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    WWE: Brand Warfare

    I do too, but with a conflicting social life and a huge desire to continue this, it was the best solution I had to episodes.
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    WWE: Brand Warfare

    Monday Night RAW: September 5th, 2016 - Live from the Sprint Center, in Kansas City, Missouri Monday Night RAW's Intro Package would begin to play to begin the night's action, but midway through, we would be interrupted by an errie scene as Bray Wyatt stood in the center of a house, presumably a pre-taped message from The Wyatt Family Compound. Bray Wyatt delivers a message to Cesaro and Neville: Bray Wyatt would have a lunatic look in his eyes as he began to speak, almost in a robotic tone as his voice sounded monotone. Bray Wyatt: In 6 days... a battle waged in the East ends in the West. I will go to war with Superman once again, and I will end as your World Heavyweight Champion again. The Wyatt Family stands behind me, and behind Cesaro... stands no one. Tonight, I have been ordered to fight alongside a lunatic, someone who I relate to... Dean Ambrose. Our opponents... weak. Neville, a man of little size who claims to FLY HIGH, and tonight there will be no flying. Along with Superman, you will be dismantled, destroyed, and defeated. The screen flashes, as we're now welcomed to Monday Night RAW by Corey Graves, Michael Cole, and Bryon Saxton, as they tell us that tonight, Monday Night RAW will host multiple big matches, as this is the go-home show for Clash of Champions! They tell us that our main event will be the IC Champion, Neville, and the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, Cesaro, versus the #1 Contender for the IC Championship, Dean Ambrose, and the World Heavyweight Champion, Bray Wyatt. But right now, we would turn to the ring for United Kingdom Division action! Tyler Bate defeats Joseph Conners ahead of his #1 Contenders Match: Tyler Bate would have an opportunity to have a warm up of sorts against Joseph Conners, as these two previously faced off in the Quarterfinals of the UKCT, with Bate coming out on top after a thriller. Conners would start the match out with a fury of kicks to Bate, leaving him helpless against Conners, before the turning point in the match would come with Joseph Conners nailing a Springboard DDT, planting Bate on his head. In the end, after 8 minutes of back and forth action, Joseph Conners would be looking for the Righteous Kill DDT, but Bate wouldn't allow him to hook the arm, and would turn it into a Gullotine Submission! Conners would fall to his knees, where Bate would release the hold before nailing the Tyler Driver '97, before covering Conners for the three count. Bate would climb the turnbuckles in celebration, before his opponent at Clash of Champions, Pete Dunne would come in and nail his finishing move, the Bitter End, on Tyler Bate before posing over the 19yr old. Rusev & Sheamus dismantle Jeri-Show: Chris Jericho and The Big Show would trot out to the ring for a scheduled match against The Revival, but instead they would be attacked from behind by none other than their opponents this Sunday, Rusev and Sheamus, The Union. Rusev would hit The Big Show with a Superkick to the back of the head, while Sheamus would blast Jericho with a Double Axe Handle. The two would hammer away at the duo of Jericho and Show, before Sheamus would toss Jericho onto the apron, before hitting a Brogue Kick! Rusev would then kick the back of Show, locking in the Accolade! Rusev would keep it locked before referees and personnel came down to pry Rusev off... Baron Corbin announces his Clash of Champions plans: Baron Corbin would walk down to the ring, grabbing a microphone before saying that last week, The Undertaker's hat mysteriously appeared in the ring... And Corbin said that if The Undertaker wanted a piece of him, he knew where to find him. Baron Corbin then said that he didn't have a problem embarassing The Undertaker in Brooklyn, and he won't have a problem ending his career once and for all. Corbin said that at Clash of Champions, he wouldn't be competing because he's done competing, he will not compete until The Undertaker faces him because he will not continue to be screwed over like he was last Monday. Corbin would drop the microphone, before leaving to a thunderous amount of boos. Chad Gable outwrestles The Miz and picks up a key victory before COC: Following their Tag Team Match last week, Chad Gable requested a 1-on-1 match with The Miz this week. Epico, Primo, Maryse, and Zack Ryder would be at ringside while Jason Jordan was in the corner of Chad Gable. Chad Gable and The Miz would lock up as Miz tried to match the technical mastermind known as Chad Gable, but was outwrestled pretty quick and almost got caught with Gable's infamous O'Connor Roll German Suplex, but Miz would hold onto the turnbuckle and elbow his way out before catching Gable with a Snap DDT. The Miz would go for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Gable would slide under Miz's legs before catching him with a German Suplex, with the bridge: 1.. 2.. No! Miz would somehow kick out and keep the match alive for himself. Towards the end, Zack Ryder would attempt to get involved, but Jason Jordan would take Ryder out with a Belly-to-Belly, before Jordan hit a double clothesline on The Colons. The Miz would yell at Jordan, but would get caught with the O'Connor Roll German! With the bridge! 1... 2... 3! Chad Gable wins! Gable would roll out of the ring, with AA standing on the stage now, before The Miztourage would be in the ring, sulking after tonight's loss. Charlotte & Emma sign the contract, but The Insurance Policy gets involved: The contract signing for the RAW Women's Championship Match at Clash of Champions would take place, as Stephanie McMahon stood there to oversee the signing. "The Queen", Charlotte would be out first as she was out alone, with no Insurance Policy with her. Charlotte would shake hands with Stephanie and await the RAW Women's Champion. Emma would come out, raising the belt to a huge pop as the Australian has been here before, she's been counted out before and now she's finally reached the top. She has claimed that she won't let someone who bought their way to the top regain it, and Charlotte has told her it wasn't her money that got her there, it was her talent. After trading remarks, Charlotte and Emma both signed the contract and then The Insurance Policy would attack her from behind, and Natalya and Tamina would stomp away at her, before Natalya got her up, before Tamina superkicked the back of their head, and Charlotte would grab the RAW Women's Championship and raise it. The Revival defeat Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston One of the hottest teams in Wrestling, The Revival would tell Shawn Michaels that they came to compete tonight and just because Rusev and Sheamus took out their original opponent doesn't mean they can't have another. Shawn Michaels agreed, giving them Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods of The New Day. The two teams would click, having each other scouted. A back and forth match would have hard-hitting moments and some funny ones, when Kofi started twerking on a dazed Scott Dawson. The end of the match would come when Xavier Woods hit an Elbow Drop on Scott Dawson, and looked for Lost In The Woods, but Dawson would reverse, throwing him up into the air into a Double Knee Facebreaker from Dash Wilder, and Dawson would cover, getting the three count. RAW's next exclusive Pay-Per-View - Battleground, live October 9th The commentary team would confirm that on October 9th, 2016, RAW would host the Battleground Pay-Per-View, live from the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California. The Main Event ends with Dean Ambrose on top: The main event would be an electric one. Arguably RAW's top four stars in Bray Wyatt, Cesaro, Neville, and Dean Ambrose would go at it with intensity unlike any other match. Dean Ambrose and Cesaro would go at each other early, with punches and uppercuts flying in the ring. Once Neville got tagged in, the pace turned up as Neville used his speed to match Ambrose's hard-hitting, but once Bray Wyatt got in, Neville's speed was limited by Bray's methodical attack. Bray and Neville would be in the match for almost 6 minutes, as they took things to the outside with Neville hitting a Springboard Moonsault on Bray, before getting back into the ring and tagging in Cesaro. Cesaro would go for his Neturalizer, but an eye poke from Dean Ambrose, followed by Sister Abigail, and Bray would go into the cover: 1... 2... 3! Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose win! Cesaro would not take lightly, as he went after Bray, but Ambrose would gutkick him before nailing Dirty Deeds, before turning on Bray Wyatt and doing the same to him! This would leave Ambrose and Neville to stare down, before Ambrose offered his hand... and grabbed him in closer, and hit a final Dirty Deeds! With everyone taken out, Dean Ambrose scooped the IC Title up, climbing the turnbuckles and raising it to a mixed reaction from the crowd, as RAW fades... to... black. World Heavyweight Championship: Bray Wyatt (c) vs Cesaro Intercontinental Championship: Neville (c) vs Dean Ambrose United Kingdom Championship: Zack Sabre Jr. (c) vs Trent Seven RAW Women's Championship: Emma (c) vs Charlotte Elimination Chamber for RAW Tag Team Championships: Vaudevillains vs Orton & Harper vs Revival vs American Alpha vs Mojo & Goldust vs Miz & Ryder The Union vs JeriShow Pete Dunne vs Tyler Bate - #1 Contendership to UK Championship Kalisto vs Sin Cara (Preshow)
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