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    Battle Of BPZ #2 (Ross Vs Smith)

    EVOLVE Meet The Roster Part Three ‘The Omega’ Gill Gill who is new to BPZ has been signed to EVOLVE on a 2 year deal. ‘The Omega’ came from the Japanese Wrestling company NOAH after losing the GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship to Hajime Ohara on the 7th January 2017. Gill holded the championship for 505 days making it the longest reign in the championships history. The 203 lbs man mentioned in his signing conference that he is the best in this company and doesn’t need to prove himself. He also talked with BPZ.com about why he left NOAH to join BPZ. Gill: I left Japan because I didn’t need to be there. I set a record. I have the record in being the longest reigning GHC Junior Heavyweight champion. I did it all there and now i’m going to do it all here. So you go tell that locker room that ‘The Omega’ has arrived. 'The Future Of Flight' Ark Universe The high flying Cruiserweight has arrived on EVOLVE and he can not wait to make a impact. Ark Universe also known as ‘The Future Of Flight’ became the Carnage Grand Champion by beating FDS in what was a hard fought match. Ark Universe has had to vacate his Championship due to the roster change and had this to say to BPZ.com Ark Universe: It’s emotional to vacate the first title that I ever won but I have got to move on and try to claim my second. My career is only beginning and I will bring it to EVOLVE. No fight or flight. Only Both. 'The Idol' Joshua Scott The self proclaimed King is staying on EVOLVE. Joshua Scott who beat Bashka in a number one contenders for a opportunity at the BPZ TV Championship at New Years Revolution. ‘The Idol’ constantly keeps working his style and modifying his finisher ‘The Great Scott’ which is now at version 3.0. The move is an advanced Five Star Frog Splash which winds the opponent forcing them to stay down for the three. Joshua seeks his championship rematch and has this to say. Joshua Scott: I don’t care which brand I am on. I earned my shot and I want it now. Right now, I should be the BPZ TV Champion and this little draft thing going on is messing with what I want. 'The Man With A Plan' Aidan He’s the man with a plan and he’s bringing that plan to EVOLVE. Just like the others, Aidan couldn’t find success on Carnage so he decided to think fast and think smart. Aidan has a plan for the way he is going to succeed on EVOLVE on it starts with taking out the big boys on EVOLVE. Aidan is known to choke his victims out with the Bully Choke. Aidan discussed with BPZ.com about the way he is going to do it. Aidan: I start by beating the best on here. Of course I can’t beat myself but the others. My plan starts with beating Slim getting him out the picture. Then I come for Natedog and take his championship. The plan is very simple and it will work.
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    205 Live!

    Welcome to the most exciting hour on Television. This is 205 Live. This is the show where we bring to you the best Cruiserweight from around the globe. This program is designed to serve as a showcase for the Cruiserweight division, with its own distinctive feel and style not like anything else you will ever see. The Cruiserweight division has recently become it's own show with no longer being featured on Monday Night RAW. 205 Live will now have it's own Pay-Per-View's which will be aired every 2 months. Due to 205 Live splitting up from RAW, it needs a General Manager and that will be announced this Tuesday on 205 Live. Let's meet the current 205 Live roster. 205 Live Roster Austin Aries Cedric Alexander Mustafa Ali The Brian Kendrick Ariya Daivari Noam Dar Lince Dorado Jack Gallagher Drew Gulak HoHo Lun Tony Nese Neville (Cruiserweight Champion) TJ Perkins Gurv Singh Harv Singh Gran Metalik Sin Cara Rich Swann Tajiri Akira Tozawa Kalisto Sean Maluta Oney Lorcan Zack Sabre JR Ladies and gentleman the most exciting hour on television is returning. And it will be better than ever.
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