tonight as we await the competitors to arrive here tonight. IT'S THE BOSS! Bailey is the first man to make his entrance here tonight as our own Carnage General Manager steps out from the back in his ring attire something which is becoming an rarity as time passes. Bailey lowers his head as the spotlights shine down upon him. As he lifts his head up slowly and staring straight down to the ring. Bailey points to himself screaming at the front row fans in attendance tonight telling them he's the boss and he runs this place. Bailey is without a win in over six months and tonight he wants to change that. "The GOAT" calls for his music to be cut off as he takes in the atmosphere from the Carnage crowd tonight. Bailey points to the curtain as we await his tag team partner. Prince's theme blasts through the speakers as he paces from the back and infront of the shark cages, Prince pose's like usual to the Washington fans by raising his hands in the air and placing it into a fist and onto his jaw. "The Bruiserweight" nods at Bailey and begins a walk do-, Bailey just stopped Prince and told him to get in the cage! Bailey points over to the shark cage and Prince follows his orders. THE BOSS IS STARTING OFF TONIGHT! Prince enters the shark cage and the referee places the lock on and that's the first competitor locked inside tonight. Further down the ramp Bailey is about to step inside the steel cage and he does. The boss instantly climbs to the top rope and does his usually entrance again. The first team is in! Prince has been locked up inside the shark cage and Bailey has officially entered War Games. The fan favourite. Echo Wilson's "God's Plan" plays and Echo comes flying out from the back with a huge smirk on his face as the fans cheer and chant his name. Wilson cockily walks past Prince who looks at Echo Wilson with pity. Echo stands centre stage and looks into the crowd as the announcer announces his name. Echo Wilson kisses his pinky and gets inside the shark cage as the referee locks it. It seems Echo and Slim have gone through their game plan tonight. THE ICON, THE GOAT AND THE BPZ WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! Slim rocks out from the back with his Championship held in his hand. All business is Slim who doesn't even stop to look at his partner Echo Wilson, or one of his opponent's Prince. "The GOAT" just darts his way down to the ring and makes it look good while doing it. Slim chucks his BPZ World Heavyweight Championship to the referee who panics but catches it. And now, in the ring we have two of the best already. We have Slim, we have Bailey and now we await the third and final team in this match. "Kingdom" hits and the boo's are deafening. "The One" confidently and cockily walks out from the curtain spreading his arms. Ross lays his eyes on Echo Wilson and goes straight up to his cage laughing in his face, he then does the same to Prince. Ross steps infront of the shark cages and looks around the arena before turning his back to the crowd. "The One" keeps his back turned as his music cuts off... And now "Cut The Cord" plays through the speakers. It's "The Ace". Flynn, who went through a battle with Joshua Scott earlier in the match to capture the BPZ Intercontinental Championship enters the arena once again not showing any effect of the match earlier on. Flynn looks directly at Echo Wilson and flicks his tooth pick straight at him. Ross and Flynn look each other straight in the eye. They give eachother the nod and do what best friend do. Hug it out. "The One" Ross steps inside the shark cage and is locked in. "The Ace" Flynn begins to make his way down to the ring with the BPZ Intercontinental Championship around his waist. Flynn climbs up the steps and inside the ring as the referee locks the door shut. The crowd have never been louder as the bell rings and we are underway! AND LOOK AT THIS. Bailey, Slim and Flynn starting us off. Three of the best the company has seen to this day. They stare each other down, each respective competitor having issues with the other are about to get down to business. Slim is the first to break the stare down as he goes straight for Flynn with a thesz press, Flynn however grabs the hair of Slim and slams his head straight of the canvas. "The Ace" begins to stomp away at Slim as Bailey gets to his feet and joins him. Shades of The Foundation here tonight at World at War and they don't seem to be interested in damaging each-other yet as both men have their eyes set on Slim. Flynn grabs Slim's arms and puts them behind his back and Bailey begins to work the body throwing punch after punch to Slim slowly damaging "The GOAT". Bailey goes to throw a huge right punch but Slim manages to escape free from Flynn's hold and Bailey hits Flynn! The temporary alliance has come to an end, Bailey goes straight after Slim again who ducks under Bailey's clothesline and hits one of his own. Once again Bailey goes for another clothesline but Slim catches Bailey with a dropkick. The BPZ World Heavyweight Champion picking up momentum now early on in the match! But Flynn from behind strikes Slim to the back of the head shutting down the little fire Slim has building. Flynn is the only man standing at the moment as he just picks away at the pieces of Bailey and Slim kicking them one by one. "The Ace" gets Bailey to his feet and Irish whips him into the corner turnbuckle. Flynn unleashes several chops to the chest of Bailey which leaves him screaming in pain. Now, Slim gets back to his feet and turns Flynn around shouting in his face. Flynn also shouts back pointing at himself saying he is better, but Slim shuts him up with a kick to the gut and then another one. Slim grabs the neck of Flynn and lands a hangman neck-breaker. Now Bailey comes full steam at Slim but catches a stiff elbow, Bailey returns a forearm of his own to Slim who bounces back off the ropes and lands a dropkick to the knee of Bailey. “The GOAT” goes down to one knee and Slim’s playstyle switches up, he grabs to arm of Bailey and just begins to kick his head. After several stiff kicks to the skull Slim sends Bailey straight through the ropes and into the other ring. Slim stands tall in the ring heavily breathing as the countdown begins, we are about to have our first entrant into the match and who will it be. The crowd counting down to the buzzer. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 and there it is. The spotlight begins to hover over the three shark cages as it is picked at random… IT’S THE ONE! Flynn has some back up in Ross as the former United States Champions cage opens. Slim eyes down what he’s called “his creation” while “The One” jogs down to the ring. The referee opens the cage door and Ross enters. Ross and Slim stand toe to toe in the middle of the ring giving each other grief. A smirk comes across the face of Ross because of what’s happening behind Slim. Flynn also now in the mix as he gets to his feet and corners off “The GOAT”. There is no where to go for Slim right now as the mauling begins! Ross and Flynn just tearing Slim apart with punches and kicks. Alpha and Omega get Slim up and chuck him into the corner, giving him kick after kick to the gut just wearing Slim down. Now they enter the other ring turning their attention to Bailey. As they enter the ring Bailey tries to put up a fight as he lands an uppercut on Ross, and another one on Flynn. Now Bailey with kicks to the leg of Ross trying to work down the new entrant into the match but the numbers game is working for Alpha and Omega as Flynn chops the leg of Bailey. Again now in control the duo stomp away at Bailey. Flynn gets his former ally up to his feet and whips him into the ropes, "The Ace" pops Bailey up in the air and Ross with a ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO BAILEY! Bailey just drops down onto the canvas. Ross and Flynn celebrate above him as three minutes have now passed and the countdown begins again. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1... ITS THE BRUISERWEIGHT! Prince rushed down to the ring to try and help Bailey as Ross and Flynn wait at the door for him. Prince comes sliding in and ducks a punch from Flynn and shoulder barges Ross down to the mat, now Flynn comes at Prince... THE CROWNING FROM PRINCE ALREADY! OH MY GOD! Flynn must be out cold. Flynn hasn't moved since Prince hit The Crowning on him. Prince now grabs the head of Ross and looks around the crowd who cheer. However Ross breaks free and tries to escape Prince's path but he isn't getting away that easy. Prince gets hold of Ross again... DISCIPLINARY FROM PRINCE! HE'S ON FIRE TONIGHT! This match has just gone from 0-100 real quick and that's no exaggeration. Prince came into this match with low expectation's and has just laid out both Ross and Flynn simultaneously. However Prince can not take advantage of this as one team is still yet to enter. Prince goes to enter the other ring and check on his partner but Slim hits "The Bruiserweight" from behind. He throws Prince against the ropes and then lies underneath as Prince comes full speed, now Prince bounces back off the ropes and is met with a superkick from Slim. Ruining the momentum he had going and creating his own. Now Slim turns his attention to Ross who is just getting to his feet. "The One" sees the anger in Slim's eyes and tries to get away from his wraith, but the one has a unique way of escaping Slim and tries to scale the cage in his efforts. But Slim is not afraid of heights and follows pursuit, both men climbing the cage but remember if anyone in this match leaves the cage they will get their team disqualified. But as our attention if on Slim and Ross down in the ring Bailey and Prince are double teaming Flynn as they hit a double suplex on "The Ace". Now Bailey and Prince come over towards Ross and Slim. "The Icon" throws a punch at Ross who stumbles and nearly falls off but he returns one of his own which did the same with Slim. Ross looks down and sees Bailey and Prince below waiting, hoping they exit the cage. However Slim has other ideas and grabs Ross and SENDS HIM CRASHING DOWN ON BAILEY AND PRINCE. But Slim is not done. Slim makes his way onto the top turnbuckle and patient is waiting for one of them to get to their feet. BUT FLYNN! Flynn out of nowhere leaps up to the second turnbuckle and grabs Slim... EXPLODER SUPLEX FROM FLYNN! All five men are down as now the countdown begins for the third and final time tonight. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 and here comes Echo Wilson. The final member to enter the match begins to make his way down to the ri- WAIT, WAIT. THAT'S JULIUS BEHIND ECHO. Julius just flattened Echo Wilson!! The NXT Champion has taken out Echo Wilson before he's even entered the match. This is chaos. Now Julius gets Wilson to his feet and pulls his head back before sending him flying into the steel steps. "The Underboss" picks up the lifeless body of Echo Wilson and screams at the referee to open the door and he does. Julius throws Echo Wilson into the ring and goes underneath to throw in a steel chair and with no issues makes his way to the back. Now all six men are down in the ring. Eventually all six men make their way up to their feet with some holding onto others. As they all look at eachother and begin to brawl! Six people all brawling at once and this is what War Games is about!! Slim takes Prince down to the ground. Bailey takes Flynn into the corner as Ross and Summer continue to punish eachother. Ross grabs Summer and gets him in his own move!! THE FIVE STAR ATTACHMENT FROM ROSS! Slim quickly gives Ross a kick to the gut and hooks the arms.. ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR! SLIM JUST HIT THE ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR ON ROSS!! But Slim has no time to breath as "The Bruiserweight" is lurking behind him tuning up the arm while Slim has no idea. THE CROWNING TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD OF SLIM! Prince stumbles and looks around but can not find his tag team partner Bailey... HE'S AT THE TOP OF THE CAGE! Bailey is standing ontop of the cage looking down on Prince. BUT OUT OF NOWHERE! AN FKO FROM FLYNN! This crowd is going crazy right now after that amazing sequence. But I think there is more guys as Flynn stands in position for Bailey having no idea he is above him. What is Bailey going to do?!? Bailey points to the sky... OH MY GOD! A MOONSAULT FROM THE TOP OF THE STEEL CAGE!! THE FANS CHANTING THIS IS AWESOME! As Bailey rolls into the pin. One..Two..Thr- BROKE UP BY ROSS. "The One" grabs Bailey and sends him flying into the cage. Now Ross goes to help Flynn up who looks like he doesn't know where he is. Ross puts Flynn in the corner and tries to help his friend recover from that lethal moonsault from the top. However in the other ring Echo Wilson gets to his feet and picks up the steel chair Julius chucked in the ring. The crowd are cheering as the fan favourite is about to unleash havoc. Ross comes at Echo and receives a chair shot to the head and then the back! And now comes Flynn who receives the same punishment. Now Bailey comes towards Echo BUT SLIM! "The Icon" makes the save with a SKULL SHATTER! Bailey looks like he passed out, that's him surely down and out now. Slim fires himself up and so does Echo. As Prince begins to get to his knees Echo goes to hit him with the steel chair but pauses and hesitates. What's wrong with Echo?!? Slim questions his tag team partner and grabs the steel chair off him and does it himself with several chair shots. "The Icon" throws the steel chair into the opposite ring. Slim and Echo are now arguing in the middle of the ring pushing and shoving eachother. FLYNN WITH THE FKO! NO! NO! COUNTERED BY WILSON! Echo Wilson pushes Flynn back quite a distance... SUPERKICK ON FL- OH MY GOD HE HIT SLIM! HE HIT SLIM! FLYNN DUCKED OUT OF THE WAY! Flynn quickly grabs Echo Wilson. V-TRIGGER TO ECHO WILSON! Flynn stumbles into the corner. Slim stumbles up to his feet after the superkick from Echo Wilson but here comes Ross as he runs towards the ropes... ROSS-CUTTER TO SLIM! Now Ross stumbles back into the corner. Meanwhile Flynn is in the other corner. The crowd beginning to fire up as Ross and Flynn are in position for it while Slim is in the centre of the ring. Ross and Flynn both look at eachother and run towards Flynn... THE A&O SPECIAL!! ROSS JUMPS ON SLIM! FLYNN JUMPS ON TOP OF ROSS AND THE REFEREE COUNTS! ONE..TWO..THREE! ROSS AND FLYNN HAVE DONE IT! THEY HAVE WON WAR GAMES! Alpha and Omega have outlasted four other people tonight and well some may say the hesitation from Echo to hit Prince cost them the match but that doesn't matter. Ross and Flynn have done what they said they would do and that's win War Games! The cage is lifted back up and the referee raises their hands. What a way to debut as a tag team and what a night it has been ladies and gentleman thank you for watching Carnage Power Trip: World At War but more importantly. The Revolution of Attitude Has Truly Begun!
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    The Omega

    We are live on Carnage just one night removed from BPZ Mania III. Anoght with many twists and turns and what many would describe as a fresh start for Carnage as for the first time in a year, Flynn is no longer the Universal Champion. The crowd hot for tonight Post-Mania Carnage. Finally after a long night, the FORMER King of Carnage makes his presence known. Flynn slowly steps out however surprisingly seems unfazed by the previous nights devestating loss where his year long Universal Championship reign was ended by former and friend now turned for Necce. Flynn instead hoists his newly won Money in the Bank briefcase high above his head, a briefcase he stole after inserting himself into the match and stealing the briefcase from FDS who seemed poised to take the briefcase and finally insert himself into the World title picture. Flynn would pause just several feet from the ring apron, his eyes locked on the squared circle beforefinally he’d match up the steel steps and enter the Carnage ring. He’d walk over to the turnbuckles where he’d climb to hold his briefcase high above his head to a mixed reaction from the fans in attendance. Finally he’d be handed a microphone as he stepped down from the turnbuckles. He’d stand right in the center of the ring, finally speaking, the fans silent to here what Flynn’s thoughts are following losing his Universal Champion. Last night The King was defeated..... Flynn pauses, clearly finding it difficult to say what he is and is about to speak. I after nearly a year as Universal Champion was defeated. My emotions got the better of me, and I played perfectly into Necce’s trap. Necce was in my head going into last nights bout and he had me scouted out like no other challenger before him. Where every other challenger failed, Necce excelled. He knew my every move before I even thought of it. And while this may come as a surprise to many of you, I do congratulate him on the win. Defeating me, even hanging in this ring with me is no easy task. So good job Necce. The crowd actually begin to rally behind Flynn and what he is saying, clearly respecting the former champions show of respect to the current. After last night, I will say while I don’t like Necce, I respect him. I will also say, that I am by no means done with you, because as long as I have a plausible rematch for that Universal Championship, you can garentee that it will be coming back to its owner. However not yet. Last night I will admit I was devestated. I lost everything. I was emotionally destroyed and physically exhausted. Necce had successfully taken everything from me, and I let him. You see to stay on top of this business you have to learn how to adapt or perish. Right now I am adapting. Necce while I will be getting my rematch, it will not be soon. Because you see for now, I will be worrying solely on improving myself in order to eventually defeat you and reclaim my Universal Championship. That is not all I will be doing however. This year, as I’ve said the past few months belongs to me. 2015 will forever remembered for Bailey’s dominance. 2016 and 2017 were owned by Slims world title reigns. 2018, Flynn shows he is the best in the world. Last night I performed the heist of the century when I stole this briefcase from the grasp of FDS. Inside a garenteed World Title match whenever and wherever I want. With this, I am the most dangerous man in this god damn company. And I promise you, when the time is right, whether is Slim, Smith or whoever this will be put to use and that World Heavyweight Championship will be mine. Flynn finally takes a pause, the fans in the arena getting behind Mr. Money in the Bank. However I must let it be known, I will go to whatever lengths to make sure these championships return to my grasp. The World Championship. The Universal Championship. Both will be mine again and with them I will go on to reign over this company once again. This journey however back to the top, BEGINS AT WORLD AT WAR. Now what is it I will be doing at this Carnage event? Taking a look back at last night, there’s only one man that is deserving of stepping one on one in the ring with me on this roster that is not named Ross, and that is the NEW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION, JOSHSNOW! Last night Josh you won the biggest match of your career when you defeated FDS for the Intercontinental Championship and I must say it was pretty damn impressive. So now Josh, I’m calling upon you as a fighting champion to put that newly won Intercontinental Championship on the line at World at War and face me for the first time in your career one on one. Flynn vs Josh for the First time ever all for the Intercontinental Championship. A powerful “YES” chant echoes, clearly many in attendance approving of the two white hot stars to duke it out at the event. Josh, when I walked down here a moment ago, I claimed the King is Dead. In his place, the Omega of BPZ stands. The best performer in this company, the single greatest to have ever lived and if you’d otn believe me then show me why I’m not. And with that, I leave you with the biggest challenge in your career Josh. Choose wisely my friend. Flynn drops his microphone before making a gun motion with his gunfire and pointing straight into the camera, the Money in the Bank briefcase being firmly showed off. With the challenge laid out, will JoshsNow respond to the newly reborn “Omega”?
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    "Yours Truly."

    {We are 24 hours removed from BPZMania III, the biggest and best show in BPZ history to date. We are live at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, just a mile away from the stadium that held the show of shows. The Carnage opening package has just aired and all 17,000+ fans are packed into the sold out venue. Before anything can happen on the show, the lights shut off. Everyone in attendance leap out of their chairs. The ovation from the crowd is thunderous, they await the arrival of the second ever Universal Champion. They sit in darkness for a moment until his music begins to play. It can barely be heard over the unanimous cheers from the crowd.} {Everyone begins to sing along, word for word, to the song being played in the arena.} I’ve got empires to lead She’s got vampires to feed You don’t miss me anymore Than I miss you. {The music fades out once again, leaving the audience in darkness. For about sixty seconds, there is nothing, no light, no music, even the audience begin to get silent. But then, the music blasts through the speakers. Every light in the arena is facing the entrance way, where Necce stands there in his signature pose. His newly won championship placed firmly around his waist. The crowd goes crazy once again, split between cheering and singing along with his theme. He slowly walks down the ramp as still images begin to show on the screen from his instant classic against Flynn last night. The camera cuts back to Necce, he walks around the ringside area and grabs a microphone before rolling into the ring. He stands up and walks to the center of the ring, basking in all of the glory. The music slowly fades out and is overtaken by the sound of everyone in attendance chanting “You deserve it” at Necce. He reaches into the back of his jacket and grabs his Universal Championship. He holds his first championship in over 2 years in one hand and the microphone in the other. Necce attempts to speak, but the crowds chants distract him. He has a large smile across his face, something unusual for him. The crowd eventually do begin to get quite, anxious to hear his first words after winning the Universal Championship.} I just want you all to know that this… {He holds up the Universal Championship} ...this isn’t for me. This may sound cliche, but this title isn’t for me, it for every single one of you. This...if for everyone that has been told that they aren’t good enough. This is for the people like me who were told to their face that they wouldn’t amount to anything. {The crowd begin to cheer louder and louder by the second, so Necce has to scream his words so that they can be heard.} THIS IS FOR THE PEOPLE WHO HAS EVER HAD A DREAM THAT THEY HAD TO SCRATCH AND CLAW TO ACHIEVE. THIS IS FOR THE PEOPLE WHO FEEL WORTHLESS AND FEEL LIKE THE WORLD WOULD BE BETTER OFF WITHOUT THEM. THIS IS FOR THE PEOPLE WHO KNOW THEY DON’T HAVE A SNOWBALL’S CHANCE IN THE NINTH CIRCLE OF HELL TO BE ANYTHING MORE THAN NOTHING, BUT FIGHT WITH EVERYTHING THEY HAVE, EVERY OUNCE OF COURAGE AND POWER IN THEIR HEARTS AND THEIR SOULS, UNTIL THEY CAN SAY THAT THEY ARE WORTH A SHIT IN THIS WORLD. THIS. IS. FOR. YOU!!! {The crowd goes ballistic, clearly able to hear the fire and passion in Necce’s words. Necce has become overrun with emotion, screaming himself to the point of exhaustion. He takes a moment to calm down before he begins speaking again.} I came from nothing. I grew up in a poor family who hated me and brutalized me in the swamps of Louisiana. I had two friends and a dream. When I dropped out of school at 17, I knew it was going to be nothing but difficult to do what I set out to do. I had everything against me and the words of my father on a constant loop. Those words followed me like a plague all the way through training and throughout my short indy career. They followed me into my first day in the BPZ Performance Center. They’ve followed me my entire career here in BPZ, from my first match, to my United States Championship win. It wasn’t until last night where I didn’t hear those words. It was after the match when I sat in my locker room alone. My body aching and sore from the battle I had just gone through and my head was pulsing like a heartbeat. The adrenaline was wearing off and I had finally come to my senses. I had done what I set out to do, what I had spent over 4 months pursuing, I had beaten Flynn. As I looked down at the belt I hold now, something changed within me. As soon as the shine from it hit my eye, the words of my father drifted away like bad dream. I had done it. I had proved him wrong, because now I can proudly say that I stand before you the new BPZ Universal Champion! {The fans erupt into applause once more. Necce throws the title over his shoulder and continues to talk.} However, this title isn’t only for you. This….oddly enough, is for Flynn. Flynn held onto this belt for close to 365 days. If he had defeated me, he would’ve been the first man to do so in BPZ. His life was built around this championship, he molded his self worth around this belt, and now, the man he hates the most in the world is holding it on his shoulder. But it doesn’t stop there. This is also for the guys in the back who think that obtaining the Universal Championship will be an easier task now that Flynn’s clutches on it have been cut. This is for the people in the back who tried and failed to beat Flynn in the past, but yet think that they can somehow dethrone the guy who beat the man they failed to overcome. {Necce holds up the Universal Championship towards the lense of the hardcam so that it can be seen clearly.} This….is mine now. I have fought tooth and nail to get this, and I will do the same to keep it. I don’t care who you are, it could be the biggest guy in the locker room, the caterers, the guy in the trucks who control the cameras, or the men in Ruin. If you step up to me expecting an easy title win, I will show you just why I call myself The Antichrist...Quote The Raven… {Everyone in the crowd scream the following line before Necce can even finish his sentence.} Nevermore. {Necce drops the mic on the mat as his music begins to play. He slides out of the ring and goes through the crowd. It takes several security guards to hold the fans back from rushing Necce. He holds the Universal Championship belt over his head the cameras fade to black, cutting to a commercial break.}
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    BPZMania III Opening Video Package

    The scene opens up on a man sitting in a chair. He is watching several famous moments from BPZMania’s past, they’re being shown on a projector. The sound from the projector is the only sound in the room. The camera cuts closer to the man without showing his face. He is wearing a light grey suit and a ring on his right hand. The ring is revealed to be a BPZ Hall Of Fame ring. The man begins to speak, his voice sounds familiar, but his face is still hidden from the camera. “What is in a moment?” The camera cuts back to the wall that the images are being projected onto. It shows several scenes from the first ever BPZMania, such as Jervis Cottonbelly defeated Natedog in a Gentlemen's Duel match, Flynn and Ryan winning the BPZ Tag Team Championships, and Slim winning the BPZ European Championship. But the moment that the camera focuses on is the first ever BPZMania main event. Where Bailey lost the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship in a very one sided match to Nebakos. The camera cuts to the man in the chair, revealing him to be a member of the first class of the BPZ Hall Of Fame and a former BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, The Greek Guy, Nebakos. “A moment, is where legends can be created...but also destroyed.” The camera cuts back to the wall, showing Jonathan cashing in his Money In The Bank contract on Nebakos, winning the title from him. Nebakos stands up from his chair and walks up to the wall. Staring intently at the footage of Jonathan as he holds up the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. “Matches can come and go, but moments...moments can live forever.” He walks over to the projector and changes the film reel. The scenes being shown are now from BPZMania II. It shows such moments as Summergamz retaining the NXT Championship, Nebakos winning the Money In The Bank ladder match, Natedog winning the Global Championship, and Slim defeating Flynn in the main event for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. Nebakos begins to speak again. “It is moments, that carry our careers from great, to legendary. And every year, we rely on these moments to make our names known.” Nebakos takes the film reel out of the projector. He grabs a new tin that has a strip of tape on it with “BPZMania III” written on it in marker. He takes the reel out of the tin, but before he places it into the projector, he pauses. He looks towards the camera and speaks. “So this year, who will seize their moment?” He places the reel in the projector. Instead of cutting to the wall, the projector light shines into the camera lense. The camera cuts to various moments from the weeks and months leading up to BPZMania III. First it’s Bart with his United States Championship. “It amazes me to see a wrestler who can live with failure like you just did.” The camera then cuts to Bart’s challenger for his United States Championship, Kieron. “Bart, even if I don’t win, even if you don’t see me as a threat coming into Mania. You will think of me as the devil afterward.” The camera cuts to Julius and Marker, two men who will be competing for the NXT Championship. “And now you have once again come out here and promised everyone that you will win at Mania and capture the the coveted NXT Title. But when I win and I pin you 1...2...3 on this mat, what’s next?” “THESE MEN DON’T THINK THAT I HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE IT HERE,...THEY DON’T THINK IM READY...AND THEY’RE SURE AS HELL THAT I’M NOT WINNING AT BPZMANIA...I HAVE THE NECESSARY TOOLS TO GET THE JOB DONE AND WHEN THE TIME COMES, I WILL BREAK FREE FROM THE CHAINS I HAVE BEEN PUT IN.” The camera cuts to the two teams competing for the BPZ Tag Team Championships. First, the newest BPZ faction known as Ruin. FDS: “That’s how Jon and I are different to you two. We may fight at times, but we both have a common goal: Beating the living shit out of people.” Johnny Kills: “I will be a champion and smash my belt against FDS’ after we beat that team posing as threats in Slim and Bart.” The camera cuts to the team that Ruin will be facing, Slim and Bart. Slim: “I need someone to have my back against Johnny and FDS, and I think it’s time, that this kingdom, adds a villian, and The King and The Villian make sure BPZ gets the hell it deserves.” Bart: “They cannot match our combination of talent, skill, or chemistry. Their mind games are a desperate last attempt to weaken us, but even people who are as clueless as them should know that it’s not gonna work.” Next, the camera cuts to the men who will be participating in the Grand Championship Elimination Chamber. Bart: “You will attack him and let a bunch of rage go on him. You will make him bleed and look down on him. You’ll cry when you get home, realise that you have failed once again to align yourself with someone. You will have lost everything. I will smile. At the end of the day, I always smile.” BiC: “Bart...if you ever….EVER...say I am not good enough again. I will personally drive your neck into the mat and break it…” The camera now cuts to the men participating in the Money In The Bank ladder match. FDS: "That briefcase is essentially a guaranteed ability of power. That Briefcase is a ticket to everything and anything I could ever want. It gives ruin absolutely anything we ever want. It allows for us to reshape everything the way we see fit. Create the BPZ that we want, not the one we live in right now.” Brad: "That ladder is like my career. I will be climbing up and down, seeing if i fall off again, or I sit up top of it and grabs that brass ring.” The camera cuts to the men participating in Premium Championship match. Josh: "That Championship has been treated badly and now you people need a stable Champion who can hold the belt above his head knowing he is a good Champion. Knowing he represents the people. That is me." Johnny Kills: "I'm going to rip Brad's "Lionheart" out of his chest and raise his title over his head." Hollow: "You both believe that just gives you an opportunity for the Premium Championship at BPZ Mania 3 so you can both can get a chance to slay man who claims to be the lionheart of the BPZ Universe. You both signed the contract not seeing what it truly entails. You read it for what it says but you don't see what you is in store for the pair of you. And now your fates are sealed." Echo Wilson: "If you try and outwit me, I will stand back up with heart, If you try and outwrestle me, my decades of experience will convince you otherwise and if you try and out believe me, well we already know that my heart soars higher than anyone else in this company.” Brad: "I made a quick judgement call when I heard there was a Open Challenge for the belt after the former Premium Champion, Slim, vacated the title after winning the Royal Rumble. And for thirty nine days, I've been humbled and honored at this point of my career to be able to hold this title. And nobody is taking this from me. Not any of you." We now begin to focus on the final three matches of the show, the first of which being the Falls Count Anywhere match between Bailey and Echo Wilson. Bailey: "Because Echo doesn't have it in him. He doesn't have that ruthless aggression to succeed. He will not adapt to the culture of BPZ he will perish.” Echo: "I need to show Bailey that he is playing his cards in the wrong pattern. He needs to be focusing on the man who matters most, that's me. Prince is a washed up, forgotten, wrestler, who once was the epitome of his time but now, he let Evolve down and I'm not gonna let him, let Carnage down as well. When he fails Bailey, the man in charge will see, my goal?" We are now focusing on the first of the two main events of BPZMania III, the match three years in the making. The Universal Championship match, Necce vs Flynn. Necce: “At BPZMania III, I will make sure that our first encounter is an impressive one. I will do anything I have to do. I will bite, I will scratch, I will crawl, even if I have to break my fucking neck again, I’ll do it. Because I will do anything in my power to make sure that I tear down your empire. Stone by stone… Brick by brick… and Piece… by… piece.” Flynn: “"You fought for these people. You seek to entertain them. You would do anything for them. You’d do more for them then your own best friend..... And at Survivor Series when your best friend needed you, you were too busy worrying about these people. You thought by stepping in the way and taking charge you’d be their hero and instead you cost your best friend everything. So you know what I did? I realized you never truly were my best friend Necce. Because a best friend would of had my back but you? You didn’t have my back. You stuck a dagger in it.” And finally, we get to the second main event of the evening, for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. Smith vs Slim. Smith: “This defines the pinnacle of our careers. If they ever even care enough to mention your name, your time holding this championship is how they'll construe you. Imagine, we're years down the line and everyone's looking back, reminiscing about your run at the top of the company. It's a heart-warming thought but the malicious truth is that right now, as I hold this title, I look across to my peers, people that I've shown nothing but gratitude to and I struggle to see even one face that supports me. Suddenly, as I hold this title, I'm no longer respected by my comrades but instead, scrutinized beyond reasonability. As soon as I achieve what I've tortuously longed for, I'm abandoned without a second thought by the ones I kept dearest.” Slim: "Nothing else could my friend. I would give you the opportunity to just hand me the title, the opportunity to just crown me World Champion, but you have too much pride to do that, and it's ashame really, because I don't wanna have to punish you at BPZMania to take my rightful title back." Everything we have just seen begins to play in reverse, from the end to the beginning. The camera pans back over to Nebakos with the BPZMania III film reel still in his hand and a smirk across his face. “Welcome….to BPZMania!” The camera slowly fades to black as the ‘Show of Shows’ is ready to begin. special thanks to @Brad for helping me with the lines from the promos.
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    Games of War

    It's just a few days after Bailey has announced that Prince & himself will compete against the makeshift team of Echo Wilson and Slim, along with the 3rd team, Flynn & Ross, Revolution of Attitude, in the illustrious, sometimes career-ruining WarGames Match at World at War. Suddenly, "Paramedic!" by SOB x RBE blasts throughout the House of Carnage as walking out intensely, is the World Champion himself, Slim. Standing on the stage, The King looks ahead to the ring, slowly raising the World Championship as he walks down the ramp now... Before getting into the ring, and a microphone is handed to him as he stands in the middle of the ring, the World Championship on his shoulder as he begins to speak to the many fans in attendance tonight. On April 13th, I will step into WarGames and not only will I win WarGames, I will conquer WarGames. I've been told over, and over again about how WarGames is a career-ruining match yet I've competed in so many of those, I'm beginning to think that career-ruining matches are just myths created by promoters, people like Bailey. I, was once one of these scum, but I'd like to believe that I was more straight-forward than him. Because on the surface it appears Bailey is pissed off, The Destroyer is coming out! Haha. Slim laughs as he mimics Bailey, letting the fans soak in his words before continuing his theory. But allow me to bring everyone - including the Carnage locker room a reality no one would like to see. You see, as much as Bailey wants to bill this as three teams who hate each other going at it, it's never been that way and won't on Friday night. Because, Bailey, shockingly enough, protects - and favors Ross and Flynn. I don't care how much you would like to say Slim, you're wrong but everyone knows I'm right. Bailey is a pushover, he's nothing more than a puppet and Revolution of Attitude is running this show. Why? Because Bailey knows without them, Carnage is nothing and Carnage is still the B show to EVOLVE. So Bailey gives them power, he gives them the rights to basically do whatever they want. It's not hard to see, no matter how many times they attack him, he will still kiss up to them, because a hard truth is coming upon Bailey - he doesn't make talent, he just lucks into some poor managing moves that myself, Smith, and Nate have made in the past year. Don't believe me? Well, think again. You see my people, Ross himself is a creation of me, a man I made relevant, and Ross believes he has outmatched my talent and that's always been the problem, he believes he knows too much and that's when he loses grip. For example, Flynn... We all know why "The Ace" has aligned himself with Ross and it's not because they're best friends. Ross is the hottest superstar in BPZ, but that stops at World at War when I plant him into the canvas and make sure he doesn't get up. As... for... my... partner. A huge pop for The Lionheart, Echo Wilson is heard as Slim lowers the microphone, looking a mixed of smug and anger as he raises it back up. Echo, Echo, Echo. Let's make something clear, I am not you and never will be. My act of saving you was not extending my hand to friendship, or even changing my answer. It was simple a favor that I fully expect you to repay at some point in the future. Saving you, didn't mean I was accepting your offer but clearly, the General Manager wants to see us team, he clearly believes that neither team will need to beat us because we will beat ourselves. Well, here's a clear and simple message. I will show you the light, and if you follow my lead, the Games of War will be ours my adversary. The mixed message from Slim at the end confuses the fans, as he drops the microphone, readying to leave before suddenly, Echo Wilson's music hits as Slim stops in his tracks, looking at the stage. (No responses plz)
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    The obstacle will collapse

    Storm's titantron hits as we begin Carnage one day prior from the historic night that was BPZManiaIII. Storm moves soely toward the runf but also you can see he is hurt from last night's Hell In A Cell Match . He picks up a microphone and pulls it slowly close to his mouth to make his statement known through out he arena. I am out here tonight on Canrage one day prior to BPZManiaIII because the exclusive Canrgse ppv, World At War is coming up and I was defeated last night and hurt, battered and bruised by that demonic structure known as The Hell In A Cell. I have not been able to prove myself in recent timed, so this is my chance st World At War to shine na prove that I do deserve to be here in BPZ. Storm starts cracking his neck on each side, he then paces abck and forth getting ready to explain who he is going to take on to prove himself at World At War. Let me start off by saying this, you will always doubters throughout your career in professional wreslting, but there is one person that never stopped doubting me and he is the obstacle standing in my way and I will have to collapse the obstacle in my way. HE GOES BY THE NAME BIC! The crowd good completely nuts, with this being his chance to prove himself to the fans, to everyone in the back, to Bic and to most importantly, himself. So Bic,. I will lead you to your down fall, to your demise l, and the obstscle that is standing in my say to push my career to the heights I know it can reach. Is known as Bic and he will callapse.
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    Nate Long

    Answering and Asking

    A man does come out to answer Bart, but it's not Nate. Josh Trenton stands on the stage with microphone in hand as Bart looks on with an unhappy expression on his face. Due to the attack Nate suffered at the hands of Slim over a month ago, he can not be here tonight as he has informed me that he's still re-cooperating from his injuries, but has told me that he will be back on EVOLVE to go back to running the show very soon. But I didn't just come out here to tell you that Nate would not be here tonight, as he did tell me to come out here on behalf of himself to deliver an important message, and that message concerns your opponent for the upcoming EVOLVE show, Rebellion, in which you will be defending that EVOLVE Grand Championship. He said that he's been watching on and that he was impressed with how you performed in that Elimination Chamber match at BPZMania III, with how you were able to defeat 5 other men and hold on to the title. Although he then told me that this upcoming challenge would be even harder than getting through 5 other men inside an elimination chamber, and I would probably also go along with that statement as crazy as that may sound. This man you will soon be facing, is truly like no other man you have faced before. He is one of the greatest BPZ wrestlers of all time and is certainly no stranger to championship gold, as he has garnered plenty of accolades throughout his career including the BPZ World Championship. So Bart, the man who you will go one on one with at Rebellion with that EVOLVE Grand Championship on the line is...SMITH!
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    We are back, live on Carnage as Bailey made a huge announcement for World At War. Flynn & Ross vs Slim & Summer vs Bailey & Prince. Some of the biggest names in the company and some of the company's future will put it all on the line. "Never Alone" hits the speakers of the Carnage arena and the jeers begin already. One of the most hated men in BPZ steps out from the back looking better than ever but looking serious too. "The Machine Gun" embraces the crowds emotions and takes in the scene. Ross walks back to the centre of the stage and throws up a too sweet something he has carried for nearly over a year now since his Wilde Club debut. He begins his walk down to the ring with all the ringside fans booing and holding up a thumbs down. Ross simply ignores them and points to the camera before then pointing at himself. "The Machine Gun" rolls inside the ring and centres himself perfectly in the middle. He smirks to the camera and does his signature gesture. Ross calls for a microphone and waits for the red hot Carnage crowd to cool down after an amazing night of Wrestling. I can take the hatred. I can take the hate you all give me every single weekend because I simply do not freaking care. But for a man who I beat in the main event of his own show to come out and taint my name is just simply ridiculousness. This match at World at War doesn't mean anything to me. This is just another bunch of opponents thrown in my way to stop what I want. But this is a reality check for each and every one of them and every single one of you. I do what I want anyway. This company has two of the best sitting at the top like it should be. And Bailey has been kind enough to put us together. Bailey I really appreciate what you have done for me and Flynn. It's about time Flynn dropped the dead weight you was. I dropped that weight months ago. An exact date was SummerSlam when you lost one of the biggest matches of your career and I came out and picked apart the pieces that remained. Then of course I beat you in the main event of your own show but let's not dwell on that. After that match Bailey I gained a certain amount of respect for you again. But then I found out who your tag team partner was. Infact, I heard of who your tag team partner was and the name never rang a bell so I had to go and find out who this guy is. Turns out this man was a midcarder for EVOLVE before Bailey felt sorry for him and decided to try and give him a better life on Carnage. But putting him in the main event slot when this guy Prince isn't even worthy of it is quite ludicrous. I really hope this Prince surprises me, but I hate surprises. Someone who didn't surprise me is Echo Wilson. Me and Echo have both main evented shows, both NXT Champions, both Tag Team Champions, Both United States Champions. We have both watched each others careers advance side by side. But after being side by side for so long he had to sit back and watch me come so far ahead while I looked over my shoulder and seen him so far behind. While I am putting on five star matches, main eventing several shows, becoming a two time United States Champion, becoming the Longest reigning United States Champion. Echo Wilson was no where to be scene. We can both say we defeated our own boss, but can Echo Wilson say he beat the former World Heavyweight Champion, A hall of former and a man who was undefeated on EVOLVE since his return. No he can't. But I can. I defeated Smith 1-2-3 for Carnage. While what? Echo Wilson defeated BiC? Please, I've done that four times already. Ross laughs it off before becoming more serious as he realises who he hasn't talked about yet. Now, me and Slim. We have some sorts of history. This man signed when I returned to this company last year. Rejected by Carnage, Slim saw the talent. He gave me a match and I won. I won my return match in the company and I owed it to Slim. Then I got a Global Championship Match at BPZMania II because of Slim, he have me all these opportunity's and then he just shipped me off to Carnage. Like that I was gone. My dreams of eventually becoming Global Champion was out of the window because of Slim. I was furious. I wanted to get revenge for Slim costing me my moment. Then I got a huge paycheck from Slim. Not just a paycheck, A opportunity, a chance but more importantly a planned attack on Bailey. And I took it. For something I wanted to do for so long anyway but to get paid for it aswell was perfect for me. What I'm trying to say is me and Slim have never faced off, we have never been on the opposing side of each other but now it's time to stop that. Now it's time to face the man who I guess you could say resurrected my career. At World At War I will once again break Bailey. I will prove that this Prince is still a nobody. I will show I am far ahead of Echo Wilson and I will finally defeat Slim. World at War is my moment. I will take this moment and show everyone who I really am. I don't care if you boo me. I don't care if you cheer me. As-long as you realise that this match is all about me. Hold that thought. This is about us. This is about the Revolution of Attitude. Ross points up to the top of the ramp as await his tag team partner, Flynn.
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    '' I find it highly amusing that the biggest news rising in the aftermath of BPZMania III, is not either world championship victory, but the fact that Sheridan Elsa Müller has signed to compete for Carnage. I'd imagine it to be heartbreaking, pouring your blood and sweat into a training regime for months, ultimately capturing the championship you've been vying for, only to discover your efforts have been extinguished, solely due to the fact that I illustrated my signature across a piece of paper. Now even I am not that naive, I know that such news has not sparkled in the limelight due to my name value alone, it is because of my gender, because of the history I will be making when I step into the ring for the first time, the records that shall be shattered, the boundaries that I shall prove insignificant. The media would have you believe that, in spite of having zero fights beneath my belt, no battles or feuds scarring my skin, that I am one of the highest value competitors to ever step foot into this promotion, and whilst they are correct, I would rather prove to you all such is true, through efficiency and drive alone, not due to the tongues of journalists across the world platform. Naturally, this is not my first time performing underneath the limelight, having the consistent pressures of those around you, weighing on your mind, during training, and filling every space in your thoughts, but I am aware whatever I shall claim, can be simply eradicated due to the fact that I did not achieve such in BPZ, the best company to ever exist, the creme de la creme of professional wrestling. My signing with Carnage shall not be defined by my gender, I have ambitions far beyond being singled out due to the fact I have long, cascading blonde hair, I plan to hold championships within my grasp awfully soon, and unfortunately those who hold them shall be incapable of stopping me. Here's the belief that flows through every athlete, professional wrestler, any showman, they believe they are the best. But logically, only one individual can be the best, and it is not through fate or destiny, it is through hard work, discipline, and talent. I am that individual, I am mentally superior, anticipation and focus are two words heavily associated with me, when I enter a ring humanity dissolves and mechanical superiority finds my ligaments, and I deliver with absolute authority and little else. So when others grasp the news that my signing is official, and that the possibility of you sharing a ring with me perhaps shall be reality, know that I am not here due to how I look, or what my gender is, know that I am here because I can, and will, out work each and every one of you. I come from a country honed in efficiency, dripped in excellence, and I am a perfect product of those two definitions. The time for theatrics is over, my arrival shall distort the paradise most breathe in and drag them back to reality, a cold, harsh reality, of which I am the sole victor left standing, the vanquisher, the efficient. ''
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    "The King" Slim vs " The Lionheart" Echo Wilson II - WHC Title Match - Carnage Live We have been anticipating this for so long, the rematch. Last time out, we had a brutal ending with the Revolution of Attitude making their presence known with a double attack onto the pair of rivals, which eventually led to the heart breaking loss for the oddball pair, and a win for the Revolution. In the following weeks, Slim and Echo went right back to war in the infamous finger pointing competition where the blame wasn't placed on any person, but their chemistry, for better or worse showed. Now we are here, Carnage Live's main event, to hopefully conclude this dizzying, winding saga that has encaptured the minds and hearts of so many fans here in Carnage. Will the King reign supreme? Or Will the Lionheart prevail? We find out who has their mind in the game, and who is truly the better of these two tactical geniuses. The silence is broken as we hear an all to familiar theme, making every single fan in the audience, raise their heads and pay attention. The Supernova has arrived. Out first, The Premium Champion, the young kid who has a once in a lifetime shot at the most craved prize in BPZ today, the World Heavyweight Championship. "The Supernova", "The Lionheart", whatever you want to call him, is a beacon of hope, and a small shimmer of light in this dark company and now he deals with something, or someone, much bigger than him. Echo Wilson steps out and the fans roar to see a slightly unusual look on Echo, he wears war paint of purple, blue and white on his face, lining his eyes as he stands on the stage. He roars something of a mix between joy and fury, and kisses his wrist passionately. The camera zooms out and a series of pyro explodes, creating an amazing scene. He begins his trek to the ring and takes to the sides of the ramp, high - fiving the fans and creating a general mood of excitement, garnering as much support as he possibly can because god knows he needs it. He rolls into the ring, and kisses his wrist one last time, while posing on the turnbuckle. He jumps down and as he lands the lights dim.....somebody is watching. IT'S THE KING! The man, The ruler of all of BPZ, and one of the greatest superstars this company has ever been lucky enough to witness. The success Slim has had in BPZ is incredible and virtually outmatched, he has won titles countless times, and is the current, reigning and defending World Heavyweight Champion, after a stellar main event of BPZ Mania III where he headlined what was once again one of the biggest shows in this company's history. Yet, he focus has been pulled to the side, through this larger than life rivalry, between Echo Wilson and Slim. Slim hasn't been able to take no for an answer and has left many marvelling about how Slim, the man who can have anything he likes, is stuck on this one man, if he beats him here tonight, Slim might have the final chance to prove to himself and to everyone else, that he never needed Echo at all. And there he is, clad in all blue and, and outlines of white. He gets on his hands and knees, near the back of the stage, he lays out the title in front of him and after a few seconds of heavy breathing, he arches his back, screaming up into the highest levels of the stands. He stands up, picking up his title and raising it high above his head. "The King" has arrived ladies and gentleman, what a way to make a spectacular entrance. He stands in front of the ring, after his long walk down to the ring. He stares intently at Echo Wilson, the rivalry between these two, it has been long, and it has been storied. This goes back more than 5 months, after Echo's hot start of the mark, Slim and his Order brothers, taking Echo out of the ring for nearly a month, and after Echo returned during the Royal Rumble, Slim was absolutely shocked. They immediately, locked eyes on the first night of Slim's excursion to Carnage and they renewed what was never finished between the two of them. But the tides turned as the GM Bailey, forced the two to team together in the War Games match and they lost. Creating an issue, of finding someone to blame. Each man blamed the other and here we are, the blow off match. This can only end one way, one man standing on top, with the World Heavyweight Championship in their hands. The two stand on opposite sides of the ring, Slim undresses and gives Echo the face that lets him know that there is absolutely no nerves right now, by bet is that Echo feels the same. Two proven competitors but only one true victor. The bell rings and bot competitors slowly face off against each other, neither backing down as they don't want to seem weak at all. They trade a few insults, the first shots are fired though as Echo has seen enough and goes right for Slim, pushing him into the corner as he unloads on Slim. shoulder block after shoulder block to the gut of Slim, before he begins unloading with fists to the back of Slim's skull forcing him to retreat out of the corner. Slim is quick to bounce back though and runs right at Echo in the corner, driving his forearm into the face of Slim before backing up again....enzigiuri! Echo is down in the corner, Slim lines up for double knees, so he charges...No! Echo dodges, and comes flying in bicycle kick to the skull! Slim is dazed and Echo ducks a wild clothesline and ...HUGE KNEE STRIKE! Echo gets to his feet, breathing heavily in Slim's face, he unloads an elbow onto the face of Slim who responds with a forearm, but Echo grabs Slim's arm, standing up slowly and it looks like he want a rainmaker...Slim ducks well! He's behind Echo now and Bicycle kick! To the back of the head! That can kill a man! Superman punch by Slim! Slim narrowly avoided the rainmaker attempt and now has momentum on his side! Slim needs to keep Echo on his toes, keep him moving constantly, try and tire him out. Slim goes on the attack once again with Echo slowly rising, and a clean spinning heel kick by Slim, before bouncing off the ropes and hitting another knee that sends Echo to the outside. Slim see his opportunity. He goes to meet Echo but echo hits a desperate but successful forearm, now he gets on the apron.....APRON DRAGON SUPLEX! NOOO! Slim flips outs, pushing Echo off the apron...PUNT KICK FROM SLIM! Echo falls back to the barricade, gasping for air, it looks like Slim hit the lungs there. He sits there helplessly as Slim jumps down from the apron, walking over and begins to stomp away at Echo, showing his aggression, getting in Echo's face screaming that "This was all your fault!", referencing the War Games finish from World At War, he drives Echo into the ringpost and slides him into the ring, following him as well. As both men are back in the ring, and Echo tries to throw a wild punch but Slim dodges and catches his arm, he smiles as he is completely dominating Echo here. He grabs Echo by the throat and picks him...dropping him into a chokeslam backbreaker! Slim immediately drops down into a headlock, trying to wear out Echo in the long run of this match. Slim continues to hold the lock in, until Echo powers out to his feet, hitting elbow after elbow, forcing Slim to let go of the hold. He breaks it finally and Slim doesn't even have a second to pause before Echo bounces off the ropes...into a SICK KICK! Echo crawls into the cover, hooking the leg....1!...2!....No! Slim kicks out handily at 2! Keeping Echo on his feet, knowing that Echo's brutal kicks won't be enough to end this match. Echo now, grabs the leg of Slim, he's looking for that Supernova Kneebar! - NO! Slim slides out...coming back with a KNEE CHOP BLOCK! The crowd gasps at how bad that looked as Echo lays flat out on his back. Slim goes to attack Echo more but the referee pushes him back, feeling some pity for Echo who has just blown out his knee. Slim is having none of it though and pushes past the referee, and hooks Echo's leg on the rope. He climbs to the top, DOUBLE FOOT STOMP ONTO THE BROKEN LEG! Slim smirks, he has Echo right where he wants him, the predator is hunting. He picks up Echo to his knees and watches him pull himself up with his arms, his broken leg hanging loosely. Slim bounces off the ropes....ECHO CATCHES HIM! KNEEBAR LOCKED IN! But Echo is forced to let go of it quickly! The pain is too much! Echo Wilson had the kneebar locked in but he couldnt do much damage due to his injured knee! Both men are down now! The crowd is firmly behind Echo now, as chants of "Echo Wilson!" begin, trying to will the "The Lionheart" to his feet. The referee checks on both men and that's enough for Echo to rise up slowly. Trying to get up before Slim, still favoring his not injured knee. Echo sees Slim still recuperating and he charges, but a good bait by Slim and he catches Echo with a forearm to the face. Still feeling the effects of even the smallest amount of knee injury, Slim stumbles to his feet and runs at Echo but spinning heel kick from Echo! That's the favor repaid for Slim's one earlier in the match! Echo sees Slim stunned, and starts out with a hobble and gets into a run...NO! HE TOOK TO MUCH TIME! Slim pushes him into the ropes and connects with a rebound german suplex! Slim sits on the canvas, looking around at the crowd who just saw the vicious landing Echo took on his neck, he is an absolute wreck. The King has recovered now from the kneebar and he is looking like the stronger man here tonight. 20 minutes into this match. As Slim gets to his feet, he spreads his arms out, letting the crowd soak in his presence, this is truly a blowoff match for the ages. He picks up Echo, unleashing a headbutt that rocks Echo's skull. Ech bounces off the ropes, and looks for a sick kick....But Slim reverses! Picks up his foot....CURB STOMP ONTO THE CANVAS! The crowd is absolutely riled up now, Echo cracks his neck, and his mouth starts to seep out blood, he spits it out onto the canvas and gives Slim a bloody red smile that Slim just smirks back at. The King picks Echo up and takes him to the ropes, setting up for a dragon suplex from the top rope maybe?....NO! ECHO FLIPS OUT! Echo now swipes the feet of Slim off the ropes, making him tumble and now he climbs himself......STARDUST STOMP CONNECTS! IT'S GONNA BE OVER! 1......2.........NOOOOOO! HOW ON EARTH?! Echo's eyes are wide and shocked, that finishing maneuever has put everyone away in the past...names like BiC, Brad even Bailey. It almost put Slim away in their first match. But Slim shows more heart than ever before with that kickout. Echo is having none of this and is looking for a Bloody Sunday! But before he get Slim's head locked under the arm, Slim counters with an acrobatic kick to Echo's gut. Echo is having none of that...backs into the corner....RUNNING KNEE STRIKE TO THE BACK OF SLIM'S HEAD! OH MY GOD THAT WAS BRUTAL! Echo lays on the canvas, unable to pin. He stares with one eye at Slim who remains down in the center of the ring. He walks over to Slim and plants him with a brutal DDT! Echo is on the attack and has Slim reeling, the King sits in the corner, before Echo rushes him with multiple strikes. Slim puts his hands up to beg for mercy and only then does Echo stop, but only for a moment as he charges.....Slim dodged! NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX BY SLIM NOW! HE COMPLETES THE SEIZING THE THRONE COMBO WITH A BRAINBUSTER! Now Slim picks Echo up and pushes his head under his legs, and hooks the arms. ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR CONNECTS! Quick and easy movements by Slim! This surely is all! Slim rolls Echo over, hooking the bad knee in the cover....1.....................2....................ECHO THE ROPES! HE HAS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPES! THE HEART! THE AWARENESS! SLIM IS IN PURE SHOCK! All of the confidence has drained from his face, and he sits there staring at the ropes...We are in for a wild fight if this is to continue any longer. Echo retreats into the corner, all the while, clutching his leg in pure pain and hurt. Slim has done a lot of offense tonight, but then again so has Echo. Slim retreats into the opposite corner, as the two men stare down. Too tired to move, too angry to wait. This war will either destroy both men, or maybe one of these two can find something deep inside of them to pull out a shocking victory. Any result here is a massive one, this is about blood, boiling hatred, two men who no doubt respect each other but hate each other with all of their might. We are 23 minutes into this extremely bone crunching, tantalizing affair and we might've only scratched the surface of these two men's movesets. Do they have more to pull out of the locker?
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    Carnage returns from a commercial break as we are set backstage, outside of what appears to be The Neb’s locker room as evident by the sign with his name hanging on the door. Approaching there is a new face, spotting a polo Tshirt and a pair of funny looking glasses, holding a microphone with the BPZ logo on it. ???: Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m John Coxx here backstage to conduct my first ever interview in Brendenplayz. What a better way to kick-off my career other than talk to The Neb!? As John is done introducing himself he knocks on the door and waits for someone to respond. A few seconds pass and the door opens enough for none other than The Neb to squeeze his head out. He looks John from top to bottom before stepping out of his locker room. The Neb is not scheduled to have any kind of match tonight so he’s dressed up pretty casually spotting a pair of sunglasses, a shinny shirt and a pair of grey trousers. The Neb: Who are you and what are you looking for? John: Hello Neb, I’m Jo- The Neb: IT DOESN’T MATTER WHO YOU ARE! John: Can’t say I didn’t see that coming.. The Neb: Ok Jo, quit being a smartass, The Neb sees you holding a microphone so ask me some questions or I’ll take it off your hands, go to my locker room, shine it up reaaaally good, turn it sideways and STICK IT UP YOUR CANDY-ASS! John: Uhm, it’s John, John Coxx. Anyways, I’m here to ask you about your opinion on the superstars that will fight for the BPZ Universal Championship at Power Trip: World at War. The Neb: That’s a good question John, it’s actually so good that The Neb will skip the part where he makes fun of your surname and do it some other time. So, Power Trip, World at War, what a main event Bailey has set for the people. On one hand, we have history in the making, for the first time ever, a woman stepping in a BPZ ring, a rookie might I add. Having proven nothing to anyone but Bailey, Sheridan gets thrown into the ocean and she’s not forced to sink or swim, she’s forced to fight for survival or get eaten alive by two sharks, two of the biggest fish in the business. But you see John, The Neb is wondering how did she get such a big shot if she hasn’t proven anything yet? The Neb was scratching his head but moments before you knocked on my door I came up to a shocking conclusion. Given the fact that negotiations for Sheridans contract were done behind closed doors, and if you also consider the FACT that Bailey likes giving it as much as he likes taking it, I have a theory that Sheridan is not really 100% female, but dare I say that she’s a hermaphrodite! The crowd reacts with shock to what The Neb just said. Nevertheless, The Neb is not judgemental, we live in a society where you can be what you want so I’ll just leave my theory there and move on to Brad. So on the other hand we have Brad, what a guy Brad is! He never gives up, I got to give that to him. Despite of all his failures, time and time and time and time again, he goes every once in a while to his half Mexican, half North Korean barber, gets a 3 dollar haircut, goes on to Walmart and buys a new T-shirt with his grandmas 50% off coupons and comes out here giving the same speech “me Brad, me stronger this time, me going to win” aaaand then he loses, but props to him for growing his fanbase to the staggering amount of 3 people in comparison to the 2 he had last time I was here. He even has a girlfriend or a wife now, I don’t know for sure, but it’s a shame he steals all the spotlight from her by being a bigger bitch. And last, but certainly not least, we have the champion himself, Necce. Undoubtedly the favorite heading into the match, Necce loves to tell a sob story. The story always revolves around his daddy and how he beat him day after day. Hell, he could right an entire book filled with stories like that and I am damn sure it would be a best seller. That’s why as a gift for you Necce, if you walk out of that match still the champion, The Neb is preparing to lay the smackdown on you with such force but love and care at the same time that it will leave a PTSD deeper than the one you have right now. With that you will be able to tell more sob stories and even write a sequel to the book I just proposed, named “NECCE: THE STORY OF HOW MY ROODY POO CANDYASS GOT BEAT WORSE THAN MY DADDY AT THE HANDS OF NEBBY”! John: Wow! Than- The Neb: Shhhh John, know your role and SHUT YOUR MOUTH when the people are chanting The Neb’s name.. The Neb turns his head sideways as a sign of wanting to hear clearer as the focus turns towards the live audience screaming louder with each second passing “Nebby! Nebby! Nebby!". The camera starts to slowly fade.
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    The Neb

    FINALLY, The Neb Has Come Back...

    The Carnage post-BPZMania, a show full of excitement as we are used to being treated with one of the best shows of the year after the show of shows. The Minesota audience has already welcomed the newly crowned Universal champion Necce, who gave an emotional speech as per usual and he was later followed by the man who he beat for the title Flynn, who despite his loss was one of the biggest winners of BPZMania III as he captured the money in the bank briefcase, which virtually guarantees him another world title reign within the next 6 months. But so far there have been no surprise returns, so far... Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please rise as we welcome back to BPZ, a pioneer of the business, a BPZ original, a hall of famer, but most importantly, the most electrifying man in sports entertainment.. The lights from the signs, the titantron and the entire arena slowly and one by one are being turned off, the levels of excitement within the crowd raise with each second passing, could it be the long awaited return of Zombie or Cobheadjake? The sound of electricity echoes through the PA system and beams of light show up on the titantron every few seconds. Then, everything goes peach black.. It’s... It’s Nebakos! The former 3x BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, one of the most decorated superstars in history makes his long awaited return as the crowd is going nuts at the sight of him. As he walks out of the backstage area he stops on the entrance ramp and looks around at the sold out crowd in Target Center. For the first time in nearly a year, he walks towards the ring and as he walks around one side, he uses the steel steps to make his way up and he climbs the turnbuckle. There he just stands as he seems to be inhaling the energy that’s oozing out of the live audience’s screams. FINALLY.. THE NEB HAS COME BACK TO MINNESOTA! Which means that after nearly a year long absence that FINALLY.. THE NEB HAS COME BACK TO BPZ! Which means that FINALLY.. THE NEB HAS COME BACK- ... HOME! The crowd goes wild as The Neb pauses his speech. This was the longest period of time I have stayed out of action, part of it was due to injuries I suffered due to a brutal beat down by the hands of people I thought I could trust, but more importantly I was emotionally unstable.For the first time in his life, The Neb had hit rock bottom as he was unsure of his future, so he took time off to heal his physical and mental wounds. But that’s not it, the reality is that I thought I could fill the void by taking part in a few movies, you know nothing special, just me being the lead actor in Fast and Furious 8 and co-starring in the new Avengers movie. The Neb laughs at himself making it seem like a small deal appearing in those blockbuster movies while the crowd continues to applaud him. But still, something didn’t feel right, something didn’t click, there was something inside me all this time itching me and I couldn’t realise what that was until I switched my TV to the BPZ Network last night, at first it was just something I used in the background while going through my social media feeds, but then I noticed a bodyslam and damn did it give The Neb butterflies in his stomach, then the sight of the ref counting to 3, the bell being rang, all the simple things that happened onside this ring last night, so simple, yet so satisfying. For a brief moment every wound and every scar was like it never existed, the idea of me being inside this ring, between these ropes, it was like getting a kiss from your first crush, so I knew that all I had to do is make one phone call. And one phone call I made, and now here we are, 24 hours later. You see, until last night, three things were certain in life, death, taxes and Flynn prevailing in a Universal championship match. Notice how key word is ‘until last night’, due to a man that goes by the name Necce. The Neb has to give props were props are due and Necce, you deserve every congrats you hear these days because you didn’t just roll up Flynn for a quick victory, no no no, you didn’t just cheat your way to victory, no no no, you beat, actually let The Neb correct himself, you DOMINATED Flynn physically and mentally and you pinned him right in the middle of the ring, 1-2-3. Now Necce, allow The Neb to make one thing clear, The Neb didn’t make the biggest and most anticipated return in sports entertainment history to pander you and your accomplishment. The Neb is back to prove to himself that he still has what it takes and he is back to become the people’s champ. You have something that The Neb would love to get his hands on, something that The Neb needs to claim his in order to rightfully name himself ‘The People’s Champiom’ and that something is the BPZ Universal Championship! The idea of a match between Necce and The Neb seems something that the crowd would love to see as their reaction to what The Neb just said is a burst of Yes! Chants. But since Bailey had already made up his mind on the championship match for Carnage Power Trip: World at War and considering the history between the two of us I certainly couldn’t get him to do me and the people a favour and change it to you vs me. What I could secure though is the opportunity to make sure that the match is correctly officiated and everyone involved is treated fairly as I was named the special guest referee for it. Whether it’s Necce, or Brad, or that rookie Chyna wannabe that walks out the champion in a few days, guess what? IT DOESN’T MATTER who the champ is, BECAUSE THE NEB WILL MAKE SURE TO CHECK IN YOUR ROODY POO CANDYASSES INTO THE SMACKDOWN HOTEL AND BOOK THE FINEST SUITE IT HAS TO OFFER, WHERE YOU GET THE BEST VIEW TO THE NEB LAYING THE SMACKDOWN ON YOU JABRONNIES!! IF YOU SMEEEEELLLLLLLLL, WHAT THE NEB, IS, COOKING! The Neb drops the microphone after his announcement as the crowd is still on their feet applauding him. The Neb has made his return with style and made his intentions clear from the get-go by naming himself the number one contender for the Universal Championship after Power Trip: World at War. But before that he will be in control of the title match at the event itself, will he call the match fairly for everyone involved or is he going to help whoever he feels like being the easiest target for him?
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    The King of Dong Style

    "Young and Bitter" hits as "the Kiwi Buzzsaw" makes his way out from the back. the carnage crowd erupts into boo's, their hatred for this man on show currently. as Ropati makes his way down the ramp he looks extremely pissed off he yells for a mic and then goes to address yeldick. Get the fuck out of the ring now The crowd seems confused by Ropati's statement Go last chance Yeldick refuses to go as he seems pretty confused still as well as the crowd fine then chance gone. Now listen to me you pathetic piece of shit get that fucking lollipop out of your mouth and have a good look at yourself in a mirror. You see you are a disgrace, A disgrace to every former wrestler that helped pave the way for this business any current wrestler setting the world on fire right now or any future wrestler who is aspiring to make it where we are. you see Yel- no I refuse to call you that, you see Yelich I have friends that wanted to make it professional wrestler and they didn't make it but you know what makes me sick to my stomach? You know what? The fact that someone like you made it to the big stage because you are a disgrace coming out here saying "I know 1004 different sick positions" or "I have the biggest dick in wrestling" because quite frankly Yelich no one gives a fuck. No one cares about you your dick or anything you do, you should be taken out of this match you stupid piece of shit. but since you refused to go let me tell you something, Mr. Yel- Mr. Yelich at World at War i am going to end your pathetic career because you will find out soon enough no matter how much you call yourself "The King Of Dong Style" you will never amount to anything in this company. After Ropati Finishes this last line the Theme on the 3rd man in this match hits.
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    "Bright Eyes."

    {The camera opens up on a roaring fire. The sounds of crickets and other insects can barely be heard over the crackling of the fire. The camera pans up to show several people sitting around the fire, simply staring at it, entranced by the flames. There are five people around the bonfire, three of them being members of the newest BPZ faction, Ruin. The other two are unknown people. The camera pans over to the leader of Ruin, Necce, whom all of the other people seem to be facing. He seems deeply lost within his own thoughts, his face being hidden behind his long hair. He pushes it out of the way and breaks the silence.} I want to tell you guys a story. {He pauses for a moment, trying to string along his thoughts to form them into words. He looks down towards the ground. He grasps his hands together, clearly stammering to tell his story.} When I was younger, to no surprise, I didn’t have many friends. I was the “weird” kid who liked punk music and always came to school with new black eyes and busted lips. From my freshman year to my junior year when I dropped out, I had two friends. One was, of course, Johnny here, but there was one other. Her name was Boxcar. I called her bright eyes. We met when I was a young boy, and our relationship lasted until the day I left to become a wrestler. I call it a relationship because what we had surpasses any form of friendship possible. She was the only person in my life that I could tell truly loved me. But of course, her love was not reserved for just one person. She loved everyone with a love that seemed to come straight out of a fairytale, but it was true. For me, however, she held the most love. She was the person I would sit on the train tracks with and smoke while having meaningful and passionate conversations about nothing at all. She was the person who you could walk into a crowded room with, filled with people you’ve never met in your life, yet somehow, you never felt alone. {Necce pauses, a wave of depression crashes onto his face. He looks down into the fire, as if Boxcar were in the flames staring back at him. He forces out a sentence, choking on his words.} Because of her, I believe that there is a god, because by sending her to me, he was punishing me. He was showing someone cursed with the burden of living that there was a way out, there was a light at the end of that pitch black tunnel, and how easily he could snuff that out, {Necce falls silent once again. These memories are too powerful for him to bare. The bitterness in his voice once again shifts to sorrow and despair. He reaches into the pocket of his hoodie and pulls out a crushed pack of cigarettes. He pulls the last one out of the pack using his mouth and tosses pack into the fire. With the cigarette hanging between his lips, he pulls his hair behind his head and holds it there with one of his hands. He leans closer to the fire, lighting his cigarette with the flames. He takes a deep inhale and takes the cigarette out of his mouth with his fingers. He holds the smoke in for a moment and slowly exhales. The smoke from his cigarette floats towards the sky, becoming one with the smoke coming out from the fire. After the extended pause, he begins talking again.} The day that I left, we sat on the train tracks, just like we had many times over. We talked for hours upon hours. Swapping treasured memories, our plans for the future, and what the other had brought into our lives. When it was completely dark, I knew that I had to leave, and she did as well. As we stood up, I told her something that I had wanted to tell her for years. Something that I knew was true, but had never found the courage to explicitly state. I told her, “I Love You.” I remember, meaning it more than anything I had ever said in my life. I saw one tear roll down her cheek as she simply said, “Jonnathan, I love you too.” No other words were spoken. We each walked away. Every day after that, I thought about her. I always wondered what she was doing, where she had decided to go to school, if she had found anyone to take the spot I once held. I always knew that one day, when we were in Louisiana, I would have to go see her. I would have to sit on those tracks one last time and catch up on what we had missed. It wasn’t until I got my wish that I knew none of that could happen. {Necce takes another long drag of his cigarette. Biting his time until he has to get to the end of his story. He exhales the smoke, moving on with the story.} I wasn’t until I got injured that I could return to the town that I once called home. My family still lived there, but they were the last thing on my mind when I returned. I immediately went to her parents house, not too far from the tracks. I can still remember walking up to the porch that her and I used to sit on when we were younger. I can see it like it’s being replayed on a movie reel. A moment in time that I cannot erase from my mind’s eye. As my old, beat up converse hit the mud, I can still remember seeing Taz, their dog who seemed to live forever. I remember walking up the wooden steps, by then, I had become a pro at avoiding the second one, which had been broken since the house was built. I remember opening the door and seeing her parent in the living room. They always had an open door policy with me, as far as they were concerned, I was their son. They were the only family in that entire goddamn town that ever showed any type of compassion towards their fellow human. I remember her mother putting down her newspaper, her mouth agape as if she had seen a ghost. Her face became a porcelain shade of white as all of the color had flushed from her face. Suddenly, as the shock of seeing me after so long faded away, she began to weep. Her husband had to tell me what happened later on the porch. Some of the privileged kids from the next town over had spotted Boxcar. She was out with her friends celebrating her graduation. One of them started hitting on her, offered to buy her a drink, but she didn’t want his company. Clearly not used to the word no, he persisted, slowly getting more and more disrespectful. She decided to leave, not wanting to be harassed any longer. She barely made it out to the parking lot. All of them, 5 in total, brutally assaulted her. Beating and raping her right there in the parking lot. Her screams of agony for help fell upon deaf ears, as nobody made an attempt of any kind to help her. They ended up beating her to death, leaving her beaten and bruised body right there in the parking lot. {Necce stops, the memory is too painful at first to revisit. He takes another drag of his his cigarette before quickly exhaling it out through his nose. He takes a long, deep breath before continuing.} I remember asking if I could walk around her room just one last time. As I passed through the threshold of her door, I felt her there with me. I walked around, seeing that all of the thing I had ever given her were still there in her room. Some poems I had written were still hung up on the wall. A jacket that I had lent to her one night was still hanging in her closet. A stack of CDs I had let her borrow but never got back were stacked, neatly in alphabetical order, on the dresser. As I was ready to leave, there was one thing that caught my eye. It was a picture of us right next to her bed. I remember how happy she looked, how full of life and love she was. I asked her parents if I could keep it, knowing that either way, I was taking that picture. They said yes and told me that if I ever wanted to pop in and check up on them, I was more then welcome. As I walked away from the house, I remembered something that I used to tell Boxcar. It wasn’t something I said all the time, but only when it was needed, “If it’s real, hold on to it.” {Necce reaches into his pocket and pulls out the picture he was just describing. Unlike the pack of cigarettes he pulled out earlier, this photo is in absolutely perfect condition. He stares down at the picture, which is just barely illuminated by the the light of the fire. He takes a drag of his cigarette and places the picture back into his pocket.} I don’t talk about her much out of respect for my wife. Whom I love more than life itself, but she knows that Bright Eyes is something that I cannot let go. I feel her with me always. He is with me through the good times, and she is there to pick me up through the bad. In a way, I feel as if I have projected the men who hurt her onto Flynn. Men who take as they please and don’t give a damn as to whom it may destroy. In my mind, if I bring him down, then I will be avenging her. I will be saving her in a way that I was unable to when she needed me the most. And so, I will do that. In order to give myself some peace of mind, I will end Flynn at BPZMania. Because right now, the thought of that is the only thing keeping me sane. {Necce stops to take one last drag of his cigarette, before he does, he states one last line.} Quote The Raven…. {He takes the final drag of his cigarette and then throws it into the fire. He ends his line as he exhales the smoke.} ...Nevermore. {As the final line is spoken, the camera pans back to the fire. It zooms in on its flames, and then suddenly cuts to black.}
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    [The day has come. The time is now. It is Backlash! The pyro explodes over the stage, hyping up the first brand United event since BPZMania III, and what a way to kick it off then by having the most personal rivalry on the card. The BPZ Veteran amd Lion Heart, Brad goes one on one against the bull known as Antonio "Toro" Arno. And a tweet earlier today appears on the tron, from General Manager Bailey, saying "The Brad vs Antonio Arno match will now be a No DQ Match! Raise hell out there!" The crowd is hyped up as the first theme song plays, to the displeasure of the crowd. "GORE GORE GORE!" rips through the PA System then "Becoming The Bull" hits as the crowd boos. The near seven foot tall beast walks out to the stage with his beautiful girlfriend and manager, Jamie Nova. He streches his arms out and hops around in place before powering himself forward and Nova follows behind him. Toro is dressed for a battle tonight as Hannah introduces him.] Hannah: "The following contest is the opening bout and it is a No Disqualifications Match! Making his way to the ring, from Davao City In The Philippines, at six foot eight inches and weighs in two hundred and and eighty pounds, he is Antonio.... "TOOOOOOOOOROOOOOO" ARNNNOOOO!" [Arno pounds his fist on the steel steps and yells as he rushes up them and quickly enters between the ropes and rushes over and boucnes his chest off the top rope before leaning on it as he snarls at the crowd. Nova enters the ring and she whispers something in Toro's ear as his theme dies and he looks at the entrance, awaiting the arrival of Brad. The fans are hyping the arrival of the "Lion Heart". The crowd then chants "We Want Brad!" And then "Iron Man!" While they clap five times. Toro awaits for Brad until the lights go off and the crowd roars. "Iron Man" Plays as the crowd goes from loud to silent and confused. In the darkness, a small triangle light slowly fades in as the crowd watches on in the darkness. Then two circle lights from two different spots appear as well. The objects are moving as they seem to be lowering down. It stops in what seems to be mid air as the lights come on and a man in a red Iron Man suit is hanging in the air, moving his arms around and his arms making the firing sound like in the movie. When the man makes it to the ground, he points at the tron above the ring with both hands. He then "shoots" it and a pyro Rocket shoots back down and explodes over the stage, adding a smoke screen. Then "Iron Man" cuts out and then..... The crowd roars as Brad walks through the smoke and stands on the stage, with a slightly lighter Iron Man gear on, with the mask still on his face before slowly taking it out and but still rocking the bandages on his ribs and shoulder. He looks out into the rocking crowd as he closes his eyes for a second before turning his head and opening them, having his eyes on Arno. He moves his shoulder a bit before cracking his neck side to side before he makes the walk down the ramp. With the "Brad!" chants returning, the time is now. Five years in the making right now. Brad vs Arno.] Hannah: "And his opponent. From Milan, Italy. At six foot and two inches tall, and weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds, he is The Lion Heart. And The Iron Man Of BPZ.... He. Is. BRRRRRAAAAAD!" [Brad swings his shoudler slowly and not far as the crowd roars on again as he is at the bottom of the ramp, near the ring. He looks dead into Toro's eyes, like he's looking down into his soul. Nova turns Arno's head and gives him a quick kiss of "Good luck" before exiting the ring as he never takes his eyes off Brad. He then walks up to the apron and looks at Toro. "Invincible" dies off as Arno and Brad have a staredown from two different places. Toro slowly approaches to where Brad is, but Brad slides under the ring. Toro quickly exits the ring and opens the apron of where Brad went and a white substance shoots out from under and hits Arno right in the face, causing the big man to back up and turn from the ring, coughing. A fire extinguisher is tossed out from under and Brad slides out as the crowd cheers. He picks it up and sprays him again before going to strike him with it. Toro catches it and then headbutts Brad, making him drop the object and back up as the ref rings the bell. Arno follows Brad as he turns and Brad's nose is shown to be busted already from the hard skull of the beast. Antonio then grabs Brad by the throat and looks to chuck him into the barricade, but Brad jumps onto the barricade and moonsaults onto Toro to a pop from the audience. He then starts punching Arno in the face before standing up and stomping on his chest. He picks up the sixty pound man up a bit before letting go and grabbing his arm before kicking him in the gut. Brad goes under the ring and pulls out a kendo stick and swings it around. Toro gets to his feet pretty easy and sees Brad with the kendo stick. He doesn't seem bothered by it and he runs towards Brad, who swings and hits gut. Brad then swigns the kendo stick around then smashes it acrosses his back, putting the big man on his hands and knees. Brad puts the kendo stick in the ring and then goes under the ring. He then slides in chairs, tables, and a black bag. He then tosses Toro back in and slides in. He picks up the stick and he sees Arno getting up and gets struck in the head with the weapon and hits him with a Leg Sweep with the Kendo stick. Brad drops the kendo stick and covers Toro. The ref drops and counts one before Arno powers Brad into the air for a kickout. Brad looks on confused a tad before he picks up the steel chair. He taps the seat part and goes to swing before Toro low blows Brad to boos. Brad falls to the mat, holding his junk as Toro makes it to his feet seemingly easy. He lifts the chair up and Brad up as well before smashing the chair into his gut then into his back. Arno holds onto the chair as he covers Brad for a two count as Brad gets his shoudler up. Arno is on one knee beforr he peeks over at Nova. She points at Brad then the chair and then yells "BREAK HIM!". He nods then gets to both feet. He circles Brad before lifting the chair up and slams it against his back. And repeats. And repeats. And repeats that. Brad lays there, groaning in pain as Antonio flips him over to his back. He then lifts the chair up and looks at Brad. Brad opens his eyes and looks at the man before he starts driving the chair into the chest of the Lion Heart, causing sounds of horrific pain to come from Brad from the on slaught. He drops the bented chair out of the ring and covers Brad. The ref drops down and slams his hand on the mat once, then twice before Brad gets his shoudler up for a two count. The beast looks at the fallen vet and then slides out of the ring. He reaches under the ring and pulls out a pair of handcuffs. Brad lays on his back before slowly turning onto his gut and then starts to drag himself to the ropes and starts to pull him up. Toro enters the ring and and unhooks the cuffs. He grabs Brad by the wrist and goes to cuff him but Brad knees him in the gut then grabs his arm and slides under his legs with his arm and hits a pump handle slam as he sits on his bottom in pain. He sees the cuffs and then Toro before he scoops them up. He kicks Arno onto his gut and puts his hands behind his back and cuffs him. He walks over to the chair and then picks it up. Toro makes it to his feet and sees Brad with the chair and then sees his cuffed. He stares a hole into Brad as Brad stares a hole into Toro before Antonio spits directly on Brad's chest, which makes Brad smash the chair over his skull. The shot was hard enough to knock the chair out of Brad's hand. Toro lowers his head as Brad leans on the ropes, and when he turns around, a newly busted open Antonio Arno is standing up, laughing as blood starts following from his face. Brad quickly rushes over and grabs another chair and smashes it against his skull. The shot doesn't even drop the big man as Brad is extremely confused now. He rebounds off the ropes and goes to swing but gets big booted in the face, dropping Brad to his back and Toro to his knee. The ref rushes over and uncuffs Toro, who takes the chair and slides under the bottom rope. He takes a minute to recover as Brad makes it to his feet and he runs off the ropes and goes for suicide dive, but gets a chair to the skull, sending him back. Brad falls to the mat and the camera pans to Arno. Nova approaches him and checks his wound a second before patting his shoudler and tells him to get in the ring and destory Brad. He nods and he slides under rope. Brad is laying on the mat, now busted open himself now. Toro picks Brad up and tosses him into the corner and then delivers boxing like body jabs, driving the air out of him here and there. He then tosses Brad across the ring, but lands on his feet shockingly. Toro charges and gets booted in the face, and Brad goes to punch him, but Nova hops on the apron and grabs his hand, which also grabs his attention. Toro sneaks up and lifts Brad up onto his shoudlers in a torture rack type hold and then sits out, dropping Brad on his shoudler and neck area as he calls the move "Shock System". He covers Brad and he nearly gets the win until Brad gets his shoudler up at two point four. He then wipes some of the blood from his face as he then picks up Brad and tiringly tackles Brad into the corner and then shoudler thrusts him as well. He walks back as Brad stumbles in his corner and Toro picks up the big bag. He brings out a small black back before picking up the chair. He walks over to Brad..... LAST BREATH SUPERKICK! HE KICKED THE CHAIR INTO ARNO'S FACE FROM OUT OF NOWHERE! Both men lay from the pain they suffer as this twenty five mintue match up continues. Brad has some life in him as he then crawls over to Toro and places his arm on him. The ref starts counting and nearly gets three and then Nova pulls the ref out as the crowd boos. He tells her that if she does it again, she's gone. The ref slides in and counts again as Toro gets his arm up at two. The crowd takes a minute to cheer on both men. Both men lay there and tries to gather their thoughts. While they do that, Jamie has set up a table on the outside of the ring. Both men make it to their feet and uses each other to stand. They are face to face as Arno punches Brad in the face. Brad responds with a elbow. Toro hits another punch, and Brad hits another elbow as they trade those shots for then next forty seconds. Brad changes it up as he elbows, forearms, then chops Toro, who then hits Brad with a three punch combo. He goes for a discuss clothesline but gets Superkicked as the crowd roars. He bounces off the ropes and Gores the hell out of Brad as the crowd sends a loud mix reaction. He covers Brad and hooks the leg, and at two point nine, Brad gets his shoudler up and crowd goes crazy as both men lay there. They lay on the mat exhausted for a minute before both stir. Toro rolls out of the ring and makes it to his knee. Brad body starts shaking as he uses the ropes to get up. His face is pouring blood and his Iron Man suit is ripped up a bit as he sees Toro and runs and hits a suicide dive on him. He gets up and roars. He tosses Toro into the ring, but Nova hops onto the apron and runs and Hurricananas Brad bad shoudler first into the steps. She then gets in face when suddenly..... "Get Me Out" plays as a raging Christina runs out to cheers and she takes down Nova. Nova escapes and runs away, hoping over the barricade and up through the fans. Christ follows as "Get Me Out" ends, making the match one vs one. Brad shakes his shoudler and gets up stumbling. He makes it to the apron but Toro Gores Brad through the ropes and both go through the table as the crowd is going crazy. Both men lay in the wreckage of that table, bloodied, bruised, battered, and near dead. Time flies by as the ref goes to ring the bell, but movement of both men stops him. They get up and enter the ring. The heart of both men is showing, as they use their own bodies to get up to their feet. Toro quickly then Belly To Belly's Brad, which boucnes him up. Toro runs off the ropes and goes for a Gore, but Brad kicks him in the shoudler. He then kicks him in the gut and runs off the ropes. He goes Curb Stomp, but Anro catapulted Brad up and into a wicked Gore that slams Brad on the chair and both men lay there. Toro then gets his arm over Brad as the ref finally gets to count three, ending this war. Both men lay emtionless on the mat after their match as the crowd goes crazy and "Becoming The Bull" hits and Hannah announces Arno as the winner. But after this match, who will feel like a real winner? EMTs check on both men, before helping Toro to his feet, as Brad lays motionless on the mat and Arno's arm is raised high as the camera pans to both men, then backstage.]
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    Answering and Asking

    Shortly after the fabled name of the Hall Of Famer who lost his BPZ World Heavyweight Championship only weeks ago is exclaimed by the General Manager's representative, the arena is infected with pure blackness. The crowd is completely silenced in awe as the conquered nobleman has not been seen since BPZMania III. The tension and suspense rise to a climax of tangibility as everyone attendance are sat on the edge of their seat, waiting for Smith to finally return to the BPZ screen. The poignant drums of the nobleman's theme music break the silence. The thunderous bangs correlate with the blinding flashing lights, illuminating the whole arena but most notably the stage, revealing a concealed figure creeping in. As the words "can you feel my heart" are screamed out of the PA system, the fans in support of Smith accordingly shout along. The lights finally fixate on the bright white glare, now fully revealing the ambiguous figure as Smith. With the monstrous black veins still covering his body and nothing but freakish frost white eyes, Smith dons a brand new fully white attire and has a tight grasp on a microphone in his right hand as he lurks towards the ring, passing Trenton but not acknowledging him at all. As he reaches ringside, he comes to a halt, lifts his head up and stares directly into the soul of the EVOLVE Grand Champion. All of a sudden, he speedily darts into the ring and right into the face of Bart but stops there. Now, with his eyes closed, he lifts the microphone to his mouth. Sought to be my vanquishment, reforged into my own fruition. The never-ending tale of a relentless, resilient and honestly desperate man has pondered it's way to this confrontation. This confrontation between one of the greatest to ever grace this company pursuing redemption and undoubtedly the most promising star battling to build his own legacy. Whether you desire it or not, my respect is something you have earned. Nevertheless, forget your actions I shall not. This should have been a sensational story of two phenomenal athletes competing in an outstanding matchup that would elevate that championship on your shoulder to heights it has never seen before but you, you made it much more than that. You plagued an awe-inspiring bout with a hunger for vengeance, vandalized the oh-so-desirable portrait and dishonored this company. From this, I do not expect a reconciliation. From this, I expect you to know, realize, distinguish exactly what you have to prepare for. For as far as Smith seeks that title, the enigma sees you and the enigma shall not, will not forget. As the final words gently depart the mouth of Smith, he lowers the microphone and his eyes snap open. The harrowingly demonic eyes of Smith clash against the fierce glare of Bart as they now stand toe-to-toe, staring each other down as the EVOLVE show comes to a close.
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    Carnage Power Trip World at War The Unsanctioned Zone Hollow vs Julius The car with Julius arrives to the Unsanctioned Zone. Senior Alfredo driving the car he looks in the mirror to Julius, "Master Hollow is waiting inside. Best not to keep the master waiting." Julius scoffs at Senior Alfredo and gets out of the car and goes to the building and opens the door and walks it. Hollow standing in the middle of the ring where he was standing in his last message. Hollow speaks, "Julius! We knew you would come! Get in this ring and the war may commence!" Julius walks inside the very messy warehouse with a ring in the middle of the area. Julius gets in the ring and looks at the Hobo referee who asks him if he is ready. Julius just threatens to punch him and Hobo Bob calls for the bell which is rung by Professor Pain. Right at the bell Hollow runs up and hits Julius with a running stiff headbutt. Julius is rocked into the corner and Hollow goes nuts unloading punches to the skull. Julius can only cover up for now. Hollow forces Julius's head onto the ring rope and then grabs Julius and begins to drag and grind Julius's face on the ring rope. They get into the middle of the ropes when Julius grabs Hollow and just chucks him over the top rope. Hollow falls flat onto the concrete floor on the outside. The unsanctioned zone doesnt have mats to cover the floors so they are just bare unforgiving concrete. Julius gets out of the ring to go after Hollow, and Hollow chop blocks Julius as he was on the ring apron to take him down to the floor. Julius gets back up and as soon as he just stands up Hollow pushes him into the table that has the ring bell pushing Julius head first into the ring bell. Hollow then yells, "DIng!" Hollow grabs Julius and starts bashing his head into the ring bell making it ring and he hits four times and Hollows yells with each hit, "Ding, Ding, Ding! Ding!" Hollow grabs the ring bell hammer and puts Julius head onto the ring bell and starts to hit the ring bell over and over again. He stops and laughs and pushes Julius down. Hollow doesn't go for the pin though he starts going around the ring looking for something. He finds a big bin and he smiles. "Are we having fun yet Caesar?!?! Lets have more fun!" Hollow pours the contents o the bin onto Julius. Legos?!?!? A kids toys Legos being poured onto Julius burying him under thousands of Legos. on the outside of the ring. Julius emerges from it confused why was he under legos. Hollow throws a handful into Julius's face then. Hollow grabs Julius and positions him right getting ready to hit a standing suplex to Julius onto the legos. Hollow goes to lift but Julius fights out of it and lifts Hollow with a standing suplex. Julius just holds Hollow there then instead of falling back, Julius throws Hollow forward onto the legos, stomach and face first. Hollow sits up in pain, those little things hurt if you step on them but getting tossed onto them with like that...ouch! Julius tries to lock the Vice grip onto Hollow to try and end this now. Hollow just kicks Julius right in the knee and makes Julius fall down.. Hollow stumbles away into the training arena of the unsanctioned zone. Leaning against bag of punching to catch is breath. Julius gets up and smacks his leg a few times and he is good to go. Julius rushes Hollow and Hollow pushes the bag of punching into Julius to stop him. Hollow then slams Julius face first into the punching bag then pushes him to the bench of strength. Hollow grabs the dumbbell on the bench and lifts it up then pushes it down onto Julius's throat. Hollow then yells at Julius, "Always bring a spotter Juju, Always!!!" Hollow pushes down and Julius choking he pushes the dumbbell off his throat and throws it back with Hollow. Julius sits up gasping for air, he turns to see Hollow running up the stairs to the second level of the Unsanctioned Zone. Julius is annoyed now that Hollow is running. Julius gets up and flips over the bench of strength in frustration and then proceeds to go up stars. The second level is dark and looks completely unfinished. Wood supports showing, Julius walks around a corner and out behind a post Hollow appear. "Found you!" Hollow throws something at Julius and it breaks. Hollow threw a light bulb at Julius. Hollow has a dozen of them in his hands. Hollow then proceeds to throw light bulbs at Julius one after the other they break against Julius and Hollow leaves one left in his hands when he rushes Julius and starts to beat him with the light bulb. Three shots and the light bulb breaks and Hollow throws it away and pushes Julius towards the stairs and then DDT's Julius onto the stairs. Hollow then drags Julius up the stairs. Julius is bleeding from his arms from the light bulb glass from before. Hollow drags Julius to the third level and roof of the building. Hollow stands ontop of the warehouse of the Unsanctioned zone, "We are getting some fresh air Mister Juice." Hollow then proceeds to kick Julius in the gut over and over again then he calls for Hobo Bob who runs up the stairs quickly. Hollow finds a spider and puts it on a down Julius and tells Hobo Bob to count. Bob confused starts the pin count, 1...2...Julius gets up and sees a spider on his chest. He squished it quickly. Hollow then yells, "You murder! You just squished Charlotte! Who will go back to Charlotte's web now!" Hollow goes nuts and attacks Julius with a rapid assault of punches. Pushing him towards the edge of the building's roof. Hollow then grabs Julius and turns his back towards the outside of the building. Setting up for a dragon Spanish Fly?!?! But they are outside the only thing below them is the car Senior Alfredo drove Julius here in. They are three stories up, Hollow is insane. Hollow jumps up but Julius just lifts Hollow up higher uranage! OMG! Julius just threw Hollow off the top of the unsanctioned zone and Hollow crashes onto the car, breaking in the roof of the car on impact. Julius looks down in disbelief, he only acted he didnt realize where they were. Hobo Bob then asks Julius, "You go there pin him? That's only way to end." Julius cannot believe this the referee for this match isnt going to end match after that. Julius then proceeds to climb down the stairs of the building the camera following him. Julius cannot believe what is going on. These people are insane, he just threw Hollow off the building and the match was still going. Julius goes outside and stares in disbelief, and the camera sees it at the same moment Julius does. The dented and broken car, was still there but Hollow wasnt. Julius looks around and sees Hollow stumbling towards the place he calls the woods of insanity. Julius starts to run towards the woods now, wanting to end this once and for all. Inside the Woods of Insanity, Julius gets there but all he can see and the camera can see is trees and grass. Julius yells angrily, "Where are you Hollow! Where are you freak!" Hollow appears from behind a tree down the way. Hollow reply, "We are over here!" Julius walks over and he stops as suddenly there is more movement all around him. Hollow laughs as ten men who look like Hollow emerge from the trees. Hobo Bob, "They are coming out of the trees man, out of the trees!!!!" Hollow, "These are Hollow's woods, for we are legion!" Then the rest yell, "For we are many!" The ten men rush Julius and starts fighting him At first Julius was able to fight them off but soon they start to pin him down. Punching and stomping away Then out of a moment of great strength Julius pops up pushing away the minions of Hollow. Julius grabs a downed tree branch or stick and starts swinging it around hitting everyone that moved around him. He knocks all them down and yells, "Who's next!" Suddenly he is hit in the back by a stick held by the real Hollow. who is bleeding from the mouth. He smiles with a bloodied smile, "Sticks and Stones are going to break your bone!" Hollow goes to town hitting Julius with the branch like stick, then picks up rocks and throws them at him to add insult to injury as some would say. Julius begins crawling deeper into the woods of insanity. Hollow laughs and yells, "Good, good embrace the insanity!" Hollow then breaks the branch or stick over Julius's back right when they get to the wooden shack. Hollow, "This is the beginning Augustus, the place of beginnings and your end!" Hollow picks Julius up and pushes him into the door and he hits hard. Hollow, "Sorry let Hollow get that for you!" Hollow opens the door and pushes Julius inside. The room is only lit by a lantern and next to it is a brown sack and the barbed wire baseball bat. Hollow grabs the bat and says, "How rude of us, we forgot to introduce you to Lucile here! You see, Senior Alfredo is to take your coat and Lucile here is going to take your face!" Right then Hollow lifts the bat up and goes to swing it right down towards Julius's head but Julius moves and kicks Hollow hard in the gut, fighting for surival now. He looks around as he now is stuck within a small shack with this manaic... he tries to get past Hollow and Hollow stabs Julius in the gut with bat. Then slams it down across Julius's back. Hollow yells, "Not very nice she is just trying to say hello!" Hollow then hits Julius twice in the side and arm with the bat, the barbed wire cutting away at the arm's flesh. Hollow goes for a third hit and Julius spears Hollow into the wall. Hollow tries to hit Julius while pinned against the wall with the bat and Julius grabs the bat by the barbed wire end and pushes it into Hollow's masked face and starts to grind into the mad man's face. Hollow fights off by headbutting Julius in the eye. When they separate Hollow is bleeding his mask is torn and his face paint might as well be his own blood. Hollow manages to laugh and smile. The crazy man was still enjoying himself while bleeding. He grabs the bat and starts to unwrap the barbed wire around the bat then proceeds to wrap the barbed wire around his hand. Julius turns and gets punched in the face with a hand full of barbed wire. Hollow then goes nuts punching Julius with barbed wire until he he is cut and bleeding as bad as he is. Hollow grabs the bag and pours the contents on the ground of the shack. It is thumb tacks! Hollow tries to DDT Julius into the tacks but Julius fights out of it and pushes Hollow off of him and into the wall. Julius stands up but Hollow refuses to be denied this time. He rushes Hollow and hits him with a jumping DDT both fall into the thumb tacks! Tack are in Julius's face and Hollow's back. He is crazy. Julius is in pain he moves around in pain and knocked down the lantern and it shatters, the contents turn the shack ablaze! Its on fire! Hobo Bob goes running but Hollow grabs Julius to prevent him from leaving, "We arent done!" Hollow yells and starts punching Julius resuming the fight inside the burning shack. Julius pushes Hollow away then spears him through a burning wall! They are outside but the shack is ablaze. Senior Alfredo shows up with a fire extinguisher and starts to put the fire out as Hollow and Julius continue fighting. Julius shoving and punching Hollow out of the woods of insanity. Lake of Irrelevancy Julius pushes Hollow to the pond that Hollow calls the lake of Irrelevancy . Julius grabs Hollow and Hollow hits Julius with a low blow! Hollow laughs, "Werent expecting that were you!" Hollow goes to the canoes by the pond and grabs the paddle and hits Julius over the head with it. Hollow puts Julius on the front of the boat and begins to row towards the ring in the middle of the pond. Hollow begins to sing, "Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream!!!!!!" He stops as they reach the ring then picks up Julius and pushes him in the ring carefully making sure he doesnt fall in. Hobo Bob was forced to swim or walk over in the water. Hollow puts Julius in the center of the ring and covers him. Hobo barely gets in the ring and counts 1...2...Julius kicks out. Hollow begins climbing a turnbuckle looking to go for a moonsault. Julius gets up and pushes Hollow outside the ring. Hollow falls into the lake of irrelevancy! Julius shakes his head and gets out of the ring looking for Hollow in the water.But wait out of the water behind Julius its Blade! Julius turns and Blade hits the Julius with the Blade cutter then falls back into the water. Then Hollow emerges out of the water dragging Julius back into the ring. Hollow grabs the canoes and pulls it into the ring He carries it over to one of the corners of the ring and positions it on the top rope so it is a spot right in front of the top turnbuckle like an extra platform. Hollow grabs Julius who springs up and grabs Hollow lifts him up and then drops him gut first onto the canoes. Julius climbs up onto the canoes. Julius picks Hollow up and goes for Welcome to Hell(end of days) Hollow counters! Lands on his feet and hits the Dragon Spanish fly! They hit hard and the ring collapses. The ring sinks into the water. On the shore there is someone swimming out of the water. It is Julius! He is coughing up water, covered in mud and blood. He turns to see someone in black and white coming out of the water. Julius runs up and hits the person with a running big boot! Julius then sees it is Hobo Bob! But where is Hollow! BAM! Hollow just hit Julius in the back of the head with a boulder size rock. Hollow drags Julius to the ground and goes for a cover....Hobo Bob is still out of it. Hollow gets up and then grabs Hobo Bob and Julius and starts carrying them back to the Unsanctioned Zone building. Unsanctioned Zone Warehouse Hollow carries both Julius and the referee back to the ring and puts them in it. Hollow nearly collapses by the ring. He is bloodied badly. Hollow reaches under the ring and pulls out a table...this madman isnt done....he wants to put Julius through a table. Hollow puts the table in the middle of the ring sets it up and puts Julius on the table. Hollow then gets out of the ring and starts limping towards the stairs. He is hurting and where is he going. Julius sits up and sees Hollow leaving up stairs but lays back down. He is playing possum! Hollow climbs to the third floor and opens the skylight right above the ring and yells, "This is where it ends Julius! This is your Swan Song This is the End!!!!" Hollow closes his eyes and throws his arms up into the air, and then dives down with a swan like dive into a swanton Bomb. The moment he jumped. Julius gets up and runs out of the way Hollow dives down onto the table breaking through the table and the ring! There is a crater in the ring! Julius nearly collapsing himself, but manages to keep standing. He is tired but he must get the win. He pulls Hollow out of the hole in the ring then covers him. Hobo Bob barely awake, goes for a slow count One.... Two... Three! Julius wins and the bell rings but nobody is left standing in the ring. The referee is down, Hollow is down and Julius is down. This was insanity this was a match inside the Unsanctioned Zone. Will these men ever be the same again? The screen goes off and back to next match in the World At War, this war is over.
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    Out With The Old, In With The New.

    (Not a gimmick change, Just a look change.) What an action packed night it has been here on Carnage tonight. The tag teams of Carnage have been battling it out. The Universal Championship scene is heating up and we have seen Flynn aswell as Slim make their presence known tonight. But the night is still young here only a few days away from World At War! "Kingdom" hits the Carnage speakers and the crowd instantly boo for the man who is massively the most hated man in BPZ right now. The smug and arrogant Ross steps out from the back as the jeers intensify. "The One" walks into the frame of the camera and slicks his hair backwards and begins his way down to the ring taking in the atmosphere at Carnage here tonight. After a pro-dominant pace down to the ring Ross slides inside and climbs to the top rope pointing at himself and screaming to the crowd who this match is about at World at War that then points to himself. The production team member hands Ross a microphone as the former 2x United States champion has something to say. Just for once can you all just shut up. As soon as I get this microphone placed in my hand all your mouths go shut. This is my TV time and I shall be respected when it is. The crowd gets louder and louder as Ross attempts to quiet them down. Just like my match at World at War this is all about me. Not any of you and especially not any of those rejections I will be facing. It's just a long line to get in the ring with myself and Flynn and luckily enough these four men have actually been granted the opportunity to try and defeat the immortals. Unfortunately I am far better than any of them and so is Flynn. These idiots need to be brought down a level and sent back to where they came from, especially Prince. You really think you are ready for a spot with the big boys Prince? You can't even hang with Storm right down on the pre show. After finally researching your name Prince I've come to realise you are not a singles competitor. You are just a tag team guy. You will never have your big break and if you even think for one second that being in the main event is going to get you elevated you are completely delusional. But yet again, just like I said you are and like you are in this match. You're just a man in the background in a tag match. It's actually pathetic Bailey even considers you. And talking about being pathetic Bailey still thinks he's good enough to be in the main event? He hasn't won a match in this company in six months. SIX MONTHS. He's lost in the main event of his own show, he lost the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship and he lost at BPZ Mania III. He is not worthy of even breathing the same air as me. We talk about legends, hall of famers and this company's best. And when you look at the top their is only THE ONE name you see and that is mine. But the thing that annoys me the most is when I get disrespected and that's all Echo Wilson has shown me the past weeks. The man thinks he needs to shut me up. He thinks he is even at the same level as I am. Echo Wilson is scared of me and that's a fact. I held the United States Championship for 176 days in total over my two reigns. I know I'm great, but that's not the point I'm making. The point I'm trying to make is during two separate reigns combining a total of 176 days, Echo Wilson challenged me zero times? Echo Wilson was that petrified of me he actually disappeared and where did he make a comeback? Royal Rumble. But guess who wasn't in that match which was publicly announced? Me. This is just some of the proof Echo Wilson is afraid of myself. And in our match I'm not looking just to defeat him. I'm looking to give him the beating of his life. I won't just send him hiding for a few month I'll send him packing his bags and going back to wherever the little weasel came from. "The One" pauses momentarily and smirks whilst looking around the arena. Don't worry I'll save the best for last. I mean, at this point he's the only person keeping myself and Flynn's opponents relevant right now. More recently that ever Slim has been rambling, just like his tag team partner he's scared, nervous and paranoid. He knows his time at the top is coming to an end. Slim likes to call me his own little creation. He thinks he created me and basically is trying to get himself in the headlines again. Well reality check, I made myself. All Slim did was pick the opponents and I just laid them out infront of everyone. And to my knowledge and most of you BPZ marks on the internet. I am still owed a Grand Championship match. I beat five other men for that opportunity and Slim shut the door straight in my face. He knew I would have beaten any of his golden boys. BiC, Summer, Alyx Wilde, Natedog, Brad. And just when I was about to capture my dream I was sent away to Carnage. So to add fuel to the fire, my contract is expiring soon. But with us not being so far away from meeting in the ring Slim I just want to say good luck. No, really good luck Slim. Because when the Revolution of Attitude win this War Games match I simply don't know what is next for you. Slim you had a great three year run in the company but your time is simply. Over. When you see a new beginning. When you see a new era. You see the light at the end of the tunnel. You see a new future. A new up and coming. And that's what we are all seeing here. We are witnessing a new era here in BPZ. We are witnessing a revolution. And when we begin to process forward to the new era we simply only do one thing. We raze the old to raise the new and that's what we are doing at War Games. This is the new era. THIS IS MY ERA. The Era Of "The One". Ross lets the microphone slip out of his hand as he spreads his arms and gloats to the crowd. Ross looks up in the air and smiles as Carnage fades to black.
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    After a night of incredible action BPZMania III rolls on with a shot of the tag titles being hung above the ring opening up the scene. This then transitions to a wide of shot of the ring surrounded by ladders and tables as the upcoming match awaits the two teams who will walk out as the new tag team champions and the winner of the BPZ Tag Team Classic. The Lights suddenly go down in the arena and ominous music begins. As the prelude intro plays and people dressed in white masks and all white clothing hold up banners that say we are Ruin. The stage is covered end to end in these men. The Prelude intro ends as a Hooded FDS enters walking out to stand in the middle of these men, FDS crouches down as from behind him Johnny Kills Rises through the stage, FDS removes his hood and the two men look towards the ring as they walk down slowly to the ring as the fans have a mixed reaction towards them, they enter the ring as Jonathan Sits cross legged in the Center and FDS Stands above him with his trademark Rainmaker pose with the middle fingers extended. The two men remove their entrance attire and await the arrival of their opponents. Bart and Slim make their entrance together as the Villain leads it by opening his umbrella and twirling it in front of him as Slim enters behind him. Bart then places the Umbrella at the top of the ramp as the two men arise from behind it. Bart and Slim step in front of the Umbrella, they look at each other and bump fists before breaking and then sprinting down to the ring and as they slide into the ring they stare down with their opponents before the match begins before breaking the staredown and then posing as the audience boo them. The bell sounds and the match begins straight away with Ruin isolating Bart and Slim in separate Corners. FDS and Jon then look at each other after Stomping Bart and Slim down into the corners, they then run past each other and hit Stereo Hesitation dropkicks on Bart and Slim. Ruin then get back up and meet each other in the ring. They See Slim and Bart trying to move, FDS points at Slim and nods, FDS grabs Slim as Jon begins to clear the announce table, FDS drags Slim over to the table, FDS picks up Slim and he Tombstones him on the announce table! Not done though Jon runs up onto the apron, he jumps up onto the second rope and he hits a moonsault on Slim driving him through the announce table! FDS then helps Jon back to his feet, they head back into the ring but Bart has Gotten back up and he takes out both men on the outside with a Tope Suicida! Bart feeling some momentum and he goes to grab a ladder, he slides the ladder into the ring but before he can use it, FDS hits him from behind with a running dropkick driving him into the steel steps! FDS then picks up Bart and he throws him into the ring, Jon gets back into the ring, FDS gets Bart up for a suplex, Jon Standing Behind looking for a powerbomb but Bart Kicks Jon in the face and lands on his feet then hits FDS with a neckbreaker! Jon then goes at Bart, Bart then goes underneath him and he tries for a German suplex but Jon breaks it and he turns around and hits him with a massive strike combination! Bart down, Jon lifts him back up and he sets him up for a Brainbuster but Bart blocks it, Bart then breaks the suplex position and he pushes Jon into the ropes, Jon rebounds and Bart hits him with an Eye Poke before looking to hit him with a superkick then faking it out and taking out Jon’s Knees, Bart then begins to taunt the crowd but he doesn’t see FDS who has gotten back to his feet as Bart is taunting the crowd he walks backwards into FDS, FDS then grabs Bart round the waist in position for a german suplex, Jon back to his feet and he charges at Bart and Ruin hit Bart with a German Suplex European Uppercut Combination! Bart now in the corner, FDS then goes outside of the ring, he goes under the ring and he throws chairs into the ring, he then wedges a chair into the corner, Jon kicks the ladder out of the ring while FDS does, Jon then grabs Bart by the wrist, FDS tells Jon to throw Bart into it, Jon whips him over but Bart reverses it and drives Jon shoulder first into the Chair and Jon falls out of the ring , FDS then goes after Bart, Bart goes underneath FDS, he springs onto the second rope and hits FDS with a single leg dropkick and then goes for a German suplex on FDS but FDS flips over onto his feet, Bart Turns around and he goes for a clothesline on FDS but FDS ducks it and then just kicks Bart with a low blow! FDS then picks up a chair that he threw into the ring before and he starts nailing Bart with chair shot after chair shot. Bart begins to crawl, FDS gets in his face and starts yelling “WHERE’S THE VILLAIN NOW?” in his face, bart responds by spitting in FDS’ face, after FDS wipes the spit of his face he hits Bart with another chair shot to the back before going out of the ring, then going under the ring and he brings out a bag, he opens the bag and pours out the contents which are thumbtacks! FDS then goes back out of the ring though confusing the audience, he goes under the ring and he brings in a photograph of Slim and a bottle of Margarita Mix, the fans unsure at what FDS is going to do, FDS pulls the arm back of Bart and he Papercuts in between the fingers of Bart! Then he pours the Margarita Mix on his fingers and starts torturing Bart by pulling back on his fingers! FDS then looks at the thumbtacks, He picks up Bart and then sets him up in position to drop him with a Brainbuster onto the tacks but Bart fights out of it Bart then lifts FDS Up and he drops onto the thumbtacks with a Falcon Arrow! FDS is spazzing in pain after being dropped onto thumbtacks! Bart now needs to get the ladder in place but his Hands are compromised after being cut up by FDS, Bart Manages to muster up the ability to move the Ladder and he Starts climbing but on the other side Jon springs up and goes up the other side the two men get to the top and they stare at each other, The two men then start exchanging blows at the top of the ladder! Jon hits a Massive Forearm rocking Bart and he grabs him and nails him with a brainbuster off the top of the Ladder!! Every Man in the match is down but Wait a Second Slim! Slim Is rising from the destruction of the table! He’s crawling over to the ring, He drags himself into the ring and he crawls to the ladder and he drags himself up The Ladder crawling up Rung by Rung but FDS runs over with the little feeling he has left and holds the leg of Slim, Slim trying to Kick FDS off but he’s not letting Go, FDS pulls down Slim, Slim pushes FDS away, Slim goes for a pump kick does FDS ducks it, They both sprint to the opposite ropes, Slim goes for a Superman Punch FDS moves out of the way, Slim Turns around and FDS nails him with a Spinebuster! FDS then goes outside of the ring with a sadistic look on his face and he brings out some light tubes! FDS is sliding multiple light tubes into the ring and what's he doing? He’s stacking the light tubes up in some sort of structure but wait… no… no FDS is picking up Slim after assembling the structure, he grabs him by the waist and He german Suplexes Him Through the light Tubes! OH MY GOD! Every man in this match is bleeding! The ring is covered in Glass and Thumbtacks! Nobody is moving! My god what an intense match I don’t know how these four men are going to keep going! Jon and Bart showing signs of life, FDS now crawling over to the ropes, he pulls himself up, Bart notices that he’s all alone He tries to run out of the ring but FDS and Jon follow him, he Gets caught by FDS around the waist and Jon Superkicks him as FDS hits him with a German suplex! FDS and Jon now see Slim is trying to move, the two Ruin Members look at each other and smile, they head back into the ring. FDS picks up Slim in Tombstone position and they move over to the corner near the thumbtacks, Jon springs up and they hit Slim with what they call the Ruin in Progress! Bart showing signs of life again somehow, FDS and Jon go outside the ring, Jon throws bart back in, FDS Though going under the ring and he brings out the thumbtack sleeve! FDS slips it on and Jon signals for it lifting up Bart by the head with his foot, FDS Catches him by the wrist, Jon runs back around, FDS throws him out and Ruinmaker with the thumbtack Sleeve! FDS and Jon both go up the ladder on opposite sides meeting at the top and they pull down the tag titles to win the match and Ruin capture the BPZ Tag Team Championships at BPZMania!
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    Alyx Wilde

    I'm Not Done.

    Before I get into anything else, I just want to start this post by saying, I'm sorry. I'm sorry to Brenden and the rest of the moderation team who I let down in my absence. I'm sorry to all the great friends I have made on this forum who I promised time and time again I was coming back for sure this time. I'm sorry to everyone who has put so much faith in me and allowed me to accomplish some amazing things on the forums, cause I sure as hell didn't do it by myself. For those who want an explanation for my vanishing act, that's only fair. The main reasons I can site are my battle with Depression and BPD that has been on-going for the past 4 years and at it's worst for the past 6 months. These low feelings we're compounded by the tragic passing of my Grandfather, a man who was an anchor in my life and the lives of many others. That coupled with my decreasing amount of free time as I wind down on my final year of High School and pursue personal interests and ventures like acting and writing led to a complete lack of motivation to fulfill my duties to the BPZ forums which have done so much for me, and for that there is no excuse and all I can really do is apologize, so for one final time, I'm sorry. But I would like to put that behind me and look at my future on the forums, because as you may have gathered from my title, I'm not done. I still think I have many things to offer these forums, provided I stay active and work hard, which I truly believe I'll be able to do. I have lots of ideas for projects and gimmicks and promos that will all eventually lead me to accomplishing the many goals I had for these forums that I left regrettably unfinished. I'm sure there will be many people who doubt my ability to produce quality content, or even stay active for that matter, and all I can say to that is, I am excited for the opportunity to prove them wrong. Thank you all, I can't tell you how good it feels to be back.
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    {The scene opens in its usual location. A dark room with the only illumination coming from the light of the camera. That is soon replaced with the shimmer coming from the Universal Championship that now fills the screen. The camera pans up to see the holder of this belt, Necce. He cuts right to the chase, wasting no time.} Sheridan Elsa Müller. A name that I have never heard until it was announced that she would be making her BPZ in ring debut in a match for the title I have draped across my shoulder. First and foremost, I will say, welcome to BPZ. Clearly you must have some serious talent if you are not only here, but in a Universal Title match seemingly out of nowhere. I do not envy your position backstage however, being thrust into a match ahead of a dozen other guys who have busted their asses and taken years off of their lives for a chance to be in a match to earn the right to compete for the title. I do not hold such bitterness however, clearly you must’ve done something of note to get this chance right? {Necce pauses, clearly this question is rhetorical.} Very recently, you mentioned the vices of Brad and I, the other two men in the match at World at War. You mentioned how him and I cannot let go of the past, how I mention my troubled past and how he constantly goes on and on about his failures. But what I found very intriguing is that, almost by accident, you have consistently brought up your own vice. That’s right, It’s time for us to address the pink shaded elephant in the room, you are in fact, a woman. I know you think that it’s typical to bring your gender up, but if we’re being honest, you don’t make it very hard. The best comparison I can make is that, your gender is the same as my issues with my father. It’s your crutch, the thing that motivates us from one match to the next. But, while they are similar to eachother, they are also very different. Because I can say that I’m not Universal Champion because my daddy hit me. {Necce smirks at the camera. He won’t say exactly what he’s thinking, but everyone knows what he’s alluding to.} One of the first mistakes you’ve made is quite frequent with the inexperienced, you underestimate your opponents. You see, Brad and I have been here a long time, we’ve seen many flavors of the month come and go. They start out in a blaze of glory, only to burn out before they can actually back up any promise that they make. Where you are at a disadvantage is that you will have no opportunity to actually prove that you should share the same ring as us before you are thrown to the wolves. Brad and I are different. We have been through it all. We’ve seen soaring highs and earth shattering lows. We were able to take what we’ve learned from our mistakes and improve in our next match, you don’t have such a luxury. You have put yourself into a position that any rookie wouldn’t dream of being in. You have talked yourself into a corner, the proverbial “put up or shut up.” You promised that you WILL be Universal Champion by the time that World At War is over, and that is where you once again made a mistake. Setting yourself up for failure. The situation you’ve presented for yourself is that “You will prove those wrong who doubt you because of your gender by winning the Universal Championship in your first match.” While I can certainly agree with your optimism, I must say it will break my heart to stomp that dead in its tracks. Don’t get things twisted, I don’t give a shit what you have between your legs, if you can work, you can work. My problem is your cockiness. You act as if you have this match already won when nobody has ever seen you apply a single headlock or take a single bump. You say that you are a master of manipulation and using others emotions against them when you haven’t even been a presence long enough to here in BPZ for people to even care who you are or why you’re here. You have been given a task nobody of your pedigree could handle, you have been forced to try to hang with the big dogs. You have been thrown into my radar and immediately identified yourself as an enemy and as a threat. I made one thing very clear the second that I won this championship, “I don’t care who you are, if you think you’re gonna walk up and take this championship, then I will put you down.” At the end of the day, when the smoke from World At War has settled, and I have retained MY Universal Championship, your gender will not matter to me, it will not even cross my mind, the only thing I will remember you as is yet another person I had to snuff out who tried to build their careers off of my back. Quote The Raven, Nevermore. .{Necce walks off screen without saying a word more, shortly after that, the camera cuts to black.}
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    Carnage returns from commercial break when the titantron shows Yeldick walk into the same room we saw him walk into on the Carnage before Backlash, he then sits down at a roundtable, where no one else is at the table but him, and he begins talking to himself once more. Yeldick: Well that didn't work out well. Peter Wilchester: You lost again didn't you? I can't believe we even let you have a second match. Yeldick: I'm sorry but I went out there because you were failing, I was your replacement Peter Wilchester: At least I've won a Canadian Championship match, you couldn't even beat Ropati! Yeldick: Shut the hell up Peter, I'm tired of your shit. Gary Kirby: Okay you two need to calm down, Yeldick do you know what our next match is? Yeldick: I face Blade in the beginning of the Power Trip Cup next week. "Crazy" Yelich: Give me this match, I want it, I was his tag partner but he kept holding me back, I want revenge. Yeldick: Are you sure about this? "Nexus" Yelich has beaten Blade before. "Nexus" Yelich: Yeah, Im so great. Yeldick: Nexus was a failure. "Nexus" Yelich: Oh... "Crazy" Yelich: I'm positive you should give me this match, I'm going to tear him limb from limb until he can no longer function normally, He will no longer have a wrestling career once I am finished with him. I am going to remind him about his old tag team partner, and how he failed him. Blade, Hollow, it doesn't matter which one I face, I am going to make him suffer. Yeldick: Okay then, I guess your going out there for the match. "Crazy" Yelich: I can not wait to see him writhe in pain before my very eyes, watch him get what he deserves. "Crazy" Yelich leaves the room and the camera just is in a room with no one except the cameraman in it again as Yelich was talking to himself the entire time. The scene then fades to black as Carnage goes to another commercial break.
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    Carnage Live | Slim vs Echo Wilson II

    As both men stand to their feet, Slim charges at Echo Wilson, but Echo Wilson dodges, rolling Slim up! 1... 2... No! Slim kicks out, and the match continues, as Slim stands to his feet, with Echo Wilson throwing a gutkick at Slim, but Slim would dodge before hitting a Spinning Back Elbow, knocking Echo Wilson into the corner, as Slim backs out... CCS Enzugiri! Slim looks at Echo Wilson, laying on his stomach as he locks in, setting his target as his look suddenly goes from cocky to aggressive as Slim looks to end the match, picking up Echo Wilson, as he puts him under his thighs... ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR!? No! Echo Wilson flips Slim out, but The King lands on his feet! Slim grabs Echo Wilson by his head, trying to run him into the post, but Echo reverses and tries to throw Slim into the ropes... BUT SLIM REVERSES! TRANQUILO! What an odd stage to execute the Tranquilo! Echo Wilson charges at Slim, but Slim rolls over onto the apron, before sliding into the ring through Echo's legs, and bouncing off of the ropes... INTO A SUPERKICK! Echo Wilson just dropped Slim! That moment of taunting could cost Slim, as now Echo Wilson sets up for another Superkick, as Slim gets to his knees... ANOTHER ONE! Slim falls to the mat, completely down, as Echo Wilson points to the turnbuckle, clearly readying for the Stardust Stomp! Echo Wilson gets to the top rope, setting up for it, AND ECHO WILSON NAILS THE STARDUST STOMP! Echo Wilson backs into the corner, getting ready for his Bloody Sunday Kick, a kick that has devastated many men, and now Slim slowly, crawling to his feet, unknowningly that Echo Wilson is perched behind him, ready for this kick, as Slim turns around... THE LIGHTS CUT! The arena is pitch black as phone lights from fans turn on, trying to view what's happening, as then, the lights cut back on, and everyone is surprised to see... THE GRAND CHAMPION! BART! HE'S HERE! And he stands in Echo Wilson's way, as Echo Wilson starts to understand, pleading with Bart to go, and get out of his way as Bart removes his mask, standing there smirking as he points his umbrella at him... WHEN ECHO WILSON CHARGES AT HIM AND NAILS THE BLOODY SUNDAY, KNOCKING BART INTO THE CORNER! FROM BEHIND! SLIM TURNS ECHO WILSON AROUND... ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR TO ECHO WILSON! Echo Wilson lays down, as Slim goes, checking on Bart as Bart shakes it off, getting to his feet as he directs Slim's attention back to Echo, before Slim begins to bounce off of the ropes, running past Echo twice, and on the third.... NAILING THE REIGN SUPREME! (disregard the Spear) Slim slips down into the cover, cockily as he knows he's won the match... One... Two... THREE! Slim has beaten Echo Wilson and retained his championship here tonight! Slim stands to his feet, as Bart congratulates his partner on his win, holding up his hand, but the real story tonight... Is the failure of Echo Wilson. Looking dejected in a corner of the ring, Echo Wilson, battered from tonight's match, raises to his feet as Slim and Bart look at The Lionheart, as he stands there, in the corner, looking on at the two as an "ECHO WILSON" chant breaks out, and you can hear Slim talking. "See, they chant your name in defeat meanwhile, I'm standing here as the World Champion. You can't be anyone without having people behind you, I hope you've learned that." Echo Wilson and Slim now stand face-to-face, as Echo looks into the eyes of Slim, before Slim begins to walk past him, with Bart, but Echo turns him around, and Slim preps for a fight, but Echo Wilson BOWS TO SLIM! The crowd is in shock as Echo Wilson takes one knee, raising his hand to Slim as Bart does the same. Slim smirks as the crowd pours in boos, as it seems Echo Wilson has finally given in. The attacks by Slim, the attacks by Flynn and Ross, and tonight, being so close to the World Championship, has finally broken Echo Wilson's back. Echo Wilson stands to his feet, as Slim puts his arm around him, smiling at the fact that he has finally convinced Echo Wilson. Bart stands there, stone-faced as the boos pour in, before the feed cuts. It's official, The Kingdom is here in BPZ.
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    We return back to Carnage TV and Julius is already in the ring holding a microphone and his NXT Championship. The ring announcer tries to talk to him but Julius is having none of it and he just pushes him away violently "Jason Ryan, I hope your listening in the Emergency Room of your local hospital cause I have something to say to your sorry Ass" Julius starts pacing around the ring as the crowd is 50/50 about whether to cheer or boo him "You did something that you will regret for the rest of your damn life when you decided to attack me in this ring, you struck a nerve in me and at Backlash I swear on my soul that I will give you a beating of a lifetime. You found out first hand what happens when you piss me off and that was only the beginning I speared you through the wall and sent you to the hospital, imagine what I could do in a match type scenario where there is no Ambulance and there is nowhere to hide and its just you and me" Julius pulls the cameraman closer to him and stares straight through the lens "5 Days Jason, 5 days until I get my hands on you and beat your Ass across Boston, make you bleed and sentence you to a lifetime of hell. This match may be for the title but you have made this personal and once you take this step there is no turning back because on the 20th of April I will beat you up, gun you down and I will continue to uplift this NXT Division. Even if it is the last thing I ever do. You walk in here with your cocky attitude and one win under your belt and you think you run this place, you haven't been through Unsanctioned Zones, Hell in a Cell all you have been through is one match with a part-timer who hasn't been relevant for months. Jason while you are at the hospital in excruciating pain let me tell you something see this title many people have tried to take it from me even your alcoholic lackey The Marker has tried and now he has been forced to team with a sorry loser like you but none of them have come close to succeeding. Well let me be the first to tell you that your just a flash in the pan and one hit wonder because come Backlash the name Jason Ryan well it won't even exist" Julius drops the mic raises the title above his head to a mixed reaction when suddenly... (Only for The Last Emperor)
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    The War Begins

    The Carnage crowd is buzzing as “Cut the Cord” echoes through the arena signaling for the arrival of “The Omega” and Mr. Money in the Bank, Flynn. He has a sick smile placed firmly across his face as he holds his MITB Briefcase tight, marching directly to the ring with a cocky swagger. He holds out his hand upon entering the center of the ring, almost demanding that a microphone be brought to him....and which it is! He woudl frantically pace around the ring, contemplating and seemingly talking to himself before finally speaking. War. A brutal topic to talk about. Throughout history, war has plagued mankind. It has been our most notorious downfall as a society of beings. We build each other up, only to knock one another down. You see the irony in it? It’s depressing yet hilarious all at the same time. War is a blessing for some but hell for others. It kills but brings forth new life. Despite all the negatives of it, it is a necessity. War is needed. War is something I want. I want a Revolution, I want change and I want to lead us all to that change. However there are men in the way. Men who will do anything to steer me away from my goal. My dream of ridding tyrannical rule over this company for good. Slim and Bailey, are two of such instances. They rule this place with an iron fist. Flexing their muscle over aspiring and upcoming talents like Echo Wilson and Prince, all in order to keep these upcoming talents form overthrowing them. Now I am sure many are wondering what is it that makes me different then these two greedy Power mongers. I gladly will take on any of these upcoming talents who believe they have what it takes to take me out. Whether it be Echo Wilson, Alyx Wilde, my own best friend Ross, or JoshsNow, all have stepped up and all have a firm understanding that I am right where I belong. I am the Ace of BPZ. I am the best. At World at War, I and Ross begin our war. Our first battle, War Games against the two tyrannical rulers and two men by their sides that still don’t match up to ROA. I hate to spoil things as well, however the result will be yours truly standing over all, right next to his best friend, the world in our hand. Flynn lowers the microphone, the fans getting riled up by Flynn’s dramatic speech. My night is not that simple however. You see on that same night I face JoshsNow. A man who believes in his first defense he will defeat me for that Intercontinental Championship. Josh, in case you coudlnt tell by this point. I’m no ones first. I am the end result. The final battle. The boss level my friend and let me just say, it’s impossible to overcome. For too long now has that Intercontinental Championship been held by weak fools who do not deserve to have it. Men who have tarnished its historic name. NO MORE. I take that Championship and I save it just as I did the Universal Championship as apart of my perfect vision for this company. And it all begins at World at War. Let’s go to war boys. Flynn is suddenly cut off by the familiar theme song of Intercontinal Champion JoshsNow. The fans in the arena buzzing for the confrontation between Champion and challenger.
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    Unsanctioned Preparation Pts 1 - 5

    The following Carnage program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement... Hollow appears on the screen in a darkened arena "We're here...." The lights come on revealing a ring within a rundown warehouse and Hollow yells "IN THE UNSANCTIONED ZONE!" Hollow jumps out of the ring and walks around the outside the ring to a creepy butler looking fellow. Hollow,"Senor Alfredo, the grand caretaker of the Unsanctioned Zone while Hollow is away. You have a done a great job, but we must prepare for the arrival of Caesar!" Senior Alfredo, "Sir, please remember my name, I am Alfred your butler sir. Also your opponent is Julius his name not Caesar sir. But I must agree we must prepare. I have called for your personal trainer, he will be here tomorrow Mister Hollow sir." Hollow, "Very good Senior Alfredo. He must be hear at once, we mustn't dilly or dally, we must prepare. Senior Alfredo have you found a suitable referee for this grand match with Augustus...." Senior Alfredo, "Once again his name is Julius sir not Augustis.I found three men, although it might be questionable of whether or not they can be a referee. I personally made sure they can count to three." Senior Alfredo leads Hollow to a table where there are three hobos fresh off the street eating at. Senior Alfredo, "The one on the left is name Jimbo, he can count to ten and knows a bit about what happens in the square circle. He knows the rules he is a great choice. The one in the middle is name is Jimmy John and he can count to five but he is old and cant move around much. So he will stick to the ring. The last one is named Bob...." Hollow, "What doesn't he have a fancy name?" Senior Alfredo, "I don't know sure I just know his name is Bob, he knows nothing about wrestling but he is very looking forward to being here for the match. He can make a three count where ever you are...." Hollow, "Fine Hobo Bob it is! Get him a zebra shirt and let it be known there will be no rules. Let Juju know that I will beat him within this zone..." Senior Alfredo, "His name is Julius sir...." Hollow, "The ides of march has long since passed, just like another Caesar your time is coming to an end. Here in the Unsanctioned Zone, the house the Hollow built. You will fall!" Senior Alfredo, "Once again sir his name is Julius..."" Hollow, "Alright! Senior Alfredo! Hollow knows his name, but all the same he will fall by the madman's hands. He tells us to run, he will soon realize. He isnt of this world, when he walks into those doors he will be trapped, in the monsters den!" Hollow stops in a cackling laughter as Senior Alfredo walks away. As this is the first look into the Unsanctioned Zone
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    {We are mere days away from the first BPZ PPV since BPZMania III, TakeOver: World At War. One match that is on everyone’s minds is possibly the most historic match in BPZ history, the Triple Threat Match for the BPZ Universal Championship. At first, it was a standard one on one match between two men that have never face in a singles match in their careers, Brad and the new Universal Champion Necce. But with one tweet from Carnage General Manager Bailey, that match was completely turned on its head as it was announced that BPZ’s newest signee, Sheridan, would be joining the match in her in ring debut, becoming the first woman to compete in BPZ and the first woman to compete for a world title in BPZ. We have heard plenty from Brad, his wife Christ, and Sheridan herself, but one person we have not heard much from is the champion himself, Necce. He talked briefly about Sheridan, but he hasn’t addressed either of his opponents in depth. The screen opens on a shot of the center plate of the Universal Championship. The belt sparkles and shimmers in the glow of the camera light. The camera pans out to reveal the entire championship belt sitting on the floor, being propped up by some kind of plastic stand. The camera doesn’t break away from the belt, but something can be heard coming from a distance. The sound of footsteps and something being dragged across the concrete floor. The sound seems to be getting closer and closer to the camera. Suddenly, somebody walks up to the belt from out of the blackness. All we can see is a pair of legs that stand over the belt. We are able to see the pair of old, beat up Converse that this person. They are black, but the years have taken a toll on the shoes, and now the color is fading on the canvas and the rubber that the shoe has is brown with splotches of a faint white. The jeans that the person is wearing has the back of the legs covering up both of the heels of the shoes, casing that dragging sound. For a moment, there is no sound, until the flickering of a lighter kills the silence. The camera pans up to show Necce standing there. He has the filter of a cigarette between his teeth and a metal lighter in his hands. He lights the cigarette and closes the lid on the lighter. He sticks the lighter into his jacket pocket and keeps his hand there as he slowly exhales his smoke. The camera pans up, but backs away from the championship, getting both Necce and his title in the frame. He looks down to his belt on the ground, he points at it with his cigarette, and begins to speak.} This belt represents many things in this company. For many people, this belt is seen as a symbol of excellence. While the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship represents who will lead the company into the foreseeable future, this belt represents something wholly different. This belt is for the people who fight with everything they have within them. The people who are only judged by the sweat of their brow and the blood in their eyes. This belt is for the people who will give everything to obtain it, and give even more to keep it. I believe that even the men who do not like me, if you asked them, they will tell you that I earned this title. I fought with my blood, my sweat, and my tears to earn this belt. However, I wonder if I can say the same about my opponents. {Necce takes a drag of his cigarette. Exhaling through his nose before continuing.} I do not underestimate my opponents, do not make that mistake. I am fully aware that when people are most dangerous, is when they are not taken seriously. An animal is deadlier when backed into a corner. As I stated before, this belt is for those who give it all and then some for it, can either person say that they have? Let’s start with Brad. Earlier this year, him and I were the iron men in the first ever Carnage Scramble Match. We fought tooth and nail against each other throughout the entire match, but in the end, it was only a split second that cost him everything. However, the Carnage Scramble Match was not the end of his Universal Championship pursuit, as only a few weeks later, he was gifted a title match against Flynn at the Royal Rumble event. Where he once again lost. After that, Brad lost interest in the title. I’m sure if you ask him now, he’ll tell you that he was always focused on it, but in actuality, he turned his attention towards the Premium Championship. He didn’t care about the title again until he was, once again, gifted a title match, despite losing all of his matches at BPZMania. One thing about Brad that has the BPZ Universe enamored with him is his grand gestures. Every match he is given, he claim that “This time will be the time that I prove everyone wrong.” Every time is always THIS time. He has been given so many opportunities in the past, yet has squandered each and every one of them. In my speech after I won the Universal Championship match, I mentioned those who see me as an easy target now that Flynn isn’t champion anymore. When I said that, I was partially talking about Brad. The man he failed to vanquish so many times in the past has finally been dethroned, now maybe he will actually have a fighting chance in a title match. He thinks it will be easier to defeat a man who has only beaten him once, as opposed to 11 times. He thinks that maybe this will be the time he wins the big one, despite the fact that I did what he failed to do 11 times in under an hour. I respect Brad immensely, and that’s why it hurts to say that, once again, he will fail. Just like many of the empty promises he has made in the past, he has set himself up for failure, he has talked this match up as the biggest of his career and he will see how poorly that decision was when he is once again lying on the mat, defeated at my hands. {Necce flicks his cigarette to get the ashes off of it. He takes another drag and quickly exhales before beginning to speak once again.} That brings us to the third and most recently added opponent to this match, Sheridan. I talked about you a bit last week, but I don’t feel as if I’ve properly expressed myself. Sheridan, out of everyone I’ve ever faced in this company or any other, you have to be the person that I pity the most. That may seem condescending, but believe me when I say that it comes from a place of pure respect. I pity that you will have no opportunity to show the world that you are worthy to be here before being thrown to the wolves. I pity that your first match in a match on BPZ TV has put you in a sink or swim situation. I pity that the same sink or swim situation is also a lose lose situation. You either win the title in a match you did not earn ahead of many other guys who have worked day in and day out, or you lose, squandering your first opportunity in your first match. As I have thought long and hard about that, I came to a conclusion that all of this circles around. I said earlier that this belt represents many things in this company. What it exactly represents changes depending on who holds it and what match it is in. For all three of us in this match, this belt represents chances.. {Necce reaches down and grabs the championship. Holding it in his hand as he speaks.} For Brad, it is a chance for him to prove that when placed in a match, he can get the job done. This match is a chance to erase the jokes that have surrounded his name for years now. If he can get it done this time, maybe he can prove that he is still a valuable player in this company. This is possibly his final chance to prove that when his back is against the wall, he can show that he is the true Lionheart of BPZ and win the big one. For Sheridan, this is a chance to prove that she belongs here. This is her first chance for her to prove that she can hang with the guys, and for her, it could be her only chance. This is a chance for her to prove those that doubt her because of her gender wrong. And as for myself, this is my chance to prove that I deserve to hold this title. This is my chance to prove that the 4 months I spent chasing this title weren’t just a waste of time. This is also my chance to prove that I deserve to still be here after all these years. {Necce pauses for a moment. He takes a final drag of his cigarette and drops it to the ground, exhaling as he steps on it to put it out. He holds the Universal Championship up a bit as he looks down to see his title. He continues talking as he stares at the belt.} For us, this is more than a belt. This isn’t just a prize to be won or lost. This is our validation. Validation that we can win the big one. Validation that we aren’t only defined by our gender. And Validation that we do deserve to hold this. This Sunday at World At War, I have no doubt that all three of us will fight with everything we’ve got for this championship, for our validation, and for our chances, that just leaves the real question… {Necce looks up at the camera from the belt. His long hair covers most of his face, but you can see the smirk that he has.} Who wants it more? {Necce takes the Universal Championship, and places it back on its plastic stand. He turns around and walks back into the darkness. The camera zooms in on the center plate of the championship once again as it fades to black. Ending the same way as it started.}
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    Bare Witness.

    {Carnage Live has been taking over BPZ, ever since the Royal Rumble Carnage has been the place to be and we are back with another episode of the show, however. Much is to be answered, who is next to be attacked from the vicious alliance of Julius, Ross, and Flynn? Will Slim and Echo Wilson be able to stop the vicious group? But all question would be put aside, in fact, everything would be put aside and the crowd would stand up in absolute shock. Because a certain theme would play from the PA system, one that would send a wave of excitement around the entire arena as the black ink would begin to take shape on the white canvas} {The crowd would cheer, very loudly, almost enough to bust a microphone. The man who supposedly got into an accident months ago is back. The theme song plays for a while before the "Rise Up" would play, where a spotlight would land on the center of the stage. In the center would be the man himself, Kyle Reeves. The former Premium Champion raises both arms in the air before bringing them down, the lights come on and Kyle Reeves stands in the center of the stage. Looking at the crowd who is chanting his name, Reeves takes steps forward. Slowly, he has a huge smile on his face as he walks down the ramp. He is wearing a black jacket, black and white ring tights, and on his upper arm an arm band white his name on it. Kyle Reeves walks up the steel steps before stepping into the ring, doing a 360 before stopping and dropping on both knees as the music stops} {Kyle Reeves kneels as the crowd around him chants his name. He has grown a beard, blondish in color along with semi long hair. A small tear drips down the cheek of Kyle Reeves. Just months ago, this young mans career was over, mystery in the air, the crowd awaits an answer to what happened. Reeves gets handed a mic, staying on his knees. Kyle Reeves begin to speak, and it would be as if god himself would be speaking, as everyone would be on the edge of their seats} "Hello." {The one. Single word would cause an eruption, every kid and adult alike would cheer. Kyle Reeves could do nothing but smile before speaking} "1 Month and 27 days ago....I suffered a knee injury that I thought would end my career. I thought that I would be out maybe 5, 6, maybe even 7 months. My emotions were running wild, my whole life, working towards this one goal was being ripped away from me. And when I heard that I may be possibly released, I knew I had to get into the ring. I knew that my experience for BPZ, for all of you, couldn't end. My dream wouldn't stop because some soccer mom in a mini van cut me off, now my knee may not be 100%. Hell it may not even be 50%, but I will fight. And I demand a fight, that fight being at World At War. I marched backstage looked the GM of Carnage right in the eye and told him....give me BiC. The man that started it all, but BiC is apparently "On Strike"...so at World At War...April 13th...I will be facing Storm in one on one action as I have been cleared for action" {The crowd cheers once again, this time chanting "Welcome Back" as Kyle laughs. He stands up, looking at the crowd before going to speak again} "I have been watching BPZ, and I have noticed Storm. When I see him I don't see a loser, I don't see a bad wrestler I see an underrated man who can do something with his career. Storm may not be the best in NXT but he has a chance, everyone has a chance, and Storm knows this. And I respect him for it. And at World At War I plan to put on a spectacle with the superstar. For me, for him, and most importantly all of you. Because without you, I wouldn't be here, no superstar in the back would be here. But you have heard all that before, you have heard all of this before." "In 2017. I won the Premium Title from BIC, to kick off 2018 I defended that title against Andrew Richards and would soon lose it to Slim...in the Royal Rumble match I would be in the final 2 before getting eliminated by the winner Slim....I am not here to get revenge on Slim..I am here to get revenge on everyone. Everyone who has wronged me, everyone who thinks I am a mistake, a worthless contract. In 6 days I defeat Storm....bare witness...to the rebirth." {Kyle Reeves dropped his mic as the crowd begins to cheer once again, losing there voices before the end of the first segment on Carnage. Kyle Reeves runs towards the ropes, pausing before getting on the middle rope and celebrating along with the thousands in attendance.} {Social Media, the fans, anything related to BPZ has gone insane with Kyle Reeves at the steering wheel. WAIT! ITS STORM WHAT THE HELL! STORM HAS A STEEL CHAIR! STORM IS LIGHTING UP KYLE WITH A CHAIR! He is not stopping someone get out here! Oh my god he has two, Storm has set up the two chairs facing eachother and he has Kyle Reeves on his shoulder. What the hell is this?!} {Jesus christ! This crowd is booing Storm like never before, where has this side of Storm been?! Storm stands above Kyle Reeves who just made his return and may be out of action again, will he be able to make it to the match for World At War? And if he does, will this be the scene in Washington DC?}
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    Echo Wilson

    Some Things Never Change

    Carnage has had a wild return, post BPZ Mania III where for the most part, Carnage proved why they are the A show once again. Absolutely blowing Evolve out of the water for the second time in a row, and we have seen a lot. Tonight we have been through thick and thin, experiencing one of the most memorable post BPZ Mania shows ever. Carnage has wiped itself clean, we are ready for a new era of Carnage Wrestling, many new champions such as the new Universal Champion Necce, the new Intercontinental Champion Josh, the new Mr. Money in the Bank Flynn and the man we have seen nothing of so far, The newly reigning Premium Champion, Echo Wilson. And finally after waiting for quite a while, the eyes are set on the stage where the true Future of Carnage is about to make himself known. Throughout all of the upheavals some things never change, and "Gods Plan" hits and the entire arena knows that is coming next. The young kid who seems to be climbing higher and higher, and almost reaches new heights every time he takes to the ring. He managed to put on yet another world class performance on the stage of all stages. Echo Wilson is more cheerful than we've almost never before seen as he hoists the Premium Title above his head, placing it on his shoulder to rest comfortably. Taking a few more steps down, he reaches over to a little boy and lets him feel the Premium Title. Echo Wilson pauses on the edge of the apron and turns to the standing ovation the crowd gives him, he nods and is extremely overjoyed at the situation he's been placed in. He hops over and rolls himself to a stop. He then slowly gets up, posing with the title on the turnbuckle. He bites the gold and lets it hang from his clenched jaw, this is very valuable to him. He grabs the microphone out of his boot and begins his speech, all eyes drawn to the newly crowned champion. He begins. Ladies and Gentleman, its official. "The Supernova" has got his groove back! A huge pop as Echo's efforts to hype up the crowd has worked well. On the biggest show of my entire lifetime, I went 2 for 2. And as it feels so good to have some more gold to my name, I don't want to undermine the fact that I beat Bailey, the Boss himself, clean in the center of this ring, 1...2...3. I can't even explain the emotions going through my head right now, and I'm sorry if this gets muddled up, from my brain to my words, but I can't even put into words properly just how perfect this scene is. It's picture perfect. And for one, I finally defeated Brad, and now I know for sure, that anything is possible. Even beating my former tag partner, who had eluded me for so long. It took me a while, but this title is proof that if you never give up, don't ever lose your fighting spirit, you can do the impossible. You can be a superhero. And I know I seem very dreamy right now, I seem more caught up in my imagination but sometimes it takes a bit of believing to get the job done. So I would like to officially change my name, something that I don't think I earned until now, from now on, I think I can call myself the "Lionheart" of BPZ. Because, any normal man would've lost the trail, would've walked away at the first time of losing. But that's not what this title is about, this is the Lionheart title and its in the hands of the Lionheart. The true lionheart. The crowd doesn't seem to be happy at this. Echo taking a few shots at Brad, his former AK-17 tag team partner. Calling him weak. Maybe Echo truly means what he says. Now to the future of the Premium Title, I am willing to defend against, anyone or anything in the entirety of BPZ. If you want a crack at this belt, come at me. I will run through you like I did all those other competitors. And Brad, If you think you are going to easily come back and snatch this title away from me at my first hurdle, well you are terribly wrong my friend. This title is gonna stay put for as long as I'd like it to. Because the heart, the integrity, it's gonna prove to be more than any of the challengers coming can handle. I am emotionally boosted, and I am physically exhausted. The only thing that matter is that I am building up my heart like a mountain, a tower of belief. Where the foundation grows stronger as each day passes and I become harder and harder to conquer. When it came to the Premium Title I had to adapt, I learned from my mistakes that I needed to change something in the way I went about things. And I did. Now for any challenger looking to strike lucky a second time. I advise you all to look inside yourselves and find that missing piece, tweak yourselves and then you will truly find what will guide to victory. Take these lessons from a changed man. Come at me. Echo lays out the title, smoothly, in front of him. Laying out a true borderline for anyone regarding the Premium Title. If you want some, come get some. Now lets talk about the other major news regarding myself, Bailey, the man who I shockingly disposed of in the middle of this ring. If you think that was the last of your issues with me. If You think that I am going to let you slide now, well you are mistaken. I plan on humbling your protege, just the same as I did to you. I promise you, that the punishment I gave to you, I will find a way to give it to your brother in arms, Prince. As if the performance I gave wasn't enough for you to see the true potential inside of me, than you must be blind. You can hear it all around the arena, you can see it in the faces of the little kids as I run by. You can feel the electricity in the air whenever I entertain. It's what I do best. But Prince, he is a dead telephone line. We hear no buzz, we see no connection to anyone or anything. He might as well be invisible because whenever I watch Prince in the ring he, personally, bores me and bores these fans. I am no one to speak up to you and I can't speak for every single member of the BPZ universe. But I can say what I know, I can say what I see, what I hear and what I feel. That is nothing. There is not a single drop of heart in that man, he doesn't know where he is half the time. Last night, I stole a win from you, and If you give me the chance, I am prepared to steal another one. The only thing I know now is that I think I deserve something bigger, something more promising. As people are going around, earning official title shots. Like Brad. I feel like its time you man up, accept your loss and become the better man because of it. That involves giving me a chance at the top of this brand again. That involves something to do with the main eventers this A show has to offer. So in the coming days, I expect to see this come to light, with my big opportunity ahead of me, where I can show you once again why I am the "Lionheart". Hand me Prince, hand me anyone worthy enough to stand in the ring with me at World at War, I will bring the war to your front doorstep and show you my prize. The limp body of your next challenger. Give me a chance and I will deliver. This wouldn't the first time Bailey. A wild smirk, pops up on the face of Echo as he leans down to pick up his title, He raises it up, stretching his arm upright for the wider view of the shiny gold belt, he slides out under the bottom rope and it looks like he's going to end his show right there. He places the title over his shoulder and keeps the smirk on his face. He steps backwards slowly, knowing that all of the goals he wished to achieve were achieved and more than that, "The Supernova" has his groove back, or should I say "Lionheart".
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    Unsanctioned Preparation Pts 1 - 5

    The following Carnage program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement... The screen cuts to Hollow with his umbrella outside the warehouse that holds the Unsanctioned Zone Hollow, "Welcome Carnage's fans to the Unsanctioned Zone, we are going on a field trip today. So get ready for a walk through the woods of madness....Senior Alfredo!!" Senior Alfredo walks out the doors as he is called for. Senior Alfredo, "You hollered sir? Hollow, "Yes Senior Alfredo! We are going to show these people what is the woods of insanity. Lead the way good sir, release these people from the prisons they call sanity and show the a world where we are all truly free!" Senior Alfredo, "Very well sir, you don't need your umbrella soon, it is a sunny day..." Hollow, "It is a weapon against sanity, to keep one safe from those who would try to rationalize this all with simple words. Now lead the way!" Senior Alfredo and Hollow walk towards the woods behind the warehouse. They stop at a a group of boxes and tents Hollow stops. Hollow, "The dwellers of madness! They are beginning to flock here for the show that is so grand!" Senior Alfredo, "No sir they are the Hobos from before. This is where your referee will be staying. Hobo Jimbo and Jimmy John come out. Hobo Jimbo, "Hollow! Bob is out getting that zebra shirt you told him get...." Hobo Bob comes out of the woods riding on the back of a zebra Hobo Bob, "I got the zebra you wanted sir! I hope it is to your liking..." Hobo Jimbo and Jimmy John face palm an Senior Alfredo sighs Hollow, "Well, not what we were expecting but this beast...." Hollow looks at the zebra and looks at him as if it spoke to him Hollow, "Ah I see , I know who you are, Cesar when he comes will be shocked to see you. Brutus! You have come! Good word mister Bob you have out down yourself, I will study everything he knows and I will defeat my open it on the thirteenth!" Senior Alfredo, "Sir that is just a zebra sir, and your opponent is just Julius the NXT Champion not Ceaser sir.." Hollow, "We know this Senior Allfredo but this beast has what he must know and how we will win! Now into the woods of insanity!" Hollow walks off into the woods and the camera follows They walk for a bit until they pass a small creek to a wooden shack. Hollow, "Home...the place were Hollow's story begins. in the woods in insanity, passed the creek of truths. The shack of redemption. The place a broken man went when he lost at the match he tried so hard to win where Hollow was born!" Hollow opens the door and then pulls out a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. Hollow "Hello beautiful did you miss Hollow. We must unite and together we must greet him with a proper greeting. Senior Alfredo will take his coat and hat. And you will take his face!" Hollow after speaks to the baseball bat he then hands it to Senior Alfredo Hollow, "See that she is waxed and ready for the big day. She must be there to greet out guest! Now we must get back, we must go and prepare the Lake of irrelevancy!" Senior Alfredo, "Do you mean the duck pond? Aye sir we have it set up. Your canoe is waiting for you when you get there...but I don't see why we need two rings...." Hollow, "Dont you dare question the method to our madness! We do what we know what we must! We must have it all ready for our guest for the night of true pure greatness!" Senior Alfredo, "Very well sir is there anything else you need me to do?" Hollow, "Yes! Prepare the chariot! Bring it to the capital One Arena in DC, set it there to bring Julius here when the time is right! Senior Alfredo nods and walks away as Hollow leans against the shack of the beginning chuckling slightly as the camera goes off.
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    We are only a couple of days away from the Show of Shows as Evolve is live with millions watching to see what will happen in the final stages before BPZMania III. The stage is set for a night to remember with some of the key figures of the mania season in the building,with champions and challengers all in the building tonight. As we return from a commercial, only a black screen is shown. As we see the camera move, it slowly becomes clear that we are looking at a room. In this room nothing is seen. It’s hard to tell what kind of room, or what even is the room. As the camera slowly moves, a spotlight in the room is seen. In this spotlight, we see the face of Bart, the only thing which can be seen in the darkness of the room. 5 man. 5 man were given the ultimate opportunity by me. I gave them the chance to feature on the rich BPZMania card, for some of them it was their only way to get on the card. I blessed them with a undeserved shot at my title. The title that I earned because of all my hard work for this brand. A title that was not earned by a contest, but multiple contest. A title that wasn’t earned by getting a lucky pinfall, but that was earned by delivering in the ring, every single night. But that, winning a title by earning the respect of a men who you once consider your biggest enemy, is not enough. Still, I am considered a fake champion, people still question whether I am worthy of holding this belt. But don't worry. It doesn’t upset me. It doesn’t frustrate me. A smirk appears on Bart’s face as he continues to look into the camera. After BPZMania, no longer will you be able to call me fake. No longer will you be able to devalue my accomplishments. What will be the next remedy to your foolish claims? I can’t wait to find out. The 5 man who I privileged to compete for my title, they have disappointed me. FDS and Jon, they attacked me in a desperate attempt to make them look like a threat. If only they would have realised how weak they would come over, two long time veterans having to team up to take out a rookie. Then we had BiC, who knew that he wasn’t gonna come over as a threat with his words, so he instead decided to burn down a house, to cover for his mediocre performances since returning. Ark and Sameer, they are probably the smartest of them all. Instead of making themselves look like a fool, they decided to say nothing, and then when they take a beating, they won’t be ashamed by all the insanity that came out of their mouth beforehand like the other 3. Bart picks up something from behind him, and puts it into the spotlight where it reveals to be the United States Championship. You thought I had forgotten about this? When I won this title, I thought I was in for a lot of fun. All the time the US title was the middle of the hottest division in the BPZ. And then, as soon as I decide to put my head in the mix, it all disappears. All these man, Yelich, George, Akki, Echo, ever since I have won this title they are lost, I haven’t heard of them. It makes me sad, such a beautiful championship, and I don’t need to pour any blood to keep it. It’s a shame, I love to see dreams faint away. That’s what you will see at BPZMania, dreams fainting away. There will be tears, 5 man in a chamber will be full of it, but I, I am going to be smiling all throughout the show. I promise you that. Bart walks to the right side, no longer is it possible to see him in the camera. One last time we hear: I. Promise. You Then, the camera fades to black.
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    Julius' song hits as he slowly walks out still battered and bruised from last nights Backlash PPV. reaches halfway down the ramp and raises his title high up in the air. He then grabs a microphone as he enters the ring "I went through a War to defend this title last night, I put my body and my career on the line many times in order to keep this title around my waist" The fans start to cheer in remembrance of the brutal NXT Championship match at Backlash "I have held this title twice, the first time I won it in my very first match at December to Dismember, It was the start of my journey but that all came crashing down at the Royal Rumble where this title was taken away from me. I was a broken man, I felt like I had lost my only purpose in life and from that day forward I vowed to make sure to do whatever the hell it took to bring this back and keep it around my waist, whether it was No DQ matches, whether it was Joining the most dominant faction in BPZ history or Competing in Hell in a Cell on the grandest stage of them all I did whatever it took to remain the champion" Julius once again raises his title to the crowd who roar into cheers "Along the way I had to face many challengers, and it all started with RedArrow at the Royal Rumble, he may be considered my Kryptonite, the only person to defeat me here in this company. That match at St Valentines Day Massacre was the hardest I have ever fought because I knew that if I failed to recapture my title I would fall into irrelevancy like so many before, hey just have a look at Storm. I couldn't let that happen. I worked my ass of for a month straight to get in shape for that match, I busted my balls in order to recapture the title that I made relevant because without me at the head of this division, well NXT would once again be the jobber division. Now to the real reason why I have graced you with my presence tonight. I hope everyone in this Company is listening because they are being put on Warning. This NXT Championship was just the beginning, you thought what I have done in my reign was something wait until I set my sights on lets say the US title, or even Necce's Universal title, I will prove to be the next big thing by taking those titles and starting my reign as the most dominant force in BPZ History." The crowd once again erupt into cheers at the thought of Julius vs Bart and Julius vs Necce "But where does this leave the NXT Division, the division where I made my mark, well I am saddened to say that as of right now I am no longer you're NXT Champion, I have decided to let another person carry on my legacy by vacating this title and giving someone else the opportunity to make their mark. I will also hold the NXT Division close to me and I will be keeping a watchful eye on everything that happens in this division, and if one of you schmucks in the back disrespect this title I will come for you and I will bury you. So I am talking to you Jason Ryan, Storm, Antonio Arno, The Marker, Sheridan, RedArrow, The Roman Predator, and Buddy Ace and I am challenging you to step up and take this title and make it relevant like I have. And as I said if this division once again becomes a joke I will personally come down to this ring and tear you a new once because I will be damned if my creation gets ruined by idiots like you. So step up to the challenge and earn this title make a statement and start your legacy. So as of today I Julius have decided to officially vacate the NXT Championship. And before I go, Bart I'm coming for you" The Crowd chant "Thank You Julius" as Julius remains in the ring and holds up his NXT Championship for the last time. He then absorbs all the cheers from the fans (No one Respond to this)
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    On Carnage TV we witnessed an eventful night. We had a great match between Slim and Summer but on the Championship side of things we witnessed the Intercontinental Champion and Mr. MITB Flynn gift his Intercontinental Championship to Ross. Now tonight at Backlash, Ross has been scheduled to appear as the new Intercontinental Champion tonight. Let's see what "The Alpha" has in store tonight. And here he is, the new Intercontinental Champion Ross heading down to the ring here tonight. "The Alpha" looking in an exceptional mood tonight as he struts out from the back with the NXT Champion Julius by his side. Ross and Julius begin their walk down to the ring full throttle as these two mean business tonight as we saw earlier with Julius retaining his NXT Championship. The two men get inside the ring as Ross takes off his entrance attire and looks to be getting ready for action. Julius grabs Ross a microphone and hands it to him. Ross: Ladies and gentleman please welcome YOUR NEW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION TO THE RING. I have waited all my career to get to this point and the best thing about it is I really do deserve it. It doesn't matter if I got it handed to me. What matters is I'm the freaking Champion. Now tonight I don't even know if that joke of a booking team has me an opponent planned but whoever it is will fall to "The Alpha". And if and I mean if they even manage to defeat me tonight let's just say they won't have a very pleasant surprise. Ross points to Julius who cracks his knuckles and stares straight into the camera. Ross: So whoever my opponent is, just send them out already and let me guess this over with. Ross passes the microphone back to Julius who launches it outside of the ring as we await Ross' opponent here tonight. IT'S BRAD! The iron man of BPZ is challenging the Alpha here tonight. A light smirk comes across the face of Ross as he taps Julius on the shoulder who rolls out of the ring near our announcing table. Brad still has bandages on right now after the shocking upset defeat he received earlier before. He limps down to the ring as he wants gold at Backlash tonight. Brad gets to ringside and pauses briefly BUT JULIUS RUNNING FULL SPEED AT BRAD WITH A CLOTHESLINE! The match hasn't even started and Julius has just attacked Brad, he now sends him into the ring leaving Ross to pray on the injured Brad. "The Alpha" places his foot on the chin of Brad getting him to his feet. Julius gets back in the ring and grabs Brad... HELL'S WELCOME! But R.O.A is not done there Julius picking up the lifeless Brad and sending him Ross' way... THE FIVE STAR ATTACHMENT! R.O.A have destroyed Brad tonight and it looks like anyone is too scared to do anything about it. However the fans are loving it. Cheering after every move hit on Brad. And again they are not done, someone needs to stop this madness. "The Alpha" gets Brad in a powerbomb position and hits the buckle bomb! Brad stumbles out of the corner ANOTHER CLOTHESLINE FROM JULIUS! WHAT A COMBINATION! The referee in the ring trying to stop the chaos as Julius grabs him by the shirt and tells him to ring the bell. The referee as petrified as anyone would be says Brad needs to be on his feet and that's what Julius makes sure of. "The Underboss" picks Brad up in the middle of the ring and sets him standing up. The referee rings the bell and we are finally underway, but not for long as Ross eyes Brad up again... ROSS-CUTTER! "The Alpha" slithers into the pin. One-Two-Three! Ross retains the Intercontinental Championship in quick fashion after the brutal beat down on Brad before this match even began. Julius hands Ross his Intercontinental Championship and raises him up on his shoulders as R.O.A dominate the scene once again. Ross throws up the too sweet along with Julius as Backlash goes to an advertisement break.
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    We are back from commercial break and Jason Ryan is firmly in control of this match. He has brutalised this local competitor and now seals the deal with the Colt.45 (Pop-up Superkick). He celebrates when the titantron turns on with Julius slowly clapping at the screen as Jason Ryan watches one with intrigue into what Julius is about to say "Congratulations you slimy bastard you outplayed me, you hid behind a lawyer like the bitch you are and now you had me sign the restraining order ensuring your personal safety until the event on Sunday. I have been thinking lately how to reach what can I do to attack you where it hurts blindside so you wouldn't see it coming. And I have found it" The camera pans around to see a truck. Jason Ryan in the ring realises that it is his truck and starts to go ballistic, he starts punching the mat and grabbing the referee "This truck is your most precious thing Jason and now I am going to take it away. You asked for a fight, you asked to make this personal well now it is and I am going to make you regret the day you crossed me" Julius picks up sledgehammer and then starts whacking the sides and the front of the truck. He shatters the windows and with every hit of the truck Jason Ryan winces in pain as he realises that there is nothing he can do about it. Julius then looks to be finished as there are dents and broken glass shattered all over the place. Jason Ryan sits in the ring emotionless as he looks on at his beloved truck. Julius however is seen walking into a crane. Jason looks perplexed but when the camera reveals that there is a wrecking ball attached to it he once again loses it in the ring. Julius drives the wrecking ball over to where the truck is and drops it onto the truck flattening and crushing it, completely destroying it. Jason Ryan is seen seething in the ring at what Julius has done. Julius walks out of the crane and goes over to the camera once again "How did that feel, how did it feel to see something special to you something you actually care about taken away from you. See this pain you're feeling right now remember it because at Backlash this is the pain that you will feel when I break your skull crush your bones and tear you limb from limb in order to keep this title. Like the many opponents who have tried to step in my path you will fail and you will fall back into irrelevancy and you will be seen like Storm as nothing than Jobber. You can use that restraining order all you want but you know and I know that once we step into that ring and we have a match you don't stand a chance. I am the most dominant thing in BPZ right now and you are just another pest in my path to reaching my ultimate destiny Julius looks at the truck laughs and then starts to talk "Before I go I want to address something else and that is Storm. Once again he has been placed in my way, once again he is going to try and capture this title. He proclaims that once again he has changed and that this time he has found the weapon to defeat me, hell he even convinced a couple of nobodies to team with him and great some Bullshit stable. But I ask what will be different, why will this time differ from the Royal Rumble or St Valentines Day Massacre or BPZ Mania you are just going to embarrass yourself and every time i lay you down for the three count you dig yourself deeper into a hole and you will ultimately become a joke. I am issuing my final warning to all of you Backlash will be the end of both of you and I wil finally assert my dominance and legacy and prove to be the most dominant NXT Champ this company has ever seen" The titantron turns off with Jason Ryan still seething with anger in the middle of the ring
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    Johnny Kills


    The sudden images on the titantron snatch the audience’s attention displaying the infamous warehouse of FDS, and the man currently in it, Johnny Kills. This time he’s not seated in a meditative state as he seemingly prefers but it standing upright, looking at the wall, silhouetted by a blood red light as he begins to speak. “Ring around the Rosie’s, a pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, they all fall down.” Johnny doesn’t elaborate on the nursery rhyme but remains to stand, not even as much as acknowledging the presence of the camera or the audience watching on. He stares at the wall and continues to look at it for minutes before finally glancing back at the camera. “They all fall. Everything falls, gets trapped in a state of desolation and hopelessness. It matters not who you are aligned with, in the end, everything will fall to Ruin in the end. Except, Ruin. You can’t cause the desolate and hopeless to become less off what they are you can’t damn the damned. People have been insulting us for taking the tag titles and going home with them, have said that we don’t want to fight no it’s just the opposite. Call me arrogant all you desire but, they all fall to Ruin. It ALL FALLS DOWN. There will be no more facades and false prophets, there will be no more empty promises disguised as visions from the future. Lies will be shattered, the veil will be torn, and exposed for all to see will be the Ruin of everything.” “You cannot mark an empire that doesn’t exist, you can’t raise hell in the center of it. THEY ALL FALL. Foes can attempt to appear from all crevices of this earth and in the end… they all fall down. Ruin is absolute, there is no place to going from Ruin, where you find Ruin you must abandon and start over. And we’re showing exactly what that Ruin means. You see this—“ Kills scoops up his battered tag team championship belt, hardly resembling the title belt he won at BPZMania III. He approaches the camera and holds the title as he launches back into his message. “This is the Art of Ruin. Conducted for all to see and I truly hope that you open your see to see it in action. Because when we step into the ring at Backlash, you’ll understand what Ruin means. It means THEY ALL FALL DOWN.” Johnny grips the camera before taking a second to compose himself, no expression is marked on his face and instead it’s the bone-chilling stare that radiates intensity as he looks down the lens. “Welcome to the dark side of BPZ.” The camera clatters on the floor and the title soon comes crashing down next to it, Johnny can be seen walking back to the wall he was so transfixed by earlier and taking his signature meditative pose before being eclipsed by the recognizable figure of FDS.
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    We are back in the Carnage zone tonight after a gruelling but amazing Power Trip we had. But now we look forward and past World at War. As the war is over. "Kingdom" hits the Carnage speakers and the crowd weirdly has a mixed reaction from the man who alongside Flynn put on a hell of a show. "The One" walks out from the back laughing to himself as he comes from behind the curtain with a huge grin on his face. Ross takes in the crowd's boo's and applause before turning his back. After several seconds he turns his head and spins himself around and begins a walk to the ring. With the front row fans reaching for the Too Sweet's but Ross just brushes them off. He pauses and looks around smirking to the crowd before rolling inside the squared circle. Ross grabs a microphone and paces around the ring before standing in the centre and spreading his arms. I feel like everytime I win I say this, which is all the time of course. I told you all. I told each and every one of you and even everyone in the back that myself and Flynn would be victorious at War Games. None of you will ever feel what I felt and that's success. When I hit Slim with the Ross-Cutter I felt the adrenaline rushing through my body and then as my knee collided to his clueless skull it felt even better. People need to realise that myself and Flynn are like brothers, we look after eachother unlike anyone else in the business. I clocked on to what was happening in the match, I saw Echo and Slim arguing and well the story just tells itself. I regrouped with Flynn because that's what partners do and we went at them both together and that's why we left War Games victorious. It's ironic that Smith and Slim both main evented the biggest show of the year but yet the biggest star in the company has now defeated them both. That's why BPZ Mania III was just such a terrible show. Because I wasn't on it. This company fails without me and that is why I am back full time to show all of you that I run this place. I'll show you why you shall all follow me and why I am truly "The One" of this company. As what's next for me I have no idea. I heard about some stupid Power Cup going on shortly but I am way too successful to even need something like that. Whether it's Necce or whether it's Bart. I will becoming for a Championship very shortly boys and just remember I have not decided what brand I actually will be signing to. I feel as if I've done everything I can on Carnage except capture the Universal Championship and well, I would instantly join EVOLVE but it's just lacking star power and that's where I would fill the void. I can and I would elevate EVOLVE from the B show to the A show just like I did with Carnage and just like I can do with anything I get my hands on. I mean just look at the United States Championship. I made it one of the most relevant title in this company and I will sure as hell do that with the Grand Championship or Universal Championship. R.O.A has not even hit it's prime yet. We are getting more dominant by the day. Recruiting, sponsorship deals, merchandise sales they are all through the roof. We don't need no Order, Pride or even Ruin. This is a revolution and luckily enough for all of you, you are invited. In R.O.A we just don't have "The Underboss". We have Flynn, "The Omega". And that is why ladies and gentleman that is why. I. Am. Alpha. The crowd intensely boo Ross as he calls himself the Alpha of BPZ. However we are not done as a very popular theme hits the speakers... (Don't Reply To This Please)
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    TEW 2016: WWE | A New Chapter

    Monday Night RAW | Week 3 April 2018 It's superstar shakeup time and I think the changes I have made will be even, some big names in their aswell. Hope you all enjoy. Monday Night RAW is live from Williams Arena, the attendance figures for this week's show was 10,233 people and this was held in the Mid West region. Stephanie McMahon, Kurt Angle, Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon Welcome Everyone To The Superstar Shakeup | 83 Rating Stephanie McMahon, Kurt Angle, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan make a huge announcement for the crowd tonight. Def. Kassius Ohno Defeats Local Competition | 33 Rating In a bout that had terrible wrestling and non-existent crowd heat, Kassius Ohno defeated Mike Sydal in 9:09 by pinfall with a Hangman's Elbow. Kurt Angle Says If Zayn & Owens Win They Will Receive A RAW Contract | 78 Rating Kurt Angle is with Zayn & Owens. He says that he has decided to punish them for their recent actions, and that they will be facing Slater & Rhyno in a tag team match. Def. Becky Lynch & Naomi Defeat Absolution | 52 Rating In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, Becky Lynch and Naomi defeated Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville in 11:46 when Becky Lynch defeated Mandy Rose by submission with a Dis-arm-her. The Usos Return To Monday Night RAW Next Week | 61 Rating A music video is shown to promote The Usos. Def. Best Friends Defeat Slater & Rhyno | 76 Rating In a decent match, Zayn & Owens defeated Slater & Rhyno in 13:48 when Sami Zayn defeated Heath Slater by pinfall with a Helluva Kick. In terms of in-ring work, Kevin Owens was head and shoulders above everyone else. Heath Slater was the weak link, struggling to keep up with everyone else's in-ring performance. Stephanie McMahon Welcomes Randy Orton To Monday Night RAW | 95 Rating Stephanie McMahon comes out and announces her major new signing, Randy Orton. Out he comes to make his first appearance as the newest signing. Def. Authors Of Pain Defeat The Miz-Tourage | 40 Rating In a terrible match, Authors of Pain defeated The Miztourage in 9:41 when Akam defeated Bo Dallas by submission. Seth Rollins Challenges Samoa Joe For His Intercontinental Championship | 74 Rating Seth Rollins had an interview hyping his upcoming singles match with Samoa Joe. Def. Baron Corbin Defeats Goldust | 56 Rating In a decent match, Baron Corbin defeated Goldust in 14:27 by pinfall with an End Of Days. Nia Jax Attacks Sasha Banks Backstage | 48 Rating Nia Jax attacks Sasha Banks backstage, and leaves her down and out. Def. Dolph Ziggler Defeats "Woken" Matt Hardy w/"Woken" Bray Wyatt | 72 Rating In a decent match, Dolph Ziggler defeated "Woken" Matt Hardy in 17:16 by pinfall with a surprise cradle. Finn Balor Answers Roman Reigns' Open Challenge | 90 Rating Finn Bálor comes out and says that he will take the open challenge that Roman Reigns issued. Def. WWE Universal Championship Match: Roman Reigns Defeats Finn Balor | 79 Rating In a bout that had great heat and good wrestling, Roman Reigns defeated Finn Bálor in 22:41 by pinfall with a Spear. Roman Reigns makes defence number 1 of his WWE Universal title. A Bitter Finn Balor Attacks A Celebrating Roman Reigns | 85 Rating The match is over, and Roman Reigns is celebrating. Finn Bálor looks angry, and jumps him from behind, beating him down. Overall Rating: 82 This show increased our popularity in 26 regions. We got a TV rating of 22.21 (16,947,310 viewers). Shown live on: Azteca7, FOX8, J Sports 4, Sky Sports 3, Sportsnet 360, USA Network.
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    TEW 2016: WWE | A New Chapter

    Monday Night RAW | Week 2 April 2018 RAW after Mania so thrown in some surprises, got recommended to bring No Way Jose up but I think I'll pass on the 17 pop he has in USA. RAW after Mania was semi hard to book due to their being a shakeup on next week's episodes so I tried not to advance any storylines that didn't involve people and try to keep them out of it as much as I could. Hope you enjoy. Monday Night RAW is live from Royal Farms Arena, the attendance figures for this week's show was 10,972 people and this was held in the Mid Atlantic region. Kurt Angle Announces The Superstar Shakeup Returns Next Week | 83 Rating Kurt Angle makes his way down to the ring and announces to the crowd we will be having another Superstar Shakeup next week. He also promises some surprises for tonight's show. Def. Woken Warriors Defeat Slater & Rhyno | 58 Rating In a decent match, Woken Warriors defeated Slater & Rhyno in 11:37 when "Woken" Matt Hardy defeated Rhyno by pinfall with a Twist of Fate. In terms of in-ring work, "Woken" Bray Wyatt was head and shoulders above everyone else. Roman Reigns Celebrates His Universal Championship Victory | 100 Rating Roman Reigns comes down to the ring, which has been set up for a celebration. He shows off his new title for the crowd, enjoying the moment. Def. Bobby Lashley Returns And Defeats Elias | 62 Rating In a decent match, Bobby Lashley defeated Elias in 11:36 by submission with a Dragon Sleeper. Sasha Banks Wants To Become RAW Women's Champion Again | 53 Rating Sasha Banks had an interview backstage. Def. The Revival Defeat The Club | 60 Rating In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, The Revival defeated The Club in 14:59 when Scott Dawson defeated Luke Gallows by submission with an Inverted Figure Four Leglock. Triple H Announce Authors of Pain Will Be Joining Monday Night RAW | 53 Rating Triple H comes out and announces his major new tag team signing, Authors of Pain. Out they come to make their first appearance as the newest signings. Def. Asuka Defeats Alexa Bliss | 63 Rating In a bout that had superb wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, Asuka defeated Alexa Bliss in 11:37 by pinfall with a Spin Kick. Def. Braun Strowman Defeats The Bar | 81 Rating In a good match, Braun Strowman defeated The Bar in a Handicap match in 12:26 when Braun Strowman defeated Cesaro by pinfall with a Standing Triangle Choke. Def. Kassius Ohno Debuts And Defeats Curt Hawkins | 50 Rating In a bout that had terrible wrestling and non-existent crowd heat, Kassius Ohno defeated Curt Hawkins in 11:10 by submission with a Hangman's Clutch. Def. WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Seth Rollins (c) Defeats The Miz | 76 Rating In a bout that had great heat and decent wrestling, Seth Rollins defeated The Miz in 19:34 by pinfall with a Pedigree. Seth Rollins makes defence number 1 of his WWE Intercontinental title. Samoa Joe Makes His Return And Puts Seth Rollins To Sleep | 82 Rating Seth Rollins is celebrating his victory in the ring. Samoa Joe runs in and attacks, beating Rollins down into the mat. Overall Rating: 84 This show increased our popularity in 44 regions. We got a TV rating of 22.48 (16,866,730 viewers). Shown live on: 52MX, Canal 6, FOX8, J Sports 3, Sky Sports 3, Sportsnet 360, USA Network.
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    Johnny Kills


    Darkness fills the arena as the fans once more split on the man aligned with the beloved Necce and slightly less beloved, FDS. The polarizing figure doesn't appear for nearly a minute and all that can be seen is the smoke shrouding the stage and ramp. Finally, through the smoke, Johnny Kills rises and heeds a renewed reaction from the crowd. Johnny appears to be all alone as he makes his stroll down the ramp, intensely glaring at the team of Storm and Roman as he drags the tag title behind him, a sickly scraping sound emitting from his march cuts through the boos and cheers alike. He lifts the title, pieces falling from it from abuse and neglect and he throws it to the timekeepers before mounting the steps. He does his signature somersault into the middle of the ring and immediately rises to his feet going to the corner where he eases himself down. "We aren't looking for a fight? We threw our bodies through tables, ladders, chairs, allowed our bodies to break, not slowly but be demolished and suffered the repercussions of a grueling affair to not look for a fight? Everybody enjoys setting targets on us, everybody loves to point targets at out backs but whenever we turn, they don't have the gall to set those same sights on our chests. You come out here and you hope and pray that we don't leave that warehouse we're in and you can pander to these people and call us names." "It's fucking pathetic." Johnny grows more intense as he looks that the team of the "Hellraisers" as a snarl grows on his face. Kills looks from Storm to TRP, then raises the microphone back to his lips and begins to speak again. "We're at the top of the mountain, we don't owe y'all a fucking thing. You come out here and challenge us for OUR titles, you come for OUR throne and you demand a match. You haven't been in this ring working a tenth as hard as us, you haven't been putting in our hours or EARNED the opportunities we earned. You want to talk about asking week to week for our response, you talk week in and out about wanting to win this more than anything. We never cared what you wanted to do, we were waiting to see what you did do and that was nothing. You entitled pricks want our titles, go for it, see how close you get to them. Welcome to the dark side of BPZ."
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    ”The Omega” of BPZ slowly steps out, a man who like Ross, hasn’t been seen prior to his two malicious attacks on the two pairs of Prince and Bailey as well as Echo Wilson and Slim. He strides to the ring confidently, Julius, his newly hired muscle, just behind him. Flynn and Julius each enter the ring before greeting Ross. Flynn shaking his best friends hand before being handed a microphone form the “Machine Gun”. Flynn smiles at the camera, clearly pleased with himself tonight as the fans do not treat him well, booing the cocky smile out of the arena. Finally after a pause following the music being cut off, Flynn speaks. Last week Ross and I sent a message. A message stating that Carnage is our show. Our yard, our kingdom to rule. We are the Revolution of Attitude and we are bringing change to this company one step at a time. For nearly a year I ruled on top of the brand all on my own. However in one night, it all came crumbling down. You see if you want to bring change to this place, if you want to accomplish something I’ve learned you can’t do it alone. The men by your side can make or break you. And that is why by my side I have placed the current king of the NXT division Julius, a man who upon his arrival has been virtually unstoppable, as well as my own best friend Ross. Now I’m sure many of you are indeed wondering just why oh why we decided last week to do what we did. Why did we interrupt Bailey and Prince and beat the to a bloody pulp? Why did we interrupt that SPECTACULAR main event between Echo and Slim? To make it known, we run this place. You now ALL abide to our rules, and if you choose to step out of line, you’ll end up like they did. Now as for the four men who I imagine all are dying for some revenge, I do say this, I am a reasonable man and tonight I will grant you all the ability to continue upon your daily lives however if you do choose to step back into this ring with us I promise you you’ll only meet a similar fate. The ROA, we take no prisoners and we will leva won survivors in our wake. Never start a war you can’t finish and that’s just what we did. We started the Revolution and we will finish it. Flynn drops his microphone however before any member of ROA can leave the ring, they are cut off by a familiar theme.
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    Unsanctioned Preparation Pts 1 - 5

    The following Carnage program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement.. The screen cuts to a pond with ducks swimming in the water then the camera moves and Hollow is standing there under his umbrella Hollow, "Welcome! Welcome! To the Lake of irelevancy! Look at the vultures of chaos swim within the waters, look how majestic they are..." Senior Alfredo walks into the screen Senior Alfredo, "Sir those are ducks sir, this is a duck pond sir not a lake..." Hollow looks over the lake and the camera moves to a bunch of men in the middle of the lake setting up a wrestling ring in the middle of the lake. Hollow, "Look, it is the oompa loompas! Building the last voyage of relevancy! Maybe if we are lucky they will grace us with a song..." Senior Alfredo, "They are not oompa loompas sir they are construction works we hired to build you a wrestling ring in the middle of this pond sir." Hollow, "Don't you see Alfredo! Charlie Bucket is coming! He has found his golden ticket and is on his way to the Unsanctioned Zone to meet ours truly! We must prepare, he must be defeated. This will be his last refuge of relevancy when he sees the end when he meets the Madness Clash!" Senior Alfredo, "He is Julius sir, I believe we should be heading back to the arena sir, Carnage company men have sent people to the Unsanctioned Zone..." Hollow, "Oh we have visitors?!?! Why we can be late! Let's go let's go we cant be late for this date!" Hollow starts running back to the warehouse where the Unsanctioned Zone's official ring is housed in. As he makes it there there is an offcial Carnage referee, time keeper and bell ringer. Hollow runs up and grabs their hands starting to shake them. Hollow, "Welcome! Are you here to pay your respects to the house of madness?" The Carnage Referee, "No we are here for to official officiate the match at World at War... Hollow, "You have a zebra shirt, Hobo Bob will be so pleased. He is the perfect referee for this...." The Carnage Time Keeper, "No, he isnt we are here to make sure this match goes right so that you and Julius can report back to work after this ridiculous match..." Hollow, "Ridculuius? How dare you sir! You speak blasphemy in the house that Hollow build. This is the Unsanctioned zone this is the grandest stage of them all. Bigger and better then BPZ Mania..." The Bell ringer, "Look freak! You aren't the GM, we have a job to do and..." Hollow smacks the Bell ringer with his umbrella then stabs the Time keeper in the gut with the umbrella. The referee begins to run inside the Unsanctioned Zone Hollow, "Oh no no, you come into our house and speak these lies. You are vile, you are evil! You will be punished!" Hollow chases the referee and floors him with a germen suplex. He put is hands on a referee! Hollow, "You aren't worthy to be in this zone. You are not the challenger...You shall be removed at once!" Hollow hits the referee with the Madman Cutter! The proceeds to take the referee shirt off the referee. Hollow, "This belongs to Hobo Bob now. He will appreciate your gift to him Now it is your time to go." Hollow drags the referee to a big wooden box and throws him inside. He then grabs the bell-ringer and time-keeper and puts them in the box. Hollow, "You are all going to where you belong. You dont appreciate this great house..." Hollow puts a bottle of water in the box and grabs a bag of dog food and puts it in the box. He laughs and puts a lid with a hole in it. Hollow, "Time for you to three to go!" Hollow then proceeds to nail the lid on and then slaps a label on. That reads 'Delivery for Evolve!" Hollow, "Senior Alfredo!!!!" Senior Alfredo comes into view again Senior Alfredo, "You hollered sir?" Hollow, "Have this shipped at once! This is an express delivery and must be sent out of here at once!" Senior Alfredo, "Very well sir, I will get Hobo Bob and his friends to carry this away."" The Hobo group comes in and carry the box away as they prepare to send it away. Hollow walks away in a cackling laughter.
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    State of the union address

    The GOAT plays as Bailey and So called "Future Of Carnage" Prince make thier way down to the Ring to address the Carnage Crowd just one night removed from BPZmania 3. Where we saw Echo Wilson beat Bailey only to get attacked by Prince after the Match. Last Night was a tough one. It was for sure as me and Echo Wilson went to battle. He may of won the fight but we won the war. As we are here standing apon you still on top. See that's what these guys don't get. They think all that matters is the wins and the loses but it really isn't. It's all about the power. Many wish to posse such power but only few can have it. I can lose every night but i will still be back on the top of the mountain because i have the power. Echo Wilson might of won but I still own him. He still works for me. Just like Ross and Flynn work for me just like . .... whenever slim comes on this show he answers to me. I don't give a dam that he calls himself a free agent when he walks onto this show I own him and i tell him what to do. This is excalty why Prince is a genius. He made the smart Move by making a deal with me. Because I can get him to the top just like that and someone like Echo Wilson needs to learn that. They need learn that I had to ensure the future of Carnage. I had to make sure the right guy was going to be the face of Carnage. So i made sure I got my guy. No one is as talented as Prince is. He has not reached his peak hell his journey is just beginning. And since we are in a new season of BPZ I thought it would be a good idea to make the ground rules clear again so to the whole Carnage Roster and especially, Echo, Ross, Flynn and Slim I own you all and I run this show. You call call yourselves whatever you want, The ACE, The King it doesn't really matter because at the end of the day you are all living in my world. You are all my people and I am truly Your King! I just ask you all one thing please do what is best for you and don't defy my power. Let me be the Creator. Don't make the Destroyer come out and play. Do your all aself a favor and don't try and piss me off. Now let's get on with the A show
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    BPZMania III: Press Conference

    A live stream named "BPZMania III: Live Press Conference" is aired on the BPZ Wrestling YouTube channel. It begins with the chairman of BPZ Wrestling himself, BrendenPlayz, welcoming all the media outlets in attendance as well as the supporters watching at home from a stand at the front of the stage. Every wrestler featured on the BPZMania III card is sat behind Brenden, at a desk with sponsored beverages, a microphone each, and their championships. After introducing the show, Brenden looks back across the talents. He looks over at Smith but isn't able to catch eyes with him as Smith is wearing completely blacked out shades and is staring straight forward. Brenden then turns back to the stand and continues by announcing that the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion will lead the conference. All eyes are on Smith but he doesn't move. Even the wrestlers begin to turn around, wondering what he's doing. Eventually, Sameer nudges him and gains his attention. Sameer points at the stand at the front of the stage. Smith looks to the stand, seemingly lost. John Trenton then attends to Smith and whispers in his ear before Smith stands up and heads to the front of the stage. He is fully suited but some of the black demonic veins are marginally exposed and he is still covering his eyes with the pitch black shades as he begins to talk. Smith: BPZMania III. The stage where everything matters, the showcase of the industry's greatest talents and quite frankly, the most outstanding professional wrestling show to ever grace TV screens. BPZ wrestlers, I wish you your best at the show but let it be known, I shall not be backing down to anyone, not in the main event against Slim and not in the case of Mr. Money In The Bank deciding to cash-in his briefcase early. Now, any questions? Reporter: Slim is named as the greatest in BPZ time after time and perhaps proved that by winning the Royal Rumble match earlier this year. Even though you defeated Slim last year at Takeover: Pride, surely you must still have some doubts. What makes you think you'll be able to beat Slim in the main event of BPZMania III? Smith: There's no doubt about it. Slim is an incredible athlete and one of this company's best but that's exactly it. He's not the best but one of the best. Since my return, I've spent each and every day pushing myself to the limit in training, in every single match, I never let myself quit, and it's all for one reason: to make myself better. I left this company in 2016 as a Hall Of Famer but in 2017, I believe that I proved myself as one of the greatest and at BPZMania III, I'm going to keep on doing what I have been doing and prove myself. Reporter: Since winning the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship and even before then, you've been talking about restoring pride and honor to the title. Do you feel as though you've accomplished such deed? Smith: This title was created when I was only just starting in this company. I was young, this company was extremely young but that never affected my desire for this championship. I watched this company's rise and was even apart of it. All the way through, this championship meant the most, it defined the best performer in the company and sculptured this company's whole infrastructure. However, with that, with the introduction of such a prestigious prize would obviously come people willing to cheat and just straight it up disregard everything that this title should stand for in order to hold it, in order to glorify their name. To me, that's shameful, scandalous, and absolutely embarrassing. I'm happy to have taken this championship back to its former glory, battling BPZ greats like Bailey and Bashka cleanly, admirably and proudly in passionate bouts for the honor of being crowned BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. Reporter: As of late, we've seen some unusual videos airing on EVOLVE involving you, Smith, and what is being rumored as a 'demon side'. Could you tell us more about this 'demon side'? Smith's face snaps from a friendly smile to an emotionless scowl. He remains looking at the reporter, now staring right through him. Not a single word is uttered out of the perplexed face of Smith. Moments go by as a sense of angst fills the air until suddenly, a sudden rush of rage plagues Smith's face. Brenden and various consecutives share a look of worry before sending security to calm Smith down, which he does before returning to his seat, exhausted and depleted.
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    As Paramedic! by SOB x RBE plays, the crowd turn to the stage, ready for The King to make his presence known... He suddenly steps out, water dripping down his face and his hair wet as he stands on the stage, before he spreads his arms out, like he has ever since the night after Bragging Rights. Slim's emotions then take a complete 180, before he turns vicious, more serious as he paces himself down the ramp before stepping onto the apron, stepping through the middle rope and being handed a microphone by the ring announcer as he yells into the microphone immediately. SMITH! You're right my amigo, you're correct 100%, that title, is the physical representation of the company's success, it is the undisputed symbol, and it does define the pinnacle of our careers. Ever since I made it known that The Punisher arrives, on April 1st, I've been thinking, this, is personal. You see, I was wrong, in saying that this is all business because Smith, you have wanted my spot on top of the company ever since you returned. It's all coming full-circle, last year, you returned around this time, and you were nothing. A name people knew but didn't care about. This year? You're the main fucking event, against me. But here's the difference Smith. Last year, I was in the same spot, main eventing, putting on a show for the many people who watch, and I was winning whilst doing so, the difference is for years I have been here, yeah, I've taken a break every once and awhile, but you left for a YEAR! You abandoned the people, why should they continue to cheer for you when you LEFT them? It's not up to you to decide what's honorable anymore. Because you are always praised as the good guy, the man who does everything right, you're the best good guy we've ever had, right? But you're not any different than us. You're the same person everyone else is, you don't take losses lightly, it's why you've been running around the past few weeks, asking yourself who you truly are because you lost. Just like, how before BPZMania I, you lost the Royal Rumble, and LEFT, because you couldn't deal with your loss. Everyone always tells me I vacate championships because I'm afraid of losing them, incorrect. I'm not afraid of losing, I can take losses, it's why I came back and destroyed the cancer in my career after I took my first loss this year. But I'm glad you understand something Smith, that when you're at the top, NO ONE is truly with you. You and Nate weren't with me last year when BiC cashed in on me, or I'd still be World Champion to this date, going on 18 months as champion and unbeatable as ever. Instead, I stand here, at my weakest point to some, telling you how it is. Because once you lose that title, you're.. NOTHING. Slim screams the word nothing into the microphone as the fans get more and more uncomfortable as The King turns red with anger, beginning to talk back at the microphone at a very loud voice. I HAVE BEEN TOLD THAT I AM NOTHING WITHOUT CHAMPIONSHIPS! I have been told that I am nothing anymore, the 17x champion is nothing! I am the most successful man in this company and I have BEATEN, EVERYONE! So when you come to me, saying that I need to beat Smith to validate myself as THE GUY, I should SPIT in your face because whatever I have accomplished is more than anything any of my opponents have done combined at BPZMania! FDS, Jonathan, you both continue to DISRESPECT me as if I am NOTHING! So it seems I must prove to you that I am SOMETHING, in fact the best something that this company has built! No, no! Let me rephrase myself because this company didn't build me, I built myself off of hard work, off of dedication, but none of that matters. Just because I'm willing to do what it takes to make sure that all of that pays off, that at the end of the day, my work that I've done is filled with a victory, that I'm not left with an empty feeling wondering what I could have done to beat this guy or that guy, I am pictured as the bad guy. But all along, I've been the good guy. I've been the guy who has sacrificed everything to get to where I am. I've sacrificed friendships that I'll never get back, I've sacrificed my life to get seventeen championships and now looking back, I wonder, was it really worth it? I don't know, but I'm too far in to quit now. I don't need your respect, your admiration, all I need is to feel that I have done everything I set out to accomplish when I signed my contract here. Slim falls to his knees, clearly putting everything out on the table tonight as he grabs the microphone, putting it up to his mouth one more time as he begins to speak for the last time tonight, with his voice seemingly as faded as ever. (OOC: Think Anakin from the Star Wars prequels.) And that's what it boils down to, when I signed my contract I wanted to make sure that I was proclaimed as the GOAT, that I was perceived as the Greatest Ever to step foot here. At BPZMania, I must beat Smith... Because he's the only one who can stand toe-to-toe with me, and last December, he was the one who stood tall, and that's where my downfall has begun ever since... This is an obsession, and to get over it, at the end of BPZMania III, I must be the one standing tall.. If not... Who knows what happens from there? Slim looks glossy-eyed as he drops the microphone, rolling onto his back before leaving the ring, walking up the ramp as the fans look on at The King, confused and dazed and seemingly in his most weak state...
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    Third Fall: Ambulance Match It is now time for the third and final fall. Whoever wins this wins the match. Apex is still duct taped to the steel post as Jason grabs his steel rod and smirks. He raises it up above his head and brings it down upon Apex over and over and over again. Apex can do nothing to escape from this brutal beatdown. Eventually, Jason tosses it aside and cuts the tape off of Apex. Jason picks The Underdog up and begins to walk to the Ambulance. However, Apex manages to wiggle free and hits an Inverted DDT on the ramp. Apex slowly gets to his feet, both men hurting. Apex stumbles to the ring and grabs a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. He walks back to Jason who is just now starting to get up and smack him in the face with it. Apex drives the barbed wire in Jason's face as The Gunslinger yells in agony. " This is for my father, you son of a bitch!" Apex yells at his rival throwing the bat aside. Jason Ryan is busted open, blood pouring from his face. Apex hits the Blue Thunder Bomb on Jason and starts to drag his lifeless body towards the ambulance. Once they get there, Jason bounces Apex's head off the ambulance and Chokeslams him on the concrete. Jason stumbles off towards the ring, face and hair soaked in blood. Jason grabs a tire iron and hides it with his body from view. Apex soon reaches him and grabs his arm, turning him around. Jason smacks Apex in the temple with the tire iron. Jason looks at the now lifeless body of Apex and looks at the camera " I ain't done" he says before grabbing a ladder. He bridges it between the ropes and outside the ring, picks Apex up and sets him on the ladder. Jason climbs on top of the steel post and jumps, sending both men straight through the ladder! " Holy Shit Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!" The crowd erupts. Both men stay down for a small amount of time as the fans show their admiration. " This is awesome! This is awesome! This is awesome!" Jason is the first one to get up. He's in so much pain that he has to use the apron to haul himself to his feet. He picks Apex up and starts dragging him to the ambulance, having to stop every few seconds due to his back. He finally opens the back door and throws Apex in. He tries closing the door but Apex stops him, using all his remaining strength to stop Jason from closing the door. Jason peers inside and a glass bottle is broken over his head! Jason just stands in place for a few seconds before falling face first. Apex climbs out of the ambulance, staring down at Jason. " No, not yet. Not yet" he says going to the ring and grabbing a table and walks back to where Jason is. He sets the table up, sets Jason on top of it and climbs on top of the ambulance. He takes a few seconds before jumping off the ambulance and hitting a Swanton on Jason, sending him through the table. The crowd erupts and starts to furiously cheer on Apex who seems to be closing in on victory. Apex opens the ambulance doors and stuffs Jason inside. He tries to close the doors but Jason stops him, forcing the doors open and punching Apex in the temple with a fist wrapped in his steel chain. As Apex collapses Jason climbs out of the ambulance and grabs the speed limit sign. He's very clearly in pain as he drags his broken body back towards Apex. He readies the sign and waits for Apex to stir. Once he does Jason swings the sign as hard as he can in the face of Apex, nearly folding the sign in half, the thud clearly audible. " I told you once boy, obey the law" Jason says with a sick smile. Jason goes back to the ring and grabs another small brown bag. He slowly walks back to Apex and spills its contents on the speed limit sign to reveal even more thumbtacks. He goes to powerbomb Apex onto the sign but Apex reverses it into an X-Factor onto the sign. Apex looks at the camera to reveal he too has been busted open. He picks up Jason and tries to throw him in the ambulance but the dead weight is too much Apex grabs a bottle of water and spills it on Jason's face, waking him up. Jason is clearly out of it as Apex tries to force him into the ambulance. However, Jason hits Apex with a low blow. Jason drags himself away from Apex and heads to the ring. " He's going to make me do it" the horribly bloodied Jason Ryan mutters as he heads over by the timekeeper's area and grabs two cinder blocks. He heads back to Apex and smashes The Underdog in the head with one. He sets his head on the cinder blocks and climbs on the stage looking down. Jason gives the camera an evil smirk before jumping off the stage, curb stomping Apex's head through the cinder blocks! Jason laughs as he observes what he's done and just to add insult to injury hits Apex with the Colt .45. He throws Apex in the ambulance and shuts both doors ending the match. The Ambulance speeds off towards the hospital as Jason gleefully enjoys his victory amidst very loud and angry boos. " Here is your winner, Jason Ryan!" Jason heads to the ring and grabs a microphone I told you! I told each and every single one of you that The Anarchist will destroy anyone who dares defy him! Look what I did to your hero just now! I will not stop until I have conquered BPZ. And to all you stupid sumbatches in the back who think you can stop me, you think you saw anarchy just now? You have no idea what I am truly capable of. Just remember, The Gunslinger comes at High Noon! Jason throws the microphone down and heads to the back as his music plays. Thank you for tuning in for the 3 Stages of Hell match and we wish Apex a speedy recovery
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    TEW 2016: WWE | A New Chapter

    SmackDown LIVE | Week 2 April 2018 After a decent start with Monday Night RAW we looked to be heading in a good way. However 205 Live turned out to be a complete flop so what I did was make it a child company and set them the rule of a maximum of lightweight size meaning it's like 205. With the Superstar Shakeup next week give me some suggestion who could do with being switched over brands! SmackDown LIVE. is live from Mobile Civic Centre Arena, the attendance figures for this week's show was 10,112 people and this was held in the South East region. AJ Styles Addresses Shinsuke Nakamura's Actions At WrestleMania 34 | 78 Rating Def. Ember Moon Makes Her SmackDown LIVE Debut and Defeats Natalya | 53 Rating Rusev Will Crush Randy Orton | 83 Rating Def. Andrade "Cien" Almas Debuts And Defeats Zack Ryder | 55 Rating A Recap Of Shinsuke Nakamura's Shocking Turn | 68 Rating Def. SD Tag Team Championships Match: Bludgeon Brothers (c) Defeat The Usos | 67 SAnitY Make Their Debut And Maul Apart The Usos | 45 Rating Def. Randy Orton Defeats Baron Corbin | 82 Rating Def. John Cena Defeats Jinder Mahal | 85 Rating Overall Rating: 81 This show increased our popularity in 44 regions. We got a TV rating of 22.21 (16,662,230 viewers). Shown live on: Azteca7, FOX8, J Sports 4, Sky Sports 3, Sportsnet 360, USA Network.

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