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    What I want

    {The lights go black and a hush falls over the Carnage arena in Chicago Illinois and the tension is rising amongst the crowd. The crowd anxiously wondering what is happening. This continues for 10 more seconds the tension continues to increase. A figure can be made out at the top of the stage the light turn back on…. IT’S APEX!!! Holy hell nobody expected this we haven’t seen Apex since Backlash. The crowd quickly kills the silence with cheers and cheers as Apex just soaks it all in “Worlds Apart” tries to silence the crowd but fails. He skips down the ramp high fiving fans along with smiling from ear to ear. Once in the ring he pulls a mic out of the back pocket of his jeans. He looks around smiling as the crowd is still going insanely crazy! “Apex” chants are loud and clear as Apex just smiles shocked by the response that he has gathered. He looks around as a tear falls down his face he wipes it off before beginning to speak.} Apex: THE UNDERDOG FROM THE UNDERGROUND IS BACK!!! {The crowd pops}. It’s been, awhile hasn’t it? Seems to be my thing come super close to a title and then disappear and now I stand here coming fresh off a hiatus and I think you guys deserve to know why I left why and why I never want to do it again. The truth is guys I am tired, I love this company so much and I don’t want to retire I don’t want to give up! I am prepared for people to call me weak and say that if I want to be a wrestler then I should toughen up. Here is the thing though when I was taking my break I wasn’t being lazy I was pushing myself farther and farther and working on my game. Sharpening my skills, and I am ready to come back and wrestle my way to the top of this company like I promised to when I came back. I may have the wind against me and the odds may be stacked against me. I have no allies it is just me fighting harder and harder to reach my ultimate goal the BPZ World championship. When I stepped into this company 2 and a half years ago I was a nothing just a wrestler looking to finally get his big chance in his long career. All I wanted was a chance to move on in my career and advance it by getting a major win. All I have been chasing is that world championship every time I wake up I think about it and how I can’t wait to give the championship to the people the BPZ universe I can’t wait to continue to be that underdog that defies all odds and walks out of a stadium with a world championship. That is my major goal what I want before the end of 2017 to hold that championship high above my head and I walk out to this ring the next night and declare it the people’s championship. But that is my long-term goal in order to get their I need to prove that I have the potential to be the BPZ world champion. I must prove to everyone in the back that I can do it so for that reason I have come back to Carnage for one thing. Flynn you’ve been a damn good universal champion but I think it is time we cross paths, Flynn vs. Apex for the Universal championship. I am sure the crowd would love that? Me and you Flynn squaring off never been seen before I battle with one of the greats in this company a former world champion. A win over Flynn will prove to everyone that I can be a champion and most of all that I have the potential to be a world champion. Now on the other hand at Kin of the ring Flynn faces off against the BPZ world champion and if he wins. Then I get to beat the world champion and take my universal belt back to my brand Carnage! So whoever is the Universal champion when the dust settles after KOTR just know that I will be here waiting for whoever it is. Flynn vs. Apex has never been seen Apex vs. Slim has never been seen. Either way you guys will see something knew! That sound good to you guys! {The crowd pops and starts chanting “Apex for Universal champion”} {Apex drops the mic as “Worlds Apart” plays loud and clear for all to hear. He exits under the top rope walks down the stairs and stands at the top of the stage just before he walks backstage he looks behind smiles and turns around and heads backstage. The screen turns black as Carnage goes off air as Apex ends the show with a strong returning statement.}
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    Taking Control of TNA 2006

    I started a new playthrough and I'm sharing it on my youtube channel. I'll be playing TNA in 2006 and looking to take the company with so much potential and an awesome roster and turning it into legitimate competition. Here's the first episode.
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    The Truth

    The EVOLVE fans are getting ready for the show in Atlanta as we are about to get started over here. Last week we saw a very cruel message being made by Bart, who will feature in the BPZ King of the Ring tournament. Well speaking of the devil: Here he is! Bart makes his way to the ring with a smile on his face. But isn't a nice smile to see, it isn't that type of smile which you see at a party after a great joke. It is a smile which shows arrogance. The crowd isn't happy to see Bart making his way to the ring and you can notice: There are loud boos all over the arena. Well I guess I am still not your favourite... says Bart while he chuckles. Bart takes a deap breath and then continues to talk. I was planning on showing you tonight what I was worth. I felt like having a match and kicking someone's ass. The crowd is excited about this. They wanna see this loudmouth getting his ass kicked. But then I walked into the lockerroom and I realised something. I owe you more than a match. I owe you the truth. I believe that you should know the truth about those guys who you call your heroes, who you look up to. Warning, the truth may not please everyone. These guys who you look up to, your 'heroes' who will "give everything for the fans" says Bart while he is clearly being ridicule. This people. the guys who show you that "dreams can come true" are nothing different than me. We're both in this ring for ONE thing and one thing only: MONEY! The only difference is how they try to get the money. I am making money for doing what I am getting paid for: showing off my brilliance in the ring while capturing glory all day long. But then for your "heroes" well they instead try to get money of weak and less capable people like you guys. They try to sell their merchandische to each and everyone of you. They also have these charity visits where the charity needs to blow their entire budget trying to get one of those pieces of shit into their hospital. Actually, they're way worse than me. Every wrestler nows that you guys are incapable of thinking in a logical way. The difference is that I do not try to take advantage of it. Fooling you guys is like robbing a blind, old man, it's just to damm easy. And still, you wanna cheer them, you want to view them as their heroes. While actually, I am your real hero: a man who achieved all his glory fair and square without any help of some low IQ followers. This leads to a massive amount of boos by the fans. It's so big that their is a need for security to come down to the ring to make sure that things do not get out of control in here. Look, I am not asking you guys to understand. I doubt that you did even understand what I just said. But I felt like I owed you the truth. That's all.
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    Exams are over, long working hours not over tho lol. Slowly working my way on figuring out what has been going on the forums during my hiatus.
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    SFW Friday Night Carnage 34 Intro WHATS UP BAYBAY! Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to SFW Friday Night Carnage 34, This is our last show before We Kick off End Of Days and we have a stacked line up for you tonight so without further a do Ryan Reeves is Coming out here and he's got a challenge for End of days so lets get right into it. Ryan Reeves End of Days Open Challenge Ryan Reeves in the ring with a mic in hand, a table laid out with a contract on the table and lets hear what he has to say. Ryan Reeves: Well it looks like I currently don't have a match for End of Days... Me, the first ever SFW World Champion but you know whatever, Instead I had to take matters into my own hands... Sort of. FDHogan has given me a contract for an open match, against anyone, with any stipulation, he's Calling it my "path to Redemption" or something, so would anyone like to come out and sign this contract please make your way do- Oh My thats Nathan Clarke! He just hit him with an Axehandle from behind! The Former Television Champion attacking Ryan Reeves stomping on him he gets him up and he powerbombs him! Clarke picking up the Contract and he's signed it and he's put down as the stipulation: a Hardcore match! He's getting Reeves back up and he powerbombs him through the table! So its official Clarke VS Reeves Hardcore match at End of Days, alright lets clear the table out of the ring and help Ryan Reeves up so we can move on to our first match of the night. Match 1: Joe Naples VS Ferb Reece Well these two men have debuted in the recent weeks and have both impressed officials backstage, they both are scheduled to face off in a triple threat match which will also include Bobby Gregory at end of days but tonight they face each other one on one, both these men have finishers that target the head so lets see how this plays out. Alright starting this match off, Naples starts right out of the gate by charging at Reece with a clothesline but Ferb ducks it and then hits a german on Naples, Naples falls back and scatters into a corner while Ferb poses. Naples gets back up, agrivated he goes for a dropkick but Reece Moves out of the way and he grabs from behind in inverted DDT position and he nails him with a lifting inverted DDT and Naples rolls out of the ring. Naples now walking around the ring he's looking at Reece but then he smiles and someones slid in the ring and he turns Reece around and Superkicks him! Thats gonna be a DQ! Winner Via DQ: Ferb Reece And the man takes off the hood and its... Bobby Gregory! He's attacking Reece and Naples is smiling on the outside, Gregory now takes Reece over to the Corner and he nails him with the Amazing Driver! Gregory now goes over and stares down with Naples who is just smiling, alright its time for our next match as Adam Masters goes one on one With Aidanator Match 2: Adam Masters VS Aidanator Well if this is the match we're expecting then Adam Masters is pretty much dead but Masters is a different kind of athlete to most of the guys that Aidanator just destroys but hey you never know. Alright here we go Aidanator going for the spear right out of the gate but Masters Rolls out of the ring straight away, Masters playing mind games with Aidanator he walks around the ring, he gets back up onto the ring Apron Aidanator tries to charge at him with a shoulder tackle but Masters moves out of the way and he hits him with a running High Knee to the face of Aidan, Aidan rocks steps back, Adam masters flips in and Nails Aidan with a clothesline! Nice move there, Masters now gets Aidan up, he tries for suplex but Aidan blocks it and hits Masters with one of his own! Aidan now gets Masters up for a powerbomb but Masters reverses into a hurricanruna! Aidan now on the ropes and Masters hits a running dropkick to the back of Aidan! Masters now german suplexs Aidan but Aidan lands on his Feet, Masters turns around into a superkick from Aidan! Masters rocked, Aidan tries for a DDT but Masters blocks it and he hits a Northern Lights Suplex to reverse! Bridging into a cover 1...Kickout at 1 by Aidan, Aidan gets back up and Masters hits him with the Pele Kick that he calls bloody Sunday! Aidan Rocked and Masters gets him in the European Clutch 1...2...Kickout at 2 by Aidan, Aidan gets back up and a Summer Breeze From Masters! Cover by Masters 1...2...Kickout at 2 by Aidan! Masters can't believe it and Aidan is just smiling at him, Masters Yells "WHY WON'T YOU STAY DOWN!" Aidan just jumps up to his feet and he spears Masters! Aidan now gets Masters up and he hits him with the Piledriver! Masters Rolling out of the Ring, Aidan just taunting him and Masters just tells him to fuck off and he walks away but David Haskins comes down and he throws Masters back into the ring and Aidan picks Masters up and he nails him with a second piledriver! Cover by Aidan 1...2...3! Aidan picks up the victory in a match that was longer than anticipated. Winner: Aidanator Aidanator celebrating his Victory, Haskins looking on at Aidan and Masters, Haskins now has a mic and he's gotten into the ring and he's got something to say to Aidan and Summer David Haskins: Ok so you two are both obviously ready for this match, I mean summer might be a bit out of it after just getting dropped on his neck twice but I want you two to realise something, I know i'm the underdog in this match and I know that no one is expecting me to come out of this match with a victory and I know that no one is unexpected me to be able to beat you two heavyweights but thats the thing, i call myself underrated for a reason because I am better than anyone gives me credit for and people think i'm just a former lightweight Champion trying to play the heavyweight game well i'm more than that, i'm one of the most dangerous competitors in SFW and I will walk away as number one Conten- Oh and Aidan's heard enough he just speared Haskins and now he gets him up and he hits him with a piledriver! Aidan now has the Mic and he's got something to say. Aidanator: I really don't care what either of you think because at End of Days I am going to destroy both of yous and there ain't a damn thing you can do about it. Aidan's dropped the mic and now he's just leaving the ring and I guess we should probably consider him the favourite for this match and we should probably move onto our next thing as our general manager has an announcement to make regarding the Heir to the Throne PPV FDHogan's Announcement FDHogan out here now and he's got a mic in hand so lets see what his announcement is FDHogan: Well brother i'm gonna cut right to the chase, the heir to the throne Pay-per-View is coming after End of Days but the Backstage committee was talking and we have decided to do something SFW has yet to do and thats have a whole Pay-per-View dedicated to a single tournament! Thats right Brother at Heir to the throne we will have a full night of an 8 man tournament. However I understand we have a large roster so we will have 7 qualifying matches take place for 7 of the available spots in the heir to the throne tournament as one has already been taken by a Special participant that will be revealed on the night of the tourna- Wait a minute thats Brett Storms music and he's making his way out here and he's coming down to the ring with a mic in hand and now he's in the ring so lets see what he's got to say I guess Brett Storm: Hogan you don't need to keep it a secret who gets that spot because its obviously me: Brett Storm because I am the greatest competitor in this company right now and that is without a shadow of a doubt. FDHogan: Well umm Storm brother its not you... but you do have a Qualifying match at End of Days on the Pre-show as you Take on a mystery opponent who will be debuting at that event, so Good luck brother! FDHogan now just leaving walking away as Brett Storm looks aggrivated and he's screaming at Hogan asking Who is it? but I guess we'll find out at End of Days but right now we have a tag Team match as Josh Scott teams with the lightweight champion Ark Universe to take on Overheel and Prince Cutler in a lightweight tag team match. Match 3: Josh Scott and Ark Universe VS Overheel and Prince Cutler The Lightweight division has been on fire as of late with the return of Overheel and the debut of Josh Scott it’s definitely been very interesting over the last few weeks even with the exits of Lightweight superstar David Haskins and the first Lightweight Champion Mil Almas, the division has been able to recover and hopefully they continue to do good things. Alright let’s get this match started with Scott and Cutler opening this contest they begin with a lock up and it’s interesting that Scott opted to join the lightweight division considering he is a mostly technical wrestler but his unique style sets him apart from the rest of the division, Scott with a headlock, Cutler breaks it and gets a hammerlock on Scott but Scott gets out of the Hammerlock and controlling the waste of Cutler he tries for a German but Cutler lands on his feet, Scott turns around, Cutler tries for a dropkick but Scott blocks, Cutler gets back to his feet, Scott grabs him in a front face lock sets up in suplex position and he turns it into a falcon arrow! Cutler now gets back to his feet Scott goes for a clothesline but Cutler runs underneath he goes to the ropes, Scott turns around and Cutler hits a springboard Crossbody on Scott but Scott rolls through keeping a hold of him looking for great scott but Overheel springboards in with a dropkick to the back of Scott, Scott drops Cutler and Overheel hits Scott with a neckbreaker from behind and now in comes Ark and he hits a running dropkick on Overheel taking him out of the ring, Scott still down, Cutler from behind throws Ark out of the ring, Cutler now gets Scott up he gets him in position for the kingdom keeper but Scott blocks it and he lifts him up for a suplex, Scott not letting Go and he Gets Cutler up and he nails him with a Jackhammer! Scott now picks up Cutler in position for great scott and he nails it! Cover by Scott 1…2…Thre-NO! Overheel and he breaks it up, Overheel now gets Scott up and he nails him with an Enzuguri! Overheel gets on the apron after he helps Cutler back to his feet, Cutler tags in Overheel as Cutler rolls out of the ring and Overheel goes to the top rope, he goes for that corckscrew moonsault but as he’s about to hit it Ark pulls Scott out of the ring! Ark now takes Scott over to their corner, Scott rolls into the ring, Ark gets on the apron and tags himself in as Scott rolls back out, Ark Comes in he gets Overheel up and he hits him with a swinging neckbreaker! Overheel down, Ark gets him up and he just takes him back down with a running Blockbluster! Ark now goes to the top rope he calls for Overheel to get up, Overheel gets back to his feet and Ark hits him with a top Rope Dropkick! Ark now back to the top rope and he hits Cosmic Bang! Cover by Ark 1…2…3! Ark and Scott pick up the victory! Winners: Ark Universe and Josh Scott Well Ark and Josh picked up the victory here tonight and its impressive that they’ve been able to beat these two men but will the result be the same on Sunday when Ark takes on Cutler in a singles match and Scott takes on Overheel in a singles match, Alright it’s time to move onto our semi main event as Mil Almas defends the SFW Television Championship against Will Slater Match 4 SFW Television Championship: Mil Almas (c) VS Will Slater Well here we go a television Championship and both already in the ring so let’s get started, Slater charages at Almas but Almas just superkicks him! Slater on all fours and Almas hits him with Corredor de la muerte, cover by Almas 1…2…3! Almas retains the title! Winner and Still SFW Television Champion: Mil Almas Well almas with yet another dominant display as Television Champion, you can tell he is looking towards his match with Yelich Anderson on Sunday, he’s very confident as you can see raising the Television Championship going into his match against Yelich Anderson, Alright it’s time for us to move onto our main event, it’s an 8 man tag as the Roundtable of excellence take on Chris White, Tamer and the Future Starrs. Main Event: The Round Table of Excellence (SFW World Champ King Slim, BIC and Ice Cold) VS Chris White, SFW Continental Champ Tamer and The Future Starrs The Roundtable of excellence making their way down to the ring, looking dominant as ever, a lot of the members will be in title matches this Sunday, well in fact all of them will be in title matches this Sunday at End of Days, their look to take home all the titles but they do have a lot of competition, which does include these four men, starting with the number one contender for the SFW World Championship, Former SFW Television Champion Chris White, who is teaming with the up and coming tag team the Future Starrs and the SFW Continental Champion Tamer, these four men if they can work together they can be a dangerous force here tonight. Alright let’s get this started Liam Starr and BIC will start this match off, BIC offers a lockup but Starr just shakes his head he’s not gonna fall for it, BIC frustrated runs at Starr with a Clothesline but Starr ducks it, BIC turns around into a superkick from Starr! BIC rocked and Starr follows it up with a Cutter, Cover by Starr 1…2…Kickout at 2 by BIC, Starr picks up BIC looking for an Inverted DDT but BIC Blocks it and hits Starr with a suplex, Starr down, BIC picks him up and he goes for a German but Starr flips onto his feet, He gets BIC with a Full nelson and he hits him with a dragon Suplex, BIC Rocked Starr drags over in a front face lock to his corner, Kirby tags himself in, Starr gets BIC up in a suplex position, Kirby Springboards in and pushes BIC down as they hit an assisted suplex facebuster, Cover by Kirby 1…2… Kickout at 2 by BIC, Kirby now gets BIC up but BIC rakes the eyes of Kirby and BIC dives and tags in Bramson, Kirby still blinded and Bramson hits Kirby with a Big Boot as he enters the ring, Kirby down, Bramson gets him up and he nails him with a Piledriver! Cover by Bramson 1…2…Kickout at 2 by Kirby, Bramson now gets Kirby up, he gets him in position for a pump handle and nails him with a pump handle slam! Bramson drags Kirby over to his corner, he tags in Gardyner, Bramson gets him up in position for a Spinebuster as Gardyner climbs to the top Rope and Gardyner dropkicks Kirby in the head as Bramson nails him with a spinebuster, Cover by Gardyner 1…2…Kickout at 2 by Kirby, Gardyner now Springboards onto the second rope and he hits a moonsault on Kirby! Gardyner now gets Kirby up, he goes for a Dragon suplex but Kirby flips over and lands on his feet and he hits Gardyner with a German suplex, both men down, both sides calling for a tag and Kirby jumps over and tags in Tamer, while Gardyner tags in Slim, both champs in the ring and their trading strikes, Tamer gets the advantage, he whips Slim against the ropes Slim Rebounds and Tamer hits him with a springboard single leg dropkick, Slim gets back up, Tamer goes for a clothesline but Slim counters into a powerslam! Cover by Slim 1…Kickout at 1 by Tamer but Slim doesn’t let go he hits Tamer with a backbreaker and then he gets him on his shoulders and he hits him with Firemans Carry Flapjack, Slim now gets Tamer in position he nails him with a Northern lights and he follows it up with a Brainbuster! Cover by Slim 1…2…Kickout at 2 by Tamer, Slim gets Tamer up looking for the essential eliminator but Chris White runs in and he hits Slim from behind, saving Tamer, BIC now runs in and he superkicks White, White Rolls out of the ring and Starr springboards in with a clothesline, Ice Cold now run in and they take out Starr with twin superkicks and then they dropkick Kirby off the apron, Ice Cold Roll out of the ring to deal with the Future Starrs but during the Chaos, Tamer grabs Slim from behind and he nails him with terminal velocity! Cover by Tamer 1…2…3! Tamer just pinned the world champion! Winners: Chris White, SFW Continental Champion Tamer and The Future Starrs! The Match may be over but the chaos has yet to end as everyone is brawling outside of the ring, Slim though rolls out and he calls off the Roundtable as they regroup and the Roundtable stare off with the other men, well ladies and gentlemen that is going to do it for tonight we will see you Sunday for SFW End of Days but Until then SEE YA LATER BAYBAY!
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    Personally I didn't feel I couldn't put the work in to do this so I didn't sign up lol but it's awesome to see everyone that has in order to make this fun. Respect to all of you, great write ups Brenden.
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    TRANSFEMARKET: Following a 4-1 defeat in the 2017 NBA Finals, the Cavaliers entered utter turmoil. Rumors pegged homestar hero, LeBron James leaving for a second time in 2018, taking his talents to Los Angeles to play for the Lakers or the Clippers. Despite averaging a Triple-Double in the finals, James got little-to-no help from his teammates which caused the series to be one sided. And to make matters worse, just 9 days after losing in 5 games, Cleveland announced just days away from the draft it would be parting ways with current General Manager David Griffin. The messages was clear to the players - Dan Gilbert was preparing for a life without LeBron James, again. The Cleveland Cavaliers would name a new General Manager on Draft Day, and it would be a selection completely out of left field - TNT Analyst, and one of the best 3pt shooters of all-time, Reggie Miller. Miller would announce that he wants to take the Cavaliers back to the playoffs, and that he wants to make sure that Cleveland earns that second title they've been craving. Speculation would rise about the future of Cleveland's Big 3, as trade rumors pegged Kevin Love to Boston or Indiana, regarding his poor play in Game 5 of the NBA Finals, the most important game of the series, and Reggie Miller would waste no time making his first move, as it was reported on the live broadcast of the NBA Draft that Cleveland, Chicago, and Phoenix had agreed to a three-way trade involving Jimmy Butler, Kevin Love, and Eric Bledsoe after a late surge, and it was reported before that, that the Timberwolves almost completed an offer to get Jimmy Butler. PHX receives: Kevin Love, 2021 First Round Pick (CLE), J.R. Smith, Jerian Grant CHI receives: Eric Bledsoe, #4 overall pick (Josh Jackson, Kansas), Iman Shumpert, Dragan Bender CLE receives: Jimmy Butler, 2018 First Round Pick (Heat - Top 5 Protected), Denzel Valentine The deal would send shockwaves throughout the NBA as it seems the Cavaliers had just made their roster 10x better, and not to mention that just two days later the retirement announcements of Channing Frye and Richard Jefferson, clearing a total of 9 million in cap salary for the Cavaliers. After reconstructing the contract of Tristan Thompson (13.5 million per year), the Cavaliers sat at 10 million left in Salary Cap Room by the time Free Agency came. But the trades wouldn't be done yet, as reports came in, pegging that the Cleveland Cavaliers had sent their 2018 First Round Pick to the Houston Rockets for Point Guard Patrick Beverley. After resigning Andrew Bogut to provide size down low in the post, the Cavaliers addressed another issue with their team - Rebounding, by signing PF Thomas Robinson. And to add onto their already prolific shooting, the Cavs resigned Kyle Korver, and added Ben McLemore. Reggie Miller was praised throughout the community of Cleveland, having addressed all of the issues Cleveland had during their series with Golden State. Meanwhile, the Cavs were most blind to the fact that Boston was secretly brewing a team of their own... Boston, had reportedly agreed in terms with Indiana to bring Paul George to Boston. This comes after PG13 declared that he would not be resigning to Indiana, instead leaving and going to another team in Free Agency. Another big move was none other than the San Antonio Spurs signing Chris Paul, creating more competition in the West after a sweep from the Warriors. With the Boston Celtics now having a team based around Paul George, Isiah Thomas, and Al Horford, stocked with young talent, it seems inevitiable that they will finally pass the Cavs. Meanwhile, in the West, heading to Texas might have been the smartest thing Chris Paul has ever done, as he now has Kawhii Leonard, one of the League's best players, LaMarcus Aldridge, and one of the best at Strategy: Gregg Popovich. After dealing Tony Parker & Danny Green to the Denver Nuggets for a First Round Pick, the future of San Antonio looks brighter than it ever has before. Now, the new look Cleveland Cavaliers, led by the trio of LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Jimmy Butler, supported by Tristan Thompson, Patrick Beverley, Kyle Korver, Andrew Bogut, Ben McLemore, and Thomas Robinson look to #DEFENDTHELAND.
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    I dont mind Joe using the coquina clutch i just dont want him using it every match, he should only use it when or if he cant beat his opponents Lets say he's used everything in his moveset to beat brock lesnar THEN and only THEN Samoa Joe can lock in the coquina clutch but to use it every match makes joe look boring and weak.Oh he better beat Braun Strowman There will be other matches down the line Braun can win. how about this if braun beats Roman Reigns then why not make it a triple threat match Roman Vs Braun Vs Brock Lesnar? roman still gets his match with brock but braun gets added to the match hell if you wanted to you could do joe lesnar reigns braun and lets say you have a scenario where the referee gets knocked out and another referee comes down and as joe is pinning roman on one side of the ring brock is pinning braun and both referees counting 1....2...3 leaving to a controversial ending or something like that that way everyone looks strong i see roman reigns winning the royal rumble 2018 its the only way to get reigns lesnar at mania that's a very good way of looking at it i feel like the match will be very bad
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    That's a pretty decent assessment, I think the only reason there focusing on his Coquina Clutch is due to the fact tat once it's "locked in" your going to sleep. He can utilize his Muscle Buster but he hasn't really been in matches where he can fully showcase all his moves. He was n a fatal 5 way to win #1 Contender it's not like he beat somebody straight up for the victory but again that's what sets it up for the match. Now I see Roman beating Braun in this ambulance match and of course he's most likely going to interfere and attack brock for a shot at the Universal Championship but I would prey that they don't allow that. I honestly think off the fact that Roman said he's the #1 Contender to face the winner then he can not afford to lose this match against Braun, with that being said what they need to do is find some one to distract Braun so Roman and Brock can face off at Summer Slam however if they want to save Roman vs Brock at WrestleMania and have him beat the Beast then Braun needs to win the ambulance match and Roman needs to focus on the rumble which would leave Brock to hold the title for a good time period. To me having Brock lose to any one (through pin) would ruin the concept of Roman fighting Brock one on one.
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    They have no reason to fight other than to draw ratings and money........Besides Joe doesnt need the title yet maybe have him win the mid card title first then give him the title Joe is great in the ring how ever he has 5 other moves that can end the match other than the coquina clutch........ CCS Enziguri Muscle Buster Island Driver Chimera-Plex Folding Powerbomb into a Boston Crab the ending to Joe's matches are boring now due to the fact Gore and Perkins have opened my eyes to how boring joe is in the ring WWE Logic wise Roman Reigns is the only person to beat brock lesnar but i'd save that for wrestlemania 34 Realistic Logic the people to beat Brock Lesnar are Roman Reigns (top) Cesaro Rusev Big E Samoa Joe Kevin Owens AJ Styles Shinsuke Nakamura Braun Strowman Kurt Angle I'd have roman vs lesnar at summerslam, Strowman interfere and then have Brock vs Strowman at survivor series Brock Balor Rollins at the royal rumble and then have roman vs brock at Wrestlemania where Roman Reigns beats Brock lesnar clean and then if you want Roman Vs the rock at wrestlemania 35 along side Samoa Joe vs Finn Balor/Sami Zayn for the universal title I see Joe vs lesnar being crap because of Brock Vs Goldberg at Wrestlemania 20
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    I don't think this match will be boring at all will Samoa Joe win? At this point from what I was seeing no but Brock needs opponents, because me personally I don't agree letting part time wrestlers hold the major title to a brand to me that's boring but it draws money for them so why not right? Second Samoa Joe whether you agree deserves the title or not is great I side the ring regardless if he needs finisher to win he still puts on good matches. Clearly Samoa is going to need some more work but it's good to see some one fresh opposed to seeing Roman or Seth Rollins again and I enjoy Seth as a Champion. Now we know Brock is going to win because who do you want to see a guy like Roman or Braun to face Joe or Brock? It brings more attention for people to continue to try and defeat The Beast. Overall everyone needs there's chance I don't look at what everyone did on TNA, Indy, or NXT it's what they can do on WWE and right now Raw is in a good spot so I will enjoy Samoa versus Brock because I don't see this being a squash match at all.
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    Raw: Rollins SD: AJ Styles, simple I miss him as champ and I am expecting the big things to continue NXT: Bobby fucking Roode who else? 205 Live: Nevile once again who else? Women: Alexa Bliss, Has held both the SD and Raw women't belt and has stepped up alot and taken the load for any women's division she is in
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    What if...

    I would like to start a discussion on perhaps the most important moment in WWE history - The Moment that put into motion the wheels that would take WWE from being toe to toe with its Rival WCW to racing ahead of the competition and never looking back. The Curtain Call!!! That is right, The infamous moment that 2 faces (Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon) and 2 Heels (Diesel and HHH) would stand in the middle of a House show audience and hug it out in a moment of Kayfabe being thrown out the window which sent a rippled affect through the WWE and all of professional wrestling at the time with some Purists of Wrestling calling it a disgrace and that all four men should have been fired and never allowed to wrestle again. But did this moment ACTUALLY save WWE? Well maybe it did when you think about... I mean first off because two of them were literally leaving for WCW and the other was the champion the full force of the punishment was placed onto one man, Triple H which included jobbing for lower talent, going to the bottom of the list but most importantly any major pushes he was about to receive INCLUDING winning the upcoming King of the Ring Tournament were all taken away from him. This meant that someone else had to be placed into the winners chair and that man would end up being Stone Cold Steve Austin who at the time was just High Mid carder who could be brought up to do a Main Event here and there but there was nothing too special about him...Until he won this tournament and gave the whole "Austin 3:16" speech which sky rocketed him from probably being a decent Intercontinental champion to being one of the greatest WWE champions of all time and with him leading the Attitude Era the WWE was able to crush WCW and in the end put them out of business. But what do you think? What would have happened if The Kliq didn't do the curtain call? Would WWE have seen the potential in Steve Austin if he hadn't of won the KOTR tournament? and what could have happened in WWE instead?
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    Hello forums. Thanks for everything. Goodbye!
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    British Invasion

    Predictions For Progress: Sexsmith VS Riddle: Riddle Havoc VS Eaver: Havoc Predictions for PCW: Edwards and Gallagher VS Strong and Anderson: Edwards and Gallagher Hero VS Damo: Damo Gargano and Cabana VS Kendrick and Smith: Gargano and Cabana Bucks VS Finlay and Sabu: Bucks London VS T-Bone: London Samuels VS Riddle: Samuels
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    Chapter 4: Addressing Business

    Thank you Ark. Now, lets talk about business The crowd cheer Now the US Title is out of the picture, I want to focus on one championship. And that Championship is the Tag Titles. Although Pride have kicked out Slim, they still have 2 members and they are still the Tag Team Champions technically. So that means me and Ark either have to go through Smith and Nate, which are two strong champions but without Slim it is obvious Chaos is better OR we have a clear path to the titles. Either way, we have them in the bag But Chaos' biggest challenge is KOTR. We have a 37.5% of a chance of getting to the final, but we might as well change the odds to about 100%. Who can stop us 3. Aaron Echo or Xavier King are still getting used to the big time. Yelich has disappeared, returned for 2 nights and disappeared again and as for Elliot? Who's Next. You better hope it isn't one of us or you're going home early. "Ross" chants start Ross, it looks like our war may not be finished, but remember, you have to get past Chaos if you want to make it to the final. Good luck He tosses the mic to Cozza Corey, you want to say something
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    @BrendenPlayz just saw your TEW video that was a great start to the new series. Hope it works out for the channel I'll be following along mate.
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    episode #86 was on point, Vince McMahon was ruthless with the news #DoOrDie. This is a perfect chance for Seth Rollins to capitalize on gaining the Universal Title. Goldberg is going to have to do some intense training his career depends on it. Awesome Main event and that stagger cost Owens that match but hey good confidence booster for Dean.
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    Angelo Caito

    Belittled, Betrayed, Humiliated

    Live on EVOLVE, the show is starting as pyro explodes and the shows theme song plays as a sold out crowd at the Philips Arena in Atlanta. The tron stops showing the EVOLVE logo and shows the date "6/21/2017". It shows a random interviewer who name is Jeff is sitting in a chair across from a empty chair. A man walks up with a black t-shirt, black jeans with a chain. He sits down is the face belongs to Angelo Caito. He sits in his chair in attention stance just incase something was to go down. Jeff: So Angelo, how did it feel to hold the Global Championship and then for it to be snatched away from you as quickly as it came? Angelo looks up at the man with a firey look but calms himself down before he does anything stupid. He takes deep breaths and speaks. How did it feel? It felt horrible. Do you know what its like to go through hell for 17 months to put yourself back in the fold of being called a champion only to lose it 13 days later? To be said "Oh well, you never really amounted to much in your title reign." So let me ask you.... Jeff right? So let me ask you Jeff. How the fuck are you expected to amount to much in 13 days? That's like a female saying "You didn't please me" ten seconds into sex. It's impossible. You know what it is? It's I'm not a "favorite" to certain people. I'm no favorite to management, to the other stars, or to the janitors even. Because work and heart doesn't matter in this fucking place anymore. It's now about who's in who's pocket. And Nate, you're buried deep into pockets, but nobody could of done anything when i first beat you for the championship. Hell, the second time we face, they won't save you from the onslaught on your way, believe that dog. Jeff: And speaking of championships, let's talk about the belt you have never won. You have the chance to become BPZ world champion at King of the Ring, what makes the outing any different from the others in which you failed to win the belt? Angelo looks at Jeff again before standing up and walking over to Jeff. Caito smiles for a quick second before turning angry. Angelo flips the chair over, sending Jeff to the floor and he grabs his shirt and pulls him closely. LISTEN YOU SON OF A BITCH!! I'VE DEALT WITH THE SAME OLD SHIT FOR TWO YEARS!! TWO YEARS I GET REMINDED OF MY FAILURES! OF MY DOWNFALLS!! OF MY FAILED ATTEMPTS AT THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!!! I'M SICK AND TIRED OF BEING BELITTLED, BETRAYED, AND HUMILIATED BY EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO MEETS ME!!! THAT ENDS AT KING OF THE RING!!!!! I'M TAKING THAT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE!!!! I DON'T CARE IF I GOTTA GO THROUGH THE WEAKEST LINK OF THE NXT THREE, THE CANRAGE MEMBER WHO DEDICES THAT "FUCKING HEY I WAS GONE FOR MONTHS AND MONTHS WHILE OTHERS FUCKING WORKED FOR THIS MOMENT, BUT HEY LET ME FUCKING RUIN IT LIKE I RUINED THE ILLUMINATI EFFECT". Jeff....... Angelo picks up Jeff by the shirt to his feet and dusts him off before speaking. 2017 will not be a repeat of 2016. I will walk out of KingOf The Ring theWorld Champion and by God, i don't care if it takes every ounce of blood, sweat, tears, or heart to do it, but by God, i will. I'm ending the Year Of Slim! And I'm starting the Rebirth Of Angelo. And at the end of it all, i will be standing there with not one but two titles added to body of Angelo, and Slim.... Nate.... you won't want to Drink That In yet maaaann. Angelo goes to walk away as Jeff fixes his suit. Angelo stops and looks back a bit before balling his fist up. He turns and Superkicks Jeff, knocking him completely out cold. Angelo kneels beside him and fixes his suit. Do you understand me now? Trust..... No One..... Angelo gets up and walks backwards out of frame as the image of the fallen interviewer is on the tron as the camera fades away.
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    Me and @BrendenPlayz putting in work platinum warriors better watch out because we are 2-0 and we ain't planning on stop getting does W's #OnTheTrophyGrind 🤘🏼
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    Ark Universe

    Chapter 4: Addressing Business

    Ark looks around. He is in his suit, but it is noticably untucked and with out a tie. He has his hair disheveled again and a big grin on his face. Well, people. The King Slayer is dead. The crowd burst into cheers I am going to be honest people. I was on top of the world, but then i stopped and looked at myself in the mirror. i watched my old tapes, and i realized what i had become. I was getting to the top the same way others were doing. i was name-calling, threanting, putting down my opponets. I was doing everything i said i wasn't going to do. but i stopped myself, and just in time. I don't want to win KOTR this way. I want to win it my way. SO, i don't care who is first round. I am going to do everything i can to win, and i expect you to do the same. So may the best man win. But thats not all i am here to talk about. Since Josh lost to Ross...he is out of the U.S race. So i will take up the mantle, and bring the U.S title home where it belongs, to Chaos. So Ross, don't come into this match thinking i am the same man you beat in his debut match. I am still Ark Universe, but im not the Golden Boy, i am the Crown Prince of the Underground, and i am no longer playing by this games twisted rules, I am going to do this my way, the way that has but on 5 star matches with Slim and Flynn, the way that won me the Carnage T.V championship, the way that got me to the final 4 in the royal Rumble,and the way that is going to win me KOTR, U.S and Tag all in one effing night. So get ready, because Ark universe is back! Ark stops and lets Josh get a word in.
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    British Invasion

    ICW Presents Friday Night Fight Club Live From The Garage - Glasgow, Scotland 24th June 2016 ___________________________________________________________ Red Lightning is backstage, ordering security to let no limousines in and orders more security to check everyone that comes in and out. ___________________________________________________________ Jackie Polo is kicking off the show and complaining about his lack of opportunities. Upset about not being put in this tournament, he asks for an open challenge. However, the lights go out and when they come back on Jackie Polo is out. And all that is left in the ring is a golf club and a piece of paper. “You can’t keep me out Red” is what it reads __________________________________________________________ Red watches and panics ordering in the New Age Klik to get rid of Mark Dallas. The 4 step out but are stopped by Local Fire, DCT and Ricochet. The 8 men brawl through the entire backstage before Red breaks it up, announcing a 3 on 13 tornado elimination handicap match between Ricochet and Local Fire against the entire locker room __________________________________________________________ Kay Lee Ray, Alex Windsor and Toni Storm vs Samii Jayne, Jinny and Session Moth Martina It’s the debut of 4 women tonight, Kay Lee Ray teams with Alex Windsor and Toni Storm and Samii Jayne, Jinny and Session Moth Martina Windor and Moth start this match, with Alex gaining the upperhand with a Fallaway Slam, before hitting Jinny with an Air Raid Crash. As Windsor looked for the finisher, Ray tagged herself in and hit a Reverse Code Red to Moth. 1,2,3. As Ray celebrated, she and Storm attacked Windsor who was upset, before smiling together BUT NIKKI STORM. RUNS THROUGH ALL THE WOMEN. She wants to prove a point. And she will destroy to get it. Stevie Boy runs to help his girlfriend. __________________________________________________________ Red Lightning is checking non-stop. The only order he says, is not let him through. He is interrupted by Nikki Storm who asks for a match against Jacobs. Red says OK, if Cross wins she gets a title shot, but if she loses she leaves ICW. __________________________________________________________ Fight Local Fire With Flight (Joe Hendry, Ricochet and DCT) vs Steve James, Sam Barbour, Aaron Echo, Andy Wild, Charlie Sterling, Christopher Saynt, Jackie Polo, Krobar, Iestyn Rees, Lewis Girvan, James Scott, Lewis Girvan and Liam Thomson As Boy is in the ring, the other stars on his team for this 3 on 13 tornado elimination handicap match. Steve James, Sam Barbour, Aaron Echo, Andy Wild, Charlie Sterling, Christopher Saynt, Jackie Polo and Krobar. Stars that got their own entrances were “Mr Wales” Iestyn Rees, James Scott and “The Best Young Wrestler In The World” Lewis Girvan, and “The Bad Boy” Liam Thomson. “White Ghetto” plays as “The Future of Flight” Ricochet and “The Local Heroes” Joe Hendry and Davey Blaze come to the ring. The match starts with all 16 men in the ring before Iestyn Rees, Krobar and Liam Thomson leave in protest, thus losing in countout. Aaron Echo also joins them, taking it to 3 vs 9. Hendry would hit two men with a DDT, whilst Blaze would send 4 men around with a European Uppercut Train. Ricochet would hit a Phoenix Splash onto two stars on the outside, before Hendry would hit an Arm Wrench DDT to Boy. Ricochet would hit James with a VERTIGO. 1,2,3. 3 on 8. Ricochet would then look at Sam Barbour, knocked out by Uppercuts, and hit the 630 Senton. 1,2,3. 3 on 7. 6 down, 7 to go. Ricochet would look for a kick but would hit Blaze and as 6 men target Ricochet, Boy hits a Shooting Star Press. 1,2,3. Davey Blaze has gone. A distracted Ricochet would be slapped by KLR, who was now up and rolled up by Boy. 1,2,3. 1 on 7. RICOCHET HAS GONE. Polo looks to finish Hendry, but Hendry CHRISTMAS GIFT. 1,2,3. Hendry pulls it back. Hendry grabs Wild and FREAK OF NATURE. 1,2,3. Hendry with quick eliminations. On the outside, the 5 men drag Hendry out but Hendry gets rid of Sterling with a Fallaway Slam onto the table. The 5 men brawl and Sterling is eliminated by CO. In the ring, Hendry hits a Pop Up Christmas Gift to Saynt. 1,2,3. 1 on 3. Can Hendry do this. Girvan, Scott and Boy. He picks up Girvan and hits a FALLAWAY SLAM FROM THE SECOND ROPE. The impossible dream. 1,2,3. It could come true. From 1 on 7 to 1 on 2. Hendry turns into THE TORNADO KICK FROM STEVIE BOY. 1,2, KICKOUT FROM HENDRY. Wow. Stevie looks for another one BUT HENDRY CATCHES THE ANKLES AND HENDRY LOCK. No way. STEVIE TAPS. Hendry has got to do it, BUT LOW BLOW AND ROLL UP WITH BOTH FEET FROM SCOTT. 1,2,3. Joe Hendry did amazing but James Scott pins him only 3 weeks off their massive tournament match. A massive impression Joe Hendry made, lasting the 16 minutes against 13 men, and was on his own for 11 minutes. Joe Hendry looks like the future. __________________________________________________________ Chris Renfrew vs DCT (ICW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Quarter Finals) “Superhero” plays as “The Sultan of Silent Hill” Chris Renfrew, alone for security reasons, confronting DCT in the ring. Renfrew hit a Spinning Spinebuster followed by a Sitout Pendulum Facebuster onto the apron, brutally hurting DCT. In the ring, DCT would hit a Brutal Bridging Crab. 1,2, KICKOUT. DCT charges at Chris but Renfrew jumps up sending DCT into the turnbuckle and was rolled up. 1,2,3. Renfrew would win in 5 minutes. __________________________________________________________ Nikki Storm vs Carmel Jacobs (If Nikki Storm Wins She Becomes #1 Contender. If she loses she must leave ICW) “The Best In The Galaxy” Nikki Storm comes to the ring and stares at Jacobs, the knowledge it could be her last match. Storm would run down Jacobs with a Headbutt followed by a Tornado DDT followed by an Inverted. 1,2, Storm stops. She hits a Whiplash from the second before a Missile Dropkick. She hits a Straight Jacket and looks for another BUT DOUBLE KICK FROM JACOBS followed by a Roll Up. 1,2, KICKOUT FROM STORM. Storm knows the consequences. Jacobs looks again but Storm locks in Eye Of The Storm. Wow. Jacobs screams but reaches the ropes and STORM REFUSES TO LET GO. Carmel is hurt and the ref looks to ring the bell but Storm argues and Jacob whispers to a ref. The ref whispers to the ring announcer AND THE MATCH IS MADE NO DQ. That means what Cross did was legal. Cross now gets a chair and sets Jacob up but DOUBLE KICK ONTO THE CHAIR. 1,2, KICKOUT. No one has ever kicked out of 2 Double Kicks. Jacobs looks at Storm, who goes to the top rope as DOUBLE KICK KNOCKS STORM OFF HER PERCH. 1 2 3. Wow. Nikki Storm has gone. Carmel lifts her title in happiness as Storm gets a round of applause. Storm leaves to a round of applause. __________________________________________________________ The lights go out to end the show and the cameras turn off on Storm But 20 seconds later, they go back on and golf clubs are in the ring instead of Storm. Lightning rushes out with the NAK BUT IS BLINDISDED BY A GOLF CLUB FROM SCOTT REID. Reid and Toal stand over Red but The NAK with an attack on the two men. They call 4 stars out and HERE COMES FIGHT LOCAL FIRE WITH FLIGHT as the media have dubbed the 3 stars. Ricochet, Hendry and Blaze, followed by Mark Dallas. Dallas smiles at Red, who stares at him with eyes. Eyes of hatred. The show ends. __________________________________________________________
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    Sorry for not being as active this week been really busy with work and stuff. Glad to be on Carnage hopefully going to have some amazing feuds here. Oh and Flynn.. I'll be taking my Carnage Championship very soon.
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    We're at EVOLVE for what should be a amazing show in Chicago, Illinois. The crowd is excited, there are tons of reasons to be excited for the upcoming months of BPZ. Outcomes Bart.The crowd doesn't really know what to think of him after a pretty unusual debut last week. Bart seems frustated, it could be some road rage after experiencing the tough EVOLVE schedule for the first time in his life. You know, it's so frustrating to get outta here every night and get no reaction whatsoever. What is it with all of you damm people? Why are you so obsessed with those nobodies in the locker room? What makes you believe that they're special? I am better than them in every single way possible, it is pretty sad exactly. The crowd doesn't like that statement and responds with some boos. It is funny how mad you guys can get about a fact like that. I mean, if you look at the damm name of the show which you are currently watching you'd understand. Evolve. Evolve means improvement. Evolve means evolution, the survival of the fittest. In that way, I am the biggest human outta there. Just like humans, I am willing to kill all of the other, weaker and dumber species for my own benefit. It's what needs to be done. I am smarter, stronger and faster than anybody else in this lockerroom, and that is exactly why you should like me. Because you will have to deal with me. There is no chance to ignore when I run this business, why I am in control. Just like humans used to killed the every other race which could've been a problem, I will take out anybody in this lockerroom if I feel like I have to do so. It's a nature thing, the best and strongest survives. Not the hero of some weak, immature man in Chicago. This leads to even more boos from the crowd, they don't want this idiot ruining their fun. You can boo me all you want, it won't change anything. At the end of the day, the best survives. That's why you will have to accept my presence and my impact. I am the best there is and I will prove it. Enjoy the Evolution of EVOLVE.
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    To name something other than the above I'm going to go ahead and say Shane McMahon VS AJ Styles at Wrestlemania. Shane going for the shooting star press was crazy and I thought it was the best match on the entire card.
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