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    Ark Universe

    BPZ Whatculture

    MY GOD! He's back from the dead! that's right, my name is Rashid Jones and Im back here on BPZ WhatCulture to bring you WHAT....JUST....HAPPENED! Now, did miss a lot of the past two weeks, so i'm going to cover both Paranoia and Redemption in a two day period. Paranoia is up first and it was a good night overall. Smith and Echo opened up and it was good match, Echo really proving himself in this classic match. Smith, however, pulled out the victory against the Ca range Supernova. Akki's victory was a nice one, really starting to build himself up more and more. He seem's to be a threat to Summer's US Championship. Akki versus Fear did have some controversy, with the squash of Fear being seen as a bad move. In the events afterward it was rumored that the squash was Akki's idea and he pushed for the creative team to make it. Nate and Bart was a good match. For awhile it seemed like Bart would win, and alot of fans thought so too, but Nate pulled through with the victory. A good match, Bart is really starting to come in to the BPZ spotlight. Slim versus Sameer was a bloody good match. It met ever expectation set and really exceed on some. Slim once again proved why he calls him self the King. Ark versus Prince was a good main event and both men did very well. No one expected the match to Main Event, but both men showed why the deserved. Ark picked up the win, and he was named number 1 contender. Thanks for tuning in, i will see you tomorrow for Redemption.
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    Murder on the BPZ Express

    Part 2 Jonathan and Brad sit next to each other, as do George and Josh. Ross picks a seat near the Order, with Akki sitting next to him. FD sits on his own, sharpening a knife at the back. Bailey starts making contract negotiations with the Josh-Tourage. Jon and Brad start arguing, annoying Bailey, however the entire thing is stopped by Slim Slim: Ok everyone. We've got 2 house shows, which all talent will be performing on now, before we stop off at a 4 Star Hotel, and then we go to Survivor Series. Any questions The whole bus raise their hand. Slim sighs Slim: If there's no Team Flynn, The Order win by forfeit All hands go down. The Order discuss things with Akki spoiling every conversation by talking about India. Ross moves away from Akki before asking Bailey for a drink. Bailey: A drink? We're about to wrestle. Do you have no common sense? Ross is annoyed and sits back down next to Akki. Meanwhile, Brad seemed fascinated by FDs behaviour. Then the bus stops Slim: We're here. Everyone steps out, and is joined by Tamer, who is the mystery partner. He walks alongside Ark, who's eyes widen when he sees him and Tamer starts whispering something to Ark. Ark stops and nods. The 5 members of The Order step out, with Ross shaking at every word Akki utters. Brad walks in front of Jonathan, with FD hugging his bag. The Josh-Tourage and Bailey talk before walking into Ross, who erupts at them, letting all his anger out. They walk into the House Show, but as they do, behind them, the bus luggage compartment opens and 5 masked men sneak in...
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    Murder on the BPZ Express

    Smith sat at the wheel. He was being forced to drive the BPZ Evolve bus to Survivor Series in Boston as Slim and Nate stood behind him. The Evolve stars were boarding. FD, Ark, Jonathan, Akki, Necce, Prince were on the bus, before Slim turned to see Bailey Flynn, Brad, BiC, Josh, George, Echo, Ross all stood there. Slim: What are? Bailey: Our bus broke down, we're travelling with you Slim wasn't happy. They were attending an Evolve House Show first, Carnage had their own House Show. But, the shows were 4 hours apart at locations 30 minutes from each other. They could make it. Josh, George, Bailey, Ross and Brad boarded, leaving BiC, Echo and Flynn with the bags Smith: Necce, Prince, go help your teammates with the bags All 5 members of Team Flynn exit the bus before Smith closes the doors, and drives off. He laughs and waves to Team Flynn, as they realise they won't be able to get to Survivor Series. They run but the bus is long gone, leaving the Order and 9 others left on the bus, travelling to the Evolve House Show, as someone very similar watches
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    This may be one of the best TakeOvers they have done yet, which is special since I haven't watched a single TakeOver event I didn't love. The Ohio/Sullivan match was a fun way to open the card and set the level of intensity for the rest of the night, and Sullivan is honestly great in my opinion so it'll be fun to see where he ends up. The Dream/Black match was incredible, Dream's DDT finished thing that started like the Sister Abigail was awesome and these two have such a good grasp on their characters and stories, which is incredible from Dream at his age. The women's match was.very fun and I love that Peyton Royce is over with the crowds because she's really developed during her time in NXT. Moon was probably the right person to win considering the story with her following Asuka leaving, and Asuka being there to hand it over was a nice touch, but I was personally routing for Cross. The NXT Title match was fantastic. I did not expect Almas to win at all but the fact that he did is testament to his improvements, especially since being paired with Vega. I know McIntyre is injured, which is a shame to me, but I hope he is moved to the main roster on his return and develops more of a personality on top of what he already has because since his return, he just has a completely different aura about him compared to his first WWE run. He has a fantastic look and as Steve and Larsen have said, he might be the biggest 6 ft 6 person in existence. Almas winning was great, and despite the finish being a little awkward with timing, and with McIntyre's injury, it was a fun finisher. Hopefully McIntyre isn't out too long, and also doesn't rush back, and I wonder if the intention was always for Almas to win. The War Games match. My good. It was incredible from beginning to end. Everyone brought their A game, no one looked out of place in my opinion. Having Strong, Cole and Young start, as their teams leaders, was awesome because often the leaders would be save in matches like these. There were some incredible spots and stand out moments. The duplex from the top of the cage was amazing. Dain stood out for me, it was a real star-making performance for him. It was nice that the match didn't have any outside interference at all. I hope the War Games match is something they continue to do each year because it was such a spectacle. I know people were worried that there being no roof to the cage would takeaway from the match but once it was clear that exiting the cage would disqualify your team, it worked incredibly well in my opinion. I genuinely can't fully explain just how much I enjoyed this match. Push all 9 of them too the title, fuck it. Make titles for them. I loved it.
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    Awesome show. Black vs Dream and War Games were my MOTNs. Wonder if SS can beat this.
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    Amazing, really amazing. Alister Black and The Velveteen Dream was probably my favorite match, as the Wargames match was also fucking amazing it was hard to keep track of what was going on at times, the spots in it were crazy as hell and it made me realize how great Big Gus is, couldn't remember his name lol. ERA winning was probably the right call on winning and I see him beating Andrade soon enough, and speaking of that, that was awesome. I thought Drew was going to retain and I didn't see it coming at all but its a fun surprise, finally someone wins who was not in the company for 2 months. As Prince said, some of the matches ended weird, the womens match was a little disappointing imo but everything was great. I am going to be watching NXT weekly from here on out because this show really, really impressed me. Lars Sullivan and Velveteen Dream have to be my favorite characters on the show, I am hoping Black gets pushed to the main soon along with Drew, and if Drew being injured is true maybe he will debut at the Rumble? Anyways, this show was amazing and I do not see Survior Series toping it.
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    I would like that but I think McIntyre is done with NXT now. Maybe when he returns he puts Cole over on TV possibly, but I think he's headed to the main now.
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    BPZ Predictions League

    so takeover happened and it was pretty crazy but let's see who won slim 2 bart 3 bic 1 summer 4 george 2 bailey 3 chain 4 smith 4 `SO THAT MEANS DUE TO CHAMPIONS ADVANTAGE SUMMER RETAINS @SummerGamz survivor series predictions will be posted in about 30 minutes from this post so be ready
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    Again, I have to ask, has any team that has won this title, that is still together, ever succeeded on the main roster. tag team wrestling has always been my favorite with NXT. Last year was definitely the year of Tag Wrestling for NXT and this year is doing a pretty good job at keeping that mojo. I just hope tag teams that get this title don’t fail on the main roster
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    Missing The Revival, hopefully they get some kind off push when they return.
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    Eric Shun

    BPZ Whatculture

    Hello, hi, hola, bonjour, konichiwa, hello. I am Jimmy the Jabroni from BPZ Whatculture, and this is the fat count, wait did I say fat, well ehh you can read your screen. Fast Count, lets go. Wait, why does it still say Jack the Jobber, who is he? Our first piece of news is the Carnage Power Trip: Redemption. This PPV special show took place on the weekend and had matches such as Monda V Bailey, Echo Wilson V Josh, George AK V Apex, FD V BiC, Fear V Bash, Brad V Peter Wilchester and Flynn V Ross for the Universal Championship. The big results being, Echo retaining his title, George AK getting a win over Apex, FD beating BiC in an FD rules match and Flynn retaining the Universal Title over Ross. And me still being lonely, watching wrestling alone in my mid thirties. God I need a girlfriend. We continue along the line of things to do with Carnage with our next piece of news. This is the news of the next Power Trip being announced for January, under the name Night Of Legends. The show taking place on the 5th January 2018 in the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada. Already announced for the show are: Flynn, Ross, Echo, BiC, Brad, Bash, Fear, Peter Wilchester, Josh and many more, hopefully Dan Matha makes a cameo appearance, please. However, this news piece was so big, and so much was announced that I have to continue talking, thanks Carnage. As well as all the previous, two matches have been announced as well. A blockbuster main event as we see a triple threat match between Flynn, Ross and Echo Wilson, with the Universal Championship on the line. As well as a Carnage Scramble match being announced. DAAAD whats a Carnage Scramble match. And our final piece of news this week comes from Evolve. Yes, this is the announcement, damn how many times have I said announcement so far. Well, lets just continue. On the 8th December 2017 Evolve will be hosting a Takeover show entitled Pride. Taking place in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Lousiana. And much like Night Of Legends, a few matches have already been announced. Natedog will defend his Global Title against either Ark Universe or FDS. As well as Jonathon V Sameer and a To The Top match, where only Akki and The GRV have been announced as entering. Rex Mundi is also thought to be having a one on one match. In addition to these competitors: Slim, Smith and Undisputed have also been announced. And as per usual we end this weeks Fast Count with the Wrestler Of The Week. And lets get a sporty picture this week please. Don't insult me again. Anyway, due to him beating Ross and somehow keeping his undefeated record, and retaining his Universal Championship in doing so, The Wrestler Of The Week this week is Flynn. I'm not gonna make a joke because he scares me. Just look at how he stares at you, I swear if you look at him for to long he sucks your blood away or something. Anyway, that is all we have time for on the fast count this week, I have been your host Jimmy the Jabroni, and until next time, goodbye.
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