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    Location: The Ring Boxing Club, Boston Massachusets Date: May 2nd, 2019 - The scene opens with a still camera, looking at a gym hiding above a pub. People are filing in and out of the pub as its neon light glows on the rainy Boston sidewalk, above the pub sits a set of windows, in only one of those windows sits a solo light, and as the camera zooms in we can hear the sound of shuffling and grunting. We see a man in a gray hoodie, shadow boxing in the center of a ring. A time goes off and the man stops, taking a deep breath and removing his hoodie as sweat drips slowly from his forehead. As he looks up and wipes his face with a towel, it is revealed to be BPZ superstar BiC. BiC exits the ring and walks over to a poster, which features a much younger BiC scheduled to face a man named "Frank Remiz". BiC smiles before sitting down on a wooden bench, looking around at the old and dusty equipment around him. When I turned 17 I was finally old enough to make my own decisions, and despite my moms begging, I walked into this gym every day, 365 days a year and trained. Got my ass kicked, got concussions, broke my nose, everything you can think of. My life happened in this gym. BiC reaches over and grabs a small picture of an older man, he holds it out for the camera to see and slight smiles. My father. Joe Carter, he passed away after fighting for his life inside a boxing ring, and I promised every single day that I would relive his legacy. I fought and fought, finally won a MMA championship for a small business in Boston and decided to go after my true passion. BiC sets the picture down and stands up, walking towards the ring while speaking. This gym. It may be some dusty, washed up a place for a guy who gave up on his dream. But its home, I come here when I need motivation when I need passion. Because I know that within these walls, my father fought with pride, and many others have worked their ass off in that ring to get where they are, and it may of taken me until I was 29 years old to realize it but you have to respect where you come from. Its guys like Blade, who would rather spend time talking every single week repeating themselves then respecting their peers that bother me. I have no more to say on Blade and I will leave it at that. In BPZ all we give is words, words, and more words. But sometimes, its time to stop the "words" and to continue with kicks. BiC smiles and nods, leaving everything on the table as he kept his words short and sweet, the camera cuts and shows BiC sparring with a man in the ring, and we see BiC hit a spinning kick, knocking the unnamed opponent out as the screen cuts to black.
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    BPZ Power Rankings

    MAY 2019 NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP POWER RANKINGS 5. @BobdaBomb In his debut month, Bob already showed what he was made of. While he didn't capture a tilte, he showed the skills of somoene who could definetly find himself receiving a North American Championship shot down the line. 4. @Aaron North While Aaron may have been unable to claim a title thus far, he has shown that he has the required talent to succeed in the BPZ. If he starts to learn the finishing touch, Aaron could become a big threat for the North American Championship. 3. @Yelich Yelich has been praised for his great work on the mic for years now, but has never been able to truely let it translate into a big championship victory. However, when you consist of the abilities that Yelich has shown to have, you can never truely count you out. If Yelich finds himself gaining momentum, the North American Championship could be his. 2. @Hans Hans has been on a tear ever since joining the BPZ. Following his impressive perfomances within the NXT Division, many are saying that Hans is ready to take the next step, and what better way to do that than by claiming the North American Championship. 1. @Gwynfro Kenji came closer to defeating Arius than anyone else has in the ladder match that crowned Arius the first ever North American Champion. While the All-American champion may be enjoying his fortunes for now, Kenji will forms a challenge that not even Arius could be too pleased about. UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP POWER RANKINGS 10. @Blade Blade was unable to accomplish his dream of winning the World Heavyweight Championship at Backlash, but once again showed his ability to hang with the best of them. This defeat won't stop Blade from keeping up his high level perfomances, and with that, he could find himself in a position to do battle for the Undisputed Championship. 9. The Royal Flush (@Jonathan and @Sheridan) The newest duo in the BPZ made short work of the SSW Club at Backlash, while Jon also managed to defeat Echo and FDS in a tag team match at World At War. The pair currently seems to be on good terms with the Undisputed Champion, but for how long will this continue if the chance of a championship match draw closer? 8. The Big Ballers (@BrendenPlayz and @Sameer) The Big Ballers had another steady month. They defeated the Saviors in the main event of World At War to win the Tag Team Championships for the 2nd time. Both of them seem to be in peak form, and if this continues, you have to wonder how much longer we have left until they receive a shot at the big one. 7. @BiC BiC's reign as Intercontinental Champion may not have lasted long, but still, he managed to show that he is more than capable of hanging with the best in the BPZ once again. Just barely losing to Julius in a fanastic contest leaves BiC looking for something to do, and maybe the Undisputed Championship is the next thing where he will set his sights on. 6. @Hans Hans has been on a tear ever since joining the BPZ. Following his impressive perfomances within the NXT Division, you can see that Hans is hungry to compete with the best of the best in the BPZ, meaning that the Undisputed Championship could very well be his next target. 5. @MARKER Marker had a strong first defence of the Premium Championship, defeating Wallace with little trouble. Marker currently has the Premium Division under his grasp, and if this continues, it can't be long until Marker fully enters the main event scene. 4. @Arius Very few times has somoene come in and dominated the way Arius has over the last couple of months. Now having won the North American Championship while also keeping a steady hold of the United States Championship leaves Arius more than busy for the moment. But whenever the time comes where Arius has time to spare, you can bet that he will be looking to capture the Undisputed Championship sooner rather than later. 3. @Flynn Flynn doesn't need an explainaiton for being on this list, his accolades speak for them. While Flynn may not have won a match this month, he is still a 5 time World Champion with talent that barely anyone can match, and we can be sure that he is not looking to leave that talent to waste. 2. @Julius Julius losing a match is a rare sight, hence why many where shocked when they saw it happen at World At War. However, Julius didn't take long to rebound as he came back and captured the Intercontinental Championshp at Backlash in an incredible match against BiC. Julius is still here and nothing less than the dominant force that we have seen for the last year. 1. @bailey14 2 more big victories can be added to Bailey's name following April. Winning in the Main Event of World At War aswell as defending his World Heavyweight Championship at Backlash finds him in the Number One Spot on the Powerrankings. While currently Bailey may be too busy to challenge for the Undisputed Championship, we can only think of the threat that he would be if he were to put his mind towards winning the Undisputed Championship.
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    Backstage at Carnage, a sole camera is rolling outside the dressing room of Sheridan Mueller, her name highlighted with a bright, golden nameplate on the door. The individual behind the camera knocks once, before entering the dressing room, closing the door behind them afterwards. Inside the quaint room sits Sheridan, perched upon a director's chair. Her black, faux leather jacket is neatly placed upon the arm. Her gaze briefly flickers towards the person behind the camera before returning to staring in the mirror, withdrawing from her side a bottle of peach, plumping lip gloss. She applies a layer to her lips, pouts and then turns to address the camera. "Well, Jonathan and I did it. We're officially challenging for the Tag Team Championships in just a few fugitive weeks from now. Royal Flush toppled SSW Club through teamwork and efficiency and we shall be taking on the infamous duo, the Big Ballers, at Mayhem. Actually, scratch that, we dominated SSW Club. Jonathan and I did exactly what we promised to do, word for word, following the gospel which we set out prior to our bout. Not only did we validate our promises, validating that we're good enough to challenge for the Tag Team Championships, but we showcased that we shouldn't be underestimated as the potential figureheads of the tag team division of the future." "Now I shouldn't continue without addressing the obvious, the silent truth staring our future championship match against the Big Ballers in the face. Jonathan shall be facing some schedule conflicts throughout the next couple of weeks, matches in the Power Trip Cup which will drain him of his stamina and concentration levels. Naturally I am a little disappointed, but also understanding of his predicament. After all, if Sheridan Mueller was in the Power Trip Cup instead of her beloved partner, she too would concentrate on that accolade alongside competing within the tag team division. It would be selfish and cruel of me to force Jonathan to concentrate on one goal while suppressing the other. I have full belief in my mentor, that he will be capable of delivering on both fronts, leaving Mayhem with a place booked in the Power Trip Cup finale, alongside one of two Tag Team Championship belts snuggled around his chisled, immaculate waistline." Sheridan repositions herself upon the director's chair, she is attired in a white crop top as well as faux leather black pants, which match the jacket draped upon the arm of her chair. She toys with her platinum blonde hair in thought, cerulean eyes briefly flickering to the ceiling, her expression drawing to a stalemate before hands find the surface of the counter in front of her. Pushing up, she stands and grasps her bomber jacket, sliding it along her glistening tan skin for a moment, before putting the attire of clothing on, opening her gloss lips once more. "With those nibbling points out of the way, I suppose it makes sense for me to address the two men holding what longs to be around my waist, straddling my perfect, bronzed abdominal. The man himself BrendenPlayz and his partner in crime, current Money in the Bank holder, Sameer. Now I'm not going to pretend that I am better than either of them, although I consider myself quite the persuasive woman there's little point in me attempting to sell ice to the Eskimos. Between them they must have at least fifteen inches on me, in terms of height, and there's little point in addressing the fact they'll have the speed and muscle advantage over me either. Unlike most people in this business, I don't believe I am sent from the heavens and I won't mouth off about being the creme de la creme, the best thing to ever step foot within the wrestling industry." "However the seeds of dissent have already been planted in this bout. Brenden couldn't have said it better himself, whenever a team has their first slip up it turns out to be their last. The cracks rise immediately, and teams toss their partnerships into nothingness for the sake of bragging rights. I believe that Royal Flush will be the differentiation. We've demonstrated nothing but excellency within and outside of the ring. I have no reason to turn my back and Jonathan and he I. We're light years away from ever competing against one another, I am but a young woman yearning for mentor ship and Jonathan the willing provider. How amusing I find it that Brenden speaks about this subject so ignorant of his own foreshadowing. This bout won't end in bankruptcy for Royal Flush, it shall finish with myself and Jonathan holding the Tag Team Championships high into the air, while Sameer and Brenden cast piercing glares towards one another, waiting until the opportunity to strike arises." Sheridan pauses, turning towards the mirror plastered against the wall once more. She adjusts her cascading, mussy blonde hair, cocking a brow of approval towards her own reflection in a narcissistic manner. She then turns on her heel, bending down provocatively to grasp the handle of her luggage back, pulling it up cautiously to hoist the baggage within her palm. "The penultimate page of this unfortunate fairy tale has already been written. Sameer begging to be relinquished from tag team duty, wanting to spread his wings, fall into his own groove while Brenden is desperately clinging onto his last piece of relevancy. Sameer and his Money in the Bank will be the undoing of the Big Ballers, one man and his greed prominent while the stink of desperation lingers in the background. Royal Flush has neither of these problems. In spite of his multiple championship reigns Jonathan is still fresh in his prime, while I am no threat to either him, or any of the pursuits he wishes to chase. While the underlying stories might construct the headlines falling out of Mayhem I can assure you that those beautiful Tag Team Championships shall finally find waistlines they're proud to call home and that is a statement I'd be prepared to go all in on." "Having easily disposed of the apparent competition in our first outing, our second while having the shimmering spotlight and the extra attention, shall end with the same picture of perfection. This relationship isn't something formed on a temporary understanding, Royal Flush was created through shared ideologies and a lust for controlling the tag team division, elevating its standing within the ever changing world that is the wrestling business.For too long has this division been fuelled by pettiness and nurtured with a lack of care. At Mayhem you shall witness the death of the Big Ballers, a changing of championship gold and the foundations set for what will soon be the most entertaining, must-see division throughout the entirety of BrendenPlayz Wrestling, a golden age for tag team wrestling with the most dominance of them all at the helm, witnessing the revival, Royal Flush." With those final, stinging words leaving her lips, the young blonde saunters off towards the exit, swinging open the door which the camera and the person behind it entered from mere minutes ago. The lens of the camera concentrates on Sheridan as she walks down the corridor, turning at the second left while the focus slowly fades out before falling to deaf, pitch black silence.
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    The Fallen Angel

    . 24 Hours After Power Trip Cup: Round 2 Boston, Massachusets The camera brings us to a silent, yet powerful sight. As we are stood outside of a downtown Boston pub, right above it, the gym that BPZ superstar BiC so desperately loves. Inside it, a fire rages, and although there is no audio. You can almost hear the sirens, the panic, and the crack of the fire. As the camera now moves, and the audio slowly begins to fade into audibility. We see the silhouette of a man the crowd can only assume is BiC, he is wearing a hoodie, and as the camera reveals his face, a small tear drips down his cheek. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the picture of his father, which is now half burned. BiCs handshaking in trama, as the building he grew up in, the one his father built, has burned to the ground. 42 Hours Later The message comes over the screen as we enter the bar, and sitting at the bar is a clean shaved man, in front of him a shot glass. Pinched between his right fingers, a lit cigarette. The sign in the background tells us this is the bar underneath the gym that was burned just 2 days prior. The man takes one more drag of his cigarette before taking down the shot and asking for another and when he does, the seat next to him is taken by BiC. Who has grown out his beard slightly and looks over at a staircase that leads upstairs, which is now blocked off by a sign. BiC ask for a shot before putting his head into his hands, the man next to him does nothing but slides over a card, on it, a picture of his father, BiC looks confused at first, before flipping over the card, the back of it reading. BiC takes a deep breath, as his shot is served and he sets down the note. He looks over at the guy who gave him it, whos sit is now empty, filled with nothing but an empty cigarette pack. BiC grabs the photo and runs out of the bar, looking for the mysterious man, but he appears to be gone. BiC looks up at the gym above, now littered in a black mess of burned memories. BiC walks forward a bit, each step putting even more weight of the situation onto him as he sits down on the curb. He takes out the half-burned photo he has kept with him for years, and smiles, the sight of his father always bringing joy to him. As footsteps can be heard from the bar closing, a man sits next to him, the same man who gave him the photo. Before BiC can ask any questions, the man begins to speak in a hushed tone. I met your father in high school, he was a great man. Was nice to everyone, got good grades, and when I saw him give that class speech during graduation I knew I had to be best friends with him. So I did, for 10 years, we went into the adult world together. Owned a business, was college roommates. He was the truest man I ever met, and then in 1996 you were born. He gave all his attention to you, until he continued his MMA career and left you behind on the bus bench. I couldn't believe my eyes, so I took you in. I loved you like my own son, and your father knew that. He eventually took ownership of you before you were old enough to even remember what happened, your father may have not been perfect. Hell he may of liked the taste of liquor a little to much, but he was no doubt an angel, and you, Bobby, are his son. When I heard that the gym burned down I knew you would be here, and I just wanted to see you one last time. You don't know me, and you won't know me after this. Just know, the whole world was saddened to see an angel fall. Your father was not forgotten. The man pats BiC on the shoulder before standing up, turning around and walking off as BiC struggles to get words out. He just shakes his head, and laughs slightly as the camera fades to black. 24 Hours Later As "BURN IT" by Fever 333 plays over the sound of a ruckus crowd, the former Intercontinental Champion BiC would make his Carnage return for the first time in months, as he has been touring the nation for the Power Trip Cup, and tonight he walks to the ring with a large smile on his face. He steps into the ring and looks at the thousands in attendance, pulling a microphone out from his boot and holding it up to his lips before speaking, the crowd hanging on every word. In just a few weeks I walk into Chicago, Illinois with one intention and one intention only. Move on to the finals of the tournament I wasn't even meant to be in. Its crazy to think about, that a man who wasn't even in the original bracket now has a chance to go into the finals. Life changes, it changes fast. Hell just three months ago, I hated you guys and you guys hated me but I realized that life is short, we only have some time to achieve everything we wanted to and I figured that if I spend the next year of my career, shaving my head over and over again and turning my back against you guys then I won't go anywhere, and then. My father passed away, and that just gave me that last little bit of motivation to take this shit show of a career and turn it into something great. in 2019 I figured out that, my passion is not pro wrestling, its becoming the best. Its living up to the legacy my father created in a boxing ring, and its simply making this company great. I've had people tell me my father was an angel, but others told me he was a devil. He had the perfect bit of both and being a decedent of such madness. Some say, that I am sort of a..Fallen Angel." BiC takes a deep breath and steps back, he looks around the crowd as he thinks about his Dad, and the crowd gives him a round of applause as he looks into the hard cam. "Enough of the sappy shit...Bob. I know you're in your inbred home somewhere over in New York watching this, just know that you stand in the way of my road to success and I will run you over, back up, run you over again and again if I have to. You're a good kid, your minds in the right place, but that doesn't mean I won't drive it into the mat and pin you. You've gotten through Necce, you've gotten through Yelich but this is where your runs stops. You're one of the best rookies I've seen, its just a shame you have to go up against a man like me.... Be seeing you Bob.
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    "Massacre in Memphis"

    {We return back to Carnage from commercial break where we see Julius setting up a video camera before sitting on the nearest chair and looking directly into the camera. He runs his hands through his hair before once again putting his sole attention on the camera in-front of him} Your heart is beating stronger than ever is it Mr Clayton? You're even more deluded than I thought. I don't know what has been instilled into you during your time in this business, but your heart and your happy-go-lucky attitude isn't going to get you anywhere. What I seem to see in every single person who steps up to face me is delusion and straight up ignorance. What makes you so special Hans Clayton, I've slaughtered and demolished people so much better than you without breaking a sweat and you're trying to tell me you are going to be the one to stop me. Now I'm not underestimating you Hans, you're impressive and you may just have a successful career in this company, but if you continue to provoke the bear I will ensure you that this fairy-tale that you seem to be living in will end before it even started" {Julius' tone begins to change, more aggression seems to seep through his voice as he leans forward in his chair as he begins to deliver his next part} "Maybe its my time to be in the main event, because unlike you, I will get the job done" Now this Hans Clayton is something that amuses me. You seem to nail home the topic that I couldn't get the job done. Well let me remind you of the things I have done because it seems like you haven't been educated enough. Within the first 6 months of my career here I was the BPZ World Champion. You, you're not even on the verge of contending in the mid-card. I defeated the seemingly unstoppable Slim in the Main Event of Summerslam, I beat Flynn at Halloween Havoc and I defeated the boss of this Company in the middle of the ring at the grandest stage of them all something you failed at doing when you had the chance. And yes the World Heavyweight Championship is no longer within my grasp but I will have you know that I was screwed out of it. The Bailey, he caused me to lose that title something that I haven't forgotten and something that he will come to pay for very, very soon. So the next time you want to come out and say that I haven't gotten the job done maybe take a good hard look at who you're talking to or I'll make sure you'll never ever be able to spew dribble out of you tiny little mouth ever again" {Julius then sighs in relief before leaning back in his chair, back into a state of comfort} You told me that come May 17th it's going to be a night I never forget, but see this is where you are mistaken. You seem to have hyped this match as being something special, something important when in reality it just isn't. To you I understand that this is your shot, this is your chance to show that you belong in prime time, but for me this is just another match. I'm not threatened by you Hans Clayton, I don't think you bring anything different to what I've seen in the past, you are yet to impress me with the quality of your wins. Anybody can win an NXT Championship in a Battle Royal and as of right now, almost anybody can beat the Marker. So if you think that now you have a few wins under your belt that you even stand a chance in this war then you're wrong. I'm going to bring you back down to earth and I'm going to make a statement in Memphis Tennessee when I beat your body to a bloodied pulp Mr Clayton" "You may have a heart, and you may believe that it is beating strong, the adrenaline coursing through your veins but we will put your claims to the test in Memphis. I'm going to Claymore Kick your head off of you're shoulders and then we can check if the "Death Defying" Hans Clayton's heart is still beating, we will then see if you're heart makes you and better than the average job guy. But one thing that I promise to you Hans is that on May 17th inside the Fedex Forum that night is going to be remembered by one thing and one thing only. "The Massacre in Memphis" where the Australian Animal Julius put an end to the "Extraordinary" Hans freaking Clayton"
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    Legacy (Exclusive Interview)

    Just Hours after an Exclusive Interview with Slim. Josh Trenton would go on to conduct another Exclusive Interview with The BPZ World Heavyweight Champion The Bailey. Who will face Slim at Mayhem for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. Josh Trenton: Bai.... The Bailey: Stop..... Stop right there Josh. Josh begins to walk up and leave The Bailey: No you can stay Josh. The Bailey just has something to take care of first. FINALLY..... The Bailey has comeback to Philadelphia! Now Josh what were you gonna ask the People's Champion Josh: Bailey, the first thing I wanted to ask was what does it actually mean to you to be the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion Bailey: Well that's Simple Josh. I look at the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship and to me signafies excellence.... Greatness. When your holding the World Championship that means you are the best. The best in the world. And everyday The Great one strives for greatnes. Like Slim said The Catchphrases they don't matter. They don't matter If I can't back it up. That's why I'm working my ass off every single day getting better and getting stronger. I have no limits. I have no rest stops. I must keep going. This world title keeps me going. It means everything to the Bailey to be the world Champion. You're gonna have to do everything in your power to Rip it away from me. You would have kill me to get your hands on my World Championship. That's what it means to me Josh. It's The only thing in this Business that's ever meant anything to me. Josh: So obviously from some of your statements you did in fact see Slims somewhat Exclusive interview on him coming for your World Championship. Do you have a response to that? Bailey: The Bailey did see the Interview. Slim doesn't respect me and thats fine. Thats all good because to be honest I've never respected Slim either. I don't like Slim. I never have and I probably never will. Let's get this straight out of the way Slim is what's wrong for this business. "No no that doesn't work me. I gotta stay strong brother" Slims always gotta be kept Strong. Let's just get the facts straight That bogus injury report he leaked himself obviously looking for his desired attention it's completely bullshit. It's just another power move by the "King" to make him look good. He might of got hurt at Summerslam. But he was gone for a few months. He certainly didn't come back to the ring injured and certainly no one in upper management forced him to wrestle injured. Slims just trying to make up excuses on why he lost in the Global series. On why he decided himself to not show up for the Royal Rumble. Wasn't he hyping up this crap that he was gonna be in the Rumble and he was gonna win it. And then suddenly just decides not to show up. Then he says he's coming back for BPZMANIA and that he was going to win MITB and that he was going to cash in on me ans spoil my moment. But than he doesnt even show up for any of the build and puts up a half ass performance at Mania. He wasn't injured. He wasn't sick. Slim simply just didn't want to here. He doesn't want to bother showing up. But the Media can't know that. Not Slim no way he's the guy. Hes the man. The Star of BPZ. So what does he do makes up some bullshit injury and blames it all on Management. And so that he looks like the Star. But that's the thing. Slims whole career is bullshit. It's just like that fake injury. Blow out of proportion. His "Amazing " 10 month world Championship run. Man I remember those 2 Awesome matches with Flynn. And then for the other ughhh. I'm drawing a blank here Josh help me out. I guess you could count about the 6 times he faced Brad. Slim lasted 10 months only because I wasn't there to stop it. Physically i was there at some times but Mentally I was no there. The 6 time BPZ World Heavyweight Champion was no there in 2016. And I'm Man enough to admit that. I was unmotivated. My mind wasn't in the right place. I lost my passion and my dedication for this business. I was in downwards spiral. I took some bullcrap General Manager Job. That wasn't me. That was a man that lost his love for this business. But I found it. I found my love for this Business. I found my passion and dedication for this business. This World title is what brought me back. My Legacy is this World Championship. I have never felt better in my Career. I am more motivated day after day month after month. And it's Pieces of shit like Slim that motivate me to be the best. To be the one here for these people day in and day out to lead them. To inspire them, to ELECTRIFY them. Slim can come and try take this World Championship from me. But I will not die. I will keep getting back up and up and up until i am Victorious and stll the BPZ WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD. He may not respect but I promise you this after Mayhem you can bet your ass that punk is going to respect me. The only thing that's get handed out at Mayhem is his CANDY ASS. I Say I'm gonna check your Candy Ass into the Smackdown Hotel. He says he's gonna burn it down. While why dont you just come and try to burn down the hotel.... Or Better yet why dont you just come to Chicago at the United Center June 2nd and try to take this World Championship from the Great One. I Dare you.... I freaking Dare you.
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    BPZ 2K19

    BPZ 2K19 ROSTER: Aaron North: 75 Overall Akki: 74 Overall Angelo Caito/Brad: 87 Overall (Comes with Both characters Arius: 84 Overall Ark Universe: 75 Overall Arrow: 69 Overall Bart: 92 Overall B-I-C: 87 Overall Birdman: 73 Overall Blade/Hollow: 86 Overall (Comes with both characters) Brendenplayz: 94 Overall Brett Storm: 72 Overall Bob: 70 Overall Buddy Ace: 76 Overall Bulldozer: 73 Overall Echo Wilson: 90 Overall FDS: 88 Overall Flynn: 95 Overall Gill: 77 Overall Jack Bishop: 73 Overall James Hunter: 69 Overall Jonathan: 91 Overall Josh: 77 Overall Julius: 93 Overall Kieron Black: 82 Overall Kyle Pain: 68 Overall Maasa: 70 Overall Marker: 84 Overall Mave Deltzer: 67 Overall Mikey: 70 Overall Natedog: 85 Overall Necce: 89 Overall Prince: 85 Overall Ropati: 85 Overall Ross: 87 Overall Sameer: 87 Overall Sheridan: 75 Overall Slim: 95 Overall Storm: 74 Overall The Bailey: 95 Overall Wall Ace: 73 Overall Yelich: 82 Overall The Past: Bashka: 90 Overall Joh: 85 Overall Ryan Reeves: 90 Overall Tamer: 88 Overall Lunatic Ginge: 85 Overall Alyx Wilde: 83 Overall Apex: 82 Overall Bizzy: 83 Overall Chobhead Jake: 90 overall Monda/ all his characters: 90 Overall Poiunight and all his characters: 85 Overall Suby: 75 Overall Zombie: 88 Overall Collectors Edition: Nebakos: 94 Overall Johnny Kills: 92 Overall Rising Stars Pack: Alex Costa: 78 Overall Hans Clayton: 80 Overall Kenji: 78 Overall Cody Cage: 70 Overall Unlockables: King Jonathan: 94 Overall Loach: 87 Overall Bailey (Authority Figure): 92 Overall Diego Garcia: 77 Overall Sheriff Slim: 83 Overall Keeley: 75 Overall The Ryan: 87 Overall Summergamz: 78 Overall Kyle Reeves: 84 Overall FDSlater: 75 Overall WWE234: 74 Overall Maestro: 78 Overall Cpe: 78 Overall CM Richie: 80 Overall Heel: 91 Overall Evolution: 87 Overall Heyman Guy: 84 Overall
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    Fork In The Road

    BrendenPlayz and Sameer stride to the ring full of smiles and even giving a little chuckle as they grab the microphone. BrendenPlayz speaks first: "Oh what a glorious day in the world of BPZ. It's great to be back in front of the fans after being gone for the last month. I gotta say, I do miss this place. It's a shame that I'm very busy right now, otherwise I'd be here every night! Juggling all my office duties and being in the ring is difficult and I've had to make some tough calls about my future. But, now that I am here it's time that we address the elephant in the room and that is the Royal Flush. Yep, we heard what Sheridan had to say and what very little Johnny boy said. I get it. Sheridan, you're trying to make a name for yourself here. You're looking to grab onto the legendary names that are myself and Sameer and try and grab whatever little ounce of respect you can from being in the same ring as us. You give the same usual speech I've heard a thousand times "The Royal Flush is the best, we're number one, yay go us", blah blah blah. I'm already bored. You come out here and you speak for what felt like a hour and you spew out the usual garbage. So what is it this time? Sameer has other plans other than the tag team titles? I'm sorry, isn't your tag team partner clearly focusing on winning the Power Trip Cup? I don't see him out here trying to win these championships. I don't see him out here campaigning about how great your team is? Where is he? Oh yeah that's right, focusing on his OWN career. But wait! Where is Sameer at? I don't see him talking about cashing in Money In The Bank? I don't see him competing in tournaments. He's right here, focused on the task at hand and that's defending these championships. So look Sheridan you can say what you want to say. Use your big fancy words and try and fool the audience into thinking that you're somewhat intelligent. But the fact of the matter is this, if you had half a brain you would've stepped aside a long time ago. This ring isn't a place for you. You've beaten nobody, you are nobody and this place is where I consider my home. I know these ropes, I know how to win and I know how to be a champion. Something that you cannot do and will never do. Besides, you need to give your partner a call and just double check to make sure that he's even going to show up for our match, because if he doesn't. This match could be your last. Sameer grabs the microphone.
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    "I don't need to speak in metaphors Johnny boy to get a point across, so I'm going to give it to you straight" {A camera is turned on in the locker room, where Julius is seen shining his Intercontinental Championship before Smiling at the camera and draping the band of gold across his shoulder} "304 days is it, 304 days since you were publicly humiliated by the next big thing. I compliment you for realising your failures 304 days ago but what I do see from you Jonathan is a new found sense of confidence. Delusional Confidence. See I have been following your return closely. Victories left, right and center and rightly so it has instilled some belief into you, a sense that you can still compete with the very best still compete at the very top. Although the thing is Jonathan it's not like you have come up against any real competition recently. You rode the coattails of Bart in your return match, you employed the services of a beautiful blonde to help you take out the SSW Club, a club I took out all on my own and now a few less than convincing wins against less than convincing opponents. But yet Jonathan you have that confidence. Inducted into the Hall of Fame, immortalised in this company you have developed a false sense of belief, and just like Mr Clayton so devastatingly found out belief is a dangerous dangerous weapon" {Julius sits up in his seat and crouches forward, his eyes piercing the camera lens as he continues to speak} "But you are right though Jonathan, in two weeks time at Mayhem we are going to go to war. There will be blood and there will be pain something I'm not so sure you are ready for anymore. "Piece by piece, brick by brick, limb by limb" I have heard it all before. The thing that I find common with most of my opponents is that they have this plan, this action that seems unstoppable in theory but they just can't put it into action. These are false promises Jonathan and you know it" "This Vendetta, this personal quest to fix an error you made almost a year ago, it's cute but it's weak. What I did to you in the final of the King of the ring tournament, was only the beginning. I have evolved, I have become a more complete a more dangerous wrestler than ever before while you have been declining, disintegrating hoping that you can ride the wave of the new generation in order to keep yourself afloat. You have other things on your mind, you have a tag-team championship opportunity against Brenden and Sameer and this war is not something you need. You have a partner who is dependent on you to be at 100%, but after I'm done with you "The Ace" will be nothing more. Think about your choices Jon, your days are numbered your entering the final stages of your career. You have a perfect end waiting for you as apart of the Royal Flush, dominating the Tag-Division and cementing your status as nothing more than a supporting act. Do you want to have it end in heartache or do you want it to end in success. Don't let this Vendetta cloud your judgement because if it does I'm sorry Jonathan but I'm going to kill you. The question isn't who is going to let me rather it's who is going to stop me, and that answer isn't you"
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    BPZ 2K19

    BPZ 2K19: Road to BPZ Mania! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ BPZ 2K19 is looking like to be a magnificent and exciting game and one of our main feature game mode this year will be the Road to BPZ Mania. Take control of one these 5 BPZ Superstars on their road to BPZ Mania! all 5 have a unique journey on how they reach to the showcase of the immortals. First off you got the Australian Machine, Julius who's wrath of destruction will be feared by everyone as he's looking to take out a certain icon and his path to becoming legendary is in your hands. You got this year's cover star, Bailey as he is looking to fight off mysterious masked figures as his path to BPZ Mania has gone in a different direction. Next, you got Flynn! as he plays mind games as he tries to become the World Heavyweight Champion once again. Arius is one BPZ's fastest rising stars however one of BPZ's mysterious icon, Necce, has his eyes on Arius as both very similar figures looking to go to battle. Finally we got the one and only, Slim! he's looking to stay on top despite several step backs, does he still have what it takes to compete in BPZ? Get ready for these 5 crazy, fascinating, and epic paths to the Road to BPZ Mania! You will have to find out how these stories play out when BPZ 2K19 releases this fall. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
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    Location: FedExForum Arena; Memphis, Tennessee _ The camera is focused in on the inside of the FedExForum, the basketball court is currently empty, and in just 10 days where thousands of BPZ fans will sit, the stands empty. A single man sitting in a chair, as we get closer we realize it is BiC. Who is sporting a Memphis Grizzlies T shirt, and tan joggers. His hair is curly, growing everytime you see him. He has his feet resting on the seat in front of him and he takes in the stadium that is before him. BiC scratches his chin before nodding and speaking. The birthplace of rock and roll. What a place to be, I've been here for about 2 days now and its been brilliant. Its truly a lovely city. I do wish I was here on different circumstances. Trust me, excited is an understatement to describe how I feel about defeating Blade and moving on, but I know that there is going to be kids in the crowd, families, fans trying to enjoy the show and its going to be brutal when I drive my foot into the teeth of Aaron North. BiC removes his legs from the seat and sits forward, gaining a more serious tone. Aaron North is a disrespectful, cocky, young piece of crap who couldn't write his own promo if his career depended on it, the fat weasel named Angelo behind him whispering in his ear what to say, and its not like Aaron has talent but just can't speak. Because Aaron, Angelo can write every promo for you but in that ring he can't help you. No one can. You crossed the line in New York when you attacked me and I will make you pay. I find it very ironic that you actually think you can defeat me when your sad excuse for a retired wrestler that is your mentor couldn't even beat me? Aaron listen closely, you do not have what it takes to make it in this company. You do not have what it takes to defeat me. Plain and simple. You have one victory in this company. Just one. In 10 days when I take you on, you will not get another one. Because I have a legacy to build, a passion to follow. I made promises that I have to keep and no man is going to stop that, because at the end of this tournament when I hold the trophy up. Its going to be so....so sweet. Birthplace...what an interesting term. Will we have a rock concert? Will Kid Rock come out on stage and start ripping some sick tunes, who knows. But one thing is guaranteed is this won't be the birthplace of some new momentum for you Aaron. You could be great Aaron. You could be the next star, you're just another dog, barking more then he can bite. BiC stands up, adjusting his shirt before giving a slight nod to the camera and walking off, the camera fades to black as BiC has gotten everything off of his mind tonight.
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    We are live on Carnage, the camera panning over thousands of screaming fans in attendance who have so far been enjoying an action packed night. Quickly, all focus is turned to the titantron as the screen gains static, before finally it cuts to Flynn in a black and white setting. Flynn stares directly into the camera, his cold eyes could be felt all the way up the spine of everyone viewing in attendance and around the world. After what feels like an eternity, he speaks. For nearly a month I was given the time to sit and think. Think over it all. Where it all went wrong, where I went wrong. I realized I went off my tracks here in BPZ a very long time ago. Now while it’s true I’ve never been a truly 100% stable individual, I must admit I feel like the past few months I have truly went off the rails. However do I regret anything? Do I wish I could take back all the cruel things I said and take back the awful things that I did? No. Because I meant it all. That may be a hard pill for many to swallow however I do not care. I don’t sugar coat things. I’m not a liar. I speak the truth and I put on a show it’s why I’m the god damn best this company has ever seen. Everyone knows why I’m back. You saw Legacy send it’s message however what are Flynn’s goals? The Undisputed Championship. A championship that’s held by a man who had some very choice words for myself just days ago. He gave a very long boring speech in a very similar manner to myself currently, with some strong flaws to the arguments and claims he made against myself. He assumed that he knew me. No one knows me, no one understands me, no one. You believe that I believe that I will run over you because you are just a flash in the pan, that I look at you like I look at all the others. No.... Bart, this isn’t why I’m going to run over you and take that Undisputed Championship. I look at all of my opponents differently. I study my opponents and then I break them down. Whether is verbally, mentally, or physically, I break my opponents long before I have actually beaten them. I believe Bart that you are a worthy champion. I believe right now you are carving your path to becoming one of BPZ’s greats. I even believe right now you are arguably one of the top dogs, if not the top dog here in BPZ. That doesn’t matter though. Because as you said, I am god damn Flynn. I am all of the accolades you listed me as but more importantly I am your current challenger. And you by the things you’ve said, have made things very personal very quickly. Going forward I’d enjoy that you’d please leave Legacy and my brothers out of this. I don’t need any aid in putting scum like you down. You are as I said an elite talent Bart. However for years I’ve been the man who puts elite talent out. I am the one who exposes the greats. I am the measuring stick here in BPZ and sadly Bart, with your “midlife crisis” jokes and your horrible attempts at believing you know who I am, you just aren’t meeting the right measurements. You call yourself “The Villain” and make no mistake you’ve fully measured up to that monicker. While I am no hero, I do wish to treat all of BPZ to the sweet satisfaction of me laying your ass out with the FKO and winning my first ever Undisputed Championship. A Championship that you hinder, a championship that I will bring to prominence. Bart I promise you one last thing. I promise that the next time I see you in person, whether it’s next week somewhere on Carnage whether it’s backstage or in the ring, or even all the way at PTC, I promise, no, I SWEAR TO YOU, I will kick your ass just to show you that the only current crisis going on here, is the one that YOUR Undisputed Championship reign is facing. The Camera cuts to black.
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    Midlife Crisis

    We are live on Carnage for the first time since the Round of 16 of the Powertrip Cup has taken place. The event saw some shocking results, along with some incredible action that everyone who loves wrestling would have enjoyed. But sow return, as we have small break until Mayhem and then the Powertrip Cup PPV. The intro of Carnage plays, showing the wrestlers that have become the faces that make the show, the ones that the fans tune in for. Following this, usually we would find ourselves looking at the ring, but today, we see a video which has the Undisputed Champion in it. He sits with the championship around his shoulder, as he smiles at the camera. Flynn. What a choice for an opponent. The most praised man this place has ever seen, the greatest of all time, can finally shut this overrated little brat up. That’s what all of you think, what all of you pray for. You believe that Flynn is the answer, because after all, it’s Flynn. I can already hear you say it, he is the 5 time World Champion. You honestly believe it, don’t you? You ignore the flaws in your analogy and look forward to the match with the best of spirits. You are confident that this match shall mount the end of the reign from the man that you have despised for so long. “The Villain” bursts out into laughter following this last sentence. It takes a couple of seconds before he manages to control himself again and continue on with what he was saying. You truly believe it. It’s almost as if you want to be dissapointed time and time again. Even your hero, Flynn, knows that he isn’t good enough anymore. Why else would he bring back a group of disgruntled veterans come back together following years of fighting. Let me tell you, it’s desperation. All 3 of them have gone through some disappointments and now they have decided to swallow their pride in a last attempt to return to their former glory days. The happiness on their faces when they were able to beat someone up, all of them were beyond themselves. 3 man beat up 1, wow what an outstanding group. This return of Legacy, it’s what you call a Midlife crisis. 3 guys looking back at their best days and thinking I want that again. They think it will bring the good old times back, but instead, nothing but disappointment awaits them. We have already seen that’s the case with Necce, we will find out them say goes for Slim at Mayhem and then all we have left is the Powertrip cup ppv. The pay per view where Flynn makes his glorious return after getting his ass kicked twice. But don’t worry, Flynn will tell you that I am wrong. Flynn will say that he will beat me and that I am nothing more than an overrated, undeserving champion who isn’t ready for what he has to bring. I have heard it all before. Flynn believes in himself once again. Legacy has made him think that he still got it. Following his losses, he had started to doubt himself. But then, finally, he went back to his last piece of hope. His good old days, the times he used to dominate. But Flynn, you made a big mistake there. As intriguing as it may seem currently, you will regret this decision. Legacy is the last thing that makes you think you can bounce back to the top of the mountain. The last thing that makes feel confident following your losses. After I have defeated you, there will be nothing to make you think that you can turn it around. The only left to do will be to accept your faith. To come to terms with giving up, with no longer being the best. I know you can’t do that Flynn, your instincts won’t allow you to. But now, due to this ambitious decision of yours, you will no longer have a choice but to live with it. I am sorry I really am. See you soon, Flynn.
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    𝑼𝑭𝑪 𝟐𝟐𝟗: 𝑲𝒉𝒂𝒃𝒊𝒃 𝑵𝒖𝒓𝒎𝒂𝒈𝒐𝒎𝒆𝒅𝒐𝒗 𝒗𝒔. 𝑪𝒐𝒏𝒐𝒓 𝑴𝒄𝑮𝒓𝒆𝒈𝒐𝒓 𝑹𝒆𝒗𝒊𝒆𝒘 𝑃𝑜𝑠𝑡𝑒𝑑 𝑏𝑦 𝑆𝘩𝑒𝑟𝑖𝑑𝑎𝑛 𝑀𝑢𝑒𝑙𝑙𝑒𝑟 𝟣𝟢/𝟢𝟪/𝟣𝟪 Going into this event, the UFC had probably placed the most promotion of a single card within their competitive history. Reflecting on the night following their biggest fight of all time, they were correct to do so. Although featuring the likes of Derrick Lewis, Michelle Waterson and Tony Ferguson, the majority of hype was rightfully placed in the main event, where standing UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov would defend against "The Notorious" Conor Mcgregor following a bitter, almost year long feud between the two following Conor McGregor's return to the sport. The likelihood is that this card will be the UFC's best-selling pay-per-view event of all time. In a night of comebacks, explosive fights and hot post-bout drama, I'm Sheridan Mueller and this is the fallout of UFC 229. Women's Strawweight fight: Felice Herrig vs. Michelle Waterson The first match of the main card delivered a close decision match-up for two of the more popular fighters in the Strawweight division, pitting Felice Herrig against Michelle Waterson, with the former looking to defend her position in the rankings against the latter, who had momentum coming into the bout. Both women are equal in terms of skill however Felice was the favourite heading into the bout due to her size and reach advantage over "The Karate Hottie" Michelle Waterson. Michelle Waterson was able to utilise her high kicks and subdue Felice's wrestling take-down attempts to grind out the decision win. Heavyweight fight: Derrick Lewis vs. Alexander Volkov Usually with two heavyweights high in the rankings clashing, this would be a typical number one contendership match-up. However, with Daniel Cormier approaching retirement as well as holding both the Light-Heavyweight and Heavyweight Championship's respectively, as well as Brock Lesnar's rumoured return to the sport, people were unsure what to expect from the veteran Derrick Lewis coming against the Russian Alexander Volkov. The latter of these fighters dominated the first two rounds, and looked to have the victory sealed up until Derrick Lewis caught him with a brutish punch late into the third round, reigning down stiff punches on the downed, taller fighter to claim the KO victory eleven seconds away from a certain decision loss. Light-Heavyweight fight: Ovince St. Preux vs. Dominick Reyes After beginning his UFC career as 3-0, 205lbs prospect Dominick Reyes faced his toughest challenge yet against Light-Heavyweight division stalwart and former championship contender Ovince St. Preux. Dominick was a heavy favourite coming into the fight and he was the first on the main card to live up to the expectations placed on him, answering with a lightning-paced dominant first round. The second round was fairly open however controversy struck towards the end of the third, with seconds left Reyes met St. Preux's advances with a swift left hand counter, sending the Haitian fighter out cold to the floor. However the buzzer sounds a couple of seconds after and instead of calling the fight as a KO victory for Dominick Reyes, the bout is left to go to the judges where he wins via decision. Lightweight Fight: Tony Ferguson vs. Anthony Pettis The penultimate match of UFC 229 brought a bloodbath of a bout between highly ranked lightweight Anthony Pettis and former Interim Lightweight Champion "El Cucuy" Tony Ferguson. Tony Ferguson has been on a tear in the division and has been pencilled in for championship matches before against Khabib Nurmagomedov, only for the bout to not formalise due to injuries in both respective camps. This is a striking wet dream in the first round where Ferguson doesn't relent in pressuring Anthony Pettis to narrowly win the round. The second round begins with Tony Ferguson hitting a couple of low kicks before Pettis springs forward with a huge counter hook and Ferguson goes down! Tony instantly pops up and attempts a spinning back hand however is hit upside the head and goes down again! The match turns into a cat and mouse situation with Ferguson sprawling and rolling out of harms way while Pettis attempts to look for the finishing blow. Both finishers eventually scramble on the mat and blood is pouring from one of the competitors, forcing the referee to pause the fight revealing Ferguson caught Pettis with a violent elbow cutting him open on the face. The crowd cheer as the match is started and Ferguson instantly pressures and is hitting wild combinations. Both fighters are striking with fluidity and the second round ends with the bout marginally going to Ferguson. Between the second and the third round, Pettis reveals his hand is broken and his camp have no choice but to throw in the towel, bringing Ferguson the TKO victory through doctor stoppage in between rounds to bring this amazing fight to a somewhat anti-climatic closing. UFC World Lightweight Championship fight: Khabib Nurmagomedov (c) vs. Conor McGregor Easily the most highly anticipated bout in UFC, and MMA, history, the crowd is electric for this as this has been in the pipelines for months. Stemming from Conor McGregor's initial Lightweight Championship win before he ventured off into boxing, to the attack at UFC 223 involving Khabib's team, a trolly and a bus full of world-accomplished fighters. Round one begins with a minute of close encounters, Conor glazes with a punch but Khabib takes him down with three minutes on the clock. Conor looks composed and to much grievance Khabib stalls and snuffs his attempts of getting up, keeping the popular Irishman grounded until the end of the first round, giving Nurmagomedov a one round advantage. Round two begins and Conor once more pressures, attempting a superman before Khabib counters with a big right hand, sending McGregor to the canvas for the first time in his UFC career! Khabib tries to capitalise on rocking McGregor but the Irishman is up again, although he rightfully looks shook after being rocked by an established sambo and wrestling world champion. Khabib grounds McGregor quite easily and dominates on the ground before establishing a ground and pound position, mauling the defenceless Irishman with his world-class level ground and pound. The crowd are furious as Khabib isolates Conor, who is warned for attempting to pull himself up using the side of the cage. The second round ends as the first with Khabib dominating, almost getting a surprise TKO victory in the process. Round three begins and Conor exchanges some jabs, motivating the crowd before he advances and begins opening up Khabib with combos! The crowd are gripped towards the Irishman as he gets his first chance to end the bout some thirteen minutes into the fight. Khabib late on gets another take down however can't really capitalise giving the round to Conor as we head into round four, which starts open however a minute or so in Khabib clutches and gets a nasty double-leg take down, grounding Conor once more much to the crowd's dismay. Khabib looks for the arm triangle and it is clear to see McGregor's lack of activity is getting to him some eighteen minutes into the match. Khabib eventually locks in a vicious neck crank and McGregor taps, giving Nurmagomedov his first defence as well as a submission win over the biggest name in UFC history. Post-match and everything breaks loose. Khabib jumps the fence and taunts McGregor's team before punches are exchanged, Khabib's team then storm the octagon and exchange punches with McGregor who is defenceless. Security, Daniel Cormier and Dana White manage to alleviate the violence within the ring, with the broadcast coming to a close with White refusing to place the Lightweight Championship on the winner, and legendary ring announcer Bruce Buffer announcing the submission victory to a chorus of boos. Quick-Fix results Khabib Nurmagomedov (c) def. Conor McGregor via submission R4 3:03 Tony Ferguson def. Anthony Pettis via TKO R2 5:00 Dominick Reyes def. Ovince St. Preux via decision R3 5:00 Derrick Lewis def. Alexander Volkov via KO R3 4:49 Michelle Waterson def. Felice Herrig via decision R3 5:00
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    WWE vs EPW: Company Warfare

    NEW... BEGINNINGS! Presented by Wrestling's Elite Date: May 20th, 2018 Venue: The Sanctuary (Royce Hall - Los Angeles, California) The first-ever Elite Pro Wrestling show begins with a video package, highlighting the announced superstars of Elite Pro Wrestling and their pro-wrestling pasts before we're shown the set-up of the "Elite" Hall, as it shows the office of the mysterious Head of Operations for Elite Pro Wrestling. Our commentary team is none other than Renee Young and Jim Ross, as they welcome us to wrestling's hottest new company. They say that tonight will embark on a new era of pro wrestling, as Elite Pro Wrestling sets fire to the foundation that lay before it, before they make the grand announcement that tonight's festivities will be begin with a David vs Goliath matchup, as Eduardo Rodriguez battles Matanza Cueto... "Till I Collapse" by Enimem begins to play, as the first man out is none other than Rodriguez himself, as he stands in at a frail 5'6", weighing just 170 pounds. Rodriguez sparks a round of cheers from the crowd as they recognize him as the former 'Kalisto' of the WWE, where he won the Tag Team Championships with Sin Cara, and on his own became the United States Champion. Tonight, Rodriguez branches out on his own in the Sanctuary as he faces a tough task in "The Monster", Matanza Cueto. Can The King of Flight overcome the odds stacked against him? Accompanied by his brother, Dario Cueto, "The Monster", Matanza Cueto steps out and immediately strikes fear into the men and women sitting in the crowd. Matanza lacks amazing size (5'10"), but makes up for it in pure muscle as he walks down the stairs, with Rodriguez standing his ground, not letting up as Dario Cueto stares at him with a sinister smile, knowing what the former WWE United States Champion has gotten himself into. Matanza, a former Lucha Underground Champion, steps into the ring as now we get the first look at the size difference between Matanza and Rodriguez, as they stand face-to-face before the referee pulls them apart and waits for the ring announcer to announce the match. "Weighing in at 170 pounds, 5'6", from Mexico City, Eduardo, Rodriguez!" Cheers erupt for the luchador as he nods his head, clearly feeling himself tonight as he has a new opportunity here, a new start and a new chance to make his name known in the wrestling industry... "And his opponent, weighing in at 5'10", 260 pounds, from, whereabouts unknown... Uh... Matanza, Cueto!" Whereabouts unknown describe the look of Matanza Cueto as he dons a mask, with Dario Cueto grinning from ear-to-ear, knowing that this could get really bad, really quickly for Emmanuel Rodriguez, and it may turn ugly... EDUARDO RODRIGUEZ VS MATANZA CUETO "The King of Flight" vs "The Monster" As the match starts, Rodriguez runs at Cueto, but Cueto catches him and plants him down immediately as Dario begins laughing. Matanza puts his foot on Rodriguez head, and just stomps into the mat as the referee winces, knowing that must have hurt. The odds always seemed long for Emmanuel Rodriguez to pick up the win, but it didn't seem like it would be over this quickly. Matanza grabs Rodriguez up, throwing him into the corner as he smashes against him, pressing him into the corner as Rodriguez hangs onto the ropes, trying to muster some sort of awareness following that brutal stomp into the mat. Matanza picks the man formerly known as Kalisto up, and as he does so, Rodriguez slaps Matanza's hands away before hitting a bicycle knee strike to the face, followed by an enzuigiri! Rodriguez falls into the corner, hanging on, as Matanza, on his knees, tries to shake off the strikes he just took from "The King of Flight". Rodriguez would get to his feet, kicking away at Cueto, as he kicked him in the head several times, before Matanza would just punch Rodriguez right in the throat! Rodriguez would grasp for air, before Matanza would get to his feet before nailing a boot to the chest of the luchador, knocking him down on contact! Matanza would mount Emmanuel Rodriguez as he began to smash away at the face of him, hitting forearm after forearm before picking him up. Rodriguez, barely able to stand, would get hurled across the ring by Matanza as he got back to his feet, daring Matanza to come at him, but that heart would be crushed as Matanza run Rodriguez over before picking him up, putting him into a full-nelson... Rodriguez would hit the Regalo de Dios! Spanish for "God's Gift", as he makes a desperation cover, trying to catch Matanza off guard... No! Matanza kicks out at 2, barely reaching the two count. That may be what turns the tide in this match, as Rodriguez sits on his knees, looking at Matanza before he gets up, bouncing off of the ropes before nailing a Shining Wizard to the face of Matanza! Rodriguez pops back up, before starting to scale the turnbuckles, before he jumps off... Spanish Fly! Matanza is shook, as Dario looks on, seemingly concerned as Rodriguez lifts Matanza up to his feet... But Matanza elbows Rodriguez in the face before grabbing him and throwing him over the top rope like a rag-doll! Matanza then backs into a corner to rest, as Rodriguez lays on the outside, recovering from the brutal fall he just took, hitting his neck and shoulder on the apron before rag-dolling to the arena floor. Dario barks orders at Matanza, as Matanza goes to the outside, lifting Rodriguez up, as he holds his shoulder. Matanza elbows him in the back of the head, before he just tosses him into the metal gate! Rodriguez holds his shoulder even more as Matanza grabs his arm, before smashing it into the gate again! The referee can do nothing but watch as the EPW Head of Operations has required every match to end tonight with a victor via TKO, pinfall, or submission. As Matanza rolls Rodriguez back into the ring, he stomps on his arm like he stomped on his head, before picking him up, and just grasping his neck with one hand! Rodriguez tries to fight out, but Matanza lets go before hitting a facebreaker to the injured arm of Rodriguez! He lays there in pain as he can virtually do nothing with the hurt arm. Matanza knows this, as he toys with Rodriguez before picking him up, but Rodriguez, showing no fear, headbutts Matanza before connecting on a Jumping DDT with his non-injured arm! Rodriguez waits for Matanza to get to his feet... And goes for the Regalo de Dios again... But Matanza reverses at the last second, bouncing Rodriguez off the ropes, into a different position... AND.... NAILING THE WRATH OF THE GODS! Matanza covers, knowing it's over as Emmanuel Rodriguez is motionless... As the referee makes it official: 1... 2... 3. Matanza Cueto is victorious, but what an effort by Rodriguez to fight through the size difference, to fight through his injured arm, and rest assured, this is probably not the last time we'll see these two meet inside the ring. Matanza Cueto stands over the fallen body of Rodriguez, as Dario joins him, raising his hand as we're turned to an office-like scene, where a mysterious figure is watching it unfold from his tinted windows, undoubtedly, it's the mysterious EPW Head of Operations, which we will learn who it is, tonight! Commercial Break #1: Day 1: The criminals are in a small bus, traveling to the prison in an unknown country, on that bus are the most dangerous and violent criminals. Let's start off with Julius, this man is one tall son of a gun, his story dates back when he was young, parents were alcoholics, so he had to take care for himself, got into things with the police and committed murder, now he on this bus. Suzuki is a former pro wrestler working for Japan, but after some.... problems, he was sent by killing a man on accident, but somehow I don't believe that for a second Aaron North, aged 35, living in the streets begging for money, spend that stuff on indica and cocaine, but fatal night, he murdered dozen of men and when the police found him on the floor, begging to be sent to prison, well he got his wish. "God" or that he is called is 47 years old, when he was younger, he seen his dad kill his mom, that experience scar him for life, his crime was arson after burning his father alive, now "God" is going to prison TO BE CONTINUED.....  "Prisoners" brought to you exclusively by @MARKER As we're welcomed back by Jim Ross and Renee Young, they let us know it's time for one of our tag team matches of the night, as The Usos, Jimmy and Jey Fatu, take on the Guerillas of Destiny, Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa. The Usos have signed over from the WWE, joining their cousin, "The Samoan Nightmare", Roman Reigns, while the Guerillas of Destiny are a known Japanese commodity. This is a dream match in the sense that these two have been at the top of their respective tag team divisions for a very long time... What will give? "Firing Squad" lights up The Sanctuary as smoke clouds the upper-deck of the stairs, before you can barely make out the Guerillas of Destiny, soliders dressed for combat here tonight, wearing masks as they carry their tag team gold from Japan here tonight. Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa are illustrious members of the once-known Bullet Club, but now, with them and former member Cody Rhodes in the same promotion, could we see a potential alliance between the two? Only time will tell, as Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa, the brothers will face off with another set of twins, Jimmy Fatu, Jey Fatu, collectively known as The Usos. The thug-like mannerisms of The Usos are shown, the confidence on display tonight as they know, they were the cream of the crop in the WWE, and they believe the Guerillas of Destiny have no chance, as their theme song, "Done With That", plays, with the crowd going wild for their appearance. These brothers have done it all together, they've been on top of the world and they've seen each other at their lows, but through it all, they've stuck together and now they have new territory to conquer and make their penitentiary, as they get into the ring, going face-to-face with the Guerillas of Destiny as they remove their jackets, before it's time for the first-ever tag team match in Elite Pro Wrestling. THE USOS VS THE GUERILLAS OF DESTINY Jimmy & Jey Fatu vs Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa The bell rings, as the two men starting it off will be Tanga Loa, and Jimmy Fatu. The two lock up, as Tanga Loa holds Jimmy in a headlock, wringing his neck as Fatu tries to break out with several elbows, but Loa lets go before elbowing Fatu himself, then putting the headlock back on as he takes him down to the ground now. Tanga Loa then mounts him and begins to smash his forearms into the face of Jimmy Fatu, before Jey Fatu tries to get into stop it, but is met with a shoulder block from Tama Tonga! Tonga then throws Jey Fatu to the outside as those two begin to battle, while on the inside, Jimmy and Tanga Loa begin to throw hands! Back and forth, before Jimmy knees Tanga Loa in the gut before going for it... But he misses the Superkick! Tanga Loa with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex, as Jimmy gets to his feet before he nails a brutal clothesline on Jimmy, turning him inside out! Tanga Loa is a monster! Meanwhile, on the outside, Tama Tonga is handling Jey Fatu with ease, continuing to stomp away at him as he lays on the ground. Tama Tonga picks him up, before hitting a suplex into the metal gate! He grabs a steel chair, and begins hitting Jey Fatu with it, showing no remorse for the other half of the Fatu brothers, and once again, the referee can do nothing as the EPW Head of Operations has ordered the referee to let everything go tonight. Tama Tonga, after a few hits, picks Jey Uso up, before throwing him into the metal gate again! Tama Tonga, now realizing they have a 2-on-1 opportunity, slides into the ring as Jey Fatu floors Tanga with a Superkick! He turns around and fires away at Tama, but Tama overpowers him before pushing him off the ropes into a devastating Powerslam! Jey Fatu is floored, as Tama picks up Tanga, refocusing him, as he makes sure he's recovered from the Superkick Jey gave him. The two refocus as Tama and Tanga pick up Jey, hitting a double suplex into the corner, hurting Jey's neck and back area even more than the powerslam! Suddenly, Jimmy Fatu runs in, and hits a dropknee to the knee of Tanga, before he hits him with a knee to the face! Tama runs at Jimmy, but Jimmy picks him up on his shoulder and drops him with a Samoan drop! Tama gets right up though, trying not to get caught off guard, as Jimmy pushes him off of the ropes though, but Tama slides around Jimmy before connecting with a CUTTER! Tama into the cover on Jimmy: 1... 2... NO! Jimmy kicks out, keeping the match alive but you have to wonder if Tama would have won the match had he not stopped to taunt with the classic "machine gun". But it seems the Usos have gotten more than what they asked for, with them underestimating one of Japan's top tag teams as the Guerillas of Destiny have brought the heat and The Usos haven't nearly matched any of it. Tama Tonga continues to stomp away at Jimmy, as Tanga Loa would slowly find himself getting back into the ring but Jey would get to his feet and knock him down, before elbowing Tama in the side of the head as Tama approached him from behind. Jey would slide down and hit a big uppercut to Tama, sending him back into a huge backstabber from his brother, Jimmy Fatu! The Usos working in tandem, now would pick Tama up, pushing him off of the ropes as they nailed a double clothesline, seemingly showing their first chance of an upper-hand we've seen all match. After continuing to beat down on Tama, they would turn their attention to Tanga, who some see as the weaker of the two men. Jimmy and Jey would set him up for a Double Superkick, but Tanga would roll out of the ring before they could nail it, making sure he didn't get caught by two boots to the face. As the Fatu brothers followed him, he evened the odds with the chair from earlier, throwing it at Jimmy before running Jey over with a boot to the chest. Tanga helped Tama up, as they now leveled in on the Usos, as Tama picked Jey Fatu up, before hitting an Inverted Jumping DDT on the chair on the outside! The crowd is shocked as Jey Fatu is motionless, and Tama Tonga shows they're done playing around. The Guerillas of Destiny pick up Jimmy Fatu, pushing him into the ring as they follow behind. Tanga picks up Jimmy by his legs, while Tama takes his head, they're gonna hit it.... GUERILLA WARFARE! Tama makes the cover: 1... 2... 3! The Guerillas of Destiny just dominated The Usos here at New Beginnings! The Usos lay on the mat, broken and battered as tonight, The GOD just completely dismantled them from bell-to-bell. Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa walk up the stairs, staring down their work as The Usos look absolutely shook. They thought tonight they would come in and be able to destroy the GOD, but instead, they were the ones who took a beating... What does this mean for The Usos? They slowly get up, as they talk to each other before nodding their heads. Jimmy puts his arm around Jey as they begin to walk into the back part of the arena, taking their defeat with pride here tonight. Could we possibly see these two teams battle it out again? We once again see the office of the mysterious EPW Head of Operations, as this time, as he watches The Usos walk into the back. Suddenly, he picks up his key from his desk, and walks out of his office, locking it behind him. Is it time to finally meet the man behind Elite Pro Wrestling!? As we turned to the commentary team, Jim Ross and Renee Young are talking about how shocked they are that the GOD manhandled the Usos the way they did, before suddenly the lights dim in the arena, and suddenly at the top of the stairs... PAUL HEYMAN! Paul Heyman is the Head of Operations for EPW!? The last time we saw Heyman was on WWE Television at the Royal Rumble, when Brock Lesnar lost his last match and left the company with Heyman by his side! And now, Heyman seems to be running things in Elite Pro Wrestling! Heyman is given a microphone as he stands in the center of the ring, ready to address everyone. Paul Heyman: LADIES, AND GENTLEMEN! My name is Paul, Heyman, and I am, indeed, the Head of Operations here at Elite Pro Wrestling. The wrestlers you see in this ring, are MY wrestlers, signed to me, I run this joint, and let me tell you something. 18 years ago I may have struggled to take down the WWE, but I will not fail this time. You see, over there, they have bullshit wrestling, subpar storytelling. You won't see any of that here. We are dedicated, and that's why so many of their "top guys" left them. Roman, Dean, and a few more that I won't disclose right now, but just know they're here. You see, that's not what Elite Pro Wrestling is about. I want the BEST, and only the best. Tonight is a new era of wrestling, tonight I bring you to an alternative to your usual programming. But I'm not one to take away from the many fighters we have in Elite Pro Wrestling, so just know - EPW, is Paul Heyman territory. And there's nothing anyone can do about it. Heyman drops the microphone and exits the ring, but before he can exit completely, "Can You Feel My Heart" by Bring Me The Horzion plays as "Sinister" Pete Dunne makes his way out of the smoke for his match tonight, against "Heart & Soul", Roderick Strong. Dunne puts his fist on his jaw before swinging at the air, before making his way down to the ring, awaiting his opponent, a man known for his back-breaking manuevers. "Don't Die Digging" by The Graduate begins to play as the fans get on their feet as suddenly emerging with a burst of energy is Roderick Strong. They call him "Heart and Soul" as Strong has the heart of a lion and fights no matter what type of condition he's in. He's known for his back-breaking moves and his strong-striking, with these men very similar in their styles along with their height & weights. Dunne Height & Weight: 5'10", 205lb Strong Height & Weight: 5'10", 200lb RODERICK STRONG VS PETE DUNNE "Heart & Soul" vs "Sinister" A lock-up between the two very technical fighters would begin the proceedings, as Dunne put Strong's arm behind his back and pushed at it, potentially trying to dislocate Roderick Strong's shoulder. Strong would counter by flipping Dunne over his shoulder, as Strong rested on one knee, having Dunne in a headlock as Dunne was seated. Strong quickly transitioned the headlock to a pin: 1.. 2, NO! Dunne kicks out, as both men stand up with Strong going at Dunne with a wicked forearm! Dunne would counter with a back elbow, as the two traded heavy strikes, stunning the other, before Strong suddenly backed up, running at Dunne for a Sick Kick, but Dunne would move, sending Strong to the mat crashing, before Dunne would explode into the back of Strong's head with a vicious knee strike, causing Strong to grip the back of his head in heavy pain. Pete Dunne then would grab the finger of Roderick Strong, stretching it out in what is one of Dunne's many sickening signature moves, as then he would let go, before nailing a picture-perfect knee drop onto the side of Roderick Strong's face. Dunne would pick Roddy Strong up, placing him into the corner as he began to hit forearm after forearm, before placing him on the top rope... But Strong would kick Dunne away, before jumping down and nailing Pete Dunne with a Sick Kick out of nowhere! Roderick Strong would get up, picking Dunne up, transitioning him to a Pumphandle... PUMPHANDLE BACK-BREAKER! Dunne grabs his back in pain as Strong makes another cover: 1.. 2... No! Dunne kicks out ahead of the three-count, as Strong grabs Dunne by his hair once again, and Dunne gets him off with a swift kick to the gut, followed by a clothesline. Dunne would then step on the face of Roderick Strong, before picking him up and hitting a Snap Suplex, followed by a quick pin: 1... 2-No! Strong kicks out with relative ease, as Jim Ross and Renee Young note that Pete Dunne has one of the most deadly finishers in the game today, the Bitter End. Dunne puts his head on Strong's head, pushing him back down to the ground, before mounting him and hitting him with forearms and forearms, before picking him up, and sweeping his leg from under him, as Strong's head bounces off of the mat, likely giving him a moment of whiplash. Dunne is systematically destroying Strong right now, as he picks him up, putting him in suplex position before just tossing him in the air, as Strong hits the mat hard, the sound deafening on impact of the collision. Dunne smirks, taunting the crowd as his mouthpiece hides his teeth, grinning from ear-to-ear as the many spectators here tonight boo him in unison, wanting to see 'Heart & Soul' Roderick Strong win tonight. Dunne smirks at them, before going over to Roddy Strong, keeping him grounded while grabbing both of his arms as he begins to stomp away at his face! The referee pulls Dunne off as it's too much, just the pure sight of Roderick Strong getting stomped into the ground. Dunne yells at the referee for pulling him off, yelling that "Strong knows what he got into", alluding to the numerous times they faced off in the WWE, along with other wrestling promotions. Dunne picks Strong up, as Strong can barely stand, the punishment having it's effects clearly. Dunne smirks at him, before delivering a huge forearm, sending him out of the ring through the middle rope, near Renee Young and Jim Ross as Dunne taunts before following. Dunne picks up Roderick Strong, grabbing him by his face, showing him to Renee Young and Jim Ross, as he laughs about the beating he's giving Strong before slamming his face on the wooden announce table! He runs his shoulder into the announce table as Strong collapses to the floor, before Dunne picks him right back up, putting him in suplex position.... SUPLEX ON THE APRON! Pete Dunne walks over to the spectators here tonight, as he spots a little girl who is sobbing over the beating Strong is taking. He laughs in her face, before grabbing the box of candy she's eating, before throwing it! Dunne taunts the little girl before turning his attention back to the ring, where Roderick Strong is attempting to make it back to his feet. Dunne slides into the ring and puts his boot into Strong's face, booting him into the corner as Dunne dares Strong to get to his feet. The many spectators begin to chant "STRONG" over and over again, as he grabs the ropes, propelling himself to his feet as he raises his fists, showing some fight, some heart, after the beating Dunne has put him through, as Strong now begins to trickle blood down his face, from being cut on the announce table. Dunne smirks and runs at him with a clothesline, but... STRONG COUNTERS! COVER BY STRONG: 1... 2... No! Strong could only hook one leg there, as now he waits for Dunne to get to his feet. Strong, realizing he needs to capitalize, goes over to Dunne, trying to pick him up off his knees, but Dunne suddenly hits Strong's hands away and pokes him in the eye! Strong is blinded as Dunne gets to his feet now, before grabbing Strong, no, not this way.... BITTER END! DUNNE HIT IT ON STRONG! The spectators go into shock as Dunne slides into the cover, confidently, having won the match here tonight: 1... 2... 3... NO! STRONG KICKED OUT BEFORE THE THREE COUNT! Dunne lays on top of him, his hands on his head as the camera shows a shocked look on the face of Dunne, with very few men having kicked out of the devastating move before! Dunne picks him up again, spitting in the face of Strong as he sets it up again... AND NAILS ANOTHER BITTER END! Dunne, with Strong barely being able to move, picks him up for a 3rd time, not taking any chances, before nailing a 3rd Bitter End! Dunne now slides into the cover again: 1... 2... 3. Pete Dunne has defeated Roderick Strong here tonight, but it took everything Dunne had. After his hand is raised, Dunne falls to the mat, sitting there, wondering how it took that much to knock off Roderick Strong. "And you have to wonder, if Dunne hadn't stomped Strong into the mat for as long as he did, if we'd be saying Roderick Strong defeated Pete Dunne." Renee Young echoes the thoughts of many as Strong lays, face-first down as Dunne exits the ring, holding his stomach as the spectators get on their feet, with "STRONG" chants once again echoing the arena. Strong sits up, nodding at the fans as he looks disappointed, but walks to the back under his own power. Could we see Strong get a rematch in the future? Jim Ross and Renee Young highlight that heart and soul we saw from Roderick Strong just now, despite taking the loss. Ross and Young are still surprised that Paul Heyman revealed himself as the EPW Head of Operations, and they wonder together if that will make superstars want to join the company, with that Heyman marketing, that Heyman business mantra now running the company and giving it a solidified head? Then, they move things along, talking about our next match. The man formerly known as Chad Gable, Jonathan Williams, teams with Shelton Benjamin to take on Liam Dawson and Dash Carter, the team known as the Revival. "Rage" by CFO$ begins to play as emerging from the smoke, is Liam Dawson, and Dash Carter, former RAW Tag Team Champions, make their way down the stairs as tonight they take on the makeshift team of Jonathan Williams, and Shelton Benjamin. The experience of the Revival should give them the upper-hand here tonight as they will be able to use their chemistry to overmatch the wrestling ability of Williams and high octane offense from Benjamin... "Can't Be Touched" by Roy Jones begins to play as emerging from the ground entrance is none other than the Wrestling Prodigy himself, Jonathan Williams. Formerly known as Chad Gable, Williams is one of the best technical wrestlers in the game today. Williams gets down to the ring as the spectators cheer him on, before he waits for his partner, a well-known name ont he independent scene. "Ain't No Stopping Me" plays, as exploding with energy in his entrance is Shelton Benjamin, as the crowd cheers him on, as he gets down to the ring, staring down The Revival as they taunt him. In recent weeks, the Revival have poked fun at how Benjamin is past his peak and won't ever be the same man again... THE REVIVAL VS WILLIAMS & BENJAMIN Liam Dawson & Dash Carter vs Jonathan Williams & Shelton Benjamin Before the bell could ring, Dash and Dawson would attack Benjamin from behind as the referee talked to Williams. Both members of The Revival would begin to stomp away at the veteran, before Jonathan Williams would run in the ring, but Liam Dawson would catch him with a huge forearm to the face, knocking him down. They would pick up Benjamin, but Jonathan Williams would pop up to his feet, grabbing Dash Carter from behind and hitting him with a Snap German Suplex! Unfortunately for Williams, Dawson would hit him with a devastating knee to the face, knocking him down to the mat, as from behind Benjamin tried to attack Dawson! Dawson would send Benjamin out of the ring though, but Shelton wouldn't take it, as he dragged him out of the ring and began throwing rights and lefts at Dawson to the approval of the spectators! Benjamin would run Dawson into the apron, but Dash Carter would slide out of the ring and hit Benjamin from behind! Carter and Dawson would continue to beat down on Benjamin, running him into the metal gate, before the two clear out the spectators... AND SET IT UP... HOLY SHIT! DOUBLE SUPLEX ONTO THE STAIRS! The Revival just hit a suplex on Benjamin, crashing him into the stairs! Medics rush out to Benjamin's aid, as in the ring, Jonathan Williams dares The Revival to come on. He tells the referee to ring the bell, and he does. Dash Carter goes into the ring, while Liam Dawson cuts around. Jonathan Williams doesn't realize Dawson is behind him, before... CHOP BLOCK TO WILLIAMS! The Revival pick Williams up, before bouncing him off of the ropes... SHATTER MACHINE! Dash Carter would go into the cover on Jonathan Williams: 1... 2... 3! The Revival pick up a cheap-win over Jonathan Williams and Shelton Benjamin tonight, as Jonathan Williams sits up in the ring, maybe being a little overzealous here tonight in offering to take The Revival on, with his partner inability to compete. The Revival celebrate their victory as they make their way to the back, with Benjamin still getting checked on by medics. As Jonathan Williams checks on Shelton Benjamin along with the EMTs, Jim Ross and Renee Young highlight our main event of the night... "The Samoan Nightmare" Roman Reigns, teaming with "The Unhinged" Dean Ambrose, to take on "Wrestling's Royalty" Cody Rhodes, and "The Alpha" Chris Jericho, as arguably the four biggest stars of EPW will be in the ring at the same time, as all tag team matches in EPW are contested under Tornado Rules. The size in the teams are evident, as Jim Ross and Renee Young show us the tale of the tape. Roman Reigns: 3x WrestleMania Main Eventer, former WWE Champion - 6'3", 265lb Dean Ambrose: Former World Heavyweight Champion - 6'4", 225lb Cody Rhodes: Former ROH World Champion, former Bullet Club leader - 6'3", 220lb Chris Jericho: First-ever WWE Undisputed Champion - 6'0", 227lb From the top, the spectators all look up as a single spotlight emerges, showing The Samoan Nightmare himself, as he dresses like a solider here tonight. Reigns walks down the stairs cool and collected, as the spectators highfive him on his way down, a clear fan-favorite here tonight as he just main evented WrestleMania a few months ago. Reigns gets into the ring, cooly sitting there as he awaits his partner, his brother, a former member of The Shield and a man who has a very-strong place in Reigns' heart and life, his best friend, Dean Ambrose. Now stepping out is none other than The Unhinged, Dean Ambrose, the man who main evented WrestleMania: Night One. Reigns and Ambrose's frustrations with the WWE stemmed from them winning their respective brand World Titles, but the WWE wanting to take them off of the pair quickly as both had been working towards that illusive moment, only to have bad booking make their reign look bad. Ambrose walks down the stairs, wearing a leather jacket, no shirt, and pants as he steps into the ring, fistbumping Reigns before hugging him, brothers standing united here tonight. "Kingdom" plays, as slowly walking out is Wrestling's Royalty, the son of the late Dusty Rhodes, Cody Rhodes. Rhodes stands at the top of the stairs, looking down on Reigns and Ambrose as he was highly critical of the two when they were with WWE. Now, all of that comes to a head right here, tonight, in the center of the ring. Rhodes paces himself down the stairs, before stopping halfway, waiting for his partner. Judas plays, as now it's Jericho at the top of the stairs. Chris Jericho spreads both his arms, letting the crowd embrace him like a god before he begins to walk down the steps. Jericho has had problems with Reigns and Ambrose back when they all were in the WWE, and those problems will be revisited in the first-ever main event of Elite Pro Wrestling! Reigns, Ambrose vs Rhodes, Jericho! It's a historic match, and it starts right now. ROMAN REIGNS & DEAN AMBROSE VS CODY RHODES & CHRIS JERICHO "The Samoan Nightmare" & "The Unhinged" vs "Wrestling's Royalty" & "The Alpha" The referee explained the rules of Tornado Tag to both teams, as both partners can be in the ring at the same time which creates a more dangerous environment, as we saw earlier from The Revival and Jonathan Williams. As the bell rings, Dean Ambrose immediately goes after Chris Jericho, taking him out of the ring quickly, as Reigns takes on Cody Rhodes inside the ring. Reigns takes Rhodes down and begins letting them go on him, with rights and lefts before Rhodes pushes him off and hits him with a forearm, knocking Reigns back before he runs over to him, and hits a quick neckbreaker on The Samoan Nightmare, dropping him to the canvas. Meanwhile, on the outside, Jericho and Ambrose are going at it as Ambrose drives Jericho into the apron, before then smashing his head into the metal gate! Ambrose begins to hit Jericho over and over again, but The Alpha explodes out of nowhere with a knee to the gut, followed by a clothesline! Jericho picks Ambrose up, before he hits a Fisherman's Suplex on the outside! Jericho begins taunting, shouting that he's the Best in the World, and in the ring, Cody Rhodes goes for his patented Diaster Kick... NO! SUPERMAN PUNCH FROM REIGNS! Reigns then looks to the outside, as he bounces off of the ropes.... AND DIVES ONTO CHRIS JERICHO! Jericho just got crushed on the outside by Reigns! Reigns gets to his feet, flexing for the crowd as he lets out a scream. Reigns picks up Jericho, tossing him inside the ring as he grabs Ambrose by the head, putting their heads together as they both get inside the ring now. But as they get into the ring, Jericho nails Ambrose with a Codebreaker while Rhodes hits Reigns with an Enzugiri! Jericho, cover on Ambrose: 1... 2... NO! Ambrose kicks out, and now Rhodes and Jericho both pick Ambrose up, as Jericho holds Ambrose up, not allowing him to move... And Cody Rhodes nails an enzugiri on Ambrose! Now they look to do the same to Reigns... BUT REIGNS EXPLODES WITH A CLOTHESLINE! Rhodes now grabs Reigns from behind, trying to nail a Cross Rhodes, but Reigns flips him over his shoulder, before nailing another Superman Punch on Cody Rhodes! Roman Reigns would set Rhodes up, looking for the Spear to possibly end this sprint match so far. But then, Jericho would pull Reigns into the post, under the ropes, smashing Reigns' groin area into the metal pole! As Reigns laid there, Jericho would grab the left-leg of Reigns, smashing it into the post over and over again so he couldn't move it, as Reigns laid there, but here comes Ambrose! Ambrose comes at Jericho with punches and strikes, as Jericho tries to retreat up the stairs, but Ambrose chases him and grabs Jericho, but Jericho responds by dropping Ambrose down with a face-breaker! Jericho then grabs Ambrose's legs, before he locks in the Liontamer! JERICHO HAS THE LIONTAMER LOCKED IN AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS! The crowd is booing as Ambrose writhes, yelling in pain at the hold, as Jericho keeps it locked in, wanting to limit the mobility of Ambrose, just as he did to Reigns just a minute ago with the metal pole. Finally after two minutes of having it locked in, with Ambrose being able to do nothing, Jericho lets go as Rhodes signals to him to help with Reigns. An obvious strategy by Jericho and Rhodes here to make sure Reigns and Ambrose can't work in tandem, they're executing it well here as now Ambrose is out of it for the moment, and the two can work together to beat down Roman Reigns, as they take turns stomping away at the former WWE Champion. Jericho picks Reigns up, tossing him into the corner, as Rhodes goes into the corner, before hitting a Monkey Flip on Reigns, who flips right into a Codebreaker from Jericho! What a move! A monkey flip right into a Codebreaker! Jericho into the cover now: 1... 2... NO! Reigns kicks out, shockingly as that move had the ending written all over it. Rhodes picks up Reigns, trying to hit the Cross Rhodes and end this match as soon as possible, knowing how dangerous Reigns and Ambrose are, but Reigns counters, and sends Cody Rhodes into Chris Jericho! Jericho falls out of the ring, as now Reigns grabs Rhodes, picking him up in a powerbomb position.... BEFORE POWERBOMBING HIM OUT OF THE RING, ONTO JERICHO! And now, Roman Reigns slides out of the ring, kicking Jericho in the face as he turns his attention to Cody Rhodes, as he puts him on his shoulders, in powerbomb position... ROMAN REIGNS POWERBOMBS CODY RHODES THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! Rhodes lays there in agony, as now, Reigns goes under the ring... And pulls out a wooden table! He sets it up in front of Paul Heyman's office, as he then picks up Chris Jericho, to put on top of it, but Jericho counters, hitting Reigns sternum off the table! Reigns, though, with a strong elbow to the face, stuns Jericho, as he punches him straight in the mouth, knocking him down onto the table, as Reigns lays him out, before he signals to... AMBROSE!? DEAN AMBROSE IS ON TOP OF PAUL HEYMAN'S OFFICE, AS HE LOOKS DOWN AT JERICHO, BEFORE THE SPECTATORS ALL BEGIN TO CHEER IN UNISION, KNOWING WHAT'S ABOUT TO HAPPEN AS THEY SHOUT "DEAN" OVER AND OVER AGAIN... AS AMBROSE DROPS DOWN AND JUMPS ONTO JERICHO! HOLY SHIT! Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho lay on the floor, as Reigns is in shock at what we just saw like the rest of us. Reigns makes sure Ambrose is okay... BUT FROM BEHIND! CODY RHODES WITH A LOWBLOW! RHODES ROLLS REIGNS INTO THE RING, FOLLOWING BEHIND... DIASASTER KICK! RHODES PICKS REIGNS UP... CROSS RHODES! Cody Rhodes is about to steal the win! 1... 2... NO! ROMAN REIGNS KICKS OUT AT 2, AND RHODES LOOKS SHOCKED! Rhodes sets up for another Diaster Kick... And jumps off of the ropes... But Reigns catches him and plants him with a Powerbomb! Reigns lines up in the corner, as the crowd gets behind him, realizing what time it is... AND REIGNS BREAKS RHODES IN HALF WITH A SPEAR! Roman Reigns goes into the cover as Cody Rhodes lays motionless: 1... 2... 3! Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose have defeated Cody Rhodes and Chris Jericho in an ALL OUT WAR! Both teams sprinted from the bell to take the other down, and in the end, it's The Unhinged and The Samoan Nightmare taking the victory. Dean Ambrose rolls into the ring, as the music of Roman Reigns plays, whilst the crowd chants "ROMAN", over and over and over again, like ancient Roman war chant, while Reigns and Ambrose hold up each other's arms. Reigns puts his arms on the ropes, looking into the crowd, as he turns back around to face his brother... DIRTY DEEDS FROM DEAN AMBROSE!? The crowd goes MUTE, as you could hear a pin drop in The Sanctuary, as Ambrose sits there, with Reigns head in his lap, having just stuck a knife in his best friend's back! Ambrose looks to the crowd, who looks on with horror and shock, as Ambrose grabs a nearby steel chair at ringside, bringing it into the ring as he begins to smash it onto Reigns, over and over again, before he drops it, grabbing Reigns by his vest, and hooking his arms again... DIRTY DEEDS ONTO THE CHAIR! And now, Ambrose leaves Reigns bloodied in the ring as he walks up the stage. We switch from a view of a pissed off Ambrose looking behind him as he reaches the top to a confused, injured Reigns in the ring.. What just happened? Fade... to... black. In Paul Heyman's office, following Renee Young and Jim Ross' sendoff from the show, as he watches with a smile of Ambrose victimizing Reigns out of nowhere, suddenly, Heyman hears his door open as he turns around with shock on his face, as he says one sentence.. "Wow... What are YOU doing here?" The camera flips to see none other than The Scottish Psychopath, Drew McIntyre, standing in the doorway, as the production of New Beginnings ends with a simple sentence. "I'm here to sign a contract."
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    The Akki

    The Mave Effect: Introduction

    'Revive' by HeelAkki plays as manager Akki shows up on the stage with a bright smile on his face, a magical grey suite and tie as he walks down the ramp over to the ring. We're live during Carnage as the crowd is very neutral against Akki's appearance here. Akki enters the ring and picks up the microphone. His theme song stops playing and he starts speaking. Hello lades and gentlemen. My name is HeelAkkki and tonight I don't stand here as a wrestler but I actually stand here as a manager for the next up and coming NXT Wrestler. My client is known by the name of The Demon Mave who recently has left the jobber crew a.k.a the incest squad a.k.a the jobber group. He's not here with me tonight cause he got pulled out of the arena for dropping a beautiful promo. He sort of deserved it, I don't really care, because I know Mave doesn't need a promo to prove how good he is. Mave is unique is something that some of you are saying and It's true, Mave is the most unique wrestler out of the entire NXT Roster because Mave can win a championship without doing the work. I know everyone is like 'Oh Akki's going off track and not making sense just like Mave'. And yes I am not making sense but it will make sense until you see it yourself. At the NXT Battle Royal, everyone in that match will witness the Mave effect. The shivering feeling down their body, the goosebumps as Mave walks down that stage just to lift that championship up minutes after he destroys everyone in that match. I don't know anyone in that match except for Bulldozer. Now Bulldozer is a wrestler that made it in the BPZ after hard works in the indy scenes, but so did Mave. So why is Mave unique outside and inside the ring? I DON'T EVEN KNOW. But as you see for yourself, THE MAVE EFFECT is hitting me good. And soon it will hit you, and you, and you, and everyone who puts eyes on The Demon Mave. I'm keeping it short tonight becasue this was just the INTRODUCTION!
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    Nearly Impossible

    The cynical feeling of darkness is met by a large splashing sound, as a small ball of light, followed by a human body floats down to what appears to be a body of water. As the body slowly sinks downwards, air bubbles escaping from its partly opened mouth, a small box floats to the top of the water and the camera focuses in on it, and in the dim moonlight that hangs over Boston, you can see a dirty pack of cigarettes, the same brand that the mysterious man from Boston was smoking when he spoke to BiC. As the last bit of air bubbles stop rising, and the ciggerate pack begins to float away, the camera cuts off. As the camera fades back in, we get a skyline shot of the moon, in full color as it hangs high above, watching over the trees and life that takes place during the night. A slight pattern of foot steps can be heard and as the camera pans out, looking towards a cement sidewalk in the middle of a park we see where its origins are coming from, a hooded man jogging down the sidewalk. As the man stops and sits down on a park bench, exhaling and leaning back, putting his hands over his face before leaning forward once again and looking up at the camera. Where we see this hooded man is BiC, who is clearly training for his match against Bob. BiC removes his hood, revealing his brown, curly hair before speaking in a hushed yet aggressive tone. Do you want to talk about time Bob? How it is coming to an end? Your entire spiel about my time coming to an end just proved to me that you have no clue on what I am, who I am. I have more heart, more passion, and more will then anyone else who works for this company and if that sounds cocky that's because it is. I use to act confident, use to show my wealth, but I realized that if I went into that ring and proved it that I would finally get the respect from the fans I have always wanted. I am in no way slowing down, no way running out of time, in fact Bob. If anything, I am only getting faster, stronger, smarter then I have EVER been. The metaphorical clock on my career is not going to stop ticking, my name is not Angelo Caito and I will not be held up against the walls of a retirement home. I understand and respect you Bob Sparks,you're young, have all the hype in the world behind you. But I am not sorry when I say that I am going to kick your ass in 8 days and I am going to pin you, go onto the finals and finally prove my worth in this god forsaken company. Hell, I have put my life on the line for four years and there is not a chance in the world I stop here. The one thing I don't like about you Bob, you have no passion. You just fight, kick ass, part of me respects that but the other looks at it as a weakness, because there's nothing that brings you into that ring and drives you to win, and like many great minds have said before this moment, a man who is driven by passion is impossible to stop. Impossible. What a great word to describe this fight Bob, you got good fight kid, but when you comes down to it. I'm impossible to stop. BiC takes a deep breath before putting his hoodie back on and taking his phone out, turning on his music as "Middle Child" by J. Cole can be slightly heard. He stands up, and gives the camera a wink before giving his final words. Be seeing you, Mr. Sparks
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    {We continue the show as out next is the Premium Champion, MARKER. MARKER has been on incredible form as of late, however with him losing to Hans, will he start crumbling apart? , will he lose confidence in himself? the theme music plays and out comes the champ.} {He enters the ring with the same cocky expression he has on his face as always, he grabs a microphone and begins to speak.} FDS…… I guess you finally let go of yourself, your alter ego, your identity that made you into the man that you are today, it pathetic to see this, I thought that I was gonna get a fight, a fight that everyone will remember, but I guess that now, it just a massacre waiting to happen. FDS, I've been waiting to face you for the longest time one on one, you see after losing against you for the Tag Team Championships, I had a feeling that one day we would meet one on one in the middle of the ring with nobody there to ruin it, just you and me… I see what you are doing FDS, you are just annoying me, your not giving me what I want and that your Hardcore FDS, the man deep inside your body, the man that you famous in BPZ Wrestling…. You see FDS, you say that you are one step ahead of me, when you two steps backwards, I know what I have to do to beat you, however without "him" your nothing but a poor soul waiting to be crushed by me. I want you FDS to come out and prove me wrong, PROVE TO ME YOUR NOT USELESS WITHOUT "HIM". {MARKER waits for FDS to come out….}
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    "Can I take your order?"

    "shit' After a long break from wrestling, Cody's mind has been relaxed and revamped, his mindest has been renewed and his thoughts are back in the right place, he didn't want to wrestle anymore, his dreams weren't there for him anymore, and since his departure he had to take up a new career, and that was in business, Cody decided to invest his $13 into stocks and managed to hit the bank, shortly after investing the 13 bucks, the stocks increased and he sold them for a large amount of $700, with now a full wallet, Cody's first goal was to celebrate. "I'm hungry, I guess McDonalds would be a good place to eat at, I might visit Bulldozer whilst at it." Cody's destination was the local McDonalds, he was hungry and so that was his first instict, his travel took some time but finally after 5 whole minutes, he was there, the local McDonalds. "Damn, I wonder what I will eat today, I mean, I've got like 13 bucks to spend, I guess I'll take a happy meal." Cody walks towards the counter ready to order, until he notices Michael Jordan sitting in the corner, it seems like Michael was reading a newspaper, Cody was suprised to see MJ here, so Cody walks towards him. "Hi Michael, what are you doing at McDonalds?" "shut up" "Ok bye" Cody goes back to the counter to order a Happy Meal, after ordering he sits down at the nearest table and contemplates what's next for him, Cody was very hungry so waiting for the food was a pain, Cody looks over in the direction of Michael Jordan and notices that a new figure was with him, with a closer look, Cody sees that MJ is joined with...? "Order number 65!" Cody realises that the order number 65 was his, he walks over to collect his food, and after collecting it, he takes one more look at the figure, he tries to figure out who it is, but nobody comes to his mind, Cody takes his order into the car and drives off into the distance with a new thought in his mind.
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    {We kick off Carnage just one day removed from the second round of the Power-Trip Cup with the arrival of the Intercontinental Champion Julius. "Gallantry" blasts throughout the arena and the IC Champ slowly makes his way out to a raucous reception from the Carnage faithful. He has a rye smile painted across his face as he taunts those in attendance before swiftly getting into the ring and raising his Intercontinental Championship above his head. He waits for the commotion do die down before beginning to speak} "Not so extraordinary after all are you Hans Clayton. But I'm not going to beat a dead horse, Hans knows he dropped the ball when the spotlight was on him, he knows he couldn't back up all the game he talked and now he is nothing more than another victim just like I said he would be. Looking forward to the next round I see that I match up with Jonathan a man involved in one of the greatest achievements of my career, however I need not remind you at this time of what happened the last time we met. Let's just say it was a massacre and we will get a repeat come Mayhem. However, one man has been roaming under the radar in the last two weeks and it's about time that address it" "Not only do I have a match with Jonathan at Mayhem but I am scheduled to defend my Intercontinental Championship against Joshua Scott. And yes you're right Josh I have been neglecting you, I have been ignoring all your pathetic training montage's because you Josh are a pathetic excuse for an opponent. I didn't steal your spot in the King of the Ring tournament or the Power-Trip Cup, I beat you and the better more deserving man had his hand raised at the end of the night. When I brutalised BiC at Backlash I made it my goal and my intention to elevate this division to heights never seen before but facing you as my first competition I must say is a step down from what I want" "What alarms me and makes me question your insanity is the fact you want to do this fight inside of a steel cage. Now going into this match, the only slim chance you had of walking out the victor was if the rest of your SSW Club got involved, but now that you are locked inside a cage there is no chance any of that will happen. Even more alarming is the fact that you think you have what it takes to survive me locked inside a steel cage with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. I find this insulting from you Josh and trust me your going to find out how costly this mistake will be on your career. You want a cage match you got it, but the challenge i'm issuing out to you is, will you be able to walk out of that cage alive?"
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    Playing: Shostakovich Op.87 Prelude & Fugue No.7 The hosting arena for BPZ turns dark as the sounds of commotion sputter from the speakers. The Carnage audience are directed to their screens by a guiding light as the screen opens up to live footage, a large double is our fist sight as it is being pushed open in an unknown location. The door creaks as the camera pushes through to an open auditorium. A crowd dressed in their most elegant and presentable wear is getting comfortable in seats rowed in the 100's, covered in red durable fabric made fitting for no soul will want to leave their seats this evening. Panning across the room our camera glides forward towards the stage where Ghouls are hoisting sandbags to the rafters, proceeding past the audience we catch glimpses of their faces but what we see are not smiles, nor even indifference but static manipulated to keep their identities hidden. A large dark blue curtain stands tall across the stage hiding the secrets of this evening as we reach the centre of the auditorium where our champion Arius sits at a makeshift desk. Papers scattered across the table, pencil placed between his ear as he leans back looking over notes mulling before noticing he has company Ah, welcome welcome! You're just in time he says, tapping his index finger on top of the papers as he loses focus for a moment before shaking his head in an attempt to focus. Looking back towards the camera My apologies, you've caught me reminiscing on a particular period of my life. There, hmm. there is a recurring message i think back to, once passed on to me by a well meaning drifter as we walked through the nightlife. Looking towards the sky he remarked that nobody knows too much about what the future will bring. That this... Arius motions his hand, arm outreached, through the air as the drifter once did ..is a predicament where realistically anything can happen. Arius chuckles to himself This man was a fool but at no fault of his own. Let me instead take the initiative and share some wiser advise, for there is truth in this saying and not a more fitting venue to quote "It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves". You see we cannot escape our responsibility. Each one of us has the freedom to exercise our lives. The stars.. the camera pans behind over the audience as the their static almost twinkles in the darkened room ..play very little role in it. Our destiny is governed instead by ourselves. Arius tosses the paper to the side as he rises from his seat, motioning for the camera to take a seat My mind admittedly..has been rattling quite recently, overworked by current events you could imagine BUT I've found through my lifetime that i can always find solace in the arts. For even those enamoured with prosperity deserve their our own outlet wouldn't you say? And for this occasion what better setting to share than the stage? Arius motions to the front of the theatre as the lights create a mild thud sound as they turn on Let us begin Arius guides the cameras attention to the stage which sits empty. When the camera turns back to Arius he has disappeared , the camera swivels back to the stage where Arius stands bowing towards the audience before directing his hands to the curtains behind him as they open to begin the show. At first glance we see a man wearing a pale theatre mask with a black star covering it's left eye and a red flame covering its right eye. The lights spread a warm yellow across the stage as the scene begins and Arius narrates Bright was the day when our tale was begun. Here we see. the self-professed hero among his people, arriving at this isolated town not so long ago. This figure is the noblest of the townsfolk, embodying prowess, loyalty, honour, generosity clears throat and just down right good manners. as the narration continues the audience watches on amused as the masked protagonist makes several gestures and poses to fit the characteristics described for them In his mind it's quite fortunate for him to have arrived when he did, looking over the town he made it his self ordained mission to bring them light where he perceived darkness. But after each call to action he did not receive the response he envisioned. Maybe the people were just unknowingly oblivious after years of neglect? Have they lost their faith in the good that can be bestowed upon their lives, their horizons broadened? Does this not sound as sweet as it is heard by our hero? Taking charge our hero stands tall in the middle of the town, upon the edge of a crumbling wall. Boasting attention the men, women and children gather to hear what he has to say. Arius exhales a laugh as the camera pans closer to the masked protagonist* Fear not for he has the answer for what the town is lacking, it has stagnated and is in need of a spectacular "elixir" that only he can provide. The hero jumps down from his perch as he points towards the distant mountains as the set pieces move around across the stage There! There is where our hero will journey, to search and bring back the answer he knows will help him in his goal of aiding this town and in turn the n-xt generations will be prosperous once more. The protagonist runs across the stage as the stage props are moved to the side by assisting ghouls Grabbing his supplies in hand he wouldn't waste any time to start his journey, taking the surprised and at least conscious expressions of the surrounding folk as approving fuel for this new venture. In our heroes mind as he journeyed fourth up the weed ravaged road, he only could imagine the awaiting smiles, the shared joy, the open praise that his forthcoming change and hope he would bring, hope that of course only he can provide. To bring light to their darkness. Arius preforms a single clap Extraordinary. Playing: Haendel - Sarabande The curtains reopen to a new setting, the greying sky in the backdrop as silhouetted birds fly by and the small edges of the town can be seen at a glimpse in the distance. Our masked protagonist now donned a more fitting attire. Arthurian armour, a cloak to match as he walked steadfast towards his destination!...But as the image fades away we see that is all only what he perceives himself for instead he wears only humble garments with a worn knapsack on his back. The man grunts, with a heavy breath, climbing up the rising mountain. The rock edges along the way resembling silver lined steps in the early signs of moonlight as he trudges forward. The scene transitions forward as the sound of the wind soothes through the theatre. Our protagonist now hangs, climbing body close to the side of a mountain, gaining distance to his destination. With a quick brush across his forehead hand he wipes away the evidence of hard work taking in the great lengths he has come. There before him, lit by the hanging moon he could see with hopeful eyes the solution he had been seeking For now in the back of his mind the images of a joyous town at his triumph being his sole motivation. With only the small insects crawling away to bare witness he pulled himself up with both hands! Reaching and grabbing at whatever he could, repeatedly Inching closer...he needed to take the chance, his leap of faith as he saw the brief light hanging over the edge.. Taking a deep breath, with one hand he reached towards what he sought, the glow illuminating his eager finger tips... A sudden crumbling can be heard as the hero falls backwards before stopping in motion, hanging in the middle of the stage. Resembling a crooked star with his arms and legs stretched out in a panic he sits mid fall for the audience to see. The backdrop vanishes, the set pieces are moved as a single spotlight sits upon the protagonist. Silence takes over the theatre as the instruments come to a mum for only to be heard are the few single sounds of droplets of water as the curtain closes. Oh i truly do hate tragedies Arius leans back in a dramatic pose, both hands covering his heart, as he proceeds to walk across upstage directing a finger towards the protagonist Now my friends, is this perhaps where we accept that what we feel we need will never come and no matter how much we seek it won't be acquired? Our hero suspended in motion as the gravity of the situation takes its toll on his mind, body and soul simultaneously. The curtains part for Arius as he motions past the protagonist stuck in the middle of his fall, proceeding to reach up the mountain set piece and take the the the heroes "prize" for himself. Arius holds it in his palm, it's glow masking it unidentifiable to the audience. People talk as if one can just dream their way out, their way into success. That they can simply look to the stars... camera pans to the crowd ..and discover a version of themselves that had been accidentally hidden, one only revealed by the gaze of an audience. One that only sees the opportunities presented and the answers on how to capitalise on them. Just like that? Arius crushes the object in a grasp, the light extinguished as the theatre goes dark Just like that. Playing: Beethoven - String Quartet no. 14, 1st movement The theatre lighting blacks out leaving the audience lost for a few moments. The bells of a clock tower chime breaking the silence as early morning light comes up through a single paned window positioned centre stage. The masked protagonist who had slunk in through the night now resides in his home as he returns to the stage. Through his body language we see his once wonder like optimism now filled with self doubt about his abilities, about his direction. The sounds of the world still moving echo faintly as the town continue to live their lives, they share happiness and grief the same as before and the same as tomorrow. But all he can hear is his very own reminders of what he failed to do for them but not whether they needed his actions in the first place. The hero proceeds forward across the stage as a cool air is forced through the theatre to chill the audience. A faint white light fades on stage right as the protagonist notices a longstanding mirror revealed. Slouched he slowly walks over towards the mirror, proceeding to grab hold of it with both hands as he shares a cold stare wit himself. Looking forward, his shoulders down, posture weak as the lighting grows dark and spotlight faint upon him in. He slowly leans forward into the mirror as he stares himself in the eyes scared almost before pressing his forehead against the mirror gasp His forehead slips through but his head jolts back up cautiously unsure of what holds in store for him...but he takes his chance leaning down again as the protagonist cautiously steps through the mirror. For a moment he has vanished from sight of the audience but soon, just as onlookers sit forward in their chairs they see the formerly masked hero stepping out the other side as a burst of white light graces the once dark setting. But, wait.. Arius leans forward from the side of the stage over the curtain The audience whispering in the background, can now now only see a black silhouette amongst the white light shining upon the stage. His posture straightens up, he shows through physical acting that he feels stronger, larger as the silhouette grows in size. He turns back to the mirror that he just stepped through, grabs hold with it with both hands as he stares back at the man he has become. We get a close up as the blank face pokes at two inconspicuous bumps in his forehead. The curtain falls on the scene as the camera fades to black on this evening.
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    A Date with Destiny

    We're in Dayton, Ohio as this Edition of BPZ Carnage rolls on, in the thick of the Powertrip Cup, with the quarter finals fast approaching. However, the Carnage Titantron switches over to a pre-taped vignette, one that has become a trend for one superstar in particular since his debut. The camera is trained on a table full of multi-coloured microphones from various different news shows, sites and networks, with several journalists with their fingers on the buzzers to record at any moment. There is also a fleet of photographers behind and around them, the room almost becoming a minefield of tripods and lenses. The camera pans out and up from the large setup of microphones to a large backdrop featuring the well known BPZ Sponsors of Pizza Hut and Pepsi. On this stylish and sleek deep red backdrop for the Powertrip Cup Finals is a somewhat familiar site, it's the graphic of a particularly anticipated match coming up on the BPZ Calendar. However, from eight, we have two. Last time we saw these two superstars on a match graphic was for World at War, they were surrounded with six other hopefuls in their history-making bout that day, but now, it's down to only them. Arius vs. KENJI for the BPZ North American Championship, June 14th in San Antonio, Texas. The camera flashes and and murmurs of noise fill the room as the challenger, KENJI makes his way into the room, dressed in a smart, dark grey suit, as is his style when conducting this press events. A subdued smile on his face as he walks in front of the table, posing for the photo opportunities, holding up the Ghoul Mask with him. KENJI then walks around and sits on the left side of the table, propping up the mask against the microphones, laughing a little under his breath at the comic effect of it, positioning the mask in front of him like a champion would for their coveted title belt in an interview. KENJI shakes off the chuckles and exhales slowly, reading to receive the journalist's questions. KENJI peers over to his right at the empty chair intended for his opponent, as well as the empty stand that should be bearing the North American Championship at this moment. But alas, the champion runs on their own time. KENJI blinks out of his thoughts and smiles energetically at the gathering of press representatives. "Sorry about that, it appears that our North American Champion is running late, and since we're running out of time, how about we start now and save any questions for him for later. Let's start, fire away". The journalists pause for a moment of confusion, but soon take to the idea and begin the conference. "Is it true that you're currently recovering from an injury? How will that affect your title match?" "It's just some nagging pain in my neck that was aggravated at World at War, I'm about half way through rehabilitation and it's going very well so far. I'm projected to recover before the match takes place, so I'm hoping that all is well and I'll be fully healed for the Powertrip Cup Finals. Thank you very much, next question...yes, you there". "Speaking of the Powertrip Cup, as one of the featured superstars of BPZ that isn't in the tournament brackets, who do you think will win this year's tournament?" "Ah interesting. I've been very excited to see what happens with the annual tournaments in BPZ. Tournaments are my favourite form of Puroresu, it's a true test of who is really on that next level. I'm a little sad that I could not participate in this year's Powertrip Cup, but I think the match I got in return more than makes up for it. As for who I can see winning the whole bracket? Probably Julius is the favourite, he's definitely one of the predators to be aware of. Although, one thing I've learnt from my time wrestling in Japan, in a tournament, anyone can beat anyone, so I'm not counting anybody out. Everyone has that potential". "Given your impressive performances so far in BPZ, you've really been gaining momentum and a connection with the audience. After your loss at World at War, how does it feel to officially be the first challenger to the Inaugural North American Champion?" KENJI's eye twitches a little at the mention of the word "Inaugural", he pauses and thinks to himself before spluttering slightly, noticeably taking a sip of water to stall for time as he composes himself. He looks to the empty championship stand on the table before turning back to the press for his answer. "Well, I think I see it as a small affirmation that I belong here in BPZ. Most of the time, usually it would take a lot longer for a new face in the company to be granted a title match such as this. The NXT Championship has a trend of proving one's self against all challengers at all times, but this is a very different game field. While I've been here, I can't say that I've been in my comfort zone, as match stipulations go. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not experienced with using weapons at all in matches, it's simply not my style, or what I was trained in. So it's quite liberating to be in a singles match, one-on-one, nothing else". "I came this close at World at War, enough that I was the first person to touch the belt, but I sit here as the challenger, and not the champion. It pains me, that's how I feel. It pains me that I failed that night, but now I can't let that overshadow what lies ahead, I can't let it weigh me down anymore. I'm very grateful that I've been granted this second chance. The lineage of the North American Championship now contains me in it's first two matches, I was the first to make contact with it, that championship and I may be apart, but we are no less connected. "I hope to continue that trend, of that title's matches, it's tapestry, to contain me for a very long time. Because this time I'll make it a date with destiny, and win. Though nothing but my talent, blood, sweat and tears. Destiny comes to those that tip the scales in their favour. My success in this company starts now, and the North American Championship is where it begins". "This will be your first singles match in BPZ, and also possibly for your opponent too. Neither of you have been pinned of submitted in BPZ either, so it's make or break in your match. How to do you feel about that?" "The general feeling in the lockeroom is that Arius is unstoppable. He hasn't been around all that much longer than myself in the company, and yet our journeys couldn't be more different. He's a former NXT Champion, has been United States Champion for a number of months, and was just able to best me at World at War. I gotta say, the odds aren't in my favour here. Although, I don't tend to live by the odds, I prefer to ride against them. When I came to BPZ I made it a mission of mine to broaden the horizons of BPZ through my wrestling, that mission applies to my opponents also. Arius may be at the peak now, and seemingly wants me to improve, to give him a real challenge. I'll use that to make him all the better too, that way, I'll bring something truly new to BPZ. As North American Champion I can, and will broaden the horizons of many more, and that's what I hope.... KENJI's response is cut short, as he is distracted by who has entered the room, not someone that he expected. He and the journalists watch as Rin Akane walks elegantly through the room, strangely with no Arius in sight. However, more curious to KENJI is the North American Championship in her hands....
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    {We return to Carnage after commercial break, and after a brief pan around the crowd "Gallantry" blasts throughout the arena as the BPZ Intercontinental Champion Julius makes his way out onto the ramp} {The last time we saw this man was inside the Carrier Dome in the wonderful city of Syracuse where Julius soundly advanced to the second round of the Power-Trip Cup defeating SSW Clubs own Sir Raven and leaving a barrage of bodies laying on his way out. Up next for Julius is the rising star Hans Clayton, a man destined for big things a tricky challenge for the Intercontinental Champion as he looks to make up for his Final defeat in last year's rendition. Julius marches down to the ring, smugly gripping his Intercontinental Championship before showing it off to a couple of fans in the front-row as he climbs up the steel ring steps and into the ring} "On a night of upsets, inside the Carrier Dome only one constant remained, and that was my absolute demolition of Sir Raven and the rest of his crew that call themselves the S.S.W Club. The enjoyment I had stomping a hole through the head of those four vermin can be unmeasured, I did each and every one of you a favour it's just that your too dumb and ignorant to understand. I look around this company and all I see are complacent idiots who are happy to get a paycheck and travel the world. I said that I would ascend on a mission to purify this company, filter out all the weakness where only the strong would remain and I did just that. I halted and destroyed the SSW Club with my own bare hands as their pathetic mentor looked on in shock at the chaos I caused. Josh, you are the exact definition of weakness. You lose more than you win, you embarrass this company every time you set foot into this ring and at Mayhem on June the second, I will embarrass you!" "As I look ahead to what the future holds for me in the Power-Trip Cup, I see more weakness. Everyone on this goddamn planet won't shut their mouths about the "Extraordinary", "The Death Defying", "The Phenomenal" Hans Clayton. But I don't buy it, I don't see it. All I see is this companies pathetic attempt to mirror the success I had upon entering this company with an individual who just cant carry the burden of being the greatest. Coming into this company you had so much hype, so much talk of how good you would be but then you immediately had stage-fright and lost in your very first match. How can someone be extraordinary when they can't even make a lasting first impression. You wan't to know what I did on my first night in the company? I became the NXT Champion which brings me on to my next point. You held that title around your waist, a history of great champions in its legacy and what you did with it makes me sick. I held that championship for a record reign, I made it my division I made it must see, I conquered the rest of this company all the while still holding that golden belt around my shoulder with pride. But you, you win it on the grandest stage of them all, and embarrass the lineage of the title by giving it up not even a month later. Are you too good for that championship Hans? Do you think that you are above the rest? YOU'RE NOT! I'm going to bring you back down to earth and I'm going to stop this hype train and show the world that you are nothing more than another member of the line" "So at the Fedex Forum in Memphis Tennessee, this world is going to see exactly what you are made of. Everyone knows what I'm going to bring, but with you its a mystery. Are we going to see the "Extraordinary" Hans Clayton who won the NXT Championship at BPZ Mania, or are we going to see that frail, weak man who stepped into this company as apart of the New Bloods. They say when your back is against the wall you fight twice as hard, but I warn you Hans that won't be enough when we face on May 17th. Show me exactly how extraordinary you are Mr Clayton, because if you don't you leave yourself open to a whole world of pain!" {Julius drops the mic, a challenge sent to Hans Clayton. He walks out of the ring and too the back. How will Hans respond?}
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    We are live in Syracuse, New York inside the beautiful Carrier Dome as we present to you the First Round of the Power-Trip Cup where 8 matches will take place. We have the return of Necce as he takes on promising upstart Bob "The Bomb" Sparks, BiC takes on Blade in the first rounds most enticing match up and Hans takes on Marker in what is surely going to be an insane contest but right now we turn our attention to another first round match between Julius and the newly named Sir Raven Julius is the first man to make his presence felt here tonight as he appears from behind the curtains carrying the Intercontinental Championship proudly on his shoulder as he walks down the ramp of the picturesque Carrier Dome here in Syracuse. He watches the entrance ramp as his theme slowly begins to fade out awaiting his first round opponent "Gentleman" plays as "Sir Raven" steps out in-front of sold-out crowd here tonight in what must be the biggest match of his career. He looks disgustedly at the fans in attendance before standing atop the ramp and looking over his shoulder. After a sudden pause, Maasa, Mave Deltzer and Bulldozer step out, standing side by side with their SSW Club member before the leader of the SSW Club and Julius' next challenger to the Intercontinental Championship, Joshua Scott makes his way out to confront his stablemates. All five of them strut their way down to the ring before wishing Sir Raven the best of luck before he rolls into the ring getting ready for his first-round match. The other 4 members of the club occupy all 4 sides of the ring as Julius watches on intrigued by what has played it in-front of his eyes The referee calls for the bell and we kick off this opening round contest. Julius and Sir Raven circle the ring, and almost immediately Bulldozer jumps up on the ring apron distracting the Intercontinental Champ and allowing Sir Raven to hit a clothesline to the back of Julius' sending him into the ropes. Sir Raven then starts punching away at the Mid-section of Julius before the referees breaks it up leading to a cheap shot by Maasa on the outside. Sir Raven then continues to take control early in the match, hitting Julius with a snapmare takedown before delivering a dropkick to the back of Julius' neck. Sir Raven then grabs a hold of Julius knee and looks to lock in the Gentleman's Honor, but Julius crawls to the ropes to stop the submission attempt from happening. Sir Raven then looks to his stablemates on the outside who all cheer him on as he sends Julius into the corner of the ring and begins chopping away at his chest using, his British Strong-Style technique. Sir Raven goes for one last big chop, but Julius ducks out of the way and runs the ropes looking for an shoulder tackle, but Sir Raven grinds that to a halt delivering a crushing headbutt which sends Julius crashing to the mat and falling into a pin. 1..2.. Julius kicks out and Sir Raven was just a second away from victory and heading into the Second Round Sir Raven gets to his feet and starts taunting the crowd here in Syracuse before walking over to Julius and offering him a handshake, a lack of disrespect from Sir Raven tonight as the rest of SSW Club cheer on in approval. Sir Raven then shifts his attention to the knee of Julius, stomping away at it before stretching it out and looking for a modified kneebar. Julius screams in agony and as he crawls to the ropes, Mave Deltzer grabs the ropes and pulls it away from Julius before the referee can interfere. As The referee is lecturing Mave and Sir Raven, Joshua Scott jumps on the ring apron and smacks Julius with a right hand turning him around into a Superkick from Sir Raven for yet another near fall Once again Sir Raven offers Julius an insincere handshake, but this time Julius snaps into attention and grans Sir Raven's arm, rage filling his eyes. Sir Raven look on in horror as Julius nearly decapitates him with a clothesline as the big man looks to take control. Julius then keeps hold of the arm of Sir Raven and lifts him up again before transitioning into a brutal Spinebuster laying him out. Seeing that their team mate is in trouble. Maasa and Mave once again jump on the ring apron but Julius takes them out with a clothesline but as he does so he is caught with a schoolboy rollup by Sir Raven for yet another 2 count but this time Julius gets out of it and delivers a Discuss Elbow knocking the taste out of Sir Raven's mouth Julius looks to take complete control here setting up for the Hell's Welcome which may well move him on to the next round. Julius reels him in, but Meko flips out of before delivering another brutal knife edge chop to the chest of Julius. Both men engage in chopping warfare as both of their chests turn bright red from all the welts. It is Julius first who breaks the sequence delivering a big boot however that doesn't floor Sir Raven who responds with another chop which sends Julius to his knees before looking to deliver yet another stiff knee strike, but Julius catches it, kicks Sir Raven in the mid-section before lifting him up for a Crucifix Powerbomb 1..2..NO! Julius stalks his fallen opponent looking on in disbelief that he kicked out of that maneuver before heading to the corner an looking to set up for a brutal Claymore kick . As Sir Raven gets to his feet, he is immediately pulled out of the ring by Joshua Scott and the rest of the SSW Club who bring Sir Raven back to his senses. Julius watches on like hawks awaiting his opponent to get back into the ring as the SSW Club hype Sir Raven up. Sir Raven looks towards the ring ready to charge and just as he does that he is blasted by a Claymore Kick from the Intercontinental Champion Julius then stares at the SSW Club on the outside before raising Sir Raven to his feet and hitting the Hell's Welcome for the 1..2..3 The bell sounds to signal the end of this contest as Julius moves safely through to the next round where he will meet either the Marker or Hans Clayton. Joshua Scott on the outside sends Mave, Maasa and Bulldozer into the ring to help Sir Raven to his feet as Julius once again watches on. Just as they are about to raise their fallen member Julius strikes, attacking Maasa from behind. He immediately throws Maasa out of the ring and lays out Mave Deltzer with yet another brutal Claymore. This just leaves Bulldozer standing face to face with Julius, his hands raised in the air ready to fight. He goes to land a punch but Julius catches it before a smile turns into a sinister stare and he delivers another brutal Hell's Welcome. He then see's Maasa lurking on the outside and brings him into the ring. Once again Julius raises him to his feet and delivers a brutal Hell's Welcome once again leaving 4/5 of the SSW Club lying in the middle of the ring. Joshua Scott looks shocked on the ramp as Julius raises his intercontinental championship in the air. Is this the punishment that awaits Josh when these two meet at Mayhem?
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    Blade makes his way to the ring no music the only sound is boos as he makes his way to the ring and getting a microphone. Blade, "Do you know who I am? I am a former NXT champion, a former BPZ European Champion, a former BPZ Intercontinental Champion, and a former BPZ Premium Champion. And soon at BPZ Mayhem I will be the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion! First things first is the tournament. The Power Trip Cup Tournament. I will put down every opponent in my way. Ruining what every was planned, whatever was thought of, whatever was considered the best for business to win in the end those plans are gone as I am going to take out everyone in this tournament that I come across until I am the last man left! First is BIC. Wasn't he so cheerful at that Post Backlash press conference. Praising the company line so highly making everything look find and dandy. You make me sick. I called you out during the press conference I called you a corporate puppet you made claims you had to go and ask to be put into this match over someone else. Oh boohoo you had to ask to replace someone and rob them of their opportunity. Very good, you must be very proud. Once again you underline the big problem, then you have the nerve to question me. You questioned my battles at BPZmania 4. The two matches I was in you are right I was the odds on favorite, but I didn't lose, I was robbed plain and simple. You want to believe that I am a loser then go on believe that, because when I beat you this Friday in the opening rounds of this tournament you will know how wrong you are when you hear these words, "And your winner Blade!' You will be the first example I make as I make my through all of those Bailey decides to put in my way." Blade stops then walks right in front of the camera, Blade, "Now that leaves me with my second reason I am out here. This next message goes straight to the two I will face at BPZ Mayhem. The Bailey and Slim. I don't have to say anymore things about Bailey. At Backlash was the first battle in this war and Mayhem I look make the result in the end far more different then before. As for Slim you brought yourself into my match and if I didn't see this right now I would assume I would be facing two Bailey's at Mayhem. Slim you made your return and what did you do? You created came back with another group to watch your back. Bringing Legacy back, we seen this already when Bailey brought back evolution back at Survivor Series at the tail end of last year. You are the same corrupted egomaniac as Bailey just you don't have the championship to back up your claims and after Mayhem you still wont have that the championship either. The only good thing with you entering the match at Mayhem means I get to take out two birds with one stone. I don't get to only take out the man who is the sole reason of the corruption in BPZ right now, but I can now get rid of you Slim who can create the same problems that Bailey has. Slim you return and think you are entitled to getting into the world title match. You think you can leave then return and do whatever you want. At Mayhem you are going to learn very quickly that you are entitled for only one thing. And that is you are entitled to get a loss by my hands. After BPZ Mayhem I will ask the BPZ Universe the question once again 'Do You know who I am?' The answer will be that I am the world champion, because I am going to win and be the champion" Blade drops the microphone and leaves his final words to make a mark for a possible future result with him walking out of Mayhem with the gold.
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    To Answer a Question

    Blue Laces by Nipsey Hussle begins to play, as now, walking out from the back is 'The King' himself, with a brand-new black 'King' tanktop from BPZ.com. He stands on the stage with his microphone in hand as his chain moves side-to-side, the animosity between these two clear as day to the fans, as these men have been warring for years. Pick that microphone back up chump, because if you don't, well, actually it doesn't matter because even if you do respond to what I say, it'll be nothing more than you struggling to find words to match what I said, tripping over your own thoughts as I psychologically outmatch you, just like I have since our NXT days, buddy. But let me stop wasting every person's time, and tell you straight up. I'm never Bailey, and I never will be. Bailey was handed a golden plate when he stepped into BPZ, I was not. I was written off. I worked my way to the top, and when I got there, I sure as hell cashed in my chips and I definitely enjoyed it. I was the man, and I still am, but you see, I worked my way there, I wasn't giving the title of the future, I wasn't told I was great by anyone. It's crazy how mindless and idiotic the comparisons between me and Bailey are, and you're swinging Blade, you really are and I respect you for trying to hang with two greats, but you're coming up short and soon enough you'll realize you're out of your league buddy because since 2015, I've seen no improvement from you, no progress, you're STAGNANT. You've already hit your peak, and from here it's nothing but downhill my friend. I return and am entitled to what I want, I walk around and do what I want because I've earned that respect here. I'm constantly praised as a great, I'm always told I'm one of the best. Are you? No. So when you get told all of that, when you're held on a pedestal by everyone who speaks a single word to you, you can come at me about how I enjoy my success. You haven't reached this, you have NO IDEA. You can bash me if it's gotten to my head, if once I reached the top I fell just as far as I climbed, but I didn't. I remain one of the best BPZ has to offer, while you, on the other hand, don't get it. In war, you don't lose a battle and come back with the same strategy but you don't seem to wrap your head around that concept. You are the same exact man you were at Backlash and you will fall the same way. You're not gonna win a battle, by doing the same things you did to LOSE and you are in for a rude awakening when you stare up at the lights at Mayhem. I didn't bring Legacy back, we've seen everyone claim they run BPZ, claim this and that and it's time we show everyone who believes that they're something that they're really nothing. And at the top of that list is you and Bailey. So go home, go back to the drawing board, and come back with something else because after Mayhem, you'll be known by everyone for what you always were: A LOSER.
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    Jonathan swaggers into the view of the crowd, who've already begun their high volume boos, much to the delight of Jonathan. "The Ace" continues his strut down the ramp, composed in spite of the harsh reaction of those in attendance. He receives a microphone as he clambers atop the apron, and enters the ring, still unfazed by the deafening boos. He wastes no time before beginning his tirade, swelling his voice to subdue the combined volume of the crowd. "Underdogs are so very overrated. The same story of undying perseverance and gritty spirit trumping talent and preparation just because somebody really, really wanted to win. It's the story of the belief that everybody deserves a happy ending, that we should ALL experience a taste of victory because of our humanity. It's the story, Alex, that you've attempted to tell. Bragging about how you aren't supposed to win as though that's uniquely impressive solely to you. Attempting to paint me as the hare, whose oversight will be his undoing. This fable, like your narrative Mr. Costa, is an attempt to breath new life into the failures of this world, and it always produces the same result, utter decimation." The roar of the crowd grows louder as Jonathan enunciates his final syllables, no inkling of an expression crossing his face. There's an absence of cockiness to his words, as well as any sense of arrogance. Despite this, there's also no doubt, no small sign of fidgeting or tapping, just the absolute certainty of self-assurance. "This isn't anecdotal. This is a certainty. Underdogs have never prospered, they're the first to have their lights snuffed because they will never realize what they are. So content on hanging back, enjoying what they're told is "success" and never aspiring for anything greater. It's a horrendous existence, too afraid to take so you allow the crumbs to satisfy you. Perhaps one day down the line you'll lament on your wasted opportunities and realize every word I spoke never strayed from the truth. But allow yourself to be humble for now, pray that I have mercy on you when we step in the ring together and you realize that I can't be beaten by you." "I refuse to have my throat stepped on by the supposed champions of this company. Big Ballers and many of the sort attempt to weaken my resolve with claims of my true intentions. They expect that they know who I am, that they know what I'm thinking. It's always funny when they find that they weren't anywhere near right. Brenden, how many times have you heard the shallow shouts that brand me a usurper of the youth, seeking only to glorify myself. It won't save you. It won't save you, Alex. I won't allow chances to slip through my grasp, won't stop at the first sign of trouble. Call my bluff Brenden, and when you realize that I had the Ace in hand, you won't have to wait for your suffering to end. I have the Queen right by my side."
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    A disgruntled and clearly frustrated and upset BrendenPlayz marches his way to the ring, noticeably... Alone. He grabs the microphone and asks the crowd to quiet down to get to his point. You've all heard the rumours. You've heard the noise. You even heard Sameer say it himself. "The Big Ballers are done". Well, I just wanted to come out here and clear a few things up. The Big Ballers are not done. Yes, we hit a rough patch. We had some internal disagreements, things were said in the heat of the moment that I wish we could all take back. I wish we could go back to the way things were, but we've had to make some adjustments to allow us to move on with our lives. Sameer and I have had some problems, but what teams haven't? A little argument here and there won't stop us from teaming together and remaining the tag team champions. We're sticking together through thick and thin. We are determined to go down in history as one of the great teams in company history. We're just getting started. You see here's the thing. Every team comes and goes around here. As soon as something goes wrong or they lose, they pack their bags and quit. It's a farce. No matter what is thrown our way, whether we win or lose. The Big Ballers stay together. We're the real deal. So let's put all of these rumors to rest, we're not breaking up. We're training and getting ready for our next title defense at Mayhem against Royal Flush. Look, we know the Royal Flush are a flash in the pan team. Sheridan hasn't won anything ever. Jonathan is fighting to keep his career alive and he's using this a tool to keep his name out there. His focus is on the Power Trip Cup. This is just a means to an end for him. Sheridan, she's a great person backstage. Everyone loves her. But when it comes to in ring competition, nobody takes her seriously. I'd love for her to prove me wrong, but I just don't see it happening. We're a unit. We're the best team this company has seen in years, if not ever. We're back on track as a team, nothing will break us. So Royal Flush, you can go all in at Mayhem, but we're going to call your bluff and the chips will be coming our way and the gold is staying with us. BrendenPlayz feels like he has lifted a huge weight off his shoulders. The focus is back in the eyes and he looks ready to move on with his life and look past the last few weeks of controversy.
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    *But Bulldozer’s spotlight is cut short as Bob “the bomb” Sparks enters and stands at the top of the ramp and the crowd pops immensely* Yeah Yeah Yeah we get it you think your a god. Well if you’re such a god why did you lose huh. It’s not really adding up to me. Also why would a so called ‘god’ associate themselves with some crap faction like the SSW club. I mean it literally stands for Some Shitty Wrestlers Club. See when it comes down to it you’re just another guy trying to overcompensate for what you lack. Whether that be talent or something else.Now I don’t want to go around spreading rumors but the idea going around backstage is that you’re not really packing much are ya Bulldozer. Now I know you’re going to bring up that, oh well you lost your match to why do you think your so much better than me. Sure that's true but I’ll tell you why I’m better than you and it is as simple as this. I have my entire family on my side just look at them they are bearing down on you right now as we speak. And what do you have a fuckin spotlight. Congrats man really setting the bar high there. You definitely are so much better than us cause of that one spotlight. Like they don’t even like you in the back to give you some pyro or something. Then you say you have so much control in this company but let me set the record straight. Why are you losing matches if you have so much control. Why don’t you have a championship or hell even a hot chick to bring to the ring. I mean you’d never land a girl with your ugly ass anyways so you’d need some creative control for that. These people have more control over the show just as much as the production team can giving you your little spotlight. Watch this. Turn out the lights. *Bob then points to the crowd as they all take out their flashlights on their phones and flash them at Bob creating a giant spotlight across the stage lighting up Bob.* So Bulldozer till you learn who really holds the keys to this company you will continue to be nothing in the business. While those of us who believe and trust in the fans will rise to the top. When I win that NXT title at at Mayhem I’ll make sure you never even get to touch for as long as I am in the division. So I thank all of you wonderful people for your time and one last thing Bulldozer. I'll see you at Mayhem, Bitch. *Bob drops his mic and walks backstage as the crowd chants Bob and your a bitch at Bulldozer*
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    The lights in the arena shut off which creates a murmur among those in attendance for Carnage. A long, suspenseful silence hangs in the air for a few seconds, but it is broken by an uproar from the Carnage audience, infuriated by the sudden stoppage of the show. The seconds turn into minutes, and the crowd's displeasure continues to grow. Suddenly, a chord strikes and the fans fall into an instant silence. The chord is shortly followed by the theme music of Bulldozer, and the fans show their hatred for him with a loud chorus of boos. However, no one walks out from behind the curtains for a minute, and the crowd's hatred once again turns into anger. Finally, a man walks out of from the backstage, and he looks very similar to Bulldozer. He has the same hair and same exact clothes, but something is off. The person has their face down, and when he lifts it up for the audience to see, the boos instantly turn into ringing cheers. The man is indeed Dikey, who instantly sheds his clothing to reveal his standard attire. He gazes around the thousands here in attendance with a beaming smile on his face. He walks down to the ring coolly, offering high fives and even some signatures and rolls inside. He stands up and poses on the ropes for the fans, allowing them to get a good look. He steps down and unsheathes a microphone from his back pocket. Alright, alright. Sorry for almost ruining your night with that Bulldozer impersonation. I promise that all the bad stuff is out of the way now. Hell, I'll even do you guys a favor and not talk about him while I'm out here. I'm starting to feel like a bully now and I've certainly made enough fun of him these last couple of weeks. Actually, tonight I'm going to break away from the NXT stereotype and not talk about how bad my opponents are, but focus on myself. So, let's begin! Dikey begins to pace around the ring, looking at every part of the fans while doing so. I've been developing a pain lately. It's the kind of pain that's both mental and physical. I feel like mentally that I am the arch angel of NXT. Now you may be asking where my pain comes from if this is the case. Well, the pain comes from watching those around me. It pains me to watch all these foolish little mortals, if you will, frolic around and blabber about each other. It pains me to know that there will never be a competitor in NXT who can do as much as hold a candle to me. As for the physical pain, I feel it mostly in the back and in the legs. And what is this pain from, you ask? I can tell you with 100% certainty that it is not from my head that was weakly stomped into the concrete last week. If I'm being straight with you guys, my head was pounding for a total of five minutes and the headache lasted less than a day. I'm going to do my friend a favor and blame the speedy recovery on my rock hard skull rather than a weak stomp. Well, the pain of course is from carrying NXT on my back day in and day out. Just like the top guys supporting the company, I must do that for my division. After all, I am the only one who can live up to the task. I know the land of NXT like the palm of my hand, and how many other guys do? I can name at least five off the top of my head who don't, but I'll leave it to your imagination. I rule the land known as NXT and I am the best competitor in this sorry division. Do you all agree? Dikey holds the microphone in the direction of the fans, who chant "Yes!" back at him. Dikey smiles in happiness and comfort. Thank you guys. And I'm sure you all are wondering how I keep going through all this pain. Before, greed and desire kept me going. My unhealthy obsession of winning the NXT championship and feeling the cool gold around my waist kept me going. But I now realize that this isn't truly about winning the championship or being the best, even if those two things will happen/are happening. I realize that it's all about you guys. Wait, hold your applause, because I'm not done yet. Winning over you guys feels better than winning a championship or beating an opponent ever could. After all, how would I feel if I just beat the top guy in the company and I got no reaction? You guys are what make BPZ what it is and I'm truly thankful for each and every one of you. Dikey lowers the mic for a moment and closes his eyes, taking in the tremendous ovation from the fans in attendance. I said I was going to focus on myself, but I don't know about you guys, but I'm starting to get a little bit tired of it. So let's talk about some NXT guys, eh? As a matter of fact, we'll let them decide if they want the smoke or not. So, my inferior competitors in the back, if you want some, come get some! Dikey paces around the ring, staring at the entrance, waiting for someone to accept his challenge.
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    We come to you live here from the Fedex Forum in Memphis Tennessee for the final match of the BPZ Power-Trip Cup second round where the "Death Machine" Julius takes on the "Phenomenal" Hans Clayton. We have already seen some big wins tonight with BiC continuing his run of excellent form defeating Aaron North, Bob Sparks continuing his meteoric rise to the top with another impressive display, this time taking down Yelich and then most recently Jonathan keeping his run of good form alive with a win over Prince, he now awaits one of these two men in the semi-finals. Tonight will we see a Massacre in Memphis or will we be exposed to a music city miracle, this is the Main Event, Julius vs Hans We kick things off with the "Phenomenal" Hans Clayton making his way out to a raucous reception from this capacity crowd. He has spoken a big game and now when the lights shine the brightest we will truly see what this young man is made. He looks confident, calm and collected, understanding the War he is about to walk into as he looks to make a Semi-Final berth in the Power-Trip Cup As Hans prepares himself in the ring, the lights in the Fedex Forum dim as "Gallantry" begins to play. After about 20 seconds Julius steps out onto the ramp with one sole spotlight following him down the ramp. He stops to take a look at the capacity crowd before raising his Intercontinental Championship above his head as the lights in the arena turn back on. Julius stares intently at Hans as he confidently marches down to the ring. As both men stand in their respective corners the referee calls for the bell to begin this Second-Round match To begin the match, Julius stalks his prey walking circles around Clayton before getting himself ready and engaging in a lock up. Almost immediately it is Julius who is able to gain the upper hand overwhelming Hans with his strength before shoving him to the mat. Julius then proceeds to taunt Hans laughing at his opponents attempt to match his strength before begging him to get up and try again. Once Hans gets back up to his feet, both men once again lock up but this time Hans uses his quickness to spin around Julius and kick him in the hamstring causing the Australian to yelp in pain. As Julius heads towards the corner to recover from the hit Hans takes his turn to taunt the Australian Animal asking him if that's all he's got. Understandably, this infuriates Julius who shakes off the pain and immediately charges at Hans, but similarly to their confrontation on Carnage Hans moves out of the way at the right time allowing him to hit a dropkick to the back of Julius' neck sending him into the ropes before following it up with a running forearm, sending the big man to the floor. After taking the hit, Julius rolls to the outside of the ring to regather his thoughts and reassess the situation as Hans plays up to the crowd. Once again this enrages Julius who jumps up onto the ring apron to enter the ring but is met with another standing dropkick sending him to the outside once again. As Julius gets up to his feet, he pushes away a cameraman in frustration before turning into an amazing suicide dive from Clayton Already this talented young man has given the Memphis natives belief as he takes control of the match in its early days. Wasting no time however, Hans smartly stays on the assault hitting a beautiful standing moonsault on the outside before dragging Julius back into the ring to continue his damage. As he waits for Julius to get back to his feet, Hans waits on the ring apron and just as Julius gets up he launches himself up and delivers a springboard forearm which once again floors the IC champ before going for the first pinning predicament of the night however Julius kicks out at only the count of one. Hans continues his offence, targeting the right leg of Julius looking to take away what could be his most dangerous weapon the Claymore kick. He locks in a kneebar but Julius is immediately able to grab the ropes stopping any chance of damage. Hans once again looks to target the leg of Julius, wrapping it across the ring ropes before kick away at them to the count of 10 before the referee breaks it up. Hans then runs to the other side of the ring and launches himself at Julius hitting a forearm smash in the corner As Julius stumbles back into the center of the ring Hans hits a step-up enziguri dropping Julius on his knees before connecting with a running bulldog for another close fall. Hans realises that he has Julius in a prime position and heads to the top rope looking for the Shooting Hans press but just as he is about to launch, Julius rolls out of the ring to a chorus of boos from the Memphis faithful. Hans however re-figures his plan and jumps off the ropes and hits a splash to the outside however he is pushed by Julius on Impact sending him crashing into the barricade. Hans immediately clutches at his ribs as he screams in pain. Julius is the first one to get to his feet and immediately realises Hans clutching his mid-section, the Death Machine then locks in his target and starts delivering brutal knee blows to Hans' mid-section before throwing him into the ringpost. Julius then lifts Hans and looks to powerbomb him onto the ring apron but Hans jumps out of it onto the apron and looks to kick Julius' head off but his leg is caught allowing Julius to raise him up once again and launch him into the barricade, taking a nasty bump in the process Now Julius starts taking control of the match, throwing Hans into the ring and once again stalking his prey. Julius waits until Hans gets onto his knees before hitting an impressive Deadlift Vertical Suplex before letting the fans know how great he is. He then cockily starts kicking the head of Hans before stooping down to his level, grabbing him by his hair and shouting "You're not so special are you" before slapping Clayton across the face. He then laughs at Hans' fallen body shouting to the fans "Is this what all of the excitement was all about?" Julius then picks up Hans once again and sets him up for his patent Crucifix Powerbomb Julius keeps the hold and goes for the cover 1..2.. but Hans breaks out much to the surprise of the Intercontinental Champion. Hans continues clutching at his ribs causing the referee the come to his aid to determine whether or not he can continue with this match. Seeing this, Julius sits in the corner of the ring watching as a Hawk as Hans struggles to his feet. Hans pushes away the referee as Julius comes charging towards him, only for him to be shoved into the ringpost as Hans escapes barely. Julius falls into the centre of the ring and Hans realises the opportunity in his grasp and hits the Lionsault!! Hans however can't roll over to make the cover as he once again clutches at his ribs coughing violently before spitting some blood onto the white canvas. Hans slowly gets back to his feet and rises to the top rope setting up for a 450 splash but Julius moves out of the way sending Hans crashing onto the canvas in a heap. Julius then rises to his feet and walks over to the fallen body of his opponent and once again deadlifts him up onto his shoulders before hitting a Samoan drop. Instead of going for the cover however, Julius sets up in the corner of the ring looking to hit the Discuss Forearm onto his opponent. As Hans gingerly gets back to his feet, Julius rushes at him looking to hit the discuss forearm but Hans pushes the referee in his direction who is met by a brutal elbow knocking him to the ground. Julius looks on in shock at what has just transpired before cursing in Hans' direction and delivering a big boot sending the Extraordinary one back to the mat. Julius then stands in the ring thinking about what to do next before a rye smile begins to appear on his face. Julius exits the ring and begins searching underneath looking for a weapon to cause some more damage. He pulls out a Kendo stick and smacks it against the barricade testing it out before slowly creeping his way back into the ring. He then twirls the Kendo stick in his hands as he walks towards Hans ready to strike when suddenly It's BiC!! Julius looks like he has just seen a ghost as Hans' tag-team partner and friend rushes his way down to the ring. He rolls into the ring to which Julius responds by swinging the Kendo Stick in his direction only to miss and be caught by a bicycle knee sending him down. As Julius rolls to the outside of the ring, BiC rushes over to Hans and helps him to his feet before rolling back outside and continuing the fight against Julius. BiC gets some punches in before Julius pushes him away as Hans delivers an awe-inspiring Fosbury Flop which causes the Fedex Form to become unglued Hans has found some new Energy and urges the crowd to get behind him as the referee begins to stir. Hans rolls Julius back into the ring and heads to the top rope hitting the 450 splash for the 1..2.. NO Julius kicks out at the last second. Hans looks over to BiC his face filled with uncertainty. BiC barks at Hans to keep fighting as he once again heads to the top rope looking for the shooting Hans press. He flies off the top rope but see's Julius dodge out of the way and land on his feet. He goes to clothesline the big man but misses leading to the Hell's Welcome!! 1..2..2.5 NO HANS KICKS OUT. Julius can't believe it as he pleads with the referee. He puts his head in his hands and heads to the corner looking for the Claymore Kick to finish it all off. BiC however pulls his partner out of the ring to let him recover, but Julius was having none of it as he runs the ropes and hits an amazing Tope Suicida taking out both Hans and BiC as the fans gasp in shock! Julius then throws BiC into the steel steps taking him out of action before rolling Hans back into the ring and looking to finish the job. He once again sets up for the Claymore Kick but once again Hans evades and delivers a beautiful Pele kick sending the IC champ to the ground. Hans then heads to the top rope, looks around the crowd, gestures a cross with his hands before going for the insanely rare Spinal Tap only for Julius to move out of the way at the very last second. Both men are down and the fans erupt into a "This is awesome chant". As both men slowly get to their feet, Hans passion and aggression is smeared all over his face as he starts battering Julius with elbows and fists before running the ropes looking for a springboard moonsault only to be caught by a CLAYMORE KICK ' 1..2..3 It's over. Julius collapses to the floor after the pinfall and rolls out of the ring. He lays at the bottom of the entrance ramp with a look of relief in his eyes. As the referee announces him as the winner he begins to smile before looking at the carnage around the ring. Julius understands that he came oh so close to being eliminated but his instinct and experience pulled him through as he moves on to the Semi-Final where he will meet Jonathan
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    Carnage returns from commercial break with the Extraordinary Gentleman, Sir Raven, in the middle of the ring. He looks down at a letter in his hand, seemingly distraught by something. "Ladies and gentlemen, I have come out here with an important announcement to make. I have specifically requested that my SSW Club compatriots would not join me during this announcement, as I feel this is an important matter I must deal with alone. My time here in BPZ has been full of ups and downs...Being passed over for the NXT championship open invitational, coming up short in the inaugural North American championship ladder match, being unable to earn an opportunity at the tag team titles...It's been a rough ride." Sir Raven pauses for a second, trying to regain composure. The audience showers him in boos and chants of "you suck." "However, my biggest, most high profile loss came in the Powertrip Cup. Myself and the Intercontinental champion, Mr. Julius, contested an absolute classic in this ring. I took the man to his limit, and...I lost. He beat me." "That being said, though...Even though he did overcome me on that night, that was unquestionably my greatest showing yet in this ring. My first ever one-on-one match, and I held my own against one of the top competitors in the industry. I came within a second of claiming victory over a champion of this company. Although the loss is disappointing, I can't take shame in it. I speak of being a British wrestling legend, but Mr. Julius made me a star that night." "However, that brings me to my next point...I've pondered this over the past few days, but isn't it funny how my most impressive performance thus far has been when I was by myself? Think about it...When I lost to Royal Flush, it was embarrassing. I was a non-entity in the North American title match. But when it was me and Julius, one on one...I blew all those expectations away. And when I lost, it was because I was urged to return to the ring before I could properly recover...Urged by my 'friends' in the SSW Club." "That has been the one consistent variable. The tag team match, the North American title match, the reason Julius caught me off guard...All of it can be traced to the SSW Club. And this leads me to the letter in my hands, which I've revised over and over these past few days...A letter to my 'friends.' A letter to Mr. Bulldozer." Sir Raven clears his throat before continuing, pausing for a few seconds to build suspense for the audience. He then looks down at the letter in his hands and begins reading. "Dear SSW Club...Go f@#! yourselves." The audience erupts into cheers, which Sir Raven soaks in for a few seconds before continuing. "Now that this matter has been dealt with, allow me to announce my next course of action. Although I took a disappointing exit in the first round of the Powertrip Cup, my spirits have not dulled. That loss to Mr. Julius has reinvigorated me, and I'm now placing my sole focus on the championship that I've thought about since I joined this company. I want the NXT championship, and there isn't a man in this company who will stop me in achieving it. I will take great joy in carrying on the legacy that Mr. Clayton chose to leave behind, and that NXT championship will look extraordinary around this gentleman's waist." Sir Raven leaves the ring and exits through the crowd, knowing his former SSW Club allies will be waiting backstage. The audience cheers for him as he exits, and he appears to enjoy the adoration, reminding him of his happier days on the indie scene.
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    "The Death Machine"

    "Upset in music city, now that's just pathetic" {A video package begins to play showing Julius training, preparing for his second round match against Hans Clayton in the Power-Trip Cup} "You can put on a 5 star classic with anyone put in-front of you, don't test me kid. High Risk Maneuvers, losing more times than I can count and that's more impressive that dominating this company from wall to wall since my debut, you really are delusional Hans Clayton. I don't need to put on 5 star classics to prove how great I am, I walk into that ring decimate my opponent and leave. I don't need to stick around do some flips and put on a show. I'm a fighter not an entertainer. The emotion, the crowd has all clouded your judgement. You have developed a false sense of hope that you have any chance of walking out the same when we inevitably meet" {The video then transitions, showing Julius' wars against Angelo Caito, Slim, Hollow and many others during his reign of terror all ending with one single move} "You finally get this chance Hans, finally a chance to have the spotlight shine brightly on you and it all seems to have developed into a falsified ego. Not anyone, not even yourself believes that you have what it takes to beat me the upset that you're predicting just wont open. Slim, Hollow, Angelo Caito, Echo Wilson they all said exactly what you said, I've seen it all before but the end result always tends to be the same, with my hand raised tall in victory. Respect doesn't come easy in this business and you my friend don't have any, you're basic you're just like any other plucky underdog in this company and I hate to break it to you but the underdogs never win. So talk all you want, keep ignoring the fact that you have no chance, it makes me thirsty for your blood. I've ended the careers of many and you Hans Clayton are going to be my next. I'm dangerous, I'm brutal and most importantly I'm better than you in every single way imaginable. Your road has come to an end, this high pedestal the industry has put you on will be burnt to the ground by my hands. The only thing this place is going to remember about you is a number, another Victim at the hands of the Death Machine. And that's not a prediction, that's a spoiler
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    It's Tournament Time here in BPZ Wrestling. You think March Madness is good well you haven't seen anything yet. With King Of the Ring coming up soon but first we have the 2nd Powertrip Cup Tournament! Last Year Flynn took home the Cup and a Championship Match after beating Julius. This year the 2nd winner of the Cup will earn a Undisputed Championship Match at Either The King of the Ring PPV or they Can wait it out to Biggest Summer Party of the year Summerslam! The Powertrip Cup Tournament is a 16 Man Single Elimination Tournament. 16 Men have been seeded based on there success in BPZ Wrestling. But the finals aren't the only thing that will happen at the Powertrip Cup PPV. We will also See Bart defend his Undisputed Championship against Last years Cup Winner Fiynn. In what is definitely a highly anticipated match. We will also see Arius make his first North American Championship defense against no one other but Kenji who came so close himself of becoming the first ever North American Champion. The Powertrip Cup PPV will be live in San Antonio at the AT&T Center. Round 1 of the Tournament will take place May 3rd in the Carrier Dome in Syracuse New York. The Quarterfinals will take place on May 17th at the FedExFourm arena in Memphis Tennessee. And finally the Semifinals will be held on May 31st at the United Center in Chicago. Here Below is the official Powertrip cup bracket! Goodluck to all the Superstars! Dates: Round 1: May 3rd Quarterfinals: May 17 Semifinals: May 31st Finals: June 14 PPV Venue: AT&T Center San Antonio Texas Theme: TBD Match Card: Powertrip Cup Finals: Undisputed Championship Match: Bart (C) vs Flynn North American Championship: Arius (C) vs Kenji Mikey vs Toxik
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    (Carnage is back as they air a segment that was taped from this past week's live event. Its Hans, as he is seen sitting on step of stairs, he's staring down as then looks up to the camera, he then speaks) What makes me so special? is it that I risk my body and my health for the sake of entertainment, is it that I engage with the audience with my charisma and personality, honestly I can't tell you the answer becuase I don't know if I'm special, but maybe Its what I fight for. The crowd, the emotion, everything that goes along with it. Maybe that's what makes me special. Julius you seemed so confident that I'm just another opponent, a victim to the Australian Animal. An egomaniac who thinks I'm just like everybody else on the damn planet. "What makes you special" you say. Julius have you really seen what I can do? I've done high risk maneuvers that has blown away anything you have done in the past 12 months. Blood, sweat, and pain is what I had to do to get here, but I'm not "special" you say. I can have great match with anybody you put in front me, even the most lowest and experienced wrestlers, I can put on a classic with them, but I'm not special according to the all mighty Julius. (Hans pauses as he is seen looking very angry, he then continues) Thinking listing your resume is gonna help you win this match? I don't give a crap how many titles you won, or how many legends you destroyed. All of that doesn't matter when you step into the ring. That isn't going to intimidate me, big man. I know how talented you are, I know that you are the company's favorite. You got the size, you got the look, you got everything, but that doesn't matter though. As long as I can take Julius down on his knees, anything is possible. Then you have to blame someone else for you failure, whether it was Bailey or Ropati you always blamed someone else when you failed Julius. I can see that. Now what happens If I win? you are going to blame then. will it be the ref, will it be the ring announcer, or hell are going to blame the crowd. You ain't got anymore excuses If I beat you in Memphis. (He then stands up and as he slowly walks near the entrance way) But you think its going to be a "Massacre in Memphis" where you suppose you are going to end "The Extraordinary" Hans Clayton. Ok Julius, whatever storybook you wanna go ahead and create, do it because you know that there something inside you who thinks that you are little scared. You have some doubt that you can't beat me so you create a story for yourself because In reality you know I ain't some average schmuck, I ain't apart of some Job Squad, I am a Professional Wrestler, who dedicates 24/7 to this business making it the best damn thing on television. Maybe when it all said and done, you might just need to call your story "The Upset in Music City". I'm not going down, I'm not another victim. I'm Hans Clayton, and I am...... (Hans then whispers) Special. (Hans then goes through the curtains as he does his signature pose)
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    A Date with Destiny

    Rin Akane is wearing a white dress with black vertical stripes for this occasion, kitten heels with her hair styled and light makeup. A pair of dark Persol branded glasses covering her eyes as she walks through the sea of flashes from the onlooking press.The North American Championship hangs comfortable over her shoulder, a expression of confidence and purposefulness across her face as she steadily approaches the table stationed at the front of the room. KENJI looks puzzled as he momentarily leans forward in his seat, glancing behind the approaching associate almost expecting to see Arius just lagging behind but is instead greeted by closing of the barred door by near by security. Rin takes her seat at the table, pushing aside the near by official who tried moving it out for her. Dragging forward the allocated stand at the table as she rests the North American Championship in place in view of the audience and allows the cameras to get their money shot. The youngest prize here in BPZ but still no less sought after. Taking a faint breath she turns her attention to the eagerly awaiting press. My, my. Excuse me for my tardiness this morning but as you can expect we keep quite a tight schedule day to day. Creative commitments, appearances, meetings...well i wish not bore you with the details but to say the least fitting a press conference mid-week can be trialling. Rin carefully takes off her glasses with a single hand as she she hangs them from the top of her dress. She turns her head, peering at KENJI, looking over his attire for the event, unimpressed at the sight of the challenger as she turns back to the cameras looking to continue the questioning. Just as barely as she goes to speak the chatter erupts as those in attendance look to get their first question answered from Rin. The question seemingly on everyone's mind this evening. Rin takes her time almost enjoying the squabbling from the men and women below as she finally points towards a greying gentleman in the front row "I think on behalf of most news representatives here this evening I need to ask, where is the North American Champion Arius? Why are you here alone this morning?" Rin gives a small laugh to the first question as she brushes back a small portion of her hair obscuring her eye Predictable isn't it. I've often been asked about my intentions here in BPZ Wrestling, indirectly of course, it's not often i give my time away so sparingly especially when this is the quality of interaction i receive in return. They whisper, Is it the fame? Rin scoffs I don't need to bring myself to this company if it's the limelight i seek. It must be money? Rin places her index finger upon her chin No, no money is almost like the wind. It comes, it goes, and no one can really predict where it’ll be next. It brings comfort but doesn't bring the reassurance we seek as visionaries. The accolades, the rewards, are means to an end in our goal. What brought me here is seeing the deep potential in Arius and today i fill one of my many roles in Arius career by steeping forward to personally deal with the Rin looks KENJI up and down inconveniences in his path while he focuses, prepares for what he needs to. He might not realise it at this time but he will come to recognise the importance of avoiding over exposure. Biweekly attacks, wrestlers looking for cheeseburgers mid broadcast. This the type of insanity best kept at a safe distance. A short male with a promising mullet comes in front of the crowd, hand in the air looking for an answer as Rin acknowledges him "We are still quite a ways off from Arius first defence of the BPZ North American Championship, could you allow some insight into his thoughts going up against KENJI one on one?" Rin taps her fingers on the desk ...Arius is always enamoured by the challenge, It's one of the many traits i admire about him. The thrill of the hunt is a sight he loves to witness when executed excellently but i'm here to remind him the glory of secure and conquer is much warmer in hindsight. Rin turns her head towards KENJI KENJI, unfortunate soul...I'll be honest i haven't the faintest idea why he has a keen interest in your progress here in this company but a champion just like a modern artist can't spend too much time looking for inspiration as much as it is his job to inspire. A very tall brunette woman holds her hand up as Rin acknowledges her "Could we ask your personal thoughts on KENJI as as competitor as he looks to take that North American Championship, June 14th?" Rin rises from her chair as she lifts the North American Championship from it's stand, placing it over her shoulder once again as the camera follows her journey around the front of the table. Rin returns her attention to KENJI coming to stand at the end of the table where the Ghoul mask KENJI received weeks prior sits. She traces her finger across the horned masked that KENJI, bringing her finger to the top of the mask before patting it slowly on it's head like it was a patient dog waiting for a command. She takes a seat on the edge of the table with crossed legs, her back to KENJI as she continues to speak. Every success story starts with a goal, a purpose or an objective, right? You set goals, and when you do you typically want to aim high. A tale as old as time. Once you have a goal, an ambition, it's no longer about hoping or wishing for it, but the eager, surging desire which transcends everything all to accomplish it. Now we need to watch for the trap Rin quickly slams her palm on the table making members in the room jump if you sit backstage looking over the successes of others are you looking at what those men or women do, looking for things that have helped them become a success or are you mistakenly looking at what they achieved? Rin smirks for the crowd I can see your attention even now drifting from my words to instead his championship i hold over my shoulder and that is why i believe Rin turns her head towards KENJI catching him off guard you have a long way to go. Between us both only one knows how to craft a champion. As a woman in power of her own destiny let me give you some inspired advice, optimism only gets you so far and in the end results are all we are remembered for. Rin stands as she paces slowly in front of the table. A red haired woman from the press leaps from her chair, exhausting a question but in return only receives a glare forcing her to her chair again in silence. 虎穴に入らずんば虎子を得ず Murmurs from the onlooking crowd show curiosity but confusion not being able to understand what she said to KENJI. The challengers eyes widen as he looks up towards Rin, familiar with the phrase himself Excuse me, i forgot we had company, Rin clears her throat 'If you do not enter the tiger’s cave, you will not catch its cub'. This is an old saying i grew around back home. Passed on from generation to generation across the country...it's a nice idiom to live by, for nothing ventured, nothing gained. Rin raises a single finger to the crowd as to instruct them to hold on to these next words ...but what it didn't warn the young children as it was passed down, the blind optimists it was creating. Is to fear, to be wary for the Tiger is waiting anxiously at the cave knowing full well of the hunters intentions. The Tiger is vigilant and ready to secure it's kill. Rin smirks to herself A line our champion likes to use so often. As she looks over the silent press, them hanging on each word of this short tale she looks to make one final statement "Our Champion", get used to that phrase ladies and gentleman for it shall not be going out of style any time soon. With those final words Rin lifts her glasses from her dress and places them on as she makes her exit off the stage and towards the the door. Cameras flashing from behind as she disappears out the exit leaving KENJI behind to reflect on what has been said as we return to the live broadcast of Carnage.
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    “I am” plays as Hans enters the arena, the crowd are going nuts for him as he walks down to the ring and does his signature pose and waits as he’s ready for his opponent Marker. Marker enters menacingly as he stares down Hans as he then proceeds to walk down to the ring. Both men stand at their respective corners as they wait for the referee to ring the bell to begin this matchup. __________________________________________________________________________________ Hans vs Marker - First Round Match Bell rings, Marker immediately goes for a clothesline but Hans ducks and hits 2 chops on to Marker and runs into the other corner and back to hit a corner clothesline. Hans brings Marker to the middle of the ring as he tries to go for suplex but its countered by Marker. Marker sweeps for the leg and takes down Clayton and rolls into a armbar. Marker then transitions into a reverse chin lock to hold Clayton down. As he keeps the hold on, you can see the fans slowly clap to rely Hans back up. Hans gets on his feet and pushes Marker to the ropes and then irish whips him to the other side and drops down when Marker comes running down. Marker hits the ropes again, he comes back then Hans hits a perfect dropkick. The fans applaud as Clayton stands for about 6 seconds and then tries to go for the Lionsault but Marker catches Clayton into a devastating powerslam. He goes for the cover 1, 2... but Clayton kicks out. Marker's face is in disbelief, Marker picks Clayton back up and hits not 1, not 2, but 3 German Suplexs and they look nasty. He then shouts at Clayton calling him weak. He positions Hans into the corner and hits several hard chops to him. He was about to hit one final one but Clayton dogged and hits a devastating Pele Kick. Clayton then goes for a fireman's carry neckbreaker however, Marker lands on his feet and goes for the hands. He looks like he is about to break Clayton’s fingers but Hans somehow manages to hit a hurricanrana. What great athleticism from Hans Clayton. Hans goes for the cover but Marker kicks out of 2. Marker rolls to the outside but that may have been a bad move as Clayton is looking to fly. Clayton runs up and hits Tope Con Hilo onto Marker and the crowd is going insane! Clayton rolls marker into the ring and he looks to be going for a springboard 450 Splash, Hans goes for it but Marker moves out of the way and Clayton lands on his feet. Quickly Hans runs back after Marker but he gets caught in a Back Suplex by Marker. Marker then goes for a Powerbomb then quickly goes for the cover 1, 2… and no! Hans kicks out. Marker immediately goes for Clayton’s hands once again and breaks his fingers! Hans is in complete pain as Marker laughs menacingly. Marker targets the right shoulder of Clayton as he stomps on it multiple times. Marker sees the ropes and you know what he’s going for, Marker puts Hans in the corner and runs up and boom, GOD’S BURDEN!!! Marker goes for the pin 1, 2…. The referee sees Clayton put his foot on the rope and Marker looks extremely angry. Marker argues with the ref, he gets rolled up by Hans, 1, 2, kick out! Marker gets up, goes for a jumping knee but Hans ducks and he goes for a headscissors takedown, Marker is taken down for a brief second. Hans stops as his right shoulder is in pain. He turns around and bang! Discus Lariat from Marker. Marker is exhausted he looks around and he sees the the top rope and Marker stands on the top rope and hits a picture perfect elbow drop. Marker is looking to end this, he’s positioning Hans for Nail in the Coffin he goes for it but Hans ducks and runs towards the ropes and he hits a perfect handspring back elbow and the crowd are giving these wrestlers a standing ovation. This match is awesome! Hans quickly goes for the top rope and he hits a beautiful 450 splash. He gets the cover 1, 2... and KICK OUT! Hans looks shocked with the amount of kicks outs of this match is unbelievable. Hans and Marker both slowly gets up and both exchange punches while the crowd cheer for Hans and boo Marker. Marker goes for a clothesline Hans dodges it and Hans goes for an enziguri but Marker catches Hans into an ankle lock! Marker locks it in and Hans is in tremendous pain but he manages to get to the ropes. Marker picks up Hans and he positions him for a Super Suplex on the top rope. Marker tries several time to execute the move but Hans won’t allow him to. Hans then pushes Marker and he falls to the mat face first. Hans then stands and looks around and he see's an opportunity, he hits the Shooting Hans Press! 1, 2, 3!!! Hans Clayton wins the match. The referee raises the arm of Hans as he moves on to the second round of the Powertrip Cup Tournament. Hans smiles and celebrates with the fans. He will face Julius in the second round. __________________________________________________________________________________
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    Bring Everything

    * Carnage returns from Commercial as Hans Clayton is in a dark backstage area, walking slowly. He stops as he looks up before he speaks * What does one man have to do to be the best? is it to work hard until you eventually you earn it or is it to cut in line and seize the opportunity, no matter what path they take, It all leads to one destination. That's what this years Powertrip Cup is all about, the veterans looking to achieve one final trophy to their career, the rookies looking to make everyone know who they are and take the cup home. They all want the prize at the end, a shot at the Undisputed Title. Its something that I want and something I want to accomplish. Everyone knows that when step in between those ropes, they are going to see a show stealer and in a couple of days I'll be taking on the man known as Marker. Marker is an exceptional athlete, dissecting each part of your body and will make you bleed for mercy. He has all the tools to be the guy. The thing is, Marker thinks that he's unstoppable, he thinks he can beat me. Saying he's going to break my fingers? Saying there wasn't any competition in NXT for me to face, that I would be out of here with the opponents he faced in NXT. Its if he was trying to get into my head because he doesn't have what it takes to match up on what I have as an individual. He can't do what I do in this ring so he's trying believe that he can beat when in reality he knows he can't. I've got the people behind me, and when they chant my name you can feel the energy, you can feel the goosebumps becuase with the support of the fans.... I Can Do Anything!!! * Hans takes a few seconds to breath and then speaks again * So I hope your ready Marker, I want to you to bring the best version of yourself. Bring the intensity, bring the brutality, bring all of that becuase I'm ready to take you out and move on to the second round of the Powertrip Cup. * Clayton walks out of the shot as Carnage continues *
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    The Chain

    In the hectic and jam-packed action building towards one of BPZ's annual tournaments, The Powertrip Cup, the Carnage titantron flips over to a pre-taped vignette. The screen remains completely blackened as a deep voice begins to speak through the arena. "Potential". "Star". "Dynamic". "New Horizons". The black screen gradually fades into footage of KENJI's debut appearance on BPZ Television. The crowd roaring at the sight of BPZ's newest star at the time, his charisma and energy oozing through the screen as the chants erupt from the rabid fans in attendance. "KEN-JI, KEN-JI, KEN-JI!" The colour filters of red and gold morph into darker tones as KENJI heads backstage, and to his surprise, is confronted by the United States Champion, Arius, and his director, Rin. The segment focuses on the cautious curiosity between the two. The voice of Arius echoing slightly as it fades to black once again. "I'll be seeing you around". The calm voice of the Sendai Supernova fills the arena, the screen remaining black "Veterans can seek out their favourites.....or those that they fear...." The screen's colour returns as the sound of a ring bell chimes through the arena, and footage from World at War is shown on the titantron, with the colour saturation devolving into dull greys and blacks as Arius hoists the North American Championship above his head. The camera pans down to KENJI who holds a sullen look at ringside before walking to the back, clutching his neck after the brutal war for the Inaugural Championship. The screen returning to blackness. The darkness is greeted by the voice of the champion, Arius. More ominous and deeper than KENJI's, the confidence and certainty in his words carrying to every member of the audience. Occasionally the words overlap each other to create this eerie cacophony of sounds in the dimly lit arena "I appreciate your tenacity.....The potential I see emitting from you....Recover....When men and women share similar ideals....Aspirations...Train....The path of righteousness.....it's impossible for them to be alone....we can exceed tonight....truly push me to my limits....The term Inaugural champion has a nice sound to it doesn't it?...." ".....Does that haunt you?...." The black screen transitions to a shot of KENJI's ghoul mask in a black room, the mask moving to reveal his face, looking directly into the camera with a quiet intensity as his alternate theme plays. The BPZ Universe are silent as the tension is palpable from the black and white tint of the screen. KENJI speaks seriously, portraying the gravitas of the situation. "It does haunt me, and it's something that will always be with me. From my very first day in BPZ, our paths have been intertwined, even if I couldn't see it then. This chain of events in history has brought us together. This chain leads into the unknown, and I can't see the end, or even if it has one. But what is clear, is our first proper meeting, in the ring". "It feels that we've always been destined to clash, Arius, it seems only fitting that our first singles match in BPZ would be against each other. It's away from the blaring chaos of the Powertrip Cup, in it's own unique little bubble of deafening noise. I didn't know how long it would take for us to reach this point, but I'm glad that it's soon.....June 14th. Nobody else and no ladders this time, just you and me, as it should be. I will show my true quality, not just to you, and the BPZ fans, but to me too. Prove that I should be here, and have earned it. The North American Championship is everything, more so than even the tournaments, and the other championships, I feel an affinity to it more than anything else in this company. It hangs in the balance. And with you standing in the way, I may lose, trying to defeat that which cannot be defeated....but never say never, right?" KENJI smiles and steps closer to the camera, the saturation of his skin colour returning with the bright, shining red and gold of his gear "Be careful what you wish for, Arius. When you want your limits tested, you might get more than you hoped for. So, Arius, am I a favourite?...or a fear?.....I'll be seeing you around". KENJI looks defiantly into the camera as the screen fades to black for the final time
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    Code of Silence

    {We are live here on Carnage as we present to you the fallout of the BPZ Backlash PPV as we start the build to Mayhem. The crowd are anxious to see what happens next as "Gallantry" blasts throughout the arena, meaning the brand new Intercontinental Champion Julius steps out in-front of the fans. Julius raises his championship in the air before walking down the ramp carrying a bit of a limp after the brutal war with BiC for the Intercontinental Championship. He asks for aid from the ring announcer to enable him to get in between the ropes before pushing him away and once again raising the Intercontinental Championship high above his head} "I told you all. All of you made the mistake of believing that BiC had a chance of walking out still the Intercontinental Champion but I once again proved that in this world, there are no fairytales and there are no happy endings. Not only have I once again rescued a division from adversity by eliminating that sorry excuse for a champion, but now I have the whole world in my hands. I carry this division on my back and no matter who is put in my way I will run through them like I did with BiC because this championship isn't leaving my grasp anytime soon" "But I'm not out here to bask in my glory, I'm here to talk about the Power-Trip Cup and my first round match against "Sir Raven". A young upstart looking to find his way in the company looking to make a lasting mark and rise to the tops, something that Sir Raven desires. However, I have a problem with that because like the naive being he is Sir Raven has already set himself up for failure. This club he is involved in, trying to raid BPZ to no success thus far is really starting to piss me off and their leader has made the grave mistake of calling me out. With every action comes a reaction, and now I'm going to react to the challenge laid out by the SSW Club leader Joshua Scott. Your protege, your prized position, Sir Raven meets me in the ring in the first round of the power-trip cup. I don't care for him and I don't have any personal issues with him, but now I see this as an opportunity to make a statement, to send a warning to yourself Josh and those other two unfortunate souls you have corrupted. So please watch at your own caution as I decimate and dismember one of your own, and while you watch as I continuously bash his skull with my hands I want you to realise that all of this is your doing. I'm going to make an example out of Sir Raven and I'm going to ruin a career before it had even started and it's all because of you Joshua Scott" {After those last words, Julius pauses and looks around the arena in disgust, he then raises the microphone to his mouth but before he can utter another word a chant of "Legacy" erupts throughout the Carnage Arena visibly angering the Intercontinental Champion. He stands in the ring waiting for the chant to pass but it only gets louder and louder. Julius then throws the mic and exits the ring. The Cameramen on the ramp try to get a view of Julius but he pushes them aside as he storms to the back. The chant of Legacy still ringing true long after Julius had left}
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    Aaron North

    Confusion Within

    Carnage comes back from commercial break as the titantron is showing Aaron North and Cody Cage at a McDonalds drive thru. "Cody do you really need this? We're not gonna take long." "Shut up, i'm hungry man and when i'm hungry i'm going to eat." "Okay relax, if it's that important to you just order already!" Cody orders a big mac burger and once he gets it Aaron and Cody quickly take off. Aaron who is driving the car tells the camera where they're headed. "Okay, you all might be wondering what the hell we're doing so that's why i'm gonna tell you. We're headed to Angelo's house because we haven't seen him since he returned and Nanovirus attacked his wife so we've started to get a little worried. Now i know i'm fighting Marker and FDS at Mayhem and i should be focusing on that but i can't do that when i don't know where my advocate is." Cody starts smelling his burger and Aaron just stares at him. "Are you gonna eat that or not?" "I can't eat when i'm in a car, i'm gonna get sick." "Alright then eat it later." After a short while Aaron and Cody finally arrive at Angelo's place. Aaron knocks on the door but no one answers. They notice that the door is not locked and go inside, they notice weird writing on the walls. "What the hell is this?" Cody drops his burger on the floor in shock. He starts reading the things on the walls but can't make much sense of them because of how shocked he is. "None of this makes any sense. Where's Angelo?" "I don't know i can't see him. Maybe he's in his room." "Okay let's go there." Aaron and Cody find Angelo's room and approach Angelo's room.
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    Angelo Caito

    Confusion Within

    The two open the door, a cold air hitting them right in the face, sending chills down their body as they then see writing above the bed of Angelo Caito. Both Aaron and Cody read it, saying "Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn Out The Light?". Both Aaron and Cody looked at each other, before Aaron decides to slowly walk over to the wall, shakingly before turning the light off. Angelo appears in front them, supporting a new look, a new mask, and a new attire all together, a new look, for Nanovirus. Cody and Aaron look at each other, before Cody runs out the room. "Dude youre on your own!" Cody runs down the stairs, stepping on his burger he dropped earlier and runs down the dirt driveway and over to the street, running as fast as he can. Aaron sighs as he slowly turns around and faces Nanovirus. Before he can speak, Nanovirus turns, facing the wall that was behind his as he then chuckled. He walks to the wall, his boot prints leaving a loud noise after each step. "Aaron.. North. My client. My friend. You seeking Angelo's well being is quite…. Remarkable. However, Angelo is weak to fight me off son, and Angelo isn't what's needed for this fight. A fight made for someone, who has no emotions, no feeling for any safety nor care of anyone who thinks they got the balls to step up to me. Angelo… is DEAD! And The Ruler Of Hell, the Demon From The Underground lives on. At Mayhem North, we will do the unthinkable. We bring BPZ to it's knees and make everyone against us SUFFER!" As soon as Nanovirus yells, lightening blasts on the outside, thunder ripping through the sky and rain begins falling. "Also… Aaron. Being your manager, no longer defines my legacy. I'm back, digging Graves and killing off names. I'm back, and at Mayhem, we're taking over. And…. At Judgement Day. I have, one more grave, for someone." Aaron takes a second, thinking about that last part, before his eyes widen and his jaw drops. Aaron: "Does this mean…." Nanovirus cracks his neck before looking back up at Aaron, breathing heavy and slowly nods. "I'm….. Back…. And at Judgement Day, I'm going to compete, and claim my next soul! BPZ will never be the same again. The world will never recover from my wrath. And God won't save anyone who steps in my way and will fall to the powers of the Underworld. Possa Dio pregare che Angelo ritorni, o il cielo perderà molte anime." Aaron: "But… but what does that mean?" "...... May God Pray That Angelo Returns, or heaven will lose many souls." Nanovirus laughs loudly as lightening and thunder blasts more in the background as the camera fades to black.
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    Punching Up *DEBUT POST*

    The scene opens inside, what appears to be, a boxing gym. It's relatively small with little activity, apart from a couple of young muscle heads lifting weights in a corner. On the opposite side of the room, separated by an empty ring, hangs a heavy bag used for practicing powerful body punches. A 6'3" 255 lb man in his early 30s wails on the bag with bare fists. *thump* *thump* *thump* *smack* *thump* *thump* *thump* *smack* The same pattern of strikes continues and echoes throughout the building. "You're going to need to change your name from The Fist to The Cast if you don't put on some damn gloves, kid." And older man's voice comes from behind Kelly and he turns around to see an old friend and former manager, Tony Williams. Tony continues to approach Kirk, allowing his walking cane to support his weight as he moves. Kirk smiles and wipes the sweat from his brow, "They let you out of the hospital, Old Man?" "Of course not ... I escaped." Both men share a laugh. "Great to see you again, Tony. What brings you here?" "Well, I heard you were signed with the guys over at BPZ and I wanted to tell you that you're an idiot." Tony points at Kirk's right knee with his cane, "How's that knee doing?" "It's a lot better. Damn near 100%, I'd say." "You would? What would your doctor say?" There's a brief moment of silence. "Damn it, Kirk, you're going to end up like me! You shouldn't have come back to the business. You should've stayed out while you still have your original knees and hips. What have you got to prove?" "What have I got to prove? I've still got plenty in the tank, Tony. I'm not going to let a knee injury keep me away from entertaining the world and showing them I can still compete at a top level. Besides, have you seen all of the young guys on the roster these days? It's sad." Kirk grabs a sip from his water bottle, "Their skills just aren't there. Even the champions in the BPZ are mildly interesting at best. The world needs me. The BPZ needs me. The fans need me." Tony studies Kirk for a moment ... then he lets out a heavy sigh, "You're so much like me when I was your age." Tony shifts his gaze to the window and peers outside as if lost in thought. "I could only hope to be a fraction of how good you were in your prime." Tony looks back at Kirk, "If you're really going to do this, you need to stop underestimating the talent in BPZ. Most of those guys are nothing to scoff at. You've got plenty of ring rust and I think you'll find if you try to jump back in that ring with those guys, you'll be punching up." Somewhat annoyed, Kirk turns back to the bag and is about to start throwing more punches when Tony places his cane on Kirk's arm. "You're right, Kirk. In some ways you are right. I think the BPZ could benefit from you. That SSW Club is causing a lot of trouble and becoming a big distraction. They need a guy like you to go in and help fix some problems. But, you're not going to do it hitting this bag. I know how powerful that uppercut is. Your Jawbreaker is one of the most devastating finishing maneuvers I've ever seen. You've got the arm strength ... but ..." His voice trails off as he turns and points his cane to the empty ring. "Have you still got the ring skills? If you're going to do this, you need to be prepared. So, get your ass in that ring and let me see what you've got" Kirk smiles and nods, "You've got it."
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    “We Are” by Hollywood Undead Plays throughout the arena as the lights in the Arena go out, the song plays but nobody comes out, MARKER is watching on from the ring. The titantron suddenly stops playing, the lights come back on, MARKER looks annoyed, he’s about to begin speaking again when suddenly…. “PTSD” By Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko & Jay Trilogy begins to play throughout the arena. When the bridge begins a familiar man in an unfamiliar form steps out. FDS stands at the top of the stage, hair grown out, full beard in wrestling trunks and a white entrance jacket. The fans look confused, unsure what to make of this new FDS, MARKER looks unsure of what he sees as FDS stares at him from the top of the ramp. He walks down the ramp, not even acknowledging the fans. He gets up on the Apron and leans on the ropes, some of the fans cheer but FDS just gets into the ring not even saying a word to them or even gesturing as if their cheers affected him. He gets into the ring and he walks past “The Bruiserweight”. He walks over to the corner as if he’s about to get on the turnbuckle and pose but then instead just sits down. MARKER stares at him but FDS just stares straight back. A ring crew member slides a mic into the ring in front of FDS. He doesn’t even touch it. Just continuing to stare at the premium champion who seems to be visibly uncomfortable at the sight of the non disturbing version of FDS. MARKER is about to start speaking again when suddenly FDS picks up the mic. FDS then goes and he points to the announcer. The announcer steps into the ring hesitantly. FDS whispers something to the announcer then hands him the microphone before FDS goes and sits back down in the corner. Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, Allow me to introduce to you: “The Wrestler” F-D-S! FDS sits back in the corner and smiles staring back at MARKER who looks annoyed at this whole thing as if he’s about to explode with anger. FDS then gets up and takes the microphone from the announcer, FDS offers a handshake, the announcer looks hesitant but he accepts. FDS then looks back at The Bruiserweight seething with rage. FDS smirks, then stands face to face with the premium champion and he teases saying something but then just walks away from it. MARKER is about to scream he lifts up the microphone but FDS cuts him off. FDS: You wanna talk about being useless without people MARKER since we all know that’s something you know a lot about. How long did it take you to win a title without the help of your frontier or flock or whatever buddies? Too long I’ll tell you that much. Alright now that i’m done making fun of you let me get down to business. First thing. You want a fight against me? No. You see this is a professional wrestling company, I didn’t come here to be fighter, If i want to be a fighter I’ll go find myself a fight camp train there for a few years and go do some MMA but I don’t because I am a professional Wrestler. Yes I am an athlete in a combat sport but I am not a fighter, I am a wrestler and I will wrestle you in a professional wrestling match. You understand that? Not in a fight, not in a hardcore deathmatch, In a pro-wrestling match. Second thing. To all these people and from this point forward this will be one of the limited times I acknowledge you as well as all the people sitting backstage in charge of booking this show: I am not your entertainment. I am not some little indy carnival folk that you can throw out here whenever you want and make me destroy my body for your sick amusement like the carnival act you all treat me as. Like I said before I am a professional Wrestler, I am here to compete in professional wrestling matches. I am not here to be like the stripper in your local shit hole club that has a busted up face and do whatever you tell me to for your amusement. I am a professional wrestler and I expect to be treated like one. So that brings me to my third and Final point. From now on I will not wrestle any matches with stipulations outside of normal wrestling rules. To all the people who don’t understand what that means, I don’t do deathmatch wrestling anymore. So that goes for Deathmatches, Street fights, Steel cage matches, Hell In a Cells, No Disqualification matches and anything else you can think of along that regard. I will only compete in matches under Wrestling rules because Like I said I’m not here for your entertainment. That’s what I was before. I was the guy they sent out to put a little bit of excitement into the audience, to make them see some crazy stuff like smashing a blender over someone's head or putting thumbtacks into the mouth of someone then punching them and just so you guys can’t chant “Holy Shit” or “you sick F***”. So from now on I’m done with that, I will be doing what I do best and that's being a professional wrestler. So MARKER, I hope you weren’t preparing for a street fight or a deathmatch because what we’re going to having is a one on one match. And that Is because I am really good at professional wrestling. FDS lowers the mic and goes and stands in the corner awaiting the response of the Bruiserweight.
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    A Long Overdue Conversation.

    Video start. The camera pans over a neighbourhood until they see what appears to be the ruined remains of a burnt down house, The Camera turns to the otherside to reveal a man standing in a trench coat wearing a beanie, the man is FDS, less clean shaven and his hair looking longer than usual. FDS walks off and the camera follows him as he walks. Suddenly FDS hears a familiar voice. Voice: Ah such sweet memories. When you finally remembered your darkside, such beautiful destruction you’ve caused and you’re better because of it. FDS stops. He looks down at his feet. FDS: Are you sure about that? Voice: (stunned) Of course… why wouldn’t I be? FDS: Ever since I let you out… you’ve failed. We haven’t been successful, we failed against Bart, we failed against Jonathan, we failed against Kieron, we failed against Aaron. You have been nothing but a complete failure. FDS begins to walk again. Voice: Excuse me? Failure? You’ve been torturing people, you’ve been vicious, you have been feared, what more do you want? FDS continues to walk, he walks into a parking garage, he sees his reflection in the glass of a car, the reflection displaying The Emperor of Chaos. Voice (speaking through the reflection of FDS): You needed me. You can’t live wi- FDS: No. You needed me. Voice: Excuse me?!? FDS: You can’t handle sitting back and watching. I finally gave you a chance to shine and you gave me such a small amount of success. So now you expect me to always give you that freedom but when I trust with you it yet again you forget your purpose. I don’t need you to be vicious, I don’t need you to live, I don’t need you to win. You are a waste space. Voice: WASTE OF SPACE?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! I BROUGHT YOU BACK FROM THE FAILURE YOU WERE! THE TERRIBLE WANNABE PRO WRESTLER THAT YOU AREN’T! YOU NEEDED ME AND YOU STILL DO! FDS walks away but not in anger simply out of boredom. He exits the parking garage. He continues to walk, some time passes and he finds himself yet again on the street of his family. The voice now has its own spirit like form staring back at FDS. Voice: Oh, You think they’ll take you back? You think you need them? You think they can help you? They can’t! They Hate you! They think you’re insane! They despise your very existence! FDS: If you think that i’m here to reconcile with them, you’re not really as big a part of me as you think. I’m not here to ask them to take me back, I’m here to give them this. FDS takes out an envelope, he opens it to reveal a simple note, the note says “Your son is gone, he was never there in the first place. - FDS” Voice: Oh I see… you really do still want me! You still know you ne- FDS: Wrong. I don’t need anyone. For too long i’ve tried to rely on people. I’ve tried to be something I’m not. I’m done with being the thing you want me to be, I won’t be the thing my family wants me to be and I won’t be the thing the fans want me to be. Voice: What are you saying? FDS: I’m saying goodbye to everything. The darkness, the characters, the entertainment. I am a professional wrestler and I’ve lost sight of that. I didn’t sign with this company to entertain people. I signed with this company to be a professional wrestler not a superstar. So in order to become the thing I really am you have to die. The deathmatches. The murders. The darkness. It all ends and soon I will reveal exactly what’s next. Voice: You Don’t Wan- FDS: You don’t know what I want. FDS walks up to the door, he places the note and knocks on the door then walks away. Voice: WAIT PLEASE DON’T GO! I NEED YOU! PLEASE LET ME STAY I BEG YOU PLEASE! FDS just continues to walk as tears run down the face of the specter as it slowly fades away on its knees. FDS is off camera now. The door opens to the Stevenson home as FDS’ mother walks out, she picks up the note. She begins to sob as she falls to her knees, FDS’ father comes out to comfort her and then reads the note and sits there broken as the camera zooms out of the house with the somber sounds of “Easier for you” By Tech N9ne plays as the picture fades to black.
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    The scene cuts from the commercial to Dikey quickly walking backstage, jerking his head side to side, looking for something. His movement is suddenly stopped by a larger figure than himself. Dikey raises his eye level slightly to make eye contact with his opponent at PTC finals, Bulldozer. Both men stand there glaring at each other for a count of 60 before Dikey says his first words. Just the man I was looking for. I saw what you said earlier. And I have two requests for you. The first is a question I wish for you to answer. You claim you took on a...bear by yourself as a teenager. Tell me, Bulldozer, what's the true story? You're a small guy, and bears attack the smallest ones. So what really happened? Did you see the bear and run back to your parents crying and wetting yourself? Certainly sounds more likely than killing it. To continue with my metaphor, let's say the bear is me and you are just you. I am the big one, the one who has name value, the one who is well known by all. You are just a small little loser who lies about what they're gonna do because they know that in reality they don't stand a chance with the big boys. My second request is for you to say everything you said in your promo to my face. Prove that you really mean it, that you'll truly leave me destroyed. Prove that you're not all talk. Come on, I'm waiting. Dikey stands impatiently with his arms folded across his chest. Bulldozer looks to the right and then to the left before looking back at Dikey and opening his mouth. The answer never comes, but a punch to the gut does instead. Dikey drops to his knees and Bulldozer follows up with a superkick to the chin. Bulldozer picks Dikey back up and attempts to throw him against the hard wall, but Dikey stops his momentum with his foot against the wall and delivers The Exhilirator when Bulldozer runs back at him, dropping him to the ground. Dikey lifts him up in a powerbomb position and powerbombs him through a table! Dikey picks Bulldozer up by the hair, taunting him while he does so, but he stops when he is suddenly hit in the back. He turns around to find the person behind the punch, Alice. Alice runs away and Dikey looks at her in confusion, but her distraction worked and when Dikey turns back, Bulldozer hits him with a low blow. Dikey is now down low to the ground and Bulldozer finishes him off with God's Ultimate Blast, driving Dikey's head straight into the cement backstage floor. Bulldozer looks down at Dikey's ruined body and lets out a chuckle before walking away, leaving him to be attended by medical personnel.
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    {We open on one of the most familiar, yet obscure environments in all of professional wrestling. We are familiar with the surroundings, yet when we are engulfed in its darkness, we know we will run the gamut of the abyss. We will feel the evil and cold that suffuse from the bricks that build its foundation. We are in the boiler room of BPZ. The domicile of the Antichrist. We find him sitting there, as usual, confined in thought. He sits content in his own world, keeping his distance from reality, yet drawing us in to his own version of what is “real.” He begins to speak without looking up from the floor.} My mind is in darkness. {He picks his head up, but keeps his eyes on the floor.} A year. A collection of 365 days. A daunting stretch of time, yet it comes and goes within a blink of an eye. Many things can happen over the course of a year, yet it isn’t until you step back and look at it, that you realize what had occurred. One year ago, I was on top of the world. Every word I spoke was the gospel of the disenfranchised. Every match I had was my own personal sermon on the mount. And on my waist, I held a belt that had signified my climb to the very top. I was on fire in every sense of the word, but like all fire, it was extinguished. Set out without even a moment’s warning. For a fleeting moment, I stood at the apex of the professional wrestling mountain. I was the measuring stick for anyone here in BPZ, new or established. Then, with a simple blink of an eye, I was at the bottom, staring up at the peak where I once stood, forgetful on how I had even reached it to begin with. For a year, I have wondered where it all went wrong. What started my downfall? If I wanted to find the answer, I had to trace my fall from the moment it happened, follow the wire all the way back to the socket and find where I failed to connect it. It all started with a tournament. The best of the best on Carnage fighting it out to see who would challenge the champion. Not a new concept by any stretch of the imagination, but it was certainly exciting. I watched each and every match of the tournament with bated breath, desperate to find out who was going to be the latest challenger to my title. I watched as the man I had beaten almost 6 months earlier ascended the tournament, knocking down and each and every adversary that had been placed before him. I watched from my seat at ringside, as he held up the ultimate prize of the tournament. The eponymous Power Trip Cup. It was a match I had gone through before, surviving only based on the strength of my will and the power of my determination, but survived nonetheless. A challenge that I thought I was ready to withstand once again, but was unable to match. I lied there on the mat. Defeated for the first time since the previous year, and without the belt I had promised I would walk out with. I was beaten down, broken, and sore, not only physically, but mentally. I sat in the dark of my dressing room, alone with only a pack of smokes and my thoughts. The adrenaline started to wear off and I was starting to come to my senses. The pain was setting in, my head beat like a drum, and the thoughts that were passing through the headache were moving at the speed of a runaway train. I failed myself, I failed everyone who believed in me, I wanted my best friend back, and I didn’t know what I was going to do in the future. It was one of the first times in my life where I had no set plans, but it was there, as I let the cigarette between my fingers burn slowly, that I made a solitary promise. Any chance that I got, I was going to take that belt back. It doesn’t matter how I was going to do it, whether it be by honorable or nefarious means, I was going to hold that belt in my hands again. Fast forward almost a year. I formed a tag team, won the tag belts, broke that team up immediately. Started my own Flock. Ended a career or 2. And I found myself in one of the biggest matches of my career. A triple threat match at BPZMania, a match where I could finally fulfill my promise. And once again, I came up short. I let everyone down, I put hope in myself, the people who believed in me, and the people around me, and I showed up empty handed. Yet again I had made a promise, and yet again I had made myself out to look like a fool. So I did what I always do, I walked away, and I thought. I thought about my promise, I thought the vow I made to myself, and I thought the tournament that started it all. So I decided to use the tournament that spelled my downfall, bounce back with something meant to be my end. I was the tournaments first victim. I won’t let that happen again, I can’t...let that happen again. Quote The Raven, Nevermore. {Necce continues to stare at the ground as the camera fades to black.}
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    Alex Costa


    As soon as Jonathan finishes speaking however the lights dim down and we see a violinist in top of the stage The fans and the Announcing Team are confused as the man begins playing a tune to entertain the crowd who are certain someone is coming out although who. At the end of the tune, suddenly the lights go out and a new song and video begin to play The fans continue waiting in anticipation before out from the back walks Alex Costa to the suprise of many of the fans in attendence Costa poses on top of the ramp and begins walking with a new atitude towards the ring while seemingly ignoring his opponent, engaging the fans as he goes before entering the ring and posing once more for the delight of the fans watching As the music dies down Alex begins speaking Alex Costa: Were you expecting someone else? Tiny cheers from the crowd It's nice to finally meet you face to face Jonathan, the "Ace" of BPZ! Crowd boos And I will be honest, I am kinda disappointed in it. See here I was expecting someone who would be honorable, charismatic and the perfect model of what a BPZ Superstar should be like. Alex shrugs before continuing Yet, when I look at you, all I see is a guy who just says the same boring old crap all over again. About how I am going to be decimated, crushed and be left laying down at the altar of the "All Mighty Ace" and "His Queen". Alex then turns around to face Jonathan Now you do bring a good point, am I claiming the whole underdog story just for me? Alex asks as the Crowd waits in anticipation No, I don't think I am, because let's face it, it's not like our match at the Powertrip Cup will be the only one with a "supposed mismatch". Now you have this ideia, that I am content on just hanging back and enjoying what I have already accomplished? Alex turns around again as Jonathan looks on with an hair of arrogance Well, that's where YOU ARE WRONG, MR "ACE"! Some cheers for Alex See I didn't just come to this company to be content on having my spot, no, no, if I wanted to stick content on my spot I would have stayed down on the NXT Division just like your girl has. No what I want is to prove to everyone how good I am and to be recognized as one of best god damn wrestlers on this world! Crowd Cheers There is a reason why in my first ever victory in this company, I became the NXT Champion! And sure you have a great point, I let myself get complacent, I let what amounted to little "sucess" get in my head. Well not anymore! See I am no longer content with just holding a spot like I was down in that NXT Division, no, no I want more and I am looking at this Cup as an opportunity and at you as an obstacle I have to go through in order to accomplish that goal. Alex shrugs his head again And if I have to scratch and claw my way in order to overcome you, I am willing to do whatever it takes to make sure I beat you. Because at the end of the day, my fighting spirit is just too big to overcome and I will be victorious. Alex drops the mic and heads to the back doing his walk and then turning around to taunt Jonathan, before walking to the back
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    Julius quickly hops down in confusion from the corner turnbuckle. He drops his newly won Intercontinental Championship as “Cut the Cord” continues to eerily play throughout the arena. The theme having the entire arena buzzing as it is the one standing theme of the former faction of three of BPZ’s most top tier stars, Legacy. Center stage Flynn steps out, his eyes heated and directed directly at Julius. However after a few brief seconds, another man steps out to Flynn’s right. IT’S NECCE! Necce who hasn’t been seen in over a month now stands side by side his former tag team partner and best friend, the two seemingly reunited. Flynn goes to take a step however turns back as the two are joined by one other..... ITS SLIM! Slim, Necce and Flynn now stand all on the center stage, the crowd is going crazy as now all three begin marching down to the ring. They roll into the ring however Julius appears to welcome Flynn, offering a hand shake to his former teammate but Flynn returns the favor with a massive uppercut! Julius stumbles back before all three pounce on him, beating the big man down into the mat! Slim would quickly grab hold of him, before laying him out with THE ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR! All three men proceed to throw Julius straight out of the ring. Flynn now standing pumped in between two of his greatest rivals and allies alike, has a microphone brought to him. I’m done with the shenanigans. We are done with the games. Going forward, WE ARE TAKING WHAT IS OURS.... Together. This is our yard. Flynn throws down the microphone, a short and sweet message sent to all of BPZ. Nearly three and a half years later, Legacy has returned, the three men seemingly burying all their past differences in the past, and looking toward a new future.
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    Playing: The Swan In the aftermath of BPZ Backlash... The scene opens in a bedroom inside the Arius estate. The sun has set on the day and the PPV. The moonlight shines down into the room shining a path from the open window to the edge of the bed he leans against. A trail of clothing leads the audience to him, a jacket, one wrestling boot followed by another. A heavy breath can be heard as Arius slowly climbs down from the adrenaline high of tonight's contest. The camera swings to the left to come face to face with our champion as we gain a better perspective. Arius with a cut on his lower lip, his paint smeared and almost non-existent is looking towards the night sky with a satisfied smile. The United States Championship and North American Championship draped over his chest. A hand is caught by the moonlight, seen resting on his shoulder as the camera focuses we see Rin leaning on elbow on the mattress, looking down upon the championships for herself, an approving expression. She moves her fingers from his shoulders as she walks two fingers up his next before poking him in the check gently pushing his head to the side. Rin: To think just mere months ago you were directionless, roaming the world from city to city. No avenue to truly showcase the wonders you can provide Arius is smirking as her fingers retreat. With a deep breath Arius looks to reply Arius: Take a long look Rin, could there be a more perfect sight? Draped in gold, once again basking in the reassurance i..we offer to the world of BPZ What a triumph this has been so and shall be! Arius shifts his position with with a grunt as he reaches for the moonlight These...these men who chase the same accolades, they talk as if victory were something fortunate. Work is victory Arius lets out a painful snide chuckle And that is one of their many mistakes. Tonight in front of thunderous applause, hair stranding up my arm, i proved that no one is more focused, more driven than I. Arius looks up at Rin But then again could anything else be expected? I'm a doer, it's always been the way I approach each of my many endeavours no matter the field. Arius reaches up, placing his hand on top of hers Yes, I preach and preach about the world that I desire to live in, the company i envision, the hope that i could bring the best out of my opponents and in tail throw their foolish mindsets to the wayside. But we both know too well that sometimes old habits die hard... Only one note is ensured and that is each one of those pour souls shall never forget that my statements have weight. Footsteps can be heard approaching from the distance, fast paced as Arius without moving his head gazes to the side with his eyes awaiting with curiosity. A figure with a ghoul mask comes to the bed side "Sir" and hands Arius an envelop closed with a BPZ wax seal, addressee unknown. Taking the envelope in hand he raises an eyebrow in curiosity, holding it to the moonlight Rin passes down a small edge blade to open the letter across the seal, as Arius removes the contents, opening it up for the both of them to see but not the audience. Arius leans back with a wide grin across his face, a soft laugh escapes the champion as Rin sits up from her rested position leaning forward to peer at the letter, once realising the contents Rin looks back at Arius with a concerned expression. The soft laugh from Arius leads into a hearty to almost manic joy as he tosses the letter to the side of the room, allowing the camera to lean down to take a peak. The words KENJI written across the page. The camera peers one final time at Arius and Rin, leading backwards towards the exiting door as the soft spoken words are barely caught by the audience So it begins.. Screen fades to black
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