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    5. (Redemption Ending.)

    Immediately after the celebration of one of the dominant champions to ever grace the Carnage Brand has nearly come to it’s conclusion, the arena experiences a complete blackout. For all about 35 seconds it is unknown whether or not this has occurred from an act of malicious intent or rather a power outage, and amongst the murmurs of confusion lies a very unhappy champion demanding his spotlight and attention back, as his celebration’s been interrupted. Unfortunately for Flynn, there’s something much more troubling in store for the man. The titantron displays a message in bloody, rigid lettering that reads “Number 5”. It’s time for The Order’s final member for Survivor Series. The crowd gasps in excitement and intrigue as Smith has teased this for the better part of a month, meaning now at one of Carnage’s biggest shows of the year we finally get some resolution as to who this mystery man is. Flynn maintains his usual brashness upon hearing this news, perhaps to mask his nerves or, stupidly, he underestimates The Order’s pull. The stage is set. We cut to the image of a hooded, average built male seated, staring directly at the audience. The view of his face is almost completely obstructed if not for a conveniently placed fluorescent lighting from above, which slightly reveals the person’s roughened, worn and torn appearance. He’s heavily bearded, but at the same time gives off a sense of familiarity from what little we can see of him, oddly only adding to his enigma. For the first time, he speaks. Every night for the past year and a half I’ve found myself pondering what it must be like to be you. To so easily obtain an empire built on the hopes and aspirations of a naive collective starved of discipline, glory and passion to serve your every need, erase your every concern all while happily being heralded by the roaring public as a man to admire. By threads did I manage to keep going after the filth I ordered those men to do but you remain unscathed and unashamed. I’m assuming you might think this is rich from an individual who’s chosen to align himself with the likes of The Order, a group that is in no way shy at all to these practices and tactics, and you’d be right to think so. What I do however, doubt you’ve begun to consider is what exactly the source of my bile is for you, and the lengths I’d be willing to go in order to put things right by myself. The man uncovers a booklet, with each of the pages laced with pictures highlighting events of importance throughout BPZ history. He flicks through several pages before landing directly onto the words “Mayhem”. His originally stoic and emotionless posture has completed faded. It’s May the 20th 2016. This day will forever give me grief no matter how much I try to rationalize the contents that’s left me with trauma from it. This was the biggest opportunity of my life. To stand at the forefront of an industry I’ve prided every last decision of mine on for as long as I can remember was just about the only thing I’d ever wanted. I failed previously, and miserably at that, but here was a chance to start anew. We fought with little care nor thought for each other’s well beings, chaining together a rain of forearms with headbutts, kicks and just about any offensive maneuvers that possibly springs to mind. I seemingly manage to get the upper hand and it looks like the match is mine, this is immediately shut down as my opponent opts to hit me low, completely crippling any chances I might’ve had. I thought I was done. Little did I know. His tone begins in escalate in intensity, the subject matter is clearly more personal than one could imagine. Three men wielding steel chairs whilst sporting SWAT gear hit the ring, and immediately began to attack that man until he was left for dead, completely incapacitated. Now I’m bewildered and conflicted by this situation. I wanted to win on my terms, but to risk jeopardizing yet another opportunity for myself thanks to my moral confliction was something I didn’t want. The clock is ticking, these three men continue to glare at me. I take it. The ref hits three. Pinpointing my exact feeling in words as the referee handed me the title is difficult, since there was a whirlwind of emotions rushing through me. The one that stands out however, is euphoric. Whatever reservations I may have had about how I got to my destination wasn’t important as any of that doubt was being erased by the screams of that crowd and the twenty pounds of glistening gold around my waist. I did it. I was worth a damn. You took that from me. Pummeled, choked, ragdolled, battered, humiliated, scarred. Everything that was done to me that night didn’t hurt even nearly as much as watching you and your pack of dogs nonchalantly stroll out of the ring with my life’s work. My blood. My tears. The very fibre of who I’ve always wanted to be, stolen. All for you to carelessly fling about for a few months as a declaration of dominance. And then you have the fucking gall to come back and pretend you’re still worthy of a chance at it again. It’s why I’ve found myself endlessly asking what it must be like to drodge on day by day doing the things you do with little to no compassion or remorse, how you can never stop to look at yourself in utter disgust. How during one of your displays of contemptment, there’s never even a hint of self loathing after the trail of misery you’ve left. That ends. Even if the means come down to teaming with four of the most vile men on earth. At Survivor Series, I’m going to have your fucking head. The lights return as an irate, distraught Flynn is then stalked by Smith and the hooded man. Instantly they begin to overwhelm the Universal Champion with a series of boots. Smith, admiring his work signals both hands up to the crowd to a heavily mixed reaction, and then nods to the hooded man. He removes his hood to the utter shock of everyone in the arena. Tamer is back after 12 months of having disappeared off the radar completely. He gingerly grabs a near unconscious Flynn by his hair, immediately slams him to the mat and violently stomps with all his force down onto his trachea, nearly cutting off his air supply. He doesn’t stop until Smith is forced to hold him back, creating tension between the two former Pride partners. After seconds however, the two shake hands moments later and then leave the ring in one of the most shocking endings to a PPV we’ve seen in a long time.
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    Unite and Destroy

    Carnage opens to a sea of fans, the camera panning over thousands in attendance screaming in excitement. Finally several replays flash of the brutal steel cage match between Flynn and Ross for the coveted Universal Championship, which saw Flynn put Ross down with a Powerbomb before leaving the cage and retaining his championship. The package ends with Flynn standing alone in the ring, hoisting his Universal Championship high above his head to thousands of screaming fans fading to black….. However the video would quickly pick back up, showcasing the return of Tamer and his brutal beat down upon Flynn. It showcases the shock of the fans attendance before ending on both Smith and Tamer shaking hands, a partnership many thought would never come to fruition. We cut back to the Carnage Arena… The fans in the arena are on their feet as the infamous theme of the self-proclaimed “King of Carnage” hits. Flynn would slowly limp out, showing battle scars from not just his brutal steel cage match but the attack courtesy of Tamer and Smith that followed. He stands on the stage, a look of humiliation however still carries much swagger with him as he raises his Universal Championship high above his head. He stares directly into the hard cam, a look of determination before haunting directly at the end of the stage. The fans in attendance chant the Universal Champion’s name as he slowly removes a microphone from his boot. He takes a moment, contemplating everything he is looking to state tonight before finally breaking his silence. We all have done things in our careers that we regret. Things we do indeed wish we can take back, however never can. They are the sins of our past, they are the scars of the choices we have made in our lives. I have done many things I do regret. I have ended men’s careers for the sake of progressing my own. I have stabbed men I called brothers in the back and I have sold my own soul to the devil simply to skip to the front of the line. At Redemption, I truly felt all of the sins of my past come down upon my like the fury of god. Because you see, when I put Ross down, a man who is in every way vile as he is treacherous, and I hoisted this Championship to the cheers of you people, I for once thought I had whipped my past clean. I had finally been accepted by the people as the King i for years did anything to become, and all I needed to do was prove I was the best. Tamer took that moment from me, and it’s all my fault. The man who attacked me that night, the man who shook Smiths hand, that is not the same man who at one time was the only one in this damn company that would fight for what he believed was right against the forces that tried to hold everyone down. He was a man to be respected and he reached the mountaintop through his own hard work. And I took that from him. You see ladies and gentlemen at Survivor Series I will stare across the ring against every sin of my past. Whether it be Smith, the man who I quarreled into this battle in the first place. Or Slim, the man I left lying in rubble due to my own jealousy and hate. Or Ross, who I defeated and made the mistake of trusting that he himself had no part in Tamers return. Or Jonathan, whose career I have held down on so many occasions, that it is without doubt he would take the most pleasure above anyone in putting me down. And finally Tamer who’s greatest career moment I ruined. These five men haunt me. At the end of the day this is a war I began, and a battle I myself started. This is my war, and it is my final chance to prove why I am everything I say I am. Because if I can’t defeat the men I have sidetracked, the men I have wrong and those I have challenged for supremacy over this industry, then who am I to say I am the King? And while this feat may seem impossible, it is the job of every great king to overcome these obstacles that have been placed in his path. That is why I, The King of Carnage, Flynn, will not be heading into this war alone….. Flynn lowers his mic, the fans buzz in excitement before slowly Echo Wilson steps out to many cheers from the fans. He is then followed by EVOLVE’s very own Prince and FDS to many boo’s, surprisingly walking together as they both stand to the left of Flynn, Echo taking his place to the right. Finally Necce steps out, the fans cheering him on as he takes a final spot to the far right of Flynn. Flynn eyes down his team before leading them to the ring, all five men standing side by side tonight showcasing how united they have become despite seeming like such an unlikely combination. All five enter the ring before standing firmly together. Flynn once again raises the microphone to speak. Ladies and Gentlemen tonight you pay witness to the army your king has put together. The army that will walk into Survivor Series, go to war and SURVIVE! Smith, and the rest of the sell outs he’s set behind him laugh at us. They see Team Flynn as nothing more than a mere road bump. However as I proved at Redemption, this is no laughing matter. I am out for blood, and I know the men beside me are as well. While some of you do not like me, and while I myself have even proven to do to you like I have done to several of Team Smith’s own, this is our moment to forget the past, to make a new future for not only ourselves but for those in the back who have clawed for so long to the top only to be sent back down by those who don’t deserve to sit in the throne they find themselves in. I want you all to take notice to the men you will find yourselves fighting side by side. You are all men who have been wrong by Smith, or by Slim. Each of you have been robbed in some individual way and this is your own chances at redemption to prove you were all wronged. Earn your revenge or continue to wallow at the bottom of the pack. Because if we do this, if we defeat and overcome the impossible, then we become the impossible. We become the leaders of the pack, the immortals that all will pay tribute to. So now I leave this to each of you, are you in, or do you accept your role at the bottom? Flynn drops his microphone, stepping back as he gives stage for any of Team Flynn to answer his standing question and statements.
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    Carnage or Evolve

    On the titantron's of Evolve and Carnage Blade appears "BPZ Universe its been a while hasn't it? I havent been seen since before Halloween Havoc. Recently I have been approached by Evolve's GM Slim, to be honest I havent cared what has happened since I left, and I wasnt going to do a big return. Apparently there was another draft or something of sorts and turns out I am a free agent. As i said Slim made some contact with me his offer, 5 months 80k, and a spot within his little tournament at Pride. Someone seems a bit desperate in trying to fill up his match card before it is too late. So I am going to make my answer public for all to see so there isn't any questions or doubts about my answer. Slim pay attention because I don't want questions from you either my answer is No That is right, Slim you can take your offer and shove it! I am not going to sign up for the same things I went through all this year. You see I finally have what I want I am no longer locked into a set path I am finally free, I can do where I want and do what I want. So no I will not sign a contract back to Evolve because I am a free agent now and I am going to stay that way. Now Bailey don't you start crawling on over and offering me an offer now because I will give you the same answer that I have to Slim. I will not be signing a contract with Carnage either. BPZ Universe and every other competitor listen to me right now, I am drawing that line in the sand. I don't need Carnage, and I certainly don't need Evolve. It is the opposite because they need people like me looking to grab the next Free Agent but they aren't grabbing up this free agent. I am not going to play by those rules anymore. This day forward I follow a different path, I wont play nice and suck up to the GMs and try be their pet dog just waiting to be thrown a bone and a pat on the head. If I want the Global championship, I will show up and I will take it, if I want the Carnage championship and I will go and take it. The days of Anarchy are upon the brands. I am Blade, and I am a free agent My choice is pure Anarchy so Evolve and Carnage, when I decide it is time beware the walls of your order and complacency will crumbled into dust. Now Bye bye I'll see Carnage or Evolve soon enough as the free agent is here and he does what he wants when he wants." The camera fades to black and that was that.
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    Unite and Destroy

    {Necce takes the microphone away from Echo, and the fans begin to buzz. Necce has remained quiet and hasn't been seen on BPZ TV for a few weeks. Necce wastes no time getting down to business.} One thing I've been known for behind the scenes here at BPZ is my poor eyesight. But when I saw 2 men make deals with the devil, I knew that in that moment, for the first time in my life, I had 20/20 vision. This is not the first time, nor the last time, that I've seen a man who I called my brother turn to the dark side. For all of those hardcore BPZ fans, you know that Slim is not the only member of Team Smith that I have unfinished business with. At the very first BPZMANIA event, I won the last title I'd ever hold, when I beat my "friend Jonathan. Before my celebration could begin, he stabbed me in the back the very next month, and stole the title from me. At the time, Jonathan was on top of the world, and he couldn't handle the fact that I was the one speed bump on his road to become a "god." Since that day, we've gone our separate ways. However, at Survivor Series, our paths will cross for the first time since April 2016. A meet up over a year and a half in the making, and as soon as I finish crippling that little puppy Slim; your neck is the next one that my blade is aiming for. Oh...and how I could I forget? The ghost of BPZ has finally graced us with his presence. The almighty Tamer has been announced as Team Smith's 5th member... {Necce looks down at his wrist} ...a week before the show! Since Tamer and I have never interacted in BPZ before, there is no history between us, there is no need for me to exact any kind of revenge, and therefore, no need for me to care. However, an interesting thought has come to me. This match is the only match in a while that would bring Tamer, Jonathan, and myself out of the shadows. You see, what bringing us out of nowhere was supposed to do, was add a bit of unpredictability to the fold. Break up the monotony and stagnation that festers in the roster and matches of modern BPZ. But in actuality, our respective returns conjure up one question amonst the audience. "Why should I care?" Tamer, Jonathan, and myself are alike in many ways. Great wrestlers? Yes. Great talkers? Yes. The greatest professional wrestlers to EVER step into a BPZ ring? Without a shred of a doubt. But the one way that all of us are alike that no other BPZ wrestlers share. We show up, make a bit of a splash, and then we leave, only returning when people are starting to forget about us. When we're called upon to participate in these matches, we feel special, it boosts our ego, completely blind to the fact that the only reason we joined the match was because there weren't enough subscriptions for the BPZ Neccework. We aren't a special attraction, WE'RE A FUCKING SIDE SHOW. So another question arises...not from the audience, but from deep within us. A question that every wrestlers ask themselves. A question that seeps into your mind late at night, when you're finishing the days last cigarette, lying in a hotel bed rather than your own. "Why do I do it?" For many it's a dream, something they've loved since they were a kid. For some, it's for the fame that is had when you sacrifice your body, only to be paid in handshakes and gas station hotdogs. But for us, it's different. For us, we're trying to chase our youth. All three of us where, at one point, on top of the world. You two are former world champions. Tamer was a king, Jonathan was a God, and myself a must see talent. But now, the sands of time have passed us by, and we all now it. So that's why we do it. We're all on minute 14:59, and we hope that with one more match, one more big moment, one more return, we can get one more second. But at the same time, we know that we're just another famous former face to take the fall, so we can make the current stars look good. So at Survivor Series, you'll see 3 desperate men, fighting with everything they've got to get out of the cold of irrelevance, and into the warm spotlight of success. So now the question is...who wants it more? So enjoy the show, ladies and gentlemen, because once Tamer, Jonathan, and I are eliminated, who knows when you'll see us again? {Necce drops the microphone at the feet of his teammate Prince. He stares into the camera, as if he was looking through the camera and into the souls of the two Team Smith members. We now that this Survivor Series match will be like no other, this isn't about brand supremacy or settling scores. For many participants, this may be their last chance to be in the spotlight.}
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    Brad and Jonathan Contract Signing

    Brad: (no mic) Finally. The two exchange a stare down as the crowd cheers and chants on Jonathan. The two start trash talking each other before Brad lifts the microphone up. Brad: Finally! The man of the hour decides to grace us with his lovely presence! Any longer and it would put people to sleep like it was a JoshNow match. Oops. Anyway I'm glad you showed up, because despite our legendary encounter that sold our merchandise, you're welcome by the way, I kept myself in that "respect" shmick and said what these piece of garbage fans want. They wanted to hear the ever so goodness come from my mouth about "their hero and their savoir" but deep down I wanted to slap you straight in the face and call you a waste. A waste of talent in a lazy human being. The crowd roars out boos as that smirk on the face on Jonathan's face slowly fades into a look of disgust as both men don't move from their spot. Brad: And your name isn't as valued as it once was. Cause since you lost the World Championship, you dropped your ball and scurried off to your hole like the rat you are. While I came in, put on classics after classics, won titles, was in the Co Main Event of BPZMania II that didn't involve a briefcase to get me there, and I've been bringing my best this year, which outdoes any year of yours. And you criticize a piece of paper? I can sign this table right now AND IT'LL BE WORTH MORE THAN YOUR ENTIRE CAREER! A man who showed up for the most of 2017 except for a few days, which not a lot of those idiots can say, and then they mark over you?!? You?!? You aren't worth the hype everyone gives you! You're like Goldberg Jonathan. Your return was a feel good moment, but now, we want you to pack your bags and leave again. The crowd obviously disagrees with Brad by chanting "No!" Loudly, but he igrones them as the stare down between Jonathan and Brad does not break. It does when Brad bends down to pick up the contract. He flips the page up and picks the pen up. He signs the contract and shoves it into Josh's chest before getting back in the face of Jonathan. Brad: At Survivor Series, you will fail. And you will never...... and I mean ever be the same again. And your family will have no one to blame, except you. Then your little family, will run into The Arms Of Brad. They'll bring me in maaaaaaaaaan..... ...... and toss you to the side, idiot. Brad smirks as the microphone to his side as the crowd roars with boos as the stare down between both men get more intense as a angry Josh starts talking.
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    Unite and Destroy

    FDS picks up the microphone, the crowd immediately boos him, his mask still on he flips off the crowd quickly. The fans boo him even louder, he finally removes his mask. The fans begin Chanting “FD you’re a cunt, FD FD you’re a cunt” FDS just lifts the mic up and lets them chant it into the mic ignoring them. The fans finally quiet down. FDS lifts the mic up to his face but just as he does the fans boo him instantly. He just ignores them and finally begins to speak. Alright you stupid Cunts why don’t you shut the fuck up and let me speak. The Fans immediately start booing again louder than ever, the “FD You’re a Cunt, FD FD You’re a Cunt” are louder than they’ve ever been in the arena before. He just speaks to his teammates off mic “Can you believe this shit?”. The fans finally calm down and FDS begins to speak. Flynn you said we’re out for blood and that’s one of those handful of things that we agree on because I plan on fucking making everybody on Team Smith spill blood… Specifically one man. No it’s Not Smith because I will easily make him bleed and he will fall on his knees to the emperor of Chaos and no it’s Slim either, I couldn’t care less what he thinks of what he thinks i’m going to do to him because I will worry about him later. No the man I am focused on forcing him to bleed… Is Tamer. Tamer you’ve been out for a year and you know what happened around this time a year ago? Myself and my former Tag Team Partner defeated you and Slim for a certain set of Tag Team Titles. You’ve been having a few issues with your head since then, maybe you’ve heard a few voices that aren’t there, maybe you’ve felt different, maybe you’ve changed your opinion on things… But it’s clear you haven’t. Tamer you went from being the hero of the people… to the scum beneath Slim’s boots. You were and still are his Bitch. Now I’m not going to deny anything because of course I also have something to say to someone on my team that I haven’t spoken about yet. Necce. You and I we go very far back my friend. So far back that you began your career by challenging me, Challenging me when I was simple young man and I was very different to how am I now and So are you to be fair. But I just want to clear the Air and Say you and I have no issues whatsoever. So now that’s out of the way allow to me say my piece. Team Smith: Jonathan, Slim, Smith, Ross and Tamer. You are by far the most forced jigsaw puzzle I have ever seen. You’re not allies because you like each other or because you have a common cause. You’re united because you each have individual desires that you wish to fulfill and that’s why at Survivor Series you’re going to taste the thing that eats you all up inside the most: Defeat. I know none of you like the taste of defeat, To you it tastes like biting into what looks to be a fresh apple when the inside is rotten. You all hate the fact that you can’t stand up to any of us individually so as a unit you will fall to us. Now I am well aware of the Match being No Disqualifications. So I guess that means I don’t have to hold back, So I’ll be bringing everything I can get my hands on and trust me. You. Are. Not. Ready. I will make you all suffer. FDS Drops the Mic and goes outside of the ring, he goes under the ring and he slides in 5 Chairs, then a table, then a trash can, then a barbed wire bat. He gets back into the ring and he sets up the table in the centre of the ring. He sets the five Chairs up and he tells the other members of Team Flynn to sit down. They all Sit down. FDS then places the trash can on the table. He picks up the barbed wire bat and walks over and picks the microphone back up. You see this is our roundtable. This is our kingdom of Chaos. 5 Unholy Knights sitting around the hopes of Team Smith wanting to win, this trash can is their hope you see and I’m going to show you what Team Flynn is going to do to that hope. FDS smashes the trash can in with the barbed wire bat, Smashing it until it’s jagged and broken, trying to rip it apart, before finally dropping the bat and straight up throwing it on the ground. The fans are shocked, the members of Team Flynn stare at FDS all with different expressions. FDS takes his sit on the table and throws the microphone into the middle of the table allowing the next member of Team Flynn to speak.
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    Brad and Jonathan Contract Signing

    "Sorry for the delay, I've been super busy at school and haven't had time to be on the forums. Jonathan receives a hostile reaction from the Carnage crowd, though some sections are still cheering at his arrival. He stares down Brad, who has only grown in frustration at Jonathan's delayed appearance. He strolls down the ramp, before slowing his gait and twirling his microphone in hand. Jonathan clambers onto the ring apron, a smile spreading on his face due to the irate Brad. He enters the ring and saunters to the table and looks down at the contract in front of him. He wastes no time in signing the contract then tosses the table aside. It crashes against the ropes and Jonathan takes a single stride to close the distance between himself and Brad to nothing at all. Both men stare at each other for what is seemingly hours, but Jonathan ends the silence with a single word. "Pathetic." The crowd, although not overly pleased with an EVOLVE superstar in Carnage territory, can't help but explode into cheers with their loathing of Brad. Jonathan waits a while, allowing the tension to build furthermore before speaking again. "I was genuinely excited to face you. The legendary Brad, a man who'd done it all before and would do it all again. But I got this, a shell of a human being who is trying so desperately to become something that he isn't and never will be. You can speak all day and all night long, explain to the world that you are the "Best in the World At What You Do". I find it hard to disagree with you when it comes to talking a big game and disappointing when the moment comes, you are the undefeated, undisputed, champion. So I decided I would allow the champion his time to show why he's so heralded. And telling you that it was sorry isn't enough to exemplify how fucking annoyed I am. I'm everywhere, getting better and better each day and here you are writing names on a piece of paper. I came into this match expecting more from you, maybe you could prove to everybody that you had within what you tell us all the time you have, but you screwed that up too. If I have to walk into Survivor Series and beat your ass all around the ring to wake you up, I will as promised." "I'm sick of giving you warnings, so I'm not going to, I'm not gonna drop you where you stand right now because I'm waiting for Survivor Series for that. You see, I'm good in that department in contrast to you. I'll let you try to impress with words one last time because I know that I'm gonna be impressing in the ring. Drink that in, maaan."
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    The End of the Beginning

    The titantron shows Slim, in his mansion as he sits in a chair, the fire going as he has something in his hand... but it's sealed, so no one can see what it is, and Slim blinks a few times, before staring into the camera, looking as if he's going to say something, before he stops, and then continues to look at the camera. Awkward silence fills the arena as Slim just stares into the camera, before he finally mutters words that can be heard throughout the arena. Team Smith sent shockwaves throughout the BPZ Universe when we finally revealed to you who our 5th member is, my former Tag Team partner, my fellow King Amongst the Peasants, Tamer. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend as I had other things I'd rather to do than put myself through the pain of sitting through a whole Power Trip show. But fear not, I will be at Survivor Series and I will come with the intent of inflicting pure destruction upon Team Flynn along with the four men aside me, because frankly, as a unit we cannot be matched and it's a disgrace that Flynn couldn't put together a better team than this, because it's not really fair, anymore, is it? While I do believe Echo Wilson has a bright future, he is the United States Champion for a reason, not the Intercontinental or Universal Champion. You're good kid, I admit, but you're not great and thrusting yourself into the big stage, the big leagues right away is career suicide and I take no guilt in ending a young career before it even starts. As, for you, Mr. Sinister, former Intercontinental Champion, FDS. Slim cuts his speech short, with just an icy stare now as the mention of FDS, the man who some claim got the best of him on the mic a few weeks back, vividly annoys him. FDS, the sinister look, the sinister attitude doesn't scare anyone and you will continue to be a guy who will never make it at the top because... there's just so many guys that are better. You can bitch, you can cry, you can pout but the fact will remain the same and it's that you are the best of a bad time. Prince... Prince... Prince. People love to say I'm overrated, and that everything I get is based off name value, but read in between the lines Prince; it's really you, who works off name value. You consistently fall off the map, trying to revitalize yourself with something new but it never seems to work, as it's just a failed act of the many you have. Your desperation to be relevant shows, as you've gone so far as to wear a mask for no reason other to stand out, because you know nothing else will make you stand out. And last, but not least, my former Legacy brethren, you both are the ones I want to prove. Because you saw me as the little brother, the guy who you could pick on, get to do your dirty work and I would happily oblige, and it took all of that pentup anger I had towards you two to finally take me out of my shell, and now I'm finally at peace. I no longer ponder what it would have been like to run BPZ into the run with you two at my side, because I forged my own legacy, I took upon my own destiny and it was better. I'm the fucking GREATEST OF ALL-TIME! The seething anger is felt as Slim's face turns red from the shouting, as he now refocuses, a sharp tone now coming out of his mouth. Two months ago, the self-proclaimed G.O.A.T. snatched my title from me with his Money In The Bank contract, it was poetic, you know? My reign on top of the World Title scene ended with the same way it started, with the Money In The Bank briefcase. But, what if, it wasn't the end? Maybe it was just the end of the beginning Bailey, and the beginning of me vs you, maybe I've been plotting, making you think your title reign is safe before I swipe in, and rip it out of your hands, just like you did mine. But I'm giving you a forewarning. Whatever indication I gave that I wasn't taking your title at Survivor Series, should be gone, because at Survivor Series, I'm coming for you and your title, because I'm sick of this empty feeling I have where my World Title SHOULD. BE. The lighting suddenly cuts, as a black screen is showing, with the fire still going. The crowd is still in shock at what we've just learned, as at Survivor Series, it will be Slim vs Bailey for the World Championship...
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    Echo Wilson

    Unite and Destroy

    Echo Wilson gives a slightly amused stare at FD, he smirks, nods and stands up, he grabs the microphone, then the bat. He takes a few seconds to stare at the bat, then he looks out to the crowd. He walks away from the table and climb onto the turnbuckle, The bat across his lap and the microphone drawing closer to his lips. Carnage, I think it’s time we see a new side of Echo Wilson, these past few weeks i’ve been preparing myself, and clearing my mind enough to make this truth fully transparent. The Echo Wilson you have all seen up to now, will not be enough to take on these 5, no i’ll need much more, i’ll need to draw from a source that i’ve never drawn from before, none the less even dared to. I will need to become chaotic, i will need to become the anarchy, the very turmoil and the upheaval that will herald the demise of the misshapen team of Smith and his 4 bruisers. No Disqualification is going to bring a different side of Echo Wilson to perspective. It will be like no other phenomenon this company, this industry has ever seen, and the placid, and tranquil person you see before you, will be molded into a sheer abnormality. I will crush, trample, and pulverize Smith’s aggregation, before handing them over to FD where he deliver an onslaught of aggression and pure anger, pouring out his pent up outrage with blow after blow with axes, bludgeons, chainsaws, knives, bats, and all the blades he can carry. The best part is everything, every second of the pain, will feel like an eternity, and every eternity, will make them crumble further and further into powder, so that by the time we end, if we ever do, The entirety of Team Smith, will be depleted, drained and rendered eternally crippled. Slim, let me start with you, the scars that my body has foregone, are a direct result of your unwarranted, arbitrary ambush. I once knew men who made the mistake of trusting you, now they’re nowhere to be found, I once knew men who fought alongside you, you stabbed them in the back, and left them isolated, on the god forsaken chance that they will survive. I will never ever let myself, or any of my friends, fall under that trap, i will never let anyone allow themselves to be blinded enough to call themselves your partner, because at the end of the day, they are just your shield and when you don’t need them anymore you dispose of them and move on, to find some more desperate souls who think that they need comfort and a helping hand. Slim, you are a damnation in disguise. You shine out to the most needy and the most penniless but then you throw them to the curb and use their momentum to help you climb to the top, because truly you aren’t a stepping stone, they are. You sit atop your mountain of broken souls and fractured spirits and command and supervise them to do your bidding just so you can reap the benefits, so that when they’re job has been done, they have drained themselves of all their worth and everything that made them special, all fortitude they had against the forces of authority, you take more than their careers Slim, you take their hopes and dreams. The fans don’t quite know what to say, we all know the names of people Slim has taken in and destroyed in the process, Alyx Wilde, SummerGamz, Aidan, Akki, Chris White, many more. Slim is known for doing anything necessary to get to the top, even if it requires lying, cheating and stealing to get there. This leads me to my next point about Smith. Smith you are an aging superstar, you are not the man 2015 showed us, and you probably never will be. That isn’t to say you never had a chance to be. I believe that you had the chance of a lifetime, back in early 2017, when you had everything going for you, the hype of your return, a huge BPZ Mania which looked to make your name a household name once again, but you fell into the same mouse trap that Slim has left for everyone before you. Smith, you had the chance to become the World Heavyweight Champion, and Slim knew that, so he made you his prime target, he made you his friend, his ally, so that he could sustain his reign for just a little while longer, because Smith, you were his only challenge. But you failed to realize that, you underestimated yourself, so you aligned with the man you could’ve beaten in simple fashion. The Order isn’t a unit Smith, its a shield, a buffer for Slim and whatever station he is trying to uphold. As for you Ross, you call yourself a hitman, but yet, you’re getting a little closer than any hitman should be. I’d be willing to bet that you’re sinking deeper and deeper into Slim’s trap, and losing control of your mission. At the end of the day you’ll still be the same swindler, fraud, and con artist you’ve always been but this time it’ll be under direct instructions of Slim. So, for someone like me, who operates for himself, and only himself, and only works with a team in desperate situations such as this, I think it’s fair to say that I have a much better scope on the future because my eyes aren’t told where to look, and my mouth can speak whatever it likes, and my ears? They can listen to whoever they want to. My point is, I have no room to be guided by someone, i have no room to let someone else control me, so for you Ross, whatever dark and winding road you find yourself going down, just know where it’s leading you, just know the consequences. Echo gets down from the turbuckle and sits down on the chairs around the table, placing the microphone, his eyes looking around at his teammates.
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    Ark Universe

    BPZ Whatculture

    MY GOD! He's back from the dead! that's right, my name is Rashid Jones and Im back here on BPZ WhatCulture to bring you WHAT....JUST....HAPPENED! Now, did miss a lot of the past two weeks, so i'm going to cover both Paranoia and Redemption in a two day period. Paranoia is up first and it was a good night overall. Smith and Echo opened up and it was good match, Echo really proving himself in this classic match. Smith, however, pulled out the victory against the Ca range Supernova. Akki's victory was a nice one, really starting to build himself up more and more. He seem's to be a threat to Summer's US Championship. Akki versus Fear did have some controversy, with the squash of Fear being seen as a bad move. In the events afterward it was rumored that the squash was Akki's idea and he pushed for the creative team to make it. Nate and Bart was a good match. For awhile it seemed like Bart would win, and alot of fans thought so too, but Nate pulled through with the victory. A good match, Bart is really starting to come in to the BPZ spotlight. Slim versus Sameer was a bloody good match. It met ever expectation set and really exceed on some. Slim once again proved why he calls him self the King. Ark versus Prince was a good main event and both men did very well. No one expected the match to Main Event, but both men showed why the deserved. Ark picked up the win, and he was named number 1 contender. Thanks for tuning in, i will see you tomorrow for Redemption.
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    Murder on the BPZ Express

    Part 2 Jonathan and Brad sit next to each other, as do George and Josh. Ross picks a seat near the Order, with Akki sitting next to him. FD sits on his own, sharpening a knife at the back. Bailey starts making contract negotiations with the Josh-Tourage. Jon and Brad start arguing, annoying Bailey, however the entire thing is stopped by Slim Slim: Ok everyone. We've got 2 house shows, which all talent will be performing on now, before we stop off at a 4 Star Hotel, and then we go to Survivor Series. Any questions The whole bus raise their hand. Slim sighs Slim: If there's no Team Flynn, The Order win by forfeit All hands go down. The Order discuss things with Akki spoiling every conversation by talking about India. Ross moves away from Akki before asking Bailey for a drink. Bailey: A drink? We're about to wrestle. Do you have no common sense? Ross is annoyed and sits back down next to Akki. Meanwhile, Brad seemed fascinated by FDs behaviour. Then the bus stops Slim: We're here. Everyone steps out, and is joined by Tamer, who is the mystery partner. He walks alongside Ark, who's eyes widen when he sees him and Tamer starts whispering something to Ark. Ark stops and nods. The 5 members of The Order step out, with Ross shaking at every word Akki utters. Brad walks in front of Jonathan, with FD hugging his bag. The Josh-Tourage and Bailey talk before walking into Ross, who erupts at them, letting all his anger out. They walk into the House Show, but as they do, behind them, the bus luggage compartment opens and 5 masked men sneak in...
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    Brad and Jonathan Contract Signing

    As the wait for Jonathan continues, Brad rolls his eyes and takes his feet off the table and grabs his microphone again. He stands up before tossing the chair out of the ring. Brad: This is your hero? This guy?!? The "Immortal One" who's now going to be known as the "Late One" cause he can't even decide to take part for this moment. And this is who see winning you Stupid marks? You all are blinded by his little words. Let me tell you about Jonathan. Jonathan is a lazy excuse of a part timer that shows up when he wants to and leaves when a challenge, he vanishes. While I'm here three hundred and sixty five days, but y'all want him to win? Y'all want the main who blew off an entire Global Championship Chase, a shot with men who actually work their asses off for but never got? A man who is a shell of his former self? Y'all are truly stupid idiots for your ridiculous belief in that man. He's going to be the reason why Evolve losses at Survivor Series, why all those stars who put trust in him to defend them will kick him to the curb and how all you will boo him and turn on him like you did me like the hypocrites you are! The crowd boos the ending of what Brad just said, but the words are sinking in. A "Jonathan" chant rises as Brad yells at the crowd to "shut up!". Brad: Jonathan, here's my offer. Get out to this ring now, or else you will forfiet this match up to me and I show up to Survivor Series, take the Win and move on. However, if you do show up and sign, at Survivor Series, you will meet the Fists Of Brad....... they will punch you in the face maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. Brad extends his arms out to soak in the boos as he and the crowd wait for Jonathan.
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    WARNING: The following was created like over 7 months ago, so it's very outdated and shitty, but I was gonna make a diary anyways and this was here so I was like "why not." Hello Slim and the two other people that will read this, I'm Yelich, and all of my diaries are failures, so get ready to be disappointed when this is over after 3 weeks. Anyways (man do I use that word a lot) if you don't know what this is, read this. Now that you are caught up I'm starting over, so sorry, I'm not doing a Seven Levels of Hate Match between Al Snow's Mannequin Head and the NXT Championship. BUT I am going to be keeping some parts the same, like Steph being the GM as well as the Main Event vote. So to make this not short as shit and to actually give you guys some content, here is the second pilot for My Dream Wrestling Company. PILOT/EXAMPLE SHOW #2: To start the show God's Fat Mother Stephanie McMahon walks out and tells everyone that you don't need no 205 Live or UK Championship, all you need is Dream Wrestling Company. This makes her a heel to Ross and Smith, but a face to everyone who dislikes Ross and Smith. She then says welcome to the second pilot episode, and she hopes that she will make her father proud. We then have the first match in Attempt 2's history, It is between Roman Reigns and a Golf Ball and it is a Kennel from Hell Match. The Golf Ball seems to have the upper hand as the endless boo's from the smarky crowd in New Jersey have rendered Roman Reigns deaf, so he can no longer hear and is rolling in pain, allowing the Golf Ball to get out of the steel cage, but then all of the dogs see the golf ball and instantly want to gnaw on it, so there is a dogfight going on between the dogs and one eventually wins. This happens as the ball is hiding from the dogs and Roman reigns gets out of the cage. Roman then picks up the ball and throws it against the cage. The final dog sees this and runs after the ball which Roman has picked up again, the dog then knocks over Roman to get to the ball which allows the ball to roll out of the Hell in a Cell to win. Do you wanna see an ad for a promo or diary of yours in this diary? If you don't fuck off, but if you do, you can still fuck off, Yelich doesn't discriminate who he tells fuck off to, and he is showing that right now. The next match is a Casket match between Chris White and The Undertaker, to see who is actually a dead man. The Undertaker would win after hitting Old School on Chris White which triggers Chris's fake Cancer which makes him stumble from the inside of the ring to the outside of the ring into the casket so he can act dead. I dunno what to put here I'm not creative enough so... yeah... Back to you Todd. Now that Chris has gotten out of the casket it's time for tonight's main event which is a 20 man dumpster gauntlet match, it's exactly how it sounds, you must throw your man over the top rope and into the dumpster in order to win the match, the last of 20 men standing in the ring will win the match and become the WCPW Champion, the competitors are Adam Blampied, Hornswoggle, Adam Pacitti, Vince Russo, Linda McMahon, Maxel Hardy, The Chick-Fil-A cow, Perry Saturn's Mop, A Mattress, The Dog from earlier, A Tennis Ball, Kevin Owens, Owen Steen, BrendenPlayz, the WCPW Championship, Donald Trump's Barber, Todd, James Ellsworth, Eugene, and finally... Jinder Mahal's Rug. You can vote for the winner in the poll above if it's there or just post below because I don't know how to work the poll thingy.
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    Premier League Reboot

    The best league for world football, the greatest advert for the beautiful game, however due to multiple problems, sponsored have asked the Premier League to switch up their product. Thus forcing all 20 teams sign a contract obliging to a new idea. Every player from each team is temporarily released and a draft will take place to decide the squads for the season, and every season after each side will have 5 picks for players to save from being re-drafted, and all others will be drafted again. What will happen? Can the "Big" sides remain as big as they are now, or will we see a monumental swing in power, we can only wait and see. (Inspiration taken from Slims' NBA Reset and BiCs' NFL: Reborn diaries)
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    Murder on the BPZ Express

    Smith sat at the wheel. He was being forced to drive the BPZ Evolve bus to Survivor Series in Boston as Slim and Nate stood behind him. The Evolve stars were boarding. FD, Ark, Jonathan, Akki, Necce, Prince were on the bus, before Slim turned to see Bailey Flynn, Brad, BiC, Josh, George, Echo, Ross all stood there. Slim: What are? Bailey: Our bus broke down, we're travelling with you Slim wasn't happy. They were attending an Evolve House Show first, Carnage had their own House Show. But, the shows were 4 hours apart at locations 30 minutes from each other. They could make it. Josh, George, Bailey, Ross and Brad boarded, leaving BiC, Echo and Flynn with the bags Smith: Necce, Prince, go help your teammates with the bags All 5 members of Team Flynn exit the bus before Smith closes the doors, and drives off. He laughs and waves to Team Flynn, as they realise they won't be able to get to Survivor Series. They run but the bus is long gone, leaving the Order and 9 others left on the bus, travelling to the Evolve House Show, as someone very similar watches
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    The GOAT plays as Bailey makes his down to the ring with the World Championship in his hands. Monda..... I Am Feeling GLORIOUS..I am the 5 TIME BPZ WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD. My PPV Redemption was Glorious. My whole Brand is doing Glorious and best of all i beat you at Redemption. Which in all honesty who is surprised. I am the GOAT for a reason. I am the Boss for a reason. Life couldn't be better! Do I need your Congratulations No. Do I want it? I don't want it but i expect it. But I'm compelety shocked to see you here. I thought you would of taken your beaten and went home. I thought you would of crumbled up and went back to the Cave you live in. But I'm impressed. You had the balls to show up at Redemption and the balls ro show up the next night admit defeat and try and shake my hand. I was wrong about you. You are an honorable man. And you did put up a hell of a fight at Redemption. The fact you kicked out of my Career Killer shows alot about you. I thought i would never say it but I will. You did earn my respect monda. And after the match we had I can truly understnad now that you are Glorious. That you are a hall of famer and that most importantly you are my BROTHER. I respect the hell out you. I want you to stay. I want you to keep fighting on my Brand. I am glad you came back brother and You are going to stay. Bailey offers his hand to Monda as a token of respect.
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    This may be one of the best TakeOvers they have done yet, which is special since I haven't watched a single TakeOver event I didn't love. The Ohio/Sullivan match was a fun way to open the card and set the level of intensity for the rest of the night, and Sullivan is honestly great in my opinion so it'll be fun to see where he ends up. The Dream/Black match was incredible, Dream's DDT finished thing that started like the Sister Abigail was awesome and these two have such a good grasp on their characters and stories, which is incredible from Dream at his age. The women's match was.very fun and I love that Peyton Royce is over with the crowds because she's really developed during her time in NXT. Moon was probably the right person to win considering the story with her following Asuka leaving, and Asuka being there to hand it over was a nice touch, but I was personally routing for Cross. The NXT Title match was fantastic. I did not expect Almas to win at all but the fact that he did is testament to his improvements, especially since being paired with Vega. I know McIntyre is injured, which is a shame to me, but I hope he is moved to the main roster on his return and develops more of a personality on top of what he already has because since his return, he just has a completely different aura about him compared to his first WWE run. He has a fantastic look and as Steve and Larsen have said, he might be the biggest 6 ft 6 person in existence. Almas winning was great, and despite the finish being a little awkward with timing, and with McIntyre's injury, it was a fun finisher. Hopefully McIntyre isn't out too long, and also doesn't rush back, and I wonder if the intention was always for Almas to win. The War Games match. My good. It was incredible from beginning to end. Everyone brought their A game, no one looked out of place in my opinion. Having Strong, Cole and Young start, as their teams leaders, was awesome because often the leaders would be save in matches like these. There were some incredible spots and stand out moments. The duplex from the top of the cage was amazing. Dain stood out for me, it was a real star-making performance for him. It was nice that the match didn't have any outside interference at all. I hope the War Games match is something they continue to do each year because it was such a spectacle. I know people were worried that there being no roof to the cage would takeaway from the match but once it was clear that exiting the cage would disqualify your team, it worked incredibly well in my opinion. I genuinely can't fully explain just how much I enjoyed this match. Push all 9 of them too the title, fuck it. Make titles for them. I loved it.
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    NXT TakeOver: WarGames Discussion

    Awesome show. Black vs Dream and War Games were my MOTNs. Wonder if SS can beat this.
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    NXT TakeOver: WarGames Discussion

    Amazing, really amazing. Alister Black and The Velveteen Dream was probably my favorite match, as the Wargames match was also fucking amazing it was hard to keep track of what was going on at times, the spots in it were crazy as hell and it made me realize how great Big Gus is, couldn't remember his name lol. ERA winning was probably the right call on winning and I see him beating Andrade soon enough, and speaking of that, that was awesome. I thought Drew was going to retain and I didn't see it coming at all but its a fun surprise, finally someone wins who was not in the company for 2 months. As Prince said, some of the matches ended weird, the womens match was a little disappointing imo but everything was great. I am going to be watching NXT weekly from here on out because this show really, really impressed me. Lars Sullivan and Velveteen Dream have to be my favorite characters on the show, I am hoping Black gets pushed to the main soon along with Drew, and if Drew being injured is true maybe he will debut at the Rumble? Anyways, this show was amazing and I do not see Survior Series toping it.
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    I would like that but I think McIntyre is done with NXT now. Maybe when he returns he puts Cole over on TV possibly, but I think he's headed to the main now.
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    BPZ Predictions League

    so takeover happened and it was pretty crazy but let's see who won slim 2 bart 3 bic 1 summer 4 george 2 bailey 3 chain 4 smith 4 `SO THAT MEANS DUE TO CHAMPIONS ADVANTAGE SUMMER RETAINS @SummerGamz survivor series predictions will be posted in about 30 minutes from this post so be ready
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    Again, I have to ask, has any team that has won this title, that is still together, ever succeeded on the main roster. tag team wrestling has always been my favorite with NXT. Last year was definitely the year of Tag Wrestling for NXT and this year is doing a pretty good job at keeping that mojo. I just hope tag teams that get this title don’t fail on the main roster
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    NFL: Reborn

    Teams To Watch This Year Philadelphia Eagles The super bowl 52 champions, the Eagles had an impressive season. Going 14-2 and winning the Superbowl, the Carson Wentz offense is looking to repeat their impressive season and win there second super bowl. With Jay Ajayi, Brent Celek, and Alshon Jeffery as star players the Eagles may very well be heading to Super Bowl 33. Jacksonville Jaguars As previously noted, the Jaguars had one of the best off seasons ever seen. With a star rookie QB, an amazing defense with he names of Ezekiel Ansah, Malcom Butler, and Prince Amukmura the Jaguars might have their most impressive season yet. The Jaguars have always been put behind other teams in terms of how good they are, but this time around they may prove everyone wrong. New England Patriots Who else but the Tom Brady and Bill Bellicheck led Patriots? The Super Bowl runner ups who often are regraded as the best team in the NFL is still on top, coming into this season better then ever with names like Tom Brady, Rob Grownkoski, and Kam Chancellor the Patriots may be able to finish this one off and get their sixth super bowl victory, with new backup rookie Luke Falk playing backup to Brady, they may not be able to be stopped. Dallas Cowboys Dak Presscot, Dez Bryant, Larry Fitzgerald, and Chris Johnson at running back. The Cowboys offense is one of the best we have seen, the defense is almost as impressive. last season they did not get the results they wanted but this year they are better then ever, the Cowboys have one of the biggest fan bases and that fan base is hoping for a great season that might just happen. New Orleans Saints The saints came up just short in the 2018 Playoffs, and they are back with vengeance this year, with Matthew Stafford as their newfound quarterback and a young, fresh team they may get the big win they need. The Saints have the wide receivers and defense to make them great, all they need to do is find the will to win. Other Teams To Watch Green Bay Packers Detroit Lions Baltimore Ravens Pitssburh Steelers Thank You For Reading! Next Week We Are Kicking Of The 2018 Season With The Top Stories And Full Results!
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    Missing The Revival, hopefully they get some kind off push when they return.
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    NBA 2K18 | The Reset

    NBA 2K18: The Reset The NBA had worked itself into a corner. With the addition of Kevin Durant to the already 73-9, historic Golden State Warriors, some questioned if the seasons were worth even playing anymore, as the Golden State Warriors easily went 16-1 in the Postseason to their 2nd NBA Championship in 3 years. Adam Silver came under fire for allowing Durant to sign with the Warriors, and after many verbal attacks from some of the best to ever play the game, such as Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and even Reggie Miller, Silver fired back at the players... "Give me a solution." And it was then when all of the verbal attacks stopped as no one understood what could be done to prevent this from happening, or even fix it. Until, always outspoken Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban came up with an idea: "Put all of the players in a draft pool, randomize the draft order and make it a snake draft, meaning 1st pick of 1st round goes last in 2nd, and so on so forth." Originally, this was just viewed as a last ditch effort, but finally Adam Silver came out, saying that he was "considering the proposal". Finally, just three weeks into the offseason, Adam Silver held an emergency meeting between the owners, and the meeting was about potentially having a fantasy draft... The vote? 27-3. The fantasy draft was an actual thing now, and oh, by the way, if you're wondering which teams voted against it? The Cleveland Cavaliers, The Golden State Warriors, and The San Antonio Spurs. The draft would take the place of the year's NBA Draft, with the rookies declaring for the draft just being inserted into the draft itself. With a randomized order, two of the three teams that voted against the draft, somehow lucked into the top three, as the top three teams stood as the Cavaliers at #1, Spurs at #2, and rounding out the top three, would be the Los Angeles Lakers. And with this draft, situations we never thought we would see came, as at the draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers would pass up the chance to bring LeBron James back, instead taking Kevin Durant, further fueling the spectulation that KD was viewed as better than LeBron by the league nowadays. And in one of the more interesting moves, Paul George would end up BACK on the Indiana Pacers, after requesting a trade. Instead of trading him, the Pacers guaranteed to put together a better team for George, and he agreed to stay. The league was changing, and it was almost as if this icon popped up on Adam Silver's IPhone, and he clicked yes. Meanwhile, the San Antonio Spurs had a tough decision at #2. LeBron James, or their homegrown talent, Kawhii Leonard. In the end, the potential of coaching LeBron proved to be too much to pass up for Popp's Spurs, as The King was heading to San Antonio. With a good mixture of young up and comers, along with seasoned veterans, this San Antonio team looks prime for a run. It was almost as if Adam Silver had taken a flame thrower, and burned down everything teams had built over their past and forced them to start over, but who knows... maybe it's for the best... Without further edu, welcome to NBA 2K18: The Reset! Next: The 4 Most Dangerous Teams following the Fantasy Draft
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    BPZ Whatculture

    Hello, hi, hola, bonjour, konichiwa, hello. I am Jimmy the Jabroni from BPZ Whatculture, and this is the fat count, wait did I say fat, well ehh you can read your screen. Fast Count, lets go. Wait, why does it still say Jack the Jobber, who is he? Our first piece of news is the Carnage Power Trip: Redemption. This PPV special show took place on the weekend and had matches such as Monda V Bailey, Echo Wilson V Josh, George AK V Apex, FD V BiC, Fear V Bash, Brad V Peter Wilchester and Flynn V Ross for the Universal Championship. The big results being, Echo retaining his title, George AK getting a win over Apex, FD beating BiC in an FD rules match and Flynn retaining the Universal Title over Ross. And me still being lonely, watching wrestling alone in my mid thirties. God I need a girlfriend. We continue along the line of things to do with Carnage with our next piece of news. This is the news of the next Power Trip being announced for January, under the name Night Of Legends. The show taking place on the 5th January 2018 in the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada. Already announced for the show are: Flynn, Ross, Echo, BiC, Brad, Bash, Fear, Peter Wilchester, Josh and many more, hopefully Dan Matha makes a cameo appearance, please. However, this news piece was so big, and so much was announced that I have to continue talking, thanks Carnage. As well as all the previous, two matches have been announced as well. A blockbuster main event as we see a triple threat match between Flynn, Ross and Echo Wilson, with the Universal Championship on the line. As well as a Carnage Scramble match being announced. DAAAD whats a Carnage Scramble match. And our final piece of news this week comes from Evolve. Yes, this is the announcement, damn how many times have I said announcement so far. Well, lets just continue. On the 8th December 2017 Evolve will be hosting a Takeover show entitled Pride. Taking place in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Lousiana. And much like Night Of Legends, a few matches have already been announced. Natedog will defend his Global Title against either Ark Universe or FDS. As well as Jonathon V Sameer and a To The Top match, where only Akki and The GRV have been announced as entering. Rex Mundi is also thought to be having a one on one match. In addition to these competitors: Slim, Smith and Undisputed have also been announced. And as per usual we end this weeks Fast Count with the Wrestler Of The Week. And lets get a sporty picture this week please. Don't insult me again. Anyway, due to him beating Ross and somehow keeping his undefeated record, and retaining his Universal Championship in doing so, The Wrestler Of The Week this week is Flynn. I'm not gonna make a joke because he scares me. Just look at how he stares at you, I swear if you look at him for to long he sucks your blood away or something. Anyway, that is all we have time for on the fast count this week, I have been your host Jimmy the Jabroni, and until next time, goodbye.
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    Josh initially stares down Brad after the "stupid idiot" comment but shakes it off as he tries to act as if he doesn't care. Ok then Brad. Welcome to the ring then, Evolves star, the man who will "Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim" Jonathan
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    Brad and Jonathan Contract Signing

    "Judas" by Fozzy hits the PA System as the crowd sends some very strong negative reactions to Brad, the same man who recently walked off after a encounter with his tag team partner, Echo Wilson, earlier in the night. He slowly walks out, now dressed in designer jeans, designer boots, and a vest with no shirt underneath of it. He walks his way down the ramp, completely avoiding any contact or doesn't even look at the crowd this time. He slides into the ring and looks at the table. He reads over the contract before picking up his microphone and sits in the chair opposite of the ramp. Brad: Let's get on with this you Stupid Idiot. The crowd boos as Brad places his feet on the table as he awaits Josh to announce Jonathan.
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    NBA 2K18 | The Reset

    Opening Night 2017: Cleveland Cavaliers (114) vs Boston Celtics (111) The first game of the year would end with major drama as with five seconds left, Jabari Parker would attempt to throw a half-court pass to Giannis Antetokounmpo, but Kevin Durant would tip it to rookie Markelle Fultz, before Fultz passed it back to Durant who buried a three with 0.3 seconds remaining, effectively giving the Cavaliers a 114-111 win on opening night. It wouldn't be the only thing Durant did that night as he connected on 19 out of 33 shots, and 6 out of 11 three-point attempts on way to a 48 point showing for his new team of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Fultz, who made the game-winning assist, piled in 12 points, 13 rebounds, and six assists in a winning effort. Struggling was second year SG Jamal Murray, as he went just 3 of 12 from the field. Other double-digit scorers were Larry Nance Jr. (11), Jonas Valanciunas (11), and Spencer Hawes (10). For the losing team, it would be Darren Collison who piled in 22 points, on 7-8 (3-3 from 3) shooting, along with Jabari Parker (20) who carried the scoring. The Greak Freak would have 12 points, 13 rebounds, and 7 assists, proving a huge spark in all three parts of the game for his Boston Celtics. Boston travels back home for a game against the Bucks tomorrow, while the Cavs don't play until Friday, against, the Bucks. Golden State Warriors (97) vs Houston Rockets (84) In the second of the opening night double-header, it wouldn't be very close as Russell Westrbook and the Warriors took care of business, despite Lou Williams' shooting struggles (2-17 FG, 1-13 3PT), as they lead by 18 points at halftime, with Westbrook noting 34 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 assists throughout the night. Greg Monroe would put in 15, and Glenn Robinson III and Yogi Ferell would round out the Dub's double-digit scorers, as Brandon Ingram (7pt, 3-6FG) couldn't quite get to ten. The Dubs also limited their turnovers, only committing 11 to Houston's 20. For Houston, they went 9-34 from 3pt, as their highest scorer, John Wall (19), committed 4 turnovers and looked overmatched with the task of defending Russell Westbrook. Other top scorers for the Rockets were Jamal Crawford (15), Brook Lopez (13), and rookie Forward Lauri Markkanen (12). The next episode will be covering the Spurs vs Timberwolves (October 18th), and the Lakers vs Clippers (October 19th). I'll include scores from both Oct 18th and Oct 19th in that episode. Hope everyone enjoyed!
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    NBA 2K18 | The Reset

    The Top 4 Dangerous Teams in the NBA: Following the NBA Fantasy Draft, some teams improved while others faltered. Some became the most dangerous of the bunch, with their defense, driving, and scoring ability. A survey was taken and the top four teams have been revealed, in terms of being "dangerous". Here's who we believe could make a run to the Finals this season, in no particular order. Boston Celtics Lead by who some consider an MVP Candidate this year, "The Greak Freak" Giannis Antotokounmpo leads the Celtics into battle this year, with his former Bucks running mate, Jabari Parker joining him. While it doesn't seem like a dangerous team on paper, this team has a lot of qualities like it's 2008 championship team. Not a superstar who has to carry the team, but a superstar who can carry the team, along with a nice starting lineup, and a deep bench that can keep the team in the game while the starters need rest. Some other key players: SG Austin Rivers, PG Darren Collison, PG Reggie Jackson, PF/C Nikola Mirotic, SG Donovan Mitchell. Prediction: 2nd Round Loss While this team is good, without being absolutely perfect, this team is still very young and has time to develop. I don't believe that this team will be in the NBA Finals this year, but I do believe that they will show flashes of being unstoppable, even if it starts out rough. Los Angeles Lakers With who many consider the best two way player in the league, a young up and coming shooting guard, and a veteran who has won a championship before, and can still be a key part of a team, and that's what LA has in Kawhii Leonard, Gary Harris, and Pau Gasol. These three have the potential to lead Los Angeles back to it's glory days in the NBA, and Leonard will slowly begin to develop into the top two NBA players, as LeBron James starts to decline and Kevin Durant is on his own... Other Key Players: Markieff Morris, Wesley Matthews, Dennis Smith Jr., Matthew Dellavedova Prediction: Western Conference Finals Loss This is an amazing team, but I think that the next team I mention will be able to get past the Lakers in the Conference Finals, as this team lacks some rebounding, with Gasol getting up there in age and Morris not being the best rebounder... San Antonio Spurs Led by King James himself, the Spurs have formed one of the best player-coach duos of all-time in Gregg Popovich and LeBron James. With young, up and coming stud D'Angelo Russell alongside them, the Spurs look poised to make a run to the finals with shooting, rebounding, defense, and some slashing. Along with some veterans, this team has youth, depth, and veteran experience in what could possibly become the most dangerous team in the NBA if it begins to click... But that is a big if. Other Key Players: Jae Crowder, Mason Plumlee, Buddy Hield, Marvin Williams, Jerian Grant, David West Prediction: NBA Finals Loss I just cannot see D'Angelo Russell being able to fully develop into a primary scorer when LeBron's looking to pass, but if he can, maybe that Finals loss can become a win, but who knows, LeBron definitely has revenge on his mind, after the Cavs spurned him, taking Kevin Durant at #1 over him... Speaking of the Cavaliers... Cleveland Cavaliers Possibly the most dynamic team in the NBA, the Cleveland Cavaliers welcome a new era, officially closing the chapter on LeBron James. This is now Kevin Durant's Cavaliers, along with big man down low, Jonas Valanciunas, Rookie PG Markelle Fultz, Second-year guard Jamal Murray, and young two-way Larry Nance Jr. With a deep bench, this has to be the most dangerous team in the NBA by far. Led off the bench by Manu Ginboili, Kyle Anderson, Tyus Jones, Spencer Hawes, Luke Kennard, and Lucas Nogueira, the Cavs look set to make a run. Prediction: NBA Finals win With this dangerous team, I can see the Cavs taking it all the way and tiring out LeBron and the Spurs and eventually sealing the franchise's 2nd NBA championship in 4 years, this time led by Kevin Durant. Next: Opening Night 2017 (Cavaliers vs Celtics, Rockets vs Warriors)
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