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    [The crowd roars as the theme song for "The King Of The Underground", Nanovirus kicks in. Flynn turns and faces the stage area, holding his knee, prepared for anything that can happen. Suddenly, the lights go out on Flynn. Soon after, Evil Ways ends but the arena remains in darkness. Then, the lights turn on, and Nanovirus and Flynn are in a deep stare down in the middle of the ring. The two change looks at each other before both men seem to charge at each other, until Nanovirus goes low and kicks Flynn right in the injured knee, dropping the former Universal Champion within a instance. The crowd seemingly does not appreciate the dirty tactic portrayed by Nanovirus, and sends a bit of negative reactions to the "Ruler Of Hell". Nano closes his eyes, and seems to have blocked out all noise, and when he opens his eyes, his eyes have a fire in them never seen before. His facial expressions show rage as he grabs Flynn by his leg and stomps the hell out of it. Each kick trying to be harder than the previous. Nano grabs his leg, places his leg inside and drops his knee directly onto the former World Champion's knee. Screams of pain can be heard from Flynn as a ruthless attack to his damaged body part after a grueling match. Flynn kicks at Nanovirus, but to no avail. Nano kicks Flynn out off the ring and he exits between the ropes to follow him. He then picks up Flynn and grabs him by his face, pulling him close to his before whipping him into the steel steps, causing his knees to buckle into the metal. Flynn lays on top of the steps, holding his knee, as Nanovirus seems to have had a enough. However, he turns around and looks at Flynn. And his face.. has so much anger, like something hit him and it causes him to rush over and he jumps onto the apron and hurries over to the prone Flynn. He then grabs his knee and he smashes it into the steel steps, causing another scream to come from Flynn. Nanovirus drags Flynn off the steps and lifts him up by ease with one arm before tossing him into the ring. He slowly walks over to the announcers table, while Flynn lays there holding his knee, and he picks up a steel chair and folds it before grabbing a micrphone and he slides the chair in before sliding in himself. He turns Flynn over and unfolds the chair. Nano stomps on Flynn's leg once again before putting the chair down and takes a seat.] "For three years, I have heard the same thing... "Flynn has defeated Brad" and "Flynn has defeated Angelo", "12-0". You faced this body... twelve times. But you never faced this form Flynn. Brad and Angelo are nothing compared to me. I will pull you to your worst fear. I am sick and tired of hearing you're twelve to nothing against me. I am sick of you. When this tournament was announced, I plotted for this moment. I wanted a match with you Flynn. The thirteenth encounter in the historic past. The Final Chapter Flynn. The final time you and this body will ever face off again. No more wars. No more battles. And no more of you. While you defeated a newbie nobody ever saw before, and beat up a female who was never suppose to be in this ring, I battled champions of the past. I battled Demons. I started of a man of pain, sorrow, and agony. But, I was reborn into a man of rage, hatred, and vengeance. Flynn, when we face off, your world? Your world will be the weight.... that shatters this knee." [Nanovirus drops the microphone and slowly stands up. He grabs the chair and then moves it to the side a bit. He grabs Flynn by the hair and then lifts him up again. However, the former champion shows fight and breaks off the hold of Nanovirus and he starts throwing rights that are hitting their mark on Nanovirus as the crowd roars, but that all stops when Nano takes another cheap tatic and kicks his leg in but stops him from falling. He slides his head between his legs and hooks both arms then legs and hits a running package piledriver. Flynn lays there motionless as Nanovirus sits beside him. Nano looks down at Flynn before he gets to his knees and looks at the chair. He walks over to the chair and grabs it. He then approaches Flynn and slides the chair on his damaged leg. Nanovirus climbs to the top rope and looks out into the arena and his rage intensifies as he launches off with a foot stomp to the chair, causing more pain and suffer to Flynn as he grabs onto his leg again. Medics and refs try to attend to Flynn and get Nano out, but the Ruler Of Hell chases them all off. He turns to Flynn and he slowly raises his arms as the crowd roars in negative reactions. The show ends with Nanovirus standing tall over Flynn, showing "Zero Fear".]
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    The Future Of EVOLVE

    The EVOLVE Center is bouncing tonight after an incredible PPV this past weekend. We return tonight for the EVOLVE after Rebellion! The crowd jump off their feet as "Kingdom" hits the EVOLVE speakers for the first time in nearly over a year. "The Alpha" steps out from the back in an unusual manner. Not looking smug, not acting cocky and not flashing his gold around. Ross just simply walks down to the ring and grabs a microphone. I've kind of been dreading this moment for a while now and I'm certainly not going to beat around the bush. I have not been seen on BPZ TV since War Games. But I have been here. For the past month I have been helping Bailey run things on Carnage. Myself and Bailey are the masterminds behind the Power Trip Cup. The reason for myself helping out in management is because after War Games I didn't fell 100%. So I was called into the Medical Room. It turns out I actually suffered a severe concussion that night. But it was not the first time this had happened inside a BPZ ring. Therefore BrendenPlayz himself deemed me not fit to wrestle inside this ring again. So ladies and gentleman this is the reason I'm out here. I am officially announcing my retirement from In-Ring competition. Many of you will ask why here on EVOLVE and that's because I wanted to say goodbye on the stage I was created on. I just want to thank all of my fans and everyone who I have wrestled throughout the years. And most importantly Bailey, Flynn and Slim. All three men have helped me one way or another throughout my career and I respect them. Thank you BPZ and goodnight. The EVOLVE Center get on their feet and clap Ross who waves and goes to leave the ring. He gets half way through the ropes and pauses before coming back in. There is one more thing EVOLVE Center. I'm not just going to leave this company like this. That's why I heard a word with management and several big names backstage and well, EVOLVE. YOU ARE LOOKING AT YOUR NEW EVOLVE GENERAL MANAGER! EVOLVE fans go insane knowing they was getting a new General Manager but not that it would be Ross! "The Alpha" drops the microphone down on the floor and smiles to the crowd as EVOLVE fades to black.
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    Just one day following the EVOLVE Takeover: Rebellion, Carnage goes LIVE with round two of the Power Trip Cup, the victor of said Cup going on to face the Universal Champion Necce in a one on one Championship match. The next tournament match scheduled for tonight features a BPZ main stay in the form of Mr. Money in the Bank, Flynn. His opponent, Sheridan, one of the most dangerous women in the world and a relatively fresh face here in BPZ. We are around fourteen minutes into the match and Sheridan has directly targeted the now reinjured right knee of Flynn. She has grounded Flynn, landing several precise strikes on the knee to keep him there while being able to maintain the brunt of his offense. She would lay his knee firmly across the ropes before leaping off the top rope, stomping right on his knee. She would look to lock in a knee bar right after and it would be successful! Flynn would scream in pain, Sheridan trying to make him tap. After several seconds, Flynn would be able to crawl to the ropes, forcing the break. Sheridan would release the hold, allowing Flynn to pull himself to his feet. She’d quickly attempt to yet againntarget the knee however before she can, Flynn would nail her with a massive forearm, just before throwing her straight in the air and planting her with a Pop-Up-Powerbomb! 1...2....3! Flynn has won and advanced to the Semi-Finals! Flynn would throw an ark up in victory as he receives a massive ovation after another hard earned victory. Flynn would be helped to his feet, as he is now one step further to getting his rematch with Necce. Before any type of celebration could begin however, an all to familiar theme would begin to echo through the arena.....
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    Forgiveness. Forgive me father, for I have sinned. Forgive me father, for I have sinned. Kieron is shown in a building that looks like a church, sitting on a bench, talking to himself. Forgive me father, for I have. He stops suddenly and grabs his head, as if he has a migraine, then stands up suddenly. This again? Jesus Christ, grow a pair. I have a match soon for the United States title and you are here about to cry over nothing. Nothing? Nothing. Are you serious? Yes. You keep going too far. Because you need to realize the situation we are in. I do. You sure about that? You still seem pretty weak to me. That doesn't have anything to do with what I need to do. Yes, it does, a weak man doesn't get anywhere fast, the sooner you realize the sooner you can take that thought that I’m a bad guy out of your head. You know deep down that I am doing whats best for us. If you didn't you wouldn’t of let me take care of Zamasu. I don’t have a choice in the matter. If you really wanted you could take back control with the click of your finger. You let me dismantle Zamasu. That doesn’t take away from the fact you went too far. I held back, you know I could’ve done more. I could’ve slammed him through a flaming table again. I want you on my side. I want you in my corner. I want your help. I need it. Together we can do better then if we are a conflicting enemy. Two against one. Me and you against the world. What do you say. No. C’mon man. Mayhem is very, very soon. I don’t need your help for that. We both know what. But we also both know that if you are in my head and still believe that I am Satan himself, we are getting nowhere. If Mayhem doesn’t work, I am working for myself, I take back control. Deal? Deal.
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    Echo Wilson

    The Formula

    "Ladies and Gentleman, Echo Wilson" We are back on Carnage Live, after the Round 2 matches are complete. 8 men entered, only 4 escaped. Echo Wilson stands in the ring, with a microphone in hand. "The cream of the crop has been found. There are only 4 men who remain. The best 4 men this company has to offer. And now that we have narrowed it down, there are so many dream matches we could be seeing again. For example, who will I be facing in the finals after I knock Julius down a notch. It could either be Flynn, a man who I have despised for some time, a man who not only stood in my way, but managed to scurry away without paying his dues. Necce shouldn't have been the one to end the reign of Flynn, I should have at Halloween Havoc and everyone should've seen that wide and clear. On the other side of the coin we have our lovely old friend Brad. Formerly my best friend and the man who I have beaten up on multiple occasions. Apparently, this new Nanovirus character of his is back and, well, I'm not impressed. To me, I still see the shitty little underdog who had to leech off of my success to get anywhere. I don't believe he will be the Carnage Power Trip Trophy holder. In fact, I can make a solid case that suggests that no one else else deserves that trophy. Never the less, would have the heart to fight for it. These dreams I'm cultivating are dreams that will span generations. These memories will outlast my own life and the life of everyone of you watching because my name will live on with the greats, I am the epitome of this industry and quite frankly I don't see a day where my name isn't uttered with pride, awe and fascination. But we shouldn't get to far ahead of ourselves, they say that time is of the utmost importance, and I tend to spend all 5 minutes of my glorious match against Julius, by making sure that ROA's name is tarnished forever. Yes, 5 minutes. It only takes 5 minutes worth of my valuable time to discard of someone of Julius' level. I don't want to waste any of my valuable time when I could be out and about, signing autographs for all of my adoring fans, pumping metal in the gym, making love to my beautiful wife. So I will not play any silly games with Julius, as simple as can be put, Julius will be jobbed out to myself in the most embarrassing way possible." "Now I know what you all are undoubtedly thinking right now, "But Echo, he's arguably 1 foot taller than you!". You are all ignorant, and that although you whine, and worry about my whims on repeat, I trust in confiding to you this one secret. Size does not play a factor when you are at my level of dominance. If Julius wants to try and combat me with brute force and strength then I will use my un-matchable speed to run circles around Julius, making him dizzy, and then I climb up, drop back down with a magnificent back flip, landing both feet onto his ribs. Breaking them both and pinning him for the 1,2,3. And when he lays there wheezing, clutching at his stomach, wondering where it all went wrong. He'll have one thing to blame, he idiotic cockiness. That's right, he is way too full of himself to realize where he stands in the hierarchy of this company. He has been taken under the wing by two of the supposed top superstars in this company, the people you adore the most and yet still he finds a way to be outshone by all of the plethora of mid-carder jobbers this company has to offer. Julius has had all of the chances in the world, handed to him on a a silver plate and yet he still manages to fail you, time and time again. I don't even think he cares. The amount of disrespect he shows you is appalling, in fact, the amount of disrespect he shows the staff and his co workers in the locker room, it speaks to his personality. And Julius, you cannot get far by being a bully. You see I, I am obviously much more sophisticated, if I want someone taken care of I do it in quick fashion. Quick but thought out, leaving no loose ends and making sure that every single base is covered properly. So Julius, if you want to take me on, you will face the biggest storm of your entire career. One that will take you off your feet, leave you breathless and leave you dazed. It's just the effect I have on people, that leaves them in awe at the raw star power, the performance skills, basically every aspect you could ask for. Things that the Revolution of Attitude lack immensely. They are no true match for every thing the Kingdom brings to the table. The Kingdom brings style, grace, athleticism, stamina, we have the perfect solution of confident leaders, future torch bearers, the brute force and will needed to bring a revolution down to its knees. Mayhem is the beginning. I, Echo Wilson, will advance to the Carnage Power Trip Finals, Me and Bart, the two brightest stars in the night sky, will make quick and easy fashion of this fallacized tag division, and in the end, I will raise the Premium Title once again high in the sky. For a moment, Echo seems lost in his own greatness, and the dream he has of what will occur at Mayhem. He snaps back into reality, gives a judgmental look around and coughs and begins again. You know, not many people have one night that defines their lifetime, for me, I can honestly say, that night was Halloween Havoc. I won the tag team titles as the star of AK-17, I won the United States Title, burying Joshua Scott forevermore and I came fingertips away from defeating your great hero Flynn for the Universal Championship. it was truly a special night, some say it made Echo Wilson, I agree but there is more to define Echo Wilson by. Mayhem will be the second coming of Havoc. I will take 2 titles with me and advance to my well deserved #1 contenders match after the doors close, there will only be one name buzzing through people's heads, Echo Wilson. Let's talk about Hollow, I told you all that he would let you down. Now look at it, the Unsactioned Zone is closed for repairs and well, Hollow is nowhere to be seen. Luckily, I am here to take you out of your deep, dark hole. I will reclaim my Premium Title and save that dead division from their impending doom. I will carry it with me, while on my path to glory, I will elevate that title to new heights and revive the name that title once had. There once was a time when the greatest champions in this company, Smith and Sameer, they both held this title proudly. Now with recent holders such as Brad and Hollow, that title has slipped further and further into irrelevancy. With someone like me at the helm of the division, someone that has more than enough power to carry half of the company of his back, I will protect and keep that title with all of my might. Not only will I do all of that, but I will join forces with the only man who comes close to matching me in terms of skill and ability, his name is Bart. Together the future is now, as we clinch the BPZ Tag Team Championships and show exactly how much depth Kingdom has behind it. We are building a better and brighter for the company, and all of the other tag teams, whether that be Ruin or whether that be ROA, they can't even compete when it comes to building up the future. We have our fingers in every bowl and we are ready and primed to take over the next generation. Everything that Slim has built for you, the royal court you see before you, has all been laid out in his vision. And now, being the kind and generous man he is, he has laid out a future for years to come, and the ones who will herald and lead that future? Me, in control of Carnage, and Bart in control of Evolve. It is written in the stars, and will come to fruition in time, where you will see that nothing really changes. The new legacy is built under the bright minds of myself and Bart. Now the first step to this is getting rid of our competitors one by one. Me beating Julius and then possibly Flynn, Myself and The Villain defeating Ruin and ROA in one match, and then whatever comes next, The Kingdom will run it to the ground. Any uprising, any revolution, anything that tries to create a different story than the one that Kingdom has written for you, it will be crushed like a bug." "So sit and relax, you have no reason to fret, you have no reason to stress because you are in good hands, The Kingdom will take care of you, and lead you into the next Golden Age of this company. The Prince, the Villain and the King. We run this company like a well oiled machine and we will never fail to impress you. Not that we need to, we don't need your approval to follow through with all of our magnificent visions and plans we have for the future. Sit back, breath deep, watch closely. The Kingdom is about to put on a show that will stand the test of time, Anyone disagrees. You are fighting a war that cannot be one. So in the final analysis this is the end of the beginning, the beginning of the calm before the storm. Echo Wilson smiles cockily, flips his microphone and as it thuds to the mat, he rolls under the bottom rope. The Cream of the crop has been found, Carnage Semi finals are on their way, but Echo wants to leave Mayhem with a lot more than just a #1 contenders match. This plan he speaks of....will it save BPZ from the dark? Time is the telling tale.
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    Just a couple of days removed from the brutal Hardcore Submission match with Jason Ryan, Julius makes his way down to the ring looking to address the crowd here tonight on his Semi-Final matchup with "The Prince" Echo Wilson. Julius is proudly wearing an ROA shirt also signifying the dominant run that the ROA have been on since forming and the next step of that so called Takeover was put into affect defeating the tag team Champions RUIN on their home turf at EVOLVE TakeOver: Rebellion. Julius steps up onto the ring apron and raises his hand above his hand attracting a mixed response from the people in the Carnage audience tonight. He is then handed a mic by the Ring announcer and raises it to his mouth. "You all need to shut your goddamn mouths because I have something to say!" The crowd responds with loud boos. Julius stands in the ring not being intimidated by the audience. When the noise quietens down Julius once again raises the mic to his mouth "That's what I thought. Here on Carnage we have some of the greatest Superstars to ever step foot in BPZ for example, Ross, Flynn and of course myself. The Brainchild of my partner in crime Ross, The Power Trip Cup has once again raised the standards and has put all the competitors on this brand on notice with a chance to challenge the inactive, ineffective Universal Champion Necce" The Crowd boo Julius at his latest remarks about Necce "I won't get too far ahead of myself because there is still a couple of Roadblocks I need to overcome before I take the Universal Championship from Necce and that all starts at Mayhem where I take on The so called "Prince" of BPZ your former beloved Superstar might I add Echo Wilson" Echo Wilson's recent betrayal of the fans still raw in their heads causing them to absolutely rain down boos at even the slightest mention of his name "As I sat in the back recovering from two straight nights of kicking ass. The first where Flynn and I walked into EVOLVE and destroyed the Tag Team Champions RUIN, and on my second surviving a brutal Hardcore Submission match with a Sociopath I saw this man Echo Wilson on the monitor and I saw his match against Peter Wilchester and I was amused, I mean how can a man like him challenge someone like me, he just doesn't have it and he never will. I have survived Hardcore Matches, Hell in a Cell Matches and I also won the very first match in the Unsanctioned Zone against Hollow and there is nothing this man can do to stop me from putting his ass through utter hell. Now I understand that he has achieved a lot of success here in BPZ but that just says a lot about the quality of competitors not the quality of Echo Wilson himself. Echo has never been in the ring with me and after I am done playing around with him at Mayhem he won't want to be in the ring with me ever again. And after I scrape his flattened body off this very canvas and walk up that ramp I will walk over to EVOLVE and lay him down on the footsteps signifying the death of the Kingdom and the ascension of the ROA. Look I have fought deranged Psychopath's, Cult Leaders, Demons and face painted freaks here in BPZ and every one of them has had the longevity of their career cut short after the beating I succumbed them to in this ring, what I do to Echo Wilson will certainly be no different. Echo want's to talk about how this world operates on survival" Julius throws his sunglasses out of the ring and moves closer to the camera "I can talk about Survival because last time I checked I am bigger than you, stronger than you and more dominant at what I do in this ring than you, leaving you with no chance of Survival once we walk into Mayhem. Echo Wilson wherever you are on this Earth I want you to pay attention to everything I say because your career in this ring depends on it. You are a pest standing in my way of achieving what I want, and what I do to you will give you nightmares, it will wake you up from the deepest of sleeps and my name will haunt you wherever you go. So if you want to talk about Survival, we can talk about Survival because come Mayhem, for you my friend there will be no surviving" Julius drops the mic and walks slowly to the back
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    Breaking news comes from the preshow of EVOLVE TakeOver: Rebellion, as Natedog has made it official in saying that tonight's street fight will be for the World Championship... at the request of his opponent, Slim. Slim looks to embarrass Natedog even more by defeating him for the World Championship on his own show... Will The King regret this?
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    The Great Zamasu makes his way down to the ring, looking serious as he enters the ring and waits for Kieron Black. Kieron walks out onto the stage at Rebellion with no theme music, just a black screen on the titantron as he walks down to the ring, the crowd booing him as he enters the ring. The referee rings the bell and both men walk into the center of the ring, talking trash. Zamasu is the first to strike, slapping Kieron in the mouth. Kieron spits back into the face of Zamasu and the two begin to brawl, trading punches until Kieron grabs Zamasu and throws him out of the ring. Kieron rolls out and walks over to Zamasu but Zamasu is the first to strike, punching Kieron on the chin as the referee counts to 1. Kieron stumbles back into the barricade and Zamasu reigns punches down onto his head before entering the ring at the count of 5 and exiting straight after. This break gives Kieron chance to recover and as Zamasu comes close, Black kicks him in the gut and throws him into the barricade. Black quickly picks him back up and throws him towards the announce table, then picks him up in the powerbomb position. Kieron slowly picks up Zamasu and drags him over to the ring, rolls him inside then slides in himself. Black walks over to the body of Zamasu, then mounts, reigning punches. Black gets up to his feet and looks down at the mess that is Zamasu. Kieron then picks up Zamasu and puts him out of his misery. 1…….2…….3! Kieron Black wins. Kieron slowly gets to his feet and stands over Zamasu, then takes his hand and plants it onto the chest of Zamasu and motions as if he has ripped out the heart of the broken man. Kieron then stomps on the chest of Zamasu before walking out of the ring and up the ramp.
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    A Brand New Series

    Coming up on this Friday Its the qualifying match for the Women's Division with the first match being Sasha Banks Vs Ember Moon Its time for the women to prove who really is THE Champion What do you speculate who might win this first match!
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    A Brand New Series

    What a great match it was on the first episode of The War of Wrestling It was Seth Rollins Vs Randy Orton...2 former WWE Champion going against each other after a long time to get qualified for the next round @JoshsNow predicted Seth Rollins to win the match and it happened Seth Rollins curbstomped Randy to the ground to get the victory! With this Seth has advanced to the next where he will be facing the winner of the next match coming up next week It would be Roman Reigns Vs Baron Corbin Want to know what exactly happened in the match then you should watch the episode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9z-RZXsoxVg
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    You’re forget that BiC not only challenged for the world title, but won it aswell. We’ve had worse contenders.
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    Free Agent Corner

    Glorious Domination by CFO$ hits. Welcome to Free Agent Corner. I’m co-host Gary Green and today we are doing the Top 10 List 10. Jason Ryan The young rookie dominated Apex and made it to the 2nd Round of the Power Cup but has been thwarted by Ruin and Julius 9 and 8. Ruin (Johnny and FDS) Ruin won the Tag Titles and still hold on to them. Johnny has been slightly better but they have both been good 7. Nanovirus Success in the Power Trip Cup has seen him make up for losing his Universal, Premium, Intercontinental Championship matches and even though he lost to Toro it was an incredible contest. 6. Slim He main evented BPZ Mania and succeeded, beat Mal Hades at Backlash and retained over long time rival Nate. His only blotch is a loss in War Games 5. Ross Ross is on an unbeaten run, winning War Games, retaining an Intercontinental Championship given to him and making a statement to Ruin. 3 and 4. The Kingdom (Bart and Echo) Amazing run for these 2, Bart retained US and Global at Mania and then retained them both at Backlash and at Rebellion over former World Champ Smith. Echo may have lost his Premium title after a successful Mania where he won it off Brad and beat Bailey, but bounced back with a strong showing in the Power Trip Cup. Bart was 3rd and Echo 4th 1 and 2. Revolution of Attitude (Flynn and Julius) Flynn again tops the list as Julius finishes close behind. Julius has advanced far in the Power Trip Cup, beat Hollow in the greatest match ever and retained NXT twice over stars like Storm, Marker and Jason Ryan. Flynn may have lost Universal to Necce at Mania but hasn’t lost since, winning MITB, War Games, a Tag Match against Ruin, beat my co host JoshsNow for the Intercontinental Championship and he also has advanced to the semis of the Power Trip Cup. Thats your Top 10. Join me tomorrow for an interview with Alyx Wilde. Goodnight
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    A Brand New Series

    I’m expecting Seth to win this one. Interesting premise GC and I am excited for more
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    We return from the break and we have already seen some excellent matches tonight especially the debut of Antonio Arno causing one of the biggest upsets in BPZ history defeating his rival Brad. But up next we have the living personification of a blood feud where Julius looks to continue his dominant reigns as champion but tonight he has to get through his fierce rival Storm and the newcomer to BPZ the Anarchist Jason Ryan. Let's go through how this has all played out The first man out here tonight is the Anarchist, the Gunslinger Jason Ryan and he is entering his first ever title match here under the BPZ banner. However this is not his first match competing at Carnage's World at War PPV putting up an amazing effort and defeating Apex. But he has taken the NXT scene by storm with his ferocious attacks on the NXT Champ even going as far as destroying Julius' house, He has disrespected the champion on many occasions even going to great lengths such as handcuffing him and beating him to a pulp with a steel rod. But tonight Jason Ryan steps into the ring with the Underboss Julius and the crowd is electric tonight making their distain of Jason Ryan known as he just Smirks as he takes in the atmosphere of the biggest match of his career. And remember tonight it's triple threat rules so Jason can use that Steel Rod as much as he wants. And here is the second man in this 3 man equation and it is the Demon Storm who has undergone a transformation which some people are calling the key ingredient to his success here in this match. Storm makes his way out with a mixed reaction coming from the crowd. This is Storm's third time trying to win the championship and you know what they say third time is the charm and this may be the night where Storm finally defeats Julius and becomes NXT Champion. Storm jumps up onto the ring apron and stares straight into the eye of Jason Ryan who once again laughs at Storm. Storm then makes a gun signal with his hands and points it at Jason which sends the crowd into a frenzy. Storm gets right in the face of Jason Ryan but the referee pulls them apart before anything serious can happen And here he is the NXT Champion, The Underboss and some may call him the most dominant NXT Champ in BPZ History it's none other than Julius. And he fighting for a lot more than the title tonight as we mentioned before Jason Ryan has played the ultimate mind games with the champ, destroying his house and leaving him in a bloodied heap multiple times in the lead up to this event. Julius with seriousness written across his face, storms down to the ring without acknowledging the fans and straight away walks into the face of Jason Ryan and holds the title up in the air. The referee takes the belt away from Julius and signals for the bell which means the war is about to begin Julius and Jason Ryan immediately start talking trash and stand face to face but Storm gets in between them and starts to taunt. Julius and Jason both laugh before delivering a double clothesline to Storm sending him out of the ring. Both men again come face to face and start hammering away at each other with fists to start the match The crowd go berserk as this match gets underway. And the culmination of an intense rivalry is taking place here as Julius and Jason Ryan absolutely unload on each other to start this match. Julius' strength however is able to deliver a clubbing blow to the challenger and takes him down. Storm then goes for a springboard splash but Julius catches him mid-air and delivers a running powerslam. 1..2.. Jason Ryan rushes in to break up the cover attempt and now starts beating down Julius with his feet kicking the back and the mid-section of the Champ. Jason Ryan then showboats but the fans start to boo. Jason then rolls to the outside and picks up his steel rod as he raises it above his head to more boos from the crowd. Julius rolls to the outside of the ring leaving Jason Ryan and Storm alone inside. Jason's eyes light up seeing Storm in the middle of the ring. He goes to attack Storm but he evades and he too rolls to the outside. Storm and Julius look up at the ring and see Jason Ryan swinging the steel rod like a madman. Both men roll back into the ring and Jason Ryan starts swinging for the fences, connecting with every shot to the body of both Julius and Storm. Both men are on their knees and Jason Ryan swings the Steel Rod and connects with the side of the head of both men causing them to be busted open. Jason with blood on his hands wipes it across his face as he continues to batter both men with the steel rod, turning its colour from Silver to Blood Red. Jason then goes for the cover on Julius but he kicks out at two. Jason Ryan looks bored in the middle of the ring and goes outside and pulls out a chair. He sets it up in the middle of the ring and just sits on it waiting for the other two competitors to get up. He then sees Storm start to stir and goes outside to pick up another Chair. He stands them next to each other and waits for Storm to get up. He goes for a suplex but Storm reverses it and delivers a bone-crushing Firemans Carry Suplex onto the chair sending Jason Ryan writhing with pain as he rolls out of the ring Storm seeing this as an opportunity rushes over to Julius and throws him to the ropes looking for the Storm Bomb but Julius evades and delivers a clothesline sending Storm down to the mat. Julius then sees Jason Ryan on the outside and rolls out of the ring to meet him. Julius then picks him up and signals a dagger across his throat as he goes for a running powerslam onto the announce table but Jason Ryan wriggles out of it and delivers a trademark Spear into the barricade As Jason makes his way to his feet he turns around into a Storm Bomb through the announce table as the crowd erupt into a "Holy Shit" chant Storm surveys the Carnage left around the outside of the arena and drags the body of Jason Ryan back into the ring. The fans start chanting for Storm realising that this may be the time he picks up the win. As storm rolls him into the ring Jason Ryan smartly rolls to the outside as Storm looks heartbroken slamming the canvas in the middle of the ring. Storm starts screaming at Jason but doesn't realise Julius had crawled back into the ring. Storm walks backwards and bumps into Julius and his face turns to horror at the realisation of what was coming next. Julius then slaps Storm across the face with what was thought to be a tooth flying out of his mouth. Julius then picks up Storm and hits the Hell Welcome in the centre of the ring. He then goes for the cover but Jason Ryan runs into the ring and breaks up the pinfall attempt. Jason then picks up one of the chairs and smashes right into Julius face. Jason then has a sly grin written on his face as he pulls out handcuffs from his pocket, the same handcuffs he used to torture both Storm and Julius. He walks over to the corner turnbuckle and looks to cuff the champ to the ropes. Julius however fight back slamming the cuffs into the face of Jason Ryan before delivering a rolling elbow sending him to the crowd. Julius then picks up the handcuffs as the crowd cheers and he handcuffs Jason Ryan to the turnbuckle. He then slaps Jason across the face waking him up and spits in his eyes. Julius picks up Storm once again and delivers the Hell's Welcome in the centre of the ring. Jason then screams at Julius realising he can't do anything as Julius slowly goes for the cover. 1..2..3 Julius retains the NXT Championship in another epic brawl Julius holding his NXT Championship walks over to the cuffed Jason Ryan and shoves it right in his face. Jason Ryan sits there emotionless as the feed goes to commercial
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