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    Echo Wilson

    BPZ Whatculture

    WHY? Episode 1: WHY Joshsnow deserves to be the #1 Draft Pick? LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! My name is Deco Whilson. I am the newest recruit for BPZ Whatculture. Many people said I was destined for a desk job, but JOHN! LOOK AT ME NOW! Now a lot of people ask, because I'm so closely associated with the BPZ brand, I get a lot of confusion from the fans. They hear Deco Whilson and their minds immediately drift to the iconic young superstar Echo Wilson, but we are very different I tell you. Both experts at our craft but still...different...in our own ways. ANYWAYS, enough babbling. LETS GET RIGHT INTO THE WHYS! It's that time of year again, the time of year where the earth shakes and the clouds part and every fiber of the existence of the company changes forever. Alright....maybe its not that epic but it still has a lot of reprocussions on the company. ITS ALMOST DRAFT DAY! With all of the recent changes, the monster trades, 10 of the top stars in the company are saved from the draft. For Carnage that is Bailey the GM, Bart and Jon from the trade, and the two normal saves go to Echo Wilson and the World Champ, Julius. On the Evolve side is GM Ross, Flynn and Necce from the draft, and the two normal saves go to Slim and Smith. Meaning all of those stars are off limits. This gives an opportunity for a specific midcard talent to shine and claim their throne as King of the Midcarders, or #1 draft pick this year. There are many viable possibilities but lets get right into WHY I believe that JOSHSNOW deserves to be the #1 draft pick. You may be asking why? Why Deco why? WELL.......HERE'S WHY?! Believe it or not, and this surprises most people when I tell them this but Josh has one of the highest stocks backstage. Higher than maybe every midcarder in BPZ purely because of the amount of work he puts in backstage. We could name so many things he has done as a competitor that have set him apart but the major one that everyone knows about is clearly Free Agent Corner. The longest lasting, the most popular BPZ talk show in all of the history of the company. Run by the collective duo of Gary Green, one of the company's top reporters, and Josh, one of the most influential people in BPZ today. Together they sit on the other side of the screen and give you the latest news of BPZ, virtually every day. This is massive, and earns Josh plenty of favors backstage. The second, and arguably more important is the Archives. Better known as the BPZ Forums Championship Records, the entire official written history of BPZ and its championships are run primarily by....you guessed it, Josh. He is the primary source of history and runs the entire archival system backstage. If it weren't for Josh we wouldn't have to be reminded that WWE234 was an Intercontinental Champion. Not sure if thats a good or bad thing to be honest with you. Point is, Josh has full control over the type of content that gets out of the history books and because of some mere filing and hours and hours spent working on the biggest and most official history book BPZ has to offer, he has more backstage favors than freaking Bullet. Not sure thats a very proud accomplishment but I couldn't come up with anything better. With all of these said tokens of his work, he has cashed out on them at various times throughout his career. Ultimately he hasn't been able to cash out on them in a meaningful that gives him a reign lasting longer than a month or two but If I was in his shoes, this situation he has is one that he can gloat about forever. Everybody wants an accolade to their names, For weeks after the last draft all I heard for the following week and a half were how Ross was #1 draft pick and he was the GOAT because of it. If I were in Josh's shoes right now, I'd see an opportunity to cash in some of these tokens of gratitude and convince the men in power to draft him #1. Now I know what some of you are thinking, "LIFE ISN'T A POINT SYSTEM DECO!". Well if there is one thing driving the company of BPZ, it is supremacy. I'm not saying that the backstage environment of BPZ isn't particularly political but it is very very political. I mean, we've seen the reports. The place is like Trump's administration but crazier and less compreshensible. For a place with very trusted adults, it surely seems like a place run by a group of teenagers. Just my little hunch. Anyways, Josh has an opportunity, he has leverage and he has all of the power in the world going into this voting. At the end of the day, its Bailey's choice who he picks number one. He ain't gonna pick some snot nosed loser just cause he tells him to. But the things that Josh has done backstage and for the company as a whole, definitely carry some weight. They might give him the edge over other names in a very stacked and crowded midcard scene. Joshsnow, I just handed you the key. Use it wisely. Anyways, BPZ Whatculture, I'll be signing off now. NOW YOU KNOW WHY!
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    We are here in The Barclays Center for Evolve TakeOver: Fallout. We have already seen Brad defeat a returning Ark Universe and Marker defeat El Pero De La Najico. And now it is time to see the new Intercontinental Champion Sameer go up against Yelich and Kieron Black in a Evolve Showcase Triple Threat match. Out comes Sameer, with his newly won Intercontinental Championship draped over his shoulder, the crowd booing him as he is undoubtedly a heel. He eventually gets in the ring as he shows off his belt, holding it up high as he stands on the middle rope in the corner, when he's decided he's had enough and waits for his opponents. Now this is different, I heard that Yelich in his most recent promo revealed that he finally got control over his personalities, I didn't notice this meant returns from past gimmicks, but I guess that the gimmick that he was the Inaugural Evolve Global Champion with is making a return here tonight as we see "The Miracle" walk out on the top of the ramp. The last time we saw "The Miracle" was BPZ Mania II where Yelich finally gave up on that knee of his and called it quits for a bit. We now know that he just shaved his head and put on an accent and started calling himself Gary Kirby, but still, it's fun to see this guy return. Now "The Miracle" actually has some history with one Intercontinental Champion Sameer, as Sameer is the one who took the belt off of Yelich in a Steel Cage match, with a little help from the then leader of "The Supremacy" Slim, who kicked Yelich out of the group with his actions. "The Miracle" makes his way down to the ring pointing at Sameer and saying "I've got some unfinished business with you." He gets into the ring and perches on the middle rope as the crowd here in the Barclays Center cheer him on when we begin to wait for the final competitor in the match. Out walks Kieron Black, a man who has seemed to stop caring about the fans at all since now he has been in the company for so long doing these wacky characters that he has enough money to where he doesn't need to play a character anymore. He is strutting out with a wad of 20 dollar bills in his hand, fanning himself with the money as people he seems to have hired starts showering him with money from buckets they were given by Kieron. Kieron eventually tells them to stop and to help him up and into the ring which they do. Kieron goes in and takes off all of his new accessories to flaunt his wealth with and he sits in the corner as the referee waits for all three men to be ready for the match. Yelich and Sameer seem ready but Kieron is taking his time, taking off watches and sunglasses, his fur coat, and anything else somebody would associate a rich person with. Kieron then says he's finally ready when he rings the bell and the match begins. To start the match Yelich runs straight at Sameer and hits him with a forearm across his face, Sameer stumbles back to the ropes and returns with a European Uppercut. Yelich then takes this as an opportunity to begin a striking match with Sameer, who obliges and the two are hitting punches, chops, forearms, any strike that can hurt their opponent they're hitting. Kieron sees this as an opportunity and slyly rolls out of the ring and looks under it for a weapon. When he finally finds something suitable for his wants he grabs it and picks it up, revealing it to be a ladder. Kieron slides it in the ring as Yelich and Sameer finally both stumble back holding their faces in pain when they both notice the ladder being slided into the ring, they both then run at the ladder and hit baseball slides on opposite sides of it, crashing it into the mug of Kieron Black. Sameer then gets back up before Yelich can and sees this as an opportune time to strike. Waiting for Yelich to get back up he goes for a Superkick which Yelich catches before the boot can reach his face. Yelich then kicks Sameer in the groin and goes for a schoolboy, going for the cheap victory. 1.. 2.. NO! Sameer kicks out at two, while rolling in pain. Yelich then uses the ropes and his heel to roll Sameer out of the ring and to the floor. Yelich then bounces off of the ropes and runs at Kieron who is now up on his feet and goes for a Suicide Dive and hits it! He then gets back in the ring and runs towards Sameer and hits a Suicide Dive! Yelich then goes back in the ring and goes for a third Suicide Dive on Kieron Black, but Kieron sees it coming and sidesteps it, making Yelich crash onto the floor. Kieron Black then starts looking back under the ring and finds a black bag, which can only mean bad things for everybody. Kieron starts walking towards Yelich who punches Kieron in the face when he gets to him, making him drop the bag. Yelich then goes for an Irish Whip onto Kieron towards the post, but Kieron reverses it into an Irish Whip of his own, and Yelich goes crashing into the post. Kieron then grabs Yelich by the waist and hits a big German Suplex on the outside. But when Kieron gets back up he doesn't notice Sameer on the post who hits Kieron with a big Corkscrew Moonsault to the outside! Sameer, not wasting any time continues on the attack, rolling Kieron into the ring, he then looks under the apron and finds a table, he seems pleased and he sets it up on the outside. He then rolls into the ring and picks up Kieron Black and looks to Suplex him out of the ring and through the table, when Yelich breaks it up. Sameer, angered by this goes to punch Yelich but he screams "NO NO NO STOP!" Yelich then points to Sameer, then himself, the black bag Kieron pulled out from under the ring earlier, and finally Kieron. Sameer then smirks knowing what this means. Yelich, leading the way, unties the bag and forces Kieron Black's mouth open and.... oh god, oh no, HE'S POURING THE THUMBTACKS INTO THE MOUTH OF KIERON BLACK! Sameer's face which was just grinning sadistically, now has turned into one of fear. Sameer now seems to be having second thoughts about this plan. Yelich, who is holding Kieron in place is now screaming at Sameer, "DO IT! SUPERKICK HIM!" Sameer then closes his eyes with a pained look on his face and he HITS KIERON WHO HAS A MOUTHFUL OF TUMBTACKS WITH A SUPERKICK! Oh my god. Kieron might be dead... the lacerations of the inside of his mouth with the thumbtacks, not to mention Kieron's oxygen flow may be cut off because he can't breathe from accidentally swallowing the thumbtacks. Kieron's life is in serious danger right now. Kieron falls to the ground, spitting out thumb tacks which now have a red glaze all over them... blood. Blood which is now pouring out of Kieron's mouth. Sameer, who has a horrified and disgusted look on his face, reluctantly goes for the pin. But before the ref can even count to one, Yelich pulls him off so he doesn't win. Yelich then goes for a Fisherman Suplex, which he calls the "Miracle Maker" but Sameer reverses it into a suplex of his own. Sameer, now no longer transfixed with guilt about that horrifying Superkick, picks Yelich back up and pulls the groggy wrestler over to the side of the ring where the table is. He tries to suplex him out of the ring and to the floor but Yelich blocks it and switches positions with Sameer, now trying to suplex him through the table, which Sameer blocks. Sameer then switches positions with Yelich and goes for a suplex, which Yelich doesn't block, but reverses by holding the ropes and landing on the apron. Yelich then uses the ropes to kick Sameer in the head, making him stumble back. Yelich then goes for a Springboard Shoulder Tackle, which Sameer reverses into a DDT. While all that occurs EMT's are rushed out to put Kieron Black onto a stretcher, who has now been rendered unconscious due to severe blood loss. The referee then gets told something by the EMT's who relays it to the ring announcer, who then grabs his microphone to make an announcement. Ring Announcer: Due to the severe injuries sustained by Kieron Black he is no longer physically able to compete in this matchup. Therefore this match will continue as a one on one No DIsqualifications match! The Ring Announcer says this right as the EMT's get him strapped down onto the stretcher and start rushing him to the back and presumably, an ambulance. Yelich and Sameer have now groggily gotten up and are now throwing slugging punches to each others faces. Yelich eventually falls down after one extra big hit to his jaw, rolling out of the ring for a breather. But this is a bad idea as Sameer goes after him with a suicide dive, but Yelich throws the table in front of him for cover, and Sameer hits it head first, crumpling on it. Somehow the table doesn't break and now Smaeer is laying prone on the apron, nursing his head. Yelich then sees this as a perfect opportunity to end the match. He sets the table up parallel to the ring and hops up onto the apron. He puts Sameer in a Package Piledriver position for his finisher which he calls the "Concussion Syndrome." And he has a sadistic smile on his face as he eyes the table with glee. Yelich then screams out "THIS IS FOR TAKING MY TITLE!" as he HITS THE CONCUSSION SYNDROME OFF OF THE APRON AND THROUGH THE TABLE, ONTO THE FLOOR! Yelich then rolls Sameer who may actually have a concussion now due to the blocked Suicide Dive and that sickening piledriver into the ring and hooks the outside leg for a pin. 1.. 2.. 3! Yelich wins one of the most destructive triple threat matches I've ever seen. Yelich's arm is raised in victory as he looks down at Sameer, giving payback for taking his Evolve Global Championship back in early 2017. Yelich smiles and walks to the back as the Evolve exclusive Pay Per View "Evolve TakeOver: Fallout" only on the BPZ Neccework, rolls on.
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    Carnage’s show goes silent for 10 seconds straight, until a man begins to cough as if to warm up his voice. Appearing on the screen is a leather couch with a desk sitting in front of it. Bashka, with sunglasses covering his eyes stares dead straight into the camera with an intense look on his face...until that intense look turns to a smug grin. The Hall of Famer leans back into the chair before beginning to speak “I guess... it was only a matter of time. It appears no matter how hard I try, I’m always drawn right back to where everything started. Everything seems to lead back to the very company in which I made my name in, the company that showed me how things get done. 4 months at home really gives you some time to think, especially when you watch with a veteran eye and you see everyone walk on the path that you created. You see people hold the championships in which you established. You see people run against the same ropes you did. Nearly 4 years later and the wheel keeps turning. New faces, new ideas.....same me.” ”And I can’t do it any longer, this company calls for me because no matter how good life outside of this place gets, this will always be home. I want to be the hero I should’ve always been, not the disrespectful coward I became towards the end of my career. The one that took his ball and went home whenever the slightest of challenges got in his way. I don’t want to be that anymore, because this place is my home!” “Well, that’s if you go on vacation for 4 months and by the time you get back, your home has been absolutely trashed by youngsters that think they can become the next best thing, or they think they’re the shit. And I take responsibility for letting that become the case, because I swore that while everybody else left, I would be the one that stayed and made sure the values and foundation of this place didn’t change. But I leave, and what happens? Look at this place, it’s absolute chaos and it’s all my fault, and therefore it’s my responsibility to restore the credibility of this company.” ”So while this place has been searching far and wide, all over the planet for the next hero, the true saviour was right under its nose the whole time, and here I am...”
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    BPZ Whatculture

    Hmmmm, that Deco Whilson sure reminds me of someone.... can't seem to put my finger on it though. But I'm onto you Deco, I'm onto you.
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    Milwaukee Bucks (1-2) at Cleveland Cavaliers (3-1) Oct 30, 2018 1 2 3 4 Final Milwaukee 27 32 41 20 120 Cleveland 27 37 37 28 129 Top Performers Milwaukee Bucks Khris Middleton (SG) - 27 Pts (10-14 FG), 4 Reb Giannis Antetokounmpo (SF) - 19 Pts, 14 Reb, 8 Ast Cleveland Cavaliers Isaiah Thomas (PG) - 27 Pts (10-17 FG), 5 Ast LeBron James (SF) - 24 Pts, 6 Reb, 8 Ast Team Stats Comparison MIL CLE FG Made-Att 44-87 48-87 3PT Made-Att 15-28 9-20 FT Made-Att 17-22 24-30 Rebounds 42 43 Assists 34 34 Turnovers 12 8 Steals 6 7 Blocks 4 6 The Cleveland Cavaliers claim the first game of the series against the Milwaukee Bucks 129-120. The Cavaliers withstood a barrage of 3 from the Bucks who finished the game 15 of 20 from beyond the arc. Michael Brogdon was huge for the Bucks scoring 23 points, with 5 of 6 three connecting. Eric Bledsoe finished with 16 points and 10 asissts. Both teams had 34 assist in the game. Most of the Bucks assists came from the starting guards but the Cavs had theirs spread through the entire team. Lebron had 8, Isiaiah had 5 and Korver had 7 as the starting SG.
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    Slim looks down the ramp and starts preparing for Julius to come out, but the Underboss slides through behind the ring and attacks Slim from behind. Slim falls to the ground as Julius gloats and taunts as the crowd rain down boo's on the World Heavyweight Champion. What Julius doesn't realise however is that Slim has gotten back to his feet and is standing right behind him. Julius turns around and looks as if he had just seen a ghost as Slim pounces on the bigger man with fists to the punches shattering the face of Julius. Julius then pushes Slim away and goes for a big boot but Slim evades and tries to go for the Rear-Naked Clutch but Julius rolls out of the ring and stares angrily at Slim. Slim then goes to the turnbuckle and celebrates his victory but Julius runs back into the ring and once again starts attacking Slim as the Fans erupt into cheers. Julius this time doesn't let go of Slim and continues to start battering him with clubbing blows, just as Julius is looking to take control of Slim, the locker room runs out and pulls Julius off of Slim. At first Julius resists and starts attacking some of the locker room members but is overcome by the numbers and slowly backs away. Slim though rises back to his feet and runs at Julius and leaps over the superstars and continues to attack Julius. Slim is then held apart from Julius as both men hit a stand still. Slim once again charges out of the grip of the wrestlers and hits Julius with a Superkick which sends the champ to the ground once again to the cheers of the crowd As Julius gets back to his feet his starts swearing at Slim as Slim slowly exits the ring Smiling at the champion as he slowly walks to the back mocking Julius. Julius is seen in the ring fuming at Slim's mini-victory in this feud
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    Los Angeles Lakers | Purple & Gold A 100-95 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder would come, as LeBron James stuffed the stats with 30 points, 19 rebounds, and 7 assists in the win. After a few roadblocks here and there, the Lakers ended with a 40-17 record going into the all-star break, good for 2nd in the West behind Golden State. Key wins over the Thunder, Spurs, and Suns would boost the chemistry of this team, while a late-mishap in Boston would be the only standout loss. Late in the game, Gordon Hayward nailed a three to give Boston a 103-101 lead with just 3.1 seconds left. On the imbound pass, LeBron James would fumble the ball due to Robert Williams III separating it from his body, and it would bounce out of bounds, giving Boston the ball back and Los Angeles the loss. With them now focused on the post-allstar break stretch, will Los Angeles be able to secure the #1 seed in the playoffs? ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ 3 WEEKS LATER: As playoff season neared, the Lakers would have to get things together, trying to catch the Warriors for the number one seed in the Playoff Standings. Following a loss to the Warriors, almost ensuring them the number one seed, Los Angeles held a team-meeting, where Mark Jackson reportedly got them to come together, and that this was the time to start winning games, developing chemistry right before the playoffs. The fiery speech from the coach lit a fire under the Lakers, as they would finish the season a on 14-0 run, winning 62 games on the year and looking like a major contender going into the playoffs with LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard at the helm. The final standings for the playoff seeding would look like this: 1) Golden State Warriors: 65-17 2) Los Angeles Lakers: 62-20 3) Denver Nuggets: 59-23 4) Houston Rockets: 54-28 5) Milwaukee Bucks: 52-30 6) Toronto Raptors: 52-30 7) Oklahoma City Thunder: 52-30 8 ) Miami Heat: 48-34 9) Philadelphia 76ers: 47-35 10) Boston Celtics: 43-39 11) Cleveland Cavaliers: 42-40 12) Chicago Bulls: 41-41 13) Phoenix Suns: 41-41 14) Utah Jazz: 41-41 15) New Orleans Pelicans: 40-42 16) Washington Wizards: 40-42 And with that, the final playoff matchups would be: 1) Golden State 16) Washington 😎 Miami 9) Philadelphia 4) Houston 13) Phoenix 5) Milwaukee 12) Chicago 2) Los Angeles 15) New Orleans 7) Oklahoma City 10) Boston 3) Denver 14) Utah 6) Toronto 11) Cleveland Will the Lakers be able to get through and back to the NBA Finals, or will the strength of their bracket prevail as LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard look to bring a championship back to Los Angeles?
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    ROH WEEKLY SHOW: 7/19/2018 Welcome everyone to the first ever Ring of Honor weekly show live on NJPWorld! We are here in Louisville, Kentucky where tonight we will make history. We have ninety minutes of pure entertainment lined up for the best fans in the world, and it starts right now. The Ring of Honor General Manager walks out to a wonderful ovation from the crowd in Louisville as he makes his way to the ring with a microphone in hand, hopefully delivering us some news about tonight's matches. Colt Cabana: Louisville, welcome to Ring of Honor! The crowd in Louisville cheer again, for the beginning of the show. Colt Cabana: I have always wanted to do that, it is so wonderful that Ring of Honor can now have a weekly show and bring some of the best wrestling in the world on a weekly basis. So tonight, that is what we're going to bring you Louisville! Tonight we will be starting a tournament to figure out who will be facing ROH World Champion Jay Lethal at Excellence. Eight of our finest competitors will compete in a tournament starting with two fatal four way matches, and then the winners of those two matches will face off to determine to Number One Contender. Next week, Rey Mysterio Jr, KUSHIDA, Fenix, and Travis Banks will face off in order to try and make it to the finals of the tournament. But tonight, it will be the winner of the draft show's main event Cody, facing off against "The King of Bros" Matt Riddle, former ROH World Champion Eddie Edwards, and the man that will definitely be booked for All In if I have any say in it, Flip Gordon. The audience in Louisville cheer loudly for the big match announcements. Colt Cabana: Oh, and that match, is next. The audience cheer as they get ready for the big fatal four way as Colt Cabana begins to try and get out of the ring but he is cut off. Dalton Castle: Don't you leave that ring yet Colt. "The Party Peacock" Dalton Castle walks out with his head down and a microphone in hand, the audience in Louisville not sure how to respond as they were not expecting Dalton Castle to walk out. Dalton Castle: Colt I have a question for you. Dalton walks up on the apron and locks eyes with Colt Cabana. He leans in before bringing the microphone up to his mouth and speaking. Dalton Castle: Where are my boys? Dalton now enters the ring and goes face to face with his new boss Colt Cabana. Colt Cabana: Dalton, The Boys were drafted by New Japan before I could, I'm sorry if that displeases you? Dalton Castle: Oh you're sorry if that displeases me? Colt do you know what could be happening to them right now? They are lost without supervision, MY supervision. And I am lost without my special boys. Without my boys I can not function correctly, Colt, what are you gonna do to fix this? Because THIS, This is YOUR fault. Colt Cabana: Dalton I can not bring you back your boys this moment, I will try to talk to Shibata and see if we can work out a trade but, right now I can not bring you back your boys, I'm sorry. Dalton lightly chuckles to himself before he begins talking again. Dalton Castle: You're always trying to screw me huh? First you screw me out of winning the tag titles with you, then you screw me out of a world title shot by keeping me out of that #1 contendership tournament, and now you screw me by keeping me from my boys. I could never trust you Colt, I've tried and I've tried but it is impossible. Hell in my titantron there is a clip of me trying to hug it out with you after a loss. But you know what you did? You kneed me in my sugarplums. I knew I shouldn't have ever trusted you Colt, and this just proves it. Dalton begins walking out of the ring, he makes it halfway up the ramp before Colt says something to stop him. Colt Cabana: Dalton, Dalton wait. I can't change the past and right now I can't get The Boys back but, you do have a rematch clause for the ROH World Championship. So Dalton, I'll try to make it up to you. In tonight's main event, it will be Jay Lethal defending his Ring of Honor World Championship against Dalton Castle. Dalton Castle: A broken clock is right twice a day I guess. But I still want my Boys back Colt. Colt Cabana: I will try my hardest to Dalton. Dalton walks to the back again as we now know what tonight's main event will be, and what a big one it is. The Ring of Honor World title is on the line tonight! Dalton and Colt go to the back as we get ready for a big fatal four way match to start the show. Out comes Flip Gordon, looking as ready as he can for possibly the biggest match of his career so far. If tonight Flip Gordon can beat Cody, Matt Riddle, and Eddie Edwards, some of the greatest on the indies today in the same match. No only will it be a huge win to put on his resume. But he moves on in the tournament and has a chance of becoming the new ROH World Champion. Flip goes in the ring and poses on the ropes as streamers come flying in. Flip stops posing as the streamers are cleaned up and waits for his opponents. Eddie Edwards walks out to a large ovation in his first match back in ROH since 2013. The former ROH World Champ makes his way into the ring to a large applause from the Louisville crowd, happy with his return which they show by throwing many streamers into the ring when Eddie gets in it. One of the best wrestlers never to be in a major indy promotion ring, Matt Riddle walks out to the ring. "The King of Bros," one of the best strikers in the business today gets in the ring where streamers are thrown in the ring so the Louisville crowd can show their appreciation for him. He then waits in the corner as his streamers are cleaned up for the final participant in this match. "The American Nightmare" Cody walks out with his entourage of his wife Brandi Rhodes and Bernard the Business Bear. Cody, the first pick for ROH and winner of the Main Event of the draft show. While he did cheat to win, he got the job done. And that's all that matters, and in a Fatal Fourway, that isn't a cheating maneuver, so if he were to do that tonight it would be perfectly legal. Cody gets in the ring and the crowd go wild, tossing streamers in the ring. The ref for this match Todd Sinclair doesn't check the men for weapons as this is a No DQ matchup. But he does ask for them to shake hands. Matt Riddle and Eddie Edwards shake everyone's hands, and Cody shakes theirs. But when Flip Gordon holds his hand out for Cody to shake. he just scowls at him before returning to his corner. Flip Gordon just sighs and goes to his corner as Todd Sinclair rings the bell to begin the match. FLIP GORDON vs EDDIE EDWARDS vs MATT RIDDLE vs CODY w/BRANDI RHODES & BERNARD THE BUSINESS BEAR The match begins with Cody running at Flip Gordon, looking to tackle him, only for Flip to jump over Cody. Flip rolls up Cody for a pin attempt, but Eddie Edwards superkicks Flip after the ref counts one. Eddie Edwards and Matt Riddle then go face to face, Matt strikes Eddie in the face with a clobbering forearm only for Eddie to respond with a kick to the midsection. Riddle then hits Eddie with a big European Uppercut, making Eddie stumble back, but then Eddie runs back and hits a Boston Knee Party straight to Riddle's head! It could be over just like that. He goes for the pin, 1.. 2.. Cody breaks it up! Cody immediately keeps on his attack on Edwards, stomping on him. After a couple more he stops and he screams at Bernard The Business Bear to grab him a weapon. Cody then continues his attack on Eddie Edwards as Bernard The Business Bear grabs a steel chair from under the ring. But when he gets back up he gets hit by a suicide dive by Flip Gordon, but Bernard blocks it with the steel chair! Both men go down as Cody continues his attack on Edwards, not noticing what happened to Bernard and Flip. Cody continues his attack until Matt Riddle goes for a big lariat on Cody which The American Nightmare ducks. Cody then runs away from Riddle towards the ropes and hits a Beautiful Disaster Kick on Riddle! Cody then looks over at Bernard to scream at him, only to find Flip and Bernard both down on the ground in pain with a steel chair in between them. This puts a smile on Cody's face. Cody goes outside to Flip as Flip is trying to grab the chair and get up to his feet, but Cody just steps on it and smirks, looking down at Flip who is now looking up at him. Cody then grabs Flip and puts him in position for a Cross Rhodes, but Flip kicks Cody in the head making him let go. Flip then grabs Cody's head from in front of him and uses the steel post to hit a Sliced Bread on Cody onto the steel chair! Flip then gets up trying to roll Cody into the ring but Eddie Edwards who is now back up hits a Suicide Dive onto the two of them, and unlike Flip's earlier, it is successful as it takes both men out. Eddie then rolls Cody in the ring to finish the job, but before he can go in he is hit in the back with the Steel Chair by Brandi Rhodes! Eddie goes down! Brandi then motions Bernard The Business Bear to help her roll Eddie into the ring for Cody, Which they do. Brandi then goes into the ring to drape her husband's arm over Eddie Edwards' chest when she goes face to face with Matt Riddle. Brandi's face goes pale as she walks slowly away, not wanting to be maimed by Matt Riddle as he grabs Cody and hits his Gotch-style Tombstone Piledriver Finisher which he calls "The Derek as he goes for the pin while looking at a scared Brandi Rhodes. 1.. 2.. 3. Matt Riddle moves on to the finals. Matt Riddle gets up as his arm is put up in victory by the ref as Brandi Rhodes is making sure her husband is okay. A couple streamers are flown into the ring as Riddle goes to the back and we cut to Colt Cabana backstage with the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions, Matt Taven, TK O'Ryan, and Vinny Marseglia. The Kingdom. Colt Cabana: Matt, we need to talk about what happened at the draft night. Matt Taven: I agree, we do. Why did you screw your own brand out of the first overall pick? I had that match won and you had to screw me. Colt Cabana: Well why did you have your Kingdom buddies cheat for you? More importantly, why did you even enter that match? Jeff Cobb was supposed to be the man representing ROH, not you. And you know that. Matt Taven: I am the best wrestler on this roster, I should've been chosen. I couldn't just wait back there and watch Jeff Cobb fail, I had to ensure ROH's victory. Colt Cabana: Well you've shouldn't have, because as punishment tonight you will go one on one with one of the greatest technical wrestlers on our roster, "The Octopus" Jonathan Gresham, in a Submission Match. Oh also, if any of your Kingdom buddies interfere in any way, you will be stripped of your Ring of Honor Six-Man Tag Team Championships. Now if you excuse me, I have a wrestling show to run. Colt Cabana begins walking away as Matt Taven looks dumbfounded. He then snaps out of his shock and gets angry. Matt Taven: YOU CAN'T JUST DO THAT COLT! Colt Cabana: Well I just did, Matthew, now get out there, your match is right now. Colt Cabana starts walking away quicker so he no longer has to deal with Taven who is now trying to pull out his hair in anger when we cut back to the arena and get ready for our match. "The Octopus" Jonathan Gresham walks out with his red and white jacket on. Going down to the ring, flipping into it with not many streamers flying into the ring as he isn't a star unlike many of the men in our Fatal Fourway opener. He then waits in the corner after posing on the middle rope, waiting for the leader of The Kingdom. A heavily disgruntled Matt Taven walks out with his Ring of Honor World Six-Man Tag Team Championship draped over his shoulder. He walks down to the apron and does his signature pose sitting on the apron before setting his championship belt down and flipping over the ropes and into the ring from the seated position, as streamers are flown into the ring, more than Gresham as Taven is a top star but not as many as Cody or Flip Gordon as he is a major heel. The referee for this match Paul Turner checks the two men for weapons he signifies Matt Taven does not have any weapons when he goes over to Gresham, but while he's checking Taven pushes Turner out of the way and begins hitting clobbering forearms onto Gresham. Once Gresham has taken enough damage to fall down to a seated position, Taven starts stomping on Jonathan, taking his anger out on him. The referee then pushes Taven away from Gresham and checks on Jonathan to make sure he can still compete. He tells Turner that he's okay and waits for Jon to get up on his two feet before ringing the bell to begin the match. JONATHAN GRESHAM vs MATT TAVEN in a Submission Match Matt Taven immediately goes back on his attack, hitting forearms and punches to the face of the very much smaller Gresham. Taven then pulls Gresham to the center of the ring by his right leg and starts stomping on it. Taven then picks Gresham up to a seated position and starts punching him on the top of his head. He then runs towards the ropes and bounces off of them, hitting Gresham with a big knee to the face. He goes for a pin, 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. I don't think Taven remembered that this is a Submission Match. 5.. 6.. 7.. Matt Taven stops pinning Gresham and starts screaming at the ref because he isn't counting, who then screams back "THIS IS A SUBMISSION MATCH DUMBASS!" which gets a laugh from the crowd, and pisses off Taven, who doesn't notice Gresham is back up. When Taven turns back around angrily, Gresham catches Taven with a big Roundhouse Kick. making Taven stumble back and bounce off of the ropes, only to come back and go for a big clothesline that "The Octopus" ducks and then jumps on Taven's back, locking in a sleeper hold. Gresham looks like a child on his parent's back due to the ten inch height difference between the two wrestlers but none the less, the sleeper is effective as Taven drops down to one knee, starting to fade. But after a few seconds Taven then gets back up to his two feet and then starts running backwards into a corner. Breaking the sleeper hold. Taven stumbles forwards, regaining his breath before running at Gresham, who dodges the attack, making Taven run into the turnbuckles. Taven then stumbles back allowing Gresham to hit a neckbreaker. Gresham then goes up to the top rope, looking to inflict further damage onto Taven. He goes for a Shooting Star Press only for Taven to put his left leg up. But Gresham catches the leg and lands on his feet, changing his plans in mid air, and begins locking in a figure four leglock. He locks it in as the crowd in Louisville starts "WOO"ing in the name of The Nature Boy Ric Flair. Taven looks to be in lots of pain as he attempts to get to the ropes. After twenty grueling seconds he reaches them, but instead of holding onto the for dear life, he uses them to push off and fip over, reversing the pressure onto Gresham. Now Gresham is willing himself not to tap, and it is far to easy as they were already very close to the ropes, so it does not take long for Gresham to rach the ropes. The referee starts counting, 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. making Taven break up the hold, allowing both men to start clutching their legs in pain. Gresham and Taven then use the ropes to get up, and then they start hitting each other with punches, alternating between who hits. Taven hits, Gresham hits, Taven hits harder, Gresham hits harder, and on and on and on until Taven has had enough and stumbles back and returns with a picture perfect dropkick, which Gresham dodges, seeing the opportunity, when Taven gets back up he locks in his signature "Octopus Stretch," the move he has mastered. Taven is in the middle of the ring not close to any of then ropes, as Gresham pulls back Taven's arm further and further, threatening to break or dislocate something, Taven can't take much more of this so he taps. Gresham picks up the victory. Jonathan Gresham goes up on the middle rope in the corner to start celebrating when TK O'Ryan and Vinny Marseglia, the other two members of The Kingdom run out and begin attacking Gresham. O'Ryan and Marseglia grab Gresham and throw him to the ground and start stomping and punching him. Matt Taven then gets up with a scary look on his face, and screams "GET HIM UP!" to TK and Vinny. They do and Taven puts Gresham in a position to go for a Climax. But then out runs Colt Cabana with a steel chair, scaring off The Kingdom, and saving Jonathan Gresham. Colt Cabana has made it clear that he does not like The Kingdom as he goes in the ring to check on Jonathan Gresham after making sure that Taven, O'Ryan, and Marseglia have gone to the back. Cabana starts helping Gresham to the back when ROH cuts to backstage where we see husband and wife, Joey Ryan and Laura James, sitting in their locker room backstage. Ryan looks distraught as he goes to talk. Joey Ryan: I just don't know Laura, I was picked last, I'm Mr. Irrelevant, no one wants me here, what should I do? Laura James: First off, don't you say that about yourself Joey, I love you, I want you here. Joey what you need to do is make a name for yourself, prove everyone wrong, show them why you shouldn't have been picked last. Make a name for yourself, make a statement. Don't just sit around and sulk about being "Mr. Irrelevant," do something about it. Joey Ryan: God I'm so lucky for you to be my wife, I am gonna do something about it Laura, thanks. Laura James: I love you Joey. Joey Ryan: I love you too Laura, I love you too. Joey kisses Laura before leaving the locker room as we go back to the arena for a third match, which is showcasing the Women of Honor division. Out walks quite possibly the biggest threat to the Women of Honor Champ Sumie Sakai's title reign, "The Gatekeeper" Kelly Klein. If you can defeat Kelly Klein, it is believed that you are one of the top women not only in ROH, but in the world of wrestling today, well that's at least what Kelly Klein says. Kelly makes her way into the ring where not many streamers are flown in since she isn't the most popular woman on the roster, and she doesn't care for the fans. If they throw streamers into he ring for her or not, she doesn't care. Kelly then waits in the corner for her opponent as the streamers are cleaned up. Out comes Veda Scott, one of the veterans of the ROH Women's division, being in the company since 2012, she is no stranger to Ring of Honor Wrestling. But since ROH has only just recently introduced the Women of Honor Championship, she now has a new goal she is striving for, to become the Women of Honor Champion. And that journey begins tonight. She makes her way into the ring and many streamers are flown in to show appreciation for Veda. Veda poses on the middle rope in the corner and successfully tries to rile up the crowd for the match. Veda then drops down and Paul Turner the referee for the match checks the two ladies for weapons. Once he confirms that neither have any hidden foreign objects he asks the two to shake hands. Veda Scott hold out her hand to shake but Kelly Klein only takes out her mouth guard and spits in it. Veda then looks at her hand, looks back up at Kelly Klein, and slaps her with the hand she spat on. Kelly, enraged, gives a look towards Veda that could kill her, then jumps on her and starts clobbering away. Paul Turner has to pull her away before he can ring the bell for the match to begin. KELLY KLEIN vs VEDA SCOTT Veda Scott gets back up only for Kelly Klein to run at her and connect with a thunderous Big Boot. Kelly Klein then picks Veda back up and throws her into the turnbuckles. She then starts stomping away on Veda until referee has to pull her away from her. This allows Veda to roll out of the ring to catch a breather. But Kelly Klein would only slide out of the ring and blindside Veda from behind with a huge clothesline from behind, making Veda fall face first onto the floor. Kelly would pick Veda up and look to roll her into the ring, but Veda Scott would push her into the Steel Steps before she could, buying Scott some valuable time. The ref by now has reached a count of four, because refs count stupidly slow. Veda would roll Kelly into the ring and would wait for her to get up, Veda would go for a crossbody but Kelly would catch her. Veda would elbow Kelly's head to get out of her predicament, and Kelly would push Veda off towards the ropes, and when she started running back she went for another Big boot but this time the veteran would duck it and Kelly and Veda would both then bounce off of the ropes towards each other, and both would connect with clotheslines, taking both women out. What? Why is Joey Ryan coming out here? He runs towards the ring and picks up Veda Scott and hits her with a BoobsPlex, what? Why? Referee Paul Turner wonders the same thing as he rings the bell and calls a no contest. Veda Scott rolls out of the ring as Joey Ryan picks up Kelly Klein and hits her with a BoobsPlex, What is the meaning of this? Joey then uses the ropes and his foot to nudge Kelly Klein out of the ring and to the floor as he asks for a microphone. It looks like he is going to answer our questions. Joey Ryan: My wife Laura James is the smartest, and most beautiful person on this Earth, but for this, I'm going to be focusing on the former. She told me to stop sitting around, sulking about how I'm Mr. Irrelevant, and told me to come out here and do something about it, make myself relevant, if you will. So instead of being sad and mopey, I'm putting my eyes on a prize, so right here, right now, I am calling out someone, someone who has something I want. That person I am calling out is Sumie Sakai, and the thing that I want is the Women of Honor Championship. The audience here in Louisville looks dumbfounded as they did not expect this at all. Joey Ryan: Kelly Klein, Veda Scott, they don't deserve title shots. I've scratched and clawed for years around the globe competing, I've made national news, I've been a viral sensation, I made wrestling cool again. Yet I never get the Women's title shots I deserve. But not anymore. Sumie Sakai, I expect an answer soon, and it better be yes. Joey Ryan walks to the back again as we can faintly hear what sounds like Laura James scream "WHAT THE FUCK!?" a few seconds after Joey Ryan disappears into the backstage area, as we get ready for the main event of the evening, which is a Ring of Honor World Title Match. Out comes Dalton Castle, who does not look normal as he doesn't have his normal get up, he looks very barren with only a T-Shirt on instead if his usual Jacket and other accessories. But the major thing is, is that he does not have The Boys. He walks to the ring and he has trouble getting into the ring as he doesn't have his Boys to use as steps to get in the ring. Instead he (very carefully) goes up the steel steps, and with every step he looks nauseated and disgusted. He goes in the ring where lots of streamers get thrown in but he doesn't know what to do as he doesn't have his Boys or his accessories to do his entrance with so he just kinda stands in the corner awkwardly, looking like he just wants to shrink away until no one can see him. He stays like this as he waits for his opponent, and the man that took his belt. Jay Lethal walks out to a wonderful ovation from the Louisville crowd. The Ring of Honor World Champion will make his first defense of the the title here tonight, and it is against the man he defeated for it. However is it the same Dalton Castle from before? Is it the same Dalton Castle who beat Cody at Final Battle to become Ring of Honor World Champion? Is it the same Dalton Castle who had The Boys in his corner? Well tonight we will find out. Lethal makes his way down the ramp and into the ring as lots of streamers get thrown into the ring to show appreciation to the top man in ROH. Jay then goes into his corner as the referee for this match Todd Sinclair checks the two for weapons when we have our pre match introductions. Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman, it is time for your Main Event of the evening, and it is for the RING OF HONOR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! The crowd here in Louisville cheer for this major main event that GM Colt Cabana graced them with at the beginning in the show. Ring Announcer: In the corner to my left, The Challenger, from Catalina Island, weighing in at 211 pounds, DALTON CASTLE! The Dalton Castle fans in the crowd cheer for him and throw some more streamers into the ring as Dalton instead of being his flamboyant self, he just raises his arm up and quietly acknowledges the people in attendance. Ring announcer: And in the corner to my right, from Elizabeth, New Jersey, weighing in at 225 pounds, he is the Ring of Honor World Champion, JAY LETHAL! Jay raises his Ring of Honor World Championship high in the air as the ring announcer leaves the ring. The referee then takes the title from Jay and shows the title to Dalton, showing him what he's fighting for. He then shows it to the crowd before giving it to the ring announcer and asking for the men to shake hands, which they do. Todd Sinclair then motions for the bell to be rung and the match begins. JAY LETHAL (c) vs DALTON CASTLE for the ROH World Championship Lethal and Castle begin the match with a collar and elbow tie up, both jockeying for position. Castle would get a waistlock in and try for a German Suplex, but Lethal would elbow out of it, Lethal would then grab Dalton's arm and lock in an arm ringer, Dalton would somersault and kip up out of this and then get in a headlock of his own. The would slowly go towards the ropes when they reach then and Lethal pushes Dalton off of him. Dalton would run the ropes and come back ducking an attempted clothesline by Lethal, and then the two would run the ropes again but this time Lethal goes for a Lethal Injection to end it early, but Castle would hold onto the ropes to stop his forward progress, so Lethal doesn't hit him with his finisher, and instead falls to the ground giving a Lethal Injection to the air. Seeing this as an opportunity Dalton swiftly goes for an elbow drop but Lethal would roll out of the way, both men would then get up and stare each other dead in the eyes earning applause from the crowd, as we are back to square one. The two would reenter their collar and elbow tie up but this time Jay Lethal would win as he gets a single leg takedown and locks in a Half-Crab. Dalton would use his free leg to kick Lethal's heel out from under him, trying to make him release his leg, but all this would do is make him sit down on Dalton, making the pain worse. Dalton would then go with plan B, scratching and clawing for the ropes. Castle would make it close to the ropes but then Lethal would release the hold, drag him to the center of the ring, and put it in again. Dalton has had enough of this so he reaches back and grabs Lethal's face, and locks in a crossface. Now both men have submissions on each other, neither are letting go, and neither are submitting. It takes a solid 30 second of them trying to make their holds inflict more damage until Lethal gives up and releases the leg, Castle forgetting about the crossface in order to nurse his leg. Castle would roll out of the ring and yell "BOYS, FAN ME!" as he nurses his leg, but no one would come, which makes Castle remember that he doesn't have his Boys anymore, so he starts looking under the ring and finds a steel chair, and starts fanning himself with it, but after a few seconds he's disgusted and thinks it was a horrible idea. He starts limping trying to go back into the ring but before he can he gets caught by a big Suicide Dive by the ROH World Champ. Lethal then rolls Castle into the ring and picks him up, he would then go for a Lethal Injection but Dalton's legs would give out on him before Lethal could get back to him and hit him with the move. Jay, tired of this would then pick him up and hit a LETHAL COMBINATION! That has to be it, 1.. 2.. NO! Dalton kicks out at the last possible moment! Lethal is stunned, Dalton kicked out probably off of pure instinct and this match is not over. Jay's look of shock turns into one of anger, as he needs tow in this match, he can't just give up his title on his first defense, on the first ever show of this new era of ROH Wrestling, he can't. He has to win. So he goes up to the top rope and does the Macho Man taunt, and then he hits a five star elbow drop right to the chest of Dalton Castle, Lethal is pulling out all of the moves in his arsenal right now, but is it enough? He goes for the pin, 1.. 2.. DALTON CASTLE KICKS OUT! HOW IS HE DOING THIS? Lethal looks to be asking himself the same question as he starts arguing with the ref, he truly believes that was a three count and he is going to let Todd Sinclair hear it. But he complains and argues for so long he doesn't notice that, Dalton Castle is slowly getting up using the ropes. He then stumbles towards Lethal and goes for a roll up, 1.. 2.. Lethal kicks out, Lethal and Castle immediately get up as Lethal goes for a superkick that is ducked by Dalton, who answers it with a superkick of his which connects, dazing Jay. Castle then puts Lethal in a Alabama Slam position and HE HITS THE BANGARANG! THAT'S IT NEW CHAMPION! 1.. 2.. JAY LETHAL PUT HIS FOOT ON THE ROPE! Castle just stares at Lethal's foot, his face morphing into one of pure anger as he pulls Lethal back into the middle of the ring and goes for the pin again. 1.. 2.. Lethal kicks out. He then tries again, 1.. 2.. Lethal kicks out, and then he tries one more time 1.. Lethal kicks out, Castle then gives up and just screams out in anger. He is in a state of denial that he didn't just win with that move. He then picks up Lethal again, and goes for another Bangarang, but this time in the center of the ring, but Jay Lethal counters it into a sunset flip pin. 1.. 2.. Castle counters it into a pin of his own, 1.. 2.. Lethal kicks out and both men get up onto their feet. In frustration Castle just hits a big chop to the chest of Lethal, earning "WOO"s from the crowd. Lethal would return with a chop of his own. The two would then trades chops four more times until Castle hits Lethal with a European Uppercut, which makes Jay stumble back, but he returns with a forearm of his own. Then the two start trading punches, over and over and over until it turns into an all out frenzy. This would go on until both men stumble back from the punches and run back at each other, and the two the run back at each other with ear piercing screams. Castle would go for a clothesline which Lethal would duck and then go for a LETHAL INJECTION WHICH HE HITS IN THE CENTER OF THE RING! 1.. 2.. 3! WE HAVE A WINNER! Jay Lethal's hand is raised in victory as streamers come flying in from all directions to congratulate him for retaining in this grueling match. He then is given his title back and he holds it up high to show that he is still the champion. Dalton Castle who has now gotten back up with the help of the ropes extends his arm out to shake Lethal's hand, who accepts it. Castle then raises Jay's hand in the air in respect, and then leaves the ring without his Boys, looking like a shell of the man that he once was. Jay Lethal then continues celebrating in the ring as we sign off, with the Ring of Honor World Champion, showing that he deserves his title.
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    GTA Vice City and Infamous Second Son, one for nostalgia and one for 100% completion
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    1-16 Playoff Seeding Official: Beginning in this year's playoffs, the top sixteen teams will make it into the playoffs, not the top eight from the West and East like year's previous. This means two teams from the East could be in the NBA Finals this year, or two teams from the West could also do it. This has been an idea thrown around for several years and with LeBron James shifting all the star power to the West, it was finally agreed upon. Celtics 'gaining traction' on Jimmy Butler deal: With the 7-15 Celtics looking for something to spark them, coach Brad Stevens having already inserted Jayson Tatum into the lineup for Chris Bosh, Danny Ainge continues to speak to Minnesota about a potential Butler deal. Butler, frustrated with the team, rejected a contract extension in the offseason and will most likely leave following this year. This is also important because there are rumblings about Kyrie Irving wanting to team up with Jimmy Butler, which would entice these two to stay with the Celtics as they would have both men's bird rights. Wizards C Dwight Howard tears achilles, out for season: What a heartbreaker for Dwight Howard... Looking as if he was the third piece to mesh Bradley Beal and John Wall together, the former MVP finalist tore his achilles and will be out for the rest of the season. Averaging 15.9 points, 12.7 rebounds, and 2.1 blocks per game, Howard looked to be changing his reputation around the league, an unfortunate break for one of the best centers of all-time. If the playoffs started today...: If the playoffs started today, the matchups would be the following: A Side: #1) Lakers #16) Cavaliers #8) Heat #9) 76ers #4) Nuggets #13) Pistons #5) Bucks #12) Raptors B Side: #2) Warriors #15) Trail Blazers #7) Suns #10) Wizards #3) Thunder #14) Nets #6) Rockets #11) Mavericks Some interesting matchups, such as Lakers vs Cavaliers with LeBron taking on his former team, but chances are that these are not the 16 teams, and we can expect Boston, Utah, Indiana, and maybe even San Antonio or New Orleans to turn it around and enter the playoff race.
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