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    Sheridan is found backstage alone, kicking at the ground in frustration. Alongside her tag team partner Jonathan, the team of Royal Flush battled the Big Ballers to a double count-out decision minutes ago. The blonde has her hands on her hips and her head tilted down, her attire slightly misplaced and torn due to the intensity of her match. BrendenPlayz interviewer Josh Trenton cautiously approaches Sheridan who briefly looks up, only to roll her eyes before staring back towards the ground folding her arms while grinding the heel of her boot against the floor. "Josh Trenton here currently alongside one half of BrendenPlayz's hottest tag team at the moment in Sheridan Mueller, now Sheridan coming into this match against the Big Ballers, you made some bold comments regarding Brenden and Sameer's chemistry as a team. Stating that Sameer and his Money in the Bank contract could be the cause of some tension within the duo. Now despite Big Ballers not getting the win they did retain the titles through a double count-out. Do you think you misjudged Brenden and Sameer's relationship or do you still believe that the Money in the Bank contract will be the end all of their relationship?" Sheridan takes her time to compose herself, it is quite clear she's still somewhat emotional after going through her match. Slowly looking up towards the camera and then turning to Josh, she wipes her eyes and inhales. "I'll hold my hands up and say that I was wrong to an extent, Josh. Although it won't mean much coming from me, a rookie, Brenden and Sameer impressed me tonight. Our match wasn't the most fluid and I can't imagine it'll leave a lasting impression but Brenden showed me he's more than just the boss and Sameer justified why he's more likely than not a future BrendenPlayz World Champion. They're both brilliant wrestlers and showed not just Jonathan and I but the world why they're the most credible tag team in this promotion to date. But, they're a tag team who got pushed to their absolute limits and then some by the Royal Flush. A team that Brenden labelled just another championship defence, something that wouldn't last past the current date and I think that Jonathan and I had a great showing too. I perhaps under-estimated the Big Ballers in terms of their longevity but I do still believe that down the road problems will begin to show. Them failing to defeat Jonathan who already had a match tonight and myself could prove to be their first falter. The first event which begins their downwards spiral towards their inescapable breaking up." "You mentioned Jonathan, who has been your partner for two months now. Obviously earlier in the night he lost to Julius and he failed to get the win alongside you against the Big Ballers. I can see he's not with you now, how do you think the results of these matches tonight will affect the goals of Royal Flush and Jonathan as a wrestler?" "Jonathan is more stable than you instantiate him to be. Yes, he lost to Julius, but you fail to mention that Julius is one of, if not the best wrestler in the entire world at this point. Jonathan had an amazing showing against him, both have a tremendous amount of accolades and are individually as athletic and as talented as one another. Now you can ask me my thoughts on that match, you can even track down Jonathan if you'd like but he'll tell you the same thing I have. However if you speak to Julius I am sure he'll tell you what a difficult opponent my tag team partner is and that battling him no doubt was his toughest match in his career to date. For Jonathan to take that loss and walk out of our tag team match with a well-earned draw is nothing short of inspiring and I can assure you our long term goals have not changed in the slightest, if anything Royal Flush validated that we can go with the best and walk out with our heads held high." "Sheridan you've made big waves in your return to BrendenPlayz just a few short months ago. Some would argue you're one of the lesser committed and honed members of the roster so I've got to ask, how're you feeling in general and how do you view your future in this promotion, especially after this match?" Contemplating this question for a moment, Sheridan seems unsure of what to answer. She looks down towards the ground in thought before meeting the interviewer with her eyes once more. Stroking her cascading, blonde hair back behind her shoulder, she sniffles and shrugs her shoulders, bringing her hands from her hips to clutch against the lining of her golden shorts. "Well right now I'm a little disappointed, a little bitter. Jonathan and I have worked so hard so it hurts not to walk out with the championships. I emphasised that I wanted to win the BrendenPlayz Tag Team Championships alongside such a compassionate and brilliant wrestler and to come away from the match touching that possibility for mere moments before having it ripped away from us, it hurts. That doesn't take away from Sameer and Brenden, of course. As I said they showed me why they're at the top of this division and the company as a whole. So although I am a little upset right now I can take this match as a learning experience, I am still young and fresh in this business so to step into the ring alongside Jonathan and take on people with much more knowledge than I, it's something that is priceless. I realise that some might view this as a failure for Royal Flush, but I think we did a great job considering the circumstances and I'd like to think that Jonathan would be proud of me. Like I said not getting those belts stings but I see myself sticking around and perhaps the Royal Flush will meet with the Big Ballers again somewhere down the line. We will have to see what tomorrow brings." Sheridan's eyes wander from Josh, her mouth from the microphone that he is holding up. The other half of the Royal Flush, Jonathan, is seen due to the camera turning its attention towards him. The brooding, tired looking wrestling motions for Sheridan to walk with him, disregarding Josh Trenton and the cameraman for the most part excluding a slight nod of the head. Josh takes two steps forward and opens his mouth to ask a question, but Sheridan stops him. "I think that will be all for now. Jonathan has fought so well tonight and I personally think he is in need of a much deserved break away from the cameras for a little while. Like you said, the Royal Flush are one of the best tag teams in this promotion right now but that doesn't come with just in-ring talent. We have a lot to discuss and acknowledge about tonight but I will assure you this, the Royal Flush are just getting started with our desires to improve tag team wrestling and rejuvenate a fallen division and what we have just went through shall not discourage Jonathan or myself. We will be back, revitalised and we won't stop fighting until those titles are fit snugly around our golden, chisled waists." The Golden Girl walks off, linking her arm around the back of Jonathan and sauntering off alongside him, their conversation beginning but growing faint to the camera almost suddenly. The Royal Flush turn a corner in the arena and they're out of sight. The camera turns back to the BrendenPlayz interviewer who signs off and acknowledges Sheridan's words and the impact they'll have in the near future.
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    {After the insane BPZ PPV that was Mayhem we turn our attention to the Post-Match press conference. The Press room is flooded by Wrestling Journalists from around the world trying to get a word from the Wrestlers who had just performed tonight. To start the proceedings, in walks the Intercontinental Champion Julius, who was successful in both of his matches at BPZ Mayhem including a berth in the Power-Trip Cup Final for the second time. Julius now dressed smartly in a suit makes his way to the conference table and begins answering questions} Joshua Trenton: "Julius, congratulations on your victories tonight how does it feel to make it to the finals of the Power-Trip Cup once aga.." "I don't want to answer any of your stupid questions, because its the same thing every time. You lack intelligence, you lack the urge to find information and its a waste of time so I'm going to do your job for you. As I have maintained throughout the entirety of this tournament these matches don't mean anything emotionally for me. I don't care about beating Sir Raven, but that match meant the world to him. I couldn't care less about a match against Hans Clayton but that was meant to be his coming out party and with Jonathan, he was meant to avenge his loss he put too much emotion into this match and look what happened. Brutalised now he walks out with nothing. It's business as usual for me I go in and I get the job done, I've been doing that ever since I walked in and I'm not stopping" "Now that's finished, we can get into the real business and that's The Power-Trip Cup final and if you want to talk about emotion, the man who opposes me, the man who stands in my way as already let his emotions be known. I took this title from him and embarrassed him, dismantled him and humiliated him in-front of the world at Backlash because I am just simply better than him. What I also find piercingly disgusting is all the talk from you supposed journalists who say that BiC is in the form of his career, that he is "The best performer in the company right now" well show me what the hell your looking at because nothing he has done impresses me at all. He beat Blade, a known loser. He beat Aaron North exactly no one knows who the hell that is and then he beat a guy named Bob. Congratulations BiC you defeated the worst of the worst and now you have inflated your ego. But he remembers, he knows quite vividly that he when he steps up against the true best in this company he stands no chance. He's going to try and use his family as motivation, he's going to do the same things he always does to try and instill belief into you all but its fake. I exposed him, he promised you all a triumphant victory at Backlash and it never happened. He promised that with his family by his side and his Fathers Legacy beating strong that he would slay the beast and he didnt. So don't make that mistake again by believing anything he has to say because it's false it's fake and it's delusional" "I've been here before, I made it to the Power-Trip Cup finals last year and I lost. But that was when I was a misguided easily manipulated ego-filled idiot who thought that he was untouchable. Well I know what I must do, I have learnt how to win in pressure situations I've been doing that my whole career. When Flynn beat me It woke me up it lit a fire underneath me that no one has been able to put out. I buried the boss at BPZ Mania, I snatched the Intercontinental Championship from BiC and I killed a supposed BPZ Hall of Famer. None of this is new to me, I won't prepare any different, this guy doesn't present a challenge and I will win the Power-Trip Cup. You all wont like it, you all want to see the Underdog prevail. Well wake the F**k up welcome to reality only the best succeed. This interview is done"
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    We open Carnage coming off of the second annual BPZ Power Trip Cup, which saw an assortment of action from beginning to end, the crowning and possibly most shocking moment being Flynn defeating Bart and becoming the Undisputed Champion. Flynn has since not spoken to any media, totally ghosting everyone, until now...... The lights cut out in the arena before a sole spotlight hits the stage. It’s Flynn, sporting a leather jacket, as well as a new black fedora. The Undisputed Championship is wrapped firmly around his waist as his eyes slowly turn to face the camera. He’s greeted with a chorus of boo’s, all of whom sound very displeased with his actions he chose to take the night prior in order to win the Undisputed Championship against his opponent Bart. He extends both arms wide, a sick smile on his face as he welcomes the hate from the fans. He matches directly to the ring, rolling under the bottom rope where he circles the ring, now holding his championship above his head, rubbing it in to everyone in attendance and at home. Finally he retrieves a microphone, and after a long period of silence, Flynn does speak. I told you all. I told each and everyone of you watching at home, sitting here in attendance that at the Power Trip World Cup, I would become the Undisputed Champion, and that I would do everything that was necessary in order to do it. That was my plan, that’s what I did, and now you are looking at your NEW UNDISPUTED CHAMPION, BPZ’S TRUE VILLAIN, FLYNN! More importantly, you are looking at this companies past, this companies present and this companies FUTURE! I said just earlier this year I would lead BPZ into a new era and here I return back to my throne to complete my prophecy. To rule BPZ as I see fit. Now I have come to understand that many of you disgusting people have a serious problem with the manner in which I won this Undisputed Championship last night. Many claim that I “stole” it from Bart and that I did not truly defeat him. Let’s not pretend that coward Bart wouldn't of done the exact same thing had he thought of it first. Luckily I tapped into my veteran instinct and used my ability to sneak up on my opponents, an ability I’ve greatly mastered over these years may I add, and I got to Bart before he could use one of his dirty tricks on me. And now BPZ is indeed officially saved! You’re all welcome. However judging by your heathenish reactions, you remain displeased with what I have done for you. That’s fine. I don’t give a damn about any of your opinions, it’s like I said just last week, I fight for one person and that’s me. I fight to kick ass, and I fight for cash baby, and me holding this championship is cash for me, and cash for this company and every exec back there knows it. There’s a reason I’ve been on top for so long people. Now I do plan to continue on with everything I’ve been saying these past few weeks because unlike that COWARD Bart, I am no liar. I promised BPZ a fighting champion and... heh, you are all getting one. So I’m making the challenge, who in the back once to go one-on-one with the F**KING GOAT, FOR THE UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP, at the very event that birthed him. Judgement Day, Undisputed Open Challenge, who’s stupid enough to bite? Flynn holds both arms out wide, awaiting anyone to accept his open challenge for Judgement Day.
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    The Arena remains silent for an abundance of seconds, anticipation building throughout those in attendance to see who capitalises on Flynn's open challenge. Suddenly, unfamiliar music hits and for a moment the fans are left confused as to who is about to appear on the entrance ramp. It's Sheridan! As one half of The Royal Flush, Sheridan was unsuccessful in her pursuit of the BrendenPlayz Tag Team Championships at the Power Trip Cup finale. Sheridan is sporting a golden wrestling attire, her top decorated with angelic lace, her boots having her surname imprinted into them. She pouts and poses on the top of the entrance ramp to a loud yet mixed reaction from the audience. Sauntering down to the ring, she flaunts her form on the wrestling apron before rolling beneath the bottom rope and pushing back up to her feet. She gestures for a microphone and after a couple of seconds she brings it to her lips. "I want to begin by congratulating you, Flynn. Because last night you achieved something that I was incapable of doing. You validated your words, achieved what you set out to do and that Undisputed Championship sitting on your shoulder is proof of that. I can't imagine it means much from me, but unlike these people I can appreciate that you are a man of your word. While myself and Jonathan failed to accomplish what we set out to do against the Big Ballers, you found success against Bart, and you are truly a fine representation of the new era BrendenPlayz Wrestling is heading towards." "But, you are not immaculate, every man has their flaws and your flaws were on display to the world last night, and I must say, they were not that impressive. Label it as the instincts of a chiselled and legendary competitor all you wish, but the truth is you cheated to win against Bart and if it were not for such tasteless, mundane actions, he would have beaten you with ease and sent you scurrying back to the retirement home to cuddle up with your boys Slim and Necce." "So, you're probably wandering why I am out here, little old Sheridan. Well I'll be frank with you Flynn, Jonathan is taking a break to reenergize and reconsider out approach towards the BrendenPlayz Tag Team Championships and believe it or not, I actually have little to do. Naturally I could grace the lowlifes of NXT with a blessed appearance from yours truly, but competing in one battle royal after another does not inspire me, a man of your standing I am sure can appreciate that. Believe it or not, I actually have a bone to pick with you. See last year at the Power Trip Cup, you beat me, no, you demolished me, I was just a body on the path to your inevitable victory. But since then I've been working ever so hard Flynn, I've been working with Jonathan and I've become much better, more well-rounded, than I was in our initial encounter. So I want to face you again, I want to step between these ropes, stand mere inches away from you and I want to compete with you for that, the Undisputed Championship." "Yes I realise that I am not the most qualified person to be accepting your challenge, but I want to change a perception of me, that I am not fit to compete with the upper echelons of this business. Yes I faltered against the Big Ballers, but I believe that you have too, and Brenden himself touted me as someone to watch out for in the near future. Against me you'll find no tricks or lies, just a woman wanting to prove herself against one of the best, and if I'm being truthful to myself Flynn? I think that behind this self righteousness act you are putting on for us, you're just a bitter old man who is desperate for an arriviste to put you out of your misery."
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    Dallas Mavericks: Back to Glory

    The Mavericks have been struggling ever since their championship win in 2011 against The Big 3 in Miami. Although this Season the Mavericks were able to draft Luka Doncic who is clearly a future All Star/ Superstar in the NBA. They were also able to acquire Kristaps Porzingis from trade although making some what of a gamble with him coming off a ACL tear. Also with them being able to afford a Max contract. The future looks bright for the Dallas Mavericks but will they be able to go back to the championship contenders automatically with these two young guns leading their team and having no experience of the playoffs at all? NOTE: I will be recapping everything that happens in the offseason
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    100% Focused

    Josh Trenton: Were back here with another interview with the current BPZ World Heavyweight Champion The Bailey! The Bailey welcome how are you? Bailey: FINALLY....... Finally..... Finally.... Finaaaaaaaallllllllyyy THE BAILEY HAS COME BACK TO..... London, England. The Bailey actually just got back from sipping Tea and eating Pies with the Queen herself. Yeah Yes. The Queen is a fan of the great one. She is one of the MILLIONS and Millions of Bailey fans including you're mom and Sister Josh Trenton. And you as well...... oh come on we both know you're the fan of the Great One. The Most ELECTRIFYING man in all of Sports entertainment. The 6 TIME 6 TIME BPZ WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD. But anyways go ahead and ask the People's Champion your Questions. Josh: Well Bailey.... Bailey: Josh shut the hell up! Cant you hear them? Fans: BAILEY BAILEY BAILEY BAILEY BAILEY Bailey: Bailey, Bailey, Bailey. DAMN. The Bailey loves the Fans. They appreciate the Greastest The Bailey brings. But go ahead ask the Champ your Questions. Josh; As you know at Powertrip Cup. Two of you opponents at Judgment Day, Bashka and Nanovirus will face. Bailey: Stop, Stop. Stop right there. The Bailey already knows what you are going to ask. Is the Bailey going to watch the match and how focused in will The Bailey be for the match? Let The Bailey stop you right there Josh. First, who in the blue Hell is Nanovirus? Nanovirus?? NanoIMA SLAP YOU IN THE FACE AND SHOVE MY FOOT STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS. Then while The Bailey is at it, The Bailey should just take his foot out of Nanobitchovirus ass clean that sum-bitch up, turn it sideways and shove it right up Bashkas Fruity Pebble Candy Ass! But to answer your Question. Yes the Bailey will watch the Match. Yes The Bailey will study every inch of it. The Bailey is completely focused. Because The Bailey is up here at the top of the mountain and all people wanna do is try and bring me down. Well The Bailey is here to tell you all. This isn't just to Bashka and whoever the hell else is in the World Title Match. This is too every Single BPZ Competitor in this companly. Talk isn't gonna knock the Bailey off this mountain. You wanna try and knock me off this mountain you gotta climb up here and push me off this mountain. The Bailey is the Greatest thing to exist in this business. The fans know it. Josh knows it. Brendenplayz knows it and everyone in the god damn back knows it whether they like it or not. The Bailey has heard rumblings. The Bailey has heard the Locker Room Talk. You don't want me in the position The Bailey is in. Well then shut the hell up and Just Bring it.. Bashka, Nanovirus, Josh, Blade, Hollow, Brad, The whole locker room, The Whole freaking Universe. It doesn't matter to the Bailey. The Bailey is walking into Judgement Day the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion and is Walking out the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. The Bailey loves this. The Bailey loves the energy... the Passion. The Bailey loves this business but most importantly The Bailey loves Being the absolute Very Best. Congratulations, You Just put the GOAT in Killer Mode.. The Games are Over. BECAUSE IF YOU A SMEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLL WHAT THE 6 TIME BPZ WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD IS COOKING!
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    The Heart Of Opportunity

    The camera brings us backstage, and it's during an unnamed time as "Gold Coast" by Nate Good can be heard in the background, as the fans clap, and we can see a defeated Slim in the background. The camera catches the gorilla position curtain opening, and out walking a younger looking BiC. In his left hand, the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. He is wearing the same attire he wore that night, the night he won the big one. He walks past the clapping workers, a slight smile on his face as he comes face to face with his father, who finally made it to one of his shows. BiC and his father talk, and although the camera can not pick it up, you can tell there is so much emotion behind his words. BiC hugs his dad, before a slight tear runs down his eye and the camera cuts to black. 2 Years Later The camera turns back on, this time showing BiC in his recent years, and the posters behind him tell us this is just minutes after defeating Bob in the Power Trip Semi Finals, BiC collapses to his knees inside the gorilla position as workers walk over to him, BiC looks down at his hands and opens and closes them, reaching up and touching the cut over his right eye and nodding. Without speaking a word, BiC painfully stands up and walks over to the exit, before his Power Trip Cup Finals opponent, Julius, stands in his way. The two stare down, as security pull them apart before anything major can happen, BiC smiles in the face of Julius before walking past him, as the camera once again, fades to black. 24 Hours Later The carnage arena explodes in cheers as they realize who the theme song we here belongs to, as coming out to one of his first theme songs, the Power Trip Cup finalist, BiC. BiC steps out on stage, stitches over his right eye from the war with Bob Sparks the night previous to this one. The electricity in this building is matched to none and BiC shows the expression on his face. He is wearing his normal attire, and with the crowd heavily behind him, he begins to walk down the ramp. The feeling of a new found confidence can be found on the walk of BiC, but deep down, there still an underlying sense of being a loss. A sense of something missing, and many suspect that is what BiC is out here to talk about tonight as he steps into the ring, thanking the announcer before grabbing the mic and scanning the thousands of fans in attendance for Carnage Wrestling. He slowly lifts the mic up before speaking. Last night was easily one of the toughest, most sought after victories I have ever had in my 4-year tenure with BPZ. Bob Sparks is a new breed of superstar and to him, I give my respect completely. A sign of approval comes from the audience as the give BiC a round of applause for his sportsmanship, BiC also claps, but not for himself, but the man he faced last night before raising his eyebrows and speaking again Hell I didn't even know if I was going to be able to come out here and talk tonight, the scar over my right eye may very well be there forever and if Bob ever wants to trade shots again I am 100 percent willing to fight. However, with that said, a new victory calls for a new match, a new chapter you could say. Because now, an enemy from the past reemerges and stands in my way of winning this tournament and that man is a man who I've never beaten, a man who kicked my ass at Backlash and ripped the Intercontinental Championship from my grip only to have the division die off instantly. Of course, I am talking about 'The Machine' Julius. Who has the strength, speed, and intelligence to not only be successful in this company but dominate the whole damn thing and he has proven that, but the one thing about the ever so dominant Julius reign is that there was one factor missing....Me. Julius is an amazing competitor, one of the best in the company today but I use the term 'one of' very lightly because just like at BPZMania, just like with every other man I've faced in this tournament I will come out on top and in the ring on the 14th of June when I take him on for the second time in my career and this time, successfully walk away the winner not only will I prove that at Backlash it was nothing but a slight slip up on my part, but that I am truly the man who the people can get behind, the people can love, a daisy in the field of dead sunflowers. BPZ spawns a lot of evil, a lot of hatred, but over my time I realized you don't need that evil inside you. All you need is a little bit of motivation and passion and you can create something beautiful. The crowd cheers, as BiC steps back and lowers the microphone, taking in the cheers and letting his voice settle before speaking once again. The past 5 months, going up against men like FDS, Bart, and Prince have taught me one thing. That the idea of opportunity, being able to compete in front of thousands of roaring fans and possibly fulfill the dream you've had as a little kid is one of the most fascinating parts of pro wrestling, when I started wrestling in Downtown Boston my father hated it, he always hated it, and then. A BPZ recruiter gave me the opportunity, and when given opportunity, I make the best of it and if I fail I get right back up and wait for the next one.....The moment I won the BPZ World Heavyweight championship, besides the dark moments that followed, was the last memory I had of my father. The last opportunity he saw me take and I threw it all away for drugs, the metaphorical knees of my career collapsed under the weight of opportunity. But on June 14th, the heart of opportunity will beat faster than ever and I will take it and run miles, and miles, and miles. Until I finally reach the wonderful lust of the championship I've wanted since its conception. The Undisputed championship, and the man who sits on the iron throne of BPZ. Bart, holds that title proudly on his shoulder and will sadly cease to hold the title anymore. Because just like BPZMania IV, when I stand across the ring from Bart. I will take his championship once again, and the world will know who truly is....Undisputed. With that said, BiC drops his microphone and turns towards the entrance ramp, a large smile on his face. He mouths thank yous to the crowd as he exits the ring and begins to walk up the ramp, turning only to wave goodbye before turning and entering the curtain.
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    BPZ Wrestling - The Smithyverse

    BPZ Wrestling The greatest wrestling company to exist, the most highly rated sports entertainment business in the world, BPZ Wrestling has produced some of the best professional wrestling ever seen and only continues to grow, expanding its roster and enhancing its product. Since 2014, BPZ has seen faces come and go, superstars created and legends forged. History has been made over and over, with memories ranging from heart-warming endearments to heart-breaking betrayals to hair-raising surprises, but there is still much, much, more to be witnessed and so many more stories to be told. Roster Superstars Aaron North - Alex Costa - Arius - Arrow Gargano - The Bailey Bart Hoogveld - Bashka - Blade - Bob Sparks - BrendenPlayz Buddy Ace - Bulldozer - Cody Cage - Echo Wilson - Epic McDonald - FDS FDS - Flynn - Hans Clayton - Jack Bishop - James Knight James Ropati - Jonathan - Joshua Scott - Julius Jones - KENJI Kieron Black - Kirk Kelly - Kyle Pain - Maasa - Maddrix Delgado The Marker - Mave Deltzer - Mikey Dikey - Monda - Nanovirus Natedog - Necce - Odyssey Sellers - Prince - Sameer Sheridan Muller - Sir Raven - Slim - Xavier King - Yelich Tag Teams The Big Ballers (BrendenPlayz & Sameer) - Caito Enterprise (Aaron North & Nanovirus) First Class Express (Hans Clayton & Xavier King) - The Godsent (Maddrix Delgado & Odyssey Sellers) Royal Flush (Jonathan & Sheridan Muller) - SSW Club (Bulldozer, Joshua Scott & Maasa) Young & Free (Prince, Cody Cage & Kieron Black) Alumni Alyx Wilde - Akki - Apex - Ark Universe - Bizzy Cobhead Jake - CPE - Dunstan - Eli Smith - Elliot Gill - Heel - Heyman Guy - Joh - Maestro Nebakos - Poidust - Razor - Ross - Ryan Reeves Sandman - Sheepy - Tamer - The Lunatic Ginge - Zombie Championships BPZ World Heavyweight Championship The most prestigious, illustrious, honorable championship in professional wrestling today. The BPZ World Heavyweight Championship represents not only the best in BPZ, but the best in the whole wrestling world. To win this championship means that you are the best wrestler in the world at that moment in time. BPZ Intercontinental Championship The second most highly-acclaimed championship, the BPZ Intercontinental Championship, has represented the workhorses within this business and continues to do so today. The past champions, the incredible feuds, the amazing history behind this championship makes it an honor to wear for anyone. BPZ North-American Championship The BPZ North-American Championship isn't as celebrated as the other singles titles but it does hold its own unique position within BPZ. It holds its place as the championship that represents the future, having been the starting point of many legend's careers. BPZ Tag Team Championships The art of tag team wrestling is often undervalued but the BPZ Tag Team Championships allow the unique style to be showcased within the most successful company in this industry. Whether it is tag team specialists or a combination of mega-stars, these titles can always offer special entertainment. Special #1 Contender Matches Royal Rumble - Money In The Bank - King Of The Ring These are special ways in which superstars can earn a shot at the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. The Royal Rumble is a special thirty-man battle royal, the Money In The Bank is a six-man ladder match, and the King Of The Ring is a sixteen-man tournament. Pay-Per-Views Royal Rumble - St. Valentines Day Massacre - BPZMania - Backlash Mayhem - Judgement Day - King Of The Ring - SummerSlam Bad Blood - Halloween Havoc - Survivor Series - December To Dismember Carnage Carnage is the must-see, five-star, weekly televised wrestling show delivered by BPZ Wrestling. The show has bared witness to some of the most momentous moments in the history of professional wrestling. With over a million viewers still tuning in every week, Carnage continues to narrate compelling stories and exhibit top quality encounters so if you aren't watching already, you're missing out.
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    eHva oyu rvee wndreeo “Why?” “hWy sa ew tge older, eeryvhnitg smese ot eb ending?” eHva oyu rvee octiend eht rvee-ercinisnag dissonance noe flsee mfor hte dlrwo sa hyte gea uto fo ti, uardgalyal signlo rieht relevance? tiehT community? riehT sense of purpose? Funeral by funeral. shTi si a autsinoti rveeoyen sldea htwi, ot a aertgre ro rssele ttxeen, wtheerh consciously or subconsciously. hWne oyue’r born, yrvee eelnmte fo hte rwldo si new. oYu rae na undefined nad unrefined cpreerto. oNt lnkuie ohw a cnuoytr usbissst ttohrhgu miprot.s A leech on the ecosystem. Exporting nothing of value. oYu uolcd, ohwrvee, argue, ttah ta isht infant gea, oyu rea ltsli, ni tfca, epxtrongi satisfaction, fulfillment nvee, ot oyru caregivers, sa lewl sa hte ecsu ot keeov na empathetic ctarenio ni ont loyn mteh, ubt stmo fo post-adolescent humanity. ht'Tsa true. However. tI si reelmy a mechanism. A chnaismem ot ensure your own survival. tI sdeotn’ empirically ncoitrebtu anything ot hte whole fo hte human experience. You’re taking much more than you’re giving. hsTi si tangential ot hte ioptn mI’ ggino ot emka ni hsti broadcast. dI’ eilk ot oitnrcdeu oyu lla ot Arius. The reigning North American Champion. The model of this broadcast. Your Judgment Day is coming. Time is running out. [OOC: Translated version in the spoiler tag]
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    Devil's Remain

    Coming off a commercial success pay per view in Mayhem where the main event saw The Bailey successfully defended his World Championship against three other contenders, but that's not the least of it as it's now announced at JUDGEMENT DAAAAAAAAAAY he will defend his World Championship in a second fatal four way match with JoshNow, Hall Of Famer Nanovirus, and former World Champion Bashka. Earlier in the night, Bashka made his return and announced his going for the World Heavyweight Championship, which also had some strong words going for Nanovirus himself, which in quote was "Nanovirus..well, he certainly won't do it because he just sucks", then the screen freezes on that quote before going static. The scenario places up at a graveyard, marked tombstones placed in the ground, graves everywhere you stepped, and then stopped at a open grave in the ground, and Nanovirus standing beside the grave, a emotionless look planted on his face as he stares down at the open grave, inside looking like a bottomless abyss. "Everyone said that I would never come close again. They said I was washed up, that being old and missing six months of action, the Ruler Of Hell would never preform good, yet, I proved everyone wrong. One second I was from sealing my destiny, but Slim…. Slim getting pinned was what angered me the most. I was close… a hairline away from winning the World Heavyweight Championship, until this now useless part timer lost. But, I don't gotta worry about him at Judgement Day, but now, I got to worry about another challenger for the Championship I'm going for, Bashka. You ran your mouth about me, but fail to realize that you're the one that has this coming. You call yourself God, but let the truth be be heard that you, you're no God. Because no God needs someone's help two out of three times to win the title, and not cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase on his tag partner out of nowhere. A God doesn't run when Heel comes a knocking on his door. And a God doesn't leave, come back, says he's staying for good, only to leave a week later. Bashka be honest with me. When you sit at home, thinking of a return to BPZ-" Nanovirus then places his hands together, almost like a prayer and looks up at the sky. "You look at the heavens above, and you try to talk to God. "Oh God, give me the strength to come back. Give me the strength to dig down deep to the find the loyalty I lost for this company. Give me the strength to comeback after I lost the passion for BPZ. LORD GIVE ME THE STRENGTH TO LOOK THIS COMPANY I WALKED AWAY FROM EAZY AND COME BACK AND ACTED LIKE I'M OWED A DAMN!" Nanovirus breathes heavy as thunder rips through the sky as lightning lights up the scenery as rain starts to pour down, Nanovirus getting soaked within the first two minutes of the rain falling down as Nanovirus remains looking up at the sky before looking at the camera. "And God looked down at you, ashamed. He's ashamed at what you became. Went from General Manager to a General Nothing. From Intercontinental Champion to the Champion of Couch Sitting. You went from bragging that no matter what I achieve, I'll never ever make it to the Hall Of Fame, and I did, and trust me, it's not because they needed a extra body, or else they would of thrown your buddy Joh in there ages ago. This isn't 2015 Bashka, this is 2019 and times has flown by you with ease. You need to keep up with the times and see that if we ask the name guys about you, that your name would get a "Who?". "Who is Bashka?" What a legacy Bash. Your legacy is known by those who were with you, let my legacy was known by the new guys and they never saw me go. I'm not a former three time World Champion like you, and I was known. I'm not a former General Manager like you and I'm more known. And by their terms, to them your legacy is a JOKE. Run your mouth, and you'll be seeing me sooner than you want. Hell Bashy, I was free at Power Trip Cup too. And what a better way for Bashka to return then getting pinned by the man he never beat one on one? Getting pinned by the man who can easily pin you against at Judgement Day and become the World Heavyweight Champion? Maybe, if the General Manager is willing enough when he's not taking spotlight from other members, gives you and me a match up at Power Trip Cup. Do you think you can handle it? Do you still got it? Do you believe in yourself enough or will you let these people down like you let us down whenever you leave? Times ticking Bash." Nanovirus looks down at the ground before picking up a plastic bag. He reaches inside the bag and pulls out a Bashka action figure, available on BPZShop.com. "Ticking on your washed up career." Nanovirus tosses the action figure into the grave and laughs as inside the grave a fire starts, and it gets bigger the louder Nanovirus laughs as BPZ goes to commercial.
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    Fork In The Road

    BrendenPlayz and Sameer stride to the ring full of smiles and even giving a little chuckle as they grab the microphone. BrendenPlayz speaks first: "Oh what a glorious day in the world of BPZ. It's great to be back in front of the fans after being gone for the last month. I gotta say, I do miss this place. It's a shame that I'm very busy right now, otherwise I'd be here every night! Juggling all my office duties and being in the ring is difficult and I've had to make some tough calls about my future. But, now that I am here it's time that we address the elephant in the room and that is the Royal Flush. Yep, we heard what Sheridan had to say and what very little Johnny boy said. I get it. Sheridan, you're trying to make a name for yourself here. You're looking to grab onto the legendary names that are myself and Sameer and try and grab whatever little ounce of respect you can from being in the same ring as us. You give the same usual speech I've heard a thousand times "The Royal Flush is the best, we're number one, yay go us", blah blah blah. I'm already bored. You come out here and you speak for what felt like a hour and you spew out the usual garbage. So what is it this time? Sameer has other plans other than the tag team titles? I'm sorry, isn't your tag team partner clearly focusing on winning the Power Trip Cup? I don't see him out here trying to win these championships. I don't see him out here campaigning about how great your team is? Where is he? Oh yeah that's right, focusing on his OWN career. But wait! Where is Sameer at? I don't see him talking about cashing in Money In The Bank? I don't see him competing in tournaments. He's right here, focused on the task at hand and that's defending these championships. So look Sheridan you can say what you want to say. Use your big fancy words and try and fool the audience into thinking that you're somewhat intelligent. But the fact of the matter is this, if you had half a brain you would've stepped aside a long time ago. This ring isn't a place for you. You've beaten nobody, you are nobody and this place is where I consider my home. I know these ropes, I know how to win and I know how to be a champion. Something that you cannot do and will never do. Besides, you need to give your partner a call and just double check to make sure that he's even going to show up for our match, because if he doesn't. This match could be your last. Sameer grabs the microphone.
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    The Fallen Angel

    . 24 Hours After Power Trip Cup: Round 2 Boston, Massachusets The camera brings us to a silent, yet powerful sight. As we are stood outside of a downtown Boston pub, right above it, the gym that BPZ superstar BiC so desperately loves. Inside it, a fire rages, and although there is no audio. You can almost hear the sirens, the panic, and the crack of the fire. As the camera now moves, and the audio slowly begins to fade into audibility. We see the silhouette of a man the crowd can only assume is BiC, he is wearing a hoodie, and as the camera reveals his face, a small tear drips down his cheek. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the picture of his father, which is now half burned. BiCs handshaking in trama, as the building he grew up in, the one his father built, has burned to the ground. 42 Hours Later The message comes over the screen as we enter the bar, and sitting at the bar is a clean shaved man, in front of him a shot glass. Pinched between his right fingers, a lit cigarette. The sign in the background tells us this is the bar underneath the gym that was burned just 2 days prior. The man takes one more drag of his cigarette before taking down the shot and asking for another and when he does, the seat next to him is taken by BiC. Who has grown out his beard slightly and looks over at a staircase that leads upstairs, which is now blocked off by a sign. BiC ask for a shot before putting his head into his hands, the man next to him does nothing but slides over a card, on it, a picture of his father, BiC looks confused at first, before flipping over the card, the back of it reading. BiC takes a deep breath, as his shot is served and he sets down the note. He looks over at the guy who gave him it, whos sit is now empty, filled with nothing but an empty cigarette pack. BiC grabs the photo and runs out of the bar, looking for the mysterious man, but he appears to be gone. BiC looks up at the gym above, now littered in a black mess of burned memories. BiC walks forward a bit, each step putting even more weight of the situation onto him as he sits down on the curb. He takes out the half-burned photo he has kept with him for years, and smiles, the sight of his father always bringing joy to him. As footsteps can be heard from the bar closing, a man sits next to him, the same man who gave him the photo. Before BiC can ask any questions, the man begins to speak in a hushed tone. I met your father in high school, he was a great man. Was nice to everyone, got good grades, and when I saw him give that class speech during graduation I knew I had to be best friends with him. So I did, for 10 years, we went into the adult world together. Owned a business, was college roommates. He was the truest man I ever met, and then in 1996 you were born. He gave all his attention to you, until he continued his MMA career and left you behind on the bus bench. I couldn't believe my eyes, so I took you in. I loved you like my own son, and your father knew that. He eventually took ownership of you before you were old enough to even remember what happened, your father may have not been perfect. Hell he may of liked the taste of liquor a little to much, but he was no doubt an angel, and you, Bobby, are his son. When I heard that the gym burned down I knew you would be here, and I just wanted to see you one last time. You don't know me, and you won't know me after this. Just know, the whole world was saddened to see an angel fall. Your father was not forgotten. The man pats BiC on the shoulder before standing up, turning around and walking off as BiC struggles to get words out. He just shakes his head, and laughs slightly as the camera fades to black. 24 Hours Later As "BURN IT" by Fever 333 plays over the sound of a ruckus crowd, the former Intercontinental Champion BiC would make his Carnage return for the first time in months, as he has been touring the nation for the Power Trip Cup, and tonight he walks to the ring with a large smile on his face. He steps into the ring and looks at the thousands in attendance, pulling a microphone out from his boot and holding it up to his lips before speaking, the crowd hanging on every word. In just a few weeks I walk into Chicago, Illinois with one intention and one intention only. Move on to the finals of the tournament I wasn't even meant to be in. Its crazy to think about, that a man who wasn't even in the original bracket now has a chance to go into the finals. Life changes, it changes fast. Hell just three months ago, I hated you guys and you guys hated me but I realized that life is short, we only have some time to achieve everything we wanted to and I figured that if I spend the next year of my career, shaving my head over and over again and turning my back against you guys then I won't go anywhere, and then. My father passed away, and that just gave me that last little bit of motivation to take this shit show of a career and turn it into something great. in 2019 I figured out that, my passion is not pro wrestling, its becoming the best. Its living up to the legacy my father created in a boxing ring, and its simply making this company great. I've had people tell me my father was an angel, but others told me he was a devil. He had the perfect bit of both and being a decedent of such madness. Some say, that I am sort of a..Fallen Angel." BiC takes a deep breath and steps back, he looks around the crowd as he thinks about his Dad, and the crowd gives him a round of applause as he looks into the hard cam. "Enough of the sappy shit...Bob. I know you're in your inbred home somewhere over in New York watching this, just know that you stand in the way of my road to success and I will run you over, back up, run you over again and again if I have to. You're a good kid, your minds in the right place, but that doesn't mean I won't drive it into the mat and pin you. You've gotten through Necce, you've gotten through Yelich but this is where your runs stops. You're one of the best rookies I've seen, its just a shame you have to go up against a man like me.... Be seeing you Bob.
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    "Public Mauling"

    {We are now only 4 days away from the BPZ Power-Trip Cup finals and the card is absolutely stacked. We have a clash for the ages where Bart defends his Undisputed Championship against Flynn, Arius and Kenji do battle over the North-American Championship and the Big Ballers battle against the Royal Flush in a No DQ match for the BPZ Tag-Team Championships. However one other big match slated for the Power-Trip Cup Finals is the finals itself where Julius takes on BiC with a Number One Contender opportunity at the Undisputed Title up for grabs} {"Gallantry" plays throughout the arena as "The Death Machine" Julius steps out from the back and makes his way to the top of the ramp. He takes a second to survey the area before taking his Intercontinental Championship off of his waist and raising it high in the sky on his way down to the ring. As he enters the ring, he once again shows off his Intercontinental Championship to the Carnage crowd before being handed a microphone. Julius taps it a couple of times to silence the audience before beginning to speak} "BiC, wherever it may be that you have gone and hidden to I want you to listen to what I have to say. You're pathetic, you're weak minded, you're a natural born loser and most importantly you are a failure. You reach the biggest match you have had in a number of years and what do you do, you run and you hide. You make me sick, you preach about how you are "Mr No Days off" but yet you don't have the decency to make an appearance and simply hype this proclaimed Big Money Match. So what I am going to do about this is what I always do best and that is play the role of the Saviour. I saved the Tag-Team Division from obscurity defeating the Boss of this company in the center of the ring at BPZ Mania, I saved the Intercontinental Championship Division from BiC's wretched hands and now I am going to save the BPZ Power-Trip Cup finals by delivering a public mauling of a fake, weak man. When you see my face, when you hear my name I want to make you shudder in your steps, I want to give you sleepless nights knowing that I am your downfall" "However, I don't blame you BiC, If I were you I wouldn't want to go through that public humiliation all over again. You made the right decision, you stayed away because you know that this is a fight you simply can't win. You don't even believe in your own hype, you know that there is no happy ending in reality and I commend you on that. Maybe you are crippled by that notion I spoke of not too long ago. Déjà vu." "But see BiC, unlike you I deliver on my promise. I made a promise to each and every person in the world that I would walk into San Antonio and beat the living hell out of you, beat any sort of belief and spirit out of your pathetic, worthless body and that is exactly what I plan to do. I am going to make a statement out of you and I am going to show the world why they call me "The Death Machine". And whether it's Bart or it's Flynn, no matter which one of you punks ends the night the Undisputed Champion, I am coming for that title and there isn't a thing in this world that you can do to stop me. Ladies and Gentlemen, get used to not seeing BiC around because after I am done with him in the final of the Power-Trip Cup, he will be gone for good"
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    We are live on Carnage the day after Mayhem. The PPV saw no appearance from "The Villain", which marked the first time in a long time that the Undisputed Champion didn't appear at a PPV. Today however, it seems like he has something on his mind that makes appearing in front of the cameras worthy of his time. “One True Villain” plays in the arena as he walks out to the ring and taunts the crowd, who respond with the loudest of boos. Bart picks up a chair from ringside, and sits down in the middle of the ring as he begins to speak. Last night made me realise that you should never have high hopes in this place. I sat in my living room, watching that embarrassment of a ppv that they call Mayhem. I watched the mediocre wrestling and was glad that a disastrous show like this wouldn’t be part of my resumé. But then, there was Flynn. I want you to understand something. This match, I was looking forward to it. All of it. Not just the idea of once again winning a match, but also the thought of getting to battle with the one that I am constantly told is the best to ever do it. The greatest promo in the history of the BPZ, they said. I was so excited, finally I would go up against someone who would bring something new to the mix. Someone who would truly challenge me by going further than the basic non-sense that I have been forced to listen to for over a year by now. But no, the “greatest” was just as bad as all of the others. The same paper champion line that I have proven to be false for countless time was all that the “King of BPZ” could come up with in his attempt to drag me down. I don’t blame you Flynn, it’s great from you to realise that you have no chance of winning this. Out of respect to the company you come out here and ramble the basic lines that make it seem like you care, but I can look through it. You know you made a mistake. Your ambition got the best of you again. Now you are here with a big match coming up that you wish you wouldn’t have to take part in. Flynn, I just want you to know that there is nothing wrong with losing to me, everyone will have to deal with it sooner or later. You have experienced it before, you turned out fine. The people will still think you are the best, they will still love you. I guess there is nothing more for me to than once again proof that my opponent’s idiotic claims are not true. In an unique event, I overestimated the talent of my opponent. I am sorry Flynn, I shouldn’t have held you to a higher standard. You are just everyone else, I shouldn’t have expected anything else.
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    Following this verbal warning by Flynn, the Undisputed Champion stares at the 5 time World Champion. The two locks eyes for a while, but in the end, Bart grabs his microphone. He takes a deep breath before speaking once again. I am sorry Flynn. I am sorry that the people have to deal with a paper champion. I can’t believe their celebration if the paper champion is replaced by someone who has had even less matches than him throughout the year. I am sorry sorry that the paper champion didn’t show up at a ppv as he remembered for the first time in a month that he had a match to promote like a workhorse like you did. I am so incredibly sorry that the paper champion didn’t come out here to ramble on about the workhorse who hadn’t been here since his most recent nostalgia trip when he had already made his thoughts clear on that desperate attempt at seeking old glory. I know you want me to be upset by you calling me a paper champion but frankly, I can only laugh. You have been calling me a paper champion for almost a year now. Back then, your jealousy had already risen to the point where you had to come out on a show that you weren’t a part of to call me a paper champion. Since then, I have defended my titles more times than you have even had matches, and yet nothing in you wonders just how true that idiotic statement of yours is? I don’t think that you are retarded Flynn, I have heard too many good things about you to believe that. I think you are just a little afraid. You are scared that I will see the real story here. Let me tell you a story Flynn, the story that you have tried not to hear. This story isn’t about whether someone is a paper champion or not, the fans have been told that story to many times. This story is about a man who wants everyone to think that he is the best. This goes so far that he needs to tell people who he is never even interacted with that he doesn’t think they are good. For awhile, he could. He may had come up short at a few big events, but he had done enough to back up his claims. Until now. He currently is on a losing streak, and is coming up against the one guy that he has constantly tried to slander. Whenever he had the smallest of chances to bring him up, he would do his best at belittling this person, giving his best to prevent anyone from ever thinking that this person could be better than him. And now here you are Flynn, your ego and eagerness for compliments have become your worst enemy. You need to win, because you are so afraid that the public’s opinion on you will change when you lose. It is something that has always amazed me. How people care so much about what other people think. Even you Flynn, who has been so successful needs the satisfaction of others telling him that you are great. One of my favourite things about myself is that I lack that in his entirety. Never have I once cared about how the fans perceive me, about what they think of me and how they rank me against others. I can very well make that up myself. For you Flynn, it makes the devastation when you lose even bigger. Not only will you be sad about having lost to me, but even bigger will your tears be when you find out that the fans have realised that you simply aren’t the best anymore. Right there Flynn, there was your biggest advantage heading into this match. This match meant so much more to you than it meant to me. You HAVE to win this match, and while I surely wanted, up till now I hadn’t reached the point where a win would mean more to me than simply proving my spot on top of the BPZ once again. It hadn’t reached the same level as my matches against Julius and Echo and Necce, where a win was a must. But now Flynn, it has. Your embarrassing claims have made me want to destroy your career like all the others that have gone down the same road as you. You are quick to point out that Julius lost his World Championship, but do you really think that it was you that forced him to break, instead of the events that took place a month prior? Echo has lost his passion and hasn’t been seen since I embarrassed him three times in a row. And then there is your frenemy Necce, the person with you who hold the most intense relationship here. Before I faced him at BPZMania, he was considered undefeatable. After I dealt with him, he lost to a rookie who had just had his first match the month prior. And now Flynn, you are destined to go down the same path as them. You are scared of this and I know you won’t admit it. But if you really are the genius that you proclaim to be, you should come to accept your faith.
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    "Clique" by Kanye West plays through the stadium, with Royal Flush appearing on the entrance way not too soon after. Those in attendance have a mixed reaction to the inter-gender tag team. Sheridan rolls her eyes in dramatic fashion, Jonathan remains mostly stoic. They make their way down towards the ring, Jonathan holding the ropes open for Sheridan, then each wrestler do their signature pose, before "The Golden Girl" takes a microphone and perches herself upon the top turnbuckle, bringing the microphone to her gloss lips. "You know, Brenden and Sameer had a good showing. The former playing the wise, calculated veteran while the latter somewhat cocky and arrogant. Their words were strong, promises laid out in a clear manner. I understand why you people in attendance cheer for them, like them as representatives of your BrendenPlayz tag team division. While the division itself has grown stale excluding the glorious birthing of Royal Flush, it is through little fault of the current champions. Although, Brenden did say something that stuck with me, it made me think not only about this upcoming bout, but a much broader picture, how the landscape of this promotion is as a whole and being truthful, it's something that hasn't sat well with me. A hypothesis which has soured in my mouth the more I have thought about it." "This promotion is ran by old people. Yes I know that is something amusing to state, initially I can comprehend why that might be something obvious to say. But as you look at me with a confused expression I'd like you to really consider what that means. Brenden said that he would be here more if he could, that he's happy to be before you for the first time in a month. A month. How ironic I find it that Sameer states that I'm the one teaming with a declining, past-it hall of famer, when Jonathan is on the verge of winning the Power Trip Cup while his tag team partner spends more time doodling on papers in an office than actually contributing to this promotion in a positive light. But it goes past just the tag team division, it expands into the upper echelons of this company. We have Bailey as world champion, being challenged by Slim. While Flynn is also challenging for the Undisputed Championship, three names dominating the headlines alongside the Big Ballers, while the majority of them don't even perform at live events, only showing up once or twice a month on television at the most." Sheridan contemplates her own words, leaning back somewhat on the turnbuckle into a modelling pose. She holds for a few seconds, before using her hands to push against the ropes to bring herself upright once more. Then, she bounces off onto the canvas, walking over to Jonathan and lacing her hand tightly within his. "Personally, I just find it hypocritical. Hypocritical how this promotion labels itself as modern and fresh, yet those who were dominating some two, three years ago are still those making the decisions, cutting off exciting talents from ever reaching that high point, that crowning moment unless they have been hand picked and bred for the spotlight. I think this you people deserve better. Something vibrant and elegant, not a tag team where one has to beg the other to make an appearance with their championships, or big names which you only get to witness if you purchase a pay-per-view or cave into the constant network plugs shown after every commercial break on Carnage. You know, I find it funny that Brenden criticises Jonathan for concentrating his efforts into the Power Trip Cup, but he fails to acknowledge fact that my brilliant tag team partner is willing to put his body, his mind through two matches at Mayhem. Willing to do that for this company, for these fans in attendance, while he and Sameer, you're lucky to see more than once in a full moon." "In just a week from now, the Big Ballers shall perish at the hands of Royal Flush. This isn't a prediction or the hopeful ramblings of a "nobody", this is an absolute. You can insult my intelligence all you like and you can claim that Jonathan is selfish and uninterested in this bout but your words won't stop the inevitable, which is Jonathan and I holding the Tag Team Championships aloft while you're barely recovering beneath our feet. Mayhem shall end with Jonathan not only a tag team champion, but a finalist in the prestigious Power Trip Cup tournament . As for myself I will have claimed my first piece of gold in this promotion, alongside someone I consider a friend and a mentor, at the hands of potentially the biggest name in this sport and his mumbling sidekick." Sheridan slowly lowers her arm, her grip on the microphone loosening but not letting go. She holds Jonathan's hand a little tighter, cerulean eyes looking up to her mentor and tag team partner, awaiting for him to speak with an adoring expression.
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    ECW 2001 - The Land of Extreme

    January 5th 2001 ECW Hardcore TV The shows starts with the crowd as they are hot for ECW.The fans chant EC Dub, EC Dub, EC Dub for a solid 2 minutes. Then in the ring is none other than ECW announcer Joey Styles. Styles is in the ring and welcomes everybody to a New Era in ECW! Styles says that tonight will be night for great action, then Cyrus comes out and interrupts Styles. He is booed out of the buildings as the crowd chant things such as, “Fuck you Cyrus” and other chants to Cyrus. Cyrus says he can't believe that this dump found a TV deal and tells everyone it will be in the same situation that it was before in a few years from now. Joey Styles then tells Cyrus to get off of their show, and that you don’t run this show anymore. Then from behind its Paul E Dangerously! He smacks Cyrus with his phone. He hugs Styles and the ECW crowd chant, “Thank You Paul E “ *clap* *clap* *clap* Styles then goes to the announcers desk as he introduces us into our first contest. It will be Kid Kash taking on Tajiri! 78 B In a decent match, Tajiri defeated Kid Kash in 13:12 by pinfall with a Brainbuster. 55 C- Tajiri and Whipwreck attack Kash after the match, they beat him down. Then Super Crazy’s music starts playing as he runs down to the ring. He fights off Tajiri and hits a triple moonsault on to Whipwreak. 58 C- Backstage we see RVD and Bill Alfonso cutting a promo on Jerry Lynn. RVD and Bill Alfonso run down Lynn. RVD and Bill come off as faces and they are excited to be apart of the new era of ECW as it will be officially be RVD's house as he is the Whole Fucking Show! 82 B Styles then hypes up the upcoming match between C.W Anderson and Tommy Dreamer you have been going at it for a couple of weeks. In a decent match, Tommy Dreamer defeated C.W. Anderson in 6:24 by pinfall with a Piledriver. 60 C Dreamer then takes a mic after the match and cuts a promo on Corino and says no matter how long it takes, he will be ECW champion once agian, he promises that... Then from out of nowhere, Rhyno comes out and gores the living hell out of Dreamer. Rhyno then takes a chair and starts brutally attacking Dreamer. Dreamer is bloody and is lying in the middle of the ring as Paramedics come out and stretch out Dreamer to the back. 78 B ECW comes back from commercial break as a hip hop beat starts playing as out comes the Doctor! John Cena. The crowd are intrigued on what's happening as Cena starts rapping. Cena raps about himself, putting himself over. Calls himself the next best thing professional wrestling. He then raps about ECW in talking about the doctor owns the yard and how he was bulit to be extreme. Then says if you don't think that, you can go suck his dick. 44 D Styles then says the doctor will surly make a name for himself in ECW. We move on to our tag team main event match. As Steve Corino and Justin Credible takes on The Sandman and Rob Van Dam. The crowd is electric as they are hyped for the main event. In a decent match with good heat, Rob Van Dam and The Sandman defeated Steve Corino and Justin Credible in 10:11 when Rob Van Dam defeated Justin Credible by pinfall with the Five Star Frog Splash. 70 C+ Rob Van Dam picks up the win for the team as he pins Credible. ECW Hardcore TV fades to black with The Sandman and Rob Van Dam standing tall. Overall Show Rating: 73 B-
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    Nearly Impossible

    The cynical feeling of darkness is met by a large splashing sound, as a small ball of light, followed by a human body floats down to what appears to be a body of water. As the body slowly sinks downwards, air bubbles escaping from its partly opened mouth, a small box floats to the top of the water and the camera focuses in on it, and in the dim moonlight that hangs over Boston, you can see a dirty pack of cigarettes, the same brand that the mysterious man from Boston was smoking when he spoke to BiC. As the last bit of air bubbles stop rising, and the ciggerate pack begins to float away, the camera cuts off. As the camera fades back in, we get a skyline shot of the moon, in full color as it hangs high above, watching over the trees and life that takes place during the night. A slight pattern of foot steps can be heard and as the camera pans out, looking towards a cement sidewalk in the middle of a park we see where its origins are coming from, a hooded man jogging down the sidewalk. As the man stops and sits down on a park bench, exhaling and leaning back, putting his hands over his face before leaning forward once again and looking up at the camera. Where we see this hooded man is BiC, who is clearly training for his match against Bob. BiC removes his hood, revealing his brown, curly hair before speaking in a hushed yet aggressive tone. Do you want to talk about time Bob? How it is coming to an end? Your entire spiel about my time coming to an end just proved to me that you have no clue on what I am, who I am. I have more heart, more passion, and more will then anyone else who works for this company and if that sounds cocky that's because it is. I use to act confident, use to show my wealth, but I realized that if I went into that ring and proved it that I would finally get the respect from the fans I have always wanted. I am in no way slowing down, no way running out of time, in fact Bob. If anything, I am only getting faster, stronger, smarter then I have EVER been. The metaphorical clock on my career is not going to stop ticking, my name is not Angelo Caito and I will not be held up against the walls of a retirement home. I understand and respect you Bob Sparks,you're young, have all the hype in the world behind you. But I am not sorry when I say that I am going to kick your ass in 8 days and I am going to pin you, go onto the finals and finally prove my worth in this god forsaken company. Hell, I have put my life on the line for four years and there is not a chance in the world I stop here. The one thing I don't like about you Bob, you have no passion. You just fight, kick ass, part of me respects that but the other looks at it as a weakness, because there's nothing that brings you into that ring and drives you to win, and like many great minds have said before this moment, a man who is driven by passion is impossible to stop. Impossible. What a great word to describe this fight Bob, you got good fight kid, but when you comes down to it. I'm impossible to stop. BiC takes a deep breath before putting his hoodie back on and taking his phone out, turning on his music as "Middle Child" by J. Cole can be slightly heard. He stands up, and gives the camera a wink before giving his final words. Be seeing you, Mr. Sparks
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    "I don't need to speak in metaphors Johnny boy to get a point across, so I'm going to give it to you straight" {A camera is turned on in the locker room, where Julius is seen shining his Intercontinental Championship before Smiling at the camera and draping the band of gold across his shoulder} "304 days is it, 304 days since you were publicly humiliated by the next big thing. I compliment you for realising your failures 304 days ago but what I do see from you Jonathan is a new found sense of confidence. Delusional Confidence. See I have been following your return closely. Victories left, right and center and rightly so it has instilled some belief into you, a sense that you can still compete with the very best still compete at the very top. Although the thing is Jonathan it's not like you have come up against any real competition recently. You rode the coattails of Bart in your return match, you employed the services of a beautiful blonde to help you take out the SSW Club, a club I took out all on my own and now a few less than convincing wins against less than convincing opponents. But yet Jonathan you have that confidence. Inducted into the Hall of Fame, immortalised in this company you have developed a false sense of belief, and just like Mr Clayton so devastatingly found out belief is a dangerous dangerous weapon" {Julius sits up in his seat and crouches forward, his eyes piercing the camera lens as he continues to speak} "But you are right though Jonathan, in two weeks time at Mayhem we are going to go to war. There will be blood and there will be pain something I'm not so sure you are ready for anymore. "Piece by piece, brick by brick, limb by limb" I have heard it all before. The thing that I find common with most of my opponents is that they have this plan, this action that seems unstoppable in theory but they just can't put it into action. These are false promises Jonathan and you know it" "This Vendetta, this personal quest to fix an error you made almost a year ago, it's cute but it's weak. What I did to you in the final of the King of the ring tournament, was only the beginning. I have evolved, I have become a more complete a more dangerous wrestler than ever before while you have been declining, disintegrating hoping that you can ride the wave of the new generation in order to keep yourself afloat. You have other things on your mind, you have a tag-team championship opportunity against Brenden and Sameer and this war is not something you need. You have a partner who is dependent on you to be at 100%, but after I'm done with you "The Ace" will be nothing more. Think about your choices Jon, your days are numbered your entering the final stages of your career. You have a perfect end waiting for you as apart of the Royal Flush, dominating the Tag-Division and cementing your status as nothing more than a supporting act. Do you want to have it end in heartache or do you want it to end in success. Don't let this Vendetta cloud your judgement because if it does I'm sorry Jonathan but I'm going to kill you. The question isn't who is going to let me rather it's who is going to stop me, and that answer isn't you"
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    NBA 2k19 MyLeague Diary

    The Start of this Diary Comes in the 2019-2020 Seaon Playoffs! Will get to the Playoff Matches in a second but first these are all the Season Awards MVP: Steph Curry Becomes a 3 Time MVP! ROTY: The Number One Overall Pick Zion Williamson wins it. DPOY: Giannis wins Back to Back DPOY 6th Man: Dennis Schroder wins 6th Man with an impressive average of 15.4 PPG MIP: Jarren Jackson JR. With the Big Year COTY: Steve Kerr after he coaches the Warriors to an impressive 63-19 Record All NBA 1st Team: All NBA 2nd Team: All NBA 3rd Team: All NBA Defensive 1st Team: All NBA Defensive 2nd Team: All Rookie 1st Team: All Rookie 2nd Team: Playoff Matchups: Complete Standings: Western Conference: Warriors: 63-19 Lakers: 51-31 Rockets: 50-32 Clippers: 50-32 Suns: 47-35 Nuggets: 45-37 Thunder: 44-38 Blazers: 42-40 Jazz: 42-40 Timberwolves: 41-41 Spurs: 41-41 Grizzlies: 32-50 Kings: 30-52 Mavericks: 28-54 Pelicans: 24-58 Eastern Conference: Bucks: 51-31 Knicks: 50-32 Raptors: 46-36 Celtics: 46-36 Hawks: 45-37 Magic: 44-38 Nets: 40-42 Pacers: 39-43 76ers: 39-43 Pistons: 39-43 Wizards: 38-44 Hornets: 33-49 Bulls: 31-51 Heat: 30-52 Cavs: 29-53 Playoff Previews: Warriors Vs Blazers: Warriors Starting 5: Curry, Thompson, Durant, Green, Boi Blazers: Starting 5: Lillard, Curry, Harkless, Aminu, Nurkic (Brad Beal out with a Broken Leg) My Prediction: Warriors in 4 Clippers Vs Suns: Clippers Starting 5: Ben Simmons, DeRozen, Leonard, Green, Harrell Suns Starting 5: Morant, Booker, Warren, Diallo, Ayton My Prediction: Clippers in 7 Rockets vs Nuggets: Rockets Starting 5: Paul, Harden, Gordon, Faried, Capela Nuggets Starting 5: Murray, Harris, Barton, Milsap, Jokic My Prediction: Rockets in 6 Lakers vs Thunder: Lakers Starting 5: Ball, Irving, James, Kuzma, McGee (Ingram out hurt) Thunder Starting 5: Schroeder, Roberson, George, Grant, Adams (Westbrook injured) My Prediction: Lakers in 5 Bucks vs Pacers: Bucks Starting 5: Bledsoe, Brogdon, Middleton, Giannis, Lopez Pacers Starting 5: Aaron Holliday, Oladipo, Brogdanovic, Sabonis, Tuner (Rose out injured) my Prediction: Bucks in 4 Celtics vs Hawks: Celtics Starting 5: Isaiah Thomas, Smart, Tatum, AD, Hartford Hawks Starting 5: Young, Bazemore, Okpala, Collins, Len (Keldon Johnson out injured) My Prediction: Celtics in 6 Raptors vs Magic: Raptors Starting 5: Lowry, Lavine, Skiam, Ibaka, Gasol Magic Starting 5: Fultz, Fournier, Issac,Gordon, Bamba (Ross and Vucevic out injured) My Prediction: Raptors in 5 Knicks vs Nets: Knicks Starting 5: Rubio, Ntillikina, Williamson, DeAndre Jordan, Cousins Nets Starting 5: Rusell, Butler, Batum, Williams, Allen my Prediction: Knicks in 5 Round 1 of the Playoffs coming soon so make your Predictions and with an MVP for Each Series matchup!
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    Flynn is a bit shocked by who has seemingly answered his open challenge. However after her speech, he looks around with annoyance as the crowd has seemingly backed behind Sheridan in rally against him. He nods now turning back toward Sheridan. You know Sheridan, I don’t know who the hell frank is, but I can promise you if he decides to stick his nose into my business, I will not hesitate to kick his ass. Now...I am..... appalled. I am shocked. A woman believes she has the capability to step into this ring with me and...... compete. Is this some type of joke? Did all of the men in the back lose their damn balls? Now I knew BPZ was in a troubled state in terms of how pathetic this new generation is but a DAMN WOMAN. Sheridan I whooped your ass a year ago. You didn’t stand a chance. A year later a couple of beat downs by those two clown tag team champions and what, you think you can all of a sudden take on the great one? Or maybe.... Thats it. I see it in your eyes Sheridan. You know I can’t blame you Sheridan, most women can not resist me. Let’s just be honest I am the most attractive man in BPZ and arguably the world however I have to end things right there. You see Sheridan.... I am a happily married man and I do not wish to have any sort of relationship with you I mean honestly Sheridan you are embarrassing yourself and me. However I will make it up to you. I’ll make you my first example. I’m going to show the world at Judgement Day that I am the god damn ruler of this f*cking company and I’m going to do so by tearing you apart post to post. By the time this is over, there will be nothing left of you for Jonathan to tag with. You see you want to call me a bitter old man? I take no offense with it coming from a stupid dumb b**ch! 30 seconds, that’s exactly how long I’m going to give you before I do indeed put you away. It’s just as you said, you aren’t qualified at all. I’m not the upper echelon of the business, I’m the god damn mountaintop. I’m the King. You are nothing to me. Absolutely nothing. I don’t give a damn about your congratulations to me. I don’t need approval of my victory and I don’t have to listen to scolding of my actions to earn my victory. The truth is I’m the Undisputed Champion and you are nothing. However tonight I’ve given you the opportunity of the god damn lifetime. You have the opportunity to be something. And all you had to do Sheridan was walk down to this ring and accept my challenge and now you are the number one contender to Flynn’s Undisputed Championship. This is the greatest position you have ever been in in your entire career and it’s all because of me. You are welcome. At Judgement Day, you have the opportunity of a lifetime in what is the biggest match of your career. And let’s be honest..... you stand absolutely no chance. The only thing you will accomplish is giving me the title of a woman beater, because I’m going to beat you to a bloody pulp. Flynn drops his microphone and exits, the match set. Flynn vs. Sheridan at Judgement Day for the Undisputed Championship.
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    We’re jerked away from the Carnage action as the titantron abruptly cuts to black. We navigate through wings of a home, assuredly the lavish palace of Royal Flush. As the cameraman maneuvers through a seemingly mile long wing of the house, the destination is seemingly met. It isn’t one of the bedroom doors of Sheridan or Jonathan, instead, the cameraman twists the doorknob and swings the door open, revealing a spacious field unraveled in front of us. The cameraman steps out the corridor and through the doorway, panning the camera to show the brightly lit garden of the Royal Flush Manor. He continues through, finding two vignetted figures amongst the meadow, as he approaches, he finds Jonathan and Sheridan... bickering. Jonathan is dressed in a slim navy suit, looking all business and drastically opposing Sheridan, who is cosplaying Jesse of Team Rocket. As the camera approaches, the words begin to be transmitted. Sheridan: “You said that you would dress as James and we would be Team Rocket!” Jonathan: “I told you that it was a horrific idea and I refuse to dress up as Pokémon’s perpetual losers.” Sheridan: “I recall you explicitly saying, ‘sure Sher, whatever you want’!” Jonathan: “Because you wouldn’t shut up about how cute it would be if we did it, think about the message we’re sending by dressing as losers before our chance of redemption!” The bickering stops for a moment, and Jonathan turns his head to see the camera. With a sigh, he puts his head in his hands and turns to face the cameraman, also alerting Sheridan to the cameras presence. Jonathan lifts his head, jutting his chin out and puffing his chest as he adjusts the suit, pulling down the sleeves and toying with the buttons. Sheridan narrows her Cerulean eyes, pursing her lips as she stands besides Jonathan, who starts to speak. “A show of unity. That’s what caused this comedic miscommunication. It was an attempt to show that Royal Flush remains on the same page regardless of the result of the encounter two weeks ago, that our momentum will not be undercut by one failure. I suppose that the message failed to come across as fully intended due to this situation, how could a group bickering over small details amongst themselves defeat the powerhouse of this company’s owner who’s on the warpath and Mr. Money in the Bank?” “I’d invite you to read into this situation as much you want, say that the pair of us are off kilter, no longer matching strides and doing anything to show our willingness to defeat the both of you. Brenden, Sameer, there’s no wardrobe malfunction, no illness, nothing in this world that could tear the focus to Royal Flush away from the titles fastened around your waist. Our singular focus is more binding than any thoughts on Team Rocket, were formed to take away those titles you hold so close. Our mission statement hasn’t been altered whatsoever.” Sheridan and Jonathan interlock hands, a smile creeps onto the face of Jonathan and spreads to Sheridan, Jonathan runs his free hand through his hair and speaks once more. “Underestimate our drive, underestimate our insatiable desire to become our tag team champions. And it’ll be the Big Ballers blasting off again.”
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    Sheridan stares off into the distance, one hand laced with Jonathan's and the other running over her recent dyed pink hair. Her Team Rocket attire sits loosely on her frame with black boots running against the curve of her thigh. Slowly turning her face to gaze out into the world past the Royal Flush manor garden, she brings her hand away from her tag team partner's and invites the cameraman to walk alongside her. "You know, in spite of our mission statement and the clothes I am fit in, even with how wicked we seem when stood across from the most popular duo in the wrestling industry today, Royal Flush are not the villains of this fantasy. Yes we pushed our opposition to retain their championships in a somewhat tainted manner and Jonathan will always hold the nostalgia of being a stone cold killer. But when you take out the bright lights and the exaggerations of this business, as a duo Jonathan and I just want to revitalise tag team wrestling, make it something that it isn't at the moment. For the first time in a very long time, journalists and insiders are paying attention to a division which has been brushed aside and left in the dark ages for far too long. As a tag team we are bringing a light to that darkness, illuminating secret treasures which wrestlers and fans alike can receive the benefits of. Just yesterday you heard Brenden, who I'll remind you is the owner of BrendenPlayz Wrestling, say that tag team wrestling is thriving and that ratings were soaring once the Big Ballers and Royal Flush met in the ring and I hate to sound narcissistic, but the change causing this, the movement creating this positive swing is the beautiful, talented dynamic that is Jonathan and I." "For too long now the Big Ballers have remained at the summit of this division. Puppeteering their own destiny through void matches and false rivalries, deflecting attention away from their crude actions, being the cause of tag team wrestling to fall into this pit. I find it ironic how Brenden speaks about his need to remain in this division when he and his tag team partner, Sameer, are the ones slowly pushing the knife further in, twisting and slicing until the division is gutted. He fails to see that change is good, necessary in most cases for something to naturally improve. Do you really want somebody so null of confidence in their future? How Brenden speaks about this potentially being his last ride, that without the Tag Team Championships his place in this company is without worth. While I am sure the majority find this warms their hearts I find it indeed selfish, how one can take hostage such beautiful championships and wave around the threat of retirement unless their utterly boring and sterile reign continues on. Childish actions from a grown man, people. Sometimes it is just time to go and when you leave this business you do so with dignity, with honour. If this is truly the end of Brenden's career which I don't doubt for a second is a lie used to generate revenue and sympathy, when I personally will be happy to take a leaf from my mentor and deliver that killing blow which knocks the old man down for good." "We may have faltered the first time, but as the clock ticks closer towards our rematch the smell of blood fills my nostrils, I can smell the weakness and the doubt enshrouding Sameer and Brenden alike. So prepare for trouble! And make it-" Pausing, she looks around to see that Jonathan is nowhere in sight. The woman must have walked at least fifteen minutes from the Royal Flush manor, vacantly sauntering along the path exiting from their garden. Her Team Rocket inspired pose quickly falls and she motions for the cameraman to shut off the camera, ending the broadcast.
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    BPZ Powertrip Cup: June 14th 2019

    BPZ Powertrip Cup Match Card Song: Carpenter Brut - Leather Teeth
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    "A Trip Home"

    A video appears on the BrendenPlayz Wrestling Youtube Channel. Showing the BrendenPlayz Superstar, Mr.Money in the Bank and One half of the Tag Team Champions, Sameer. Sameer looks to be in his hometown of Vancouver, Canada. He begins to speak into the camera. O Canada, O Canada. My hometown where everything started in my pro wrestling career. Where I was able to get a contract with the BrendenPlayz Wrestling Company after a few high school gym matches. Trust me it wasn't anything big at all. I could have made more money with any other job. I knew that at the time too but I didn't want to give up on my career already. I was just a young kid looking hungry for the spotlight. I use to come Home, Eat, Sleep and then go back to the performance center. I did this for a couple of months until the BrendenPlayz came to the Performance Center in Vancouver. He was impressed by my abilities and skills. Thus this giving me time on regular shows where I exceeded expectations. I showed what I could be and That was A MAN THAT COULD PUT ON A DAMN SHOW. Then I was able to get a shot at the Premium Championship which I mean at this point we should just call it the 'Sameer Championship' because I took advantage of my opportunity. Won the Premium Championship and I made myself a NAME in this company by having one of the most DOMINATING REIGNS EVER and won The Champ is Here Award. If you think about it I'm not even supposed to be here. I was just a kid from Vancouver. So I am not bothered about what people in the locker room think about me. Whenever I am in that ring, I give it my all. I give everything I have in my body. So with that being said and this nice trip down memory lane for me and some of you fans. Let's now talk about what is coming up. At Mayhem, The Big Ballers vs Royal Flush happened and it ended in a double count out as everyone knows and apparently from what I have heard Sheridan is eager to best Brenden and me and I am glad She is eager to beat us because When the Ref raises Me and Brenden's hand as Sheridan and Jonathan both lay down on the mat. It will feel even better knowing that Sheridan knows even at her best she cannot outmatch me. I will burn any kind of hopes of Royal Flush winning. I have built myself as a Superstar. Me and Brenden have built The Big Baller team as one of the best that this company has seen and I can give you my word that it won't be ending anytime soon Sameer Smiles into the camera as he heads into in his private jet and the video ends
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    A cameraman knocks twice on Sheridan's bedroom doors within the esteemed Royal Flush manor. Although not receiving an answer, they carefully turn the handle and enter the woman's bedroom. Which is adequately clean save for some trainers and tracksuit bottoms scattered across the floor, as well as a bunch of scrunched tissues. The cameraman moves closer towards the bed, which is a large size and has white covers which are somewhat maintained in shape. The covers begin to move after a prolonged period of time, with Sheridan emerging and starting at the person behind the camera, her expression unimpressed. "What do you want? I can't do this today." Sheridan receives no response from the cameraman. "I'm being serious. As you can tell from my voice and the flood of used tissues around your feet I am rather unwell. You'll have to leave." "Jonathan told me to stay until you've spoken about your match at the PTC finals." The blonde woman's expression changed from being unamused to downright upset. Her brows furrowed to indicate this. She re positioned herself within the bedding so she was sat more upright. Hands came to push back her mussy hair, before they curled into fists to rub at her cerulean eyes. Following a cough and a sniffle the other half of the Royal Flush sighed, before asking in a sulking manner. "Well why couldn't Jonathan do this? He knows I am sick." Seconds of silence fill the room. The individual behind the camera either responded with a shrug or a knowing expression, prompting Sheridan to retaliate. "That useless lazy son of a bi-HATSCHU!" She sneezed, her head rocking forward from the pillow as hands came to cover her nose. She reached over and plucked a tissue from the box she had placed on her bedside table. Dabbing and wiping at her small, red nose inefficiently. She drew up the covers she was underneath, wearing a pair of pink pyjama shorts and a plain white tee. Walking over to her mirror, she pouts and poses for a second before returning her attention towards the cameraman with a slight smile. "I cannot add much that hasn't been said already. A disadvantage of matches against opposition you have already fought is that you know what to expect and have a blueprint to how the match is going to do. All that the wrestler has to do is follow their illustrations and their battle plan to victory. There's little use in speculating and throwing out unnecessary insults. When words are removed from the equation the match itself and the result still remains, the impact of what happens in the ring is written down in history while predictions and slurs are lost in the crowd. Now obviously due to my current illness I haven't been preparing much. I haven't been giving much thought to the first match and what I can do to improve and my opposition as well as Jonathan haven't really given me much to comment on." "But I am excited, driven to best the Big Ballers this time around. The added stipulation shows how close the first bout was, that management believe in a different and more hostile environment the Royal Flush have a chance of walking away with the gold. Initially when this match was announced, one that is already just less than a week away I was scared, annoyed almost. But I have seen the error of my ways, Jonathan has corrected my judgement. We have been given a second chance, a second opportunity to set things right. This match doesn't show that the Royal Flush couldn't get it done in the first one, it shows that we took the supposed best tag team of all time to their limits and far beyond that. This is a reward, people across the globe have been asking me how I feel about wrestling on this card and I feel humbled, but ready to finally bring the gold home to where it rightfully belongs, ready to show that the BrendenPlayz Tag Team Championships should be resting on my toned, tanned and perfect waistline." "Here I know that this is something I deserve. Since returning to BrendenPlayz I have worked so hard and this is the chance I have to validate that, to show the people backstage that I am not just a woman used as eye candy, that I am a serious threat and can hang with and topple the best. Brenden and Sameer wouldn't be in the positions they're in if they were not some of the highest calibre athletes in this business today. The former runs the fricking company, has a say in how the crème de la crème of this promotion are utilised. Sameer, he is the Money in the Bank contract holder, he can become the face of this promotion overnight if he so chooses. These are some of the best and most prolific wrestlers in the sport and I will not let the chance of besting them and solidifying my name to slip through my fingers again." "So I would be prepared, prepared for a manic, intense battle, one much more gruelling on the mind and body than our first. I can't speak for Jonathan but I know he is just as hungry as I am, salivating at the thought of vanquishing the Big Ballers and having our names written in the lore of this industry. This is something that doesn't happen often and I am so motivated, more than I was the first time around. My senses are heightened and aside from a pesky cold, I feel I can take on the world. The other half of this match may tell you things, fill your head with false truths but believe me when I say that I want this far more than them. I was within inches of achieving what I wanted the first time around and I will not let that happen again."
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    {We are now only a few days away from the next installment in BPZ's calendar year where live from the United Center in Chicago Illinois BPZ Presents Mayhem! What a stellar night it is looking to be with Bailey defending his World Title against Slim and Hollow, The Royal Flush look to capture Gold against the Ballers and we find out who will be the finalists in the Power-Trip Cup. On one side of the bracket we have BiC taking on Promising Upstart Bob Sparks, and on the other the current Intercontinental Champion Julius takes on BPZ Hall of Famer Jonathan} {"Gallantry" plays throughout the arena as the current Intercontinental Champion Julius makes his way out to address the crowd before his series of matches at Mayhem. The Champ means business as he heads towards the ring, wasting no time as he grabs a microphone and begins to speak} "Passion is a funny thing isn't it? It drives you to do things you never thought would be possible. It centers you're attention to achieving a goal, something you have always wanted. I am passionate about being the best in this company, I had the drive the will to be better than anyone who stood across the ring from me and I am. My Passion led me to success, it lead me to the Intercontinental Championship, a title that I plan to hold for a very very long time" {Julius takes a moment to bask in his own glory raising his Intercontinental Championship high into the sky as the crowd begin to surround him with boos. Julius manages a smirk towards the crowd's response before continuing} "However, passion has its limit. Sometimes one can be too overzealous, reaching for something that isn't attainable and embarrassing themselves in the process something I see far too often in a company full of weakness and delusion. You saw it with BiC when he tried to stop the unstoppable, you saw it with Hans as he tried to slay the beast and at Mayhem you're going to see it with Jonathan as he desperately tries to avenge his wrong doings. Jonathan, in this scenario you're passion is deluded. It's unreasonable and I know deep down that you know it. They tell you throughout life to set yourself goals that are achievable, goals that you know you can accomplish. Well Jonathan, the goal you are trying to achieve isn't achievable in the slightest. I am more dangerous than I have ever been before, I have evolved into an unstoppable monster a monster I know you can't contain" "You're right only one man can advance only one man can move on to the final, but the question is which one of us has what it takes?" {Julius stops himself mid-sentence and surveys the crowd. He shakes his head before pacing back and forth in the ring} "You know what, screw it. The time for talking is up, cut the bullshit Jonathan, you know that you stand no chance when we step into the ring. I've been playing along with your little game for weeks now and I'm not playing anymore. You sit all grandly in your manor, with your million dollar suit thinking that you are something special but you're not. You're not worthy of the hall of fame Jonathan, you're not worthy to be stepping in the ring with me this short-term fame that you have attracted has made you become insane. All you are is one little spark a One hit wonder if you will , and now its time to put this spark out for good. I'll see you in Chicago Jon and I swear on my dying body that your quest for vengeance ends with my standing on your throat as my hand is raised in victory"
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    ECW 2001 - The Land of Extreme

    January 19th 2001 ECW Hardcore TV ECW opens with a table in the ring as Paul Heyman is standing by. They will make the ECW Title match official for Guilty as Charged. Corino comes out and he looks disgusted to be here. His facial mannerisms tells that he has no passion being here for this contract signing. Then Sandman comes from the crowd as the ECW audience sing along to Enter Sandman by Metallica. Sandman has the Singapore Cane along with a can of beer. He enters the ring as the Crowd chant, Sandman, Sandman. Sandman offers Corino a drink but Corino refuses. Sandman signs the contract and tells Corino he’s nothing but a pussy. The crowd explode for that comment. Corino then proceeds to tear Sandman apart calling him a negative influence to everybody in the world, and if everybody were like The Sandman, everyone would be dead. Corino says he will out class, and out wrestle Sandman. Corino signs the contract and then Paul Heyman steps in and forgets to mention that the match will be Street Fight! Corino looks genuinely scared and his title reign is at risk. 70 C+ Joey styles introduces us into our first contest of the evening as Crazy Kash takes on The Unholy Alliance of Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck In a decent match, Crazy Kash drew with The Unholy Alliance in 11:57 when the referee lost control and stopped the match. 60 C All the competitors in the match ignore as the referee throws away the match. The brawling continues as they all hit their finishers. Both teams want to be tag team champions. Juventud Guerrera is backstage getting an interview from Joel Gertner. Juventud says he here to make an impact in ECW and that starts by becoming the Television champion. Then suddenly Rhino walks in and talks about he doesn't care about tradition or who Juventud is, all he cares about is ripping his off and retaining his prime possession. Rhino then walks out as Juvi looks focused 81 B John Cena then comes out raps about how he’s been running chain gang since day one but the people in ECW are too greasy to be in it. He makes fun Ballz Mahoney’s weight and calls him a fat slob turned wrestler. He tells the crowd he’s only gangster In this town and that nobody can touch the Doctor! In an extremely short match, John Cena defeated Ballz Mahoney in 4:15 by pinfall with the F-U. 40 D Video package plays showing a highlight of death defying maneuvers. A hooded figure then appears and it revealed to be Billy Kidman. then it reads Coming Soon. 73 B- Justin Credible is backstage hanging out with Dawn Marie, he tells her that he needs to pick up a win that he really needs it. Credible doesn't want to be seen as a loser a he says that changes at Guilty as Charged as he will 2 on 2 with the Young Blood of Christian York and Joey Mathews with a partner of his choosing. Marie smiles back at Credible before the segment ends. 67 C+ Its main event time as Jerry Lynn will go one on one with a young individual by the name of Shane Helms who is a promising worker and is getting in the main event with a top performer. In a bout that had great wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, Jerry Lynn defeated Shane Helms in 14:19 by pinfall. 68 C+ RVD comes out and he means business as he goes straight to ring as he fights with Jerry Lynn, the two brawl it out as they will face each other at Guilty as Charged. Lynn and RVD throws some good punches at each other and then eventually RVD hits a flying crossbody onto the outside. ECW fades to black with the two still fighting. 86 B+ Overall Show Rating: 75 B-
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    ECW 2001 - The Land of Extreme

    January 12th 2001 ECW Hardcore TV ECW intro plays as Joey Styles welcomes us to ECW Hardcore TV on MTV 2! Styles runs down the card for the night, we will name a #1 Contender for Rhino’s ECW Television title. It will be Justin Credible taking on a mystery opponent. Styles also announces ECW next PPV, Guilty as Charged will take place at the beginning of February. Rhino is backstage cutting promo about Tommy Dreamer, in how he could be out for months all thanks to himself because Dreamer is born to be a loser, Rhino says. He says he doesn't matter who I face next, they will be where Tommy Dreamer is now, in a hospital. 76 B- In a bout that had a decent reaction from the crowd but sub-par wrestling, Danny Doring & Roadkill defeated Simon Diamond &Swinger in 6:56 when Roadkill defeated Swinger by pinfall with The Amish Bomb. 44 D Roadkill and Doring took the mic and says they are here to stay as tag champs and then Kash/Crazy come out and say they want a shot at the tag titles, Then Whipwreak and Tajiri come out and tells the audience that Roadkill and Doring are a just losers holding something that they have. Kash then throws a punch at Tajiri and a brawl ensues. Everybody then starts brawling on the outside and Kash hits a flying swanton onto everybody. The crowd chant EC Dub numerous times. 52 D+ ECW comes back from commercial break as we see Jerry Lynn attacking RVD in a parking lot, Lynn is viciously attacking Van Dam, it ends with with Lynn throwing Van Dam into a side of car, he then says RVD will regret his choice in facing him at Guilty as Charged. 85 B+ Styles is speechless as he tries to move on to our next contest, between Young Bloods and The Full Blooded Italians 50 D+ Styles puts over F.B.I as they try to rack up wins for a future ECW World Tag Team title opportunity. Steve Corino cuts a promo on The Sandman. He says Sandman is nothing more than a bad influence to everybody and he doesn’t get why Everyone loves the Sandman. He then proceeds to take a bottle of beer and smashes into the ground, and then says “Beer is for the weak, who can’t resist the taste of it. I get a drink when I need to unlike The Sandman who is nothing but an addict. Corino then holds his title up high to end the segment. 63 C A pre tape segment airs as John Cena is seen in a club as he raps on how’s getting laid and nobody can be him. He then taunts the ECW audience, calling them virgins. Cena says he will have his debut match next week, and says it will be breeze. Nobody can touch him because he’s simply the Doctor! 41 D+ Main Event time as Justin Credible takes on a mystery opponent, as the winner will be the #1 Contender to Rhino’s ECW Television title. Credible makes his entrance alongside Dawn Marie. He then waits and out comes Juventud Guerrera! Crowd cheer as Juvi makes his way to the ring. In a decent match, Juventud Guerrera defeated Justin Credible in 13:53 by pinfall with a 450 Splash. 63 C Juventud celebrates after the match as you can see Credible looking disappointed that he didn’t get the win. 2 straight losses for Credible as ECW Hardcore TV goes off the air. Overall Show Rating: 68 C+
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    We are here in San Antonio, at BPZ Powertrip Cup, one of the most stacked cards of the year. Next up we have a match that the BPZ Universe have been eagerly awaiting for 2 whole months, The BPZ North American Championship Match. The arena goes dark as the video package for the match plays on the titantron. April 12th. World at War. The Inaugural North American Champion was decided. A hellacious battle between eight of BPZ's future stars. Arius was crowned the first-ever champion, but his natural challenger was clear, the Sendai Supernova came oh so close to hoisting the gold for himself in that agonising ladder match, only to fall just short. With Arius' responsibilities as United States Champion occupying him at Mayhem, we finally see the first defence of the North American Championship here at the Powertrip Cup. In the wake of the ladder match we've seen an unusual sense of warmth between champion and challenger, an aura of honour, if not respect. The offering of a mask playing into the strange mind games of the champion. A twisted facade of respect behind the schemes to rattle any who may threaten his throne. Their demeanours are worlds apart, but one thing links these wayward souls together, the search for competition. Neither man willing to accept anything less than the absolute best from their opponent. One stands atop the mountain, their legacy cast in the fire and set into the tapestry that is BPZ Wrestling. The other, a burning star that seeks to shine brighter than ever before, to take that first and hardest step to greatness. The video package ends and the silence takes over for a brief moment before the whirling and pumping tones of "Break Heart" begin to fill the arena. The BPZ Universe on their feet as the challenger, KENJI, appears from the stage. His face betrays that he is almost taken aback by the volume of cheers and chants for him as he makes his way down the ramp. His excitement is palpable, his trepidation, tangible. Everything has been building to this moment. It's do or die. The No.1 Contender sweeps his red and gold jacket around as he walks the perimeter of the ring, clapping hands with a few fans at ringside. KENJI quickly steps into the ring and poses for the crowd on the turnbuckle. His music fades and is replaced with a groundswell of "KEN-JI" chants, the BPZ Universe cheering on the Supernova. He takes off his jacket and anxiously awaits the arrival of the champion. The circling lights of red and gold fall to nothingness as the orchestral strings of Malmsteen's Fugue fill the arena, dry ice covering the stage. The lights illuminate a sickly greenish-yellow moon on the titantron as Arius emerges onto the stage, clad in full regalia. Accompanied by half a dozen ghouls following in his wake, and flanked by the ever-loyal Rin Akane, both glimmering championships over her shoulders as The Revenant's Entourage walk to the ring. Arius approaches and takes the North American Championship from Rin before stepping between the ropes. He and KENJI stand face to face in the middle of the ring as the music stops, the crowd bursting into cheers and hollers at the two wrestlers, eagerly awaiting their clash. KENJI and Arius take to their respective corners as the ring announcer formerly introduces the match, the referee holding up the North American Championship. Arius (c) vs. KENJI - BPZ North American Championship The bell rings, and both men stare at each other from across the ring, both peering out at the crowd as their thunderous "Yes!", "Arius!" and "KEN-JI" chants all begin to coalesce into this cacophony of excitement. KENJI and Arius circle each other for a moment before they lock up into a collar-and-elbow tie up. Jockeying for position, the larger Arius, who has a good 4 inches height over the challenger seems to have the strength advantage, pushing his challenger to the ropes, but KENJI quickly switches position, holding Arius to the ropes. The referee calls for a break, with KENJI very slowly, and cautiously stepping back, allowing the clean break, his eyes laser focused on Arius. The champion's painted face reveals nothing as he steps forward, locking up again. Both men shift and work for a hold, Arius aiming for a headlock, while KENJI works for a wristlock. The challenger manages to slip behind Arius and apply a hammerlock, the champion wincing a little as he counters into a hammerlock of his own, transitioning to a side headlock. Arius wrenches away at the challenger, but KENJI presses down on Arius' calf with his foot to lower the champion to one knee, looking to apply a standing armbar. Arius shifts and sweeps KENJI's legs from under him, lungeing to a grounded headlock, but the challenger counters with a headscissors, Arius kicking up to escape. Their attempts to out wrestle each other lead to another sequence of targeting the challenger's neck, and the champion's arm, mixed in with various pin attempts. The pace begins to reach a blinding speed as these two technical marvels try to one up each other. It ends as both men stop and stare at each other, small smiles on their faces as the crowd cheer loudly at the exchange. KENJI attempts to grab an arm again, but Arius stops it with a simple, but effective kick to the gut. He lays in some forearms to the challenger and leads him over to the corner. Arius motions to the crowd slightly before landing a stiff clothesline to KENJI, who stumbles forward slightly, allowing Arius to hit a snappy neckbreaker, sending the challenger down to the mat. KENJI winces and grabs at his neck while sprawled out on the mat. There is not a moments respite as Arius begins to brutally stomp away at his opponent, he remembers that KENJI's neck was feeling the effects of the Ladder Match, and the champion is taking full advantage of that. Arius soon stops however, motioning to KENJI, almost looking a little disappointed as he lifts up KENJI into a vertical suplex, slamming down to the mat with authority. Arius' eyes are entirely fixed on his opponent as Rin looks on approvingly. Her gaze is still distant, wishing for Arius to end the match now and return home. The champion goes for a pin attempt, but only gets a 1. Once again, Arius applies a headlock to a prone KENJI. He manages to transition KENJI to a seated postion, and drives his knee into the back of KENJI's neck, the challenger flinching at the pain. Arius pulls back on KENJI's head, locking in a half nelson choke, only to throw it back to the mat, and landing a pair of big leaping knee drops. Arius goes for another pin attempt, but only a 2 this time. Arius tries to get another headlock applied, but KENJI manages to get to his feet, breaking away with some strikes to the champion's midsection. KENJI lands some crisp chops to the chest of Arius, their sounds reverberating through the arena, followed by some forearm strikes landing snug in Arius' collar. KENJI quickly lifts a knee into the champion's gut and trying to lift into a bodyslam, but Arius counters and tries to transition into another neckbreaker, but KENJI pushes the champion away just in time into the corner. KENJI takes a run up to lariat Arius, but he dodges out of the way, however.... KENJI gracefully rolls over the top rope and immediately flies back in with a springboard missile dropkick! The crowd come alive as KENJI moves to make a pin, but only gets a 1. It will take a lot more than that to defeat The Revenant. KENJI wastes no time and bombards the champion with a series of stiff knees to head, shoulders and arms of Arius, the champion squirming around in pain, clutching his right arm. KENJI applies a side headlock takeover as Arius gets to his feet. Arius struggles to escape as KENJI pulls the champion's arm back to apply an Anaconda Vice! However, Arius' taller frame allows him to get to the ropes. KENJI breaks the hold and tries to strike Arius, but he counters with a strong uppercut to the challenger, sending him stumbling back. Arius runs forward and connects with a big knee lift to KENJI before whipping him back to the ropes. Arius ducks under as KENJI runs the ropes, landing a huge scoop slam that shakes the ring, going for the pin, but again, only gets a 2. Arius picks up the challenger, but stops as he clutches at his arm, allowing enough time for KENJI to wriggle out over the champion's shoulders, landing a painful looking backcracker! Arius bounces back up and shudders in pain as KENJI quickly tries to lock the champion's arms to his side, he's trying to hit the "Horizon Suplex Hold"! Arius grimaces and manages to prevent both his arms from getting locked in as he counters into a full nelson. The champion tries to hit "Seeing Red", but the challenger manages to power out of it, only to get levelled with a clubbing blow to the back. Arius smiles as he tenses his fingers, trying to get some feeling back into his arm before lifting up KENJI and connecting with some body punches. Arius goes to apply the full nelson again, but his arm appears to be giving him more discomfort, so he decides to suplex KENJI anyway with a Half Nelson variation of "Seeing Red" with brutal impact! Arius calmly stands and grinds his elbow into KENJI's neck, who squirms at the pain and throws a big uppercut to Arius on instinct as he eventually stands, only to get whipped to the ropes by the Revenant, KENJI perched on the apron next to the turnbuckle. Arius walks forward, looking to suplex KENJI over the ropes back into the ring, but no! KENJI counters with a hanging armbreaker! Arius winces as he is tied up in the brutal hold, he can't lose the title by tapping here, but it's very painful. As the ref begins the count for KENJI to break the hold, Arius manages to slip out of the armbreaker as KENJI stands up on the apron. The champion uses his good arm to smash his forearm right into KENJI's face before trying to suplex him again, stepping up onto the second rope! With some difficulty from his damaged arm, the larger Arius manages to power up KENJI with pure strength into an earth-shaking superplex over the ropes!!! Both men slamming down to the mat as the crowd cheers for both champion and challenger. The champion strains as he crawls over to make the cover! 1....2....no! KENJI kicked out again! What will it take to get the win? The champion pulls a shaky KENJI up to his feet, gesturing for the end as he goes to apply the "Final Testimony", his brutal Dragon Sleeper finisher. KENJI jolts around in the hold as Arius begins choking out his opponent, but as Arius drops to the mat to lock in the bodyscissors, KENJI rolls through, he's got the champion's shoulders down to the mat!! 1.....2.....Arius just kicked out in time, the crowd audibly gasping as both men quickly scramble to their feet, the intensity of the match running through them. Arius and KENJI meet in the middle of the ring and both exchange snug forearms into the other's collarbone, neither man willing to give an inch. But soon, to the champion's dismay, the pain in his arm becomes too much, and his strikes grow slower, and lighter, giving the challenger the opening he needs to turn the tide. KENJI whips Arius off the ropes, jumping over him with two leapfrogs, but Arius has the dropkick scouted, pushing it out of the way. Arius runs forward for a clothesline, but KENJI counters by lifting him up onto his shoulders, no small feat given the size difference. KENJI spins around for a moment before connecting with a crisp and painful looking Ushigoroshi! Arius crumples to the mat, clutching his neck and tensing his arm. The crowd rallies behind KENJI as there is some glimmer of hope left now that the champion is down. KENJI scales to the middle rope and lands a diving knee drop onto Arius' injured arm! The champion practically bounces at the pain as KENJI quickly goes for a cover. 1....2...Arius kicks out. KENJI exhales, the strain of the match taking it's toll on both men as evident from their spent looks. KENJI crawls over and begins manipulating the arms again, could he be going for a backslide perhaps? No! He's trying to lift the champion up to hit the Gaudi Bakudan, his Gory Bomb Manoeuvre! Arius groans as he tries to fight out, just able to free his good arm. Arius escapes and tries to hit a ripcord lariat by holding onto KENJI's wrist, but no! KENJI counters into a flying armbar!!! The champion is in big trouble here! Will he tap! Arius is just able to lock his hands to block the hold, but KENJI's strategy of targeting the arms must make even that a painful feat to muster. Arius tries to use his long legs to reach the ropes, but KENJI rolls them back into the middle of the ring, transitioning to the Bermuda Triangle!!! This is it! Will the champion tap? The crowd in San Antonio is almost deafening with support for both sides. Arius screams in pain as KENJI wrenches away on his arm, while also slowly choking the consciousness out of the champion. Eventually, Arius struggles to gain a footing, but gradually gets to his feet, and breaks the hold by slamming KENJI down with a brutal deadlift powerbomb! right onto his neck! The crowd gasp, all on the edge of their seats as Arius shudders while clutching his arm, likewise for the downed and groggy KENJI, favouring his neck. Arius grunts in frustration as he drives his knee into the challenger's midsection, then picking him up on his shoulders, connecting with a huge Death Valley Driver! Arius is so overcome with adrenaline and intensity that he forgoes the pin attempt, and immediately lifts up KENJI and applies the Final Testimony again, fighting through the pain on his arm, maintaining the hold must be painful. Arius smiles as he slowly chokes the life out of KENJI, but what?!?! KENJI just reversed the Dragon Sleeper into one of his own! The crowd explode as KENJI motions to them and lands the KJR from the reversed dragon sleeper! KENJI goes for the pin!! 1.... 2.... No!! The champion refuses to give up! He's kicked out again! KENJI exhales and looks down almost in disbelief before pulling up the limp form of Arius, trying to lock the arms in again for the Horizon Suplex Hold. Arius screams against the strain and headbutts KENJI right in the nose to escape! Arius then clatters the challenger with a vicious lariat! The loopy KENJI stumbles and bounces off the ropes, but answers with a Hi Ko Kokoro!! His Bicycle Big Boot! Clean on the champion's jaw! Arius shakily stays on his feet as KENJI winds up for another, rebounding off the ropes, but Arius dodges out of the way and grabs KENJI from behind, he's going for "The Sentence", if he hits that move, it's all over! He lifts KENJI but the Supernova manages to counter into a Guillotine Choke! Unfortunately for KENJI, Arius powers out and drops KENJI with a nasty sit-out gourdbuster, the challenger going splat against the mat. Arius is on shaky legs as he looks over at his opponent, who is slowly and groggily getting to one knee. To the crowd's and Arius' surprise, KENJI just kneels there, his lip bloody from this war of a match, motioning for Arius to give him even more, the crowd cheering ever louder. The champion stands there for a moment, almost a humoured smile on his face as he downs KENJI with a brutal running knee strike. Arius is almost running on autopilot with how quickly he is transitioning from move to move. Following the knee strike, he lifts up KENJI only to spike him down with a snap DDT! Instead of going for the pin, Arius waits and watches as KENJI slowly gets up again, the defiant challenger looking Arius dead in the eyes, beckoning on more from the champion. Running forearm Smash. Inuzuma Leg Lariat. Osaka Street Cutter. All of them connect for Arius, but after all of them, KENJI still finds his way back to his feet, even using the ropes to assist. Arius' smile only grows wider each time KENJI's resolve is proven ironclad. Arius motions for the Final Testimony, spinning KENJI around, but the Sendai Supernova quickly darts around Arius and hooking the arms, looking to hit the Gaudi Bakudan again! The crowd have a brief burst of hope at KENJI's rally, but Arius keeps his bad arm well away from harm, sweeping KENJI's legs from under him. Wasting no time, and done with playing, Arius applies the Final Testimony with in the bodyscissors, finally and definitively locking in the submission hold. The crowd begin to fall quieter as KENJI's movements fade, his eyes rolling into the back of his head. But in an act of pure resilience, his hand never betrays him, nor his words of defeat. It takes the referee's call to end the match. The champion retains. Arius (c) def. KENJI via referee stoppage with a Final Testimony to retain and make his first defence of the BPZ North American Championship The orchestral strings and flashy guitar runs of Malmersteen's Fugue fill the arena as Arius releases the hold and slowly gets to his feet, his arm visibly bothering him as he motions for the referee to raise his other hand in victory before being handed his North American Championship, Rin Akane clasping the title around her client's waist. The crowd is slightly forlorn and speechless at the result they should have seen coming. While certainly a valiant and spirited effort from the challenger, The Revenant's grip on BPZ is no weaker after tonight. Both men showing and feeling the effects of the brutal contest that had just occurred. After a few moments of celebrating his title retention, Arius points as his music stops. His point is directed to the man across the ring who has just returned to consciousness and slowly standing with help from the ropes. The crowd liven up into a chorus of applause and louder "KEN-JI" chants than ever before. Even in defeat, his performance is to be commended. KENJI looks around in his admittedly, slightly delirious state at the crowd, the wells of emotion preventing even a smile, just a look of a man who is trying to process it all. He slowly turns from the crowd to face Arius, looking him straight in the eyes, even now. The expression he is met with is a small smile. Arius' facial expressions are usually so indiscernible to their real meaning that a smile could mean anything. But something told him that this was an acknowledgement of his effort. The crowd then gasp in a wave of excitement. KENJI looks around for a moment before turning back to Arius and noticing the outstretched hand of the champion, gesturing for a handshake. The BPZ Universe explode into "YES" chants at the prospect. KENJI looks at Arius intently, his hand beginning to move towards the other.....but then.......
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    The scenary takes place inside a lightless room. No light source, no nothing from anywhere, but the sounds of laughter, crying, giggling, and pain haunts the surroundings, then the sound of a flickering comes from within the darkness before a light bulb comes on, revealing the presence of Nanovirus. He stands in an empty room, but the noises remains loud and, causing the demonic being to chuckle. "Bashka. You think that you gotten the best of me? You think that you slightly exposing the unbearable Brad in me provided the weaknesses you need to beat me, right? Wrong. You think that…. You… Think… that…." The lights start flickering, the noises get louder as Nanovirus grabs his head with his left hand. He groans as he then falls to a knee, slowly saying "No… No!" before he starts yelling "NO! I GOT THIS!" before the screen goes black. The screen then starts staticing crazy as the name Nanovirus appears on the screen before the name fades out then the name "Angelo" appears on the static before the tron goes black again. The scene now turned to a bar. People sitting around, beer or shots in their hand and a smile on their face. Laughs and giggles of joy comes the males and females inside the bar, until a loud revving noise overlaps the laughter, causing everyone to stop. People look around, looking for the source of the noise before a female screams and people start running out of the way and out of the bar, and the camera catches a clear shot of someone cutting a table with a chainsaw INSIDE the bar. He laughs and sticks his tongue out crazily as the table gets sliced in half. He laughs even louder before letting out a "WOOOOO" and sets the chainsaw down. He sees the camera and smiles. "Hello! It's Angelo Caito here! I'm going to be honest, I ain't remember shit. Last thing I remember is Christina talking all her smack to me, then darkness. Quite spooky if I can tell you. HEY TRISTAN CAN I GET A BEER?!" The bartender hears this and grabs a bottle before opening it and brings it over to Angelo. He then holds her hand out, which Angelo looks at before giving a high five to her. She shakes her hand out more. Angelo sips his beer and comes to realizing what she wants. "Oh you want a tip? Oh you want the tip of this di-" She stops Angelo before telling him she wants an money tip. He realizes now before sipping his beer again. "I do got a tip better than money. The tip is….. DEEZ NUTZ! HA GOTEM!" The bartender, clearly aggravated by Angelo's childish comments, storms off behind the bar as the cameraman sits beside Angelo. He then tells Angelo everything, from him turning into Nanovirus, attacking Christina, unretiring, and now facing Bashka at Power Trip Cup and Bashka, Bailey, Josh, and Blade at Judgement Day for the World Heavyweight Championship. This leaves a blank stare on his face before shaking it off. "Well this is a surprise to me. So I'm facing Bashka? When did that couch potato return? Wait wait wait… you just said, he does movies now? You're playing? MOVIES?!?!" Now that's funny. How you gonna put a guy who can barely wrestle in a movie. How you going to put the least entertaining guy BPZ ever had and put him in a movie? What are these producers smoking man? So a rematch from 2015 huh? I remember that time period, number one contender match for the World Heavyweight Championship. And I beat that ass son! Then it took only three other guys in the match and you pinning Apex to saying "Hey look Mommy, I finally got a win over Angelo even though I didn't pin him!" Wait I brought up beating him already? For real? Damn what happened to me?" I…." Angelo then grabbed his head, it starting to pound and feel like it's beginning to drink. He looks at his beer before looking at Tristan and yells "YOU POISONED ME YOU HOOCH!" before collapsing onto the floor and then the tron going static again before "Angelo" reappears on the stage before they vanish, then the words "Brad" appears on the tron. The next scenery takes place in the BPZ arena live in Detroit, Michigan as the crowd is on their feet, excited for a action packed Carnage tonight before the lights go out. Then, a countdown on the tron starts from ten. "SHUT UP YOU IDIOTS!" The crowd roars as "Cult Of Personality" by Living Colour plays, the reaction getting even louder as Brad himself stands on the stage, a camera in his hand as he looks at the crowd, them on their feet as they haven't seen Brad as Brad since 2018 when he left Carnage and went to Evolve as Angelo Caito. He then walked down the ramp as the fans saw him as Nanovirus, Angelo Caito, and now Brad all within fifteen minutes. He enters the ring and then walks to the ropes and stares out into the crowd. His theme songs ends as Brad looks around at the crowd starts chanting "BRAD!" loudly and loudly before he grabs a microphone from the ring announcer. "DETROIT MICHIGAN!" The crowd cheers loudly. "And all of you are a jackass!" Those cheers quickly turns to boos as Brad smirks looks around, now the fans turned on him as he edges them on more and more with his hand movements before speaking. "Miss me assholes?!? One year gone from BPZ and now Brad is back! Wait a minute, what are you saying over there! Get over here junior and speak louder!" The bell keeper, Tory McDaniel walks over and walks up the steel steps and Brad lowers the microphone at his mouth. "Well sir you never left. You became Angelo Caito, stayed as him for a year before becoming Nanovirus earlier this year. You then retired before coming back and now you're facing Bashka at Power Trip Cup and in the World Heavyweight Championship match at Judgement Day. You were told this just ten minutes ago as Angelo Caito sir-" "SHUT UP YOU JUST MADE THE WALL!" Brad lifts the camera up and takes a picture of the man and sends him down, watching the man walk back to the time keeper station. "You stupid idiot. Now, I have zero clue on what you're talking about. Nanovirus and Angelo Caito are dead! They haven't been here since 2017 and they are staying there! Now this assumption I'm facing Bashka, if this is true, I'm going to feed him the fist of Brad…… I'm going to knock him out maaaaaaaaan! And Bashka, after our match, you will never, and I mean EVER, be the same, again!" Brad drops the microphone and holds his arms out as the lights go out again. The titantron plays again as it shows all three men before saying "Bashka. You will Rest In Peace" before going to "Bashka,. I'm going to kick your ass" "and then ends with "Bashka, You Just Made The Wall!" as the segment ends.
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    KENJI stands in the ring, microphone in his hands as looks around the audience who are the same waiting anxiously to see if Arius will actually make an appearance tonight on Carnage. Just as the moment seemed to pass suddenly the lights go out as the sounds of applause fill the arena for the spectacle that is in store for tonight live audience. The moment lingers before the lights start flickering white flashes as the familiar chords of Fugue by Yngwie Malmsteen begin to echo and bring the night back to life. The elated screams from the crowd begin to co-exist with the music as suddenly a spotlight appears at the top of the ramp where Rin Akane appears standing next to Arius as she holds over her shoulder the BPZ United States Championship. Having just defended it the week prior in a hard fought battle with Hans Clayton and Alex Costa. The triumphant Revenant moves down the ramp as the fans struggle against the arena security, reaching their hands over the barricade reaching for the champion. Arius blows a kiss towards the outreaching fans as he passes by, their extended hands trying to hold out for an embrace from the champion but tonight he is focused on the man in the ring. Staring right into the eyes of KENJI from ring side he moves his way up the steel steps as stands on the apron next to Rin. After whispering some words in the ear of her client, Rin Akane stays on the outside of the ropes holding on to the BPZ United States Championship as Arius goes to face his challenger. A personal microphone slides down his sleeve as he comes face to face with KENJI, the tension in the arena is building as these two men have spoken at length about each other these last few months since KENJI was announced as the number one contender for the championship. The music comes to an end and now holding the microphone in his hand as a slight smirk escapes as he steps forward So my friend, our day is finally near? I quite admire the way you have been approaching our contest. You’re seeing this as an opportunity to prove yourself, an opportunity to grab and show the world just why you’re one of the top prospects of BPZ Wrestling. The misplaced star, bringing your path from your home country to a humble completion. In fact your journey here to compete on a new stage was a brave decision not many would risk. Almost an unknown venture. Arius nods approvingly as he continues My associate Arius motions to RIn who in turn gives a half hearted wave towards KENJI, showing a expression of contempt towards the challenger has warned me on several occasions that it isn't safe to indulge you. In fact tonight she was almost insistent that I've done my due diligence already as far as addressing you these past few weeks and that now more than ever is a time for focus. That my very presence is playing into your hand. Arius lingers on the thought before he chuckles softly to himself as he turns a quick nod towards the crowd Such complex and needless trickery doesn't seem in your arsenal i'm afraid. Though there might be some truth to her warnings about indulgence but it has been truly beneficial towards the greater cause. On one hand to exhilarate the masses but on the other Arius holds up the North American Championship at his chest as he steps toward KENJI To exhilarate the competition. Arius steps back as he places the championship over his shoulder once again, pacing around his side of the ring, looking towards the ramp before continuing You know, every day we step through those doors Arius points impressions are being made. Whether they are made accurately or prematurely depends on the individual. Right now as i stare at you that is the battle i'm facing. Wondering if my initial impression of you might've have been premature or will it be proven accurate in our contest. Another great unknown perhaps? The concurrent theme this evening it seems. I've wagered a lot by embracing the unknown in my lifetime. A prime example, I didn't know what to expect going into World at War. A contest full of competitors i had come face to face with in some fort another during my career but having only met you briefly. You were a potential challenge, a hidden thorn. Of course during that match you could've easily proved yourself as a misinterpretation, becoming just another man of folly chasing ambitions too large for him to conquer. Arius smirks towards KENJI But here we are. Without a moment to react Arius holds out his free arm wide as he turns to talk to the crowd directly Fortunately for myself the unknown has kept embracing me right back, garnishing me with accolades beyond any common souls wildest dreams. Why? Because I'm willing to take that leap of faith into those dark depths and beyond. To go after what it is that I want to accomplish, and knowing the destiny i choose for myself, is all the motivation I need to keep moving forward. Arius quickly spins back around, away from the crowd as he points towards KENJI In that same unknown, the same darkness I see the same unrelenting motivation in your eyes KENJI. Tonight i see The Burning Heart staring at me and it isn't doubt that fills me, nor the thought of faltering. But excitement! Arius raises his hands in the air as he boasts for the crowd KENJI, make noise with me. Shake this company to it's very core as we showcase what potential is brewing within and what those above have to fear. KENJI is seen looking around the arena as the crowd are cheering, chanting "KEN-JI!, KEN-JI!", Arius seemingly taking in the adrenaline of the moment moves towards KENJI, stopping the momentum as he stares directly into his eyes, losing his smirk, emotionless Make no mistake. I don’t care who it is, what background they come from, but I can’t elevate this championship and this company alone. I need strong challengers for a champion to be even stronger, and THAT is what I expect from anyone who challenges me for this championship. Arius holds the BPZ North American Championship up once again, this time up high as the crowd cheer at the sight of the prize these two men desire, as he continues to speak into the microphone If you fail in this task…then you'll just be another footnote of my reign. Arius brings the championship down These last weeks you've shown that you will not falter in the presence of a daunting task and i could ask for nothing more in an opponent. At BPZ Powertrip Cup expect a true test of your resolve, your endurance, because it will a night you won't soon forget. Arius lingers as he leans into the microphone for a final time ....Don't disappoint me With those final words 'Fugue' begins to play throughout the arena as Arius nods his head towards KENJI as he steps towards the ropes, exiting towards the ramp where Rin Akane awaits with the BPZ United States Championship. Arius takes one look at his challenger before disappearing into the darkness.
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    We are mere days away from one of the most stacked BPZ events we've seen all year, an all-star card of talent which is shaping up to be an absolute must-see show, the BPZ Powertrip Cup on June 14th. The go-home episode of Carnage before the PTC opens up with the whirling and exhilarating music of the Sendai Supernova. Starting off the show with a bang as the crowd jump to their feet with cheers as the No.1 Contender to the North American Championship emerges onto the stage, soaking in the adulation from the BPZ Universe with a serious, but glowing smile. KENJI's red and gold gear shines and glimmers from the hot blaring lights overhead, tapping his finger to his ear for the crowd to chant even louder. "KEN-JI! KEN-JI! KEN-JI!" The audience, as per usual, are enamoured with his magnetism and charisma as KENJI saunters his way to the ring with an extra spring in his step, clapping hands with a few fans at the barricade. The Supernova scales the turnbuckle and poses to the crowd, pointing up to the sky before climbing back down and grabbing a microphone. KENJI holds a small smile on his face, his voice is full of conviction and intent, his infectious fire and passion on full display. "Welcome to Carnage, BPZ Universe. However this is not just any episode of Carnage, we are only a few short days away from the Powertrip Cup, and a match that has me both excited beyond words.....and dreading in equal measure. I've wanted a singles match in BPZ ever since I stepped through the door, it's what I was made for, the one-on-one contest between two gladiators of this squared circle. I gotta admit, I'm not very good at battle royals, and before World at War, I'd never even held a weapon in the ring before. But now, this is my chance to do what I came here to do, to broaden the horizons of everyone, including my opponent. On June 14th I can finally show you my wrestling, and show it to the whole world, on my terms.....if only it were that easy....." "......I'll be looking across the ring at someone that I both admire, and fear, with a championship I hold most dear hanging in the balance. My stomach is turning in knots over this match, my heart is pounding in my throat....because of this match.....I came here to prove to everyone, and most of all myself....that the potential I had in Japan was not misplaced....to prove that I am the star they failed to see..." KENJI's voice grows quieter, almost pulling the audience to the edge of their seats to hear his words "....The star I know I can be...." "But now, this is the real test of my mettle. This match will teach me a lot about you Arius, and a lot about me to you. I hope you can keep up, because you're gonna have to give much more than your all to walk out of San Antonio with both your belts. If I'm facing the lights once the dust settles, I want welts across my chest from your chops, I want bruises laid into my collar from your forearm, I want my body to be sore from the slams and suplexes, I'll have to be unconscious or on the verge of breaking from your submissions. Nothing short of that will bring you the victory you seek, Arius. Likewise, I'm going to need more resolve than I can muster in hopes of dethroning you, I will need to be the best damn wrestler I can ever hope to be to defeat you......You want competition, right? Don't worry, I'll be more than happy to give it to you. But be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it". The audience cheers emphatically as KENJI holds the microphone to his lips, looking out at the fans intently ".....BPZ Universe, my legacy, Who do you think is going to win this match?" The audience burst into thunderous chants of "KEN-JI!, KEN-JI!". The Sendai Supernova begins pacing the ring and motioning for them to get even louder, practically shaking the entire arena with their magnitude. "A couple weeks ago, a dear friend of mine said to always be myself, otherwise the victory wouldn't belong to me, and that my legacy would begin someday, but no sooner. He was right". KENJI looks around at the crowd before staring into the camera intensely. "I won't hide behind your face anymore, Arius. My legacy is what I make of it. I won't wait for a chance like this to come around again, this is my time to burn brighter than everyone else in BPZ! It's time for the potential of the Ace of Swords to finally be realised after all these years, and I choose for it to begin right now! You had best be ready, Arius, because I am the most determined man in this whole building. I am, and always will be KENJI, your next BPZ North American Champion! Arius! Get out here, I want to finally look into my opponent's eyes ahead of our match!" KENJI's bold words ring out through the arena as he drops the mic down to the mat in defiance. It looks like he's said everything he wants to say as he awaits the appearance of his Illusive opponent
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    Dallas Mavericks: Back to Glory

    Playoff Game 1 (3) DALLAS VS (6) PELICANS @American Airlines Center Mavericks Starting 5 PG: D'Angelo Russell, SG: Malcolm Brogdon, SF: Luka Doncic, PF: Kristaps Porzngis,C: Dwight Powell Pelicans Starting 5: PG: Lonzo Ball, SG: Brandon Ingram, SF: Kyle Kuzma, PF: Zion Williamson,C: Enes Kanter In the first quarter The Pelicans come out hot scoring at will and the Mavs Defense looked shellshocked. The Mavs are able to hang on into the game but at one point in the first quarter, they were down by double digits however at the end of the first quarter, The Pelicans only lead 35-30. In The Second Quater, we see and bounce back from the Mavs hitting shots they normally make, Getting open looks and Luka Doncic goes off with 10 points in the quarter. But Zion Williamson would keep the Pelicans in the game with 9 points of his own in the 2 quarter for the Pelicans. The First Half Ends 62-65 Mavs Up In The 3rd quarter, both teams play great defense which leads to each team scoring less than 25 points in the quarter. Mavs lead 86-84. In The fourth quarter the lead going back and forth from each team exchanging baskets. But in the end, D'Angelo Russell Scored every single Maverick bucket in the clutch. The Mavs have the ball with 1:20 on the clock Russell hits a step back three right in the face of Lonzo Ball. At the end of regularation, The scores is 110-106 Mavs Win Cameras in the Mavs Locker Room pick up D'Angelo Russell saying "Say I ain't-a leader again, I dare you B*tch Boy." Mavs up 1-0 In the series D'Angelo Russell: 31,5,8 Zion Williamson: 30,11,4 Luka Doncic 25,7,6 Lonzo Ball 15,7,10 Other News: (3) Raptors win game 1 vs (6) Magic (4) Hawks win Game 1 vs (5) Celtics
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    THE GOAT plays as the still 6 Time BPZ WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD The Bailey makes his way to the ring just days after Mayhem where we saw him beat 3 other men to retain the title. FINALLY...... The Bailey has come back to Jacksonville Florida... The Bailey is gonna make this quick because quite frankly the Bailey doesn't have much to say. The Bailey is gonna be honest here The Bailey is stumped. The Bailey has run out of things to say about 3 Particularl individuals that just Won't go away. There like 3 little mosquitos that just keep coming back even when you come so close to killing them. In fact the Bailey isn't gonna even mention there names but the fact is The Bailey has already beaten all 3 of them and if they all really want another ass whopping then fine they can get another ass whopping at Judgment Day. The Bailey has 1 particular persona he wants to speak on. You alll know this man. Hes one of the Bailey's greatest Rivals. And hes just finally returned to BPZ. That man is Bashka. Now The Bailey and Bashka go way way back. We go so far back that Bulldozer was still crapping in his diapers.... Oh he still does that my bad. We go so far back to a time where believe or not Flynn was actually relevant. The Bailey knows crazy right Flynn actually being Relevant imagine that. The point is we go way back. The Bailey in fact has been whopping Bashkas ass since the day he came to this company. The Bailey won his first World Championship in March of 2015. He won his first World Championship in May of 2015. 4 years later The Bailey is main eventing BPZMANIA and becoming a 6 TIME 6 TIME BPZ WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD. While Bashka is a 3 time World Heavyweight Champion and the last time he won it was in 2015. Get the Picture. Get the difference. There is no comparison between Bashka and The Bailey. Bashka isnt on the Bailey's level. He never was or will be. And at Judgment Day that wont change. Bashka i promise you this at Judgment Day the Bailey is whopping your Candy Ass. The Bailey will Layeth the SMACKDOWN on your Candy Ass in front of the MILLIONS and Millions of Bailey Fans. Then The Bailey is gonna check you into the Smackdown Hotel on Jaborni Lane. Then The Bailey is Gonna take one of the Hotel Lamps turn that bitch sideways and shove it right up your Candy Ass. This Match is no joke to me. This one is personal. You've been gone for so long people thought you were retried. Well the Bailey is gonna make sure you do go into Retirement. BECAUSE IF YOU A SMEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLL WHAT THE BAILEY IS COOKING
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    "Déjà Vu"

    {Carnage TV is interrupted momentarily with the sound of a car engine. The sound echo's throughout the arena as those in attendance scramble their minds to try and find a reasoning for this. The titantron then cuts to black, before it switches to the camera lens of a phone to which Julius stands in his car. He surveys his surroundings before steering the wheel to the right and parking the car off the side of the road. He undoes his Seat belt and runs his hands through his face before focusing his attention on the Phone} "When something important comes into the forefront of your mind sometimes you need to let it out, you need to let it be heard and this is exactly what I'm doing. I'm not in that stupid building, I'm not scheduled to appear on this show, I do what I want when I want and there isn't a thing anyone in this company can do to stop me. What I bring to you today is a notion or a feeling that almost every single person watching this has felt in their lifetime, as a matter of fact I'm feeling it right now. It's a little something called Déjà Vu, the feeling that one has lived through the present situation before and everything I'm seeing is oh so familiar" "Everything I see, every emotion I feel it's the exact same thing from two months ago. Just have a look at this" {Julius reaches behind him and brings out a Wrestling Magazine with BiC's face plastered on the front} "Every magazine, every radio show or podcast is saying the exact same thing that was already said and it amuses me. It makes me realise how intellectually lacking each and every one of you are, you latch on to the newest momentous superstar and buy in to all their bullshit without making an educated analysis on the reliability of their statements. All of you, every single one of you believe in the hype that surrounds BiC and it infuriates me. Maybe this is all my fault, maybe I didn't inflict enough damage, maybe I didn't put that dog down. I may have made that mistake in the past, but I will not make that mistake again" "I saw what you had to say BiC, and yes it was motivational it was uplifting but it was the same re-run of what you said in the lead up to our match at Backlash. You promised a victory, you promised a win not for just yourself but for all the people in the BPZ Universe but of course you failed. You let them all down and you made yourself look like an ignorant fool in the process and I know you BiC I know what your capable of and I know how your mind works. You are a master in the art of delusion and manipulation. You can make yourself look more appealing than you actually are and all of these people buy into it. Not me, I've been in the ring with you and I know who the real you is. You're average you have no uplifting qualities and it was highlighted in your downfall at Backlash. I'm not easily manipulated BiC I'm just a realist and I know that what you show on television and what you produce to the people in the build to this match isn't anything close to what you are truly capable of it's all just a facade" "The funny thing about momentum and public support is that is works in two ways. On one side you have the hero and on the other the Villain. There is all this talk about the Hero overcoming the odds, defeating this vile inhumane creature and he feeds off of it. In this scenario I have been given the role of the Villain, a role I play very very well. I don't care for how the people see me I only have one critic and that is myself. What you are all too blind to see is that this "Support" for BiC urges me, gives me a reason to bury his face into the ground. You see there isn't a more joyful sight in this world than seeing the distraught the horror on the faces of the people once their hero is dead, the realisation that fairytales don't exist and that happy endings are never achieved. I live for that." "You may have a way with words BiC, but words don't win you wars. Actions do. Now I'm going to foreshadow something for you, when we fight on June 14th I WILL decimate you and I WILL beat you, you're facade will once again be exposed and I will be on my way to becoming the new Undisputed Champion of the world. What you will witness at the Power-Trip Cup Finals is the feeling of Déjà Vu" {Julius rips the phone off of its stand as the feed cuts to black. We return back to the Carnage arena to resume the show}
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    Backstage at mayhem a table is set up, a title stand is in place, FDS stumbles backstage carrying the Premium Championship over his shoulder, he takes the title and places it on the title stand quite elegantly and then points at it. Look at that! Remember how you all said I need to go hardcore in order to win? Well would ya look at that title right there! I didn’t need to go hardcore once to win tonight, I barely left the ring in tonight’s match and I still became champion. I didn’t hit my opponent with any weapons, I don’t low blow my opponents and I didn’t cheat and yet the fans still boo me, you know why? Because I tell the truth, Because I am deserving of this title! FDS sits down in the chair provided. It has been over a year since I have been a champion in fact, the last time I was at Mayhem I lost the tag team championships with Jonathan, tonight I proved something, I proved to everybody that I don’t need to be a part of a group and I don’t need to be a novelty act to win a championship. What I did in that match wasn’t for entertaining people and It wasn’t to help benefit a larger organism by winning it. I won this title for me and me alone and this division now belongs to me. Marker, I’ll admit you took the fight to me and you were very well prepared tonight… but well prepared enough. You didn’t think I knew what I was doing? I think you thought I was still fixated on the hardcore styles, you thought I would fight you in the way that entertains these people but no no tonight I had a technical wrestling masterpiece planned and I showed everybody the athletic prowess of the Wrestler! So MARKER my question is, what’s next for you? Actually, you know what? I don’t care. MARKER you can go and do whatever you want, you can challenge anyone want, you can challenge me again for this belt but let me just tell you this: I will beat you again if you come after me again. Simple as that. Aaron, you thought by being the wild card and challenging last minute you’d throw me and MARKER off our games but no, you didn’t and you failed. You beat in the Power Trip Cup, good job you were impressive that night but you can’t beat me at my technical best. You may have beaten the novelty side of me designed to entertain these heathens but you can’t beat the athlete, the specimen, the physically most perfect wrestler in the business today. You can call yourself the perfect one all you want but you can’t deny that tonight you made a mistake, you showed your imperfection and you lost to the wrestler. I have a feeling this isn’t the last i’ve seen of you but I wish you good luck on your journey through BPZ, I’m not going to deny you have a lot of potential and I’ve seen it but that doesn’t mean for a second that you were ever going to beat me in this match or ever again. So enjoy that victory from the power trip cup because I guarantee you, it won’t be happening again. Finally, I don’t have an opponent for the power trip cup but I’m sure a certain general manager/world champion will have something for me. But until then, I guess i’ll just look forward to seeing who my next challenger is for this big gold beautiful belt. FDS grabs the championship and he’s about to leave but suddenly, he’s somebody off camera walking towards him, he looks confused. And What in the hell do you think you’re doing here?
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    All Those Moments

    We're reaching the final few matches of BPZ Mayhem, in a brief moment's respite from a brutal and impressive athletic contest. Curiously, the bright lights of the arena grow dark as the long lost "Break Heart" theme bounces off the arena walls. There is an audible gasp from the crowd who suddenly leap up from their seats, they hadn't expected to see him on tonight of all night. They cheer and clap wildly for a man they have not seen in person for many long weeks. Too long. The audience roars with cheers as the Supernova, KENJI, appears from the stage. The noise pounds through the arena as he smiles to the crowd, making his way down to the ring. He stops half way down the ramp, as he would usually do, that same infectious, hopeful glint in his eye to match the smile on his face. However, he pauses. He doesn't gesture to the BPZ Universe, not in the same way at least. His finger drops from his ear as he closes his eyes and just listens......listens to their voices. Their chants of "KEN-JI! KEN-JI!". He does not gesture for more, as the ovation is already too great. He makes his way down to the ring and scales the turnbuckle, taking in the love before picking up a microphone. He holds it to his lips and pauses for a while, looking down at the mat, but his gaze slowly rises to meet the BPZ Universe. His eyes shimmer with enjoyment, like a painter returning to the easel after months kept away from what they love. ".....Long time no see, I've missed you guys" The Audience cheer loudly as pockets of "KEN-JI" and "Welcome back" chants break out across the arena. Even some "Missed you too" chants. "It's been too long since I've stepped in this ring, and looked at all of you. It's unfortunate but I've been shying away from it a little. I've been up on the titantron, going to a stage show, and back home to Sendai. It's been so long since I've heard your cheers loud and in person that I'd almost forgotten. Almost". "My opponent fought valiantly and strong today, no doubt celebrating and recovering from his match. I congratulate you on yet another successful title defence, what is that now? 3? Maybe even 4? It's very impressive, I truly mean that. That is at least part of why I haven't interrupted anything with yourself, Alex and Hans. That's why I didn't come out at the end of your match, it was out of respect for you, and your ever-growing legacy. Because that is not my time to glow. It was not my moment, and not my place to sully it. All those moments belongs to you, Arius, and you alone". KENJI sighs for a moment and exhales slowly before returning to the microphone. "The other reason is harder to admit to anything, because I almost wasn't aware of it. But I think I am, deep down, a bit scared of this. Why else would I elect to speak from the safety of home? Fly out to another country? Perhaps you're right, Arius, maybe coming up short all these times is finally cracking the glass. I don't have this dominant aura of victory behind me, no star-studded hall of championships and accolades in my past, nor a manager at my side. I have no legacy. But my opponent is already forging their own right this very moment....." KENJI pauses again, producing the ghoul mask gifted by Arius from his jacket pocket, looking at it intently "Legacy....it's what is left of us when we leave this world, right? What we're truly remembered for. Arius has his devout 'ghouls', they follow and hang on his every word, be that through love or fear. Rin Akane is ever loyal to his cause, and, his short history is already wreathed in gold. Sounds like quite the legacy already, to me. So many moments that ring in harmony around and for the name 'Arius'. I didn't know how I could measure to that. I've fallen short twice before, I'm even yet to have a victory here in BPZ. Our paths couldn't be more different. "I think that is where my fear comes from. Walking the knife's edge between legacy....and obscurity. That's what this match is, in the end. In retrospect, If I lose, I would just be another notch on the belt, another statistic, a footnote.....another moment for you". The audience fall on curious silence that is almost piercing as KENJI pauses. His voice is smaller and quizzical. "Do you guys think I'm a footnote?" The settling silence of the crowd is suddenly broken like a rock to a still pond as voracious chants of "No!" and KEN-JI" break out from the invested audience. KENJI can't help but smile warmly and look around the arena as the BPZ universe stand to their feet. KENJI's voice grows stronger, bursting with conviction. "I'm glad you disagree, I don't think I am either. You see that is where we differ most of all, Arius. You have your moments of gold and grace, history will remember you for that.....But that is not my way.....I don't have my moments conjured up like that......" KENJI holds out a hand to the crowd, slowly spinning on his heel to look at them all. "My moments are just like this. because of them. I do have a legacy after all, and it is right here in front of me, because of them. The histories may not remember me here, but the faces I see will never forget!" KENJI then goes still for a moment before dropping the ghoul mask to the mat. Leaving it there to rest. The crowd explodes into rapturous applause and chants, their feet stamping into the ground. "Enjoy your moment while it lasts, Arius, have tonight for yourself. Because in just a couple weeks time, it will be decided. This love from the BPZ Universe is far more powerful than any fear I have of you. Give me your absolute best, because I won't accept anything less. The match will be something to behold for sure, but I will not simply be another moment for your legacy. Win or Lose, I will etch my mark on you, as I have done with everyone watching right now, I can ensure you of that. The crowd cheer wildling and shower the Supernova in "KEN-JI" chants as he drop the microphone and exits the ring
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    ECW 2001 - The Land of Extreme

    January 26th 2001 ECW Hardcore TV ECW opens with a match as Joey Styles welcomes everybody to ECW Hardcore TV. Little Guido makes his entrance alongside Tony Mamaluke, who will be singles action tonight as he will go one on one with ECW’s newest prospect, AJ Styles! Styles makes his entrance as he looks like he’s ready to put on a show for the ECW Crowd. In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, AJ Styles defeated Little Guido in 12:19 by pinfall with a Styles Clash. 62 C A fantastic match up between Guido and AJ, Joey says. AJ Styles is definitely the future of wrestling as the crowd clap for AJ Styles in the ring as he takes a bow. Backstage segment, we see RVD and Bill Alfonso. Alfonso is yelling at the camera, saying Jerry Lynn is nothing but a filthy, punk, and there is no bigger superstar then Mr. Pay Per View! RVD then says Alfonso right, Lynn is just jealous that he is liked more by the ECW fans and he isn’t and that's perfectly fine says RVD. But Rob Van Dam starts to get serious as RVD is gonna make Jerry Lynn pay what he did last week and will tore the house down and walk out victorious. Why? Because he’s Rob Van Dam, The Whole Fucking Show. Alfonso is whistling intensely as we move to our next contest. 84 B+ The Man Beast known as, Rhino is up next as he goes one on one with Paul London who is trying to make a name for himself. London looks scared but he looks ready to go toe to toe with the ECW Television Champion. In an extremely short match, Rhino defeated Paul London in 5:11 by pinfall with a Gore. 64 C After the match Juventud music starts playing as Rhino was expecting Juvi to come running down but Juvi comes out from behind with a steel chair to get an upperhand at Rhino ahead of their match at Guilty as Charged. Rhino gets out of the ring as Juvi is laughing holding the chair up high. 83 B+ Kid Kash and Super Crazy are backstage with Joel Gertner talking about they are ready to take the ECW tag division by storm, and that all starts by becoming the Tag Team Champions. They say they will defy logic, take flight, win those belts! Then, Sinister Minister interrupts them and warns Crazy Kash, that they regret ever messing with the Unholy Alliance. 62 C Before his match with Spike Dudley, Cena is on the entrance way rapping about the muscles he has, what Spike Dudley wishes he could have. He then told Spike to hit the weights, and go eat some nuts he's gonna turn that smile into a frown, as The Doctor is gonna check him out of town. In an extremely short match, John Cena defeated Spike Dudley in 3:51 by pinfall with a F-U 49 D+ John Cena wins, he takes the mic and says he will be at Gulity as Charged for an open challenge to anyone in the ECW locker room, as he feels the Doctor can’t be let off the PPV. Word Life! The Sandman is in the ring cutting a promo while drinking a beer. He says that no matter how good Corino is, he's just a punk ass bitch, who just wants to ruin everyone’s fun. He says that the ECW Championship will be his by the end of the night at Guilty as Charged. Sandman sits ringside as he watches tonight's main event. 77 B It's time for our Main event as once again Shane Helms is looking to prove he got what it takes to be here in ECW, as he goes one on one with the Champ. In a bout that had great wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, Steve Corino defeated Shane Helms in 12:56 by pinfall with an Old School Expulsion. 66 C+ Corino celebrates after the match as Sandman looks on. Corino points at Sandman and hold his title up high to end the show. Overall Show Rating: 72 B-
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    ______________________________________________________________________________ Previously on Carnage, a suited Arius is seen sitting in his locker room within the arena. Legs crossed he is leaning back upon the black cushioned chair with the BPZ North American and United States Championships resting upon pillowed comfort on the coffee table in front. Rin Akane, coming off her press event appearance the previous week, stands a few steps behind him concentrating on her phone as she conducts her business, giving quick momentary glances towards the screen as Arius catches the beginging sounds of "Power Glove - Firebird" As the segment continues Arius finds himself walking towards the television, resting his hands against the wall watching closely as he takes in what KENJI has to say. As the segment nears the end Arius is seen smirking towards Rin with a shake of his head in amusement but in return she shares an unimpressed glare, taking the remote from the table and turning the screen off. In unison the current broadcasting screen turns black. ______________________________________________________________________________ With Carnage now completed for another week the fans are abuzz, talking about the upcoming Mayhem event and the ongoing Powertrip Cup as competitors and champions alike fight to be heard. The following day an impromptu video message appears out of the blue on the social media accounts and official website for BPZ Wrestling. With no leading title to speak of fans curiously click on the video player displayed on the front page wondering what could be in store. At first glance the screen shows cut together phone footage from fans live in attendance recording the titantron. The footage though at times unfocused shows the playing vignette from KENJI that was showed live on Carnage, from his hometown he addresses the crowd and his future opponent. The perspective changes a few times switching between different vantage points of the arena, cutting quickly to key words in the segment as the crowd soak in what he has to say. From a small dot on the screen the light reemerges on this pre-recorded video, a white gloved hand pressed against a steel door our first glance on what is in store, dragging his fingers across the steel he moves to the handle as he pushes through. We hear the creaking of the ageing door echo through this room as it is being swung upon and the following loud bang as it closes shut behind him. The camera follows Arius, keeping the perspective lower on the ground as Arius finishes off his coffee, placing the disposable cup on top of a lone circular table as he passes through to the centre of the room. Dressed elegantly in black, a chair sits in front of the camera illuminated by the skylights above. Arius moves his hand across the arm of the chair briefly before continuing to pace around the room. Layer upon layer... Looking towards the camera from a distant he decides instead to look up towards the skylight, the sounds of loose gravel catching beneath his feet as he begins to speak You know, I've taken plenty of time to look up and down and all around this company during my short time here in BPZ Wrestling. Whose done this. Whose accomplished that. Those that got the opportunities and achieved greatness by seizing them, those who failed to take advantage at their momentum and fall to obscurity. You could consider quite a few in this company right now live inside a perpetual limbo..becoming "The future of pro wrestling!" while yelling at an unenthusiastic audience. Arius finally makes it to the chair as he sits and leans against the back, holding two fingers against his lips and his thumb under his chin as he continues Everyone, however unique they claim to be, eventually falls into a category. Society dictates that is how we shall exist, with labels to help us better comprehend each other. Example you provided KENJI. I sit here labelled a coward? Arius chuckles as he leans on his hand against the arm of the chair A charming notion. Me, apprehensive of the lights and glamour, shying away from men and women on edge in a room desperately looking to prod me for their next headline? I'm starting to feel I've yet to make an impression if you walk away such ideas.That or perhaps Rin truly unnerved you during your meeting... Arius leans back once again, his expression showing wonder Hm..but the straw that broke the KENJI's back? His apparent fixation on an absentee day and look at where this has gotten you. All this built up frustration from an empty chair, watching you back in your hometown you exemplify unease walking under those city lights. Leading us here, airing your grievances by...let's see, ah yes, flying out to the other side of the world to address me? KENJI, i'm almost flattered. You got further away from me than i ever could've dreamed of. Arius calls the camera forward as he leans up from his chair Now don't make me fear you're not the competitor i thought you were? Throwing a verbal punch before hastily taking five steps backwards to avoid the very idea of what would follow. Arius pushes the camera back as he flops back down in his chair, crossing his legs and looking to the side of the room Crossing seas and home comforts can't do much for you heading into our match. You've left yourself exposed, quite charmingly though. What were those crucial words? Arius conducts the air as he recites the quote "but nothing such in return....." Arius slaps his hand against the arm of the chair in amazement So is THAT what you need from me KENJI? An expression of respect, my approval? I thought...no, no we both know your'e above such low hanging sentiments. In an industry built upon vile and backhanded compliments, words will not cover actions and i feel you haven't been paying close enough attention to my actions if you feel there isn't admiration. Airus leans forward I know what type of competitor you are. We're doing what we were destined to do, and we're willing to go out there and do it to the best of our abilities, that of which got us here to this point. Though this journey has graced me much more kindly Arius moves his hand across his shoulders you could say I've ventured and gained aplenty. This chapter so far shows to me at least that you do things on your own terms where I ultimately want and do continually get that job done. Arius sighs as he runs his hand through his hair calmly But...i'm afraid at some point this positive light you bring to BPZ can't make up for this chronic case of coming up short. I very much want you to keep pushing no matter the circumstances, to push the limits within in yourself and in turn maybe make me a better competitor, to prolong me being a better champion...but that doesn't mean I'm gonna let you push through me. And it certainly doesn't mean i'm going to coach you through this championship match with kind reminders. You want me to bring my best? Arius turns his head and stares into the camera, eyes wide That isn't even a question. I bring my best to each match hoping to be proven wrong and i won't tolerate any less from you. I see such waste in this company but i endure. The prospect of bringing out the best of what they could be, casting away their stagnation and instead igniting a more focused competitor...When i step in the ring at Powertrip Cup event this will be no different. Arius takes a handkerchief from his inside jacket pocket, unfolding it with a flick in the air and covering it over his hand. Looking down from the camera he rubs it vigorously around the left eye, removing the thickly layered paint . This isn't a hand held venture. I intend to be the road block that you can't surpass When he is finished he drops the handkerchief to the side of his leg as he looks up to the camera once more now showing a purposely exposed quarter of his face to those watching, a grin slips across this face Layer upon layer cast away, in the end there is only Arius and always will be. The camera fades to black as Arius pushes the camera to the ground out of view
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    With Mayhem fast approaching, and the Powertrip Cup reaching the latter stages, the Carnage titantron flips over to a pre-taped segment. The screen shows a city skyline from the perspective from a highrise apartment, empty and adorned with a modern and sleek decor. The sun disappears behind the skyline in a time lapse until only the deep dark of night is left. The window sits open slightly, the curtain lightly swaying with the gentle breeze. It is illuminated with the orange-yellow light of the sunset, the horizon pierced by the protruding spikes of numerous skyscrapers on the horizon. Their countless windows like eyes peering out from the evening night. Glowing neon of the night life blooms like exotic spring flowers down in the streets below. The camera pans through the open window into the freeing skies. A small tag appears in the corner of the screen as an unusual synthwave track begins to play as the screen dips down, tracking down the side of the tall building, all the way down to the neon streets, glowing like a circuit board. SENDAI, MIYAGI PREFECTURE, JAPAN As the camera levels out, resting on the busy streets. The rainbow lights are almost blinding in the bustling streets, the camera wading through the crowds to find a man in a white suit, with sweeping brown hair. He is walking casually through the masses of people down in the trenches, facing away from the camera. It's KENJI. The music syncs up with imagery of retro gaming on the massive light boards overlooking the roads. The music lowers in volume as KENJI's voice is heard over the retro montage "Home is where the heart is. As it should be. I am no exception. There is nothing more satisfying than returning home after venturing out into the world, and making your mark. Without that desire, or ambition, home can feel a bit hollow. I was numb to the comforts of home before I came to BPZ. It's not a reward when you don't feel satisfied inside. I came to BPZ for the challenge, it's what I live and breathe for. So when I do return home, I can sit back, take a breath, and have it feel earned". "Even with all the lights and life, wrestling wasn't big here, not like Tokyo or Osaka. I never belonged here, in this neon jungle. venturing out here was into the unknown, as much as anywhere else. To make it to where I am, the work was thrice fold, and the sacrifices even more, and I've only just begun. All the while, I keep respect for myself, and my opponents. I keep walking this road, this long road....but something is in the way...." Some of the neon screens in the Sendai city streets flicker with static and begin to display the dark onyx ghoul mask for a brief moment "Something isn't right at the moment, the puzzle isn't complete, not yet anyway. I'm walking the streets of my hometown, but it doesn't feel earned. It doesn't feel like I've completed the next step in my journey....you're probably wondering why. Over what feels like many weeks, that ladder match has all I've been thinking about. The summit, the drop, and what came after. I thought my next step would be to learn from you, Arius, but now I'm not so sure. I have expressed my respect for you countless times before, but nothing such in return....." "What's the matter? Not a fan of a few microphones and journalists? Prefer to have your director do the talking for you? Perhaps her carrying the belts is more fitting then, seeing as the courtesy of showing up was clearly beneath you. Or better yet, perhaps your North American Championship would be better served around my waist, rather than on Rin's shoulder. What was that phrase she said to me?....." 虎穴に入らずんば虎子を得ず "If you do not enter the tiger's cave, you will not catch it's cub.....a very ponderous phrase, isn't it? Said that I was too afraid to make it to that elusive "next level". Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Seems that you've fallen on your own....or should I say, your director's words, Arius. I don't see you an our press conference, you're a ghost backstage, ever since that fateful day of World at War. Only your theatrics from afar, that's all we've had. You wound me with your presence, or lack their of". The neon boards flicker again, glimpsing a sword pointed down to the ground. The neon lights fill the screen, dissipating to show an empty arena, with KENJI standing in the middle of a BPZ ring "Nothing ventured, nothing gained.....the tiger is dangerous, only the foolhardy would dare enter it's cave so they said. But may I offer a new perspective.....it is not the hunter that is misplaced, it is the tiger. They wait in their cave because they're anxious. Scared of what might be right outside their door, refusing to leave the comforts of their own complacency. Too wrapped up in the bubble of home. Who knows what could be waiting for them. Hiding behind their masks.....the paint....their associates....the curtain of the stage. I am as much a threat to you, as you are to me. The bell tolls, Arius.....soon enough, time will run out, and you will have to come face-to-face with me. None of your many faces, or smoke and mirrors will be able to save you. Your mask will be lifted, I can assure you of that. The darkest hours all fade, Arius, thanks to the horizon". "I don't want you to cower away anymore, it's a disservice to both myself, and to you...wouldn't want this to play out as your tragedy now would we?". KENJI winks at the camera as the screen fades to black, ending the segment
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    The Akki

    The Mave Effect: Introduction

    'Revive' by HeelAkki plays as manager Akki shows up on the stage with a bright smile on his face, a magical grey suite and tie as he walks down the ramp over to the ring. We're live during Carnage as the crowd is very neutral against Akki's appearance here. Akki enters the ring and picks up the microphone. His theme song stops playing and he starts speaking. Hello lades and gentlemen. My name is HeelAkkki and tonight I don't stand here as a wrestler but I actually stand here as a manager for the next up and coming NXT Wrestler. My client is known by the name of The Demon Mave who recently has left the jobber crew a.k.a the incest squad a.k.a the jobber group. He's not here with me tonight cause he got pulled out of the arena for dropping a beautiful promo. He sort of deserved it, I don't really care, because I know Mave doesn't need a promo to prove how good he is. Mave is unique is something that some of you are saying and It's true, Mave is the most unique wrestler out of the entire NXT Roster because Mave can win a championship without doing the work. I know everyone is like 'Oh Akki's going off track and not making sense just like Mave'. And yes I am not making sense but it will make sense until you see it yourself. At the NXT Battle Royal, everyone in that match will witness the Mave effect. The shivering feeling down their body, the goosebumps as Mave walks down that stage just to lift that championship up minutes after he destroys everyone in that match. I don't know anyone in that match except for Bulldozer. Now Bulldozer is a wrestler that made it in the BPZ after hard works in the indy scenes, but so did Mave. So why is Mave unique outside and inside the ring? I DON'T EVEN KNOW. But as you see for yourself, THE MAVE EFFECT is hitting me good. And soon it will hit you, and you, and you, and everyone who puts eyes on The Demon Mave. I'm keeping it short tonight becasue this was just the INTRODUCTION!
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    We come to you live here from the Fedex Forum in Memphis Tennessee for the final match of the BPZ Power-Trip Cup second round where the "Death Machine" Julius takes on the "Phenomenal" Hans Clayton. We have already seen some big wins tonight with BiC continuing his run of excellent form defeating Aaron North, Bob Sparks continuing his meteoric rise to the top with another impressive display, this time taking down Yelich and then most recently Jonathan keeping his run of good form alive with a win over Prince, he now awaits one of these two men in the semi-finals. Tonight will we see a Massacre in Memphis or will we be exposed to a music city miracle, this is the Main Event, Julius vs Hans We kick things off with the "Phenomenal" Hans Clayton making his way out to a raucous reception from this capacity crowd. He has spoken a big game and now when the lights shine the brightest we will truly see what this young man is made. He looks confident, calm and collected, understanding the War he is about to walk into as he looks to make a Semi-Final berth in the Power-Trip Cup As Hans prepares himself in the ring, the lights in the Fedex Forum dim as "Gallantry" begins to play. After about 20 seconds Julius steps out onto the ramp with one sole spotlight following him down the ramp. He stops to take a look at the capacity crowd before raising his Intercontinental Championship above his head as the lights in the arena turn back on. Julius stares intently at Hans as he confidently marches down to the ring. As both men stand in their respective corners the referee calls for the bell to begin this Second-Round match To begin the match, Julius stalks his prey walking circles around Clayton before getting himself ready and engaging in a lock up. Almost immediately it is Julius who is able to gain the upper hand overwhelming Hans with his strength before shoving him to the mat. Julius then proceeds to taunt Hans laughing at his opponents attempt to match his strength before begging him to get up and try again. Once Hans gets back up to his feet, both men once again lock up but this time Hans uses his quickness to spin around Julius and kick him in the hamstring causing the Australian to yelp in pain. As Julius heads towards the corner to recover from the hit Hans takes his turn to taunt the Australian Animal asking him if that's all he's got. Understandably, this infuriates Julius who shakes off the pain and immediately charges at Hans, but similarly to their confrontation on Carnage Hans moves out of the way at the right time allowing him to hit a dropkick to the back of Julius' neck sending him into the ropes before following it up with a running forearm, sending the big man to the floor. After taking the hit, Julius rolls to the outside of the ring to regather his thoughts and reassess the situation as Hans plays up to the crowd. Once again this enrages Julius who jumps up onto the ring apron to enter the ring but is met with another standing dropkick sending him to the outside once again. As Julius gets up to his feet, he pushes away a cameraman in frustration before turning into an amazing suicide dive from Clayton Already this talented young man has given the Memphis natives belief as he takes control of the match in its early days. Wasting no time however, Hans smartly stays on the assault hitting a beautiful standing moonsault on the outside before dragging Julius back into the ring to continue his damage. As he waits for Julius to get back to his feet, Hans waits on the ring apron and just as Julius gets up he launches himself up and delivers a springboard forearm which once again floors the IC champ before going for the first pinning predicament of the night however Julius kicks out at only the count of one. Hans continues his offence, targeting the right leg of Julius looking to take away what could be his most dangerous weapon the Claymore kick. He locks in a kneebar but Julius is immediately able to grab the ropes stopping any chance of damage. Hans once again looks to target the leg of Julius, wrapping it across the ring ropes before kick away at them to the count of 10 before the referee breaks it up. Hans then runs to the other side of the ring and launches himself at Julius hitting a forearm smash in the corner As Julius stumbles back into the center of the ring Hans hits a step-up enziguri dropping Julius on his knees before connecting with a running bulldog for another close fall. Hans realises that he has Julius in a prime position and heads to the top rope looking for the Shooting Hans press but just as he is about to launch, Julius rolls out of the ring to a chorus of boos from the Memphis faithful. Hans however re-figures his plan and jumps off the ropes and hits a splash to the outside however he is pushed by Julius on Impact sending him crashing into the barricade. Hans immediately clutches at his ribs as he screams in pain. Julius is the first one to get to his feet and immediately realises Hans clutching his mid-section, the Death Machine then locks in his target and starts delivering brutal knee blows to Hans' mid-section before throwing him into the ringpost. Julius then lifts Hans and looks to powerbomb him onto the ring apron but Hans jumps out of it onto the apron and looks to kick Julius' head off but his leg is caught allowing Julius to raise him up once again and launch him into the barricade, taking a nasty bump in the process Now Julius starts taking control of the match, throwing Hans into the ring and once again stalking his prey. Julius waits until Hans gets onto his knees before hitting an impressive Deadlift Vertical Suplex before letting the fans know how great he is. He then cockily starts kicking the head of Hans before stooping down to his level, grabbing him by his hair and shouting "You're not so special are you" before slapping Clayton across the face. He then laughs at Hans' fallen body shouting to the fans "Is this what all of the excitement was all about?" Julius then picks up Hans once again and sets him up for his patent Crucifix Powerbomb Julius keeps the hold and goes for the cover 1..2.. but Hans breaks out much to the surprise of the Intercontinental Champion. Hans continues clutching at his ribs causing the referee the come to his aid to determine whether or not he can continue with this match. Seeing this, Julius sits in the corner of the ring watching as a Hawk as Hans struggles to his feet. Hans pushes away the referee as Julius comes charging towards him, only for him to be shoved into the ringpost as Hans escapes barely. Julius falls into the centre of the ring and Hans realises the opportunity in his grasp and hits the Lionsault!! Hans however can't roll over to make the cover as he once again clutches at his ribs coughing violently before spitting some blood onto the white canvas. Hans slowly gets back to his feet and rises to the top rope setting up for a 450 splash but Julius moves out of the way sending Hans crashing onto the canvas in a heap. Julius then rises to his feet and walks over to the fallen body of his opponent and once again deadlifts him up onto his shoulders before hitting a Samoan drop. Instead of going for the cover however, Julius sets up in the corner of the ring looking to hit the Discuss Forearm onto his opponent. As Hans gingerly gets back to his feet, Julius rushes at him looking to hit the discuss forearm but Hans pushes the referee in his direction who is met by a brutal elbow knocking him to the ground. Julius looks on in shock at what has just transpired before cursing in Hans' direction and delivering a big boot sending the Extraordinary one back to the mat. Julius then stands in the ring thinking about what to do next before a rye smile begins to appear on his face. Julius exits the ring and begins searching underneath looking for a weapon to cause some more damage. He pulls out a Kendo stick and smacks it against the barricade testing it out before slowly creeping his way back into the ring. He then twirls the Kendo stick in his hands as he walks towards Hans ready to strike when suddenly It's BiC!! Julius looks like he has just seen a ghost as Hans' tag-team partner and friend rushes his way down to the ring. He rolls into the ring to which Julius responds by swinging the Kendo Stick in his direction only to miss and be caught by a bicycle knee sending him down. As Julius rolls to the outside of the ring, BiC rushes over to Hans and helps him to his feet before rolling back outside and continuing the fight against Julius. BiC gets some punches in before Julius pushes him away as Hans delivers an awe-inspiring Fosbury Flop which causes the Fedex Form to become unglued Hans has found some new Energy and urges the crowd to get behind him as the referee begins to stir. Hans rolls Julius back into the ring and heads to the top rope hitting the 450 splash for the 1..2.. NO Julius kicks out at the last second. Hans looks over to BiC his face filled with uncertainty. BiC barks at Hans to keep fighting as he once again heads to the top rope looking for the shooting Hans press. He flies off the top rope but see's Julius dodge out of the way and land on his feet. He goes to clothesline the big man but misses leading to the Hell's Welcome!! 1..2..2.5 NO HANS KICKS OUT. Julius can't believe it as he pleads with the referee. He puts his head in his hands and heads to the corner looking for the Claymore Kick to finish it all off. BiC however pulls his partner out of the ring to let him recover, but Julius was having none of it as he runs the ropes and hits an amazing Tope Suicida taking out both Hans and BiC as the fans gasp in shock! Julius then throws BiC into the steel steps taking him out of action before rolling Hans back into the ring and looking to finish the job. He once again sets up for the Claymore Kick but once again Hans evades and delivers a beautiful Pele kick sending the IC champ to the ground. Hans then heads to the top rope, looks around the crowd, gestures a cross with his hands before going for the insanely rare Spinal Tap only for Julius to move out of the way at the very last second. Both men are down and the fans erupt into a "This is awesome chant". As both men slowly get to their feet, Hans passion and aggression is smeared all over his face as he starts battering Julius with elbows and fists before running the ropes looking for a springboard moonsault only to be caught by a CLAYMORE KICK ' 1..2..3 It's over. Julius collapses to the floor after the pinfall and rolls out of the ring. He lays at the bottom of the entrance ramp with a look of relief in his eyes. As the referee announces him as the winner he begins to smile before looking at the carnage around the ring. Julius understands that he came oh so close to being eliminated but his instinct and experience pulled him through as he moves on to the Semi-Final where he will meet Jonathan
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    {We continue the show as out next is the Premium Champion, MARKER. MARKER has been on incredible form as of late, however with him losing to Hans, will he start crumbling apart? , will he lose confidence in himself? the theme music plays and out comes the champ.} {He enters the ring with the same cocky expression he has on his face as always, he grabs a microphone and begins to speak.} FDS…… I guess you finally let go of yourself, your alter ego, your identity that made you into the man that you are today, it pathetic to see this, I thought that I was gonna get a fight, a fight that everyone will remember, but I guess that now, it just a massacre waiting to happen. FDS, I've been waiting to face you for the longest time one on one, you see after losing against you for the Tag Team Championships, I had a feeling that one day we would meet one on one in the middle of the ring with nobody there to ruin it, just you and me… I see what you are doing FDS, you are just annoying me, your not giving me what I want and that your Hardcore FDS, the man deep inside your body, the man that you famous in BPZ Wrestling…. You see FDS, you say that you are one step ahead of me, when you two steps backwards, I know what I have to do to beat you, however without "him" your nothing but a poor soul waiting to be crushed by me. I want you FDS to come out and prove me wrong, PROVE TO ME YOUR NOT USELESS WITHOUT "HIM". {MARKER waits for FDS to come out….}
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    "Can I take your order?"

    "shit' After a long break from wrestling, Cody's mind has been relaxed and revamped, his mindest has been renewed and his thoughts are back in the right place, he didn't want to wrestle anymore, his dreams weren't there for him anymore, and since his departure he had to take up a new career, and that was in business, Cody decided to invest his $13 into stocks and managed to hit the bank, shortly after investing the 13 bucks, the stocks increased and he sold them for a large amount of $700, with now a full wallet, Cody's first goal was to celebrate. "I'm hungry, I guess McDonalds would be a good place to eat at, I might visit Bulldozer whilst at it." Cody's destination was the local McDonalds, he was hungry and so that was his first instict, his travel took some time but finally after 5 whole minutes, he was there, the local McDonalds. "Damn, I wonder what I will eat today, I mean, I've got like 13 bucks to spend, I guess I'll take a happy meal." Cody walks towards the counter ready to order, until he notices Michael Jordan sitting in the corner, it seems like Michael was reading a newspaper, Cody was suprised to see MJ here, so Cody walks towards him. "Hi Michael, what are you doing at McDonalds?" "shut up" "Ok bye" Cody goes back to the counter to order a Happy Meal, after ordering he sits down at the nearest table and contemplates what's next for him, Cody was very hungry so waiting for the food was a pain, Cody looks over in the direction of Michael Jordan and notices that a new figure was with him, with a closer look, Cody sees that MJ is joined with...? "Order number 65!" Cody realises that the order number 65 was his, he walks over to collect his food, and after collecting it, he takes one more look at the figure, he tries to figure out who it is, but nobody comes to his mind, Cody takes his order into the car and drives off into the distance with a new thought in his mind.
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    {We kick off Carnage just one day removed from the second round of the Power-Trip Cup with the arrival of the Intercontinental Champion Julius. "Gallantry" blasts throughout the arena and the IC Champ slowly makes his way out to a raucous reception from the Carnage faithful. He has a rye smile painted across his face as he taunts those in attendance before swiftly getting into the ring and raising his Intercontinental Championship above his head. He waits for the commotion do die down before beginning to speak} "Not so extraordinary after all are you Hans Clayton. But I'm not going to beat a dead horse, Hans knows he dropped the ball when the spotlight was on him, he knows he couldn't back up all the game he talked and now he is nothing more than another victim just like I said he would be. Looking forward to the next round I see that I match up with Jonathan a man involved in one of the greatest achievements of my career, however I need not remind you at this time of what happened the last time we met. Let's just say it was a massacre and we will get a repeat come Mayhem. However, one man has been roaming under the radar in the last two weeks and it's about time that address it" "Not only do I have a match with Jonathan at Mayhem but I am scheduled to defend my Intercontinental Championship against Joshua Scott. And yes you're right Josh I have been neglecting you, I have been ignoring all your pathetic training montage's because you Josh are a pathetic excuse for an opponent. I didn't steal your spot in the King of the Ring tournament or the Power-Trip Cup, I beat you and the better more deserving man had his hand raised at the end of the night. When I brutalised BiC at Backlash I made it my goal and my intention to elevate this division to heights never seen before but facing you as my first competition I must say is a step down from what I want" "What alarms me and makes me question your insanity is the fact you want to do this fight inside of a steel cage. Now going into this match, the only slim chance you had of walking out the victor was if the rest of your SSW Club got involved, but now that you are locked inside a cage there is no chance any of that will happen. Even more alarming is the fact that you think you have what it takes to survive me locked inside a steel cage with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. I find this insulting from you Josh and trust me your going to find out how costly this mistake will be on your career. You want a cage match you got it, but the challenge i'm issuing out to you is, will you be able to walk out of that cage alive?"
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    Playing: Shostakovich Op.87 Prelude & Fugue No.7 The hosting arena for BPZ turns dark as the sounds of commotion sputter from the speakers. The Carnage audience are directed to their screens by a guiding light as the screen opens up to live footage, a large double is our fist sight as it is being pushed open in an unknown location. The door creaks as the camera pushes through to an open auditorium. A crowd dressed in their most elegant and presentable wear is getting comfortable in seats rowed in the 100's, covered in red durable fabric made fitting for no soul will want to leave their seats this evening. Panning across the room our camera glides forward towards the stage where Ghouls are hoisting sandbags to the rafters, proceeding past the audience we catch glimpses of their faces but what we see are not smiles, nor even indifference but static manipulated to keep their identities hidden. A large dark blue curtain stands tall across the stage hiding the secrets of this evening as we reach the centre of the auditorium where our champion Arius sits at a makeshift desk. Papers scattered across the table, pencil placed between his ear as he leans back looking over notes mulling before noticing he has company Ah, welcome welcome! You're just in time he says, tapping his index finger on top of the papers as he loses focus for a moment before shaking his head in an attempt to focus. Looking back towards the camera My apologies, you've caught me reminiscing on a particular period of my life. There, hmm. there is a recurring message i think back to, once passed on to me by a well meaning drifter as we walked through the nightlife. Looking towards the sky he remarked that nobody knows too much about what the future will bring. That this... Arius motions his hand, arm outreached, through the air as the drifter once did ..is a predicament where realistically anything can happen. Arius chuckles to himself This man was a fool but at no fault of his own. Let me instead take the initiative and share some wiser advise, for there is truth in this saying and not a more fitting venue to quote "It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves". You see we cannot escape our responsibility. Each one of us has the freedom to exercise our lives. The stars.. the camera pans behind over the audience as the their static almost twinkles in the darkened room ..play very little role in it. Our destiny is governed instead by ourselves. Arius tosses the paper to the side as he rises from his seat, motioning for the camera to take a seat My mind admittedly..has been rattling quite recently, overworked by current events you could imagine BUT I've found through my lifetime that i can always find solace in the arts. For even those enamoured with prosperity deserve their our own outlet wouldn't you say? And for this occasion what better setting to share than the stage? Arius motions to the front of the theatre as the lights create a mild thud sound as they turn on Let us begin Arius guides the cameras attention to the stage which sits empty. When the camera turns back to Arius he has disappeared , the camera swivels back to the stage where Arius stands bowing towards the audience before directing his hands to the curtains behind him as they open to begin the show. At first glance we see a man wearing a pale theatre mask with a black star covering it's left eye and a red flame covering its right eye. The lights spread a warm yellow across the stage as the scene begins and Arius narrates Bright was the day when our tale was begun. Here we see. the self-professed hero among his people, arriving at this isolated town not so long ago. This figure is the noblest of the townsfolk, embodying prowess, loyalty, honour, generosity clears throat and just down right good manners. as the narration continues the audience watches on amused as the masked protagonist makes several gestures and poses to fit the characteristics described for them In his mind it's quite fortunate for him to have arrived when he did, looking over the town he made it his self ordained mission to bring them light where he perceived darkness. But after each call to action he did not receive the response he envisioned. Maybe the people were just unknowingly oblivious after years of neglect? Have they lost their faith in the good that can be bestowed upon their lives, their horizons broadened? Does this not sound as sweet as it is heard by our hero? Taking charge our hero stands tall in the middle of the town, upon the edge of a crumbling wall. Boasting attention the men, women and children gather to hear what he has to say. Arius exhales a laugh as the camera pans closer to the masked protagonist* Fear not for he has the answer for what the town is lacking, it has stagnated and is in need of a spectacular "elixir" that only he can provide. The hero jumps down from his perch as he points towards the distant mountains as the set pieces move around across the stage There! There is where our hero will journey, to search and bring back the answer he knows will help him in his goal of aiding this town and in turn the n-xt generations will be prosperous once more. The protagonist runs across the stage as the stage props are moved to the side by assisting ghouls Grabbing his supplies in hand he wouldn't waste any time to start his journey, taking the surprised and at least conscious expressions of the surrounding folk as approving fuel for this new venture. In our heroes mind as he journeyed fourth up the weed ravaged road, he only could imagine the awaiting smiles, the shared joy, the open praise that his forthcoming change and hope he would bring, hope that of course only he can provide. To bring light to their darkness. Arius preforms a single clap Extraordinary. Playing: Haendel - Sarabande The curtains reopen to a new setting, the greying sky in the backdrop as silhouetted birds fly by and the small edges of the town can be seen at a glimpse in the distance. Our masked protagonist now donned a more fitting attire. Arthurian armour, a cloak to match as he walked steadfast towards his destination!...But as the image fades away we see that is all only what he perceives himself for instead he wears only humble garments with a worn knapsack on his back. The man grunts, with a heavy breath, climbing up the rising mountain. The rock edges along the way resembling silver lined steps in the early signs of moonlight as he trudges forward. The scene transitions forward as the sound of the wind soothes through the theatre. Our protagonist now hangs, climbing body close to the side of a mountain, gaining distance to his destination. With a quick brush across his forehead hand he wipes away the evidence of hard work taking in the great lengths he has come. There before him, lit by the hanging moon he could see with hopeful eyes the solution he had been seeking For now in the back of his mind the images of a joyous town at his triumph being his sole motivation. With only the small insects crawling away to bare witness he pulled himself up with both hands! Reaching and grabbing at whatever he could, repeatedly Inching closer...he needed to take the chance, his leap of faith as he saw the brief light hanging over the edge.. Taking a deep breath, with one hand he reached towards what he sought, the glow illuminating his eager finger tips... A sudden crumbling can be heard as the hero falls backwards before stopping in motion, hanging in the middle of the stage. Resembling a crooked star with his arms and legs stretched out in a panic he sits mid fall for the audience to see. The backdrop vanishes, the set pieces are moved as a single spotlight sits upon the protagonist. Silence takes over the theatre as the instruments come to a mum for only to be heard are the few single sounds of droplets of water as the curtain closes. Oh i truly do hate tragedies Arius leans back in a dramatic pose, both hands covering his heart, as he proceeds to walk across upstage directing a finger towards the protagonist Now my friends, is this perhaps where we accept that what we feel we need will never come and no matter how much we seek it won't be acquired? Our hero suspended in motion as the gravity of the situation takes its toll on his mind, body and soul simultaneously. The curtains part for Arius as he motions past the protagonist stuck in the middle of his fall, proceeding to reach up the mountain set piece and take the the the heroes "prize" for himself. Arius holds it in his palm, it's glow masking it unidentifiable to the audience. People talk as if one can just dream their way out, their way into success. That they can simply look to the stars... camera pans to the crowd ..and discover a version of themselves that had been accidentally hidden, one only revealed by the gaze of an audience. One that only sees the opportunities presented and the answers on how to capitalise on them. Just like that? Arius crushes the object in a grasp, the light extinguished as the theatre goes dark Just like that. Playing: Beethoven - String Quartet no. 14, 1st movement The theatre lighting blacks out leaving the audience lost for a few moments. The bells of a clock tower chime breaking the silence as early morning light comes up through a single paned window positioned centre stage. The masked protagonist who had slunk in through the night now resides in his home as he returns to the stage. Through his body language we see his once wonder like optimism now filled with self doubt about his abilities, about his direction. The sounds of the world still moving echo faintly as the town continue to live their lives, they share happiness and grief the same as before and the same as tomorrow. But all he can hear is his very own reminders of what he failed to do for them but not whether they needed his actions in the first place. The hero proceeds forward across the stage as a cool air is forced through the theatre to chill the audience. A faint white light fades on stage right as the protagonist notices a longstanding mirror revealed. Slouched he slowly walks over towards the mirror, proceeding to grab hold of it with both hands as he shares a cold stare wit himself. Looking forward, his shoulders down, posture weak as the lighting grows dark and spotlight faint upon him in. He slowly leans forward into the mirror as he stares himself in the eyes scared almost before pressing his forehead against the mirror gasp His forehead slips through but his head jolts back up cautiously unsure of what holds in store for him...but he takes his chance leaning down again as the protagonist cautiously steps through the mirror. For a moment he has vanished from sight of the audience but soon, just as onlookers sit forward in their chairs they see the formerly masked hero stepping out the other side as a burst of white light graces the once dark setting. But, wait.. Arius leans forward from the side of the stage over the curtain The audience whispering in the background, can now now only see a black silhouette amongst the white light shining upon the stage. His posture straightens up, he shows through physical acting that he feels stronger, larger as the silhouette grows in size. He turns back to the mirror that he just stepped through, grabs hold with it with both hands as he stares back at the man he has become. We get a close up as the blank face pokes at two inconspicuous bumps in his forehead. The curtain falls on the scene as the camera fades to black on this evening.
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    The show cuts to a scene where BrendenPlayz is sitting in his office chair at the BPZ Headquarters. He sips his cup of coffee and is ready to speak Well, here we are again. Another match, another battle and another war is coming. I gotta say, I'm surprised that the Royal Flush were as good as they were. Sheridan really impressed me, I thought she was just all talk and no action. But, she put up a helluva fight. Johnny was simply the killer he has always been and that's great to see from a company perspective. It'll be great to see him capture major championship gold and be one of our top draws again, I hope he can do that. Our match at Mayhem was a major success. The ratings soared when we were in the ring and we were all the buzz after the show with social media numbers spiking greatly. It's fantastic to see that the tag team division is thriving. It's great for business. But that's where I draw the line. Business is great, but when I take my suit off, that's where my care for the business ends. My care, is about this tag team championship title. A title that I've held for majority of this year so far. A title that I care more about than any other in history. You don't think I couldn't dabble in the top spot? Take the belt from the World Heavyweight champion any time I wanted? Be on top of the world and be known as the Undisputed Champion? I know I can do it. I know I could be the headliner for this company. But that's just not me. That's not what motivates me. You see, unlike those other egomaniacs at the top who only care about themselves, I care about making a difference. Whether that be a difference to my partners career, or a difference in reviving a struggling division. I insert myself into positions that matter for the greater good, It's not about what I want, it's about what the company needs. But I would be lying if I said I wasn't getting a little greedy on this journey. I love being tag team champion, Sameer and I we ride up and down the roads defending our titles every chance we get, it's a special time for me. I don't want it to end. I don't want this ride to go, because I don't know if I am needed anymore. I've always stayed away unless I was needed to help fill a hole in the company. The way I see it, this company is thriving. I don't know if I am needed anymore. If I lose these tag team championships, I truly believe that this could be the end of me. My purpose, my motivation, my desire will all be gone in a flash. This could be the end of my career. I don't want this to end. I don't want to ride off into the sunset. For the first time in my career, I'm being a little selfish in saying that I want to stay here and I want to remain the tag team champion to keep my own career alive. I know I'm in for the fight of my life. The Royal Flush took us to our limits. We were lucky that we all were out of the ring for the countout. If not, we may have been on the losing end on that night. But, The Big Ballers have taken a step back, studied the tape and realised where we went wrong. We know what we need to do now. We are ready for one more battle. This is a fight that we determine not only who is the best team in the world, but a fight that could dictate where my career goes in the near future. Will this be the end of my career? Or the continuation of the one of the greatest teams that the company has and will ever see? I guess we will find out soon. BrendenPlayz gives a nod to the camera man to shut it off and production cuts to a commercial
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    Those Best Suited...

    (Carnage returns from commercial break as you see Hans Clayton is sitting down on a chair, looking down. Hans then begins to speak) Powertrip Cup, June 14th, Live on Pay Per View, I get to have the chance to be next in the line for the Arius' or Kenji's North American Championship, but I have to defeat three other men to get to that position. I see it clearly, I see the gold at the end of the road and I'm not gonna let that slip through. I have fought way, way too hard to get the NXT Title, I gave it my all against Julius and hell even had a match for the United States Title at Mayhem. I need to prove to everyone, that I was meant to be here, that I take all risks for the sake of stealing the show. Has it payed off, maybe, maybe not.... I won't let another chance slip through my fingers, becuase i need to get out of my comfort zone. (Hans then stares directly at the camera) I know this ain't going to be some high flying bout. It's a brutal and devastating Hardcore Match, just for the chance at a title. I know my body can take a few chair shots, and some tables, I feel that pain and I can take anything that these four competitors can lay on me. You may think that I all I do is fly to the sky, what you don't know that I'm ready to adapt. Just like what Darwin said, survival of the fittest, those best suited to their environment. Environments like this where you have Steel Chairs, Tables, Kendo Sticks, anything that can cause pain and agony is all legal, and I can adapt! (Hans then pulls out a barbed wire baseball bat and holds it beside him) Especially with a barbed wire baseball bat. Like i said anything is legal, I'm bringing it to the table, and I'm going to cause pain to the 3 wrestlers who are going to be in the ring becuase I want the title! I want what Arius has! I'm willing to sacrifice everything to do so, even if it costs my own flesh to get that North American Title, it what makes me want more, its something I desire to be, champion. So Bob, Aaron, and Alex, bring everything you got boys, I'm willing to give all of you the taste of pain, along with your entire body being filled with torture and misery. When its all said done, it will be a battlefield with soldiers lying on the floor tasting their own blood while one man stands tall with crowd cheering along. That man my friends, is Hans Freaking Clayton! (Hans stands up and walks away holding his barbed wire baseball bat)
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