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    Tuesday Night SmackDown LIVE: July 26th, 2016 - First Niagara Center, in Buffalo, New York The intro theme song for SmackDown LIVE, "Take A Chance" by CFO$ is blasted throughout the arena as the superstars of the Blue Brand are shown. It then cuts to a video recapping last Sunday's Unforgiven, showing the main event of AJ Styles vs John Cena... for the WWE Championship! It shows AJ hitting the Phenomenal Forearm, Cena hitting the AA before it cuts to the final sequence, where it shows "The Phenomenal One" hitting a Phenomenal Forearm, then connecting on the Styles Clash that gave him his first WWE Championship. As the video finishes, "Omen In The Sky" blasts throughout the arena, and out walks The Club, decked out in gold tonight as AJ Styles is the WWE Champion, Karl Anderson 1/2 of the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, and Luke Gallows the other half. The three get down to the ring, as they all stand in the middle, titles around their waist, microphone in hands. AJ Styles: Well, well, well. Did any of you expect anything less tonight, than The Club, reigning supreme over SmackDown LIVE, "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles as WWE Champion, "The Machine Gun" Karl Anderson as a SmackDown Tag Team Champion, and Luke "Doc" Gallows as the other SmackDown Tag Team Champion? Well, you nerds shouldn't have because we are the best 3 on SmackDown LIVE, and there isn't anything that John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Shane McMahon, anyone could do about it. But let's talk about JOHN CENA. John Cena calls himself The Face That Runs The Place, right? Well, I beat him, squeaky clean, right here, in the middle of the ring. So, doesn't that make me, AJ Styles, The Face That Runs The Place? Karl Anderson: Yeah broski, that brings us to our point. Me and Luke have beat every tag team on this show, why should we have to defend our titles at SummerSlam? Like, I got here and was told I'm defending against someone at SummerSlam, but why? Me and Gallows have proved we're the best tag team in the world, yet alone SmackDown LIVE, yet we get singled out because we're from Japan. "Here Comes The Money" hits, as the SmackDown LIVE Comissioner comes out to the stage, doing his little dance as Shane McMahon makes his way down the ramp and into the ring, standing next to AJ, Karl, and Luke as he gets a microphone for himself. Shane McMahon: Sorry to break it to you guys, but as champions on SmackDown LIVE, you can always expect to defend your title. Which is why, AJ Styles, at SummerSlam, you will be defending your newly won WWE Championship against the man you defeated to win it, John Cena, and a man I KNOW is hungry to get back, a man who wants back the title he never lost, "The Big Dog" Roman Reigns. As for you, Gallows & Anderson, your challengers will be decided tonight, when The Usos battle Enzo & Cass in a Number One Contender's match. As for you tonight AJ, you'll be facing a mystery opponent. But I have a few more things to address, tonight a Battle Royal for a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship will be held, and one last thing. Next week, on SmackDown LIVE, myself and Daniel Bryan will address the situation regarding the RAW vs SmackDown Match at SummerSlam. I hope all of you, the WWE Universe, enjoy the show! "Here Comes The Money" plays again, as Shane McMahon walks out of the ring. What a first match scheduled for SmackDown LIVE at SummerSlam! AJ Styles vs Roman Reigns vs John Cena for the WWE Championship! Wow! Mauro Ranallo: Welcome back to SmackDown LIVE, we now know that in 4 weeks at SummerSlam, we will see AJ Styles defend his WWE Championship against "The Big Dog" Roman Reigns, and "The Franchise" John Cena. But as for now, we will see a Cruiserweight Battle Royal that decides who faces Cedric Alexander next week for the Cruiserweight Championship. The ring begins to fill up with Cruiserweights, such as "The Man With A Plan" Brian Kendrick, "The Duke Of Dab" TJ Perkins, "The Premier Athlete" Tony Nese, "The Outlandish" Rich Swann, before entrances began to play. "Cruise Control (REMIX)" begins to play, as "The One Man Nation" Apollo Crews makes his way out to the stage, the crowd booing majorily, and Crews doesn't seem to be in a great mood after being defeated by Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander at Unforgiven. When the Cruiserweights get ready to begin... "Golden Star" by CFO$ hits, and out walks "The Golden Star" himself, Kota Ibushi! Ibushi looks at the cruiserweights in the ring, as the crowd begins to go crazy, and Mauro Ranallo notes his work in New Japan Pro Wrestling as Ibushi gets into the ring, and the bell rings. Cruiserweight Number One Contender's Battle Royal: Apollo Crews would run after TJ Perkins immediately, and as those two battle, Brian Kendrick and Rich Swann battle on the other side, while in the center of the ring, Kota Ibushi would show off his immpressive kicks as they had Nese stumbling before a pure Roundhouse Kick to the side of the head knocked him to the mat. Kota Ibushi would hit a persuing Brian Kendrick with a Clothesline, as Ibushi dominated the early portions of this match. The first elimination would come when Tony Nese went for his Finisher, Nese It All (Fireman's Carry Kick), but Kota Ibushi reversed off, hitting Nese with a Roundhouse Kick to the back of the head before grabbing him and tossing him over the top rope! Tony Nese is ELIMINATED @ 4:28. Kota Ibushi and TJ Perkins would begin to work together, to eliminate The Brian Kendrick. Brian Kendrick fights Kota Ibushi off, hitting him with a Snap DDT before he sends TJ Perkins over the top rope... before hitting him with an Enziguri, sending him flying to the floor! The Brian Kendrick is ELIMINATED @ 8:01. Apollo Crews and Rich Swann battling on the other side of the ring, before Crews does a Milltary Press onto the floor, eliminating Swann! Rich Swann is ELIMINATED @ 8:59. Apollo Crews and Kota Ibushi would stare down, as the two locked up before Apollo Crews hit a Back Suplex, before going to pick up Kota, and he would go to toss him over the top rope... BUT IBUSHI WOULD REVERSE, SENDING CREWS OVER THE TOP ROPE AND ONTO THE FLOOR! Kota Ibushi wins a Title Shot! Your Winner (Last Man Standing) @ 10:12, "The Golden Star" Kota Ibushi! Kota Ibushi would celebrate the victory, as now his task at ha- "Won't Let Go" would begin to play, as the Cruiserweight Champion, Cedric Alexander made his way down to the ring, holding up the title as he and Ibushi got in each other's faces. Alexander defeated Ibushi in the Semi-Final of the Cruiserweight Classic... Alexa Bliss, Nikki Bella, and Bayley would be shown bickering with SD Live General Manager Daniel Bryan, as they all believe they are the Number One Contender for the SmackDown Women's Championship. The SmackDown Women's Champion herself, Sasha Banks would walk in and continue to bicker. Daniel Bryan: ENOUGH! Alright, here's the deal. At SummerSlam, we're gonna change it up. We're not gonna have a regular Women's Championship Match, but instead, we're gonna have a Tag Team Match - Bayley & Sasha Banks vs Nikki Bella & Alexa Bliss. Whoever gets the PINFALL in this match is Women's Champion. Good luck everyone. The four women look at each other, sizing each other up as the SmackDown LIVE Card for SummerSlam is slowly unfolding... "Done With That" begins to blast throughout the arena, as the gangster tag team of The Usos, Jimmy and Jey make their way out to the ring, as they get ready for their upcoming Number One Contender's Match, deciding who faces Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows, the SmackDown Tag Team Champions. "SAWFT Is A Sin" begins to sound with Enzo Amore & Big Cass, the certified G's and bonafide studs make their way out to the stage, no microphones tonight but instead they just play to the crowd, getting hyped following their beatdown with steel chairs of The Usos at Unforgiven. Number One Contender's Match: The Usos vs Enzo & Cass Jey Uso and Enzo Amore would start this match out, as Jey went at Enzo with a couple of right hands immediately, to which Enzo responded with a kip up before taking Jey Uso into the corner and beginning to hammer away at him with kicks, these two brothers being the men who injured Enzo Amore's knee, taking him out of action for a few weeks. Enzo, showing no remorse continues to hit Jey in the corner as the referee reaches a 4 count, and he finally stops. As the match went on, it shifted into The Usos' favor after Enzo went for his signature DDG, but Jimmy Uso (after getting tagged in), moved and Enzo landed badly on his knee, allowing the Samoan Brothers to captialize. The Usos would lock in the Tequilla Sunrise on Enzo, before Big Cass would boot Jimmy Uso (who had the submission on), in the face, saving Enzo, and catching Jey Uso, who had jumped off the top rope, and throwing him over the top rope! Big Cass got Enzo onto the top rope, before they executed it, their finishing move - Bada Boom Shakalaka! Enzo Amore covers Jimmy Uso, as the referee counts - 1... 2... 3! Enzo & Cass are the number one contenders! Your Winners Via Pinfall (Bada Boom Shakalaka) @ 11:28, and NEW Number One Contenders for SmackDown Tag Team Championships, Enzo & Cass! Enzo and Cass raise their hands in celebration, now knowing that in 4 weeks, in their hometown, Enzo & Cass will challenge The Club, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships! OH MY GOD! Gallows with a Big Boot to the back of Enzo's head! Karl Anderson with a Gun Stun to Big Cass! 2/3 of The Club has laid out their challengers for SummerSlam! "Here To Show The World" begins to play, as "The Show-Off" Dolph Ziggler, dressed in a nice suit and dress pants makes his way out to the stage, doing his signature entrance pose before he walks down to the ring cockily, after beating "The Perfect Ten" Tye Dillinger at Unforgiven, on the Preshow. Ziggler gets into the ring, as he is given a microphone, and the crowd begins with the "TEN" chants. Dolph Ziggler: I BEAT THE PERFECT TEN... And proved, that I am that damn good. Yet you boo me, saying I suck and that Tye is better than me? No, no, he's not, and it's not even close. You wanna know how good I am? I've come down to this ring to do 2 things... Introduce you to my NEW girlfriend, and make a challenge. First off, introducing the ravishing woman herself, a future SmackDown Women's Champion... "All Red Everything" Eva Marie makes her way out to the stage, posing on the stage as she is wearing a red dress tonight. She walks down to the ring, as she stands in the ring, holding Dolph's arm before Dolph continues to speak. Dolph Ziggler: Now, now. My challenge is for SummerSlam - United States Champion, Sami Zayn... I'd like to fight you, for your championship, at SummerSlam. So, with that being said, are you gonna back out of my challenge, or are you gonna be a real fighting champion? "Worlds Apart" plays, as "The Underdog From The Underground" Sami Zayn makes his way out to the ring, the United States Championship around his waist as Zayn holds it up in the face of Ziggler & Eva. Zayn grabs the microphone, but before he can speak... "Ten" by CFO$ hit, as "The Perfect Ten" Tye Dillinger made his way out to the ring, doing his ten chant before speaking into the microphone in his hand. Tye Dillinger: Dolph, Dolph. If cheating to win is what you call beating me, then yes, you did. But you couldn't beat me fair and square, so I truly believe that two men who will be honorable, respectful, Tye Dillinger vs Sami Zayn at Summ- BRAUN STROWMAN BLINDSIDES TYE DILLINGER FROM BEHIND! Strowman looks insensed, as he picks up Tye Dillinger before ramming him back-first into the steel barricade! Braun Strowman walks down to the ring, as Ziggler and Zayn stand in the ring, afraid as Strowman slides in before taking Ziggler's head off with a clothesline! Sami Zayn tries to fight back, but Braun just grabs his shirt, before launching him across the ring! Sami Zayn is picked up by Braun Strowman, as he puts him on his shoulders... RUNNING POWERSLAM! Braun Strowman has laid out all of the men who want to challenge for the United States Championship, what could that mean for "The Monster Among Men"? A video hyping Finn Balor's impending return played again... "Phenomenal" by CFO$ hits, as "The Face That Runs The Place", and current WWE Champion AJ Styles makes his way out to the stage, doing his signature pose as pyro goes off and he makes his walk down to the ring. AJ Styles gets into the ring, as he awaits his opponent... The crowd erupts in boos, as "The Big Dog" Roman Reigns steps out from the curtain, for the first time in over a month, his suspension having ended today. Reigns looks around the crowd, as they boo him majorily and all he can do is smile, getting into the ring with AJ Styles, as Styles' fear level suddenly spikes. AJ Styles vs Roman Reigns AJ Styles would run at Roman Reigns, but Reigns would knock him off his feet immediately with a clothesline, and Reigns would pick him up, throwing AJ Styles in the corner as he connected on brutal clotheslines, sending AJ Styles' head into the turnbuckle over and over. Roman would then pick AJ Styles up on his shoulders, walking to the middle of the ring before hitting the Fireman's Carry Slam, similar to Wade Barrett's "Wasteland", before Roman would bounce off the ropes and hit a Senton! It seems Roman Reigns has used this suspension to add new offense! AJ Styles would be reeling against Roman Reigns, before Styles caught Reigns with a Pele Kick out of nowhere, which allowed him to regroup in the ring, before AJ Styles bounced off the ropes and hit the Knee Drop, as the WWE Champion got in control. AJ Styles picked Roman Reigns up, before hitting three viscous forearms to the face, and bouncing off the ropes and connecting on a Jumping Clothesline! As AJ Styles stayed in control, Roman Reigns would begin to fight out before rolling AJ up, only to pick him up into the air and hit a One Arm Powerbomb, pinning him - 1... 2... NO! AJ Styles kicks out, as then... "Omen In The Sky" hits, as Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows make their way out to the ring. Trying not to get distracted, Roman Reigns lines up in the corner, as AJ Styles makes it to his feet, and Reigns runs at him... SPEAR TO AJ! Roman Reigns covers - 1... 2.. NO! Gallows & Anderson break it up, and the match is thrown out! Your Winner Via Disqualification (G&A) @ 14:57, "The Big Dog" Roman Reigns! Gallows and Anderson begin to beat down Roman Reigns... before "My Time Is Now" hits, and "The Franchise" John Cena runs down to the ring, sliding in as he hits Gallows with a huge Clothesline! Reigns fires a right hand at Anderson, but AJ Styles joins them in the fight and The Club begin to beat down AJ Styles' challengers... before... The lights go out! A creepy voice begins to play over the PA System.... Nunca se esqueza de onde veu. The lights come back on... FINN BALOR! "The Ace" sits in the ring, as The Club looks white in the face, as they immediately escape the ring, as Finn Balor picks up John Cena, helping him to his feet... BEFORE LOWBLOWING HIM! Balor bounces off of the ropes, before dropkicking Cena out of the ring, then turns his attention to Roman Reigns, putting him on his shoulders, hitting a Fireman's Carry Knee Lift, as Reigns gets to his knees right away, and Balor bounces off of the ropes... PENALTY KICK! Finn Balor stands over Roman Reigns and John Cena, before he slowly raises his hand into the air, doing a pose that sends a chill throughout the arena; Two, sweet. SmackDown.. fades... to... black. WWE Championship: AJ Styles(c) vs John Cena vs Roman Reigns World Heavyweight Championship: Bray Wyatt(c) vs Cesaro Rusev vs Brock Lesnar SmackDown Women's Championship: Banks(c) & Bayley vs Bella & Bliss SmackDown Tag Team Championships: The Club(c) vs Enzo & Cass Brand Warfare: Chris Jericho vs ??? Intercontinental Championship: The Miz vs Neville(c) [2/3 Falls] RAW Women's Championship: Charlotte(c) vs Becky Lynch vs Emma
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    Life is short, so spend it with the ones you truly love. I learned that the hard way
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    DeShaun Watson bout to make Chicago & KC pay
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    Rumor Roundup (July. 27th, 2016): Reigns, UK Title, Royal Rumble, Rusev/Lesnar, TNA by Randall Ortman July 27th, 2016, 1:00am EST WWE.com Speculating on the rumors surrounding pro wrestling is a favored pastime of many fans, perhaps second only to actually watching the matches. In this daily column, we take a look at the latest rumors being churned out by the pro wrestling rumor mill. Rumors for the Day: The idea behind Roman Reigns' character is to captialize on his boos, using him as a badass tweener while letting the kids buy his merch, keeping sales high. The early favorite for the United Kingdom Championship Tournament is Zack Sabre JR. WWE has been discussing potential Royal Rumble winners, and a name that is being heavily pushed as the winner is Dean Ambrose. It's believed that Brock Lesnar will go over Rusev at SummerSlam before challenging Cesaro/Bray Wyatt at Clash Of Champions then taking a hiatus. TNA is expected to be sold within the next few months.
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    Isaiah Carter


    HOLY SHIT FINN BALOR!!!! The number one contenders match was nice and I am glad Ibushi won, him and Cedric are destined to put on a great match. Loving the Tye and Ziggler rivarly so far. Reigns and Styles was good and Anderson and Gallows addded spices it up even more. Good work Slim
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    Great SD Live Slim, Loved the Ziggler segment with Eva Marie. I think Mandy Rose would suit Dolph better though. BALOR JOINING THE CLUB!! That was unexpected to say the least. Be cool to see where this leads of to Balor Club or still The Club. I expect Balor, Gallows & Anderson to beat up AJ Styles in the near future though. You made strowman look like a beast which was awesome taking out everybody in his path. The Women's championship tag team match should be interesting. I see the teams not working together at all and more like a fatal 4 way of sorts. Good episode overall can't wait for SummerSlam
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    1) Bashka & Ross entered chat at the same time. 2) Bashka & Ross left chat at the same time. 3) Brenden likes Ross, which means Ross is actually Australian. 4) Bashka is Australian. Those 4 facts lead us to the conclussion that Bashka = Ross,
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