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    Free Agent Corner

    Glorious Domination by CFO$ hits. Welcome to Free Agent Corner. I’m co-host Gary Green and today we are doing the Top 10 List 10. Jason Ryan The young rookie dominated Apex and made it to the 2nd Round of the Power Cup but has been thwarted by Ruin and Julius 9 and 8. Ruin (Johnny and FDS) Ruin won the Tag Titles and still hold on to them. Johnny has been slightly better but they have both been good 7. Nanovirus Success in the Power Trip Cup has seen him make up for losing his Universal, Premium, Intercontinental Championship matches and even though he lost to Toro it was an incredible contest. 6. Slim He main evented BPZ Mania and succeeded, beat Mal Hades at Backlash and retained over long time rival Nate. His only blotch is a loss in War Games 5. Ross Ross is on an unbeaten run, winning War Games, retaining an Intercontinental Championship given to him and making a statement to Ruin. 3 and 4. The Kingdom (Bart and Echo) Amazing run for these 2, Bart retained US and Global at Mania and then retained them both at Backlash and at Rebellion over former World Champ Smith. Echo may have lost his Premium title after a successful Mania where he won it off Brad and beat Bailey, but bounced back with a strong showing in the Power Trip Cup. Bart was 3rd and Echo 4th 1 and 2. Revolution of Attitude (Flynn and Julius) Flynn again tops the list as Julius finishes close behind. Julius has advanced far in the Power Trip Cup, beat Hollow in the greatest match ever and retained NXT twice over stars like Storm, Marker and Jason Ryan. Flynn may have lost Universal to Necce at Mania but hasn’t lost since, winning MITB, War Games, a Tag Match against Ruin, beat my co host JoshsNow for the Intercontinental Championship and he also has advanced to the semis of the Power Trip Cup. Thats your Top 10. Join me tomorrow for an interview with Alyx Wilde. Goodnight
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    Graphic Designs by Elliot

    Some of my latest stuff. Been a while since I posted some.
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