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    Am I the only one that didn't know Tye Tillinger was on ECW in 2008?
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    I just dreamt of a WWE Without Roman Reigns a WWE Where Chaos Ensues. I just dreamt of a WWE where Right is Wrong and Wrong is right and i just dreamt of a WWE where Roman Reigns Returns and leads WWE in the right direction and restores the balance. i cant remember the full details but i know Some one frames Roman Reigns for something and forces him to get kicked out of the WWE only for the board of directors to bring him back and restore the balance it was either about Roman Reigns Restoring Balance or Me Restoring Balance pretty sure it was Roman Restoring balance in the wwe. weird dream
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    I would honestly love to see WWE bring back the Elimination Chamber at summerslam you can have Roman Reigns Seth Rollins Cesaro Finn Balor Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn Compete for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship John Cena AJ Styles Bray Wyatt Dolph Ziggler Baron Corbin Dean Ambrose for The WWE Championship or would you guys rather have 2 1 on 1 Matches for the world titles
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    BPZ PPV poster Challenge

    Decided to give it a shot
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    The Akki

    BPZ PPV poster Challenge

    for some reason i cant post the image on the this so i have the url https://gyazo.com/3a71fa56a18ce05130d0afc19551b2b7
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    I'm Pissed off now Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar 2 Men who Headlined Wrestlemania 31 One Failed the Wellness policy by taking Adderall and got slapped with a 30 day suspension a 125K Fine and Lost the Championship The Other well Failed 2 and is Being Protected and isnt even going to get fined according to the latest report How can you suspend Jerry Lawler Billy Gunn Adam Rose and Roman Reigns for Doing something bad but you aren't doing jack shit about brock lesnar I dont care if he is a top commodity or the Donkey's ASS if you break the law you deserve to be punished i will say the same thing people said about roman reigns what message does it send to the men and women in both WWE and UFC? That its okay to cheat to win as long as you are brock lesnar? SHOVE OFF if you do something bad you should be punished i dont care who you are
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    BPZ PPV poster Challenge

    I really like bizzy's one, good job dude
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