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    The Man With The Briefcase

    For the second week running. The titantron pictures the same asylum George AK is being held in. We get to see the asylum in a little more depth. As the camera shows a calendar showing how many days have passed since the last injury (0), and a sign for a lost plant pot named Scott. However, soon it is seen that this week the cameraman is not alone. Just as the same two officers lead the camera towards the cell of George AK, a man carrying a briefcase and wearing a suit is pictured. His hair is neat and brown and his face newly shaved. As he approaches George's cell he gets one last warning. Officer 1: Good luck. The Man: Umm, thanks I guess. I don't see why- George AK (Singing Inside Cell): I'll give them shelter like you've done for me. And I know I'm not alone, they will carry on for us. Until your gone. Officer 1: That's why. The man enters George's cell. Which is essentially entering the bedroom of a mixture of a 11 year old girl and an 8 year old boy. He sits on a chair and lays his briefcase carefully down on a small table that lies in front of him. The Man: Hello George. George AK: Hello briefcase monk. The Man: What the- Anyway. George my name is Lee Matthews. George AK: Oh are you here for my Einstein theory. Well you see how Einstein is a German name and Albert is not... Lee Matthews: No George, I have been sent here to retrieve you. George AK: Oh don't worry. I'm not Scott the Plant Pot. Lee Matthews: George can we take this seriously please, you were sent on a mission by a great man. But it turns out this great man was a lie, a fraud who was attempting to trap you. But your idioticness meant you were unable to do the most simplest tasks. So this man sent you on the hardest task he had. And he sabotaged some vital safety equipment needed to perform the task you were sent on. You were left for dead, scarred for life, and sent here. George AK: Wow. Great story, are you an author? Lee Matthews: George, this is real. Whilst all of that was occurring, it was being documented, by a company you worked for. They were trying to keep tabs on you for your own safety. And now they have found you. And they want you to return. George AK: What, are you on about. Lee Matthews: See George, I knew this normal side of you is still here, I believe I am talking to it now. But even at that I have been told not to name the company. George AK: Just say it. Lee Matthews: BPZ. George AK: Come on George you can do it believe in yourself and you can do it. Come on George you can do it believe in yourself and you can do it. George presses a buzzer by the door, and immediately nurses rush in and hurry Lee and the cameraman out. Lee Matthews: What, what happened? Nurse 1: He pressed the panic button. Every cell has one, a patient presses it when they are freaking out and need help. I think it's best you go now. Camera fades to black.
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    It’s here. Flynn meets JoshsNow in a rematch of their epic match for the Intercontinental Championship back in April at Carnage Power Trip: World at War. 6 months later, now both on the opposing brand of Evolve fighting to challenge for a title at Global Series. Our main event is next on Evolve And here comes “The Omega” Flynn. The crowd give him a massive ovation as Flynn steps out and raises his hands up, hoping to put the loss behind Marker behind him. He makes his way to the ring, a loss tonight confirms Jason Ryan vs JoshsNow, but a win means Mark, Flynn and Josh all tie on 4 points following Markers victory earlier on in the night. He walks to the ring, stepping past someone and engaging in words with someone in the front row who the announcers identify as JoshsNow’s father. The words seem to be friendly and light hearted but who knows what is being said And almost on cue arrives “The Gentleman”. He walks out and puts his hands on his hips before walking to the ring. However the amazing rock music is cut out and Josh, who is in the middle of making his entrance turns around shocked. Gary Green steps out to boos from the crowd, a contrast to what Flynn and Josh received. Josh sighs and makes his way to the ring regardless, walking with Gary Green as we hear the crowd murmuring their disapproval as Josh steps in the ring ready for this bout. The bell rings and no love is lost between these two who pick off from where their last match left off. Josh runs immediately AND HITS A SEVEN NATIONS ARMY. Josh wastes no time and scales the ropes and connects with a Frog Splash. He covers. 1, Flynn kicks out. An explosive start to this match here and Josh takes Flynn out almost immediately here Flynn recovers from the Frog Splash and gets up and Josh connects with a Codebreaker before hitting a Bullhammer. Josh is hitting all of his finishers here and carries on hitting a Fallaway Slam and then scaling the ropes to hit a 630 Senton and complete the Great Scott Entente. He covers and again only gets a 1. What will it take to put Flynn away Josh asks himself. He suddenly gets an idea and runs off the ropes and hits a JOSHCUTTER. He hasn’t finished there, locking in an Achilles Lock in the centre of the ring The referee asks Flynn if he wants to tap and we see the first sign of Gary Green in the match as he screams abuse at Flynn who manages to push himself towards the ropes and grabs them to a round of applause as the fans, fed up of Green, seem to turn towards Flynn. Josh wastes no time, charging at Flynn who ducks with lightnig speed underneath Josh and plants him with a German Suplex. The fans roar as Flynn now lifts up Josh AND PLANTS HIM WITH A KINGS WILL. Flynn shockingly doesn’t cover, perhaps recalling that Josh is one of the few men to have kicked out of that move Flynn now throws Josh to the outside, wasting no time as he now strips the announce table and turns back to Josh, who Superkicks him towards the barricade, and runs towards Flynn leaning on the barricade. GENTLEMAN’S DROPKICK. Josh doesn’t finish there before throwing him into the ring and hitting a Frog Splash. Josh covers as Gary Green celebrates but Flynn kicks out at 2. Josh now lifts him up and hits a Skull Crushing Finale before locking in a Figure 4 Leglock but Flynn grabs the ropes again. Josh now goes to the corner and shouts Seven Nations Army before charging at Flynn BUT FLYNN DUCKS AND THE REF IS DOWN. Josh tries to revive the ref and turns back to Flynn FKO FROM FLYNN. Flynn now revives the ref but on the outside Gary Green shouts “NOW.” Suddenly a fan runs down and into the ring and WAIT A MINUTE ITS THE WORLD CHAMPION JULIUS HERE ON EVOLVE. Julius runs into the ring, and plants Flynn with a Hells Welcome. Gary Green rolls in and looks to shake Julius’ hand, as they were briefly acquainted during Greens time as friends with Echo Wilson and it seems like Gary set this up. Julius however ignores it and rolls out, before leaving Evolve. Josh gets to his feet as Gary walks to him and hands him a pair of brass knuckles. Gary screams at Josh to prove his loyalty and use them, given what extremes Green has gone to. Flynn slowly makes his way to his feet as Josh holds the brass knuckles and is about to swing, but stares straight at his father who looks at him disappointed. Josh says no, and refuses to use them so Gary slaps him. And Josh responds by hitting Green with the brass knuckles. Green falls and rolls out of the ring, holding his face, before walking over to Josh’s father and slapping him too. Josh’s father however is taking none of it and leaps over the barricade and kicks Green low as the crowd erupt in cheers. In the ring the ref gets up and a distracted Josh turns to Flynn, FK.. no Josh pushes him into the ropes and reversed into a Crucifx Rollup. 1,2,3. The crowd erupt in cheers as JoshsNow makes the final of the Global Series. We see Gary Green walking to the back to jeers of the fans as both men stand up and just like their epic classic in April, shake hands as their Series becomes 1-1. Flynn tells Josh he deserves it before rolling out to let Josh celebrate. Joshs father comes in and shakes his hand, and his father raises Josh’s hand as we close Evolve two weeks before Global Series.
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    Prelude to the Chamber: Pt 5 Finale

    The following Carnage program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement... The screen cuts to a completely bright white room with nothing in it but emptiness. Hollow, "We are down to three and this next to find his elimination from the chamber is one that we know very little about." Hollow pauses and the camera moves around the empty white room it truly is empty Hollow "This man's name is Ropati. He is very much like this room, one may look and see it has nothing to it but look at it as it filled with a room with near to unlimited potential.. Looking throughout this room it is hard to focus on one spot and the potential of what could be here . An endless void and one of the most dangerous things is having all this potential and not seeing where it truly goes. As we seen in this prelude we saw shattered remains of one career, the disappointment of one picked by Fourteen. Then a graveyard of past faces of failed personalities. But now we enter a room of completely void of everything and it can be overwhelming. But we know how to deal with someone who is like this." Hollow walks out from behind the camera into the white room Hollow, "And there it is. Don't you all see it now how to defeat someone like Ropati with all this potential? First this room was empty but adding one thing everyone looking on it now can focus on that one point and the vast potential reaches its limit as now the a signal point has been found and focusing on that point eliminates all of that potential.. At the chamber at Havoc of Halloween. Ropati's unlimited potential all the reasons why he should win is going to be put to halt. Hollow will be that point that will put and end to all that potential and eliminate Ropati from the chamber! His potential ends at havoc! For he will be eliminated!" Hollow walks towards a wall and opens a door to leave. Hollow "Four are gone now. We are down to the final two. Halloween Havoc is approaching very fast. Who will last in the chamber once the doors open. Its call its prelude is coming to an end soon but this part ends . Halloween Havoc is near, and the chamber calls!" Hollow leaves and the screen goes to black at the end of the fourth part of Prelude to the chamber.
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    WWE Dreams 2K19

    SEASON 12 | EPISODE 8 Michael Cole: Welcome to SmackDown Live! You'll be glad you tuned in because we have not one, but two main events in store for tonight. Michael Cole: This Sunday at Hell in a Cell, these two will be different challengers for different championships in different matches. But tonight, for the first time ever, they will go one-on-one as Jeff Hardy faces AJ Styles! Corey Graves: And you guessed it. In our main event, its Champion vs Champion. The United States Champion Batista takes on the WWE Champion Randy Orton. Michael Cole: SDL General Manager Zack Ryder has promised that there will be a clear winner in both matches. Aiden English: Last week, it just wasn't our night. What do you say we make things right? Mr. Money in the Bank and The Drama King will prove to The Bar who really owns that ring. And when we emerge from the fight and the fray, you will all remember that it happened on...RUSEV DAY! Match 1 - Tag Team Rusev Day vs The Bar In the back, Tyler Breeze and Xavier Woods are filming an episode of UpUpDownDown. Xavier Woods: Welcome, everybody, to UpUpDownDown, I'm your host Austin Creed and joining me is Prince Pretty, Tyler Breeze. Last week, we decided to play WWE 2K19 on the show so that's what we are going to do. Tyler Breeze: Before we start, I wanted to see if you want to make a bet. A couple weeks ago, Fandango and I became the #1 contenders for your SDL Tag Team Titles. Here's what I propose: you play as you and I'll play as me. Whoever wins gets to pick the match stip for our title match. What do you say? Xavier Woods: I say you're on. TO BE CONTINUED Michael Cole: Here is former Women's Champion Becky Lynch, along with two other former champions Beth Phoenix and Charlotte Flair! Corey Graves: You'll notice that Becky's opponent tonight, Mickie James, is coming out here alone tonight. Mickie didn't join The Bella Twins last week in their match as well. I think The Bellas have kicked James to the curb. Match 2 - Singles Becky Lynch w/Beth Phoenix & Charlottle Flair vs Mickie James Michael Cole: That's an impressive win for Lynch. Byron Saxton: We're getting breaking news right now that next week, Nikki Bella will defend the SDL Women's Championship one more time against Beth Phoenix! A replay shows AJ Styles’ attempted chair shot to Sin Cara before Batista made the save. Match 3 - Singles Jeff Hardy vs AJ Styles Michael Cole: Vintage Jeff! Corey Graves: Ushigoroshi! Michael Cole: Jeff dodges the springboard. Michael Cole: Phenomenal Forearm! Corey Graves: Wait a minute! What the hell is Sin Cara doing out here? Byron Saxton: He's got a chair! Michael Cole: It was enough of a distraction for Hardy to take advantage of. Michael Cole: Twist of Fate! Jeff wins! Jeff Hardy defeats AJ Styles by way of pinfall via Twist of Fate. Corey Graves: Sin Cara will pay for this. Michael Cole: Jeff Hardy will head into Hell in a Cell this Sunday with a lot of momentum as he challenges Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. Corey Graves: Even with a loss tonight, I still believe AJ Styles will walk out of Hell in a Cell with the United States Championship back around his waist after he defeats Batista. Byron Saxton: It's the end of a rivalry. Brock Lesnar and Goldberg will collide one last time, this time inside Hell in a Cell! Michael Cole: And with their series tied at a win a piece, Kurt Angle and Shinsuke Nakamura will battle in the rubber match at Hell in a Cell! Kurt Angle: At SummerSlam, you had everyone thinking you were better than me. Last week, I proved you aren't. And this Sunday, I prove once and for all that I am better than you. Shinsuke Nakamura: Kurt Angle, this Sunday, I prove you suck. Michael Cole: We're back live with a rematch from Velocity! Match 4 - Singles Tye Dillinger vs Jason Jordan Michael Cole: Oh no. Michael Cole: Brock Lesnar continues to destruct the SDL locker room on his path to Goldberg this Sunday! No Contest A replay shows the events of the Jeff Hardy/AJ Styles match earlier tonight. Michael Cole: It's main event time! Match 5 - Singles (Non-title) United States Champion Batista vs WWE Champion Randy Orton Byron Saxton: Spear! Michael Cole: Hey! Look on the stage! Corey Graves: I told you! AJ's got Sin Cara and he's trying to tear the mask off! Michael Cole: Orton tried to hit the RKO but The Animal blocks it. Michael Cole: Spinebuster! AJ's on the apron now. Oh! Batista knocks him off. Michael Cole: Batista Bomb! Batista pins the WWE Champion! Batista defeats Randy Orton by way of pinfall via Batista Bomb. Michael Cole: Wait, where did Jeff come from? Off the top rope! Swanton Bomb to Randy Orton! Michael Cole: Are we looking at the next WWE Champion? Emoji Recap: 🎤🇧🇬😢🎮🤘🔥🤘🎨🇺🇸🆚🇯🇵🗡💪🏽💣
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    Since the NBA seasn starts today, I thought this was the perfect time to post my predictions for the seasons. (going of the current teams, so Butler is on the Wolves) West: Warriors Rockets OKC Jazz Lakers Pelicans Nuggets Wolves East: Celtics Raptors 76ers Bucks Indiana Wizards Heat Pistons WCF: Warriors over Rockets in 5 ECF: Celtics over Raptors in 6 Nba Finals: Warriors over Celtics in 6 MVP: Kawhi/Davis ROTY: Ayton DPOY: Davis MIP: Jamal Murray 6MOTY: Schröder COTY: Stevens
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    Prelude to the Chamber: Pt 5 Finale

    The following Carnage program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement... The screen cut to a graveyard with several open graves and Hollow wheeling around a wheel barrel that have tombstones in it. Hollow, "He should have decayed away, should just stay away but instead he goes on, and on into the pit of irrelevancy. All ways trying to reinvent himself with many faces but all the same." Hollow pulls out a gravestone and tosses in the grave. Hollow, "Gary Kirby, a disgrace and a failure" Hollow walks to the next grave and throws another gravestone into the next grave Hollow, "Yeldick and embarrassment to not only Carnage but to the entirety of BPZ grand Universe. A pure comedy of poor humor that disgraces everyone in the universe that it sickens us." Hollow picks up another gravestone and throws it to the ground breaking it then kicking the remains into the grave. Hollow then walks to the next grave. Hollow, "Crazy Yelich, you were with us at Decay. There were three of us then and there was a weak link. It wasnt the man we destroyed at Emergence. It wasnt him and it sure wasnt Hollow who carried the team the entire time of its existence! it was you. You were the weak link and come the havoc at Halloween you will be forever eliminated!" Hollow picks up the gravestone. Hollow, "You are the weakest link goodbye!" Hollow violently throws the gravestone into the grave and now with one gravestone left he walks to a grave that is only half dug Hollow, "Last but not least Yelich as a whole and everyone else you have ever been. Here we are, you are set to go to the chamber our old friend you were but now it seems you have been set to dig your own hole. As we approach the chamber as it calls for each of us. We all prepare but each time you try, each time you speak of havoc you dig the hole that much deeper. And once we reach Halloween Havoc thanks to Fourteen you will finally have that grave ready for you downfall and you will be eliminated.!" Hollow puts the gravestone in front of the grave and begins to walk away while talking to himself. Hollow, "Three are left Three are gone, the chamber's prelude is half done. Halloween Havoc calls for us Angelo, Ropati and Hollow remain! Only one will can be allowed to stay. The chamber calls, and soon the champion will await..." The screen goes dark concluding the third part of Hollow's Prelude to the Chamber.
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    Prelude to the Chamber: Pt 5 Finale

    The following Carnage program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement... The screen cuts to a dark room with two podiums. Many empty rows chairs Hollow is seen sitting the middle of the rows. Hollow, "Where are we? We are back where things begun back in August. We had a draft, Evolve and Carnage mangers sat down and went to pick each person that would define their brand. Fourteen had his first pick. So many could have been the first pick. Set to be the future of Carnage. Who did he pic? Was it a monster? Was it a beast? Was it a king? A legend? Or of the hall of fame? No he picked Prince." Hollow face palms and shakes his head and sighs. Hollow, "Fourteen picked Prince. Setting a future for Carnage that will happen. The destruction of Prince, for Fourteen put Prince in the chamber with Hollow and when the match is done. The so called future of Carnage will be just another number that will be eliminated from the chamber. That's if Prince even shows up, and that there proves who and what he is. Either is a coward or a loser but both are the same and we will the ultimate conclusion that Prince will not be winning this match. Fourteen watched what happens at the havoc of Halloween. Your first pick will show you your biggest regret. Other then putting him in this position where he clearly should not be." Hollow stands up and goes to leave the room he turns and looks back at the camera Hollow, "Two are down and eliminated that soon will be forgotten. Four remain. Angelo, Ropati, Yelich and Hollow remain. The second part of the prelude is concluded. We are now closer to Halloween Havoc. The chamber awaits..." Hollow leaves and the screen goes black as the second part of his journey to Halloween Havoc has been complete. Where will he go from there?
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    Half of you guys, have the potential to be 40 year old child molesting men.
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