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    We are welcomed to an Evolve show as Pyro and the Evolve theme song plays. The crowd cheers in the anticipation of one of the last Evolve shows before Rebellion, which airs live on the BPZ Neccework on May 11th. The card is shaping up to be one for the ages, and that’s while the likes of Slim still not appointed a match. The crowd is hot as ever as we are only 10 nights removed from this event that is sure to have an impact on the Evolve and BPZ as an whole. On the big screen we go back to a few weeks prior on Evolve, as we see Josh Trenton announcing that Smith will challenge Bart for the Grand Championship at Rebellion. We see the intense confrontation between the two. Following it we didn’t hear from either men for some time, as the fans were left with only the imagination of what was yet to come between the two. Tonight however, we might find out as the theme of the Grand Champion plays. Both of his titles are wrapped around his shoulder as he walks down to the ring, as the crowd show their despise for “The Villian” by an incredible amount of boos raining down the Evolve arena. Bart takes a look at the crowd before entering the ring, he stares at them with a look that shows his amazement for the actions of the crowd. He walks inside the ring as the crowd continue to boo him. Bart however waits, clearly wanting the crowd to stop making noise before he starts speaking. The crowd has stopped booing, as there is a silence in the arena, everyone eager to hear what Bart is about to say. I have never cared about compliments. They are useless to me. A compliment is simply some words, they aren’t an achievement. Titles, victories are real achievements. So Smith, when you called me the most promising star in the BPZ, it didn’t affect me, like you undoubtedly wanted. You wanted me to feel pressure, you thought mind games were the way to go. But I will stop you from wasting even more time, it isn’t. Words don’t mean anything to me, no matter of what they say about me. They can be positive, they can be negative, but ultimately, they are nothing more than just that, words. They don’t win championships, they don’t earn a paycheck. Call me whatever you want, go ahead. I will do the same thing. The crowd starts booing Bart again as again Bart waits for a silence before he restarts speaking. Smith, you are called one of the greatest of all time, but sadly I disagree. I say sadly, because I would be able to boast about beating you for years to come. But when I talk about greatness, I guess my description of the word great differs from others. When I think about greatness, I think about being able to perform at the big stages, when the pressure is on. When I think about the BPZ, that would have to be BPZMania, the biggest show of the year. But your track record there Smith, it’s not pretty. The first two years you didn’t even show up. I hope for you that it was because of some sort of injury, but I can’t believe that. I think you failed to live up to the pressure, and kept yourself quit as you were scared to fail. But I can’t fault you for that, as your worry turned out to be true. At BPZMania you had your big moment, your chance to summend yourself among the greatest to ever grace the BPZ, but you failed. It was the main event, you had finally reclaimed the world title and it was going to be your moment, the moment that Smith finally raises to the top of the food chain, but then, the truth came and it hurt you. You failed to defeat Slim, you just simply weren’t good enough. Please don’t feel upset Smith, it’s fine, most people lose to Slim. And yes, you had defeated him before, but to me, it showed that you just weren’t as good as people made you out to be. Bart pauses, as he lets the crowd take in his words before continuing to speak. I am not foolish however. Your accomplishments greatly outmatch mine which is why I am so thankful to our gm for gifting me this match. I love showing my talent against people who are considered better on the BPZ hierarchy. But, as I get into the business sides of things, it’s a dumb call to me. To the Evolve fans, you are considerd unbeatable, it’s why they come into this ring every single night and chant your name. They are aware of the fact that you lost your last two matches, but they simply do not care. You could very well be the biggest draw on Evolve, something that I believe adds nothing to a career but it should be said. To me you should keep the wrestler that people like away from those who are actually talented, as you want the fans to believe in someone and make sure they pay to see them, even though you are lying to them. But no, Nate decided differently. He decided to expose his biggest “star” against the best talent on his roster. And I can’t wait. Before Bart continues to talk, he is interrupted by a very familiar theme song playing in the arena….
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    Alyx Wilde


    As the intensity rises in the stares Ark and Sameer, a tense silence falls over the arena hosting EVOLVE tonight. Sameer takes a step towards Ark as it seems like the two men are gonna come to blows when suddenly the lights drop low, there is a restless break in the atmosphere, pure silence, which is finally broken by melodic, bass filled notes which almost melt through the acoustics of the arena and a deep purple light floods the whole building along with a thick fog beginning to encapsulate the stage. When suddenly a shadow drenched figure is revealed through the smoke. He is wearing a shiny golden jacket that is cut of at the mid drift and high waited purple tights with gold accents, tucked into sparkling gold ankle boots. As the words of the theme start reverberating through out the arena the figure slowly turns around. As he makes is way to facing front, a low angle camera approaches him, revealing his face. Despite his eyes being hidden by a pair of circular sunglasses with a third lense sitting in the middle above the other two, it his unmistakable. It is Alyx Wilde. After over half a year of being off BPZ TV, the one time triple crown champion has returned. As this realization hits the live EVOLVE Crowd, an absolute explosion of a pop blasts throughout the arena. Not all boos, not all cheers, but undeniably passionate. Alyx Wilde has seemingly gone through quite the transformation, looking vastly different since the last time he was seen in BPZ. Messy bleach blonde hair is swished attractively to one side, connected at the side burns with a five o' clock shadow, accentuating the the sharp jaw line of Wilde. A soft mustache sits above pursed lips as Alyx Wilde blows a kiss into the air before quickly pulling his jacket off and draping it in front of him at his feet in one fluid motion. He then backs himself up and half tip toeing half running over his jacket right as his theme bellows out "ELDORADO." He crosses his jacket and halts at the very top of the ramp, he arches his back and fully expands his arms, basking in the glory of his return, the crowd is still going completely mad. This is the first time we get a real look at Alyx Wilde's body, which is absolutely incredible. The once lanky, unimpressive frame of Wilde has been completely re-sculpted, with a torso cut like Bruce Lee and arms only comparable to that of Rick Rude, What Alyx Wilde has been doing with his 6 months off is suddenly apparent. Wilde looks as lean and built as we've ever seen a man in BPZ. Wilde begins to slowly walk his way down the ramp, silencing the rampant audience as they all just gaze upon the hypnotically strut of the returning 24 year old. Eventually he makes his way to the ring, Ark and Sameer part to either corner of the ring as he climbs onto the apron and glides through the middle rope. Wilde methodically makes his way to the center of the ring and drops his knees and then his back. A confused Sameer and Ark can do nothing but stare at Wilde, before sharing a questioning glance. Suddenly Wilde rolls himself back onto his hands and knees before popping back onto his feet and striking the same pose as earlier as his theme fades out and the arena lights return to normal. Wilde slowly removes his sunglasses and tucks them into the waste of his tights, revealing his iconic piercing icy blue eyes reveal . He then turns towards Sameer and walks right up to him. Wilde places his hand on the mic being held by Sameer, and slowly pulls it from his grasp and he smirks and gazes into the eyes of The Show-Stealer. Sameer, still dazed by what he's just seen, limply lets go of the mic, surrendering it to Wilde who just smiles and turns his back on Sameer, before walking back into the middle of the ring. The crowd is on the edge of their seat as Wilde raises the microphone to his lips. I believe I heard my name? The crowd pops once more, just at finally hearing the voice of Alyx Wilde after six long months. Wilde intensely glares out into the arena, scanning over the buzzing crowd who being chanting "Alyx Wilde!" Wilde smiles and nods. I'm glad you remember me. But I am not the man who left this cesspool 6 months ago. Oh no, that man was ugly. That man was violent.That man let the words of mortals affect his work. But worst of all, that man forgot how to win. He's dead now. I killed him. I am not that man. I'm much more than him or any other man in that locker room, in this industry, or on this plane of existence. I am The GREATEST Show on Earth. I am Alyx Wilde. Wilde seeming shudders with the thrill of this exclamation as the mixed reaction grows louder and louder throughout the arena. Wilde breathes deeply before slowly, individually looking the men at either side of the ring up and down. And I am sure as hell, much more than you two. If I would have known my return would be wasted on such a pathetic duo, 60 thousand dollars wouldn't have cut but I digress. I want the Grand Championship, and if getting it requires me suffering the displeasure of sharing the ring with the sad excuses of performers before me, then so be it. Wilde suddenly cocks his head and turns to his right, to see Ark Universe standing in the corner of the ring, looking confused and concerned with this transformation of a man he thought he knew well, Alyx Wilde. Wilde sort of swings his head back and forth as he swings his feet and meanders his way over to Ark, getting uncomfortably close to the ultimate underdog as he almost whispers into the mic. How long have I had your number Ark? The crowd fall silent once more as Wilde looks into the eyes of Ark, as if he's really trying to break through to him. How many days, how many weeks, how many years...how many matches is it gonna take before you realize...you can't beat me. You get an opportunity and you lose. You get another opportunity and you lose, you get opportunity after opportunity and you lose, and you lose and you lose and I'm sick of it. But every time they feed you to me, I do just enough to beat you, I don't hurt you, I don't maim you, I don't kill you because, I care about you. Or at least I used to. I wanted to see you succeed but, you have had one too many chances and now I am just nauseous to see your face in my way again. You'll never be me, you'll never beat me, and I need you to know that when you enter that ring at Takeover... Wilde shakes his head, almost sadly as he slowly raises his hand to the face of Ark Universe and cups his cheek before staring down the barrell of the mic and saying right to the face of his one time tag team partner It'll be the last time I let you walk out. Wilde closes his eyes and lays his forehead on the chin of Ark, slowly sliding his hand off of his cheek before putting it into the chest of Ark and shoving him back into the turnbuckle behind him, Ark immediately bounces out from the corner and lifts his fist about to clock Alyx Wilde. But Wilde just turns his back to Ark and walks away leaving him standing in the corner, holding his fist up, confused and embarrassed. Wilde slowly makes his way over to Sameer now, who doesn't want any of what Ark just received. Sameer charges out of the corner and gets into Wilde's face, screaming at him to do something. Wilde just smiles and shakes his head, before lifting the mic and looking at Sameer. And then there's you. You respect me? That's cute, that's just really sweet of you to say, but I'm afraid to say the feeling is far from mutual. I'm sorry but how am I supposed to respect a man who has shown blatant disrespect to not only these people, but to yourself. A man with a single ounce of respect for either wouldn't have said what you said. You're gonna defeat me? I don't know who you're trying to convince, these fans or yourself, but I know for a fact neither one of you believe it, and furthermore, allow me to dispel a misconception. I don't care how many history books or websites list matches of "Alyx Wilde vs. Sameer", we have NEVER been in the ring before, and you have NEVER faced anything like what's coming for you at Takeover. You made a mistake coming back. You used to be a "bad bad man", well so did I. But would you like to know the difference between us? You just changed, but I got better. A chorus of hollers and whispers is made at the intense remarks of Alyx Wilde, who turns his back and drifts away from Sameer now. He makes his way back to the center of the ring and begins speaking once more. At EVOLVE Takeover, I will unveil something the world has never seen before, The Greatest Show on Earth. And it is a show that can not be stolen by a washed up disappointment, or spoiled by a delusion underdog. I've looked into both you're eyes tonight and you know what I can tell you? You look scared. Scared of what? I don't know. Scared of what I'll do to you? Scared of what will happen when I do it? Scared that this might be your last chance? Well I know it's mine, so yours is about to get ruined. You're worst nightmare is my biggest dream, and The Greatest Show on Earth will turn my dreams to reality. Wilde smugly looks around the arena, basking in the tension, before dropping his mic to the canvas below and falling to his knees and laying down prone before slowly sliding himself backwards out of the ring. As the crowd continue to roar at what they just witnessed Wilde just smirks at the on looking men and taps his head, knowing that couldn't have sat well with either competitor. Whether Wilde has truly transformed in the way he says he has and appears to have is yet to be seen and can't be known until EVOLVE Takeover: Rebellion but it's hard not to believe him.
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    Beginnings and Ends.

    Evolve rolls on when suddenly the screen flashes and “We Are One, We Are Many, We Are Ruin” appears before FDS is shown sitting side on in a chair dressed in a black shirt with a red tie with his hands together like position before laughing maniacally and turning his chair to the camera and looks into the Camera with a smile on his face. Today I have two important points of business to deal with… i’ll start with one of the ones I find quite interesting because i’m sure you idiots were completely unaware of. You see for the longest time these tag team belts have been divided. They’ve had a design that would represent the brand in which the tag team was on, despite the fact that while we have been on EVOLVE we have had these Red Belts. Now while I may be a fan of the colour red… I don’t like how divided it makes these titles. You see Ruin doesn’t care about the Brand’s, we couldn’t give less of a shit about EVOLVE or Carnage or whatever the fuck, Ruin only cares about one thing and that is causing chaos to destroy the system. So that means one thing: We can no longer use these idiotic title designs and so… The Camera zooms out to show FDS with both the red tag team championship titles sitting next to a trash can. Goodbye to these titles. FDS drops the two red tag team championship titles into the trash. Now i’m sure all you idiots are so sad and angry that I just got rid of your favourite championship designs and I’m guessing i’m gonna get a lot of angry tweets but do not fear you idiots because i do in fact have a little surprise for you. FDS stands up and brings a table in front of him, there is a sheet on top of something on the tables. You pathetic Vermin, I present to you: The New BPZ World Tag Team Title Belts! FDS takes off the sheet revealing the new design of the BPZ World tag Team Championships Going forward whether BPZ sanction them or not these will be Ruin’s Tag Team Championships. I can already here there being issues with the designs from some fuck nuggets on twitter but I personally do not give a damn. These belts represent everything Ruin is for and against, they are neutral, they are balanced, they are beautiful. FDS picks up one half of the tag team belts and places it on his shoulder as he sinks into his chair, he smiles. Now that I have taken care of that business allow me to move onto my next piece of business. Revolution of Attitude. I admire what you did at Backlash, Attacking myself and Jon after the match… but at the same time, how foolish you all are. You see there's a saying that you all should’ve considered: Don’t Poke the Sleeping Bear. You see Ruin was fine with the Revolution of Attitude, we didn’t care about you guys, you had your business and we had ours… but now you’ve involved yourselves in our business and I frankly don’t appreciate that. I thought we had an understanding Flynn. I thought we had an agreement. You stay out of my way and I stay out of yours but it appears as if that you have decided to come and fight me… and you brought your kids with you. You see you 3 have really pissed me off and I personally cannot wait to rip you to shreds piece by piece… but I don’t want to wait until Mayhem to get my hands on at least two of you, I want to be able to bloody your faces up, I want to be able to hit you in the face and I want to make you suffer but I don’t want to wait that long to do so. So I have an Idea: If two of you are willing to face us without jumping us from behind, then two of you can come face us at Rebellion under the conditions that it isn’t the same two to face us for the tag Team Championships at Mayhem…. But a word of caution. If you are to accept we will make you hurt, we will make you suffer and we will beat the living crap out of you. And you will all know… THE ART OF RUIN! The Camera flashes suddenly as the table with the other tag team championship disappears and is replaced with Johnny Kills with the Tag Team Championship over his shoulder. Oh hello Johnny Boy!
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    Echo Wilson


    Welcome to the Sit Down Review and THE RETURN OF BPZ BUNKER! 9:02 - Sit Down Review (There will be no day 5 until the next post) Summer: Welcome back to BPZ Bunker! Its been too long but I am prepared to say that we are back full time to continue the first season of BPZ Bunker! Last time we left off....the main talking point was Yelich's choice to leave. Any of you have anything to say about that? Slim: Let me make something clear, a lot has happened since we were last on and i don't think any of us can still be blamed for this turn of events. It was almost a year ago Let's not dwell on the past. Alyx: I totally agree with Slim, there have been changes and Yelich probably wouldn't do this nowadays, but its too late I say we move on. Ark: Look there has been an unfortunate series of people that are bullies. People have been constantly abused and I feel like now that we are back, there needs to be a change in heart. Ferb: Slim isn't a bully, if thats what you're thinking. I'm a Top Guy I know. Ark: Top Guys aren't even a thing anymore. Keep Up Ferb. Ferb: Oh.... Bailey: Getting back on track, I think its more about weakness. Like Josh, he's weak. Josh: Look, Bailey we're literally working together what are you on about? Flynn: Josh.......you are annoying. You're lucky we need the numbers or else you'd be out of here fast. Neb: The way I see it, there is no bullying, only those who know how to force people to do the things they like. FD: Of course, you'd know about that. Weren't you the one who broke Brad's arm and made him tap out. Neb: Yes twas me. I am proud of it as well. Summer: Alright, I think that's enough. Let's move on to our second topic of the sit down review...The Outcast. Who is he? How do we prove who he is? Anyone want to shed light onto this? Chris White (Bart): I have stated my claim, I believe BiC is the outcast. BiC: Wait.... what happened to Chris White? Who are you? Chris White (Bart) : I am Chris White, definitely not Bart. BiC: No you are not, where is my former tag team partner? Summer: Um......let's move back onto our topic. Some things are not fit for television. Who is the outcast people? Flynn: Well, last time, BiC and Chris White were being fishy. Aidan: Literally shut up. I'm not a fish anymore. Ross: Well, you aren't wrestling anymore either. Aidan: Fair enough Flynn: Look my point is, that FD is the outcast, and he has the 100k right now, end of story. FD: Flynn knows, see I have a group of friends that believe me, BiC has no one, Chris White is no longer with us, and Bart is not very likely to hear him out. Chris White (Bart): Ugh fine, I give up, I'm not Chris White. I'm Bart. BiC: No shit. How'd you even get in here? Bart: How does anyone do anything anymore? BiC: Jesus, Chris probably would've been better than you. Summer: Alright that's enough of that, lets talk strategy, what are the alliances looking like now? Slim: Well, I can tell you that the Top Guys alliance still stands, Alyx and Nate and myself, NOT FERB. Ferb: Oh ok then........ Nate: Oi, look, The Top Guys we've been out and about, looking for the roight man to join our ranks. We are officially open to auditions. Bailey: You need to find a 4th man? HA. Let me shake things up. We have 5 men, and yes I know, it looks like we only have 4, but there is a rat amongst you, someone is playing games with all of you lads. Ain't that right boys? Josh: Of course it is, we're the best. Bailey: I wasn't asking you. Flynn: He was asking me, the answer is yes. If you've been keeping count, that puts the 5 of us at the 3 of the top guys, unfortunately that limits their options considerably. Good Luck. Ross: Look, I want to make something clear quickly. Me and Aidan are roomates but soon enough, there will only be one I have been gifted multiple cookbooks and have found a wonderful recipe for smoked fish. Aidan: I am not even a fish man anymore. Get up to date Ross. Ross: To me you are, I wil roast you. Summer, be warned, there will be one less man in this competition at the end of today, there might need to be a medical evacuation. Summer: Well, that's gonna do it for today, this will replace our morning conversations, you have free periods for a little while and then you have chores. Good luck. And we will see you all for the continuation of Day 5.
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    NCU - NoyClub Unierse Mode NC Saturday Night WAR - Episode 4 The night begins with WAR's general manager Chris Roy, in his office sipping on a coffee cup, when he hears a knock on the opened door, it's Johnny Gargano. "Hey, Gargano, how's your recovery going? Doing any better?" asks Mr. Roy. Gargano walks up to Roy's desk, "I'm doing great, I might be coming to WAR sooner than the doctors said I would. But let's talk buisiness, I know that my injury came out of nowhere and that made you take some decisions that would keep the tournament going, but once I comeback I want an opportunity to prove myself, what I'm asking for is that once I'm cleared to return I want to face one of your biggest stars." Roy stands up and offers a handshake, "I believe that would be great for NCU and best for the fans. You have a deal." Gargano smiles and shakes Mr. Roy's hand. Curtis Axel & Tyson Kidd vs. Baron Corbin & Luke Harper Grand Prix Round 4: Finn Bálor vs. Jeff Hardy Grand Prix Round 4: Shane Thorne vs. Hideo Itami Grand Prix Round 4: Randy Orton vs. Neville Grand Prix Round 4: Seth Rollins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura RESULTS: In a very good tag team match, the team of Tyson Kidd and Curtis Axel upsetting the team of Corbin and Harper when Harper accidentally hit Corbin with the discuss clothline, with Axel taking the opportunity to pick up the win for his team. In another Grand Prix tournament classic so far, Jeff Hardy defeated Finn Bálor to take his two points. In a match that was hard hitting and full of high flying action when Shane Thorne defeated Hideo Itami, Itami failing once again. In a match that had Neville jump from the top rope to the outside landing the Red Arrow, still at the end Orton maneged to defeat a gain Neville. In a match that had two favorites to win the GP tournament, Rollins and Nakamura, Rollins would defeat Nakamura in the middle of the ring, and after the match both men embraced in a hug and out of respect Nakamura raised Rollins' hand. POST SHOW INTERVIEW: Randy Orton was the man to be interviewed. A man holding a pad and bitting his pen, "Randy, tonight you defeated a very gained opponent in Neville, and people still don't recognize the fact that you could end up winning block A of the GP. How do you react to this?" Orton, fuming with anger, "I don't care what you or anyone thinks, and to be honest I don't owe anything to anyone. So, as far as I'm concerned, this is my tournment and I'm definetly going to Grand Prix to become Champion. I'm done, no more questions." Randy Orton pushes the microphone off the table and leaves.
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    [Yesterday saw the first round of the Power Cup Trip tournament kick out, with the fourth match up being Apex versus Brad, where Apex went to work on the battered and bruised legend. Working on the right arm of Brad, the mid section, and along with throwing him head first into the ring post, busting him open again. But Brad never quit and never gave up. Managing to kick out after each move, he locked Apex into the "No Escape" submission hold and Apex tapped out after a fifiteen mintue match up. Carnage resumes to a sold out crowd live from Denver as a unfamiliar theme song hits and gets the crowd confused. "In This Moment" by Adrenalize hits as the crowd starts getting into the song. At 00:44 into the song, Brad walks holding his shoulder to a pop of the crowd tonight. He looks out into the crowd and kisses his wrist tape and prays before he limps down to the ring. Since BackLash, Brad hasn't been the same. His in ring style has decreased from the risk taking stuff, but his heart remained, and it was there vs Apex. Brad high fives some of the fans and waves to the rest. He limps up the steel steps and slowly steps between the ropes and enters the ring. He walks over to the center of the ring and stands there as his theme song dies down.] Crowd: "IRON MAN! LION HEART! IRON MAN! LION HEART! IRON MAN! LION HEART!" [Brad listens to all of this and he smiles. He bows a tad at all sides of the ring to the crowd. He holds his hands together then points at the crowd with his left arm before grabbing the microphone from Hannah and watches her leave the ring. He turns his attention to the live crowd and he speaks.] "Lately.. my career has been up in question. And it's been like this for years yes, but this point, it's been where my life has been at it's lowest. I love wrestling. I love coming out here and giving you all a smile on your faces. Wither it was me doing something y'all like or making you laugh. Then I realized something very important about being happy. Don’t rely on someone else for being happy. You get to be happy by your choice, and I'm glad that I'm all of your guys choice of happiness. It is a honor and a privilege to step out in front of y'all, so thank you." [The crowd claps for Brad as he nods and mouths "Thank You" to the crowd. The crowd then claps five times and chants "Thank You Brad!" and claps five times again before contiuning on. He looks around and and he smiles slightly again. He sighs as he looks at his arm and speaks.] "Now.. I been to doctors. And, well I always had pain. But, after No DQ with that monster..... it became worse. At BPZMania III, in the ladder match, when that cunt FDS." [The crowd cheers as Brad steals FDS favorite C word.] "Pushed me off the ladder and sent me into the ropes when my arm was caught into the ring post. And I felt it pop out of place. It took me forty mintues before I was able to pop it back into place, but after that, my arm been through the ringer. Hell, my whole body has been as well. I've bleed more in a month than I have in the past year. My body still aches and my heart is broken... because doctors are still recommending that I retire. And with the people who i work with... the rumors came out and look at these lovely tweets I got." [Brad points to the tron as tweets of many stars appear.] "Echo Wilson: Think about it, at least you never have to lose again. Happy Retirement! Bart: Now that your retired you can spend everyday with you wife. I’m sure you can’t wait to see her with another man! Enjoy it loser." [The crowd boos as Brad nods. Brad shrugs a tad before speaking.] "“Depression is like a heaviness that you can’t ever escape. It crushes down on you, making even the smallest things like tying your shoes or chewing on toast seem like a twenty-mile hike uphill. Depression is a part of you, it’s in your bones and your blood. But... what I can do is fight that depression like I did in my match versus Apex and what I can do is survive. May 11th, I go one on one vs the man I recently mentored, "Demon" Storm. He defeated a former Premium Champion in a talented Kyle Reeves, but by luck. So Storm, bring your demons with you. Bring it all. Because I know best of fighting demons. And May 11th, I promise you Storm that you sir WILL HAVE EACH DEMON RIPPED APART SOUL BY SOUL AND SPIRIT BY SPIRIT BY THE HANDS OF THE MAN WHO CREATED YOUR CAREER! You learned a bit from me, but the one thing I haven't taught you, and that's discipline. May 11th, you get that lesson when I beat you like a real bitch. Your hope... is for Survival." [Brad drops the microphone and he walks towards the ropes and slowly exits the ring as he walks up the ramp and high fives fans as the segment ends.]
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    The next match in the Carnage Power Trip Cup is a personal one between Kyle Reeves and Storm. Storm claims that this is his era and that Kyle Reeves is his bitch and to step out of his era. Kyle Reeves claims he is not afraid of the Demon and he will beat Storm and claim what he wants and that is the Universal Championship. A populuar theme of one Kyle Reeves blasts through the PA System and the crowd explodes, standing up on their feet and chanting, "5 Star, 5 Star, 5 Star". Kyle Reeves cuts a quick smile to his fans before running inisde the ring and posing for the crowd. He then gestures to the back for Storm to bring it. Now "The Demon" Storm makes his way to the ring with his music dominating his mind and the boos greeting him not getting in his head and he makes his entrance not looking anywhere besides into the eyes of his bitter enemy, Kyle Reeves. He makes his way inside the ring and looks straight at Reeves and comes closer and says" YOU ARE MY BITCH! The bell rings and the match begins with Storm and Kyle locking up with no advantage yet until Storm racked the eyes of Kyle. Kyle backs up into the corner and Storm runs at him for a clothesline but Kyle moves out of the way and strikes Storm with a dropkick. Storm is hurt but gets back up and and runs at Kyle but Kyle ducks and Storm answers with a jump on the springboard following up by a reverse ddt. He just landed the Underground swing very early in this match. Storm goes for the cover, 1..2.. and no a kick out by Kyle. Storm goes to pick up Kyle to continue the attack but Kyle strikes Storm with vicious elbows to the ribs and then throws Storm out to ringside. Kyle comes out to the outside and grabs Storm but as the referee is still inside the ring and counting, Storm hits a cheap low blow and throws Kyle into the ringside barricade. Storm looks for a rolling senton onto the barricade. OH MY GOD, STORM CONNECTED WITH THAT DEVASTATING ROLLING SENTON TO KYLE! The referee is now on the count of 5 and Storm realizes this and grabs Kyle, bringing him inside the ring and goes for another cover, 1..2.. no Kyle kicks out once again. Kyle now grabs the ropes for leverage to get up and Storm has to be thinking what he has to do to win this first round matchup. Kyle then out of instinct runs at Storm for "Sweet Dreams". Kyle connects with his signature move, and covers Storm now..1...2.. no now it is a kick out by Storm at the last second. Kyle continues the attack with stomps to the legs of Storm. This is a very good strategy by Kyle becuase Storm uses those legs very effectively with his finisher, "Human To Demon". Kyle continue the stomps now to the arms but Storm now kicks Kyle repeatedly to his shins. The kicks to the shins finally release the grasp and Storm gets up and reacts very quickly with a uppercut combo to Kyle. The combo takes Kyle down to one knee and Storm hits a running shining wizard. Storm now goes up to the top rope maybe looking for his finishing move and he goes for it but Kyle moves out of the way. Storm now lands on both ankles and now it looks as he may have injured one of those ankles. The left one it seems and the referee tells Kyle to back away and Kyle obeys to it. The medical staff come over to Storm to check out the damage. As Kyle is looking at the fans, wondering what happened Storm comes flying up and runs at Kyle who is now turned to Storm's direction and hits his signature move "Into Hell". Storm now pulls Kyle into the center of the ring and goes to the outside and I dont know why he wouldn't of just pinned Kyle he seems to be down and out. Storm then goes under the ring and grabs a chair, he throws the chair inside the ring and enters the ring himself. He puts the chair down right next to Kyle and then kneels down with his arms on each side of his hips. Kyle now seems to scaling to his feet and his eyes see the chair and he picks it up. Storm still kneeled down says KYLE YOU ARE NOTHING BUT MY BITCH AND YOU WILL NEVER BE ANYTHING BUT THAT! Kyle cant take this anymore with emotions running high for months he hits Storm with the steel chair in the skull. The referee has let this go because of how emotional this match is and it is a tournament for the Universal Championship so. Kylhas made his emotions get the best of him here tonight... Here is your winner and advancing to the quarterfinals against Brad by DQ Storm.
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    The Third Meeting of the Yelich's

    Carnage returns from commercial break when the titantron shows "Crazy" Yelich walk into the room we saw Yeldick walk into on the Carnage after Backlash with a smile on his face, he then sits down at the same roundtable, where no one else is at the table but him, and he begins talking to himself again. "Crazy" Yelich: Now that my friends is how you win a match Yeldick: Congratulations Yelich, you defeated the Premium Champion, god we really should go for that title, why haven't we? Gary Kirby: Who gives a shit about the Premium Championship? Bic has held that belt, and he's shit. Yeldick: Sometime you make too much sense Gary, and that scares me. Anyways, who are we facing in round two? "Crazy" Yelich: A member of the newest faction Kingdom, Echo Wilson. Peter Wilchester: HIM! IT'S THE SCUM OF THE EARTH WE'RE FACING NEXT EH? WELL I'LL BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF THAT LITTLE FREAK! "Crazy" Yelich: Not so fast there Mountie, I won my match, something none of you guys could do since Team Carnage carried you in the Bragging Rights 5v5. Peter Wilchester: You do not understand do you Captain Insano, so allow me to jog your memory. Back in August 2017 that little shithead came to MY HOME, in MY COUNTRY, and ruined my house, left me crushed under my garage door, and replaced my Canadian flag, WITH THE FUCKING AMERICAN ONE! AND HE NEEDS FURTHER PUNISHMENT FOR IT! "Crazy" Yelich: Do you want to win, or lose again like you did to him in the Number One Contender's Match, the Elimination Chamber, and at your home in Canada, the only time you've ever beaten him you resorted to cheating, I'm wrestling in round two. Peter Wilchester: OVER OUR DEAD BODY YOU AREN'T! Yelich starts punching himself in the face with his right hand, simulating a brawl between Peter Wilchester and "Crazy" Yelich, his left arm or Yeldick eventually breaks it up though. Yeldick: BOTH OF YOU STOP IT, FIGHTING ISN'T GOING TO GET US ANYWHERE! Yeldick breathes heavily. Besides I already know who's wrestling. "Nexus" Yelich: I could wrestle Echo. Yeldick: SHUT UP NEXUS YELICH, NO ONE CARED EVER ABOUT YOU! A single tear runs down "Nexus" Yelich's face. Yeldick: Echo Wilson already stated he wanted Peter for this match, so Peter, your getting the match, don't you dare mess this up. Peter Wilchester: Oh I won't, I will defeat Echo Wilson and make it 2-1 in my favor in our singles matches, and I will prove once and for all, that Canada is better than the World's Capital of Obesity, The United States of America. Peter Wilchester then leaves the room with a smile on his face, and the camera shows a room with no one except the cameraman in it again as Yelich has Multiple Personality Disorder, and he was just talking to himself. The scene then fades to black as Carnage goes back to commercial break.
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    The crowd begins cheering again as "Black Beatles" starts playing, signaling the arrival of Ark Universe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGsPPeEClzk Sameer, thank you for your kind words. I can't say that they didn't move me a bit inside. However, there are a few errors and mistruths in your speech, that I feel like I have to come out and rectify. Ark steps int he ring and grins at Sameer. Your correct, I am not the Show-Stealer. I am the Show-maker. I come out and I amaze like none before me and set peaks for those after. I bring to life my words and my moves in this ring, because my matches are more then a brawlfest of fist of kicks, its a intricate play of high-flying and technical prowess. I don't steal the show, I make the show. It is you Sameer, who steals the show. Ark's face turns serious as he starts to circle Sameer. March, 2017. Ark Universe versus Sameer. The finals of the Evolve Tournament to determine the Number 1 contender for Yelich's loosely held title. Sameer, coming of a pair of underhanded wins, was the favorite against the fair player Ark. We put on a show. Then. it happened. You were right there, prone on the ground. I climbed up the top, ready to fly and win it all. When I...was...pushed. Who pushed me? Who had just cost me what was my mine, what I could have attained but was delayed by a full year? Alyx Wilde pushed me off the top I had claimed. through hard work I had made it only to be pushed from behind, and what did you do? You went straight for the cover, without a second thought. It didn't matter how you made it, it was the destination that mattered. Ark pauses behind Sameer, who had started straight ahead, not turning with Ark. Now, you mentioned Alyx. Seems you might be looking at this moment with lens of nostalgia, like I am. Your expecting Alyx to make a appearance, and insert himself in our match once again. Im waiting for it too. My path to the top has never been a straight line. So, even if he wants to come and join us in this ring. It won't be unexpected, he is just someone that i have had on my mind the past few weeks since he returned. Someone who has cost me not once, or even twice. but three times to many. So Sameer. this match will be my perfect return match, as not only do i get to return in style, i get to finish a chapter left on a cliffhanger for over a year. So fight your hardest, I won't give anything less.
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