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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday Keeley.

    Happy Birthday Keeley.
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    Happy Birthday Keeley...

    Happy Birthday Keeley...
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    Eric Shun

    Happy Birthday!!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!!
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    I Thought of another match That Could Be Added To Brock Lesnar's Showcase Mode The Hardy Boyz Vs Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman WWE Judgement Day 2002 Here is the Full List Of Matches You Can Include in Brock Lesnars Showcase mode All Credit Goes To Smacktalks
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    Happy birthday Queen

    Happy birthday Queen
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    Rise Of The King [Reboot]

    Entry Two June 12, 2016 Brooklyn, New York We drove in silence, not knowing exactly what to say. This wasn’t another hole in the wall promotion offering us a deal or about our availability for a date so that they could book us. It was the the promotion we all watched during our childhood and hoped we would end up that first day of wrestling school. Every person in who said that they didn't need WWE are either Japanese or lying, because their will always be a burning desire in every wrestler to see if they can make it in the WWE. I had that opportunity before and blew it. So nothing, not a tension breaking joke, small talk, anything would help the butterflies crashing around my stomach. Which only seemed to grow larger as we entered Brooklyn, by the time the building came into view, it was a full blown conservatory. We parked on the curb and as the air turned still as Josh cut off the engine. We all looked at each other, wanting to say something but didn’t know what to say. This was an opportunity that none of us ever had, a guaranteed shot, if nothing else. So I opened passenger side door and stepped out of the Range Rover, dusting off the remnants of the White Castle, that we went out of our way to stop for on 8th Avenue, off my only suit. Following behind the other three, we entered the WWE building. In front of us stood Paul Levesque and Paul Heyman. My jaw went slack at the sight of two of the most influential men in wrestling. Only behind the likes of Vince McMahon. Paul approached, coming to each of us and shaking each of our hands with a smile, taking us out of our petrified states. Heyman also walked up to us. “Why waste any time, let's talk contracts.” Levesque shot Heyman a look before smiling back at us. Heyman rolled his eyes, obviously in a hurry. “The man has a point, follow us.” “No I think, I'll just lead. Cause that's an obvious option.” I thought to myself, a product of my nervousness. I wiped my sweaty palm off on the back of my pant legs before speeding up to catch everybody. “They’re with us,” Heyman said as we reached security, who eyed us very carefully though they allowed us to pass. We entered the elevator and seconds later we were on the eighth floor in a conference room, Heyman and Levesque sitting across from me, Flynn, Brave, and Reeves. On the table lay four contracts, WWE contracts. HHH finally broke the silence. “Now their are some terms to the contract. You’ll have a 6 months deals, eight thousand dollars guaranteed with a required 3 months in the Performance Center before you’ll be eligible to debut on WWE programming. From then on, we’ll determine the best course of action. Now, Reeves and Flynn, you’ll be able to finish you’re Indy bookings so long as you complete the necessary hours, but Brave and Kersey, you’ll have to pull out of any commitments you have. That sound good?” There wasn't any deliberation, no reason to delay us accomplishing our biggest dream. We chorused “Yes” and took the contracts with the pens attached to them and signed them. Suddenly all the weight that was shoving me down was non-existent. The butterflies were gone. “I fucking did it.” I thought. “Welcome aboard,” Heyman said.
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    I watch the simpsons.😂😂
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    I know i have been a big dick towards most of you guys but i would really appreciate it if you guys go on twitter and Give your thoughts on Marina Joyce with this hastag #savemarinajoyce dont do it for me do it for her fans help me help bring her back save and sound because everyone is fucking worried about her she's been acting really weird in her latest videos and she has bruises on her body so please Help
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    i have an uneasy feeling that roman reigns will find a way into the Summerslam RAW Main Event :/ How Ever I did say Roman Was going to win the title at summerslam but Finn Proved me wrong BUT will WWE get rid of my Uneasy Feeling or will Roman Find a Way into the RAW Summerslam Main Event
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    I like this one too, it's pretty cool though
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    I miss you 😩

    I miss you 😩
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    Isaiah Carter

    BiC's Super Duper Fantastic Graphics

    These are two I made,one is for me (it looked better before I messed with it so I could make it my sig) and the other is for Ropati
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    Roman Reigns Failing the Wellness Policy - Okay Suspend him that's fine Fining him Is Fine Roman Reigns Losing The Title - That's a small price to pay for breaking the Wellness policy Roman Reigns Losing At Battleground and RAW - Okay that's fine Roman Reigns Not Being On The Summerslam Card? Okay that's taking the punishment way to far, He Deserved to lose the title he deserved to lose the 2 Matches But He Doesn't deserve not to be on the Summerslam Card whilst Brock Lesnar is If Roman Reigns is not being on the summerslam card Then TAKE BROCK LESNAR OUT
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