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    I have recently started playing this game thanks to this forum, more specifically the 'Wrestling Booker Sims' topic, and have since spent a lot of time on it as it is a really fun and interesting game. I have also noticed that numerous members of this forum are also enjoying the game, so i thought i would make a specific topic where everyone can update eachother on what is happening in their save, however they like and whenever they like. So to start it off, i will list a few things that are happening in my save where i start off ae a backyard wrestling promotion and work my way to a global promotion. Thankyou to Brenden for giving me the idea, i would definitely advise everyone else to try it too! Promotion Name: Taylor's Independent Wrestling Size: Backyard Public Image: 70% Date: December 1st 2014 I gained an owner mid way through November I am doing Weekly Shows Finances: -$101933 (Ive been paying 20k per month through advertising without realising) Risk Level: 60% Workers (8): 2-Face; Chris Cryptic; Earl Huff; El Blanco Negro Dragon; Michael Diablo; Scotty Vegas; Scyther; Shawn Stylez Most Over - Michael Diablo (63) Titles: TIW Championship - Michael Diablo TIW Championship - 2-Face TIW Midcard Championship - SUSPENDED If their is ever anything you want to know about my save, or someone else, feel free to ask!
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    The Neb

    Face Reveal Thread

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    What are your thoughts on Ryback finally winning a title?
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    Try to get this topic back. Besides my IPW save I have a WWE save. I'm currently heading into my first Wrestlemania. The card is Rollins vs Reigns Vs Ambrose for the WWE WHC. Brock Lesnar vs undertaker Sting vs triple h Daniel Bryan vs John Cena Ryback vs Rusev for the Russian Federation Title Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt 20 man Andre the giant BR. Preshow match New day vs Cesaro and Kidd vs the accession vs Usos for tag belts
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    Hahah, I have to admit - I am playing it a lot lately and I have my own promotion. I might post a dairy of it later on or whatever. But here's what's going on in my EWR. My Promotion is called; Uprising Pro Wrestling (UPW) Championships: UPW World Championship UPW Iron Fist Championship UPW Tag Team Championship UPW Female Championship Champions: KENTA is the World Champion and currently feuding with Lance Savage, for the UPW World championship. Darren Young is Iron Fist Champion and is feuding with Adrian Neville for title Hollywood Express (Xavier Woods and Tyler Breeze) vs Enzo and Cassady; both teams are currently feuding for the Tag Team titles. Tamina Snuka is the female's championship and she is currently fueding with Paige for the title.
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    I'm currently working on a backyard to global save as well. Name: International Wrestling Association (IWA) Size: Backyard Public Image: 13% Date: September 2014 (started August '14) I'm currently doing weekly shows but plan on switching to Monthly shows Finances: -109,440 (this is why i'm switching back to monthly) Risk level: 69% I currently have 9 workers these are: 2-face, Brenden (my custom wrestler), Chris Cryptic, Dave Clark, Earl Huff, Ice Cold Steve Austin (he had some stupid Austin rip off name so I made it stupider) Michael Diablo, Scotty Vegas, Shawn Stylez. Most OVER: Brenden (41) I currently have only the one champion belt and thats the IWA Championship but I plan on adding a hardcore and tag team title soon.
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