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    Sweet, Sweet Victory

    BPZ Bad Blood 2019, 5 Minutes After Josh vs Mikey Mikey strolls into the room, arms swinging in a cocky walk. He takes a seat and takes a long sip from his bottle of water before speaking. Oh, it feels great. The feeling of putting that piece of shit down in the ring once and for all is unlike anything else. Just then in that ring, I proved to everyone that I have what it takes to be up here, up with the so called big boys. I mercilessly destroyed Joshua Scott just minutes ago, and there was absolutely nothing he could do about it. You see, this place is all about illusion. You have to make yourself seem bigger than you are. And that's exactly what Josh did. He claimed he was number one, that he was the best of the best. But what happened? He lost to a guy who had just come up from NXT. I am the difference in BPZ, I do not create this illusion. Every word I say, every thing I've uttered into that microphone, I'm damn sure of it and I prove it as well. Mikey leans back in his chair a bit with a chuckle. He pushes the hair out of his face and wipes his face, getting rid of the signs of weariness. But you are not the only one Josh. Everyone does it, and I can't blame you for doing so. But interestingly enough, the two people who don't are the two people I might have to face at Survival Games. Yelich and Arius. Now Yelich, you're a pretty stand up guy. You go around, claiming you deserve opportunity, that you deserve better. But you and I both know that you're full of shit. You live each and every day protesting, starting rallies, gathering up your small group of friends, trying to get better. What exactly have you done to deserve chances at the North American Championship? Lose the inaugural match? Lose a number one contenders match? Tie with Arius? Yeah, the answer is nothing. No one wants to be in a world where you get endless opportunities, starving us of the stars we want to see. Stars like me, who earned their spot. And hell, who am I kidding? You're just like the rest of them, creating an illusion that you're more than jobber trash. I truly hope you do win Yelich, because then you'll have no more shit to complain about, and I'll have a chance to finally shut you up. As for the other man, Arius. Well, what is there to say? I think you'll win this match. Only some of the luckiest men have been able to pull a win out of a match against you. But if Yelich can get all these lucky chances, maybe he'll get lucky against you too. But the point is, I'd love to face you at Survival Games. But this time, one on one, my chance at redemption. You got the best of me eight months earlier at the Royal Rumble, but I will never, ever let that happen again. In that match, there were five other men in the ring. I'll be the first to admit, I wasn't ready then. Hell, I still not might be ready now. But I am a new man. A man who was able to defeat someone BPZ claims is valuable enough to compete for the World Championship, and that means something. I was able to win the NXT Championship, facing off against some of the best competitors the division has ever seen. I'll admit, you've had your own successes and you're one of the few men I have respect for, but that doesn't mean you can still bitch me around. Come Survival Games, I will show you why I am worthy of holding that North American Championship. Mikey stands up, grunting a little bit in pain. He stretches his back, a few bones in his spine cracking while doing so. But this is all small talk. The real talk begins in mere minutes from now when I capture some true gold. For now, I bid you adieu. And with that, Mikey exits the room to get ready for his next match. BPZ Bad Blood 2019, 20 Minutes Later Mikey storms into the room, United States Championship strapped around his waist, arms high in the air. He unstraps the belt and holds it on his shoulder, allowing the cameramen to have some different angles. He collapses in the interview chair, letting the title hang down by his hand. He lifts his head up to the ceiling, eyes closed, taking it all in. Eventually, he recomposes and slings the title over the shoulder before speaking. HELL TO THE F*CKING YES! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, MAY I INTRODUCE, THE NUMBER ONE CONTENDER FOR THE BPZ NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP AND NEWWWWWW BPZ UNITED STATES CHAMPION, MIKEY! Jesus, I've been waiting to hear those words for my entire career. Not only was I able to defeat one man tonight, but a total of four. And in two different matches too. Absolutely wild. Nine months ago, I had no question in my mind I'd be here. But the doubt started to creep in, until King of the Ring. That was the first time I truly felt all the hard work pay off. And now, I can proudly say it was all worth it. This is the true beginning of my ascent to the top of BPZ. And it was at the expense of Buddy Ace and Hans. Buddy, I had my doubts about you before this match. You've never been able to accomplish much in BPZ. But with that being said, tonight was a fantastic encounter. You really showed up, and gave a fantastic effort. Hell, I actually had to put in a little something else to pick up the victory due to your contribution. Well done, I'm sure you'll do well as a midcarder in your future. And as for Hans, well, who's the champion now. Every time I've faced Hans, he's always been the one with the title. Back in the NXT days, last month, and now coming into this match. But momentum and luck wasn't enough to overcome pure skill the second time around. Yes Hans, you put up a valiant effort, and I commend you for that. But no matter how many big stars you align yourself with or how many times you get lucky, there will always be someone better than you. And dare I say it, but that man is me. So enjoy your time without the title, maybe you'll get lucky again next month. Mikey laughs to himself, clearly running off pure excitement and ego. Someone tosses him a bottle of water, and he instantly opens it and drains half of the drink, clearly exhausted after a long night. Let this night be a message to anyone who wants to challenge me in the future. Not only was I able to win one match, but I was able to withstand two. So maybe think twice before challenging for a championship held by someone of my caliber. Thank you all very much, but I gotta run. Might have to cause a little bit of mayhem in the North American Championship match. And with that, Mikey stands up, title around his shoulder and exits the run, elated by his two victories tonight. The camera slowly fades out to black as the exclusive interview is concluded.
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    {We open with Julius sitting in the passengers seat of a car staring outside the window, marveling at the city of Melbourne that surrounds him. A rye smile creeps up on his face as he looks the Melbourne CBD for presumably the first time in a long time. Out in the distance we see Federation Square a marquee spot in the city of Melbourne and once again Julius' eyes are fixed onto it} "You know it's been years since I've been here. I was born and raised in Sydney but our trips to Melbourne, my Dad my Brother and I to watch the footy, the Cricket whatever was one was always something I would look forward to. The MCG where Bad Blood is held tomorrow is the Mecca of Australian sports. Every Australian Sport's athlete wishes to be able to run out on the marvelous MCG with 100,000 cheering their name as they do what they love and tomorrow I join all those Australian Icon's all those legends when I put on the boots and walk out to the ring. It's been about 15 years since I've been here and it hasn't changed a bit. I love it" {The car stops and Julius makes his way out, the camera still following as he looks up at the MCG. He slowly walks towards it, looking up in awe his eyes wide open as he gazes upon the beauty in-front of him. He stops for a minute and lets it all sink in, and that smile appears again something that hasn't appeared on Julius' face for a very long time. He continues to walk towards the Main Gate where a bunch of media and fans are waited for his arrival, but before he greets them, he stops and stares at the famous Sir Don Bradman statues placed in-front of him. Arguably one of Australia's greatest sporting Icon's of all time} "This is when you know you've made it. No World Title, no Hall of Fame ring or Money in The Bank Briefcase will ever top something like this. The dream for me is to be named among these Australian sporting greats, to be recognised as a hero of this great nation, to have a statue alongside Don Bradman at the MCG" {Julius looks up at the statue one last time and nods in approval before finally walking over to the fans who are waiting for him. They all cheer and once again a big beaming grin appears on the face of the former BPZ World Champ. The Children in the front row are all holding signs in honour of Julius and "The Death Machine" walks over and signs them before taking some pictures with the fans and heading into the building. He turns back and waves at all his fans before putting his head down and walking into the MCG. The scene then reopens with Julius seated in the middle of the MCG, the Colosseum that surrounds him as impressive as ever as he looks straight into the camera} "I think we can agree that I just am not a people person. I usually don't care for the fans that come to all the shows in the US or in Europe or in Asia because they don't appeal to me, they have no significance to me and they really don't understand me. But these people, the kids you saw cheering my name as they walked in all of the men and women who held up signs or wore my T-Shirts, everything I do inside and outside of the ring is for them. It's these sorts of people who got me where I am today and it's these people who I owe my career and in some cases my life to. When I attack someone and leave them half-dead in the ring, or when I say some things that may be deemed too hurtful or too far in most people's eyes are celebrated by these people here because they understand the grind and the energy and effort a man has to put in to make sure they can succeed. Every single Australian understands and knows where my actions come from because they've been where I've been and they know what needs to be done to make sure you stay afloat in this world. When all of you boo me, these people they cheer me because they understand me, they know that everything I do and everything I strive to do is to put this amazing country on the map. It's to give back to everyone who has carved the path out for me" "Now I still have a job to do and that concerns the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. All the pressure is on me, I've seen the news reports saying that I have the most to lose this is make or break for me and to be honest all of it is true. This is that big time opportunity, my future my destiny is all in my hands if I can just climb up that ladder and unhook that briefcase, a guaranteed opportunity to become the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion once again. Although I do have the most to lose, I do have an advantage over the seven other people in that match and that's the people. Probably for the first time in my BPZ Career I will walk out to a chorus of cheers, a roar throughout this very arena will transpire when my music hits and I walk out onto the stage. I'm not ready for the emotion that's going to come to me and that's a good thing, I've got to live in the moment and I've got to get the job done because I'm not fighting for one I'm fighting for all" "I'm not going to waste your time by breaking down my opponents, that's been done many times before and will be done many times again. I know what they'll bring and they know what I'll bring and that's all that. The purpose of this was to show you what is on the line for me. For about 20 minutes on the 20th of September 2019 every single person in this country will have their TV's fixated on this match and that is where I need to deliver. And I am going to deliver. Hollow, Josh, Flynn, BiC and whoever that mystery man is I hope you're ready because you're stepping in enemy territory and if there's one thing about Australia that is we are going to make you feel as uncomfortable as you have ever been. I'm ready for this, I've been ready for this my entire life. This is my homecoming and I will not disappoint"
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    Mrs. Smith

    We are shown the streets of the United Kingdom, as we are led to believe that this is a segment featuring the United Nations, until the camera cuts to Slim, grinning, in a car as he begins to talk, clearly addressing the recent comments by Smith. I'm not gonna lie Smith... You almost had me fooled. Slim looks like he's contemplating something, nodding as he puts a sly grin at the camera. He then begins to talk again, explaining himself. The way you conducted that interview, the way you carried yourself. I almost thought he was gone... And then, you proved me wrong. Slim begins to talk in a whisper, almost giddy at what he's saying. And you know what Smith? I'm gonna bring it out. Slim laughs as he begins to talk. You see life, it's just a bad joke. A cruel one. We attain success based on the goals we set for ourselves, live by a moralistic code and live by pretenses for love and morality... But they're phony. Smith, me, you, we are self-serving. We do what's best for us, and we were created to do that. We can't change it, but you know what it tells me? It tells me that at the end of the day, no matter what we do, it's always in our best interests even if we lead ourselves to believing it's not. I had three very good friends, we're doing some illegal things. We all get busted, 12 raids our house and we go down. We're talking, we could do 20-25, and they're questioning us. We're 16-17 at the time, and my one buddy, he stays quiet. Soon enough, they get us a public representative. The quiet one speaks to him first, he comes to me, tells me we're gonna nail it on one of the guys. Three of us blame it on the fourth. He goes to jail, we get probation. Slim smirks, as he continues his point. Eventually, loyalty folds Smith. I see the same thing happening with you and Sameer, you two will eventually lose your friendship, over a bad decision you shouldn't have made... Slim looks remorseful for a second before beginning to talk again. As I move forward and forward in life, I am shown we are meant to destroy. Destroy friendships, relationships, people, objects, or my personal favorite... Society itself. Slim grins ear-to-ear as he delivers "society itself": To break down society, you have to break down the pillars first. If you can get to the people everyone looks up to, it causes doubt. Thinking. "If he could get to Smith... could he get to me?" And Smith, I promise you I will break you mentally, however I have to do it. You may win at Survival Games, but if you do, I promise you it will compromise your moralities. When you ignored Mr. Trenton I knew, I knew that the destroyer in you was still there. Those demons, that monster of destruction, he's buried in there. The same man who came out after me and Nate turned on you, the same man that victimized Nebakos. You aren't meant to run around with Sameer, acting like best friends, trying to conquer BPZ together... You're meant to be right here, next to me, destroying society. Slim reveals his true motive to his obsession with Smith, as it's something no one saw coming. Slim isn't trying to destroy Smith... He wants him to join him. This, happy to be here, play it by the rules Smith is boring. I know what you're capable of, it's just gonna take one small fracture caused by a bad day. Everyone says we are moral, righteous good citizens of a society, but what we really are, is selfish, savage, creatures. We pretend to be good citizens, but all it takes is one bad day to bring out your true... colors. Slim begins to open the car down as he finishes off his statement. You know Smith, psychology would have us believe that the things we express appreciation and careness for, are the things we care about most. I disagree. Deep down, I think we all know what we don't talk about is what we care about most... Because we don't want people to know what we care about most, because we believe in our hearts, we know what we truly are. So, Smith, to break your mental, I've been... thinking. What do you care about most? In all of your messages, promos, whatever you want to call them. I've heard just about everything except one thing... family. Slim laughs to himself, cracking up as he steps out of the car, with it following him up some steps. The mailbox reads: "SMITH", as a front camera of Slim is shown, with him facing the door with a wide-grin on his face, before he knocks on the door, as he echoes two final words... "Mrs. Smith?"
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    We return to the Carnage LIVE go-home show for The BrendenPlayz Survival Games Pay Per View. Before the commercial break, we saw BiC come out and address being the referee for The BPZ North American Championship, Yelich vs Mikey. After the commercial break, we return and former BrendenPlayz World Heavyweight Champion, Sameer appears on the titantron in his living room, Sameer clearly still recovering from the attack he received from bulletproof a week ago. Sameer would begin to smile at the camera for a few seconds before then beginning to speak. You see, last week I brought everyone to my house in Vancouver, Canada. Now I am here at my house in San Francisco, California. I wanted to show everyone that hard work really does pay off. I wanted to show everyone where it all started and where I am now. I didn't have a lot growing up, for most of my childhood, my parents were living off paycheck to paycheck and I had no clue until I got older and they have been with me since day 1, they have supported me through the lows of my career and the highs. The final week of Survival Games is just a couple of days away and this final week I face Hans. You see Hans, I don't need to prove myself. Do you know how I got that Money In The Bank Briefcase in the first place? I went to hell with 7 other competitors in a ladder match and in the end, I showed that I wanted it more than everyone else in the match. Then at Judgement Day, I cashed in MY Money In The Bank Briefcase and defeated 5 other people in that match. Then I went on to defeat who many call the GOAT of BPZ and then went on to retain against the most dominant man in this company Julius in the main event of SummerSlam. So yes, I did cash in my money in the bank, but I showed that I am a TOP STAR in this company when I defeated those men. Hans, maybe I am not on the level of Smith. But I am damn sure that you are nowhere on the level of me. For years I have put in the work to be a top star in this company and it finally happened this year. One year ago I wasn't even being used on TV, one year ago I was told that I wasn't anywhere close to being at the head of the company and what did I do a few months later? I made it to the top of the company. I have solidified myself as a Hall Of Famer. I have been proving people wrong since I stepped foot in this company at Survival Games, it'll remain nothing new but when I defeat you this weekend Hans. It'll be a statement, a statement that Bulletproof fu*ked with the wrong people. I have been here day in and day out for the last 5 years in the performance center and I have shown my worth but you Hans, You still have a lot to prove kid and testing me won't benefit you in any type of way. I think you may be going a little crazy ever since you lost to Mikey. These loses look to be taking a toll on you, Hans. Maybe you should ask your buddy Bashka for some advice, he should know a thing or two about getting over loses since he takes them almost every month. This weekend we shall tear the roof down and put on a classic for the crowd in Charlotte, North Carolina and everyone watching but you'll see why I am a former World Heavyweight Champion and why I was the top dog of the industry for 3 months. Suddenly there is a knock on Sameer's front door, Sameer gets up to answer the door as the camera turns to the front door and goes to open the door to see who it is. (A reply is planned, don't be a cuck)
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    Bashka: Reimagined

    Carnage returns from commercial to see on the screen, Bashka in a backstage area wearing a nice suit with the top button undone. This is the first time we have seen Bashka in 12 days since he told the whole BPZ Universe what he truly thinks of his upcoming opponent, Hollow. Unlike his previous appearance, however, he has a fresh haircut and is now cleanly shaven. He awaits for silence from the audience in the building before speaking his first words. It has been twelve days since I made my last appearance on BPZ TV. In those twelve days I have taken the time to think over my career, go back to where it all began and really, go back to basics. Taking some time off was what drove me to having another fantastic run when I returned midway through the year and now that things aren’t going to well for me, maybe starting over is what can truly take me to the next step of my career. Unfortunately though, this hiatus of reimaginating my career will have to come to an end because this weekend I take on Hollow, a man who I have proven simply with words why he really is as bad as everybody says that he is. Time and time again it has been Rogen that he is a doormat and speaks absolute nonsense, which will further be proven once he inevitably responds to this message. He claims he is insane, he speaks about madness but nothing comes from his words. Every word that oozes from his mouth gets proven over and over to be complete and utter bullshit, which WILL be proven again when I step in the ring with him at Survival Games and outdo him in every possible aspect of the game. Due to my somewhat poor results throughout this tournament, my match with Hollow is viewed as something you shouldn’t watch, something that has no effect on the tournament whatsoever, but I am encouraging each and every one of you to make sure that you tune into my match with Hollow at Survival Games, not because it’s going to be a technical masterclass or ‘match of the year’, you should watch it because I am going to beat the living shit out of Hollow, I am going to throw his ass pillar to post and make sure that he can never step out in front of an audience again without being laughed at harder than he already gets laughed at, because the thought of him challenging anyone ever again after how badly I pummel him will simply be laughable and implausible. You thought you already knew how much of a joke Hollow was? Well get ready for Survival Games, because I am inducting Hollow into the ‘Hall of nobody even remembers your god damn name’. And then, I am removing that class from existence because then it will end up like every other thing Hollow has achieved and be completely irrelevant. I am sick and tired of him and his dumb little gimmicks and I am ready to put an end to your dumb, stupid, shitty little career once and for all. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I must find new ways to continue to be the best person on the planet. Bashka walks away from the camera and the screen fades to black, the commentary team then recapping what we just witnessed before moving onto the next segment in the show.
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    Playing: Mozart - Ave Verum Corpus, K. 618 (Motet in D) The scene begins as the sound of nature and tranquillity is felt in the air, against a blaring flare of the sun against the lens of the camera. We see some close ups of a summer home, the date 1977 on the side of the house which is now visible is the date an extension was added to the old part of the house by the previous owners. Old materials were used and it looks like it was always there. Despite the rather strange summer weather the flower beds are looking very full. The scene cuts to a a slow flowing river riding over some stones and crashing down. A small school of fish are seen rushing through the water as the camera moves past to their destination. Suddenly a hand emerges in view of the camera, wearing a distinctly remembered white glove as he kneels down next to the water slowly as to not cause a fright. Holding bread in his hand he begins to break pieces off and toss them into the water. Fish instantly begin to strike the water engulfing the pieces of bread as the man dusts off the crumbs from his hands, admiring the sight. Welcome, welcome. I feel could hear you coming from quite some length away. Swatted branches, crushed bark, you like to make an entrance don't you? Arius smirks as he rises to his feet It's only been a short time since I've last connected with you, my audience, but it's felt like a lifetime of disengagement. We've got a lot of lost time to make up for Arius pats the shoulder of the cameraman as he walks forward toward the home stood in the near distance, the scene fades to a different point in time as Arius talks casually to the camera as he partially digs into the soil in the ground of his garden bed ..You know quite a long time ago that river used to be a much mightier sight. I've found as I've been tending to the garden a lot recently that a lot of the soil is situated on what must have been an old river bed. There is no shortage of river cobbles that seem to come up where ever you dig, you can even find yourself kicking along them as you're walking across the lawn if you're careful. Arius drops the small spade as he turns, taking a seat on the grass and retrieving one he had collected earlier from his pocket, perfectly rounded as he holds it up Luckily for me these have been used to good effect to make hard landscaping around the garden as you can see. Even personal security if some people get a little too close. Arius pretends to throw the stone as the scene flashes forward again. Arius has moved from next to the garden to a previous shot of him showing the camera around the house for the montage It also fits right in with the courtyard at the front of the house which is also cobbled. Arius pulls at a little moss that has started to appear Overtime the moss between the cobbles starts to take over and it puts up a fight. Every few years it’s down on your hands and knees to remove the moss; a job that can take hours! Tedious but necessary...All to deal with this natural infection , if you'd like to imagine it with a little more dire action. Arius speaks in a more theatrical voice for a moment These infections can't lay dormant and undealt with for soon it will rise, crack the surface and destroy the very foundation and structure you've worked so hard to create and preserve. Dropping the voice Arius gives a hearty laugh that goes quiet not long after it started it, his throat cleared as he thinks about how he is using the air time so far, coming to a realisation It's easy to get lost in what one is proud of. I've gone and given you an evening lifestyle show now rather than what you're all truly here for. Answers. Losing one of the most important matches of my career so far, my absence. Arius brushes his gloves against each other in two quick strikes as he stands up from his knelt position, facing his attention out towards the trees I wish it was that simple, having an answer. For so long I unsuccessfully tried to figure out why exactly, what was creating this feeling of tiring monotony? For the first time in a long time, one day felt the same as the last, even as i prepared myself for that Bad Blood contest...And it was losing everything, being forced to return empty handed that i was finally able to reflect, that I opened my eyes. And so i returned to somewhere i knew i could be of use. My use wasn't needed in the ring, nor on Carnage. Yelich had earned his time in the spotlight and for the good of my future i needed to listen to myself. Arius is walking as the camera follows him, the former champion feeling more comfortable keeping busy as the conversation persists, grabbing a pair of garden clippers on the way back to the garden bed It was a professional sacrifice to step away. I'm not sure if management will see me as less reliable for the decision. We all have made sacrifices. Every man and woman in this business has given up something for this. To make this a career...Money. I know that to some in this industry they want this to be a pure affair and that's admirable. I flatter myself in that same category..but if we were to look over the truth we'd be making a liar out of us all to deny it. Without money you don't get that house you find comfort in, you don't get that car you drive from location to location, you don't get to enjoy Arius carefully moves aside some selected red petunias as he snips potential weeds growing around them The simple luxuries in your time of healing. The truth is everyone wants the most of what they can make of in life. Without a clear set goal in mind you become stagnant, bored, and ultimately uninterested in what you've committed your body and mind towards for years now. Thus leading you to lose your place in the minds of our audience. An avoidable fate. Some carefully placed footage of Arius in the ring during his career is placed over the top of him talking as he reflects on his career in the ring. He can be seen snipping one red petunia for himself So why? Why are we here? Why do i persiist to bring myself to this canvas stage. I have other avenues to explore, to indulge, no? Arius nods I've come to find we're all in this industry because deep down, underneath our differences and conflicting ambitions we all share a small sample of the same insanity. We're here doing what we do because no one else is bold enough to do so. We're an art form above anything familiar. Arius moves on to his bed of Forget-Me-Nots as he continues, tending to their minor needs Under the gracious lights of Brendenplayz Wrestling we...we live for the moment and thrive in intense situations. For most we look to ourselves, a fire in our eyes believing there is no end in sight on what we can achieve and in turn refuse to take no for an answer. Against adversary, against weighing odds. Some of the most inspiring men in this company are the ones who keep fighting despite mixed success. There passion unmatched. Arius accidentally snips the head of one of the Forget-Me-Nots after being distracted by the focus of the conversation, a slight frown across his face as he leans down to retrieve the fallen flower But...the grim truth, that not all of us are built to weather the storm of war. Some people will crumble under the pressure when push comes to shove, they lose control of their senses, their decision making sputters out and everything comes undone. We look back on their..Arius pauses our own failures and battle with the question of is there a fine line between dropping the ball Arius places the cut flower next to the other inside his front pocket and fighting tooth & nail to the best of your abilities. If only there was an easier way perhaps? I imagine if it existed many of us would be fighting at that door way this very second...But maybe it’s better this way? Because it reveals the true colours of who we are, of what we're made of. No one should be afraid of showing to the world who they truly are but there are those who live in fear of scrutinization, fear of their reputation turning bleak. It's truly amazing to think about endless contributing factors complete a person’s composition. Everybody has something they conceal and when those secrets are unveiled to the eyes of the world, that's when the bodies are unearthed. Arius dusts the dirt off his pants legs as he rises from his knelt position beside the garden In the end..overall it’s the way we handle adversity that separates the talent from the mimics. You can either run for the hills or stand tall, firm and rise up from the ashes of battle and stare your demons dead in the eye. No matter how long it takes..the very action means a lot to yourself long term. Arius moves alongside the rest of his garden, just taking in the scenery as he moves towards his small makeshift shed I have lived the past few weeks a shell of my former self, in a haze with no real ambition to do anything other than exist amongst this self created serenity, but now? I finally have the stage I've needed and a goal intended. To finally break out of this momentary shell and be the showman..no, the wrestler I know I am. Inside of his shed, he places his clippers off a nail on the wall and throws off his gloves to the bench in front of him to reveal a few cuts from working on his yard. He looks over them as he continues They say idle hands are the devil's playthings....a breathy laugh Adversity is such a damned concept. Often you’re put in such a precarious position where you’re forced to fight or flight, there is no in between and the choices that you make are vital. So i'm left standing in the middle road wondering what's next for The Revenant? Stepping outside of the shed again, Arius paces over to his flowers leaning down into the flower bed as he picks up a yellow dahlia, taking all three collected flowers as leans in to smell and appreciate them, lingering in a few seconds of silence before end on his final words. The only way is forward.
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    An Introduction

    The crowd is in shock, as the man who stands in front of Mikey is one of the founders of the BPZ stable known as "Bulletproof". BiC and Mikey stare eachother down, as BiC smiles and walks right past Mikey. Going to a nearby microphone and grabbing it, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a folded piece of clothing as he begins to speak. "You see. Empires...they expand, they take over, when one man falls, another one rises and we capture the one who rises. Mikey, you beat the best, you punctured a hole in Bulletproof by defeating Hans Clayton, and while Clayton is moving on to bigger and better things....We need ourselves....You." BiC reaches out his hand, in it, a Bulletproof T - Shirt, and as the crowd takes pictures, as BiC leans into the microphone one last time as Mikey puts on the Bulletproof T Shirt. "Bulletproof....for Life" BiC winks, as the press conference comes to an end, and Bullet Proof has gotten stronger.
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    The Mask

    We see Josh sat in his dressing room after yet another disappointing defeat on a house show on the conclusion of the Australian tour. Josh looks devastated, the Australian crowd booing him despite his best efforts, and you can tell it’s got to him when suddenly Gary Green marches in Green: Josh, are you Ok Josh: Yep, just happy to get back to the USA, where the fans will like me Green: Josh, you don’t need the fans Josh: No, I don’t but maybe it’s nice to get their backing Green: But that’s your problem. You’re so keen on being the man of the people, that you’re losing matches because of it. You know what I think your problem is, you’re insecure. You’ve got to believe in your own ability to win Josh: How am I insecure Green: Can I sum up your entire BPZ Career in 60 seconds please Josh: Go for it Green: You debuted in October 2016 as a so called “heel” and formed a team with Ropati. This lasted 4 months until you aligned yourself with Ross. A month later you aligned yourself with Chaos. This lasted 4 months later in July 2017 when you turned on FDS and aligned with BiC. This lasted 1 month before you aligned yourself with Drake, then you teamed with George all the way until December 2017 and then you recruited Julius until he eliminated you in the 2018 Royal Rumble And when you eventually ran out of Tag partners, you suddenly turned “face” and suddenly you had the fans backing. Then you turned “heel” and aligned yourself with SSW Club, and what happens the second you leave that club. You turn back into the hero again. You’re scared of being alone, you’ve either had the fans or teammates behind you. Maybe you wouldn’t be such a failure if you had the balls to turn your backs on the fans and everyone around you and go solo Josh: A failure. You think I am a failure? Green: Yes, making it on Arrows GOAT list isn’t an accomplishment Josh: No but being awarded the key to the city of Manchester is. Look at this letter Gary reads the letter but doesn’t look too impressed Green: It invites you to the ceremony, it doesn’t state you’ll be getting the Freedom of the City Josh: It heavily implies it. So despite your claims I’m a failure, it looks like representing these fans and the city of Manchester has got me somewhere. Now what are you holding Gary? Josh suddenly notices a box in Gary’s hand, and Gary hands it to him before he begins to leave the room. Green: It was my fathers, I will leave what you do to it up to you Gary leaves as Josh opens the parcel and decides to look at the contents inside. He looks very surprised as he sees what’s in it, but there is a flicker of recognition as he picks it up and holds it Josh slowly begins to put the mask on, before shaking his head and putting it back in the box. He hides the box in his bag, before gathering the rest of his belongings and getting ready to fly back to the UK where he will receive the Freedom of the City of Manchester.
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    My World

    The scene opens with Hans standing near the backstage area as he is up against a steel fence. His mannerisms are very boredom as he looks into the distance, he then looks at the camera with disdain as Hans begins to talk. What does a man have to do? This consistent thought in my head has been killing me for weeks, I’m I really good enough, 2 Losses in a row? That can’t happen, I was doing just fine months ago. United States Title? No longer in my possession, I thought I had it all figured out. What the hell happened? Still no wins in this tournament? What can I do I now? guess it's just for pride at this point. I’ve lost to both Smith and Slim, I shouldn't be getting upset right? Arguably 2 of best BPZ has ever seen, and taking them to their limit. Well it's just that I’ve failed the people around me, still no win in this round robin tournament, only one freaking point and I need to change that. The man I will be facing this week is none other then Hollow aka the guy who just doesn’t seem to get it. This deluded man just doesn’t realize that he’s in my world. You see, it all began at Summerslam when Hollow was Blade and he and Slim couldn’t hold on to those tag titles and lost them to BiC and I. That irrelevant group Syndicate, become even more irrelevant. Ever since then, I know you wanted your revenge Hollow, I know you wanted this match ever since Summerslam. The thing is though, your best days are long behind you, my friend and I promise that you will regret ever missing with me again Look into my eyes Hollow, Look at them, you see a man who is hungry, who is starving for a win, I ain’t letting you beating me that easy, I’m obsessed with a win, and I will do anything to make sure you ain’t standing on top. You claim to be free but I still see the same man that I defeated at Biggest Party of the Summer. You're stepping into my universe Hollow! I ain’t mad as you, I preserve my anger, all the hate I have, I keep it all in. I save all that hate and all that energy to my opponents inside that squared circle. I don’t need to be insane, I choose not to. However, I promise to leave you in a bloody mess at this week’s Survival Games. I will leave you wanting to die as I plan on letting go of all that anger, all of that hatred, and it all burst just like you want it to. I’ll be as mad as you want me to be Hollow, this is my chance to redeem myself from the past two weeks in this tournament. At the end of this match all you will think of is never messing with Hans Clayton ever again. With all that being said, I personally want to wish you good luck Mr. Hollow, you have made a severe mistake in wanting the madness to unleash right out of me, hopefully you get what you wanted, I will see you soon Amigo. Hans looks at the camera with a crazed face as the scene fades to black as Hans takes on Blade in the fourth week of the survival games.
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    Gunner Flynn

    Icon sleep with one eye open

    As Arrow leaves the ring, and looks to head backstage. The lights begin to flicker, nothing but pitch black, begins to settle in. Before the titantron turns on, showing the words "Welcome To Hell". Hey Arrow, can you see me? Good, good, before you leave this ring like the coward you are. I want to speak my mind, this is my damn house. I want that to get through any brain cells you have left, ok? The thought of you as Premium Champion makes me laugh. And im sure it makes everyone here tonight, and at home laugh too. Come Halloween Havoc, I am going to tear you, limb by limb. I am going to make sure, you do not step in my ring ever again. Do You Understand? And what the hell are you doing? Why are you at here trying to be god damn spiderman? This is BPZ, not god damn hollywood. If you want to go to hollywood, the door is right there, but honestly I think you would fit better in the damn circus. You are the definition of a clown, you do not belong in my ring, you do not belong backstage. The only place you belong is home, so do us all a favor go home, and do not come back. You are an embarrassment to this company, to me and everyone that has ever laced a pair of boots. I said it last week and I will surely say it again, this title is my "baby" and I will be damned if I lose it to the likes of you arrow. Can you understand what I am saying to you right now? So when you walk backstage, embarassed at the fact that everything I am telling you is nothing but the truth. I want you to think about why you challenged me for the Premium Championship. Welcome to Hell! The Lights go out, Arrow standing confused. As he heads backstage slowly, we head to commercial. With nothing but silence.
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    Jeremiah Flynn

    I Can See

    The music is cut short. Yelich appears confused for a brief second as the titantron cuts to a door backstage. The door having a nameplate outside of it, reading “BPZ Official General Manager”. The camera pans the the thousands in the crowd, who seem just as confused as Yelich in the ring. The door opens, the camera man maneuvering into the office, revealing a desk with the Undisputed Championship sat upon it. The chair turned backwards around the desk slowly creeps to reveal the man sitting in it. All suspensions are proven true, it is BPZ’s new General Manager. The Undisputed Champion Flynn. Yelich appears shocked, before revealing a feeling of anger. Flynn, looking to be all business, flashes a phony smile before finally speaking. Yelich, now I believe that is absolutely no way to talk about your new boss, now is it? Now in case you still have not figured it out somehow, yes I am the new BPZ General Manager, however with all my backstage connections, and my actions on Carnage these last few months, it feels already like I’ve been unofficially enforcing all the rules and regulations here in BPZ. So when Brenden came to me and offered me this position, I felt almost obligated to take it. This company needs a strong, on screen force pushing and enforcing these rules. I am that strong force. I am the only man in BPZ for the job. Now while it does seem to be extremely awkward that I am both GM, and Undisputed Champion, I can swear, SCOUTS HONOR, that I will not abuse my power for my own gain. So that brings me to you Yelich. Why have I chosen this particular moment for such a ground breaking reveal? Well, as General Manger I have my first BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! You see for the last month, you’ve battled Arius in what I would call two.... very sloppy matches. Poor officiating and honestly, I feel there were some slow counts on yourself where Arius should of defeated you. That’s why I have personally handpicked your referee Yelich! And that man, I can swear to you will be unbiased, as well as better trained and skilled then any referee backstage. Yelich, our your hands together for your special guest referee at Survival Games! BiC, one half of the Tag Team Champions steps out, a cocky smirk on his face. Yelich, who through Flynn’s entire reveal appeared to grow more and more depressed, has now been left dumbfounded in the center of the ring. Flynn is now his boss, and at Survival Games, he will be in the ring with not just one, BUT TWO MEMBER of Bullet Proof.
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    All The Same.

    (This Promo Takes place after the Premium Championship Match) FDS comes backstage after his match at bad blood, he falls to the floor and just sits there. The camera focuses on him. He falls to the floor and just wipes the blood from his forehead. I really want to congratulate Icon… I really do… but that… that was f***ing disgusting. I don’t give a shit what BPZ thinks but the fact that this company is letting that man run around with the premium championship now is f***ing stupid. This company used to complain that I was too hard for sponsors. That I was the guy who was gonna lose us sponsors. So I became the Wrestler, I became the guy who everyone wanted me to be. Just a standard pro wrestler, a guy who can put on great matches and can cut a pretty good promo but would never be anything big. I became exactly what this corporate machine has always wanted me to be and where did I get me? I beat a few guys sure, I won the Premium title yeah but I restricted myself so much. I wouldn’t allow myself to use weapons, I would allow myself to get as violent as I could be and because of it I felt like I was trapped in a prison. I felt like I was a tiger trapped in a cage… but at the same time, when I was “The Emperor of Chaos” towards the end of it especially I felt like I was just doing it for the sake of doing it. That I was just being that guy because everyone wanted me to be and that’s been the story of my whole career really hasn’t it? FDS wipes his face off. You know, it’s been five years since I stepped into this company… a couple of days ago it was at least. September 20th 2014 I signed with BPZ. I remember that day. I was excited, I was young and I felt like it was the biggest moment of my life but now I look at it and I wonder: Was this really what I wanted? Did I really think I was going to be in this position? 13 Title Reigns right? Yeah that’s great but when the fans don’t give a shit about half of them do they really mean anything… but then again why the f*** should I give a damn about what they think of me? Because they buy a ticket? I was in my home country and I love this place but at the same time I lost and I feel like I've let down so many people but then I realised they don’t care that much at the end of the day do they? Yeah they feel bad for a little while but then the next match comes on and they get all excited and happy again. Sure they may put out a tweet about how “I’m so disappointed FD Lost” but then next week on Carnage or Survival Games they won’t care again. They’re all the same. Just waiting for every single next big moment, So why should I care about them? FDS just breathes for a moment, someone from the medical team hands him a towel to help with the bleeding, FDS dabs his head and then slings the towel over his shoulder. It doesn’t matter what I do does it? These fans are just gonna view me the same way. Hell the people backstage do as well. I’ve bled for this company, I’ve bled for this business and what do I get for it? A couple of notches on my belt and the occasional pat on the back. This company likes to promote us as “Superstars”, that whole thing applies that we’re bigger than anything in the real world and yeah for the top stars they seem to be like that… but what about guys like Me, Guys like Brad, Guys like Monda, Guys like Joh? You know BPZ, you may have forgotten that we’re the guys who laid the groundwork and paved the road for this company. Breaking our bodies, breaking our minds, doing everything we had to elevate this company and for the little thanks we get we always say to each other “It’s for the fans” but why do we care so much about what those people think? Their attention is so fleeting, they don’t give a damn about what we actually do. They just want great moments and then they can go home and feel satisfied. FDS stops and just laughs Why the hell am I even bothering? You’re just like all of them. You reporters, you’re just here to get the next big scoop and that way you can make a great clickbaity title. “FDS Cuts shoot style promo on BPZ” that’s what it’s gonna be right? Or something along those lines. The problem with that is that this isn’t a “Shoot Style” promo, this is what I actually think. I know for a fact that a road agent is gonna pull me aside later and scold me for it, like I give a damn, what’s the worst they could do fire me? Great, I’ll just go back to Japan again and In a few months they’ll be banging down my door and offering me a contract because it's the same old shit with this company. FDS lays down on the floor for a moment and groans before getting back to his seated position So, i’ve got Bart next right? Survival games, a tournament that everyone thinks I don’t have a chance in hell at winning… well maybe I don’t but that’s not my goal at this point. Bart has his eyes glued on that final… it’d be a shame if he lost to someone barely in contention. You guys wanna see something shoot style? Watch what I do to one BPZ’s Golden Gooses next week. FDS gets up and he looks at all the reporters, he just shrugs and walks off.
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    The Contract Signing

    After an eventful Carnage, the show ends with Gary Green stood in the ring, microphone in his hand. Last time he was here he announced himself as the official contract signer of BPZ. He announces tonight he will be conducting the contract signing for the North American Championship Number One Contenders Match at Bad Blood between “The King of All Time” JoshsNow and Mikey. And first of all hits the music of “The King of All Time” by The Levellers, indicating the arrival of JoshsNow. He comes out with his arms outstretched, absorbing the warmth of the crowd before holding 1 finger up in the air, of course remembering all of his nickname He eventually makes his way to the ring and begins to speak, grabbing Gary’s mic. Gary leaves the ring and grabs a new mic as Josh begins his customary entrance I AM MANCHESTERS NUMBER ONE. I AM THE KING OF ALL TIME. I WAS THE LAST MAN STANDING AND NEXT SUNDAY I AM GOING TO BE MR MONEY IN THE BANK But that’s not all next Sunday. You see I will be doing Manchester proud in two ways. I am also facing Mikey with the winner facing Arius or a Yelich at Survival Games. And if that wasn’t incentive enough, Mikey gave me another incentive. You see with his comments on last weeks Carnage he made this match personal. Now if referring to me as washed up trash was insult enough, you also dared to claim that I am not Manchester’s Number One. And what was your reasoning Mikey. I don’t have the balls to face people on my skill level. Well guess what Mikey that is where you are wrong because I have faced every big name there is here in BPZ. You want to know why I had 40 losses in 1 Year. Because I wrestled 45 matches that year. And all of them were against a skill level that you Mikey could only dream against facing. I’ve been 1 on 1 with 8 World Champions. And Ive beaten 4. But I see a little bit of myself in you Mikey. You see, when I first came in to this company I was all about promoting the 2016 era. Hell I still am. I was the first 2016 guy to win the IC Title and it amazes me no one from 2016 or after has won the World title yet. So when you told me about being the future and how I was the last it struck a chord with me So although you have earned my respect a bit Mikey just remember what happened last week. You lost your concentration for one second and I hit you with the Spear and if that happens next week I am going to be the Number One Contender to Arius or Yelich Josh stares down the camera at this one as the crowd cheer at the idea of this before suddenly turning his attention to the backstage area So in the long term. Arius, Yelich watch your backs. But in the short term, why don’t you come down here Mikey and although we got off on the wrong foot, maybe we should start again. I’m giving you one last chance Mikey so that our match at Bad Blood is built on respect rather than it being personal. It’s a chance I suggest you take Josh then takes a seat by the contract table and hands the mic back to Gary Green, as both wait for Josh’s opponent to make his way to the ring
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    Manchester Is Sh*t

    After Josh announced during last weeks Carnage he was going to received the Key to the City of Manchester, we see the grand ceremony happening. A stage is set up outside Manchester Town Hall with Mayor Burnham announcing different guests onto the stage. He gives each a little thanks, as we see Gary Green pushing through the crowd and finding a space at the front near Josh Josh: Hello there Mr Green Gary: Josh Josh: I see you came to see me receive the Key to the City Green: I am still not convinced you’re going to receive the Key Josh: And I am doubting your friendship since you called me an “insecure failure” Green: Ok. Anyway, I see you decided not to where my fathers mask Josh: Nope, I didn’t need it. Back in the day, I felt like that mask gave me power Green: That’s because the mask does give you power. It makes you more powerful Burnham: And now, as a final conclusion, I would like to welcome Noel Gallagher and Joshua Scott onto the stage for the main proceedings We see Josh proudly stand up, ignoring Gary Green as he makes his way onto the stage and stands alongside Gallagher as Mayor Burnham begins to speak Burnham: Well I have the special honour of awarding the first Key to the City of Manchester in eleven years to legendary rock star Noel Gallagher. And presenting it to him is American entertainment star who boasts in his TV show that he represents Manchester, Joshua Scott The crowd clap for Noel as a confused Josh gives him the key, before he starts whispering in Burnham’s ear Josh: What about my key. And what do you mean entertainment and TV show, I’m a professional wrestler Burnham: Never watched it mate. It’s all fake anyways isn’t it Josh: Tell that to all the broken bones I’ve received putting my body on the line for this city. The least I wanted was the Key Burnham: The Key? You were lucky to be presenting one. Do you think this city really cares about you? You’re a professional wrestler, and from what I have read about you you’re not a very successful one. Go back to your life of Play acting A dejected Josh walks off the stage as the media begin rushing forward to take care of Noel Gallagher. Suddenly Liam Gallagher appears on stage and a big argument begins but Josh just seems to ignore it, walking towards Gary, batting away the tears in his eyes. Gary picks up the mask and hands it to him and Josh grabs it before walking away as the screen turns to black The screen skips to the next day as we see Gary Green getting a taxi to Manchester Aiport, presumably to go back to America. Gary asks the driver to turn up the radio, as the breaking news story hits Radio: We carry on live coverage, as Mayor Andy Burnham was mysteriously attacked in his office last night by an unknown source. He has been taken to hospital where his injuries aren’t too serious but have left him bloodied and bruised. Police are currently investigating Taxi Driver: God it’s horrible isn’t it Green: Yes who could do such a thing And with that Gary looks into the back seat of the taxi where Josh is sat, wearing the sheep mask he wore last week. His expression is not visible, but from the look Gary Green gives him, it is suggested the two know more about the attack than we do. We see the taxi arriving into Manchester, meaning one thing, the new Josh will soon be back in America
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    BPZ Survival Games October 11-12

    (Coming Soon)
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    The Amazing BPZ Backyard Wrestling Soap Opera SEASON 1 EPISODE 2 THE GAUNTLET MATCH Narrator: Welcome, to the second episode of the greatest episodic television show in history, the premise of this episode is simple: Sheridan, who we obviously know for trying to solve the mysterious murder mystery case, gets in a sticky situation, that situation being a handicap match set up by Brenden himself. - We start off in BBW HQ, where Sheridan, Meko, Toxik and Bashka are sitting down, just chilling, Sheridan is looking stressed as ever, Meko is looking depressed as ever, and Toxik and Bashka are just minding their own business. Sheridan then starts to speak Sheridan: I am in such a sticky situation, what am I going to do today? I’ve never wrestled before, how do I know how any of this works? I almost got killed by Brad last week just because I stepped into the ring, and now I have a match with him; this is such a disaster, don’t you think Meko? Toxik: Well Sheridan, if you just think about it this way- Sheridan: I’m sorry, but did I ask you? No, I asked for Meko’s opinion, so how about you stay quiet and wait for your turn to speak, understood? There is a short moment of silence in the HQ as Toxik looks absolutely furious Toxik: DON’T YOU DARE INTERRUPT ME LIKE THAT EVER AGAIN! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M GOING THROUGH! THAT’S IT! I’M JOINING THE GAUNTLET AND I’M GONNA KICK YOUR SILLY ASS BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM YOU DUMB COW! Toxik bursts out of the room and Sheridan and Meko look at each other, confused, while Bashka is sat in the corner doing his thing, whatever he’s doing. Meko: Actually Sheridan, I do think it is quite a disaster, I mean now you have 5 of us to take on, but honestly, I can’t be bothered fighting, so now that means you have 4 of us to take on, so let’s say that a normal one on one match, you have a 50/50 chance of winning, but now this is a gauntlet, so you only have a 25% chance of winning, but let’s say you add another alpha male to the mix, the chances of you winning drastically go down, so then you only have around a 17.5% chance of winning, but add that to the fact that you now have to face Toxik and that chance of winning goes up to a whopping 66 ⅔ %. So take your 66 ⅔% chance of winning against their new 33 ⅓% chance of winning and, uhhh, what? Sheridan looks at Meko, absolutely confused out of her head Sheridan: Yeah, I just think I’m going to go and prepare for this match, things just got really awkward around here. Meko: Now that I think about it, there are only 4 men in that match against you, so you do actually have a 25% chance of winning, I think anyway, or is it a 20% chance? Well if you take away the 20% from 25%, you’re left with a 5% difference, so does that mean- Sheridan: Right! I’m done, I’m sick of your stupid maths! I’m leaving, I’m going to prepare for my match, I can’t stand you males! Sheridan storms off in a hissy fit, and Meko is still thinking about the maths in his head, while Bashka is still in the corner doing his own thing. Meko: Yeah so in conclusion Sheridan has a 20% chance of winning the match, isn’t that right Bash? Bashka: *inaudible* The scene closes off with Meko still thinking about his maths in his head - The camera appears in another hidden part of the BBW HQ: Brenden, Nathan, Toxik and Brad are planning out their strategy for tonight’s main event match up against Sheridan. Brenden, Toxik and Brad are writing notes on a big poster, while Nathan is too busy throwing darts at a picture of Sheridan, which he has for some reason. Nathan: Women, women, women; I’m sick of them! All they do is whine and complain when they don’t get their way, and I’m going to show Sheridan what a real strong man looks like, and what a real weak, dumb woman looks like, and I’m going to show her good. Brenden: Nathan can you concentrate for just one minute? You’re really looking like some creepy perverted stalker at the moment and it really doesn’t show up well on our brand image, we want to be known for being the best in BBW, not known for being on the sex offenders register, now get a move on and help me do this! Nathan: Ugh, fine, if you say so. Brenden: Right, so first of all, Brad’s going in, just as a piece of bait to set Sheridan up for the big guns, then Toxik will go in, and just beat the straight shit out of her, then you’ll take the fall, just to make herself feel good about herself. After that, it’s time for stage 3; Nathan goes in and absolutely fucks her up like a real man would, then he takes the fall… And then, it’s big brain time, we will form an absolute machine and wipe her off the face of this earth, we will throw her so high up that it’ll hurt when she falls down… Everyone understood the plan? Brad: I guess, but why do I have to be the bait? Toxik is far smaller and more useless than me, why does it have to me that gets beaten up by the woman? Brenden: Do you want to keep your job or not? If you do, then I suggest you keep your mouth quiet, and just go with the plan, otherwise there will be serious consequences, and I mean serious. Brad then seems to look upset, but after a few seconds all 3 men simultaneously say All: YES SIR! Brenden: Very good, I shall see you all tonight, don’t disappoint me! - MATCH 1 - BAILEY VS ARROW The bell rings and Arrow just straight up bitch slaps Bailey, but Bailey is having absolutely none of it and throws him out of the ring and through the announcers table. The Bailey then goes out to grab Arrow, and throws him through another table, and then through another table, and then through another one, and another one, and another one, before throwing him back into the ring. And as Bailey is coming back into the ring LOW BLOW BY ARROW! 1...2… KICKOUT BY BAILEY! Arrow heads up to the top rope and hits Bailey with a huge hurricanrana from the turnbuckle, Bailey rolls out to the outside only to be met with a huge suicide dive from the little guy. Well it would be huge but it didn’t affect Bailey at all, he grabs Arrow mid dive and chokeslams him through yet another table! No one knows where these guys are getting these tables from yet they keep appearing. Anyway, Bailey throws Arrow back into the ring and goes for the pin, 1...2… Kickout by Arrow at the last second. Bailey goes outside to get a chair and- OH GOD! HANS JUST KILLED BAILEY! Hans is getting in the ring, Arrow tries to run away but Hans’ huge arms are too much for him to handle, and Hans throws him 60 feet up in to the air and catches him with a- JESUS CHRIST! WHAT AN RKO! The big guy grabs the mic now. Hans: Playtime’s over now boys, time for the big guns to come into BBW, and cause some havoc. Bailey, I want you next week, right in this very ring, and if you don’t turn up, well, I’ll make you turn up, so you better turn up. Now I have to leave. Goodbye. Hans throws the mic right into Bailey’s face and leaves the ring. - The camera enters the gym, where Sheridan is seen training for her match that is coming up very soon. Sheridan: Right, are these cameras seriously going to be following me everywhere I go? Not that I’m complaining, I love being the centre of attention, anyway, right now I’m at the gym, as you can probably tell; I’m training very hard for my match later tonight. You guys should probably leave, and let me train on my own, I need some alone time right now, yeah, that’s really needed. Sheridan goes back to training, and then she notices that the cameras are still there. Sheridan: Are you going to leave already? I have something very important to be doing right now, can’t have you butting in right now. The cameraman walks away as Sheridan trips up while running on the treadmill. - We fast forward to tonight’s main event, the big gauntlet, the biggest main event in BBW history thus far. MATCH 2 - SHERIDAN VS BRAD, NATHAN SAWYER, TOXIK AND JULIUS The bell rings and right away Sheridan rolls Brad up for 1..2..3, Brad is eliminated, what a loser, Brenden is visibly seen smiling on the outside of the ring, as everything is going perfectly as planned. Toxik then goes into the ring and as planned, starts beating the shit out of Sheridan, smacking her all over the ring, he hits Sheridan with a few big powerbombs and slams, but it’s all not enough, as Sheridan quickly gets to her feet and- What a maneuver! Sheridan goes for the pin! 1..2..3! Toxik is gone from the match! Brenden once again is seen smiling as his plan is going very well so far. Now it’s Nathan’s turn to get into the ring, but before he does that, he grabs a microphone and starts speaking. Nathan: Really? Do you really think I’m going to fight a woman? Well guess what, you thought wrong, I wouldn’t even speak to a woman let alone beat the shit out of one! I don’t care what Brenden does to me, I don’t care if you fire me, or if you challenge me to another match, but I’m not going to participate in this, I’m the alpha male around here and I’m not going to compete against a damn woman! I quit! Brenden looks at Nathan, shocked, he can’t believe it, he grabs the mic for himself and says a few words. Brenden: Where do you think you’re going? You’re not going anywhere my friend! You’re staying here and you’re going to fight Sheridan, I couldn’t care less if you don’t want to fight a woman, I’m your boss, so you listen to what I tell you, now go in there and beat that bitch up; or do you really want to lose your job? It’s your damn choice, you either get in there or I kick your ass out of here right this instant! Nathan: Fine! I’ll do it, just for you, my liege! Nathan throws the mic down and turns around- GOOD LAWD! NATHAN HAS BEEN BUSTED OPEN BY A CHAIR SHOT! 1..2..3! NATHAN IS OUT! JULIUS IS LEFT WITH SHERIDAN! Julius gets in the ring, and immediately Sheridan goes for a big lariat, but to no avail, Julius is just too big to even be phased by it, he throws Sheridan around the ring, hitting her with a huge spear and multiple piledrivers. Julius goes for a Batista Bomb but- Sheridan hits a huge Canadian Destroyer on Julius! He’s gotta be dead! 1..2.. Kickout!!! Julius is still alive in this one; Sheridan throws Julius into the corner with ease and starts beating the shit out of him with huge punches and kicks, she throws him to the other side of the ring and hits him with An even bigger spear than Julius hit! It has to be over now! 1..2.. Kickout! This has got to be a match of the year candidate, these two are just killing each other in this classic wrestling contest here! Sheridan now grabs a table, and straight up throws Julius through it (somehow). She goes for the cover: 1..2.. Another kickout by Julius! Sheridan goes for another spear now BUT SHE GETS MET WITH A HUGE BIG BOOT! 1..2..3! JULIUS WINS IT FOR TEAM BRENDEN! Brenden gets in the ring with his microphone and starts talking. Brenden: What did I say? Don’t cross the boss! You tried to mess with me, but clearly my minions are much more powerful than you! See you next week now, I have a modelling shoot at Paris to go to! Brenden is seen walking away with Julius as Sheridan is grabbing a mic from one of the announcers. Sheridan: You may have won the battle, but you have not won the war Brenden! This isn’t over! The scene closes off with an angry Sheridan crying in the middle of the ring. - END
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    Mixed Personality

    The camera emerges in a dark, candlelit bathroom; and as the camera spins around, we see Kyle Pain, enjoying a lovely bubble bath with a cigar in his mouth and a glass of red wine on the side of the bathtub. Life is so wonderful, don’t you think? All of these flashy cars, all of these exotic babes, but obviously none of you pillocks would know, you can’t live a life like I do, you don’t have the money, you don’t have the knowledge, you don’t have the right to live like me. But that’s besides the point, I’m not here to talk about how I’m far superior than any of you, and any of the superstars in the BPZ locker room. I’m here to talk about myself, a touching subject, I know. Kyle steps out of the bathtub, revealing that he has been in Gucci underpants this whole time. I feel like, I haven’t been real with anyone over the course of my career; like my whole life has been a lie, as if I’ve been hiding under this mask known as Kyle Pain. But now it’s time to take off my mask, and show off my true identity; not just to everyone at home, but to myself. “Kyle” takes the cigar out of his mouth and places it on the bathtub, he then looks into the mirror, smirking as he does so. I feel truly embarrassed to live this way, hiding behind this fake persona that I’ve been dragging on for far too long, and I think that now it is my moment, the moment to reveal myself. I am not Kyle Pain; I’m just plain old Amai. The newly born Amai steps out of the bathroom and sits down on the couch; he then picks up another alcoholic drink that is on the kitchen counter. But as embarrassed as I may have been; I am still better than each and every single one of you! This new persona of mine will only push me to new heights, I will become a star like no other, while you fat slobs sit on your couches eating your cheese puffs and hate on my grind. You’re all just jealous that I’m making stacks! That my bank account is the one that is constantly rising! That I am the one that built a financial empire from nothing but dust! That I am successful, and you are not. You can all sit there and boo me all you like, but at the end of the day, none of you are even remotely as skilled as I am, none of you can even lace my boots! None of you can master this craft of professional wrestling as well as I have, I am a god in this profession, all of you watching are my followers, I am the one that you look up to; you may 'think' differently, but that's just a fact, and you can't argue with facts. Amai steps outside, and looks at the beautiful beach view, smiling confidently at the camera At Bad Blood, heh, I don't even need to explain what I'll do at Bad Blood, simply because I know it's too cliche to say that I will "dominate everyone, and prove why I'm the best, and win the NXT Championship, and do this, and do that, and do all everything". But what I can assure you is that by the end of the match, I will be the knight in shining armour, driving off into the sunset in my brand new Rolls Royce Wraith; laughing in the faces of my competition, and my haters, as they cry in the dawn of my success. But they can do nothing about it, all they can do is watch as I grow and grow and grow; while they fall into a state of agony and despair- The camera goes back inside and Amai somehow manages to keep himself calm and collected, he walks back inside and picks his drink back up, and takes a few sips before putting it back down And yes, I am maybe being overconfident, and that’s because I know for a fact that everyone, including Raven, including Mirage, including Arrow; I know that everyone has a price. And that price will be met in the battle royal; au revoir my good friends. The camera fades to black as Amai is laughing while sipping on his alcoholic beverage.
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    A @Hans (WWF) and @Sheridan (WCW,) December 1997 Total Extreme Wrestling diary. The Montreal Screwjob was a historic shoot betrayal of reigning WWF Champion Bret Hart by owner of the World Wrestling Federation, Vince McMahon, during the main event bout of Survivor Series, a wrestling pay-per-view event held in Montreal, Quebec on November 9th, 1997. A changing of the wrestling match's pre-decided finish (known as a "screwjob" in wrestling kayfabe) was thought up by Vince McMahon and detailed to Bret Hart's match opponent and long-term rival, Shawn Michaels. The Montreal Screwjob was executed when match official, Earl Hebner, under orders from Vince McMahon, called for the bell to ring even though Bret Hart had not submitted while being held in the sharpshooter by Shawn Michaels, a move which was well associated with Bret Hart. Shawn Michaels was crowned as the new WWF Heavyweight Championship holder, winning the belt via submission while the audience in attendance expressed their fury and Bret Hart was outraged and confused in the ring.
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    Clash Society (Wednesday Night Wars)

    | Posted on Clash Society YT | HOUSE #2: ICHIBAN We cold-open to what is a Japanese Dojo, with the word "ICHIBAN" shown across the top of the dojo, standing for "Number One" in English. We are shown a man working on his kicks inside of the dojo with a black towel over his bald head, covering it as a sudden noise of the door opening is heard, before a man walks through, screaming a name. ???: SUZUKI! The man working on his kicks is revealed to be Minoru Suzuki, as he now begins to talk, the two men speaking japanese. Suzuki: What is it, Naito? The man who walked in pans to be none other than Tetsuya Naito! Naito smiles with his signature monocle, looking at Suzuki before revealing the news he brings. Naito: My tomodachi, we have somewhere to be going. There is a new place, a SANCTUARY to prove that we are indeed... ICHIBAN! Pan to Suzuki smirking, as he then begins to speak. Suzuki: You know what this means. Naito looks confused, before his confusion turns into a smile as Suzuki returns it, the two clearly plotting. Naito: Kairi... It's time for you to captain... our... ship. Kairi Sane steps into view, smiling devlishily at Naito and Suzuki. She turns towards where the doors are, and yells something out to the laughter of Naito and Suzuki. Sane: GAIJINS! And suddenly, from a room emerges Lance Archer and Davey Boy Smith Jr., Killer Elite Squad. Kairi tells them that it's time to go on a mission, before the two follow, as ICHIBAN leaves their dojo, shutting the door behind them as the camera pans to black.
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    Seth Rollins~ Drew Mcintyre Brock Lesnar~ Samoa Joe Randy Orton~ Andrade Sasha Banks~ Ember Moon War Raiders~ Street Profits~ Forgotten Sons Braun Strowman~ Bobby Lashely EC3~ Lio Rush Liv Morgan~ Kairi Sane Noam Dar~ Joe Coffey Amir Jordan~ Jinder Mahal Zelina Vega~ Nia Jax Heath Slater~ John Cena Eric Young~ Kane The Undertaker~ David Starr Natalya~ Nikki Bella~ Lacy Evans
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    Gunner Flynn

    BPZ behind closed doors

    Hey Hoes, welcome back to my show. I mean our show, sorry Jason. Today, we will be going over a few news and rumours regarding BPZ. Is Yelich Actually Happy? Recently, Yelich has been on top of the world. Dethroning Arius, for the North American Championship at Bad Blood. But after this fact, Yelich doesnt seem as happy as he used to be. Has the gold got inside his head, or does he want more? "Sometimes being a Champion, makes you reflect." Next Big Star? For a couple of months now, Mikey has been a future star of BPZ. And at Bad Blood he proved it. As he beat Josh and won the United States Championship from Hans. Which was a major accomplishment in many people's eyes. Mikey is the next big star, he gets a chance to fight for the North American Championship on October 12th. Future World Champion? Bic has been one of the best in BPZ for years now. And continues to prove that statement, as one half of the current Tag Team Champions, with Hans. But is it his time to become a 2x World Champion? Well that is it from me mad hoes, Jason dont kill them!
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    Death Notorious Angel

    Smarks Daily

    "Hello ladies and gentlemen, I, James SweedinFerg of Smarks Daily and on behalf of Smarks Daily issue a apology for what you just witnessed. While visiting a Special Ed Home in Hollywood recent, our Chairman of Smarks Daily was asked a question by the specialest of specials, Max and was asked if he can do a interview for Smarks Daily. While having a bad feeling about it, he said yes. Unfortunately, the interview was just him looking into the mirror, asking himself questions while picking his nose. From this day forward, we agreed to only let professionals take part of Smarks Daily. Thank you."
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    Gunner Flynn

    War Between Worlds

    [b ][I]Welcome to WWE Hell In a Cell. We have a stacked card here tonight. But tonight we are starting off the show with a complete banger. [/b[/I] As the Cell Lowers, the crowd becomes more engaged. Enemies by Shinedown hits the PA System, signaling “War Engaged”. A man of very few words, but so many cruel actions over the years. He made his presence known in WWE, and tonight these two animals are locked inside this demonic structure. Next up is the WWE Intercontinental Champion. Shingo Takagi. He has truly made his presence known, and has been a great champion, so far. Tonight he steps up to Jimmy Havoc inside Hell In A Cell. What a clash this shall be. The match begins with the two having a stare down for a few moments. Before Shingo would spit in Havoc’s face. Not a very intelligent tactic by Shingo right there. Havoc comes right after him with a shot to the gut, taking Shingo down to one knee. As he’s hurt, Havoc takes it to the outside and greats a steel chair. Striking him multiple times to the spine. This is one sick man. Isn’t he? Havoc continues the attack to the skull. He throws the chair outside to the cell. As he goes for he pinfall...1...2…. but a kick out by Shingo at the last second. Havoc goes to pick him up but Shingo gets up quickly and hits a heavy punch to Havoc’s skull. Havoc drops down to one knee before popping back up with a big lariat. Sending Shingo down right, headfirst to the canvas. Havoc, stalks the body, and stomps right on Shingo’s skull. He heads to the top rope and connects with a double foot stomp. Then proceeds to pick him up for a Death Valley Driver. Havoc goes for the pinfall...1...2…. but a kick out by Shingo at 2. Shingo gets up and picks up Havoc for the Last Falconry. Shingo goes for the pinfall.. will this be it? 1..2...3 As Shingo celebrates with his Intercontinental Championship, a familiar theme song strikes. As Ospreay makes his intentions known loud and clear, the screen fades to black. [B/] Tonight Jason Jordan makes his long awaited return. But who is the mystery opponent that has been so desired to make his appearance.[B/] [I/] What the hell? We have seen many vignettes gesturing the debut of this man. But I don’t think r could have expected the menace of a man he truly is. [B/] [I/] The match begins, with The Fiend staring Jordan down. Before grabbing him for a Sister Abigail![B/] The Fiend goes for the pinfall very early in this matchup. That could be it just like that. 1..2...3 A impactful win by The Fiend here. [B/] As The Fiend destroys Jason Jordan here tonight. A mental attack seems to enter his mind. As he feels out until the screen fades to black once again. [B/] [I/] This match, you can say has been under the radar. Here is one man who truly needs this win here tonight though. He had only won one match since the start of this revamp of WWE. [B/] [I/] Next up is a man we know very well in PAC. He has been extremely successful in his time back in WWE thus far. Let’s see if he can keep it up. [B/] [I/] And finally, this man truly is “The Showoff. But can he show that here tonight? The match begins with all three men in their separate corners. Ziggler goes after Owens but is sent down, face first to the canvas. He picks up Ziggler quickly and connects with a Stunner. [B\] Owens goes for the pinfall...1….2… but PAC breaks it up just in time. He picks up Ziggler and throws him to the outside. But Owens attacks him from behind, sending him down to one knee. Ziggler rushes back into the ring, connecting with a super kick, nailing Owens chin. PAC grabs Ziggler very quickly and hits a German Suplex. [B/] PAC goes for the pinfall...1..2 but a kick out by Ziggler. Owens runs in and connects with a pop up- Sit out Powerbomb. [B/] Owens goes for the pinfall...1...2….3….. Kevin Owens, gets a much needed win here tonight. [B/] It is finally time. For the match we have all been waiting for all night. [B/] [I/] Next up is The Golden Lovers. These two truly have the ideal friendship. And work do well together. Can they get that big win tonight or fall in defeat? The match begins with a lockup by Omega to Kenta. The strength advantage seems to go to Omega. As he reversed into a push into the corner. He goes to tag in Ibushi, as he runs in for a running forearm into the corner. He grabs him and goes for a gut kick. [B/] Ibushi goes for the pinfall… could this be it? 1...2… but at the last second Shibata breaks it up. Omega runs in and takes Shibata out of the ring, along with himself with a clothesline over the ropes. Omega gets back up and gets tagged in by Ibushi. Shibata gets up aswell, who is tagged in. Omega and Shibata both have a staredown for a few moments. Before ducking and connecting with a Dragon Rush. [B/] What a counter by Omega! Omega goes to pick up Shibata once more, but Shibata reverses with a crucial headbutt. [B/] What a headbutt by Shibata. He is now busted open from the impact of the shot. What the hell?! But Omega pops right up and gets in the face of Shibata and grabs him for the One Winged Angel. [B/] He goes for the pinfall...1...2….3 The Golden Lovers get this much needed win. [B/] [I/] A big win for these two. Sad loss for Takeover though. What is next for these two teams? [B/] [I/] Now it is time for the rematch we have all been looking forward to. Lynch vs Banks II for the Raw Women’s Championship. [B/] [I/] Next up is the current Raw Women’s Champion Who will most likely go through hell and back tonight against Banks. Here comes Becky Lynch! [B/] [I/] The match begins, with the crowd getting hyped for this match before it has even begun. They both slowly move closer to eachother. [B/] Lynch is fired up! Sasha, is a bit stunned by this enthusiasm by her opponent. Banks goes for a running forearm but Lynch ducks and connects with a German suplex. What a counter by the champion. She goes for the quick pin...1...2 but a kick out at 2 by Banks. Lynch picks her up quickly, and goes to throw her over the top rope. But Sasha reverses, and throws her to the outside. She calls for Becky to get up and explodes with a suicide dive! [B/] Banks doesn’t waste anytime, as she picks up Lynch and throws her back into the ring. As she goes for the cover...1….2 but a kick out by Lynch at the last second. Sasha picks her up and hits a vintage slap. [B/] Becky is shocked with these act of disrespect shown by Banks. Sasha goes for another slap, but Becky ducks and goes for an exploded right to the canvas there.[B/] Becky goes for the pinfall once more...1..2 but a kick out by Sasha at the last second. Becky goes to pick her up but Sasha ducks under and connects with a backstabbed, transitioning into the Banks Statement. [B/] Can Becky get to the ropes in time? It seems not, as Becky hangs on for a few moments before Lynch taps out. We have a new Raw Women’s Champion. [B/] A new champion has been crowned. What does this mean for Becky Lynch? Who will step up to the champion? [B/] [I/] It is finally Main Event Time. What a night this has lead up to. And this surely is going to make all these fans in this arena very happy going home. [B/] [I/] All three men are striving to be the best. Can they show that tonight or burn to the ground in trying to do so? [B/] The match begins with all three men having a staredown for a few moments. Before Ciampa would go straight after Rollins, signaling for Gargano to do the same. They send him into the corner, as Gargano backs up and goes for a running forearm but Rollins gets out fo the way just in time and sends Ciampa out of the ring. He now focuses on Gargano, as he goes for a super kick but Gargano ducks under but his leg gives out. As he is on both knees he is hit with a Curb stomp very early on in this match. [B/] Rollins goes for the pinfall...1...2… but Ciampa breaks it up. Ciampa picks up Rollins and hits him with a big lariat. Taking Rollins down to the canvas. Gargano would slap Ciampa, his mouthpiece coming out, Gargano grabbing it and throwing it out. Proceeding with a superkick. [B/] Gargano goes for the pinfall before the lights would dim. A message heard around the arena. “The Dark Side Arrives”. [B/] As the lights turn back on, Gargano is payed out, blood pouring from his mouth. As Rollins goes for the cover...1...2...3 [B/] Rollins retains the Universal Championship tonight. What is next for his title reign? [B/]
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    BPZ Survival Games (2019) Promotional poster featuring various BPZ Wrestlers Theme Music: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Can't Stop The Union Underground - Turn Me On "Mr. Deadman" Promotion BPZ Brand(s) Carnage Date October 12th, 2019 City Charlotte, North Carolina Venue Spectrum Center Attendance 19,189 BPZ Survival Games(2019) was a professional wrestling show and BPZ Neccework produced by BPZ for the Carnage brand. It took place October, 12th 2019 at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is the first event under the Survival Games chronology. Eleven matches were scheduled on the event's card. In the main event we saw Flynn defeat Necce and Echo Wilson to retain the BPZ Undisputed Championship. Other prominent matches include Yelich defeating Mikey to retain the BPZ North American Championship and several Survival Games tournament matches determining the final for Survivor Series. Production Other on-screen personnel Commentator Sandman Heel Ring announcer Danielle Referee Cole Phillips Interviewers Josh Trenton Tournament rules BPZ announced that the return of the Survival Games tournament and its dates on August 14th, 2019. at Wrestle Kingdom 11 ; it was announced that the first night of the tournament will be held on Carnage at Pechanga Arena in San Diego, California. The tournament features twelve wrestlers, divided in two blocks of six ("A" and "B"). Each participant faces all five other wrestlers within the same block in singles competition, with the winner of each block being determined via a point system, gaining two points for a win, one point for a tie, and no point for a defeat. The respective winners of both blocks face each other to determine the winner of the Survival Games tournament and will receive a future BPZ Undisputed Championship opportunity. The matches of the tournament have a 20 minute time limit (with the time limit being reached resulting in a tie); the matches taking place at the Survival Games event have a 30 minute time limit. The final match between the two block winners will have no time limit. Results[edit] No. Results[2][3] Stipulations Times 1 Raven defeated Alex Costa Street Fight match 14:46 2 Sheridan defeated Nathan Sawyer Singes match 12:47 3 FDS defeated Prince Singles match for the Survival Games tournament 10:02 4 KENJI defeated Jonathan Singles match for the Survival Games tournament 07:43 5 Bashka defeated Hollow Singles match for the Survival Games tournament 13:48 6 Hans defeated Sameer Singles match for the Survival Games tournament 15:35 7 Yelich (c) defeated Mikey Singles match for the BPZ North American Championship 17:26 8 Julius defeated Bart Singles match for the Survival Games tournament 22:26 9 Slim defeated Smith Singles match for the Survival Games tournament 25:30 10 Aidanator defeated Arrow Thunderman Singles match 07:19 11 Flynn (c) defeated Echo Wilson and Necce Singles match for the BPZ Undisputed Championship 31:01 (c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match Tournament overview[edit] Colors Emerald Winner of the block Black Did not win the block Block A Block B Julius 10 Slim 10 Bart 7 Smith 8 KENJI 7 Hans 5 FDS 4 Sameer 4 Jonathan 1 Bashka 3 Prince 1 Blade 1 Block A Jonathan Prince Bart KENJI Julius FDS Jonathan — Draw (20:00) Bart (8:51) KENJI (7:43) Julius (6:08) FDS (14:41) Prince Draw (20:00) - Bart (7:36) KENJI (8:18) Julius (12:11) FDS (10:02) Bart Bart (8:51) Bart (7:36) — Draw (20:00) Julius (22:26) Bart (13:47) KENJI KENJI (7:43) KENJI (8:18) Draw (20:00) — Julius (12:01) KENJI (17:20) Julius Julius (6:08) Julius (11:11) Julius (22:26) Julius (12:01) — Julius (11:33) FDS FDS (14:41 FDS (10:02) Bart (13:47) KENJI (17:20) Julius (11:33) - Block B Smith Hollow Hans Bashka Slim Sameer Smith - Smith (7:36) Smith (11:58) Smith (13:00) Slim (25:30) Smith (14:20) Hollow Smith (7:36) — Hans (12:47) Bashka (13:48) Slim (7:45) Sameer (9:27) Hans Smith (11:58) Hans (12:47) — Draw (20:00) Slim (14:15) Sameer (15:35) Bashka Smith (13:00) Bashka (13:48) Draw (20:00) — Slim (6:20) Sameer (8:54) Slim Slim (25:30) Slim (7:45) Slim (14:15) Slim (6:20) — Slim (18:33) Sameer Smith (14:20) Sameer (9:27) Sameer (15:35) Sameer (8:54) Slim (18:33) -
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    BPZ- The Aftermath

    BPZ: The Aftermath - Intro So Icon and I were talking and found out we are both fans of the Walking Dead. Then Icon asked if I was ever gonna do a diary like that. I thought about and decided why not start a diary since I have had a bunch of ideas for Pizza Place I can’t use cause it doesn't make sense at all with the Pizza Place story and all. So Icon and me are gonna be working on this together so it should be pretty good. Also episodes should come out a faster rate with two of us working on it instead of one. With that being said there is a couple of things I would like to go over. Characters are going to die in this diary, so don’t get triggered if you die there is also a chance you could come back in some flashbacks scenes later on if you die. So basically don't bitch and moan if you end up dying. If you are not in right away that is probably a good thing because that means we probably have some nice plans for you and don’t want you to die right away. Also for most of the characters we will be using Walking Dead character gifs this does not mean that we will be following the Walking Dead story, we might steal some ideas from it here and there but for the most part we are going to try and make it as original as possible. Last but not least feedback is always appreciated for both the episodes I write and the ones Icon writes. We will be reading everyone's feedback and who knows if you say something smart we might even use it at some point. All in all we hope this is going to be a successful diary somewhat like BPZ Pizza ( which is still going just writing the rest of the season then posting it don’t worry). So let us know what you think of this and this Season One Trailer will be coming soon.
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    EPISODE 1 Being brought to you live around the world, the studio audience are cheering from the stands as we kick off the return episode of World of Wonder. Ric Flair feeling as youthful as ever cheerfully shoots his signature "WOOOOOO" out of excitement, saying "he is so happy to be back on the air after a brief absence. He talks about the large shoes he realises he needs to fill after the previous owner in H.R Pufnstuf sadly..." Ric Flair looks past the camera as he nods and moves on looking over the subject and skipping right into company announcements. Three weeks from now World of Wonder will host their return PPV titled 'Brawl at the Black Lagoon', an event that holds a special place in the heart of this company as the first PPV they held and an event where the first WOW Champion was crowned. On this event the debut of the newly designed, personally financed, top of the line WOOOO world championship will be crowned between six of the best the company has to offer. Two matches each week will be contested to determine a place in this match. Backstage Segment: Environment We go backstage as Johnny Saint tries to introduce Cedric Alexander to the locker room as he gets acquainted with the company. Stopping at the locker room of Matt Hardy, he knocks and announces himself but the Broken One refuses to come out at first. Composing himself he knocks again but after the second time a loud explosion can be heard inside the locker room. Smoke surges from underneath the door and a coughing Matt Hardy rushes into the hall way. Catching his breath, Matt Hardy looks up to the surprised eyes near him as he says to the dumbfounded Alexander he reaches out a singed gloved hand to greet him, remarking that he is glad that he doesn't bang on his door or "interrupt me in general... which is more than I can say about some people I know!" Roppongi 3K vs Waveshaper (DJZ & El Phantasmo) The combination of Mr. 'Yung Go-Hard' DJZ & El Phantasmo started from a rivalry of careers here in our World of Wonder but they were able to come over those disagreements to instead find common ground and a shared passion. In a fast-paced Tag-Team match-up, DJZ & El Phantasmo used their underhanded tactics and experience to score the victory over the more noble Roppongi 3K. During the solid contest of high flying action a cheap shot to the back of the head would allow El Phantasmo to hit a very brutal kick to the lower back on YOH that would send him out of the ring, where DJZ would send him flying into the barricade. Inside the ring, SHO would go for a top rope move before El Phantasmo would roll out of the way and DJZ would slide into the ring returning from the outside and the duo would debut their new tag team finisher called 'Rough Sleeper' for the victory. Inside the studio a vignette begins playing. The camera pans the inside of an gymnasium, recognised by residents as the local school. Brock Lesnar is wearing gym clothing as he sets up for the days lessons, testing the long rope hanging from the ceiling as he climbs it with little effort for the audience to see. A voice over from 'The Beast Incarnate' begins playing over an edited montage of training, coaching the students and being overly aggressive "I'm not a superstar. I'm an asskicker. I'm Brock Lesnar that's it. I got one objective in mind. Utter chaos. I just want to be a wrecking machine and whoever is in my way is going to pay" The segment ends with the words "Next Week" transitiing across the screen. Cedric Alexander vs Pete Dunne Cedric Alexander, who got acquainted with the World of Wonder locker room earlier tonight is already ready to make his introduction to the live audience as he goes up against 'The Bruiserweight' Pete Dunne. With those fighting for a chance to earn their place in the championship match unknown at this point it can go unsaid that a victory here tonight could position you far up the consideration list with management. The thrilling high flying style of Cedric Alexander clashing with the grounded methodical style of Pete Dunne was an exciting affair from start to finish as they both forced the other to change their style to keep competitive. But by the end of it, a Bitter End would put Cedric Alexander out for tonight and allow Dunne to pick up the needed momentum. Backstage Segment: Homecoming Backstage the arrival of Davey Boy Smith Jr. is highlighted as the crowd applauds. A man who formely wrestled alongside his father in the early days of this company and a familiar fan favourite. A lot of momentum was built in his time before the sudden closing of World of Wonder but now the company interviewer wants to know what he has planned now that he is back. Davey Boy pauses for a moment as he grips his suitcase before replying that he had poured a lot of blood and sweat into establishing himself in World of Wonder once before along aside his family. Now he stands here alone but that only motivates him more. This his a man foundation... Meanwhile we see Ric Flair take in the atmosphere of his new empire, walking backstage as the personalities under contract interact with each other. Windham Rotunda is seen shouldering a suspiciously large amount of rope around his shoulder while simultaneously dragging behind a fishing net still wet from the early morning work. People move out of his way as it leaves a trail of water through the corridor. Jumping at the opportunity Mojo Rawley yells from the distance "That's a lawsuit waiting to happen Rotunda!, here let me give you my card" as he quickly paces by Ric Flair. A smirk comes across the legends face before he turns around to come face to face with the returning Davey Boy Smith Jr. who is recording an interview for the website. When Ric Flair re-opened the company he was only able to re-sign a few familiar names of the companies past and Davey Boy Smith was one of them. With out stretched arms Ric Flair embraces Davey Boy and remarks it's good to see him Daniel Bryan vs Angel Garza It'd be two popular stars of different backgrounds facing off here tonight as Daniel Bryan would take on Garza Jr. It would be back and forth for the most part during the beginging of the match as the two wrestlers got a feel for each other in the ring. Daniel Bryan showed why he is considered one of the best in the world but the sly Garza would get the upper hand for just a moment and hit an impressive top rope move for a near fall. At the end of the match Garza would attempt to hit the El Muertito but the quick Daniel Bryan would be able to turn that momentum into locking in the Yes Lock with force to gain the victory after a hasty tap out from Angel Garza. Daniel Bryan celebrate in the ring as he motions to the crowd a championship around his waist. .
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    Hello im Percy/Percival

    Started watching pro wrestling earlier this year. Lookin forward to getting to know everyone
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    Death Notorious Angel

    Losing Faith

    We're near ten minutes into the BPZ Tag Team Championships match and we have Brad and BiC trading shots back and forth before BiC goes to kick Brad in the mid section, which Brad catches but BiC backflips out of it and kicks him in the knee then the head. Brad starts to crawl over to Monda who is reaching out for the tag, but Brad pulls himself up by the ropes and stares at Monda and his tag attempt, but Brad starts to run at BiC jumped over Brad's attacked and speared Monda off the apron. Hans holds Brad into the corner and BiC runs and nails a running dropkick to Brad to the face, which dazes him and Hans entered the ring and BiC grabs Brad and tosses him in the air and Hans catches him with a back suplex, which is called "First Class Flight". BiC covers Brad and gets the three count and the bell rings as the crowd cheers as BiC and Hans retained their Tag Championships against The United Nations. The referee hands them the belts and they raise it up while Monda sighs and slides into the ring and walks over to Brad, who's laying flat on his back and looks down at him. He kneels beside his tag partner and the remaining members of the faction Joh and FDS walks down to the ring and tend to Brad. Monda slowly pulls Brad up to his feet while Hans and BiC are on the middle rope and celebrates with their titles. When Hans stepped down from the rope, Brad pushes Monda to the side and kicks Hans below the belt. Hans falls to the mat holding between his legs as BiC, Monda, Joh, FDS, and some fans are confused. Brad looks at Hans before backing up to the ropes and slides under the ropes and walks up the stage, ripping his shirt off his body, the buttons popping off and tosses it to the floor and walks to the back. A replay of Brad's actions replay on the tron as the crowd starts to boo. A few moments pass as we see Brad is walking in a hallway with his bags wheeling behind him as the camera catches a multiple voices a short distance away. The camera pans over and sees Brad's stablemates running up to him and Joh stops Brad from leaving by grabbing his arm and turns him to face them. Joh: "Brad, what the hell was that?! That's not what we are about!" Brad: "THAT'S THE PROBLEM! Look at us guys, we are guys who can win the Tag Team Championships, or even single Championships if we go full hearted. But look us, when we debuted we were something some people were talking about, but now I have to pull double duty for our name to even get on the card. Brad, the Italian, Monda, the American, and Joh, the Irishman, that's what was hot at first. Now I'm whole I truly am, and I'm being told I should leave United Nations because I'm not fit for the group. ME! NOT FIT FOR THE GROUP I HELP FOUND JOH! YOU THINK I'M HAPPY?!?!" Brad stands back some after yelling into the face of Joh as Monda and FDS look on. Brad sets his bag down as he shakes his head. Brad: "Look at us Joh, the nice guys act gets old. We can pretend to care about our nations, we can pretend about getting the best competition from everyone. I'm done pretending dog. I'm free of the lies, and you all should be too." Joh: "What are you talking about?" Brad: "That we stop acting like we give a shit representing our countries and be the group of men that will take what they want. United Nations is dying and we are the reason why, me more than anything. And Monda, I'm sorry for not tagging you in. It's… I put us in that situation, and I knew we weren't winning, so I decided to take the final blow, you deserve better than that. Lately, my career is dying itself, no hiding it. But before the flame of my candle went out, I made it a promise to make us work, but before we do that, we got to change, and you all know this. We need to change. Look, I got another match to get ready for, I'm heading to the hotel to rest for a minute before I head back. Think about what I said. And if you see Hans, tell him I'm sorry." Brad grabbed his bag and turns his back to his team mates and gets into a face to face with the former North American Champion who lost his title earlier in the night, Arius. The two stare at each other as Brad dropped his bag again, not taking his eyes off of him. Brad: "... Are you happy? You got your revenge, and it did a toll on me. I laid in that hospital bed, hating you, I stand here, hating you. But I do say thank you. I say thank you because when you sent me off that stage, you gave me the chance to get my closure I need badly. I let the Tag Team Championships go by and I could of done so much more to prevent it, but I was too late. In my World Heavyweight Championship match later, I'll be lucky to even make it to the match. I'm on my last leg, but I have one thing left, you. You're the only thing keeping me to fight. The anger I have at you, the pain I'm holding from you is eating my soul, and my heart is hanging on by a heart before I lose that too, and it's only here to fight you. Arius, Halloween Havoc. Screw Last Man Standing, that's not good for me anymore. I want more. I want you to suffer, I want you to be carried out on a stretcher, I want doctors to try their oh so hardest to save you like they did me. I want you to feel what I felt. Arius, at Halloween Havoc, what we have going on, ends. Three. Stages. Of. Hell. The jokes I have, are gone and over with. I'm focused as best as I can be and I will be waiting for your answer. And you know that as long as we don't have our match, it will never be over, and we will fight and fight till one of us permanently ends up never waking up again. I…… I need this match Arius.. I'll be waiting for your response." Brad leans down and picks up his bag, staring into the eyes of Arius as he finally breaks eye contact and walks past Arius out of the arena as the segment goes to black.
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    Ark Universe

    The Prince's Highway

    Ark stays silent for a bit longer. Him and Echo continue to drive in silence. You know, I didn’t hijack the car, I actually did request to be your driver. Decided to make sure you got the arena well and on time. Thank you however, for your brilliant rant, it allows me to Segway perfectly into what I was going to say first. It’s a shame you know, that the culture, the environment here in this company is so hostile. To where the simple act of carpooling can be misread as a attempted ambush. Your first thought when seeing me was of fear, fear that you would be attack. You can try and hide it, but only fools truly don’t feel fear. Ark turns to look at Echo out of the side of his eye. I wanted to just have a little chat, maybe make some small talk while you were here but you have made your feelings known so I shall do likewise When you first returned here Echo, I was happy. I was joyful really, another rival coming back, ready to duke it out and redeem himself and work his way back to the top. Then you were given the number one contender spot instantly and that joy, quickly joined to hatred. That’s the truth as you said, Echo. I can’t stand you, because we both were out there doing the same amount of work, creating the same amount of waves, and yet time after time again you got the nod over me. So yeah, it would be easy wouldn’t. Beat up the already broken guy, dump you in the desert, see if you even make it to Bad Blood. All it would take is parking the car. So why don’t I you wonder? Cause would that even be a win? What did I prove? What would I gain? Nothing. Even now, when I do win at Bad Blood, it’s gonna be a hollow victory, cause all I would be proving is that I’m better then a hobbled Echo. On the bright side, maybe that would make them see that I deserve the chance to face Flynn over you. Cause that’s the thing Echo, i do deserve it over you. You sit there, saying you are gonna end my career, speaking as if you have me all figured out. You know nothing Echo. You talk to me about no one getting handed anything, and it’s easy for you to say, as you eat the seeds from their hands. You were handed that number one contender spot, so I’m going to give you my own a hand out, it’s called a ass beating and it’s on the house, free of charge. Ark takes a deep breathe and turns the radio on. It starts on a commercial then changes to “Sunflower.” Ark smirks. “People who never win and never quit, they are the true fools.” A very deep quote Echo. Yes I am a fool. But I do win, and I never quit. Sure some of my endeavors have been unsuccessful, however so has a lot of people. Even you are about start a rough patch Echo, and it starts at Bad Blood. Cause though you may be beaten and bruised, I won’t treat you any less then you at your best. You said it was like fate put me in front of you, well it’s quite the opposite. Fate put you in front of a train, in front of a good man, going to war. You are right in one regard Echo, that this isn’t a through away match. This is a message. From me to who ever decided to give you the number one contender spot over me. A message. That maybe they need to rethink their choice. Cause a desperate man I may be, but not for your sake, for yours Echo. Cause I don’t want recognition from you, I couldn’t care less about what you think of me, no no, I want more then recognition. I want you to look at me and stop seeing the young lion fresh out of Dragons Gate back in 2016. I want people to start seeing your former NXT, former, Former Top 6 in the Rumble, former Carnage TV, former Global, and future champion. I want you to see why you shouldn’t have continued with this match.Demons run when a good man goes to war. But I know you won’t run Echo. You will fight, you will push yourself beyond those injuries. You won’t win, you won’t quit...so you tell me who’s the fool? Ark goes back to being silent, and starts humming along to the song on the radio.
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    I'm Still Here

    Yelich lays lifeless on the mat, Flynn placing his foot on his head as Bulletproof stands over them. As BiC steps forward and picks up the mic, looking into the hard cam as the crowd gives him a mixed reaction. As he talks in his Boston accent, his Bulletproof shirt standing out almost as if a beacon. "I know many of you don't like this. This quote on quote new side of BIC that has been showing up from week to week" {BiC points down to Yelich} "But people like him, people like Yelich need to be put in line. To get far in this company you need to be aggressive and I respect the hell out of Yelich but when you cross the line you cross the line and I won't let anyone take me down. I won't let anyone take Flynn down. I won't let anyone take Bashka down. And I won't let anyone take Hans down. Because our success as Bullet Proof is what matters most in the world right now, these tag team championships me and Hans hold onto mean everything. And we will not back down by not being aggressive enough and if we have to nearly kill a man every week to prove that you can guaran - damn - tee that we will do that very thing" {The crowd once again gives a mixed response, as Bullet Proof has become something for the crowd is watch. And are still wondering what to think of the group} "The same goes for the United Nations. Brad...Monda. I respect Yelich, and look at him. Just think about what will happen when me and Hans get our hands on you...See you at Bad Blood"
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    BPZ behind closed doors

    So we had a few minor difficulties before we could do this portion of the show. First of all, Jason Ryan tried to escape without any clothes on. Then our lead producer here at BPZ who we only pay in stale doughnuts and coffee we may or may not pee in also tried to escape. Which we had the BPZ Taskforce after him. If you don't know what that is, the BPZ Taskforce is security that yells " get back here you f*cker!" into a megaphone as they chase you with the intent to seriously maim you with German Shepards trained to think everything that moves is food and may or may not be high off substances. Needless to say we are currently looking for a new producer. Anyway, it's time for the show where Jason reviews Summerslam. Take it away Jason. ... I don't wanna *Sound of a gun cocking can be heard* I hate you Todd. Anyway folks welcome to BPZ Behind Closed Doors where I review whatever PPV I get paid an extra five bucks to do. And to kick this whole thing off, I'll be reviewing... I'll be reviewing... Damn it I forgot my lines. Where's my script?! Honestly Jason?! What the fu- Alright we're back. I found my script. Let's get into Summerslam. Starting off with the NXT Battle Royal So Raven won becoming NXT champion... some Tik Tok music.ly twelve year old was there.... what? Arrow is an adult? No! Get outta here! But he can't do anything right! He called the Fire Department just the other day cause he got... caught zipping up his own pants! He was in the bathroom for over thirty minutes trying to get unstuck! Okay. I miss the old days where the NXT was a title that was defended in one on one battles, you little pricks ruined that! Stop it! The NXT title might as well be whatever it is professional Fortnite players play for because it's basically a battle royal title! You're bad people. You did bad and you should feel bad. Go ahead and move on before I pull a Mirage and start my cycle! So my thoughts on this match...It was really good. The guys in it are all very talented, George has been the very best I've ever seen him. My former friend Marker didn't walk out with the gold. I'd say the right man won this one, it was a fun ladder match. I wish I could have been apart of it. I mean as long as Marker didn't win. Seriously Marker, if you're watching this I just want you to know that you are very ugly. I was laughing so hard when you lost. And you've got a gap tooth. And you smell strange. And I'm better than you. And I have a waaaaay bigger di- Let's just move on! ...Did you just cut me off Todd? Yes I did ... Hey Josh... remember when I beat you for the Global title and went on to hold it long enough to be the 3rd longest reigning champ with the belt? Remember when I beat up your dad? Good times. You're supposed to be a face! Shut up Todd! Fine. In all seriousness, if Josh had lost to this... gender confused, boy girl, what am I looking at?! Ken the Barbie Doll's brother? Is this what happens when you cheer for the Atlanta Falcons? ANyway... this match was good if you are a Josh fan which you should be, he's fantastic. As for Mirage...can we release him please? Look he looks more like a female, I'm 99% sure he showers in the women's locker room and not for the reasons a man would try to do that...he has a real creepy vibe to him, like the guy who has 20 restraining orders out on him. And all anyone really cared about was Josh anyway. Mirage should focus on the other NXT guys and get a victory from someone who he actually has a chance against. I'll say this. mirage got done dirty facing Josh, we all knew the result but it was funny to see him lose. Anyway moving on. So the Tag titles...not gonna lie, I was happy to see Sameer and Brendan lose the titles. And no disrespect to either man, I just am petty, have anger issues and don't like people who've beat me manage to be successful at things. And as for First Class Express, congrats on the win. I'd challenge you myself for the titles but I... don't have friends here in this company ever since Necce dumped me. He did it over a text message too, saying, it's not you it's me etc. Anyway the match was really good, I'd love to see a rematch. First Class Express should hold the belts awhile. That's all I have to say. Next Honestly, there's only one way I can describe what Bashka did to Brendan here. I mean when you take into the account everything Bash did to Brendan leading up to the match and what he did to him in the match, it's nuts. Bashka may have destroyed Brendan. I'm actually concerned our fearless leader may never return to the way he was. And I don't think it's over, I'd be willing to bet money Bash wants Brendan out of here. Time will tell but here's hoping Brendan is okay. Hey Todd? Yeah? Just want to remind you I hate you. Anyway, the United States match. Honestly, I could watch these guys wrestle all day, the underrated match of the night in my opinion. Everyone was good in some way, and then there was Mirage who wasn't even the hero of his own f*cking story. Anyway, this match caught my attention, Hans and Storm in particular. I want them to fight again. I want it. And If I don't get it, I swear to God I will riot in my pink Spongebob Underwear- I mean... in my boxers... like a man... yeah. I feel Icon should have wrong. I feel like Hans is racist somehow for not letting Icon win. Don't care if it that's not how racism works. If Tumblr can abuse the word like it's a drunk step parent so can I. Okay what's next? Well someone took some Viagra! Two matches, two wins against two damn good wrestlers! Bashka... you've been eating your Wheaties huh son?! This match was really, really good, although, what did you expect? I'm glad Bash won because I'm still pissy about my match with Slim way back when and because I don't feel like being an adult and letting it go, I'm going to live through Bash right now since he won. Don't worry Bash, I'll celebrate this victory on your behalf. We're all going to the Russian Club tonight! Mazel Tov! What... that's not right... let's move on. Well this match was pretty good, we didn't get an actual winner.Thus I can't really say much about it. So at Bad Blood they're going to do it again. Hopefully they don't end up like that one college virgin at the house party this time and they can finish the job. Yelich is great, Arius is great, both men work well together. Honestly this could be match of the night at Bad Blood. If this match is anything to go off, it should be great. Flynn vs Bart. I'll be honest, I was drunk by this point and shooting conspiracies about the former stable known as Ruin being made up as lizard people who forgot they were lizard people. But I've gone back and actually watched the match and I gotta say. It lived up to its hype and then some. This match was a lot of fun to watch, Flynn should hold on to the belt for the foreseeable future. Flynn is the very best we have right now in my opinion and whether he faces Necce again or he faces Echo, I think he should retain. Yes, I'm saying good things about my former teacher's worst enemy. Necce doesn't have me by the balls anymore I can say whatever I want. So yeah, Flynn should just hang on to the title for awhile longer. Also Bart should get a rematch in the future. Jesus Christ. I mean...wow. Where to begin? There's not enough time in the day! But how about we start with Bailey having Smith piss inside of the ring... Bailey... you're into some weird stuff man. I'm legit scared to go through your internet history. Something tells me you like golden showers. Hey you'll fit right in Hollywood. Everyone in Hollywood drinks their own piss after all. They also eat the other stuff but that's beside the point. Anyway the match. It may be the biggest one we've had in BPZ history. It broke the scaling system. It was insane. And when Smith won I was actually happy. He proved he's beaten his demons and I am honestly happy to see him back. That being said, I have in my possession a video tape of me and Smith drunk singing a Karaoke version of a Pink Guy song dressed in bunny costumes. If you want to see it, DM me and I'll get it to you. And for the final match and thank God too. I am sooooo tired! Todd here hasn't let me sleep in three days the slave driver! ANway Julius vs Sameer I love it when Julius loses matches, I think it's funny! That is Karma Julius! Where's the Death Machine now?! Haha! Okay in all seriousness, both men did great here, I thought Julius would murder Sameer so I put $500 down on him, forgetting Julius might as well be a teddy bear. So Julius you owe me $500 and if you don't pay me, so help me Kevin, the almighty goat god of destruction, I will hunt you down and I will find you and I will do bad things! Sameer, congrats on beating Julius. Looking forward to see who faces you next. And Julius, in the future, you are invited to my funeral as a Paul Bearer so you can let me down one last time. Alright, I did the review. I'm leaving now. Screw you Todd. Actually Jason you got to stay for a while longer ... Is that so? Jason holds up a Paintball gun and looks at the camera You'll never take me alive! Oh God... ladies and gentlemen, that's all from us. Hope you've enjoyed yourselves here at Behind Closed Doors. Oh God! Jason No! The camera fades to black as Jason runs around like a maniac shirt off, laughing maniacally as he shoots people with his paintball gun
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    Jason says nothing as he listens to Echo. His eyes look at Echo with understanding and sympathy. He reaches for a round and drains it. After Echo speaks, a tension lies in the air, an uneasy silence. Finally Jason breaks the silence Oh I see. You merely desire your freedom. I can understand that. But, what about my pain and suffering? My therapy? My freedom? You're not the only one who has suffered due to last year Echo. In too still bear the scars of our battle, both physically and emotional. I'll be honest, your Diablo frightens me and I until I met you I thought that was not possible. The Diablo. Every night I struggle to sleep as I recall everything and when I do drift off, he is waiting for me in my dreams. He haunts me just as he haunts you. Jason takes another drink and sighs I know you think he is gone but you know I too have my own darkness. You understand banishing such an evil isn't that simple. Even now, he's fighting you for control isn't he? I can see it in your eyes Echo Wilson and I know you can see my internal battle in mine. I accept your terms, this time our battlefield is yours to decide but I only have one request Echo Wilson. Don't hate me for what I do to you. Jason opens a new package of smokes and lights one up and places another in front of Echo I do respect you Echo, I even like you. But just because I think highly of you, don't think I'll just sit back and let you kill me in order to be truly free. I know that at Halloween Havoc, we once more have to maim each other, try to kill one another cause we want the same thing. We both want the very same thing. You strive for your freedom and I strive for mine. You and I are the same. We are just ordinary men who must fight daily to deny the evil that resides in us. We're both fighters, survivors, warriors. I understand that our path is what it is and there is no changing it. We are destined to do battle again and again until we are both dead and even in the afterlife we must fight. This is what Fate has decreed for us. Truthfully I wish there was a way you and I could become allies but that is just not possible. Jason doesn't finish his cigarette. He just sets it down half smoked and watches it You told me to tell my wife and kids goodbye as you'll see to it I never see them again. I'm afraid you are mistaken Echo. You say you will sacrifice me to earn your freedom, but I assure you my friend, my brother that I am prepared to do the same to you. It's not just your freedom on the line but mine as well. So at Halloween Havoc I will meet you in the middle of the ring and we will continue where we left off. But just know this. The Diablo will be laughing at us, this is what it wants you know. It desires our blood, our sweat our tears and it won't be sated until it gets it. But win, lose or draw I promise you Echo I will live to see my family again. Jason extends a hand to Echo Good luck at Halloween Havoc Echo Wilson. I'm not going to disrespect you by giving you anything but my best and I know the same is true for you. It's time for the next chapter in this war
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    EWA vs KWF vs ACPW vs AWL vs GPW vs IFW Alex Costa, Slim, Meko, Yelich, FDS and I have started a fantasy booking competition. We have taken all of the talent from WWE main roster, NXT, NXT UK, AEW and NJPW and put them into a randomizer and given each person a roster of 32 units, either singles or tag teams. With Slim at the helm of Elite Wrestling Alliance, Myself at the head of Kingdom Wrestling Federation, FD in charge of Ace Entertainment Pro Wrestling , Yelich in front of the American Wrestling League, Meko in charge of the Generic Pro Wrestling and lastly Alex will take harge of the International Federation of Wrestling. We will be posting either recaps or full breakdowns of our 4 weekly shows leading to our monthly PPV where we will have a public voting in which people will decide who booked the best show. As I said before, this was a completely randomized drafting of rosters, apart from the first 3 picks which we drafted ourselves as Foundation Pieces. We also allowed 3 trades to be made per roster, so that came into account afterwards. Lastly, we randomized the authority figures for each company so you're gonna have some potentially strange GM's or Owners. Enjoy.
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    ROH | Survival of the Fittest

    Week 1, September 2019 Joey Matthews reclines in his office chair, pulling out a folder from a desk drawer. Opening it up to reveal a revised list of the Ring of Honor roster, he pulls out an ink pen and begins adding notes and placing storyline ideas next to the names on the list. Ring of Honor Roster - Fall 2019 Bandido - Great upper midcard talent with a "legendary" gimmick. Luchador, brilliant in-ring skills. Will be in the main event scene before the year is out. Brandon Tate - Half of "The Boys" tag team with brother, Brent. Decent lower midcard talent, potential is limited. Brent Tate - Other half of "The Boys" tag team. Nothing special but an alright hand to have, will continue with Dalton Castle for now. Brian Gorie - Secondary referee behind Todd Sinclair, reliable and cheap, will be available for all shows. Brody King - Member of the primary stable in Ring of Honor, Villain Enterprises. Good brawling capabilities. Current Six-Man Championship holder. Caristico - Formally Sin Cara of WWE. On loan from CMLL, huge talent in-ring, with "legendary" gimmick. Negative influence holds him back. Cary Silkin - Former ROH owner. Positive influence, potential authority figure and a good hand to have around. Cheeseburger - Young talent, lower midcarder. Plays a comedy gimmick well, will be useful for "feel good" moments down the road. Colt Cabana - Main event talent turned colour commentator. Has good colour skills, will be kept alongside Ian Riccaboni for now. Dalton Castle - Charisma machine, underdeveloped in-ring. Current main event talent but will be phased into the midcard. Dragon Lee - On loan from CMLL. Good in-ring talent but nothing to write home about, will be utilised with Rush as a tag team. Eli Isom - Young lion. Has limited potential alongside more talented tag team partner, will be enhancement talent for a while. Flip Gordon - Expected to be snapped up by AEW soon. Huge potential, future figurehead of any promotion not called WWE. Ian Riccaboni - Primary announcer, is talented. Will be calling matches with Colt Cabana for a long time coming. Jay Briscoe - ROH veteran, former World Champion, current Tag Team Champion, half of the biggest tag team in the company, Briscoe Brothers. Jay Lethal - Arguably the biggest name and best wrestler in the company. Will be utilised outside of World Championship scene for a while, main event talent. Jeff Cobb - Charismatic and talented in-ring. Perhaps not main event level but championship material in other divisions. Joey Matthews - Head booker of the promotion, also a road agent. Good psychology skills, will be putting matches and stories together. Jonathan Gresham - Talented babyface, good midcard hand. Alright in-ring skills and charisma. Future Television Champion. Juice Robinson - Popular upper midcard talent, huge babyface material. May be utilised as a stepping stone between the midcard and main event. Kelly Klein - Current WOH Champion. Talented wrestler with some potential, alright in-ring skills, best of a bad bunch. Kenny King - Veteran of the promotion, multiple Television Championship reigns. Will be a useful hand, one of the better heels. Negative influence. KENTA - Huge wrestling name, on loan from NJPW. Will draft between the main event and tag team division, maybe a NJPW Six-Man team on the way? Leon St. Giovanni - Young lion with some potential, has great star quality but in-ring skills are left to be desired. Future Television Champion. Maria Manic - Young WOH wrestler with limited potential. Has a "poor" gimmick and will be utilised as a secondary heel in the division. Mark Briscoe - Other half of the current Tag Team Champions, The Briscoes. Slightly less talented than his brother, still a solid upper midcard talent. Mark Haskins - Alright midcard talent. Good babyface potential, but popularity limited in America. Perhaps he'll find himself in the tag division at some point. Marty Scurll - Main event talent with midcard popularity. "Great" gimmick will help elevate him. Current holder of Six-Man Championships. Matt Taven - Current ROH World Champion. Good upper midcard wrestler, a gimmick change and a notable win will push him in the right direction. Pat Kenney - Road agent, formally of IMPACT Wrestling. Has good psychology and knowledge of the business. PCO - Good brawler but very much in decline. Potentially a manager of Marty Scurll down the road. Will be phased out when Six-Man Championships are dropped. PJ Black - Good babyface on a roster with great babyfaces. Wrestling skills beginning to slip, might not last long in the midcard. Rhett Titus - Midcard heel, limited potential and alright star quality. May be phased into tag team division or used as a stepping stone. Rush - Hugely popular in Mexico, good in-ring skills. On loan from CMLL and does /not/ want to resign. Will be utilised as upper midcard talent. Ryan Nova - Somewhat charismatic young lion with good potential. Beginning to realise huge babyface lean in roster. Will be utilised as enhancement. Shaheem Ali - Lower midcard talent, nothing to write home about. Will either be used as a manager for Leon St. Giovanni or dropped in the next months. Shane Taylor - Reliable, good midcard talent. Entertaining to a point, current Television Champion, may hold for some time. Shotzi Blackheart - Only face female performer. Good in-ring abilities and some potential, may have the "it" factor about her. Todd Sinclair - Primary, talented referee. Will be officiating the big matches, positive influence. Tracy Williams - Entertaining midcard act. Good in-ring skills but something missing. May be useful in the Six-Man division. Will Ferrara - Had potential a while ago, never began reaching it. May be a future midcarder but will be scrapped before given the chance. Zack Sabre Jr. - On loan from RevPro. Main event talent, brilliant wrestler and entertaining. Fits the ROH brand perfectly, future World Champion? [Current ROH wrestlers and championships are highlighted in bold. Backstage staff and on loan superstars are not highlighted.]
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    The Un-Perfect Arrow

    We're about halfway through Carnage, and Arrow's callout promo was only 2 commercial breaks ago. The Titantron is now showing live footage of a Basketball Court, where Aidanator is standing dressed in sports gear. "I've just gotten word that some punk named Arrow thinks he can take me on at Survival Games. Well let me tell him something: your D-rate insults and bad grammar don't intimidate me. That's right, I can tell which 'your' you were trying to use, and it wasn't the correct one. Is there anything more un-perfect than that? Speaking of which, I noticed your little closing statement that you made before you retreated backstage. You're not just wrong, you're also stupid. Observe." Aidan walks all the way out to the 3-point line, and takes a shot. It perfectly fits into the hoop. "How about this?" He then turns around, and throws the ball over the back of his head. That also goes in. "Did you see that? Only the most perfect man in BPZ could make those shots. Something you aren't Arrow. I accept your challenge for a match at Survival Games, but just know that my win over you will be absolutely perfect!" Aidan walks off the court, as the show goes back to commercial break.
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    Episode 6/15 Bulletproof are sat in the bar with Bob and Meko. 5 minutes ago a loud bang was heard but it hadn’t been investigated. BiC: It doesn’t make any sense Hans: What doesn’t? BiC: Bailey didn’t drink, I just think it’s a murder Bob: Maybe he secretly drunk Meko: Yeh, between us 5, me and Bob sometimes enjoy a cheeky drink behind everyone’s back Bulletproof share an unsurprised look before Toxik comes running in very pale Toxik: Guys you have got to see this. Kai, Kai is dead 20 minutes later Everyone is sat on the bus as PC James Ropati steps on, ready to investigate Rop: Alright I am going to get to the bottom of this. Or is it to the top. No that’s a Ladder match. Anyway, Bulletproof where were you? Bash: We were in the bar with Bob and Meko Rop: I see you have an alibi. Bob where were you? Bob: Erm in the bar Rop: Can anyone provide an alibi Hans: Yes we can. Were you listening to what we just said Rop: Brenden where were you? Brenden: Me and Keeley were having a BPZ and BPZGF photo shoot for all the fans. Lots of fans can vouch for us there Keeley: Yes. We were meant to have Sheridan join us but she vanished Rop: Sheri where were you Sheri: Trying to help a young defenceless girl who was being abused by Nathan Nathan: It wasn’t abuse if I have to remind a women she is wearing ridiculous clothing then I have Alright to slap her to reinforce Sheridan: Ropati are you seriously not going to arrest him Rop: No I will not. Ok that adds up for nearly everyone, finally Arius, where were you Arius: By myself Rop: Can anyone provide an alibi Arius: Myself Rop: Great That all adds up. Roapti declares it a second accident, much to BiCs shock. He runs outside to confront Ropati BiC: Ropati, this is obvious this was a murder Rop: I am sorry BiC, I didn’t realise you had spent 2 weeks in Police Academy like me. Anyway if I had a number one suspect it would be you. We found your property on Kai Ropati tosses BiC the bus keys back before driving away. BiC sits back on the bus and begins to drive it before Brenden shouts out Brenden: I swear our Camera equipment was on here before Hans: Maybe we moved it down below I don’t know The bus drove away, leaving behind 2 masked men who held a bunch of camera equipment in there hand. They text Echo that Phase 1 is complete, Who immediately texts back with a number. The masked man presses the number and it rings twice before we hear a familiar voice pick up the phone Voice: Hello, Julius speaking
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    Episode 5/15 Brenden: 50 AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS FOR A PICTURE WITH LEGENDARY BPZ STAR KAI. Sheridan can you come over here too and try raise some cash Brenden was trying to bring in money, a recurring theme throughout the trip. Meanwhile Sheridan was ordering food but when she was called over Nate agreed to take over the order. He then began to belittle and flirt with the girl behind the bar. Brenden sent Kai away, who walked towards where Bulletproof were stood before cursing BiC: Kai what’s wrong Kai: I forgot my attire BiC: I’ll go unlock the bus for you Keeley and Toxik caught up to Hans and Bashka who started walking forward as BiC checked all his pockets. BiC: Dammit Kai I must have left the keys in the ignition. Can you lock up after you get your attire Kai: Of course Bashka: Come on, we’re going to grab some food. Kai will you be joining us? Kai: Just give me a minute Kai walked back to the bus, in the process walking past Bob and Meko. As he left the area, he saw Arius throwing knives at the wall. Kai pretended to ignore him, breathing a sigh of relief when he reached the bus. He grabbed his attire and then came eye to eye with the two masked men on the bus. Kai grabbed the keys and began to run, eventually making it into the safety of the arena assuming he was safe, however he heard footsteps and began to run again. He made it to the ringside area where a Hell In A Cell was set up for tonight’s main event. He began to scale the cell, reaching the top assuming he would be able to climb faster than his pursuer. However he turned around and looked at his pursuer in shock Kai: You. Why you? Wait, you killed Bailey didn’t you The pursuer didn’t answer in words, instead grabbing Kai and throwing him off the 20ft Hell In A Cell structure. Kai fell to the floor below, where his body twitched once, before stopping still
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    WWE: Brand Warfare

    Tuesday Night SmackDown LIVE: Aprill 25th, 2017 - Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa "Grinding All My Life" kicks off, followed by pyro as Mauro Ranallo and John "Bradshaw" Layfield welcome us to Tuesday Night SmackDown. We get a graphic hyping our main event, as it could very well be one of the biggest SmackDown LIVE main events, as the SmackDown Tag Team Championships are put on the line in a Fatal-4 Way Match. But we are flipped to the ring for MizTV with Shane McMahon. MizTV w/ Shane McMahon: The Miz, Maryse, and The Miztourage (Axel & Ryder) would be in the ring to begin SmackDown as The Miz finally held his MizTV with Shane McMahon. As Shane was introduced, he came out to his signature music, getting down to the ring before taking a microphone from The Miz. The Miz began to ask the former Commissioner questions, like how he feels about his father's decision (knowing he's been OUT of touch for years), before Miz would ask how he feels about his opponent, Drew McIntyre. Shane would respond by saying Drew McIntyre is an overrated wrestler, product of NXT's machine. Miz would draw comparisions between themselves and their rivals, saying they both are overrated NXT products and that they are the veteran, before Shinsuke Nakamura's music would hit. Nakamura, never one to do much talking, would take out Ryder and Axel, before nailing Miz himself with a Roundhouse kick, showing off those deadly strikes. Nakamura, ever the gentlemen, would shake hands with Shane McMahon, saying it's an honor to meet him before Nakamura would duck out of the ring, and back up the ramp, his statement to The Miz made. Alexa Bliss exposes Bayley as a fraud: After a commercial break, Alexa Bliss would trot her way down to the ring, asking for a microphone as the timekeeper obliged and handed the Wicked Witch of SmackDown LIVE what she asked for. Bliss then raised the microphone and began to run down her Backlash opponent, Bayley, who all week on twitter, has been claiming is a fraud and promised to explain to everyone tonight. Alexa begins by saying that Bayley is exactly what she hates. A bad person. Alexa Bliss says that at WrestleMania, Bayley wasn't a good friend, she basically stabbed her friend in the chest and took that title from Sasha Banks. "And now, I'm gonna take her title from her", yelled Bliss into the microphone as she stormed out with a vengeance, throwing a tamper tantrum like a 2 year old. Drew McIntyre vs Tyler Breeze: The next match on SmackDown would be the in-ring debut of Drew McIntyre, as Tyler Breeze of Breezango took the challenge of facing the Scottish Psychopath. McIntyre would dominate Breeze, barely alllowing him to get any offense in before McIntyre would nail the Claymore Kick dead in Breeze's face and pick up a win in his debut. After the match, Drew McIntyre posed, sending a clear message to Shane McMahon: Backlash will be his last time in WWE, ever. Number One Contender's Match: Travis Banks vs Trent Seven vs Tyler Bate One of the highlights of SmackDown LIVE, Travis Banks, Tyler Bate, and Trent Seven would go to war in a Number One Contender's Match to see who would be up to face the WWE United Kingdom Champion, Pete Dunne, at Backlash. And these three would put it all on the line for their chance to go to Backlash against Dunne. For Travis Banks, it's about proving that he is on the level of Dunne, Bate, and Seven. And for Seven, ever since he beat down ZSJ brutally after their match, Seven has been a beast, costing himself matches by DQ and seldomly getting pinned. For Tyler Bate on the other hand, he has to prove he deserves one more shot against Dunne. He came up short last week, but not by much and General Manager Eric Bischoff felt he deserved another opportunity, so here we go. Seven would overpower the two early, even connecting on a Seven Stars Lariat on Travis Banks, but Tyler Bate would pull the Kiwi Terminator out of the ring, stopping any pinfall from taking place. The match would wear on, each man trying to stake their claim and win the match, securing a United Kingdom Championship Match. In the end, Travis Banks would go for the Roaring Lion's Knee, and connect on Trent Seven, but from behind, Tyler Bate would line him up and nail a Tyler Driver '97, before getting the three count and advancing onto face Pete Dunne at Backlash! Carmella challenges Emma to a match at Backlash: Backstage, Emma would be in Eric Bischoff's office, saying that she wants to fight and prove herself to this division, and eventually face the Women's Champion for their title. Carmella would walk in, saying that what Emma was wearing was cute, but what she said sounded even cuter. Carmella complained that for too long women walked into SmackDown and got opportunities, and told Emma to earn hers by facing her at Backlash. Emma would agree and so would Uncle Eric... And we officially had Emma vs Carmella set for Backlash! Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles vs Wolfgang The Intercontinental and United Kingdom divisons would cross here, as Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles took on United Kingdom Competitor, Wolfgang. Wolfgang had the size advantage over AJ and used it to his advantage early on, overpowering the small champion before Styles would begin to target the legs of Wolfgang to try and get back into the match. Unfortunately for Styles, Wolfgang quickly grounded him again and used mounts to beat away at the champion's head. Styles would begin his comeback, hitting Wolfgang with a suplex into the turnbuckles, before he would bounce off of the opposite turnbuckle and hit a dropkick to Wolfgang's face. He would scoop Wolfgang up, trying for the Styles Clash, but would collapse under the weight of Wolfgang, before Wolfgang would take advantage with a running uppercut. Wolfgang would go up to the top rope, going for the Swanton Bomb... BUT COUNTER! Styles would put his knees up as Wolfgang gripped his back in pain, and Styles got to his feet before nailing a Pele Kick to a stirring Wolfgang! Styles would roll out, onto the apron as Wolfgang made it to his feet... AND DROP HIM WITH A PHENOMENAL FOREARM! Styles into the cover: 1... 2... 3! Styles wins in a phenomenal match, and an impressive showing for Wolfgang, as Dolph Ziggler and Eva Marie are shown looking on backstage. Main Event: SmackDown Tag Team Championships Enzo & Cass (c) vs The Usos vs WWE Champion Roman Reigns & Neville vs Bray Wyatt and Pentagon And in our very-hyped main event of the week, four teams would go to battle, trying to hold the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. The champions, Enzo and Cass have been subject to Eric Bischoff's "harrassment" as described by Mauro Ranallo, as they have defended more than any team ever has, three times in four weeks since winning the titles at WrestleMania. In tonight's match they had to beat the odds to retain the championships, and all four teams went at it, even the tension-filled duo of Neville and Reigns, who were on the verge of winning the championships after a Roman Reigns Spear, but Bray Wyatt would break it up, once again foiling Roman Reigns. Wyatt and Pentagon would work seemlessly to take Reigns out before Neville arrived in the ring before taking him out as well, with Pentagon using his 'Fear Factor' finisher to a big pop from the crowd. Enzo & Cass would stare down with Bray and Pentagon as the fans cheered, on the edge of their seats for this confrontation before Big Cass would run at Bray and the two teams would tee off! Eventually, Big Cass would lay Pentagon out with a Big Boot before swinging Enzo into Bray Wyatt! And then from behind, Jimmy Uso would chopblock Cass as Jey Uso came around with a Superkick! Another double superkick would follow, as Cass would go down, and shortly after, Enzo would go down with a Superkick. Out of nowhere, Neville would dive into the ring onto both Usos, taking them down as he lined up a Superkick himself, but as he went for it, ROMAN REIGNS CAUGHT HIM WITH A SPEAR! The crowd would be shocked and boo, as suddenly then Bray Wyatt hit The Usos with a chair, as it's fatal-4 way, no rules! One Uso would go down, before another would go down with Wyatt's chair shots! Reigns would look pissed off, before Pentagon turned him around and caught him with a running knee strike, before pushing him to Wyatt... DARK PASSAGE! 1... 2... 3! Bray Wyatt just pinned the WWE Champion to win the SmackDown Tag Team Championships! Bray Wyatt and Pentagon, now the SmackDown Tag Team Champions and looking literally unstoppable, would be our sight as SmackDown fades... to... black.
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    Suddenly, the lights go out. As they come back, Arrow’s lifeless body is seen with blood covering his eye and a lone baseball bat in the middle of the ring. Raven has claimed yet another victim.
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    WWF/WWE - All Stars

    Episode 5 Jim Ross, Corey Graves & Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler welcome the audience to this edition of SmackDown Live; coming from the city of Boston, Massachusetts. They hype up the main event of the night, which will be The Viper, Randy Orton, who will take on Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart, which will surely be a showstopper on this great night of action. - General Manager Reveal Eric Bischoff comes out, to the surprise of the fans, he is the General Manager of the blue brand, he is greeted with a great sign of appraisal from the WWE Universe, he comes into the ring, and picks up the mic, and even before he started talking, the fans were still going wild for him, but eventually they slowed down with the cheers, and let Bischoff speak. Eric: “I’m baaack! Damn it feels good to be here, as the General Manager of the A show, the show that makes the WWE what it is today, and I say that with pride, I am happy to see this brand succeed, and I will take this brand to all new heights now that I’m in charge, and since I'm in charge, let’s get one thing straight. This is supposed to be the land of opportunity, but for the past few years I have not seen that, but now, now, it’s going to be all different; because I will make sure that every single damn person on this roster will get an opportunity, I will make sure that every damn WRESTLER will actually get to wrestle. Yeah I said it, W R E S T L E R, not superstar, these guys are professional wrestlers, and let’s keep it that way. This is a wrestling show, not a soap opera! So, speaking of opportunities, why don’t we give 5 men an opportunity to face Shinsuke Nakamura for the Intercontinental Championship, right here, right now!” Eric smiles as the fans start cheering again, he begins to speak again. Eric: “You’re probably wondering who will be in this match though, now, let me reveal. First of all, the champ: The King of Strong Style, Shinsuke Nakamura! Now his challengers, we have Andrade, Ali, Dusty Rhodes, Eddie Guerrero and Buddy Murphy! You can thank me later for this one! Eric leaves, and the contestants in the match start to come out one by one. - 6 Man Battle Royal for the Intercontinental Championship The match kicks off and it’s complete mayhem in the match, all 6 men are going after each other, and Ali is the first man to be eliminated by Murphy, continuing their feud after last week’s phenomenal match. Dusty is out next, eliminated by Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas. There are 4 men left, and they start brawling to the cheers of the fans. Andrade is eliminated by Guerrero, who is then eliminated by Murphy. There are now 2 men left, Murphy, and the champ, Shinsuke Nakamura. The two put on a wrestling clinic, and fight for another 6 minutes, before Nakamura throws Murphy out, to retain his championship. He celebrates before Aleister Black shows up on the screen. Black: “Congratulations champ, you must’ve seen my challenge from last week, hopefully it gave you time to think, now what will your answer be, is it a yes, or a no. Maybe I’ll still give you some time to wonder. Just have a deep think about this situation… Think, think, think." Black disappears from the screen, and Shinsuke leaves the ring as the camera cuts out, getting ready for the next scene. - 24/7 Title Backstage Segment Drew Gulak is seen walking into the catering area, with the 24/7 Championship around his waist, he is about to pick something to eat, until he looks next to him, there he is, Drew Gulak’s worst nightmare: R-Truth is standing next to him, and he looks hungry for that 24/7 Title. Gulak tries to run, but R-Truth rolls him up, the ref comes down, 1..2..3! R-Truth is the 24/7 Champion once again! Truth tries to get away, but Gulak catches him as he is about to escape. Gulak puts Truth in the Gu-Lock, and R-Truth taps! Gulak is 24/7 Champion! He quickly retreats from the catering section, and runs into the locker room to hide, where he is greeted by none other than Dude Love! Gulak tries to get out but it’s no use, Dude Love has already rolled him up! 1..2..3! Dude Love is the new 24/7 Champion! The title has changed 3 times in the past 5 minutes! Dude Love leaves the locker room with a huge grin on his face, but- HOLY SHIT! R-TRUTH HAS BEEN WAITING BEHIND THE DOOR! He rolls Dude Love up for the 1..2..3! R-Truth is champ once again! He begins to run away but Drew catches him again! Roll up! 1..2..3! Drew Gulak is now a 3 time 24/7 Champion! He runs away before Truth & Dude Love even know what’s going on! The two sit there in confusion as the camera cuts out to the next scene. - Backstage interview with WWE Champion Kofi Kingston Kayla Braxton: “Kofi, last week you were brutally attacked by Randy Orton, and it seemed like he was issuing you a challenge after your match was over, what do you have to say about that?” Kofi: “Well Kayla, I think that Orton should feel ashamed of himself for blindsiding me like that and costing me the victory. And guess what, I will accept his challenge, and at Clash of Champions, I will show him what a real champion is like, I will step up to him, face to face, and I will beat the living hell out of him. I will show him that a real man doesn’t have to attack from behind, I will show him that a real champion, is a man who can beat his opponent clean, not have to get a cheap shot to pick up the win. And after I’m done, I will spit in his face, since he disrespected me, I will disrespect him back. I will absolutely-” Randy Orton comes out from behind and hits Kofi with a huge RKO! He starts beating down the champ until security come and break it all up, Orton is heard yelling “Stupid!” as he is being pulled away by WWE officials, who then go to check up on Kofi to see if he is ok; who is then stretchered out to close the scene off. - Batista vs Finn Balor This was a very intense David vs Goliath bout, with Batista dominating the very early minutes of the match, tossing Balor around like a ragdoll. But then, then Balor got his fighting spirit back, and he started to bite back, hitting Batista with a few strong grapple moves, before finally taking the big man down with a huge dropkick. The fans were all over it, cheering for Balor, while booing the big man Batista. But after around 11 minutes of solid in ring action, Batista planted Balor with a huge Batista Bomb to pick up the victory. Batista then picks up a mic and starts talking. Batista: “Is that all this brand has? No, you can’t be serious, I want a challenge, right here, right now!” To Batista’s surprise, Daniel Bryan comes out! Accompanied by the first new signing to SmackDown, Erick Rowan. Batista stares the two down, but before they could come to any blows- The Big Dog is here to save Batista! Clearly these two are going to be allies from now on! Both teams stare each other down, but no brawling occurs. - Backstage segment with Shane McMahon & Elias Elias & Shane are seen in the locker room, discussing their game plan about how to defeat Cactus Jack. Shane: “I honestly do not know what to do with this guy, he’s absolutely crazy, last week, he assaulted me for absolutely no reason at all, just because I came out doesn’t mean that I was going to attack him, I wasn’t even going to touch the guy!” Elias: “I couldn’t tell you, maybe we should just stay out of his business, maybe that will help us out a bit here, just leave it for a few weeks so he forgets about us. Then we get our revenge and beat the crap out of him when he’s not looking, it’s a great plan and I’m sure it will work.” Shane: “Maybe you’re right, but I don’t think we’ll be able to get away with it that easily… Wait! Maybe you and him can have another match, a no disqualification match this time around!” Elias: “Shane, I really don’t think that this is a good idea, like did you not see what he did last week, the guy is nuts!” Shane: “It will all be fine, just you wait and see, I have got this entire thing all figured out” The scene closes off to an ad break as Shane & Elias leave the locker room after they’ve finished their conversation. - Randy Orton vs Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart Bret Hart is waiting in the ring, and as Randy Orton is making his entrance- KOFI KINGSTON IS HERE! Kofi hits Orton with a huge Trouble in Paradise, the two begin to brawl, the fans are going crazy for these two, they cause absolute chaos in the crowd section! Hitting each other with lefts and rights, closed hand punches to the head! This is more personal than anyone would’ve ever anticipated; neither man is giving up, they will brawl forever at this rate! Bret Hart is still waiting in the ring for his match- But he is assaulted by Yokozuna! Yokozuna attacks Bret Hart, there is an absolute riot here on SmackDown Live! No one wants to give in! Kofi & Orton take their brawl into the ring, and all 4 men are now inside the squared circle, brawling to their heart’s content! Yokozuna & Orton are thrown out by the babyfaces and Kingston hits them with a huge dive! Hart & Kingston are celebrating in the ring as a rematch from the last show is announced for the next episode of SmackDown. The show then comes to a close as the babyfaces stand tall in the ring. - END
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    BPZ Booking Division 2.0

    PAY-PER-VIEW | WALT DISNEY CONCERT HALL | LOS ANGELES, CA Jushin Thunder Liger Open Challenge As announced last week, the owner of KAIZEN Wrestling himself, the legendary Jushin Thunder Liger, starts the first-ever pay-per-view with an open challenge. To the excitement of the crowd, the challenge is accepted by 'The Swiss Superman', Cesaro! At the end of a great exhibition match, after warming the crowd up for a night of fantastic wrestling, Cesaro manages to beat Liger and earn the respect of the legend. Winner: Cesaro (Pinfall via Neutralizer) Jushin Thunder Liger Introduces Beauty In Combat Following the great contest between Cesaro and Liger, the owner of KAIZEN Wrestling takes a moment to welcome all the fans in attendance and wishes them all a good night. However, out of nowhere, Joe creeps up behind Liger and puts him to sleep with the Coquina Clutch. After putting his own boss and a fan favorite legend to sleep, Joe takes the microphone and claims that he was clearly screwed out of the KAIZEN World Championship Tournament and that Liger is a fool for not acting on it. Therefore, Joe plans to act on it himself, first by attacking Liger like he just did and secondly, by beating the hell out of Bobby Roode in a match tonight! Bobby Roode vs Samoa Joe After ruthlessly attacking Jushin Thunder Liger and calling out Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe's request is met by 'The Glorious One'. With these two having faced off for over ten years, battling each other all over the world, in all of the biggest promotions, the two meet once again here in KAIZEN Wrestling but with extra heat in the fire. After Joe attacked Ziggler before their semi-final match, Roode would come to the aid of Ziggler and help him win, clearly infuriating Joe who would take his anger out on Roode here tonight. Despite Roode putting up a good fight, it would all be over when Joe would lock in the Coquina Clutch, not letting go even after Roode would tap, putting him to sleep just like he did with Liger. Winner: Samoa Joe (Submission via Coquina Clutch) 'Filthy' Tom Lawlor Is Coming To KAIZEN Wrestling In between matches, a trailer is played, showcasing the mixed martial arts career of the three-time NCWA National Champion and former UFC fighter, 'Filthy' Tom Lawlor. Despite being well-known for his antics and jokes at weigh-ins and during his walk-ins before fights, the amateur wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu hybrid ability of Tom Lawlor shouldn't be overlooked as once the bell rings, he becomes a very dangerous man. With equal amounts of wins through knockouts and submissions, Lawlor has proved to be versatile and an entertaining competitor. As the video package comes to an end, it is advertised that Tom Lawlor is coming to KAIZEN Wrestling soon. Firing Squad vs The Hart Foundation In the third match of the night, we would get some variation in match type as Tama Tonga, Tonga Loa & Bad Luck Fale of the group dubbed as Firing Squad would compete in a six-man tag match against the new age formation of The Hart Foundation that includes Teddy Hart, Davey Boy Smith Jr & Brian Pillman Jr. It would be during a KAIZEN Junior Heavyweight Qualifier between Low Ki and Teddy Hart that Firing Squad would make their debut, taking out The Hart Foundation in favor of the newest member of the squad, Low Ki. Tonight, the two experienced trios would show just how impressive six-man tag action can be and in the end, Firing Squad would manage to come out on top in the first-ever trios match in KAIZEN Wrestling. Winner: Firing Squad (Pinfall via Gun Stun) Paul Ellering Warns KAIZEN Wrestling In a mysterious, dimly-lit room, a single spotlight shines down onto a light fog. Eerie footsteps can be heard before Paul Ellering steps into the spotlight, revealing himself holding a book. He opens the book and begins to read out loud, speaking of a fabled warrior, telling the story of a monstrous being in Japan that would tear through opponents, break human bodies with ease, and possess the power that was only imagined to be held by gods, thus earning the nickname... Zeus. Andrade 'Cien' Almas vs Matt Riddle In the final non-championship match of the night, Andrade 'Cien' Almas goes one on one with Matt Riddle. After being eliminated from the KAIZEN World Championship Tournament, Riddle would look to address his future in KAIZEN Wrestling but would be interrupted by a gloating Andrade and Vega, as Andrade would make it to the semi-finals. However, Riddle would payback the ridiculing after Andrade would lose against Adrian King and set a challenge for Andrade at Beauty In Combat. At the end of an extremely competitive match, with the referee down, two hooded men would invade the ring and attack Riddle, allowing Andrade to hit La Sombra and pick up the victory, but the identity of the two hooded men would stay a secret for now. Winner: Andrade 'Cien' Almas (Pinfall via La Sombra) The History Behind Junior Heavyweights Before the KAIZEN Junior Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match that we have seen qualifying matches for over the past four weeks, a video package showing the great history of Junior Heavyweights across the globe would be played. From legends such as Jushin Thunder Liger, Dean Malenko, Owen Hart, and Último Dragón, to icons such as Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy, and even to more recent stars such as Daniel Bryan, Adrian King, and AJ Styles, the lineage of the junior heavyweights is exhibited. Then, the junior heavyweight action we've seen from the division here in KAIZEN Wrestling is shown, giving us the results of every qualifying match before finally hyping up the ladder match which is next. KAIZEN Junior Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match ACH vs Chad Gable vs Lio Rush vs Low Ki vs Matt Sydal vs Travis Banks After each man would win their respective qualifying matches, the inaugural KAIZEN Junior Heavyweight Champion would be decided in a ladder match including six of the best junior heavyweights in the industry today. After an exciting and thrilling match with plenty of high-flying showcased alongside other various styles, it would be the newest member of Firing Squad, the veteran with lethal strikes and zero mercy, Low Ki, who would grab the title from the top of the ladder and be crowned as the first-ever KAIZEN Junior Heavyweight Champion. Winner: Low Ki (Championship Retrieved) Recapping The KAIZEN World Championship Tournament Before the main event, the KAIZEN World Championship Tournament finals, the inaugural KAIZEN World Championship Match, a video package would be played, recapping each match in the tournament so far. The story of each man in the tournament would be told, with each of them clearly having something to prove. Finally, the recap would end with Adrian King and Dolph Ziggler winning their semi-final matches, earning their spots in the inaugural KAIZEN World Championship Match, and detailing exactly what this victory would mean to them. KAIZEN World Championship Tournament Adrian King vs Dolph Ziggler After a tournament of eight of the best wrestlers in the world today, we conclude the KAIZEN World Championship Tournament with the finals between Adrian King and Dolph Ziggler, with the winner of the match being crowned as the inaugural KAIZEN World Champion. In a match where King would showcase his overall incredible ability, it would be an uphill battle for Ziggler who is still clearly hurt from Joe's attack earlier in the week. Nevertheless, Ziggler would keep fighting and retain that trademark resilience of his, even kicking out of a picture-perfect Black Arrow. Ultimately, despite everything that Ziggler would put into the match, King would hit a second Black Arrow before going straight into the Rings of Saturn submission that would force Ziggler to unwillingly tap out. Winner: Adrian King (Submission via Rings of Saturn)
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    BPZ Booking Division 2.0

    ICPW Kings Of The Ring Episode 1 ICPW JR Heavyweight Championship Match Qualifier: Akira Tozawa VS Flip Gordon Two formerly heroic presences began Kings Of The Rings first episode with the opportunity to compete for the JR Heavyweight Championship on the line as Suzuki-Guns Akira Tozawa took on the Mercenary Flip Gordon. Tozawa was accompanied to the ring by DOUKI and Desperado. The two men have appeared to abandon their high flying styles and instead opted to beat each other down with strikes that was until Flip decided to take out the other Suzuki Gun members to even the odds but this just allowed for Tozawa to take down Flip with a flurry of strikes and a spin kick to the head followed by a snap German Suplex spelled the end for The Mercenary and the victory for Tozawa at 10:56. Moustache Mountain VS Los Ingobernables De Japon (Shingo Takagi & BUSHI) The first match of the ICPW Tag Team Division’s history saw Moustache Mountain take on Shingo Takagi & BUSHI representing Los Ingobernables De Japon. The fans favouring the Ungovernables in this match but Moustache Mountain set to prove their dominance as a tag team. The Power house style of Shingo mixed with the luchadore esque maneuvers of BUSHI coupled with the Ungovernables dirty tactics allowed for them to appear to get a leg up on Moustache Mountain but the brute force that is Tyler Bate and Trent Seven allowed for them to fight back and eventually turn the crowd to cheer for Bate and Seven. Seven and Bate managed to Isolate BUSHI and after an impressive Burning Hammer, Knee Drop combination they got the pinfall victory over Los Ingobernables De Japon at 12:56. Jon Moxley is here but he’s not alone… A promo was played originally just picturing Jon Moxley. Moxley discussed the recently born ICPW, stating that he was very interested in his opponents with Suzuki-Gun, CHAOS and Los Ingobernables De Japon all being present. Moxley then stated that while he usually would ride alone in this environment he won’t be able to do everything alone. Moxley would then introduce us to the Death Riders: Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Mark Haskins and Tracy Williams. Moxley would state that the Death Riders would be here to take the fight to any of the other factions and that they would be the ones to capture every ICPW Championship. Match 3, Openweight Championship Qualifier: Taichi VS CIMA VS Toru Yano VS KZY In a four way match that was simply Chaotic, the first Openweight Championship qualifier took place with Taichi taking on CIMA, Toru Yano and KZY. Yano obviously was up to his old tricks again trying to use every advantage he could but Taichi was able to match him with the amount of weapons he had meanwhile CIMA appeared to be the only one attempting to take the match seriously as he managed to hit several big maneuvers on KZY, Taichi and Yano but KZY suddenly began to spark up a series of maneuvers to take out Yano, Taichi and CIMA forcing the former 2 to get serious within the match. The match would continue until a very impressive superkick followed up by a black mephisto on Yano after KZY and CIMA had been taken out on the outside by each other. Taichi would continue Suzuki-Gun’s streak of Dominance in ICPW winning at 12:01. Main Event, ICPW Heavyweight Championship Tournament Quarter Final: Minoru Suzuki VS Shelton Benjamin Former stablemates now turned opponents with one of the biggest opportunities on the line as the King Of Pro Wrestling Minoru Suzuki took on Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin would give Suzuki everything he had with the two men exchanging wrestling holds before Benjamin would try to beat Suzuki with his explosive style but Suzuki would just beat the hell out of Shelton with everything he had. Shelton would attempt to line Suzuki up for pay dirt but as he was about to run at him Suzuki would nail him with a massive dropkick. Suzuki would finish off Shelton with the Sleeper hold followed up by the Gotch Style Piledriver for the victory at 15:16. After the match, Suzuki actually didn’t gloat and offered Shelton a spot back in Suzuki Gun saying that Shelton had “become weak” in his time away from Suzuki Gun, Shelton looked to be considering the offer but just walked away. The first episode of Kings of The Ring would end with Suzuki Gun standing dominant and the line “SUZUKI-GUN ICHIBAN” echoing throughout Korakuen Hall yet again.
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    THE AMERICAN WRESTLING LEAGUE: ROSTER: ACH, Adam Cole, Aiden English, BUSHI, Bo Dallas, Chad Gable, Curtis Axel, Dolph Ziggler, Dragon Lee, Drew Gulak, Flash Morgan Webster, Hangman Page, Hikuleo, Hiromu Takahashi, Johnny Gargano, Joseph Conners, Jushin "Thunder" Liger, Kenny Williams, Kevin Owens, Kota Ibushi, Luke Harper, Mikey Nicholls, Mustafa Ali, Orange Cassidy, Otis Dozovic, Primate, Randy Orton, Rocky Romero, Ryusuke Taguchi, Shane Strickland, Tony Nese, Tucker Knight, Tyler Bate, Yoshinobu Kanemaru AUTHORITY FIGURES: Mick Foley and John Laurinaitis CHAMPIONSHIPS: AWL Championship This title is the top title in the American Wrestling League and only the best in the league will be able to hold it. AWL Cruiserweight Championship This title can only be fought for by Cruiserweights. A cruiserweight is defined by the General Manager. AWL Television Championship At every single episode of our weekly TV show the TV Title will be defended, who it is defended against is chosen either onscreen or offscreen by the General Manager every week. AWL 24/7 Championship This title is defended AT ALL TIMES! 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK! TV SHOW: League Action Live! (Friday Nights)
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    Become WWE Creative! A WWE Draft Game

    Become WWE Creative! A draft game Two teams of 10 will work together to assemble a roster, along with making a match card that outdoes the other. BPZ Forums Members must work together to secure a better card and make sure that their creative team - and their brand reigns superior. You can also brag about winning this game when someone believes your ideas are bad. RULES: - 2 teams of 10 - 1 RAW team and 1 SD team - Each pick will be headed by one team member, but you can talk to your team about potential picks but YOU MUST make the selection (Ask me about this if you're confused) - After the draft, you will use your drafted superstars to make one match card with your creative partners to out-do the other show - 1 NXT male, 1 NXT tag team, 1 NXT women allowed per brand in draft - 30 picks; Every creative member gets 3 (If u get 1st pick, you get 11th pick, and so on). - Each team must agree on a 'Head of Creative' who will have the final say on the card (Ex: 4 people want AJ Styles vs Roman Reigns, 5 people want Roman vs Brock. The head of creative decides in a match that close.) - TAG TEAMS: Tag Teams will be drafted once both shows reach the final 10 picks of the draft. Each show is only required to use 5 of their draft spots for tag teams. All wrestlers will be available to be drafted as singles wrestlers even while being a part of a tag team. This will be from the start of the draft so for example if Karl Anderson is draft as a singles wrestler before the final 10 then Luke Gallows is automatically now a singles wrestler only. - No stables can be drafted together - Championships: All current WWE Championships are to remain active in your promotion. That means that the current RAW and Smackdown Championships are intact and will be automatically on your roster before the draft. You can not decide to go without a Women's division, Tag Team division ect so draft wisely. (WWE, IC, UNIVERSAL, UNITED STATES CHAMPIONS AS OF RIGHT NOW ARE UP FOR GRABS.) - In booking, you may change your champions if you want but must use the titles you have drafted to your brand. - RAW begins with RAW Women's Champ Becky Lynch & RAW Tag Team Champions Dolph Ziggler & Bobby Roode - SmackDown begins with SD Women's Champ Bayley and SD Tag Team Champs The Revival 20 SIGNUPS AVAILABLE - FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE Slim (SD) Arius (RAW) The other 18 will be randomized so your brand and team is completely random but we felt it fair to have the men creating this on separate brands for communication and such. https://discord.gg/DQEcuH Join this discord server once you sign up.
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    Meko750 (Raven)

    SmackDown VS RAW 2008 GM Mode

    Smackdown Episode 38 Submission Masters VS Time Fault (Tag team titles) After their victory over SmackDown's MVP's, Chris Masters and Ric Flair were given a tag title match against the tag team champions, Snitsky and Gregory Helms. In a fantastic match, Time Fault were able to fight off yet another set of challengers, with Helms putting away Flair with a Shining Wizard. At this point, Time Fault seems nearly unstoppable, and with the Royal Rumble coming up soon, is World Heavyweight title glory in their sights, as well? . Johnny Nitro VS Rey Mysterio After both suffering disappointing losses in respective title matches, Johnny Nitro faces former Cruiserweight champion Rey Mysterio, with both men looking to get back on the winning track. Ultimately, Mysterio's woes would continue, as Nitro puts him away with a Starship Pain. After the match, Johnny Nitro calls out Bobby Lashley, demanding another shot at the World Heavyweight champion. Lashley enters to a chorus of boos, telling Nitro that he already put him down at Armageddon and has nothing left to prove. Nitro then taunts Lashley, claiming that he's scared because he knows Nitro can beat him, and already has done it twice. After hearing this, Lashley relents, telling Nitro that if he wants to get humiliated again, he's more than happy to oblige in two weeks. Nitro smirks and the stage is set, with Johnny Nitro receiving a World Heavyweight title rematch against Lashley in two weeks. . The Hardy's VS SmackDown's MVP's This match acts as a chance for the two teams who lost at Armageddon to get back on track, with Matt and Jeff Hardy looking to score a victory over perpetual rivals, MVP and Mr. Kennedy. MVP and Kennedy suffered a loss to the Submission Masters at Armageddon, and they desperately need a win tonight. However, the woes would continue for the former Tag Team champions, as The Hardy's pick up the victory. Though they couldn't wrestle the tag titles from Time Fault at Armageddon, their quest for tag team gold appears to be far from over. . Before tonight's main event, Rey Mysterio is seen being consoled backstage by Chavo Guerrero, who tells the former Cruiserweight champion that he's just hitting a rough patch and will be back on track soon. However, both men are suddenly attacked by Marcus Cor Von and the new Cruiserweight champion, Elijah Burke. The Pride of Mexico try to fight back, but Rey is too weakened from his earlier match, essentially leaving Chavo in a 2-on-1 fight. Burke and Cor Von lay out the Pride of Mexico and Burke taunts with his newly won Cruiserweight title. . CM Punk VS King Booker (US title) Finally, tonight's main event sees United States champion CM Punk defend his title against King Booker, who came within an inch of scoring the gold at Armageddon in a fatal four-way. In a fantastic match, Punk would fight off the former US champion, putting him away with a Go to Sleep. After the match, CM Punk grabs a microphone and thanks the fans for their support up to this point. Punk runs down his resume, having already held the Cruiserweight, Tag Team and United States championships this calendar year. However, Punk says he wants more, and with the Royal Rumble coming up soon, Punk officially announces that he wants to be in the Royal Rumble match. However, Punk also says that he knows he can't split his focus between two titles, as he knows firsthand how difficult that is, and he must place all his focus on the World Heavyweight title if he wants to beat Lashley. With this in mind, Punk says he is officially relinquishing the United States championship. SmackDown ends with Punk laying the title in the middle of the ring and exiting, his sights firmly set on the Royal Rumble and the World Heavyweight championship.
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    BPZ Booking Division 2.0

    Elite Pro Wrestling- Episode 2 Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles John Cena started the show and demanded answers for the attack that happened last week. The Acension was ordered to attack, while a real man, Cena said, would have spoken out his issues himself. He offered that person a chance to redeem himself. He dropped the mic on the ground and waited for an answer. However, it looked like no one would come out. Then, the lights went out, and when they came back on, we say a bloodied Cena laying in the ring. Curt Hawkins came out to the ring. He said that it was unbelieveable that he hadn't gotten to feature on the first show in the company's history. He said that he had been underrated for his entire career, but that today would be the day where he would change this. He then asked ANYONE on the roster to come out and face him. And he got his wish, when Braun Strowman came walking out to the ring. A referee would run after him, as Braun entered the ring and didn't wast any time to go to work. He hit a running powerslam and teased a pinfall, before hitting another 3 and pinning Hawkins . The EPW roster was going to a photoshoot, where all wrestlers would have photos taken of them to put on the roster page on the EPW website. However, when the name of Shane Strickland was called, there was no one coming out to get the pictures over with. When camera's rushed out to see why he wasn't there. When they entered the backstage area, the reason very soon became evident. The camera's woud find Strickland caught up in a brawl with his arch-enemy, Dante Fox. The two would quickly be broken up by security, with both shouting at the other. We then saw The Miz and Bischoff talking backstage. Miz said that he had been screwed by the incompetence of Robinson and Devlin. He wanted a tag match with a partner of his choosing to prove it. Bischoff would agree and say that Miz could also get a match against Juice at the PPV and that his partner could take on Devlin at the PPV. Miz would walk away looking pleased. However, Bischoff added a stipulation to the tag match. Whoever managed to get the pin or submission in tonight's match would see his match at the ppv turn into a Intercontinental Championship match. Miz's tag team partner turned out to be none other than MJF. The two would demand to be introduced by the name of the Upperclass. Them and Robinson&Devlin would have a great match, full of action. In the end, the Miz would be the one picking up the pinfall. When the referee was busy dealing with MJF, Miz would hit a low blow on Devlin, before finishing him off with the Skull Crushing Finale. This means that at the PPV, the Miz and Juice Robinson will compete for the Intercontinental Championship.
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    BPZ Booking Division 2.0

    ECW Overdrive on TNT Taped from CFE Arena, in Orlando Episode 2: "Blackheart" Tommaso Ciampa explains why he put The Undertaker in the hospital: 'Blackheart' Tommaso Ciampa would hit the ring to begin the show, dressed in a suit as he took in boos following his dismantling of The Undertaker last week. Ciampa said that The Undertaker was an old man in a young man's world and that his time is up, and that he needed to be put out because without wrestling, The Undertaker has nothing. He says that The Undertaker is a poor excuse for an icon, and that tonight embarks his beginnings as an ICON. Enter Tommy Dreamer, as the hardcore legend hit the stage, telling Ciampa he's a young buck and must have no respect for the business. He says that The Undertaker is a legend, and anytime seeing him appear is a prize, and Ciampa took that away when he put Undertaker in the hospitial, and Undertaker might even be retired now. Ciampa laughs, pissing off Dreamer, so Dreamer offers to teach Ciampa some respect... hardcore style. Dreamer purposes a hardcore match between himself and Tommaso Ciampa at Ascension. Ciampa nods without hesitation, before knocking Dreamer in the face with the microphone and leaving, flicking off the fans as he does so. The Street Profits and LAX battle to no contest: Our second-ever tag team match in ECW history would be the charismatic Street Profits, Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford, taking on LAX, Ortiz and Santana. The two teams, known for their street-type personalities, would begin with Ford and Ortiz in the ring, going at each other with their all-out brawl styles. It would be a great match, showcasing two very unique teams in the ECW division, but in the end, the Street Profits would line up for their tag team finishing move... But the Revival would strike, hitting Ford with a Shatter Machine before nailing Santana of LAX with one on the floor! They would then grab steel chairs and use them to beat down Dawkins and Ortiz, and as they stood tall... Dual German Suplexes from The Gentlemen! Gallagher and English would nail stereo suplexes on The Revival, as we're shown backstage, with General Manager Ric Flair looking at the carnage of the tag team division. Kalisto shocks King Cuerno; Cuerno challenges him to 2 out of 3 falls for Ascension: Kalisto and King Cuerno, two of ECW's finest luchadors, would be scheduled to face here with very similar styles, high-flying with the only difference being King Cuerno's "hunting-like" style, with him focusing on one of the limbs and continuing to beat it down. Despite him working on Kalisto's arm all match, the King of Flight would show off his heart, fighting through before catching Cuerno out of nowhere with a Salida Del Sol. After the match, King Cuerno would grab a microphone, calling the loss bullshit before he laid down the challenge, an impending one to Kalisto: Cuerno vs Kalisto II, 2 out of 3 falls at Ascension. Cain Velasquez is coming: A vignette would be shown of UFC's most dangerous fighter, Cain Velasquez. He would be shown knocking people such as All-Star Wrestling's Brock Lesnar, and many other fighters before it ends with a shot of Cain Velasquez walking into a building... ECW Headquarters! Cain Velasquez is coming to ECW! Johnny Gargano defies the odds, Gargano vs Reigns set for Ascension: Our main event would be a fatal-4 way between Johnny Gargano, Finn Balor, Cage, and Killain Dain. With Eric Young at ringside, the other three men quickly teamed up on Dain and EY, taking them out to begin the match. As Gargano, Balor, and Cage fought, Cage quickly took control, tossing Balor and Gargano around with ease. Cage would send Gargano through the table with a Running Powerslam, before rolling him into the ring, but Gargano would swing wildly at Cage, connecting! Gargano would begin to fight back, but Cage would shut it down, biel-throwing Gargano over the top rope! Killain Dain would get into the ring, and the big men would go at it, slanging heavy hands to each other before Cage would connect on a running knee! Cage would show off his strength... AND HIT WEAPON X ON KILLAIN DAIN! Holy shit! Cage would go into the cover... COUP DE GRACE TO THE BACK OF CAGE'S HEAD FROM BALOR! Balor into the cover... NO! Gargano grabs Balor... SWINGING REVERSE STO! And now Gargano backs into the corner, setting it up... RUNNING KNEE STRIKE TO BALOR! Gargano into the cover: 1... 2... 3! Johnny Gargano has done it! Gargano has won his way into the main event of Ascension! Can Gargano ascend to the throne as champion... Or will it be Roman Reigns!? Which, speaking of, makes his presence known, walking out to the stage, nodding at Gargano as our show ends with the two men locking eyes, a collision course set for ECW's first ever pay-per-view, Ascension.
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    BPZ Booking Division 2.0

    Elite Championship Wrestling Roster GM: Ric Flair Roman Reigns Johnny Gargano Prince Balor Pete Dunne Jeff Hardy Sheamus King Cuerno Kalisto Cage Orange Cassidy Elias Eric Young Killain Dain Triple H Gentlemen Jack Gallagher Cain Velasquez The Undertaker Fallah Bah Psycho Clown Mike Bailey Matt Angel Colin Delaney Joey Ace Titan Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder) LAX (Ortiz & Santana) Hitman Enterprises (PCO & Brody King) Londrick (Paul London & Brian Kendrick) Championships ECW Global Championship ECW World Tag Team Championships Show Name/Venue ECW Overdrive (Live on TNT, Wednesday Nights) CFE Arena Capacity: 1,680
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    Toxik’s graphics

    Made this for my good friend @Mikey admittedly it’s not great however it’s my third ever graphic so I hope to improve with more experience and if you guys want one just let me know although I can’t guarantee they’ll be very good of good at all.
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