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    Ross vs. Monda

    BPZ December to Dismember It's time ladies and gentleman as "The One" is making his way down to the ring. Ross comes out from the back looking pumped and ready for action. He begins to pace to the ring and goes straight to the camera singing his theme tune. Ross rolls into the ring and climbs to the top turnbuckle screaming at the fans saying he's the one. He jumps down and takes off his leather jacket awaiting his opponent. And here he is. A legend in the wrestling business and a BPZ Hall of Famer. Monda bursts through the curtain and walks to the center of the stage. He stares down at Ross who is looking up at him. Monda waves at the fans and high fives some on the way down to the ring before climbing up the steel steps and looking around the sold out crowd tonight. Monda walks across the apron and turns around to the fans clapping him as he smiles. BUT ROSS FROM BEHIND! Blindsiding Monda as he crashes to the outside. This match hasn't even begun and Ross has already assaulted Monda. "The One" rolls to the outside and lands lefts and rights to the face of Monda punishing him with clobbing blows. After many to the head Ross throws Monda inside the ring and proceeds to follow him. Ross tells the referee to ring the bell in a threatening manner cornering him and he does. The match is official underway. Ross backs up from the referee but doesn't know what's behind him. "The One" turns around and Monda is on his feet and begins to fire back with punches of his own on Ross backing him up into the corner before landing one big uppercut leaving Ross groggy leaning on the turnbuckle. Monda looks around the crowd as he goes to the opposite corner and eyes up Ross as he begins to pick up pace... Corner Splash from Monda. The BPZ Hall of Famer grabs Ross and delivers a German Suplex. Monda goes for the cover, 1-2-NO! Ross kicks out at 2 but Monda is in complete control right now. And he isn't slowing down anytime soon as he gets Ross up to his feet but Ross blocks the punch from Monda and sends him down to the mat after a huge clothesline. "The One" drops to one knee and recovers himself after a shock start from Monda. Ross gets up to his feet and stomps away at Monda trying to work him down. He pulls the hair of Monda back and slams his head on the canvas. "The One" stands in the middle of the ring and looks around whilst chewing his gum. He throws his hands up in the air gloating infront of the crowd here at December to Dismember. Monda gets back to his feet and Ross clocks it and replies with a kick to the knee dropping Monda to his knees, Ross goes for a superkick but Monda ducks and picks Ross up SPINEBUSTER! Monda replies with a spinebuster to Ross and this is Monda's time. This is his time to get back to the top of his career. The Patriot is getting pumped up right now as he calls for the Mondabomb, he throws Ross against the ropes... MONDABOM-- NO! Ross leaps over Monda and he turns around into a kick to the knee. Ross holds up a too sweet SUPERKICK TO MONDA! "The One" goes into the pin 1-2-NO! Monda kicks out and gets straight to his feet?! Ross can't believe it but he can now as Monda delivers a European uppercut and sends Ross against the ropes... MONDABOMB!! But Monda hasn't got enough in him to cover Ross which could cost him. Finally he crawls into the cover, 1-2-NO! Monda wasting time gives Ross enough to kick out of the Mondabomb. Monda is frustrated he couldn't get the job done with the Mondabomb. He decides to bring Ross to his feet and places him in the corner as he sets him up for another Corner Splash. But Ross is signalling for the referee holding his shoulder. Monda realises what Ross is doing and goes to get involved but Ross throws the referee into Monda and the referee is down and it doesn't look good for him and will probably need medical attention after hitting the shoulder of Monda. Ross jumps up to the second rope and hits a dropkick on Monda. Ross reg- IT'S BAILEY! Ross turns round and his facial expression changes drastically. Bailey jogs down to the ring with a steel chair in hand, Ross has nowhere to go as Monda is behind him also. Bailey goes for the chair shot on Ross but Ross moves BAILEY HIT MONDA! "The GOAT" turns back around and goes for another shot on Ross SUPERKICK TO BAILEY! The referee is back up, Ross kicks the chair out of the ring. SUPERKICK TO MONDA! Ross grabs him from behind NORTHERN-KEY! "The One" bridges into the pin. 1-2-3! Ross defeats Monda! Bailey tried to get involved in the match but it backfired massively and Ross took advantage. Monda is in disbelieve as he and Bailey regroup meanwhile Ross celebrates in the ring looking down at Monda and Bailey with a huge smirk on his face as December to Dismember cuts to an advertisement break.
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    Rise Of The King [Reboot]

    January 22, 2017Westbrook, MaineLimitless Wrestling Entry Nine: Any Proper Title For This Episode Would Get Me Suspended From Wrestling Without Pay The first sign of trouble is when they wanted me to open the show. Okay, that’s cool right? Then they said that they wanted me to start with a free reign promo, no wonder they’re crazy buncha inb-- nevermind. Let’s just start with the drive. These cuc-- hmm, happy thoughts, happy thoughts, they didn’t provide any transportation options so I drove the whole eight hours, and no matter how many times “I'm Gonna Be” (self five) came on, I was so bored. Have you ever been to Maine? I hope not, there's literally nothing to see, it's like an anorexic New York. So when I eventually had to stop driving for fear of dying due to starvation, I settled into a cozy bed and breakfast and dear God. Another thing about Maine, have you ever been to Scotland? If not, bless your heart, just do a quick search on their demographic and you'll find Maine's as well. As soon as I opened to door, all eyes turned to me, I think someone gasped. I sat at the most secluded table possible for a good minute before a woman cautiously came towards me. “Hi, I'm Catherine. May I take your order?” she asked with the fakest smile on her smile. “Yeah, could I have eggs, scrambled, and two waffles?” She jotted down my order then pursed her lips. “What brings you to Maine?” “Oh, I have a performance here in Westbrook.” (Don't even make the face, would you leadoff with ‘I'm a wrestler’?) “You know, you seem rather familiar. Weren't you my niece’s friend?” I instantly moved to shake my head but realized she may have had a point. Was she-- “WELL I'LL BE DAMNED!” I whipped my head around to see the famed (in Maine at least) Xavier King, Indy legend. He walked with a wide smile as he pushed his jet black locks out of his eyes. From afar you'd assume he was some type of body builder gym rat, he stood fairly tall at about 6’1 or 6’2 with a skintight shirt. He moseyed on down to wear I was sitting and got comfy next to me. “Ma’am do you know who this here is? This is the Jonathan Kersey, he could outwrestle a shoe box with half his body. I heard he once out talked a rattlesnake, this man is a legend.” I normally didn’t mind embellishment, but I could smell the smoke coming from my cheeks when he said this. The waitress nodded though her lack of care was clearly noted. “Your order should be here very soon.” She scurried off as Xavier’s smile only widened, “Glad to see a new face around town, we don’t really get many new faces wrestling for Limitless Wrestling (I couldn’t imagine why), it’s kinda refreshing to have a big city guy around here, I’m about the only guy who has even stepped foot outside of Maine.” I did hold a great respect for Xavier, he had managed to become a hot commodity in the world of Indy wrestling and still paid his dues in places like Limitless. I had disregarded this opportunity to a degree, it was my first chance outside of the Tri-State since NXT. I suppose maybe that was the reason I was hardly whelmed by this opportunity. But I decided to open up my mind, I still didn’t want to hear Xavier talk. Despite this, I didn’t really have much a choice as we created the layout for the match and discussed spots that would lead to the already decided result. Eventually, I was able to finish my meal in peace as King packed it in. I left an awful tip per usual and climbed back in my dingy A6, then headed to Westbrook. I found myself at a decent gym called Impact Fitness, where I had a decent session mostly revolving around bodyweight exercises and testing my knee, hoping it would hold. I’d wrestled in a pair of matches beforehand, not including pissing contest matches like what happened with Bailey. Both were meh for the same crappy hole in the wall promotion, testing the waters before I dove back in. I pushed harder than I had in a very long time, only letting up when the ache in my knee began to quake. I promptly exited the gym, allowing myself to walk off the injury and threw myself back into my car. Perhaps God was on side because I was in the forsaken state, the car started immediately and I drove down to the Westbrook Armory, finding a fantastic parking spot and reclining my seat until it was out of view. I mulled over the decided portions of my upcoming match with King, coming up with a dozen more potential spots. When I was confident that I’d memorized everything we talked about, I allowed my thoughts to drift to my life outside the ring, specifically how much my life really sucked at the moment. Course, it took little to no time for me to retreat to my happy place of high school where my life was seemingly decided. It got worse instantly, like many things in my life, as I moved past the little to no time dedicated to life before injury and found myself in the depressed state that I was only a couple of years ago. This threw me into the recesses of my mind, inhabited by one memory in particular, breaking up with Elena. I refused to delve any further into the rabbit hole, though, it finding her aunt here in the middle of nowhere wasn’t helping. Eventually, my willpower won out and I decided to take a nap until I needed to be in the building. Blue Stahli’s “Enemy” played and the unfamiliar theme didn’t garner much reaction. Still, I was raring to (thanks Red Bull) confidently store out from behind the curtain to an area about left center on the stage. I looked at the crowd a bit, more of them recognized me from my infamous shoot promo. I made an effort to pump them up, getting them a tad bit more lively as the announcer, well, announced me. “Hailing from Syracuse, NEW YORK! “The Straight Jacket Shooter”, JONATHAN KERSE!” I continued down to the ring, moving rather quickly as the ramp was really fucking long and I wasn’t about to lose money for some stupid shit. I paused at the bottom of the ramp and began twitching before jamming my fingers, which were formed to look like a gun, into my skull before throwing down my arms and sprinting at the apron where I launched myself like a lawn dart through the first and second rope. I rolled into a headstand kip-up, little crowd popper I’d been working on the past couple of weeks. I dicked around, being kinda crazy for the next ten seconds or so before taking away the announcer's microphone. There are a million and two reasons I could give you to explain what happened next, it’d be really easy to come up with some sort of excuse. Fact of the matter is, I froze (“mom’s spaghetti” and all). And I stayed like that for a couple of seconds which lasted eternity, beads of sweat on my forehead turned cold and I held my face steady as much as I possibly could before finally opening my mouth. “I’ve... come here to do what I do best. Destroy anybody set in front of me. I’ve heard this place—“ I placed extra emphasis on place by jabbing my thumb down at the ring. “Holds some people who think they can wrestle, who have made a name here by doing just that. I’m just a guy from New York trying to get a good fight here. And I think that all of you guys want to see that.” My open challenge was answered by Nate Good’s “Gold Coast”, the mark of the Maine State Posse, led by Xavier King, who was followed by Aiden Aggro and DangerKid to a sea of boos. King slid into the ring as Aggro and Kid remained on the apron. He stood in front of me before snatching the microphone from my hands. “Try me on for size city boy.” King said with a faux country accent. I shrugged at this comment and responded with a sick elbow to the nose of King. Jonathan Kerse v Xavier King (Trying Something New In Way Match Is Written) King stumbled back after the elbow, finding himself in the corner as I pulled off the slightly modified “Damaged Good” t-shirt with me as the “Straight Jacket Shooter” on the back it. Xavier followed suit, pulling off his own. The referee rushed into the ring and called for the bell officially sanctioning the match. I pounced out the corner, connecting with a lariat that was more shoulder than anything but was still effective. I was on the ground almost as soon as King himself, wasting no time as I applied a rigid headlock. I tugged on the hold as Xavier struggled within it for a decent bit of time. He wriggled his body over to the rope and firmly grabbed a hold of the second one. I released him from the hold when the ref got to the count of three. I backed away, rising to my feet and biding my time until the ref allowed the match to continue. I grew impatient and neared the pair, but the ref intervened and pulled me away from a still downed Xavier King who proceeded to wink at me. I maneuvered past the “zebra” and was on the wrong side of a kick to the crotch. I folded over right into the shoulder of King, this time completely intentional with an uppercut. The move floored me, dropping me on my hind so I could be put on my back with a stinging penalty kick. I grasped at my chest, not seeing the “Maine Man” gather steam for his springboard moonsault. The move missed slightly, but connected enough as King went for the pin. 1..— I easily threw my shoulder up, the rest of my upper body following suit. King threw my grad back into the mat, following that with a nasty pair of punches that caused some ringing in my ears. I turned into my gut as King decided to taunt the crowd. I crawled towards the ropes but got yanked up by the ears before I reached them. He kicked the back of my knee, causing my to kneel then began caving my head in with strikes to the side of the head. The strikes left me dazed and the combination was capped off with a running knee to the back of the skull. King followed up the move with the second cover off the matchup, 1…2.— once more I got my shoulder off the mat, not as assuring this time. It was spelled all over the face of Xavier that he wasn’t quite happy. He rose and called for me to rise, looking to end the match early with his “No Regret” move. The “Best In Class” allowed me to get to my feet before twirling me around just to take a headbutt that neither of us got the better of. I was able to recover first after the desperation move and capitalized, hitting a spinning back kick to the knee followed by a short facebuster. I gathered myself for a couple seconds as “The Ass Kicking Machine” was once more in the corner. I charged at him, connected a possibly the sloppiest CM Punk corner knee lift ever. I floated over the top rope and landed a much cleaner superkick, narrowly missing the neck of King, who dropped due to the kick. I called for him to rise, looking to hit a monstrous springboard dropkick which would essentially clean Kong’s clocks. But the Maine State Posse took advantage of the ref paying more mind to the downed Xavier, grabbing at my legs until I eventually kicked them both away. I rose up to the top rope in a single leap and dove right into King, who caught me and hit a sickening powerbomb onto his knees. The impact from the powerbomb left us both panting on the mat in discomfort. King stirred first, wriggling towards me and hooking my outside leg, 1…2..— it was purely an instinctual kickout. King’s frustration grew more, pounding his fist into the mat whilst grabbing a handful of his own hair. The Ring of Honor wrestler transferred his attention to me, grabbing two fistfuls of my hair to bring me to my feet. He nailed with two forearms, then looked for his patented discus forearm but I ducked under it, sprinting towards the rope, I bounced off it when my leg was snatched by Aidan Aggro, immobilizing me and allowing King to regroup. I pulled away from Aggro only to be struck with a headbutt from Xavier. I reeled back to the ropes but exploded but out, catching Xavier off guard as I slipped behind him and hit a patented German suplex. I rolled through into a stack pin position but rose before the count commenced and deadlifted King. It appeared that I was going for a second German, which would’ve been a cool spot in its own right, but I dropped Xavier and ripped him around and blasted him with a barbaric Crash Cart elbow, the collision of the joint and King’s jaw echoed off the Armory walls. Xavier stood out on his feet, instead of letting him crumble I hooked his arms and hit an awkward double underhook lungblower they still got a decent pop from the crowd. I slithered into the cover, pushing his face aside. 1…2..— King managed to get his shoulder up. Frustration was also wearing on me, shook my head side to side, attempting to keep my head on right. I mumbled crazily to “myself” as I stalked King, waiting for him to stumble up to his feet. He made it to a single knee and I hoisted him up by the neck, I shifted so I was staring right at the hard cam. I lifted King and planted him with a Concussion Protocol, which saw him land more on his back instead of the head/neck region. Regardless, I bridged the maneuver, hooking one of Xavier’s legs with my own leg and his other with my arm. I awaited the count for about five seconds, expecting to secure the win but Aggro was currently claiming the attention of the referee. I relinquished the cover, rising just in time to be smacked with a chair on my back. I fell to one knee as DangerKid helped King to his feet. Kid scrambled out the ring as the ref finally turned, King placed me onto shoulders looking for the No Regret. I countered out of it, deliver elbow shots to the midsection of King. I escaped the position and delivered a superkick that wasn’t able to put King on his back. I sprinted at him but he saw it coming, launching me into the sky. When I came down, it was into the knees of the B.I.C, who used all his remaining energy to cover me. 1…2...3. Regardless of the result of the match, I couldn’t help the smile on my face as I sat against the barricade, out of view of any camera. That was one of my best performances in a mere twelve minute match. I gathered myself and headed to the back, giving the Maine State Posse the ring.I was greeted by whoops and cheers, receiving compliments by a fair number of the guys. I replied with thanks as I gathered my stuff, getting ready to go. I was still very ready to get out of this hellhole state.
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    The crowd absolutely booms of excitement at the first note of Goldlink’s “Crew”, chants of “Broadway Jon” instantly ensue. Seconds tick by and then Jonathan finally emerges from the curtain. The crowd only grows louder at Jonathan's revealing of himself, who obviously has the glow of somebody who just had two statement victories in hard fought battles. He slams his fists into his chest twice then throws his arms into the sky. He continues his match down the ramp and reaches its end, glancing around at the fans in attendance, most of which cheering him on. Jonathan throws himself up onto the apron and mounts the second rope, flapping his arms to get the crowd even more wild. He hops over the top rope and walks up towards the hard cam, mic in hand. “Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim. It’s a simple mantra, most are and I’ve adopted this for what I was planning on accomplishing here. Practicing mantras like these is never as simply as it seems to be. I forced myself to change, redesign myself from a loose cannon, practically incapable of playing true to self whilst trying to please people I really never gave a damn about. I rebuilt myself from the dirt, my only supporters being you guys in the stands. I took a name tarnished by the inability to put the promises made to others in front of my own self-pitying tendencies. I rebuilt a legacy I’d all but lit aflame in a trash can on the back of vows I followed up on. So as you can tell, there’s only one step left to follow up on.” “I came here today with a question, I tugged on my tights, strapped on my boots, and went on without asking it. I wondered about in what fashion I could ask it and I’m done doing that. I took on some of the best, I kicked the asses of some of the best and pinned them in the ring. Where’s my shot? I’m tired of sitting on my hands, patient as I look for something I never truly lost. I’m on a mission to reclaim the spot at the top of the chain. I’m here to take the title that I should’ve snatched away months and months ago. So Nate Long, answer my question, where is it?” @Nate Long @FDS
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    The Titantron flashes, the lights go out in the arena and then FDS appears on the titantron with the new Black and Gold EVOLVE Global Championship over his shoulder and the Intercontinental Championship in his lap which he retained at december to dismember. FDS takes off his mask and throws it at the camera. FDS looks directly into the camera and starts laughing, the laughing becomes hysterical, then maniacal, then he stops, he stares into the camera, his smile drops, he looks into it with sheer rage. This is it? This is my the first sacrifice you give to me? Interesting…. Very Interesting… and by interesting I mean you’re completely fucking stupid. Mr Long I don’t mean to question your decisions… Well I do but of all the people on the roster Jon is the man you pick? This man who has picked up a few lucky victories…. Over people who haven’t really done much in a while. Jon You’re a joke and not a funny one either. You went from being a World and Premium Champion… To nothing and somehow you fell further from being nothing to being even less than nothing and now you want to take my belt from me…. You have no chance against me. You like to speak about Redesign, Rebuild and Reclaim. You call it a simple mantra but it really seems to me that you are exactly the same as you’ve always been… You act exactly the same… You dress the same say for a different T-shirt design… and you wrestle the same style as you have for years and years… its….. Pathetic. You have not Redesigned yourself at all, you are the same man that you have always been and always will be. Lets Address Rebuild… This one… its different… you’ve attempted to rebuild the franchise of Jon that you’ve built, to change the things you’ve made solid for years… but why? The thing is it’s not as much “rebuild” as it is putting a new coat of paint on the old place with the same actions taking place. You’re the same thing you’ve been this whole time. And then there’s Reclaim. What do you even have to take back? I’ll tell you: Nothing. You cannot Reclaim nothing if you already have nothing. So Jon I want you to listen closely and very closely. You will receive your championship match against me and I can tell you that it Will be at the Royal Rumble… but its not going to be a regular match. You will receive your match under my conditions and what those will be… well you’ll find out very soon. The Camera flashes to a burning “Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim” flag burning, FDS standing in front of it staring at the flag smiling. The Camera flashes again this time to FDS behind a plastic screen blood splattering onto it , FDS pulls the screen back. The camera zooms in over a body with the face covered wearing a bloody “redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim” shirt. The Camera Flashes back to FDS. Good Luck and be prepared to suffer. The titantron flashes back to the evolve logo and the arena lights come back on to end the segment.
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    {The BPZ crowd is pumped as December To Dismember rolls on, the announce stands in the ring and as he announces its time for the Premium Championship match. Which will be an open challenge. The crowd begins to boo, already knowing who is about to come out} {The boos could be heard in the parking lot as the lights dim, as BiCs music gets louder the boos get louder. Almost overpowering the music, eventually, after nearly a minute of waiting. BiC strolls out from the back, he walks to the top of the stage and raises his Premium Championship in the air. He rest it on his shoulder and begins his quick walk to the ring, he does not know who his opponent is tonight but either way he looks ready, he stands in the middle of the ring and looks around the crowd before a unknown music begins to play} {The lights would slowly dim down as the titantron would show a blank white canvas, slowly a dark figure would appear on the white until it took the form of a samurai. Then, music would begin to play. All eyes would be on the stage as a small amount of smoke would begin to rise, lights of all colors would flash as a man would run out from behind the curtain, he raises his arms up in the air and looks down the ramp with a big smile on his face. He bounces back and fourth before walking down the ramp at a rather quick pace} {As the man begins to walk down the ramp, he jumps onto the apron and springboards into the ring. He is wearing black and red tights and is wearing a black hoodie, as he squats down and throws his hoodie off, the crowd goes ballistic. Standing in the ring is the indy sensation Kyle Reeves, the brother of former BPZ Superstar Ryan Reeves. He has taken the indy scene by storm and at the ripe age of 22, he is ready for the next chapter in BPZ. Kyle Reeves takes off his jacket and stands across from BiC, ready to take this opportunity and win} Kyle Reeves vs BiC. Premium Championship Match The bell rings and the two competitors begin to circle each other, the crowd begins to chant "Kyle Reeves" as the two lock up, BiC, the larger of the two gets the upper hand and sends Reeves flying into the corner. BiC hits a nasty left hook before lifting his arms and saying "Welcome Buddy" and swinging again, this time however, Reeves would use his speed and duck. He turns around and hits 3 quick punches before landing a stiff kick to the gut. BiC is still stuck in the corner as Kyle hits around a dozen quick kicks before walking away as BiC falls on his face, Kyle taunts before running at BiC who is on one knee, he jumps and hits a crazy looking hurricane thats sends BiC face first into the mat. Kyle Reeves uses his amazing speed to go to the top rope but he gets cut off, BiC tries to sweep the leg but Kyle jumps over the arm and lands back on the ropes! WHAT BALANCE! But BiC quickly recovers and pushes both legs of Kyle. Causing him to fall onto the top rope. BiC climbs the turnbuckle and joins Kyle on the top. Oh my god, you don't think BiC is going for a hurricrana? NO! KYLE REEVES REVERSED IT! Powerbomb by Kyle! Kyle springs board off the middle rope and hits a moonsault! What a sequence by Kyle Reeves, BiC slowly gets up and Kyle runs at him. BUT A URNAGE BY BIC! BiC falls into the corner and works his injures before beginning to stomp on the chest of Kyle, trying to injure him at this point. We are only about 5 minutes into this match and both men are feeling the effects as BiC lifts Kyle up from the mat into the air and then slams him back down. BiC taunts, but Kyle kicks up! BUT NO! He gets clobbered over the head with a forearm! BiC lifts Kyle up by the head and just throws him to the outside of the ring. BiC leaves the ring and chases down Kyle, sending him into the barricade. But before BiC can do anything else, he suffers a kick to the gut. Kyle Reeves jump onto the barricade and hits a diving knee. BiC falls down but starts to get up, Kyle Reeves slides into the ring and runs towards the ropes, he bounces off before running at BiC. Sending himself through the ropes like a bullet. Reeves gets up and throws BiC back into the ring, he joins him but BiC lifts Reeves onto his shoulders. Reeves fights out of it and lands on his feet, BiC goes for a clothesline but Reeves ducks, BiC runs at Reeves and somehow gets him into power bomb position but Reeves drops out of it. SUPERKICK BY REEVES! BiC is dazed! Back roll through! No he rolled through! GERMAN SUPLEX! 1....2...3 WAIT! HE GOT HIM?!?!?! WHAT! This crowd can not believe that the match just ended, Kyle Reeves rolls out of the ring almost as shocked as everyone else. He gets back into the ring and grabs his now Premium Championship, this crowd can not believe it. BiC kneels, in shock that he just got beat. He looks on at Kyle Reeves who raises his new title in the air, a big smile on his face. NO! A LOW BLOW! BiC hits a low blow! BiC moves his hair out of his face before picking up Kyle by his cheeks, he screams at him and calls him names. BEFORE KYLE PUSHES HIM AWAY! What a kick by Kyle Reeves! Reeves scoops up his title, lifting it in the air. Kyle Reeves has come into BPZ and won the Premium Championship just like that! BiC lays, still knocked out, as Kyle Reeves makes his way up the ramp. He turns on last time, and raises the title as the crowd cheers. Still in shock of how quickly this match ended. Kyle Reeves is in BPZ!
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    An Opportunity...

    A live event being held in New York City earlier today was interrupted by the sound of thousands of fans roaring with excitement as the name Andrew Richards would flash across the screen. As Andrew stepped out from behind the curtain, he could be seen wearing a black long-sleeve dress shirt and dark blue jeans with a somewhat depressed look on his face. The sea of fans in attendance realized that Andrew is not in his usual mood tonight as they began to grow silent. He would then make his way down the entrance way before ascending the ring steps as he set foot between the ropes. Andrew would then look at the ring announcer until he would be handed a microphone as he would walk over and lean on the ropes as he began to speak. Andrew Richards: "I started wrestling when I was eighteen years old and that was three years ago today. In that time, I became one of the hottest free agents on the Independent Circuit by proving that I belong in this industry. I won championships, I led tag teams and stables and I was signed to this company. However, the biggest moment of my career came last night at December to Dismember when I was within inches of winning this company's top prize, the World Heavyweight Championship against men like Flynn and Smith. Smith, however, seized his moment very carefully and by doing so walked out with what many people believe should have been my title. You see, Smith, I know when to admit defeat but I also know last night I walked out with something far greater than the World Heavyweight Championship. I walked out with an opportunity to get back on my feet, dust myself off and kick your scrawny ass!" The fans in attendance would begin to buzz with anticipation of Andrew's next encounter with Smith. However, they could see the passion that burns within the eyes of Andrew Richards as well. Andrew Richards: "I underestimated you but it won't happen ever again! The next time we meet in this ring, I am going to kick your head off of your fucking shoulders and pry that World Heavyweight Championship from your cold icy hands. You ruined my moment of glory last night and I am going to enjoy paying back that favor because, at the Royal Rumble, I am going to walk out with that World Heavyweight Championship even if it means making a deal with the devil himself. You see, I am willing to do whatever it takes to redeem myself for my fans and I do not care if it kills me! You are not going to steal my moment ever again! But there is one more person I want to address here tonight and his name is...Brad." The thousands of fans inside the arena begin to chant who as they pretend to not even know who Brad is. However, Andrew can be seen smiling and laughing as he nods his head in approvement at their reaction. Andrew Richards: "Exactly! Brad, you're not only kidding these fans but yourself if you actually think you can walk out with the World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble going up against men like me and Smith. You have never been relevant in your entire career and nothing you do will ever change that. Well, maybe one thing, retire. You do not belong in this company and you sure as hell do not belong in the same ring as me! I can not only own you in this ring but on this microphone as well and if you really want to step up against me, I will be more than happy to knock you back down. You see, your career has always been, is and always will be a joke! I know it, these fans know it and you know it. So, you're right, there is only one of you and thank the Lord there ain't more of you because we could not handle that much blind stupidity!" Andrew threw the microphone to the ground and would then toss his hands up in the air before mouthing "Notorious" as the sea of fans in attendance joined him. He would then roll up his sleeves before turning his attention to the entrance way as he waited to see if either Brad or Smith had the balls to face a clearly pissed off, Andrew Richards.
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    Death Notorious Angel

    An Opportunity...

    "Stupid Idiot!" "Only One Me" by Ice Cube blasts as the crowd boos but also have a feeling that a war is going to break out. After a minute of Brad's new theme playing, all seems lost until Brad appears on the tron, now sporting a suit as he is sitting by his Wall Of Dumbasses. He chuckles and shakes his head. He starts clapping as his theme song dies down. "Bravo Andrew, you managed to copy everyone I have ever faced off against. Want a cookie? No? I thought so since you have to take the words out of the mouths of Slim, Ross, FDS, Echo, Flynn, Smith, that two cent dumbass Josh, his one cent slave George, Jerry in the fifth row, Michael who's selling popcorn, you copied them all! And you ask who is Brad? You're asking who is the next World Champion? The former NXT, United States, two Intercontinental, Global, and Tag Team Champion? The man who made the show his every night? Let me ask you, WHO ARE YOU!?! Don't answer because i know who you are. You're nothing but a newbie who got his first two weeks in, got one match, THAT YA LOST, and now thinks he's the biggest dog in my ring. You're like many others Andrew Richards. You are talented, but lacks intelligence. While you ran around in the minor leagues with your high schools and meat rooms, I've been making the dough and stealing your girl for two years here, ask Adianator. That's Brad. I've been here with my name made in my debut. Your debut to now has been the length of a sneeze. You aren't prepared dawg. But you did piss me off. You know what happens when you anger me? Do you? You know what happens? YOU JUST MADE THE WALL!" The crowd spilts in reactions as half cheer his wall but the other half boo. Brad pulls a picture out of his back pocket and smirks at it. He turns it around and shows Richards flat on his back from the match at December To Dismember after his lost. Brad takes the glue stick out and glues the back and sticks it on the wall. "As for your claim of me not "matching up in this ring or on this mic", I say put or shut up. At Night Of Legends. Brad vs Andrew Richards one on one. Because I'll show you that I'm the best on this mic like you never faced. My words will cut you like a sword. My words will suffocate you like a rope. And my words will send you to Rock Bottom like your name was C-" The crowd boos loudly, cutting Brad off from finishing his sentence as he smirks. "You all get the point. Andrew, you don't want this fight, you're better fighting off against a Stupid Idiot like one of these fans cause then you'd have a chance at winning. Ya dig?" Brad grins as he awaits Richard's response. A "Andrew Richards" chant rises as the crowd is thoroughly behind the newbie.
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    Boxing Camp Down Under – Continued Success? BCDU’s top prospect Stuart Jenkins continued his success following his 1st round KO on his debut with a 2nd round KO against ‘Pull Guard’ user Leo Steele. Steele was dropped early in the 1st following a hard punch to the head but Jenkins tells him to stand. Once they were back on their feet, Jenkins hits him with another big cross that again drops him, though he eventually let him stand again after some attempts at some ground strikes. He dropped Steele one more time as the round ended. Steele puts up a bigger fight early in the 2nd, but gets floored by a double jab, which Jenkins follows up with a big falling hit to his face that knows him out for the 2nd round KO. Connor Rogers picked up his second successive decision win, this time over Craig McDonald, who uses a ‘Power Locks’ style. This time it was a split decision, rather than unanimous. The other man to win for BCDU was the Romanian Petre Popescu, who also picked up a split decision win over ‘Catch & Shoot’ Canadian Rory Kechins. However, not everyone won as both of the Baileys lost their fights. First, Joshua Bailey came away with a unanimous decision loss to 61-fight veteran Luiz Lombardi, who uses a ‘Push the Pace’ style. James Bailey didn’t come away being as lucky as to lose my decision though, instead getting knocked out by punches in the mount position by Orlando Hill, who uses the ‘Ground & Pound’ style. Outside of their fights, BCDU have also announced that they have made an upgrade to their speed trainer, so now they expect better improvements for their fighter’s speed training.
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    Boxing Camp Down Under – First Contracts and First Fights Just on a side note, in this game, the game day resets every 12 hours, so each reset you get one more training point and are allowed to fight once per reset. In regard to training, I won’t really talk about what I have trained them in in depth, though I may mention it during the fight write ups. Things did not start off well for the new Boxing Camp Down Under MMA camp as their first fight ended with a loss. Joshua Bailey, the lightweight from New Zealand, faced Schalk Biyase, who used the ‘Way of Hand and Foot’ style, in the company UNO. Their fight started pretty evenly as any leg kicks by Biyase were checked by Bailey, and Bailey’s takedown attempt was shunned by Biyase who attempted a Guillotine Choke. Once they were back on their feet, Bailey kept Biyase at distance with some jabs until Biyase caught him with a Roundhouse Kick out of nowhere for the KO Victory. Things did not go as badly for the new camp in their second fight though as Petre Popescu won on his professional debut. The Romanian faced off with 33-fight veteran Chelo “Bigodones” Peebles, who used the ‘Luta Livre’ style, in Legendary Fighting Championship (LFC). Both fighters made it through round 1 having both done a fair bit of damage to each other, mostly through wild swings. “Bigodones” is sent to the canvas early in the 2nd round though after getting caught with a hard-counter cross. Petre followed the knockdown with some big punches before moving in to full mount. Though, after a failed rear naked choke from Petre, both men got up to their feet. Late in the same round Petre caught Peebles with another counter, this time a liver shot, that forces Peebles to roll to his back and finish the round keeping Petre away with kicks. Despite the 2nd round clearly going in Petre’s favour, Peebles fought back in the third with some critical punches and kicks to take the third round. The fight went to decision and Petre was awarded the split decision victory, 2 judges giving him the win and 1 judge giving the win to Pebbles. The knockdown early in the 2nd round proved to be the winner for Petre. The third fight in the Boxing Camp Down Under (BCDU) fight saw perhaps their most promising recruit in Stuart Jenkins take on fellow LFC and professional debutant Hitoshi Miyake, who uses the ‘Pull Guard’ style, in a Flyweight bout. Jenkins applied the pressure early, not allowing 34-year old Miyake to be successful with any strikes, and caught the Japanese man with multiple punches to the head. However, Jenkins caught Miyake with a hard body kick to the liver, causing Miyake to crumble to the ground for the KO and win, taking BCDU to 2-1 so far. BCDU went 3-1 after Connor Rogers picked up the Unanimous Decision victory over Canadian debutant Mac Hardy, who used a ‘Push the Pace’ style. Hardy actually appeared to win the first round as multiple failed attacks by Rogers eventually lead to Hardy taking his back and working him on the ground. Nothing comes of that but Hardy did trip Rogers to the ground again, only for the round to end. Round 2 went to Rogers as he connected with multiple strikes and didn’t allow Hardy to deal much damage. The 3rd round was much of the same, Rogers landing much of the striking efforts but Hardy, despite being rocked at one point, showed a lot of fortitude, never falling to the mat once. Nevertheless, the win went to Rogers. James Bailey completed what turned out to be a mostly successful first day of fighting for BCDU with a win over Keith MacLeod, who uses a ‘Slam It Out’ style. Bailey was caught by an eye poke very early in the 1st round, which caused a temporary stoppage. The round stays pretty even except right at the end when James parried a MacLeod jab and countered with a cross that floored MacLeod, but the round ended. The second round sees James catch Keith with multiple shots, one of which again floors him after he was caught with a big uppercut. James had some time for some well-timed kicks to MacLeod’s legs but the round again ended with Keith on the floor. The 3rd round is mostly spent battling on the ground, being relatively uneventful but the two knockdowns earlier in the fight were enough for Bailey to take the win and take BCDU to 4-1 to start their camp off successfully.
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    Death Notorious Angel


    Carnage starts as a preview of December To Dismember ends, showing that in the main event, Smith wins his second World Heavyweight Championship until it gets cut off by Brad's tron, but no theme song. Brad walks out onto the stage as boos pour down onto the long time BPZ star as he stares intensely into the crowd. He waves them off and then slowly walks down the ramp before walking up the steel steps and enters the ring as he stares at a anti Brad crowd as he is handed a microphone from Hannah as his tron shuts down. "Look at that! I had BPZ continue to disrespect the name of Brad further and further and you all add on, like a bunch of mindless sheeps. You all are the reason those idiots in the back decided to take MY theme away, and take MY respect away from me. Because y'all were the reason I lost at Survivor Series, your blatant disregard to support YOUR BRANDS SUPERSTAR INTO VICTORY AGAINST THAT IDIOT RIGHT THERE!" Brad points at the tron and a picture of Jonathan is seen as the crowd roars for the superstar. A text then appears on the tron saying "Earlier Today" and the picture is pulled Brad, showing to be Brad with a picture of Jonathan in his hand. He pulls glue out as the camera zooms out and shows "The Wall Of Dumbasses" as the crowd boos. Brad glues the back of the picture and sticks it to the wall. The video ends as Brad stands in the ring smirking. "That's right, Jonathan, YOU JUST MADE THE WALL! Now, I've haven't been seen much since Survivor Series because of my lost, but that all changes, as I want it. I. Want. IT! I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT...... THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!" The crowd boos as a chant of "You'll Lose" as Brad looks around at the crowd and mocks them. "Oh I'll lose!?!? Like how "Your Heroes" did?! Andrew Richards, he made you believe in him and fell, Cops, you believe you're safe, and that makes them think they're "Untouchable", and all of you who think you'll make a difference in this world but take a L EVERYDAY OF YOUR SHITTY LIVES DAY AND DAY OUT SO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND SPEAK I ALLOW YOU, YOU STUPID DUMB PEASANTS!" The crowd boos heavy as Brad paces the ring as he yells "SHUT UP" multiple times to the crowd before every emotion seemingly dies down. "Now the man who holds said World Championship, is the man who "saw the light" and walks aeoumd like he's some Stupid Idiot! That man... is Smith." The crowd cheers heavily for the brand new World Champion as a "SMITH!" chant rises as Brad gets extremely annoyed. "SHUT. UP!" The crowd boos more and more as he kicks the rope yelling "SHUT UP!" again. "Jesus Christ people. Now Smith, you and me were set to do battle once apon a time. But due to a Stupid Idiot not advertising his own show and the same Idiot who now thinks he's some "FREE AGENT!" even though his ass is still under contract with Carnage until January, that match I know you all wanted, was gone and was then a mere image to everyone. Until now. The Royal Rumble. Thirty men enter the match for a chance at BPZ Mania, and the winner, will face me at the event for the World Championship. I hope you're ready Smith, because this is where you see that you faced everyone there is, except me. That you defeated them all..... except that with me, I'm not them, and they aren't me. Why? Because there is Only One Me!" Brad holds his arms out as the crowd boos. Brad smirks as "Only One Me" plays as Brad stands in the middle of the ring as the starts to go to commercial break.
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    Emperor Nate


    Nate Long appears on the stage as there's a huge reaction for the newly crowned EVOLVE GM. He begins to dance on his way down the ramp as Jonathan stares down at the General Manager looking unimpressed. He slowly approaches Jonathan with a handshake. Jonathan just stands there as Nate takes his arm back and fixes his tie. He gets given a microphone. He shouts his famous "Holla, holla playas" line as the crowd cheers. "Alright Jonathan homie, lets get down to business here playa. So it's clear to me that what you want is a shot for that prized Global Championship. And you do make fairly good and agreeable case for why you should be next in line. In your last two matches you have defeated two former Global champions, in Sameer and Brad. Although with that being said dog...I do feel like you still have something left to prove to me playa. And you see to ultimately prove to me how worthy you are for a shot at the most valuable and coveted title in BPZ history you gonna need to do something extra special. Let me tell yall exactly what I'm talking bout. For the first time ever in BPZ history, we will have a 6 man tag team match to decide the number one contendership spot. Were the winning tag team will go on to face FDS on a later date, in a Fatal Four Wayyyyyyy!!! The crowd are bamboozled by this extraordinary announcement as Nate looks around with a proud grin on his face as Jonathan looks on in digust. Naw, if that aint ground breaking then I don't know what the hell is. I'd like to see those Carnage fellas come up with something like that! Nate goes to exit the ring, although Jonathan pulls him back and grabs Nate Long by the tie. "Now come on don't be an idiot, make the right match and don't completely ruin your first championship match." Jonathan lets go as Nate tries to find his breath. Yeah...yeah you got a good point playa. Aight so ladies and gentlemen, the first official Global Championship match under the guidance of mahself will be, Jonathan against the current reigning champion, FDS! Jonathan looks pleased with this decision as Nate holds his throat and goes to escape the ring.
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    Greg Hamilton: "Ladies and gentleman, the following contest is a Title Vs. Career match and is for the WWE Championship! Introducing first, making his way to the ring, from Greenwich, Connecticut, weighing in at two-hundred fifty-five pounds, he is the WWE Champion, He is the King of Kings, Triple H!" The legendary theme song of Triple H would hit to a explosion of boos as the WWE Universe clearly showed their hatred of the man who has been acting like an complete ass for the better part of the year. As Triple H stepped out from behind the curtain, he could be seen wearing the WWE Championship around his waist as he would be accompanied by his father-in-law, Mr. McMahon. Triple H would then make his way down the entrance way before entering the ring as Mr. McMahon could be seen taking a seat at ringside. Greg Hamilton: "And the challenger, from Ayr, Scotland, weighing in at two-hundred twenty-six pounds, Drew McIntyre!" The crowd inside the Smoothie King Center would rise to their feet for the man who has been opposing Triple H's rule over the WWE. As McIntyre walked out onto the stage, thousands of fans would begin chanting his name as they made it clear who they were rooting for here tonight. McIntyre nods his head towards the WWE Universe before making his way down the entrance way as he would climb the ring steps before stepping foot between the ropes. Both men would then meet in the middle of the ring as they try to stare a hole through one another as Triple H could be seen talking some trash towards McIntyre. The graphic for the WWE Championship would then flash across the screen before disappearing as the referee holds the WWE Championship in the air before handing it to the announcer as he would leave the ring as the match is about to start. As soon as the bell rings both men would begin trading blows back and forth until Triple H gained the upper hand. Triple H would continue his fury of punches driving McIntyre into the corner of the ring. Triple H would waste no time attacking McIntyre as he would stomp away on him until he would be seen sitting in the corner of the ring as Triple H would continue his fury of offense with strikes to the head of his challenger. The referee would be forced to pull Triple H off of McIntyre as the referee checked on him. McIntyre not looking to give up so easy here tonight, manages to get back to his feet before begging Triple H to bring it. Both men would then get back into the middle of the ring before locking up in a test of strength but it would be McIntyre who gets the upper hand this time. McIntyre would toss Triple H backwards as he looks surprised. Triple H nods his head for a second realizing that he's getting the best McIntyre has to offer here tonight before getting back to his feet. McIntyre not wanting to let Triple H get the advantage again walks towards him before being caught by surprise with a huge single knee facebuster before Triple H would bounce off of the ropes, connecting with a huge clothesline that would knock McIntyre off of his feet. Triple H wasting no time begins to stomp away on his opponent before the referee would once again pull him away from his opponent. Triple H begging McIntyre to get up, sends McIntyre into the ropes. However, as McIntyre rebounds off of the ropes, Triple H connects with a huge spinebuster as McIntyre is planted on the mat. Triple H would then cover his opponent before going for the cover as the referee starts to count the pin. 1...2...No! McIntyre manages to get the shoulder up in time. As McIntyre gets back to his feet, he is met with a shocking slap across the face. McIntyre completely upset with the slap across his face, charges at Triple H before driving him into the corner of the ring. McIntyre would then continue to drive his shoulder into Triple H's stomach repeatedly until the referee pulls him away. McIntyre realizing he lost his cool for a moment manages to regroup as Triple H flashes a smug smile to his opponent as he gets up. Both men would then lock up again before Triple H gains the upper hand and sends McIntyre to the outside of the ring. The referee would begin the count as both men took the fight to the outside as Mr. McMahon watched the action closely. McIntyre manages to block a punch by Triple H before sending him head first into the steel ring post with a quick irish whip. McIntyre would then get distracted by Mr. McMahon for a few second, allowing Triple H the opportunity to recover before attacking McIntyre with a huge clothesline from behind. Triple H would then roll into the ring at the referee's count of six. McIntyre begins pulling himself up with the ring apron before rolling into the ring at the count of eight. Triple H not letting a moment go to waste waits for McIntyre to get up before trying to go for a Pedigree. However, McIntyre manages to slip out at the last moment before connecting with a huge headbutt that would knock Triple H off of his feet. McIntyre would then wait for Triple H to get back to his feet before going for the Future Shock DDT. However, as McIntyre goes for the cover, McMahon leads to his feet pulling the referee out of the ring at two and half. McIntyre clearly frustrated with Mr. McMahon getting involved on his son-in-law's behalf, quickly rolls out of the ring before connecting with a huge Claymore Kick as McMahon turns around. McIntyre then rolls back into the ring before being caught in a Pedigree. Triple H would waste no time going for the cover as the referee began the count once again. 1...2...NO! He managed to get his foot on the bottom rope in the knick of time! Both men would then get back to their feet before staring a hole through one again once again. Both men would then begin trading punches back and forth between each other until McIntyre manages to gain the upper hand for a moment before sending Triple H into the ropes with a irish whip. As Triple H rebounds off of the ropes, McIntyre is caught with a Single Knee Facebuster before being launched into the air as Triple H would drive him down into the mat with a huge bone-rattling spinebuster. However, Triple H refusing to go for the pin at this point, drags McIntyre to his feet before setting up for the Pedigree. With only a few seconds to escape this, McIntyre is able to send Triple H flying through the air with a back body drop. As Triple H crashes down on to the mat, McIntyre quickly kicks Triple H in the gut before connecting with a skull planting Future Shock DDT. However, McIntyre would then quickly rush towards the corner of the ring before waiting for Triple H to get up. As Triple H manages to get back to his feet, McIntyre would begin charging at Triple H as he makes it back to his feet. McIntyre would then leap into the air before connecting with a Claymore Kick to the side of Triple H's face. McIntyre realizing this is his moment goes for the cover as he hooks Triple H's leg as the referee begins the count. 1...2...3! He's done it! The Chosen One has ended the reign of terror that Triple H has inflicted over the WWE these last few months! Greg Hamilton: "Your winner via pinfall and new WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre!" As the announce team is almost speechless, McIntyre is seen in the middle of the ring as he holds back his tears, knowing if he didn't walk out of here tonight as the new WWE Champion, he would have been fired. He could then be seen getting back to his feet as the referee would not only hand him the WWE Championship but would also raise his arm up in victory as the fans in attendance would chant his name. Triple H could be seen checking on his father-in-law along with a ringside physician before looking towards McIntyre in utter disbelief that he lost here tonight. Note: I have decided to let you guys vote for the next few days, will end on the 20th, on which match you'd like to see next. The options are as follows: - Adam Cole Vs. Cody Rhodes - Finn Balor Vs. Samoa Joe - Kalisto Vs. Rey Mysterio Or if you have a suggestion for a future match, you can post it here and I will add it to my list if I feel can I can make a decent story and match with it.
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    I have decided to get back into writing Wrestling Matches and have decided to post them here. I will be taking suggestions and will use them if I feel I can deliver a quality match and a good story with it. I am interested in hearing what you guys think of each match and what I could do to further improve my writing ability. Thank you for taking the time to read it, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Greg Hamilton: "Ladies and gentleman, the following contest is a Thirty-Minute Ultimate Submission Match for the United States Championship! There will be no count outs, no disqualifications, and no pinfalls, the only way to win is to make your opponent tap out, with whoever scoring the most falls at the end of the contest being announced as the winner. Introducing first, making his way to the ring, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, weighing in at two-hundred twenty-seven pounds, he is the United States Champion, Chris Jericho!" The iconic theme song of Chris Jericho would hit to a chorus of boos as the fans inside the Smoothie King Center recall how he has been acting ever since winning the United States Championship at Summerslam last year at Summerslam. As Jericho set foot through the curtain, he could be seen with the United States Championship around his waist as he wore his Greatest of All Time gear with a black scarf wrapped around his neck and the List of Jericho in hand. He would then make his way down the entrance way before getting into the ring as the fans began to chant "Go Back Home" as they clearly let their thoughts of Jericho echo throughout the building. Jericho would then begin to write on the list of Jericho before removing the United States Championship from his waist as he dropped it on the mat before stomping his foot on it. Greg Hamilton: "And introducing the challenger, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing in at two-hundred twenty pounds, he is the American Hero, Kurt Angle!" The fans in attendance would rise to their feet as the theme of Kurt Angle would play through the sound system. Angle would set foot through the curtain to a explosion of cheers as Angle is about to represent the entire country of the United States of America. He would then point to the crowd as chants of "You Suck" echoed throughout the building as Angle nods his head in approvement. He would then make his way down the entrance way before ascending the ring steps as he would step foot between the ropes. Almost immediately, Angle would get in the face of Jericho in the center of the ring as the two began trash talking one another. The graphic for the United States Championship would then flash across the screen before disappearing as the referee holds the United States Championship in the air before handing it to the announcer as he would leave the ring as the match is about to start. As soon as the bell rings both men would take a step back from the middle of the ring before they began to circle each other as they tried to figure out each other's strategies. Both men would then lock up in a collar-and-elbow hold before Angle would manage to get the upper hand and turned his attention to Jericho's arm. However, Jericho would manage to avoid any submission Angle had in mine by doing a frontward roll before kipping up as he would take Angle down with an arm drag. Angle realizing this is going to be tougher than he first thought, gets back to his feet before both men lock up once again. Jericho getting the upper hand this time around manages to get Angle in a side headlock but Angle would waste little time getting out of it as he would send Jericho into the ropes. As Jericho rebounded off of the ropes, Angle would drop down to the mat as Jericho would step over him. Angle would then leap back to his feet before taking Jericho down with a side headlock of his own. Jericho however would manage to get back to his feet before driving his elbow into Angle's stomach, making Angle let go of the hold. Both men would then began to stare a hole through each other as the fans began chanting for Angle and booing Jericho. It was clear the fans still disliked the way Jericho has been acting ever since becoming the United States Champion, putting down many American heroes in favor of his homeland of Canada. After a few minutes has passed both men try locking up one final time before coming to a stalemate, so Angle would send Jericho flying backwards into his corner before telling him to bring it on. Jericho letting his emotions get the better of him for a minute charged at Angle before being caught in a Belly to Belly Suplex. Angle would waste no time at all getting behind Jericho before sending him across the ring with a German Suplex. Jericho realizing what is happening quickly rolls out of the ring trying to regroup before noticing a fan at ringside with a poster of the United States flag. Jericho would then walk over and snatch the poster from the fan before ripping it down the middle to a chorus of boos that echoed throughout the building. Angle seeing what happened quickly rolls out of the ring before chasing Jericho. However, Jericho would lure Angle into a trap as he would begin to stomp away on him as he tried to slide into the ring. Jericho would then pick Angle up by his singlet before sending him shoulder first into the steel ring post between the top and middle turnbuckles. Jericho loving that fact that he is now in control of the match, rose his arm up in the air almost saying he knows he is going to win this match. However, Jericho would then begin to stomp away on the seated Angle in the corner of the ring as he clutched his shoulder in pain. Jericho would then drag Angle into the center of the ring before going for an cross armbar as Angle laid on his back. Angle feeling the effects of the steel ring post began to scratch and crawl to reach the bottom rope as the hundreds of thousands of fans in attendance rooted for Angle but instead Jericho would let go of the hold before rolling out of the ring to grab a microphone. Jericho would then look around at the fans before speaking into the microphone as he would tell them to please the shut the hell up as the crowd reacted with a explosion of boos. Jericho would then roll back into the ring as Angle started getting back up to his feet before slapping him upside the head from behind. Jericho then waited for Angle to get back to his feet completely before going for a step-up enziguri. However, Angle would manage to duck it and lock Jericho in the Angle lock as Jericho would begin to crawl for the bottom rope. However, Angle would drag him back to the center of the ring before dropping to one knee to prevent Jericho from going anywhere as Jericho taps out for the first fall. The score would then change to one-zero in favor of Angle as the first ten minutes of this contest are officially up. The referee would then back Angle away allowing Jericho to get back to his feet as Jericho tried to shake off the pain he just felt at the hands of Angle. Both men would then begin to trade punches and chops in the center of the ring as the fans continued to root for Angle. However, it would be Jericho would who get the upper hand as he would manage to back Angle into the corner of the ring with a fury of chops. Jericho would then begin to stomp away on Angle until Angle was seated. Jericho would then quickly back up before charging full speed at Angle as he would connect with a dropkick to the chest of his opponent. Jericho would then pick up Angle before tossing him over the ropes but Angle would manage to hang onto the ropes and stay on the ring apron. That was until Jericho noticed this and connected with a Triangle Dropkick that knocked Angle clear off of the ring apron. Jericho would then wait for Angle to get up before bouncing off of the ropes as it would look like he would go for a Suicide Dive but instead went for a Baseball Dropkick underneath the bottom rope. Jericho would then roll to the outside before picking Angle up and driving him spine first into the steel ring post that clearly hurt the back of Angle as his face showed the expression of pain that he just through went through. Jericho would then begin to taunt the crowd to a chorus of boos before picking Angle up as he would send him into the barricade that stood between him and the crowd. Jericho would then slide back into the ring and waited for Angle to return. As Angle rolled back into the ring, Jericho would stand in the corner of the ring, setting up for a running enziguri that knocked Angle clear off of his feet. Jericho would then bounce off of the ropes before connecting with a Lionsault to the lower back of Angle as Jericho would wait for Angle to get up before running towards him. However, Angle caught him with a Belly to Belly Suplex before getting behind him as he went for his Triple German Suplexes which he connected. Angle would then set up for the Angle slam as Jericho made it back to his feet, but Jericho would slip out in time and instead dropped down to his knees and connected with a low blow. Jericho would wait for his opponent to get up before charging at him as he slide between his legs, taking him down as he locked in a Rolling Walls of Jericho as Angle fought to reach the bottom rope. However, Jericho would continue to maintain ground in the center of the ring until Angle was forced to tap out, evening the score up at one-one as the clock only had a few minutes left on it. With only a few minutes left in the match, Jericho desperately thought of everything he could to make Angle tap out. However, as Angle began stirring as he was laying on the mat after being on the receiving end of an Lionsault, Jericho walked towards Angle's leg and lifted it into the air before locking Angle in his own finisher. Angle immediately felt the very pain that Jericho suffered earlier in the match but Angle fought to reach the ropes. Jericho realizing Angle would, in fact, reach the ropes, decided to pull Angle back into the center of the ring before grape-vining it as he forced Angle to tap out. As the score changed to two-one, Jericho realizing he was in the lead tried to add insult to injury as he would lock Angle in yet another Angle Lock but this time Angle was able to counter it into a cross-face as Jericho fought to reach the ropes. However, Angle would make sure that all of his body weight kept Jericho from doing that as Jericho was forced to tap out, evening this contest back up at two-two. With only a minute left on the clock, Angle would charge at Jericho before being taken down as Jericho would try to lock in the Walls of Jericho. However, Angle would manage to keep Jericho from locking it as he would grab Jericho's leg and send him rolling him forward before transitioning into the Angle Lock. As the clock continued to count down, Angle would begin to sit down on the lower back of Jericho to make sure he had nowhere to go. With only a few seconds left on the clock, Jericho tapped out as he couldn't stand anymore of the pain to his leg as the score changed to three-two in favor of Angle before the clock would hit zero. Greg Hamilton: "Your winner by a score of three-two, and your new United States Champion, he is the American Hero, Kurt Angle!" Angle realizing he won the match begins to tear up a little as the fans began chanting "You Deserve It" as Angle makes it back to his feet before being handed the United States Championship. Angle would then lift the title into the air as the fans continue cheering for their newly crowned United States Champion as Jericho rolls out of the ring and heads up the entrance way disappointed that he lost such a close match.
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    MMArmy Diary – Boxing Camp Down Under There is a web based MMA simulator game called MMArmy that I play, where you create a camp, focus it on different aspects of MMA such as boxing, jiu jitsu, muay thai etc and recruit camps, eventually training them to hopefully win an EFC (UFC) title one day. You are allowed to run as many camps as you like, so I figured I would make a new one and make a ‘diary’ for it, so here goes. ------------------------------------------------------- Boxing Camp Down Under – Time to take over? As has been heavily rumoured for a while now, there is a fresh new MMA camp starting up in Australia and today is the day it has opened. Boxing Camp Down Under is an MMA camp that will primarily focus on their fighter’s boxing ability, using a Counter Strike style that allows their fighters to patiently wait for their opponents to swing, so they can parry those attacks and counter with some of their own. The Camp is headed by a man who would like to go by the name ‘Coach Cobhead’, and he shared a few of his thoughts at the grand opening: ‘I honestly can’t explain how excited I am for today. It is something I have been excited to do for a long time now, ever since my own career ended short due to injury, and it is going to be an incredible experience being able to train these up-and-coming MMA fighters and turn them in to champions. We are taking fighters who don’t have any experience with other camps and we are training them from the ground up, though they often do have previous training in certain aspects. Though we will primarily focus on boxing, we do have coaches set up who can train any necessary aspect. We have, however, already hired advanced coaches to train our fighters in their Boxing ability and their footwork. Anyway, we have already recruited a few guys and I will be sure to get their information to you as soon as possible so you can report on them, but in the mean time we have some training to do. Thank you.’ As Coach Cobhead has stated, we will be reporting shortly on who their first five recruits are, so keep your eyes out for that later. ------------------------------------------------------- Boxing Camp Down Under – The First Five Recruits Just a note on how the stats are rated. There are rated out of 100, obviously the higher the better. The natural stats are ones that can’t be improved via training, so they stay as they are. Name: Petre Popescu Age: 23 Nationality: Romania Weight Division: Lightweight (155) Key Base Stats: Natural Stats: Fight IQ – 23; Desire – 88; Aggression – 81; Patience – 98; Power – 92 Key for Counter Strike: Boxing – 30; Footwork – 21; Speed – 9; Reflex – 38 Other Standouts: Sambo – 41; Flexibility – 52; Coordination – 45 Name: Joshua Bailey Age: 26 Nationality: New Zealand Weight Division: Lightweight (155) Key Base Stats: Natural Stats: Fight IQ – 40; Desire – 71; Aggression – 28; Patience – 53; Power – 66 Key for Counter Strike: Boxing – 26; Footwork – 31; Speed – 53; Reflex – 2 Other Standouts: Greco-Roman – 41; Karate – 41; Brawling – 53 Name: Stuart Jenkins Age: 21 Nationality: Australia Weight Division: Flyweight (125) Key Base Stats: Natural Stats: Fight IQ – 4; Desire – 19; Aggression – 92; Patience – 3; Power – 51 Key for Counter Strike: Boxing – 54; Footwork – 54; Speed – 41; Reflex – 24 Other Standouts: Taekwondo – 48; Brawling – 41; Balance – 45; Coordination – 51 Name: Connor Rogers Age: 21 Nationality: Australia Weight Division: Middleweight (185) Key Base Stats: Natural Stats: Fight IQ – 67; Desire – 54; Aggression – 26; Patience – 68; Power – 74 Key for Counter Strike: Boxing – 56; Footwork – 25; Speed – 22; Reflex – 28 Other Standouts: Jiu Jitsu – 45; Taekwondo – 49; Muay Thai – 46; Brawling – 53 Name: James Bailey Age: 23 Nationality: Australia Weight Division: Light Heavyweight (205) Key Base Stats: Natural Stats: Fight IQ – 86; Desire – 66; Aggression – 67; Patience – 86; Power – 32 Key for Counter Strike: Boxing – 56; Footwork – 22; Speed – 18; Reflex – 53 Other Standouts: Judo – 53; Karate – 42; Rhythm – 43; Focus – 45; Fortitude – 47
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    Heel Akki: Height: 6.1" Weight: 213lbs Theme: Broken Dreams Gimmick: Doesn't Care. Cocky Heel Figureheads: Dolph Ziggler, AJ Styles, Seth Rollins Nicknames: The Future of Evolve, The Maharajah, Heel Freakin' Akki, The Past Regular Moves: Face DDT, Jumping DDT, Jumping splash, Pumphandel Driver, Driver's Edge, Superkick to the knee, Roundhouse Kick, Samoan Drop, Dropkicks, All sorts of Suplex, Reverse DTT, Jumping Frog Splash, Reverse 450, Springboard Elbow Drop, Springboard Forearm, All sorts of Forearms, Clotheslines Signatures: Superkick, Trio plex Finisher: Corb Stomp, Phenomenal Forearm
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    loving this diary bic especially what you're doing with my 2 characters maybe they could vs each other who knows. glass trying to show the new kid how it works in wrestling but I'm certainly looking forward to there matches.
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    Little Sig I made for myself, I think it came out really good. Thoughts?
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    Isaiah Carter

    Rise Of The King [Reboot]

    Damn this was good, no wonder this took 5 months. I like the looks of the Xavier King guy, he is a good talent. Don't like how you trash Maine like this but, I can look over it. This is awesome, can't wait till 2019 when the next episode comes out!
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    Isaiah Carter

    Premier Wrestling: Project Bischoff

    Premier Wrestling-Best In The World Tournament Day 1 Results Round 1 Matchup: Slim vs Bart Slim and Bart would kick off the tournament in impressive fashion, Slim and Bart would go all out in there match. Trading big shots and big moves, Barts experience would allow him to control for a lot of the match. But Slims ability to fight on the outside would come to his advantage as the two would head to the outside, Bart would end up going shoulder first into the metal barrier. Not to long after that, Slim would be in the ring ready to go for the victory. Bart would try to fight away Slim one last time, but a sit out powerbomb would mark the end for Bart as Slim would hit his finisher move, the spear. Slim would get the victory, being the first man to advance into the Best In The World tournament. Round 1 Matchup: Brenden vs Jonathan Brave In the second matchup of the night, Brenden and brave would collide in an intense match that would involve a lot of taunting and playing to the crowd, as both men would try to one up each other at every point, Brave would lock in a lot of submissions, trying to wear down the veteran. But "The Glorious One" would be able to fight off all attempts, the turning point in the match would be when Brave would miss a suicide dive, crashing into the ramp. Brenden would drag Brave to ringside and hit a power bomb on the ring apron before pinning the indy star in the ring, gaining a huge upset. Brenden advances in the tournament as the first man in Block B, we will see him take on either Kieron Black or Nathan Black. Round 1 Matchup: Flynn vs FD "The Beast" and "The Rainmaker" would go one on one in the ring, FD would try to topple the much larger opponent but Flynn would be able to reverse almost every move and turn it into a german suplex, hitting a ground breaking 19 Germans. Flynn proved that he is not just a big man, but a man capable of amazing things as he would take to the top rope and hit an amazing moonsault, but that wouldn't be the end of it. Flynn would continue to land vicious elbows till the point that FD would be busted open, the crowd would hate it but Flynn would end up getting the victory, moving on in the tournament in dominant fashion. Flynn leaves the ring, covered in FDs blood. Is this the last time we see FD? First Round Matchup: Tamer vs Ross It would be a match that the crowd got into to, maybe the best one of the night, Tamer and Ross put on a show in there match. Back and fourth, big move after big move, Tamer and Ross would even head into the crowd in there war. Ross would be able to land his signature move not once but twice, but the experience from Tamer would allow him to hit his finisher move not once but twice After hitting his finishers, it would only be a matter of time before Tamer would defeat Ross, winning over the Premier fans like non other. Tamer is moving on in the tournament and may be unstoppable. First Round Matchup: Natedog vs Bashka In the final match of Day 1, Natedog would face Bashka and it would be a 15 minute back and fourth contest. Natedog would not only use his speed but also his strength for most of the match, hitting insane moves like a top rope power bomb and a springboard 450. Bashka would use his strong style offense but Natedog would overcome the British sensation. By the end of the match, it would be Natedog, who would lock in his submission move the Irish Curse to make Bashka tap. Day 1 comes to a close as Natedog celebrates his victory, moving on in the Best In The World tournament. Thank You For Reading.
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    Jonathan takes in the message of FD just delivered as the titantron returns to normal. He doesn’t seem as disturbed as other opponents of FD after a patented cryptic message, though the meaning behind this one was rather direct. He takes some time to digest it, before a smirk appears on his face. He raises the microphone to his lips. “I’m always here, but you can never see me. Experienced for a moment but gone an instant. What am I?” Jonathan allows the crowd to put in a few guesses before he put the microphone to his lips, instantly silencing all the fans in attendance. “The correct answer is air, and FD that little message you delivered, intended to frighten me or deter me from my championship aspirations, it was a garbled mess of hot air. It’s quite clear to me that you don’t believe a word you say, probably why you had to leave so soon and can’t grace our presence. Honestly, if I spoke that much bullshit in a matter of seconds, I couldn’t take myself seriously either. I sympathize with you, taking another venture to fulfill yourself but if you honestly think for a single moment that you have a better chance than Brad or Sameer, those drugs have done quite the toll on your brain.” “It’s easier to hope that I haven’t changed from all my time here then accept the fact that I have because that’s a scary prospect for you, me some how becoming more dangerous than I already was. I understand that you would love for me to be a simple soul, unable to change his stripes. I love the fact that you view my evolution as design changes in the t-shirts I wear. I find it absolutely adorable that you feel that setting a flame my shirt with three words written on them was supposed to leave me slack jawed. This facade you have is so see through that I can’t believe nobody has destroyed the illusion. The fact that you desperately want to be somebody else, inspiring fear and chaos everywhere you step, you come to this.” Jonathan apparently finds this fairly funny, cackling in a laughter which mocks FD’s from earlier on. He shakes his head a couple of time as he opens his mouth to continue speaking. “Telling me what’s gonna happen from your lair somewhere out in the world like a generic super villain. You wanna tell me what’s gonna happen come Royal Rumble? Our stories aren’t quite the same, allow me to tell mine: I come into the match more locked in than I’ve been for the matches I just had. You’ll come out here, stop for a decent chunk of time to take off your mask and flip out these fans. And come down here, hide who absolutely terrified you are behind you middle fingers and get absolutely shell shocked. I will pin you, maybe make you tap because I haven’t quite decided yet. I’ll take the title that you recently redesigned, thanks for that, and raise it high as my name is announced as winner and new champion and you’ll find that everything you’ve been telling yourself you are is a blatant lie. You’re the same person who was here three years ago, not some psycho maniac who doesn’t even have the stones to tell me how he’ll annihilate me from the same ring as me.”
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    Rise Of The King [Reboot]

    This diary entry was amazingly well written. It was well worth the time you spent writing it and I enjoyed every second of reading it. I thought the match was very well written and I enjoyed the ending of it with you going for a Superkick but instead being caught with the knees of the man who is known as Best in Class, Xavier King. I also like how it's done in a point of view form and focuses on the personal story of Jonathan Kerse and enjoyed the diner segment. The waitress could have been nicer though, in my opinion, it was realistic the way you wrote it though. Overall, this was a great entry for a great diary and I am looking forward to seeing more. I also wouldn't mind seeing a potential Jonathan Kerse Vs. Andrew Richards match added in here in the future somewhere as I think their wrestling styles would clash very well. Keep up the amazing work Jonathan and I also liked the name Limitless Wrestling as well as it means almost anything can and will happen.
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    That'd be nice but I'm afraid that isn't possible. I can add nicknames to the guys but that its.. its a multiplayer web based game, so changing names of fighters isn't a possibility.
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    Started reading this and I'm liking this diary as well. Keep it up Jake.
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    TEW 2016: SmackDown Live! vs Raw

    January Week Four SmackDown Live! Segment 1-4: Bliss comes out and talks about how she is the Goddess of WWE and how she will become the first 3 time SD women’s champ. Sasha comes out saying she is boss, and how she broke barriers. Becky comes out saying she was the first SD women’s champ. Paige says she started the revolution, and before Jax can speak, Daniel comes out and books a tag match between Bliss and Banks v Paige and Lynch. Bliss picks up the win for her team and as Nia comes down to attack the two women, Bliss and Banks work together and beat Nia. Segment 5-6: Shane comes out saying that because The Chosen Ones And The Hardy’s can’t wait to get there hands on eachother, he’s moving there match to tonight. He also announces due to Jinder Mahal injuring three people, he has been fired. Segment 7: On Twitter, the Usos challenged the Revival to come to the Uso Penitentiary. The Revival continue there winning streak by beating the Usos. Segment 8: Neville has a match with Xavier Woods, but lost, not because of the rest of the New Day, but a returning Tye Dillinger, who caused a distraction. Segment 9-10: Braun is walking through the back when Seth attacks him with a chair. The two then head outside into the ring to start the match, and as Rollins looks to end it after hitting Braun with the Kingslayer, Braun falls out of the ring, the ref checks on him, but Jinder Mahal in the ring hits the Khallas on Rollins. Braun gets up immediately and sees the downed Rollins, hitting him with three Powerslams before pinning him, with 6 minutes, meaning Braun will face Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE title. Segment 11-12: Watching the match in the back, Bobby asks for Roman to help him out in his match tonight with Nakamura, but Reigns says he won’t help his opponent. He wishes Roode good luck. Roode then goes on to win his match with Nakamura with a poke to the eye and a Glorious DDT. Segment 13-14: Kevin and Sami say that the Hardy’s are the past and how they are Grandpas who belong in a retirement home. They then end up beating the Hardy’s cleanly, with Jeff seen to be limping after the match ended. Post Show: Roman Reigns takes on Samoa Joe. With Riegns coming out victorious after a Superman punch and Spear combo. ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH CARD (As of right now): Raw Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman vs John Cena for the Universal Championship Dean Ambrose vs The Miz (c) w/Maryse for the Intercontinental Championship Shawn Micheals vs Dolph Ziggler SmackDown Live! Shinsuke Nakamura vs Braun Strowman for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Bobby Roode vs Roman Reigns for the United States Championship Paige vs Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax vs Alexa Bliss for the WWE SmackDown! Women’s Championship Interbrand 30 Man Royal Rumble Match Raw confirmed Superstars: The Brian Kendrick, Curtis Axel, The Big Show, Chris Jericho, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, Shawn Micheals, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles, Triple H (14) SmackDown Live! confirmed Superstars: Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Big Cass, Cesaro, Enzo Amore, Neville, Samoa Joe, Baron Corbin, Tye Dillinger (8) NXT: Johnny Gargano (1) Unaccounted For (Possible Surprise Entrants): 6
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    Underrated Era: Jonathan, Me, Necce, Tamer, and Zombie
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    TEW 2016: SmackDown Live! vs Raw

    January Week Three Main Event Segment #1: Bray was talking about how he would win the Royal Rumble, and saying that he will prove it by slaying a beast, the man-beast Rhyno in tonight's main event. Segment #2: Nikki Bella and Ruby Riot would face off as I wanted to see how these women would fare with the adjusted popularities. Nikki did well I guess and Riot was... decent I guess. Expect Nikki to get a push soon by the way. Segment #3: Gallows and Anderson would have a promo saying that they'll dominate the Tag Team Division and how one of them will win the Royal Rumble Match. Segment #4: Axel defeated Slater to give him a win because he needs one. That's it. Segment #5: Bayley would make a promo on Charlotte saying how she refuses to recognize her. Segment #6: Wyatt would beat Rhyno to rebound him from his loss against Styles and prove that he has a legitimate shot at winning the Royal Rumble match. The reason this match was bad was because I made it a Brawl 1v1 and both men got very tired from that, but now I've learned my lesson, Bray Wyatt has low stamina. ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH CARD (As of right now): Raw Brock Lesnar vs Cena/HHH for the Universal Championship SmackDown Live! Shinsuke Nakamura vs Reigns/Strowman/Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Bobby Roode vs Reigns/Strowman/Rollins for the United States Championship Paige vs Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax vs Alexa Bliss for the WWE SmackDown! Women’s Championship Interbrand 30 Man Royal Rumble Match Raw confirmed Superstars: The Brian Kendrick, Curtis Axel, The Big Show, Chris Jericho, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, Shawn Micheals, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, Dean Ambrose (12) SmackDown Live! confirmed Superstars: Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Big Cass, Cesaro, Enzo Amore, Neville, Samoa Joe, Baron Corbin (8) NXT: Johnny Gargano (1) Unaccounted For (Possible Surprise Entrants): 9
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    Scott Total Wrestling

    Welcome to Eternal Glory. Sorry for the delay but it's here. STW presents Eternal Glory, here on 3rd December 2016. Kicking us off is an STW Championship Qualifier, between Alpha, Nanovirus, James Ropati and Ryan Reeves Match 1: Alpha Vs Ryan Reeves vs James Ropati vs Nanovirus All 4 men stare off before Alpha goes brawling with Reeves whilst Ropati and Nano beat down on Alpha. Alpha hit Ropati with a Jumping DDT, but from behind Reeves hit a Drop Dead before Reeves and Nano started beating down on Alpha. Reeves offered his hand to Nano, but Nanovirus grabbed the arm through the ropes and hit a Rope Hung DDT. However Rop returned and hit a Buckle Bomb followed by a Superkick to Nano and then locked In a Crossface but Reeves was on the ropes and pushes himself up, before dropping him into a Wheelbarrow Facebuster. Reeves smiled before turning into a SUPERKICK FROM ALPHA. COVER. 1,2, KICKOUT. SO CLOSE. Alpha now kneels and IS PUNTED BY NANO. But Rop hits a CURB STOMP TO NANO. All 4 men down. Now Alpha and Reeves start throwing blows, before Rop pulls Alpha out of the ring. Reeves hits a Project Murder to Nano and starts to Suicide Dive into Alpha and Rop but Alpha hits a Superkick to Rop and then a MID AIR SUPERKICK TO REEVES. ALPHA COVERS. 1,2,3. Winner: Alpha Match 2: Tommy Richardson, Ryan Davidson and Joshua Scott Vs The Italian Bros (Mario Sanyo and Luigi Sanyo) and Ross Nese On the first episode, The Italian Bros destroyed Davidson and Richardson. They stated they needed competition, so Scott have them Alpha and Davidson, a match they were destroyed in. The next weeks, fights turned to brawls, to the point where the GM got involved, making it a 6 man Tag. The bell rings and wait a minute, Scott just attacked Davidson. What the hell. The Italian Bros now going after Davidson as Richardson stares at Scott, and Nese smashes him with a chair. It's a DQ win as Scott tells Ross to get Davidson up for a CODEBREAKER. Scott calls for a mic. Scott: This is the future. They make sure STW is best for business. The first order of the Businessmen, eliminating these 2 Match 3: Slim vs Adam Masters On the first episode, Slim turned on Adam in a Tag Match. Both men went on to win tournament matches in the next 2 weeks. Now their paths collide when the stakes are truly high "The Legend Killer" stares off with "The Badass." Slim is one of the greatest Indy stars ever, a legend, so can he beat a Legend Killer? Slim started off with a Superman Punch before calling for the SPEAR. 1,2, KICKOUT. Wow. Masters stays alive. Slim smiles as he realises that this will be hard. He lifts Masters off the floor and hits a Sitout Powerbomb. Now, Slim drags Masters out to the outside and goes for a SPEAR THROUGH THE BARRICADE BUT MASTERS MOVES OUT OF THE WAY. Adam full of adrenaline and throws Slim into the ring and hits a SAMOAN DROP. 1,2,3. Well he's done it. Adam Masters has advanced to the main event, where he will meet Alpha and 1 other. Winner: Adam Masters Match 4: Daniel Vice Vs Alyx Wilde: I Quit Match The first STW Match ever ended with "The Hunter" beating "The Wilde One." 2 weeks later, Vice cost Wilde his chance of entering the tournament by costing him a chance against Man, before Wilde cost Vice his way out of the tournament by costing him his match against Man. Now, they meet in an I Quit Match Wilde looks nervous as Vice stares him down, a steel chair in his hand. Wilde starts to flee but Vice catches him and beats him down with the chair. Vice now grabs a burning table and hits a VICE CUTTER THROUGH THE TABLE. Wilde is unconscious. Vice now goes into the ring and hits a Sitout Powerbomb before hitting a GTFO. Wow Wilde sent to the outside of the ring in pain. Vice follows and is hit by a Kendo Stick followed by a PDX. Wilde is getting back into this match. Wilde now exposes the steel beneath the padded floor and hits a Rose's Thorn onto the steel. What a brutal match this is. Wilde drags Vice into the ring and hits a Wildestomp, and then lifting him up for a MAN VS WILDE. Wilde knows he has to make Vice quit. He starts stamping on the knee of Vice, removing Vices knee guard to further damage to it. He grabs a chair from a fan in the hope of using it but is hit by a SHOTGUN KNEE ON HIS RETURN TO THE RING. VICE HAS THE EXPOSED KNEE TOO. Vice puts the chair around Wilde's knee and locks in an End Game. After a minute or so, Wilde eventually days I Quit and Daniel Vice wins. What a match Winner: Daniel Vice Match 5: Aidanator Vs Man Aidan is a destroyer. Man is an underdog. Man has overcome Vice, Wilde and Slim. Aidan destroyed Alpha and returned 3 weeks later to Spear Man. In the main event, he then lost a Triple Threat. Now they meet in Match 5 due to that loss. Man is in the ring as Aidan comes out to the ring, and is attacked by no. No way. WOAH. ITS WILL SMITH. WILL SMITH HAS JUST ATTACKED AIDAN and now stares Man down. The Businessmen come out and pat Smith on the back, stating that Smith is the man before Smith rolls towards Man. The match starts and Smith hits an ECG, before locking in a Painful Lesson and Man taps. Will destroys before doing a lap of the ring to celebrate as The Businessmen clap Winner: Will Smith Match 6: Will Smith Vs Adam Masters Vs Alpha: STW Championship Elimination Match Now, the 3 men stare down. They start brawling with punches before Alpha is sent out of the ring by Adam. Adam turns into a Shotgun Dropkick followed by a Frog Splash from Will. Instead of covering, Will rolls through into a Painful Lesson and Adam taps Adam Masters is eliminated Will has a Sick smile on his face and turns into a SUPERKICK FROM ALPHA. 1,2, KICKOUT. The Businessmen were panicking. Alpha gets up and hits a Jumping DDT but Mario and Luigi try to enter the ring, causing Alpha to punch them. The ref tries to help Alpha and appears behind him but Alpha mistakes the ref for Will and turns and Superkicks the ref. Ross Nese takes advantage and hits a Running Nese to Alpha, but Alpha ducks and Ross hits Smith by accident. The Businessmen start beating down Alpha, with The Italian Bros hitting a Shatter Machine and Scott hitting a Pedigree. Scott calls for a referee to come to the ring, and someone comes running. Scott smiles before turning to the ref. Oh no. The ref is Ryan Reeves in disguise. Josh panics and starts to back away before Reeves smiles and says boo before striking Scott. Suddenly Adam Masters, Man and Aidan join the brawl on the Businessmen. Man Superkicks Nese but is hit by a Shatter Machine from the Italian Bros, who are Suicide Dived onto by Adam Masters and Aidan. Reeves, Smith and Aloha are the only ones standing. Reeves hits a PROJECT MURDER TO SMITH. He puts Alpha on Smith as the original referee arises. 1. 2. 3. HE'S DONE IT. ALPHA HAS WON THE STW CHAMPIONSHIP AND IS IN TEARS. Ryan Reeves raises Alphas hand as he stares down Scott as the screen turns to black. Winner: Alpha
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    This seems really cool and I’m interested as to where you take this series, I’ll definitely be keeping up for it.
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    Becoming A Legend

    "Something For You" hits and the crowd has a mixed reaction here on Carnage with some boo's and some cheers. "The One" Ross slowly walks out from the back and the crowd gets even louder. He strides into the spotlight shining down on the stage and points to the camera infront and motions a Championship around his waist. Ross walks down to the ring and doesn't waste any time as he slides inside and climbs to the top rope putting his hands in the air. He stands bang on in the middle of the ring and looks around at the fans in attendance smirking and chewing his gum. Ross turns around and sees the announcer still in the ring and nods at him. The announcer knew what he had to do and immediately left the ring as Ross wants all the attention on him. Now last week on Carnage I laid out a challenge to the man known as Bailey's brother Monda. I challenged him to a match at December to Dismember. But I'm looking at my phone and my emails and yet there is nothing about a match with Monda. And just then when I walked through production I asked if Monda has responded to my challenge yet and they say no. So to me this is just another member of the roster running scared once again from "The One". Just like Xavier King did when I splattered his blood all over the ramp. Just like Alyx Wilde did when I retained my United States Championship against him months ago. Monda is just a number, a number in a list of men who are afraid to get in this ring with me. Yet I'm still overlooked by all of you. None of you knew the real me and now you all get to feast your eyes on the real deal. And in that little hillbilly family Monda isn't the only one who's afraid of "The One". His so called "brother" won't step in the ring with me either. He says he's scheduled a match between me and him for Night of Legends but look what happened last time he punched above his weight. He got dismantled by Slim. Boo's fly down when the Former World Champions name is mentioned. I don't care who runs this show and I don't care if I get fired from this terrible company. But Bailey can't handle me nor can he handle that Flynn is World Heavyweight Champion. That's right. The two "best friends" and the menacing team they call "The Foundation" are falling apart before your very eyes. The envy and jealousy Bailey is producing is laughable to an extent. Then I look at Flynn as champion and is become even more hilarious. It's just an accident waiting to happen and it wouldn't surprise me if Bailey got someone else to do his dirty work on Flynn like he does for everything. This time it won't be his current bitch Flynn it will be someone new. Someone like... Monda? Just look at me. I'm young, I'm amazing and I've got the looks. I really am something. And when you compare Bailey to me it's like comparing the World Heavyweight Championship to the NXT Championship, he is nothing. Ross smirks as flicks his hair back behind his ears. I've been saying this since the beginning of 2017 and that's I'm the next big thing and I'm the best in this company. When I beat one Hall of Famer at December to Dismember, then another at Night of Legends. I will really become a legend in this business. They didn't pave the path for people like me. I paved the path for me and me only because I am "The One" and the only one who can do what I do. So at December to Dismember I will be waiting in this very ring for you Monda and you better show up. Infact I have a better idea, why don't you show yourself now and tell me to my face you accept the match. The crowd cheer as they await the arrival of the Hall of Famer Monda.
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    Becoming A Legend

    Monda makes his way on to the top of the ramp, microphone in hand. His face shows disgust but also happiness. Hello Ross. Isn't it a little rude to just, interrupt my night like this? I was just in the back enjoying catering while I hear my name mentioned over the speakers. Ross, listen man, I've put some thought into matching up with you at December to Dismember. My record in BPZ is not all that great. I haven't won a match in over a year. My absences have been all too frequent. Add in the fact you made a poor attempt to injure me and I would like to feel 100% going into any match so I can give the fans what they pay for. In no way, shape or form, would I ever run away from ANYONE. I have too much respect for myself and my opponent to do something like that. Monda continues to pace around at the top of the ramp. He taps the microphone against his head. Having just said I have respect for my opponents, I'd be lying if I said I respected you. Your cowardice shined through by being too afraid to attack, hell, confront Bailey so you attack a man when he isn't paying attention. Which leads me to my next point, in what way am I being Bailey's henchman here? This match is between me and you. The only hand Bailey has is being the creator of the match. You attacked ME, not Bailey. I'm fighting for my pride and to truly prove how much of a milksop you really are. Monda begins to stare directly at Ross I can't deny you could be something big in this company. But the keyword is "could be". With your current attitude you'll be going nowhere in this company. I've seen many a young up-and-comer become overrun by a false sense courage and cockiness which leads to their decline. So you can act like you don't care all you want, but if and when you don't make it around here, and the checks stop coming in, you'll be crawling right back. Monda begins to walk away before realizing that he forgot to answer Ross's challenge. He quickly turns around as the crowd's emotions change from confused to cheery. As for your challenge Ross, I accept. We just need the man you look up to to make it official.
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