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    Rise Of The King [Reboot]

    October 7, 2016 My Parent’s Basement I’m Not Joking Stop Laughing Asshole Entry Eight: Studio… Apartment Before you ask, I’m paying rent. I didn’t feel like finding a place because I didn’t want to have new roommates. There, shame me, laugh at me, post mean tweets about me, notice how I’m breaking the fourth wall I don’t really care. I’d lived with those three idiots for so long that I couldn’t just move on and find me a new friend. Yeah yeah, go ahead and laugh your asses off. But regardless, I’m being held to a five hundred dollar a month rent which isn’t that bad, but then again I’m off work for a couple months. I’d look into suing WoW but I’m kinda broke and my dad charges for that too. But I’d just gotten home from the hospital, nagged the entire ride by father and mother alike for being so irresponsible and “allowing” them to put me in such a dangerous position. Meanwhile, I was still on cloud 9 from the shoot but I wasn’t gonna tell them that I basically told my bosses to go fuck themselves. But the injury wasn’t life changing and I probably needed it as in recently weeks I’d been working an unhealthy six shows a week, sometimes even seven. Now I got a chance to recuperate for a quarter of year while still getting paid, and the beauty of the shoot is if I was let go from WoW, I need a tidy severance package and that’d be nice to get. I was yanked out my thoughts when we pulled up to the house, just like I remembered it. The brick was fading and had been doing so for a long time, as it became a pinkish red.The was a lovely mixture of bought grown plants and weeds in the garden which was on the right hand side of the cement walkway that eventually led up to a glass door which served no purpose except killing stupid bugs that tried to fly through it. Then it was the ugly ass painted green door, I never liked that door. But I hobbled up to it, and entered the house. 2 Hours Later Boredom sucks. I was extremely bored, I’d checked my phone about eighteen thousand times looking for any rabbit hole that would make me, you know, not bored. But there was nothing, and I had stopped myself from continuing to play the PS4 before I threw it out the window. So now I sat on my much too small bed and stared at the ceiling. I thought it’d be a refreshing change to just chill but now I realized how I got through my first injury. It was because I had-- Well there went that rabbit hole I was asking for as my phone went beserk. I checked the Caller ID, it was a number I didn’t recognize from Chicago? I hesitantly answered and put the phone to my ear. “Hello?” “This is Jonathan Kersey’s number right?” I felt like I recognized the voice but nothing screamed out to me. So I just simply responded with a yes.”Well, this is Colt Cabana, I hope you’ve heard of me and I just wanted to ask if you would like to be on the Art Of Wrestling podcast?” I’d said my heart stopped but I have had enough medical scares for a year. I failingly attempted to get out a response that was coherent before taking a deep breath and blurting out “Yeah.” I’m just the greatest aren’t I? “Well great, I'm in New York now for a PWS show so when do you want to do the podcast? I’d like to get it done as soon as possible so that buzz around your name sticks.” Colt asked. “Well, I’m currently out of commision so anytime from right now to in twenty minutes.” “Well, then can you shoot over here now?” Colt inquired. “Sure, no problem,” I answered, hardly containing my excitement. And for this, I’d like to apologize to anybody I’ve ever called a fanboy, fangirl, or (regrettably) fag for acting how I am currently acting, which was only topped by… well you’ll hear about it later. “I’ll text you the address and we can get this done, see you soon--” “Wait, Colt, how’d you get this number?” I impatiently asked as I cut him off, I had too. He laughed a little before answering. “I called your bud Jonnathan, he immediately gave me the number. He’s really looking out for you.” And just like that, I was sitting in the same room with my heart about to gallop out of my chest. Fucking shit, I need to call Brave. I whipped out my phone and quickly tapped my 5279 passcode and called Jon. Nothing. I called him again just to make sure but ended up leaving a voicemail when he didn’t pick up a second time. I looked down at what I was wearing, some sweats that were too big for me which my dad brought me to cover up my tights. I quickly pulled them off and opted for the pant choice of every man with dignity, Nike Pro Combat shorts, and don’t act like you don’t know this. I threw on a fresh “Damaged Goods” tee (which are still available on my teespring” and used my crutches to climb the stairs, trying to multitask as I did so and order an Uber. I hopped in and gave the guy the directions, I partially ignored the attempts of conversation that he attempted as I thought of stories I could tell. I settled on a few just in case and we finally came to a stop outside the Holiday Inn and I stepped out the Honda Accord and entered the hotel. I then proceeded to sit in the lobby for a cool ten minutes. I noticed the security guard eye me suspiciously, oh this shit again. He began to walk towards me when Colt wandered into to me. “Hey Jon, let's get going,” he swiftly prompted me. WIth that, I stood up with my crutches and followed Colt back to his hotel room. I looked back to the security guard to find him returning to his post. I shook my head and got into the elevator with Colt. We continued in silence until we reached the room. I leaned my clutches against the wall and limped to the spot Colt pointed at. I sat on the generic kitchen chair. I folded my right leg and placed it under the injured left one which stretched out as far as possible. “You know, this is the first time I’ve done something like this since like ninth grade.” I casually said, attempting to break the ice. “You were doing interviews in ninth grade?” Colt asked in disbelief. “Yeah, it was for a local paper who wanted to cover the “Sensational Quarterback”, I pretty much got forced to,” I replied. “I had my first when I started this series, interviewed myself a few times.” We both laughed for a moment but as soon as it was over, Colt indicated that he would be starting. “Hello and welcome to Art of Wrestling, today we have a first time guest in Jonathan Kersey. Welcome to the show.” “Thanks for having me Colt, you mind if I make a request to the listeners?” “Sure, go ahead.” I leaned in real close to the mic and whispered the message, “Guys, I need you to tweet at Jonnathan Brave, my former tag team partner, you’re a choir boy. This is important.” “Well, I’m just gonna address the elephant in the room--” “I thought we were gonna leave Elly out of this.” This got a chuckle out of Colt before he finished his statement. “Well I was more gonna ask about that shoot.” “Well that was an interesting experience, I didn’t expect that fallout.” “I think a lot of wrestlers, myself included want to do something like that, say what we really think and not what they want us to say, but, what made you do it?” “Well as most people probably know, I got cut from WWE a few weeks back and it sucked. So I’m sitting in the middle of a ring with a bunch of fans that look annoyed to see me, like ‘We came here for James, Mike, and Scott not for another boring Indy guy’. So now I’m in the middle of the ring, I suck at promoing, like, I was never the mouthpiece, never the standout. I was the other guy in Damaged Goods so now I’m here with a recited promo that I won’t deliver on and fans that want to take my head off or it looks like it at least. And I just got off my shift at Walmart, and I couldn’t take it. So I just say fuck it, and tell them I’m loathing the shit out of them.” “So the Walmart thing was real?” “Oh yeah, I work there almost everyday and right after I have to drive to Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan, Sayreville, Trenton. It sucks.” “One thing you said during it though, how you were the plus one to Brave, how did you getting cut and WWE just rolling along with him affect you?” “Listen, I was never the pushing point. Never the hot tag. I was simply the wrestler, and I made that my gimmick. Dean Malenko like, Ice Man. It worked when I was being hid behind Brave and even Flynn, Joshua Flynn. I’m happy for Jon and glad that he and the rest of the guys are doing their thing, and I’m pretty sure I’d be there too if Mark Carrano didn’t hate me.” “He hates you?” “I mean, after my first tryout he told me I was dogshit practically and he sent me packing after I tore the Performance Center to shreds. But I made peace with it.” “Okay, well I have one more question about Elly, what happened to your leg?” Colt asked, pointing at my leg. “Colt, you look like an idiot when you point. I just thought the audience should know that you pointed at my leg even though this is just audio,” with that we began howling with laughter before I answered the question. “I got sandbagged for the promo, don’t know whether James took it upon himself to cripple me or Rob and Joey B wanted to screw me over, but he came after my leg and injured it.” “Okay, one thing that I thought would be interesting is you and me are on the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to wrestling, you are the serious wrestling and nothing but guy whereas I kinda take it with a grain of salt. I have an extreme respect for people in your side of the industry but how do you feel about the comedic as side of wrestling?” “I love it, one of the best wrestling pieces I've ever seen is you doing the “topa” and I appreciate what you guys do, though whenever I'd see Hornswoggle on the screen I nearly punch my TV,” I said half jokingly. “Oh Hornswoggle, you know he’s been called out for actually being an asshole before?” “Really?” “Yeah but I wouldn’t be surprised if the news flew over his head.” The sigh that followed this was one for the ages. A sigh that couldn’t be touched by your father when hit his car with the baseball you horrifically misfired, not by the one your mother does before she states she’s simply disappointed, and only revered by teachers when you give them a bullshit excuse as to why you didn’t turn in your homework. Imagine a sigh that encapsulated every ounce of disappointment, bitterness, anger, annoyance, and depression. That was the sigh. (Ignore the fact I just spent a paragraph describing a sigh, who does it better?) “I hate you.” “So you’ve primarily worked in New York in your career, besides NXT have you worked anywhere else?” “Yeah, few times when we-- well I say we, when I was at Harley Race they’d through us in front of a live crowd. Worked in of course, Missouri, and other places like Georgia, Alabama, Louisville, and I think Ohio. Weren’t the greatest for me.” “Well what did you have to do?” “Well on the bus, they’d give us these note cards and have our role, I got heel almost every show and I don’t whether it was because we were in the south and the racial prejudice but we did like twelve shows and I say eight of those shows I worked a heel.” “Speaking of that racial prejudice, has that ever come into play when you were working down South or even up here in New York?” “Yeah, unfortunately. I believe it was the Louisville show and I was working heel with the asshole indoor sunglasses and the most generic vest. Called myself the “The Fabulous” King Baker (nice). I think I burned every picture of those shows, but I working the face, his name was Brad, or Angelo Caiter (nice) I think, he switched names a few times. But he's doing the comeback spot and this one fan yells out, ‘Yeah get that nigger!’ It was the most disturbing thing I ever had to go through in a wrestling ring because you know there are racists out there but when you're trying to entertain people you kinda think that should be put aside. I ignored him and pushed it out my mind. You're Jewish and worked a lot more shows than me, anything like that happen to you?” “I’ve had my fair share of Hitler references and jokes that shouldn’t be said, the standard Jewish stuff.” “You know, it sucks that we have to validate it as the regular, like oh it’s just your standard racism, nothing here. Oh you see that, nothing to worry about just everyday discrimination, like that sucks.” We laughed a little about the thought of that before Colt asked another question. “So you went from Harley Race to Indy wrestling?” “Well no, I took a quick pitstop at WWE. They were gonna let the top two guys have a shot to make it in the WWE, I got one of the spots and the other went to a Greg Beta? (nice) We both had dark matches on NXT and I got cut by Mark Carrano, he told me I wasn’t shit and will never be shit. So I went back to New York, I was pretty certain that I was done and I enrolled at Rutgers. When I was there I met Brave, Flynn, and Reeves and we all hit it off, they’re the only reason I’m still in the Indies today. We got a few bookings here and there, I was the traditional wrestler and Brave was the gymnast who threw his body around. That’s how we ended up getting our tag name, came home one night and Brave was complaining about how he’s nothing but Damaged Goods and the name stuck.” “So what was the plan besides wrestling?” “Well football was pretty much out the window after my first of many knee injuries, I was gonna see how far baseball and wrestling got me and have some degree in something I didn’t care about as a backup” “Are you still in college now?” “Yeah, I switched to online courses since I thought I would be in WWE at this point but in two years I’ll be graduating with a degree in Creative Writing, a major that means I get to write essays and stories so not the smartest major to choose.” “Are you a good writer at least?" "God no." "So what’s next?” “Honestly, the plan has always been WWE but right now I already have two strikes when it comes to them. Getting the door slammed in my face is something I’m probably not prepared to face. I mean I’m still young, got my whole life ahead of me and I don’t know what’s to come. I’m excited to find out though.”
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    Sorry for not being as active this week been really busy with work and stuff. Glad to be on Carnage hopefully going to have some amazing feuds here. Oh and Flynn.. I'll be taking my Carnage Championship very soon.
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    Free Agent Corner

    Glorious Domination by CFO$ plays. Welcome to Free Agent Corner 57. Today we are going to review the BPZ Tag Team Championships Invitational Tournament. Yes. All 3 Rounds. 4. First Round: Catio and Apex vs Ark and Nate, First Round: Slim and Ross vs Josh and FD, First Round: Alyx Wilde and Summer vs Chris White and Kersey Semi Final: Slim and Ross vs Alyx and Summer: 3 Stars The tournament's first 3 matches were very poor, and the second semi final. It seemed like BPZ didn't know how to book the matches not involving Neb and Flynn and couldn't be bothered unless they were trying to build up old stars in The Foundation. Lacklustre were all these 4, barely getting the 3 stars. 2. First Round: Neb and Flynn vs Yelich and Rop, Semi Final: Neb and Flynn vs Ark and Nate: 4 Stars Neb and Flynn turned out to be the shining stars of this tournament as they made the matches great, even thought it was only Flynn for one. In the first match, Rop and Flynn started but Flynn would destroy Rop with a Clothesline, who in turn tagged in Yelich. Yelich and Flynn stared down, and although Yelich ducked a Clothesline, Flynn would hit a Spinebuster. Neb would arrive at the ring, as he was greeting the women, but Flynn didn't care, hitting Germans galore on Yelich but Yelich managed to hit a Dropkick and tag in Rop. Rop would start punching but Flynn would hit a Spear before FKO'ing a flying Yelich and Powerbombing Rop onto Yelich and pinning both men. In the next one, Ark would face Neb, as Nate didn't turn up and Flynn would let Neb do all the work seeing as what he had to do last time. Ark would take advantage of Neb's admiration with a Dropkick and a series of stomps. As Ark talked trash with Flynn on the top, Ark went for a Moonsault but Neb lifted both knees up and hit a Clothesline, Big Boot and then a Leg Drop but Ark kicked out. Neb would hit a German sending Ark into the corner before he hit a Stinger Splash, followed by a Scoop Slam and a Ravishing Disaster for the 3. These were all right matches and close to being a less than 4 Star Match. 1. Neb and Flynn vs Summer and Ross: 4.75 Star Match This was when it was turned on. This match was so good and it was the closest I've ever given a match to being a 5 Star but not given it. It was a collar and elbow tie up match. Summer and Neb started, Neb using his physicality to his advantage but as he went for a body Slam Summer would then get into German position but elbows from Neb broke it up, but even though Summer ducked Neb's big boot, Neb would soon hit a Clothesline, a second one into a corner and then Flynn would hit one after Neb tagged him. They would then team up to hit a Irish Whip into a Big Boot but Summer kicked out at 1. Summer escaped a Headlock to jump and hit a Moonsault but only got a 1 count. Summer and Ross would continuously tag in and stomp Flynn. As they went for a Double Team Flynn would escape and tag in Neb and created a 4 man brawl. The Foundation hit a Simultaneous German Suplex and Neb beat down on Ross but as he flexed his muscles Ross rolled him up but as Ross sprinted at Neb following Neb's kick out, Neb reversed incredibly and pinned Ross, but Summer broke it up. Flynn would take care of Summer throwing him into the barricade and threw Ross over before hitting a DDT to Summer. Neb would hit a Clothesline and missed a leg drop but was Superkicked, and Ross then Superkicked Flynn on the barricade before hitting a Phoenix Plex to Neb but Flynn broke up the cover. Ross was then Spinebustered by Flynn as Flynn dragged Neb and tagged in himself only to be met with a Double Superkick from Ross but Neb kicked out. Ross looked for a Bitter End but Neb ran in only to be met by a Disatster Kick From Summer and then Ross would hit a Bitter End before Pride would appear. Pride would attack the Foundation before an FKO from Slim got them the win and the titles. Goodnight. Tomorrow are the Ups and Downs.
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    Also want to say it's been a pleasure returning to the forums I know I been gone for a bit but Korea was rough. I enjoy chatting with all of you! Have a good day!
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    Rise Of The King [Reboot]

    You still have my sign up info or you need it again?
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    Isaiah Carter

    Rise Of The King [Reboot]

    Well....holy shit. I am so glad this is coming back Kersey. And it blows my Rise and Fall diary right out of the water
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