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    I Do.

    The Tropicana Field stadium is lively tonight as we are mid-way through BPZ's special PowerTrip event, Emergence. Despite the thrilling matches we have already seen, such as the To The Top Ladder Match that saw Joh walk out with the briefcase, as well as the rest of the night to come, with exciting clashes such as the big main event match-up between Flynn and Julius for the BPZ Undisputed Championship, there are still a few big names missing from this event including the likes of Bart, Slim and... ...This man! Despite him not being advertised for tonight's show, Smith's theme pulsates around the arena as the fans in attendance are now stood on their feet waiting for his arrival. As the final drum in the song's introduction echoes through the crowd, they all stair at the stage as a single spotlight shines down, revealing the Hall-Of-Famer stood with his head bowed. Slowly, Smith raises his head and reveals an excited and eager look, personified by an elated smile spread across his face as once again, Smith is back in a BPZ arena with a microphone in his hand and thousands of fans cheering him on. He walks to the ring, high-fiving fans, appreciating their support before he climbs into the ring. Firstly, he pauses to soak in the love shown by the BPZ Universe before then gently lifting the microphone to his mouth. Nonetheless, as Smith would begin to talk, his facial expression would change to that of a more serious tone. For almost a whole year, I was absent from this company. For almost a whole year, I didn't appear on a BPZ show. For almost a whole year, I couldn't truly do what I love because no matter where I travelled, no matter how adventurous a journey I took, no pro wrestling ring, no combat sports ring, no sports entertainment ring will ever feel as special, as memorable or as personally meaningful as a BPZ ring. This is my home and this is what I live for. BPZ, from the administration to the fans, is my family and this is my life, yet... For almost a whole year, those that I dared to call family, they ripped my life out of my own two hands and left me to suffer. After everything I gave to this company, they were willing to let me rot and now that they've finally decided that it's okay for them to give me my job back, I'm supposed to be grateful? I'm expected to thank the same people that left me with no money to survive on? On my lonesome, I had to rebuild my image that had been broken before anyone else would even think of offering me a job that paid anywhere close to what I had been earning, to what my bills were expected to be paid with. I was abandoned by the people I called family. At least, that's how I looked at it. As much as I clearly knew I had made the mistake, I didn't want it to be my fault. I knew what I had done but didn't want to face the consequences. As ignorant as this may have been, it's what kept me going, it's what gave me the fire to get back out there and rebuild myself, fight my way back to the top and let everyone around the globe know what it means to be Eli Smith. I took it to the point where I sold out an independent tour around Europe, selling thousands of tickets by myself and at the end of that tour, at the final show, on the final night, in such a glorious occasion, I invited my closest friends from BPZ to join me in celebration as I had just signed a brand new BPZ contract. It was spectacular! It's a night that I will never forget but unfortunately, there's another thing about that night that I will never forget. As I stood in the ring after my match, I watched as Sameer walked down to the ring followed by Bart, and Flynn, and Julius, and Nate, and Ropati, and Ross, and Slim, but as I looked around the ring filled with my friends, I noticed that one man was missing... Bailey Justin. You, Bailey. You don't know why I came out at King Of The Ring and stood right in your face? You don't know why, in front of ninety-thousand fans, in my monumental return, I walked straight to the ring to stare you down? It shouldn't be you wondering; you shouldn't be the one who is confused. I don't even know why the friend I worked alongside everyday for four years didn't turn up to such a memorable occasion! The passion is Smith's voice is very prominent as he speaks on such a personal matter. His frustration gets the better of him as his shouts into the microphone, leaving him breathing more and more heavily. After taking a moment to calm himself down, he continues talking. Well, now I'm right here Bailey. I know your back there watching this because after all, we know these PowerTrip events are your favourite little projects that you've worked so hard to improve and develop. Well, now I'm stood here, ruining your pet project to make sure you receive message so you better be listening. Honestly, I'm past the point of caring why you didn't come to my show. Now, I just want to beat you down. I want to remind you who I am. I want to remind you why I'm the longest reigning Intercontinental, Premium and Tag Team champion. Why I'm a two-time BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. I'm coming to remind you how far that kid that beat you for the top prize in BPZ all the way back in 2015 has come, so yes, Bailey, yes I do want it. In the city of angels, at the grand Staples Center, at the biggest party of the Summer, Eli Smith vs The Bailey, the biggest clash of the Summer! Announcing such a massive match-up has lifted the crowd to giving a zealous applause as Smith stands in the ring, a smile finally returning to the face as he takes in the love once again shown by the BPZ Universe. Moments later, Smith is about to leave the ring but he suddenly hesitates, returns to the centre of the ring and leaves Bailey one last message. One more thing. If your new Hollywood schedule isn't leaving you too booked up, let's meet in the ring, face to face, man to man, and confirm this match because I'm getting way too excited for a beating I might not even get to give. How about I takeover your other treasured project, Carnage, and we can make this official there? To finish with, Smith lets off a cheeky little wink into the camera and exits the ring, leaving the microphone behind as well as a message for The Bailey. As he walks up the ramp, he once again high-fives fans before finally returning to the back.
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    We've returned from commercial break and the arena sits in silence waiting for the next segment to begin before a countdown begins on the titantron. 5,4,3,2,1. Silence then "Monster" By Kanye West hits and the arena comes to life knowing what this means "The Kiwi Buzzsaw" Ropati who's been out of action for almost 4 months has returned. Ropati walks out to the top of the stage before stopping to take it all in. After looking around the arena and seeing all the cheering fans Ropati just smiles as its clear he's missed the fans just as much as they missed him. Ropati would continue to walk down to the ring handing out high fives to the fans before he run into the ring and into the corner before climbing to the top turnbuckle and yelling "LETS GO" which resulted in more cheers from the crowd. 116 days, that's how long I was out injured I went from being at the top of the company to being stuck at home injured. There were two people I thought I could trust going into and out of that events and those two men were also the two who backstabbed me and tried to end my career indefinitely. Ropati pauses for a second making it clear that he's still not over the betrayal They failed however because here I am stronger than ever and ready to battle with anyone at anytime. Now for the question I'm sure you're all asking yourself. What's next for Ropati? Will I go after Julius?, Flynn? A Title like the IC belt? And my answer to those questions is well I don't know. I don't know whats next for me I'm just trying to take it one step at a time. However one thing I do know is well I AM BACK And with those 3 words the crowd lose is and begin to chant Ro-Pa-Ti over and over again much to the joy of Ropati who hs just confirmed his return to the BPZ ring. (Hey btw don't respond to this please guys cheers)
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    The End Of An Adventure

    The End Of An Adventure Almost a year after Smith's departure from BPZ Wrestling, he would be main-eventing the finale of his independent tour, featuring some of the hottest talent outside of BPZ. After a spectacular battle against Lucifer, Eli Smith would be left in the middle of the ring to embrace the atmosphere at the end of his tour around Europe. Looking at the support and passion of the fans in attendance would leave Smith in tears as suddenly, a surprising yet familiar face would walk out from the back and join Smith in the ring. It is the man that stood side by side with Smith throughout his whole career in BPZ, Sameer. Moreover, his shock appearance would lead to a sequence of Smith's friends coming from the back consisting of Bart, Flynn, Julius, Natedog, Ropati, Ross, and Slim. Under all the excitement, Smith grabs a microphone from ringside and begins to talk as what he's about to announce becomes extremely clear. "This has been the adventure of a lifetime. From battling opponents I never could have whilst signed with BPZ to meeting fans that will support me through no matter what, I've met a lot of new, unique, talented people. Furthermore, the fact that I was able to bring this stage of my career to an end with my own independent tour is mind-blowing and an honour I will carry with me for the rest of my life." "However, as you might of guessed by my closest friends joining me out here, this is the end of my independent career. It has changed me permanently, given me memories I'll never forget and allowed me to grow as a person. I have limitless love for everyone that has supported me through this time and I hope you continue to do so in the next stage of my career. As I said before, this really has been the adventure of a lifetime but it's time for me to return to my home... BPZ! I'm coming home!" After making the announcement, Smith throws the microphone up into the air with the crowd ecstatic to hear Smith is finally returning to where he truly belongs. As the fans give Smith his final applause as an independent wrestler, he and his friends in the ring celebrate together before leaving Smith to take in these final moments by himself. After a whole year of travelling the world, Smith is coming home; he's returning to BPZ Wrestling.
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    Party Bus Phase

    Week by week passes, somethings stay the same as other completely change the landscape of BPZ. Last week Icon showed the world what his intentions were and this week Icon has something a bit different in store. The same as last week, Icon stands from and center in the ring. Awaiting the fans to quiet down to address his thoughts. I come out here tonight, 100 percent focused on my opposition. But what is hans focused on? Everything besides the United States Championship. First King Of The Ring, then To The Top and now going for the Tag Team titles with Bic. Hans you have 4 other performers gunning for that title. But you are too busy patrolling a god damn party bus. Icon begins to smirk at the thought of a party bus. A party bus symbolizes everything that Icon hates. Hans what have you proved? Nothing has changed with your reign? You haven't made this title more prestigious, you have made it a joke. The United States Championship is more of a accessory than a championship to you. And that sickens me to the core. When I held that belt over a year ago, I held it with honor, prestige and put all my energy into keeping it around my waist. Long Live The Prophecy One year ago, the championship was raised above my head. I was living my dream but it came to a screeching haul. With one man Julius. I would lose my possession to this man, failing the prophecy, one that couldn't be revived. Current Day Prophecy One year has advanced but one thing stays the same. My drive to regain my most prized possession. Hans you may see the United States Championship as some sort of one way ticket to funland, but I see it as a free ticket to the top. And that will ultimately be your downfall. Multiple bells begin to ring, before Icon exits the ring with a standard purpose.
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    Let's Make This Official

    As the drums sound and the stage lights flash, The Bailey, alongside the fans in attendance, await the arrival of Eli Smith. Since returning at King Of The Ring, Smith has made it very clear that there's a problem between these two BPZ Hall Of Famers and all-time greats. Usually, Smith takes his time when making his way to the ring but this time around, he storms out from the back and straight to the ring, sliding in very quickly and getting right into the face of The Bailey. The two begin to shout back and forth at each other until Smith gives up and stares at the ground, clearly very frustrated but trying to keep his emotions under control at the same time. On the other hand, The Bailey does what he does best and continues to trash talk Smith who steps right past him, ignoring what Bailey says as he collects a microphone from the crew at ringside and then leans on the ropes, looking away from Bailey as he talks. This isn't how I pictured it at all... Over the past year, I dreamed of the moment where I return to BPZ. I dreamed of the fans cheering for me as I made my monumental return but all of the joy, the triumph, the celebration, it's all been tarnished and ignored because of the one thing that has spited me my whole career... betrayal. At King Of The Ring, when I returned, I shared that moment with you Bailey because I thought you had grown too vain, not even caring about your own friend's final show of his independently sold-out tour and I wanted to show you that you're not too important for me, that you're not out of my league just because you're finding success in Hollywood. Tonight, I was excited to come out here and make this match official, cementing a historic clash between two titans of this industry. However, as I waited to make my entrance, I was pulled aside and told something that I will never forget. I was told that... They said that... The emotion is now more evident than ever as Smith now struggles to even get his words out. He buries his face into his hands for a few seconds, collecting himself before turning back around to face Bailey, eye to eye. They said that it was you. They said that it was the man who guided me through the early stages of my career, the man that I traveled with on a daily basis, the man that I considered a close, personal, friend. They said... That you were the one who told Brenden to fire me! They said that you were the one that almost cost me my house and made it a struggle to put food on my family's plate! THEY SAID IT WAS YOU THAT TOOK MY LIFE AWAY FROM ME! After screaming right in the face of Bailey, with each word consumed by the passion pouring out from Smith's heart, the returning legend continues to breath very heavily into the microphone as the two men now stare each other in the eyes with so much intensity, leaving the fans jaw's dropped and goosebumps raising on their arms. Moments later, Smith speaks again but now, much more gently. I just- I need answers. Right now, I need you to tell me the truth. After his emotions running so high, despite now being a lot less animated, Smith looks more distressed and hurt than ever as he waits for The Bailey's response. Was it really The Bailey that pushed to get Smith fired from BPZ?
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    A Call Out

    We cut backstage to a message claiming a special BPZ announcement is coming up. Suddenly the screen cuts black before returning. The image is blurry, the lens of the camera slightly dirty, and we are face to face with the Undisputed Champion, Flynn. However he doesn’t appear to be his usual self. His head now cleanly shaved, his beard reduced to a five o'clock shadow. Hs looking down at his feet, muttering to himself. The Undisputed Championship hangs over his right shoulder, a glass of whiskey in his left hand. His eyes peer up at the camera, entirely bloodshot. He begins speaking, anger rising in his voice through every word. This company.... THIS GOD DAMN COMPANY, BPZ, a place I’ve given four years of my life to, a place I’ve sacrificed four years of my practice, my wrestling ability, I’ve given it all to this company. In return I’ve become wealthier then any of you can ever dream. It is arguable that I am the richest man to ever step foot in the squared circle. To many of you and to most of the pathetic stooges in the back, I have it all. However the only damn opinion I think that matters around here is my god damn opinion. And in my opinion, this company is going damn the f*cking drain. For months I’ve pleaded for talent to step up. For months I’ve begged for competition. REAL competition. This past week, Julius kicked my ass. He left my lying. He gave me a taste of what competition is. Something I haven’t felt in MONTHS. I’ve been on cruise control. I’ve been coasting. I’ve been a top champion, arguably THE TOP CHAMPION AND I HAVEN’T HAD TO DO A DAMN THING BUT SHOW UP ONCE A MONTH. It’s pathetic. I here the praise for men like Hans, men like Arius. How they are the future of this company, how they’ll lead us into the next era of BPZ. You want to know my opinion? F*CK ARIUS! No one is safe. Because come Emergence, I am going to kick Julius’ ass. He’s going to kick my ass but at the end of the day I’m going to beat him right in the middle of that ring and continue on as THIS COMPANIES UNDISPUTED CHAMPION. And then what? I’m done settling for mediocrity. I’m done accepting stupid open challenges for foreign whores who I only have to put in 10% of the effort to beat. It’s a waist of my time. The opinions of others would suggest that I’d be happy to pick up the easy pay check. No. The money doesn’t motivate me, I have plenty of that. I am motivated by competition but WHERE IS ALL THE GOD DAMN COMPETITION? I am THE BEST, but to remain the best you have to continue to prove it, and the competition being fed to me is only proving all of the doubters wrong. I want to show that I’m the best to ever do it. Julius, you are one tough son of a bitch, and that’s why I’m going to put in maximum effort to kick your ass. The world knows who the hell I am, I don’t need to sit here and say it week in and week out. We have Brendenplayz challenging Bashka “because Sameer is outshining me” OH BOO HOO. However I will show you some props, it was an intelligent move not going after real competition like myself Playz because I would of kicked your damn teeth down your throat before kicking your ass pillar to post all around this arena. Now many may be thinking everything I’m saying may be a mistake, I’ve been drinking just a little bit however it’s just a little bit enough to get everything that I’ve been bottling up. You see I got one more in the chamber and that goes to BOTH “returning STARS”. When either of you grow the balls to step in that ring with me, for this here Undisputed Championship, and I am talking to Bart and Smith, I’ll remind both of your asses exactly why you went on hiatus in the first place because this place was made for real men, not p*ssies who need breaks. Julius you woke me the hell up. You gave me the attitude adjustment that I needed Unfortunately for you I only know one way of saying thank you, and it involves cracking open your damn skull and retaining this here Undisputed Championship. And then, AND THEN, I’m going to wake this company up. I’m breaking every door down, I’m shattering all the windows and I’m turning this company into a war zone. No one is safe. Flynn stands up before taking a boot straight to the camera, the screen quickly going black. His message sent to the entire BPZ locker room.
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    Not Waiting Around

    Suge' by Dababy echos throughout the sold-out arena for Carnage in Miami, Florida. Just a couple of days ago he was attacked by the newly founded stable Syndicate and was screwed over in his tag championship match where Ropati and Slim would attack the Big Ballers allowing Geroge and Blade to win the matchup. It has been rumored that was the end of the Big Ballers and BrendenPlayz will be taking a break from the wrestling part of the company. As Sameer makes his way to the ring, Some of the fans here in Miami are cheering him? Sameer acknowledges the cheers and smirks as makes his way to the ring with the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship on the waist. He poses for the fans here in Miami rising his world championship while on top of the turnbuckle and is given a microphone from the announcer's table. What a time to be watching BrendenPlayz Wrestling. We have had Smith make his return after a year to face The Bailey. Bashka vs Slim for the Intercontinental Championship and him also facing my good buddy BrendenPlayz. Speaking about Brenden, I know you all want to know if the rumors are true and they are. The Big Ballers are done and out at least for now. But I will always be in Brenden's corner and support him despite his decision. We were one of the best tag teams ever if not the best ever. But now I have to look forward and that's at SummerSlam. But first off I just want to tell that little group syndicate that slowly but surely I will send each and every single one of you to hell. You think you can just attack me can get away with it but don't worry the time will come sooner than you think. If that man Blade keeps speaking on my name I might just have to beat his ass the next time he does. The crowd pops after Sameer says he will attack Blade showing how much hatred there is for Syndicate from the fans in attendance. Anyways enough about those shitheads. Now I'm looking forward with my sights set on my match against Julius at SummerSlam. Now you see me and Julius have had some history. We battled for the tag team gold against each other for a little while. He and Ropati beat Me and Brenden at BPZ Mania, then we had a 6 man tag match where Brenden and I were able to gain the tag championships back. But this man has been on a tear as of late. Winning the whole King Of The Ring tournament to challenge for the world heavyweight championship. I know who Julius is and I am in the locker room where everyone in there is counting me out. They are scared shitless of Julius, But I am not scared of that fu*ker at all. I'll look him dead in the eyes and go to war against him at SummerSlam, you know what JULIUS I'M CALLING YOUR ASS OUT RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, COME OUT HERE I KNOW YOU ARE BACKSTAGE HERE TODAY. Sameer and the crowd now await Julius. Sameer calling out Julius right here tonight. A man who has taken out everyone that has crossed path with his way of success.
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    An exclusive interview with Yelich post his To The Top Ladder Match is uploaded to the BPZ YouTube channel, Yelich is asked by the interviewer if he has any thoughts and a crying Yelich answers. Why? why am I being targeted? I- I don't get it. I try so hard. I try so hard for you people, I try so hard for your enjoyment and in return I am handed loss after loss after loss. I swear this isn't my fault... I almost get to what I want and what I've been striving towards and then someone else takes it. I should've won at the Royal Rumble but Flynn took it from me. I should've won the North American Championship Ladder Match but Arius took it from me. I should've won my match at Judgment Day but Julius took it from me. I should've won my match in the first round of King of the Ring but Hans took it from me. I should've won To The Top but Joh took it from me. WHY CAN'T I GET ANYTHING? Why does someone else always have to be a tad bit better, why am I never enough? People think this whole conspiracy thing is a funny gag. It's not funny. This is how I feel. I don't know how to process these losses since I always am so close. But everything is taken from me. I get encouragement, people always like to say "You're doing great just keep it up, things will turn around" but they never do. I've been waiting for things to turn around for years... they haven't. And sometimes they say "You came closer than a lot of other people have" but that means nothing. I get so close and I try so hard, yet I never get to reap any rewards. I'm always a narrow second place. Why can't I ever get first? Why? Yelich slowly walks away and to the locker room area, the microphone still picking up him asking himself "Why?" more and more until the video ends.
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    ______________________________________________________________________________________________ It’s our semi main event as the King of the Ring reaches its climax as the “Extraordinary” Hans takes on “The Machine” known as Julius. We’ve already had some great action tonight, but it looks like we are in for a classic. Who will walk out with their Arm raised high, and become your 2019 King of the Ring winner. First to make his entrance is Hans as “I am” plays, the pyro goes off and the atmosphere in wembley is something special. Hans walks down to the ring, laser focused as he was determined to win the King of the Ring. He also competed earlier tonight, retaining his US Title. He looks to make 2-0 tonight. “Gallantry” blasts as “The Monster”, “The Australian Behemoth”, Julius makes his entrance. The goosebumps goes down your spine every time you see this man. He marches down to the ring looking angry as he lost his IC title earlier in the night. Both men are in their respective corners looking on to each other, knowing what they both offer in the squared circle. The Bell Rings, as these two start laying punches on each other. Julius lays some viscous forearms while Hans lays some good punches that has Julius dazed. Eventually Julius would headbutt Hans, bringing him down to the ground. Julius would stumble just a bit from the effect of the headbutt. Julius would pick up Hans, Irish whipping him into the corner and follows it up with brutal chop to the chest. Julius would proceed to hit 2 more chops and it echoes throughout the stadium. Julius would then Irish Whip him into the other corner but Hans wouldn’t hit the corner, instead he would climb up quickly to the top rope. Julius runs up and Hans would hit a picture perfect Moonsault onto Julius. Hans covers Julius, 1, 2 and Julius kicks out. Hans would bring Julius to his knee and would run up to the ropes and comes back with a Kick to the chest. Hans would try to do it again but Julius would dodge it sweep Hans legs for pin attempted. Hans quickly kicks out but Julius would get up and hit a devastating shoulder block. Julius would then stomp on Hans several times to his shoulder. Julius would then pick up Hans and Bang! he hits a Brain Buster. Julius would go for the cover, 1, 2 and no! Hans would kick out. Julius would throw Hans onto the outside as he would try to work the shoulder of Hans. Julius would Irish whip him onto the barricade but Hans would hop onto the top and would hit a Stylin DDT to Julius. Julius and Hans would both get up and beat the 10 count. As soon as both men get into the ring, Julius would hit a Discus Clothesline and follows it up with a Sitout Powerbomb. Julius would then bring Hans up to his feet and bring him up to the top rope. Julius would try to hit a german suplex on the top rope. Julius would execute the move but somehow Hans would land on his feet. Julius quickly gets back and goes for a clothesline but Hans would duck and hit a beautiful looking Pele Kick. Julius would be dazed as Hans would also hit a headscissors takedown bring Julius down to the ground. He would roll out of the ring but that may have been a bad move as Hans would hit a picture perfect Shooting Hans Press onto the outside. The wembley crowd are going nuts as they chant “This is Awesome”. Hans would bring Julius back into the ring, and Hans would go up to the top rope and hits a 450 splash onto Julius. Hans goes for the cover, 1, 2, and…… Julius Kicks Out! Hans would then attempt to hit a Lionsault. He goes for it but Julius would bring his knees up and Hans chest is hurting like hell. Both men slowly get up, staring at each other, knowing that these two are giving it their all. They exchange forearms and the crowd boo Julius and cheer Hans. Julius would hit an elbow, Hans follows it up with an enziguri, a dazed Julius would then follow it a High Knee Strike, Hans is dazed but he would attempted a Hurricanrana but Julius wouldn’t allow him to hit it and and transitions that move into Samoan Drop. Julius then stares down Hans with sweat dripping down his face, he then notices Hans holding his shoulder. He proceeds to hit several jumping knees onto the shoulder. Julius would then put in armbar wanting Hans to submit while injuring the shoulder. Hans is screaming in agony, as if this is it. However the heart of Hans is something special and no matter how painful it is, he’s not giving up. Hans would then hit some punches to Julius and that would allow Julius to let go from the submission. Hans would roll on to the outside resting. To the surprise of everyone, Julius hits a Tope Suicida. The crowd are in disbelief, and they are in engaged to everything they see. Julius would bring Hans back into the ring, and looks to finish the match with a Claymore Kick. He stalks his prey, Hans would get up and turn around. Everybody thought this was it but Hans ducks the Claymore and hits a standing drop kick. The crowd goes insane as they think Hans might just win the match. Julius is lying down on the floor in the middle of the ring. Hans goes to top rope and goes for a Spiral Tap! He hits it but Julius rolls out of it and when Hans gets back up, Bang! Claymore Kick from Julius. Julius doesn’t want to end it there though, he picks up Hans and hits Hell’s Welcome. 1, 2 and 3. Your 2019 King of the Ring Winner, Julius! Julius looks completely exhausted from that fantastic match. Hans rolls onto the outside looking disappointed that he couldn’t defeat Julius. Julius has his hand raised by the referee as the pyro goes off. Julius wins and he celebrates in the ring........
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    Survival. In BPZ, Survival is everything. Following this years Summerslam, BPZ hosts one of its most stacked tournaments in history, The Survival Games. Taken from the original 2015 tournament and revamped, the Survival Games are a round robin tournament to decide a number one contender for the Undisputed Champion at this years Night of Legends. Beginning immediately the week following Summerslam, the Survival Games will feature some of BPZ’s most elite talent taking each other on week after week leading to the eventual Survival Games Show. The talent pool has been separated into two separate blocks, block A and Block B. From here we will see the members of each block duke it out in singles competition week after week, racking up points. Once all participants in the separate blocks have faced off, the participant with the most points from each block will be taken and will compete in the Survival Games Finals AT this years SURVIVOR SERIES! From there, the winner of this Finals match will be granted a Number One Contenders shot for the Undisputed title at Night of Legends. Not just this, but we can confirm the Undisputed Championship and North American Championship will be on the line at Survival Games! All this and much more in what is set to be an action pack few months of BPZ. You can view all of this Live on the BPZ network! Below Are the Two Chosen Blocks of Participants: Block A TBD is Bart/Flynn & Block B TBD is Arius/Yelich Advertised: Flynn, Slim, Smith, Bart, Julius, Bashka And etc... Venue: Spectrum Center: Charlotte, NC
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    *Nathan Sawyer Is in the ring* Sawyer: It seems I caused quite a controversy with my last video. Apparently, all you sensitive little shits didn’t like the truth bomb I dropped on you. Tough Shit, Shouldn’t be so Fucking sensitive. Grow a godman pair of testicals and be a man. Speaking of Men, You know Men have been at the top of the food chain for a while now and Why is that? Could it be possible that we are just the superior gender? Could it be the fact that men have superior intellect then women? They Answer to those questions are Yes. Men are not only the superior Gender but also the Gender with Superior Intellect. Men have always been superior over women. When it comes to Military, Men always are more Superior, When it comes to Politics, The Men always beat out the women, Want an Example? Hillary fucking Clinton, That Woman couldn’t control her old man, what made you thin she could have controlled the country. The one thing the United States of America has gotten right is that no woman has ever become President. Women don’t belong in the white house. You know where else they don’t belong? In the damn Wrestling Ring.. That’s right, I said women should be allowed to go anywhere near a wrestling ring. The Best damn thing about women in wrestling was when they were nothing but rats being trade from wrestler to wrestler being treated like nothing but a piece of meat. Which is exactly all they are, Pieces of meat. It seems women forgot their place in life, their place is beneath the men and in the damn kitchen where they belong! Women belong nowhere near a damn wrestling ring or anywhere else for that matter. The only thing they deserve is to get treated like filth and the filthy dirty disgusting little pieces of trash that they are. The Best thing about women is when they are in the bedroom pleasing the men just like they are supposed to. Theres a reason Men have always been suppior to women and its time the rest of the world understood that.
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    The Real King Reigns Supreme

    {Flynn motions to the stage, waiting for someone to accept this prime opportunity to face him at Emergence. Some time passes and Flynn starts to get agitated, pacing back and forth before he begins shouting for someone to accept his challenge. After a while Flynn just stops and smarts laughing. He flips off the fans in attendance before looking to leave the ring when suddenly} {"Gallantry" blasts throughout the arena as Flynn's face turns to pure shock. Out steps the King of The Ring Winner Julius, who keeps a stone cold stare on his former mentor and fierce rival. Flynn slowly backs up into the rings center as Julius starts his descent down to the ring. Julius circles the ring, still keeping his eyes firmly on Flynn before finally getting into the ring. Julius walks up to Flynn and the two men have a brief stare down igniting the fans to their feet before Julius heads over to pick up a microphone} "I think it's about time someone came out here and shut you the hell up and I think I'm just the man to do that. You have a lot to say Flynn you always do and to be quite honest with you I think that enough is enough. You're so obsessed with thinking that you are the Greatest of All time but quite frankly I just don't give a sh*t. For months, you have come out here and you have been the one making the rules, setting up these challenges to make you look like the fighting champion but we all know that these matches weren't worth your time, however that is all about to change. Through your constant self-praising ways you seem to have forgotten that I control your destiny and I control when and where this championship reign of yours comes to an end" "In all the bullsh*t that you spew there is an element of truth to it and I think it's time for me to address it. For months I have ignored what happened at St Valentines Day Massacre, I had let it go and I had tried to move on but quite frankly I never did. I had the chance to Main Event BPZ Mania against the greatest wrestler known to mankind and you stopped me. I have walked through and I have dominated almost every single man that has stepped up to me, but I could just never get the better of you. You're the only name on the list that I haven't crossed off yet and for my sake and for my mental state I need to beat you Flynn. Everytime I see my name, whether it is on the radio or in a news article it is always yours that follows and the question has always been put out there. "Can Julius beat Flynn? All I do is sit down and replay the moment you took away my title, when you took away my chance to Main Event on the grandest stage of them all. I analyse, I try to find a reason why but I just cant. I hid behind the fact that Bailey inadvertently cost me the match but If I am the man everyone says I am I would have put you away much earlier but I didn't! The only way I can put myself at ease is by facing you again and taking away what's close to you as you took away what was close to me" "When you walk out here Flynn and you do your thing, run me down and gloat over the fact that I can't seem to beat you, it only adds more fuel to the fire. What you don't understand is that I have become a more unstable monster than I was then. I am thirsty for your blood and I promise you that I will not stop until I have my hand raised and your skull is crushed underneath my foot. I respect you Flynn I am grateful for the path you led me on but now I need to show myself importantly that I have what it takes to beat the man who made me and Emergence is just the place to do that" "I am a man of dignity and I am a man of honour. I won't wait until your half-beaten to cash in my opportunity, I won't allow there to be any sort of excuses when I inevitably beat you down. So at Emergence let's make this official. Julius vs Flynn for the Undisputed Championship, I am going to stop you and I am going to take that Undisputed Championship and raise it above my head and make you feel what I felt back in February. I said to you a month ago that one day I would reach my boiling point, and today I have" {Julius throws the mic at Flynn's face before launching at the Undisputed Champion and taking him to the ground. Flynn tries to scurry out of the ring but Julius grabs him by the leg and drags him into the center. Flynn slowly rises to his feet and pleads Julius to stop but The Death Machine answers with a brutal forearm strike before bringing him in for the Hell's Welcome. Julius has been unleashed, all the attacks from Flynn have made him reach his boiling point and now he has exploded. The crowd cheer as Julius heads to the corner setting up for the devastating Claymore Kick. Flynn rises to his feet still unaware of his surroundings before his met by Julius' boot in the form of a Claymore kick} {As Julius rises to his feet, the crowd stand in appreciation as the Death Machine stands over the Undisputed Champion. Julius picks up the Undisputed Championship and raises it above his head roaring to the crowd in the process. It is now official, Julius and Flynn will fight for the Undisputed Championship at Emergence, August 9th. It's master vs apprentice you will not want to miss this}
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    𝐴𝑚𝑏𝑖𝑡𝑖𝑜𝑛. After her loss to Flynn at the Power Trip Cup, subsequently witnessing Jonathan fall to the same fate while she was special guest referee, Sheridan as well as the Royal Flush were a monotonous existence. The duo having not won a match since the same month as their formation, as well as already competing for and failed to capture the BrendenPlayz Tag Team Championships twice, they were reaching a halt in their aspirations and a time would come where the two would have to sit and discuss their future in the tag team division. For the moment, "The Golden Girl" was situated in her quarters within the Royal Flush manor. She was holding the referee shirt she wore while overseeing her partners bout fighting for the Undisputed Championship against Flynn. With a sigh, she reluctantly put the shirt upon the dressing table before her. Sitting down in front of the same table, light bulbs decorating the frame of the central mirror, she applied some lip gloss before turning to the camera. "Ambition is something that I have never lacked in my career. Being the only female competitor in this promotion should be enough to tell you that. If not? The fact I have competed for the highest championships available while still being in the NXT division will, competed against legends such as Flynn, Brenden and the current holder of the World Championship, Sameer, all in the last three months. As one half of the Royal Flush I have learned so much. Not only about how the business works, but in the wresting ring also. Physically, technically, mentally. I am better due to my partnership with Jonathan and working against some of the best in the world." "So the question I must ask myself is, why have I not translated this ambition to success? It cannot be down to talent, for I wouldn't be getting these opportunities if I were not talented. After all I did manage to bring the Big Ballers to a rematch alongside Jonathan. The fact that I didn't lose decisively the first time around to the likes of Brenden and Sameer shows that I am a talented individual. Perhaps my expectations are simply too high. While I managed to secure these fights the fact I did not leave them with gold around my waist shows that I am not yet at that level, that my focuses have not been realistic. There is a reason that I went into these matches as the underdog, and while I have gained valuable experience I think it is time that I stop over-exerting myself, picking the biggest fights for little reason and settle to my level and truthfully begin to make a focused impact on the BrendenPlayz landscape." Using her foot to push the chair back, Sheridan brings herself to a standing position. The woman is attired in a simple, blue summer dress which comes to her knees. Her make-up is light and she has a white headband holding her cascading blonde hair in place. She takes a look around her room, striding a step before speaking. "To The Top is something that I feel invested in. It is something that I want, to validate the work that I have been doing since returning to this company, to show that being the protégé of Jonathan is something that hasn't gone to waste. Climbing to the top of that ladder and wrapping these dainty hands around that briefcase would be the crowning moment of my career, it would show that facing these big names was not all in vain. Arius has done fantastic work since becoming the inaugural champion, the first individual to hold that North American Championship. He is a brilliant man and a fierce competitor, some would argue his future lies ahead of the title he currently holds and defends at a not so exciting rate. Some would argue I would be a fine representative of the continent. As the only woman in this promotion I already represent half the demographic. Now is the time for me to show that I am serious about competing in this sport. No excuses or warning shots necessary, I am going to compete for an opportunity to carry that championship and I am going to come out as the vanquisher." "Nobody needs this as much as I do. For eighteen months I have been floundering around while those in upper management continue to label me a future player in this game, a competitor who has the potential to reach the pinnacle, the very top. At Emergence I am going to walk into this match and I am going to do this for me, I have been all talk for too long while not fully investing myself in this promotion, still being able to compete for the lowest levels of championships despite being here for almost two years is a joke and it is something that I need to quickly remedy. I am going full-time, I am going to be the best. Not for Jonathan but for this need which enlightens within me, a need to fulfil what some would label destiny. I recognise that I will be competing with some of the best, the likes of Hans and Yelich are seasoned professionals and competitive athletes. But they are not Sheridan Müller, they do not have the compassion and the mental superiority that I have, and I can guarantee you they will not be walking out of Emergence victorious, and they will not have their hands around the opportunity of a lifetime come the end of the night." With these words, Sheridan smirks. She holds her posture for a couple of seconds before sauntering over to the stable camera and lacing her hand around it to bring the current recording to a stop.
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    Julius celebrates while the crowd boo. The booing slowly becomes quiter and quiter as Julius only starts celebrating more and more. He realises that even after suffering a loss, he is still as dominant as he has ever been. Meanwhile crowd has lost their hope that Julius may be on his way down following his defeat in the Intercontinental Championship match. Julius goes to the barricade and is giving a crown. He taunts the crowd who react furious, but seem powerless. There is nothing they can do to stop this unstoppable monster, that will continue to dominate the BPZ for ever long he pleases too. Suddenly the crowd starts to cheer. A weird occurence, as they have seeemed so negative to Julius throughout the rest of the show. The commentators are speechless by it to the point where they are wondering if Julius paid for a positive reaction… IT’S BART, BART IS HERE. AFTER JULIUS TOOK MONTHS OFF HIS CAREER, BART HAS MADE HIS RETURN TO BPZ WRESTLING. Julius realises that things aren’t looking well for him, and tries to escape, but… Bart catches him, putting Julius through even more pain after he had already wrestled twice tonight. But it sure won’t be the last bit of pain that Julius will experience tonight. Bart drags Julius into the ring, a huge smile on his face. The suffering of Julius is like candy to him. In a rare situation, Bart fires up the crowd as he sits Julius down in the corner. A VICIOUS KNEE. The fans know what’s coming next as they begin to chant for the Last Breath. Bart is clearly loving it as he begins to grab Julius and lift him up to his feet. THE LAST BREATH. The crowd cheers, finally Julius has been put in his place. However, Bart seems less enthusiastic. You guys really thought that was it? After all he did to me, you thought I was going to have mercy on him. Just get my revenge and that’s it? You should know me better. To the shock of the crowd, Bart lifts up the dead body of Julius. He is out of control, his anger is taking him to a crazy level. This isn’t about bragging rights like it used to be, this is about much much more. Bart climbs up to the rope while carrying Julius, the crowd is holding it’s breath as it awaits what’s about to happen. OH MY GOD Bart then stands over the deady body of Julius. His message louder than ever. Bart is back.
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    BPZ Carnage | 1st July, 2019 | Altice Forum Braga | Braga, PT The Chairman Introduces The 2019 King Of The Ring Tournament In order to introduce this year's King Of The Ring tournament, the chairman of BPZ, Brenden Playz, stands in the middle of the ring with a microphone and addresses the Portuguese crowd inside the Altice Forum of Braga. Brenden: "Welcome! People of Braga, Portugal, welcome to Monday night Carnage as BPZ tours around Europe, showcasing the best of our superstars in the King Of The Ring tournament! Tonight marks the beginning of the 2019 rendition as we see four of the eight first-round matches." "Over the past years, King Of The Ring has propelled mediocre careers to new heights, to great heights, to BPZ World Heavyweight Champion heights. Just last year, Julius won the tournament and went on to win the world title. Now, Julius is viewed as one of the most dominant forces in BPZ and one of the best superstars that the company has to offer. That's why over the next few weeks, you will see wrestlers put everything on the line, you will see them sacrifice it all, just for the chance to be named King Of The Ring!" After retaining a professional manner and giving an exciting introduction to this year's King Of The Ring tournament, Brenden goes to leave the ring but pauses halfway through the ropes. It's clear that there's something on his mind as he returns to the middle of the ring. Brenden: "I was told not to talk about this but this is my company so Sameer... In any business, in any industry, there's one simple rule that everyone must follow: Never, ever, cross your boss." With frustration visibly building up in his face, Brenden manages to leave it at just that, refraining from going on any further about Sameer's actions at Judgement Day. Instead, he calmly leaves the ring and returns to the back, maintaining the professional conduct that is expected of the chairman. BPZ King Of The Ring Tournament Aaron North vs KENJI In the first bout of the 2019 King Of The Ring tournament, 'The Punk Prince Of Perfection' Aaron North takes on 'The Sendai Supernova' KENJI. These two men are at similar points in their respective careers and they are both entering the first King Of The Ring tournament here tonight. In a very close matchup, Aaron North is able to get the advantage over KENJI on multiple occasions but the bright star that is 'The Sendai Supernova' prevails and picks up the victory, earning his place in the quarter-finals. George AK Returns Tonight For King Of The Ring Following the first sight of King Of The Ring action, a video plays and it begins by saying that George AK returns tonight to compete in the tournament. The video then goes on to showcase the best moments of George AK's career in BPZ. Despite the lack of accomplishments, during his previous time in BPZ, George AK gained the respect of the fans and the locker room. Tonight, it should be exciting to see if he can finally boost his career to the heights that he's shown glimpses of in the past. BPZ King Of The Ring Tournament Bulldozer vs Julius Jones In the second match of the King Of The Ring, Bulldozer takes on an imposing foe in the BPZ Intercontinental Champion, Julius Jones, who many have said is a favorite to win the whole tournament. The match kicks off and Bulldozer takes his time, slowly approaching the champion. At first, Bulldozer gets the upper hand but pretty soon, Julius catches him with a devastating lariat. Then, he goes on to put up a dominating performance against the much less experienced Bulldozer. Ultimately, Julius moves on to the second round by winning via pinfall after a brutal Claymore Kick. Why Natedog Is Known As Mr. King Of The Ring For the second time tonight, a compelling video takes over the feed of Carnage as the former King Of The Ring winner, 'The Emperor', Natedog. At first, his in-ring abilities are showcased in a montage of his impressive maneuvers. Then, the video begins to tell a story, the story of Natedog's career, eventually explaining why Natedog is known as Mr. King Of The Ring. After winning the 2016 King Of The Ring tournament, Natedog would go on to fail in capturing the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship but as the next year would come around, Natedog would once again find himself in the finals of the tournament. However, this time Nate would fall short in the finals. Nevertheless, it would become clear that there's one consistent stand-out competitor in these tournaments and that man would be named Mr. King Of The Ring. BPZ King Of The Ring Tournament Alex Costa vs George AK As promoted earlier, George AK returns for King Of The Ring competition against Alex Costa, a man who has impressed many but hasn't quite put all the pieces together to truly propel his career in the right direction. Tonight, both these men would benefit greatly from victory but ultimately, only one can. At first, Alex Costa seems to be wiping the floor with George AK who is obviously still rusty. However, near the end of the match, something snaps in the head of George AK as his aggression levels explode out of control and he purposely injures Costa in order to win, which he does but just like that, the crowd is now booing the returning superstar. Nevertheless, George AK qualifies for the quarter-finals. Royal Flush Celebrate Their Momentous Victory Before the final match of the night, the newly crowned BPZ Tag Team Champions, Royal Flush, make their way to the ring with their beautiful, freshly-polished, titles. Before winning the titles, the mood of Jonathan was extremely moody but now, success has birthed new life into the illustrious veteran as he stands tall alongside his partner, Sheridan Muller, in the center of the ring. Sheridan Muller: "We did it. We were told repeatedly that we weren't a match for The Big Ballers. We were told that no matter how many rematches we had, we wouldn't win. Well, look at us now! We defeated arguably the greatest tag team in BPZ Wrestling history in a two-out-of-three-falls matchup which means there are no excuses, there are no doubts, we are the undisputed, deserving, rightful, BPZ Tag Team Champions!" Jonathan: "When I returned to BPZ, I met many challenges and truly, I was disappointed with how I performed when against these challenges but now... Alongside Sheridan, with these titles around our waists, I can lift my head and stand tall. Throughout my career, I've-" Suddenly, the champions' celebration is interrupted by the theme music of the number one contenders to the BPZ Tag Team Championships, The Godsent, who earned that right last night at Judgement Day. The team makes their way to the stage with each of them having their own cocky strut as they approach the ring, talking whilst walking. Odyssey Sellers: "What the hell am I looking at? This, this is who we have earned a shot against? Surely this has to be a joke, right? I was never told beauty and the beast were in our division." Maddrix Delgado: "Yes me neither but I'm sure we can handle the beast and then we have just have to worry about Jonathan, the little princess. After that, we can get those beautiful titles and put them on some proper championship material known as The Godsent." The Godsent is now just outside the ring. They hesitate slightly before climbing into the ring and with a strong essence of arrogance, they step up to the champions. Odyssey Sellers: "I like the sound of that. Then, perhaps we could make this embarrassment of a division into something actually credible because I'm pretty sure a rom-com featuring these two morons isn't going to do any help at all." Maddrix Delgado: "In fact, before you go any further, you may as well hand over the titles Jonathan. Obviously, we respect you and your fantastic accomplishments but... It's not like you are going to beat the two of us, especially with her as your partner. Maybe just make a better choice next ti- Just like how The Godsent interrupted Royal Flush, Sheridan interrupts Maddrix but in a very different manner as she straight up smacks Maddrix on the jaw with a hook that sends him to the floor. The contenders look at Sheridan shocked as Jonathan holds her back from attacking them any further. The Godsent leave complaining about the rudeness of Sheridan whilst Jonathan keeps himself and Sheridan composed in the ring. BPZ King Of The Ring Tournament Monda vs Natedog In the main event of tonight, 'The American Hero' Monda takes on 'The Emperor' Natedog. In the ring stands two incredible competitors from two different eras of BPZ but tonight, the King Of The Ring tournament brings them together in one on one competition. In the match, the Hall Of Famer proves exactly why he is that as Monda seems to be a step ahead of Natedog, which could be because of the fact that Monda returned a few months ago so is already very much back into the groove of wrestling whereas tonight is Natedog's return. Nevertheless, Natedog proves why he is named Mr. King Of The Ring as, after a spectacular performance, he picks up the victory and moves onto the quarter-finals. After the match, after recovering and catching his breath, Natedog grabs a microphone and addresses the crowd. Natedog: "It's that time of year again! It's time for the BPZ King Of The Ring tournament, also known as Natedog season. Monda, as great of a competitor as he is, met the incredible force of fate. Fate has made me the figurehead of this tournament and fate will see me be victorious once again. The King Of The Ring tournament, the main event of SummerSlam, the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship, it's all written to me in the name of fate and anyone who stands in my way will be broken down and demolished like this Hall Of Famer was tonight. Long live The Emperor!" After his speech, Natedog drops the mic and climbs the turnbuckles, continuing to celebrate as the first set of quarter-finalists have been decided and this weeks episode of Carnage comes to a close.
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    Thank You

    We start off Carnage as the former Undisputed Champion Bart walks out to the ring. He is received by the fans with a lot of cheers , a reaction which has is the polar opposite of what Bart is used to. He clearly enjoys it as a smile pops up on his face and he begins to talk to the audience. It has been wonderful to be back. When I was out, all that I could think of was the attacks that I would mount upon Flynn and Julius by the time of my return and doing it felt as satisfying as anything that I have ever done in my career. I want to thank both of them, before the events at the Powertrip Cup Finals, I was bored. I was wrestling without passion, without a real motivation. I didn’t know why I was doing what I was doing. The constant success made my vulnerable, I became less and less dedicated to the wrestling craft with every day that passed. But then, I was surprised by a beautiful gift from two of my best friends in this industry. First, it was Flynn who attacked me from behind, making a mockery out of everything he said prior to that match. Then of course we had Julius, who decided to unleash a wild attack on me. It was truly a blessing in disguise. It gave me a spark, which I needed for a long time. Really since BPZMania IV, I had been going without a direction. Then all of a sudden, I had things to look forward to. I couldn’t wait to finally beat up Julius, and I still can’t wait to finally get MY title back. I want to thank you for that Flynn. I want to thank you for bringing my passion for the business back. However, it appears that Flynn hasn’t yet had this magical moment. He is lost. It’s painful to see. The former 5 time world champion looks to be in his biggest crisis yet. He appears to be unsure of himself and has even began to talk in an accent. Now, I wouldn’t have been worried about Flynn if that was the only thing, but sadly it appears that he is really in a dark place. Flynn, the self proclaimed best in the BPZ, is attacking low-lifes in a desperate attempt to feel powerful again. The 5 Time World Champion needs to feed satisfaction from attacking Sheridan? From attacking Arrow, ARROW of all people. Why Flynn, why is it that you need to attack people who are so far beneath your level? I know why, because you are scared that you don’t have it anymore and this is the only way to put yourself at rest. You have already given up on everything that you preached to me about before our match. You thought so highly of yourself back then, you had so much hope and opportunism. Now, you are holding on tightly to the last bit of belief that you have in yourself, illustrated with the Undisputed Championship. I want you all to be reminded of just how Flynn beat me. You have heard a lot of strong words coming out of his mouth, so maybe it’s time for a reminder. Maybe it’s time that you people remember just how this unstoppable force beat me. A video begins to play, showing Flynn attacking Bart from behind before their match at the PTC Finals begins. I know you better than anyone Flynn. Those random attacks don’t lie. You have tried to hide your self doubts from everyone and tried to vanish them by attacking people far below your level. I know what you will say “I beat Julius, I beat Jon”. I don’t care Flynn, I have as well. You can say that you beat me, I know that makes you happy. Feel free to think that you will just beat me again. But you know that it won’t happen as easily as it happened last time. This time you won’t outsmart me. I wouldn’t dare to disrespect you and give you such a sorry effort again.I know none of this change your mindset towards the match, or at least, that you won’t admit to it, but I can see that deep down you are stressing. Because what if you lose Flynn. You constantly need to show that you are the best ever. You can’t afford to look bad, and that’s what is going to cost you this match. I know you won’t believe me, which is fine. Some people can only find out one way, and that way will be shown at Summerslam. I can’t wait.
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    Crashing The Party

    In the backstage interview room, we see Buddy Ace just wrapping up his interview. He exits the room while Mikey enters it. The two exchange a look but continue on their ways in peace. Mikey is clearly feeling the effects of the match already, the cuts and bruises evident all over his body. His chest has also already been wrapped up in some medical tape. Despite this, he kicks the chair in the middle of the room over and instead stands on his own power. He takes a few deep breathes, clears his throat, and finally begins to talk. Well...shit! This was a night that will go down in my BPZ career, whether for good or bad reasons. But I can't deny that it was an experience I'll never forget. Stepping in the ring with some of the best in the business and whipping every single one of their asses all across the ring felt absolutely fantastic. And I think it's more than fair to say I showed that I belong up here with the "big boys" on the main roster. But with that being said, last night was not all roses and sunshine. In fact, it probably looked like the complete opposite to those watching. At the end of the match, it was not myself who walked away with that briefcase. It was a washed up, has been member of the UN who got lucky. Hell, I would've been happier if Yelich got the victory. God damn Yelich. But alas, it was Joh. Look, I'll be completely, brutally honest right now. You were nothing more than a huge pussy that whole match. The rest of us put our entire bodies on the line to win that match. But you? All you did was relax on the outside, get a couple moves in every now and then, and then snake your way to the victory. You can call it strategy all you want, but everyone saw it for what it really was. However, that is in the past, and this the present. Let's move on toooo... Summerslam! The biggest party of the summer! One of the most prestigious BPZ events! And I am contending for the United States Championship. What can I say? I turned heads by winning the NXT Championship and beating ass at Emergence. So, Death Rider, ICON, even Ark Universe, my words for you will be short and sweet. No matter what the history against me says, no matter how much momentum you have from winning your match at Emergence, and no matter how much hype surrounds your return, none of you are good enough to stand toe to toe with me. And as for the man who is coming into the match as the reigning champion and the man who I faced earlier this night, Hans Clayton. How's your back feeling? A little sore? Completely ruined? Well, I did in fact warn you before the match I wouldn't be holding back. But unfortunately for you, it's not over just yet. We both came up short tonight, but I guarantee that won't happen again. Only one of us will come up short come Summerslam, and if you need a little hint, his name rhymes with Bans Playton. Bring your First Class Express, bring your Bulletproof buddies, but I promise that your party will end with your United States championship around my shoulder. Thank you very much. Mikey walks toward the exit, but as he is leaving the man he was just talking about, Hans Clayton, enters the room. The two bump shoulders and turn to face each other. They stand off for a moment before Mikey takes a step back, pats the United States Championship wrapped around Hans' shoulder, and finally walks out of the room, Hans looking quite perplexed.
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    The scene opens at BPZ Carnage, set in Miami, Florida. Sheridan's theme music hits and she wastes no time in appearing, her attire being a bomber jacket with Japanese insignia printed on the back, as well as basic black wrestling shorts, accompanied by tights and knee-high faux leather boots. The German born poses on the entrance ramp while her theme song blasts into the arena before she makes her way down to the ring with a saunter. Taking time to pose for a couple of pictures as well as high five some of those in attendance she turns and sprints up the steel steps leading to the ring. Posing and flaunting her body before entering through the middle rope, soaking in the reaction of the audience. Gesturing for an attendant to hand her a microphone, she waits for the noise within the arena to lighten before she begins to speak. "So at Emergence, I lost. There is no point in beating around the bush. I talked a big game yet I barely had an encounter with the infamous To The Top briefcase all night. So let me be the bigger person and congratulate Joh on his victory, he is deserving of it and I am sure that himself and Arius will put on a great match, whenever the time comes for him to cash in his opportunity. I am not going to make excuses, some of my opposition who also lost have started petitions or ranted about how they are constantly mocked and mistreated in this promotion, but I am fine just shrugging my shoulders and accepting defeat, accepting the fact that Joh was the better competitor on the night." "It leaves me questioning what I should do next, though. Going into Emergence I really did think that climbing the ladder and winning the match was a possibility. I thought that I was a favourite, that the tide would turn my way and my opportunity to shine would arrive but it never did. I think it is a grassroots situation, perhaps I constantly bite off more than I chew and think I am a better competitor than I really am. I do feel that these matches against people like Flynn, learning from a legend like Jonathan, has made me a better competitor but maybe my journey to the stop wasn't supposed to begin just yet. Perhaps I need to continue honing my craft, working at it, before my meteoric rise to queendom in the wrestling industry is set to take off." Sheridan pauses for a second. It is clear to see that in spite of her words she is a little bitter and emotional concerning her match at BPZ Emergence. She lets her hand drop and the microphone hold at her side, pacing the ring momentarily. The tan redhead ends up resting on the turnbuckle, contemplating her next move, her motive heading into one of the biggest shows of the year, BPZ SummerSlam. "With that being said, I am going to compete for the NXT Championship at SummerSlam. I am going to fight at my level in a division that is without a leader. I have been apart of this promotion for eighteen long months and that title is the one I have competed for the most but never been able to grasp it, I have never even come close. Battle Royal after battle royal, multi-man matches every other month. I always end up being thrown over the top rope or having my shoulders pinned to the mat. Well no more, I say no more to that. Since returning to this company I have competed and worked alongside the best. In the last three months alone I have shared the ring with both the undisputed and the world champion, I have fought the owner of this company to a double count-out. My résumé is too good to be losing this much, to be constantly so close to achieving something special, becoming the first ever female champion in BrendenPlayz." "So I am putting all those in the NXT division on notice. I am not going to be just competing any longer, barely keeping my head above the water. I grow bored of waiting and I am filled with lust and want for the NXT Championship, to make history, to do something for myself. I yearn for the opportunity to rocket into the upper echelons of this promotion and truthfully make a difference. I am Sheridan the naive girl no longer. This is my rise, my time to assert my dominance, an ice grip, on a division that I want to make mine. You can mock me for my losses, my career so far, but when SummerSlam rolls around I will make every one of you my bitch, and stomp on your throats as I hold that beautiful, golden title high for all to see, that Sheridan is the future." With fighting words fuelled by motivation, Sheridan drops the microphone onto the ring canvas and exits through the middle rope. She storms up the entrance ramp with a determined and driven expression on her face. Her theme music hits once more, she looks out into the audience before disappearing to the back to thunderous ovation.
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    The Protest

    We are live here in the Amalie Arena for the go home Carnage to BPZ Power Trip: Emergence. Yelich has a group of 20 or so people who have seen his Yelich's Yell press release and have joined him for his march on Carnage in protest of the supposed conspiracy against him. Carnage has just begun and the hijacking has already begun as they have seemed to have hacked into the titantron and put on live footage of the crappy handheld camera Yelich is using to broadcast the protest. Yelich brings up a megaphone to his mouth. Yelich: Okay everybody! Let's start the march! Yelich and his 20 or so followers begin to march from the Tampa Bay Hertz to the Amalie Arena. The group on the about 5 minute walk over to the arena where Carnage is being held chant a handful of different things in support of Yelich. Justice For Yelich! Justice For Yelich! We Want Answers! We Want Answers! End The Conspiracy! End The Conspiracy! Yelich For To The Top! Yelich For To The Top! Yelich smiles and even joins in with these chants with his megaphone at times at the utmost glee. He has a fanbase, he has people who believe and support him in his endeavors. They eventually reach the door where talent are supposed to enter from and Yelich stops before it and goes to talk to his supporters on his megaphone. Yelich: Okay guys, everyone remember the plan right? Kyle, can you and the other two people helping you carry it please wrap everyone in the world's largest trenchcoat? They get right to it, and soon enough, 20+ people are wrapped in one humongous trenchcoat, it is fooling nobody that there are tens of people in it. one person is on top of anothers shoulders in the middle, acting as the head of the person, there are about 40 shoes at the bottom, and you could hear the people moving from about a quarter mile away, and they look like a moving tent, but at least they're trying. Yelich: Follow my lead. Yelich leads the people to the talent entrance, Yelich flashes his "BPZ Employee" badge at the security guard, the security guard then points to his group of people in the very large trenchcoat behind him in confusion. Yelich: My plus one. Security Guard: That's clearly multiple people. Yelich: Rude, just because my very good friend here is big boned does not give you the right to say that. Fatshaming is a problem here in America, and you are not helping one bit sir. Security Guard: Ya know what, if they can go through this door in under a minute, I'll let them be your plus one. Yelich: You just wanna see a morbidly tall and obese person struggle with doors don't you? You bully. But fine, have it your way. Let's go. A really weird scuffle to get through the door occurs, the guy at the head disappears off of his former spot, making the trenchcoat "man" headless. Everyone is trying to get into the door at the same time, and you can hear many "ow's" and "stop's" from the trenchcoat, eliciting a chuckle from the security guard. Yelich then kicks the gut of the security guard and hits a Concussion Syndrome Pildriver on him onto the sidewalk! Yelich then grabs his megaphone and yells into it. Yelich: EVERYONE LET GO OF THE TRENCHCOAT I TOOK CARE OF IT! Everyone drops the world's largest trenchcoat and it falls to their feet, they see the security guard rolling in pain and they react, some happy, some shocked, and some indifferent. Everyone starts to mutter about to each other, not necessarily paying attention to Yelich. Yelich then hits the siren button to get everyone to focus on him as a grating siren sound plays. Yelich then puts the megaphone to his mouth and he gives out orders. Yelich: RUN DOWN THE HALLS, FOLLOW ME! Yelich gets through the crowd of his supporters and starts running down the halls of the Amalie Arena to get to the entrance. A right, a left. On the way down that second hall they trample a dude that looked oddly like Aidanator in his Fish Man outfit, he may have been returning tonight. Not anymore it seems. Yelich eventually finds the producers area with all of the higher ups that leads to the entrance ramp. Yelich kicks down the door even though he totally didn't have to and he walks in with an authority, Brenden is fuming as Yelich has somehow hacked into the titantron and taken the show hostage, but he doesn't do anything since Yelich doesn't want to dm Brenden on Discord to ask him if he can do anything with his character in this promo. Yelich takes his megaphone out as the rest of his supporters file into the room. Yelich: I have a problem with most of you in here, but I'll get to you guys later, for now we're taking this damn show over. Yelich goes through the curtains to the entrance way and his supporters follow him through it, he walks out and no music plays. Yelich and his supporters are on the stage when Yelich all of a sudden stops, looks out at the crowd that just cheered loudly for Yelich as he has turned somewhat into a face with all of his silly comedic segments recently. But Yelich sighs, puts up his megaphone and talks into it. Yelich: Everyone back. Why would Yelich do that? That's so stupid, he has gone through all of this trouble already just get into the ring? Whatever. Nonetheless, Yelich and all of his supporters walk back to the backstage area. Yelich: Can you play my music? Please? Oh that's why... still dumb. The sound guy sighs, but takes a minute on his computer before "Upset Army" by Christian Fitness begins to play. Yelich and all of his supporters walk back out into the Amalie Arena, and march out to the ring, the Tampa crowd roaring in approval for Yelich and his completely dumb campaign to stop the "conspiracy" that keeps making him lose matches (It's really just that he's not that great at wrestling but no one tell him that). Yelich goes into the ring and sits on one of the top turnbuckles, hit feet resting on the middle rope. The rest of his supporters file in the ring as well, eventually filling up the ring so much it's tough for everyone to move about. That's probably why Yelich is on the tunrbuckle. Once everyone is settled Yelich begins to scream into his megaphone. Yelich: WE ARE HERE AND WE ARE NOT LEAVING! The audience here in the Amalie Arena cheer loudly for Yelich's proclamation. Yelich: WE HAVE A LIST OF DEMANDS AND WE WILL NOT LEAVE UNTIL THEY ARE ALL GIVEN TO US! NUMBER ONE! I WILL BE GIVEN ANSWERS AS TO WHO IS BEHIND THIS CONSPIRACY MAKING ME LOSE ALL OF MY MATCHES! The crowd and Yelich's supporters cheer in approval of this. Yelich continues on after the cheers subside. Yelich: NUMBER T- I don't want my voice to hurt after this, I'm gonna stop yelling. Number two, I will be given that To The Top Briefcase up there without having to fight for it as compensation for all of the unfair treatment I've been given recently dude to the conspiracy against me. Actually, guys grab a ladder I'm gonna go take that now. Five of Yelich's supporters leave the ring to go find a ladder under the ring. Once they stop making so much noise in the ring Yelich continues speaking into his megaphone. Yelich: Number three, do we have a third demand? Oh yeah, I want to be allowed into the BPZ Headquarters for as long as I please so I can make sure the answer you guys give me is actually true. I want to look through my files and make sure the answer you give me to the conspiracy is true, and I also wanna know what other stuff y'all are planning with me. Yelich's supporters outside of the ring seemed to have located a ladder and are going to start trying to bring it in the ring and setting it up. Yelich: Number four, once I take my compensation in the To The Top briefcase I want Arius to personally apologize for defending his North American Championship 1 time in the past 111 days. And I want him to lay down for me so I can but my foot on his chest and get that championship so I can save it from the cowardice being shown by its current champion, and make it glorious by defending it much more often, much like my... mentor? employer? Mr. F is doing with his Undisputed Championship. The five people that went to get the ladder from outside of the ting have successfully set it up in the middle of the ring, under the To The Top briefcase. Yelich doesn't seem to notice however as he just continues forth, talking into his megaphone. Yelich: Finally, number five. I want to be respected. I work my ass off for this company constantly. I train night and day, I've been doing crazy things for the entertainment of these people, I STILL HAVE MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER AND THIS WHOLE CONSPIRACY SHIT HAS MADE ME NOT SEE MY THERAPIST IN THE LAST THREE WEEKS AND IT'S HURTING ME! Everyone goes quiet. There's no cheering or booing like there has been earlier on, that was a little too real for everyone it seems. Yelich is barely keeping it together, he is heated, he is angry, and he hasn't been able to let this out in awhile. Yelich: Yet no one in the back has an ounce of respect for me and what I do. They look at me like I'm this gimmicky fun guy all the time and they never give me the time of day I deserve. They still see me as the dick guy, they still see me as that guy who lost to Mr- to Flynn... they see me as that guy who lost to Flynn in five seconds even though I worked my ass off to get to that match. THAT NIGHT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MY NIGHT! AND HE- HE TOOK IT ALL AWAY FROM ME! JOINING HIM HASN'T DONE ME ANY DAMN GOOD, ALL HE'S DONE FOR ME WAS MAKE ME ACCOMPANY HIM TO ALL OF HIS STUPID MATCHES! I'M DONE WITH HIM! HE ISN'T "MR. F" HE'S AN ASSHOLE. I deserve respect in this company, I deserve a place on the marquis in this company. I deserve wins in this company. I deserve everything this company has to offer me. And I haven't been given it for far too long. Yelich seethes on his turnbuckle in the corner. No one dares to speak anymore after his sudden outburst. This is much more serious than we thought. Yelich: F*ck this, I'm taking what I've deserved for the past three years now. Yelich drops down from his perch in the corner and shuffles through to get to the ladder set up earlier, he starts yelling when his supporters don't get out of his way quick enough "GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY, PEOPLE HAVE BEEN IN MY WAY FOR THE PAST THREE YEARS, IT'S MY TIME NOW!" Yelich begins climbing the ladder, unable to wait until Emergence. He gets to the tops and tries to unhook it but finds it tough to do while holding his megaphone, so he throws the megaphone at the ramp, it breaking in two on impact. He then goes again to unhook the briefcase but before he can a theme tune plays over the PA System and Yelich stops trying to unhook the briefcase. (Don't reply, there is a reply planned)
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    New theme music plays, as the crowd is confused before suddenly, it's the man who officially will return at SummerSlam for the Intercontinental Championship, Slim. He wears a gold and white vest as he has two chains around his neck, and a gold rolex on his wrist. He walks down to the ring, as "Crutches, Crosses, Caskets" by Pusha T plays. He stands in front of Ropati, with his own microphone, as he moves the hair from his face before beginning to talk. Allow me, to be the first superstar to welcome you back. Ropati, I've always liked you, I've always thought very highly of you, but right now, you're acting like a fool. Ropati looks offended, as Slim shrugs his shoulders before continuing to talk. You pander to these fans, like you owe them something, but, we, the superstars, owe them NOTHING. The past year of my career has been undisputedly the worst of my wrestling career, and why? I tried to tell myself it was me, blame myself for these shortcomings, and while it partially was, it was also these ignorant people, holding me back from the animal I once was. I spent so much time searching for this mysterious redemption, retribution, trying to gain the respect of these people, before realizing exactly what it was... Imaginary. These people will turn on you in an instance, make you feel like you aren't enough and that's evidenced by them cheering Julius after I redeemed my SummerSlam loss back at December to Dismember. You don't owe these people shit. You're a former Tag Team Champion, a former United States Champion, and well-liked by many of the people who hold power in this company... Especially me. Flynn and Julius aren't your enemies... These people are. They manipulate friendships, plot people against each other, and together, we need to create a balance of power between these people and superstars. Ropati, join me at my side, say screw these people, and make the best decision you ever could. You see this suit, this watch? These chains! I make sure the people around me are in good shape, and that includes you. Just make the decision, shake my hand. Slim puts his hand out, for Ropati to shake, and Ropati takes a minute to decide, as the crowd chants "NO", before Ropati shakes his hand no, to a huge pop from the crowd. Slim stands there, with a smirk on his face... LOWBLOW FROM SLIM TO ROPATI! Ropati sits on his knees, holding his groin as the fans boo, Slim smirking at them, before he picks Ropati up, placing him in between his thighs as he hooks both arms... We know what's coming... ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR TO ROPATI! Slim stands over the fallen Ropati, as he ducks out of the ring, grabbing a steel chair, as he puts Ropati's face on it before picking back up the microphone, clearly not finished with whatever message he's sending. Men like Ropati are WEAK, and will only amount to being US Champion. If you wanna be successful, you gotta do somethings that aren't "morally" right, and I have made those tough decisions, because the hardest decisions require the strongest wills, and I've proved that my will is stronger than anyone in this god-damn company, especially Bashka! You know what, screw that. I wanna show Bashka's true colors, the self-centered son of a bitch that he is. Bashka, get your ass out here right now, take this beating, OR WATCH AS I BREAK THIS KID'S F*CKING NECK RIGHT NOW! CHOICE IS YOURS, CHAMP! Slim holds Ropati's face onto the chair, as he awaits Bashka's decision. (No one reply, reply is planned)
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    Danse Macabre

    Playing: Danse Macabre ______________________________________________________________________________ We're in the week lead up to Emergence as everyone on the BPZ roster relent their final words to the Carnage audience. Declaring their ambitions of victory any way they can. But the night brings both familiar faces and faces of old as the in-ring footage plays live. We've been witness to comments from contenders in the upcoming To The Top contest but now Ark Universe stands making his open challenge to the multiple champions that have risen through the ranks in his absence. Leaving with his hands in the air the scene fades over as the camera pulls back from a monitor backstage the footage was playing on to reveal a well lit room. At first glance we see Rin Akane who had been watching the television monitor up high in front of her. Simultaneously an alarm began ringing on her phone. Without a second thought she takes a quick glance at what was a reminder to let her know that the next agenda set on their Pay-Per View week schedule was soon approaching. Looking away she puts to silent, focused on the agenda at hand as she leans her hands on top of the headrest. A suited Arius has his legs crossed as he leans back upon the black cushioned chair with the BPZ North American Championship rested across his lap, watching curiously at the sudden change of events. It's been a long night of contemplation as he takes in the changing scenery in his division. A foreign creak can be heard echoing as the walls behind him begin to slit and chatter. Arius and Rin are both unnerved as the scene falls into a sudden darkness. The final words from the broadcast echoing. "I am Ark Universe, Ally to Justice" A slight breeze is heard whistling as it hits against a flickering overhead light, it illuminates the outlines of both Arius and Rin before coming full circle. Arius seated in his chair as Rin stands to his side. The audience lean in curiously from their seats, the silence finally broken as Rin speaks Rin: There is something to be said about preparation and meditation. To get your head in the correct mindset. To close your eyes.....Rin walks behind the chair as she continues to speak, moving her hand over the shoulder of Arius as she places it over his eyes ...and clear your mind of all distractions, to focus on that one sole thing you aspire to achieve. To breathe deeply Rin demonstrates - breathe in, and then out. Yes, just like that. To continue that focus, pace...and now Ark Universe, remember all the sacrifices and struggles you made to get back into the business you once quit on. To think on the ego it takes to feel yourself the most worthy of a championship opportunity after failing to live up to the former standard. Many before you have found their supposed path to glory but this is not a game you can manipulate. The naive step forward unknowing that the crown weighs heavy and slips from the head unworthy. Arius moves her hands from his eyes as the light flickers, reappearing and illuminating the faces of both of them as the camera zooms in on his intense stare. Arius: But he who suffers the thorns gladly, and marks not the slings and arrows of fate, he will carry his head proudly, and his trumpet will sound even as all other bastions fall. Simultaneously a spotlight appears behind them lighting up the stage, the violins picking up their pace as the music takes over the scene intertwining with the words spoken by Arius At Emergence, all who wish to have their time in the limelight, let your senses be exposed for the trumpets will sing. Victory but within my grasp...patience however a foreign concept to those who will be waiting eagerly behind the lines, briefcase in hand, is the simple advice i can share. For this is a time of great peril for those wishing to cross my path. Rin Akane raises her hand to the air behind Arius as she snaps her fingers, introducing several new lights turning on behind them as it faintly lights up the stage. Silhouettes stand in a circle under the light surrounding a single ladder standing centre stage. Their attention turns to the to ceiling above Not yet taking notice to the actions behind him Arius leans forward as he continues his address ..It is not foreign to me, that my challengers will often wax poetic about their long perilous journey and deliver easy applause lines of their virtues and sacrifices which lead to my stage. "I was overwhelmed. I was desperate for approval" Arius leans back in his chair as he rest his finger tips against his chin, pondering Then again, what is a challenger without the lust for heroism? Redemption? Maybe this is the gift i'll supply to the foe who looks to strip away my championship. The question therefore put forward...In the clarity, what will rise? What will be built from the rubble. Arius turns his head to the left as he takes a glimpse at the chaos behind him, the silhouettes fight and squabble under the light as they try their hardest to fight towards the ladder standing amongst them. Arius turns backs to the camera with a smirk across his face...Intrigue is the dance of the court my friends - Danse Macabre - The Dance of Death. Death of an industry prospect, death of an opportunity. Regardless the revellers gather, willing to sacrifice anything for the taste of ecstasy. But one false step..and a man loses his head. As the final words of that line are spoken the prevailing silhouette, fingertips reaching for the bright light hanging above the ladder slips from their footing falling back and evaporates into the air. The scene cast into nothingness as the masked form of a Ghoul takes its place. Devouring the light. The stage returning to a single spotlight over Arius Neglect to watch your back at your peril. Turn your head and lose sight of what is affront. How is the would-be king to proceed? Instead stand back to the wall, safe but ever on the fringes - never to be... Holding the BPZ North American Championship in his hand Arius holds it to the sky as the light follows his presence downstage...the champion they have fought to become. Emergence. Our shared platform. A moment to find the will within themselves. What they find flickering amidst the darkness will determine their destiny. Take a hold of it. As I've taken a hold of mine. For destiny is not a matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved. Let us dance.
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    We come off a short break following the conclusion of King Of The Ring last year, where we witnessed Julius winning the whole tournament and winning the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship and We see him win the whole tournament again and will challenge one of these two men at SummerSlam. Now it is time for the Main Event, as The Bailey will challenge Sameer for his BrendenPlayz World Heavyweight Championship. Friends now Foes. The GOAT plays as The Bailey comes out to the Wembley Stadium, The crowd erupts for 'The Great One', The Bailey looks 100 percent focused here tonight to win back the BPZ World Championship and become a 7X BPZ World Champion. "Suge by Dababy" echos throughout the Wembley Stadium as The BrendenPlayz World Heavyweight Champion Sameer makes his entrance towards to ring. He is met by even more boos from when he was out here earlier where he lost his Premium Championship. Sameer gets on the top rope and poses for the crowd with the World Championship. As The Bailey waits for the match to start on the other side of the ring and you can see that he is ready for this match to start. Both Sameer and The Bailey would get in each other faces before the match starts off the ref has to put himself between both of them as they both trash talk to each other before the match starts. The Bell Rings as the match begins and both men start throwing back and forth punches at each other, Two former friends, Allies, and Brothers now throwing punches of hatred to one another. However, after a series of punches towards one another Sameer is the first one to collapse to the mat. The Bailey would pick up Sameer and Irish wipe him into the turnbuckle and puts him on the top rope, The Bailey punches Sameer a couple of times as he is on the top rope just to make sure he can get off whatever he is about to do. Bailey picks Sameer up and puts him on the top rope again this time his back is towards the ring. Bailey goes up to the top rope with Sameer and grabs him by the waist. OH MY GOD A GERMAN SUPLEX OFF THE TOP ROPE Bailey goes for a quick cover afterward 1...2 Sameer kicks out at the 2 count, Bailey would once again pick up Sameer and this time, Sameer would try to counter him with a clothesline but Bailey counters it into a GOAT BOTTOM!! The Bailey once again goes for the cover 1...2... No Sameer kicks out AT 2 AGAIN! So far in this match, The Bailey has had the upper hand Sameer uses the ropes to get up, The Bailey goes for a clothesline but Sameer counters and it sends Bailey outside of the ring. Sameer runs back and uses the ropes for momentum and a SUICIDE DIVE BY SAMEER. Sameer lands on his feet using the announcer's table to keep his balance As The Bailey is down, Sameer uses this time to tear down the Spanish announcer's table, he picks up Bailey and lays him down on the announce table. Sameer heads back into the ring and climbs to the top rope. FLYING ELBOW DROP FROM THE TOP ROPE Both men are down as the fans in the Wembley Stadium start chanting "Holy Shit" Sameer would crawl to the barricade and use it to get back up. After recovering from the flying elbow Sameer would turn back his attention on Bailey, who is on his knees trying to recovering from the flying elbow aswell. Sameer drags him back into the ring and goes for a cover. 1...2... NO KICKOUT AT TWO BY THE BAILEY. Sameer would pick up and drag The Bailey into the turnbuckle and puts him on the second rope, Sameer picks up Bailey into a power-bomb position and hits the BUCKLE BOMB BUT THE BAILEY COUNTERS RIGHT BACK WITH A SUPERMAN PUNCH. Both men going at their limit to beat one another. The Fans in the Stadium start to chant "This is Awesome" As Both Bailey and Sameer are down and out. Both of them get up around the same time, The Bailey would run at Sameer using the ropes but Sameer would counter whatever Bailey was going to do with a SUPERKICK! Sameer falls into a pin fall 1...2... NO, Once again Bailey kicks out at 2. Sameer gets up as the Bailey is on his knees recovering, Sameer sees a opportunity to strike and HITS BAILEY WITH A CURB-STOMP AND SAMEER DOESN'T FINISH THERE A 2ND CURB STOMP TO THE BAILEY. SAMEER GOES FOR THE PIN ON BAILEY 1...2...3 Sameer has retained his WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP here at the Wembley Stadium in London. The Referee rises Sameer's hand and gives him, his world heavyweight championship as he celebrates in the ring.
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    Playing: Vivaldi Scene opens to the sounds of Vivaldi playing in the distance as the camera takes us upon a birds eye view of a large party yacht had departed from the busy port town of Lymington, Hampshire and was now settled in more open waters not too far from the harbour. On the top deck, guests hidden beneath masks of their choosing mingle with each other whilst sipping champagne. Some occupying the dance floor. The evening sky hanging overhead as the sun slips into the night. There's around 300 people or so taking up the space across the vessel, inside and out, talking away as the night settles in. We last saw Arius having returned to the comforts of his home estate but it seems the allure of the King of the Ring event has beaconed him to return to the country of England. Without a sign of if he will be in attendance for the night or not up in the air he has nonetheless surrounded himself with the spectacle and celebratory nature of the prelude. Arius moves along the fast paced beat of the music overriding his senses as he makes his way through the crowd, hidden faces greet him excitedly with hands reaching towards the current champion. "Your event has been splendid thus far Arius, thank you for the invitation" says one guest with a feminine voice. Another man slips backwards knocking the shoulder of Arius back but recovers his balance. In a demon like voice he replies "My apologies, i was..." Arius gives no reply but just a nod as he presses forward, patting him on the back and letting him continue his night. Guests have come from all social standings for this event, identities sealed as Arius tries his best to fill the gap left by his absence by the PPV. Leaning against the rail of the deck, stood off to the side as the BPZ North American Championships rests waiting on her shoulder. Rin looks over the enjoyment of the night as Arius finally meets her eye. Rin: I was wondering when you were finally going to drag yourself out of your isolation. I know dragging you back over these waters wasn't the idea you had in mind for the next week in preparing for Emergence...but it's best for a...Rin lifts the championship off her shoulder and on to that of Arius who takes grasp of it firmly champion to stand firmly near the pulse of opposition instead of falling too far from the heat of action. My advice for tonight however? Rin softly smacks the side of his cheek Relax, because you're not going to get another chance for a night like this for quite a while. Arius mods his head, remaining silent but agreeing that it was the best thing to do. Rin knew he was in agreement when I leaned down, placing a gentle kiss on her cheek. A thank you for her patience. After a moment he pulled away and Rin opened her eyes. They looked at each other at the same time as Arius smirked. The moment was however short for there is a sudden commotion as a Ghoul appears from the crowd. Forcing his way through. wearing a suit that has been dishevelled and slightly torn from what appears a great length of running he looks to approach Arius. Arius looks to Rin who shares an equally puzzled look as the two of them make their way over to their allocated chairs seated near the accompanying fire centred to warm the atmosphere. Arius rests his fingers on his lips inquisitively as he wonders what is being presented to him. The Ghoul through the mask mumbles to the onlooking crowd and directly to The Revenant. "I wanted to show my gratitude, with a gift..." Trusting of the man in his presence, Arius reaches down without caution to the cloth that covers the hidden object, with a single hand he slowly unwraps the gift as he it lays upon the hands of the seated Ghoul. Astonished Arius comes to a stand-still momentarily This sight...is spectacular The gasps of the guests are telling as the eyes of Arius widen in astonishment. Lifting up the gift with both hands the audience are able to see full well the gift of a crown having been given to Arius. He moves his hand around the heavy gold base, the clusters of semi-precious stones. Staring at the gift he goes into a tangent...Spinning the crown in his hand King of the Ring looms, it’s on the horizon as the hours creep down. And the story continues, the favourites, underdogs, either favoured or not, have made their fight, they have attempted their plans, and they have marched for war. Now only two remain.... Arius is captivated by the beauty but soon he snaps back to bitter reality of this weekend, quickly placing the crown back into the hands of the Ghoul and covering it up once more. To acquire a consultation for an accolade, an honour these two will fight over this Sunday would be unfitting and at worse would selling myself short as a competitor. Instead, like all of us here i imagine, I will be eagerly watching for there will no doubt be bloodshed, it will no doubt be glorious. Arius theatrically boasts to the crowd Knights ready to die for a cause! These potential kings, will fight for the crown they believe is theirs. Only one shall stand, only one shall be the victor, the others gone to tend to their wounds, and to regroup. Arius lifts a glass To drink their worries away for a night The crowd give a small cheer as they lift their glasses into the air. Arius takes a drink from his glass before he continues his address I must thank you all for being here this evening for it's a night i will promise to share again this time in a year. This month marks a year in countdown in which i will embark on this journey again. Be that as King or Champion. But of course...already we have forces who are trying to stop me, in the forms of Lord Yautja and...Nanonvirus. The crowd going along with the rousing speech boo to the mention of their names, jestering with thumbs to the ground as Arius motions for them to calm once again Yes, yes. They stand..leading a charge, leading their respective ideals of what a champion shall and should be against my own. Nanovirus. I won't be swept away by the aura you hold, and I'm not here to drown in distractions you wish to carefully place in front of me to bide your associates time. Our clashes backstage, a momentary example of frustration but it won't cost me again. The opportunities that could await me are far alluring and have no bearing on if I were to beat you. My focus is on the man who takes risk to my championship. The victim to the unknown of what the resurgence of Arius truly personifies. Men caught in the dangerous transition of what determination and salvation captivates. Choosing his words carefully, Arius leans back on his chair as the BPZ North American Championship rests over his lap Listen closely my friends for the truth is clear. When the dust settles, there is an impending burden that will weigh you down in your shame, long past the essence of defeat. Arius takes hold of Rin's arm as she leaves over from her seat, he starts moving his finger up her arm as he continues as demonstration It is a sudden paralysing sensation that sets a false pretence into bitter numbness. The realisation that the standard in which you seek, that standard you feel will usurp the talents i bring as a competitor, was nothing more than a hallucination. You're confused. You're diluted. And that's the spectacle of it all. Lord Yaujta, you seek to find identity in yourself but instead begin to mirror the mistakes of your mentor. This illusion will be shattered along with your hopes of taking the championship from my grip. Arius stands up, lifting his arm to the air with the BPZ North American Championship in his hand, yelling to the crowd Emergence! The crowd echo his call and are in a commotion following the speech from Arius but the music and celebration is soon interrupted by blaring sirens in the distance as the blue and red lights reflect off the water. A megaphone sounds off as the attention of Arius and the guests are directed towards the shore. "On behalf of the British Monarchy and the government at arms you are here by under arrest for harbouring a fugitive in suspicion of stealing the Crown Jewels. Stop this excessive partying at once and sail over to the shore with your hands up!" Just as the message is finished Arius turns back down to the Ghoul who is seen attempting to sneak away while he has the chance from the situation at hand. Caught by the stare of Arius he comes to a standstill unsure of how to act. Slowly he tries to muster any sound to make explanation for this situation "I..." The Ghoul caught on his nerves. Arius closes his eyes, rubbing his forehead to avoid a headache as he takes a slow but deep breath. Well...you best start swimming Before he could even have a second to think about his judgement the Ghoul climbed up on to the railing of the yacht before flopping off the side into the water, the bag with the Crown inside held by the grip of his teeth as he started panic swimming towards the shore.
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    Step up, Get Stepped On

    {"Styles Clash" plays through the arena as Hans walks out by himself, not with BiC or Bashka, just by himself. He already has a microphone as stands at the stage, The fans cheer for Hans as they chant “Hans” he waits as he feels the atmosphere in the arena tonight, he then begins to speak} I’m sorry but I needed to come out here, the past few days has been busy, lots of things have happened, including the formation of Syndicate and Bullet Proof, this is going to be a war and I hear my name coming out of your mouth Blade so listen up, nobody gives a single sh*t on what you did in the past, you have all these accomplishments, you are decorated superstar but you see your time here in BPZ is pretty much done, you couldn’t win the world title, you couldn’t win Money in the Bank, and you honestly think you can step on us? We ain’t gonna get stepped on bud, we are gonna run over you and George at Summerslam. George was a last minute replacement in your hunt in becoming Tag Team Champions, he ain’t a real partner Blade, you left your other partner Kieron in the dust, quite frankly that makes you a snake Blade. Yet Bic and I have had this bond since our days in the independent circuit, we are strong unit, we are a brotherhood, we fight and you’ve got something that you have Blade. Those coveted Tag Team Titles, no matter what lies you have stuck in that head of yours, we believe in this industry. What matters is what is inside, that fighting spirit in believing in what you want, the heart beating as hard as it possibly could because this is our chance, our time, our passion and we are not going to stepped on by you two at Summerslam. Blade you seem to be riding the coattails of Syndicate because you needed something to be somewhat relevant in this new generation in BPZ, you needed to adapt in this environment, I always adapt when the big fight happens. That's why they call me "Extraordinary" I’ve done some insane things over the past few months, hell you can even look back at Emergence, I hit a spiral tap onto the outside table, the fans, they appreciate who I am and what I fight, and I appreciate them for supporting me. You on the other hand, in the eyes of many, you are a coward, you take the easy way, maybe that’s why people don’t appreciate you Blade. They see right through you, and you and George may have beaten Brenden and Sameer at Emergence, you haven’t earned anyone's respect, and if you want my respect, bring everything you’ve got at Summerslam. Because this battle between between Bullet Proof and Syndicate is just getting started and I promise, BiC and I are going to bring our best, now can you bring yours Blade? Bullet Proof 4 Life! {Hans pulls out a two sweet, then starts to walk to the ring as Blade is left speechless}
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    In the settling fallout of the BPZ Event, Emergence, the Carnage titantron flips over to a pre-taped segment. The dark screen slowly fades into the image of a hospital, and a small passage of Kanji characters appear, transitioning to their translation. JR Sendai Hospital, Miyagi Prefecture, Sendai, Japan The camera enters into a private ward to a small room where a bandaged man is recovering from his injuries. Through the wrappings over his forehead, along with the stitches along his lips and heavily supported midsection and back, it is evident that this is KENJI. The crowd cheer jubilantly as they see the man that was victorious at Emergence, paying the price of victory in blood. Around his hospital bed is a few balloons and some cards from friends and family. Beside the bed is the returning face of Shirada, KENJI's old mentor. KENJI rouses slightly and groans as he wakes up, Shirada leaning in from the chair next to the bed. Shirada: "Hey, you're awake. Are you feeling ok? You're drifting in and out quite a lot". KENJI slowly looks over and clears his throat slightly, grabbing a glass of water from the bedside table. KENJI: ".....Other than it hurting....basically everywhere.....the broken rib, the deep bruises in my back......and feeling like I'm about to keel over every minute.....I'm doing alright, all things considered. I heard you speaking to the doctor as I was drifting....and apparently I should eventually recover right?" Shirada: "Well, in theory, if you don't go back into that ring. Doctor says that it would leave you on the bench for Summerslam. I'm sorry, KENJI, I know how big of a stage that would be to perform on". KENJI: "......Damnit, I wanted to be there. I guess I brought this onto myself when I signed the contract for that match. Just when I'm able to get some momentum, I fall back into the background, this time recuperating on the sidelines. I did actually win the match right? I'm not just imagining all of this right?" Shirada: "Hahaha no you're not in dream land, you actually did win the match. Although I'd definitely say that you should avoid these sorts of matches in the future. I mean, look at you. This is a way to an early retirement......this is the same way that-" KENJI cuts him off, his voice is quiet and raspy, but comforting. KENJI: "Hey, it's ok. I don't want to do anything like that again.....I won't do that again. You trained me to be a wrestler, not a brawler or a weapons specialist. I know that he is no longer with us, but I know that he was watching. I won't fall into being a hardcore brawler, it's definitely not the future for me". Shirada: "....That's a relief, I don't want the same thing to happen to you. Anyway, I've been keeping an eye on you for a day or two now, and I have to go tend to the Dojo. I'll come and visit when I can. For now, don't go anywhere". KENJI chuckles and gives a strained hug to his mentor as they say their goodbyes. The camera pans over to the window where the sky timelapses to the reddish glow of the sunset, panning back over to KENJI who is on his laptop, catching up on the happenings of BPZ Emergence. After a few moments there is a knock at the door. KENJI peers over the laptop screen and to look at the door, seeing an unfamiliar person through the small window in the door. KENJI: "Sorry, I'm not taking visitors at the moment". The person opens the door slightly with an apologetic, wiry smile. To KENJI's surprise, the man was clearly not Japanese, but was caucasian. The man is of tall frame, broad shoulders wreathed in a long black overcoat. His face is long and thin, with sharp features that angle right up his cheekbones, above which rest a pair of small oval spectacles with wire thin copper frames. On his head lies a matt black top hat, with the shine of a black ribbon around it reflecting in the light. When he spoke, the tone of his voice was unequivocally from the American south, carrying it's low drawl and cutting twang. In contrast, his manner and demeanour was more in line with a noble gentleman. ???: "Why hello there, Mister KENJI. I do apologise for disruptin' your road to recovery at an unsociable hour such as this. I have become an admirer of your work, and am here to make a.....proposition of sorts to you". KENJI eyes up the stranger with a stranger with suspicion, sitting up in the bed slightly, admittedly with some visible difficulty. KENJI: "I'm sorry, but, who are you? I've never seen you before, ever. Are you with the press?" ???: "Hahaha I am most certainly not with the tabloids, or the broadsheets for that matter, Mister KENJI. Allow me to introduce myself. You may call me Mr. Zoran Shroud. I was oh so impressed with your victory over that brutish old timer. You really showed a lot more than you let on. However, I think there is a way you can really capitalise on this win. Rather than, and I mean no offence, but choke again like what happened at King of the Ring". KENJI: ".....I'm afraid you're going to have to tell me more about yourself and why you're here before I accept the offer from a stanger while I'm bedridden". Mr. Shroud: "And I appreciate your time and patience with me. I have seen many, many athletes across the whole world of sports competing at every level you could think of. Ya know, my family moves to America from Croatia back in the fifties, set up sticks right on the Mississippi. If ya can't tell, Shroud ain't my real family name. But it adds some flare and mystery to my line o' work. So, where was I? Oh yeah. My father wasn't any good at much practical labour, but what he was truly exceptional at was negotiating, and selling a product. He soon found himself selling out venues for prize fights across the country. I take after my dear father in many ways, and I have seen it all. From the old man that thinks he can have one last ride, to the dominant champion that takes on all challengers, I've seen all the personas and nicknames that you could think of in this industry. Basically what I'm sayin' is that a story sells tickets like hot cakes at the county fair". "And I think, you got, or could potentially have a very compellin' story indeed, Mister KENJI. The consummate professional with cheeks fresh as spring daises, comin' around to seeing that a walk on the wild side really brings out his best self. Someone that he never knew he had in him. I saw that victory a few short says ago, Mister KENJI. It was the most impressive performance I have ever seen from you. And you know what's the cherry on top of the cake? You walked out as the victor. That animosity brought out a brutality in you that I think could really make you the superstar all the fans think you are". KENJI listens to Shroud's words intently, unsure of what to make of them for the most part, but absorbing every syllable. After Mr. Shroud is finished, KENJI shakes his head slightly. KENJI: "No, that match definitely did not bring out my best self. That was the very worst of who I can be. That is someone I want to lock away and throw away the key. My best performance was against Arius at the PowerTrip Cup Finals. That was the real me, not the monster that was at Emergence. I don't know what you're trying to get me to sign up for, but my answer is no". Mr. Shroud: "If the PowerTrip Cup was your greatest performance, then why were you gazin' up at them there lights when all was said and done? If it really was, you would have that belt around your waist right now. But unfortunately that wasn't how it unfolded, was it? Think about it, you got this incredibly polished and disciplined style. It's all well and good, but it's too clean. Every time you've got out there and lost, it's because you're wound up way too tight. You're not resonatin' with the audience. They might chant your name a bunch, but to really lock in with the moment. To really excel past it all, you gotta leave all that clinical wrasslin' behind. It clearly ain't workin' for ya, as much as you'd want it to. Listen, I ain't tryin' to pull your leg into somethin' you ain't gonna do. But I'm good at readin' people and the vibe I get from you is hiding your potential, from yourself". "How about I leave you to ruminate on that for a little while, Mister KENJI. If ya need me in the future, here is my card. And get well soon". KENJI's gaze never leaves the unusual stranger as he places his card on the bedside table. He tips the brim of his hat slightly to KENJI before departing from the room. KENJI's disgruntled look conveys that he is unconvinced about Shroud's opinions of him. This random stranger couldn't possibly sway how KENJI felt about such a barbaric match. But as the screen fades, KENJI looks over to the jet black business card resting on the table.
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    Carnage returns from commercial break and unexpectedly, Yelich emerges from the backstage area and onto the ramp. He stands there for a moment before simply walking out to the ring, no music, no nothing, he just walks out, microphone in hand, and goes into the ring. He seems kinda angry, which is odd since it was just announced he got a North American Championship match at SummerSlam. Nevertheless he did just lose another match and this one just narrowly. Yelich brings the microphone up to his mouth and starts speaking. I used to be like you Arius. I used to always try to be a grand and as big as possible, trying to show the world how great I was because of how amazing my settings and how big my casts were. People seemed to like when I did it, they said it was funny, I was a "comedic genius" apparently, though I found nothing funny of the sort, but I'll take a compliment when I can get them. But you Arius, when you do your grandiose shtick with your posse of ghouls and Rin and all of those other people you seem to just have lying around in your woodshed. And your cruise ships and mansions and all those other huge amazing things. You're masterful, you're revolutionary. I do the same thing and I'm "funny." When you do it you get successful, your name is touted by everyone, "the greatest promoer in BPZ!" they say. When I do it, I'm top five on a good day to everyone else. When you do it you go on posters, for St. Valentines Day Massacre you were alone, ALONE on the poster. You were also on the King of the Ring poster, how great for you. The last and only time I've ever been on a poster was SummerSlam 2018, you know who else was on that poster? Oh right EVERYONE ELSE ON THE CARD! I did the same thing you do now yet you're a success story, you're the revolutionary mind that is going to be a star in this company, endorsed by the boss himself I hear, you're the man that's gonna headline shows and be a future BPZ World Heavyweight Champion! I did the same thing... and I'm "funny." That's it. You're probably gonna brush me off, hell why would the guy who hasn't won a meaningful match since 2017 be a challenge to the almighty Arius? The only real reason I have this match is pity. There were no plans to give me a title match at all, and why would they? They've never liked me before, besides apparently all I'm good for is being "funny" why would they give me anything. Then BPZ posted my post match comments after To The Top on their YouTube channel. The booking team saw me there and they saw a broken man, a man who has lost everything. So in an act of pity, they gave me this match. I would ask you Arius, or your ghouls, hell Flynn's been running rampant lately, add him to the list. I would want you to attack me now, but you won't because just like everyone else you pity me, and you would feel bad for attacking a man you pity. I work day in and day out for this company and I consistently put out great things yet I lose and that's made me the man you see now. I'm a loser. I'm pitied. I'm "funny." But I'm just like you Arius. And at SummerSlam I'm not going to be a loser, I'm going to win. I'm not going to be pitied, I'm going to be admired. And I'm not going to be "funny" I'm going to be the BPZ North American Champion. Yelich then shakily brings the microphone down from his mouth before dropping it to the mat and beginning his walk out of the ring and towards the back, Carnage returning to commercial break.
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     After hearing such a derogatory speech, the crowd give a thunderous reaction to Sheridan as her theme music hits. Walking out on the stage she pays no attention to Nathan Sawyer just yet, posing in heroic fashion, symbolising the truth that is her saving these people in attendance from such a misogynistic piece of crap. Maundering down the entrance ramp, she stops before a young girl in the front row who is visibly upset, presumably from the words which Nathan Sawyer said moments ago. Sheridan whispers something in her ear before bringing her in for a tight hug. Turning her attention back to the ring, Sheridan sprints up the steel steps before sliding through the middle rope. She locks eyes with Nathan, before gesturing for a microphone. Sheridan punches Nathan Sawyer square in the jaw! Nathan staggers back and Sheridan wastes no time in advancing and brawling with the taller male. She manages to get three or four hits in before Nathan recovers, grabbing the redhead and sending her spiralling towards the ropes. Sheridan bounces off and Nathan picks her up easily. Nathan Sawyer has "The Supremacy" set up on a defenceless Sheridan! But Sheridan manages to wriggle free. She lands on her feet behind Nathan, the audience is up on their feet breaking out into cheering for the German! Nathan turns around but is met with a fierce dropkick, which sends him staggering across the ring where he begins to collect himself close to the turnbuckle... Sheridan delivers a brutal flying knee to Nathan's temple! Sheridan sprinted across the ring with pace, cracking the ridge of her kneecap into Nathan's skull! The impact could be heard above the noise of the audience, Nathan is staggering against the ropes, as Sheridan bounces from the opposing ropes, levelling up another vicious knee with enough force to send Nathan spiralling over the top rope onto the apron. From there Sheridan delivers a forearm to the face of Nathan Sawyer, sending him crashing to the outside. Sheridan holds the ring as he attempts to immediately re-enter as the two now face each other down for really the first time. After a tense stare down Nathan Sawyer gives up and walks up the ramp in frustration, leaving "The Angel of Death," Sheridan, to celebrate in the ring towards a thankful crowd.
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    Summerslam Announcement

    ”Devil” by Shinedown echoes throughout the Carnage Arena. We are following a night of extreme action as Emergence has passed and we are now welcomed by the very man who successfully defended his Championship against the King of the Ring, Julius. Flynn marches out, no smiles per usual nor waisting anytime as he makes a B-line directly for the ring. His Championship firmly over his shoulder, it has been hyped up all night that he would be revealing his big Summerslam plans following such a monumental title defense. He rolls into the ring and his eyes turn right for he hard camera. He stands there for several moments, giving the world a long look of a bruised cheek, and a slight cut over his eye that is bandaged up. This man went to war with one of the most dangerous and dominant men in all of BPZ history, and for the third time in a row in singles competition, he came on top over the death machine. Finally he lifts up a microphone... You should all be bowing for your GOD DAMN KING. Last night Julius and I raised hell all over this arena, and if I’m being quiet honest, that remains one of the toughest SOB’s I’ve ever stepped in this ring with. That however does NOT change the result. I beat him, I stomped a damn mud hole in the boy and I retained this Undisputed Championship. I did each and everything I said I would over the past week. The locker room is talking about me. You people are talking about me and that means ALL EYES ARE ON THID DAMN UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP! I have the opportunity to now walk into Summerslam, and Main Event the whole damn show for this here Championship. There’s a pressing issue, Houston, we have a god damn problem. I beat the toughest SOB, in the company today last night. There’s not a god damn man who’s earned the opportunity, there’s not a god damn man who has the ability to challenge me for this championship. As far as I’m concerned 80% of that roster is full of p*ssies, and the other 20% are too busy to get their asses kicked by me. I am the champion of BPZ. I’m The King. I won’t reduce myself to an open challenge with the Main Event of Summerslam on the line. I don’t have the time or the patience for some mediocre talent like Hans. Like Arius. Like Kenji. Like BIC. Like Bashka. Like the very BPZ World Champion we have right now. So I leave you with my Summerslam announcement....... I won’t be facing a god damn person. Flynn drops his microphone however the exact moment we here the thud of the drop, all lights go out.....
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    The time for waiting is over. All the cheap comments, the near mauling of one man's body, attempting to end his career, all comes to a end tonight. We got Kenji, one of the fastest rising stars BPZ had in recent time, then we got Brad, a BPZ Hall of Famer and a eight time Champion in BPZ, and it's not about titles, being number one contender, this is about pride, this is about respect, this isn't business, this is personal. Backstage, it's shown with BPZ's resident interviewer, James SweedinFerg. James: "Brad, you're just moments away from what could be one of the most brutal matches in BPZ history. You face Kenji in Barbed Wire Massacre. The ring ropes replaces with barbed wire, tables, chairs, everything you can think of. What's your mind set going into this match up?" "My mindset? For the past month and a half, I have shown that a man like Kenji is nothing more than a sensitive, "oh give me pity" snowflake that when shown disrespect to someone, and when that person decides to do something about it, he won't fight back, he won't do nothing. Kenji you're supposed to be the future, but to be the future, you must pass me. And unfortunately, I don't see you doing that. This is Barbed Wire Massacre! And what happened on Carnage, is nothing….." Brad looks at James as he slowly lifts his arms up, showing his hands wrapped in tape before he starts sliding on a pair of thick black gloves before kneeling and comes back up with barbed wire in his grasp. He stares at it, almost in a trance by the sight of this dangerous weapon. He lets out a sigh of relief before looking at James. "Is nothing compared… to the hell I'm going to put you through." Brad looks at James then the camera, a devilish grin appearing on his face as he walked off. Then the camera transitions over to another part of the arena as Josh Trenton is backstage with a bandaged up Kenji. Josh: "Kenji you're here in what can be said as the biggest match in your career, but what can also be said to be the most dangerous match in your career here in BPZ. You face Brad, who's not only considered a legend in this company but also someone who has been accumulated with matches like this. What's your game plan going into this match?" Kenji looks down at the floor, his arm around his bandaged up abdominal region, seemingly at a lost of words with what has happened over the last month and a half. He then gulps before looking up at the camera. Kenji: "Congratulations Brad. You done something that no one in professional wrestling ever done. You made me be something I never wanted to be. You made me in something you didn't need me to be. I might be hurt, but tonight, you're not going to leave breathing. You understand me?" Kenji eyes the camera before walking off and the camera transitions back to the ring as the bell rings and the ring announcer Hannah starts the introductions. Hannah: "The following contest is Barbed Wire Massacre! In this match, the Barb Wire will surround the ring. There are no Disqualifications, no count outs, Falls Count Anywhere. First superstar to get a pinfall or submission will be the winner." "Say It To My Face" blasts through the PA system after a countdown as the crowd in the home of Emergence this year, Tropicana Field of twenty five thousand fans are all on their feet, booing the Hall Of Famer as he steps out onto the stage, dressed in jeans, wrist taped up with the gloves on his hands, and barbed wire wrapped around one of his gloves. He stares out at the crowd before the ring, which is filled with bats, chairs, tables, and ladders, and three of the weapons covered in the razor wire too. He slowly starts walking to the ring as Hannah introduces him. Hannah: "Introducing first, he is the BPZ Hall of Famer, he is Brad!" A roar of boos start pouring down on Brad, who's simply walking by, focused on the task ahead of him. He uses his gloves to lift up the wire and slowly slides under the ring. He looks at the scene in the ring, covered in razor wire as an evil smirk grows on his face. His theme song ends as as he stares at the stage, awaiting his opponent. The crowd starts to cheer and cheer loudly as the theme song of Kenji hits the PA system, and Brad gets into fighting position as he waits and waits for Kenji to come on down to the ring. From the crowd is a commotion, and the camera rushes over and sees Kenji jogging through the crowd, holding his stomach as he jumps onto the apron and, with extra layers of tape on his hands, he climbs to the top rope and then jumps off, hitting a bulldog on Brad, getting a hot reaction from the crowd. Brad caught off guard by the attack, rolls over to the corner, to which Kenji follows and puts his boot to the throat of Brad, choking him with his foot as the referee pulls Kenji back some. He gets him to the corner and orders the bell to ring, which the bell keeper does, and Kenji runs full head of steam and hits a low corner dropkick to the head of Brad, sending him forward to the mat and causes Kenji to hold his stomach as he sits on the mat. He's obviously still in pain, but he knows he has to go to another level to beat a healthy Brad when he's not one hundred percent. Kenji has to use a lot of energy to get up quicker than Brad and tries dragging him by the head, but Brad hits him with one good elbow to gut, sending Kenji back with a groan. Brad elbows him square in the head and goes for a whip, but Kenji stops before he hits the wire ropes. Brad runs after him but gets drop toe hold, sending Brad face first into the barbed wire, causing a loud reaction from the crowd. Brad starts twitching some, the effect of the razor wire digging into his skull shown from his body movement. Kenji looks over, a shocked look on his face. That shocked look, however, turns into a look of craziness and evil as he crawls over to Brad, flipping him over, Brad's face slowly dripping red. Kenji mounts Brad, and lays quick rights to the open wound of Brad, right after right after right and repeat. Kenji pulls himself off, letting out a roar to the crowd before grabbing his stomach, getting another reaction from the crowd. While Kenji show boats to the crowd, Brad starts to crawl to the corner, reaching down by the post and down in the gap of the steel steps. Kenji notices, thinking Brad is trying to escape, walks over and leans his head close by Brad to grab him, but Brad swings back, hitting Kenji in the skull, sending him back. Brad slowly spins around, a smile turned to laugh comes from his blood filled face as he shows his hand, revealing a wooden spike. He slowly gets to his feet, wiping the blood around his eyes with his glove before walking over to Kenji, tossing the spike out of the ring to the floor before he pulls in a duffle bag while the camera man examines Kenji, who from the spike to the forehead is also cut himself from the shot with the spike. Brad carries the duffle bag in and kicks Kenji right in the ribs before setting the bag down and opens them up. He pulls out light tubes, and a bigger smirk fills his bloodied face. He goes to grab Kenji, who instead lows blows Brad, and uses Brad to get to his feet, picking up a light tube and places it under Brad's shoulders and locks Brad in and delivers a tiger Suplex, Brad's neck and shoulders making the tube shatter. Brad slowly rolls out of the ring, his body already cut deep from the shattered glass pieces that covered his body as Kenji kneels in the ring, and sees Brad slowly pull himself up. Kenji steps back some and runs and dives over the rope onto Brad. Both men are laid out onto the floor, both from the shots that they have taken so early into the match up. The physicality, the danger of this match, it's not for the date of heart, but a match like this is what both men are willing to go through to get their revenge on the other. The referee cannot exit the ring as easy, so he has no choice but to watch from the ring as Brad slowly starts to gain his composure and drags himself to the railing, as he looks over at Kenji, who's doing the same. They both lean on the apron, God knows how much blood they lost already, but Kenji pushes himself off the railing and runs at Brad, who drops to his knees and hits a gnarly low blow on Kenji with the glove that has the barbed wire wrapped around it, and the face on Kenji, the absolute pain he had on his face tells the story. He struggles to stand as Brad keeps his arm in position, and Brad looks up, an evil smirk growing on his bloodied face as he quickly yanks his arm back towards him, grinding the razor wire against the grapefruits of his opponent, dropping him to his knees fast. He then grabs Kenji by the head before slamming him face first into the metal grate that is the ramp way before slowly unwrapping the wire that's wrapped around his glove, the camera catching his face, his eye twitching straightens out the wire before stomping on the back of Kenji, causing him to yell, but Brad grabs the upper part of his jaw with his free hand and looks at the crowd before grinning. He then slowly brings the barbed wire around to his face, sliding it across his lips before having the wire between both of his lips. Brad let's go and grabs both ends and pulls on the wire, causing it to dig into his mouth and lips as Kenji screams in agony, while Brad also jams his knee into his back to keep him still. Brad yells at Kenji "YOU WILL NEVER DISRESPECT ME AGAIN!" while the NXT prospect is yelling his heart out from the pain he's in. Brad pulls with all his strength before simply letting go. He stumbles over to the railing to keep himself up. He reaches to his back and pulls a piece of the glass that went into his skin from the light tube. He then grabs Kenji by the head and slowly pulls him up before dragging him to the apron and pushes him into the room. Brad drops to his knees and lifts the skirt of the ring up and reaches under the ring for something. He weakly pulls on something, which in view is a makeshift stand with light tubes and the crowd is anticipating what's going to happen. He pulls it out and in a spot that he looks at the ring then it. He stumbles to the ring before pulling himself up. But with all the time taken, Kenji caught his composure and got to his feet. He then ran and jumped over the barbed wire and hits Brad with a wicked Canadian Destroyer that puts them both through the light tubes with an eruption from the crowd. Crowd: "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" Holy shit indeed. Both men lay in the shattered pieces of glass as the referee looks on his shock. The brutalness of this match is unheard of. Both men lay on there sides, Brad twitching as he was the one who got piledrived into the tubes. Kenji slowly raises an arm, showing some life in his body. He uses the apron to sit himself up as he looks at Brad, a disgusted look on his face. He uses his forearm to wipe some blood off his face before pulling himself up, touching his cheeks, feeling the cuts from the barbed wire. He then pulls himself over to the steel steps before pushing them over. What's shown next is electrical cable, a battery, and a box cutter. Kenji staggers as he stands before grabbing the box cutter. He looks at Brad, before grabbing his head and arm and starts to drag him to the apron. He bends down and slowly and weakly picks Brad up to his feet and sets him up against the apron. He then grabs Brad's arm and wraps them both in the barbed wire, trapping him for the time being. He takes the cutter from his pocket before grabbing Brad by the chin and getting in his face. He yells "F#!? YOU!" before digging the cutter into the cheek of Brad, causing the legend to yell in absolute pain. Kenji gets the cutter deep into Brad's cheek and starts dragging it towards his mouth before stopping at the lip. He then proceeds to copy on his other cheek before dropping the box cutter on the ground. He lets out a sigh before letting Brad go and pushes him into the ring. He then slides into the ring and covers Brad, hooking the inside leg as the ref counts one, two, and- no barely a three count as Brad gets his shoulder up. Kenji sits beside Brad, breathing heavy as he shakes his head. He crawls over to the corner and grabs a pair of handcuffs. He limps over to Brad, but Brad kicks Kenji directly in the stomach, making him drop the cuffs. Brad then kicks Kenji's leg in, making him fall forward. Brad then pushes himself into a sitting position, looking at Kenji then the cuffs. He coughs blood onto the back of Kenji before grabbing the cuffs, then proceeding to cuff the hands of Kenji together. He then uses the barbed wire to pull himself up before grabbing Kenji by the ear and pulls him up roughly. He then grabs Kenji by the chin and then tosses Kenji over the post, causes his arms to be caught by the top of the post, putting him in a position where he is dangling over the post. Brad falls to his back, slowly rolling out of the ring before limping over to the battery and cable. He grabs both, and starts limping over to where Kenji is. He sets the battery down and looks at Kenji and the cables, a sick and twisted look appearing on his face. He then grabs two ends of the cables, and attaches them to Kenji's Great Balls Of Fire, causing Kenji to get very very concerned. Brad slowly smiles as he sees this and he applies the red cable to the red port, watching Kenji. Brad slides the black cable across the steel steps before he flips Kenji off and attaches the black cable to the port for fifteen seconds, shocking his testicles for a short period, causing Kenji to yell but the fans to gasp and groan is pure shock. Brad then puts the cable to the port for another fifteen seconds, causing another shock for a short period. Brad then holds the cable to the port, causing Kenji to be electrocuted the entire time Brad has the cable to the port. Brad finally drops the cable and unhooks Kenji from the cable, his slumped body falling onto Brad's shoulder, who struggles to carry him to the apron, where he pushed him into the ring and Brad slides in and immediately covers Kenji. One, two, and thr- NO! Kenji continues fighting as he got the shoulder up. Brad is furious. He looks at the face and gets into his face, which Brad pushes the ref, but the referee pushes Brad back. Brad holds his arms up, saying "I'm Sorry", but he then grabs the referee over the top rope, causing him to catch onto the barbed wire, getting stuck as he yells in pain. Brad flips the referee off and turns around as Kenji runs at him. Brad tosses Kenji over head, but Kenji grabs the wire with his tapped hands and lands on the refs back, and bounces back onto the shoulder of Brad and spins around with a tornado DDT as the crowd feels like there is still hope in this young man as he is sitting up, his fist in the air shaking. The crowd is fully behind Kenji right now as he pushes himself off the ground, his fists shaking and his head nodding fast. Brad slowly gets up himself as both men now face each other. Brad goes for a clothesline but Kenji ducks it and starts to swing kick Brad in the leg, causing Brad to stumble and nearly fall. He kicks his leg over and over and over again before hitting a spin kick to the stomach of Brad, before jogging near the barbed wire ropes and runs back but Brad counters with a hip toss and he runs and jumps onto the barbed wire and off for a Lionsault, laying them both out. Brad and Kenji lay flat out on the mat, blood running from their body profusely, but it's Brad who gets his arm up in the arm gingerly, before he starts to slowly crawl over to Kenji and places his arm on Kenji as the referee is slowly removed from the barbed wire by other referees and is attended to by members of the medical staff. A referee turns and sees the cover, carefully sliding into the ring and starts to count, one, two, and thr- KENJI WITH THE SHOULDER UP! Brad rolls to his back as both men are laid out and the crowd goes from quiet to standing up and giving a ovation to both men from the hell these two men are putting each other through at this moment. Kenji gets to his feet and yells, holding his stomach as the crowd returns the emotion as he picks Brad up and gets him in a powerbomb position, but he doesn't stop there as he bounces Brad's back off the barbed wire then back up and spins around with a sit out Powerbomb. He keeps Brad's legs hooked as the ref starts to count again. One, two, and a kick out from Brad, leaving Kenji sitting up as Brad is pushed to his side. Kenji shakes his head as he as he mustard enough energy to get himself back to his feet. Kenji looks up at the ceiling, raising an eyebrow is confusion on how to beat Brad. Then he reali, he must hit his big moves to get it done. He then pulls himself up before doing a quick throat slit before forcefully lifting Brad up and turns him around and hooks his arms with a straight jacket and goes for a German Suplex but Brad flips over and lands on his feet. Kenji gets up and swings at Brad who ducks and grabs his arm and gets him into the arm trap position and spins him around into a Codebreaker from Brad, dropping the rookie. Brad will wipe his hands and yell "IT'S DONE!" before covering Kenji, hooking the outside leg as the ref starts to count, the fans were already booing as they are expecting this terrific match up to be over. The referee drops down and starts to count the expected count. One…. Two…. The fans boo louder as the referee's hand is about to hit the mat for three but pop up out of their seats. Kenji gets his right shoulder up before three, making Brad nervous and shocked. This NXT Rookie to him, who went through all this pain and everything for the last God knows how long, kicked out of Brad's finisher. The crowd of twenty five thousand is screaming "YES!" to the miracle. Kenji is still breathing! Kenji is still kicking! There is still hope for Kenji and everyone else that Brad has disrespected since returning to action! He scoots over to the corner, now talking to himself, questioning what he has to do to to keep Kenji down. He looks over at Kenji, who's slowly moving his hand around, before pushing himself up gingerly. He limps over to Kenji, the look of disbelief written on his face. He gets to the rookie, who starts to move to his knees, using Brad to get himself to stand up. Brad shakes his head at the sight before yelling "STAY DOWN!", but he doesn't stay down. Kenji is up, and he wants more. Kenji staggers to his feet, before looking Brad in his eyes, before spitting right in his face and says "Is that all you got motherf#$!er?!?!". Brad looks more shocked, but that shock turns into anger as Brad pushes Kenji off him and goes for a Codebreaker, but Kenji catches him up in the air, slowly walking over towards the barbed wire, Brad shows fear as he begs and pleads to Kenji to drop him. Kenji without hesitation obliged and drops Brad back first' onto the barbed wire ropes, causing Brad to sit up some as the barbed wire is logged into the back of Brad. Brad pulls him back into the ring and stumbles to the corner before slowly climbing each turnbuckle till he gets to the top. Kenji stands up slowly, letting out a sigh as he hits a Phoenix Splash on Brad. Kenji lays on top of Brad, counting as a pin as the referee starts to count: one... two… and thr- HOW?!? BRAD GOT HIS SHOULDER UP AS WELL!!! The fans cannot believe how these two are still fighting after all this time and all the pain they have gone through. Brad coughs violently as Kenji rolls to his back, as every fan, even the two Superstars know that the next big move can definitely be the last. The crowd is absolutely stunned by what they have seen, and are remaining on their feet, in no way able to take their eyes off this match up. Kenji slowly rolls his body under the barbed wire and to the floor. There, he goes under the skirt of the ring, pulling out a metal sheet, sliding it in the ring. He stumbles to stand before going back under and pulls out another barbed wire board as the crowd roars. He slides the board in and slides in the ring. He grabs Brad and slowly drags him and places him back first onto the metal sheet, before grabbing one of the barbed wire and ties it to the table and then to Brad. He looks at Brad and sees the barbed wire board, before looking at the crowd, who's yelling at Kenji to do it. He then grabs Brad's legs and flips him over, slamming Brad gut first into the barbed wire and Kenji is… wait… HE LOCKED IN BRAD'S OWN WALLS OF FAKERS ONTO BRAD! HE'S GETTING SANDWICHED BETWEEN KENJI AND THE METAL SHEET AND THE BARBED WIRE BOARD! Brad is yelling in pain, and Kenji shows zero sign of letting go, and the crowd is yelling and demanding Brad to tap and…. BRAD TAPS OUT! KENJI MADE BRAD TAP OUT AND THE CROWD IS GOING ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! Kenji falls to the mat as the bell rings and his theme song plays, with multiple referees rushing over, cutting the barbed wire that faces the ramp off and enters the ring to attend to both superstars. Two referees help Kenji up, one raising his hand as the winner of what is his biggest win in BPZ so far. He stumbles to his feet as he looks at the screaming crowd, slightly bowing to each side before looking down at Brad, who's barely moving himself, but slightly waves Kenji over. Concerned, Kenji safely limps over as medical team helps Brad to his feet, and the two bloodied superstars are eye and eye once again. No words spoken, nothing, and Kenji's theme stops as the crowd goes silent. Brad moves his arm from over the medics shoulder and he slowly raises it to Kenji, offering to shake his hand as everyone waits to see what Kenji does. He looks at Brad shocked, and Brad says "You…. You finally… earned my… Respect." Kenji looks even more shocked before he slowly shakes Brad's hand and the crowd cheers loudly, and then both men bow at each other. Kenji limps to the steel steps, walking down them as his theme starts playing again, high fiving the fans as he makes his way to the back. His theme stops as medics are helping Brad to the back, the crowd even cheering for Brad for the effort he given tonight and his performance as when the medic team makes it half way up the stage, Brad stops them, saying he can do the rest. He moves from them, limping up to the stage, turning back to the fans as he sees the respect they are giving him, but all that goes away as the lights go out, leaving the arena to dark. (planned reply no one else reply)
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    𝑀𝑖𝑛𝑑𝑓𝑢𝑙. The scene opens at a BrendenPlayz live event, being set in Savannah, Georgia.  With BPZ Emergence just days from now, it isn't surprising that the promotion is holding events close to Tampa Bay, Florida. Currently the show is between matches when vaguely familiar theme music begins to ring out through the arena. Those in attendance have a mixed reaction towards Sheridan as she appears, usually a villainous character when paired with Jonathan, though she was seen in a more positive light as of late when she competed for the Undisputed Championship, against Flynn. "The Golden Girl" poses on the entrance ramp for a brief amount of time, before she struts down towards the ring, stopping to take one of two selfies with those fortunate enough to be seated on the front row. She strides up the steel steps and enters the ring between the middle rope. Dressed in her typical wrestling attire, the blonde woman gestures for ringside staff to hand her a microphone, she begins to speak. "Usually I tend not to grace these events with my presence, though with Emergence just days away I had some things to get off of my chest. I've been hearing a lot of talk about how people feel underappreciated, to the point that they're holding protests as if waving a sign is going to make them climb up the rungs of a ladder and grip a briefcase between their fingers, it's laughable. People have been speaking as if this match is all about them and their time to shine, and I just think how selfish they are. All they do is whine and sit in a puddle of self-pity, this is something that does not represent what the North American Championship is all about, a championship that defines a hard working continent." "Before I properly address my opposition, the five individuals that will begin that match inside the ring along myself, I want to speak about that damn party bus. I went to Florida and blocked off those roads in good faith, apparently doing such necessary work is rewarded with a fine for "public disturbance." It makes me sick, but it does not matter. I do not need a blockade and scouting to stop Hans. I am mindful of the fact that he is the favourite, that him alongside people like Yelich and Joh might have the experience on me. But the truth is that experience doesn't win you matches, talent does. Having a blueprint and applying it with efficiency does. Yelich stresses that he needs to win this match for he has been here three years, it is his apparent right, and yet I cannot recall a time where I have seen him do anything other than mope around, blaming the rest of the world and his opposition for his clear lack of talent." "I am more talented and a better representative to compete for the North American Championship than the other individuals in this match. Yes, I realise I am saying that despite the fact I am coming off a loss, two losses in fact. But what people fail to realise is that I am facing people I have no right to be and competing. Giving a guy like Flynn one of the best matches he has had in a long time, taking BrendenPlayz and the current World Heavyweight Championship holder, Sameer, to a rematch alongside Jonathan. I am facing the top people in this business and coming out barely on the losing side. This is the first time in an inconceivably long time that I am not heading into a bout as a clear underdog, and I plan on taking full advantage of that label." Pausing for a moment, Sheridan soaks in the enthusiasm from the crowd. She paces around the ring while holding the microphone at her side. Her free hand grips the top rope and she turns to face a particular section of the crowd. Within the second the microphone is drawn up to her glossy lips and she continues her speech. "For eighteen months I have been an employee of this promotion and I have absolutely nothing to show for it, the time has come for that to change. I realise I could have competed for the NXT Championship, potentially becoming a champion, if I really applied myself perhaps I still wouldn't be in the division. It is time that I illustrate to the world why I competed against legends for a top championship in my first match, why people continue to laud me with praise despite having a horrific win to loss record. I have been training underneath Jonathan and have made strides physically and mentally. It is time for me to demonstrate why yours truly is the future holder of the North American Championship and a future star of the wrestling industry." "While I find the likes of Joh and Yelich to be whiny and untalented, the only fair point they raise is that Arius isn't a good representative of the belt he holds, defending it once since winning it four months ago, it is laughable. While I am not an American I have lived here for some time and understand the history of this country and the continent it is a part of and the backbone, the foundation of North America was built through integrity and hard work. I ask myself how Arius can be defining such when he is such a silhouette and vacant space in this promotion. I am going to win To The Top at Emergence because I am the best competitor in that match and when I do I will be one cash-in away from triggering a golden age, the golden age, of this company." "I am an angel of death and I have been sent from above to dominate this match and that is what I intend to do. I am no weasel in spite of my height disadvantage. I will not shy away from conflict and I intend to fight fiercely so that doubters of my potential cannot say that my inevitable victory was a fluke, a stab in the dark. I am superior to Buddy Ace and Mikey, Joh and Yelich are beneath me and Hans is a favourite destined to have his wings clipped and meet his angelic demise. When the match is over and I have vanquished my opposition, and that briefcase sits tightly within my dainty little hands do not be surprised, do not react with shock. This is the match, THE match, where my shimmer sparkles brightest and the beginning of a new age is provoked." Sheridan finishes her speech with a smirk illustrating her expression. Without giving it much thought, she throws the microphone carelessly behind her, sauntering towards the ropes and promptly stepping out, walking up the ramp with a confident swagger as the audience reacts to her words in an energetic manner.
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    The lights of Wembley Stadium dim, making The Bailey barely visible. As the hard-hitting drums of an extremely familiar theme song blast around the arena, bright white lights flash in-rhythm to the tune, exposing the screaming fans in attendance. After just over ten seconds of suspense-building music, a single spotlight finally reveals him... Smith is here! In his home country, in the English treasure that is Wembley Stadium, after almost a years absence from the company, the most successful British wrestler that this company has ever seen has returned to BPZ Wrestling! With his head bowed, Smith's face is hidden as the spotlight shines from above, creating a shadow that covers it. However, as Smith slowly raises his head, his face is gradually revealed and so is the raw emotion radiating from it. The frustration, the excitement, the grievance, the passion, the masses of emotions that Smith is feeling right now are all clearly visible in his face. As he breathes heavily and clenches his fists tighter and tighter, Smith stares down the ramp, through the ropes, to one man, Bailey. When Smith begins to walk to the ring, he does so very slowly. With every step, he takes in the insanely impassioned atmosphere inside Wembley here tonight as he is very aware of the monumental significance that this moment right here has to not only his career but BPZ as a whole. After finally reaching the ring, Smith slowly enters before stepping face to face with a fellow titan of this industry, a man that he has battled against and fought beside, a man that means so much in the career of Smith. In the center of Wembley Stadium, the returning Smith stands face to face, eye to eye, with The Bailey, as the intensity, the tension, between these two is almost tangible. As the party of the Summer comes to a close, these two greats continue to stare each other down. With so many questions forming, one thing is very clear, Smith has returned to BPZ Wrestling.
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    'End Of The Page'

    'Suge by DaBaby' echos throughout the Carnage crowd as the BPZ World Champion, Premium Champion, and Tag Team Champion, Sameer. The United Kingdom crowd would explode with boos towards him. Sameer would start smirking as he now walks down the ramp, climbing onto the top rope and posing for the crowd with a microphone already in his possession, As the crowd in the United Kingdom continue to boo him. Sameer waists no time and began to speak to the audience in attendance for Carnage Can you all please shut the hell up. I don't care nor need to know your shitty opinions on myself because I am a champion, I have made more money showing up to 3 shows. Then you average people make in your lifetime. I came out here to address one thing and one person only and no it is not that chump Bailey. That man is only good for one thing which is making little boys that watch this program laugh because that's what all his jokes and insults are like. You see at Judgement Day not only did I win the BrendenPlayz World Championship but I also beat that worthless scum FDS and took MY Premium Championship back. So at King of The Ring, I am expected to have to work 2 matches, which is no big deal just putting this WHOLE company on my back. I didn't know who my opponent was going to be for the premium championship until just a couple of days ago. Where this man of the name George AK had the audacity to call me out and say some really stupid and idiotic things, Such as thinking he can beat ME. Now, George, you remind of me in someways. When I returned back in 2016, I was a man on a mission to save the carnage brand and I gave 0 shits and never backed out of a fight even when outnumbered. But I learned the hard way that success is limited like that. Championships aren't won like that. But for being an "underdog" you really have a lot of shit to say to a man that is better than you in every fu*king way possible. You want to tell yourself that I got a lucky break after being here so long, you have to be out of your fu*king mind right now. When I came back after my dominate premium championship reigns in 2015. I came back with an attitude of giving no shits and became the savior of carnage. I worked my ass off for this company and nothing here was given to me FOR FREE. I WON the Money In The Bank Ladder match. I have BEAT Bailey before. I have won countless championships during my career and if anything you should not be questioning me and my wins but you should be questioning yourself. One fluke win against Arius, One reign as NXT champion back in 2017. That is the best you have done and you have the audacity to SAY MY WINS ARE BECAUSE OF LUCK? All of your threats laughable, Don't worry though Geroge, I know after one or two wins in the King Of The Ring Tournament, You have somewhat of a little bit of spotlight on you pressure on you to perform. It'll be alright I know you can't handle it when I kick your ass at King Of The Ring, You can go back to hiding away and being irrelevant for another year again.
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    Judge, Jury, Executioner

    A dark room is shown with a figure clearly sitting down in it. The lights flash and flash, revealing it to be the man who just returned, Slim. Slim appears to be in a room full of broken lights, as he sighs before beginning to talk, giving his first official statement in months. I have been gone, for far, far, too long. I have watched from my throne of deceit as Bailey and Sameer have plagued the World Championship, watched as alliances broke down and fell apart. And all of this could have been stopped if I just assumed my role that I take here. I don't expect a pity party, I don't expect approval, and I don't expect acceptance. Everyone, and that includes everyone has a right to be angry with me. I left without any explanation, and for me to return thinking I'm the man would be foolish, but I want everyone to know something. This isn't about approval or acceptance. I don't owe ANYONE shit. I have forged my legacy and craft through sheer will and determination, and for anyone to believe I'm here to appease them would be lying to themselves. I'm here, to finish, my legacy, and return BrendenPlayz Wrestling to it's rightful state. Right now, I sit in a room reminiscent of my current mindstate. Broken. Not broken because I simply cannot handle the burden of the losses I have suffered, but because I watch as men such Sameer carry the weight they simply are not man enough to yet. I will not be returning to chase after the World Championship, instead to destroy it. But don't take that the wrong way, any of you. I will not be competing in a World Championship Match. I don't expect you simple minded sheep to understand, but it's time for a dawning of a new era. But that new era must be fought for, it cannot be handed over. You see, me and my brother, Necce, we returned with the intentions of taking the Tag Team Championships and cleansing them of their current poisonous holders. But, out of fear, we were rejected by the man himself, BrendenPlayz. It wasn't because we returned out of nowhere, might he claim... He was ducking us, scared of what will come if a man who has his number, and a man who cannot be broken, stepped into the ring with him and his golden boy. Could they beat us? Maybe. But, for a man so well praised as being intellectual to tell me to my face that we are not better than any of the four teams in the match... Ludicrous. Don't sweat, though, the Big Ballers time of judgement will come at our hand. It's just a matter of time because frankly, they can't duck us forever, and I don't care what they think of what I'm saying, I've said it many times and just in case you forgot... I do what I want. These balls attached to me will hang all the way to the floor if I so please, and who will stop me? No. One. As a parting message, consider this my official return. I will assume my role as the Jury, the Judge, and the Executioner of BPZ, because it's what you need. Someone who is not afraid of anyone, someone who will do whatever it takes to ensure the rightful decisions are made. Don't fight it. Breath it in. Because finally... The King has come home. The lights turn on in the room once and for all, revealing Slim. He stands up, spreading his arms as he then walks away, out of camera sight, as the lights cut once again and the lights continue to flicker. Slim has returned, stating his role in BPZ is to be the Jury, Judge, and Executioner. And, he has announced he will return at SummerSlam! Who will he face?
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    Global Series Climax (Finals) Night 19 - August 11th 2019 Madison Square Garden - Attendance: 16,237 1st Match - 20 Minute Time Limit Tag Team Match Brad & Aaron North vs Joshua Scott & Bulldozer Our opening contest for Night 19 sees Brad and his protege Aaron North team up as they take on Joshua Scott and his protege Bulldozer. This match got what it was designed to do, get Brad and Aaron over has a legitimate Tag team and plus show what Bulldozer can do in the ring. Bulldozer did some decent work including hitting a flying crossbody Despite their efforts, Josh and Bulldozer lose the match as Aaron North pins Bulldozer for the win as he hits a beautiful looking North Plex. Brad and Aaron North is a team you will need to look out for in BPZ. 10:22 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2nd Match - 20 Minute Time Limit 10 Tag Team Match FDS, Yelich, Raven, Hollow, ICON vs Johnny Kills, Sheridan, Joh, Monda, and Kieron Black Second match of the evening, as Necce’s Gathering are being represented by FDS, Yelich, Raven, Hollow, and ICON as they take on Johnny Kills, Sheirdan, Joh, Monda and Kieron Black in a 10 Man Tag Team Match. Everybody looked good in this match, with guys like Kieron Black and Raven shining through. It was a good hot match, the MSG crowd into it and at the end everybody was pulling out of everything they could with Johnny Kills pinning ICON for the win hitting a Death Wish Piledriver. After the match a slight confrontation between Royal Flush and Joh & Monda. Very interesting to say the least. 14:55 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3rd Match - 30 Minute Time Limit Singles Match Bashka vs Ross In our next match, It’s personal one as Bashka takes on Ross. Bashla is looking for vengeance after Ross costed him his night 10 match against Flynn. The match starts off hot as Bashka lays some punches onto Ross. The match turns very exciting as every move they do, seem to flow. Ross would go for an ankle lock but Bashka would turn transition that move into a crossface. The crowd are really enjoying this technical brawl. Near the end of the match, Ross would go for a Five Star Attachment but Bashka would get out of it and hit a devastating Knee of God to Ross. Bashka would pin Ross for the rewarding victory. 17:36 *Post-Match* After the match, Bashka would be breathing heavily, he takes a microphone and would start to speak Bashka: This match was brutal, hard hitting, and l loved every second of it. I respect Ross for bringing me to my limits tonight in front of this MSG crowd, but I want to get my hands on that Son of a Bitch, Slim! This man is jealous of what I've done in this ring, and in this industry. I swear to you pal, I will come at you when you least expected. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4th Match - 30 Minute Time Limit Tag Team Match Hans & Xaiver King vs Mikey & Echo Wilson After a short intermission, it’s time for our fourth match of the evening as First Class Express of Xavier King and Hans take on Mikey and Echo Wilson representing Villain’s Kingdom. Mikey confidence after defeating Hans during the tournament has skyrocketed and he has been on a roll recently, can that result in a win. This match is really good with solid action from both teams, Hans and King’s chemistry while teaming is incredible. Mikey and Echo were also very good in this match executing multiple devastating moves onto Hans and King. At the end of the match Hans and King were looking to end it with a Buzzer Beater to Mikey but Echo would come in and hit King with a Superkick, taking him out of the match. Mikey would then hit a Blade Runner to Hans and pin the US Champ. Mikey and Echo Wilson wins, as Mikey now has 2 pinfalls over the reigning US Champ. 18:52 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5th Match - 30 Minute Time Limit NWGP 6 Man Tag Team Championships Necce, Marker, and Buddy Ace © vs Ropat, Sandman, and Bob Sparks We move on to our 6 Man Tag contest as Necce, Marker, and Buddy Ace would take on Ropati, Sandman, and Bob Sparks for NWGP 6 Man Tag Team Titles. The started off with both Necce and Roapti as they exchange and punches and forearms. As the match progressed, each team was pulling out everything for those the 6 Man Tag Titles. Lots of great moves exchanged between all 6 guys with Buddy Ace especially hitting stiff clotheslines and lariats to everybody. The match would end with Necce hitting an Even Flow onto Sandman for the win, as “The Flock” retained their 6 Man Tag Titles. 16:12 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6th Match - 30 Minute Time Limit Tag Team Match Sameer & Brenden vs Slim & Kenji In our Semi Main Event of the evening, the experienced team of Sameer & Brenden take on Slim and the current NWGP Openweight Champion, Kenji. Slim could get a future NWGP World Title match in the future if he and Kenji can beat Sameer and Brenden tonight. The match starts off with Brenden and Kenji, a match that you would never expect. The match was very good with, Kenji pulling out some moves to Brenden and Sameer, making him look like a star. Brenden & Sameer would make their big comeback in the match with a very hot MSG crowd on their side. Near the end of the match, Sameer and Slim are fighting back and forth, Sameer would go for a Superkick but would hit the referee. Kenji notices and hands Slim a chair and Slim clocks Sameer with the chair. Brenden would try to get in but Kenji was preventing him. Slim would put Sameer into the Death Penalty Submission. Sameer would end up passing out instead of tapping out. Slim and Kenji win the match, and a match with Sameer for the title is inevitable. 20:01 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7th Match - 60 Minute Time Limit Global Series Climax Finals Bart vs Flynn Its our Main Event of the evening, Bart takes on Flynn, the winner will win this year’s Global Series Climax. A very big match for these two, who will cement their legacy and go to the main event of Wrestle War 5. Before the match could even begin, they look at each other knowing they want to win this crucial match. Match starts off slow with each man taking turns holding holds and locks. As the match continues, Flynn would use his in ring IQ and work several body parts of Bart, to just wear him down. The match progressed, the match would turn more physical, with both men laying stiff punches and forearms and the crowd were into it. Every big move was countered and every near fall the crowd were gasp, the fighting spirit from both these competitors is visible. At the end of the match, both men willing to not give up is remarkable, with Bart would try to go for the Cardiac Arrest submission but Flynn would get out of it and hits an FKO. Flynn thinks that’s not enough, so he tries to go for another one, Bart would get out of it, goes for a clothesline, Flynn dodges and hits another FKO. One, Two, and Three! Flynn wins this exhausting match and is the 2019 Global Series Climax Winner. 34:06 *Post-Match* The rest of ASCENT comes out to celebrate with Flynn, as he’s presented with the Global Series Climax Trophy with BPZ Officials. Flynn was presented with the BPZ Flag but would refuse as he waved the ASCENT Flag instead. Flynn is hoisted by his ASCENT members as the show ends with pyro going off. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Prediction Scores:
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    He Wants It Back

    After a commercial break, we see the crowd in a good mood as we saw Sameer had an interaction with Julius for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. Suddenly, music begin playing, the crowd looks after the stage to see who is it, they waited for a minute before seeing MARKER, the crowd erupts as he walks down to the ring in a suit and tie. MARKER looks around the Arena as the crowd chant his name, he gets in the ring and the music stops and the crowd gets louder and louder as they chant his name. MARKER gets a microphone and begins speaking. Wow, I wasn't expecting this, the fans are actually excited to see me back in the square circle, right here back in BPZ. The fans keeps on chanting his name as MARKER continues speaking. Well, get used to it because I ain't leaving, I am making sure this time that I ain't walking out, I am back better than ever and I am ready for the challenge that I am going to confront. Now last time I spoke to all of you, I wanted to have a match at Summerslam and I want to win this time around. But which is it? A lot of rumors speculated that I was going for the United States Championship or that I was going for Tag with Necce or Buddy Ace, but those are rumors ladies and gentlemen, if you want to know, you go to the source and now you are getting the inside scoop. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN I WANT MY TITLE BACK! The crowd once again erupts as MARKER is going back for the Premium Championship, what a revelation. Now the man that is holding the title currently, George is a very good wrestler, he has been in this business for longer than I have and he has experience on his side, but for him, that all he has because we are far from the same and Kieron, well I don't know what is going on with him, but I know that he will be beaten with George. So boys, be ready cause I'm coming…. MARKER leaves the ring as the fans are excited to see their new hero return from his absence, will he come back and reclaim at Summerslam, found out soon.
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    Not Waiting Around

    {Sameer paces around the ring, shouting at the top of his lungs for Julius to make his way out to the ring. "Gallantry" hits as The Death Machine makes an appearance, his first since his loss in a brutal Last Man Standing match against Flynn at Emergence. Julius carries out a microphone with him and stands atop of the ramp staring directly at his Summerslam opponent "The BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, Sameer, What sort of sick joke is this? You mean to tell me that the man who 6 months ago was nothing more than a part-time act, working one match a month is now carrying the mantle as the face of this company. Well this game you're playing Sameer it's not going to last very long. I don't know if you've noticed but every single man that has called me out or insulted what I am has left the arena on a stretcher and with permanent disfigurement damage. I'm going to put this out there for you, I respect you as a wrestler you worked your ass off to get where you are, but as a man you are a cocky, arrogant prick. Yes you won the Money in The Bank Briefcase, you defeated The Bailey at King of The Ring you have now proved your point, you are deserving of being the World Champion, so now it is time for a change of the guard" {Julius continues to move closer to the ring, slowly walking down the ramp while still keeping his eyes locked on the BPZ World Champion} "What they say about me backstage is something you should fear, and disregarding all of that will set you up for a reality check you don't want. I can see it in you now, you have to much pride and arrogance to stand down when you know you are at a disadvantage which makes this story even more intriguing than it seems. You are going to walk in with this mindset that your back is against the wall, and it's you versus the World, while I am going in with one mindset and that is to win the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship and start my reign as King once again. Now what you want is for me to come into that ring and for us to fight, but this is not how we are playing it. I control the game we play and I pick and choose when I strike, I am going to make the next month of your life as uncomfortable as you've ever been. You have too many things on your mind, you were blindsided and attacked at Emergence by a rogue faction and you don't know when they are going to strike next. But you better be warned, if you take your attention off of me for one second, I will find you and will strike you down and embarrass you in-front of the whole world and there is nothing that you can do to stop me {Julius stands in the middle of the ramp and looks at Sameer before his music hits and he makes his way to the back. The First Chapter in this story is written, what will come next?}
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    Recorded: BPZ Powertrip: Emergence - August 9th Playing: Mozart's Requiem - 1. Introitus During last night's Emergence, the world was caught up in the brutality shown by Arius during his attack of BPZ Hall of Famer Brad after his Barbwire Massacre against KENJI. Left in what was a bloody mess amidst all the chaos the reigning North American Champion moved from the stage surrounded by his entourage of Ghouls that evening. Passing through the gorilla position and into the awaiting corridor officials ran past him in a rush to reach the aftermath of the incident, not taking the time to stop and find Arius in the process. As those Ghouls who assisted him nod to their friend and move on from their duty, entering once again into the real world as the camera takes a glimpse of one of them removing a mask midshot from behind. Not identity revealed as a BPZ stage crew logo can be seen on the back of his shirt. Arius swiftly enters a room awaiting for him, away from the confusion. The room itself supplied with a few essentials, possessions left behind after being emptied of the occupants..possibly by force earlier. In particular a lone camera, having been moved away from the equipment bay and organised by Rin Akane in the mean time, stands centre of the room. All in waiting for the BPZ North American Champion who looks to make some final comments on the night that has passed. Airing: BPZ Network - August 10th Taking hold of the cushioned fold-out chair Arius takes his seat, the BPZ North American Championship laying across his lap as he finally takes notice of the blood covering his white gloves, but still he uses the same very hand to wipe his hair back like a comb as he gives a hearty chuckle of the ordeal that had just taken place. The adrenaline is rushing through him as the sounds of the mayhem, the crowd, repeat through his mind. The question...the question. To be fooled, or not to be fooled? That appears to be the theme these past couple weeks, as ignorance seems to be the name of the game when it comes to underestimating those around us. Arius removes his gloves as he shows the blood covered over them to the camera This is exactly what needed to happen! Tonight at Emergence, reality whispered into Lord Yautjas ear. Reality told Yautja of his destiny in BPZ Wrestling; failure and humiliation! The once former Aaron North adapted to wear a mask full of false hopes and dreams. He used this facade in an attempt to heighten his experience in this company in hopes for a more fulfilling path. He spoke of proving himself, of destroying what i had slowly built over my time here and using my ascending failures against me to his advantage... Arius abruptly stands as he points to the outside. The noise of distant shouts can be heard through the doorway across from him. The ring announcer thanking the crowd for their patience as they look to get the Pay Per View continuing on But his mask couldn’t hide his true self. This figurative cloak had its own identity. This mask’s name was Angelo Caito, Brad...Brad deceived him, continually filling his soul with arrogance and disrespect. I revealed and removed this mask when I defeated Lord Yautja swiftly in front of the world. Millions of eyes saw the once high potential crumble in a matter of seconds as i hoisted his body above that ring post. Arius looks to the ceiling as he remembers the moment, rotating his shoulder still recovering himself from the fall, he moves around the room as the camera follows him closely This path was set once he started following the leader rather than guide himself. In those final moments Lord Yautja realised that my word was true and he couldn’t have done anything to prevent his true self. The same reality that came before Brad as he lay amongst the rubble i sent him to. Leaving them in a bed of their sorrows. As Arius looks to continue his rant he is interrupted as he kicks an idle briefcase left behind by someone before the room was cleared Ahhh yes, how could i overlook the other important events this evening. the champion leans in the pick up the briefcase with his free hand as he chuckles a little at the sight. Reminded of other important information learned this evening It’s always so exciting to get these chances, these obstacles. The introduction of the To The Top briefcase into my life gives it a certain exhilarating flare don't you think? The rush of knowing each time i make my way to the chosen arena it could be faced with a challenge from around each corner. That's the sort of chaos i haven't felt in a long while..possibly the days of NXT. Unbridled and pure insanity. Now...I do hope that this victory today doesn't lead you into delusions of grandeur for we are all human. Arius raises the BPZ North American Championship as he holds it closer to the camera, showing the blood spotted across the front plate for the audience to see We all bleed the same. We all break the same. But that is not where the champions separate themselves from simple heroes and villains, not where the greats look up to greater men with desire. Arius points towards the outside of the room once again as he continues Because be assured inside that ring your delusions will fade away and only reality is left to exist; a reality of The Revenant - who brings both creation and destruction in hand- this is the shadow which can soon consume you within its darkness. Arius lowers his arms as he nods respectively towards Joh who might be watching in the future For now i step aside with a simple congratulations Joh. A moment i witnessed live in the distance for myself as i prepared keenly, taking notice as you tonight slayed several valiant foes in the battle. And so for now until we meet it gives that voice of your’s some legitimacy. Arius leans in and taps the side of the camera lens mockingly But be warned. Be exposed to the example i made of your United brethren. When you take the chance to cash in that briefcase of yours no hesitations will be made as I strip you down to your core and show the world everything that makes Joh a secondary act in the North American division. For In the end perception is reality and there isn’t anything to suggest I can’t do what I've set out to do once again, just like there isn’t anything to suggest this championship in my grasp will be ripped away anytime soon. By yourself or anyone who steps to me between that time. Arius slides the briefcase across the floor as it knocks the side of a table. The champion not being able to keep himself in a still motion, riding the adrenaline of the night still surging through him Arius paces around the room. Reality..Reality..Reality Arius laughs as he takes notice of himself and his rant Forgive me if this sounds slightly monotonous. I'm sure some of you sit curiously wondering why am I persistently talking about reality and truths tonight?. Well, everyday it feels like allegiances are switching, to the point where we question even ourselves, for do we even know the person in front of us? Do i understand myself as well as i once have? Once a time existed, that those who have come for my head paraded praise and feigned admiration. To think for a moment, for some comfort, that all of our beginnings started equal in this company. We step into a new stage, experience a new ensemble, a new setting...and we never know at first what's good and pure. What's deceiving and evil. Arius holds a single finger in the air for the camera We always must first observe. Arius pauses for a moment as faint sirens can be heard leaving the building But sadly the harsh truth about either, no matter which side you choose to believe, it doesn't necessarily lie in what's said, because more often than not whether you side with one or the other you're only figuring out one side of the narrative. Fortunately for those of us that have the benefit of experiencing both sides, we are able to choose wisely how we tread. Arius outstretches his arms for the audience And so the burden falls. It's then up to us to follow through on those decisions to ensure there are no more conflicts of interest. In the end, it's not going to be about whose alternative narrative prevails over the other, but rather belief. Which side they believed. Which one suited them best. Or perhaps more to the point..which one they wanted to believe before the finale even took place. ..So i forewarn, to those willing to listen, that the narrative of what has taken place tonight and what will take place between here and Summerslam, will all be twisted to fit the view needed, but let it be spoken now. This experience was out of necessity. Something i don't look to make a sport of. Arius grabs hold of the strap of his championship, staring determined into the eyes of the viewers at home This BPZ North American Championship is an open opportunity for anyone who can breathe and compete. This isn't a stepping stone to great heights, a prop, this is MY division in which i'll fight to my greatest efforts to hold it strong. Tonight i went out of my way to prove that i will not be toyed with. For i have and will continue to work as hard as I can, sacrificing time and health to bring me to this moment again. My Destiny Chosen To Die As King. Summerslam
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    Step up, Get Stepped On

    Blade walks down to the ring no theme song just going to the ring with his half of the tag titles over his shoulder with a smug look on his face. He gets in the ring after throwing a chair into the ring and getting a microphone. Quickly setting up the chair and taking a seat. Blade,"Do you all know who I am? I am a former NXT Champion, former BPZ European Champion, former BPZ Intercontinental champion, former BP Z Premium Champion, the 2019 Carnage Scramble winner the man who exterminated Buddy Ace at the Power Trip Cup Event one half of the Deadman's hand, and one of two men that right now can call themselves the number one contenders for the BPZ Tag Team Championships at King of the ring, one of the men who put an end to the Big Ballers, and one half of the reigning BPZ Tag Team Champions. I am Blade now lets get down for business. Look here, what was it I wanted to say, I said something before Emergence what was it, oh right I said I was going to tell you all so after I did something but what was it." Blade turns and looks at his championship on his shoulder. Blade, "Oh that's right won this didn't I? So I guess.... I TOLD YOU ALL SO! I said the Deadman's hand was going to win the number one contenders match and crush the weaker tag teams and we did that!. I said we would beat and end the big ballers and we did that and took their tag titles from them. The light at the end of the tunnel the tag division was going down under that stagnant title reign is now over. Now the tag division can now grow once again. The Deadman's hand stepped up from the days when it was just Kieron and I to George and I now evolving once again to what we are now. Brenden should have see this coming being part of the old evolution group. You either adapt or you perish. We found ourselves invited into a more illustrious group and we adapted and caused the former tag team champions title reign to perish. Now what is this group? Well if the names of who is involve doesn't give you any indication of what this group can do without a name alone. We have our selves of the Deadman's Hand the new tag champions. We have Ropati fresh back and ready to give you all a reminder of who he is. And the head honcho of the group, a mastermind who is smarter then all of you. That is Slim. But if you need a name for a group like this to give you any more indication of who we are well this is who we are." Blade points at the titan tron and the name appears Blade, "A picture is better then a thousand words. We are, no are is the wrong word, it is we have taken over. We are bringing a balance to BPZ like nobody has seen before. Capturing the Tag titles was the first step. The next step will be summerslam. What will the tag team be doing? Facing the first challenge who has decided to step up against the syndicate. The First Class Express. Hans and BIC. the first team to step up to us and now here is what will happen to them. They step up and now will they are going to get stepped on. You see I see this team coming and I am going to shut them down. You think teaming with Bashka will help you? Look at Bashka and look at who him and ask him to thank Slim for his intercontinental title reign, and then tell him to say goodbye to his reign. I might have history with BIC but listen to me carefully, I am not praying for your down fall. I want you to step up, bring what you did during the Power Trip Cup. Hans better bring his best as well. I want to face you both at your primes. Because when we smack you back down to where you belong then you can go tell, the Brenden and Sameer a real team just beat you." Blade flips the microphone into the air and drops it
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    Step up, Get Stepped On

    As Hans walks into the curtain, suddenly he backs up, back onto the stage as the crowd is confused, before 'The King', Slim steps out to a ruckus of boos from the crowd. Slim has a microphone in his hand, as Hans stands in front of him before Slim begins to speak. Hans, allow me to introduce myself. My name, is Slim, and I am the most dominant superstar in BPZ history. And I have an announcement to you, the fans, the superstars backstage... At SummerSlam, I will defend the tag team championships alongside Blade... Not because I need to, but because I want to. Hans looks confused before Slim begins talking. I know, I know. You stand there, looking dumb, confused, why do I want to? Because men like you need to earn some god-damn respect. You talk about this new generation, this new wave of superstars are fools, brainwashed by these people. Let me give you some advice, kid. Your heart-beating, that's from the exercise you're getting in the ring. All this stuff you talk about is non-sense, it's comical. This, is a business, and you, and all of this "new generation" need to learn how to be businessmen. Businessmen are cut-throat, they get the job done, they aren't here to make friends and they're not here to make relationships, bonds, any of that. It's not about bringing your best, Hans. It's about being the best. And Syndicate, is that. Blade is one of the most underrated men in the company, and you're a young lion, on his way to prove himself, and you dare to call that man a SNAKE? Hans, look beside you. Xavier King, BiC, whatever he refers to himself as these days, is the biggest snake this company has. One minute he'll be your friend, hyping you up, gassing you up, and the next he'll be talking shit like a high-school female. You wanna talk about snakes, look at him. Blade hasn't captured the World Championship YET, but neither have you. You've come here, and you've been pretty good, but you're secondary compared to Arius, right? Does that eat at you, Hans? Knowing that of all these young superstars, filled with potential, you're not number one? You wanna know why, you're not number one? You do extraordinary things, yeah, but those same-things can cost you a match within a second. Ropati is a smart man, you see, he took my advice. Ropati hates my f*cking guts. I gave him a concussion, but he realizes, next to me, he's virtually untouchable, because I just have that... effect. Slim smirks as the crowd boos, with Hans looking unimpressed before Slim continues talking. You say you're not getting stepped on, you believe that you can hang, but history speaks for itself. When me and BiC go one-on-one, he rarely ever comes out on top. Add in a dumb rookie? It's a walk in the park. So Hans, let me make you understand something... You need to bring more than YOUR best at SummerSlam, otherwise you WILL get stepped on, I promise that. Slim stares a hole through Hans, as it's official, Slim & Blade will defend their tag team championships against Hans & BiC at SummerSlam.
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    Roadblock - The First Class Express Party

    ____ May 13th, 2015 The scene opens up and we are located inside of a old warehouse building, which is home to a pro wrestling ring. Surrounded by maybe 100 fans maximum, the sound of the superstars hitting the mat can be heard as the camera comes closer and we can see who is in the ring. Future BPZ stars BiC and Hans Clayton. Then known as Xavier King, they are fighting in the ring and based on how tired they are it seems they have been wrestling for awhile. However, as King goes to the top rope. Hans catches him up in a superkick!!! And pins him!!! The camera cuts to a few seconds later, where Hans Clayton and BiC hug in the ring, as the fans around them chant "First Class". Streamers are thrown into the ring and posters around the building tell us that this is BiCs last match with the company. BiC reaches down and grabs one of the microphones, picking it up and speaking. "Until next time....This is not a goodbye Clayton, just a see you later" With that, the flashback fades to black. Ending with that final line and the view of BiC walking away from the ring. November 27th, 2018 The flashback once again opens up, this time displaying the date a full 3 years later. We are at the same warehouse, which has seen some improvements and a growing in fan base. Chants of "Hans Clayton" still fill the arena, as the man whos become some what of a extraordinary independent stars stands in the ring with his arms to his side, before an unexpected face would make the crowd go wild. As the BPZ superstar, BiC, would come out on stage. Although he has been away from BPZ with an injury. He walks out to the ring and stands across from his former best friend, with a clipboard and a piece of paper in his hand he sticks out his arm and hands it to Hans. Smiling and nodding as Hans points it to the crowd, revealing a BPZ contract, as the camera feeds comes to an end. Current Day The camera shows us the First Class Express party bus, driving down the street. Passing almost all cars as the camera enters through the window showing a handful of people with drinks in there hand, music playing and a replay of BPZ Emergence playing on the TV. We can see BPZ stars Hans Clayton and BiC, better known as First Class Express. They are drinking out of red solo cups, and Hans Clayton is dancing with a girl. As the camera switches to a camera man who stands up from the couch and begins to film, when BiC notices. He smiles and begin to speak. It is a First Class party baby and we are, READY, for Summerslam. Hans may have been a little bit messed up from going a little crazy at Emergence but we are ready for whatever Deadmans Hand, Syndicate, whatever they want to call themselves next week we will take the fight to them like never before. Y'all already KNOW me and my boy Clayton over here will NOT get those cold feet and run away, ain't that right brotha The camera points over to Hans, who grabs the camera lenses and focuses it on him. Fixing his eyebrows before speaking excitedly Couldn't of said it better myself, this is one hell of a road trip and...well come here. Look at the people here, look at this DRIP baby. This girl is wearing a designer red dress, this man, you can see him stunting in the suit. We got Bamford in the front driving the bus with the WORK HARD PARTY HARDER LIFE STYLE baby. Summerslam will be the biggest party of the summer for sure and First Class Express is going to walk out CHAMPIONS baby. The people on the bus continue to dance to the music and strobe lights, as the camera crew follows BiC to the back. Where he sits down in a chair, closing the door behind him as the music muffles. The camera focuses on him as he smiles. In all seriousness this has been some of the funnest time in my life, ever since I lost to Julius I was devastated but buying this party bus was the greatest decision of my life and me and Hans are a new breed. For the first time in forever, I am happy with my career. However, despite this, BiC bites his lip and looks down. A more pissed off look on his face. But these so called fans who keep going on Twitter, on wrestling forums, saying "Where is the old BiC", where is the depressed BiC, I want the BiC we had before Power Trip Cup. These fans, hell I don't even refer to them as fans because they are praying on my downfall. Praying that my life goes downhill just so they can see that passion again, YOU WANT TO SEE PASSION? I bleed passion every damn time I am in that ring, and these twitter f**ks don't understand the power it takes and they want me to go out there and talk about my father who died years ago? Talk about my mother who died 12 years ago? How my family doesn't want me to follow my dream?? There is a crack in BiCs voice and you can tell he holds back tears as he leans back in his chair, taking deep breaths. The fans obviously getting to him recently, as he takes one last deep breath before smiling and grabbing his drink. Holding it up. Look. Its as simple as this. Every time I am in that ring I sweat out passion, I fight for my father, I give it everything I got for the fans who care and I will never stop doing that. For me, for my tag team partner,, and especially for everyone who wants me to fail I will always fight. But, I am not going to sit here and be down on myself. I have a party to get to. BiC stands up and swings the door open and the dozen or so people on the bus cheer. As he joins the crowd and the camera view fades to black. 1 Hour Later Later that same night on Carnage we return to the bus, where multiple people are sleeping in random locations and BiC and Hans Clayton sit on the couch. 5 feet apart because they aren't gay, each drinking a water as the bus comes to a stop outside. The brakes releasing and BiC standing up, shaking his head as the door swings open and Hans yells out. Bamford I thought we said we aren't picking anyone up. BiC and Hans look on as a big man wearing a Sheridan T Shirt steps onto the bus, talking to August as BiC steps off the bus and so does the camera crew. Pointing towards the barricade set up by BPZs resident female before Emergence. I don't know how much you second grade Paul Blarts are getting paid to do this but I assure you it is in your best interest to move. The two guards who stand before them do not move, so BiC walks up and shrugs, kneeing one of them in the gut before throwing them on a nearby car. Hans steps forward towards the other guard and he runs off, as BiC and Hans Clayton move the barricades they turn towards the camera. George and Blade, are they at the top of the list of our worries? Nah, me and BiC got one worry and thats to make this bus the most lit ride heading into Summerslam and there is, no man, no women, and no force that can stop it....First Class Express...4 Life. Hans fist bumps the camera and it clicks off, leaving people wondering what will be next for the party duo of Hans Clayton and BiC. Who have taken BPZ by storm as of late, and may be champions by the end of Summerslam.
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    Emergence continues as we have just seen the deadman’s hand capture the tag team championship from The Big Ballers. The ring canvas is now being changed for the upcoming match. The Lights go out and the match graphic for the FD Rules match appears on screen. The lights come back on and then the theme of Manchester’s Number One begins to play. Joshua Scott makes his way out to the ring, he looks nervous but tries to maintain his composure. He heads into the ring and does some posing for the audience who jeer at him. Josh stands in his corner now awaiting the arrival of his opponent. The lights go out, the fans are expecting FDS to enter to his new theme music “Scars” by I Prevails but something familiar then plays instead… The Emperor of Chaos’ theme erupts throughout the arena and the fans go insane and FDS steps out dressed in his old garb. FDS steps into the ring and stares down with Josh, FDS rips his mask off and then stands in the middle of the ring and hits the rainmaker pose with the middle fingers extended out with the fans going insane. “We Are” fades away and the fans begin to chant “FD FD FD F***** S”. Josh stands in the corner, looking on in disgust, FDS then turns and looks at Josh. The two men stare at each other from opposite corners, the bell rings and the two men immediately charge at each other exchanging blows. FDS comes ahead though putting Josh into the corner, FDS then just continues to unload strikes onto Josh just beating the hell out of him, until Josh is in seated position in the corner, FDS then slides out of the ring, he grabs a chair from ringside, he wedges it in front of the face of Josh, Josh now stuck in the corner and FDS goes to the adjacent corner before charging at Josh and kneeing the chair into his face! Josh now rocked, FDS though not done he rolls out of the ring again and he grabs some light tubes, he throws them into the ring, FDS then gets back into the ring, he calls for Josh to get back up, Josh slowly gets back to his feet but the minute he turns around FDS smashes the light tubes over his head! Josh down, FDS now with a sick look on his face. FDS then goes out of the ring and begins to grab every single chair he can and throw them into the ring, after assembling a large pile of chairs FDS gets back in the ring and Josh throws a chair into the head of FDS but it doesn’t phase FDS who just laughs at Josh, Josh looks terrified now, FDS grabs the wrist of Josh and smashes him with a short arm Blood Rainmaker! FDS then grabs Josh back up, he takes him over to the corner and places him on the top rope, FDS then climbs up behind him and then FDS Just drops him with a massive suplexes onto the chairs! Josh then rolls out of the ring in an attempt to escape FDS but FDS, Sprints over to the top rope and nails Josh with a triangle moonsault! FDS now gets Josh back up and throws him into the barricade, Josh now leaning on the barricade and FDS charges at nails him with a dropkick smashing him into the barricade before Josh can fall over FDS gets him up and drops him with a Go Home Driver on the Outside! FDS now going under the ring again, he looks to be pulling something out from under the ring… AND IT'S A STEEL CHAIR WITH THUMBTACKS GLUED ONTO IT! FDS now about to go smash Josh in the head with it but Josh kicks FDS in the gut stopping him from doing so, FDS drops the chair, Josh now tries to get FDS and he drops him with a 77 Snap on the outside! FDS gets back up quite quickly though, Josh though sees the thumbtack chair, he places the chair underneath FDS, Josh now trying to slam FDS onto the chair but FDS stops Josh by elbowing him in the head, FDS then turns Josh around and he nails him with a tiger suplex onto the chair! Josh Can’t move! FDS now grabs the head of Josh and begins to grind it on the steel chair laughing while he does it, FDS then releases him before picking him up and throwing him back into the ring. FDS then goes under the ring and he grabs… a bottle of tequila and a photograph of Josh? FDS then slides back into the ring, he then hyper extends the arm of Josh AND HE BEGINS PAPERCUTTING BETWEEN THE FINGERS OF JOSH AND THEN POURING TEQUILA ON THE CUTS! FDS then takes the arm and snaps it back, FDS then takes a swig of tequila and then pours the rest of it on the bloody face of Josh! FDS then goes out of the ring again and he brings in a bag, he empties the bag onto the floor to reveal thumbtacks! FDS then grabs Josh back up and he drops him with a back suplex onto the thumbtacks! FDS now just smiling with a sick look on his face, Josh then rolls out of the ring and falls on the floor Josh bleeding all over his body. FDS then goes under the ring and he pulls out… some lemons? OH MY GOD FDS SQUEEZES THE LEMONS OVER THE BACK JOSH! Josh Cringing in pain! FDS now goes under the ring again and he brings out a belt! FDS now just smashing the belt over the back of Josh just whipping him with it beating the hell out of him with the belt. FDS staring at Josh with malice in his head, FDS then grabs Josh up onto the Apron, he takes Josh and he piledrives him onto the ring apron! FDS now looking to be about to finish it, he goes under the ring and he brings out a thumbtack sleeve! FDS now sliding the sleeve onto his arm, he gets Josh up and he nails him with a Blood Rainmaker with the Thumbtack sleeve on! FDS now kicking Josh in the head a few times but Josh somehow crawling up on FDS’ boots, FDS just laughs and kicks Josh down, FDS then goes under the ring and he grabs a table! FDS then throws the table into the ring, FDS then grabs Josh up and throws him back into the ring, FDS after setting up the table, he takes Josh up to the top rope and he nails him with a flipping DDT through the table! FDS now gets Josh again and he makes Josh bite down on the bottom rope, FDS the steps back for a second as the ref is attempting to check on Josh but FDS Just stomps on the back of the head of Josh! FDS now goes back out of the ring and he grabs his blood stained white steel chair, he sets it up in the middle of the ring, he picks up Josh in burning hammer position and then he drops Josh with Lay you to sleep! FDS now kicking Josh out of the ring, he follows him out of the ring, FDS looking to be about to get Josh up for another blood rainmaker but his body completely collapses, FDS just now kicking Josh in the back of the head on the outside, the ref checking on Josh, the ref then makes the signal that Josh is out, Josh is unable to continue, FDS wins the FD Rules Match via Knockout! FDS just laughs staring at the broken body of Josh, FDS then goes under the ring one more time and he pulls out a CHAOS T-Shirt, he takes it and he throws it on top of the broken body of Josh, Medics begin to check on Josh, FDS then just laughs and begins to walk away as his theme music is playing after winning the match, FDS is walking up the ramp but then suddenly somebody begins to sprint past him making a B-Line for Josh…
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    Summerslam Announcement

    We hear screams of Flynn, trying to reach the crew to let him know what is going on. The crowd waits in anticipation of what’s about to go down. After a few seconds, the lights come back and the cameras focus on Flynn, who looks relieved. At first sight that is, because while he comfortably leaves the ring, he starts hearing bigger and bigger cheers with everyone passing second. He decides to turn around… It’s BART! The man who returned at King Of The Ring is here, and knocks Flynn down with a clothesline to an immense pop from the crowd. Flynn tries to get back to his feet, but is instantly laid down again by a Last Breath. Bart sits down next to the body of Flynn, who looks to be in an incredible pain. Does no one want to face you Flynn? I can’t imagine how frustrating that must be. Especially for you, a man who told me that he prides himself on being a fighting champion, a champion who everyone can be proud of. But Flynn, since I like you so much, I might have a solution for you. The crowd breaks out into cheers from the thought of Bart getting his rematch against Flynn, a dream match. But I know Flynn, the grumpy bastard that you are, you wouldn’t be happy with that. I can already hear you say it. “I have already beaten you”. Because of that, I want to ensure you that I am a changed man, a better man. So please, don’t take this personal . OH MY. Flynn is laid out and Bart looks to leave the ring, before coming back into the ring and raising the Undisputed Championship while the crowd chants his name to end the show.
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    An Untalented Hack.

    Carnage rolls on and suddenly the theme music of a certain split personality person hits. FDS comes out dressed in his casual gear but as he walks down the ramp he throws his hat into the crowd and slides into the ring. FDS looks extremely intense. He rolls back out of the ring and snatches the microphone from the ring announcer. The fans begin to chant “FD FD FD F****** S” FDS just pacing back and forth in the ring and he finally begins to speak. You know, I’m out here because I am so god damn pissed off right now. While I was a little glad to see Ark’s back from Injury, the fact that my name just got mentioned in this piss poor excuse for entertainment in the whole “Who attacked the bulldozer?” Bullshit has royally pissed me off. So BPZ guess what? It’s time for a little hostile takeover! I’m highjacking Carnage and I am going to stand out here for as long as I want and say whatever the hell I want. Let’s start off with this “Who attacked the bulldozer?” Crap… WHO THE HELL CARES?! Oh boy, another semi interesting middle of the card storyline that’s gonna fizzle out into nothing after summerslam and will never be mentioned. Now usually I wouldn’t care… but then you had to bring up my name didn’tcha Joshy Boy? AND YOU KNOW I HATE IT WHEN YOU EVEN MENTION ME! Next thing: Why in the hell do you have an assistant? What is he there to help you carry your bags because you’re too weak to do it yourself? God, if he shows up to our match with you I will personally take a rusty butter knife, cut his face off and shove it down your throat! FDS stops and breathes in for a moment. The fans begin Chanting “KILL FD KILL”, FD smiles and nods Oh don’t worry guys because you better believe I am going to tear this little man apart limb from limb and maybe I’ll send the remains to Manchester so they can display their “Number one’s” grave somewhere. Then again his skull could make for a nice wine glass… ah doesn’t matter. FDS stops again though, with the fans still continuing to chant for him but he just looks up again. Actually… you know what? Screw me doing all this psychopath talk. Screw me trying to tell you all the horrible i’m going to do to him because you all know what’s going to happen to Josh, I don’t need to describe it but what I do need to say is all the things I hate about this man. You see, Josh is so desperate to maintain relevance in wrestling not just BPZ but in professional wrestling as a whole he said he’d do anything to make himself remain with his head above water including this completely ridiculous story about how his former “protege” who spoiler alert Josh had nothing to do with training him, he was a performance centre project like 90% of this roster, got hit by a car and they had to solve the mystery of who did it. And yet somehow that snivelling little leech has somehow managed to make some money of it. For once in his miserable pathetic virmon life he was able to make something actually decently interesting… too bad he stretched it out for way too long and wasted everyone’s time with a reveal that probably won’t matter in the long term anyway. The thing is though… isn’t that the perfect metaphor for josh’s career? Nothing matters in the long run. See everytime Josh does something it’s cool at first but then it ends the same way: with it fizzling out and Josh back to doing what he does best: Losing. Everybody always wonders why do I hate Josh? And I could say several things, I could talk about how he’s a second rate version of me, I could talk about how he’s never been able to make his career without piggy backing off someone else, I could talk about how he’s not even that good of a pro wrestler but what really makes me despise this man is his ego. Josh by far has the biggest undeserved, unchecked ego in the locker room which is surprising to me because the man has lost so many more times than he’s won and yet he seems to think that he is this top level guy, he seems to think he can go around backstage talking to everybody anyway he wants to when in reality all he is is a pathetic excuse for a lower mid card level talent for some reason being put into matches for the world championship. Now I've only been in one world title match in my entire career and Josh for some reason has been in 2 or 3 so Josh is taking the spot of a world title contender away from other guys on the card who are more talented than he is, who are more charismatic than he is and who are better people than he is. Josh is one of the biggest wastes of space on this roster and yet for some reason not only is he still around he is a contender for the goddamn world championship… but I say contender very loosely because there is no way in hell he is going to ever win that title. So the untalented hack is going to be around and I can’t stop that… except I can. You see an FD Rules match, I should probably use that more right? But instead this is only the second time i’m bringing out this stipulation. Why is that many of you ask, it's simple really. There are very few people deserving of the brutality of the FD Rules Match. BIC was previously the only rival I had worth the brutality of it due the intensity of our rivalry and I have grown to respect that man very much although he somewhat is responsible for my hatred of Josh however why am I bringing out this match for Josh? Because I want to brutalise him and to make him feel so much pain that he will be finished. Now I am going to get a chair because that untalented hack is going to come out here and defend himself now isn’t he? Well, come on then let's do this. FDS rolls out of the ring, he grabs a chair and slides it in the ring and sits down facing the stage awaiting the response of Josh Scott.
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    Alternate Dimensions: BPZ Pro Wrestling

    Global Series Climax Night 7 Tag Team Match Evolution and James Hunter vs Bulldozer and Joshua Scott It was an average match, nothing special, showcased what Hunter and Bulldozer can do in the ring. Evolution pins Bulldozer for the victory. 7:01 6 Tag Team Match Necce, Marker and Buddy Ace vs Prince, Mikey, and Echo Wilson 6 man tag action as Necce’s Gathering takes on Villain’s Kingdom. Everybody shined through in this match but it was Mikey who got pinfall against Buddy Ace. Huge win for Mikey and Villain’s Kingdom. 11:29 Singles Match Bailey vs Alex Costa Bailey took on Alex Costa in was a pretty solid matchup, Costa obviously was working hard to get the victory over Bailey, trying everything he could but the veteran Bailey gets the win via pinfall. 15:23 Singles Match Brad vs Maasa Brad took on Maasa in what was decent match, Maasa showing off what he can do but at the end Brad defeated Maasa finally winning his first match in the Global Series Climax. 8:21 Singles Match Bart vs Kieron Black Bart took on Kieron Black next in what was a good hard hitting bout, both men putting on a show but it was Bart at the end with the victory. The fans would clap for Kieron after the match. 14:23 Singles Match Xaiver King vs Yelich Next up, Yelich takes on Xaiver King in what was pretty solid, fast paced matchup. Yelich was impressive, but King would pick up the victory after hitting his finisher and pinning him. 16:23 Singles Match Slim vs FDS In our Main Event, Slim took on FDS in very good battle, both men putting out all their maneuvers, telling a very good story in the ring. The match ends with Slim picking up the win after cheating when the referee was down. After the match Bashka came into the ring and attack Slim, officials came out and try to separate them. Bashka smiles as he's been taking away to end the show. 19:54 Global Series Climax Night 8 8 Tag Team Match Kenji, Ross, Jay Sellers, and Brett Storm vs Johnny Kills, Sheridan, Kieron Black, and Maasa 8 man tag action to start off the night, as ASCENT takes on Kills, Sheridan, Black, and Maasa. Kills and Sheridan have had some momentum recently, can they keep it up? It was hot and short tag match with Kenji pinning Kieron Black for the victory after hitting his finisher with great force. 8:12 Echo Wilson and Prince vs Sameer and Brenden Tag Team Action coming up as Echo and Prince of Villain’s Kingdom takes Sameer and Brenden. Sameer has plenty of people he would want to defend his title against, maybe it’s someone from Villain’s kingdom. The match was good with Sameer getting the win for his team after pinning Prince. 10:45 Singles Match Necce vs Marker In what would be an interesting match, Marker takes on his mentor Necce, student vs teacher here ladies and gentlemen. The match is pretty solid with Marker trying everything he can to beat his mentor. Necce is also trying to defeat his student and the match overall was compelling. Necce would pin Marker with the Even Flow. Afterwards the two of them shake hands. 16:23 Singles Match Aaron North vs Mikey Battle of the future, as North takes on Mikey. Mikey is looking for his first win here in tournament. Both men give it everything they got, but it was Mikey picking up the win after hitting his finisher. 12:39 Singles Match Flynn vs Evolution Nextup, Flynn takes on Evolution. When the bell rings, Evolution goes for Flynn but Flynn dodges it and hits the FKO for the 1,2,3. Flynn defeats Evolution in quick fashion. Evolution looks dazed after what just happened. 0:11 Singles Match Arius vs Bashka In our semi main event, Arius takes on Bashka, two talented individuals going at it. Bashka and Arius both give it there all for the victory. Bashka was looking like he was gonna win then suddenly Slim comes in rushing in the ring, officials and refs all try to stop him. In the chaos, Arius hits a low blow to Bashka and hits his finisher for the victory. Bashka lost the match because of that distraction. 19:54 Singles Match Julius vs Hans In the main event Julius takes on Hans, this is Hans’ biggest match of the tournament so far, in what was a brutal match, with lots of false finishes and the two different styles of Julius and Hans mashed together well. Julius would hit the Hell’s Welcome for the win. After the match Hans stands up and he stares down Julius. The two look at each other before Julius extends his hand and the two shake hands, respect has been earned. 21:11 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Global Series Climax Standings Current Standings Block A Block B Bart 8 Necce 8 Bailey 6 Flynn 7 Slim 6 Julius 7 Xaiver King 6 Hans 6 FDS 4 Bashka 4 Yelich 4 Arius 4 Alex Costa 2 Mikey 2 Kieron Black 2 Aaron North 2 Brad 2 Marker 0 Maasa 0 Evolution 0
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    The Real King Reigns Supreme

    “Painless” echoes, marking Flynn’s first appearance prior to his King of the Ring Championship defense against Jonathan, where he came out on top successfully, forcing Sheridan herself to make the three count and raise the hand of the same man who had defeated her a month prior. He matches out onto the stage, his championship firmly around his waist, and a smile across his face. He marches toward the ring. Fans are left with a soulful taste in their mouth by the very charismatic and disrespectful champion who since Survivor Series of last year, has been one of the most despicable wrestlers on the BPZ roster. However since his attitude shift, no one can argue with his success. A BPZ World Championship, a spot in this years BPZ Mania main event and the current Undisputed Champion, and he doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. He enters the ring, his cocky swagger oozing off of him. He seems to be in a celebratory mood and looks to keep the party going, removing a microphone directly from his boot. BPZ, can I just tell you all how much the last two months being YOUR Undisputed Champion has been? I have loved each and every second of it. Because each time I come out here, each time I defend this championship, I’m proving each and everyone of you idiots wrong. The people who half a year ago claimed I was on a downward spiral. That I was on my way to the retirement home. That I didn’t have it in me anymore. No I didn’t, I had something else in me. Untapped aggression, and an enormous chip on my shoulder. So I set out on a quest to show the world that kissing the fans asses, and worrying about your perception only hinders you from true success. I’ve proven it. The Bailey, Julius, Bart and even BOTH members of the Royal Flush have felt my wrath. I have left them all lying in a bloody pulp, with gold above my head. I’ve proven I’m BPZ’s KING! I am the Alpha, I am the Omega. Yet you people still clamor on just as you have for years. Claiming others to be the face of MY COMPANY. For too long I’ve let it slide. I’ve been the humble guy who allowed men like Bailey, like Slim, and like Julius to have the spotlight over me. NO MORE! I am the FACE OF THIS GOD DAMN COMPANY! It’s as indisputable as this UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP! Because while all of those guys rotate from obscurity only to randomly return back to their World title that they all play hot poatato with, I REMAIN A CHAMPION IN BPZ, I STAY CONTENDING WITH ALL THE COMPETITION. I’ve won more gold then nearly 75% of that locker room COMBINED! That’s how god damn good I am and yet I still come out here to BOO’S, I walk backstage and I listen to them clamor on about how god damn great Julius is, THE ONLY MATCHES JULIUS EVER WON, WERE THE ONE’S WHERE HE DIDN’T HAVE TO GET IN THE RING WITH ME. I am furious. I am pissed the hell off. I came out here smiling, ready to celebrate kicking that pathetic little twerp Jonathan’s head off right in front of his girlfriend and yet I am greeted by these stupid, ridiculous Julius signs. You know what I have to say? F*ck Julius! Julius couldn’t lace my boots the man has shown already he can’t hang with the god damn goat, and let’s give up on that hoax Bailey he just got his ass kicked by one half of BPZ’s resident nostalgia act so it’s not like he’s out here kicking ass like me and you all know it. Flynn looks down now at his Undisputed Championship, gripping it rightly before returning eye level toward the camera. So now here we are yet again, EMERGENCE! Who the hell is it going to be? Flynn drops his microphone staring at the stage, awaiting yet another challenger for Emergence. (do not reply, a reply has been planned, thx xoxo)
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    Stupid Emo Brute

    After a couple of days since the King Of The Ring PPV, Where we saw Julius beat Hans, Sameer defeat The Bailey setting up Sameer vs Julius for the main event of SummerSlam. We also saw Deadman's hand win a tag team match to have the right to face the Big Ballers at Emergence and The Return of Eli Smith. Sameer appears on the titantron backstage with his world championship on his shoulder. Ladies and Gentlemen, I will not be showing up to the ring tonight as you people don't deserve to see me in person with your own eyes and you also don't deserve to see this world championship here either. A couple of days ago at King Of The Ring, I prevailed as BPZ World Champion defeating The Bailey proving to the whole world that I am clearly the better man in the ring and also out the ring at least that's what his ex said. But I am not here to brag about my win against The Bailey like seriously it wasn't really that big I knew I was gonna kick his candy ass. At King Of The Ring, Deadman's Hand won a tag team number one contenders match that grants them a title shot for the tag team championships at BPZ Powertrip: Emergence on August 8th which is in a couple of days. You know I was really looking forward to this match because I get my revenge on that dirty cheat shithead Geroge AK who has manipulated you all into thinking he's some sort of hero. Oh and also there is that stupid emo brute Blade. Who decided to come out here two days ago and said some of the stupidest shit I have heard. One being that Deadman's hand is going to beat the Big Ballers and two all that idiotic talk about management. Clearly, you didn't do your research on me correctly Blade, which is pretty disappointing because you probably sit in a basement digging up anything you could find on me. Firstly I want to say though congratulations you finally won a match after months only to get your ass beat again whatever a win is like a blue moon for you. I also like how you try to manipulate people first off please next time mention how after losing to FD, I won that shit back 2 weeks later you know why? because he was the one that got exposed for being a complete CHUMP. I'd also like to mention how I beat your ass for about 3 months after I won the premium title back. So please don't discredit my accolades when my worse one is better than your best one. If you heard anything Brenden has said since we started to team up, you would have known that he said HIMSELF that and quote: "Underused by management" You see Blade this is why I am where I am at in my career, I am THE BrendenPlayz World Heavyweight Champion and Tag Team Champion, While you are a Stupid Emo Brute that has to fight to get on the card. Ever since The Authority ended, I have fought for everything I have won and I sure as hell don't need to hear some chump that hasn't a single taste of what success is like in months. As for Geroge don't you worry little boy because, at Emergence, I'll prove to everyone what they already know which is that your win against me was a complete fluke, That's all, for now, you are welcome BrendenPlayz fans watching from home or here at the arena tonight I have shown my presence tonight which is honestly more that you deserve. The titantron goes dark as the segment ends and Carnage goes to commercial break.
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    Golden Heart

    ____________________________ July 6th, 2006 - Joes Gym The scene opens us up, looking at a teenage BiC, standing in an empty gym. Which, based on the old, faded sign hanging on the wall, turns out to be "Joes Gym". Which is none other then his father, The much younger looking BiC steps forward to the center of the ring. A determined look on his face, however, he looks past the punching bag hanging in front of him at a poster advertising an upcoming fight, him vs another fighter named "Terry Reeves". BiC smiles, before swinging, and as he does, the camera cuts. When the camera comes back we are now at the fight, and BiC swings the last, knockout shot as his opponent crumbles to the mat below. The bell rings and his team rushes into the ring, lifting him up as he points to the crowd and the announcer calls him the winner, as the camera fades to back and the suspenseful music stops and a new image begins to come onto the screen. July 23rd, 2017 - Wembley Stadium We are at the tail end of the 2017 King Of The Ring PPV, where BiC has just hit the "No Regret" and has pinned Broken Nate. Not only cementing his place in history, but becoming the 3rd person to become "King". BiC stands up, looking at the crowd once again as the lights surround him. Thousands of camera flashes going off and the announcer calling his name as "King", as the camera cuts to 24 hours later. Necce is seen walking out of the ring, as inside the ring, BiC slowly crawls over and covers Slim. Pinning him 1..2...3, with the help of Necce, BiC has become World Champion. The crowd boos, not liking what they are seeing as BiC hoist the world championship in the air. A large smile, on his face as once again, the camera fades to black. March 31st, 2019 - Mercedez Benz Stadium The screen once again comes alive, this time showing BiC at the grandest stage of him all and possibly the high point in his career. As he defeats FDS, Prince, and Bart and we get to see the highlights of that amazing match. As it comes to a close, BIC stands on top of the stage and once again, looks at the crowd, raising the championship up with as much pride as he can. The camera follows BiC as he exits the stage and goes backstage, where a number of BPZ superstars and workers and even Brenden himself congratulate him. But, almost as if a record scratched and everything stopped, the video would lag out, and transition to a video of BiC getting pinned, and pinned, and pinned. Constantly defeated, showing the negatives of what BiC has accomplished in his 4 year career. The feed cuts out with one last shot of BiC, although bloody, standing back up his feet as we can see a feed cutting through all of his years. From a child, to a teenager, to a 20 year old, and then just a few months ago at the Power Trip Cup Finals. Current Day The camera cuts in once again, showing us the face of a current day BiC whos beard is now grew out even more. He is wearing a First Class Express shirt as he stretches his arms and legs, wiping his face with a towel before an interviewee walks up to him with a microphone in hand. BiC waves and smiles, ready to answer any incoming questions with a look of humbleness and a bit of curiosity on his face. Ladies and gentleman of the BPZ Universe I am Maxine Slime and I am standing here with the recently returned, "The Hero" BiC, now, recently returned at King Of The Ring and already making waves by challening one of BPZs up and comers, Raven, what are your exceptions heading into Emergence? Its a beautiful day out Maxine and I expect no different at Emergence, you said it perfectly, Raven is a cemented future of this company and when I first caught wind of what he was doing down in NXT, and how he was looking to become a 3 time NXT champion I knew I had to give him a run for his money. He is defiantly one of the more interesting prospects in the company and when I do face him, I am expecting that we put on a match for the ages because I have nothing but respect for Raven. Just a few days ago was the King Of The Ring PPV, where you and many other BPZ Icons obviously made there return, do you have any plans we can get a scoop on? Well, as I stated before, I do have my eyes set on Universal in the near future and of course some stuff with my buddy Hans. But as for matches, well I want to get through this Raven matchup, and then possibly go onto bigger and better stuff and maybe try to win back the Premium Championship I lost a long long time ago. I'm sure George will have a few words to say about that and the fans will sure be hyped up for that on--- . . . . . . . . . sometimes....running from your past...doesn't work. ............. The feed cuts back after a break of silent screen of a burning man with that text on it ends and BiC stands next to the reporter, looking at the ground silent. Before the interviewer can ask another question, BiC walks off. Leaving the announcer confused, as the camera cuts to another room as BiC enters it, closing the door behind him. He is sweating, and takes off his shirt and tosses it to his side, sitting down in a chair and wiping his face off. Before looking into the camera, however, BiC is acting different. Speaking faster, and breathing heavy, almost as if he just ran a mile. My mother? A lot of you ask about her, my question is why? Why talk about her? My mother is the reason I walk this planet earth every day, the reason I get up in the morning, get onto a bus and drive across the United States each and every week. My mom was the angel from heaven with a golden hear that kept me moving every damn night. These fans, these kids who run up to me for an autograph all they see is this happy man, smiling, ready to fight and I swear to god I am that man somewhere but......Who am I kidding. BiC shakes his head and laughs, grabbing his shirt and throwing it back on, swinging open the door and speed walking back to the training room where he finds Maxine Slime still standing, he walks over with a smile on his face. Grabbing the microphone away from her and speaking, almost as if nothing happened. I will not let myself become that person again,that person who only looks at the bad. Nah man, there is good in everyone and my mother taught me that I was not lying when she said she had a heart of gold. Ladies and gentleman boys and girls let me tell you that I am not going anywhere, I will ALWAYS love the fans and I will always be grateful for each and everyone of you who buy tickets, who buy the shows, hell even the people who illegally stream it. Love me, or hate me. I appreciate you. As for Rave, he is one of my opponents that I am looking forward to facing, and hopefully beating. Maxine I am sorry for taking over but I feel so good, its like there has been a fire lit up inside of me, and I am ready...to take over..BPZ Wrestling...once again. There isn't much more to say about Raven, he is trying to make a name for himself and I respect that, you have to respect the game to make it here in BPZ and I know Raven understands that and thats why I am going to give it my all at Emergence and I expect nothing less from Raven......Until then, Be Seeing You, Mr. Raven. BiC, although acting a bit weird tonight, gathers a loud cheer from the crowds in the arena as he nods and smiles, walking out of view of the camera as the screen fades to black, leaving us the question one thing. Who will come out on top at Emergence, The Veteran, or The Rookie?
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    BPZ Tag team Summit

    A distant scream is heard in the background, making everyone in the room turn their heads to the entrance. Monda: WE'RE HEEEEERRRREEEE The United Nations arrive at the BPZ Tag Team Summit, all formally dressed for the occasion. The sea of fans and reporters alike give a great welcome to the United Nations with loud cheers. Angelo Caito and Monda take their seats as Joh steps us to the podium as the spokesperson for the group. Joh: Hello everyone, it's great to be here at the BPZ Tag Team Summit. Thank you for such a welcoming reception, we're here to please the people after all and that's just what we got here. Now, let's address what Mr. Blade had to say about our upcoming battle. You'd think after talking and talking and talking for all of his BPZ career up until now that he wouldn't need to say something along the lines of "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM???", but evidently it's needed for someone as forgettable as the man himself. It's great that we are having this summit today but that doesn't mean I have to suddenly thank you for giving us a spotlight to shine, because we're already in the spotlight. We've all had our say on the match whether it be through our words or through our fists, I don't know if all the action has passed you by because if that doesn't shine a spotlight on your determination going into this bout then I don't know what does. Are you really that confident in your team so much that you're just going to overshadow your tough challenge ahead and move straight to giving our current Tag Team Champions an ego boost? The way you speak about the high level of Brenden and Sameer almost makes me feel like you're jealous of their triumphs or you're just trying to get in their good books. If you're that sure us 3 other teams aren't going to give you any problem in this upcoming 4-way fight, why did you go into all this effort to set up this summit in the first place? Personally, I think the United Nations would have done a way more excellent job at organising this event with our ideas combined, keeping it at a higher standard than this. You look so angry even being here with all the aggressive words coming out of your mouth, how about actually making the summit a worthwhile draw? YEAH YOU DEPRESSED EMO What he said. You're so quick to dismiss the other teams because you're so high up on your pedestal and will never come down. You've got a loud mouth for such a damaged guy. You've got one argument for everyone you talk nonsense about. United Nations? Retirees. Raven and Alex Costa? Rookies. SSW Club? Nobodies. I've got some labels for Deadman's Hand. Underachievers. Egoists. Suck-ups. And most importantly, Not Winning At King Of The Ring. Oh hello there Bulldozer, how's it going man? I kinda forgot you were here in all the ruckus. Hello to you too Alexa, if I'm getting your name correctly. You seem pretty happy with yourselves tonight, maybe it's not the first date you were expecting but it sure is something. But I'm gonna have to be the one to slap that smile away. I don't think you listened to what I said about you before that massive brawl we had, probably due to your car related injuries, so let me say it again. All you and your squad have talked about for the past what feels like 800 years is how you got run over by some guy, I've got to be honest, I think we get the point now. It's about time you stop milking sympathy from some fans and actually start focusing on the task at hand: the four-way fight at King Of The Ring. You may get your hands on Alex Costa after all, but in the end of the day, that's ultimately not what matters here. Suddenly, Angelo jumps out of his seat and approaches the podium, asking for Joh to step down and take a seat. Angelo: Cut the crap, I want to talk to this guy for a second. This guy has the nerve to come at me and say I'm starring in the movie Split but Bulldozer is playing the main role in The 40 Year Old Virgin. I said you wouldn't last a month and I may have been wrong, but I've still been here all the way, you're still the guy without a championship telling me I'm old. You calling me old? Ow bully oh, but I'm forty and I can forever outwrestle you, if you want me to pull out a reference. I don't hide behind these two great men, we stand together as a union with a combined power to prevail against the other teams in this division. Come King Of The Ring, it's going to be exactly like how our brawl went, me hitting you with the elbow, the United Nations on top and going to Emergence. Thank you for your time. Angelo storms away from the podium and back to his seat as Joh goes back up. Great words from Angelo. As he said, beware at King Of The Ring, because after what happened last time, there could definitely be a major case of déjà vu and the intelligence of Ireland, Italy and the United States of America will come together and succeed. Thank you. Joh sits back down and anticipates the next speaker.
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    Alternate Dimensions: BPZ Pro Wrestling

    Global Series Climax Night 1 6 Man Tag Team Match ASCENT (Kenji, Natedog, Ross) vs Arrow Gargano, Mave Deltzer, and Bulldozer This match doesn't last very long as The Young Lions get no offense on ASCENT as Kenji pins Arrow Gargano for the win. 2:54 Tag Team Match Royal Flush (Johnny Kills & Sheridan) vs Killer Machines (Beastly & Bubba) As the tag team titles are currently vacant, both teams are looking for some momentum. It was back and forth contest but the Royal Flush win after Johnny Kills pins Bubba. 10:32 8 Man Tag Team Match Necce’s Gathering (Necce, Marker, Buddy Ace, ICON) vs Big Baller Brand (Julius, Ropati, Bob Sparks, and Sandman) Very hot 8 man tag match as everybody pulls out some moves and strikes, everybody had a chance to shine in this match. Ropati would make Buddy Ace submit, a future 6 Man Tag Title match could be considered 9:21 Singles Match FDS vs Brad First match of the A Block as both FDS and Brad are looking to secure the victory. Both use brutal offense, very hard hitting affair. Aaron North would come running in, trying to interfere but it would backfire as FDS rolls up Brad for the win. 14:21 Singles Match Xaiver King vs Kieron Black In what was an excellent match, both would go for the big moves but they would counter it. Devastating moves, both wanted to win this match badly. At the end King would pin Black, but was an excellent of what both men can do in the ring. 14:02 Singles Match Alex Costa vs Maasa In what was an alright match, Massa would try to go for his big moves but always get countered from Costa. Eventually it was too much for Maasa as would be defeated by Costa via pinfall. 7:59 Singles Match Yelich vs Bart In bout that had great wrestling and showmanship, Yelich would take Bart to his limit with various technical and high flying maneuvers. Bart however would his ring psychology to his advantage as he would outsmart Yelich's offense near the end of the match and would get pinfall for the win. 18:04 Singles Match Slim vs Bailey In our main event of the evening, these two would put on a show like they always do. Two top names going at it as both counter each other moves and determination to beat each other is remarkable. Slim would tweak his knee near the end of the match and that allowed Bailey to work knee and to win the match via pinfall. Bailey would do his signature pose to end Night 1 25:23 __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Global Series Climax Night 2 6 Man Tag Team Match Villain’s Kingdom (Echo Wilson, Bart and Prince) vs Big Baller Brand (Brenden, Sameer, and Bailey) Very competitive 6 man tag as both teams use their offensive in creative in double or triple team maneuvers. Everybody showcases there skill, and was a great way to open the show but in the end Big Baller Brand would end getting the win as Bailey pins Prince for the victory 13:01 Tag Team Match Godsent (Jay Sellers & Brett Storm) vs Maddrix and James Hunter This was a one sided affair as Godsent as toy around with Maddrix and James Hunter. The match was pretty short and no surprise Godsent pick up the victory when Brett Storm pins Maddrix one, two, three in the middle of the ring. 4:02 Tag Team Match Necce’s Gathering (Raven & Hollow) vs Kieron Black & George Both teams get offense, exchanging strikes and moves, very competitive match between both teams as both teams give it their all. Necce’s Gathering gets the win after Gill runs in and distracts George and Hollow pins George for the pin. They attack Kieron and George after the match. 11:01 Singles Match Necce vs Aaron North First match for the B Block as both Necce and Aaron look to gain the victory. Both’s passion in winning the match is noticeable, hitting big moves on each other, almost if Aaron could have beaten Necce. However the veteran Necce would pick up the victory despite Aaron’s efforts. Necce would spit on Aaron’s face after the match. 13:47 Singles Match Evolution vs Julius Evolution would try to get offense on Julius early on but it would be no use as Julius would get more and more angry. Julius would dismantle Evolution. Julius would hit his finisher twice to get the easy victory. 7:01 Singles Match Hans vs Marker Two different styles clash as this match is very face paced. Marker would attack Hans with loads of stiff clothesline and forearms, using that Britsh Strong Style Offense. However Hans’ high flying style would get the better of Marker as Hans wins the match, but Marker had a good showing. 13:34 Singles Match Bashka vs Mikey An interesting matchup between the veteran Bashka and the up and coming Mikey. Surprisingly Mikey held his own against Bashka and there were times in this match were Mikey could have possibly beaten the legend. One mistake costed Mikey the match and Bashka defeats Mikey via pinfall but Mikey gained respect from his peers and fans. 14:01 Singles Match Flynn vs Arius Main event of the evening as Flynn goes one on one with Arius, both use their ring psychology to tell a very brutal and technical story as both try annihilate their body parts. A dramatic match that went over 23 minutes finally ended when Flynn caught Arius for FKO for the victory in what was the best match of the night. 23:22
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