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    Heading into the second hour of King of the Ring, the announcers inform us that it's now time for the World Championship Match, as a man who went through a grueling match earlier, "The King", Slim, defends against Ryan Reeves, Bizzy, and Nanovirus, in a Fatal-4 Way Elimination Match. And now, the crowd erupts in cheers for "The Man", Bizzy, as he steps out, smirking at the crowd as he raises his hands, hitting his chest before throwing his hands up in the air, before he walks down to the ring, wasting no time with the opportunity he has to take away the World Championship from Slim tonight, with an injured Slim, shaken up from his match earlier with Flynn. The lights dim as now a figure emerges on the stage, the crowd unsure what to think, before Nanovirus steps onto the stage, the mystical aura around him as he now walks down to the ring, he and Bizzy staring down as these two bitter rivals have been duking it out all-month on the mic and now push comes to shove, tonight. The intensity in the arena is brought to an all-time high as the former EVOLVE General Manager, former World Champion, Ryan Reeves steps onto the stage, his ring gear on as Reeves' return left Slim on his back, and now, he looks to win the World Championship tonight... OH MY GOD! SLIM THROWS HIM INTO THE TITANTRON BEHIND HIM! Slim just attacked Reeves! Visibly pissed off, Slim scoops the BPZ World Championship which he dropped as he walks down the ramp, a split reaction from the crowd as Slim has a no-nonsense attitude, along with a small limp, tonight, after being defeated by Flynn earlier in the night. Slim gets into the ring, ready to start the match. As the bell rings, Bizzy and Nanovirus go back and forth with punches as Slim stands in the corner, watching as these two rivals go back and forth, before Nanovirus hits Bizzy with a huge German Suplex, before Slim steps in, staring down with Nanovirus, before he throws a huge right hand, sending Nanovirus back, staggering, before he pushes him into the corner, before charging into the opposite corner, running at him.... CCS ENZUGIRI! Slim now sets up in the corner, as Nanovirus gets to his feet, and Slim runs at him.... SUPERMAN PUNCH! But now, it's Bizzy back into the match as he catches Slim with a Poisonrana! As Slim gets to his knees, Bizzy runs at him, going for his finishing Knee Strike, but Slim dodges before rolling up Bizzy, but Bizzy reverses the pin into a submission! Slim could tap out and lose the World Title here, because Bizzy has an Arm-Triangle Choke locked in that affects both Slim's arm, and his ability to breathe! Slim tries to force into a pin, but he can't get enough ground under his legs to force it, and it looks like we could be heading for a new World Champion.... BUT SLIM FORCES HIMSELF OVER, INTO A JACK-KNIFE COVER! One... Two... No! Bizzy kicks out, but is forced to release the submission hold! But now, Nanovirus comes in and hits a Jumping Neckbreaker to the back of Slim's head, but Bizzy follows it up with a clothesline, before he picks Nanovirus up, getting him under his legs... TURNBUCKLE POWERBOMB TO NANOVIRUS! Bizzy signals for the end to Nanovirus, slashing his throat as he now picks up Nanovirus, hitting him with a forearm to stun him as Nanovirus, as Nano now remains on his feet, as Bizzy looks at him, telling the fans to get hyped, as they do, and now Bizzy bounces off of the ropes... NO! HOLY SHIT! Nanovirus sent Bizzy flying out of the ring and through the announce table! Holy shit! Nanovirus collapses to his knees, as he looks at Bizzy, laying there through the broken announce table as Slim now re-enters the ring, Slim and Nanovirus staring off as the trash-talk between the two men, it's been documented these two hate each other inside the ring and outside of it, and now we're off, as Slim throws a huge right hand to the chin of Nano, and Nano comes back with a forearm, before Slim hits him with a forearm of his own, before hitting him with a fury of them, knocking Nano down, then bouncing off of the ropes... KNEE STRIKE TO NANOVIRUS! Slim into the cover: One... Two... NO! NANOVIRUS KICKS OUT! The knee strike wasn't enough! Both Nanovirus and Slim begin to make it to their feet, as the two look each other down, before Nanovirus throws a wild clothesline and Slim counters with a Dragon Suplex, before getting up and turning Nanovirus over, and locking in The Death Penalty! Nanovirus begins to struggle, screaming in pain as an intensity from Slim is felt, letting his aggression out. The submission gets more and more deep, as you can see Nanovirus fading, before he finally taps! Nanovirus has tapped out, eliminating him from winning this match as now Slim picks him up, yelling in his face: "THIS IS MY KINGDOM", before he grabs him by the hair, chucking him over the top rope as he now turns his attention to Bizzy, telling him to come in the ring as Bizzy crawls into the ring, as Slim now grabs him by the hair, pulling him up to his feet... BUT BIZZY LIFTS SLIM ONTO HIS SHOULDERS.... NO! Slim avoids it, catching Bizzy with a Spinning Back Elbow, but Bizzy responds with an Enzugiri! Bizzy now gets back to his feet, putting him under his legs... TURNBUCKLE POWERBOMB... NO! REVERSED BY SLIM! BOTH MEN FALL ONTO THE CANVAS, EXHAUSTED! The crowd begins buzzing, as Slim now makes it to his feet, trying to power Bizzy up to his feet, but Bizzy stuns Slim with a Back Elbow, going to the outside for a Springboard Knee Strike... NO! Slim avoids him! Bizzy runs at Slim, but Slim catches him with 2 forearms, Spinning Back Heel Kick, and then finishes it off with a Jumping Knee Strike! Slim now looks pissed off, as he's ready to end this match, before he picks Bizzy up, putting him under his legs, hooking his arms, and dropping him with a HUGE ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR! Slim goes into the cover, staring into the camera as he does, and the referee goes into the count: One... TWO.... THREE! Slim retains! Slim gets to his feet, taking the BPZ World Championship as he stares down at Bizzy, shaking his head as he leaves the ring, walking up the stage, past the fallen body of Nanovirus on the stage, and past the broken body of Ryan Reeves. Slim has just retained his World Title, but with King of the Ring right around the corner, will it stay that way?
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    A Ghost From The Past

    FDS Is walking backstage, dress in his suit,a reporter approaches him Reporter: Excuse me FDS? FDS: Yes? Reporter: After coming off a tough loss to Smith at the King of the Ring Pay-Per-View failing to regain the Intercontinental championship and losing in the Semi-Finals of the King of the Ring Tournament, how are you feeling right now? FDS: Well I really don't care about what happened, I lost, I know what happened but lets instead talk about this Hell in A cell match that i'm in at Summerslam, so let me go out there and tell everyone exactly what is going to happen at Summerslam FDS Walks of Camera, the Screen goes back to the carnage logo and then suddenly FDS makes his way out onto the stage and then Poses at the top of the Ramp. He continues his walk down to the ring, focused and determined, he enters the ring and then goes to the second rope and poses as the fans Cheer for him. The music dies down and the fans chant, "F-D-S, F-D-S, F-D-S" constantly, FDS can't help but smile for a little bit as he holds a Mic in his hand. He Finally begins to speak as the chants die down. So at Summerslam, I'm in a Hell In A Cell Match against 5 other men for the Carnage Universal Championship. Now I could talk about how I'm going to run through all 5 of them and become the Carnage Universal Champion, I could talk about how i'm going to pin Flynn in the match and defeat the ever dominant champion to win the title, I could talk about how i'm going to get my revenge on that traitorous Piece of Shit Josh but I'm not going to talk about any of those things because there is only one thing on my mind and thats one person specifically in this Match: Ryan Reeves. The Crowd are stunned and then Start chanting "E-O-G, E-O-G" Well if you could all cast your minds back to February, Myself and Mr. Reeves were in a tag team, a tag team known as the Empire of Greatness... And we were very popular and mildly successful but I ended that in February. I ended that and I took him out of action because he was dragging me down, he was useless and he was a relic. I got rid of him and I became The Rainmaker, I injured him for Months... but now He makes his triumphant return, he is back to take a championship title... that he has no chance in hell at winning. Ryan, the last time you did anything of note was when I took you out and ever since then you've done absolutely nothing with yourself and to be honest its quite insulting. You were supposed to fight me over this but you just ignored me and went home, you sat at home and did nothing for months, I wouldn't be surprised if you got gassed in the first five minutes of the match because you don't belong in the match with the rest of us. Lets look at our opponents Ryan: Ark Universe, a Kid with a lot of potential and has put on great match after great match continuously, Josh Scott, An impressive young Talent who could be a top star one day, Bizzy, an established veteran who has a comeback and has been working quite hard lately and Finally the Champion Flynn, the Man who has come closest to ending Slim's world championship reign in this company and has dominated the Universal title picture. Now Ryan you can't even compare to any of them when it comes to in ring performances, face it old man you don't belong in this company anymore and if it was up to me it'd just be me and you 1 on 1 in the middle of this ring but its not up to me and I have to get my revenge in this match and it will be so sweet when I pin you to win the Carnage Universal Championship. Embrace Greatness my friend and Embrace the Rainmaker. FDS Drops the Mic and Poses in the Middle of the Ring
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    Summerslam Challenge

    The GOAT plays as Bailey makes his way down to the ring. Opportunity it's something we strive for as a BPZ superstar. It's everything we want. It's that one chance to make yourself famous. To capitalize on the moment and become a champion. It's everyones goal. Everyone on Carnage wants a shot at the universal title. They want the opportunity to prove me wrong and dethrone Flynn as the face of Carnage. The guy I hand picked to be the man of my brand. The guy that destroyed slim last night showing everyone the man he is. I invested in Flynn and Everytime I give him a challenge he comes up big and makes me proud. He's the foundation of Carnage. He helps keep this brand going and he keeps the title relevant. He's the MAN. But I have to throw another challenge at him. I've watched and I've scouted the Carnage roster. I've looked for the perfect opponent throughout the whole month. But this one man he is like no other challenge. He by himself kills my whole roster. Flynn is about to get a challenge. The pressure is on because he's facing Brenden at Summerslam! My boss. The owner of the company wants Flynn and he's gonna get him. But than again that's not happening because you people don't deserve Brenden in another match. So instead, I've decided to give it all to Flynn at once. I wanna see what Flynn is really made out of. How tough he actually is. So at Summerslam for the universal title Flynn will be defending it inside He'll in a cell, against BIZZY..... And FDS... and ARK... and JOSH and last but no least the newest signing of Carnage RYAN REEVES. In a 6 man hell in a cell match. Good luck Flynn and to all the other men, Summerslam just got real. (please no one promo on here got something planned)
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    Echo Wilson

    Factions Tournament

    Welcome to the Wrestling Factions Tournament! In A test of time, eras, legendary moments the most dominant alliances in WWE history battle it out for one spot of supremacy. Spanning from the Golden Era, heralded by the Fabulous Freebirds and The Four Horseman, to the Attitude Era with DX and later Evolution, and up to modern day giants such as The Shield, The Authority and The Wyatt Family. Today we will reveal the first 16 teams and the first 8 match ups to the viewers. Afterwards there will be a poll for you fans to vote in. The winner of the votings moves on to the next round until we crown the ultimate king of the Factions. Which group will stand the test of time and prove themselves to be the true King of the Factions? Lets take a look at our first 16 stables: 1. The Shield: When the shield burst onto the main roster they did so in spectacular fashion. Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose crashed the party at Survivor Series and laid a total beat down on Ryback. All three since their tragic breakup have become top stars on Raw and all have etched their names high into the list of top teams. 2. ECW Originals: What is better for every hardcore fan than seeing their favorite ECW stars kick the crap out of regular WWE superstars? Absolutely nothing and featuring names such as the Dudleys, Sabu, Dreamer, Rhyno and even RVD there numbers engulf all of the ECW's icons from the past. 3. The Four Horseman: Some may consider this to be one of the greatest factions of all time. It all began with the iconic Ric Flair who teamed with his storyline cousins, Ole Anderson and Arn Anderson, who later joined Tully Blanchard. The group ran havoc across NWA with Ric Flair at the helm. 4. The Nexus: Talk about an explosive debut. The Nexus had all the momentum in the world behind them as they debuted. Made up of various NXT talents from the previous season of NXT they demolished the entire roster as well as the entire ringside area. Tearing up the mats and the ring and the announce tables, they placed their mark on the WWE world from Day 1. 5. Legacy: Bob Orton, Ted DiBiase, Dusty Rhodes. All of them had famous wrestling children. For 2 years, Randy Orton led his entourage of multi-generational wrestlers to superstardom. Orton led 2 of his students, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr. to the tag titles and they helped lead him to 3 world titles over the span of a year. The extensive family histories continued with this faction 6. Bullet Club: Bullet Club has seen many phases of its life as a faction in NJPW. Beginning under the leadership of Prince Devitt or Finn Balor, it soon fell into the hands of the Phenomenal AJ Styles who helped turn into a multi-national brand. It now has branches in Latin America and ROH. Now it is led by the insanely talented Kenny Omega. 7. The Authority: There is nothing more dominant then a faction run by the defacto owners of the company. Thats what Stephanie McMahon and Triple H did in 2014 as they formed a villainous stable planning to ruin the success of the Shield and do whats best for business. The group consisted of Triple H, Randy Orton, Kane, Big Show, Stephanie and controversially Seth Rollins. 8. Fabulous Freebirds: When you think of factions, the word in essence is defined by the Freebirds. They were so revolutionizing that they have a rule named after them, especially made for stables who want to compete in tag team competition. There feuds with the Von Erichs are stuff of legend and cannot be repeated in history. 9. The Brood: Whats more badass then a clan of vampires who live a gothic lifestyle? Having Edge and Christian be those vampires. Together the loner, the vampire leader and the loner's brother all formed a team which formed into a cult. Together with blood in their hands and fangs in their teeth they found success partnering and feuding with the Undertaker's ministry 10. Straight Edge Society: Today it is common truth that CM Punk was one of the greatest things to ever come along WWE's path. On his path to greatness he led a faction called the Straight Edge Society focused on Punk's efforts to cleanse all those around him with a new beginning and an abstinence from substance abuse and especially shaved heads. Later Punk and his disciple Gallows helped to convert Serena to their ranks and even Joey Mercury. 11. Hart Foundation: Arguably the greatest wrestling family in its glory days, it was the Hart Family. Led by the infamous Bret Hart he brought his family to the top of the company. These member composed of Owen Hart, Jim Neidhart, The British Bulldog and all managed by Jimmy Hart. 12. Chaos: Chaos is a very bustling, wild group of individuals in NJPW. An offspring of the Great Bash Heel stable, the original version was centered around Shinsuke Nakamura. Now bringing in members such as Okada, Roppongi Vice and even Will Ospreay. They have brought the IWGP heavyweight title into their ranks multiple times. 13. Suzuki-Gun: Another very popular heel group in NJPW, sent to defend themselves against the ever growing alliances in New Japan. Their popular members include Minoru Suzuki, the leader, Taka Michinoku and Zack Sabre Jr. 14. Main Event Mafia: One of the few TNA stables in this tournament, but a very deserving group. They started out with an alliance between Angle and Sting as they both were previous TNA World Heavyweight Champs. They included members such as Booker T, Scott Steiner, Kevin Nash, Christian and Samoa Joe. At the peak of their time they held every male title possible. 15. British Strong Style: Although being fairly new and a little more cult popular, these hard hitting men are the icons of British wrestling today. Made up of Tyler Bate, Pete Dunne and Trent Seven the trio lit up companies such as Progress. Now Bate and Dunne have found success in the WWE under the UK tournament banner. 16. The New Day: The New Day have used the Freebird rule to perfection. The trio broke records earlier this year by becoming the record longest reigning tag champs in the entire WWE history, beating Demolition. Made up of Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, the trio has recently brought their talents to Smackdown after running the entire tag division on RAW. (So I realized after that there is a limit of 7 votings. I have decided that I will get a response from you guy in Discord or decide myself on the winner of the final 8th matchup between British Strong Style and New Day. )
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    If this is the case, Henry as an agent is for the best. Brought out the best in Neville and look at him now, he's the only cruiserweight doing any good right now.
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    Overrated: Jinder Mahal How this guy became World Champion I'll never understand. He has no in-ring talent or promo skills whatsoever and is one of the most boring wrestlers I've seen over the past few years. Each and every week he comes out and says the same old recycled trash. WWE seriously made a giant mistake pushing this guy as a main eventer, as some would say he's single-handedly killed the Smackdown brand. Overrated: Seth Rollins Before I get into this, I'd like to say that I was once a HUGE fan of Seth Rollins, but since he's came back from injury I really haven't found him interesting at all. I feel like his in-ring performances as of late aren't on the level of what he used to be like before. I also think that he's not well suited to a face gimmick and that he works much better as a heel. Underrated: Luke Harper I seriously feel like WWE should be doing so much more with this guy right now. Before Wrestlemania he was putting on great matches with the likes of Orton and Styles and it looked like he might've even been in the WWE Championship match at Wrestlemania...but since Mania he really hasn't been involved much at all and has just been forgotten. He should definitely be given a run with the US Title at least because his in-ring work definitely warrants it. Underrated: Gallows & Anderson It's really a shame what's happened to these two. When they first debuted they looked like they're were going to takeover the tag division alongside AJ Styles, but sadly they really haven't done much and lived up to their hype when they first burst out onto the scene. I feel like they should've been giving a long tag team title reign but instead it seems that WWE really don't have much for them, as they've now been competing on Main Event in recent weeks. For me they're one of the best tag teams currently in WWE and I think they should be utilized a lot better.
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    All To Gain.. Nothing To Lose

    "Down with the sickness" hits and Bizzy makes his way down to the ring he receives a pop from the Carnage Arena and then stands in the middle of the ring. The lights are off with the spotlight on him. Last night.. Bizzy pauses.. Last night was intense and the World Champ showed his true colors last night. I can't even blame any one but myself for coming short but that's nether here or there. I've come across some good news from your GM Bailey and now have another opportunity knocking on the door. At Summer slam it's a fight for the Universal Champion and that's something I thrive in. At SummerSlam 6 men get locked in a Hell In A Cell Match for one title to prove who really is the top dog of this company, which brings me to the current champ Flynn. Crowd delivers a huge pop as King Flynn overcame Slim at KOTR.. If I was you Flynn I would be sitting in the back like dam I'm the champ this should be a piece of cake. Na pimpin I don't think so not this time. You see you got absolutely nothing to prove in this match but I do. You got nothing to gain here, but again I do you see Flynn I'm in starvation and my waiste looking a little slim, I need to eat! It seems my whole career I've been chasing you and at Summer slam, but now this ain't a chase it's a hunt. At Summer Slam your the prey and I'm about to feed my family. However, man this ain't a one on one na I got other people looking to score big so that lower the odds don't it. Bizzy begins to pace the ring.. So hears a little message for you all and I know you can hear me crystal clear. You all don't phase me I'm a veteran to this procedure this is nothing more then a routine for me. I welcome you to get in my way so I can show each and one of you individually what your dealing with. See you all got excited like yo I'm getting a title shit but instead you got invited to a slaughter nothing more nothing less. Ark and Josh I don't really know much about ya and nor do I care but I'm telling you this I got a knee ready to smash ya face to pieces to win this title. FDS you talk a good game, but from my experience talk is cheap and your like a pot hole in my way. I'm going to skip right over you but if you got a problem with that we can settle it real easy, and Ryan welcome to Carnage I know what your about but I refuse to allow any one to get in my way for this chance. Bizzy climbs up the turn buckle and takes a seat as the crowd begins to chant his name. I'm just going to be blunt I haven't faced any of you but the point is this all of you can get that ass whooped the GM did the right thing inserting me in this match cuz Flynn you ain't going to make it to the boss. It's time some one put you in your dam place, I've said from day one when I came back I was going to take that title from you and well what do you know it's coming faster then expected. I'm walking out Summer Slam Universal Champion and there's nothing your going to do about it because quite frankly I don't like you. At Summer Slam I'm going to beat your bitch ass down to a bloody pulb and stand right over you raising that Universal Title you desperately hold onto to as Carnage's new Champion! Bizzy raises his hand high in the air "I've got everything to gain and nothing to lose, this is my time welcome to the end of the Kings reign and the beginning of the Bizzy Era"
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    Probationary Period Over | New Junior Mods

    The Probationary Period for all three of our currently Junior Mods (Nate, Ross, and FD) is over, and the Staff has decided that all three of them have performed beyond standards, and that's why, we would like to welcome @Broken Nate, @FDS, and @OverHeel to the moderation team officially! Welcome boys, make sure you take this opportunity and keep up the hard work.
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    Thanks to @Keeley & @BrendenPlayz for giving me a trial in the first place and to @Slim for the guidance and being a great global mod, thanks guys
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    Overrated has to be Bayley. Everyone raves on about how great she is but she has had some decent matches sure but her character is not tolerable for anyone over the age of 10. She hasn't had any good matches since arriving to the main roster and she still lives off the name she had in NXT. At least Charlotte, Sasha and Becky have grown beyond their time in NXT. Meanwhile Bayley still tries to hang on to relevancy through the two good matches she had in NXT with Sasha. Underrated is Elias Samson. Great look, aggressive in the ring, gets heat every town he's in. Given a chance he could be a player in the future.
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    Great job for from everyone involved! I look forwards to the future of this competition!
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    I may not even be in the top 10 of overall scorers but I'm walking away with a prize and they aren't. Golden Eagles wee the GOATS. DNA south beach who?
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    The Rise of Sameer!!! Anyways this was the best trophy comp yet. I want to say a good job to everyone who participated in the trophy comp. The GOAT Team of Brenden,Me,Bailey and BiC #GoldenEagles ( But I think the Dynamic Duo was better @BrendenPlayz) Also thanks to Brenden for not only giving us a chance to win a Money Prize but for putting this great competition together.
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    FINAL ROUND REVIEW The fourth season of the BrendenPlayz Trophy Contest has officially ended. Perhaps the most successful season yet saw an abundance of skilled players going head to head in a battle to determine who is the greatest trophy hunter on BrendenPlayz. We saw a number of surprises and twists and turns to keep things exciting right to the very last moment. But all in all, there can only be one winning team and one winning individual player. In the final round we saw the underated The Outsiders take on the undefeated Golden Eagles. The Outsiders were formed of four users who were new to the forums and were unknown by many. Their ability was a mystery, we didn't know if they were going to be great or a bust. As it turns out, their star player @RedArrow12 shouldered a heavy load throughout the big rounds to help his team make it to the final, with the help of @Khaled along the way. They recruited forum member @George AK who proved to be a massive score late in the contest. His contributions were one of the key reasons as to why they made it as far as they did. His support to SAM12c was a great assistance to their contest campaign. The Outsiders would face the Golden Eagles. Led by former contest winner @BrendenPlayz and his selected team of @bailey14, @Sameer and @BiC. Historically, these players struggled to score trophies. Their previous trophy contest statistics would show that BRENDEN3 would need to carry his team if they were to have a chance. But much to everyone's surprise, we saw the rise of SAMEER306 to the trophy realm. His five star performances helped carry the team to a number of victories and his quick fire points were often enough to end the opposition chances for victory. BAILEY14JUSTIN featured only in the opening round and chose to save his points for the very end. A strategy that would prove to benefit himself a lot individually, however a poor tactic in the name of the team. GOLDENGORILLA419 (BIC) had a number of decent contributions but also would score nothing in some rounds, proving to be a liability or a handy role player, it would change from week to week. In the final round we saw a mammoth effort from BRENDEN3 and SAMEER306. BAILEY14JUSTIN fought his best to score an individual prize but in the end his points were not needed. GOLDENGORILLA419 was a major disapointment and was happy to let his team mates do the work for the win. In which they did, they would comfortably defeat The Outsiders who put up a strong fight but without a team effort, it was too much for them. SAM12C was excellent, nearly a 1000 point bonused with 250 points for the platinum of the week (Little Big Planet 3) brought his score to 1230 in the end.. GEORGEAK199 was once again very handy as well with a platinum of his own to score 509 points. But their fourth player IM_THE_GAMA_552 continued his trend of being little to no help the entire contest, his lack of score was a major issue for The Outsiders. -- Individually it was a fight between KEELEY_29 and BRENDEN3. Both players scored over 3000 points but due to internet issues, KEELEY29 couldn't play any of her games in the final moments of the contest. This would prove to be the end of her chances for taking out the individual bragging rights. With both of these players ineligible for the individual prize we turned out attention to the next crop of players. SAMEER306 would jump on top of the rest with 2906 points which scores him the major prize of $50. BAILEY14JUSTIN's 1585 scores him the $20 prize and SAM12C' 1230 points score him the $10 prize. Congratulations to these players, please contact me and we'll sort that out. -- Thanks to everyone who participated. I hope we can do another one soon and have all you participate again. I hope this experience of collecting trophies was enjoyable for you and I encourage you to take the time to grab those trophies throughout your general play. Thanks for playing and well done to our winning team the Golden Eagles and the individual winners!
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    who's the european champion, its my favourite wwf belt. I want the title, whoever has it get ready im coming for you
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    Mythical Beast Battle

    Second Battle: Creatures of the Deep Leviathan VS Kraken This Episode will be out sometime this coming week
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    Karico & Prince Bonding Session

    Later on that day, Karico and Prince are seen driving within a car with Prince at the wheel. Karico is shown to nearly be having a heart attack as he holds onto his seat, his shock coming from the speed of Prince. “CAN WE SLOW DOWN? I have a million dollar image that I don’t want to damage.” Prince laughs as Karico as continues at the speed he is going at as they make their way down the road. “Where are we going? Obviously not a place of any value with this casual crap you wanted me to wear.” Prince shakes his head. “There’s more to life then money Karico, sometimes you have to live a little. I’ll show you.” Prince and Karico eventually get to their location, as they park two people can be seen leaving the building while stumbling out and laughing hysterically. Prince laughs along. “Ha, John and Johnny. Love the pair, always off their heads. Come on.” Prince says this as he leaves the car, followed by a bewildered Karico. As Karico and Prince get to the door, he turns around and reminds Karico to not do anything stupid before he opens the door. The crowd of middle aged men turn towards Prince and Karico. “WHAT’S UP MY BOYS!!!!!!” Prince yells and is followed by the cheers and jeers of the fellow men in the pub. In the left corner Prince can see two of his friends having a pint, he taps Karico on the shoulder and points him the direction before the two take a seat. Prince sits down first followed by Karico, who clumsily hits the table and knows spills of the pints onto his friends. Prince’s friends simply laugh as Karico looks on awkwardly. “Sorry gentlemen.” He says in a timid tone. Once again Prince’s friends laugh, followed up by Prince as they begin to mock Karico. “Ohhhh look at me and how fancy I am” “Ohhh ever so sorry gentlemen” Karico laughs along nervously before Prince looks at him. “Man chill, you're fine. Drinks on me, what do you want?” “Uh...water?” Karico replies, followed by a smirk from Prince’s friends. Prince puts his face to his palm. “Oh for God’s- I'll go get you a beer.” Prince walks off to the barman to order while Karico is left alone with the two friends. He then attempts to make small talk. “So uh, what do you guys do for a living?” “Mechanics” one of them reply while the other says “Construction worker.” Karico scratches his head and gives a slight smirk, “That’s uh- nice. Business man as well as professional wrestler.” Once again the two laugh. “BUSINESS MAN? Ha get off it, what do you do Business in? Men’s lingerie?” The two laugh again and nudge Karico playfully. Before he responds. “Well uh, it's more for the intellectual people you know…” The laughter stops, as the two friends look at each other. “I think he's calling us thick Dave.” “I think he is Jim.” Before Karico can react, Prince comes back with the beers and passes one to Karico. “Drink up man, uh won't be two seconds gotta go use the potty.” Prince walks off to the toilet and leaves Karico with his two clearly annoyed friends. *5 minutes later* Prince whistles playfully as he dries his hands and leaves the toilet, only to come back to absolute chaos around the pub as he looks around in complete shock. I crowd has gathered around the pub in which Karico is seen in the centre with the two friends begin to attack him and attempt to beat him to a pulp. Karico is attempting to fight back but the numbers game is too much and one of the friends throw Karico over a table, shattering the glasses. As Prince watches on, he shakes his head before reluctantly running in. “Guys stop it! Bloody hell I was gone for five minutes!” Karico attempts to get up and begins to talk. “All I said was I had a bit more intellect…” One of the friends full on punches Karico and knocks him down again with a straight punch to the mouth. Prince looks at the two in anger. “How dare you…” Prince leaps on one of the lads and begins to punch away at him. As the other tries to help his friend out Prince tackles him into the wall and knocks over a darts board on the wall. Prince proceeds to throw him across the room but the guy counters however Karico is back up and is there and shoulder barges him to the ground. Prince proceeds to kick the other in the gut and sees a nearby plate of food of fish and chips, he grabs the plate and smashes it against the head of the guy before picking him up and throwing him once again over the counter. Meanwhile Karico has put the other in a headlock before throwing him against the wall and clubbing him across the face for earlier. Karico continues to relentlessly kick the man and grabs the peer bottle before smashing across his head. Karico picks him and chucks him to Prince who dropkicks him before he turns back around and gets hit with the “Brand Recognition” on Karico through the table in which they ate on. As Karico and Prince look around, they both smirk awkwardly. As the barman looks on in absolute disgust. An awkward silence is in the air as Prince begins to speak. “So...uh. Apologies about that. Karico and I will pay for all the damages…” Karico tries to interrupt but Prince hushes him. “We’ll just leave now, had a good time. So uh, um..you know...enjoy your evening.” Karico and Prince walk out as there's still a stunned silence. Nothing is said as they get into the car. “What the hell happened?” Prince asks as he looks Karico. Karico clears his throat before he speaks. “Ok so I might have said some stuff I shouldn't of, didn't mean they could hit me for it. They stank, I mean damn!” Prince chuckles a little as he looks at Karico. “Might want to check the mirror.” Karico looks curious as he does, as the realisation happens Karico chokes up again. “Oh my God!” Karico looks on as his front tooth has cleanly been knocked out from the punch, as he inspects the gap within his teeth. Prince stays silent before starting to speak “Sorry about th-” However before he can continue, Prince sees Karico smiling away before he proceeds to laugh out loud. “Oh man, what an experience. Don't look so scared man, I'll be honest...best time I've had in awhile. ” Karico chuckles again, with Prince now being curious. “What’s so funny?” “You say what…the tooth is going to have value. Of course coming from the mouth of someone like myself. Maybe the lucky bugger will end up with more money than me.” Prince then begins to laugh as they both do for a solid minute. “Yeah with everything that happened, me losing King Of The Ring to Nate, I needed something like that. Felt I lost direction, yet I get I just need to move forward you know.” Karico nods his head. “I agree, like earlier...they’ll be other business opportunities. Wouldn't have mattered if those guys had got there way, so I guess what you did was alright…” Prince smiles to himself. “It's getting late, of course someone likes me needs their beauty sleep. Come on.” Prince drives off, as the two continue to laugh.
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    Karico & Prince Bonding Session

    Part 1: The Interview Karico and Prince are outside of the interview room for their interview with Big Al’s sauce for a possible sponsorship deal with the company. After Slims request for both members to stay together 24 hours of every day, Karico had to bring Prince along. Karico looks worried and then looks at Prince with a cautious look then states Karico: “Okay you heard the plan before we came here. Do not speak, do not talk, do not look at them and we will be fine. You got it?” Prince: “Yeah whatever” Karico: “Good” Karico name suddenly gets called out and Karico cautious face goes suddenly turns into a happy one when he goes to shake the hands of Big Al’s sauce company leader. Gary: “Welcome Karico welcome. Who is this guy Karico? are you babysitting?” Karico: “Unfortunately Gary, you see he has a bit of a problem” Gary: “I can see by the way he dresses” Laughter comes across the face of Gary and Karico while this boils Princes blood, as he states. Prince: “You think you’re funny? You little-” Karico: “Ah Prince has a weird sense of humour Gary. He does not think that joke was funny. He thinks it was hilarious” Gary has a concerned look in his eyes, as he takes Karico and Prince to his office Gary: “Ok Karico, we know why we are here. To discuss business” Karico: “Of course Gary, can I just say what a beautiful office” Prince: “Careful Karico, anymore of that sucking up and I’ll start thinking this is an interview on a Casting Couch...” Karico eyes widens, as he can see the disgust from Gary face. Karico: “Hahahaha, Gary like I told you Prince has a weird sense of humour. Come on Prince stop it now hahahaha” Karico then punches Prince in the arm while faking a laugh Gary: “Karico. Business now please” Karico: “Of course, of course. Like I said to you before if I reference Big Al’s sauce during a promo on BPZ I would like to get paid $2,500 dollars each promo”. Gary: “Is that a joke Karico? Why do you think I would pay you that much for referencing Big Al’s?” Karico: “I will tell you Gary. It is because I am a champion. Right now I am considered the future of BPZ. People like listening to what I have to say. I can promise you just referencing Big Al’s sauce in a promo will increase your profits 60%. This therefore is a win win for both of us. I become a rich man and you become an even richer man!” Prince: “Yeah, considered a champion for how long though? I beat this chump twice with my eyes closed, listen Gary...from man to man. Karico, eh he just might not cut it. He's not very reliable and very needy, like a fussy baby on an airplane that refuses to let their nappy be changed. Stinky right? Trust me I've seen his baby photos, not pretty at all.Hold on I'll show yo-” Karico: “Prince I think you have said enough. Gary listen I feel-” Gary: “Shh Karico I am done with you. Prince do you want to sit down here? Karico I want you to leave right now”. Karico: “Are you being serious?” Gary: “Yes, get lost, Prince sit down here dear boy”. Prince: “Eh will I get some cash?” Gary: “You sure will” Karico looks at Prince with disgust on his face as he leaves the office. 10 minutes have now past and Prince finally leaves the interviewer room. Prince: “Lets go then” Karico: “Unbelievable. That's what you are Prince. I tell you not to speak and you don’t listen. Did you get the deal then?” Prince: “Well long story. We agreed a deal, but then I tried the sauce and well it is trash and I ain’t going to be sponsored by trash, so I hit him with a Bitter End and put him through the desk”. Karico: “You did what?” Prince: “I’m going to go shopping, need some Heinz tomato ketchup anyway. Might want to change into something a bit more casual for where we’re heading.” Karico: “You’ve cost me a lot of money you-” Prince: “Are you still going on about that? Look stop being a proper wanker and lets go”. Karico and Prince dive off while an ambulance goes past them straight to the office.
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    Probationary Period Over | New Junior Mods

    Congratulations to Nate, FD and Ross! You three have already been doing great work as moderators for the past three months so it's not mistake that you have all been granted the title. I hope all of you continue to do the great work that you've already been doing
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    Calling Dean Ambrose the most Overrated would be the obvious so I'm gonna say someone different Overrated: Sami Zayn Underrated: Bo Dallas
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